Edition 73 (January-March, 2024)

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe. GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals. GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East. GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe.

GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals.

GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East.

GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com


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Reliable.<br />

Efficient.<br />

Fully equipped.<br />

The Glaston COMFORT BOX offers high-quality,<br />

gas-filled IG unit manufacturing of rectangular and<br />

shaped formats.<br />

This IG line offers numerous components as<br />

standard, e.g.<br />

• Air cushion conveyors<br />

• Production of 3-sided stepped I.G. units<br />

Get your IG manufacturing business on<br />

the road to success — Download the<br />

IG Manufacturing Line Guide here<br />

www.glastory.net<br />

Meet us at<br />

CHINA GLASS <strong>2024</strong><br />

Shanghai, China<br />

Apr 25-28<br />

Hall N1, Stand #300<br />

Machinery, services and solutions designed with the future in mind for<br />

the architectural, automotive, solar and appliance industries.<br />

info@glaston.net | www.glaston.net | www.glastory.net | www.gpd.fi<br />



Website<br />



MAC is always committed to supply the most professional solutions according to different customer<br />

situations. Our global service and consultancy system will also make the communication easy and timely.<br />

YouTube<br />

Architecture Glass Processing<br />

Ashley +86 13910174313<br />

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Appliance Glass Processing<br />

Shower door Processing<br />

Claire +86 18942463709<br />

export@macglastech.com<br />

Photovoltaic Glass Solution<br />

Furnace and Processing<br />

MACsoft solutions And MES system<br />

Lydia +86 18600<strong>73</strong>5815<br />

global@macglastech.com<br />



Ψ-Values<br />

of up to<br />

arctic climate<br />

phA+<br />


0.029<br />


Passive House Institute<br />


Light Up Your Dream Of Intelligent Glass Factory<br />

HUMAM is the leading manufacturer for glass processing<br />

smart factory solution since 2004. We have more than 300<br />

machines in India including fully automatic shuttle storage<br />

system, CNC cutting machine, laser printing machine, all<br />

type of loading & unloading & conveyor system integrating<br />

with all processing lines for architectural glass, shower<br />

door glass and home appliance glass, solar glass etc…<br />

HUMAM supplies ERP & MES control systems also bus &<br />

car windshield bending furnace, heat soak test furnace.<br />

We continuously work with Saint-Gobain, ASAHI, FUSO,<br />

FG, Tough Glass, Art-N Glass etc…Look forward to<br />

cooperating with you to build up smart factory.<br />

16<br />

WhatsApp<br />

WeChat<br />

We b : w ww. h u m a m g l a s s . c o m<br />

M o b i l e & Wh a t sA p p N o. : + 8 6 1 8 6 6 6 5 8 8 9 6 1<br />

Em a i l : s a l e s 0 5@h u m a m g l a s s . c o m<br />

C o n t a c t P e r s o n : Va n e s s a L u o<br />

H uma m I n t e l l i g e n t M a c h i n e C o . , L t d .

-Molecular sieve<br />

-Our Delta T can reach 40-80 centigrade<br />

Water vapor and gas permeability lower to 0.2g /( m2.d).<br />

Quality is is similar as Germany Kommerling<br />

Rock Well Building Material Hubei Co., Ltd.<br />

India office<br />

Mr. Robin Singh<br />

+919015444697<br />

Mr. Sameer Chandila<br />

+91 844<strong>73</strong> 44321<br />

27 17



FINISH<br />

( Iso Certified Company)<br />

Professional manufacturer of<br />

Diamond tools for processing automotive glass<br />

Diamond tools for processing solar glass<br />

Customized high quality diamond tools in glass processing.<br />

Strong R&D team and technical support, reliable and professional.<br />



BEIJING CHINA 101318<br />


MOB / WECHAT / WHAT'S APP: +86 15010660856<br />





Take Your<br />

Glass Cutting<br />

To the Next Level<br />





60+ INDIAN<br />




Harmara Road, Industrial Area,<br />

Madanganj, Kishangarh, Rajasthan<br />

India / Pin no. 305801<br />

91 <strong>73</strong>000 68444<br />

sales@aardwolf.co.in<br />

# 9/27, Ground Floor, 5th Main Road,<br />

Ganesha Block, Sultanpalya,<br />

R. T. Nagar Post, Bengaluru-560032<br />

91 99017 24600<br />





Over 15 years of Specialized Knowledge & Experience<br />

Thick Heavy Steel Structure<br />

N04 .Lianfu Road ,Fuan Industrial Zone. Leliu Town, Shunde District Foshan, Guangdong,China<br />

Tel and Whatsapp: +86 176 6563 0001<br />

E-mail: pinglasstechnology@gmail.com, lch_india@pincorp.cn<br />





XINFU<br />


3 Production lines in China<br />

with Capacity of 6 Million Square meters<br />

Architecture grade, Automotive grade, Solar grade<br />

Transmittance 91 %<br />

Best Production Facility<br />

Loss in weight feeder<br />

-- Brabender Germany<br />

Screen changers and melt pump -- Maag, Switzerland,<br />

Extrusion die<br />

-- CLOEREN USA,<br />

The online thickness scanner, Automatic gauge control (AGC) systems,<br />

Online scanning moisture tester -- Honeywell USA,<br />

The online surface vision test system -- ISRA Germany.<br />


Pilkington China BSG Auto Fuyao Auto Taiwan Glass 40% Oversea Market<br />

Iran<br />

Australia<br />

Turkey<br />

Middle East<br />

South American<br />

India<br />

Korea<br />

BLG International Pvt. Ltd.<br />



Supply<br />

all over India<br />

Displayed at :<br />

Redg. Office: A-2/30-31, 3rd Floor W.H.S,<br />

DDA Marble Market, Kirti Nagar New Delhi<br />

Mumbai Office: L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh,<br />

Maharashtra, Mumbai-410208, INDIA<br />

Contact us @<br />

adityagupta@blginternational.in,<br />

www.lakshmifloat.com sales@blginternational.in<br />

Whatsapp us:<br />

+91 99562 95454<br />


lginternational<br />

Business Leaders in Glass<br />



3 Hollow louver production lines in China<br />

Swiss Spacer<br />

Stainless Steel Spacer<br />

Warm Edge Spacer Corner Keys<br />

Aluminum Spacer Stainless Steel Connector<br />


Thickness (mm)<br />

Colour<br />

5.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 11.5, 13.5, 15.5,<br />

17.5, 19.5, 23.5, 27.5 & 31.5<br />

Mill Finish, Black Colour &<br />

All Others Colour are Available<br />

Plastic Corner<br />

Steel Straight<br />

Keys<br />

Connectors<br />


blginternational PVT. LTD<br />



Supply<br />

all over India<br />

Displayed at :<br />

Redg. Office: A-2/30-31, 3rd Floor W.H.S,<br />

DDA Marble Market, Kirti Nagar New Delhi<br />

Mumbai Office: L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh,<br />

Maharashtra, Mumbai-410208, INDIA<br />

Contact us @<br />

adityagupta@blginternational.in,<br />

www.lakshmifloat.com sales@blginternational.in<br />


+91 99562 95454<br />



Insulating Glass<br />

Silicone Sealant<br />



Grinding<br />

Wheel<br />

(Resin Diamond<br />

Wheel)<br />

Aluminium<br />

Spacer<br />

Polishing<br />

Wheel<br />

10S60<br />

CNC Cutting<br />

Wheel<br />

EVA<br />

EVA<br />

PVB<br />

Plastic Corner<br />

Keys<br />

Steel Straight<br />

Connectors<br />

Pressure Equaliser<br />

for Insulating Glass<br />

2 Component<br />

Silicone Sealant<br />

Pump<br />

Warm Edge<br />

Spacer<br />

Kevlar Rope<br />

Butyl Tape<br />

Wave / Cloudy<br />

Linio /<br />

Cross Small<br />

Savona /<br />

Bubble<br />

Candi / Sona<br />

Silicon Vacuum Bag<br />






SentryGlas ® | Trosifol ® | ExtraStiff ® | Butacite G ®<br />

blginternational PVT. LTD<br />



Supply<br />

all over India<br />

Displayed at :<br />

Redg. Office: A-2/30-31, 3rd Floor W.H.S,<br />

DDA Marble Market, Kirti Nagar New Delhi<br />

Mumbai Office: L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh,<br />

Maharashtra, Mumbai-410208, INDIA<br />

Contact us @<br />

adityagupta@blginternational.in,<br />

www.lakshmifloat.com sales@blginternational.in<br />


+91 99562 95454<br />








+91 - 9080992502<br />

harish@winwallindia.com<br />

www.winwallinternational.com/india<br />





Barakaat Steels Pvt. Ltd., is the first Company in India to start production of Aluminium Profiles/Spacer, used in the manufacture of Insulating Glass. The<br />

Company has been pioneers in the manufacture of Insulating Glass and of trading in Insulating Glass Components for more than four Decades. Keeping in<br />

pace with the latest technologies at worldwide scenario, Barakaat Steels has been diversifying from time to time, by bringing products at par with<br />

International Standards. Barakaat Steels have created a new dimension, by combining customer requirements as prime objectives in offering the right<br />

product mix, a broad knowledge of products & their applications, good business relationships, logistics & financials expertise, proximity to the customer,<br />

and last but not the least, the appropriate range of support service. We are also suppliers to almost all major insulating glass manufacturers in India.<br />

Spacers - 100% Import substitute<br />

No need of Bulk storage<br />

Available as per customers requirement<br />

Minimum processing & supply time<br />

Less financial involvement<br />

Strong logistical support<br />

Double Pane<br />

Triple Pane<br />









Admn. & Regd. Office: B-17, Shreyas Industrial Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063, (India).<br />

Tel.: +91 9768 045 252 / 9768 137 228 • Email: sales@univerglas.com<br />

Works: 1706/1, GIDC Industrial Estate, Sarigam Fansa Road, Sarigam, Gujarat - 396 155, (India).<br />




46<br />


avontuffglass.com<br />

WE ARE<br />





“Avon Tuff Glass has accepted new<br />

challenges and change & we have been<br />

processing High Quality - High Performance<br />

glass for the construction since 2012.<br />

With over 10 years of experience in<br />

architectural glass processing, we bring our<br />

passion for customer, innovation and<br />

dedication to quality.<br />

Join us on the journey as we see the possibilities together:<br />







S. No. 201-1, Devicha Pada, Sonale, Dist. Thane Bhiwandi - 421 302,<br />




Sales: +91 8879543317 • Tel: 02522- 282002 /282004<br />

Business (WhatsApp): 8879543316 • E: sales@avontuffglass.com<br />




Company News<br />

Stealth Series by Ozone:<br />

Tailored for modern<br />

architecture<br />

Slim Frame Sliding Systems Designed To Enable<br />

Seamless Clear View<br />

Ozone’s newly launched Stealth<br />

Series is specifically tailored<br />

for internal applications and<br />

is ideal for large, clear structural<br />

openings. In-built with soft open and<br />

close mechanisms, it achieves flawless<br />

gliding along with distinct and clear<br />

views, proving viable for architects and<br />

designers seeking a more integrated<br />

overall look.<br />

These soft-close sliding systems<br />

also come with concealed pneumatics<br />

and a compact soft-close dampener,<br />

thus providing a slim and aesthetically<br />

pleasing appearance. With a 16mm<br />

profile, it plays a key role in setting the<br />

context of the project.<br />

The versatile Stealth Series consists<br />

of sliding systems, swing door systems,<br />

shower systems, and automatic sliding<br />

systems.<br />

Key attributes of this series<br />

include not only cost-effective and<br />

easy-installation solutions but also<br />

adaptability. The complete range<br />

does not require bottom tracks and<br />

includes optional handles with highquality<br />

door-locking mechanisms.<br />

Customization is available for door<br />

height and door panels.<br />

Furthermore, various types of glass<br />

patterns can be configured using a<br />

divider and pasting grid profiles.<br />

But the benefits don’t just stop<br />

there. The series also has an in-built<br />

two-way soft close mechanism for<br />

smooth and silent sliding. This not<br />

only reduces inertial impact but allows<br />

for noiseless day-to-day functioning.<br />

For additional visual appeal,<br />

concealed ceiling tracks and track<br />

covers are offered to match your<br />

interiors. These systems come in<br />

three finishes - Brushed Antique<br />

Brass, Brushed Rose Gold, and Black<br />

Matt and can be installed without<br />

glass holes, saving time and cost.<br />

The advanced combination of<br />

design, quality, and functionality<br />

makes the Ozone Stealth Series ideal<br />

for architects, fabricators, interior<br />

designers, and builders who are<br />

looking for products that add high<br />

quality, maximize glass surfaces, and<br />

result in a design of transparency and<br />

simplified functionality, which are key<br />

aspects of modern architecture.<br />

To learn more about<br />

Ozone’s Stealth Series Range,<br />

scan the QR code.<br />

64 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>


Interview<br />


Managing Director,<br />


Innovating perspectives:<br />

Window Techs’ journey in<br />

glass industry<br />

Pioneering Excellence with Managing Director<br />

Mr. Vishal Khandelwal<br />

GB speaks to the MD of Window Techs, which has<br />

redefined the glass industry since 1993, on its cutting-edge<br />

solutions and commitment to sustainability.<br />

66 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Interview• 2<br />

In an exclusive interview, Glass<br />

Bulletin delves into the journey of<br />

Window Techs, a trailblazer in the<br />

glass industry. Mr. Vishal Khandelwal,<br />

the Managing Director with two<br />

decades of experience, shares<br />

insights into the company’s history,<br />

cutting-edge technologies, and its<br />

commitment to sustainability.<br />

From pioneering the introduction<br />

of Insulated Glass Blinds to staying<br />

ahead in the market with innovative<br />

solutions, Window Techs stands<br />

as a beacon of excellence with Mr.<br />

Khandelwal at the helm.<br />

Excerpts from the interview:<br />

Q: Can you provide an overview<br />

of your company’s history and its<br />

journey in the glass industry?<br />

I founded Window Techs in 1993,<br />

and since then, our transformative<br />

journey has gained momentum,<br />

marked by strategic acquisitions<br />

and the incorporation of cuttingedge<br />

machinery in our Faridabad<br />

production plant. In 2011, the<br />

introduction of Insulated Glass Blinds<br />

was a turning point.<br />

Q: What are the key products or<br />

services offered by your company?<br />

Window Techs offers a diverse range<br />

of innovative solutions, from Insulated<br />

Glass Blinds to Fire Curtains,<br />

Smoke Curtains, Wall Guards,<br />

Corner Guards, Nurse Call Systems,<br />

and ZOHO Plumbing Solutions,<br />

showcasing our commitment to<br />

comprehensive interior solutions.<br />

Q: Give us an overview of<br />

the cutting-edge technologies<br />

employed in the manufacturing<br />

process of insulated glass blinds<br />

for doors and windows?<br />

Our manufacturing process<br />

integrates cutting-edge technologies,<br />

emphasizing excellence and<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 67

Interview<br />

innovation. The strategic acquisition<br />

of technology from Denmark<br />

ensures top-notch machinery, and<br />

the integration of smart systems<br />

showcases our commitment to staying<br />

at the forefront of technological<br />

innovation.<br />

Q: How do your insulated glass<br />

blinds contribute to energy<br />

conservation in residential and<br />

commercial spaces?<br />

Window Techs’ Insulated Glass Blinds<br />

significantly contribute to energy<br />

conservation by providing insulation,<br />

reducing heat transfer, and offering<br />

different air gap options. This<br />

enhances energy efficiency, ensuring<br />

a comfortable and eco-friendly<br />

environment in both residential and<br />

commercial spaces.<br />

Q: How would you describe the<br />

current market landscape for<br />

insulated glass blinds for doors<br />

and windows? What trends do you<br />

see emerging, and how will you<br />

capitalise on them?<br />

The current market landscape reflects<br />

a growing demand for energy-efficient<br />

and aesthetically pleasing solutions.<br />

Window Techs, as an internationally<br />

recognized brand, is well-positioned<br />

to capitalise on these trends with its<br />

diverse product offerings.<br />

Q: What is your vision for<br />

insulated glass blinds in the next<br />

5-10 years, and how does your<br />

company plan to contribute<br />

to that? How do you approach<br />

sustainability and environmental<br />

considerations?<br />

Window Techs envisions continued<br />

growth in the insulated glass blinds<br />

market. Our plans include exploring<br />

new markets, aligning with emerging<br />

trends, and staying committed to<br />

sustainability, as evidenced by our<br />

diverse product range adhering to<br />

AGBC/IGBC standards.<br />

Q: How does your company<br />

balance functionality with<br />

aesthetically pleasing designs in<br />

your insulated glass blinds?<br />

Balancing functionality with<br />

aesthetically pleasing designs is a<br />

hallmark of Window Techs’ insulated<br />

glass blinds. We offer customizable<br />

options, allowing customers to achieve<br />

a tailored look that aligns with their<br />

architectural preferences, while<br />

staying attuned to design trends.<br />

Q: What are the unique selling<br />

points and advantages that set<br />

your insulated glass blinds apart<br />

from competitors?<br />

Window Techs’ insulated glass blinds<br />

stand out with their versatility,<br />

energy efficiency, and aesthetic<br />

appeal. Addressing specific needs and<br />

demands of architects, builders, and<br />

end-users, our blinds set themselves<br />

apart from competitors in the market.<br />

Email: info@windowtechs.in<br />

Website: www.windowtechs.co.in<br />

68 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Company News<br />

NorthGlass and<br />

Glasstechnik join forces<br />

to improve services in<br />

Germany<br />

Strategic Partnership Aimed At Achieving<br />

Enhanced Glass Services<br />

Tie-up to elevate glass services in Germany, fostering a<br />

mutually beneficial partnership for enhanced customer<br />

satisfaction and industry advancement.<br />

As one of the world’s leading<br />

manufacturers in the glass<br />

tempering furnace industry,<br />

NorthGlass has sold more than 5,900<br />

tempering furnaces in 112 countries<br />

since 1995 with an average annual<br />

sales quantity of more than 300<br />

furnaces in the last 10 years, thanks<br />

to its advanced technology and rich<br />

professional experience.<br />

Europe has always played an<br />

important role in NorthGlass’s<br />

overseas market and Germany is<br />

definitely one of the key markets in<br />

Europe. To provide more efficient and<br />

convenient services to NorthGlass’s<br />

German customers, NorthGlass<br />

recently signed a strategic cooperation<br />

agreement with Glastechnik Holger<br />

Kramp GmbH, to improve the sales<br />

and after-sales service in Germany.<br />

“After doing serious market<br />

research, we finally decided to invite<br />

Glastechnik Holger Kramp GmbH<br />

working together with NorthGlass, to<br />

bring more benefits to our customers<br />

in Germany. I believe that this<br />

cooperation will create a win-win-win<br />

situation for all involved parties”, said<br />

Mr.Johnny LI, International Sales<br />

Director of NorthGlass.<br />

“Before making this decision,<br />

NorthGlass had terminated the<br />

cooperation with our former agency<br />

ATN Anlagentechnik Naethbohm<br />

GmbH,” he added.<br />

Website: www.northglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 71

Company News<br />

72 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Gutmann PVB• 2<br />

Gutmann launches Extra<br />

Clear PVB in India<br />

Collaborates With Visaar Proact Solutions To<br />

Bring Superior-Quality PVB<br />

Gutmann offers supreme-quality, 100 per cent virgin<br />

Gutmann Extra Clear PVB with high strength, durability and<br />

a high level of transparency.<br />

Gutmann PVB, an affiliate<br />

of Gutmann Middle East,<br />

collaborated with Visaar Proact<br />

Solutions to launch their supremequality<br />

Extra Clear PVB. Based in<br />

the southern part of India, Visaar<br />

Proact Solutions is a key importer<br />

and exporter of quality packing<br />

materials, chemicals and minerals<br />

and the company is now expanding<br />

its business portfolio with the flagship<br />

Available Sizes<br />

Gutmann PVB in India.<br />

Gutmann PVB is an affiliate of<br />

Gutmann Middle East, which is in the<br />

heart of the industrial zone of Dubai.<br />

It specializes in the manufacturing<br />

of superior-quality Polyvinyl butyral<br />

(PVB) for safety laminated glass<br />

interlayers. Gutmann PVB has<br />

successfully positioned itself as the<br />

first and only manufacturer of PVB in<br />

the Middle East and Africa.<br />

Key Specifications<br />

What is Polyvinyl butyral?<br />

PVB is a versatile thermoplastic<br />

that is clear, colourless, and tough.<br />

It is known for its excellent clarity,<br />

flexibility, and adhesion properties.<br />

It is widely used as an interlayer in<br />

laminated glass which helps to hold<br />

the glass shards in place in the event<br />

of breakage, providing a safety barrier<br />

to prevent injury.<br />

Gutmann offers supreme-quality,<br />

100 per cent virgin - Gutmann<br />

Extra Clear PVB with high strength,<br />

durability, a high level of transparency<br />

and exceptional adhesive properties<br />

which demonstrate superior<br />

resistance to thermal and water<br />

damage.<br />

Gutmann Extra Clear PVB<br />

interlayer is a versatile product that<br />

offers high levels of security and<br />

penetration resistance, UV protection,<br />

low thermal conductivity and the<br />

highest level of light transmission<br />

as well. The product complies with<br />

stringent quality standards (BS EN<br />

12600 certified).<br />

Advantages<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

100% Virgin<br />

Blocks 99% of UV radiation<br />

Highest light transmission<br />

Thermal Stability<br />

Water Resistance<br />

Recyclable and reusable<br />

Cut sizes available as per<br />

customer requirement<br />

Post Sales technical support<br />

Off-the-shelf stock facility<br />

(capacity to store more than<br />

100 rolls) in India.<br />

Email: salespvb@visaarps.com,<br />

bdm@visaarps.com<br />

Website: www.gutmannpvb.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> <strong>73</strong>

Company News<br />

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr Eknath Shinde (centre) with Group CEO of Aria Holding Mr Suraj Thampi (second from right), along with Maharashtra Minister of Industries<br />

Mr Uday Samant (left) and Principal Secretary of Industries Mr Harshdeep Kamble (right).<br />

Qatar-based Aria Holding<br />

to set up float glass plant<br />

in Maharashtra<br />

Multinational Conglomerate Signs MoU Worth<br />

Rs 2,000 Crore With The State Govt<br />

MoU was signed by Suraj Thampi, Group CEO of Aria<br />

Holding, in the presence of Chief Minister of Maharashtra<br />

Eknath Shinde and Minister of Industries Uday Samant at<br />

the World Economic Forum in Davos.<br />

Aria Holding, a leading global<br />

conglomerate based in Qatar,<br />

and the government of<br />

Maharashtra entered a Memorandum<br />

of Understanding (MoU) at the<br />

World Economic Forum <strong>2024</strong> Annual<br />

Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. As per<br />

the deal, Aria Holding will invest over<br />

Rs 2,000 crore to establish a stateof-the-art<br />

float glass manufacturing<br />

facility in Maharashtra.<br />

The agreement was signed by<br />

Mr Suraj Thampi, Group Chief<br />

Executive Officer of Aria Holding,<br />

74 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Aria Holding• 2<br />

Principal Secretary of Industries, Maharashtra, Mr. Harshdeep Kamble and Group CEO of Aria Holding, Mr. Suraj Thampi,<br />

after signing the MoU.<br />

and Dr Harshdeep Kamble,<br />

Principal Secretary of the Industries<br />

department, in the presence of Chief<br />

Minister of Maharashtra Mr Eknath<br />

Shinde, Minister of Industries Mr<br />

Uday Samant and Mr John Douglas,<br />

Commercial Director, Alutec Facades.<br />

“The government of Maharashtra<br />

welcomes this investment by Aria<br />

Holding, and this MoU marks a<br />

significant milestone in our efforts<br />

to promote the local economy and<br />

attract new investors to the state,” CM<br />

Shinde said.<br />

“We are confident that this<br />

investment by Aria Holding will fortify<br />

the state’s manufacturing sector and<br />

create a spectrum of job opportunities,<br />

from skilled labour for manufacturing<br />

to professionals, and will bring<br />

tangible benefits to our state. We are<br />

committed to providing all necessary<br />

support for successfully establishing<br />

the float glass plant,” he added.<br />

The MoU aligns with the ‘Make<br />

in India’ initiative launched by<br />

Prime Minister Narendra Modi<br />

in 2014, repositioning India as a<br />

critical market to do business in,<br />

attracting unprecedented growth in<br />

foreign investments. Infrastructure<br />

development is core to India’s growth<br />

strategy, and float glass plays a<br />

pivotal role across sectors, including<br />

construction, automotive, and<br />

industries.<br />

A significant amount of float glass<br />

requirements is still met through<br />

imports, and demand continues to<br />

increase. Aria Holding’s investment<br />

will boost the domestic supply of float<br />

glass and is intertwined with India’s<br />

development strategy, supporting<br />

infrastructure expansion, automotive<br />

growth, energy efficiency, employment<br />

generation, and technological<br />

advancements.<br />

“It is rewarding to see our<br />

continued expansion and investment<br />

into new markets through this<br />

MoU,” said His Excellency Sheikh<br />

Ali Bin Hamad Al Thani, who is the<br />

chairman of Aria Holding. “India<br />

is a compelling destination for<br />

investment, and Maharashtra, with<br />

its location, workforce, infrastructure,<br />

and progressive policies, provides us<br />

with a great platform to establish our<br />

factories.”<br />

The strategic partnership<br />

demonstrates the Maharashtra<br />

government’s dedication to fostering<br />

development in the state and<br />

providing a conducive environment<br />

for businesses to thrive and contribute<br />

to its progress.<br />

“Aria Holding is excited to be a part<br />

of India’s growth story through this<br />

strategic investment. Our state-ofthe-art<br />

factories in Maharashtra will<br />

manufacture glass for local, national,<br />

and international demand. India is<br />

going through a massive boom in<br />

infrastructure development nationally,<br />

and we plan to capture a significant<br />

share of that growth. Through our<br />

portfolio companies, we also plan to<br />

establish a robust export strategy for<br />

our products,” ssaid Suraj Thampi,<br />

Group CEO of Aria Holding.<br />

About the company<br />

Aria Holding, a multinational<br />

conglomerate headquartered in<br />

Qatar, operates across diverse sectors,<br />

including engineering, industrial,<br />

technology, business services, and<br />

trading. With a portfolio of industryleading<br />

companies like Alutec (Façade<br />

Engineering) and Vistas Global<br />

(Technology & Business Services),<br />

Aria fosters growth and innovation<br />

within its portfolio while creating<br />

enduring value for its stakeholders,<br />

employees, and the communities it<br />

operates.<br />

Email: info@ariaholding.com<br />

Website: www.ariaholding.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 75

Company News<br />

Emirates Glass expands its Glaston<br />

fleet with Jumbo Series<br />

New Glaston Line Is Capable Of Processing High-Performance Coated Glass<br />

The investment marks Emirates Glass’ commitment to delivering top-notch architectural<br />

glass solutions to the Middle East and beyond.<br />

Emirates Glass LLC, one of<br />

the leading organizations in<br />

the glass industry and a longtime<br />

advocate of Glaston technology,<br />

continues its journey of innovation<br />

and quality enhancement with the<br />

installation of the Glaston Jumbo<br />

Series flat glass tempering line<br />

featuring Vortex Pro convection<br />

technology.<br />

This investment marks Emirates<br />

Glass’s commitment to delivering topnotch<br />

architectural glass solutions<br />

to the region and beyond. Since its<br />

inception in 1997, Emirates Glass<br />

has been an integral part of Dubai’s<br />

growth and a vital contributor to the<br />

region’s architectural landscape. The<br />

company has supplied glazing and<br />

expertise for many of the most iconic<br />

buildings across the city.<br />

“We can proudly say that 60 per<br />

cent of Dubai is glazed by Emirates<br />

Glass,” says Rizwanulla Khan,<br />

Executive President of Emirates<br />

Glass, who has been associated with<br />

the industry for the past four decades.<br />

Staying ahead of industry trends<br />

According to Khan, the glass industry<br />

in the Middle East has evolved by<br />

leaps and bounds in the last 20 years.<br />

Gone are the days when it was enough<br />

to use uncoated monolithic glasses.<br />

Today, the industry is looking for highperformance<br />

double- and triple-glazed<br />

insulated glass products with the<br />

lowest possible emissivity.<br />

“Another trend globally is toward<br />

oversized glass panels. Some of the<br />

biggest corporations require jumbosized<br />

glasses for their showrooms. And<br />

as a supplier, we are taking the lead,”<br />

Khan says. He also highlights the<br />

need for glass products that prioritize<br />

sustainability and energy efficiency.<br />

Both sustainability and thermal<br />

performance are extremely important.<br />

But while in Europe, the market<br />

wants to retain heat, this part of<br />

the world aims to retain cool air.<br />

76 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Company News<br />

Producing such coatings requires<br />

highly sophisticated machinery and<br />

technology.<br />

Expanding to jumbo glass with a<br />

new line<br />

Emirates Glass has continuously<br />

invested in new machinery to serve<br />

evolving market demands. Their<br />

latest addition is the Glaston Jumbo<br />

Series tempering furnace with Vortex<br />

Pro convection technology. This<br />

new line is capable of processing<br />

high-performance coated glass with<br />

emissivity levels as low as 0.02 and a<br />

maximum glass size of up to 8 m.<br />

This investment complements<br />

the company’s two other Glaston<br />

tempering lines – the Glaston ProE<br />

MAGNUM and Glaston RC200. “Our<br />

Glaston MAGNUM machine dates<br />

back to 2006. We have been running<br />

it round the clock for all these years,<br />

and it still operates perfectly. This<br />

gave us the confidence that our next<br />

machine should be from Glaston, as<br />

well,” Khan says.<br />

Achieving remarkable differences<br />

The new tempering line was delivered<br />

in November 2020 and has since been<br />

a game-changer for Emirates Glass.<br />

“We especially appreciate the Glaston<br />

Jumbo’s convection control and the<br />

Glaston iLooK online quality control<br />

for distortion and anisotropy,” Khan<br />

says.<br />

“Even our customers have noticed<br />

a significant improvement in the<br />

quality of the glass they receive. We<br />

have been able to reach better optical<br />

quality and refined aesthetic glass<br />

characteristics in part thanks to the<br />

anisotropy control. This has elevated<br />

overall customer satisfaction and<br />

bolstered our reputation for delivering<br />

superior glass products,” he adds.<br />

The Glaston Jumbo Series has<br />

brought about considerable savings,<br />

too. “Today, the industry is looking to<br />

reduce energy costs in production.<br />

Glass processors expect their<br />

machinery to efficiently process<br />

large volumes of glass. This is exactly<br />

what we achieved with the Glaston<br />

Jumbo’s effective air and electricity<br />

consumption,” he notes.<br />

Glaston and HEGLA form<br />

partnership in Asia-Pacific<br />

Move Aimed At Strengthening Offering Of Both<br />

Parties For Customer Benefit<br />

With their complementary product offering, the two<br />

companies can meet glass processors’ growing demand<br />

for automation and integration.<br />

Glaston and HEGLA, both<br />

leaders in their respective<br />

areas of business in the glass<br />

machinery industry for architectural<br />

and automotive glass applications have<br />

entered into an exclusive partnership<br />

covering the majority of the Asia-<br />

Pacific region.<br />

The goal of the partnership is to<br />

strengthen the offering of both parties<br />

for the benefit of customers. With the<br />

complementary product offering, both<br />

companies can meet glass processors’<br />

growing demand for automation and<br />

integration providing comprehensive<br />

solutions, faster response and services<br />

to the customers thanks to the broader<br />

network in the region.<br />

Effective <strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, HEGLA’s<br />

sales and distribution activities in the<br />

area will draw upon the resources<br />

and network of Glaston Group. The<br />

partnership covers the whole region<br />

except for Japan, South Korea and<br />

China.<br />

“In HEGLA, we have the ideal<br />

partner as their complimentary<br />

offering will provide a perfect addition<br />

to our product range. Glaston is now<br />

able to offer the full product range to<br />

those customers who want to combine<br />

our heat treatment and insulated glass<br />

production with highly automated<br />

shop floor logistic solutions thereby<br />

substantially increasing efficiency and<br />

productivity. We are excited to start<br />

this new cooperation,” said CSO Sasu<br />

Koivumäki at Glaston Corporation.<br />

“With Glaston, we are able to<br />

provide highly customized solutions<br />

for clients including the integration<br />

of Glaston’s heat treatment and<br />

insulating glass production into our<br />

highly automated and integrated shop<br />

floor logistic solutions in one of the<br />

largest and fastest growing regions of<br />

the world,” Bernhard Hötger, CEO of<br />

HEGLA Group, added.<br />

About HEGLA Group<br />

Founded in 1976, HEGLA is renowned<br />

for high-quality, high-performance<br />

machines and systems for flat glass<br />

processing. The company is one of<br />

the market and technology leaders<br />

for highly automated and integrated<br />

shop floor solutions and services<br />

covering glass storage, loading, cutting,<br />

remnant sheet handling and sorting as<br />

well as laser marking and processing<br />

machines providing bird protection<br />

and mobile friendly glass.<br />

About Glaston Group<br />

Glaston is the glass processing<br />

industry’s innovative technology<br />

leader supplying equipment, services<br />

and solutions to the architectural,<br />

mobility, display and solar industries.<br />

The company also supports the<br />

development of new technologies<br />

integrating intelligence to glass.<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de<br />

Website: www.hegla.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 77

Company News<br />

With IG2Pieces, HEGLA offers a system solution that can separate glass from an<br />

IGU, cleanly and without damage.<br />

Separating insulated glass:<br />

Utilising imperfect panes<br />

and end-of-life IGUs<br />

Breakthrough In Glass Recycling With HEGLA’s<br />

Innovative Technology<br />

Revolutionizing recycling, HEGLA automates insulated<br />

glass separation, boosting sustainability and resource<br />

efficiency in building materials.<br />

The amount of glass on buildings<br />

continues to increase: be<br />

it transparent facades and<br />

multiple IGUs on new buildings, or<br />

windows and panes that are replaced<br />

on existing properties at the end of<br />

the product life cycle. For many years,<br />

mixed glass containers were the go-to<br />

variant for glass disposal, but rising<br />

energy costs and society’s growing<br />

awareness of sustainability have<br />

increased the incentive to recycle.<br />

With the IG2Pieces assembly line<br />

technology, HEGLA has developed<br />

a solution that can automatically<br />

separate insulated glass.<br />

At the same time, the company<br />

offers a handling concept that retains<br />

the purity of the raw material and<br />

improves revenues or enables panes to<br />

be reused as such.<br />

Dealing with imperfect panes and<br />

used glass sustainably<br />

“Our development work was based<br />

on the question of how it is possible<br />

to deal with imperfect panes and<br />

used glass in a way that conserves<br />

resources and is efficient at the same<br />

time,” said Heinrich Ostendarp,<br />

Managing Director of HEGLA. To<br />

ensure that the glass panes remain<br />

usable for a range of applications,<br />

the aim was to release the individual<br />

panes from the spacers reliably,<br />

cleanly and without damage, while<br />

maintaining high productivity.<br />

“Thanks to a newly developed<br />

separation method, the automated<br />

process leaves only a minimal amount<br />

of sealing compound on the surface of<br />

the pane,” added Dr Ostendarp.<br />

The measurement of the ISO<br />

dimensions and the insulated glass<br />

structure is fully automated. Once<br />

the glass has been removed from the<br />

laminate, it can be recycled without<br />

any loss of raw material quality.<br />

Just like the panes, the unimpaired<br />

spacers, including the intact<br />

desiccant, are conveyed to a separate<br />

system for disposal or recycling.<br />

Type-specific float glass yields<br />

financial advantages<br />

Separated recycling of the individual<br />

types of glass yields advantages,<br />

compared to mixed containers. When<br />

panes are professionally separated,<br />

this generates added financial value.<br />

The impact on the environment is also<br />

positive: the panes find their way back<br />

to the float tank to close the material<br />

circuit while preserving the quality<br />

of the raw material. Further, one<br />

kilogram of floatglass that is produced<br />

from used glass generates around 0.3<br />

kilogram less CO2, compared to a<br />

classic glass mixture.<br />

78 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

HEGLA• 2<br />

Once the pane has been removed from the insulated glass laminate, the IGU can either be reformed with the available glass or it can be<br />

used for other orders.<br />

Reuse and repair<br />

Alongside type-specific recycling,<br />

the reuse of undamaged panes is<br />

yet another option that increases<br />

the recycling rate. “Separation and<br />

repair make particular sense for<br />

newly produced, large-surface and<br />

high-quality IGUs, if this is done<br />

productively and safely,” explained the<br />

managing director.<br />

If, despite all precautions, there<br />

are impurities or surface defects in<br />

a freshly produced insulated glass<br />

laminate, the individual pieces can<br />

be cleanly removed and the defective<br />

pane can be disposed of, if necessary.<br />

The remaining glass is available for<br />

further processing. This method<br />

can be economically attractive for<br />

special coatings, toughened glass,<br />

or laminated safety glass panes in<br />

particular, as well as complex and<br />

large attachments. “With our system,<br />

we accelerate and simplify a process<br />

that takes place manually in many<br />

companies and depends on the skill<br />

and know-how of the employees,”<br />

remarked Dr Ostendarp.<br />

If repairs cannot be made during<br />

the ongoing production process or if<br />

no special-purpose cut is available,<br />

there is a third option. The clean<br />

application of butyl and sealing of<br />

separated glass can be planned for<br />

follow-up orders and cut to smaller<br />

dimensions. Applications here include<br />

LSG, high-quality, refined glass, or<br />

special-purpose glass that is no longer<br />

available.<br />

Three questions about separating<br />

insulated glass<br />

Q: The separation of IGUs is a<br />

process that many glass processors<br />

have avoided until now, due to the<br />

time and effort involved. To what<br />

extent has the situation changed?<br />

Dr Ostendarp: Automated<br />

separating technology will change<br />

the initial situation. Alongside higher<br />

productivity and safety, the separation<br />

quality is higher. This results in<br />

cleaner panes, while the spacers and<br />

their desiccant remain unaffected. As<br />

panes are becoming ever larger and<br />

the proportion of special-purpose glass<br />

is growing, the separation of insulated<br />

glass is becoming more financially<br />

attractive in and of itself. For a small<br />

glass unit with two single float panes,<br />

the cost and benefits must still be<br />

individually evaluated.<br />

However, if it contains an LSG<br />

pane, a special coating or toughened<br />

glass, separation is increasingly<br />

attractive. This also applies if the<br />

repair of a unit involves an extra pane,<br />

which would result in longer delivery<br />

times or higher costs. Firstly, the<br />

effectiveness of the system depends<br />

on the cycle. Automated separation<br />

must be done so quickly that both<br />

the environment and the company’s<br />

budget will benefit. With the increase<br />

in carbon pricing, this ratio will<br />

continue to improve. Secondly, repairs<br />

or type-specific recycling saves carbon<br />

and contributes to achieving the<br />

climate goals.<br />

Q: you emphasise the sustainability<br />

and resource conservation aspects.<br />

Would you explain these in more<br />

detail?<br />

Dr Ostendarp: Climate protection<br />

goals are more relevant than ever.<br />

There are now calls for tender in<br />

which concepts for recycling and<br />

improving the climate footprint are<br />

required. As a result, separating<br />

insulated glass can be very attractive<br />

for reasons of corporate image.<br />

Further, recycling saves CO2 and<br />

reduces the costs of the CO2<br />

certificate for float glass producers.<br />

Ultimately, the commitment must<br />

also pay, which can be reinforced by<br />

financial incentives.<br />

Q: While the separation of<br />

insulated glass is not widespread,<br />

the topic is generating considerable<br />

interest. What do you expect for the<br />

future?<br />

Dr Ostendarp: In the future, I<br />

can imagine that new interest groups<br />

will examine the issue. In some cases,<br />

IGUs will then be separated directly<br />

on the construction site. Suppliers<br />

and buyers will come together via<br />

software platforms. I also envision<br />

new glass products, including IGUs<br />

made from fully recyclable panes. In<br />

terms of energy prices, melting will<br />

become more attractive –the demand<br />

for type-specific shards for the float<br />

tank is already high today.<br />

–Carsten Koch<br />

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de<br />

Website: www.hegla.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 79

Company News<br />

Sisecam finalises<br />

partnership agreement<br />

with ICRON<br />

Global Glass Major’s Investment In Tech Services<br />

Firm Rises To 15.66 %<br />

Sisecam aims to take its operational excellence and<br />

optimisation approach in its current business activities to<br />

the next level with ICRON.<br />

Sisecam has finalised its<br />

partnership agreement with<br />

ICRON, a Turkish technology<br />

company that provides decision<br />

optimisation services at operational<br />

and strategic levels.<br />

Sisecam Investment BV, a whollyowned<br />

subsidiary of Sisecam,<br />

purchased shares in ICRON at<br />

a closing general meeting held<br />

on <strong>January</strong> 15, <strong>2024</strong>. Sisecam<br />

Investment BV General Meeting<br />

was attended by Sisecam Chairman<br />

and Executive Member of the Board<br />

Professor Dr Ahmet Kırman, Sisecam<br />

CEO Görkem Elverici, ICRON<br />

80 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Sisecam• 2<br />

Founding Partner A Tamer Ünal,<br />

ICRON Chairman and CEO Gürer<br />

Ünal and ICRON Board Member<br />

Ahmet Ertuğrul.<br />

Some three per cent of ICRON’s<br />

total shares were purchased by<br />

Sisecam Investment BV for USD<br />

3 Million. Simultaneously with the<br />

share purchase, it was also decided<br />

to increase ICRON’s total capital by<br />

USD 5 Million, with participation<br />

solely by Sisecam Investment BV. As a<br />

result of this capital increase, Sisecam<br />

Investment BV’s stake in ICRON will<br />

rise to 15.66 per cent.<br />

In the first half of 2023, Sisecam<br />

signed a letter of intent to invest in<br />

ICRON, a provider of operational<br />

and strategic decision optimisation<br />

services to various industries. In<br />

October 2023, Sisecam announced<br />

that it had reached a partnership<br />

agreement with ICRON.<br />

Under the agreement approved by<br />

the Turkish Competition Authority,<br />

Sisecam also holds an option to<br />

purchase additional shares in ICRON<br />

– allowing it to raise its total stake in<br />

the company up to 49 per cent – in<br />

the future.<br />

Sisecam’s goal with this<br />

partnership, its first investment<br />

in software technologies, is to<br />

grow in tandem with ICRON, a<br />

high-potential technology services<br />

provider. In addition, Sisecam aims<br />

to take its operational excellence and<br />

optimization approach in its current<br />

business activities to the next level<br />

with ICRON.<br />

In recognition of its excellence,<br />

ICRON was recognised in Gartner’s<br />

2023 “Magic Quadrant for Supply<br />

Chain Planning Solutions”. This list<br />

of the global top 20 supply chain<br />

technology vendors was compiled by<br />

Gartner, a world-renowned technology<br />

research and consultancy firm.<br />

ICRON is expected to contribute<br />

to Sisecam’s operational and financial<br />

performance with its alreadyestablished<br />

digital infrastructure and<br />

its quality approach that fully meets<br />

today’s evolving technological needs.<br />

About Sisecam<br />

Sisecam was founded in 1935 to<br />

establish Türkiye’s glass industry in<br />

line with the vision of Mustafa Kemal<br />

Atatürk. Today, Sisecam is a major<br />

global player in the fields of glass and<br />

chemicals. Sisecam is the only global<br />

company operating in all core areas of<br />

glass production – including flat glass,<br />

glassware, glass packaging, and glass<br />

fiber.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com.tr/en<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 81

Company Report<br />

Milestone in automated<br />

entrance solutions: AL13<br />

Studio opens in Bengaluru<br />

Sprawled Over 5,000 Square Feet, It Showcases<br />

Cutting-Edge Solutions From Portalp<br />

Ambica Aluminium Company stands as Karnataka’s first<br />

exclusive dealer for Jindal Aluminium Ltd and has now<br />

solidified its pan-India partnership with Portalp.<br />

In a remarkable event celebrating<br />

innovation and excellence in<br />

automatic entrance solutions, the<br />

AL13 Studio by Ambica Aluminium<br />

Company was inaugurated in<br />

Bengaluru.<br />

The studio, sprawled over 5,000<br />

square feet, showcases many cuttingedge<br />

solutions from the French<br />

automatic entrance solution provider,<br />

Portalp. Ambica Aluminium Company<br />

stands as Karnataka’s first exclusive<br />

dealer for Jindal Aluminium Ltd<br />

and has now solidified its pan-India<br />

partnership with Portalp.<br />

The inauguration ceremony<br />

witnessed the esteemed presence<br />

of Mr Laurent Frayssinet, CEO of<br />

Portalp Group, France, and Mr Pragun<br />

Jindal, Vice Chairman and Managing<br />

Director of Jindal Aluminium Ltd.<br />

Other distinguished guests included<br />

Mr Marc Vial Montpellier, Director<br />

for Bangalore and Chennai offices<br />

and head of Industries and Tech<br />

departments, and the founder of<br />

Ambica Aluminium Company Mr<br />

Champalal Nagori.<br />

The event commenced with a<br />

tree-planting ceremony, symbolising<br />

82 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Portalp• 2<br />

Mr Marc Vial Montpellier,<br />

Director for Bangalore and Chennai offices and<br />

head of Industries and Tech Departments<br />

growth and sustainability, followed<br />

by a ribbon-cutting ceremony and<br />

the traditional lighting of the lamp.<br />

The dignitaries were honoured<br />

with mementoes and planters were<br />

presented by the founder of Ambica<br />

Aluminium Company, highlighting the<br />

commitment to eco-friendly practices.<br />

Each dignitary took the stage<br />

to address the gathering, sharing<br />

insightful perspectives on the future<br />

roadmap of their companies and<br />

their collaborative journey with<br />

Ambica Aluminium. The emphasis on<br />

innovation and quality was a recurring<br />

theme in their motivational speeches.<br />

The guests were then guided<br />

through the state-of-the-art studio,<br />

where a diverse range of automatic<br />

entrance solutions was showcased.<br />

From Radial Doors at the entrance<br />

to framed and frameless versions of<br />

single-leaf, double-telescopic, tripletelescopic,<br />

and Breakout systems, the<br />

studio demonstrates the versatility<br />

and advanced features of Portalp’s<br />

offerings, including Hermetic Doors,<br />

Clean Room Doors, and Toilet Doors.<br />

As a symbolic gesture of unity,<br />

guests were invited to sign a blank<br />

memento, leaving behind personalised<br />

messages to commemorate their<br />

presence and wish great success<br />

to Ambica Aluminium. This act<br />

reinforced the sense of community<br />

and collaboration that defines the<br />

ethos of the industry.<br />

The dignitaries were then<br />

ushered into the VIP lounge for<br />

a sumptuous lunch, fostering<br />

networking opportunities and casual<br />

conversations. The event concluded<br />

with the signing of the “Wall of Fame,”<br />

a symbolic gesture that marked<br />

the success of the AL13 Studio<br />

inauguration.<br />

The AL13 Studio stands as a<br />

testament to Ambica Aluminium<br />

Company’s commitment to pushing<br />

the boundaries of innovation and<br />

providing top-notch solutions to its<br />

clientele. The strategic partnership<br />

with Portalp further strengthens the<br />

studio’s position as a pioneer in the<br />

automatic entrance solutions domain<br />

in Bengaluru.<br />

Ambica Aluminium Company<br />

Email: contact@al13.in<br />

Website: www.al13.in<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 83

Company Report<br />

Innovators in glass machinery:<br />

Handong’s precision craftsmanship<br />

Company’s Strong Production Capacity Ensures Timely Product Delivery<br />

Handong’s Glass Washing Machine series and Laminated Glass Production Line series<br />

encompass over 100 machine models, showcasing the company’s commitment to diverse<br />

and cutting-edge solutions.<br />

9<br />

8<br />

7<br />

6<br />

5<br />

4<br />

3 2<br />

1<br />

蒸 压 釜<br />

Autoclave<br />

蒸 压 釜 小 车<br />

Trolley<br />

下 片 台<br />

Unloading Table<br />

过 渡 输 送 台<br />

Conveying Table<br />

预 压 机<br />

Full Forced Convection Furnace<br />

过 渡 输 送 台<br />

Conveying Table<br />

合 片 房<br />

Cleaning Room<br />

清 洗 干 燥 机<br />

Washing & Drying Unit<br />

上 片 台<br />

Loading Table<br />

发 明 专 利 号 :<br />

ZL.2014 10628635.6<br />

Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line<br />

Delving into the realm of<br />

precision and craftsmanship,<br />

Shenzhen Handong Glass<br />

Equipment Manufacturing Company<br />

Limited has evolved into a prominent<br />

glass deep processing machine<br />

manufacturer. The company<br />

seamlessly integrates design and<br />

development, processing and<br />

manufacturing, marketing, and aftersales<br />

service.<br />

Cutting-edge product lines:<br />

Automatic Laminated Glass<br />

Production Line<br />

Handong’s Automatic Laminated<br />

Glass Production Line, centrally<br />

controlled by PLC, embodies<br />

automation and intelligence. With<br />

real-time remote monitoring, glass<br />

positioning, and assembling accuracy<br />

of ±0.5mm, this line exemplifies<br />

precision in every aspect. Its<br />

modular design allows for various<br />

configurations, making it adaptable to<br />

diverse production needs.<br />

Full Forced Convection Furnace<br />

The Full Forced Convection Furnace<br />

is a well-designed marvel, boasting a<br />

stainless steel air circulation system<br />

processed with laser numerical<br />

control for unparalleled precision.<br />

With a focus on energy efficiency,<br />

this furnace operates at low<br />

temperatures, making it ideal for<br />

SGP laminating, low-e laminating,<br />

sheet glass laminating, and reducing<br />

energy consumption by 30% - 50%. Its<br />

low maintenance requirements and<br />

reduced personnel costs set it apart<br />

from traditional equipment.<br />

Glass Autoclave<br />

Handong’s Glass Autoclave adheres<br />

to GB/ASME/CE standards and is<br />

meticulously designed for safety and<br />

efficiency. With multilayer protection,<br />

rigorous manufacturing processes,<br />

and advanced production technology,<br />

it ensures reliable and secure<br />

operations. The autoclave’s internal<br />

insulation board, water-cooled<br />

motor, and efficient heating system<br />

contribute to a production cycle of<br />

Full Forced Convection Furnace<br />

84 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Handong• 2<br />

3.5-6 hours.<br />

Solar Glass Washing Machine<br />

Controlled by PLC and displayed<br />

on a touch screen, the Solar Glass<br />

Washing Machine offers reliable,<br />

long-term operation. It boasts targeted<br />

optimization designs for various<br />

glass deep processing processes and<br />

features an air blower with internal<br />

circulation structures. With its<br />

Solar Glass Washing Machine<br />

industrial aluminum alloy splicing<br />

structure and market-leading position<br />

in China, it stands as a testament to<br />

Handong’s commitment to excellence.<br />

Establishing excellence<br />

With over two decades of experience,<br />

Shenzhen Handong Glass Equipment<br />

Manufacturing Company Limited has<br />

expanded its operations to include<br />

sheet metal, welding, machining,<br />

painting, electrical installation,<br />

and other complete processes in<br />

the production department. This<br />

robust infrastructure ensures strong<br />

production capacity, guaranteeing the<br />

timely delivery of products.<br />

Handong has forged deep and<br />

meaningful collaborations with<br />

industry giants such as Lens<br />

Technology, Huaxing Optoelectronics,<br />

BOE, Foxconn, Berne Optics, CSG<br />

Group, Flat Group, China National<br />

Building Materials Group, Kibing<br />

Group, PSG Group, Fuyao Group,<br />

Saint-Gobain Group, Taiwan Glass<br />

Group, NSG Pilkington, and more<br />

than 1,000 other glass processing<br />

enterprises.<br />

Handong’s machines are exported<br />

to dozens of countries and regions<br />

across five continents and four<br />

oceans, establishing the company as<br />

a global leader in the glass processing<br />

industry.<br />

In 2022, Handong marked a new<br />

chapter with the establishment of<br />

a 50,000 square meters production<br />

base in Changzhou. Looking ahead,<br />

Handong is set to own two production<br />

bases in Shenzhen and Changzhou,<br />

solidifying its position as a leading<br />

innovator.<br />

Future endeavors will focus on<br />

deep processing of architectural<br />

glass, thin sheet glass processing for<br />

electronic products, solar photovoltaic<br />

glass processing, and new energy<br />

vehicle glass processing.<br />

In essence, Handong, with its<br />

commitment to precision, innovation,<br />

and customer satisfaction, stands<br />

as a stalwart in the glass industry,<br />

shaping the future with cutting-edge<br />

technology and a vision for excellence.<br />

May Xian<br />

Email: sale@szhdglass.com<br />

Thomas Tong<br />

Email: thomas_tong@szhdglass.com<br />

Website: www.szhdglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 85

Company Report<br />

Empowering excellence: Safety and<br />

Quality Forum by Institution of Engineers<br />

Championing Safety and Quality for 20 Years: A Pinnacle in Professional<br />

Practices and Industry Advancement<br />

Mr. Dinesh Kumar,<br />

Chairman, SQF-IEI<br />

Safety and Quality Forum (SQF), a<br />

pivotal division of the Institution<br />

of Engineers (India) (IEI), has<br />

been at the forefront for two decades,<br />

promoting knowledge and awareness in<br />

safety and quality across the country.<br />

Established in 1920 and awarded<br />

the Royal Charter in 1935, IEI, with<br />

over 9 lakh members, stands as the<br />

largest multi-disciplinary professional<br />

body of engineers in India.<br />

Situated at IEI, Delhi Centre,<br />

SQF, since its inception in 2003, has<br />

aimed to instil a culture of safety<br />

and quality through ethical and<br />

professional practices. The mission is<br />

to create a productive and sustainable<br />

working environment while optimizing<br />

Mr. Praveen Kumar Singh,<br />

Director, SQF-IEI<br />

Mr. R.N. Rajpoot,<br />

Past Chairman, SQF-IEI<br />

resource usage. SQF collaborates with<br />

government bodies, local authorities,<br />

and educational institutions to enforce<br />

rules, conduct audits, and develop<br />

courses in safety, reliability, and quality<br />

management.<br />

With a pool of senior professionals,<br />

SQF engages in consultancy and<br />

auditing, focusing on safety audits,<br />

electrical safety, fire safety, HAZOP<br />

studies, environmental assessment,<br />

and emergency preparedness. Actively<br />

conducting training programs since<br />

2003, SQF enhances awareness<br />

and knowledge in safety and quality,<br />

networking with national and<br />

international organizations.<br />

Entering an MoU with nonprofit<br />

bodies, SQF is dedicated to<br />

propagating the culture of safety<br />

and quality among the masses.<br />

The annual Safety and Quality<br />

Conventions, featuring Safety and<br />

Quality Innovation Awards, recognise<br />

organizations for their innovative<br />

procedures and outstanding<br />

contributions.<br />

The 21st Safety Innovation<br />

Convention <strong>2024</strong> is set for September<br />

in Delhi, while the 3rd Quality<br />

Innovation Convention <strong>2024</strong> will be<br />

hosted at the International Automobile<br />

Centre of Excellence (IACE), Gandhi<br />

Nagar, Gujarat, on 11-12 <strong>March</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong>. SQF continues to be a beacon<br />

of excellence, driving engineering<br />

practices towards a safer and more<br />

quality-centric future.<br />

Speaking about the event, Glass<br />

Bulletin Editor & Publisher Mr Lakhan<br />

Singh said, “There is a lot of scope for<br />

coordination and involvement of the<br />

glass and hardware industries with<br />

SQF, as they are custodians and known<br />

for the quality and safety of their<br />

products.”<br />

Email: sqfdelhi1@gmail.com,<br />

praveen8771@gmail.com<br />

Website: www.sqfiei.in<br />

Dr G Ranganathan, President IEI, giving award with Er. J C Singhal, Council Member, Er. G Kumawat, SQF, and Chairman<br />

Jharkhand Centre, to Safety Quiz winner at 38th Indian Engineering Congress on 28th December 2023, at Jabalpur, MP.<br />

Networking opportunities - Er. Shashi Kant, former Dy<br />

Adviser, Planning Commission, and Dr R K Bhandari,<br />

former Director CBRI, discussing during SQF Convention.<br />

86 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Company News<br />

Sisecam will reduce carbon emissions<br />

with AI technology<br />

To Reduce Both Production Waste Rate And Carbon Emissions By<br />

Eliminating Colour Issues<br />

Always placing sustainability at the centre of its business operations, Sisecam is now<br />

working on an artificial intelligence project supported by TÜBİTAK.<br />

Sisecam – committed to<br />

developing solutions for a<br />

sustainable world and more<br />

efficient production processes – is<br />

currently implementing the Glass<br />

Color Optimization Project (CROP)<br />

with artificial intelligence and<br />

machine learning methods.<br />

This initiative aims to eliminate<br />

colour issues during the manufacture<br />

of glass. The project will reduce<br />

the production waste rate and the<br />

resulting carbon emissions.<br />

The forward-looking project is<br />

being carried out by a consortium<br />

that includes Sisecam, Koç University,<br />

TÜBİTAK Artificial Intelligence<br />

Institute, and Analythinx. CROP<br />

aims to develop an infrastructure to<br />

minimize colour differences and to<br />

identify and quickly resolve the root<br />

cause of colour-related problems<br />

in glass production with artificial<br />

intelligence models. Designed to<br />

improve colour quality in the glass<br />

industry, the project will integrate<br />

advanced technology and artificial<br />

intelligence know-how into production<br />

operations while expanding the<br />

country’s industrial knowledge base.<br />

CROP will start at the Sisecam<br />

Eskişehir Glassware plant and last<br />

for two years. This initiative once<br />

again demonstrates the value Sisecam<br />

attaches to innovation and continuous<br />

development. The project is expected<br />

to have a major impact through<br />

information transfer to other Sisecam<br />

plants.<br />

CROP is one of 17 projects<br />

supported as a result of TÜBİTAK’s<br />

1711 Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem<br />

Call in 2023. The project includes<br />

modelling that will help manage<br />

the change created by artificial<br />

intelligence, achieve results to<br />

benefit humanity, produce value from<br />

artificial intelligence, and achieve full<br />

independence in critical technologies.<br />

About Sisecam<br />

Sisecam was founded in 1935 to<br />

establish Turkey’s glass industry in<br />

line with the vision of Mustafa Kemal<br />

Atatürk. Today, Sisecam is a major<br />

global player in the fields of glass and<br />

chemicals.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com.tr/en<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 87

Event<br />

Architecture Reconnect<br />

Summit unveils cuttingedge<br />

technologies<br />

Renowned Architects Explore Future of<br />

Architecture, Building Materials and Design<br />

The future of housing design – Architecture Reconnect<br />

Summit in Ranchi unveils ground-breaking technologies<br />

for architects and designers.<br />

Aggarwal, Sunil Maniramka, Rahul<br />

Sarin, Zia Ur Rehman, Nikhil Shukla,<br />

Pranjal Kumar, Vijay Lawana, Amit<br />

Pandey, Ram Pratap Singh, and<br />

Pankaj Sultania.<br />

Arman Khan expressed his<br />

enthusiasm, revealing that the<br />

Architecture Reconnect Summit<br />

had successfully been organised in<br />

17 states across India, including<br />

major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai,<br />

Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad,<br />

Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi,<br />

Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Guwahati.<br />

Furthermore, plans are in place to<br />

extend the summit’s reach to Jammu<br />

and Kashmir, as well as across Asian<br />

and Middle Eastern countries like<br />

Dubai, Nepal, and Bangladesh.<br />

The success of the summit was<br />

not just due to the distinguished<br />

architects but also the dedicated<br />

team of associate stage anchors,<br />

including Madhukar Malhotra, Ajit<br />

Singh, Ashish Sharma, Shabnam<br />

Syed, Muskaan Garg, Amina, Ankit,<br />

Anjali, Satakshi, Parth, Sanyam,<br />

Hitesh, Salman, and Raju Bohra, who<br />

played crucial roles in ensuring the<br />

program’s success.<br />

The summit’s impact resonates<br />

as it paves the way for the future<br />

of architectural innovation and<br />

collaboration.<br />

Jharkhand’s capital city witnessed<br />

a ground-breaking event on<br />

December 14, 2023 – the<br />

Architecture Reconnect Summit<br />

at Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi. The<br />

summit brought together architects<br />

not only from the city and the rest of<br />

the state but also from neighbouring<br />

states as well.<br />

The focus of the summit<br />

was on integrating cutting-edge<br />

technology, especially earthquakeproof<br />

advancements, into modern<br />

architecture.<br />

Arman Khan, the organiser of the<br />

event, emphasized that the summit<br />

served as a pivotal platform for<br />

architects, delving into the realms<br />

of architecture, building materials,<br />

innovation, and design in India.<br />

Beyond showcasing opportunities, it<br />

aimed to foster knowledge exchange<br />

in the architecture community.<br />

The conference comprised three<br />

engaging panel discussions featuring<br />

about a dozen esteemed architects.<br />

They shared insights and updates on<br />

the latest technologies shaping the<br />

architecture landscape.<br />

Dedicating the summit to<br />

Architecture and Interiors, the<br />

discussions covered a broad spectrum<br />

– from technological advancements<br />

and parametric design to green<br />

building practices and the re-use of<br />

existing structures.<br />

The event was orchestrated by<br />

renowned architects such as JP<br />

Email: marketing@gbrc.co.in<br />

Website: www.gbrc.co.in<br />

88 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Event<br />

START-UP ZONE at glasstec <strong>2024</strong><br />

Start-up Zone at<br />

glasstec <strong>2024</strong><br />

Stepping Stone For Innovators In Glass Industry<br />

Leading international trade fair for the glass industry will<br />

open its doors to innovative start-ups at the Düsseldorf<br />

Exhibition Centre from Oct 22-25, <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The year 2022 saw 928 exhibitors<br />

from 47 countries and 29,278<br />

visitors from 121 countries<br />

getting together at glasstec. This<br />

means glasstec also provides young<br />

international companies with a unique<br />

platform to showcase their ideas to a<br />

high-calibre trade audience from the<br />

world of glass.<br />

The ‘Start-up Zone’ at glasstec is a<br />

specifically designed area that targets<br />

up-and-coming and innovative firms.<br />

This platform offers a one-of-a-kind<br />

opportunity to network with leading<br />

figures from the glass sector as well as<br />

experts from business, research and<br />

politics.<br />

The hallmarks of glasstec include<br />

its participants’ high propensity to<br />

invest and the high percentage of<br />

decision-makers. This is the chance<br />

for start-ups to present themselves<br />

internationally, make valuable<br />

contacts and leverage networking and<br />

investment opportunities.<br />

Jürgen Huber, Managing Director<br />

of start-up BISS.ID GmbH, an<br />

innovative, digital platform for the<br />

construction industry, looks to the<br />

forthcoming glasstec with high<br />

expectations: “We look forward to<br />

participating in glasstec in Düsseldorf<br />

Mr. Jürgen Huber, CEO of BISS.ID GmbH<br />

again to be able to present our digital<br />

solutions built for glass supplies from<br />

producers to customers and back.”<br />

“For us as a young company<br />

the ‘Start-up Zone’ provides an<br />

outstanding platform for making<br />

contacts and having quality<br />

conversations. As early as 2022 we<br />

already used the opportunity and<br />

were more than thrilled with the<br />

high-potential visitors as well as the<br />

international flair of the trade fair,”<br />

Huber said<br />

For EUR 4,500, the ‘Startup<br />

Zone’ offers its exhibitors an<br />

extensive service package in addition<br />

to the exhibition space. It includes<br />

integration in the communication and<br />

marketing activities for the ‘Start-up<br />

Zone’, which means communication<br />

with the trade press as well as<br />

promotion of the ‘Start-up Zone’ on<br />

the glasstec website and in dedicated<br />

visitor mailings, for example.<br />

In addition, the service package<br />

includes an area for showcasing the<br />

exhibits, admission ticket vouchers,<br />

power supply and web access.<br />

About the company<br />

World’s leading trade fair glasstec<br />

presents a wide range of products and<br />

solutions for the entire glass value<br />

chain, including glass machinery<br />

production, glass manufacturing and<br />

the glazier trade.<br />

It stands out with an extensive lineup<br />

of side events with international<br />

participation that connect science<br />

and practice. In addition, the trade<br />

fair raises current and relevant topics<br />

in the industry such as the circular<br />

economy, digital technologies and<br />

decarbonisation.<br />

These themes will be addressed in<br />

conferences, forums and meetings,<br />

with leading industry representatives<br />

presenting new approaches from<br />

research, science and industry.<br />

Interested start-ups are now called<br />

upon to apply for one of the few spaces<br />

in the ‘Start-up Zone’.<br />

–Angela Meier-Buntenbroich<br />

Email: MeierA@messe-duesseldorf.de<br />

Website: www.glasstec.de<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 89

Event<br />

Edgetech at Fensterbau<br />

Frontale <strong>2024</strong><br />

Super Spacer ® Makes Automation Window<br />

Production More Efficient<br />

Edgetech’s Super Spacer ® system redefines window<br />

production at Fensterbau Frontale <strong>2024</strong>, promising<br />

enhanced efficiency and superior performance.<br />

Joachim Stoss, Vice President<br />

International Sales at Edgetech<br />

Europe/Quanex Inc., emphasizes<br />

efficiency as the company’s focus at<br />

Fensterbau Frontale. “The fact that<br />

the window construction industry is<br />

under immense pressure is nothing<br />

new. That’s why efficiency is our<br />

Leitmotif for the Fensterbau,” he<br />

adds.<br />

According to Stoss, Super Spacer ® ,<br />

a silicone-based spacer bar, offers<br />

multifaceted benefits.<br />

Greater energy efficiency in<br />

production<br />

Super Spacer ® simplifies energyefficient<br />

production, eliminating the<br />

need for high heat application like<br />

thermoplastic systems. The Super<br />

Spacer ® system essentially consists<br />

of a structural foam that does not<br />

have to be applied under high heat.<br />

No machines need to be preheated<br />

and kept running and therefore, no<br />

delays to handling to allow for cooling.<br />

With direct application from the roll,<br />

it bypasses several steps, enhancing<br />

workflow efficiency.<br />

Guaranteed process efficiency<br />

Minimal setup time for roll changes<br />

ensures seamless production. Super<br />

Spacer ® ’s precision and stability<br />

support zero-defect production, even<br />

with heavy panes. Its compatibility<br />

with various sealants enhances<br />

versatility. “We can also check<br />

the box when it comes to processefficient<br />

production,” Stoss says. He<br />

adds that it is important to consider<br />

the entire process right through to<br />

dispatch. Is the warm edge Super<br />

Spacer ® system really effective in<br />

terms of high quality paired with high<br />

performance and high availability?<br />

The properties of Super Spacer ®<br />

enable extremely precise, sharpedged<br />

application, supporting the<br />

zero-defect target in production. Even<br />

when handling heavy and large panes<br />

errors are avoided, as the edge seal is<br />

immediately stable. Last but not least,<br />

the structural foam is compatible<br />

with all common sealants such as hot<br />

melt butyl, polyurethane, silicone and<br />

polysulphide.<br />

90 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Edgetech Europe GmbH• 2<br />

Improved thermal insulation in<br />

buildings<br />

Super Spacer ® excels in core edge seal<br />

tasks, offering aesthetics, durability,<br />

airtightness, wind load absorption,<br />

and thermal insulation. It can achieve<br />

a thermal transmittance Ψ of up to<br />

0.029 [W/mK], making it one of the<br />

most energy-efficient spacers on the<br />

market, and is also passive housecertified<br />

in the highest efficiency class<br />

phA+.<br />

Visit Edgetech at Fensterbau<br />

Frontale<br />

Discover Edgetech’s innovations at<br />

Hall 7A, Stand 7-302, and witness<br />

how Super Spacer ® revolutionizes<br />

window production for enhanced<br />

efficiency and superior performance.<br />

About Edgetech<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located<br />

in Heinsberg, Germany, is a fully<br />

owned subsidiary of Quanex Building<br />

Products Corporation. It services<br />

markets in continental Europe with<br />

a total of 490 employees and 17<br />

extruders.<br />

Charlotte Hawkes<br />

Email: info@edgetech-europe.com<br />

Website: www.superspacer.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 91

Event<br />

Glasstech Asia and<br />

Fenestration Asia 2023<br />

mark resounding success<br />

Southeast Asia’s Most Significant Platform For<br />

Glass And Façade Successfully Reunites Industry<br />

The three-day event in Thailand hosted over 1,800 unique<br />

visitors and 613 industry professionals from exhibitors,<br />

covering 51 countries.<br />

In a triumphant return, Glasstech<br />

Asia and Fenestration Asia,<br />

Southeast Asia’s leading trade<br />

fair for the glass and façade industry,<br />

proudly heralded the success of their<br />

2023 edition. The event, held from<br />

November 29 to December 1, 2023,<br />

in Bangkok, Thailand, garnered<br />

participation from over 4,000 trade<br />

attendees representing more than 50<br />

countries, solidifying its reputation<br />

as the paramount platform for the<br />

region’s glass and façade industry.<br />

The comprehensive experience<br />

offered not only the main event but<br />

also a diverse array of side activities,<br />

including the Asia Façade & Glass<br />

Conference, Buyer Relation Meetings,<br />

Innovation Forum, Welcome<br />

Networking Night, and Awards.<br />

Remarkably, the event was<br />

attended by more than 78 local<br />

authorities and dignitaries, alongside<br />

over 70 international association<br />

members, underlining its significance<br />

both locally and on the global stage.<br />

The signing of 10 Memoranda of<br />

Understanding by industry players<br />

during the event highlighted a<br />

commitment to collaboration and<br />

advancements within the glass<br />

and façade sector. These notable<br />

achievements further solidify<br />

Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia’s<br />

pivotal role in fostering collaboration,<br />

facilitating knowledge exchange, and<br />

driving growth within the industry.<br />

Michael Wilton, CEO and<br />

Managing Director of MMI Asia Pte<br />

Ltd, spoke about hosting Glasstech<br />

and Fenestration Asia 2023 in<br />

Thailand. “Thailand is an excellent<br />

location to host Glasstech and<br />

Fenestration Asia 2023 this time.<br />

What we have learned after the<br />

COVID-19 outbreak is that various<br />

industrial businesses want to return<br />

to face-to-face business negotiations,<br />

especially at trade exhibitions again.<br />

Moreover, the glass and façade<br />

industry in Thailand is growing at<br />

a very high rate, so for me, as an<br />

MMI Asia representative, Thailand<br />

is a very interesting location for the<br />

conference and exhibition space,”<br />

Wilton said.<br />

As for the direction of the glass<br />

and façade industry in Thailand,<br />

experts in this industry all agree that<br />

it is likely to grow higher. Mr Wirat<br />

Leewairot, President of the Thai<br />

Glass Industry Business Association,<br />

said, “The COVID-19 outbreak and<br />

the war situation have made various<br />

industries, including that of glass,<br />

slow down. However, it is expected<br />

that next year will be better according<br />

to NESDB’s predictions.”<br />

Mr Wichai Wiratkaphan, director<br />

and secretary Banking Inspector and<br />

Acting Director of the Real Estate<br />

Information Center, said, “The glass<br />

industry will expand in line with the<br />

direction of real estate. Because if the<br />

real estate industry grows, the glass<br />

and façade industries that are related<br />

tend to grow in tandem. In <strong>2024</strong>, it is<br />

expected that the real estate market<br />

will expand approximately 5-10 per<br />

cent, so I think the glass industry will<br />

likely expand in the same direction.”<br />

In addition, Mr Wirat also<br />

mentioned an interesting glass<br />

technology. “In the past, we used<br />

glass only for windows and doors,<br />

but in the past 20 years, curtain wall<br />

has begun to be used in high-rise<br />

buildings in the heart of the city, in<br />

addition to having wind and rain<br />

protection properties, it also reflects<br />

heat.”<br />

“The innovation in producing<br />

environmental glass, or low-emission<br />

glass, is to take ordinary glass and<br />

coat it with a metal substance.<br />

Resulting in the reflection of heat.<br />

But still allows light to enter the<br />

building. This results in saving more<br />

energy. Because the building has a<br />

curtain wall, it means that less heat<br />

will enter the building, reducing the<br />

cost of using air conditioners and<br />

carbon emissions as well,” Mr Wirat<br />

added.<br />

“There is good support in<br />

this industry,” said Mr Paithaya<br />

Banchakitikun, Vice President of the<br />

Siam Architects Association under the<br />

Royal Patronage, about organising the<br />

Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023<br />

92 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia• 2<br />

event this time.<br />

“I think that the Glasstech and<br />

Fenestration Asia 2023 brought<br />

together a group of manufacturers<br />

of various machinery and equipment<br />

that are related to construction work<br />

and architecture. Especially those<br />

that are glass and façade walls of<br />

buildings in Thailand. Organizing this<br />

event will result in the growth of all<br />

related industries in the future,” Mr<br />

Banchakitikun added.<br />

For the MICE industry, Dr<br />

Duangdet Yuakwamdee, Director<br />

of the International Trade Fair<br />

Industry Department. Convention<br />

and Exhibition Promotion Office<br />

(Public Organization) said, “In 2023,<br />

the number of foreign travellers from<br />

trade fairs will be 269,439 people,<br />

generating income for the country<br />

from spending worth 17,783-millionbaht,<br />

accounting for 168% of the<br />

target of 160,000 people for the fair.”<br />

“As one of the MICE Industry<br />

destinations and a strategic economic<br />

point with potential in the ASEAN<br />

region, it can create quality business<br />

opportunities for MICE travellers.<br />

In addition, holding trade shows in<br />

Thailand will help the entire MICE<br />

ecosystem grow, with social and<br />

economic impacts that will go to those<br />

involved,” Dr Yuakwamdee said.<br />

About Glasstech Asia and<br />

Fenestration Asia<br />

Coined as “The Glass Hub of<br />

Southeast Asia,” Glasstech Asia is<br />

an annual rotating exhibition that<br />

focuses on all things glass. The<br />

event brings together the best of the<br />

Southeast Asian glass and glazing<br />

sector, covering manufacturing,<br />

processing, machinery, accessories,<br />

raw materials, and finished glass<br />

products.<br />

About BAU Network<br />

BAU is the world’s leading trade<br />

fair for architecture, materials<br />

and systems. Everyone involved in<br />

the international community for<br />

planning, building and designing<br />

buildings comes together here.<br />

About Messe München<br />

Messe München is one of the leading<br />

exhibition organizers worldwide with<br />

more than 50 of its own trade shows<br />

for capital goods, consumer goods<br />

and new technologies. Every year, a<br />

total of over 50,000 exhibitors and<br />

around three million visitors take<br />

part in more than 200 events at the<br />

exhibition centre in Munich, at the<br />

ICM – Internationales Congress<br />

Centre München and the MOC<br />

Veranstaltungs Centre München as<br />

well as abroad.<br />

Toh Rou Qian<br />

Email: rouqian@mmiasia.com.sg<br />

Website: www.glasstechasia.com.sg<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 93

Event<br />

33rd China Glass<br />

exhibition all set to be<br />

held in Shanghai<br />

Showcasing Global Advancements in Glass<br />

Technology From Apr 25 to 28, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Explore the forefront of glass technology at the 33rd<br />

China Glass Exhibition, set to revolutionise the industry<br />

landscape in Shanghai.<br />

The 33rd China International Glass<br />

Industrial Technical Exhibition will<br />

be held from April 25 to 28, <strong>2024</strong>, at<br />

the Shanghai New International Expo<br />

Centre. Sponsored by the Chinese<br />

Ceramic Society and managed by<br />

Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd.,<br />

this prestigious event promises to be<br />

a highlight for industry professionals<br />

worldwide.<br />

The previous edition of the China<br />

Glass Exhibition, held in 2023,<br />

boasted 881 manufacturers from 28<br />

countries and regions across 84,700<br />

square meters. Welcoming a total of<br />

107,353 attendees from 105 countries<br />

and areas, the event received<br />

accolades for its professionalism and<br />

comprehensive showcase of the latest<br />

innovations in the glass industry.<br />

Dividing the exhibition area<br />

according to themes such as glass<br />

raw materials, products, application<br />

technology, and process equipment,<br />

the 33rd China Glass Exhibition<br />

aims to align with industry<br />

trends of green and intelligent<br />

development. By actively engaging<br />

leading manufacturers in lowcarbon<br />

technology and intelligent<br />

manufacturing, as well as providing<br />

opportunities for small and mediumsized<br />

enterprises, the exhibition<br />

strives to bolster China’s position as a<br />

manufacturing powerhouse.<br />

With over 600 domestic and foreign<br />

manufacturers already registered, the<br />

upcoming exhibition is expected to<br />

feature more than 1,000 mainstream<br />

brands and attract 50,000 professional<br />

visitors. Spanning over 90,000 square<br />

meters, the event will serve as a<br />

dynamic platform for networking,<br />

collaboration, and business<br />

opportunities within the global glass<br />

industry.<br />

Amid a stable operating<br />

environment in China’s glass industry,<br />

recent policies and developments,<br />

including adjustments in real estate,<br />

steady growth in automotive and<br />

building materials sectors, and<br />

advancements in photovoltaic and<br />

pharmaceutical industries, signal<br />

positive prospects for the glass sector.<br />

As a leading international<br />

exhibition, China Glass Exhibition<br />

remains committed to fostering<br />

specialization, internationalization,<br />

and high-quality development within<br />

the glass industry, solidifying its status<br />

as a premier trade and technical<br />

exchange platform for industry<br />

stakeholders worldwide.<br />

Email: service@chinaglass-expo.com<br />

WeChat: chinaglassexpo<br />

Website: www.chinaglass-expo.com<br />

94 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Technical Article<br />

Press Glass Nowogard gets<br />

fully automated by LiSEC<br />

Streamlining Production Processes for Optimal<br />

Output, Enhanced Efficiency<br />

Located in northwestern Poland, Press Glass Nowogard<br />

operates a fully automatic laminated glass cutting line and<br />

an additional lami cutting bridge as well as five monolithic<br />

cutting tables.<br />

Within the last 30 years,<br />

Press Glass has grown<br />

from a single facility into<br />

a household name among flat glass<br />

suppliers. Its 15 international facilities<br />

spread across Poland, Croatia, Italy,<br />

the UK and the US produce quality<br />

interior and exterior glass for the<br />

commercial and residential market.<br />

With an export rate of 80 per cent,<br />

Press Glass supplies Scandinavia, the<br />

Baltics, Central and Southern Europe,<br />

the UK as well as North America.<br />

Despite being one of the largest<br />

independent IG producers in Europe,<br />

Press Glass remains a privately owned<br />

company with a lean, agile leadership<br />

structure. This allows them to quickly<br />

adapt to a changing market. With<br />

numerous production facilities and a<br />

wide range of products, they are able<br />

and willing to meet their customers<br />

more than halfway. “We allow the<br />

market to test us,” shares Jakub<br />

Krakowski, Technology Development<br />

Director at Press Glass. “And we are of<br />

course competitive.”<br />

High performing logistics: The heart<br />

of the Nowogard production<br />

The cooperation between Press<br />

Glass and LiSEC goes back almost<br />

30 years. “From the very first facility,<br />

we bought high-end technology<br />

from LiSEC. Back then, that was<br />

not a common thing on the Polish<br />

market,” recalls Mr Krakowski. “We<br />

are very transparent about building<br />

long-term partnerships with our<br />

suppliers. For us, a good partnership<br />

is mutually beneficial, allowing us to<br />

meet challenges and solve problems<br />

together.”<br />

When Press Glass planned their<br />

most automated facility to date,<br />

they once again trusted LiSEC. Mr<br />

Krakowski, the head of a team of<br />

technicians who accompany the<br />

introduction of innovative solutions at<br />

Press Glass, talks about the intentions<br />

with the Nowogard project, “Our goal<br />

was to create a copy and paste facility,<br />

which Press Glass can reproduce in<br />

any new location. At Nowogard we<br />

looked into every process and worked<br />

out all the kinks.”<br />

Located in northwestern Poland<br />

not far from the Baltic Sea, Press<br />

Glass Nowogard operates six cutting<br />

lines: one fully automatic laminated<br />

glass cutting line and one additional<br />

lami cutting bridge as well as five<br />

monolithic cutting tables. The six<br />

lines are fed by a gantry system on<br />

one end, and they feed into two large<br />

buffer systems on the other end. Each<br />

buffer in turn supplies two IG lines.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 95

Technical Article<br />

Buffering and sorting play crucial<br />

roles in optimising the material flow<br />

and machine utilisation. Intralogistics<br />

ensures process stability and reliable<br />

supply during various processing<br />

steps, even with different glass types.<br />

For instance, only the uncoated<br />

side of the coated glass is touched,<br />

preserving the coating. A slight tilt<br />

angle (approximately 2°) during<br />

glass transport also protects the<br />

coating. LiSEC offers high-quality<br />

systems, available 24/7 with minimal<br />

maintenance, accommodating various<br />

glass sizes and shapes.<br />

Looking back on the project, Mr<br />

Krakowski remembers the challenges,<br />

“The schedule was very tough. In<br />

2017 the market was very strong<br />

and customer demand was high. We<br />

already had production on the lines<br />

while we were still fine-tuning the<br />

machines and while the software<br />

developments were still being tested.<br />

From the first IG element off the<br />

line, it took about 2 to 3 years until<br />

everything was working to our<br />

satisfaction.”<br />

But those challenges did not come<br />

without rewards. “Right now, I can say<br />

that this is our most efficient facility<br />

in terms of production per shift per<br />

person, so we produce more glass<br />

with fewer operators. And we have<br />

the lowest losses in glass, due to the<br />

automation – we largely eliminated<br />

manual handling – but also due to<br />

better internal logistics. We have<br />

fewer quality issues, fewer claims,<br />

fewer problems.” The Nowogard site<br />

supplies 15-20 % of Press Glass’ total<br />

residential production volume.<br />

Mr Krakowski highlights another<br />

benefit of the sorting system, “Our<br />

customers have very high demands<br />

on the sequence of the glass sheets<br />

on the racks, different types of labels,<br />

different shipment days, etc. – a lot<br />

of different small things we need<br />

to deliver. This is helping quite<br />

significantly: We produce pretty much<br />

99% on time. And if something goes<br />

wrong, we have a partner that we can<br />

call in, and they come over quite fast<br />

and solve the issue.”<br />

What’s next for Press Glass and<br />

LiSEC?<br />

With the Nowogard site up and<br />

running, Mr Krakowski and his team<br />

are already working on new projects.<br />

The next development with LiSEC is<br />

being realised in the UK, combining<br />

three facilities in Wales under one<br />

roof. “The production is already<br />

running; everything is installed and<br />

it’s just a matter of finetuning and<br />

finalizing things. Due to the softer<br />

market, we have more time to develop<br />

things, which is good, but on the other<br />

hand, the pressure is required to<br />

make it faster. It’s always a matter of<br />

finding the balance.”<br />

Looking back on his own 12 years<br />

working at Press Glass, Mr Krakowski<br />

sums up his experience with LiSEC,<br />

“At some point, we had to make the<br />

strategic decision to diversify our<br />

machine and software suppliers,<br />

which provides us with an interesting<br />

test environment within our group<br />

96 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

LiSEC Austria GmbH• 2<br />

of companies. For me, there are<br />

not many suppliers that can deliver<br />

complete and robust solutions that<br />

work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”<br />

Still, working under those kinds of<br />

conditions, something can go wrong.<br />

“And it will go wrong eventually,<br />

inevitably,” Mr Krakowski speaks<br />

from experience. “Then you need<br />

somebody who can support you. In<br />

our company, many people on the<br />

technical team and the production<br />

teams have more than 20 years of<br />

experience. They need someone on<br />

the other side who knows what they’re<br />

talking about. A reliable partner who<br />

knows how to solve your issue, or<br />

who’s at least willing to sit down and<br />

find the solution together with us. In<br />

that way, we consider LiSEC reliable.”<br />

Looking towards the future:<br />

Automation and sustainability<br />

Mr Krakowski’s opinion about markets<br />

and industry changes is, “The biggest<br />

change we and everyone else surely<br />

observe on the Polish market is that<br />

automation is coming and of course,<br />

digitalisation is coming. For 10, almost<br />

20 years we have been talking about<br />

Industry 4.0. It used to be unclear<br />

how it would look. Now Nowogard<br />

is our first facility with this degree<br />

of automation, and automation has<br />

factored in all our projects since.<br />

Besides better quality and higher<br />

efficiency, we also want to utilize<br />

manpower in the best way possible,<br />

which means removing heavy work<br />

such as lifting glass many times over.”<br />

“Another thing more and more<br />

of our customers especially on<br />

the Scandinavian market request<br />

is detailed information on the<br />

production process, for example:<br />

How much power was used to<br />

produce this IG? What was the<br />

water consumption? Which<br />

renewable resources were used, and<br />

how high was the share of green<br />

energy? So, we of course get all the<br />

required certifications. We also add<br />

photovoltaic installations on every<br />

new project, as well as any older<br />

facility where it’s possible. Our latest<br />

production in Lithuania for example is<br />

almost fully powered by photovoltaics.<br />

Investing in renewable energy is pretty<br />

much the only direction you can go,”<br />

he adds.<br />

About LiSEC<br />

With headquarters in Seitenstetten/<br />

Amstetten, Austria, LiSEC is a<br />

worldwide group of companies that for<br />

over 60 years has provided individual<br />

and comprehensive solutions in<br />

flat glass processing and refining.<br />

Its businesses include machines,<br />

automation solutions and services.<br />

Claudia GUSCHLBAUER<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 97

Technical Article<br />

Super Spacer ® combines<br />

monument preservation<br />

and climate protection<br />

Window Stories Continue To Be Written With The<br />

Flexible Warm Edge<br />

Projects in Northern Ireland and Austria show how<br />

requirements of monument protection, expectations of<br />

style-conscious building owners and climate protection<br />

targets can be fulfilled.<br />

In recent years, the restoration<br />

and reproduction of historic<br />

windows has increasingly been<br />

discussed in terms of thermal<br />

insulation. Selected projects in<br />

Northern Ireland and Austria show<br />

how the requirements of monument<br />

protection, the expectations of styleconscious<br />

building owners and climate<br />

protection targets can be fulfilled at<br />

the same time. Although completely<br />

different in terms of their realisation,<br />

energy-efficient insulating glass with<br />

the Super Spacer ® warm edge spacer<br />

system was used in all three cases.<br />

Reconstruction with authentic<br />

glazing<br />

The Bank Buildings, a jewel of<br />

Victorian Belfast, are located in the<br />

centre of the Northern Irish capital.<br />

The five-storey building ensemble has<br />

been owned by the Irish fashion chain<br />

Primark since 1979 and has been a<br />

listed building since 1980. Pillars of<br />

polished red granite flank the large<br />

windows on the main façade, while<br />

red sandstone characterises the upper<br />

floors of the building, which is topped<br />

by a huge iron clock face.<br />

The building, designed by architect<br />

W.H. Lynn for a Belfast textile trading<br />

company, was opened a year before<br />

the end of the Victorian era. With its<br />

large window fronts on the one hand<br />

and classic elements such as columns,<br />

rectangular ribbon windows and an<br />

attic balustrade on the other, the<br />

former department stores symbolise<br />

the transition from historicism to the<br />

20th century.<br />

The fact that the banking buildings<br />

have already survived two fires is not<br />

visible. The last and most devastating<br />

one in 2018 destroyed the entire<br />

timber construction and practically<br />

the entire supporting structure. The<br />

steel stiffening beams, and the original<br />

cast-iron supporting pillars had either<br />

collapsed or been weakened. Only<br />

the non-load-bearing enclosing walls<br />

remained standing.<br />

Historic buildings can be more<br />

than just a landmark or the legacy<br />

of an architectural era. Benedict<br />

McAteer, research fellow at the School<br />

of Natural and Built Environment<br />

at Queen’s University in Belfast,<br />

describes the feelings of Belfast<br />

residents after the disaster: “The fire<br />

has made us realise how we need<br />

buildings to explain what we have<br />

been through, what a city has endured<br />

and what it is that we enjoy about<br />

living there.”<br />

The Belfast Telegraph wrote<br />

immediately after the fire: “She was<br />

Belfast. Not just a bricks and mortar<br />

city center structure. But a grand old<br />

lady who’d seen and survived horror<br />

and history, who’d witnessed centuries<br />

of change and challenge and had<br />

gracefully, seamlessly adapted and<br />

endured.”<br />

After the initial impulse to<br />

demolish the charred skeleton, an<br />

exemplary reconstruction based<br />

on the original model began. Each<br />

removed stone was numbered, and<br />

natural stone and marble for the new<br />

facade was sourced from the same<br />

quarries in Finland, Scotland and<br />

Portugal that had supplied the original<br />

materials in the 19th century.<br />

IMC Glass supplied a total of 300<br />

units from its Slim-Glaze range to<br />

replace the single-glazed windows<br />

from the 3rd floor upwards, which<br />

were also manufactured according to<br />

the historical model and installed in<br />

1980. “This super-slim double glazing<br />

makes it possible to retain the original<br />

style with excellent thermal efficiency.<br />

With a unit thickness of just 14 mm,<br />

they achieve an Ug value of 1.2 W/<br />

m²K,” explains Managing Director<br />

98 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Edgetech Europe GmbH• 2<br />

Aaron McCreanor.<br />

IMC’s specialist insulating glass<br />

products are characterised by a<br />

slim yet low edge seal and krypton<br />

gas filling. “IMC Glass is the only<br />

company in Ireland, and only one of<br />

two in the British Isles, to have been<br />

awarded a Kitemark for testing to BS<br />

EN 1279-2 and BS EN 1279-3 for<br />

moisture absorption and gas leakage<br />

rate,” McCreanor continues.<br />

“The difficulty in manufacturing<br />

insulating glass with such a thin<br />

glass structure lies in ensuring<br />

gas-tightness over a long period of<br />

time and preventing condensation<br />

from forming in the space between<br />

the panes.” In order to achieve the<br />

excellent Ug values of up to 1.1 W/<br />

(m²K) for thin double glazing, they<br />

are filled exclusively with xenon<br />

or krypton and are also thermally<br />

insulated. “Using argon would reduce<br />

energy efficiency by around 40 per<br />

cent,” explains McCreanor.<br />

The icing on the cake is the<br />

Super Spacer ® Heritage spacer, a<br />

flexible warm edge that was specially<br />

developed for double glazing in the<br />

restoration sector. With a height of<br />

just 3 mm, it can also be installed<br />

in frames with very low glass inserts<br />

without being visible.<br />

Extra-thin double-pane insulating<br />

glass replaces single-pane glazing<br />

A report jointly published by the<br />

Glass and Glazing Federation and<br />

British Glass in October 2023 shows<br />

that around 98 per cent of windows<br />

in the UK do not meet the current<br />

minimum Ug-value standard of 1.4<br />

W/(m²K). Heat loss due to inefficient<br />

windows is up to three times higher<br />

than in countries such as Germany,<br />

Austria, or Sweden. “Our Slim-Glaze<br />

products with Super Spacer Heritage<br />

can be exchanged for single glazing<br />

in many cases. If the frames are no<br />

longer worth preserving, they can be<br />

authentically rebuilt.”<br />

The luxury Adare Manor Hotel &<br />

Golf Resort in County Limerick, built<br />

in the mid-19th century in neo-Gothic<br />

style as a private family residence,<br />

has already taken this step. Wherever<br />

possible, the historic glass was reused,<br />

and all modern single-glazed windows<br />

were replaced with double glazing.<br />

IMC Glass supplied a total of around<br />

1,100 insulating glass units to three<br />

different window manufacturers for<br />

the renovation of the main house<br />

and Carriage House. “In addition<br />

to energy efficiency, the lower dew<br />

point was particularly important for<br />

the client. Condensation is not only<br />

a visual and health problem, but also<br />

attacks the wooden frames.”<br />

Arched artist’s windows make the<br />

church extension shine<br />

The heritage-listed Catholic parish<br />

church of St Margaret in the<br />

Burgenland municipality of Apetlon<br />

is a special feature. Completed in<br />

1797, the church was always so well<br />

attended that it was extended in<br />

1974/1975 with a modern, octagonal<br />

concrete extension in the Brutalist<br />

style designed by architect Josef<br />

Patzelt. The extension is cantilevered<br />

without pillars, the pews are arranged<br />

around a popular altar and the<br />

church’s patron saint, St Margaret,<br />

looks down on the faithful from the<br />

high altar dating from the end of the<br />

18th century.<br />

The two window bands with a<br />

total of 36 panes of 6 mm Plexiglas<br />

illuminate the interior with natural<br />

daylight. Having failed to withstand<br />

wind loads at times in the past, they<br />

were arched outwards. Coloured<br />

church windows had been planned<br />

from the outset, and in September<br />

2023 the long-held wish of the<br />

Apetlon parish finally became reality.<br />

With her abstract and yet narrative<br />

depiction of the life and martyrdom<br />

of St Margaret of Antioch, the Berlin<br />

artist Marie-Luise Dähne also solved<br />

the functional task of softening the<br />

strong sunlight while at the same<br />

time preserving the visual to nature<br />

outside.<br />

Symbols, such as the cross, the iron<br />

combs and the pearls - Margaretha<br />

means “the pearl” in Greek - run<br />

through the entire series of motifs.<br />

At the entrance to the church, the<br />

discs are dark and are reminiscent<br />

of Margaret’s godless childhood as<br />

the daughter of a pagan priest. Small<br />

golden beads, increasing in number as<br />

the window bands progress, symbolise<br />

her faith, which enables her to survive<br />

torture, the devil’s temptations and<br />

finally the execution, and on the<br />

other hand the growing Christian<br />

community.<br />

In the renowned Paderborn atelier<br />

for glass painting, Peters transferred<br />

the design by hand using ceramic<br />

colours onto the 6 mm tempered<br />

safety glass panes in formats ranging<br />

from 1.6 x 1.3 m to 2.6 x 1.4 m and<br />

then melted the motifs at 600 degrees<br />

Celsius. “We have been working<br />

with Marie-Luise Dähne again and<br />

again for many years,” enthuses<br />

project manager Christoph Sander.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 99

Technical Article<br />

“She manages to merge her artwork<br />

with the architecture. In Apetlon,<br />

St Margaret is thus physically and<br />

spiritually transformed into a source<br />

of light.”<br />

Flexible spacer avoids thermal<br />

bridges at the edge of the glass<br />

Based on the old Plexiglas<br />

panes, the monument protection<br />

authorities made curved panes<br />

a requirement. The Vandaglas<br />

site - Vandaglas Döring Berlin was<br />

commissioned to manufacture<br />

the 3D moulded insulating glass<br />

units, CurvePerformDGU from<br />

CurvePerformMono “Freeform<br />

curved” outer pane 6 mm with a flat<br />

laminated safety glass as a decorative<br />

counter pane in the insulating glass<br />

units.<br />

As part of the glass refurbishment,<br />

the windows were also to be<br />

modernised in terms of energy<br />

efficiency. The flexible Edgetech<br />

Super Spacer ® TriSeal SG and<br />

Dow Corning 3362 were therefore<br />

used for the edge seal. Vandaglas<br />

Döring site manager Carsten Kunert<br />

commented about the project: “The<br />

convex cavities are moulded out of the<br />

flat pane. This looks unspectacular<br />

at first glance, but the geometry of<br />

multi-axis curved panes is complex<br />

and therefore makes it difficult to<br />

predict the material behaviour during<br />

bending and after installation. Based<br />

on our many years of experience, we<br />

have once again opted for the flexible<br />

Super Spacer spacers for the Apetlon<br />

insulating glass units. They are easy to<br />

apply, support resistance to wind loads<br />

and make a significant contribution<br />

to energy efficiency, as there are no<br />

thermal bridges at the edge of the<br />

glass.”<br />

About Edgetech Europe GmbH<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located<br />

in Heinsberg, Germany, is a fully<br />

owned subsidiary of Quanex Building<br />

Products Corporation, a global,<br />

publicly traded manufacturing<br />

company primarily serving OEMs<br />

in the fenestration, cabinetry, solar,<br />

refrigeration and outdoor products<br />

markets. Edgetech Europe GmbH<br />

services markets in continental<br />

Europe with a total of 490 employees<br />

and 17 extruders.<br />

Charlotte Hawkes<br />

Email: info@edgetech-europe.com<br />

Website: www.superspacer.com<br />

100 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>

Product Hunt<br />

Why companies in glass<br />

industry measure gas<br />

concentration<br />

Insulating Glass Unit Without Insulating Gas Can<br />

Have Up To 30 Per Cent Lower U-Value<br />

Sparklike’s end customers all operate in the same industry<br />

and they face the same challenges, one of which is<br />

verifying the gas fill rate that impacts the quality of glass.<br />

In 2023, Sparklike did a customer<br />

survey to understand its customers<br />

better. This included insight into<br />

how Sparklike devices are perceived<br />

and what are the drivers to purchase.<br />

Sparklike’s end customers include<br />

insulating glass producers, window<br />

and door manufacturers, IG line<br />

producers, testing laboratories,<br />

energy engineering and construction<br />

consultants, and real estate<br />

developers and building owners.<br />

Since all operate in the same<br />

industry, they face the same<br />

challenges, one of which is verifying<br />

the gas fill rate that impacts the<br />

quality of the glass.<br />

An insulating glass unit without<br />

insulating gas can have up to 30 per<br />

cent lower U-value than with gas<br />

filling over 85-90 per cent.<br />

The glass industry’s requirements<br />

create pressure on quality assurance<br />

In the survey, there were five answers,<br />

in addition to an open field to write<br />

your answer. Based on these results,<br />

the most common reason to invest in<br />

Sparklike’s gas measuring devices was<br />

to meet industry requirements and<br />

legislation.<br />

After that was achieving higher<br />

quality standards for glass and to meet<br />

customers’ demands. Gas content<br />

is a significant factor in improving<br />

the energy efficiency of insulating<br />

glass and therefore an important<br />

part of global energy saving efforts.<br />

This explains why one motive for<br />

monitoring the gas level of IGUs is<br />

to improve and prove the product’s<br />

energy efficiency.<br />

The fifth reason to purchase was<br />

gaining a competitive advantage by<br />

overachieving industry standards for<br />

product quality.<br />

Five motives to invest in gas<br />

concentration inspector:<br />

1. To meet the industry<br />

requirements /legislation<br />

2. To achieve higher quality<br />

standards<br />

3. To meet your client demand<br />

4. To improve products’ energy<br />

efficiency<br />

5. To gain a competitive<br />

advantage by overachieving<br />

industry standards for product<br />

quality<br />

Sparklike devices:<br />

;;<br />

Sparklike Handheld – for<br />

double-glazed insulating glass<br />

units<br />

;;<br />

Sparklike Laser Portable –<br />

for double and triple-glazed<br />

insulating glass units with<br />

coatings and lamination<br />

;;<br />

Sparklike Laser Integrated<br />

insulating gas measurement<br />

station integrated to the IGline<br />

– for double and tripleglazed<br />

insulating glass units<br />

with coatings and lamination.<br />

;;<br />

Sparklike is the world’s leading<br />

expert in measuring the gas<br />

content of insulating glass.<br />

Website: www.sparklike.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong> 101

Company News<br />

Biesse signs agreement to acquire<br />

GMM Finance S.r.l.<br />

GMM Group Is Present In 90 Countries, Has 9 Commercial Subsidiaries & 450<br />

Employees<br />

In line with Biesse’s plan for growth also through acquisitions, this will increase the<br />

product portfolios of all segments by integrating leading technologies.<br />

Biesse S.p.A. – a company listed<br />

in the Euronext STAR segment<br />

of the Italian Stock Exchange<br />

– has signed a contract for the<br />

acquisition of the entire share capital<br />

of GMM Finance S.r.l., the holding<br />

company of the GMM Group which<br />

comprises GMM S.p.A., Bavelloni<br />

S.p.A. and Techni Waterjet Ltd.,<br />

as well as their Italian and foreign<br />

subsidiaries, active in the stone,<br />

glass and other materials machining<br />

segments.<br />

GMM Group is present in 90<br />

countries, operates with nine<br />

commercial subsidiaries worldwide,<br />

six production plants in Italy and one<br />

in Thailand, and approximately 450<br />

employees.<br />

The sellers are Consilium Private<br />

Equity Fund III (managed by<br />

Consilium SGR p.a.) with a 75 per<br />

cent holding and FGL Holding s.r.l.<br />

(owned by the founding shareholders)<br />

with a 25 per cent holding.<br />

The provisional value of the deal<br />

of approximately 72 million euros<br />

(Equity Value), will be paid by cash<br />

at the closing date and has been<br />

determined considering Net Financial<br />

Debt starting from an Enterprise<br />

Value of 86.5 million euros.<br />

Furthermore, the agreement<br />

provides the usual price adjustment<br />

mechanisms that will be determined<br />

in the months following the closing,<br />

defined mainly according to variations<br />

of GMM Finance S.r.l.’s net working<br />

capital and net financial debt. The<br />

closing of the operation is expected by<br />

15th February <strong>2024</strong> and is subject to<br />

the fulfilment of specific suspensive<br />

conditions in line with normal market<br />

practices for such operations.<br />

This operation, in line with<br />

Biesse’s strategic plan that provides<br />

for growth also through acquisitions,<br />

will increase the product portfolio of<br />

the stone-working, glass-working and<br />

other materials processing segments<br />

by integrating the technologies of a<br />

leading company in these productions.<br />

GMM, founded in 1993 in<br />

Gravellona Toce in Piedmont, started<br />

its activities designing and assembling<br />

bridge cutters for the stone industry<br />

and continued its evolution to become<br />

a leader in the production of advanced<br />

machines and numeric control<br />

equipment.<br />

Through the acquisition of the<br />

Australian company Techni Waterjet,<br />

GMM has successfully extended<br />

its offering by adding an innovative<br />

water-cutting technology mainly<br />

applied to the metal-working, stoneworking<br />

and glass-working segments.<br />

Subsequently, with the acquisition of<br />

the Italian company Bavelloni, GMM<br />

further extended its product portfolio<br />

in the glass processing industry.<br />

The latest consolidated financial<br />

statements of the GMM Group<br />

refer to the year 2022 and report a<br />

sales turnover of 124 million euros,<br />

EBITDA of 12.5 million euros and net<br />

financial debt of 4.4 million euros.<br />

Performance for 2023 is foreseen in<br />

line with the prior year.<br />

About Biesse<br />

Biesse is an international company<br />

that manufactures integrated lines<br />

and machines to process wood,<br />

glass, stone, plastic and composite<br />

materials.<br />

Website: www.biesse.com<br />

102 Glass Bulletin | <strong>January</strong> - <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2024</strong>


11 - 13<br />

DEC <strong>2024</strong><br />

+65 6236 0988



JULY 9-11, <strong>2024</strong> EXPO GUADALAJARA<br />



www.glasstechmexico.com<br />


Organized by:<br />

Media Support:<br />


May 14-15<br />

2025<br />

The International Centre<br />

Toronto- Canada<br />

Professional Expo<br />

for Glass Industry<br />

Organized By:<br />

Media Partner:<br />

info@glasstechmexico.com<br />

www.glasstechcanada.ca<br />




27-29<br />

November, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Uz Expo Center<br />

Tashkent<br />

Uzbekistan<br />

The First Glass Industry Expo in Central Asia<br />

Exhibitor sign up<br />

Specific Focus In Glass<br />

Business Connecting<br />

From World to Central Asia<br />

B 2 B Trade Show<br />

info@uzglass.com www.uzglass.com<br />





PLUS 2D Glass Optimization Software<br />

• High yield Optimizer reduces scrap.<br />

• Integrated Inventory - Track offcuts, Stocks<br />

• Easy to use, get productive in 5 minutes.<br />

• Detailed report with Layout, material<br />

requirement and balance list.<br />

PLUS Glass Quote Software<br />

• One - Click Quote, Job Sheet, Delivery challan and Invoice.<br />

• What-if-effects - Change rates & see effect immediately.<br />

• Auto Charge Size Calculation.<br />

• Track outstanding.<br />

Seeking Resellers and<br />

Sales personnel to join<br />

our team.<br />

please contact:<br />

sales@nirvanatec.com<br />

Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.<br />

804, Sai Indu Tower, LBS Marg, Bhandup (West), Mumbai 400078. INDIA<br />

Mob: +91 9222317496, Tel: +91 22 35120866<br />

Email: info@nirvanatec.com, Web: www.nirvanatec.com<br />


15<br />


SLIM Sliding<br />


4507/4010<br />


glass technology<br />

Added Value Storage<br />

Broad Product Range<br />

Customer-Specific<br />

Greater Flexibility and<br />

Extended Product Range<br />

Increase your flexibility and extend the product range in your glass storage with<br />

Rapidstore. Glass and packages find their optimal place in the movable rack frames.<br />

Benefit from direct access to additional types of products in your gantry or floor<br />

loading system for customer-specific products with faster availability.<br />

• Optimal for custom-tailored extension of your glass storage<br />

• One or more cutting lines have direct access to more types of products<br />

• Ideal for flat halls without craneways<br />

HEGLA • Industriestr. 21 • Beverungen, Germany • info@hegla.de<br />

Naresh Kumar G S • +91 80 56 13 31 13 • india@hegla.com

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