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BlueHealth Baptist is Distinctively Different<br />

Your health is our priority.<br />

With next-generation primary care, we deliver a<br />

personalized & holistic approach to your health.<br />

We address what YOU really need.<br />

Call 877-8-GO-2-BLUE to<br />

schedule an appointment.<br />

401 Baptist Dr. Suite 110<br />

Madison, MS 39110<br />

BlueHealth Baptist is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.<br />

@BlueHealthBaptist<br />




Roof Replacement<br />

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Lurk the Leak

JEA is delivering an all inclusive, state-of-the-art vision center created just for you. All of our<br />

specialists in one location with an on-site surgery center and the same great selection at JEA<br />

Optical. Delivering convenience and service like never before. Schedule your appointment today.<br />

Coming Soon to Our New Madison Location.<br />

4 • APRIL 2024

More kinds of<br />

care for all of<br />

Mississippi.<br />

All for Your Health<br />

umc.edu/YourHealth<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 5

6 • APRIL 2024


April 11th is National Pet Day, and our team has had a great time<br />

putting together this issue featuring a variety of pets.<br />

I was reminded of my childhood and<br />

being blessed with two outstanding dogs.<br />

One was a black Lab we named Belle.<br />

She lived up to that name because she<br />

was a true, caring southern belle among<br />

her canine breeds. Our other favorite<br />

dog was Flick, named after the sound<br />

of my dad’s camera that my brother and<br />

I grew up hearing.<br />

Belle was a chosen, purchased pet.<br />

Flick was a rescue animal—a full-bred<br />

German shepherd but suffered from<br />

malnutrition and was in poor physical<br />

condition. My dad felt the animal could<br />

be saved and began treating him with<br />

medicine prescribed from our veterinarian<br />

and lots of TLC. Flick responded beautifully<br />

and gave the rest of his life and<br />

allegiance to every member of our family.<br />

He stood constant watch wherever my<br />

brother and I played and only barked<br />

when a car pulled into our driveway.<br />

Both pets always had their fill of Purina,<br />

but we never denied them table leftovers.<br />

On winter nights when temps were<br />

below freezing, we allowed them to<br />

sleep by the den fireplace. They repaid<br />

this kindness by staying statue-still,<br />

never moving from their lying position.<br />

Yes, they were outside dogs and never<br />

felt the pull of a leash on their collars.<br />

They ran free around in the country,<br />

experienced life without pens or cages,<br />

and always reaped loving care from their<br />

human family. What a life for a dog – and<br />

what indelible memories they gave us.<br />


Tahya Dobbs<br />


CFO<br />

Kevin Dobbs<br />


Mary Ann Kirby<br />


Barbie Bassett<br />


The Way We Were 10<br />

Reader Spotlight 15<br />

BGC Tablescapes 18<br />

Hometown Family 24<br />

Pet Parade 30<br />

Irelynn & Skidder 42<br />

Kids Who Care 48<br />

Hoppin' to Help 52<br />

...see you around town.<br />


Amy Forsyth<br />



Melissa Kennon<br />



Alisha Floyd<br />


Susan Wolgamott<br />


Daniel Thomas<br />

3dt<br />

STAFF<br />


Othel Anding<br />

STAFF<br />


Debby Francis<br />


Jodi Jackson<br />

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Hometown RANKIN • 7

8 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 9

Sondra & J.W. Beck<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Five years in the Navy carried<br />

J.W. was “wowed” by Sondra’s<br />

When she shared the news<br />

home – a great place to raise their<br />

J.W. Beck all over the world – miles<br />

personality, good looks, and her<br />

with her employer, he asked why<br />

three children, Heatherly, Christy<br />

and oceans from his hometown<br />

reputation as the “Miami beauty.”<br />

on earth she would move to<br />

and Johnny.<br />

of McComb, Mississippi. After<br />

They were both older, twenty-<br />

Mississippi. Without hesitation<br />

When asked about any points<br />

the Navy, an offer as football<br />

coach and math teacher at Miami<br />

nine and thirty-five, and knew<br />

what they were looking for in a<br />

she answered, “We’re in love;<br />

we’re getting married and will<br />

of contention in their fifty-three<br />

years of marriage, they agreed that<br />

Senior High carried him to<br />

mate.<br />

live happily ever after.” They were<br />

disciplining their children had<br />

another rewarding career and an<br />

J.W. proposed, and she<br />

wed on June 19, 1971, at Plymouth<br />

been the source of most disagree-<br />

even more rewarding discovery.<br />

accepted. When J.W. had to move<br />

Congregational Church, the<br />

ments. Sondra explained,<br />

Sondra Conner, a legal<br />

back to McComb to help with his<br />

oldest church in Miami.<br />

“Mothers take up for their kids,<br />

secretary for a Miami law firm,<br />

aging parents, the long distance<br />

They moved to Brandon in<br />

and I would discipline, but I<br />

was introduced to J.W. by<br />

phone bills were sky-high between<br />

1988. J.W. thought it was ironic<br />

would do it more lovingly.”<br />

a mutual friend. “He was strong,<br />

the engaged couple. Sondra<br />

that he sailed aboard the USS<br />

J.W. spoke up with one other<br />

handsome, and loved football<br />

recalled those days and with<br />

Rankin, a naval ship named after<br />

pet peeve – being on time; not<br />

as much as I loved it,” Sondra<br />

laughter said, “It was cheaper<br />

Rankin County and now was<br />

late. “Sondra starts to leave, but we<br />

remembers.<br />

to get married!”<br />

making Rankin County their<br />

don’t leave – she picks up this and<br />

straightens that.”<br />

10 • APRIL 2024

“Do things<br />

together that<br />

make you happy<br />

and do them<br />

often.”<br />

Sondra was quick to explain,<br />

“I always think, what if we should<br />

die when we’re on the road, and<br />

I’ve left the house a mess!”<br />

They offered timely advice<br />

for young couples approaching<br />

marriage. She said, “Think twice<br />

before you speak. It’s easier to be<br />

nice than to be ugly. Also, be<br />

examples before your children.”<br />

Sondra believes a simple thing<br />

like regularly giving the tithe in<br />

the offering plate establishes a<br />

positive principle for your<br />

children to witness.<br />

J.W. said, “Do things together<br />

that make you happy and do them<br />

often. Also, don’t have anything<br />

except ‘ours’ – never ‘his or hers.’”<br />

Today they enjoy being a part<br />

of their eight grandchildren’s lives<br />

and being involved in community<br />

and their church, Brandon First<br />

Methodist.<br />

Their role model influence is<br />

now affecting an additional<br />

generation, and they’re quite<br />

successful at their endeavor<br />

of living happily ever after.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 11

(833) POS-STEP (767-7837)<br />

149 Fountains Blvd.<br />

Madison, MS<br />

positivestepsfertility.com<br />

12 • APRIL 2024

Our fully equipped survey crews and technicians<br />

provide quality services across the Southeast.<br />

Services<br />

Hydrographic, Topographic & Geodetic Surveys • Mapping<br />

Subsurface Utility Engineering • LiDAR (Mobile, Aerial, and<br />

Terrestrial) • Boundary Surveys • ALTA/NSPS Land • Title Surveys<br />

Photogrammetric Control • Construction Layout<br />

Legal Descriptions • Plats • ROW Surveys<br />

CAD Tech 3D Modeling Formats<br />

Carlson • AutoCAD • Microstation • Geopak<br />

Chris Pesnell | cdpesnell@maptech-survey.com<br />

601.622.0768 | www.maptech-survey.com<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 13

14 • APRIL 2024

READER<br />


Davis<br />


Why did you decide to make Rankin County<br />

your home?<br />

Rankin County is full of some of the nicest and<br />

most genuine people you will ever meet. Most<br />

of my friends and family live in or around<br />

Rankin County, and I have strong ties with the<br />

local community. I cannot think of a better<br />

place to call home.<br />

How long have you lived in Rankin County?<br />

My whole life, and I have loved every minute<br />

of it. In 1916, when my great-grandfather<br />

was three years old, he traveled, along with his<br />

siblings and parents, from Tennessee by train<br />

to the community of Fannin, and there our<br />

family has remained for generations.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

My wife and I make up the fifth generation<br />

of our family that have raised animals on our<br />

family farm in Rankin County. We currently<br />

don’t live on the farm but are there daily<br />

tending to the animals and doing farm work.<br />

My parents and grandparents do live on the<br />

farm, and we all work together to keep things<br />

running smoothly. Cool Creek Farm is<br />

definitely a group effort, and we each play a<br />

special part in its operations. I am blessed<br />

and very thankful to be able to do something<br />

I enjoy so much with my family.<br />

What is your favorite memory of living in<br />

Rankin County?<br />

Bringing my Highland cattle to the CelticFest<br />

on the Rez. I’ve brought them for several years,<br />

but it’s so fun to see the community come out<br />

and support such a fun event. My family and<br />

friends help me, and it is always a fun time.<br />

Where are your three favorite places to eat<br />

in Rankin County?<br />

The Pelahatchie Bay is definitely one of my<br />

favorites. My family has been eating there my<br />

whole life. I remember being a little boy and<br />

going several days a week with my greatgrandfather<br />

to eat and drink coffee. Another<br />

place I enjoy is Sunset Grill on Highway 43<br />

before you go across the Rez. Their food is<br />

wonderful, and my uncle is one of the chefs<br />

there. It is a newer restaurant, so if you have<br />

not been, I highly recommend it. Osaka is also<br />

one of my favorite places. I think they have the<br />

best hibachi, and the volcano roll is fantastic!<br />

What are some fun things to do in Rankin<br />

County on the weekends?<br />

If you have kids and enjoy the outdoors, you<br />

can take the family to Winners Circle Park or<br />

the Flowood Nature Park to get some fresh air.<br />

McClain’s Resort is also a fun place where you<br />

can eat good food and see some cool animals.<br />

If you want something more competitive, try<br />

Black Axes or Fannin Lanes.<br />

Tell us about your occupation.<br />

I work at the Mississippi Department of<br />

Agriculture & Commerce as the outreach<br />

coordinator for the produce safety division.<br />

I work with growers of fruits and vegetables<br />

that are considered high risk because they are<br />

normally eaten raw, and there is no-kill step to<br />

reduce the risk of microorganisms that cause<br />

foodborne illnesses. I also work with MSU<br />

Extension to conduct trainings with growers<br />

so they can safely produce healthy and safe,<br />

local food for people in Mississippi.<br />

Tell us about Cool Creek Farm.<br />

Cool Creek is a family farm with the primary<br />

focus of raising heritage breeds of livestock.<br />

We raise Scottish Highland cattle, the oldest<br />

registered breed in the world, Hereford cattle,<br />

Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, which are a<br />

critically endangered breed, Kiko goats, and a<br />

variety of poultry. We sell eggs and beef locally<br />

and plan to sell pasture-raised pork and goat<br />

meat next year as well. We also produce<br />

breeding stock for people who are interested<br />

in the breeds we raise.<br />

What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

To go to Scotland and visit with Highland<br />

cattle breeders. I would love to go to Balmoral<br />

Castle and see Queen Elizabeth II’s Highland<br />

cattle. I would also love to go to Africa on a<br />

safari and see animals in the wild. I would also<br />

love to go to New York for the Macy’s<br />

Thanksgiving Day Parade!<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I admire my dad because he instilled in me a<br />

love for animals and the farm. He is the MVP<br />

on the farm, and I definitely would not be<br />

able to do anything without his wisdom and<br />

guidance. He also taught me by example how<br />

to treat people with love and respect, whether<br />

they deserve it or not.<br />

What is your favorite childhood memory?<br />

When I was very young, my dad, great-grandfather,<br />

and I were in the pasture taking care of<br />

the cows. It’s a simple memory but it’s one that<br />

makes me smile, and it inspires me to keep<br />

working hard because I want my kids to know<br />

the peace and joy that comes from growing up<br />

on a family farm.<br />

If you could give us one encouraging quote,<br />

what would it be?<br />

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will<br />

in the end contribute the most to real wealth,<br />

good morals, & happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 15

16 • APRIL 2024






BE HEARD<br />

IN YOUR<br />

HEALTH<br />

What’s on your mind matters in your care. And sometimes, it’s hard<br />

to know the right questions to ask or a simple way to ask them. It’s<br />

our job to make that conversation easier, to stay with you for longer,<br />

to be there when you need us — to listen. That’s our priority and our<br />

promise. So, tell us what concerns you. Tell us your story. The doctor<br />

will hear you now. Learn more at stdom.com/listen.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 17

Brandon Garden Club<br />

Tablescapes<br />

Luncheon<br />

February 24<br />

Brandon Municipal Complex<br />

18 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 19

20 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 21

22 • APRIL 2024

Gates Open<br />

Light of Mine<br />

Anne Wilson<br />

Casting Crowns<br />

Fireworks<br />

4:00 PM<br />

4:00 PM<br />

6:45 PM<br />

8:30 PM<br />

9:45 PM<br />


MORE INFO!<br />

Space Jumps, Kids' Karaoke, Petting Zoo, Fair Food, & More!<br />



Hometown RANKIN • 23

24 • APRIL 2024

The Morgans<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Brad (54) is the owner of Morgan’s Stone in Brandon.<br />

He enjoys turkey and deer hunting and loves a competitive game of<br />

golf. Prior to his golf game, he spent many years as an accomplished<br />

steer wrestler in professional rodeo.<br />

Ellen (57) enjoys being available for her family and helping them<br />

reach their goals. She is a long time resident of Rankin County and<br />

has a strong background in coordinating special events and advertising<br />

and uses that experience to help promote their family stone<br />

business. She, too, has competed extensively in horse shows and<br />

professional rodeos throughout her life. They have been members of<br />

First Baptist Church of Brandon for nearly thirty years.<br />

Zoe (15) enjoys church, rodeo, cooking, and theatre.<br />

Zayda (15) enjoys church, rodeo, hunting, and dancing.<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been married?<br />

We met in college thirty-seven years ago in the fall of 1988. Brad was<br />

from Oklahoma and I’m from Brandon. We were on the rodeo team<br />

at Southern Arkansas University. We married at First Baptist<br />

Church of Brandon in 1997. In 2008, we had our beautiful twin<br />

girls. We have been married twenty-seven years.<br />

Do you allow time to be with your spouse for a date night?<br />

Yes, it is a priority in our home. Funny thing, when our twin girls<br />

were two years old, they would literally pick out our clothes for date<br />

night up until they were preteens. It was as though they imagined in<br />

their little minds we were going to a glamorous ball of some sort…<br />

and boy what they chose for us to wear! We have admitted later we<br />

would change out of the glamour and into more casual clothes in<br />

the car. We had been married eleven years when the twins came, so<br />

we always believed God was using them to remind us to keep our<br />

marriage a priority during those busy toddler days. We still enjoy<br />

date night. The girls actually enjoy it more since they’re old enough<br />

not to need a sitter.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 25

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Brad Watching them grow and learn things that they enjoy and<br />

seeing them succeed in things they try to accomplish.<br />

Ellen Knowing they have both accepted Jesus as their Lord and<br />

Savior. We are grateful for our church family, friends, and teachers<br />

that have help influence them along the way.<br />

When your children were young, what was your discipline<br />

philosophy?<br />

The words of Proverbs 22:6; be hands on, live by example, teamwork,<br />

the golden rule, reward good behavior, and, of course, provide<br />

avenues for them to be productive to help keep them between the<br />

ditches.<br />

What’s a quick go-to meal that isn’t fast food?<br />

And who does the cooking?<br />

We still value praying and eating around the table even if it is on a<br />

paper plate so we can move on with the next project. We love all<br />

kinds of foods. We have chickens, so fresh eggs go a long way. Brad<br />

loves to grill steaks, I love to make soups and cornbread dishes,<br />

Zayda likes to create her own tasty treats, and Zoe has taken charge<br />

of the kitchen with numerous, wonderful recipes.<br />

What are some of your favorite things about<br />

Rankin County?<br />

Leadership. As long as we can remember, our county supervisors<br />

and City of Brandon have always supported youth, 4H, rodeo, and<br />

agriculture-related programs. In addition, our city and county are<br />

the most wonderful places to live! We credit our emergency<br />

personnel, law enforcement, and the people who have kept our<br />

community safe and clear of misconduct.<br />

How do you spend your summer breaks?<br />

That’s easy: volunteerism, rodeo finals, the beach, and hanging out<br />

at home with friends and family.<br />

What do you see in your role as the greatest benefit to<br />

your family?<br />

We were in our early forties when the girls came. So, being established<br />

and owning our own business has given us the flexibility to<br />

be available for our children and the many opportunities they have<br />

encountered over the years. We have spent countless hours with<br />

them. Yet, all of it still seems like a blur. It all happens so fast, and<br />

now they are nearly grown and gone. We are so grateful we have<br />

been available for them and the memories we have shared.<br />

Who is the financial manager in your home?<br />

We both share that role. Being a good steward of our resources is<br />

equally valued. Before we married, it was important to us to be debt<br />

free. Over time, we grew, and so did our financial responsibilities.<br />

Through that process, we gained much wisdom by not growing too<br />

fast in our home or business. Looking back over the milestones in<br />

our lives, you can see we do not move too fast in decisions that have<br />

a lasting impact. Luke 12:48, “To whome much is given, much will<br />

be required,” always reminded us to choose wisely.<br />

26 • APRIL 2024

What accomplishments make you proud during your<br />

time living in Rankin County?<br />

There is no doubt the horse industry is huge in Rankin County.<br />

Our family and many other families are hardcore competitors in<br />

rodeo all across the country. There is not a major rodeo city in<br />

America that has not heard an announcer introduce ‘The next<br />

contestant is from Brandon, Mississippi’ or ‘Rankin County,<br />

Mississippi!’ It is heartwarming to hear our community mentioned<br />

at some of the largest rodeos in the country. Many of the stadiums<br />

host thousands of rodeo fans. These mentions of our community<br />

have been positive tourism boosts for over the last four decades or<br />

more. It is an honor to have a community that supports our<br />

agriculture and equine industry.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

And what do you do for a living?<br />

Brad Fear of failure to be unable to provide for my family<br />

motivates me. Being a productive citizen means a lot. It is a privilege<br />

to sell and ship stone and other building materials statewide since<br />

1997.<br />

Ellen When Brad moved here from Oklahoma in 1997. I said,<br />

‘Lord you will need to give him something to do, something to give<br />

him his own identity in our community. I won’t be near enough.’<br />

I am extremely grateful God heard my prayer. He has blessed us<br />

abundantly through the stone yard. Brad literally started out of the<br />

back of his truck. Many, including us, had no idea where the stone<br />

yard would be today. The business has not only provided for us but<br />

several wonderful employees and their families as well. We are<br />

grateful the community embraced it and helped us grow.<br />


What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?<br />

Zoe Watch movies.<br />

Zayda Go to rodeos.<br />

What are your favorite holiday traditions?<br />

Zoe Cooking and decorating<br />

Zayda Having a fierce, but friendly, gingerbread house-building<br />

competition.<br />

What’s your favorite restaurant?<br />

Zoe Ichiban Hibachi & Sushi<br />

Zayda Ichiban Hibachi & Sushi<br />

What’s your favorite TV show?<br />

Zoe Outer Banks<br />

Zayda Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team<br />

What TV shows do your parents like?<br />

If they get time to watch: sports, Andy Griffith Show, Family Feud,<br />

Wheel of Fortune, or reruns from the Price is Right.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 27

28 • APRIL 2024

Curved, Custom & Standard Mouldings<br />

Cabinet Doors & Hardware<br />

Door & Bath Hardware<br />

Cabinet Organizers • Cabinet Posts & Legs<br />

Corbels • Mantels • Mirrors<br />

Woodcarvings • Ceiling Medallions<br />

Dovetail Drawer Boxes<br />

Built by Tri County Homes<br />

601-992-5546 • LAKESIDEMOULDING.COM<br />


Hometown RANKIN • 29

Pet<br />

Parade<br />

Fewer things bring more joy than<br />

the bond between a pet and its owner.<br />

When you have a pet, whether it’s a<br />

dog, cat, hamster, chicken, or goat,<br />

life is filled with belly rubs and shared<br />

moments that remind you how good<br />

it feels to be loved.<br />

Hometown Rankin Magazine<br />

wanted to celebrate all the pleasures<br />

that make having a pet in your<br />

life such a treat. We conducted a<br />

photo contest and enjoyed all the<br />

wonderful submissions received.<br />

The winners are included here.<br />

Skidder<br />

Melody Ferguson<br />

30 • APRIL 2024

Leroy<br />

Teah Byrd<br />

Sandy<br />

Sara Beth Everett<br />

Tobias<br />

Leah Lowrey<br />

Patrick Ferguson<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 31

Coco<br />

& Rolo<br />

Aprille Andrews<br />

Ellie<br />

Emily Davis<br />

Teddy<br />

Davis Edwards<br />

32 • APRIL 2024

Sonic<br />

Easton Smith<br />

brody<br />

Molly Foreman<br />

SELAH<br />

Carrie Cook<br />

Hank<br />

Robyn Dixon<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 33

Maxwell<br />

Sara Johnston<br />

Layla<br />

Donna Pace<br />

Chester<br />

& Pepper<br />

Melissa Underwood<br />

Chickaletta<br />

Brittany Smith<br />

34 • APRIL 2024

Duke<br />

Jordan Savell<br />

Moses “Mo"<br />

Meghan Newman<br />

Nash<br />

Allie Harris<br />

Gooey<br />

Keri Hobby<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 35


February 29<br />

Pearl Community Room<br />

Sponsored by Renasant Bank<br />

36 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 37

38 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 39

40 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 41

42 • APRIL 2024

Irelynn<br />

and<br />

Skidder<br />

She may be only three years old, but Irelynn<br />

Ferguson can ride a horse with the best of them.<br />

Only, the horse she rides is the perfect proportion<br />

for her. Standing at about forty inches tall, Skidder<br />

is a mini horse. “That’s a completely different class<br />

from ponies,” explains Melody Ferguson, Irelynn’s<br />

mom. “He and my Great Dane, Kota, are about the<br />

same size. We call Kota our house horse!”<br />

Without anything to gauge his size, you would<br />

think Skidder was a regular horse if you saw him in<br />

a photograph. Unlike a Shetland pony that is very<br />

stocky, a mini horse has the same proportions as a<br />

regular horse. Skidder is a gelding, which means he<br />

has been neutered. He is lean and weighs around<br />

300 pounds. For comparison, the average horse<br />

weighs 900 to 2,200 pounds depending on the<br />

breed. Belgians, Percherons, and Clydesdales can<br />

all tip the scales at over a ton.<br />

Melody says that Skidder is a “community pony,”<br />

who lives with other horses on a farm in Polkville<br />

that belongs to her friend, Dakota Patrick. “Dakota<br />

and I grew up riding horses together,” says Melody.<br />

“I have always been around horses, growing up in 4H,<br />

rodeo, and the National Barrel Horse Association.”<br />

She sold two of her horses to go to college, but when<br />

she had children, she wanted to share her love of<br />

horses with them. “My oldest daughter is sixteen,<br />

and she rode a horse until she got into softball and<br />

boys,” laughs Melody. “Keeping horses is very<br />

expensive. Luckily, Skidder is small and doesn’t<br />

take up much room. He also doesn’t eat much.”<br />

Irelynn is the baby of the family of eight. “She<br />

has liked animals from the jump,” Melody says.<br />

Skidder came into their lives when Irelynn was<br />

just a baby, so she has grown up with the little horse<br />

she calls “He He.” Though Irelynn still requires<br />

some supervision while riding Skidder, other<br />

children have a bit more freedom while riding the<br />

little horse. “Skidder has taught all the kids in our<br />

friend circle how to ride. One of the boys actually<br />

rode him in a Little Britches rodeo. Skidder has<br />

carried dozens of kids on his back. It’s sad to see<br />

the kids outgrow the horse. One of the boys has<br />

just about outgrown Skidder – his feet drag the<br />

ground when he rides.” When Irelynn outgrows<br />

Skidder, Melody says he will be passed along to<br />

another child. The lifespan of a little horse can be<br />

anywhere from twenty to thirty years, and Melody<br />

thinks Skidder is between seven and eight years old.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 43

Skidder has a specially made saddle that fits<br />

his small frame perfectly. When she has been away<br />

from Skidder for too long, Irelynn gets restless and<br />

starts asking for He He. “Once she’s on him she<br />

doesn’t want to get off. He’s the best babysitter<br />

around.”<br />

Melody says she likes the wholesome aspect<br />

of kids being around Skidder. “They are learning<br />

responsibility and how to take care of him. It keeps<br />

their nose out of devices, too. They are outdoors<br />

and having fun.”<br />

When she describes Skidder, Melody says he is<br />

sassy. “He has a long mane and tail, and he photographs<br />

beautifully.” In the photo Melody submitted<br />

for the cover photo competition, Melody says Irelynn<br />

had some Goldfish crackers, and Skidder wanted<br />

some. “We were taking photos of them for Irelynn’s<br />

birthday,” says Melody. “The photographer got that<br />

shot at just the right time. I thought it was so cute<br />

I had it blown up and put on a canvas. We have<br />

it in our den, and every time Irelynn walks<br />

through and sees it, she waves at Skidder<br />

and smiles.”<br />

44 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 45

Night on the Town<br />

at the Ag Museum<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

46 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 47

48 • APRIL 2024


Sophia Malone<br />

Sarah Rein<br />







NEW ARRIVAL. The months of<br />

pregnancy and anticipation were filled with<br />

excitement, nerves, and expectations. Then, a<br />

few days after birth, Sophia was diagnosed with<br />

a hemangioma - a benign blood-filled tumor not<br />

uncommon among infants. Often referred to as<br />

a “strawberry” birthmark, they are typically minor<br />

and shrink or even disappear after a child’s first<br />

year. However, Sophia’s hemangioma was<br />

compound, meaning it affected both the skin’s<br />

surface and extended underneath, affecting her<br />

cartilage and bone structure. Unlike the usual<br />

pattern of these tumors, hers grew dramatically<br />

after her first year and began affecting her vision<br />

and nasal structure. Sophia had to have her most<br />

extensive operation at the age of eighteen months<br />

when the size of the growth began to threaten<br />

her eyesight. Over the years, she has had more<br />

than twenty surgeries to remove her tumor as<br />

well as correct some of the damage done to her<br />

underlying facial structures.<br />

While it would be easy to be bitter or<br />

frustrated at what she has endured, on the<br />

contrary, Sophia has embraced her journey.<br />

“I remember growing up very comfortable with<br />

myself,” Sophia shares. “I’ve always been confident<br />

and had an easy time making friends. Starting<br />

school did feel a little scary, but I’ve never been<br />

insecure about my hemangioma. I’ve always<br />

welcomed people talking to me about it.”<br />

Tonya admits that she initially was challenged<br />

by Sophia’s diagnosis. She felt worried<br />

about all the things she might not get to do or<br />

how her life might be harder. What she did not<br />

expect was what a gift Sophia’s journey would be<br />

to those around her.<br />

After an excellent elementary experience at<br />

First Presbyterian Day School, Sophia transitioned<br />

to Jackson Prep where she has excelled<br />

personally and socially. Sophia danced for years<br />

before transitioning to Prep’s award-winning<br />

Réveillon Show Choir. “They have really become<br />

like a family,” Sophia relates. “I’ve learned and<br />

grown so much in that program.” She has also<br />

served as a student ambassador and in Prep’s<br />

Service Club.<br />

One of her most colorful memories during<br />

high school was getting to be part of the Prep<br />

sailing team that won the Mississippi Sailing<br />

Championship her tenth-grade year.<br />

Since the age of thirteen, she has worked in<br />

her father’s family’s roofing business and, later,<br />

her aunt’s clothing boutique. Sophia explains that<br />

there has always been an expectation in her family<br />

that the kids would work. “Yes, we learned<br />

something about the business, but it was mainly<br />

to teach us responsibility and discipline. We have<br />

been encouraged to be people who give back.”<br />

Church membership has always been<br />

important in her family, and Sophia has also<br />

become involved in the Young Life organization<br />

where she has made close friends and been<br />

involved in weekly Bible studies. Last summer,<br />

she had the opportunity to work as a Young Life<br />

Capernaum Buddy, where the camps are created<br />

with teens and young adults with disabilities in<br />

mind. “I think, because I don’t look like the average<br />

person who has it all together, people find me<br />

more approachable. So, I’m able to use my birth<br />

defect as a blessing.” When asked how she feels<br />

she has grown from her struggles, Sophia<br />

expresses that, while her hemangioma has been a<br />

big part of her story, God has taught her that it<br />

doesn’t define her. Tonya agrees, “God has<br />

opened doors through this that wouldn’t have<br />

happened otherwise. I mean, even kids who have<br />

no disabilities feel insecure about themselves,<br />

and because Sophia accepts herself just like she<br />

is, she shines a light when she goes places.”<br />

Sophia recently found out that her next<br />

opportunity to do that will be at Samford, where<br />

she has been accepted into their nursing<br />

program. She is following in her mother’s<br />

footsteps (Tonya is a long-time surgical nurse)<br />

as well as honoring all the nurses who have made<br />

an impact on her during her health journey.<br />

As Sophia considers the blessings that have<br />

come from her trials, she thinks about the people<br />

who have been the biggest influence on her.<br />

She is quick to mention her mother, who is her<br />

biggest cheerleader. Her mentor, Amanda Slack<br />

from Prep, also comes to mind. She poured into<br />

Sophia through Bible study and their relationship<br />

for years. She particularly recalls a nurse<br />

anesthetist she had in Arkansas who brought<br />

Sophia stuffed animals from her travels. The<br />

woman would line them up around Sophia as<br />

she woke from her surgeries, so she felt immediately<br />

surrounded and loved. Reflecting on her<br />

future plans, Sophia wonders aloud if she may<br />

also want to pursue pediatric nursing and,<br />

perhaps, work with children with disabilities.<br />

After all the challenges Sophia has faced, she<br />

believes in God’s ability to use them for His glory<br />

and her good. As Romans 5:3-4 reminds the<br />

Christian - “We rejoice in our sufferings,<br />

knowing that suffering produces endurance,<br />

and endurance produces character, and<br />

character produces hope, and hope does not put<br />

us to shame, because God’s love has been poured<br />

into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has<br />

been given to us.” Sophia has faced her suffering<br />

with joy and hope and is confident in the God<br />

who holds her future and looks forward to<br />

continuing to be a light to others.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 49

50 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 51

52 • APRIL 2024

Susan Marquez<br />

Hoppin’<br />

toHelp<br />

Hoppin’ pin’<br />

toHelp<br />

He burrows under blankets,<br />

sleeps in the bed, settles in<br />

on the couch to watch TV,<br />

and rides in a stroller<br />

munching on bananas<br />

and apples.<br />

No, it is not a toddler that Katrinna Miller calls her baby. It is a two-year-old red kangaroo named Twix.<br />

“He’s special,” says Katrinna Miller, who lives with Twix and a menagerie<br />

of other animals on a thirty-acre ranch in Pisgah. “He is a therapy animal,<br />

so he spends time with a host of people who might benefit from his<br />

presence.” Katrinna and Twix have worked with law enforcement and the<br />

district attorney’s office to provide support to victims as well as working<br />

with homeless people. “He also spent time with Gabby Buford, a young<br />

girl dying of cancer. Twix was so gentle with her. Animals can be so<br />

comforting to people who are suffering.”<br />

Katrinna understands. She learned about the therapeutic power of<br />

animals while experiencing trauma growing up. From being put up for<br />

adoption by her dying mother, then suffering years of abuse, Katrinna<br />

found solace in animals and sports. “That was my outlet. I believe animals<br />

saved me. I knew I wanted to help others someday.”<br />

The first in her family to graduate from high school, Katrinna is now<br />

a graduate student at Jackson State University researching the humananimal<br />

bond. “I looked for the best animal to create that connection and<br />

my research led me to kangaroos.”<br />

Katrinna had already had experience in training therapy dogs, and<br />

she has several exotic animals. She also has a USDA zoo license. “We are<br />

only permitted to purchase animals from other USDA licensed owners.”<br />

In the summer of 2022, Katrinna drove to Missouri to pick up Twix.<br />

“He was so tiny, just five- or six-months old,” she says. “I had to bottle-feed<br />

him, and he slept with me – he had to sleep in a sack to replicate his<br />

mother’s pouch.”<br />

Today, Twix comes up to Katrinna’s hips, although she says he can<br />

eventually grow to be six feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. “He is super<br />

sweet and has never kicked. He loves to visit people, and one of his<br />

favorite things to do is ride our animal school bus. He loves looking<br />

out the window.”<br />

Twix is always making Katrinna laugh. “He gets so excited and tries<br />

to hop like a kangaroo, but he will sometimes fall. I tell him his hopper<br />

is broken!” She adds, laughing, “But make no mistake, he can hop just<br />

fine. He’s just a little clumsy!”<br />

There is a special bond between Katrinna and Twix, and when he is<br />

looking for her, he makes a clicking noise. “He loves to hug with his<br />

hands. It’s just so sweet. It’s been so cool to work with him.”<br />

Twix, like so many of Katrinna’s animals, makes appearances at schools,<br />

retirement homes, and medical facilities. “I took him to Mississippi Sports<br />

Medicine recently in his stroller, and the people there fed him apples<br />

and bananas.”<br />

Taking care of so many animals is a huge undertaking. Katrinna has a<br />

non-profit, U.S. Therapy Animals (formerly Mississippi Therapy Animals), and<br />

she says they are nationwide. I train all the animals here, and I serve as<br />

the handler. There is a national process and steps we go through as well.”<br />

While she has two children, a second grader and a<br />

senior in high school who help with the animals on<br />

occasion, Katrinna says she relies on carefully chosen,<br />

qualified, trained volunteers for the day-in-and-day-out<br />

care of the animals.<br />

Keep up with Katrinna and Twix on Facebook at /ustherapyanimals. U.S. Animal Services / usanimalservicesms.com / 601-376-9847<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 53

Love Where You Live!<br />

Call today to join in the fun!<br />

(601) 664-1966<br />

54 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 55

advertiser spotlight<br />

Discover<br />

Excellence<br />

in Roofing<br />

& Gutters<br />

In the heart of Mississippi, where the weather can be<br />

as unpredictable as it gets, your home needs a guardian<br />

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Look no further than Complete Exteriors – your one-stop destination<br />

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Protecting Your Haven<br />

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Your home is your sanctuary, and a sturdy<br />

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56 • APRIL 2024

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“Complete Exteriors is not<br />

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Hometown RANKIN • 57



Sat 27<br />

April 2024<br />


Rhett Akins: 7PM<br />


Rhett Akins<br />



Strawberry Lemonade<br />

• 1 lb. strawberries,<br />

plus more to garnish<br />

• 1½ cups granulated sugar<br />

• 2 cups fresh lemon juice,<br />

strained and divided<br />

• Ice<br />

• Lemon slices for garnish<br />

Hull and quarter the strawberries.<br />

Place the strawberries in a large<br />

bowl, stir in the sugar and ¼ cup<br />

lemon juice. Allow to sit covered for<br />

30 minutes. In a countertop blender,<br />

blend the strawberry mixture until<br />

pureed. Strain the mixture<br />

through a fine mesh<br />

sieve to remove seeds.<br />

In a large bowl, combine<br />

the strawberry puree<br />

with the remaining<br />

1¾ cups of lemon juice<br />

and 4 cups of water. Add<br />

up to 1 additional cup of<br />

water to taste if the mixture<br />

is too sweet or strong.<br />

To serve, stir and pour<br />

over ice. Garnish with sliced<br />

lemon and strawberries.<br />

Easy Pasta Salad<br />

• 3 cups uncooked fusilli pasta<br />

• 2 heaping cups halved<br />

cherry tomatoes<br />

• 1½ cooked chickpeas,<br />

drained and rinsed<br />

• 2 cups arugula<br />

• 1 cup cucumbers, sliced<br />

into thin half moons<br />

• 1 cup crumbled feta cheese<br />

• 1 cup basil leaves, torn<br />

• ½ cup minced parsley<br />

• ½ cup chopped mint<br />

• ¼ cup toasted pine nuts<br />

Prepare pasta according to package<br />

directions. Drain, toss with a little<br />

olive oil (so that it does not stick<br />

together), and let it cool to room<br />

temperature. Transfer to a large bowl<br />

with tomatoes, chickpeas, arugula,<br />

cucumbers, feta cheese, basil,<br />

parsley, mint, and pine nuts. Add<br />

dressing and toss to coat. Season to<br />

taste with more lemon, salt, pepper,<br />

and/or drizzle olive, if desired,<br />

and serve.<br />

Dressing<br />

• ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil<br />

• 3 Tbsp. lemon juice<br />

• 1 tsp. Dijon mustard<br />

• 3 garlic cloves, minced<br />

• 1 tsp. dried Italian seasoning<br />

• ¼ tsp. red pepper flakes<br />

• ¼ tsp. sea salt<br />

In a small bowl, whisk together all<br />

ingredients.<br />

Southern Pimento<br />

and Cheese<br />

• 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese<br />

• 8 oz. cream cheese, softened<br />

• ½ cup mayonnaise<br />

• 1 4 oz. jar diced pimento, drained<br />

• 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded,<br />

and minced (optional)<br />

• ¼ tsp. garlic powder<br />

• ¼ tsp. ground cayenne pepper<br />

(optional)<br />

• ¼ tsp. onion powder<br />

• Salt and black pepper to taste<br />

Mix all ingredients until thoroughly<br />

combined. Season to taste with<br />

black pepper. Enjoy with your<br />

favorite crackers!<br />

60 • APRIL 2024

Deviled Eggs<br />

• 12 whole boiled eggs<br />

• ½ cup mayonnaise<br />

• 2 Tbsp. yellow mustard<br />

• 2 tsp. dill pickle juice<br />

• ¼ tsp. kosher salt<br />

• ¼ tsp. black pepper<br />

• Hot sauce, optional<br />

• Ground paprika, for sprinkling<br />

• Chopped chives, optional<br />

Peel eggs, and cut in half, lengthwise.<br />

Remove yolks from the egg halves,<br />

and place them into a bowl. Mash<br />

yolks with a fork until they are broken<br />

up. Add mayonnaise, mustard, pickle<br />

juice, salt, pepper and a few drops of<br />

hot sauce, if desired. Stir to combine;<br />

mixture should be mostly smooth.<br />

Spoon mixture into a zip-top plastic<br />

bag, and snip ¼ inch of one of the<br />

bottom corners. Pipe the mixture into<br />

the egg white halves. Sprinkle eggs<br />

with paprika, and chill the eggs in an<br />

airtight container until ready to eat.<br />

Chef’s Salad on a Stick<br />

• 4 hardboiled eggs<br />

• ½ English cucumber<br />

• 2 oz. deli ham, thick cut<br />

• 2 oz. deli turkey breast, thick cut<br />

• 2 oz. deli roast beef, thick cut<br />

• 8 oz. Swiss cheese block<br />

• 1 head red lettuce<br />

• 16 grape tomatoes<br />

• 8 large green olives<br />

• 8 12-inch skewers<br />

• Ranch dressing<br />

• black pepper<br />

Cut each egg into four pieces. Slice<br />

cucumbers lengthwise, then cut into<br />

half circles, about a half inch thick.<br />

Cut ham, turkey, and roast beef slices<br />

lengthwise into 1-inch-wide strips.<br />

Roll each strip into a pinwheel. Cut<br />

Swiss cheese block into 16 squares.<br />

Alternating pieces, place two pieces<br />

each of cheese, cucumber, tomato<br />

and egg; 1 pinwheel each of ham,<br />

turkey, and roast beef; and three<br />

pieces of lettuce, each folded up into a<br />

bundle, on each skewer. Finish each<br />

skewer with one green olive. Serve on<br />

a platter drizzled with ranch dressing<br />

and sprinkled with black pepper.<br />

Ham Sandwiches<br />

with Quick Pickles<br />

• 2 small to medium Kirby<br />

cucumbers<br />

• ½ cup distilled white vinegar<br />

• ½ cup sugar<br />

• 2 tsp. pickling spice<br />

• 1 Tbsp. kosher salt<br />

• Pinch of cayenne pepper<br />

• 8 large slices of crusty white bread<br />

• ¾ cup Miracle Whip<br />

• 4 large leaves iceberg lettuce<br />

• 1 lb. country ham<br />

• Freshly ground black pepper<br />

Pickles<br />

Cut off the tops and bottoms of the<br />

cucumbers, then slice the ¼ inch<br />

thick. Put in a small heatproof bowl.<br />

Bring vinegar, sugar, pickling spice,<br />

salt, cayenne and ½ cup water to<br />

simmer in a medium saucepan over<br />

medium heat, stirring occasionally to<br />

dissolve the sugar. Remove from the<br />

heat, and pour over the cucumber<br />

slices. Press the cucumbers down so<br />

they are completely submerged.<br />

Let cool to room temperature, about<br />

45 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap<br />

and refrigerate until cold, at least<br />

1½ hours and up to 5 days.<br />

Sandwiches<br />

Spread four slices of bread with<br />

2 Tbsp. Miracle Whip. Top with a<br />

lettuce leaf and ham. Drain pickles,<br />

and pile on top. Season generously<br />

with black pepper. Spread remaining<br />

four slices with Miracle Whip and<br />

place on top of the sandwiches.<br />

Corn Salad<br />

• 4 large ears of yellow corn, shucked<br />

or 4 cups of drained, canned corn<br />

• 2 plum tomatoes, chopped<br />

• 1 avocado, peeled and chopped<br />

• 1 cup chopped red onion<br />

• 1 jalapeno stemmed and chopped<br />

• ½ cup chopped cilantro,<br />

plus leaves for garnish<br />

• ½ cup crumbled queso fresco,<br />

plus more for garnish<br />

• Lime wedges, for serving<br />

Salad<br />

Add corn to a large pot of water,<br />

season generously with salt and boil<br />

for 3 minutes. Let cool to room<br />

temperature. Slice kernels off the<br />

cobb. (You should have about 4 cups<br />

of corn). In a large bowl, gently toss<br />

corn, tomatoes, avocado, red onion,<br />

jalapeno, chopped cilantro, and queso<br />

fresco. Drizzle with dressing, and toss<br />

gently to coat. Sprinkle more cilantro,<br />

queso fresco, and chipotle chili<br />

powder. Serve with lime wedges.<br />

Dressing<br />

• ¼ cup sour cream<br />

• 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise<br />

• 2 Tbsp. lime juice<br />

• 2 tsp. hot sauce<br />

• ¾ tsp. kosher salt<br />

• ½ tsp. chipotle chili powder,<br />

plus more for garnish<br />

• ¼ tsp. ground cumin<br />

• ¼ tsp. black pepper<br />

In a small bowl, whisk all ingredients<br />

with 1 Tbsp. water.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 61

62 • APRIL 2024


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Hometown RANKIN • 63

SALUTE<br />

to First Responders<br />

What made you decide to work as a first responder?<br />

I grew up around the fire service. Both my dad and uncle were<br />

both firefighters. Most of my childhood was spent going to the<br />

fire house. I guess you could say it’s in my blood. I had more<br />

interest in the medical aspect of it and chose to become a<br />

paramedic.<br />

How long have you been with the Pafford EMS?<br />

In total, three-and-a-half years between two stents. I worked at<br />

AMR between the two stents, but I’m at home with Pafford.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Brittany.<br />

We’re approaching our seventh year of marriage. We have<br />

an eight-month-old son, Baker, and our dog, Sadie.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in your spare time.<br />

I enjoy spending time with my family as much as possible.<br />

I also enjoy being in the outdoors, hunting, and fishing.<br />

Paramedic<br />

Collin<br />

PINTER<br />


What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

I want travel and attend a game at all the Major League Baseball<br />

stadiums, visit all of the National Parks in the U.S., and go on an<br />

elk hunt.<br />


64 • APRIL 2024

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

My Pop. He recently passed, but the love he had for<br />

his family was second-to-none. He taught me so much,<br />

and I took for granted all he did and meant to me.<br />

What advice would you give to a young person?<br />

Find what you’re passionate about, and pursue it. When<br />

you do pursue it, find someone with experience, and<br />

soak up as much information as you can. Never have the<br />

mindset of “I know everything.” You have the opportunity<br />

to learn new things every day; take advantage of it.<br />

What is your favorite thing about Rankin County?<br />

I like the sense of community. I really get to see it first hand<br />

being a first responder. Neighbors helping neighbors, and<br />

strangers helping strangers. That is hard to find nowadays.<br />

I’ve lived in Rankin County for the majority of my life.<br />

I’m proud to serve in the county I live in.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 65



.00 %<br />

APY1<br />

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66 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 67

Addiction treatment for adults<br />

Inpatient and outpatient treatment<br />

components can include:<br />

• Medical, mental health and behavioral health assessments<br />

• One to two individual therapy sessions per week<br />

• Group therapy including 12-step principles and journaling<br />

• Family therapy sessions as needed<br />

• Ongoing psychiatric medication management<br />

• Alcoholics Anonymous ® and Narcotics Anonymous ® meetings<br />

• Develop relapse prevention coping skills<br />

• Healthy relationship building<br />

• Improve mental and physical wellness<br />

• 24/7 access, call to learn more<br />

Call 601-936-7886 to schedule a<br />

confidential, no-cost assessment.<br />

Walk-ins are welcome and most<br />

insurances are accepted.<br />

Learn more at brentwoodjackson.com.<br />

3531 Lakeland Drive<br />

Flowood, MS 39232<br />

601-936-7886<br />

Model representations of real patients are shown. Physicians are on<br />

the medical staff of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare, but, with limited<br />

exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents<br />

of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare. The facility shall not be liable for actions<br />

or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability<br />

accommodations and the nondiscrimination notice, visit our website.<br />

240334-0517 3/24<br />

Help a child<br />

While you shop.<br />

Friends of Children’s Hospital Debit Card<br />

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Service Is Our Legacy<br />

From our beginning in a one-room building in Jackson,<br />

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© Copyright 2023 BankPlus.<br />

Member FDIC.<br />

68 • APRIL 2024<br />

Hometown Rankin April 2024 ad 4x5.indd 1<br />

3/7/24 9:15 AM

Prep athletes endure and strive<br />

to reach their personal best. While<br />

winning will always be our goal, it<br />

is not our purpose. Our purpose at<br />

Jackson Prep is to help our students<br />


academically, athletically,<br />

artistically, and spiritually.<br />

Will Crosby, Athletic Director<br />

PreK-3 through Grade 12<br />

j a c k s o n p r e p . n e t<br />

Jackson Preparatory School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 69

70 • APRIL 2024<br />

National Wild Turkey Federation<br />

Rankin County Chapter<br />

March 7 / Brandon Municipal Complex

Hometown RANKIN • 71

72 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 73

I like chickens<br />

because they run<br />

around funny.<br />

I like to watch them.<br />

Georgia, Age 8<br />

My favorite animal is a dog<br />

because my dog is silly when<br />

he meets new people and<br />

makes them happy.<br />

Linley Kate, Age 8<br />

I love sharks. I think they’re<br />

cool because they are<br />

almost at the top of the<br />

food chain in the ocean.<br />

Mason, Age 7<br />

What’s your favorite<br />

animal and why?<br />

Cats are my favorite<br />

because I have two of them,<br />

named Cookie Dough,<br />

and Slushie.<br />

Eliza James (EJ), Age 8<br />

74 • APRIL 2024<br />

Dogs are my favorite<br />

because I have one named<br />

Sookie. I love playing<br />

fetch with her.<br />

John Wesley, Age 8<br />

My favorite animal is an owl<br />

because I like how they<br />

can turn their heads<br />

all the way around.<br />

Megan, Age 8

My favorite animal is a<br />

cat because I have one,<br />

and she makes biscuits.<br />

Ava, Age 8<br />

I love dogs<br />

because they<br />

bark at<br />

new people.<br />

Mae, Age 7<br />

My favorite animal is a dog<br />

because I have a pet dog<br />

named Major. When I go to bed,<br />

he always snuggles with me.<br />

Olivia, Age 7<br />

My favorite animal is a wolf.<br />

They have white and gray fur,<br />

and those are my<br />

favorite colors.<br />

Lou, Age 7<br />

Cheetahs are<br />

my favorite<br />

because they<br />

are fast.<br />

Chase, Age 8<br />

I like sharks because they<br />

have cool teeth. I love finding<br />

shark teeth in the sand.<br />

Ivey, Age 7<br />

My favorite animal is a<br />

goldfish. I like them because<br />

they swim underwater.<br />

Jonah, Age 8<br />

My favorite animal is a<br />

baby white tiger because<br />

they’re so cute.<br />

Louis, Age 8<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 75

76 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 77


Northwest Rankin<br />

Elementary<br />

NWRE is “shining bright” and sharing kindness.<br />

Recently, our entire school immersed itself in a thematic unit<br />

of kindness. By learning to walk in another’s shoes through<br />

read alouds, videos, and hands-on-activities, our Cougars have<br />

discovered what it is like for those who must think outside of<br />

the box to create their own practical skills for living.<br />

We kicked off the spring semester with Kindness Week,<br />

where 2nd through 5th graders began a read aloud adventure<br />

through the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio, while our pre-k<br />

through 1st graders studied We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio.<br />

As all twenty-six classroom teachers read, we learned that life<br />

is not perfect. We should always choose kindness because we<br />

never know what someone is going through.<br />

In February and March, NWRE continued their journey of<br />

empathy as we embarked on a One Book-One School read<br />

aloud for Read Across America. Aven Green, Music Machine<br />

by Dusti Bowling shares the struggles of an eight-year-old girl<br />

who was born without arms. We followed Aven as she paved<br />

her own way through everyday experiences that many of us<br />

would find easy to accomplish in our own lives.<br />

On March 21st, we partnered with the Central Mississippi<br />

Down Syndrome Society for World Down Syndrome Day.<br />

Each class read You are Enough: A Book About Inclusion by<br />

Margaret O’Hair and Sofia Sanchez, which taught our students<br />

that being unique is what makes us all special! Our goal is for<br />

everyone to feel valued and included!<br />

A tremendous take-away from these social/emotional<br />

lessons this semester is that we are all limitless. If we try<br />

our best and do not give up, you never know what can be<br />

accomplished. We encourage our students to always lead<br />

with their hearts and choose kindness. Shine bright, NWRE!<br />

“When you let your light shine, you brighten the world.”<br />

-Margaret O’Hair<br />

78 • APRIL 2024

Northshore Elementary<br />

Students at Northshore Elementary love learning! Teachers work hard to provide the<br />

students with engaging activities – from educational field trips, to learning how plants<br />

grow, to seeing if you really can fry an egg outside on a hot day.<br />

Students love learning outside of the regular classroom at Northshore. Students<br />

attend STEM, computer class, library, music, and PE weekly. Students also have<br />

opportunities to be in the honor choir, the school’s book club, dance class, chess club,<br />

and the Lego club.<br />

Students at Northshore love helping others. In September, the students participated<br />

in Go Gold Day and collected toys for the Children’s of Mississippi Hospital. Northshore<br />

teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and donated over $5,000, which enabled<br />

a local child to get his wish! In February, the students had their Booster-thon Fun Run,<br />

which is their yearly school fundraiser.<br />

Students at Northshore love to have fun. In the fall, students dressed up during<br />

Homecoming Week and Red Ribbon Week. The PTO held a fall festival for the students<br />

in October; the students played games, ate treats, and got their faces painted. In January,<br />

Northshore celebrated the 100th Day of School. In March, Northshore celebrated Read<br />

Across America Week by having the whole school read Judy Moody Was in a Mood.<br />

Each day, the students listened to “secret readers” and dressed up as different<br />

book-related themes.<br />

Dedicated staff and parents make Northshore Elementary a place that students<br />

love to be!<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 79


McLaurin High<br />

The McLaurin High School art department is a vibrant,<br />

special part of the MHS community and gives students<br />

a space to express their creativity and hone their artistic<br />

skills. For the past four years, the department has<br />

cultivated and executed a relatively new annual event<br />

for the community titled “Night of the Arts.” This event<br />

serves as a showcase for the work students have<br />

created throughout the year as well as an opportunity<br />

for families in the community to enjoy performances by<br />

the talents of the McLaurin band and theater<br />

departments. This year’s event will take place on<br />

Thursday, April 18th, at MHS.<br />

In addition to enriching the culture on campus,<br />

McLaurin’s chapter of the National Arts Honor Society<br />

recently took a field trip to the Mississippi Museum of<br />

Art to view the celebrated exhibit “Picasso Landscapes:<br />

Out of Bounds.” Here, students were able to delve<br />

deep into discussions about Picasso’s work and the<br />

motivations behind it. These opportunities for students<br />

to grow as young artists would not be possible without<br />

the dedication and leadership of McLaurin’s art<br />

teachers Mrs. Lindsay Pecou and Mrs. Lydia Herd.<br />

80 • APRIL 2024

Pearl Public School District<br />

Read Across America 2024 • “You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”- Dr. Seuss<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 81

TheTime COIN<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Othel and I went for a walk this morning.<br />

It’s a blessed part of retirement.<br />

We can choose our morning times without the interference of work schedules – and morning times are my<br />

favorite. My body feels more “recharged” than in the evening walks, and the brisk, spring air is easy to breathe.<br />

I’ve never had the luxury of walking through neighborhoods. If I walked in Etta, I descended and ascended<br />

our mini Mt. Rushmore hilltop or walked out the “back 40” which was less challenging but on a dirt road<br />

and into more woods. I loved our wooded, rural paths but paved neighborhoods are more suited to retirement<br />

age.<br />

I enjoy viewing the variety of homes and yards. We pass homes without tree swings or basketball goals in the<br />

driveway. The lawns are neat – no ruts or worn home plate sports. The little ones have most likely left the nest,<br />

and the home remains but never will be quite the same.<br />

A few yards stand out as unkempt. The weeds are springing up and out of the flower beds, and the shrubs<br />

are growing with no intimidation of shears or clippers. Could be time and health have left their marks on the<br />

homeowners. Death could have robbed the home and left Loneliness to share the half-empty house along with<br />

a yard that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.<br />

Some homes have indoor watch dogs that alert their owners to strangers near their homes. Lots of homes<br />

have barking security systems in their backyards. I’m grateful that leash laws are enforced in our neighborhoods!<br />

I’m a walker – not a runner!<br />

I enjoy the homes where Green Thumbs live. Flowers around homes always cause me to slow down and<br />

enjoy the beauty and appreciate the many varieties God has created. Spring is flowers’ happy time in the south,<br />

and this season makes for comfortable walks as well as a lot of blooming joy.<br />

Some carports house cars with overflow vehicles in their driveways. Most likely,<br />

it’s a sign of teenagers or multiple family members. Either way it’s a sign that extra<br />

prayers are needed. I’m grateful God hears prayers for strangers, too.<br />

There’s usually an occasional “For Sale” or realtor sign in a yard – regardless of our<br />

walking route. My mind conjures up possible reasons – a job change or promotion,<br />

retirement to another home closer to relatives, heartaches due to life’s trials and<br />

tribulations, or growing families in need of more space.<br />

Today’s walk only led us one and a half miles – not a true calorie burner but enough time and sights to remind<br />

me that a home is a wonderful blessing – especially in our neighborhood. We didn’t hear any exploding bombs<br />

or sporadic artillery fire. Protestors weren’t crowding any of the streets, and we didn’t hear the first siren. No<br />

armed militia stood at any corner, and we didn’t see any yellow tape fixed to a dwelling or yard. Home – peaceful,<br />

safe homes – they make for happy walks and another reminder of how grateful we should be.<br />

82 • APRIL 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 83

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