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4 • FEBRUARY 2024

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Hometown RANKIN • 5

6 • FEBRUARY 2024


Legends are always fascinating, which is why I wanted to visit a<br />

place of legends and meet two of the people this issue highlights.<br />

I was in the Coach Billy Rhodes Gymnasium of East<br />

Rankin Academy, the center of activity during basketball<br />

season, when it hit me.<br />

A true wave of memories raced through my mind as I<br />

heard the basketballs bouncing over the familiar hardwood.<br />

For a brief, satisfying moment, I was running out on the<br />

basketball court of my high school team as a New Albany<br />

Bulldog. The fans and families filled the stands and cheered<br />

us to a lot of victories. I was learning teamwork, discipline,<br />

the ability to overcome defeats, and the joy of victories.<br />

There were lots of skinned knees and multiple bruises,<br />

but I carried them as tokens of competition.<br />

Hopefully, Hometown Magazines will always touch<br />

hearts with special memories and challenge each of us<br />

to be “team players” focused on making our hometown<br />

the best it can be.<br />



Tahya Dobbs<br />

CFO<br />

Kevin Dobbs<br />


Mary Ann Kirby<br />


The Way We Were 10<br />

Reader Spotlight 15<br />

Hometown Family 18<br />

Living the Legacy 24<br />

Kids Who Care 30<br />

Bully Prevention Awareness 42<br />

First Responders 52<br />

The Time Coin 58<br />

...see you around town.<br />


Barbie Bassett<br />


Amy Forsyth<br />



Melissa Kennon<br />



Alisha Floyd<br />


Daniel Thomas<br />

3dt<br />

STAFF<br />


Othel Anding<br />

STAFF<br />


Debby Francis<br />


Susan Wolgamott<br />

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Hometown RANKIN • 7

8 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 9

Jane & Steve Wilson<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Sometime between Steve<br />

Wilson’s high school and college<br />

days, a wise friend suggested that<br />

Steve make a list of the qualities<br />

or traits that he would want in a<br />

future wife. He recalls his list that<br />

named “good-looking, smart, and<br />

a sense of humor.”<br />

By the time Jane Pinson was a<br />

teenager, she had begun to make her<br />

checklist for a future husband to<br />

fill. First, he had to be a Christian,<br />

then a man of integrity with a<br />

sense of humor.<br />

With their forty-first<br />

anniversary coming this July 23rd,<br />

it appears all their expectations for<br />

a happily-ever-after relationship<br />

were and are being met. Jane said,<br />

“We’ve always been comfortable<br />

together.” Being in their company<br />

any length of time gives credence<br />

to her statement.<br />

Steve describes his unique way<br />

of becoming acquainted with Jane.<br />

“I made friends with her mother<br />

before I made friends with Jane.”<br />

That is because Steve worked<br />

part-time at the YMCA where<br />

Jane’s mother was the bookkeeper.<br />

Jane would work there in the<br />

summers when she was home<br />

from Ole Miss.<br />

Their occasional conversations<br />

led Steve to ask Jane for a date.<br />

They still remember dining at<br />

Cock of the Walk and seeing the<br />

Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.<br />

There was an immediate<br />

connection that kept them dating.<br />

Steve was pursuing his goal of<br />

becoming a medical doctor, taking<br />

all the biology and chemistry<br />

courses at Millsaps and then at<br />

Mississippi College. It was on the<br />

Natchez Trace while traveling to<br />

classes at Mississippi College that<br />

he distinctly sensed God speaking<br />

to him. The direction was plain:<br />

“Your job is to point people to Me.”<br />

There was little hesitation for<br />

Steve to change his life course.<br />

Even though medical professions<br />

were predominant in Steve’s<br />

family, he never wavered in his<br />

obedience to his very clear call.<br />

Jane was not surprised when Steve<br />

shared this turn in his plans, and<br />

becoming a minister’s wife didn’t<br />

deter Jane’s devotion to this young<br />

man who had already won her heart.<br />

After dating for a full year<br />

while Jane was a student at Ole<br />

Miss, Steve drove to Oxford for a<br />

date that would cement their<br />

relationship. It was on January 13,<br />

1983, on the grounds of Rowan<br />

Oak. Steve dropped to a knee<br />

and asked Jane to marry him. She<br />

accepted his request, and in July of<br />

that year, walked down the Hillcrest<br />

Baptist Church aisle in South<br />

Jackson on her dad’s arm to repeat<br />

vows with Steve. Her dad cried,<br />

but Jane and Steve shared a united<br />

joy that would continue to grow in<br />

the years to come.<br />

Preparation for the ministry<br />

meant enrolling in New Orleans<br />

Baptist Theological Seminary.<br />

The couple lived across from Billy<br />

and Flo Simmons, Steve’s New<br />

Testament professor. It did not<br />

take the newlyweds long to realize<br />

how God was meeting all their<br />

needs. The Simmons “adopted”<br />

the young couple and demonstrated<br />

10 • FEBRUARY 2024

“...be reminded<br />

that your spouse<br />

loves you, so always<br />

show grace.”<br />

to Steve the humility, beauty, and<br />

joy of allowing Christ to live in<br />

and through a Christian – even a<br />

seminary professor. Flo mentored<br />

Jane on how to live and flourish as<br />

a pastor’s wife. One key piece of<br />

advice was, “Accept that you can’t<br />

do everything people think you<br />

can do.”<br />

The Wilson’s first pastorate<br />

was in Temple Baptist Church in<br />

Dermott, Arkansas, from 1986 to<br />

1992. They left there to answer<br />

Meadow Grove Baptist Church’s<br />

call to be their pastor. That is<br />

where they still serve and lead in<br />

their Brandon community.<br />

They are parents to three<br />

grown sons. Robert is on staff as<br />

manager of student opportunities<br />

at The Open University in<br />

England, an online college with<br />

175,000 students. Jess is his wife,<br />

and they have two children, Ella<br />

and Jack. Andrew is married to<br />

Zoë. They have one son, Emmett.<br />

Andrew is working toward his PhD,<br />

while on staff at the New Orleans<br />

Seminary Caskey Center for<br />

Church Excellence, in preaching.<br />

John, the youngest, has a master’s<br />

degree in divinity and is studying<br />

toward his Master of Theology<br />

while on staff at Southeastern<br />

Baptist Theological Seminary in<br />

Wake Forest, North Carolina.<br />

The Wilsons’ sons have all<br />

attained to higher education,<br />

which leads one to inquire about<br />

their childhood. Jane said, “We<br />

read to them at an early age, and<br />

they learned to love books and<br />

read a lot on their own.”<br />

Steve added, “We limited<br />

their screen time, talked to them<br />

like adults, and did fun things as a<br />

family.” Both parents agreed that<br />

friends become more important as<br />

children get older, and it is essential<br />

for parents to know their kids’<br />

friends. The question was raised<br />

about cell phones. Those were<br />

granted when their teenagers<br />

got their drivers’ licenses. Steve<br />

interjected, “I told them they<br />

could borrow their friends’ phones<br />

if they ever had an emergency.”<br />

Chores were another key to<br />

teaching their sons responsibility.<br />

They learned to cook, and all<br />

began doing their own laundry<br />

at age seven.<br />

As a pastor, it is no surprise to<br />

hear Steve’s advice to newly married<br />

couples: “Get involved in church.<br />

Start doing life together with<br />

believers, and good things will<br />

materialize.” Jane sees communication<br />

as a key to enriching a<br />

marriage – it needs to be learned.<br />

Steve closed out with grace.<br />

“During misunderstandings, be<br />

reminded that your spouse loves<br />

you, so always show grace.”<br />

It is obvious that Steve’s choice<br />

in his bride and his obedience to<br />

God’s call, blended with Jane’s<br />

role as pastor’s wife and mother,<br />

has resulted in lives that are<br />

blessed while their lives bless<br />

others. Their future promises to<br />

follow their lives’ blueprint.<br />

Steve put it in his own words,<br />

“I don’t want to stop living<br />

before I die.”<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 11

12 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 13

What We Offer:<br />

• 24-Hour Personal Care<br />

• Respite Care Services<br />

• Private Rooms<br />

w/ Private Bath<br />

• Housekeeping &<br />

Laundry Service<br />

• Scheduled Transportation<br />

• Managed Medication<br />

Assistance<br />

• Adult Day Care Services<br />

• 3 Delicious Meals Daily<br />

• Onsite Beauty Salon<br />

• Exciting and Engaging<br />

Activities and Outings<br />

• Religious Services<br />

• PhysicalTherapy Services<br />

• Beautiful Common Areas to<br />

Entertain or Relax<br />

Our mission at PlainView is simple: To provide the highest quality personal care services to our<br />

residents every day with the love, compassion, dignity and respect they deserve. Our goal is to<br />

provide a retirement lifestyle that is bright, vibrant, and exciting and that is enriched by friends<br />

and family in our southern style community. The heartbeat of our company is our dedicated and<br />

experienced staff, who enrich the lives of each resident daily.<br />

A Better View Of Life<br />

Schedule your welcome visit today (601) 664-1966<br />

214 Spell Drive Richland, MS - www.hickoryseniorliving.com - info@hickoryseniorliving.com<br />

14 • FEBRUARY 2024

READER<br />


Morgan<br />

BAILEY<br />

Tell us about your occupation.<br />

I am the director of sales at the Blake at<br />

Flowood. I have been here since October 2023.<br />

I love being part of such a special community<br />

and enjoy the relationships I get to make with<br />

each resident as well as every family that takes<br />

time out of their day to tour our community and<br />

trusts us with their loved ones. I also help out at<br />

Rollin Beans Coffee Company on Spillway<br />

Road every now and then! Best coffee in<br />

Rankin County!<br />

Why did you decide to make Rankin County<br />

your home?<br />

I was born in Rankin County! My parents felt<br />

Rankin County was the best place to start a<br />

family and knew it was somewhere they would<br />

want to stay forever.<br />

How long have you lived in Rankin County?<br />

My whole life. I attended Brandon schools from<br />

kindergarten through graduation. I spent a<br />

semester at the Hinds Rankin Campus before<br />

transferring to Mississippi State University.<br />

After graduation, I moved back to Rankin<br />

County to begin my adult life.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

My mom, stepdad, brother, and stepsisters live<br />

in Brandon. My mother is a home health nurse,<br />

and my stepdad is a teacher at Brandon Middle<br />

School. My dad, stepmom, and step siblings live<br />

in Madison. My dad is a NICU nurse, and my<br />

stepmom is a labor and delivery nurse. I am<br />

blessed with a beautiful, blended family! I am<br />

recently engaged to Robert Cox, and we will be<br />

starting our own family in September of 2024!<br />

What is your favorite memory of living in<br />

Rankin County?<br />

Being a homecoming maid and riding through<br />

downtown Brandon during the homecoming<br />

parades. There was such an overwhelming sense<br />

of community, and I loved seeing the parade<br />

route jam-packed with what felt like every<br />

single person in Brandon.<br />

Where are your three favorite places<br />

to eat in Rankin County?<br />

El Sombrero in Pearl (best street tacos around!),<br />

The Cleaners, and OEC.<br />

What are some fun things to do in<br />

Rankin County on the weekends?<br />

I love going out to eat with my friends on the<br />

weekends. I love having lots of great restaurants<br />

to choose from! I also love going to concerts at<br />

the Brandon amphitheater and shopping in<br />

Dogwood.<br />

What do you enjoy doing in your spare<br />

time?<br />

I am beginning to enjoy wedding planning!<br />

I enjoy spending time with my friends and<br />

family and working out at Burn Boot Camp.<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I admire so many of my sweet residents at the<br />

Blake at Flowood. It is incredible to be let into<br />

their daily lives. I am working in their home and<br />

each and every person has their own background<br />

and life story that I can learn from daily.<br />

Where do you see yourself in ten years?<br />

I hope to be still living in Rankin County with<br />

my children attending the Brandon school<br />

systems where my fiancé and I both attended<br />

school.<br />

What is your favorite childhood memory?<br />

Walking to Shiloh Park and watching the<br />

fireworks for the Fourth of July or Brandon Day.<br />

I grew up in a home directly behind the t-ball<br />

fields, so we could walk as a family, to where the<br />

splash pad is now, and sit and watch the<br />

fireworks.<br />

If you could give us one encouraging<br />

quote, what would it be?<br />

Nobody is paying as much attention to your<br />

failures as you are.<br />

What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

Go snow skiing, read the entire Bible, and go to<br />

Greece.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 15

16 • FEBRUARY 2024

Personal Banking<br />

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really matters.<br />

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YOUR HEART is in<br />

theRIGHT PLACE.<br />

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provides leading expertise in cardiovascular care. As the top<br />

provider of cardiac, vascular and venous services in Central<br />

Mississippi, we have delivered the most advanced treatment<br />

options available to patients for more than five decades.<br />

We can guide you through heart disease prevention and<br />

ways to make lasting lifestyle changes that decrease your<br />

risk. Let’s hear what your heart has to say.<br />

Visit stdom.com/heart to schedule a heart health checkup<br />

to discuss your risk of heart disease and steps you can take<br />

to prevent it.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 17

18 • FEBRUARY 2024

TheRenos<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

Kyle’s hobbies include exercising, hunting, and fishing.<br />

Katie’s hobbies include exercising, going on long walks with Kyle,<br />

reading books, and always finding herself at a grocery store to get<br />

snacks for the kids.<br />

Cooper is eleven years old and enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing<br />

all sports.<br />

Able is eight years old and loves playing with Legos, playing soccer,<br />

and climbing trees.<br />

Lincoln is five years old and plays with toy robots and Legos.<br />

Tucker is five years old and enjoys wrestling with his brothers.<br />

Joy is three years old and loves taking care of her baby dolls.<br />

How did you meet and how long have you been married?<br />

We met on a mission trip in Ecuador where we spent time going to<br />

different villages sharing the Gospel and giving kids some of their first<br />

pairs of shoes. We’ve been happily married for sixteen years.<br />

Do you allow time with your spouse for a date night?<br />

Although we enjoy date nights, we usually have Friday morning<br />

dates together while the kids are in school. Primos Cafe is a great<br />

breakfast date spot!<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 19

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent?<br />

Our story to become parents has been our greatest joy. God blessed<br />

us with five amazing kids. We struggled with being able to have kids<br />

for over seven years and had doctors give us no hope. By God’s<br />

calling, we adopted Cooper and Able and experienced unexplainable<br />

joy when both of them were placed in our arms. A few years later,<br />

God did an absolute miracle, and we got pregnant with our twin<br />

boys. Then, the cherry on top was getting pregnant again with our<br />

daughter, Joy. It’s a huge honor to be their parents.<br />

What is your discipline philosophy with your kids?<br />

We need the Lord’s help in this every day. Our goal is to intentionally<br />

have close relationships with each of our kids, so when we do<br />

discipline, it comes from a place of love and trust. We want to<br />

discipline immediately and consistently and always love abundantly.<br />

We continually pray together as parents and declare scripture over<br />

our kids.<br />

What’s a quick go-to meal that isn’t fast food?<br />

And who does the cooking?<br />

Katie usually does the cooking and our quick, go-to meal is<br />

Sausage Tortellini Soup.<br />

• 6 links sweet Italian sausage<br />

• 2 cloves garlic, minced<br />

• 1/2 onion, chopped<br />

• 2 cans beef broth<br />

• 2 cans water<br />

• 14.5 oz. diced tomatoes<br />

• 1 1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning<br />

• 2 cups sliced zucchini<br />

• 1 can kidney beans<br />

• 1 cup carrots diced<br />

• 1 package cheese tortellini<br />

• grated parmesan<br />

In saucepan, heat oil over medium heat and brown sausage links.<br />

Add garlic and onion. When onion is tender and sausage is cooked,<br />

slice sausage links. In large pot, bring beef broth, water, sausage,<br />

garlic, onion, Italian seasoning, tomatoes, zucchini, kidney beans,<br />

and carrots to boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 10-20<br />

minutes. Add tortellini, and cook until tortellini is tender.<br />

Serve with Parmesan cheese.<br />

Who is the financial manager in your home?<br />

We’re both aware of all of our personal finances, but Katie manages<br />

the bills and budget.<br />

What are your favorite things about Rankin County?<br />

We quickly realized how much the people of Rankin County<br />

love where they live. They have a sense of pride for their part of<br />

the community. It excites us to watch how much the county is<br />

growing and thriving.<br />

How do you spend your summer breaks?<br />

We love to use the summer break as a moment to rest intentionally<br />

from routine and spend lots of time outside with friends. We usually<br />

take a trip to Smith Lake and the Gulf Coast beaches to spend time<br />

with family.<br />

What drives you to have the job that you have?<br />

And what do you do for a living?<br />

Kyle I was radically saved by the Lord at nineteen years old.<br />

Then, He called me to preach at the age of twenty-one. After<br />

struggling through the process of surrender, I haven’t looked back.<br />

For twenty- one years, I’ve been blessed to be a part of His work<br />

in the world. I have the privilege of serving as senior pastor at<br />

Crossgates Baptist Church.<br />

Katie I have an elementary education degree and use every bit<br />

of it while being a stay-at-home mom right now. I also feel honored<br />

to be a pastor’s wife to Kyle. We get to serve the local church, talk<br />

about the hope we have in Jesus, and minister to people. Doesn’t<br />

get better than that!<br />


Favorite Family Activity?<br />

Cooper going on trips Able going to Smith Lake in Alabama<br />

Lincoln playing with toys Tucker making s’mores<br />

Joy playing at the playground.<br />

Favorite Restaurant?<br />

Cooper Wendy’s Able Primo’s Café Lincoln The Cleaners<br />

by Pizza Shack Tucker Lost Pizza Joy Primo’s Café<br />

Favorite TV Show?<br />

Cooper Hunting Public Able Dude Perfect<br />

Lincoln Transformers Tucker Transformers Joy Frozen<br />

Favorite Book to Read as a Family?<br />

The Adam Raccoon book series by Glen Keane<br />

20 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 21

22 • FEBRUARY 2024

(833) POS-STEP (767-7837)<br />

149 Fountains Blvd.<br />

Madison , MS<br />

positivestepsfertility.com<br />

LGM Weddings<br />



All The Pretty Things<br />





TEXT/CALL: 601-316-4685<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 23

24 • FEBRUARY 2024

“Shoot 100 shots<br />

every day,” and she<br />

did-as a third grader!<br />

Then, she began dribbling<br />

her basketball up and down<br />

the driveway. More coaching<br />

instructions came: “Dribble<br />

two basketballs using both<br />

hands,” and she did!<br />

Those coaching instructions might have<br />

seemed challenging to most children her age,<br />

but for Brooke Rhodes, it was a must to follow<br />

because those instructions came from her<br />

legendary granddaddy, Billy Rhodes. Everyone<br />

in the surrounding area of Pelahatchie knows<br />

him as the basketball coach that trained and<br />

coached young athletes from 1970 to 2016,<br />

winning state championships in ‘75, ‘76, and<br />

‘77. In addition, the gym and growth of the<br />

private school would not have become a reality<br />

without the Rhodes husband-wife team who<br />

invested so much of their lives and are now<br />

delighted to see its present enrollment grow<br />

to over 700.<br />

By the time Brooke reached the eighth<br />

grade, it was obvious to everyone, especially<br />

her granddaddy and dad, that she had the<br />

“gift” for excelling in basketball. When her<br />

granddaddy was not instructing, her dad<br />

filled in. Even Brooke’s mom worked as her<br />

rebound partner when Brooke shot rounds<br />

upon rounds of practice shots.<br />

Brooke’s high school years on the hardwood<br />

continued to display her talent. She averaged<br />

21.4 points and led East Rankin Academy to<br />

a 35-2 record and the MAIS Overall Tournament<br />

Championship for the first in school<br />

history. Brooke scored 35 points in the final<br />

game, and 2,568 total points in her high school<br />

career. College recruiting letters began to<br />

acknowledge her talent by her junior year.<br />

She accepted a scholarship to Delta State,<br />

believing its size and distance from home was<br />

the best choice. After three successful years<br />

there, her coach took another position which<br />

left Brooke considering her own transfer to<br />

University of Southern Mississippi. With<br />

only a year of eligibility left to play basketball,<br />

Brooke understood the challenge it would<br />

present to hone her skills and become a player<br />

that could compete at this new level.<br />

Brooke described that challenge, “The girls<br />

on the team were better, taller, and appeared<br />

to have more skills than I was expecting.<br />

However, I knew I wasn’t going to sit on the<br />

bench my senior year, so I knew I had to work<br />

harder and play better than I had ever played.”<br />

Her determination and drive delivered and<br />

earned her the award of MVP at the end of<br />

her senior year at Southern. After graduating,<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 25

she switched from playing on the hardwood<br />

to coaching. Brooke was an assistant coach at<br />

Central Arkansas, Jones College, Presbyterian<br />

College in South Carolina, and Western<br />

Carolina for a combined six years before<br />

returning home. “It was where I<br />

knew I was supposed to be<br />

– I sensed God calling me<br />

to return to my roots.”<br />

In only her third season at East Rankin,<br />

it is obvious that her playing “gift” has<br />

progressed into a coaching “gift.” She and<br />

her team hold a 26-4 record so far this year,<br />

and the Lady Patriots have set their sights<br />

on the 5A state title and an even higher goal<br />

of the Overall title.<br />

The coaching fit is perfect for Brooke.<br />

She loves the game and is passionate about it.<br />

She confessed that she played with passion<br />

and coaches in the same manner. Her passion<br />

spills over at certain times, which is why her<br />

dad sits beside her during the games. “He’s<br />

been known to give my jacket a little yank at<br />

times to keep me calm!”<br />

26 • FEBRUARY 2024

Coach Rhodes wants her players to know<br />

that she loves them and that they can always<br />

trust her word. In the midst of molding them<br />

into stellar athletes, she is also instilling lifetime<br />

values of integrity and servanthood.<br />

“I want younger girls to want to be like these<br />

players on and off the court.”<br />

Brooke’s coaching schedule of 5th graders<br />

through high school does not leave much downtime,<br />

but she thrives on any free time that she<br />

gets to spend on her family’s farm and with her<br />

nieces, Reese and Libby. Hay-baling is another<br />

family affair when she helps drive the heavy<br />

farming equipment. Her coach’s office holds<br />

past memorabilia relating to her impressive<br />

career. A crowded rack of basketballs line one<br />

wall and her framed Southern jersey is mounted<br />

to her right. The office is not occupied much of<br />

the week – Coach is usually on the court doing<br />

what she is gifted at and loves. Today her PawPaw<br />

joined the interview. Their love and admiration<br />

for each other were expressed often during our<br />

talk. He has been her chief mentor, and she has<br />

been his delight.<br />

PawPaw pointed out that she has refused some<br />

coaching offers with salaries far exceeding her<br />

present one, but Brooke was quick to explain<br />

that money was not her goal. For now, she is<br />

where God wants her – enjoying coaching<br />

in a supportive school and community, living<br />

“next door” to family, and going to work every<br />

weekday in a building with her PawPaw’s name<br />

printed across the front. There is an enviable<br />

supply of contentment in Coach Rhodes’s office.<br />

The legacy? To be continued.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 27

28 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 29

30 • FEBRUARY 2024


Mary Grace Tomlinson<br />

Mistie Desper<br />



PERSONIFIED. She has always had<br />

the ability to see a need and fill it.” Mom,<br />

Lauren, praises her daughter’s servant’s<br />

heart. From an early age, Mary Grace<br />

Tomlinson, a freshman at Florence High<br />

School, has had a strong desire to not only<br />

be the best version of herself but to also be a<br />

role model for her peers to pursue acts of<br />

kindness and service to those in need. She<br />

would always lend a helping hand wherever<br />

she could. In middle school, she took this<br />

kindness one step further.<br />

Having family and close family friends<br />

who had courageously served in the military,<br />

Mary Grace and her father Bryan noticed<br />

that the flag was not being raised on campus.<br />

Being patriotic and recognizing the respect<br />

that should be shown for our flag and country,<br />

she knew she had to take action. Mary Grace<br />

reached out to the administration and thus<br />

the Flag Raisers Club was born with her<br />

leading others as president. “I felt that it was<br />

important because things like this can get<br />

lost in today’s society.” When she moved up<br />

to the high school, she made sure that an<br />

election was held and the position was filled<br />

to keep raising the flag each and every day<br />

carrying on the legacy she started.<br />

Attending Lakeshore Church in Byram<br />

keeps Mary Grace quite busy. There, she<br />

serves on the praise and worship team, is<br />

part of the children’s ministry, helps with<br />

their annual summer programs and vacation<br />

Bible school. She also helps with their<br />

popular outreach programs like the fall<br />

festival and the enormously anticipated<br />

yearly live nativity drive-through. The live<br />

nativity takes many hands to execute, but it is<br />

such a joy for the young, and young-at-heart,<br />

to be able to drive through with a CD story<br />

of Christ’s birth. Lakeshore draws a huge<br />

crowd for this event, and Mary Grace is<br />

honored to be a part of it when she can. “I just<br />

hope that my actions in the community show<br />

others Jesus. It can be hard for others to<br />

participate, and I hope that by seeing me<br />

and others, it can make it easier for someone<br />

my age to do the same. I strive to be my best<br />

self and try to always be encouraging and<br />

welcoming to everyone, especially those<br />

younger than me.”<br />

Kelsey Williams, assistant principal at<br />

Florence High School, said, “I am not sure<br />

that I have ever met a student who is more<br />

dedicated to serving others than Mary Grace.<br />

She is always willing to help faculty, staff,<br />

and other students in need. She has helped<br />

tour new students around the school, recited<br />

the pledge over the intercom daily, and<br />

volunteered to set up car rider speakers many<br />

afternoons. She is truly a ‘kid who cares’ as<br />

she represents the Florence community with<br />

passion and humility.”<br />

Bryan, Lauren, and sister, Rory, are so<br />

proud of Mary Grace and her willingness to<br />

get out in her community and serve. “She is<br />

just so humble, she won’t tell you exactly<br />

everything she has done for her community.”<br />

Lauren shared that Mary Grace has also<br />

been involved in the Color A Smile program<br />

that sends colored sheets to those in nursing<br />

homes, adoption agencies, and even our<br />

military troops to brighten their day.<br />

Her Sunday school class raised money<br />

for Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that<br />

builds houses, schools, hospitals, and<br />

churches in areas affected by disaster,<br />

poverty, and war. She decided to take the<br />

donations public into her school and ended<br />

up raising a substantial amount for the<br />

organization. Mary Grace has also given up<br />

the traditional things for herself like<br />

birthday gifts. For many years, she has asked<br />

that donations be made to CARA (Community<br />

Animal Rescue and Adoption)<br />

instead. “She is just so self-motivated and<br />

driven to succeed. We really don’t deserve<br />

her and her goodness, but we sure are<br />

thankful that the Lord gave her to us<br />

because she is just too good for this world.<br />

We are so proud of her and cannot wait to<br />

see what the future holds for her,” said<br />

Lauren. As she continues to enjoy her high<br />

school years serving her community and<br />

playing soccer for her school, she is thinking<br />

about life after high school and considering<br />

a future career in physical therapy or<br />

chiropractic care. Mary Grace is excited for<br />

her future and left me with her favorite<br />

Bible verse, Esther 4:14 which reminds us<br />

that God has a plan for our life even when<br />

He asks us to do difficult things and that<br />

we can always have hope and confidence<br />

that God is there for us.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 31

32 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 33

34 • FEBRUARY 2024<br />

88th Annual Children’s Benefit Gala<br />


Hometown RANKIN • 35

36 • FEBRUARY 2024

This story begins in 2020, when my husband was deploying and covid<br />

was preparing to take over the U.S. We were completely unprepared<br />

for the deployment, let alone a pandemic, when he came home<br />

after drill and told me that he was going to be gone for a year.<br />

I understand that this is a part of being a military spouse.<br />

It’s something that we “sign up” for–at least that’s what they tell us.<br />

And, for the most part, we are pretty resilient and flexible. And while<br />

we do break, somehow, we always figure out how to piece ourselves<br />

back together.<br />

Deployments are just a part of the package when you marry a<br />

service member. As a wife, this would be our second deployment of<br />

our marriage. As a mom, however, it would be our first. We struggled<br />

to get prepared for when my husband would leave in March of 2020.<br />

As adults, we understand what it means when someone deploys.<br />

We can understand that this is a vital part of being in the military<br />

and that, ultimately, it’s going to happen. For my little boy, who was<br />

almost three years old, I didn’t know how to explain this. I tried to<br />

tell him that his daddy had to go away for a while. But for a child,<br />

there is no concept of time. That could mean a few hours, or a<br />

couple of days, even.<br />

While we wrestled with our own breaking hearts, I realized that<br />

if it hurt me and my husband this badly, it was going to hurt our son<br />

even more.<br />

We had discovered the animatronic dinosaurs at the Natural<br />

Science Museum and we frequently visited them, trying desperately<br />

to make as many memories as possible before my husband left for<br />

a year. Then, one day, the exhibit was over, and the dinosaurs were<br />

gone. My little boy, Maddox, kept asking us, “where did the dinosaurs<br />

go?” He asked it over and over again.<br />

That’s when I had an idea. I told him that Daddy was going to go<br />

find the dinosaurs and bring them home! He would be gone for a<br />

long time because they had a lot of dinosaurs to track down.<br />

When the time came for my husband to leave, we had a plan.<br />

We were going to swap dinosaur stories while he was away! The<br />

night my husband boarded a plane leaving the country, in his<br />

possession was also a plastic Spinosaurus named Sergeant Steg.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 37

Over the course of a year, Maddox and I<br />

used dinosaurs to go on adventures, to take<br />

photos with friends, and used our dinos to<br />

tell Daddy all about what we were learning!<br />

We even sent our friend, Sgt. Steg, a care<br />

package full of gummy fish, berries, and a<br />

blanket. He became the unofficial mascot of<br />

the entire battery. I was working at the<br />

Mississippi National Guard at the time and<br />

when they caught wind of our story, they<br />

loved it! They wanted to make sure every<br />

kid with deployed parents got a dinosaur to<br />

go on adventures with, too.<br />

I realized that this wasn’t just an idea<br />

anymore. This was a children’s book. I<br />

began writing, researching, and trying to<br />

find someone to help me create it. And<br />

when I couldn’t find an illustrator, I started<br />

drawing for hours a day and putting the<br />

ideas I had on paper.<br />

38 • FEBRUARY 2024<br />

My husband had returned at this point,<br />

and we went through the typical postdeployment<br />

emotions that meant getting<br />

to know each other all over again. This brings<br />

with it its own special kind of challenges, but<br />

through it all, I kept drawing and kept writing.<br />

For three years, I drew for hours at night<br />

while everyone was asleep. When my<br />

grandma was sick and dying in the hospital,<br />

I drew by her bedside. After all, she was<br />

the one who told me that I was capable<br />

of writing this story.<br />

In 2022, I saw some illustrations at a<br />

children’s book festival that were absolutely<br />

incredible. They made me realize that if I was<br />

going to do this, I had to put my heart and<br />

soul into my illustrations. My husband took<br />

us to Washington, D.C., in March of 2022,<br />

and I met with a Navy spouse to show her<br />

my book. When she told me that she loved<br />

it, that was all I needed to push forward and<br />

finally complete my book, “Super Dangerous<br />

Top Secret Dinosaur Mission.”<br />

The reason I’m writing this is because it’s<br />

my son’s story. The courage that I witnessed<br />

from him as a 3-year-old gave me the stamina<br />

to write, illustrate over 60 different scenes,<br />

edit, learn how to format, and ultimately<br />

begin printing our special project.<br />

Maddox’s story, the story of a child<br />

struggling with separation, anxiety, and fear,<br />

is very common among military children.<br />

We have books for children all over the<br />

world, but we have few books about coping<br />

with deployments, and even fewer that ask<br />

children to use their imaginations to<br />

overcome traumatic separations.<br />

The dinosaurs are also a way of bringing<br />

tangibility to “bad guys.” They can see what<br />

their parent/guardian, etc. is up against and<br />

it is not as frightening as hearing that<br />

Daddy/Mommy has to go away for a while<br />

to fight the scary people.

Children don’t understand why their parent(s)<br />

can’t do their jobs from home. They become<br />

afraid that the bad guys are going to hurt<br />

their parents, or possibly even them. Because<br />

of these intangible fears that our military<br />

children face, I believe that this book can<br />

help them. I have faith that this book will give<br />

them the courage to use their imaginations,<br />

the most powerful thing in this world, and<br />

look beyond the unknown to create a world<br />

that they can understand.<br />

Maddox is six now, and still in love with<br />

dinosaurs. He’s also my co-author. This book<br />

is a love letter to my little boy. I had no<br />

experience in drawing, and if you’ve ever<br />

illustrated something, you know how<br />

tedious it can be, especially for a beginner.<br />

My love for him kept me going–not just<br />

while writing and illustrating this book, but<br />

also during the deployment.<br />

There were times when I was sure it was<br />

going to break me. I believe that it did once<br />

or twice. But, seeing my little boy’s courage<br />

made me get back up every time. Military<br />

kids will do that to you.<br />

My husband has been a huge cheerleader<br />

through this whole process, as well as my<br />

little community of military and non-military<br />

friends and family. Now, I want to share this<br />

story with everyone else, so they can use it to<br />

keep pushing when their spouse is deployed,<br />

and when everything seems like it’s going to<br />

cave in on them.<br />

Thank you for reading our story.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 39

40 • FEBRUARY 2024

OUR<br />

jacksonprep.net I 601.939.8611<br />

Inpatient mental health services for senior adults ages 65+<br />

Psychiatric assessments may be necessary<br />

if an individual has trouble with:<br />

• Memory loss<br />

• Mood disturbances<br />

• Depression or anxiety<br />

• Coping with losses and transitions<br />

• Activities of daily living<br />

• Substance use<br />

We can help with no-cost assessments<br />

available 24/7. Walk-ins are welcome and<br />

most insurances accepted. Call us today<br />

at 601-936-7886 to take the next step.<br />

Learn more at brentwoodjackson.com.<br />

3531 Lakeland Drive • Flowood, MS 39232<br />

601-936-7886<br />

Model representations of real patients are shown. Physicians are<br />

on the medical staff of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare, but, with<br />

limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not<br />

employees or agents of Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare. The facility<br />

shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.<br />

For language assistance, disability accommodations and the<br />

nondiscrimination notice, visit our website. 232304-2988 11/23<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 41

Bully<br />

Prevention<br />

Awareness<br />

CATEGORY 1 PreK - 2nd<br />

For the past eight years, the Rankin<br />

County School District has hosted their<br />

Bully Prevention Awareness Poster Contest.<br />

Students from grades Pre-K to 12th are<br />

encouraged to submit original artwork<br />

addressing positive friendships, peer<br />

pressure, peer conflict, as well as physical<br />

bullying, emotional bullying, social bullying,<br />

and cyber-bullying. In recent years, we added<br />

a poetry division for the middle/high division<br />

to allow another creative outlet for students.<br />

“This contest, along with other programs<br />

and initiatives, serves our students by<br />

allowing them to think outside the box and<br />

visually present problems that they or other<br />

students may face in regard to bullying and<br />

also offers a way for them to be a part of<br />

the solution. We feel that when students<br />

are reaching out to one another and striving<br />

for positivity through opportunities like this<br />

contest, they are providing their peers with<br />

a message of support and hope,” said<br />

Ginger Jones, RCSD director of student<br />

support services and counseling.<br />

The winning posters and poems in each<br />

category are placed in all 28 of the schools<br />

in the Rankin County School District.<br />

Colton McCoy 2ND GRADE Steen’s Creek Elementary - $100<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Lyla Schaffhauser 2ND GRADE StoneBridge Elementary School - $50<br />

Posters were submitted for judging at the<br />

school level, and each school submitted<br />

three posters and three poems to go on to<br />

the district level competition. Each of the<br />

six categories had district-level first, second,<br />

and third place winners. Rankin County<br />

School District had the twelve winning<br />

posters and six winning poems reproduced<br />

to display in district schools and offices.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

The Foundation for Rankin County Public<br />

Schools provided checks in the amount<br />

of $100 for first place winners,<br />

$50 for second place winners, and<br />

$25 for third place winners.<br />

Devansh Sadhu 1ST GRADE Northwest Rankin Elementary School - $25<br />

42 • FEBRUARY 2024

CATEGORY 4 9th-12th Poster<br />

Jossalyn White 10TH GRADE<br />

Brandon High School - $100<br />

Lauren Entremont 11TH GRADE<br />

Brandon High School - $50<br />

Kaitlyn Gowdy 12TH GRADE<br />

Northwest Rankin High School - $25<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 43

CATEGORY 3 6th-8th Poetry<br />

“Put Yourself In Their Shoes”<br />

“In the End Kindness Wins”<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Broken Crayons Still Color<br />

McKinley Stanton 8TH GRADE<br />

Richland High School - $100<br />

CATEGORY 4 9th-12th Poetry<br />

Put Yourself in Their Shoes<br />

Braelyn Vincent 8TH GRADE<br />

Brandon Middle School - $50<br />

In the End Kindness Wins<br />

Sadie-Jane Boyd 6TH GRADE<br />

Pisgah Elementary School - $25<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Easily Renewed<br />

Josiah Johnson 9TH GRADE<br />

Pisgah High School - $100<br />

Words Hurt<br />

Marli Sutherland 11TH GRADE<br />

Florence High School - $50<br />

Clouds<br />

Ruthie Partridge 9TH GRADE<br />

Puckett High School - $25<br />

44 • FEBRUARY 2024

CATEGORY 2 3rd-5th Poster<br />

Richard Traylor 5TH GRADE<br />

Northwest Rankin Elementary School - $100<br />

Ellie Kellems 4TH GRADE<br />

Brandon Elementary School - $50<br />

Clara Nelson 3RD GRADE<br />

Puckett Elementary School - $25<br />

CATEGORY 3 6th-8th Poster<br />

Annabelle Long 7TH GRADE<br />

Northwest Rankin Middle School - $100<br />

Maycee Fallin 6TH GRADE<br />

Richland Upper Elementary School - $50<br />

Violet Sanchez 7TH GRADE<br />

Richland High School - $25<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 45

Help a child<br />

While you shop.<br />

Friends of Children’s Hospital Debit Card<br />

The Friends Card cost $12 per year, 100% of which is donated to Friends.<br />

BankPlus makes a donation to Friends each time the card is used.<br />

Available via instant issue. Since inception, the Friends debt card has<br />

raised over $4,000,000.<br />

© Copyright 2023 BankPlus.<br />

Member FDIC.<br />

46 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 47

Quick Strawberry Jam<br />

• 1 quart hulled strawberries<br />

• ½ cup sugar<br />

• 2 Tbsp. fresh<br />

lemon juice<br />

Process<br />

strawberries in<br />

a food processor<br />

until coarsely chopped. Transfer to<br />

a large skillet, and stir in sugar and<br />

lemon juice. Cook over mediumhigh<br />

heat, stirring frequently, until<br />

jam is thickened and bubbles<br />

completely cover surface, 9 to 10<br />

minutes. Transfer jam to a jar and<br />

let cool to room temperature. To<br />

store, seal jar and refrigerate up to<br />

10 days.<br />

Strawberry<br />

Blue Cheese Pizza<br />

• 1 (11oz.) tube refrigerated<br />

thin pizza crust<br />

• 2 Tbsp. olive oil, divided<br />

• 1 Tbsp. honey<br />

• 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese<br />

• ½ cup blue cheese crumbles<br />

• 8 medium strawberries,<br />

hulled and thinly sliced<br />

• 2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves<br />

Preheat oven to 400. Line a rimmed<br />

baking sheet with parchment paper.<br />

Stretch the pizza dough on baking<br />

sheet into approximately a 10x14<br />

inch rectangle. Brush the dough<br />

with 1 Tbsp. oil. Bake 5 minutes.<br />

In a small bowl, whisk together<br />

remaining 1 Tbsp. oil with the<br />

honey. Season with pepper, and<br />

set aside. Sprinkle the mozzarella<br />

and blue cheese over<br />

partially baked dough.<br />

Arrange strawberries on<br />

top and sprinkle with<br />

thyme. Bake 13-16 minutes,<br />

until the crust is golden<br />

brown on bottom. Drizzle<br />

honey mixture over pizza<br />

and serve.<br />

Barbecue<br />

Strawberry Chicken<br />

• 2 Tbsp. canola oil<br />

• 4 boneless skinless chicken<br />

breast halves (6 oz. each)<br />

• 2 Tbsp. butter<br />

• ¼ cup finely chopped red onion<br />

• 1 cup barbecue sauce<br />

• 2 Tbsp. brown sugar<br />

• 2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar<br />

• 2 Tbsp. honey<br />

• 1 cup sliced strawberries<br />

Preheat oven to 350. In a large,<br />

ovenproof skillet, heat oil over<br />

medium-high heat. Brown chicken<br />

on both sides. Remove from pan.<br />

In same pan, heat butter over<br />

medium-high heat. Add onion;<br />

cook and stir until tender, about<br />

one minute. Stir in barbecue sauce,<br />

brown sugar, vinegar, and honey.<br />

Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer<br />

uncovered until thickened, 4-6<br />

minutes. Return chicken to pan.<br />

Bake until thermometer reads 165,<br />

12-15 minutes. Stir in strawberries.<br />

48 • FEBRUARY 2024

Strawberry Biscuits<br />

• 2/3 cups flour<br />

• ¼ cup sugar<br />

• 1 Tbsp. baking powder<br />

• ¼ tsp. salt<br />

• ¾ cup butter, frozen<br />

• 1 cup diced fresh strawberries<br />

• 2/3 cup buttermilk<br />

• 1 tsp. vanilla extract<br />

• 1 Tbsp. heavy cream<br />

• 2 Tbsp. sugar<br />

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a<br />

baking sheet with parchment paper.<br />

Combine flour, ¼ cup sugar, baking<br />

powder, and salt in a large bowl. Place<br />

frozen butter into dry ingredients.<br />

Gently mix. Add strawberries and<br />

mix until strawberries are coated with<br />

the flour mixture. Combine buttermilk<br />

and vanilla. Pour into strawberry<br />

mixture and stir until barely combined.<br />

Do not overmix or biscuits will be<br />

tough. Use an ice cream scoop to<br />

scoop biscuits onto the prepared<br />

baking sheet. Brush top of biscuits<br />

with heavy cream, and sprinkle with<br />

the 2 Tbsp. sugar. Bake in the<br />

preheated oven until bottoms are<br />

browned, 15 to 17 minutes. Let sit<br />

for 5 minutes. Remove biscuits, and<br />

cool completely on a wire rack.<br />

Glaze<br />

• ½ cup confectioner’s sugar<br />

• 1 Tbsp. milk<br />

Whisk together powdered sugar<br />

and milk together in a cup. Drizzle<br />

over biscuits.<br />

Pork Tenderloin Medallions<br />

with Strawberry Sauce<br />

• 1½ cups reduced-sodium<br />

beef broth<br />

• 2 cups chopped fresh strawberries,<br />

divided<br />

• ½ cup white wine vinegar<br />

• ¼ cup packed brown sugar<br />

• ¼ cup reduced sodium soy sauce<br />

• 3 garlic cloves, minced<br />

• 2 lbs. pork tenderloin,<br />

cut into ½ inch slices<br />

• 1 tsp. garlic powder<br />

• ½ tsp. salt<br />

• ½ tsp. pepper<br />

• 2 Tbsp. canola oil<br />

• 2 Tbsp. cornstarch<br />

• 2 Tbsp. cold water<br />

• ½ cup crumbled feta cheese<br />

• ½ cup chopped green onions<br />

In a large saucepan, combine broth,<br />

one cup strawberries, vinegar, brown<br />

sugar, soy sauce, and garlic; bring to a<br />

boil. Reduce heat; simmer uncovered<br />

for 15 minutes or until slightly<br />

thickened. Strain mixture and set<br />

aside liquid, discarding solids. Sprinkle<br />

pork with garlic powder, salt, and<br />

pepper. In a large skillet, heat oil over<br />

medium heat. Brown pork in batches<br />

on both sides. Remove and keep<br />

warm. Add broth mixture to pan;<br />

bring to a boil. Combine cornstarch<br />

and water until smooth, and gradually<br />

stir into skillet. Return pork to the<br />

pan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat;<br />

cook and stir until sauce is thickened<br />

and pork is tender, about 2 minutes.<br />

Top servings with cheese, onions, and<br />

remaining 1 cup of strawberries.<br />

Strawberry Cobbler<br />

Filling<br />

• 2 lbs. strawberries, trimmed<br />

and quartered (6 cups)<br />

• 1 cup granulated sugar<br />

• 1/3 cup cornstarch<br />

• 1 tsp. coarse salt<br />

• 2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice<br />

Preheat oven to 375 with racks in<br />

middle and bottom. Line a baking<br />

sheet with foil, and place on bottom<br />

rack to catch any bubble over. Stir<br />

together berries, sugar, cornstarch,<br />

salt, and lemon juice. Transfer to a<br />

2½ quart baking dish.<br />

Topping<br />

• 1¾ cups all-purpose flour<br />

• ¼ cup sugar<br />

• 1¾ tsp. baking powder<br />

• ¾ tsp. coarse salt<br />

• 6 Tbsp. cold unsalted butter,<br />

cut into pieces<br />

• 1 cup heavy cream, plus more<br />

for brushing<br />

• Sanding sugar, for sprinkling,<br />

optional<br />

• Heavy cream or ice cream,<br />

for serving (optional)<br />

Whisk together flour, sugar, baking<br />

powder, and salt. Cut in butter until<br />

the largest pieces are the size of small<br />

peas. Add cream, and use a fork to<br />

incorporate, stirring until a soft sticky<br />

dough forms. Dollop dough over<br />

filling, dividing evenly into 9 pieces.<br />

Brush with cream and sprinkle with<br />

sugar. Bake until biscuits are golden<br />

brown in the center, about 1 hour and<br />

10 minutes. Cool at least 1 hour<br />

before serving.<br />

Strawberry Salsa<br />

• 9 oz. strawberries, hulled and diced<br />

(1½ cups)<br />

• ¼ cup finely diced red onion<br />

• ½ jalapeno, finely chopped<br />

(remove seeds for a less spicy salsa)<br />

• ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro<br />

• Kosher salt<br />

• Tortilla chips for serving<br />

Combine strawberries, onion,<br />

jalapeno, and cilantro in a bowl and<br />

season with salt; refrigerate 15<br />

minutes. Serve with tortilla chips.<br />

Strawberry Spinach Salad<br />

• 2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil<br />

• 1 Tbsp. white balsamic vinegar<br />

• Coarse salt and freshly ground<br />

pepper<br />

• 4 cups lightly packed baby spinach<br />

• 6 ounces strawberries (1½ cups),<br />

hulled and thinly sliced<br />

¼ cup almonds (1½ oz.),<br />

toasted and coarsely chopped<br />

• 1 Tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted<br />

• 2 oz. feta, crumbled<br />

Whisk together oil and vinegar in<br />

a large bowl. Season with salt and<br />

pepper. Add spinach, strawberries,<br />

almonds, sesame seeds, and feta.<br />

Gently toss until spinach is evenly<br />

coated with dressing. Serve<br />

immediately.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 49

50 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 51

SALUTE<br />

to First Responders<br />

What made you decide to work as a first responder?<br />

As a child, I always had an interest in fire and EMS services.<br />

When I graduated high school, I wasn’t exactly sure what I<br />

wanted to pursue. I rode along with a paramedic friend of mine,<br />

and after riding just a few hours with him, I knew it’s what I<br />

wanted to do. I enrolled in EMT school the next day.<br />

How long have you been with the Pafford EMS?<br />

I’ve been with Pafford since they began operating in Rankin<br />

County in 2015. Previously, I was a firefighter and paramedic<br />

at Brandon Fire Department and AMR. I also volunteer with<br />

Puckett Fire Department.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I have been married to Molleigh for 14 years, and we have a<br />

10-year-old son, Hayes. We live in the Puckett community.<br />

What is the toughest thing you have experienced<br />

in your job?<br />

The hardest part of the job for me is taking care of sick children<br />

or seeing children in conditions that you wish you could get<br />

them away from. That’s always been tough.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in your spare time.<br />

In my spare time, I enjoy taking my family to all Mississippi<br />

State athletic events. My son is a huge fan and doesn’t want to<br />

miss a game! When we aren’t in Starkville, we love to travel.<br />

We love to visit Walt Disney World, go on cruises, and new<br />

places we have never been!<br />

Curtis<br />

Paramedic<br />

WELDON<br />


What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

I would love to travel out west to Yellowstone and Grand Teton<br />

National Park. I want to travel to Europe. I would also like to<br />

complete a marathon one day.<br />


52 • FEBRUARY 2024

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I’ve had many mentors and people in my life that have<br />

meant a lot to me, but I always looked up to and admired<br />

my grandfather, Don Henry. He passed away when I was<br />

in high school, but my time with him shaped me into the<br />

person I am today.<br />

What advice would you give to a young person?<br />

Always be open to new experiences and never stop<br />

learning. Find something you love, and give it all<br />

you’ve got.<br />

What is your favorite thing about Rankin County?<br />

I’ve lived in Rankin County my whole life, and I have<br />

always enjoyed the small town feel of Rankin County.<br />

It seems like everywhere you go you see someone you<br />

know. The main reason I came to Pafford was because<br />

I wanted to work in my home county. I wouldn’t want<br />

to live or work anywhere else.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 53


Pearl Public School District<br />

Mississippi Interim State Superintendent of Education Dr. Raymond C. Morgigno recently visited Pearl Upper Elementary to commemorate<br />

the school’s A-rating. During the celebration, fifth-grade science teacher Jennifer Hite received the surprise of a lifetime - the national<br />

Milken Educator Award along with a $25,000 prize! The Milken Educator Award recognizes outstanding educators for their excellence and<br />

innovation in the field of education.<br />

54 • FEBRUARY 2024

Jackson Prep<br />



Congratulations to Mrs. Bailey’s fifth grade<br />

homeroom for winning the Parklane Academy<br />

Supply Drive Competition by bringing the most donations!<br />

Prep Middle School students donated various supplies<br />

to restock Parklane Academy’s<br />

STEM Lab after their recent fire.<br />

Front L-R: Gabriella Coxwell, Lucy Robertson,<br />

Patrick Gunn, Beau Bitner, Walt Mardis,<br />

Metta Margaret Ferris, Everly Smith.<br />

Back L-R: Walker Teague, Henry Collins,<br />

Andrew Vanderloo.<br />


The Jackson Prep Upper School VEX Robotics competition<br />

team recently won their first tournament. Recognized<br />

with the Excellence Award, this top award signifies their<br />

status as the best overall team and qualifies them for the<br />

state championship. To obtain this award, the team<br />

competed against other high schools in interviews and<br />

the submission of their engineering notebooks garnering<br />

high rankings. Congratulations to team members<br />

L-R: Miriam Caballero, Bennett O’ Quinn, Payne Stroud,<br />

Jefferson Keller, and Jake Zhang.<br />

Not pictured: Lola Burch and Brock Young.<br />


Congratulations to Jackson Prep seniors<br />

Margaret Dye and Percy Oliver for completing their<br />

Make A Difference project supporting Clinton Retirement<br />

Home. Over Christmas break, the students decorated<br />

hallways and doors, provided Christmas foods and<br />

spirited visits for weeks leading up to Christmas Day.<br />

For their volunteerism, Dye and Oliver were awarded<br />

the Jackson Prep Impact Award for Leadership<br />

and Excellence. L-R: Margaret Dye,<br />

Colonel William Merrell, Director of the Global<br />

Leadership Institute, Percy Oliver.<br />


Shown in costume at their first Colonial Fair are<br />

Jackson Prep Lower School fourth graders.<br />

L-R: Matthew Hammack, Millie Tompkins, teacher<br />

Tori Williams, Anna Kathryn Hinshaw, Lucy Maddux,<br />

Arjun Adari, Samuel Warf, Britt Bitner.<br />


Jackson Prep students were featured in the holiday<br />

classic, The Nutcracker, held at Thalia Mara Hall<br />

(Ballet Mississippi) and Jackson Academy<br />

(Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy).<br />

Ballet Mississippi ballerinas L-R: Anna Kathryn Hinshaw,<br />

Polly Waterloo, Madelyn Magee. Back L-R: Sims Abdalla,<br />

Mary Harr Payne, Lily Frances Garner, McClain Morgan,<br />

Olivia Thompson, Ruby Hospodor.<br />

MMDA L-R: Avery Dale, Stella Barbour-Matthews,<br />

Hart Maley, and Caroline McPhillips.<br />


Jackson Prep recently held its annual<br />

Poetry Out Loud competition.<br />

This year’s top three winners,<br />

L-R: Brianna Wang (Grade 9), third alternate;<br />

Allie Landry (Grade 11), winner;<br />

Caleb Zhu (Grade 10), second alternate.<br />

Landry will go on to compete in the regional<br />

competition in February 2024 with a chance<br />

to progress to the state finals in March.<br />

Hometown RANKIN • 55


Florence High<br />

Eaglette Dance Team Wins Double State Championship<br />

The Florence High School Eaglettes competed in the MHSAA<br />

State Dance Championship on December 8, 2023, at the<br />

Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson. The team was awarded a<br />

state title in 3A-5A Hip Hop as well as 3A-5A Pom. Outgoing<br />

co-captain and senior Avery Meredith stated,” There are no<br />

words to describe this feeling. We worked so hard to get to<br />

this point, and we overcame so much. We had teammates<br />

get injured or become ill, but we banded together to work<br />

through it. This was the goal we set in August, and to be able<br />

to bring those trophies home to our school makes us so proud!”<br />

Rising senior and incoming team captain Sydney Higdon<br />

agreed. She said, “It still doesn’t seem real! When they<br />

called our name, we just screamed and hugged. It was such<br />

a memorable day! As a team, we cannot wait to get started<br />

on our 2024 season. We love our school and our Eagles, and<br />

we want to represent them well in every pep rally and game.<br />

We want to hear our names called as a 2024 champion, too!”<br />

Eaglette seniors are Alana Guillot, Avery Meredith, Brelyn<br />

Muse, Sarah Register, and Lanie Smith. Juniors are Sydney<br />

Higdon and Carley Jo Smith. Sophomores are Kylie Bates,<br />

Laina Dunkley, Sawyer Register, Shelby Claire Walters,<br />

and Ashlyn Watts. Team freshmen are Skylar Cloer, Skylar<br />

Dickerson, Kaylee Hall, Avery Martin, Taylor Raymond,<br />

Sammy Sebren, and Mary Yates. The team is under the<br />

direction of Amy McAllister and Taylor Willoughby. Florence<br />

High School’s principal is Mr. Keith Reed. FHS Athletic<br />

Director is Mr. Brian Huskey.<br />

56 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 57

TheTime COIN<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Long-stem roses for Valentine romantics?<br />

For sure, and my “significant other” knows that I am overly fond of roses, but I prefer them with<br />

their roots on and ready to plant. Just fill me with joy by allowing me to grow my own Valentine<br />

roses in their growing season.<br />

Recently, it was a mild February day that rose pruning was calling. I grabbed my<br />

clippers, garden gloves and some garbage bags and proceeded to my rose garden.<br />

The end of their blooming year had left them with long, rambling stems and ragged<br />

ends. I’m not a prolific rose grower, but the task of trimming my less than a dozen<br />

plants would take time and a lot of wrangling to bag the cuttings.<br />

The thorns are the problem. Unless I snip the cuttings into small pieces, pushing<br />

the prickly stems into a plastic bag is like poking a wild cat into a duffle bag.<br />

(Simply an imaginary comparison!)<br />

With protective gloves, jeans, and long-sleeved shirt, I launched into my task.<br />

It’s not a job one rushes! Even with my garden gloves, the thorns outwitted me.<br />

They snagged my clothes, managed to scratch my arms, and found weak spots<br />

in my gloves.<br />

By the time I finished, I felt wounded. By night, my fingers were sore, and I was<br />

probing into my fingertips with a needle. Some of the tiny thorns had stayed after their<br />

piercings. The pruning had taken several hours and numerous, painful thorn punctures.<br />

As I examined my fingers for more thorn splinters, I thought of the care that roses needed.<br />

The humidity and extreme temps in Mississippi would never be optimum growing conditions.<br />

Herbicides were a necessity to help keep them healthy, and they required regular feedings and<br />

watering during droughts. Were they worth the cost, their requirements and pain?<br />

Then I remembered the first buds of spring, the joy of cutting fresh bouquets, the aroma and<br />

beauty they added to a room, and the color they added to my garden. Yes, they were worth it!<br />

The following morning, I spotted another small thorn that I had to remove from my red and<br />

tender thumb. It was almost microscopic – so much smaller than the circle of thorns that were<br />

pressed onto Christ’s head before His crucifixion. I wondered what servant was forced to weave<br />

such a painful task. Even the handling of so many thorns surely left some wounds, but to be pierced<br />

violently by having that painful crown pressed into His scalp was so cruel, so brutally agonizing.<br />

During those horrible hours, was there ever a point at which Jesus must have thought,<br />

“Are they worth it?”<br />

How I want to be.<br />

58 • FEBRUARY 2024

Hometown RANKIN • 59

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