Mid Rivers Newsmagazine 3-20-24

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.


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Vol. 21 No. 6 • March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

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<strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />







This is not the Soviet<br />

Union, Mr. Biden<br />

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed.<br />

It marked the end of an experiment that<br />

lasted almost a century testing the premise<br />

that godless secularization, turning control<br />

of people’s lives over to other people<br />

to rule them, who decide what others need<br />

and how they should live and conduct<br />

their lives, is the answer for mankind.<br />

In the free world, the collapse of the<br />

Soviet Union was cause for celebration.<br />

In the USA, it was widely viewed as a victory<br />

of the American way of life – a free<br />

nation under God.<br />

But let’s not get confused between<br />

things and the names we give them.<br />

Our own country – despite the words in<br />

our founding documents about freedom<br />

and God – has been on a path adopting<br />

the same premises about human reality<br />

that lead to the collapse of the communist<br />

world.<br />

This was evident in President Joe<br />

Biden’s message to the nation in his State<br />

of the Union address.<br />

Biden, in so many words, delivered a<br />

message that the path for a better, wealthier,<br />

fairer America is more government.<br />

Despite the reality that the country is<br />

being crushed with staggering debt, the<br />

result of runaway government, Biden and<br />

his party celebrate this and want even<br />

more.<br />

The words find their way into numbers<br />

in the budget for the next 10 years that the<br />

president has just submitted to Congress.<br />

Federal spending in this budget will<br />

stand in fiscal year <strong>20</strong>25 at $7.3 trillion.<br />

One-quarter of our national economy consumed<br />

by the federal government.<br />

This amounts to a 14% increase from<br />

where federal spending stood in the last<br />

quarter of <strong>20</strong>23 – $6.4 trillion.<br />

Per the president’s spokesperson in the<br />

White House, this budget “invests in all of<br />

America to make sure everyone has a fair<br />

shot, we leave no one behind.”<br />

Translation: government will accumulate<br />

more power and decide what is fair<br />

and achieve its aims with more government<br />

paid for with other people’s money.<br />

The beautiful language of leaving “no<br />

one behind” means government expansion<br />

into every area of our lives, including<br />

subsidized child care for families earning<br />

$<strong>20</strong>0,000 and below.<br />

The bill for the massive new spending,<br />

per the president’s budget, will be paid for<br />

with a total of $4.9 trillion in tax increases<br />

on the wealthy and on corporations.<br />

I say “supposedly paid for” because<br />

expansion of government under the premises<br />

of raising taxes on the most successful<br />

sectors of our economy never works.<br />

Renown economist Arthur Laffer and<br />

Heritage Foundation economist Stephen<br />

Moore just published data showing that<br />

when President Donald Trump cut the<br />

highest individual tax rate and cut the corporate<br />

tax rate in <strong>20</strong>17, the percentage of<br />

overall taxes paid by the wealthiest 1% of<br />

the population increased.<br />

Before the Trump tax cuts, the top 1%<br />

paid “a little more than 40% of the income<br />

taxes collected,” per Laffer and Moore.<br />

After the tax cuts, that percentage<br />

increased to almost 46%.<br />

This was not something new. Laffer<br />

and Moore show data going back to 1980<br />

showing general correlation of lower top<br />

tax rates with a larger percentage of overall<br />

taxes paid by the top 1%.<br />

Freedom means unleashing productivity<br />

and creativity. Absence of freedom means<br />

punishing both and therefore getting less<br />

of both.<br />

It’s why the Soviet Union collapsed.<br />

Godless secularism doesn’t work.<br />

The latest edition of CURE’s “The State<br />

of Black Progress” shows the uniform<br />

failure of expansion of government into<br />

health care, education, housing and retirement,<br />

all in the name of “fairness” and no<br />

one being “left behind.”<br />

The truth really is it’s more than this. It’s<br />

about politicians who love power buying<br />

it with gifts given with other people’s<br />

money. Harsh to say, but this is reality.<br />

Only 19% of Americans are satisfied<br />

with the direction of the country, per<br />

Gallup.<br />

Most Americans feel something is<br />

wrong. We need leadership to take us back<br />

to freedom and God.<br />

• • •<br />

Star Parker is president of the Center<br />

for Urban Renewal and Education and<br />

host of the weekly television show “Cure<br />

America with Star Parker.”<br />

© <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Creators.com<br />

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March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


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6 I OPINION I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />





How dangerous is TikTok?<br />

We’ve seen the headlines. The House of<br />

Representatives overwhelmingly voted to<br />

force TikTok’s Chinese ownership group to<br />

sell or face a ban from all U.S. app stores. The<br />

reason? The social media app poses a risk to<br />

national security, they say. That bill now heads<br />

to the Senate, where its ultimate outcome is<br />

unclear. President Joe Biden has said that he<br />

will sign the bill. Then again, the president is<br />

also using TikTok to promote his re-election<br />

campaign. All of this begs the question, just<br />

how dangerous is TikTok really?<br />


TikTok is owned by the Chinese conglomerate<br />

ByteDance. Does ByteDance cooperate<br />

with the Chinese Communist Party? The<br />

simple answer is yes, they do, because they<br />

are required by law to do so. Article 7 of the<br />

National Intelligence Law of <strong>20</strong>17 states:<br />

“All organizations and citizens shall support,<br />

assist, and cooperate with national<br />

intelligence efforts in accordance with law,<br />

and shall protect national intelligence work<br />

secrets they are aware of.”<br />

Now, the law continues to say those efforts<br />

must preserve individual rights and be conducted<br />

lawfully, but the inherent threat<br />

remains. There is a long list of anecdotal<br />

evidence that company leaders who do not<br />

acquiesce to government demands get punished<br />

harshly. The most famous businessman<br />

in China, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, disappeared<br />

for three months in <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> after publicly<br />

questioning the government. Google search<br />

Bao Fan, Xu Ming, Whitney Duan or Xiao<br />

Jianhua. It is very, very dangerous to be a Chinese<br />

billionaire unless you toe the party line.<br />


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1. If you got this paper in your mailbox and your first and last<br />

So is Chinese ownership a legitimate problem?<br />

Absolutely, yes.<br />


We have established that Chinese ownership<br />

is a problem, so the question now<br />

becomes how big of a problem? What data<br />

do they have and what can they do with it?<br />

First off, let’s admit that TikTok’s privacy<br />

policy is shark-fin-in-shallow-water,<br />

Norman-Bates-outside-the-shower-curtainlevel<br />

scary. Seriously, when they flatly<br />

acknowledge collecting “keystroke patterns<br />

or rhythms” and “biometric identifiers” such<br />

as “faceprints and voiceprints,” the “Jaws”<br />

theme starts playing in your head. The truth<br />

is, however, the same could be said for any<br />

and all social media app privacy policies.<br />

Elon Musk’s X (nee Twitter) collects biometric<br />

information as well. Seriously, if we all<br />

read the privacy policies from our favorite<br />

apps, we would just curl up into a collective<br />

fetal position and go back to using pagers or<br />

even corded landline telephones.<br />

In short, TikTok does not seem to be collecting<br />

data that is more nefarious than<br />

anyone else.<br />

Now, how do they use that data? Therein<br />

lies the rub, as old Bill Shakespeare might<br />

say. If the collection of data is the devil we<br />

know, then the manipulation of that data is<br />

the devil we don’t. It’s Oz behind the curtain,<br />

only Oz is the Chinese Communist Party. We<br />

have absolutely no (zero, zip, zilch, nada)<br />

transparency into how the company adjusts<br />

its algorithm to target certain goals. This is<br />

the real problem with a Chinese ownership<br />

group. The app, which now has more than<br />

170 million U.S. users, can elect to increase<br />

or decrease exposure to any content it so<br />

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chooses. As an example, pro-Russian videos<br />

certainly seem to be amplified on TikTok<br />

more than any other platform. If China can<br />

manipulate the data, one must assume that<br />

they will manipulate the data.<br />


This is the worst part. Whether a byproduct<br />

of its inner-workings or by design,<br />

TikTok promotes harmful content to children.<br />

Last year, two reports commissioned<br />

by Amnesty International led them to the<br />

following conclusion:<br />

“TikTok’s content recommender system and<br />

its invasive data collection practices pose<br />

a danger to young users of the platform by<br />

amplifying depressive and suicidal content<br />

that risk worsening existing mental health<br />

challenges.”<br />

One of the reports showed that in the first<br />

<strong>20</strong> minutes of logging on “more than half of<br />

the videos in the “For You” feed were related<br />

to mental health struggles with multiple recommended<br />

videos in a single hour romanticizing,<br />

normalizing or encouraging suicide.”<br />

That’s terrifying. It also will not be solved<br />

by forcing ByteDance to sell to an American<br />

owner.<br />

The decision to ban or force a sale of a<br />

private company is complicated. One hopes<br />

that government never intercedes in matters<br />

of speech or privacy. That said, the level of<br />

technical manipulation possible today was<br />

never envisioned by our Founding Fathers.<br />

By the way, perhaps this can be indicative<br />

of needed action. Do you know what other<br />

country has seen fit to ban TikTok because it<br />

is too dangerous? You guessed it. China.<br />

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8 I NEWS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />







You are ready to rise above your current situation and<br />

St. Louis Community College can help you fly!<br />

Visit stlcc.edu/go/geospatialtech to learn about courses<br />

you need to enter the growing field of geospatial technology.<br />

Volunteer O’Fallon is seeking individuals and groups to help with Alternative<br />

Spring Break projects, including planting, mulching, and creek cleanups<br />

on March 25-27; Mission Clean Stream on April 6 and Earth Day projects,<br />

including planting, mulching, and honeysuckle eradication on April 27. Sign<br />

up at ofallon.mo.us/volunteer.<br />

NEWS<br />

BRIEFS<br />


City clerk honored<br />

Dardenne Prairie City Clerk Kim Clark<br />

was recognized for outstanding achievement<br />

in her field at the March 6 Board<br />

of Aldermen meeting. She was honored<br />

for earning the rank of Master Municipal<br />

Clerk (MMC) from the International Institute<br />

of Municipal Clerks. This is the highest<br />

certification a city clerk can earn and<br />

is designed to aid her in providing the city<br />

with continued outstanding service.<br />

O’FALLON<br />

Three new tattoo and body<br />

piercing businesses proposed<br />

At its March 14 meeting, the O’Fallon<br />

City Council conducted public hearings<br />

and gave first readings for three bills<br />

that would grant conditional use permits<br />

(CUPs) for three new tattoo and body<br />

piercing establishments, each with a different<br />

owner.<br />

O’Fallon’s Planning and Zoning Commission<br />

(P&Z) forwarded recommendations<br />

for approval of all three to the city<br />

council. If typical process and timing are<br />

followed, the bills will receive a second<br />

reading and vote for passage at the next<br />

council meeting on March 28.<br />

Bill No. 7626 would grant a CUP to<br />

Tony Veinot, the owner of Tatutony, LLC,<br />

(pronounced “Tattoo Tony”), to allow a<br />

tattoo and body piercing establishment in<br />

a C2/General Business District, located at<br />

2309 Highway K. The location is in a strip<br />

center on the west side of Hwy. K, south of<br />

Feise Road, just north of <strong>Mid</strong>land States<br />

Bank, and next to Johnson Fitness & Wellness<br />

Store.<br />

Bill No. 7627 would grant a CUP to Jonathan<br />

T. Jansky, the owner of Main Street<br />

Tattoo, LLC, to allow a tattoo and body<br />

piercing establishment in a C2/General<br />

Business District, located at 2697 Highway<br />

K. The location is in a strip center<br />

on the west side of Hwy. K, just south of<br />

Freddie’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers,<br />

in between VN Nails and China King.<br />

Bill No. 7628 would grant a CUP to<br />

Malachi N. Crowder, (pronounced “mal-akye”),<br />

the owner of Underground Ink, to<br />

allow a tattoo and body piercing establishment<br />

in a C2/General Business District,<br />

located at 58 Crossroads Plaza. The location<br />

is in a strip mall center on the east side<br />

of Hwy. K, in between Brick’s Minifigs<br />

Toy Store and Archway Contractors, and<br />

with the recently approved Andy’s Frozen<br />

Custard to the north.<br />


Postponements put new<br />

developments on hold<br />

Wentzville has been St. Charles County’s<br />

boom town for decades as farmers moved<br />

out and commercial and residential developments<br />

moved in. Now, the city’s Board<br />

of Aldermen is looking at a trio of projects<br />

that would see the city boom again, though<br />

only one moved forward at the board’s<br />

March 13 meeting.<br />

An amendment to renew the existing<br />

zoning of 7.91 acres on the west side of<br />

Corporate Parkway at Crosswinds Drive<br />

for Phase 2 of the Aventura at Wentzville<br />

Apartments, and its related development<br />

plan, received approval on March 13.<br />

Aventura’s expansion would add 72 units<br />

to the existing 192 apartments. A future<br />

commercial use has not yet been identified.<br />

The board approved the applicant’s request<br />

by a vote of 5-0. Alderman Manny Macias<br />

(Ward 1) was absent.<br />

Though the board had a quorum, the<br />

absence of Macias promoted the postponement<br />

of five legislative items related to the<br />

proposed development of the Interstate<br />

Crossing subdivision to be located on<br />

Interstate Drive at Hwy. Z. Also postponed<br />

was legislation related to the development<br />

of a Stay Apartments Suites hotel on the<br />

south side of I-70 at Hwy. Z.<br />

With apologies to the developer, a motion<br />

was made and seconded to postpone all<br />

related legislation and public hearings on<br />

both projects until a full board is present.<br />

The development plan for Interstate<br />

Crossings calls for 140 attached homes,<br />

with four individual homes per building,<br />

to be constructed by Creve Coeur-based<br />

Benton Homes. The subdivision would<br />

be accessed via Linn Avenue, with three<br />

internal cul-de-sacs serving the individual<br />

residences.<br />

The site plan for the proposed 88-room,<br />

extended-stay hotel shows a three-story,<br />

<strong>24</strong>,<strong>24</strong>5-square-foot building with a<br />

91-space parking lot. Access to the hotel<br />

will be via an extension of Linn Avenue<br />

from Interstate Drive.<br />

The second postponement of the evening<br />

came at the request of the developer of the<br />

Pinewoods Park Apartments, a proposed<br />

<strong>24</strong>0-unit on 21.51 acres on the north side<br />

of Interstate Drive at Hepperman Road.<br />

In total, the rezoning request is for <strong>24</strong>.32<br />

acres from agricultural to planned development-mixed<br />

use. Commercial development<br />

in the form of three out-lots would<br />

make up the balance of 2.81 acres.<br />


Correctional facility<br />

issues addressed<br />

The St. Charles County Department<br />

of Corrections (DOC) had said there are<br />

dead spots in communications throughout<br />

the five floors of its facility, which it said<br />

raises safety and security concerns.<br />

The DOC had asked the County Council<br />

to approve a contract with Alive Telecom<br />

of Mokena, Illinois, to provide acceptable<br />

radio coverage throughout the facility, with<br />

the ability to take on future expansions.<br />

At its March 11 meeting, the council<br />

unanimously approved the contract as part<br />

of its consent agenda. This three-year contract<br />

is for $<strong>20</strong>5,260 plus annual warranty<br />

and preventive maintenance at $2,500 for<br />

years one and two and a slight increase<br />

each year thereafter.<br />

Because of DOC renovations already inprogress,<br />

Alive Telecom’s work will take<br />

place at different intervals over three years.<br />

Work on the first and second floor will<br />

begin during the first quarter of <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong>, fifthfloor<br />

work will begin in the third quarter<br />

of <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong>, and third-floor work is planned to<br />

begin in the second quarter of <strong>20</strong>26.<br />

After all floors are completed, DOC will<br />

conduct an audit to ensure that all areas of<br />

the facility have coverage in at least 95%<br />

of all areas and 99% in critical areas.



March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I NEWS I 9<br />

Support for public health,<br />

family services increased<br />

Sara Evers, acting director of the St.<br />

Charles County Public Health Department,<br />

had requested support from the County<br />

Council to prevent the spread of disease<br />

and enhance health department employment<br />

practices. At its meeting on March<br />

11, the council approved two bills to provide<br />

that support along with a third bill for<br />

family services support.<br />

Bill No. 5274 authorizes an agreement<br />

with the Missouri Department of Health<br />

and Senior Services (MoDHSS) for access<br />

to a new reportable disease management<br />

system. This data-sharing agreement will<br />

provide county staff with faster access to<br />

test results and information needed to prevent<br />

the spread of disease to other members<br />

of the community. The agreement<br />

costs nothing. The council voted 7-0 to<br />

approve.<br />

Bill No. 5275 authorizes acceptance of<br />

grant funds from MoDHSS for “enhancing<br />

public health infrastructure and workforce<br />

development.” Evers said this grant funding<br />

is intended to strengthen and enhance<br />

public health, workforce training and staff<br />

retention.<br />

In her background memo, Evers said, “It<br />

will allow extensive training (including<br />

staff time to complete training), improvements<br />

to the workspace, travel for conferences<br />

and project management support.<br />

This funding will support the development<br />

of new staff, build leadership skills among<br />

the current staff, as well as advance the<br />

programming within the department of<br />

public health to address the needs within<br />

the St. Charles community.”<br />

Bill 5275 was revised to have the word<br />

“equality” replaced with the word “fairness”<br />

in order to be clear about the council’s<br />

intentions.<br />

During the discussion about what is<br />

included in this program, council member<br />

Joe Brazil (District 2) expressed concerns<br />

about “social engineering.” He subsequently<br />

voted against Bill No. 5275, which<br />

passed by a vote of 6-1.<br />

Bill No. 5276, requested by County<br />

Executive Steve Ehlmann, amends the<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> county budget to provide supplemental<br />

revenues of $125,000 and appropriations<br />

of $29,000 to help fund family<br />

services and justice.<br />

In his letter to the council, Ehlmann<br />

said this additional revenue is the result<br />

of a Unified Family Court Project grant of<br />

$45,000 and the collection of court costs,<br />

fees and charges totaling $80,000.<br />

He also requested a supplemental appropriation<br />

of $29,000 to the family services<br />

and justice fund, to cover expenses related<br />

to the operation of the family court division.<br />

If approved, $<strong>20</strong>,000 would be added<br />

to the professional services operating<br />

account, $8,000 would be added to the<br />

mediation operating account, and $1,000<br />

would be added to the office supplies operating<br />

account in the family services and<br />

justice fund.<br />

The council approved the third bill by a<br />

vote of 7-0.<br />

Flood buyout<br />

applications open<br />

Federal buyout money may soon start<br />

flowing for up to 100 homeowners whose<br />

homes were swamped by the flood of <strong>20</strong>19<br />

in parts of northern St. Charles County.<br />

According to county officials, letters<br />

have gone out to 947 residential property<br />

owners who may be eligible, asking if they<br />

want to sell their property. Owners must<br />

complete an expression of interest form to<br />

start the application process. Those interested<br />

may complete the form online, over<br />

the phone or by mail.<br />

The county received a $15.7 million<br />

federal grant, which is enough money to<br />

buy up to 100 homes out of the more than<br />

900 flooded in St. Charles County, Portage<br />

Des Sioux, West Alton and limited parts of<br />

St. Charles City. At least 70% of the funds<br />

must be spent to help low to moderate<br />

Let’s Be Active Together!<br />


gardenviewcarecenter.com<br />

636-<strong>24</strong>0-2840 | O’FALLON<br />

636-537-3333 | CHESTERFIELD<br />

636-861-0500 | DOUGHERTY FERRY<br />

A<br />

C<br />

T<br />

I<br />

V<br />

E<br />

income households, officials said.<br />

“If you are interested in selling your<br />

home and moving out of the flood zone,<br />

complete the form included with the<br />

letter,” Robert Myers, division director<br />

of planning and zoning for the county,<br />

advised in a release. “There is a federal<br />

process the county must follow, and not<br />

everyone who is interested in selling can<br />

be bought out, because there is limited<br />

funding available. The completed form is<br />

the first step.”<br />

Under the program, the buyouts are<br />

ctivity promotes physical,<br />

cognitive and emotional<br />

well-being<br />

hair yoga is just one of<br />

the physical activities<br />

we promote<br />

herapists are at all of our<br />

locations to monitor a<br />

resident’s mobility<br />

and movement<br />

ndividual care programs<br />

include activities and<br />

exercise therapies<br />

itality<br />

is the key<br />

to happiness<br />

veryone<br />

is encouraged<br />

to be active<br />

See NEWS BRIEFS, page 14

10 I<br />

Contested candidates in the following<br />

municipal races were asked the following<br />

questions:<br />

Q1. What qualifies you for this office<br />

(past experience, major accomplishments)?<br />

Q2. What are your top three priorities<br />

if elected?<br />

Q3. What else would you like our<br />

readers to know about you before heading<br />

to the polls?<br />

Below are the replies of candidates<br />

who responded by the deadline. Candidates<br />

are listed in ballot order. Incumbents<br />

are denoted with an asterisk. Term<br />

lengths are two years, except as otherwise<br />

noted. Only candidates in contested<br />

races were asked to participate.<br />

Answers do not reflect the opinions<br />

of this paper and have not been factchecked.<br />


March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Board of Aldermen<br />

• Michael R. Guccione*, Ward 1<br />

• Terry Hogan, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I am presently on the Planning &<br />

Zoning Board and Old Town Historic<br />

Board for Cottleville. I was previously<br />

an alderman for Cottleville (1995-1997).<br />

With being a part of this community for<br />

over 30 years, I bring a unique perspective<br />

and a proven track record of leadership,<br />

collaboration and problem solving<br />

that I feel makes me a perfect fit for the<br />

city of Cottleville.<br />

Q2. To provide a common sense voice<br />

for all businesses and residents in the<br />

community. To keep Cottleville growing<br />

in a positive direction for current and<br />

future residents. To attract more family<br />

oriented small businesses to Cottleville.<br />

Q3. My family has been apart of<br />

Cottleville for over 50 years. I want to<br />

ensure that Cottleville remains the safest<br />

and most prosperous city in St. Charles<br />

County for future generations of my<br />

family and other families to come.<br />

• Mike Krekeler*, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I have been a resident of Cottleville<br />

for 31 years now and have seen<br />

the changes. Some of these changes<br />

have been great, while others have not.<br />

I have been an alderman since <strong>20</strong>22 and<br />

am trying to change the status quo, like<br />

work sessions, tax dollar spending, the<br />

way buildings are able to be constructed<br />

in Old Town Historic District and general<br />

construction practices.<br />

Q2. Making sure tax dollars being<br />

spent are being used the best way possible<br />

for our residents, not for everyone<br />

else. Making sure the city gets paid back<br />

for the tax money spent for improvements<br />

in Old Town. The Old Town Historic<br />

District CID is a separate entity, not<br />

a city entity. We are owed hundreds of<br />

thousands, we should have a principal<br />

payment schedule. Making our parks<br />

more useful, presently trying to get the<br />

Dardenne Blueway entry into Legacy<br />

Park.<br />

Q3. I would like to serve our residents<br />

for another two years. I will not<br />

stop trying to make things better in our<br />

town. If you have any questions for me<br />

you want answered you can send me an<br />

email at my city website. Housing, traffic,<br />

tax spending, CIDs, Old Town issues,<br />

whatever it may be. I will also be coming<br />

around soon. Thank you and please vote.<br />


Board of Aldermen<br />

• Ryan Wilson, Ward 1<br />

Q1. With extensive experience in<br />

community engagement and professional<br />

development, I have consistently<br />

collaborated with partners to achieve<br />

high-level goals. As a member of Vision<br />

Leadership of St. Charles County, I’ve<br />

supported individuals throughout our<br />

community and fostered collaboration.<br />

My commitment to achieving tangible<br />

results aligns perfectly with my desire to<br />

continue serving Dardenne Prairie and<br />

ensuring its prosperity. I am dedicated to<br />

building strong partnerships with others<br />

and leveraging our collective talents to<br />

make a real difference. I believe in our<br />

community’s potential and am eager to<br />

work with others to achieve our shared<br />

goals.<br />

Q2. My top priorities will be to maintain<br />

the family-friendly character of<br />

Dardenne Prairie by discouraging the<br />

use of subdivision streets for commercial<br />

traffic. My focus will be on promoting<br />

sustainable development by encouraging<br />

builders to contribute to the city’s<br />

growth, rather than relying solely on<br />

economic incentives. Additionally, I will<br />

ensure that we practice inclusive leadership<br />

by engaging in respectful dialogue<br />

with all residents and giving due consideration<br />

to their opinions and suggestions.<br />

By prioritizing these principles, I aim to<br />

preserve the unique identity of Dardenne<br />

Prairie and create an inclusive community<br />

where everyone can thrive.<br />

Q3. An experienced professional with<br />

over <strong>20</strong> years in higher education and<br />

K-12 settings, I’m a director of student<br />

services in the School of Education at<br />

Saint Louis University, focusing on preparing<br />

youth for college and productive<br />

citizenship. I am passionate about community<br />

service, I am involved in the PTA<br />


at Crossroads Elementary and a board<br />

member of the United Nations Association<br />

of Saint Louis and StL College Kids.<br />

My top priority is to serve as a positive<br />

leader on behalf of all Dardenne Prairie<br />

residents. My family and I are excited to<br />

call Dardenne Prairie “home.”<br />

• Carl Maus, Ward 1<br />

Q1. My qualifications include effectively<br />

served 12-plus years on HOA<br />

boards as president working with business,<br />

state, county, MoDOT, contractors,<br />

utilities and public officials, improving<br />

communities. Negotiated with land<br />

developers and Great <strong>Rivers</strong> Greenway<br />

to secure a vital link tying the Katy<br />

Trail to St. Charles County, expanding<br />

trail use. Co-spearheaded Proposition S<br />

amending the county charter to help prevent<br />

the rapid expansion of urbanization<br />

in the county through illegal annexations.<br />

I developed an understanding of city<br />

workings and the importance of responsiveness<br />

to citizens as executive assistant<br />

to the O’Fallon mayor. I am chairman of<br />

Dardenne Prairie’s Town Square Vision<br />

Steering Committee.<br />

Q2. Keeping our city safe by expanding<br />

our police protection and promoting<br />

neighborhood watch programs. Also,<br />

investing in safe streets by maintaining<br />

our infrastructure and roadways so traffic<br />

can move efficiently throughout the community<br />

as well as creating a trail system<br />

connecting the residential and business<br />

areas to each other, allowing safe<br />

enjoyable walking and golf cart travels.<br />

Keeping our city vibrant for our young,<br />

growing families and our senior citizens<br />

by offering parks, ballfields, recreational<br />

programming and cultural events for the<br />

community. Attracting new businesses to<br />

the city through balanced growth to help<br />

pay for expanded city services.<br />

Q3. My wife, Linda, and I chose to<br />

make the St. Charles community our<br />

home and raise our family 40 years ago.<br />

We built our new home in Dardenne<br />

Prairie five years ago. I’ve been recognized<br />

in an article in the St. Charles<br />

County Post as one of 10 people “who<br />

made a difference locally.” I’m passionate<br />

about making things better than the<br />

way I found them and won’t quit until<br />

the job is done. Please review my website<br />

carl-for-alderman.com for the rest of<br />

the story. Thank you in advance for your<br />

support.<br />

• Joel Ogle, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I am a current Dardenne Prairie<br />

Planning and Zoning Commissioner. I<br />

have been working with municipal and<br />

city government for over <strong>20</strong> years. I have<br />

been assisting cities and municipalities<br />

with technical infrastructure solutions for<br />



On The Ballot: Candidates in the April 2 Municipal Election<br />

over 10 years. I am a current executive<br />

board member of the Missouri section of<br />

the American Water Works Association.<br />

I am the collection systems outreach<br />

coordinator for the Missouri Chapter of<br />

the Water Environmental Federation.<br />

Q2. My priorities are: Communications<br />

- Setting up a clean path to getting<br />

information regarding city activities and<br />

happenings with our community. Ideally<br />

through platforms that all of our community<br />

members can use with ease. Sustainability<br />

- Ensuring we have growth within<br />

our city’s boundaries that support our<br />

current and future infrastructure. Smart<br />

governance - Informed decision practices.<br />

Q3. I am a husband, father and veteran<br />

whose values are driven by a higher<br />

power with a heart for service to my<br />

family, my country and my community.<br />

• Carla Detweiler, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I have regularly attended the<br />

Board of Alderman meetings since <strong>20</strong>17.<br />

I became a commissioner on the Planning<br />

and Zoning Commission in <strong>20</strong>21<br />

and recording secretary in <strong>20</strong>23. I am<br />

currently a trustee of the Lewis and Clark<br />

subdivision homeowners association.<br />

Q2. My priorities first and foremost<br />

are to preserve the character of Dardenne<br />

Prairie by stopping the commercial<br />

zoning changes that have divided the city<br />

and given tax abatements to the developers.<br />

We are not an urban city and should<br />

not develop our community as if we are<br />

one. We need to develop infrastructure<br />

that will support the city’s growth and<br />

traffic; and add additional police to support<br />

the growth, residents safety and traffic<br />

calming.<br />

Q3. As a trustee in the Lewis and Clark<br />

subdivision, I always made myself available<br />

to the residents, answered their concerns.<br />

I intend to work just as hard for<br />

the residents of Dardenne Prairie. I want<br />

to stop the division in the city and return<br />

the city to being the prospering community<br />

it should be.<br />

• Mark Johnson*, Ward 3<br />


Board of Aldermen<br />

• Sandra Grassmuck*, Ward 1<br />

• Mike Mathison*, Ward 2<br />

• Justin Hensley*, Ward 3<br />

O’FALLON<br />

There is no election in O’Fallon in<br />

April.<br />




March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I 11<br />

FOR LEASE 1735 S. River Road | St. Charles, MO 63303<br />

Family Friendly, Health & Entertainment Businesses<br />

1,500 to 16,000 SF Retail/Office/Warehouse<br />

FOR SALE 1335 Charlestown Ind. Dr. | St. Charles, MO 63303<br />

• Convenient Access to Hwy 94,<br />

Hwy 364 & I-70<br />

• One Loading Dock (10x12);<br />

1 Drive in Door<br />

• Zoned I-2<br />

(Commercial Uses acceptable)<br />

• 11’ to 12’ 6” Clear height<br />

in Warehouse<br />

• 2 Private Offices, Break Area<br />

& Large Reception Area<br />

• Located in the 5+ Mile MO<br />

Riverfront Entertainment District<br />

• Direct Path Access to Katy Trail<br />

and Bangert Island<br />

• Zoned I-2<br />

(Commercial Uses acceptable)<br />

• Great Local Access to I-70,<br />

I-40/61, I-364<br />

• Dock & Drive In Capacity<br />

(Creates Great Outdoor Seating)<br />

• 110 Parking Spaces<br />

• Variable Ceiling Heights up to 18’<br />

7,150 SF Office/Warehouse<br />

Serving the St. Charles Community<br />

12 Month CD<br />

Special<br />

5.25%<br />

APY*<br />

15 Month CD<br />


5.00%<br />

APY*<br />

1700 O’Fallon Road 636.638.2585<br />

mrvbanks.com<br />


Helping Small Businesses in St. Charles County<br />

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 01/22/<strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong>. $1,000 minimum balance required to openan account and obtain the APY. A penalty may be<br />

imposed for early withdrawal and the rate may change after account opening. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.<br />


Sudoku brought to you by Faszold Heating & Cooling<br />

Complete the grid so that every row, column, and 3x3 box<br />

contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.<br />

THE PARK<br />

with<br />

UP TO $ 3,135 IN REBATES<br />


Go to www.Faszold.com for Sudoku answers!<br />



12 I NEWS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


an ESSENTIAL part of your<br />




Surprises may be coming in Senior<br />

Property Tax Relief Program<br />







If you've been living with chronic<br />

pain off and on for years, it's<br />

tempting to brush it off as a "normal"<br />

part of aging. You may think that<br />

because everyone your age seems<br />

to be living with some level of pain<br />

that it's something you will have to<br />

learn to live with.<br />

You may not know when it was that<br />

you started to have pain every day,<br />

but now it's starting to limit what<br />

you're able to do. Maybe now you<br />

even have pain that lasts from the<br />

time you wake up to the time you go<br />

to bed, with no pain-free moments.<br />

If this is happening to you, you're<br />

not alone. We hear these types of<br />

things all the time. In fact, Chronic<br />

Pain is one of the most common<br />

problems we see at HouseFit.<br />

And when it comes to managing<br />

your chronic pain, everyone we see<br />

wants to know... "Will I Ever Be Able<br />

To Make The Pain Go Away?"<br />

Most people have already gone the<br />

route of trying all the "traditional"<br />

pain management options including:<br />

pain medication, injections, surgery,<br />

acupuncture, chiropractic, and<br />

massage therapy without achieving<br />

the result they are looking for. If<br />

you're one of the many people who<br />

these options have not worked for,<br />

you're not alone. The reason these<br />

option don’t always work is they are<br />

<strong>Mid</strong><strong>Rivers</strong><strong>Newsmagazine</strong>.com<br />

is updated daily<br />

with the local news,<br />

events and information that<br />

impact your world.<br />

not addressing the root of the<br />

problem, which is chronic<br />

inflammation.<br />

Fortunately, there are newer<br />

treatment options available for<br />

managing chronic pain. These<br />

alternatives are much more<br />

effective because they directly<br />

attack inflammation and trigger<br />

your body’s own natural healing<br />

power to repair damaged tissues<br />

and decrease pain. Join us for an<br />

informational session on our new<br />

Regenerative Therapy Services.<br />

Attend this talk to learn:<br />

What really causes pain in the<br />

first place.<br />

Common treatment options for<br />

pain.<br />

Why traditional pain<br />

treatments often fail.<br />

Cutting edge technology no<br />

available for pain.<br />

What to expect from EMTT<br />

and Shockwave.<br />

Who will benefit from these<br />

treatments.<br />

When: April 5th at 2:30 pm<br />

Where: 3809 Lemay Ferry Rd,<br />

63125<br />

*Attend in-person or join us online<br />

from your home. Call us at (314)<br />

939-1377 to register. Limited to<br />

the first <strong>20</strong> people to register.<br />

HouseFit<br />

3809 Lemay Ferry Rd.<br />

Saint Louis, MO 63125<br />

(314) 939-1377<br />

info@housefitstl.com<br />

www.housefitstl.com<br />


At the March 11 St. Charles County<br />

Council meeting, Michelle McBride,<br />

county collector of revenue, provided<br />

an update about the Senior Property Tax<br />

Relief Program, saying the program successfully<br />

launched on March 1 as planned,<br />

with the first application arriving online<br />

at 1:41 a.m. that day. She also hinted that<br />

changes could be coming.<br />

McBride said by March 8, the department<br />

had received 4,637 applications,<br />

with 2,<strong>20</strong>9 submitted online, 428 via<br />

email and 2,000 via paper forms. Applications<br />

are due by June 1. County staff<br />

anticipate about 38,000 will be received<br />

in total.<br />

McBride explained that online applications<br />

can be submitted to the county<br />

website via smartphone or computer, via<br />

paper at a drive-up drop box on Monroe<br />

Street or a special locked drop box in the<br />

lobby of the administration county building<br />

on Second Street or handed to the<br />

clerks at the windows in the administration<br />

building.<br />

To apply for the tax relief program<br />

online, seniors can go to the website at<br />

https://www.sccmo.org/261/Collector-of-<br />

Revenue, then find the “Senior Property<br />

Tax Relief Program” in the menu at the<br />

left side of the webpage.<br />

Electronic submissions via phone<br />

or computer require digital photos or<br />

scanned copies of proof of ID (driver’s<br />

license, passport or other governmentissued<br />

ID showing birth date) and proof<br />

of property ownership (warranty deed).<br />

Paper submissions require photocopies<br />

of proof of ID and proof of property<br />

ownership.<br />

All applications require the property tax<br />

ID (PIN) from the senior’s <strong>20</strong>23 property<br />

tax bill, the applicant’s phone number and<br />

the applicant’s email address.<br />

McBride said information on the application<br />

is closed from the Sunshine Law.<br />

She said to obtain a copy of a warranty<br />

deed, an email can be to the recorder of<br />

deeds at RecorderCopyCenter@sccmo.<br />

org. Name and property address must be<br />

included.<br />

McBride said the Missouri General<br />

Assembly will be in session until May 17,<br />

so the state law still could be changed.<br />

“Something crazy could happen,”<br />

McBride said, such as raising the age<br />

from 62 to 67. Any changes to the state<br />

law could mean the county ordinance has<br />

to change as well. For that reason, confirmations<br />

of program eligibility will not<br />

start going out until June.<br />

However, rejection notices will be sent<br />

by email sooner to allow for the submission<br />

of correct information before the<br />

deadline. That is why including an email<br />

address and phone number is so important<br />

on the application.<br />

McBride said the biggest misunderstanding<br />

people have about the program<br />

is that their “taxes will never increase<br />

again.” She said only the non-debt portion<br />

of the property tax liability is being<br />

frozen. The debt portion, including the<br />

State Blind Person Trust Fund, will not be<br />

frozen.<br />

Residents can visit www.StCharles-<br />

MOCollector.com to see a breakdown of<br />

<strong>20</strong>23 tax bills, showing debt and non-debt<br />

items. Anything with “debt” behind it is<br />

not frozen.<br />

Asked by the council what that meant<br />

and why, McBride said debt includes<br />

bonds issued by political subdivisions,<br />

such as ambulance districts and school<br />

districts, where the voters approved the<br />

bonds, so the district is obligated to pay<br />

them off. That debt portion of property tax<br />

is not frozen. She said getting involved in<br />

political subdivision finances is outside<br />

the scope of what property tax relief is<br />

allowed to do.<br />

McBride said another misunderstanding<br />

is that tax rates are frozen and<br />

assessed values are frozen; neither is true.<br />

The state law and county ordinance say<br />

the amount the taxpayer pays is frozen.<br />

That kicked off a discussion by council<br />

members, County Executive Steve Ehlmann,<br />

McBride and city staff. It became<br />

clear there are complexities to the tax<br />

relief process that affect tax relief results.<br />

McBride said her staff is a total of 15<br />

people, and the recorder of deeds’ staff<br />

is a total of 15 people, and by law their<br />

duties are separate. Given all the work to<br />

accept, review and process tens of thousands<br />

of these applications between now<br />

and June 1, she asked residents to, “be<br />

patient and kind.”<br />

Council chair Terry Hollander (District<br />

5) closed the topic by saying, “I think<br />

we’re in a situation now where there was<br />

a lot of euphoria when we passed this, and<br />

now the reality is setting in that people<br />

are going to benefit, but there’s going to<br />

be a little bit of work associated with it.<br />

And I think the end result is some will be<br />

disappointed because they’re expecting<br />

more tax relief than maybe is actually<br />

there. We’ll deal with that as we go.”



March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I NEWS I 13<br />

St. Charles City residents to vote on $85 million city centre complex<br />


Rendering of the proposed St. Charles City Centre<br />

Complex, which voters could make real with a vote for<br />

Prop C on April 2.<br />

(Source: City of St. Charles)<br />

City of St. Charles officials have<br />

placed Proposition C on the April 2<br />

Municipal Election ballot. The proposition<br />

asks city residents to approve an<br />

$85 million general obligation bond<br />

issue for building a new St. Charles<br />

City Centre Complex, to be located<br />

at the American Car and Foundry Co.<br />

(ACF) campus at 5<strong>20</strong> N. Main Center.<br />

For the proposition to pass, 57% of<br />

voters must approve it.<br />

The St. Charles City Council had<br />

voted unanimously on Jan. 2 to ask<br />

voters to approve this funding.<br />

The current city hall building at <strong>20</strong>0<br />

N. Second St. was built in 1976, with the<br />

theme “Gold glass reflects our past and<br />

shines on our future.”<br />

Mayor Dan Borgmeyer has characterized<br />

the current building as functionally<br />

obsolete. He has said it would cost $41<br />

million to renovate the current building<br />

and add more space and parking for currently<br />

overcrowded city workers.<br />

Borgmeyer has said he believes it would<br />

be better to build a new complex. If Proposition<br />

C is approved, the project would<br />

begin almost immediately, and construction<br />

would take approximately two years.<br />

To create the new municipal complex,<br />

the city would buy and renovate existing<br />

buildings and add new structures on the<br />

former ACF property. With a new Main<br />

Street extension, this area would connect<br />

the St. Charles Historic Main Street<br />

District with the north Main Street and<br />

Frenchtown neighborhoods.<br />

According to the city’s website at citycentrecomplex.com,<br />

this new complex<br />

would open up the area and encourage<br />

investment in residential, business and<br />

retail.<br />

The city says this is a “no tax increase<br />

bond issue” to finance the new complex,<br />

which will include a new city<br />

hall, city council chamber, the historical<br />

society, a senior center with a<br />

rec center component, Sister Cities<br />

International offices, an arts and<br />

cultural center with restaurant incubators,<br />

a 300-space parking garage<br />

and more.<br />

Asked how the bonds would<br />

be paid off, the city’s Director of<br />

Administration Larry Dobrosky said,<br />

“The bonds will be paid off from a<br />

portion of the current and expected<br />

growth of existing property tax and<br />

sale tax. This project will also generate<br />

new sales and property tax that will assist<br />

in paying for this project.”<br />

“It would be a <strong>20</strong>-year bond,” Dobrosky<br />

said. “And would not ask for any increases<br />

to the current property and sale tax rate.”<br />

Dobrosky added that at present, “There<br />

are no plans for a Community Improvement<br />

District or special taxing district for<br />

the city hall complex $85 million project.”<br />

Randy Schilling is a Main Street property<br />

and business owner. Asked for his<br />

comments about the proposed new complex,<br />

he said, “It would be wonderful to<br />

have that ACF historic property renovated,<br />

over 550,000 square feet. It would do<br />

wonders for our historic Main Street and<br />

connecting that to Frenchtown would be a<br />

huge plus.”<br />

Schilling said he was always an advocate<br />

for the ACF site. When they built the<br />

St. Charles Convention Center, that was<br />

one of the sites considered and it would<br />

have been his pick.<br />

“If you’re going to build a new city hall,<br />

having it downtown is critical in supporting<br />

all the property and business owners<br />

down there,” Schilling said. “I think it<br />

would really help strengthen and also help<br />

redevelop French town and North Main<br />

and would help bring that along a little bit<br />

faster.”<br />

Schilling said the key things are to renovate<br />

the ACF property and connect Main<br />

Street with Frenchtown and bring Main<br />

Street through.<br />

“So overall I’m very supportive of it,” Schilling<br />

added. “It’s a lot of money, but at the end<br />

of the day if we are going to build, if we truly<br />

do need a new city hall, if we are going to be<br />

getting ACF redeveloped, if that’s what takes<br />

to pull in other developers and hotels once<br />

they create that anchor, then yes, I think it’s<br />

a huge plus for the community, the property<br />

owners and business owners.”<br />


GAME ON.<br />

And double-down on life.<br />

At The Landing of O’Fallon, you can trust that it will be all right. From our<br />

signature program, PrimeFit Wellness, to a community calendar filled<br />

with activities, it’s the right place and the right time. Right now.<br />

Call 636-791-4625 today for more information and to schedule<br />

your visit.<br />

1000 Landing Circle | St. Charles, MO 63304<br />

636-791-4625<br />


14 I NEWS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />




The CITY CENTRE COMPLEX will be located at the American Car & Foundry<br />

property, and Main Street will be extended through the property connecting<br />

Main Street to Frenchtown.<br />

The complex will include:<br />

• A New City Hall<br />

• A New Senior Center with a Rec Center Component<br />

• Historical Society<br />

• Sister Cities International Offices<br />

• Arts and Cultural Center<br />

VOTE APRIL 2<br />

ON PROP C<br />

Paid for by the City of St. Charles, Missouri. Daniel Borgmeyer, Mayor. <strong>20</strong>0 N. 2nd Street, St. Charles, MO 63301.<br />




Monthly report proposed amid<br />

transparency concerns<br />

Dardenne Prairie residents have been<br />

expressing a desire for more transparency<br />

from city officials. The topic was once<br />

again addressed at the March 6 Board of<br />

Aldermen work session and regular meeting,<br />

with the potential for the creation of a<br />

new monthly report proposed.<br />

During public comments, resident Cheri<br />

Hawes brought up transparency concerns<br />

on a recent public notice concerning<br />

property near Stump and Feise roads She<br />

explained that the notice only afforded<br />

residents a 48-hour period to contact their<br />

aldermen.<br />

Hawes asked why notices of this nature<br />

were not posted on the city’s Facebook<br />

page or the website.<br />

“Transparency is something residents<br />

have repeatedly stood up here and<br />

requested,” Hawes said.<br />

Sound and audio issues have been a<br />

recurring problem during work sessions<br />

and board meetings, both in-person and<br />

on YouTube recordings. Residents at the<br />

March 6 meeting noted that the Feb. 21<br />

board meeting video only contains audio<br />

for two of the six speakers who presented<br />

their cases to board members. The first<br />

three speakers were not recorded at all,<br />

and the last speaker’s comments were<br />

completely silent. Two of those previous<br />

speakers, David Miller and Cheryl Bratton,<br />

spoke again on March 6 and shared their<br />

displeasure with the situation.<br />

City Engineer Tom Weis stated that the<br />

video issue was a malfunction on his end,<br />

and City Administrator James W. Knowles<br />

said the video was not edited, despite the<br />

recording gaps.<br />

Recording issues have recently caused<br />

problems for the board members, preventing<br />

Alderman Mike Costlow (Ward 2)<br />

from participating a Town Square Vision<br />

Steering Committee meeting. This was<br />

addressed at the Feb. 7 board meeting,<br />

with no further discussion being made<br />

public.<br />

Due to the transparency complaints,<br />

Costlow proposed creating a monthly<br />

report. He said it could be made available<br />

to residents and city officials through the<br />

city’s website and offer updates on city<br />

health, activities and current challenges.<br />

His suggested areas of interest are listed<br />

in the March 6 work session agenda and<br />

range from financial information to project<br />

updates, parks and recreation enrollment<br />

information and more.<br />

In response, Mayor John Gotway said<br />

much of that information is “readily available”<br />

already. He said the list of suggested<br />

information isn’t being withheld and that<br />

anyone can request the information on an<br />

individual basis, unless it’s confidential.<br />

Alderman Mark Johnson (Ward 3) questioned<br />

how much added time and effort<br />

creating a report of this nature would be.<br />

Costlow said current public information<br />

is coming from multiple varied<br />

sources, and described how a monthly<br />

report would offer a concise and standardized<br />

update to make the information more<br />

easily accessible for everyone, including<br />

board members.<br />

Alderman Justin Ungerboeck (Ward 2)<br />

agreed.<br />

“It’s not that we aren’t getting the info,<br />

it’s that we’re getting it in five different<br />

emails and it would be great if we got it all<br />

in one,” Ungerboeck said.<br />

The monthly report idea is currently in<br />

the research and planning phase and is<br />

expected to be addressed at the April 3<br />

meeting.<br />

NEWS BRIEFS, from page 9<br />

“mutually voluntary” meaning both the<br />

buyer and the seller must agree to participate.<br />

Once a property is bought by the<br />

county, the home will be demolished, and<br />

the land converted to open space, Meyers<br />

said.<br />

Eligible properties are those that are<br />

the primary residence and owner-occupied<br />

home at the time of the flood event<br />

in <strong>20</strong>19 and are still owned by the same<br />

person. This also includes owner-occupants<br />

when they are heirs and assigns of<br />

a deceased owner-occupant in <strong>20</strong>19 and<br />

are eligible owners. Deployed military<br />

personnel who are owners and those that<br />

are the primary residents of a residential<br />

owner-occupied building with up to three<br />

residential tenant units within the same<br />

structure as the owner-occupant are also<br />

eligible.<br />

Properties that were second homes at<br />

the time of the event or that have been<br />

sold since the <strong>20</strong>19 flood and now have a<br />

different owner are not eligible to receive<br />

buyout funds.<br />

The county has been working with the<br />

Missouri Department of Economic Development<br />

to launch the buyout process. For<br />

more information or to find out if a property<br />

is included in the voluntary buyout<br />

program, visit sccmo.org/2185 or call<br />

(636) <strong>20</strong>0-1933.

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16 I SCHOOLS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />





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Freshman future business leader communicates her way to state<br />


At the start of the year in August <strong>20</strong>23,<br />

St. Dominic High freshman Aeliyahna<br />

Polley saw a poster for the Future Business<br />

Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA)<br />

club.<br />

Already a varsity tennis player, artist<br />

and musician with an affinity for communications,<br />

and currency enjoying a<br />

business class that semester, Polley figured<br />

she would give the organization a<br />

try. That move swiftly paid dividends,<br />

as Polley came off victorious at her first<br />

FBLA district competition in January<br />

as district winner of the Introduction to<br />

Business Communications, which qualifies<br />

her to move ahead to state in April.<br />

District competitions cover a wide<br />

range of topical events from accounting<br />

to journalism to business concepts, and<br />

choosing a focus can be daunting.<br />

“I chose this topic because I like learning<br />

about business,” Polley said. “The<br />

communications side of it deals with language<br />

arts, which is a class I find interest<br />

in and excel at.”<br />

FBLA helps over 230,000 students<br />

each year prepare for careers in business.<br />

Missouri FBLA itself has over 12,000<br />

members in 450 chapters across the state,<br />

making it the second-largest chapter in<br />

the nation.<br />

In studying for her subject matter test,<br />

The Fort Zumwalt West Varsity Dance Team is the newly crowned Missouri<br />

Division 5 state champion. The state finals were held at the Hy-Vee Arena in<br />

Kansas City the last weekend in February. Fort Zumwalt West’s last state championship<br />

win was in <strong>20</strong>19.<br />

(Source: FZW Dance)<br />

Polley said, “I reviewed a study guide<br />

online, but otherwise relied on my prior<br />

knowledge of English and communication.”<br />

Polley credited her first-semester business<br />

teacher, Holly Martinez, with her<br />

foundation in business knowledge. She<br />

relied on the FBLA teacher, Kasey Roberts,<br />

for further explanation of the process<br />

required at competitions. Polley has<br />

felt encouraged every step of the way.<br />

“I have been interested in business ever<br />

since I was little and watched ‘Shark<br />

Tank,’” Polley said. “I think that the<br />

world revolves around business, so the<br />

more that I know about the subject, the<br />

better I will be able to navigate my way<br />

through life. I think that business teaches<br />

core values about failure and perseverance,<br />

as well as how hard work can pay<br />

off in the long run.”<br />

Hard work definitely paid off for<br />

Polley.<br />

“The most challenging part was the<br />

pressure of testing against so many other<br />

freshmen and sophomores from other<br />

schools,” Polley explained. “I enjoyed<br />

the awards ceremony most and the shock<br />

of winning the business communications<br />

event.”<br />

Polley hopes to expand the way people<br />

think of business.<br />

“I think that too many people think that<br />

business is boring because they think<br />

that it is too technical and complicated,”<br />

she said. “I would tell those people that<br />

there are many different aspects of the<br />

business world and people are sure to<br />

find something in business that interests<br />

them. I think that business is involved in<br />

every aspect of life and definitely helps<br />

with success when it comes to getting a<br />

career.”<br />

Organizations like FBLA help challenge<br />

the assumption that “business” is a<br />

complicated word. Breaking it down into<br />

components is where Polley thinks the<br />

understanding can broaden.<br />

St. Dominic freshman Aeliyahna<br />

Polley came in first in business<br />

communications at the Future<br />

Business Leaders of America<br />

district competition and is<br />

headed to state.<br />

(Source: St. Dominic High School)<br />

“I think that it is much simpler when it<br />

is broken down into different categories<br />

such as marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship,”<br />

Polley said.<br />

Polley has hopes of pursuing a career<br />

in entrepreneurship and hopefully opening<br />

her own business, and though she<br />

is not quite sure yet what the business<br />

would be, she hopes to take great passion<br />

into whatever she chooses to do.<br />

“Thomas Edison said, ‘Our greatest<br />

weakness lies in giving up. The most<br />

certain way to succeed is always to try<br />

just one more time,’” Polley said. “Business<br />

is all about failure, accepting it, and<br />

growing from it to do better. You can’t<br />

give up every time that you fail, otherwise<br />

you wouldn’t accomplish all that<br />

you desire to do.”




March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I SCHOOLS I 17<br />

Francis Howell Central wins state championship in girls wrestling<br />

Francis Howell Central coach Kurt<br />

Kruse may be calling Hollywood with an<br />

idea soon.<br />

His Francis Howell Central Spartans<br />

capped off a season never to be forgotten<br />

by winning the Missouri Class 2 girls<br />

wrestling state championship.<br />

“It was kind of a really neat season for<br />

us,” Kruse said. “This is a good story. It<br />

would make a good movie. When there<br />

is a movie made of our team this season,<br />

it’ll be like a fairy tale. It was better than<br />

Christmas morning.”<br />

The Spartans won by the narrowest of<br />

margins. Francis Howell Central scored<br />

125.5 team points, which was just enough<br />

to slip past Nixa (125) by 0.5 points to<br />

claim the championship at Mizzou Arena<br />

in Columbia.<br />

“I have a lot of respect for Nixa,” Kruse<br />

said. “They run a great program. They<br />

have hard workers. The stars aligned just<br />

right for us.”<br />

All eight girls who reached the state<br />

meet for Howell Central scored points.<br />

The Spartans qualified nine girls for state,<br />

but one girl failed to make her weight.<br />

It was a historical championship for<br />

The Francis Howell Central Spartans girls wrestling team.<br />

Howell Central. It is the school’s first team<br />

state championship in a sport sanctioned<br />

by the Missouri State High School Activities<br />

Association (MSHSAA).<br />

In addition, Howell Central also is<br />

the first St. Louis area school to win a<br />

team state championship in girls wrestling,<br />

a sport in its sixth season under the<br />

MSHSAA umbrella.<br />

The Spartans did not field a team in the<br />

first year, so the school’s program is 5<br />

years old.<br />

Kruse knew he had something special<br />

with this group of girls.<br />

“Right after the St. Charles Invitational,<br />

I called a team meeting before practice,”<br />

Kruse said. “I told the girls that I’ve been<br />

a three-sports coach my whole career. This<br />

is my 82nd sport I’ve coached. I told them<br />

I’ve never been around anything more special<br />

than this team in this room.<br />

“I told them they’re the best I’ve ever<br />

seen. To win you have to be not only good<br />

but lucky. I told them I had the best girls<br />

who ever came out of the county. I said this<br />

team can do it.”<br />

(Jordan Glowczwski photo)<br />

And they did.<br />

Junior Kailey Benson became the<br />

school’s individual state champion when<br />

she won by fall in 1 minute, 42 seconds<br />

over Francis Howell’s Anna Bowles.<br />

The victory capped an unbeaten season<br />

at 45-0 for Benson.<br />

“I don’t think people understand how<br />

dominant she is,” Kruse said. “It’s difficult<br />

to go undefeated. She only had three points<br />

scored on her. One was an escape in the<br />

See WRESTLING, page 47<br />


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Fort Zumwalt School District<br />

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Orchard Farm School District<br />




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STOPKE<br />

Brad Welsh for Wentzville Board of Education<br />

David Biesenthal for WSD<br />

St. Charles School District<br />

Eric Williams - Orchard Farm School Board Member<br />



Heidi Sikma for City of St. Charles School District<br />

M. Ellen Zerr, St. Charles City School Board<br />


TUESDAY,<br />

APRIL 2<br />

We are so fortunate to have these excellent candidates for our school<br />

boards in St. Charles County. Each brings tremendous talent,<br />

experience and wisdom to our schools. These devoted citizens<br />

are endorsed by teachers and by labor. They will put students and<br />

families first, support teachers and staff, and foster a positive culture<br />

and climate throughout our local schools.<br />

For more information go to www.sccffps.org<br />

Paid for by St. Charles County Families for Public Schools, Ted House, Treasurer


MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> 19<br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Let’s get this out of the way first. Last<br />

season was… bad. Which part, you ask? All<br />

of it. The “all of it” part was bad. Pitching,<br />

offense, defense, win/loss record, Willson<br />

Contreras’ first season, Adam Wainwright’s<br />

final season – all bad. Rumor has it even<br />

the Rally Squirrel switched alliances to<br />

CITY SC and the Battlehawks. It was all<br />

bad. Let us speak of it no more.<br />

Now then, on to <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong>! Every year, ESPN<br />

hands out grades for each team’s offseason<br />

and this year the Cardinals were able to<br />

score a, well, just a C+. Hey, that’s a passing<br />

grade. (Gulp.) Same grade as the Cubs.<br />

(Gulp, gulp, cough.) But there is an actual<br />

plus sign!<br />

In all seriousness, those grades are mostly<br />

bunk. The Los Angeles Dodgers scored an<br />

A++ and ESPN argued it may have been the<br />

greatest offseason ever. Well, yeah. They<br />

spent $1.2 billion dollars. They increased<br />

their already very high annual payroll by<br />

$67 million. To provide some context, that<br />

means the <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Dodgers took the <strong>20</strong>23<br />

Dodgers and added the equivalent of the<br />

<strong>20</strong>23 Tampa Bay Rays in new payroll.<br />

That’s bonkers. Oh, and for more context, a<br />

reminder that the New York Mets won the<br />

<strong>20</strong>23 offseason and then lost the <strong>20</strong>23 regular<br />

season by a great big ginormous amount.<br />

We actually are quite optimistic about<br />

the Redbirds’ ability to return to form this<br />

season. They might not be built to win a<br />

popularity contest, but they just might be<br />

set up to make a decent postseason run.<br />

Let’s talk about why.<br />


The <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Cardinals will feature one of<br />

the largest, most exciting groups of young<br />

prospects since the early 1980’s teams. We<br />

know what team superstars like Nolan Arenado<br />

and Paul Goldschmidt are going to do<br />

for us, they do it every year. But if the team<br />

can get one or more of these young players<br />

to really break out, then the sky is the limit.<br />

The group is led by a pair of 21-yearolds,<br />

shortstop Masyn Winn and outfielder<br />

Jordan Walker. Walker spent nearly all last<br />

season in the big leagues, Winn got a taste<br />

at the end of the year. Both have a way to<br />

go to reach their enormous potential.<br />

Nolan Gorman (23), Alec Burleson (25),<br />

Dylan Carlson (25), Lars Nootbaar (26) and<br />

Brendan Donovan (27) are the other relatively<br />

young players with the potential to<br />

turn into superstars. Gorman and Burleson<br />

both have 40-home run power. Donovan<br />

was the only rookie Cardinal to ever win<br />

a Gold Glove. Nootbaar and Carlson are<br />

excellent all-around performers.<br />


Listen, if you are a male between the ages<br />

of 35-39 with a loose affiliation to or affinity<br />

for the St. Louis Cardinals, you need to<br />

check your email. There is a chance that<br />

you were signed to a contract by the Redbirds<br />

this year.<br />

The Cardinals filled out their pitching rotation<br />

by signing former Cardinal Lance Lynn<br />

(36) and St. Louis native Kyle Gibson (you<br />

guessed it, 36). They also added backup<br />

shortstop Brandon Crawford (37) and<br />

former Cardinal that we all loved, then hated,<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

then traded, and now have very complicated<br />

feelings toward, Matt Carpenter (38).<br />

The result is that the Cardinals have a<br />

tantalizing combination of youth and experience.<br />

If the two sides can play off each<br />

other (pun intended), then the mix could be<br />

magical.<br />


Here is an interesting thing to watch for<br />

this year. In the past, the Redbirds have<br />

been viewed as a pretty businesslike organization.<br />

Our current superstars, Goldschmidt,<br />

Arenado and Miles Mikolas, are<br />

fairly subdued in demeanor. They are nice<br />

guys, pro’s pros, that sort of thing. The last<br />

two offseasons the Cardinals have broken<br />

form a bit. Willson Contreras, Sonny Gray,<br />

Lance Lynn, these guys all have an edge.<br />

They play a little nasty. Contreras was<br />

quoted saying to Gray, “I think we have<br />

the same attitude in the game. We’re not<br />

making friends out there.”<br />

Is that intentional? Probably. This organization<br />

does very little by accident. Chances<br />

are, they want their young stars to play like<br />

stars, but they also want them have a bit<br />

of an attitude about it. They brought in the<br />

right guys to show the way. It’s going to be<br />

a fun season to watch how it all plays out.<br />


Starting Pitchers<br />

Sonny Gray<br />

Miles Mikolas<br />

Kyle Gibson<br />

Lance Lynn<br />

Steven Matz<br />

Bullpen<br />

Ryan Helsley<br />

Giovanny Gallegos<br />

JoJo Romero<br />

Andrew Kittredge<br />

Keynan <strong>Mid</strong>dleton<br />

Andre Pallante<br />

John King<br />

Matthew Liberatore<br />

Starting Infield<br />

C- Willson Contreras<br />

1B- Paul Goldschmidt<br />

2B- Brendan Donovan<br />

3B- Nolan Arenado<br />

SS- Masyn Winn<br />

Starting Outfield<br />

LF- Lars Nootbaar<br />

CF- Tommy Edman<br />

RF- Jordan Walker<br />

Designated Hitter<br />

Nolan Gorman<br />

Bench<br />

Matt Carpenter<br />

Iván Herrera<br />

Brandon Crawford<br />

Dylan Carlson<br />

Alec Burleson<br />

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<strong>20</strong> MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

Cardinals want Gray to lead improved starting rotation<br />


Seeking a quick turnaround from a<br />

disastrous <strong>20</strong>23 season, St. Louis Cardinals<br />

president of baseball operations John<br />

Mozeliek targeted improving<br />

the starting rotation.<br />

Simply put, Mozeliak<br />

needed to make an impactful<br />

offseason by signing a top<br />

pitcher.<br />

Eschewing big-name<br />

pitchers like Aaron Nola<br />

or Blake Snell, Mozeliak<br />

zeroed in on Minnesota free<br />

agent Sonny Gray.<br />

Like a Canadian mountie,<br />

Mozeliak got his man.<br />

Gray, who turned 34 in<br />

<strong>20</strong>23, signed with St. Louis<br />

for four years and $80 million<br />

in guaranteed money.<br />

Sonny Gray<br />

St. Louis is where Gray wanted to play.<br />

“Going into this thing, I wanted to be a<br />

Cardinal,” Gray said. “That started probably<br />

a little over a year ago. It’s a place<br />

that every time I’ve come here as a visitor,<br />

I’ve looked at the stadium and I’ve said,<br />

‘Wow, this place is incredible!’ When you<br />

talk around the league and talk to different<br />

guys who have been all over the place,<br />

everybody raves about St. Louis and the<br />

Cardinals.”<br />

It will be a fresh start for Gray.<br />

Joining a new team is something Gray<br />

has done before. The Cardinals<br />

represent the fifth<br />

time he has joined a new<br />

team as he heads into his<br />

12th MLB season.<br />

Gray debuted with<br />

the Oakland Athletics in<br />

<strong>20</strong>13. After a midseason<br />

trade in <strong>20</strong>17, he joined<br />

the New York Yankees.<br />

Gray’s time with the Yankees<br />

was not successful.<br />

However, he blossomed<br />

after a trade to<br />

(MLB)<br />

the Cincinnati Reds prior<br />

to the <strong>20</strong>19 season. The<br />

Reds later dealt him to the<br />

Twins for prospects.<br />

In his career, Gray is 98-85 with a 3.47<br />

ERA. He has 1,521 strikeouts. He is a<br />

three-time All-Star, making the game in<br />

<strong>20</strong>15, <strong>20</strong>19 and <strong>20</strong>23.<br />

Gray is fresh off two impressive seasons<br />

with the Twins. Gray pitched well in two<br />

seasons for the Twins, finishing second in<br />


the American League Cy Young voting last<br />

season.<br />

He posted a 2.79 ERA over 32 starts and<br />

181 innings. The 32 starts were a secondbest<br />

total for him in his career. Gray also<br />

allowed only eight home runs last season.<br />

That was the lowest he’s allowed in a full<br />

season in his career.<br />

Batters hit just .226 against his arsenal,<br />

which includes a sweeper. Gray has six<br />

pitches. Besides the sweeper, he throws<br />

a four-seam fastball that hits 93 mph, a<br />

curveball, a sinker, a cutter and a changeup.<br />

For the fourth time in his career, he<br />

started more than 30 games and surpassed<br />

175 innings pitched. He missed no time<br />

due to injury,<br />

“If you want to talk about someone who<br />

takes the ball and has an edge, you’ll see<br />

it,” Gray said. “You have to be yourself, be<br />

your authentic self. Just be that guy. Whatever<br />

intangibles that comes with that, you<br />

have be yourself.<br />

“For me to help this team win is to just go<br />

out and perform.”<br />

Mozeliak long has admired Gray. He<br />

said he wanted to draft Gray out of Vanderbilt<br />

University in <strong>20</strong>11 and that he tried<br />

trading for him six seasons ago.<br />

“We certainly feel like we’ve accomplished<br />

something for our rotation,” Mozeliak<br />

said about signing Gray.<br />

Manager Oliver Marmol has named Gray<br />

the Cardinals’ starting pitcher on Opening<br />

Day at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.<br />

Marmol wants Gray to be the leader of<br />

the staff.<br />

“Sonny has done a phenomenal job<br />

not only with what he says, but how he<br />

goes about it,” Marmol said. “He’s been<br />

a great example for everybody else and<br />

it’s contagious. The ways in which he<br />

goes about the game, he’s so good with<br />

talking through it and guys around listen<br />

to it. He does a good job of explaining<br />

the ‘why’ behind the way he does something.”<br />

Gray is serious about his job. He knows<br />

he’s being looked upon to be a leader.<br />

“Guys, in general, will look toward older<br />

guys for an example or a direction to go<br />

and I’m conscious of that, but it doesn’t<br />

persuade or influence me to do anything<br />

different,” Gray said. “I know I’m a fairly<br />

intense person, especially here in a baseball<br />

world. That’s just what I’ve learned<br />

over the course of my career that helps me<br />

be at my best.<br />

See GRAY, page 28<br />

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The St. Louis Cardinals have projected<br />

Masyn Winn to be their starting shortstop.<br />

Now, Winn will have to show he<br />

deserves it. He doesn’t believe the job has<br />

been handed to him.<br />

“I’m just going to go out there and compete,”<br />

Winn said. “I want to go into spring<br />

training with the same mindset as last year. I<br />

got some opportunities last year<br />

and made the most of them. I’m<br />

going to go in there not thinking<br />

that it’s my spot. I’m thinking I<br />

need to earn a spot.<br />

“I know they (the Cardinals)<br />

believed in me last season and<br />

still believe in me. I just want<br />

to go out there and compete<br />

for a spot. I’ve never been the<br />

type to feel entitled to anything.<br />

I don’t want to be given<br />

Masyn Winn<br />

a spot. I want to go out there and earn it.”<br />

Winn turns 22 on March 21. He made<br />

his Major League Baseball debut on Aug.<br />

18 and has been the Cardinals’ starting<br />

shortstop since.<br />

While his glove is not in question,<br />

Winn’s bat has been a cause for some concern.<br />

Winn hit just .172 in 37 games with<br />

the Cards last season after he was called<br />

up from Triple-A Memphis.<br />

Winn struck out 27 times. He had only 21<br />

base hits. Those numbers obviously have<br />

to change. Winn knows it. He doesn’t shy<br />

away from that fact either.<br />

“I think it’s not a secret I definitely<br />

struggled at the plate last year,” Winn said.<br />

“That’s been my main focus.”<br />

He didn’t play enough games last fall so<br />

he will still be a rookie this season.<br />

The Cardinals added some insurance<br />

just in case Winn struggles in training<br />

camp. St. Louis signed veteran Brandon<br />

Crawford to a contract in February. Crawford,<br />

37, was a three-time All-Star shortstop<br />

with the San Franciso Giants.<br />

“We’re excited to be adding a player<br />

with the winning credentials and pedigree<br />

of Brandon Crawford,” said John Mozeliak,<br />

Cardinals’ president of baseball<br />

operations. “He is someone that will provide<br />

us with valuable depth and experience<br />

on the infield, and can also be a great<br />

resource for our younger players, such as<br />

Masyn Winn.”<br />

The Cardinals know Winn is their future.<br />

The organization has waited for Winn to<br />

make his move up the organization. In the<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> MLB Draft, the Cardinals selected<br />

Winn 54th overall.<br />

Last year in spring training, Winn hit<br />

.333 with two homers, two doubles and two<br />


Cardinals rookie Winn looks to<br />

prove skills, improve offense<br />

triples in 18 games before being sent back<br />

to the minors so he could play every day.<br />

His success last spring got Winn sent<br />

to Memphis instead of heading back to<br />

Double-A Springfield.<br />

St. Louis manager Oliver Marmol<br />

believes in Winn.<br />

“I’m not concerned at all with Masyn’s<br />

offense. I love Masyn Winn. His mentality.<br />

His skill set. The way he approaches the<br />

game. He’s constantly wanting<br />

to learn,” Marmol said.<br />

“He’s open. He’s coachable.<br />

But his competitive nature is<br />

incredible. He doesn’t scare.<br />

“He came in, and he knew<br />

that, I mean, the league was<br />

tough. And he experienced<br />

that. But he never backed<br />

down. That’s an awesome<br />

(MLB)<br />

quality, especially at his age.”<br />

Winn’s arm is off the charts.<br />

Winn has a howitzer at his position. Some<br />

of his throws have reached triple digits at<br />

times. That arm combined with his slick<br />

defense at the position and above-average<br />

speed make him a player to watch.<br />

Winn was a pitcher in high school. He<br />

was a two-way player by pitching and<br />

playing in the field.<br />

His arm is not in question. Winn threw a<br />

ball from his position at shortstop at 100.5<br />

miles per hour in the MLB <strong>20</strong>22 All-Star<br />

Futures game.<br />

Having him at shortstop gives St. Louis<br />

perhaps the best defensive left side of the<br />

infield in baseball between him and Nolan<br />

Arenado.<br />

While he didn’t hit after being called<br />

up last season to the Cardinals, Winn has<br />

shown he can hit. Last year at Memphis,<br />

he produced a .288 average with 18 home<br />

runs and 17 stolen bases in 105 games. He<br />

also walked 44 times or 8.8% of his atbats<br />

and struck out 83 times (16.7%).<br />

Those walk and strikeout totals are an<br />

indication of his good patience and pitch<br />

recognition. He hit 11 home runs in 86<br />

games at Double-A in <strong>20</strong>22 after totaling<br />

five between Class-A and High-A in 98<br />

games in <strong>20</strong>21.<br />

“I’m not a stranger to struggle,” Winn<br />

said. “I’ve struggled pretty much every<br />

level that I’ve gone to whenever I’ve first<br />

gotten up there. Struggled for a bit and<br />

then worked it out. Definitely learned I<br />

can take a little bit of failure.<br />

“I know they believed in me last year,<br />

and I know they still believe in me. Every<br />

day, I want to go out there to compete and<br />

compete for a spot. I’ve never felt entitled<br />

to anything. I don’t want to be given a spot.<br />

I want to go out there and earn it.”





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MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> 25<br />



Cardinals<br />

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• Responsible oversight of our $280M annual budget<br />

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26 MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Cardinals bring plenty of experience to starting rotation<br />


In <strong>20</strong>23, St. Louis finished fifth in the<br />

National League Central last year at 71-91,<br />

its first losing season since <strong>20</strong>07 and its<br />

most losses since 1990.<br />

The Cardinals were ranked 26th in the<br />

major leagues with a .438 winning percentage<br />

– changes were mandatory.<br />

Starting pitchers last year combined for just<br />

48 quality starts, which is six innings pitched<br />

and allowing three or few earned runs.<br />

So John Mozeliak, the president of baseball<br />

operations, got to work.<br />

The Cardinals added three starting pitchers<br />

as free agents, reaching a $75 million,<br />

three-year deal with Sonny Gray and oneyear<br />

agreements with Kyle Gibson ($13<br />

million) and Lance Lynn ($11 million).<br />

The two veterans, who are both 36 years<br />

old, were signed to help the rotation and<br />

also bring leadership to the clubhouse.<br />

“Every move that has been made has<br />

been made with a purpose,” manager<br />

Oliver Marmol said. “These guys are going<br />

to add to the win column, no doubt about<br />

that. That’s why they’re here. Lance Lynn<br />

and Kyle Gibson, these are guys who are<br />

hungry to win but also know what it takes<br />

to bring a club together. When you talk<br />

about a sustainable culture,<br />

that’s extremely important.”<br />

Lynn signed a one-year<br />

deal with St. Louis. He played<br />

his first six seasons with the<br />

Cardinals and then went to<br />

play with the Twins, Yankees,<br />

Rangers, White Sox and<br />

Dodgers.<br />

“When you when you play<br />

long enough, you’re automatically<br />

a veteran,” Lynn<br />

said. “But learning how to<br />

lead in different ways and<br />

finding different ways to<br />

connect to everybody on<br />

the team was something you<br />

have to learn. I was able to,<br />

like I said, go to different<br />

places, meet new people,<br />

learn some new things and<br />

figure out how to incorporate<br />

(that) into who I am and what I bring<br />

to a clubhouse and a baseball team.”<br />

Lynn is looking to bounce back this<br />

season after playing for the White Sox and<br />

the Dodgers last year.<br />

In <strong>20</strong>23, Lynn posted a 5.73 ERA with<br />

191 strikeouts in 183⅔ innings. The 44<br />

home runs allowed in 32 starts between the<br />

Miles Mikolas on the mound in <strong>20</strong>23<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

two clubs were the most across MLB.<br />

“I’m looking forward to correcting the<br />

wrongs that I had last year on the mound.<br />

We were able to identify some of those<br />

pretty quick,” Lynn said.<br />

Being able to adapt like Lynn plans to do<br />

is good, according to Mozeliak.<br />

“He’s a very confident man,” Mozeliak<br />

said. “He understands that last year there<br />

were some things that he was<br />

probably doing that he should<br />

have gotten away from sooner<br />

and hopefully, from a coaching<br />

standpoint, from a strategic<br />

standpoint, those are things we<br />

can work through. He’s certainly<br />

open-minded to it.”<br />

Gibson also signed a one-year<br />

contract.<br />

Last year with Baltimore,<br />

Gibson finished 15-9 with a 4.73<br />

ERA. He recorded 157 strikeouts<br />

in 192 innings. However, did he<br />

surrender a league-high 198 hits.<br />

Gibson is 104-100 with a 4.54<br />

ERA through 300 games (<strong>24</strong>4<br />

starts) in 11 years in the majors.<br />

He is happy to be a Cardinal. He<br />

believes the club will be good this<br />

season.<br />

“St. Louis doesn’t rebuild. St.<br />

Louis gets ready, and they go win baseball<br />

games,” Gibson said. “And they put a team<br />

together that’s going to compete for a division<br />

title every year. I’m excited to join a<br />

winning tradition, culture and organization<br />

that is going to have a whole lot of fun in a<br />

bounce-back season.”<br />

Lynn (37 in May), Gibson (36) and Gray<br />








9 Main Street • Old Town St. Peters, MO 63376<br />

www.truevalue.com/schneiders • 636-278-4461 • 636-397-2347<br />

STORE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 7AM - 5PM • Saturday: 8AM-4PM • Closed Sunday


MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> 27<br />


(34) join holdover rotation candidates that<br />

include Miles Mikolas (35) and Steven<br />

Matz (33 in May).<br />

Mozeliak is pleased with how the rotation<br />

is looking.<br />

“We’re pretty excited about where our<br />

roster is, from where we were on Oct. 1<br />

to where we are today,” Mozeliak said.<br />

“There’s been a lot of roster churn, we’ve<br />

brought in a lot of new faces, and we’ve<br />

been strategic about it.”<br />

Miles Mikolas and left-handed Steven<br />

Matz are the other two starters.<br />

Mikolas pitched <strong>20</strong>1 1/3 innings last<br />

season, ranking fourth. He went 9-13 and<br />

posted a 4.78 ERA that ranked 48th among<br />

56 major-league starters who pitched at<br />

least 150 innings. Mikolas allowed an<br />

average of 10.1 hits per nine innings, the<br />

worst of his St. Louis career.<br />

Matz went 4-7 and had a 4.04 ERA in<br />

17 starts, and a 2.81 ERA in eight relief<br />

appearances.<br />

Injuries again cost him significant time.<br />

In his first two years with St. Louis, Matz<br />

has averaged only 76 innings. He has two<br />

years left on his contract.<br />

The age of his pitchers is not a concern<br />

to Mozeliak.<br />

“Unlike our upcoming election, I am not<br />

overly concerned with age in this current<br />

state,” Mozeliak said as spring training<br />

workouts began. “I do feel like what we<br />

missed a lot last year was more experience.<br />

And so trying to take or tie age and experience<br />

together usually is pretty common.”<br />

Mozeliak believes the experience is a<br />

plus for his veteran rotation.<br />

“It’s just guys that understand what it’s<br />

like to go pole-to-pole, the understanding<br />

of what it’s like to have to take the ball<br />

for 30 starts,” Mozeliak said. “All of these<br />

guys have been through that. They understand<br />

it, and that’s just going to be really<br />

helpful with some of our younger pitchers<br />

that are trying to get to that point.”<br />

Not all the St. Louis pitchers are ancient.<br />

In Matthew Liberatore and Drew Rom<br />

(<strong>24</strong>) and Zack Thompson (26), the Cardinals<br />

have younger pitchers who could<br />

break into the starting rotation. The trio<br />

combined to go 6-13 with a 5.98 ERA in<br />

28 starts last year.<br />

Ideally, they won’t have to start any<br />

games this season.<br />

St. Louis opens the season with games<br />

on eight consecutive days, four at the Los<br />

Angeles Dodgers, three at San Diego and<br />

the April 4 home opener against Miami,<br />

part of an opening that has the Cardinals<br />

scheduled for 13 games in 14 days. A sixman<br />

rotation at the start is possible.<br />

“We are debating it, but I don’t know if<br />

that’s what we’ll do, because a lot of these<br />

guys would prefer to be on five,” Mozeliak<br />

said.<br />

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28 MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Goldschmidt, Arenado looking to rebound in <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Breadings<br />

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A 60-apartment senior<br />

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Villa Theresa Apartments seeks<br />

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orientation or handicap.<br />

Paul Goldschmidt found a positive in<br />

the St. Louis Cardinals’ worst season since<br />

1990.<br />

“We had a longer offseason, had the<br />

opportunity to kind of look ahead, start<br />

planning a little bit,” the seven-time All-<br />

Star first baseman said recently.<br />

Goldschmidt and third baseman Nolan<br />

Arenado had a down year in <strong>20</strong>23 – like<br />

much of the St. Louis organization – but<br />

both are poised for bounce-back <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> campaigns.<br />

Arenado batted .266 with 23 homers and<br />

93 RBIs, down from .293 with 30 homers<br />

and 103 RBIs.<br />

St. Louis manager Oliver Marmol has<br />

repeated the message for everyone who<br />

will listen since last winter: forget <strong>20</strong>23 and<br />

focus on this year. St. Louis went 71-91, its<br />

worst record since 70-92 in 1990.<br />

Goldschmidt and Arenado are expected<br />

to bounce back this season for the club.<br />

“These guys are super talented,” Cardinals<br />

president of baseball operations John<br />

Nolan Arenado<br />

GRAY, from page <strong>20</strong><br />

“I show up to work, put in the work, put<br />

in the time and that works for me. If it does<br />

rub off on someone – and it’s for the benefit<br />

of them. That’s a good thing.”<br />

Gray joins a revamped rotation that also<br />

features newly acquired 36-year-old righthanders<br />

Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson.<br />

But Gray is the one who is the acknowledged<br />

leader of the pitching staff. All eyes<br />

will be on him.<br />

Marmol noted Gray knows what to do.<br />

“With Sonny, this is a high, high competitor,<br />

and when you are in conversations<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

Paul Goldschmidt<br />

Mozeliak said. “They are All-Star-calibertype<br />

players.”<br />

Goldschmidt, who turned 36 in September,<br />

hit .268 with 25 homers and<br />

80 RBIs, down from the .317<br />

average, 35 homers and 115<br />

RBIs that earned him the <strong>20</strong>22<br />

NL MVP award.<br />

Still, his hard-hit percentage<br />

rose to a career-best 50.8%<br />

from 47.4% in <strong>20</strong>22, according<br />

to Statcast.<br />

“Not like I was absolutely terrible<br />

last year, I just think I have<br />

the potential to play better,”<br />

Goldschmidt said.<br />

Arenado, 32, saw his streak of<br />

consecutive Gold Gloves end at<br />

10 last season.<br />

Arenado wants to reclaim his<br />

position as the league’s top third<br />

baseman. He also wants to produce<br />

more offensively.<br />

“I just feel like I’ve got a little<br />

something to prove and it’s like<br />

with him, it’s clear that he cares about<br />

being really good and also wants everyone<br />

around him to be elite,” Marmol said.<br />

“He’s confident in what he knows and what<br />

makes him good, and he does an awesome<br />

job of inserting himself in certain meetings<br />

so that the group can understand what’s<br />

important.”<br />

Gray will become just the sixth pitcher<br />

to make his first start with the Cardinals<br />

on Opening Day. Kyle Lohse was the most<br />

recent pitcher to do that, opening the <strong>20</strong>08<br />

season against the Rockies.<br />

“It’s a tremendous honor, to be honest<br />

with you,” Gray said of the assignment.<br />

(Lou Countryman photo)<br />

the mindset I had in Colorado in my first<br />

few years where I was trying to establish<br />

myself,” Arenado said. “I do feel like I<br />

have something to prove again and that’s<br />

a good thing.”<br />

Marmol is not worried about Arenado.<br />

“I don’t have a whole lot of concerns as<br />

to him getting back to ’22,” Marmol said.<br />

“I don’t think he’s looking at getting back<br />

to, as much as just continuing to move this<br />

thing forward and be the best version of<br />

himself. I don’t.<br />

“It’s not a matter of just getting back to<br />

when you were good or back to your best<br />

year. I mean, listen, last year happened and<br />

he is motivated as ever to get back at it.”<br />

Goldschmidt will receive a $22 million<br />

salary in <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong>, the final season of a $144.5<br />

million, six-year contract.<br />

There’s been no talk about an extension<br />

or a new deal.<br />

“I think for me, I’ve never really kind of<br />

commented on my contract, so I think I’ll<br />

just keep that going,” Goldschmidt said.<br />

“I don’t take that lightly. I don’t take that<br />

lightly at all. I have been fortunate enough<br />

to do it a few times in my career, and I’ve<br />

enjoyed every single one of them.”<br />

But Gray also knows it is a game and<br />

that means you have to enjoy what you’re<br />

doing.<br />

“I am very structured, but I like to have<br />

fun,” said Gray. “There’s time to work and<br />

there’s time to have play and there’s definitely<br />

time for both. They both go hand in<br />

hand. The more you are having fun, the<br />

more you are smiling, the better you are<br />

going to be. But there’s also time to lock it<br />

in and get your stuff done.”


MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> 29<br />



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30 MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Cardinals Notebook<br />


We don’t want to go ‘Back to Basics.’ We want to be the BEST.<br />

After just one year of a new board majority, Francis Howell has<br />

developed a reputation for Board Politics instead of Student Success.<br />

Teachers are leaving what used to be a destination district.<br />

Our schools, student success, and property values depend on us<br />

changing this culture.<br />


• Francis Howell Teachers Union,<br />

Staff Union & 45 Other Unions<br />

• Former FHSD District Superintendents<br />

Dr. Mary Hendricks-Harris<br />

Dr. Dan O’Donnell<br />

Dr. Renee Schuster<br />

Dr. Pam Sloan<br />

Paid for by Steven Blair for the Students - Don Crozier, Treasurer<br />

TUESDAY,<br />

APRIL 2<br />




Steven Blair for Francis Howell<br />

School Board<br />




Matt Carpenter is returning to the St.<br />

Louis Cardinals, for whom he played from<br />

<strong>20</strong>11 to <strong>20</strong>21.<br />

Carpenter agreed to a deal for the<br />

$740,000 major league minimum, which<br />

will be offset against his guaranteed $5.5<br />

million salary as part of a $12 million, twoyear<br />

contract he signed with San Diego in<br />

December <strong>20</strong>22.<br />

“When you think of players that helped<br />

shape our success in the <strong>20</strong>00s, Matt Carpenter’s<br />

name is one that is synonymous<br />

with winning,” Cardinals president of<br />

baseball operations John Mozeliak said in<br />

a statement. “Matt showed from the very<br />

beginning of his career how hard work<br />

and determination can lead to success, and<br />

we are excited to have his leadership and<br />

experience back in a Cardinals uniform.”<br />

Carpenter is glad to be back. He will<br />

bring a veteran’s presence to the clubhouse<br />

and dugout. He is a leader the club believes<br />

it needs to help erase the debacle that was<br />

the <strong>20</strong>23 season.<br />

“I think the thing I am most excited about<br />

is the opportunity to be a veteran on a team<br />

who has had the privilege to wear that<br />

uniform for as long as I did,” Carpenter<br />

said during a Zoom call. “Now to be able<br />

to speak to some of the young guys who<br />

are doing it for the first time; playing in St.<br />

Louis is such a privilege but there certainly<br />

is an expectation and some pressures that<br />

go with it. I remember as a young player<br />

that can be overwhelming.<br />

“I was lucky to have such a great veteran<br />

group of guys who kind of took me under<br />

their wings. What I am most looking forward<br />

to is having the opportunity to be that<br />

guy and do it for some of these young guys,<br />

kind of being that shoulder that they can<br />

lean on and talk to and work through stuff.”<br />

Carpenter was an All-Star in <strong>20</strong>13, ’14<br />

and ’16. He has .260 career average with 175<br />

homers and 644 RBIs for the Cardinals, Yankees<br />

and Padres. He hit .176 with five homers<br />

and 31 RBIs but had just 50 at-bats from July<br />

1 on. Carpenter didn’t play after Sept. 10<br />

because of right elbow inflammation.<br />

“From a baseball standpoint, my mentality<br />

is I’m entitled to nothing and grateful<br />

for everything that I get as far as an opportunity<br />

to play,” Carpenter said. “I’ll be<br />

prepared when my name is called and try<br />

to have the most competitive at-bats that<br />

I can have.<br />

“At this point in my career I really know<br />

who I am. I know what I am as a player,<br />

what I bring to a team, what I can bring to a<br />

clubhouse and I don’t shy away from that.<br />

If there is something that looks like it’s out<br />

of whack and needs to be addressed I’m<br />

not afraid to have those conversations.”<br />



The Cardinals added 37-year-old veteran<br />

Brandon Crawford, a free-agent shortstop<br />

and lifetime San Francisco Giants star, to<br />

their roster as a utility player and to help<br />

mentor young Masyn Winn.<br />

Crawford has been a three-time All-Star<br />

(<strong>20</strong>15, <strong>20</strong>18 and <strong>20</strong>21), four-time Rawlings<br />

Gold Glove recipient (<strong>20</strong>15, <strong>20</strong>16,<br />

<strong>20</strong>17 and <strong>20</strong>21) and two-time World<br />

Series Champion (<strong>20</strong>12 and <strong>20</strong>14) over<br />

his 13-year Major League career with the<br />

Giants.<br />

“We’re excited to be adding a player<br />

with the winning credentials and pedigree<br />

of a Brandon Crawford,” Cardinals president<br />

of baseball operations John Mozeliak<br />

said. “He is someone that will provide us<br />

with valuable depth and experience on the<br />

infield, and can also be a great resource for<br />

our younger players, such as Masyn Winn.”<br />

The northern California native has compiled<br />

a .250/.319/.396 slash line with 146<br />

home runs and 744 RBI in his 1,655 games<br />

played. He is just two seasons removed<br />

from an MVP-caliber campaign in <strong>20</strong>21<br />

when he batted .298 with a career-high <strong>24</strong><br />

home runs and 90 RBI – finishing fourth in<br />

National League MVP voting.<br />

“I’m here to help him out any way that<br />

I can,” Crawford said. “I’ve always liked<br />

the Cardinals organization from across<br />

the field and they were one of a couple of<br />

teams that I would have come out to spring<br />

training in Florida for.”<br />

The left-handed hitting Crawford has<br />

appeared in 43 career postseason games,<br />

including the <strong>20</strong>12 and <strong>20</strong>14 World Series<br />

when the Giants were crowned champions.<br />

Despite playing in his fewest (94) fullseason<br />

games last season, the 6-foot-1,<br />

2<strong>20</strong>-pound Crawford batted .329 (23-for-<br />

70) with runners in scoring position last<br />

season, driving in 33 of his 38 runs.<br />

While Crawford wants to put <strong>20</strong>23<br />

behind him, he will do so in a backup role,<br />

Mozeliak said. He can help the Cardinals<br />

in several ways.<br />

“It was something we had been thinking<br />

about just to make sure we had some depth<br />

there,” Mozeliak said, “but also bringing in<br />

somebody with his resume and what he’s<br />

been able to accomplish we think he will<br />

be a great resource for Masyn as he continues<br />

to develop.<br />

“Let’s be very clear: This (shortstop) is<br />

Masyn’s job. We brought in Brandon just<br />

to give us that protection should something<br />

happen. He understands that role and we<br />

are excited.”<br />

Crawford, who was selected by the


MARCH <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

CARDINALS PREVIEW <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> 31<br />


Giants in the fourth round of the <strong>20</strong>08<br />

MLB draft out of UCLA, was teammates<br />

with both Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt<br />

on the Gold Medal winning Team<br />

USA in the <strong>20</strong>17 World Baseball Classic.<br />



Yadier Molina will remain with the St.<br />

Louis Cardinals as a special assistant to<br />

John Mozeliak, Cardinals president of<br />

baseball operations, after the longtime<br />

catcher wrapped up his 19-year big league<br />

career in <strong>20</strong>22.<br />

The 41-year-old Molina is a 10-time All-<br />

Star and nine-time Gold Glove winner who<br />

played all 2,2<strong>24</strong> games of his career for St.<br />

Louis. That included 2,184 games behind<br />

the plate, the most by any catcher for one<br />

team in major league history.<br />

“We are excited to welcome Yadi back<br />

to the St. Louis Cardinals,” Mozeliak said.<br />

“He will provide invaluable help at the<br />

major league level, as well as spend time<br />

with our minor league teams in his new<br />

role with the team.”<br />

Molina trails only Stan Musial, who<br />

played 22 seasons for St. Louis, for the most<br />

with the club. Along the way, he helped the<br />

Cardinals reach four World Series and win<br />

championships in <strong>20</strong>06 and <strong>20</strong>11. His longevity<br />

coupled with the success of those<br />

Cardinals teams are a big reason why he<br />

retired as their career postseason leader in<br />

hits (102) and games played (104).<br />

Molina, a fourth-round pick of the Cardinals<br />

in the <strong>20</strong>00 first-year player draft,<br />

served as the manager of Puerto Rico in<br />

the World Baseball Classic in <strong>20</strong>23. He<br />

also managed Navegantes del Magallanes<br />

in Venezuela.<br />


The Cardinals wanted to bolster their<br />

bullpen going into this season.<br />

They made a move to acquire relief<br />

pitcher Andrew Kittredge from the Tampa<br />

Bay Rays in exchange for outfielder Richie<br />

Palacios.<br />

Kittredge, 33, is entering his eighth MLB<br />

season. He earned an All-Star nod in <strong>20</strong>21.<br />

Tommy John surgery limited him to just<br />

31 games over the last two seasons, but<br />

when healthy, he proved effective to the<br />

tune of a 3.13 ERA and a <strong>24</strong>-4 strikeout-towalk<br />

ratio. He has a career 3.85 ERA over<br />

181 MLB games.<br />

“We are excited to add Andrew’s experience<br />

and proven abilities to our bullpen,”<br />

Mozeliak said. “Prior to his elbow injury,<br />

Andrew was an All-Star reliever, and we<br />

think his addition will benefit us greatly<br />

now that he is back to full health.”<br />


Free-agent right-handed reliever Keynan<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>dleton was the Cardinals’ 10th pitching<br />

addition from outside of the organization<br />

this off-season.<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>dleton signed a one-year contract<br />

and the deal also includes a club option for<br />

<strong>20</strong>25.<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>dleton, 30, is a veteran of seven Major<br />

League seasons with the Angels (<strong>20</strong>17-<strong>20</strong>),<br />

Mariners (<strong>20</strong>21), Diamondbacks (<strong>20</strong>22),<br />

White Sox (<strong>20</strong>23) and Yankees (<strong>20</strong>23). The<br />

6-3, 215-pound <strong>Mid</strong>dleton has compiled a<br />

career mark of 10-8 with a 3.84 ERA in <strong>20</strong>5<br />

games with 15 saves and 23 holds, striking<br />

out 199 batters over his 194.1 innings pitched.<br />

“Acquiring additional proven depth for<br />

our bullpen was something we have been<br />

focused on,” Mozeliak said. “Keynan’s<br />

experience in getting outs in the back half<br />

of games offers us another strong addition<br />

to the bullpen mix.”<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>dleton split parts of the <strong>20</strong>23 season<br />

with the White Sox and Yankees where he<br />

combined for career-bests with 11.4 strikeouts<br />

per nine innings pitched.<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> HALL OF FAME<br />


Fans again can cast their selections<br />

online at cardinals.com/HOF to help pick<br />

inductees for the <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Hall of Fame.<br />

The team has revealed Steve Carlton,<br />

George Hendrick, Matt Morris and Edgar<br />

Renteria as the modern players nominated<br />

for possible induction into the St. Louis<br />

Cardinals Hall of Fame, presented by<br />

Edward Jones.<br />

The modern player with the most votes<br />

after fan voting concludes on April 26, will<br />

be selected for induction into the Cardinals<br />

Hall of Fame during an enshrinement ceremony<br />

Sept. 7.<br />

The full <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Cardinals Hall of Fame<br />

Induction Class, which will also include a<br />

veteran player chosen by the Red Ribbon<br />

Committee and a Cardinals organization<br />

selection, will be announced during a televised<br />

special program on Bally Sports in<br />

early May.<br />

“The annual Hall of Fame induction<br />

process connects generations of Cardinals<br />

fans,” said Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt<br />

Jr. in a statement.<br />

The Cardinals Hall of Fame was established<br />

to recognize the exceptional careers<br />

and significant achievements of the greatest<br />

players in Cardinals history. To be eligible,<br />

the nominees must have played for<br />

the Cardinals for at least three seasons and<br />

be retired as a player from Major League<br />

Baseball for at least three years.<br />

ON THE COVER: St. Louis Cardinals shortstop<br />

Masyn Winn (0) fields his position during an MLB<br />

game against the San Diego Padres on August 30,<br />

<strong>20</strong>23 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.<br />

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire)<br />


Refresh your space with our Spring Flooring Sale!<br />

Save big on quality floors to brighten up your home today!<br />


Hardwood • Laminate • Luxury • Vinyl Tile • Carpet • Waterproof Flooring<br />

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32 I HEALTH I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />




Just as spring allergies are starting to kick in, medical researchers say<br />

many allergy sufferers may actually have a different condition called CRS.<br />

(Adobe Stock photo)<br />

HEALTH<br />



Many cases of spring allergies<br />

may actually be CRS<br />

As April approaches and the blooming<br />

season begins, so does the suffering of<br />

many St. Louis area residents with allergies.<br />

For many, however, treating the symptoms<br />

with antihistamines and decongestants may<br />

not provide much relief from the runny<br />

noses, clogged sinuses and watery eyes<br />

that plague them every spring.<br />

That’s because many people who think<br />

allergies are their problem actually have a<br />

different condition called chronic rhinosinusitis<br />

(CRS) – a condition which should be<br />

treated differently than allergies, say medical<br />

researchers from the University of Cincinnati.<br />

“We have seen in our clinical practices<br />

many instances where patients have<br />

believed that they have allergies for many<br />

years and have sought treatment for allergies<br />

for years,” said Dr. Ahmad Sedaghat, director<br />

of the Division of Rhinology, Allergy<br />

and Anterior Skull Base Surgery at the UC<br />

College of Medicine. “They have never<br />

found relief from their sinus/nasal symptoms<br />

because all along they’ve had CRS, an<br />

inflammatory condition of the sinuses.”<br />

Sedaghat was the lead author of a recent<br />

UC study including more than <strong>20</strong>0 patients<br />

whose main complaint was nasal allergies.<br />

Thorough testing was conducted to measure<br />

the severity and cause of their nasal<br />

and sinus symptoms. Although 91% of<br />

them did have environmental allergies, just<br />

over 45% were also diagnosed with CRS.<br />

The preferred treatment for the condition<br />

is nasal corticosteroid medication; but only<br />

half of the people who were diagnosed with<br />

CRS in the study had received it, Sedaghat<br />

said. The study results suggest that patients<br />

should consider the possibility of CRS when<br />

their nasal blockage or discharge symptoms<br />

become moderate to severe, or if they notice<br />

any decreased sense of smell, he added.<br />

According to the National Institutes of<br />

Health, CRS may impact about 15% of the<br />

entire U.S. population. The UC study was<br />

recently published in the journal Otolaryngology<br />

– Head and Neck Surgery.<br />

Like Cincinnati, St. Louis is also a<br />

national hotspot for seasonal allergies. Our<br />

city was ranked No. 58 on the Asthma and<br />

Allergy Foundation’s most recent Allergy<br />

Capitals Report listing the top 100 most<br />

difficult places to live for people with allergies<br />

in the U.S.<br />

Snacks serve up large<br />

helping of daily calories<br />

Nearly a quarter of the calories consumed<br />

by American adults come from<br />

snacks, a new study conducted at Ohio<br />

State University has found.<br />

On average, Americans eat 400 to 500<br />

calories’ worth of snack foods every day.<br />

In order of preference, they include convenience<br />

foods high in carbohydrates and fats<br />

(like chips or pretzels); sweets; alcoholic<br />

beverages; sugar-sweetened beverages; milk<br />

and dairy foods; fruit; grain-based products,<br />

and – lagging far behind – svegetables.<br />

The vast majority of these snacks are<br />

lacking in nutritional value, contributing<br />

little in the way of protein, vitamins<br />

or minerals, the researchers said. At the<br />

same time, they account for about a third<br />

of added sugar and fat.<br />

“The magnitude of the impact (of snacking)<br />

isn’t realized until you actually look<br />

at it,” said senior study author Christopher<br />

Taylor, an Ohio State professor of medical<br />

dietetics. “Snacks are contributing a meal’s<br />

worth of intake to what we eat without it<br />

actually being a meal. If you ate a meal<br />

of what you eat for snacks, it becomes a<br />

completely different scenario of, generally,<br />

carbohydrates, sugars, not much protein,<br />

not much fruit, not a vegetable. So it’s not<br />

a fully well-rounded meal.”<br />

Data for the study came from surveys<br />

of nearly <strong>24</strong>,000 adults over age 30 who<br />

participated in the National Health and<br />

Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)<br />

between <strong>20</strong>05 and <strong>20</strong>16. These surveys<br />

detail exactly what, and when, participants<br />

ate over a particular <strong>24</strong>-hour period. The<br />

study was recently published in PLOS<br />

Global Public Health.<br />

On the calendar<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital sponsors<br />

a Babysitting 101 virtual class on<br />

Tuesday, March 26 from 6-8:30 p.m., live<br />

via Teams Meeting. This interactive class is<br />

a great introduction to the basics of babysitting.<br />

The cost is $25 per child; parents may<br />

sit in on the class at no additional cost. Register<br />

online at bjc.org/babysitting-class.<br />

• • •<br />

A St. Luke’s Nutrition Class is on<br />

Wednesday, March 27 from 2-3 p.m. at<br />

Schnucks Eatwell Market, 2<strong>20</strong> THF Blvd. in<br />

Chesterfield. A St. Luke’s Hospital dietitian<br />

will discuss how to find and make healthier<br />

choices at the grocery store, how to read a<br />

food label, and nutrition recommendations<br />

for optimal health. The registration cost is<br />

$5; all participants will receive wellness<br />

resources, samples and a $10 Schnucks gift<br />

card. Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC presents a Family and Friends<br />

CPR virtual course on Wednesday, April<br />

10 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., live via Teams<br />

Meeting. This class uses the American<br />

Heart Association curriculum to teach<br />

hands-on CPR skills (course does not<br />

include certification upon completion).<br />

The cost is $50. Registration for a seat in<br />

this class is for two people. Register online<br />

by visiting bjc.org/cpr-class.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital offers Let’s Cook!!<br />

Herbs and Spices on Tuesday, April 23<br />

from 4-5 p.m. in the St. Luke’s Cardiac<br />

Rehab Kitchen, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive<br />

in Chesterfield. Join a St. Luke’s dietician<br />

for a free, live cooking demonstration and<br />

sample some fresh herbs along with a delicious<br />

chicken dish prepared with whole<br />

grains and cherry tomatoes. Register at<br />

stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Make<br />

Peace with Food: Basics of Mindful<br />

Eating on Wednesday, April <strong>24</strong> from<br />

6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Desloge Outpatient<br />

Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in<br />

Chesterfield, in Classroom 3 of Building<br />

A. Join us for a free in-person class to<br />

learn the basics about how to eat mindfully<br />

and move closer to feeling at peace<br />

in your relationship with food. Sign up at<br />

stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Mom &<br />

Baby Expo on Thursday, April 25 from 5-8<br />

p.m. at the hospital’s Institute for Health<br />

Education, 232 S. Woods Mill Road in<br />

Chesterfield, in the North Medical Building.<br />

Join us for this event designed to help<br />

parents in pregnancy planning through the<br />

transition to parenthood. An expert speaker<br />

panel will be on hand to answer questions.<br />

The free event also features vendor booths,<br />

tours of St. Luke’s Birth Care Suites, light<br />

refreshments and attendance prizes. Register<br />

at stlukes-stl.com.



March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 10<br />


There is no election in Saint Charles<br />

in April.<br />

ST. PETERS<br />

Mayor<br />

• Len Pagano*<br />

City Council<br />

• John “Rocky” Reitmeyer*, Ward 1<br />

• Gregg Sartorius*, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I have served the residents of<br />

Ward 2 in the city of St. Peters since<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>. I had previously served on the<br />

Cultural Arts Advisory Board as chairman,<br />

the Millenium Commission, the<br />

Personnel Review Board and the Board<br />

of Adjustments. I retired in <strong>20</strong>16 from<br />

Fort Zumwalt School District as a school<br />

administrator. I served as an adjunct professor<br />

for Lindenwood University for 19<br />

years and as a trustee for my subdivision<br />

for over <strong>20</strong> years. Other civic volunteer<br />

organizations I worked with include<br />

serving as the chairman of the Discovery<br />

Expedition of St. Charles from <strong>20</strong>03-<br />

<strong>20</strong>06.<br />

Q2. Safety is my top priority. I support<br />

this by working with our police department<br />

and seeking ways to improve their<br />

service to the community, such as new<br />

advanced equipment, training and recruiting<br />

efforts. Secondly, is the service to our<br />

residents. We provide a wide array of services<br />

to our residents, as well as amenities<br />

to enhance their lives and make St. Peters<br />

a great place to live, work, play and pray.<br />

Last is the need for financial integrity. Our<br />

staff does an excellent job of maintaining<br />

a balanced budget, prioritizing needs and<br />

finding outside resources to help meet<br />

those needs.<br />

Q3. I am proud that during the past<br />

four years we have reduced crime in<br />

our city and attracted Blue Chip corporations<br />

into Premier Parkway, which<br />

provides revenue, jobs and services. We<br />

improved and/or added many amenities<br />

in the city, such as Ollie’s Fun Forest,<br />

an all-inclusive playground and sensory<br />

trail. Because of our recycling efforts we<br />

have won awards, such as the Innovation<br />

Award from the Missouri Municipal<br />

League. As a retired senior, I am always<br />

aware of the needs of others, have a great<br />

respect for our veterans and appreciate<br />

the opportunity to continue giving back<br />

to my community.<br />

• Randall Green, Ward 2<br />

Q1. I am running for alderman to be a<br />

part of the continued growth and wealth<br />

of our wonderful city. Most of my life<br />

has involved working with the public,<br />

which includes 40 years in business<br />

management and 23 years as a business<br />

owner. I have been married for 40 years<br />

and teach a Bible Fellowship. I am also<br />

a long-time resident of St. Peters where I<br />

have raised my family.<br />

Q2. Many of my neighbors have<br />

expressed concerns about the flash<br />

flooding that has been an issue in recent<br />

years. In addition to that, there have been<br />

concerns expressed over the policing of<br />

juveniles. One goal in this area is to have<br />

structured activities. St. Peters already<br />

has many things available to the public.<br />

Kayaks, canoes, water boards, archery,<br />

camping and biking are all available<br />

at the 370 Lakeside Park. It seems we<br />

could organize youth events. I would<br />

encourage it to be done on a smaller<br />

scale, possibly by subdivisions to start. I<br />

look forward to hearing any other suggestions.<br />

Q3. The continued success of St.<br />

Peters is very important to me. I have<br />

raised my family here and now my son<br />

is raising his family here also. We now<br />

have three generations established in St.<br />

Peters. There is a possibility of a fourth<br />

if my father retires here, closer to us. I<br />

have a great commitment to be involved<br />

in the growth and direction of our city.<br />

Feel free to reach out to me through voteforrandy.org.<br />

I look forward to your support<br />

and Ideas. Thank you and remember<br />

to vote on April 2.<br />

• Melissa Reimer*, Ward 3<br />

Q1. I have served as Ward 3 Alderman<br />

for over five years and currently<br />

serve as board president. Over time, I’ve<br />

gained extensive experience in my position.<br />

We’ve accomplished many things<br />

while I’ve been alderman, including<br />

recognition as one of Money Magazine’s<br />

Best Places to Live – twice since being<br />

elected. We’ve also constructed a unique<br />

all-inclusive park in Ward 3. I’ve proven<br />

my ability and knowledge to make sound,<br />

solid decisions regarding city operations<br />

while maintaining integrity and engagement<br />

with the people I serve. I’ll continue<br />

to ensure our city is a great place to<br />

live, work and play.<br />

Q2. The highest priority I have is to<br />

ensure that quality of life is maintained,<br />

now and in the future. This means<br />

making thoughtful decisions about what<br />

our city needs to best serve our residents.<br />

I will continue to work as an ambassador<br />

to bridge communication gaps and be<br />

accessible so that dialogue remains open.<br />

It is incredibly important to keep communication<br />

flowing so that meaningful<br />

tasks which are in the best interest of our<br />

residents can be accomplished. In addition,<br />

I will work diligently to provide<br />

excellent leadership and representation<br />

to move our city forward into the future.<br />

Q3. The experience I’ve gained as an<br />

alderman has taught me the importance<br />

of knowing that as a local official, many<br />

items and objectives are of great importance<br />

simultaneously. In order to properly<br />

provide for constituents, one needs<br />

the ability to adapt and pivot direction;<br />

whether you must make swift decisions<br />

during emergencies or choices which<br />

affect people for generations to come.<br />

Good communication, an open mind<br />

and desire to serve is what makes solid<br />

leadership. I have proven my leadership<br />

abilities. It has and will continue to be<br />

my priority to make wise decisions for<br />

the people I serve.<br />

• James Terry Lesinski, Ward 3<br />

Q1. I have been a resident in St. Peters<br />

for 36 years. I was nominated by the<br />

mayor and unanimously appointed by<br />

the Board of Aldermen and am currently<br />

serving on The Senior Advisory Committee,<br />

the St. Peters Parks Recreation<br />

and Arts Advisory Board and have previously<br />

been on the Planning and Zoning<br />

Commission.<br />

Q2. My priorities are to work to keep<br />

spending and taxes in check; to try to<br />

bring more single family residential<br />

homes into St. Peters; and to make sure<br />

that all of our veterans, law enforcement<br />

professional, and fire and ambulance districts<br />

are supported in our community.<br />

Q3. As a candidate, meeting residents<br />

at their doors has been very rewarding<br />

with the overwhelming support I am<br />

receiving. I attend the BOA meetings or<br />

view them on the SPTV regularly to keep<br />

up with the current events along with<br />

attending the budget proposal meetings<br />

in St. Peters. My only job as your alderman<br />

is to represent the residents in St.<br />

Peters. As your alderman I will work to<br />

keep you informed on projects that may<br />

effect you and to keep an open dialog<br />

with my residents to properly represent<br />

them.<br />

• Patrick Barclay*, Ward 4<br />


• Andy Clutter*, Ward 1<br />

• Edwina Conley*, Ward 2<br />

• Phil Martiszus*, Ward 3<br />


Mayor<br />

• Nickolas Nick Guccione*, 4-year term<br />

Board of Aldermen<br />

• Manny Macias*, Ward 1<br />

• Jordan Broviak*, Ward 2<br />

• Michael (Mike) Hays*, Ward 3<br />


• Matt Gober<br />

• Arnie C. AC Dienoff<br />

Candidates did not reply by press time.<br />



Board of Trustees<br />

• Jean Ehlmann<br />

Q1. My 30 years on the board gives<br />

me a unique historic institutional perspective<br />

in addition to my 28 years of<br />

classroom teaching experience.<br />

Q2. My main priorities are continuing<br />

fiscal responsibility to the community<br />

and guaranteeing the success of the college<br />

so it meets the needs of students and<br />

community. I am also particularly interested<br />

in seeing the Regional Workforce<br />

Innovation Center in Wentzville be completed<br />

on budget and on time.<br />

Q3. I believe SCC needs to focus on<br />

attracting and retaining students until<br />

completion of their degree and providing<br />

them with a skill set to become<br />

productive members of society. We can<br />

do this by offering competitive degree<br />

and workforce pathways that are easily<br />

accessible to students.<br />

• Gary E. McKiddy<br />

Q1. My qualifications for this position<br />

include 52 years of teaching experience -<br />

including 21 at SCC.<br />

Q2. My top three priorities are: To offer<br />

at quality education at a reasonable price.<br />

To attract and retain outstanding faculty<br />

and staff through competitive salaries and<br />

benefits. To maintain a campus where all<br />

citizens feel welcome and appreciated<br />

Q3. My teaching experience includes<br />

grades seven through graduate university<br />

level. I believe in offering a curriculum<br />

where professors have academic freedom<br />

in planning lessons. I also feel there<br />

needs to be transparency in discussions<br />

between the administration and faculty<br />

and the faculty union.<br />

• Arnie Dienoff<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />

• Dan Hogan<br />

Q1. I am an alternate member of the<br />

O’Fallon Board of Adjustment. In addition<br />

to completing coursework at St.<br />

Charles Community College, I have an<br />

associates degree from the Community<br />

College of the Air Force, and bachelor’s<br />

and master’s degrees from Peru State<br />

College (Nebraska). I have previously<br />

served as a battalion S-6 NCOIC while<br />

in the active Army, and most recently<br />

served as an acting platoon sergeant in<br />

the Missouri Army National Guard.<br />

Q2. My priorities are: Recruit and<br />

retain top teaching talent. Maintain low<br />

cost of tuition. As a long-term goal, work<br />

toward developing a basketball program<br />

to create more opportunities for St.<br />

Charles County high school athletes to<br />

compete at the collegiate level.<br />

Q3. My wife and I have been married for<br />


34 I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />





ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 33<br />

nearly 18 years. We have a daughter who is<br />

currently a fifth grader in the Fort Zumwalt<br />

School District. We are also foster parents.<br />

We moved to St. Charles County in <strong>20</strong>14<br />

when I accepted a job here, and we love<br />

living in St. Charles County. I served in<br />

Afghanistan with the 1st Infantry Division<br />

in <strong>20</strong>11-12; and I am currently a member<br />

of the Missouri National Guard, from<br />

which I will be retiring in <strong>20</strong>25.<br />

• Michael Lissner<br />

Q1. For the past three and half years I<br />

have served as a trustee for the college.<br />

Prior to that I was on the SCC Foundation<br />

Board for almost 18 years. I am one of<br />

the owners of Acropolis Investment Management<br />

and bring a business focus plus<br />

accountability to the board. I was raised<br />

in St. Charles and love our community. I<br />

am a strong believer in the power of education<br />

to change lives and transform our<br />

community. I spent over 13 years as an<br />

international management consultant.<br />

Q2. My priorities are: To provide affordable<br />

education to everyone, particularly<br />

first-time college students and nontraditional<br />

learners. Student success - St. Charles<br />

needs to pursue academic excellence<br />

including faculty development, innovative<br />

uses of technology, and state-of-the-art<br />

facilities. Most importantly, we need to<br />

equip students with an education that builds<br />

better futures for themselves, their families,<br />

and the community we share. To position<br />

SCC to shape economic development for<br />

the next 50 years; continue to build and<br />

maintain the partnerships with local businesses<br />

and community organizations; and<br />

ensure the long-term competitiveness of the<br />

college and maintain budget transparency.<br />

Q3. I have broad experience. As an<br />

international management consultant, I<br />

consulted to dozens of companies in a<br />

half a dozen countries. I am a certified<br />

financial planner and certified exit planning<br />

advisor. I attended Wentzville and<br />

St. Dominic. At Mizzou I received my<br />

B.S. and B.A. in computer science. A<br />

few times each year I host young adults<br />

in the basics of financial planning. I also<br />

spend time with high schoolers on college<br />

major selection and career advice. I<br />

live in Lake Saint Louis with my wife.<br />

We have four successful adult children.<br />


Candidates were asked the following<br />

questions:<br />

Q1. What inspired you to run for this<br />

office?<br />

Q2. What are your priorities if elected?<br />

Q3. What is the district’s biggest challenge?<br />

Q4. How would you have the district<br />

address that challenge?<br />



• Steven Blair<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />

• Carolie Owens<br />

Q1. As a retired educator I am alarmed<br />

at the attacks on our schools. I am passionate<br />

about eduction and feel compelled<br />

to stand up for our schools and<br />

the promise of public education. Our<br />

students and teachers are not feeling<br />

supported or respected, and they deserve<br />

better. We must work together to defend<br />

and protect public education.<br />

Q2. I will work to provide a safe environment<br />

for students to work, learn, and<br />

grow. I will promote scholarship by supporting<br />

a challenging curriculum, exceptional<br />

educational materials, and the best<br />

teachers to benefit all students. I will<br />

advocate for teacher retention by working<br />

to improve salaries and providing a<br />

respectful teaching environment. I will<br />

trust the administration, teachers, and<br />

staff to do the job they were hired to do.<br />

Q3. Francis Howell’s biggest challenge<br />

is changing the narrative of the<br />

past year. The negative press, due to the<br />

actions of the current majority, has damaged<br />

our ability to retain and attract good<br />

teachers. The majority’s constant need to<br />

participate in partisan culture wars has<br />

hurt our students and created outrage<br />

in our community. We must change the<br />

focus from personal bias to supporting<br />

the education of all of our students in a<br />

peaceful environment.<br />

Q4. The Francis Howell School Board<br />

must begin to address real problems in<br />

our district. Some of these problems<br />

include school safety, bullying, teacher<br />

retention, staff salaries and the mental<br />

health of our employees and our students.<br />

Addressing these problems requires collaboration<br />

with everyone involved in the<br />

education process. This collaborative<br />

process should mean we listen, come to<br />

agreement and take action together.<br />

• Adriana Kuhn<br />

Q1. My inspiration to run for the<br />

school board stems from a profound<br />

belief in the transformative impact of<br />

education. Witnessing both the challenges<br />

and the opportunities facing our<br />

schools, I felt compelled to step forward<br />

and contribute my skills and insights<br />

to help ensure every student has access<br />

to quality education. By advocating for<br />

higher curriculum standards and emphasizing<br />

the core foundations of education,<br />

I aim to contribute to the development<br />

of well-rounded individuals prepared<br />

with the essential knowledge and skills<br />

needed for future success.<br />

Q2. If elected to the school board, my<br />

priorities will revolve around safeguarding<br />

parental rights, increasing academic<br />

standards and ensuring fiscal responsibility.<br />

I believe in empowering parents<br />

to actively participate in their children’s<br />

education with open communication and<br />

collaboration. Moreover, I am dedicated<br />

to elevating academic standards emphasizing<br />

a strong educational foundation<br />

that prepares students for the future.<br />

Simultaneously, I will work diligently<br />

to promote fiscal responsibility by maximizing<br />

resources to provide the best educational<br />

experience while maintaining<br />

strong financial oversight of our budget.<br />

Q3. The school district’s most pressing<br />

challenge is teacher retention and<br />

recruitment. Locally and nationally we<br />

aren’t seeing as many teachers enter the<br />

profession. Low hiring pools and high<br />

turnover rates can significantly disrupt<br />

school learning environments and impact<br />

student outcomes. I’ve been meeting<br />

with a lot of teachers to get a deeper<br />

understanding of their perspectives and<br />

our teachers are facing many combined<br />

challenges daily. I’m confident that our<br />

district can make choices to create more<br />

optimal teaching environments in our<br />

schools.<br />

Q4. Addressing this challenge requires<br />

comprehensive strategies that prioritize<br />

student discipline, competitive compensation<br />

and supportive work environments.<br />

Teachers are our biggest assets and we<br />

are not fully utilizing them. I would like<br />

to foster a district environment where<br />

there is significantly more teacher input.<br />

I’ll strive to encourage open collaboration<br />

with the valuable teachers in our<br />

district whenever possible. By tackling<br />

teacher retention and recruitment we<br />

can fortify the base of our educational<br />

system and promote student success.<br />

• Sam Young<br />

Q1. I value my public school education.<br />

My mother and father-in-law were<br />

teachers; my brother is a teacher. I studied<br />

engineering at Mizzou. I then spent<br />

<strong>20</strong> years in the U.S. Navy, first on submarines<br />

in the Pacific, and later on fleet<br />

staffs doing operational and strategic<br />

planning, including a Carrier Strike<br />

Group deployment. For four years, I’ve<br />

volunteered as a mentor to the districtwide<br />

high school robotics team. I look<br />

forward to serving more of this nation’s<br />

finest young men and women as part of<br />

the Francis Howell School Board!<br />

Q2. My priorities are: Fiscal responsibility<br />

- Efficiently spend the remaining<br />

bond funds. Restore lost teacher step<br />

pay and budget for annual pay increases.<br />

High academic excellence - Focus on<br />

giving students a great knowledge base<br />

using a content rich curriculum, promote<br />

traditional values of hard work, and<br />

reduce teacher workloads so they can<br />

focus on academics. Removing radical<br />

activism from classrooms – The newest<br />

ideas of society should not be tested on<br />

our students. Only those ideas and values<br />

that are time-tested and widely held<br />

should be taught in the classroom.<br />

Q3. The Francis Howell School District<br />

remains one of the best of the state.<br />

The quality of the district relies on the<br />

engagement of the community and the<br />

quality of our staff. The district lost<br />

some of the community’s trust during<br />

COVID and the $79 million cost overrun<br />

for the Francis Howell North High.<br />

We also have seen many teachers leave<br />

the profession or retire. We must provide<br />

competitive pay and benefits with a<br />

rewarding work environment.<br />

Q4. The district must regain our community’s<br />

confidence by implementing<br />

responsible fiscal controls and efficiently<br />

spending the remaining construction<br />

bond funds to improve our facilities. I’ll<br />

vote to restore all steps in pay for every<br />

teacher in the district with pay raises<br />

budgeted in every year. We must ease<br />

the strain on teachers by consistently following<br />

through on discipline for students<br />

who disrespect their teachers and continually<br />

disrupt the learning environment.<br />

• Dia Day<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />



• Arnie C. AC “Arn” Dienoff<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />

• Tommy George Jr.*<br />

Q1. As an incumbent I felt compelled<br />

to run so we can keep building on the<br />

success we have achieved recently.<br />

Another reason is to give support to the<br />

administration going forward.<br />

Q2. My priorities are providing a high<br />

quality education for all students; recruitment<br />

and retention of teachers and staff;<br />

and mental health resources for students<br />

and staff.<br />

Q3. The biggest challenge the district<br />

faces is trying to make sure all children<br />

get an education tailored to their needs.<br />

Q4. As a seven member board, we<br />

address the challenges as they present<br />

themselves. Mitigating factors such<br />

as the funding formula from the state<br />

budget for the year play a part in decisions.<br />

Other unforeseen issues arise that<br />

need to be addressed throughout the<br />

school year.<br />

• Gabriel Helms*<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />

• Melissa Wilson<br />

Q1. I did not see candidates on the<br />

ballot that represented me. I wanted to<br />

vote for a parent with children actively<br />

involved in the district that were<br />






Spring Accelerated Term #2 starts March 25<br />

May Mini Session starts May 15<br />

stchas.edu<br />

636-922-8000<br />

SCC is an equal opportunity employer/program.

36 I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />





ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 34<br />

impacted by Board of Education decisions<br />

today and for years to come. I was<br />

inspired to run for Fort Zumwalt board<br />

to represent parents with children in<br />

elementary, middle and high school right<br />

now who need leadership that can empathize<br />

with the challenges they are facing<br />

today.<br />

Q2. My priorities are responsible<br />

spending, safe environment and post<br />

grad focused learning.<br />

Q3. We are blessed in our district to<br />

have employed passionate professionals<br />

who are skilled at their positions. Therefore,<br />

our biggest immediate challenges<br />

are to continue to attract and retain quality<br />

educators and staff to begin to serve<br />

our community growth and backfill our<br />

retiring educators. We also face a growing<br />

safety concern as the infrastructure of<br />

Missouri roads and intersections expand<br />

onto our legacy school buildings causing<br />

traffic/pedestrian hazards.<br />

Q4. The district is on a solid path today<br />

thanks to the past leadership at all levels.<br />

When they retired, the district had a transition<br />

plan for talented professionals to<br />

continue the legacy of the Fort Zumwalt<br />

community. I believe what I offer as a<br />

candidate on the ballot is a vested interest<br />

in the long-term trajectory of our district.<br />

I am invested in attracting the best<br />

educators, passionate staff and resources<br />

to enable these talented professionals to<br />

spur the best future for our youth.<br />



• Heidi Sikma*<br />

Q1. My inspiration to run for the<br />

school board comes from my love for<br />

my children and all children who are<br />

in the school district, my commitment<br />

to serve the St. Charles community and<br />

my deep gratitude for the teachers, staff<br />

and administration in our district. I have<br />

always enjoyed being involved in the<br />

school district. It brings me great joy to<br />

serve those who tirelessly pour themselves<br />

into educating and caring for the<br />

students in our community.<br />

Q2. I desire for all students to be supported,<br />

challenged and engaged with a<br />

personalized education. Students being<br />

pushed to their full potential and achieving<br />

academic success is crucial. Another<br />

top priority is promoting mental health<br />

care among the education workforce.<br />

It is important that our district’s hiring<br />

practices attract and retain the best persons<br />

available, and establishes a supportive<br />

and positive work environment for<br />

all staff.<br />

Q3. One of our district’s greatest challenges<br />

is the rapidly growing populations<br />

of special education students and English<br />

language learners and making sure<br />

that they are having their educational<br />

needs, as well as their social, emotional<br />

and physical needs met.<br />

Q4. It is imperative that our school district<br />

obtains highly qualified staff in the<br />

areas of special education and English<br />

language learning. As these student populations<br />

grow, it is very important that<br />

the staff educating and caring for them<br />

feel equipped, valued and adequately<br />

trained. The district also needs to collaboratively<br />

work with the parents and<br />

advocates of these students so that they<br />

feel heard and supported.<br />

• M. Ellen Zerr*<br />

Q1. My love of the St. Charles school<br />

district inspired me to run. I have nearly<br />

<strong>20</strong> years of experience teaching in the district.<br />

I graduated from St. Charles High,<br />

and my daughter attended St. Charles<br />

West. I feel that having great schools is<br />

so important to my community.<br />

Q2. My priorities are ensuring that all<br />

students and staff feel safe, valued and<br />

respected; financial responsibility; and<br />

teacher retention and satisfaction.<br />

Q3. Meeting individual students’<br />

needs. We have many students experiencing<br />

poverty, homelessness and<br />

trauma. We have the highest proportion<br />

of special needs students of any district<br />

in the county.<br />

Q4. I am an incumbent. We have<br />

already approved the establishment of an<br />

on-site health clinic that accepts Medicaid<br />

and sliding scale payments for uninsured<br />

students. We need to divert even<br />

more funding into mental health of students<br />

and staff.<br />

• Randy Beilsmith<br />

Q1. I want to see our schools and our<br />

city be the best they can be and I have<br />

seen that education in general, and our<br />

district in particular, are trending the<br />

wrong way in providing the education<br />

our children need. With my business<br />

experience, I believe that I have a different<br />

skill set and perspective that I can<br />

bring to the St. Charles School Board.<br />

Q2. My priorities are to refocus our<br />

resources to the most productive programs<br />

in our schools. We need to ensure<br />

the district’s culture, facilities and especially<br />

curriculum are providing the best<br />

experience we can for our students. We<br />

also need to ensure the parents and the<br />

community have a voice in our school<br />

district.<br />

Q3. Our biggest challenge is the<br />

declining academic performance and<br />

preparation of our students to move on<br />

to a working environment or higher education.<br />

Q4. We need to ensure the curriculum<br />

is focused on giving the students they<br />

need. The employers in the St. Louis<br />

area cite a need for people with strong<br />

work ethic, communication skills and<br />

critical thinking. Our curriculum needs<br />

to address these needs. In addition we<br />

need to ensure the right people are in<br />

place to provide these skills to our students.<br />



• Brad Welsh<br />

Candidate did not reply by press time.<br />

• David Biesenthal<br />

Q1. I am running for the Board of Education<br />

to bring the much-needed perspective<br />

of a current educator to the board.<br />

When evaluating proposals before the<br />

board, I will do so from the perspective<br />

of someone who is in a school every day.<br />

Finally, it is vital to me that IEPs and 504<br />

plans are followed to the letter and that<br />

our teachers have the tools they need to<br />

fulfill their students’ plan requirements<br />

so that all students’ needs are met.<br />

Q2. My top priorities are: To ensure<br />

our schools are timely in creating and<br />

updating all IEPs and 504 plans. To keep<br />

boundaries as stable as possible so that<br />

students experience minimal uprooting<br />

and movement as new buildings are<br />

built. To hire and retain engaging teachers<br />

and support staff. To support efforts<br />

to expand our early childhood education<br />

offerings To enhance opportunities<br />

for our high school students to explore<br />

potential career paths in technology, the<br />

trades and other areas.<br />

Q3. Our district’s biggest challenge is<br />

being able to retain and attract high-quality<br />

staff to continue to meet the needs of<br />

our students as our district continues to<br />

experience rapid growth.<br />

Q4. In order to address this challenge,<br />

we need to come up with creative ways<br />

to meet the needs of our staff. In addition<br />

to making sure our salaries are competitive,<br />

we need to be offering our staff<br />

high-quality professional development,<br />

providing them with resources to create a<br />

home-work life balance and offer opportunities<br />

to our staff to continue to grow<br />

in their professions whether they want<br />

to remain in the classroom or become<br />

administrators.<br />

• Cindy Reidy<br />

Q1. I have been passionately advocating<br />

for the quality of education for<br />

my three children in this district since I<br />

began regularly attending school board<br />

meetings over four years ago. That led to<br />

my participation in school board election<br />

campaigns supporting like-minded candidates<br />

for the last two election cycles,<br />

and now I find myself in a position where<br />

the best way to continue this advocacy<br />

is to run for a seat on the school board<br />

myself.<br />

Q2. My campaign platform is based<br />

on three pillars: academics, accountability<br />

and fiscal responsibility. The school<br />

board and the district administration<br />

should be accountable to the parents and<br />

their students to prepare them academically<br />

for their next step post-graduation,<br />

whether that’s college, trade school,<br />

entering the workforce or anything in<br />

between. The district’s resources, which<br />

are our tax dollars, should be solely dedicated<br />

to this effort and used to ensure no<br />

child falls between the cracks.<br />

Q3. The biggest challenge our district<br />

faces is a combination of poor academic<br />

performance and fiscal irresponsibility.<br />

Across the district’s student population,<br />

48.9% are not proficient in math, 47.7%<br />

are not proficient in English/language<br />

arts and 47.4% are not proficient in science.<br />

Meanwhile, the district has spent<br />

over $1 million on non-academic and<br />

non-mandated programs. Students and<br />

parents deserve better than this, and it’s<br />

my intention to see that they get it.<br />

Q4. I will return the focus and investment<br />

back on evidence-based curriculum<br />

that is proven to increase student<br />

proficiency scores. The administration<br />

is responsible for the academic performance<br />

of the schools and therefore<br />

should be held accountable to those<br />

results. This includes not only allowing<br />

our district to continue to use programs<br />

that are not helping our children succeed<br />

academically, but also for implementing<br />

non-academic and non-mandated programs<br />

that take away from real one-onone<br />

teaching time.<br />

• Leigh Palitzsch<br />

Q1. I decided to run for the school<br />

board for my kids, your kids, educators,<br />

staff and the district. You can count on<br />

from me is a stable foundation, strong<br />

morals, integrity and work ethic. I enjoy<br />

researching issues and providing ideas<br />

for positive and meaningful change.<br />

Q2. The one topic I have been discussing<br />

with families is the bullying<br />

happening in our district. I will prioritize<br />

holding administration accountable<br />

for implementing our discipline policy,<br />

district-wide. Academics is also a top<br />

priority for me. I would encourage a<br />

decreased usage of Chromebooks and an<br />

increased use of textbooks.<br />

Q3. In my opinion, the discipline and<br />

bullying issues in our buildings are the<br />

district’s biggest challenges. I believe if<br />

we can get behaviors under control and<br />

adhere to our expectations, the teachers<br />

can put their focus on the core academics.<br />

This will help to improve attendance,<br />

grades and overall school environment.<br />

Q4. The district has a discipline policy<br />

and the board needs to ensure it is being<br />

implemented in every building districtwide.

Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps<br />

40 I BUSINESS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />




Spring<br />

Now Open<br />

At The<br />

Meadows!<br />

Store Hours<br />

Mon-Fri<br />

10am-8pm<br />

Sat<br />

9am-8pm<br />

Donation Hours<br />

Mon-Sat<br />

10am-3pm<br />




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Your purchase<br />

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Hope Food Pantry<br />

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Missions Thrift Store<br />

25 Meadows Circle Drive, Ste. 502<br />

Lake Saint Louis • 636-695-2612<br />

www.missionsthriftstore.org<br />

The MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon has been named best in the state.<br />

(Photo: Mo Cowbell/EDC)<br />


BRIEFS<br />

AWARDS<br />

The MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon,<br />

sponsored by the Economic Development<br />

Council of St. Charles County and held<br />

each fall has been named Missouri’s best<br />

half-marathon by halfmarathons.net. The<br />

race draws its name from a <strong>20</strong>00 Saturday<br />

Night Live skit in which actor Christopher<br />

Walken demanded that “more cowbell”<br />

be added to a musical track – while also<br />

paying homage to the state’s postal abbreviation.<br />

To learn more and register, visit<br />

mocowbellmarathon.com.<br />

PEOPLE<br />

The Honorable Rebeca M. Navarro-<br />

McKelvey of St. Charles was sworn in on<br />

March 18 as a justice on the Missouri Court<br />

of Appeals, Eastern District, becoming the<br />

first woman from St. Charles and the first<br />

naturalized immigrant from St. Charles to<br />

sit on the court. Navarro-McKelvey has<br />

served as the Division 1 Circuit Judge in<br />

the 11th Judicial Circuit in St. Charles<br />

since <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>. She previously served as an<br />

associate judge for Division 13.<br />

• • •<br />

Beacon Endodontics has announced the<br />

addition of Dr. Craig Mulherin, DDS<br />

to its Wentzville practice. Mulherin is a<br />

native of Troy. He will serve patients with<br />

Ted Beauchamp, DDS, Beacon’s founder<br />

and owner, and the company’s team of<br />

dental professionals. Learn more at beaconrootcanal.com.<br />

PLACES<br />

Hillside Auto Repair, located at 400<br />

Church St. in O’Fallon, was recently<br />

awarded the <strong>20</strong>23 Shop4D Top Performing<br />

Shop Award. Recipients are selected<br />

through a rigorous evaluation process<br />

considering customer reviews and various<br />

business growth metrics. The full-service<br />

preventative maintenance and auto repair<br />

shop achieved a year-over-year business<br />

growth of nearly 17%. For more information<br />

visit hillsideautomotiverepair.com.<br />

• • •<br />

The Solstice Apartments are now open<br />

at 4000 Brady Way in Lake Saint Louis. The<br />

pet-friendly community features one- and<br />

two-bedroom apartment homes. Its ribbon<br />

cutting was facilitated by the O’Fallon<br />

Chamber of Commerce and Industries.<br />

• • •<br />

The List Chiropractic Clinic celebrated<br />

its grand opening with a ribbon<br />

cutting hosted by the Western St. Charles<br />

County Chamber of Commerce on March<br />

14. Located at 2676 Technology Drive in<br />

Dardenne Prairie, The List Chiropractic<br />

Clinic is operated by Dr. Nate Prentice.<br />

• • •<br />

Southern Grace Coffee LLC has<br />

opened a coffee shop at <strong>20</strong> Meadow Circle<br />

Drive, Suite 216 in Lake Saint Louis. The<br />

brick-and-mortar location is in addition to<br />

Southern Grace’s coffee truck, which is<br />

available for corporate events, customer/<br />

employee appreciation days, church events,<br />

open houses and catering. Learn more at<br />

southerngracecoffee.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Preferred Rate Mortgage has opened<br />

a location at 3018 Winghaven Blvd. in<br />

O’Fallon. Under the guidance of Lori D.<br />

Williams, senior loan officer, Preferred<br />

Rate Mortgage helps customers navigate<br />

the complexities of real estate finance.

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Spruce up this spring with Rhino Shield and never paint again<br />



Spring is coming and if you<br />

have an exterior painting project<br />

to tackle, it might be time to consider<br />

the question – why paint? In<br />

fact, when the coverage, durability<br />

and energy benefits of Rhino Shield<br />

are considered, the question might<br />

better be, “why paint ever again?”<br />

“Rhino Shield is not paint. It’s<br />

better,” said Darrin Crook, owner<br />

of the Rhino Shield franchise in<br />

Manchester.<br />

Rhino Shield is a durable, flexible,<br />

low maintenance wall coating. It<br />

is an acrylic-urethane formula that not<br />

only covers beautifully but helps to<br />

waterproof, insulate, and soundproof<br />

the structures it covers, and it will cover<br />

almost any kind of structural material.<br />

For example, Rhino Shield will cover,<br />

and actually bonds to aluminum, cedar,<br />

block, brick, Masonite, stucco and<br />

wood, according to the company. The<br />

innovative technology combines multiple<br />

resins with ceramic microspheres<br />

resulting in a flexible but tough surface.<br />

In addition, Rhino Shield contains<br />

additives that provide fire resistance<br />

giving the material a Class A fire and<br />

smoke rating, UV blockers that reduce<br />

wall surface temperature and save<br />

Kirstie, Darrin, Carter and Sandy Crook<br />

money over time on cooling costs and<br />

mildewcides and algeacides to stop mold.<br />

Rhino Shield’s flexibility also allows the<br />

coated surface to expand and contract with<br />

changing temperatures which helps to<br />

eliminate cracking.<br />

One of the most valuable aspects of<br />

Rhino Shield however, is its longevity.<br />

“The Rhino Shield is engineered to outlast<br />

paint five to seven times,” Darrin said.<br />

“It is a permanent ceramic coating that<br />

won’t chip, flake, crack or peel and comes<br />

in many colors. The durable maintenancefree<br />

wall coating has a flexible and tough<br />

surface – so tough, in fact, that it comes<br />

with a 25-year non-prorated transferable<br />

warranty,” Darrin said.<br />

That warranty and the product it guarantees<br />

mean that painting becomes a<br />

thing of the past, costs and time are<br />

reduced and because the covering is<br />

attractive and the warrenty is transferable,<br />

Rhino Shield adds value to your<br />

home should you ever decide to sell it.<br />

Darrin said he is proud to be the only<br />

Rhino Shield dealer in Missouri and<br />

Southern Illinois. The family-owned<br />

business is focused on bringing a better<br />

option than paint to local homeowners.<br />

Rhino Shield has thousands of satisfied<br />

customers locally and tens of thousands<br />

nationally.<br />

“We’ve been here 30 years. We had<br />

Rhino Shield put on the house 14 years<br />

ago. It still looks the same as the first day,<br />

said one woman about her experience with<br />

Rhino Shield. “It sounded wonderful that<br />

we could go ahead and have the house<br />

coated with Rhino Shield and literally not<br />

have to worry about it again for 25 years.<br />

I’m really glad we did it. Rhino Shield<br />

really worked with me to help me get the<br />

color just right – a nice soft yellow. It’s<br />

the same color, and it’s 14 years later. So<br />

it didn’t fade. It didn’t wash out ... There<br />

have been neighbors that have come by<br />

and said, ‘Did you just have your house<br />

painted?’ They wanted to know who the<br />

contractor was, and I said ‘No, it’s actually<br />

Rhino Shield.’”<br />

Applying Rhino Shield is a simple process.<br />

It begins with pressure washing the<br />

surfaces to be covered. Loose paint and<br />

debris are then removed for a clean bondable<br />

surface for the primer. Areas not to be<br />

coated are masked off, covered or temporarily<br />

removed. The primer is then sprayed<br />

onto the surface. Finally, the ceramic top<br />

coat, in the color of your choice, is applied.<br />

Tight spaces are trimmed in. Once the finish<br />

coat has dried, all masking materials and<br />

dropcloths are removed. “Our goal is to<br />

return your surroundings to the same condition<br />

as before we arrived,” Darrin said.<br />

After the area is cleaned up, customers<br />

make a final inspection of the work done.<br />

“We’re not done until you’re completely<br />

satisfied with our work,” Darrin said.<br />

Call Rhino Shield to get a free evaluation<br />

for your home and take advantage of new<br />

technology that covers your home with<br />

beautiful color that lasts decades. Paint a<br />

house. Shield a home!<br />

Rhino Shield<br />

<strong>24</strong>1 Old Meramec Station Road,<br />

Manchester<br />

(314) 239-7947 / 877-25RHINO (4466)<br />

WWW.87725RHINO.COM<br />


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754 Spirit 40 Park Drive • Chesterfield, MO 63005

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Logan University opens Women’s Health Specialty Clinic<br />

Logan University now features a<br />

Women’s Health Specialty Clinic at<br />

Montgomery Health Center in Chesterfield.<br />

The new clinic, which opened in January,<br />

is dedicated to providing patientcentered,<br />

evidence-based care tailored<br />

specifically for women. Logan is the<br />

first chiropractic institution worldwide<br />

to house a Women’s Health Specialty<br />

Clinic on its premises – a testament to<br />

Logan’s commitment to excellence in<br />

health, education and service, said Kristina<br />

Petrocco-Napuli, DC, MS, DHPE,<br />

FICC, FACC, Associate Provost for the<br />

College of Chiropractic at Logan.<br />

It was Petrocco-Napuli who championed<br />

the idea for the Women’s Clinic.<br />

“...We know that the majority of our<br />

patients are female – and there’s been<br />

a real shift in what the patient needs as<br />

well as what they want. We’re seeing<br />

more demand from females seeking<br />

chiropractic care for health conditions<br />

specific to women,” she said.<br />

The new clinic was also important<br />

because of Logan University’s role<br />

“training practitioners to be experts in<br />

their field,” Petrocco-Napuli said. “(It)<br />

was something we wanted to demonstrate<br />

as a model so students have more<br />

Dr. Emily Kliethermes<br />

opportunities to specialize their practice.”<br />

Through adjustment and/or acupuncture<br />

treatment, the Women’s Health Specialty<br />

Clinic may be able to help alleviate symptoms<br />

related to neuromusculoskeletal conditions<br />

including, but not limited to bone<br />

health, chronic pain management and<br />

headaches.<br />

In addition, plans for the Women’s Health<br />

Clinic include being a resource for women<br />

for menstrual issues and during pregnancy.<br />

The Women’s Health Clinic is led by<br />

Dr. Emily Kliethermes, DC, a seasoned<br />

professional with more than 25 years<br />

of expertise in chiropractic care. Dr.<br />

Kliethermes has owned and operated her<br />

own chiropractic practice, served as an<br />

independent contractor and associate and<br />

taught in higher education.<br />

“It is important that women in all stages<br />

of life are heard and symptoms are taken<br />

seriously,” she said. “I am excited to help<br />

women live their best life in all stages with<br />

chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional counseling<br />

and lifestyle modifications.”<br />

“If you are having menstrual issues (painful<br />

periods, irregular cycles, infertility or<br />

menopausal) pain during regular daily<br />

activities, migraines or are worried about<br />

bone density we may be able to help,” Dr.<br />

Kliethermes said. “We have the DEXA scan<br />

to monitor bone health and body composition.<br />

Acupuncture and muscle work to help<br />

relieve cramps and other menstrual problems.<br />

And, of course, chiropractic to help<br />

with any aches and pains of daily living.”<br />

One area of focus for the Women’s Health<br />

Clinic is being a resource of care during<br />

pregnancy.<br />

“We help get the body ready for pregnancy<br />

by making sure the pelvis is structurally in<br />

place. We check the spine for misalignments,”<br />

Dr. Kliethermes said.<br />

As some mothers experience severe<br />



morning sickness in the first trimester,<br />

Dr. Kliethermes provides resources about<br />

nutrition and things that may reduce those<br />

symptoms.<br />

“As the body changes to accommodate<br />

the growing baby, we work with her to<br />

make sure the spine and pelvis are aligned.<br />

We also talk about nutrition, exercises and<br />

what she can do at home,” she said.<br />

The third trimester is the time that women<br />

are usually pretty uncomfortable.<br />

“The change in their body and center of<br />

gravity can cause low back pain, mid back<br />

pain and muscle strain. Unfortunately,<br />

there is little over the counter medicine that<br />

is allowed during pregnancy so we are a<br />

resource for pain relief.”<br />

“We are here to assist the moms anyway<br />

we can in all stages of pregnancy.”<br />

Petrocco-Napuli hopes that the clinic<br />

helps women achieve their health and wellness<br />

goals and the practitioners meet them<br />

at the level they are expecting from their<br />

care.<br />

Montgomery Health Center<br />

1851 Schoettler Road • Chesterfield<br />

(636) 230-1990<br />

www.loganhealthcenters.com<br />


636-928-1040<br />

Returns with<br />

only 1 W2<br />

$150<br />


Sederburg & Associates<br />

Income Tax Services<br />

3023 N. St. Peters Pkwy.<br />

St. Peters, MO 63376<br />

<strong>24</strong>34 Highway K<br />

O’Fallon, MO 63368<br />

Look-Back’s<br />

Complimentary!<br />

Amended Returns<br />

Start at<br />

$150<br />

Serving St. Charles County since 1966<br />

809 E. Pearce Blvd.<br />

Wentzville, MO 63385<br />

(636) 928-1040 • www.taxteam1040.com<br />

Real Estate<br />

Professionals<br />

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March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


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314.502.4607 • AdvancedPestSpecialists.com<br />

&<br />

More<br />

The Perfect Solution for the Outdated Kitchen<br />

3444 N. Lindbergh • St. Louis, MO 63074<br />

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Complete Kitchen<br />

Cabinet Refacing<br />

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Solid Wood Refacing<br />

Custom Countertops • Tile Backsplash<br />

SAVE 50% TO 60% OFF<br />


Free Consultation and Estimate<br />

Visit Our Website & Try Out<br />


www.ClassicKitchenRefacing.com<br />

Serving the St. Charles, St. Louis, and Surrounding Counties<br />

Military<br />

& Senior<br />

Discounts<br />

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• Tree Trimming • Stump Grinding •<br />

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44 I EVENTS I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />




LOCAL<br />

EVENTS<br />


Wag: An Exhibition for Dogs is on<br />

display through March 23 at the Foundry<br />

Art Centre, 5<strong>20</strong> N. Main Center in Saint<br />

Charles. Wag is an interactive art exhibition<br />

featuring artists Greta Coalier, Justin<br />

King, Steve Jones and Laura Lloyd. Details<br />

at foundryartcentre.org.<br />

• • •<br />

The “Toys & Joys” art show is on<br />

display through Sunday, March <strong>24</strong> at the<br />

Cultural Arts Centre, 1 St. Peters Centre<br />

Blvd. For details, visit stpetersmo.net/<strong>24</strong>3/<br />

art-shows-exhibits.<br />

• • •<br />

Trash Can Decorating Contest is<br />

through April 1 in Wentzville. The Crossroads<br />

Arts Council in partnership with<br />

Wentzville Parks and Rec is working to<br />

raise public awareness of litter in local<br />

parks. The contest is open to students who<br />

live in Wentzville. Ten trash can artwork<br />

designs will be selected and five winners<br />

will win a $25 prize. The cans will<br />

be placed in parks throughout Wentzville<br />

this summer For details, visit crossroadsartscouncil.org.<br />

• • •<br />

History in Harmony is from 1-4 p.m. on<br />

Sundays, April 21 and 28; May 19 and 26<br />

and June 23 and 30 at 230 S. Main Street<br />

in St. Charles. Discover the sound of Main<br />

St. as a rotating line-up of guest musicians<br />

provide the soundtrack for a stroll through<br />

the historic district. Free event. For details,<br />

visit discoverstcharles.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Ann Croghan - Light & Color II is on<br />

display now through Saturday, May 18 in<br />

the East Gallery at the Foundry Art Centre,<br />

<strong>20</strong> N. Main Center in St. Charles. For<br />

details, visit foundryartcentre.org.<br />


The <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> Soldier’s Christmas Card<br />

Project is from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, March<br />

<strong>24</strong> and Sunday, April 28 at the MU Extension<br />

in St. Charles, 260 Brown Road in St.<br />

Peters. Write Christmas cards to soldiers<br />

overseas. Cards will be shipped inside<br />

care packages during Christmas <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong> by<br />

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. For details, visit extension.missouri.edu/programs.<br />

• • •<br />

The St. Charles Optimist Club Spaghetti<br />

Dinner is from 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. on Friday,<br />

April 5 at Memorial Hall in Blanchette<br />

Park, 1900 Randolph in St. Charles. Spaghetti<br />

with meat sauce, salad, garlic bread,<br />

This is the last weekend to take in Wag: An Exhibition for Dogs on<br />

display through Saturday, March 23 at the Foundry Arts Centre in Historic<br />

Saint Charles. Shown is Max by Laura Lloyd.<br />

soda, coffee and dessert. $12 for adults and<br />

children ages 5 and under free. Dine in or<br />

carry-out. All proceeds benefit the youth of<br />

St. Charles. For tickets, call (314) 807-5022<br />

or visit, scoptimists.weebly.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Dominic High Barnes & Noble<br />

Book Fair is from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on Saturday,<br />

April 6 at Barnes & Noble, 3<strong>20</strong><br />

<strong>Mid</strong> <strong>Rivers</strong> Center Drive in St. Peters. A<br />

percentage of all purchases made in-store<br />

or online will be used to purchase books<br />

for the Learning Commons Library and<br />

to fulfill teacher wishlists at St. Dominic<br />

High in O’Fallon. For details, call (636)<br />

<strong>24</strong>0-8303.<br />

• • •<br />

Spring Craft Fair is from 9 a.m.-3<br />

p.m. on Saturday, April 6 at Fort Zumwalt<br />

East High, 600 First Executive Ave. in St.<br />

Peters. Concessions will be available. Free<br />

event. Proceeds to benefit the class of <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

grad night. For details, email fzecraftshow@gmail.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Mix and Mingle - It’s a Party Period is<br />

from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, April 11 at The<br />

Quarry Wine Garden, 3960 Hwy. Z in New<br />

Melle. Feminine hygiene and care product<br />

donation or $5 for admission per adult<br />

benefitting schools in need in St. Charles<br />

County. For details, visit womenoflbb.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Ribbon of Hope Celebration is from 11<br />

a.m.- 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Barnes<br />

Jewish St. Peters Hospital, 10 Hospital<br />

Drive in St. Peters. This is a free, familyfriendly<br />

event celebrating life and bringing<br />

hope to the community affected by cancer.<br />

For details, visit bjcstcharlescounty.org.<br />


All-Saints Church Knights of Columbus,<br />

7 McMenamy Road in St. Peters<br />

from 4-7 p.m. Fried cod, catfish and sides.<br />

Drive-thru and Dine-in. For details, visit<br />

allsaints-stpeters.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Immaculate Conception, 7701 Hwy. N<br />

in Dardenne Prairie from 4:30 p.m.–8 p.m.<br />

Cod, catfish, shrimp, fish tacos, hushpuppies<br />

and more. Alcohol will also be available.<br />

Dine-in, carry-out and drive-thru. For<br />

details, visit Facebook - “ICD Fish Fry” or<br />

email, icdfishfryexec@gmail.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Knights of Columbus - Post 2269 at<br />

Assumption Catholic Church, 403 N. Main<br />

St. in O’Fallon, from 5-7 p.m. Cod, catfish,<br />

potato salad, cole slaw, spaghetti. Dine-in<br />

or carry-out. For details or visit, thecompass2269.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph<br />

Catholic Church. Fish fries are held at<br />

the Pezold Banquet and Meeting Center,<br />

5701 Hwy. N in St. Charles from 4-8 p.m.;<br />

and 4-7 p.m. on Ash Wednesday and Good<br />

Friday. Cod, catfish and shrimp. For details,<br />

email kurt.speckhals@sbcglobal.net.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles Borromeo, 601 N. Fourth<br />

St. in St. Charles from 4-7 p.m. Catfish,<br />

cod, fish tacos, pizza. Dine-in or carry-out.<br />

For details, call (636) 946-1893.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Cletus Church, 2721 Zumbehl Road<br />

in St. Charles from 4-7 p.m., in the gym.<br />

Batter-fried cod or catfish, seasoned baked<br />

cod, fried or boiled shrimp, cheese pizza<br />

and sides. Dine-in or drive-thru. For details,<br />

call (636) 946-6327 or visit saintcletus.org.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Knights of<br />

Columbus, 2 Seton Court in St. Charles<br />

from 4-7 p.m. Fried and baked cod, catfish,<br />

cole slaw, french fries and quesadillas.<br />

Dine-in or carry-out. For details, call (636)<br />

946-6717.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Joseph - Josephville, 1410 Josephville<br />

Road in Wentzville from 4:30-6:30<br />

p.m. Baked/fried fish, sides and complimentary<br />

dessert. Dine-in or carry-out.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Patrick Knights of Columbus, 405<br />

S. Church Street in Wentzville from 4-7<br />

p.m. Fried catfish, whitefish, cod, spaghetti,<br />

sides and drinks. Beer and wine available<br />

for purchase. Dine-in or carry-out. For<br />

details, call (314) 440-5510.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Peter’s Church, <strong>20</strong>1 First Capitol<br />

in St. Charles from 4-7 p.m. Cod, catfish,<br />

shrimp, hushpuppies and more. Dine-in or<br />

carry-out. For details, call (636) 946-6641<br />

or visit stpstc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Sts. Joachim & Ann, 4112 McClay<br />

Road in St. Charles from 4-7 p.m. Catfish,<br />

cod, shrimp, crab cakes, fish tacos, sides<br />

and more. Credit cards accepted. Dine-in<br />

or carry-out. For details, visit stsja.org.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Theodore - Flint Hill Knights of<br />

Columbus, <strong>20</strong>61 Grothe Road from 5-7<br />

p.m. through Lent until March 15. Fresh<br />

catfish with coleslaw, potato salad, dessert<br />

and more. Drive through only. For details,<br />

visit uknight.org.<br />

• • •<br />

VFW Post 2866, 66 VFW Lane in St.<br />

Charles from 3-7 p.m. Cod, catfish, shrimp<br />

and hushpuppies.<br />

• • •<br />

VFW Post 5077, 8500 Veterans Memorial<br />

Parkway in O’Fallon from 4:30-7 p.m.<br />

Every Friday through Lent, including<br />

Good Friday. For details, call (636) 272-<br />

1945.<br />


A Teen Workshop from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday,<br />

March 30 at the Foundry Art Centre,<br />

5<strong>20</strong> N Main Center in St. Charles. Anime<br />

theme. Teens (ages 13-18) will create with<br />

professional artists in hands-on art-making<br />

experiences. All supplies are provided and<br />

all skill levels are welcome; fee is $50. For<br />

details, visit foundryartcentre.org/teenworkshops.<br />

• • •<br />

Kids Clay Workshop is from 11 a.m.-<br />

noon on Tuesday, April 2 at The Foundry<br />

Art Centre, 5<strong>20</strong> N. Main in St. Charles.<br />

Build and fire a functional bud vase, just<br />

in time for Mother’s Day. Supplies are



March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I EVENTS I 45<br />

included in the registration fee of $40. For<br />

details, visit foundryartcentre.org/kidsclasses.<br />

• • •<br />

Kids Workshop - Celebrate Earth<br />

Day with Mixed Media is from 11 a.m.-<br />

12:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 at The<br />

Foundry Art Centre, 5<strong>20</strong> N Main Center<br />

in St. Charles. By repurposing discarded<br />

materials, students will embrace the spirit<br />

of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” by turning<br />

trash into masterpieces. For ages 5-12. The<br />

cost is $35 and includes all of the supplies<br />

needed for the workshop. For details, visit<br />

foundryartcentre.org.<br />


The O’Fallon Lions Club meets at 6<br />

p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month<br />

at JJ’s Restaurant, <strong>20</strong>0 Fort Zumwalt<br />

Square in O’Fallon. Everyone is welcome.<br />

For details, call (636) 344-0065 or email<br />

weserve@ofallonlions.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Cottleville/Weldon Spring Rotary<br />

Club meets at noon every Wednesday<br />

at Bemo’s, 5373 Hwy. N. in Cottleville.<br />

RSVP to Toddrasche01@gmail.com.<br />

Details at cwsrotary.org.<br />

• • •<br />

The Wentzville Veteran’s Coffee<br />

group meets at 9 a.m. every 2nd and<br />

4th Wednesday at the Wentzville Senior<br />

Center, 500 Great Oaks Blvd. Join for<br />

some comradery and coffee. For details,<br />

visit wentzvillemo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

The Cave Springs Toastmasters Club<br />

offers in-person and online meetings<br />

from 8 a.m.-9 a.m. Wednesdays at the St.<br />

Charles Ambulance District, <strong>20</strong>00 Salt<br />

River Road in St. Peters. Improve public<br />

speaking and communication skills by<br />

gaining confidence when speaking in front<br />

of others. RSVP to cavespringstoastmasters@gmail.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles County Pachyderm Club<br />

meets at noon every Friday at B. Hall’s<br />

Family Grill, 3782 Monticello Plaza Drive<br />

in O’Fallon. Be informed and meet elected<br />

officials. No meetings on holiday weekends.<br />

For details, visit sccpachyderms.org.<br />

• • •<br />

The Rough Writers meet from 7-9 p.m.<br />

on the second Tuesday of the month at the<br />

Crossroads Arts Center, 310 W. Pearce Blvd.<br />

in Wentzville. Join this writing group to share<br />

writing, encourage others and improve your<br />

skills. For details, contact Deborah Bowman<br />

at deborahbowman12@yahoo.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles County Master Gardener<br />

Class is from 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday,<br />

March 23 at the MU Extension Classroom,<br />

260 Brown Road in St. Peters. Learn how<br />

to build and use raised beds and amend soil<br />

for in-ground beds. All experience levels<br />

are welcome. The cost is $<strong>20</strong>. Register<br />

at stcharlescountymastergardeners.com/<br />

core-training. For details, visit stcharlescountymastergardeners.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Taste of the County is from 5-7 p.m. on<br />

Thursday, April 4 at Dardenne Prairie City<br />

Hall Park, <strong>20</strong>32 Hanley Road. Try samples<br />

from local restaurants, eateries, and wineries.<br />

Tickets are $<strong>20</strong> per person (ages<br />

12 and up) for unlimited food and drinks.<br />

Kids 10 and under are free. Purchase tickets<br />

by calling the WSCC Chamber office<br />

at (636) 327-6914 or go to gowscc.com/<br />

product/taste-of-the-county-ticket.<br />

• • •<br />

Mission: Clean Stream is from 9-11:30<br />

a.m. on Saturday, April 6 at the Public Works<br />

Facility, 2871 Elm Point Industrial Drive in<br />

St. Charles. Volunteers must check in at the<br />

facility. Volunteers can register as a family,<br />

individual or organization. Gloves and trash<br />

bags provided. For more details, email kierstyn.lorince@stcharlescitymo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

“Daycation” Bus Tour-Irish in St.<br />

Louis is from 9:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m. on<br />

Friday, April 19. Meet in the west parking<br />

lot at City Hall, One St. Peters Centre Blvd.<br />

Enjoy a day with St. Louis Archdiocesan<br />

in the heart of the Irish neighborhood of<br />

Dogtown and enjoy lunch at McGurk’s.<br />

The cost is $134. Register online at stpetersmo.net/Rec-Connect.<br />

• • •<br />

Rail District Festival is from 2-8 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, April 27 in Civic Park, 308<br />

Civic Park Drive in O’Fallon. There will<br />

be family activities, live music, inflatables,<br />

food trucks, food vendors, a beer garden,<br />

train rides, a baby crawl race and more.<br />

Free event. For details, visit ofallon.mo.us.<br />


The Bunny Bolt 5K and 1-Mile Fun<br />

Run is at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, March<br />

23 at Boulevard Park, 2550 Lake St. Louis<br />

Boulevard, featuring a 1-mile run through<br />

the park and a 5K through Lake Saint<br />

Louis that will precede the Lake Saint<br />

Louis Easter Egg Hunt. 5K cost is $45;<br />

fun run cost is $<strong>20</strong>. All participants will<br />

receive a T-shirt. To register, visit lake-<br />

saintlouis.com/<strong>24</strong>27/Bunny-Bolt-5k-and-<br />

1-Mile-Fun-Run.<br />

• • •<br />

Easter Bunny’s Garden continues<br />

through March 25 at the <strong>Mid</strong> <strong>Rivers</strong> Mall,<br />

1600 <strong>Mid</strong> <strong>Rivers</strong> Mall (center court near<br />

H&M, Level 1) in St. Peters for a day of<br />

Easter fun. The Bunny will be available<br />

for photos. Online reservations are encouraged<br />

at shopmidriversmall.com.<br />

• • •<br />

An Adult Easter Egg Hunt is at 7:30<br />

p.m. on Friday, March 29 at Wapelhorst<br />

Park, 1875 Muegge Road in St. Charles.<br />

Hunt for eggs, enjoy adult beverages and<br />

compete for prizes. Participants should<br />

bring flashlights and buckets. The $30 per<br />

person cost includes admission and two<br />

drink tickets. For ages 21 and over. Register<br />

at stcharlesparks.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Easter Egg Hunt is at 9 a.m. on Saturday,<br />

March 30 at Dardenne Prairie City<br />

Hall Park, <strong>20</strong>32 Hanley Road. Hunts will<br />

be divided by age and begin with the 0-2<br />

age group. Ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 will<br />

follow. The Easter Bunny will make an<br />

appearance. Pre-registration required by<br />

emailing your name, child’s name, child<br />

age, address and phone<br />

• • •<br />

Easter Egg Hunt is at 9 a.m. on Saturday,<br />

March 30 at Dardenne Prairie City<br />

Hall Park, <strong>20</strong>32 Hanley Road. Hunts<br />

will be divided by age and begin with<br />

the 0-2 age group. Ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8<br />

will follow. The Easter Bunny will make<br />

an appearance. Pre-registration required<br />

by emailing your name, child’s name,<br />

child age, address and phone number to<br />

nichole@dardenneprairie.org. Free event.<br />

number to nichole@dardenneprairie.org.<br />

Free event.<br />


Open<br />

House<br />

Spring<br />

Open<br />

SAT MARCH 23 • 10A-6P & SUN MARCH <strong>24</strong> • 12P-5P<br />

Spin the Wheel for Discounts<br />

Got events? Want publicity?<br />

Send all the pertinent details to<br />

events@newsmagazinenetwork.com.<br />

Event notices for print publication are due at least six weeks<br />

out from the date of the event. Events with advance registration<br />

should be submitted six weeks out from that deadline.<br />

Shop Brand New Merchandise<br />

and Take Advantage of our<br />

New Lower Prices on Furniture!<br />

Enter Raffles<br />

First 100 customers<br />

on Sat. 3/23 at 10am<br />

receive a FREE gift<br />

All events will be listed online and in print when sent in with<br />

enough advance notice.<br />

1010 Miralago Way • Cottleville 63376<br />

(636) 441-1111<br />

• CELEBRATING <strong>20</strong> YEARS IN BUSINESS •

46 I<br />

March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />





30+ YEARS<br />


A+<br />

RATED<br />



Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans<br />

Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting<br />

Specializing in installation for two story homes<br />

with no wiring on first floor.<br />

When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.<br />

(314) 510-6400<br />

HOUSE<br />


STARTING AT $100<br />



636.697.8090<br />





314-968-7848 stlroofing.com<br />



• NO Spraying or Rolling Mess!<br />

• NO Money Down!<br />

• Fully Insured • References<br />




314-852-5467<br />

www.deckstainingbybrushonly.com<br />

43 Years!<br />


When you want it<br />

done right...<br />

Check our<br />

ads first.<br />


H O M E P A G E S<br />

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Build and Repair Decks & Fences,<br />

All Painting, Wallpaper Removal,<br />

Powerwash/Stain Decks, Finish Basements,<br />

Remodeling, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Senior Discounts • Military Discounts<br />

First responders must show ID<br />

Call Today • 636-466-3956<br />

GunnFamilyConstruction@gmail.com<br />


Roofing, Siding, Gutters & Trim<br />

All Types of Exterior Remodeling<br />

Best Warranties in the Business<br />

Insurance Specialist, Fully Insured<br />

A+ BBB Rating ~ 30 Years Experience<br />


314.282.1991 www.CovenantRoofingSTL.com<br />

www.CovenantContractingSTL.com<br />

County House Washing<br />

& Painting<br />




Mike Lynch 636.394.0013<br />


• 1 Room Or Entire Basement<br />

• FREE Design Service<br />

• Finish What You Started<br />

• As Low As $15 sq. ft.<br />

• Professional Painters, Drywall<br />

Hangers & Tapers<br />

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388<br />

Locally Owned & Operated by Tim Hallahan<br />

Serving West County for 25+ Years<br />

636.458.6400<br />

timjhallahan@gmail.com<br />

westwoodpaintinginc.com<br />

Need Help?<br />


H O M E P A G E S<br />

636.591.0010<br />

Our Home Page professionals will help you with your<br />





March <strong>20</strong>, <strong>20</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


I 47<br />

WRESTLING, from page 17<br />

semifinal from returning state champ and<br />

she went on to major (decision) her.<br />

“At Wonder Woman (tournament), the<br />

girl who was No. 6 in the nation took her<br />

down, but Kailey went on and won 9-2.<br />

This season, she’s beaten kids who had<br />

seven state titles and two who were runnerups.<br />

She’s pretty special.”<br />

Kruse is glad to have her back for<br />

another season.<br />

“They don’t get much better than her,”<br />

Kruse said. “She’s a quiet, reserved girl.<br />

She does not draw attention to herself.<br />

She’s modest, humble and brilliant. She<br />

has a 4.5 GPA.<br />

“She has a wonderful sense of humor.<br />

She has great parents. They let us coach<br />

her and they’re supportive of all of our<br />

kids.”<br />

Junior Nevaeh Smith (130), senior<br />

Sophie Johnson (135) and junior Dana<br />

Thee Sanchez (155) all won their thirdplace<br />

matches.<br />

“Smith and Sanchez, we’d hoped they’d<br />

win a state championship,” Kruse said.<br />

“Smith was disappointed. I told her she was<br />

amazing. She’d beaten three state champions<br />

this year. She got caught by Halea<br />

Bartel from Nixa and lost by one point<br />

at 6-5. I was proud of her.<br />

They’ll take that (semifinal)<br />

match so hard that<br />

they’ll lose the next match<br />

but she rebounded and did<br />

what she had to do.”<br />

Sanchez is in her second<br />

year of wrestling for the<br />

Spartans.<br />

Johnson didn’t wrestle<br />

as a freshman. Kruse said<br />

she’s about 125 pounds<br />

and wrestles up to 135.<br />

Senior Alanah Braun<br />

(190) came in fourth. Two<br />

seniors – Stevie Lupo<br />

(115) and Katelyn Guth<br />

– each wound with fifthplace<br />

finishes.<br />

The school has honored<br />

the team.<br />

“We had a big assembly.<br />

It was pretty cool,” Kruse<br />

said. “There was a lot of<br />

excitement. We’ll be going<br />

in front of the (school) board. We’ve been<br />

invited to Jeff City to get a proclamation<br />

by the legislators.”<br />

This is a long way to come when only 15<br />

girls came for that first team.<br />

“Only one girl ever knew anything about<br />

The Spartans walk through the halls of their school on the way to a<br />

school assembly.<br />

(Jordan Glowczwski<br />

photo)<br />

wrestling,” Kruse said. “She wrestled the<br />

year before when there was girls wrestling<br />

and she was wrestling the boys.”<br />

Going into the second day, the Spartans<br />

had clinched a trophy but they wanted<br />

more.<br />

“We had seven going for medals,” Kruse<br />

said. “We were seven points<br />

behind Nixa and two ahead of<br />

Lebanon. I asked them ‘What<br />

trophy do you want to go<br />

home with?’ We had second<br />

in our hands and in our control.”<br />

The Spartans responded by<br />

winning five of six matches.<br />

“One of the coolest<br />

moments came from my<br />

115-pounder Stevie Lupo,”<br />

Kruse said. “She said, ‘Coach<br />

my dream was just a medal. I<br />

want a medal for my wall. I<br />

was ready to quit and accept<br />

my sixth place medal but you<br />

said we had to fight for each<br />

other.’<br />

“And she did. She found a<br />

way to pin her opponent and<br />

get the medal.”<br />

Kruse is looking forward to<br />

next season.<br />

“Our future looks good,”<br />

Kruse said. “We’ve got four returning<br />

qualifiers. We will be bringing back a state<br />

champion and two third-place finishers.<br />

The girls who were hurt will be back. We<br />

have some young girls who can step up.<br />

We’ve got some kids in the wings.”<br />





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