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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Annual {eport

2006 – 200 7

Our mission

To eliminate poverty housing from the Twin Cities and to make decent,

affordable shelter for all people a matter of conscience.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Annual {eport 2006 – 200 7

Sharing our lives

A rural minister finds miracles on the streets of inner city Minneapolis.

A suburban couple teaches their children the value of philanthropy. An

accomplished attorney uses his voice and experience to bring diverse people

together to express themselves through good works and to celebrate their

optimism about the future.

Life offers opportunity … and choices. Which path will we take when

faced with adversity? What will we fashion out of hope? How will we share

our blessings of time and means?

The stories in this report tell of opportunities taken, of countering adversity

with joy and commitment, of turning good fortune into a guardian genius.

The people on these pages have responded to our mission because

it speaks to the need for a just world. They are ambitious, but not for

themselves. They have lived lives of quiet intention, their values not merely

voiced, but shared through acts of generosity and love. Grace has passed

gently through their hands.

Sue Haigh


Mark Lee

Board of Directors Chairperson

Those who persevere

Orin Scandrett became involved with affordable

housing neither by design nor by chance. It’s just

that, in his world, every ministry is interconnected.

The early 1980s. Orin Scandrett, a South Dakota pastor

and Free Methodist Conference Superintendent, came to

Minneapolis — temporarily — with a group of other congregants

who were exploring new ways to minister to the needs of inner city

residents. And the federal government began a record peacetime

defense buildup, while making deep cuts to domestic programs,

including facilities and services for the mentally ill. With nowhere

to go, lost souls flooded the streets of Minneapolis, creating what

Orin calls, “a ghetto of human debris.”

When government withdraws, people of faith step up. Then

as now.

What Orin witnessed on the streets changed his life. On his

50 th birthday, he resigned his church office to become full-time

pastor to the poor, homeless, handicapped and mentally ill of

Minneapolis. Other colleagues from his Conference, working with

Neighborhood Churches Acting Together (NCAT) stayed on to

grapple with the city’s affordable housing crisis,

concentrating on the area around Franklin

Avenue. NCAT members found inspiration in

the Habitat for Humanity model, and the Twin

Cities affiliate was born.

Orin describes those early days as a group

of people setting out to solve a problem, not

knowing exactly what would come. There was

no paid staff, little money, lots of rough edges.

The first project, rehabilitating an old house in

the Philips neighborhood, took about a year

to complete. In order to receive a certificate of

occupancy, board members, themselves, had

to buy used screens and storm windows at a

salvage yard. Everyone was learning on the fly.

Receiving advice that Habitat’s work in the

Twin Cities must become more deliberate, Orin volunteered to act

as the organization’s first executive director. He set aside weekends

to speak about Habitat to area churches, while continuing his

work with the mentally ill during the week. Financial support was

slow in coming — mostly from individuals already active in their

congregations. The original mailing list contained only 2,000


But miracles pursue those who persevere.

One day, walking down 28 th Avenue, Orin struck up a

conversation with a man who just happened to be the CEO of Abbot

Northwestern Hospital who just happened

to be on a walk to look at a fourplex that just

happened to stand in the way of the hospital’s

expansion. By the end of the conversation, the

CEO had agreed to give the structure to Habitat

to rehab — and to pay for its relocation.

On another day, Orin traveled to speak to

a church meeting in Stillwater, but only one

woman and her young son showed up. She

just happened to work in the PR department

at Honeywell and carried Orin’s message back

to the office, securing Honeywell’s first cash

gift of $5,000 — a huge windfall. Leading to

Honeywell’s volunteer involvement; leveraging

other corporate and foundation support; more

churches; The City of Minneapolis; The City of

St. Paul; the secretary who became the first paid employee; the

first donated office space at Holy Rosary School; donated desks;

the volunteers who helped move them in; more donated land. The

idea of volunteerism expanding from neighbors to neighborhoods

to businesses to entire communities. An idea that found its time.

“Watching Twin Cities Habitat thrive, grow and minister,” Orin

says, “has been one of the great inspirations of my life.”

A real life

A house that doesn’t have one comfortable chair in

it is soulless; this house has several.

Clouds, looking like tattered pieces of paper, float past the

sunroom windows; the smell of roast beef floats in from the

kitchen. In a few weeks, it’ll be time to light a fire early each

evening. This year, as always, the first turning of the leaves is all

the more remarkable because it’s so expected.

Steve Gottschalk sits and remembers and talks. About his

friend Ron coming to church one Sunday with stories about a

life-changing experience he had helping to build a house for an

organization named Habitat for Humanity. About Ron’s talent for

construction and Steve’s own talent for organizing.

About bringing the idea of sponsoring a Twin Cities Habitat

house to Partners in Mission, a coalition of Lutheran Churches

from the South metro. About bringing Steve’s law firm, Dorsey

and Whitney, into the mix.

Working side by side with a homeowner named Lacy, hand

digging a foundation on a steeply sloping lot in South St. Paul.

Lacy’s ten-year old son visiting the site

and asking Steve, point blank, how

much money a real lawyer makes in

real life.

The dedication of a house on

Portland Place — a house built by

Dorsey and Whitney and Partners

in Mission — when someone asked

if it wasn’t difficult to get lawyers

and Lutherans to cooperate. And the

answer from a voice in the crowd:

“Not really. Lawyers create the guilt

and the Lutherans bear it.”

Orchestrating annual work camps for lawyers and Lutherans was

not enough for Steve; he volunteered to serve on the Twin Cities

Habitat board — for two full terms. He believed that maintaining

a grassroots focus was in the organization’s best interest and

that volunteer passion was the key to success. In 1998 he helped

form a Volunteer Services Committee that would devise ways to

more deeply involve volunteers in our

work by engaging them to help shape

program activities. Under Steve’s

leadership, first steps were taken to turn

the organization’s large volunteer corps

into committed advocates who would

deliver simple but powerful messages:

that we build homes for people in need

who are willing to work for a better life;

that the community must take part;

and that a compassionate community

realizes that “those people” are “us.”

A life may be spent amassing

great wealth, yet lived in poverty. But a real life? A real life is a

heritage — the gradual gathering together of knowledge, belief,

gesture and action. Autumn follows autumn. And memories are

shared from a comfortable chair.

Nothing good just happens

“The WomenBuild experience is phenomenal.

When a group of women are together on a build

site, the female, caretaker awareness kicks in.

If one woman is having trouble lifting some lumber, everyone seems

to know. Suddenly, there are four or five others helping … and not

a word is said.”

Mary Ames treasures the moments in life when simple

understanding trumps words. Yet, she’s a most articulate woman.

When she talks to you, her gaze never wavers, and you know that,

in her eyes, you’re a very important person. Ask anyone who has

worked with her on a Habitat build.

Ten years ago, Mary read a piece about Habitat for Humanity

and began volunteering on Saturday build days around the Twin

Cities. Before she knew it, she was hooked.

“I had volunteered with other organizations, but I was quite

taken by Habitat. It’s all about kids; every kid needs a kitchen table

where they can do homework.”

Six years ago, before mass at St. Richard’s Catholic Church in

Richfield, Mary realized that she was surrounded by people who,

like her, were eager to uphold their end

of the social compact by putting their

faith into action. In just a few weeks,

Mary had the promise of funding

from the parish and was signing up

volunteers after mass. On one Sunday,

42 people signed up for the church’s

first Habitat work camp.

“Everyone knows Habitat right

away; you don’t even have to say

for Humanity.’ It was easy to get


Three years ago, when extra money

was needed for St. Richard’s work camp, Mary knew she had

to keep going, somehow. Taking a fellow parishioner’s casual

comment to heart, she helped organize a church talent show — a

big financial success. So, there was a show the next year. There

may be more. Mary will find a way.

“Nothing good just happens. You have to act.”

Soon, even Mary’s vacations became vacations with a purpose;

she began paying her own way to join volunteer teams to build

Habitat homes globally: Northern Ireland, Poland, Tennessee,

Thailand and in Alabama after Hurricane Katrina.

“You gain some real insight into a place when you work and eat


with real people and real families. Working with families is the

best part.”

On a build in the jungle of northern

Thailand — four simple block houses

with no electricity, running water or

kitchens — Mary worked alongside a

homeowner-to-be whose name, as close

as anyone on the team could make out,

was Char.

“One day, walking toward our lunch

tent, Char chatted away on our trek up

the dusty road. Her shelter was a sad

sight of cardboard, pieces of plastic and

odd boards. She asked me, ‘Do you feel

sorry for me because I’m poor?’ Taking

a deep breath, I replied, ‘No, I have a small house that I like very

much. I want you to have one, too. Then we can both be happy.’ At

the celebration after the house was built, there was Char in her best

outfit — a bright, bright white New York Yankees jersey. And she

wore a killer smile — she had her little house.”

The clock in Mary Ames’ neat dining room chimes each quarter

hour. Chicago, her black cat, rubs against the table legs as he makes

his way to the kitchen, where he eats one more lunch on the floor.

“Once, my son said, ‘Mom, you’re trying to save the world!’ I said,

‘Yes, I am, and it’s hard work so, please, get out of my face.’”

And, then, Mary Ames smiles her own killer smile.

Dreams children dream

When she turned twelve, Hannah Poss asked for

donations to a food shelf in lieu of birthday gifts.

And when a tsunami devastated Southeast Asia, Hannah, her sister

Rachel and two friends raised $500 for relief efforts — donating

their own allowance money, selling lemonade, retrieving golf

balls from a lake at 25 cents a pop.

This past year, for her fifth grade community service project,

Rachel collected household items — blankets, kitchen goods,

cleaning supplies — from her Wayzata neighbors and created

oversized gift baskets — laundry baskets, actually — to welcome

four new families to the Habitat-built homes in her neighborhood.

“I knew they wouldn’t have very much stuff when they moved

in,” she says.

Sometimes we don’t intend to become involved. Sometimes it just

happens. Sometimes it happens, quite literally, in our own backyard.

Once, behind the Poss family home, a white rambler on a hill

on a cul-de-sac near Lake Minnetonka, there

was a small stand of woods — a magical terrain

where the two sisters played year round,

dreaming the dreams children dream. But in

the adult world of Wayzata, land, as in adult

worlds everywhere, is precious. “And,” their

father Dan states simply, “it wasn’t ours.”

When Interfaith Outreach and Community

Partners and Twin Cities Habitat proposed

building two twin homes on the wooded

lot, Dan knew that this was a project that he

and his family could support. “Suburbs need

affordable housing.”

While the media and some friends tried to

make this a story of loss and disappointment, Dan and his wife

Lauren viewed it as a story of possibility and community. “We

were never angry,” Lauren says. “Never.” Instead, Dan and Lauren

helped sell the idea of these new homes to their neighborhood.

Before construction of the twin homes could begin, the steeply

sloping lot needed reshaping and reinforcement. Access from

the hilltop — the Poss backyard — was essential. Habitat crews,

led by site supervisor Tony Beckstrom, became part of daily life

on the hill for the next several months. Dan was impressed with

Tony’s ability to keep the organized chaos of

a build moving along, his calm, his endless

patience with volunteers of wildly different

backgrounds and skill sets, his faith that things

would turn out, day after day after day. “When

you’re around someone like Tony,” Dan says,

“you become a better person yourself.”

Now, the dense Brothers Grimm canvas of

the woods is gone, revealing panoramic views:

the weather, the sky, the astonishing lake.

Now, when visitors join the Poss family in

their white rambler on the cul-de-sac on the

hill near Lake Minnetonka, they settle into

comfortable chairs on the screened-in back

porch, look to the west and say, “I kind of like this better.”

After presenting the gift baskets to her new neighbors at the

ribbon cutting ceremony, Rachel wrote, “This world would be a safer

place if everyone worked harder at helping each other out. Young

people need to learn to help give and share with people in our world

because when they are older they will be responsible to pass these

caring attitudes on to others.” Like Dan and Lauren Poss.

Strong minds always hope

In Liberia’s kuu system, tasks that benefit a

community are shared. One day, an entire village

gathers sticks to build the frame for a simple house.

Another day, mud is turned to brick and the house is enclosed.

And on another, a roof is built of thatch. To Momodu Kemokai,

growing up in this Liberia was like heaven.

Then, in a late night raid in 1980, a group of noncommissioned

officers, calling themselves the People’s Redemption Council,

murdered Liberia’s president in his mansion and seized control

of the government, effectively bringing an end to Africa’s first

republic. In the years that followed, opposition politicians were

arrested, tortured and killed, American corporations packed

up to leave, unemployment soared and young Momodu left his

village for Monrovia to enroll in university. It would take him ten

years to earn his degree in economics.

During those ten years, universities closed, reopened and closed

again with regularity. Civil war broke out. Momodu fled to a refugee

camp in Sierra Leone; returned to university; married and started

a family. Conflicts simmered, then raged. Ordinary citizens were

detained without charge and, often, simply disappeared. Momodu

taught high school social studies to support his family. And his

wife was killed by what is called, in the language of bureaucrats, a

stray bullet.

Momodu began working with the Liberian

United Nations Association to reintegrate

children who had been trained as rebel

soldiers — some of them only seven years

old — back into civil society. While attending

a UN conference in the New York in 2000,

Momodu was advised by friends not to return

to Liberia: the wars were not done. He was

granted political asylum, joined friends in

Minnesota and began the byzantine process

of bringing his daughters to safety — a process

that didn’t end until this past year.

For a long time, Momodu and his daughters shared a small

apartment with another family in North Minneapolis; he

slept on the couch. Even though he worked two jobs, Momodu

couldn’t find an affordable two-bedroom apartment. But a strong

mind always hopes. Hearing about Twin Cities Habitat from a

friend, Momodu went through the application process, and, one

afternoon, returning home from a frustrating day of apartment

hunting, found the letter waiting: his family had been selected to

buy a townhome in Woodbury. He and his girls were overjoyed.

Finding time to complete his sweat equity was a challenge. “But

with all that we had been through,” Momodu says, “we decided that

nothing was going to hinder our efforts in obtaining a home. So

we came every Saturday, and we were part of the building process

all the way to the end.” Even on Saturdays

Habitat volunteers were there — giving up

their days off, working until their muscles

ached, sharing their food with strangers.

Momodu knew all his new neighbors before

moving in: they built their homes together.

As Momodu describes it, “My neighbors and

I have traded child care, helped each other to

move and discussed everything pertaining to

the upkeep of our homes and community.”

The kuu system.

Now, with his five daughters safe, Momodu

thinks a lot about the future. He has finished the course work for

a master’s degree in organizational management at Concordia

University and is writing a thesis that explores new models for

creating affordable housing in the poorest areas of developing

countries. He envisions finding international donors so that

simple mud and stick houses can have real windows, real doors,

concrete floors and permanent zinc roofing. He’d like to travel to

Liberia — to see the rest of his family and to help with the country’s

reconstruction and healing.

Momodu Kemokai says, “I have big ambitions.”


Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity fulfills its mission through long-term

investments in families in the seven-county metro area. The following budget

reflects homes built for families, homeowners counseled through our

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention program and 0 homes restored through

A Brush with Kindness.

Our partnerships make these investments possible. As Habitat families

make regular mortgage payments, these funds are used to build more

Habitat homes.

Balance sheet

June 30, 2007


Cash and Cash Equivalents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ , ,

Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,

Accounts and Pledges Receivable:

Net of Reserve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , 0


Homes in Progress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Building Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,

Mortgages Receivable:

Net of Unamortized Discount. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Buildings and Equipment:

Net of Depreciation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ , , 0


Accounts Payable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ ,

Accrued Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,

Affiliate Payable. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , 0

Long Term Debt:

Net of Unamortized Discount. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,0 ,

Total Liabilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Net Assets

Restricted and Unrestricted Net Assets. . . . . . . . . . , ,

Total Liabilities & Net Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ , , 0

Statement of activities

Year ending June 30, 2007



Cash, Pledges & Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ , ,

In-kind Materials, Services & Land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , 0 ,

Total Contributions & Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0, ,

Other Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,

Houses Sold & Financed by Habitat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Total Revenues (Restricted & Unrestricted) . . . . . . . ,0 ,


Program Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , 0 , 0

Management & General. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 00,0

Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , 0

Total Expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Operating Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ,

Interest Rate Discounting * and Amortization Net. . ( , 0 , )

Change in Net Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ , , 0

* 0% homebuyer mortgages and low-interest loans have been discounted to reflect interest costs as if market interest rates had been charged.

Expenses overview


Major program spending. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . %

. % Homes and Community Development

. % Community Service Programs *

. % Habitat Mortgage Management

.0% Tithe for International Housing Programs

. % Hurricane Relief to Gulf Coast

Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . %

Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . %

* A Brush with Kindness, City of Minneapolis Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention, AmeriCorps, Greater Minnesota Affiliate Support.

A community of givers

Gifts given in fiscal year July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007

As a contributor, you are the heart of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. We

thank you for your continued support.

Every gift is precious. This year 8,935 donors gave financial and in-kind

gifts of less than $250. Together, they contributed $546,342. In an effort to

conserve resources, we have chosen to recognize these donors as a group.

22 Individuals

31 Foundations, Trusts & Family Foundations

33 Corporations

35 Schools & Educational Institutions, Tribal Nations

36 Civic, Professional & Fraternal Organizations

37 Religious Congregations & Organizations

38 Faith & Community Coalitions

39 Public Sector Grant and Loan Support

40 In-kind Donations

42 Gifts Made in Tribute

43 Habitat 500 Bike Riders


$50,000 +


Allen F. Jacobson

$25,000 – $49,999

Richard Anderson and Susan Kent


Norman and Kathy Baer

Jennifer and Herve Sarteau

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous ( )

Timothy and Kellie Campbell

William and Winnie Coyne

Kevin Filter and Rosemary Kessler

Ann Gilsdorf

Michael and Elizabeth Gorman

Tim and Susan Griffin

Frank Harris

Michael Israel and Laura Beth Landy

Roger and Pat Kerber

Charles and Mary Kiester

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Kuhrmeyer

Steven and Susan Mohn

David and Nancy Pawlik

Jon R. Pawlik

John and Jackie Reedy

Russell and Nancy Rigby

Mary and Rick Schumacher

$5,000 – $9,999


Kent and Margo Bergene

John C. Bergstrom

Jay and Ann Boekhoff

Candace Dick

Steve and Susie Fritze

Harry and Lorraine Hammerly

Mary Jane Haugh

Carole Hektner

David J. Hill

Bernard and Delores Hofschulte

Ruby N. Johnson

Hermann and Janet Kauls

David and Lisa Knoll

Robert and Shelley Lynch

Barry and Sharon Mason

Timothy and Katherine McGinley

William B. McMahon

Maureen McNeal and Richard Skoog

William and Dolores Nord

Ariel A. Oaks

Marian N. Olson

Scott and Barbara Richter

Thomas Ritchie and Kristen Ekstrom-


Rosemarie Rosengren

Nancy Somers

Kathleen H. Stuart

Jeff Tollefson

Charles and Paula Town

$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous ( )

Thomas and Laura Alexander

Richard and Sarah Amos

John Amundson and Sally Weissman

Barbara Andersen

Sarah Andersen and Christopher Hayner

Daniel and Alice Anderson

Kenneth and Judith Anderson

Mark and Sophia Anema

Kathleen J. Arendt

Ted and Ruth Arneson

Wayne and Stephanie Atkins

Beverly Aubol

Heather and Omar Awad

Rodney and Marcia Bailey

Catherine and Mark Bakke

Katherine A. Bauer

William and Joan Beardsley

Elmer F. Beckman

John Bellaimey and Lynnell Mickelsen

Ronald and Jacquelyn Belschner

Christopher Bennington and Susan


Pete and Wendy Benson

Sandra J. Biermeier

Elizabeth Bixby

Matt Bogart

Duane and Jean Bojack

Connie L. Boltinghouse

Cindy Bongard

Wade and Deborah Borg

Thomas Borman

Michael Borneman and Regina Anctil

Randy and Susan Boser

Brian and Teresa Bowers

Marcia Braaten

Nancy and David Brady

Bradley and Sharon Breeggemann

Lucile A. Brink

Kenneth and Crystal Burns

Bernard and Lorraine Cannon

Gary R. Carlson

George and Nelly Carnahan

Lennis Carpentier and Linda Arlien

Douglas and Dorothy Chapman

Stuart and Jean Chastain

Darrell and Lynne Christensen

Gil and Karen Clary

Gregory Coil

Erna H. Collins

Patrice Cooper

Jeffrey Crawford and Alice Lloyd

Joel and Kathleen Critzer

Ella P. Crosby

John and Sally Cuningham

Mark and Linda Dalsin

Toby Dayton

Harvey and Helen De Groot

Charles M. Denny, Jr.

Rick Diehl and Delia Sonnenburg

Ernest and Mary Dorn

Jean V. Eittreim

Kent and Constance Emerson

Roger A. Engdahl

Betty L. Engebretson

Frederick and Carol Entwistle

Thomas and Doretta Ertmann

Robert and Mary Ann Evander

Janese M. Evans

Jeffrey and Carla Faust

Vance D. Fiegel

Bruce Fillips

Fay E. Fishman

Barbara M. Fitzpatrick

Chris Flaherty

James Flink and Diane Uecker-Flink

Peter Flint and Janice Symchych

Harold and Christine Foglesong

Brad and Arlene Forrest

William and Susan Forsmark

Neil and Billie Franey

Jack and Beth Frangipane

David and Mary Jo Franske

Phyllis H. Fraser

Peter and Patricia Frechette

Sonya Fuad and G.T. O’Bryan

Susan Funk and Wood Kidner

John and Martha Gabbert

Michael and Paula Gaboury

Robert E. Garnett

Jack and Sarah Garrett

Charles and Sharon Gerlach

Anna Gillette

James J. Glatzmaier

Janet Goehle

Timothy and Leslie Golie

Dennis and Frances Gonyea

Warren and Ki Ki Gore

Steve and Lori Gottschalk

Martha Graber

Eugene J. Gretter

Charles Grimsrud and Penny Bond

James and D. Gail Haemmerle

David R. Halgren

James and Marion Hall

Kent and Barbara Hanson

Bill and Joan Hargis

James V. Harmon, Jr.

Harold and Beverly Harris

Robert and Justine Haselow

Kristin and Joseph Hayes

Janice E. Heasley

Roger and Vicki Henry

Douglas Hepper and Anne Pantelich

Kenneth L. Herriges

Dave Herzog

Randall and Teresa Hillson

Jeffrey Hinck

G. L. and Susan Hoffman

Gary and Celine Horn

Ellyn Hosch

Ann M. Hoven, M.D.

Will and Linnea Hudson

Kent Huelman

John and Rosemary Hunt

James Hunter and Michele Lewis

Suzanne H. Jackson

Keith and Karen Jacobson

Rosemary and Arthur Janousek

Jeffrey and Martha Jentz

Chris Johnson and Megan Bonds

Daniel and Terri Johnson

Dean and Kathryn Johnson

Gregg Johnson

Richard M. Johnson

Ronald and Karen Johnson

Sheryl J. Johnson

Twyla H. Johnson

Lorna Jones

Elisabeth and Randall Kahnke

Roger A. Katzenmaier

Roxann Kay

Patrick and Margaret Keating

Charles and Emily Kelley

Kent Kelley and Mary Louise Beardsley

Maurice and Dorothy Kent

Mr. and Ms. Robert P. Kenutis

Chris King

Marguerite M. Kirkby

Kevin and Stacie Klitz

Jeanne Kogl

Gail Korell and Douglas Brown

Michael and Laurie Kozlak

Joan E. Kreider

Frances J. Kuechler

Henry Lake, Jr.

Richard Lancaster and Abigail McKenzie

Stephanie and Gregg Larsen

James and Kerri Larson

Vivian E. Larson

Mark Lee and Billie Zippel

James J. Leigh

Larry and Jean LeJeune

Phillip Leonard

Thomas and Sheila Letscher

Dick and Peggy Lidstad

Brian and Ruth Long

Jeff and Sheryl Louie

Ann Luther

Michael and Jeanne Lyner

Michael and Chris Lyons

Virginia K. Mackenzie Revocable Trust

Mark and Maren Mahowald

Marc and Kathy Manderscheid

Allan Manings

Edward Matthees and Patty Ploetz

Bernard and Sheila McDonagh

Michael R. McElroy

Gregory and Lori McMillan

Kevin and Jean McNamer

Timothy and Carol McShane

Donald W. Mears Jr.

William Mease and Mary Thorpe-Mease

Robert B. Mersky

Harold W. Michie

Neal and Roxanne Miller

Christopher Mincks and Lisa Shakerin

John and Quay Mitchell

Mary E. Morris

Susan Mortensen

Steven and Kari Mueller

James and Karen Nancekivell

Richard and Jo Jean Nardi

Margo M. Nash

Jane Newman and Amy Lange

Bruce Nicholson

Dick and Joan Niemiec

David and Megan Nuthals

Michael and Teri Osgood

Mark and Ann Oswood

Marcia Page and John Huepenbecker

Andrea G. Palmquist

Joan E. Palmquist

Paul and Rosanne Pankonin

Dave and Joan Pasiuk

Paula Patineau

Richard and Barbara Patterson

Eugene and Helen Pedersen

Ann Piepel

Perry Plank

Thomas and Bette Plumb

Daniel Polglaze and Pamela Hermann

Ann Possis and Clyde Hanson

Robert and Judy Prentiss

Harry A. Puryear

Dorothy L. Raetz Kunze

Chris Rahill

Kristine Rauenhorst

Alan and Katherine Raymond

Adalbert and Sonja Rehbein

Sonja Rehbein and Adalbert Rehbein

William and Joanne Reiling

James and Suzanne Riesterer

Clifford M. Roberts, Jr.

Kevin Roche and Susan Woodwick

Donald K. Rockenbach

John H. Roe, III

James and Susan Ross

Stanley and Christine Rud

John and Barbara Ruf

Mary Elizabeth Rurik

Walter Sawicki

Joen M. Schaefer

Lanny and Charlotte Schmidt

Carol M. Schneeweis

Keneth C. Schoephoerster

Mark Schroeder

June and Karl Schubert

Michael and Suzanne Schumann

Terry and Rosemary Sexton

Alfrida Shah

Joseph M. Shuster

Anne D. Simpson

Nancy P. Siska

Lorie Skibness

Wendy J. Sommer

Carolyn J. Sorensen

Amy Spartz

Richard Spartz

Jason and Jennifer Sprain

Warren and Mary Lynn Staley

Bryan C. Steelman

Ralph and Judy Steiner

Gregory M. Stevens

Gerhild G. Stiewe

Stewart Stone

Scott Strand

Tom and Kari Struthers

Marjorie A. Swanson

Robert P. Taishoff

David P. Tetzlaff

Eric Thraen and Kim Carmean

James and Susan Tincher

Mary Tingerthal and Conrad Soderholm

Ron and Nita Toensing

Greg and Connie Van Hoven

Beverly A. Vandenburgh

J. Derek Vandenburgh

Kirk and Laurie Velett

Virginia and Thomas Venable

Susan Vento

Paul and Betsy Von Kuster

Lori A. Vosejpka

Dennis L. Wavra

Robert L. Weber

Daniel and Pamela Weisdorf

Carol and Mark Weitz

John and Lois Welshons

Al Wessel

Jean M. West

Michael and Kathryn Wilcox

Jeffrey and Wendy Wilkinson

Fred C. Williamson

David and Lori Windschitl

Jean M. Wylie

Elaine B. Yost

Eric F. Zigmund

Phil and Anne Zink

Paul Zoschke and Marsanne Wallace

$250 – $999

Anonymous ( )

James and Pamela Aagaard

Karen Abel and Michael Pignato

James C. Adams

Lorraine Adams

Thomas E. Ademite

Dr. Cheryl Adkinson

Stuart Adler and Carol Kast

Alfred and Dorothee Aeppli

Louis and Susan Ainsworth

John W. Albers

Robert D. Albright, Jr.

Tasha Alexander

Margaret Alldredge

Geoffrey and Kathleen Allen

Tim Allen

David and Judy Alley

Yuval and Idith Almog

Stephen and Dana Alpeter

Charlotte E. Althoff

Robert and Lynn Altmann

Joseph and Sara Andersen

Daniel L. Anderson

Daren L. Anderson

David Anderson

Gary and Jeanette Anderson

Greg and Julia Anderson

Greg and Pam Anderson

James and Mary Anderson

Lowell W. Anderson

Marjorie L. Anderson

Martha E. Anderson

Myrtle A. Anderson

Roger E. Anderson

Scott Anderson and Lisa Bailey

Nettie Andrews

James H. Andrews

James H. Andrisevic

William and Gayle Andrs

Roy and Peggy Angle

Mr. Douglas R. Appelgren

Dennis and Fern Arne

Thomas and Torrey Asp

Mark and Jeanne Astell

Brian T. Austin

Michael and Debra Ayres

John and Carolyn Babcock

Peter Bachman and Janet Rice

Kristin M. Baden

Bradley W. Baker

Lauren Baker and Eric Black

Christian and Julie Balamut

Rebecca Banwell

John and Sharon Baranick

Tim Bardell

Eric Barenburg

Mr. Bob Barnes

Kate and Tom Barnett

Raymond and Katrina Barnett

Collin and Brenda Barr

Michael and Denise Barrera

David and Mary Ann Barrows Wark

Connie Barry

Franny Barry and John Luehr

Michelle Kathleen Barry

James Bartol and Christine St. George

Keith and Catherine Bartz

Margaret L. Bartz

Warren and Elizabeth Anne Bartz

Anthony R. Bassett

Stephen and Sandra Batalden

Leon and Nancy Beck

Brian and Barbara Becker

Stacy Becker

Cynthia G. Beckmann

Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff

Tanya Bell and Lee Schafer

Margy A. Benedix

Andrew and Audrey Benjamin

Frank and Carol Bennett

Frank and Kathleen Berdan

David and Jackie Berg

Joel A. Berg

Ronald and Margaret Berg

Stephen Berge

Roger Bergerson and Valerie Cunningham

David Berry and Karen Holdgrafer-Berry

Ken and Barbara Beukelman

John and Cynthia Beukema

Robert C. Beverage

Alex and Avis Bezat

William and Marilyn Bierden

Tom Bird

Perry Bjornrud

Temple Blackwood

J.A. and Mary Blanchard

Robert and Martha Blenkush

Walter and Jacqui Blue

Muriel Bochnak

David E. Boe

Paul and Susan Bohnsack

John F. Bonner, III

Regina Bonsignore and Richard Garber

Marvin Bookin

Ronald and Mary Francis Booth

Jeffrey and Michele Boston

William Bottemiller

Mary S. Bowman

Darrell H. Boyd

Keith and Renae Boyum

Nita M. Bradford

Mary K. Brainerd

Jay and Judith Brask

William and Julie Brauer

Cindy and Patrick Bray

Linda G. Bredeson

Duane and Charlene Breid

Gerald and Karen Bren

David Broesder and Barbara


Conley and Marney Brooks

Michael and Mary Ellen Brooks

Dwight and Helen Brown

Gregory S. Brown

Kermit and Patricia Brown

Pamela Brown and Grant Jensen

Patti S. Brown

George and Marsha Buchok

Joe Buck

Steven and Ann Burbidge

Wayne and Linda Burggraaff

Louis H. Buron, Jr.

Clinton and Laura Burrow

James Buysse and Janet Christopherson

Mary E. Cady

Dennis and Nan Callahan

Bruce and Cathleen Campbell

Marty and Chuck Campbell

Craig Canada

Marci M. Carisch

James and Patricia Carlen

Dale Carlquist and Kari Anderson

Alan and Jill Carlson

Martin and Peggy Carlson

Jon and Jean Carlson

Richard and Elizabeth Carlson

Susan E. Carlson

Alan and Ruth Carp

Kyle and Shelley Carpenter

Ann and Michael Carr

William and Karen Carr

Joseph and Adrienne Carrica

Andrea Carruthers

Eugene and Barbara Case

Kevin and Mary Casey

Mildred Caspersen

Mead and June Cavert

Frank and Kathie Cerra

Dale and Barbara Chapman

Ann and Bruce Christensen

James E. Christopherson

Joel and Winni Christopherson

John Cieslowski

Kathryn J. Cima

Bill and Mary Cimperman

Pamela S. Coleman

Albert and Susan Colianni

Michael and Becky Collins

John and Kathryn Colwell

Jill Conda and Mark Jacobson

Judith Conrad

Michael and Linda Conway

Dodd and Ann Cosgrove

Michael and Julia Costello

John and Peggy Couchman

Eileen Couture

Lydia P. Crawford

David and Sue Crockett

Jerry and Michele Cromer-Poire

Brian Crow and Rebecca Adams

Paul and Suzanne Crowe

Kenneth and Linda Cutler

Tom Cytron-Hysom

Julia M. Dady

Mr. Richard L. Dagenais

Lisa J. Dahle

Todd and Karen Dalebroux

Rick and Pat and Patricia Dalton

Michele Damrow

Heather Daniels

Craig and Elizabeth Danielson

Nancy and John Darnall

Carol and George Daum

William L. Davidson

Christian Davis and Sarah Snapp

Judy and Don Day

Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton

Mary Dayton

Stephen and Karen DeBaun

Craig and Gloria Deberg

E Radford Decker and Linda Decker

David Delforge and Kathryn Engman

Kevin Denis and Kristin Lundquist

Mary K. Dew

Patricia L. Deweese

Jeff and Dianne Dick

Tom Dillon

Mary F. DiMarco

Jeffrey and Charlotte Disch

Nancee Doepke

Dorrell and Erma Dolton

Marylou Domino

Cindy Donohoe

David and Mary Doty

Martin and Barbara Dougherty

Kenny Drangstveit

Kerry and Frederick Dressen

Stephen P. Dreyer

Tim and Gay Dubbs

Denis Duchesne and Elisabeth Lemieux

Stanley and Carolyn Due

Richard and Betty Duff

Michael and Darlene Duffy

Timothy and Kim Dulas

Benjamin and Angela Dunn

Timothy and Marge Dunn

Russell and Nicole Dunne

Ann Dunnigan

Barb Dusek

Robert and Bernadine Dwinnell

Lawrence R. Eastman

Jean-Marie Ebrahimi

James R. Eckert

Lisa H. Eckert

Michael Eckhardt

Themis and Katherine Economou

Harry and Julia Edelman

Edward R. Bazinet Foundation

Natali and Jon Edwards

Lael R. Eginton

David and Mary Jo Eide

Jonathan and Michele Eisele

Louise Eisworth and Denise Miller

David and Sheryllyn Ekberg

Michael and Jan Emerson

Ms. Jane L. Emison

Mary Lee Enfield

Linda L. Engberg

George and Mildred Engdahl

Barbara and James Eppel

Cecelia D. Erickson

G. Ernst

Daniel J. Esch

James and Barbara Esselman

Eric and Rebecca Everman

Joseph and Mary Faltesek

Jay and Lisa Farnam

Paul and Ann Fate

Stephen J. Fautsch

John Fenyk, Jr.

Daniel and Carol Fertig

Lawrence and Jill Field

Bryce and Mary Fier

Mary Findorff

Leroy and Ruth Fingerson

Patrick and Arlene Finley

Bruce A. Finzen

Ewald and Mary Fischer

Rebecca B. Fisher

Jim and Judith Fitzhugh

Richard and Alice Flaherty

Earl and Betty Flater

William B. Fleischhacker

Lois Fleming

Patrick and Madeleine Fleming

Willaim Flynn

Dutton Foster

Wood Foster and Jane Severns

Brian Franchuk

James and Kelly Frankenfeld

Peter and Marion Franz

Katharine Frederick

John N. Freed

Minna M. Freiberg

Audrey S. French

Howard and Judith Fulk

James Fuller and Lee Gartner

Peggy and Michael Gaard

James and Barbara Gabbert

Jerry and Ellen Gallagher

David Gardeen

John and Jill Gardiner

Martha S. Garrett

John D. Gatzlaff

John and Mary Gelderman

Burle and Louetta Gengenbach

Max C. Gerde

Patsy G. Gerde

Heidi Gesell and John Edgerton

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Gesell

Mohammed and Constance Ghanchi

Kate Velie Gibbs

Peter and Laura Gideon

Richard I. Giertsen

William and Sally Giese

Kristine Gigerich

Mark L. Gilberstadt

Chris and Rachel Gilchrist

Daniel D. Gillett

Patricia M. Gilligan

Eames and Paula Gilmore

David and Clo Mary Girk

Kenneth C. Glaser

Robert A. Glynn

George Golden and Deanna Louie

Philip and Amy Goldman

Thomas A. Goodoien

David Goplen and Cheryl Goodrich-Goplen

Patricia Goralski

Sarah and Eric Goullaud

Katherine and Michael Graczyk

Todd and Jennifer Graham

David and Karen Grandstrand

Lois Granstrom

Gregory and Jiselle Graves

Jason and Janiece Gray

Heather Grebe

Kevin and Susan Green

Clifford and Kim Greene

David M. Gregg

Lynn D. Gresser

Derek Groft and Cathy Herfindal

Richard and Carol Gross

Mr. Vincent P. Grundman

Amy Gudmestad

Anne E. Guelcher

Michael and Carol Guncheon

Randy Gunderson

Timothy and Patricia Gustafson

J. Cameron Guthrie

Jeffrey and Gena Gutzmann

George and Betty Haakenson

Robert and Pamela Habeger

Mark Haerle

Joyce and Dennis Halbe

John and Evonne Halvorsen

Neil Hamrin and Mary Christenson

Daniel and Sherri Hanger

Michael Hannan and Mina Ingersoll

Ruth E. Hanold

Theodore R. Hansen Jr.

Michael Hanson

Philip M. Hanson

Mr. Richard M. Hanson

Robert and Bernice Hanson

Douglas Harbrecht

Martha and Kevin Harris

Robert and Katie Hartline

Richard and Rowena Hartman

John and Kathryn Hatlestad

Stephen and Teresa Hawkins

Tom and Becky Hayes

Timothy and Paula Hayes

Janet L. Hazelton

Richard and Meredithe Hedenstrom

Jeff and Lucy Heegaard

Sherry D. Heffernan

Duane D. Hejny

Tom and Mary Heller

Camilla R. Hempleman

Nancy Herbst and Scott McNairy

John and Diane Herman

David and Mary Kay Herr

J. Andrew and Michele Herring

Jerome Hertel and Toni de Rosier

Richard and Beverly Heydinger

James and Tracey Hickey

Richard and Carrie Higgins

John and Betsy Hinck

Margaret Hinds

Patrick and Diane Hirigoyen

Paul and Michelle Hirschboeck

P.A. Hisey

Fred and Martha Ho

John Hoch and Susan Herberg

Timothy W. Hoel

David K. Hogan

Rudy Hokanson and Susan Miller

Joel S. Holger

Gregory and Lori Hollenkamp

Elizabeth Holmberg

Steven and Sandra Holmstoen

David Horner and Dara Lynn

Thomas and Libby Jo Horner

Norma L. Hovden

Kent and Marylyn Howe

Dave and Shirley Hubers

Kelli Hueler

John and Marcia Huepenbecker

Janet Hughes and Matthew Smith

Hadlai Hull

Joan Humes

James F. Idzorek

John and Cynthia Ingelin

Trudy Ingland

Robert and Lucille Ingram

Reverend Paul Ischler

Margaret Ives

Christopher and Valorie Jackson

David and Rita Jacobson

Per and Laurie Jacobson

Michael Jadrich and Julie Jadrich

Benjamin Jaffray

John and Mary Jelinek

Loren and Judith Jepsen

Joan C. Joerns

Charlotte S. Johnson

Clifford D. Johnson

David Johnson

Dianne and Greg Johnson

Earl Johnson

Jeffrey and Carol Johnson

Randy and Evelyn Johnson

Linda Johnson and Bob Julian

Lisa K. Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

Mic Johnson

Paul Johnson and Judith Walker

Scott L. Johnson

Steven and Debra Johnson

Steve and Lori Johnson

Wanda Johnson

Ward and Charlotte Johnson

Wayne Johnson

Wilford and Jean Johnson

William and Vicci Johnson

Blaine and Lee Jones

Guy and Catherine Jones

Heidi Joos and Ivy Booth

Gregory and Lisa Jorgensen

Philip Jungwirth

John H. Kaintz

William and Kathleen Kalsow

Adrian and Jacqueline Kapsner

David and Laurel Karel

Karina Karlen

Donald and Alice Karr

Noam Kaufmann

Scott I. Kauls

Thomas Keith and Ri Liu-Keith

Mary H. Keithahn

Roger Kellison

Joan H. Kelly

Maggie M. Kelly

William and Pat Kelly

Jack and Anne Marie Kennefick

John Kephart

Daniel and Rosemary Kern

Stephen and Renee Kessler

Tom and Martha Kieffer

Lois Kienitz

Lisa R. Kiesel

Thomas Kieser

David and La Donna Kiewatt

J. Gray and Allyson Kimbrell

Ann Kincaid

Thomas and Mary Kingston

Joseph T. Kinning

Anthony and Charlotte Kinzley

John W. Kirchner

Donald Klein and Kyoko Ikeda

Philip R. Klitzke

Virginia and Philip Kluesner

Michael and Carine Knight

Charlie Knudsen

Thomas and Marsha Knuth

Robert and Debra Knutson

Paul and Nancy Koepcke

Ms. Janice M. Koepke

Ms. Susan Korsman

Renae E. Koser

Daniel B. Kostka

Paul and Kelly Koziol

Jodeen and Nicholas Kozlak

Donald and Carol Krebs

William Kryzda and Eva Posfay

Joseph and Mary Kurcinka

Harriet C. Kurek

John Kuronen

Deborah LaBonne

Larry and Kathryn Labonte

Kathleen A. Lafferty

Lois B. Lamb

Scott and Carol Landseidel

David and Kelly Largent

Daniel and Sally Larson

Mark Larson and Mary Kennedy

Ray and Connie Larson

Stacy M. Larson

William and Cynthia Larson

Wesley and Mary Laseski

Brian and Jane Lavin

Lawrence and JoAnn Lawinger

The Honorable Judge Donald P. Lay

David and Christine Leach

Robert K. Leach

Daniel and Barbara Leafblad

Ron Leander

Jeannine Lee and Roger Finney

Thomas Lee

Katherine and Patrick Leighton

Deanna Lemke

Allen and Kathleen Lenzmeier

Philip and Susan Leonard

David Leppik and Jordan Wood

Steven and Catherine LeVahn

Ross Levin

Bruce and Diana Lewis

Perrin Lilly

Stephen and Janet Lillyblad

Dennis and Adelaide Lindahl

Philip and Sharon Lindau

Steven and Tristen Lindemann

William R. Lindig

Terry and Katherine Lipelt

Deborah Lipkin

John Loban and Jean Kummerow

Charlene Lucken

David and Gay Ludvig

Thomas and Virginia Lufkin

Maureen A. Lunde

William and JoAnn Luth

Chuck and Lynnae Lynch

Cassandra and Sean Lyngen

Mark and R. Lystig

Peggy Mac Rae

David MacDonald

Robert and Pamela MacDonald

Paul Macheledt

Michael and Lenora Madigan

Carrie and Michael Madison

Thomas and Marilyn Madison

Gabe and Barbara Maletta

Mary Ann Maloney

John and Kristine Mandler

Michael Mann and Deborah Wexler

Ray and Mary Marble

Richard Marcantonio

John and Sallie March

Mollie Marinovich

Lori Markgraf

Sheryl L. Maroney

Ann B. Marshall

Clark and Joyce Marshall

Richard and Carole Martens

Steven and Joann Marti

James and Jane Ann Martin

John and DeAnne Martinsen

DeaDotta Martinson

Donald S. Masler, M.D.

Thomas and Nona Mason

Wayne Mason

James Massie and Lynn Oehler

Mary B. Massopust

David Mathews

Dean and Danielle Mathews

Darlene Mattson

Carter McAninch

Ron and Kathy McBroom

Susan P. McCarthy

Mark and Diane McCary

Dorothy McClung

John and Paula McClung

Walter and Nancy McClure

Patricia J. McConnell

Kathleen McDonough and Melanie Ruda

Diane McFadden and Lowell Johnson

Bonnie McGrath

Thomas and Barbara McLeod

Brett and Sandy McMahon

James R. McMenemy

Mary B. McMillan

Kevin and Mary McNamara

Sally McPhillips

Robert and Debby McStott Lucius

Donald E. Mead

Eric J. Meester

Carol A. Meeter

Jennifer J.J. Mehmel

Roger and Colleen Mehrer

Philip and Martha Melcher

Joanne Mellin

Barbara and Gregory Melsen

Roger and Barbara Merrill

Marcus and Connie Merz

Thomas J. Merz

Cecil and Mary Lou Metz

Lois C. Michael

Colleen Millechek

David J. Miller

Michael A. Miller

Sandra Miller

William and Kathryn Miller

James and Lorrie Minnich

Sanjay Misra and Mai Nguyen-Misra

John Mitchell

Tilman O. Moe, Jr.

Tom and Andrea Moffatt

Robert and Mary Moncur

James Moore and Barbara Sitzman

Tracy and Bruce Mooty

David and Jeanne Mooty

Elizabeth and Charles Mooty

Paul and Jean Mooty

Mark and Pamela Moret

John and Mary Moriarty

Jill Mortensen and Kay Phillips

Peggy Mostad

James and Lone Muchow

Thomas R. Muck

Ann M. Muehlenbein

John and Cheryl Mulhausen

Donald and Diane Mulligan

Lawrence and Mitzi Mulmed

Maura S. Murphy

Gordon and Pat Murray

Ross and Lois Naegele

Pamela Neary and Court Storey

Harold and Margaret Neece

Scott Nelsen

Bruce A. Nelson

Michael V. Nelson

Perry and Helen Nelson

Scott and Cynthia Nelson

Theodore and Ramona Nesse

Tom and Phyllis Neuenfeldt

Marion E. Newman

Daniel and La Vonne Nicolai

Dale and Kelly Nitschke

Jonnie Nix and Dan Whitten

Daniel Nordby and Barbara Rawley

Kevin Nordby and Leslie Hanna-Nordby

Mervin and Ruth Nordstrom

Mike and Kelly Nordstrom

Kriss and Marcy Novak

Wendy K. Nove

Peter and Judy Obermeyer

Elizabeth G. O’Brien

Darla O’Donnell and Keith Melby

Douglas and Carol Ogren

Jim and Sandie Ogren

Valerie Ohanian

Mari O’Keefe

Robert M. Olafson

Nora and Douglas O’Leary

Douglas and Roberta Olson

Larry D. Olson

Pamela and Pamela Olson

Brooks and Patricia O’Neil

Roger and Avis Oppegard

Gary and Linda Ostberg

Andy Otness

Arthur R. Page

Gregory and Cynthia Page

Kevin and Catherine Palmer

Craig and Robin Passow

Elizabeth and James Pastor

Terry L. Patton

James and Lauri Paul

Jeryl Paul

Chris and Gina Pavek

Richard and Darcie Payne

William and Suzanne Payne

Janet M. Pearson

Paul and Kimberly Pearson

Richard and Suzanne Pepin

Kimberly M. Petersen

Steven and Erica Petersen

Bob Peterson and Karen Jorstad

Brad Peterson

Dwight and Marge Peterson

Fern and Todd Peterson

Harvey and Joanne Peterson

James and Joan Peterson

Jean A. Peterson

Jeffrey and Annette Peterson

Karl D. Peterson

Neal Peterson and Deanna Thompson

Ronald E. Peterson

Scott and Heidi Peterson

Douglas and Tracey Petesch

Carol J. Pfleiderer

Anne M. Phares

Nicholas and Anne Phillippi

Priscilla G. Phillips

Stephen and Barbara Pieh

Ernest and Caryl Pierson

Lawrence Pitsch and Gail Gresser-Pitsch

Ronald and Nancy Pitzer

Scott and Gretchen Pollei

Carolyn Poulakos

Laura Praeger and Robert Sweeney

Ann M. Praus

Deborah and Phil Price

Joseph T. Price

Pamela S. Price

Kimberly and Philip Proffitt

Jane Quarfoth

John and Sandra Racek

Marni M. Radcliffe

Ruth M. Rademacher

Tim Rainey

Mary V. Ratcliff

Thomas and Deborah Ratelle

Sonja Ray

Jayne Reid-Wallen

Lee and Diane Reiersgord

Richard and Jeanne Reierson

Vern and Mary Reinhardt

Charles and Susan Reinhart

Rob and Beth Reiskytl

Thomas and Diane Reitter

Mark and Bonita Rekucki

Ms. Susan A. Remes

Aaron and Tessa Rendahl

Denise H. Render

Thomas J. Renick

Kristi Rennich

Diane Repucci and Tom Repucci

Jennifer Rew

Paul and Judy Rhein

Grace V. Rice

Donald and Dorothy Richardson

Kent and Susan Richey

John and Mary Riehle

Wayne and Colette Riethmiller

Paul and Joan Rimmereid

Mr. James W. Ripken

Megan M. Roach

Ella-Mae Robertson

Sharon Rolenc and Paul Coe

Mary E. Rolf

Michael and Margaret Roscher

Clarice E. Rosen

Peter L. Rothstein

Sara Rouner and James Hall

Steven Rousey and G. Diane MacMillan

Melvin E. Roy

Anne L. Rozga

Dudley and Marjorie Ruch

John Rupucci

Ross and Lori Ruschmeyer

Charlie Rusella

Rachel Rushing and Dwight Warkentin

Mark D. Rustad

Tammy Jo Ruter and Andrew Schoudel

Edwin and Jennifer Ryan

Ronald and Nancy Ryman

Anne M. Saint Angelo

Bobette A. Sajion

Carrie P. Sample

Jon and Maria Sampson

Chauncey H. Sandgren

Eric P. Saunders

Ms. Jo Ellen L. Saylor

Steve A. Schack

Jack and Jan Schaffer

Dennis Schapiro

James and Lynn Schell

James and Jean Scheuring

Rebecca Schiller

Jerry and Ruthmary Schlegel

Marie J. Schmaus

Thomas and Edie Schmidt

William and Cynthia Schmidt

Jon and Kathryn Schmoeckel

Eric Schoch and Anette Lindman-Shoch

Arnie and Ann Schoenbauer

Scott and Jacqueline Schroepfer

Joan K. Schugel

Martha and Scott Schultz

Sharon M. Schulz

Mark and Ann Schulze

Jon J. Schwingler

Loleta Scott

Robert and Kimberly Scott

Thomas L. Scott

Frank and Charlotte Sczepanski

Ronald J. Seaver

Roberton and Ardith Seeman

David I. Segal

Victoria Selep

J.R. and N.L. Selleck

Patrick Sellner and Angela Kline

Jeffrey and Renee Seltzer

William and Laura Sexton

Amna Shakil

Richard and Barbara Shank

Alyn Shannon

Elizabeth J. Shaw

Mark and Mary Shelendich

Ralph and Pearl Shoemaker

Sonja Short

Tia W. Shortridge

Michael and Nadine Sierakowski

Helen Silha

Marianne Simons

Sherwin and Carolyn Singsaas

Roger and Michelle Sit

Teresa L. Skally

William and Teresa Skally

Jeffrey and Barbara Skochil

Darrell and Judy Skoglund

Jim and Lorrie Skogstad

Thomas and Adine Skoog

Kay Slack

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Slattery

Douglas Smith

Kevin Smith

Lorraine A. Smith

Richard Smith

Sandra Smith and Jeff Zinn

Susanne J. Smith

Dale Snover and Catherine Heibel

Ms. Patricia A. Sobczyk

Bruce and Patty Sorensen

Nikki Sorum

Robert and Patti Soskin

Sylvia B. Soucheray

Victor and Mary Spaulding

Kenneth and Tricia Spitzmueller

Dorothy Sporney

William D. Spring, Jr.

Steven and Audrey St Martin

Gregory A. Stasik

Charles and Karen Steele

Norman V. Steere

Irene G. Steiner

Michael and Barbara Steiner

G.M. and N.J. Stenson

James Stensvold

Everett and Ruby Stephens

George and Janet Stevens

John and Kristi Stevens

Patricia Stone

James A. Stoops

Court J. Storey

Wendy W. Storlie

Gail Stremel

John and Nancy Strom

David Stuessi

Robert and Shirley Stuttgen

Dale and Ellen Sugg

James and Susan Sullivan

Michael P. Sullivan

David and Angela Sunberg

Stephen and Ann Sundberg

Michael Supina and Gina Buccellato

J.H. and P.L. Susee

Hugo and Barbara Swan

Glen and Bess Swanson

Gerry and LeAnn Sweet

Gregory and Laurie Swiler

Robert and Pat Sykes

Todd and Sydney Taggart

Ray and Mary Tahnk-Johnson

Tom Tarnowski

Robert and Leslie Teddy

Alan and Barbara Tennessen

David M. Terwilliger

Robert Thayer and Nancy Meade-Thayer

Alan and Monaliza Tholkes

Bruce and Deborah Thomas

David and Katherine Thomas

Daniel and Trudy Thompson

James and Georgia Thompson

Ms. Kathleen F. Thompson

Mark and Marjore Thompson

Theodore and Lynette Thompson

Trudy and Daniel Thompson

Mark Thorkildson

Lee Thorson

Cathy Thow

Jim A. Tikalsky

Edward and Barbara Tilford

McKenzie and Brad Tischendorf

Tracy L. Tish

Paul and Janet Tolzmann

Joel and Suzanne Toso

Edward and Sharon Trahan

Douglas C. Trask

John and Jill Trautz

Albert and Mary Traynham


Stephen Trenkner, M.D.

Francis T. Tretter

Michael and Doreen Trucano

Michael and Mary Tschida

Dr. Michael L. Tumey

Chase Turner and Elizabeth Byrne

Kent and Joanne Turner

Scott and Elizabeth Turner

Thomas and Betty Turnham

Alice A. Tuseth

James and Marie Uhrich

Marie Uhrich

Mildred J. Vaccarella

Margaret M. Valenta

Albert Van Der Schans

Thomas and Joan Van Sloun

Carroll and Michele Vance

Craig Vanderah

Robert and Elizabeth Vavra

Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Veker

Patsy Vekich

James and Kathleen Vellenga

Mark and Jane Vetter

Douglas Voegeli and Karen Roche

Lawrence E. Voehl

Robert and Laura Vogel

Virginia M. Vogt

Brent and Heather Voight

Nancy Vooge

Gregory and Kay Wacek

Carol Wagner

Jan Wagner

Phyllis L. Wagner

Bernie and Janet Wagnild

Sharna Wahlgren and Russell Vanderwiel

Suzanne M. Walfoort

Jennifer and Mike Wallin

Truman and Linda Walling

Lillian G. Wallis

Daniel and Sheila Ward

Lyle Ward

Richard and Susan Ward

Robert and Susan Warde

Paul and Margaret Warner

Angela Warren

David and Ruth Waterbury

Richard and Mary Wegehaupt

Mr. and Mrs. Christian D. Weidner

Dick Weigel

Kevin and Jennifer Weist

Stephen and Katherine Wellington

David and Linda Wenzel

Paul and Ann Werler

Richard West

Sandy Westman

John and Carol Weyandt

John and Annette Whaley

Teresa and Thomas Whaley

David Wheaton and Michele Moylan

William and Nancy Whitaker

Robert and Karen White

Helen P. Whitmill

Duane and Diane Whitney

Frank Wilary

Stephen and Debbie Wilbers

Janice E. Wilke

James and Patricia Williams

Carol A. Wilm

Thomas and Geraldine Wilt

Earl Windahl and Guri Kirkeng

Douglas Winn

Tom Winn

Annette Winrick

Louis and Carole Winslow

Barbara A. Winters

John and Barbara Winters

Richard and Marilyn Wise

Jeffrey and Mary Witte

Nicole M. Woodhouse

James and Amy Woodworth

Bernard and Marilyn Wyffels

Eric and Kerri Yokubonis

Joan M. Yue

Michael and Helen Zauha

James and Kathleen Zavoral

Chris Zellmer

Philip and Susan Zietlow

Anna C. Zimmerman

Nancy H. Zingale

Foundations, trusts & family foundations

$50,000 +

Hugh J. Andersen Foundation

Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

DeSimone Family Fund

Lipkin Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999


Huey Family Annuity Trust

Joyful Women Fund

Kinney Family Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Edward R. Bazinet Foundation

Buuck Family Foundation

Casey Albert O’Neil Foundation

Charlson Foundation

Engelsma Family Foundation

The Luther Family Foundation

The Robins Family Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

John and Ruth Bergerson Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

He Worked For It Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation

Rice Family Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. James Bowditch and Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass

El Shaddai Foundation

The Fletcher Family Foundation

Greenwood Trust

Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation

Emil J. and Emily D. Slowinski Fund

Smaby Family Foundation

US Bank Private Client Trust

H. E. and Helen R. Warren Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

Broadwaters Foundation

Joseph and Astrid Carroll Charitable Gift Fund

Chase Family Foundation

Christopherson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Douglas and Sands Coleman Fund

Eckfeldt Schultz Family Fund

Peter Eckman and Erika Olson Fund

Charles Engasser Memorial Foundation

Julie Corty and Richard Erickson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Richard and Beverly Fink Family Foundation

Richard N. and Carol C. Flint Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Freier Family Foundation

The Gage Family Foundation

Robert and Marlene Harms

Armin and Ester Hirsch Foundation

Holden Family Foundation

HRK Foundation

Ekdahl Hutchinson Family Fund

Diane and Paul Jacobson

VCJ Family Foundation

King Family Foundation

The Knight Foundation

Kopp Family Foundation

Krisbin Foundation Trust

LeJeune Family Foundation

Lynn Sheryl Levinson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Longview Foundation

Jane Newman and Amy Lange

Nicholson Family Foundation

Ott Family Gift Fund

Prospect Creek Foundation

Pump Foundation

Walter C. Rasmussen Foundation

Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation

Sampson Family Charitable Trust

William and Susan Sands Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

Charles S. and Zena A. Scimeca Charitable Fund

Lisa P. Sinclair Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Stocks Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation

James M. Svobodny Fund

R.E. Swager Family Foundation

Sarah W. Sweatt Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

The Next Generation Fund of the Hugh J. Andersen Foundation

The Victoria Velie Henry Family Foundation

Michael and Gloria Thurmes Charitable Fund

Edy Ward Charitable Fund

Watson Family Fund

$250 – $999

Henry and Betty Albrecht Foundation

The Ankeny Foundation

Michael and Ruth Bash Donor Advised Endowment Fund

Bernie and Patricia Beaver Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Community Foundation of Silicon Valley

Norb and Mary Ellen Conzemius Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation

Morris and Beatrice Davis Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Douglas Foundation

Zabel and Charles A. Geer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Graybrier Foundation

Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

William and Evelyn Hay Fund

James and Ann Howard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

IWJ Charitable Foundation

Jackley Family Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation

The Lee and Susan Johnson Stewardship Fund

Scott and Marjorie Johnson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Jack J. Jorgensen Charitable Trust

The McNeely Foundation

John W. Mooty Foundation

Constance S. Otis Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

The Carl & Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation

Gary and Susan Rappaport Family Philanthropic Fund

Revord Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation

Rosborough Family Fund

Derrill E. Shantz Trust

The Siess Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

James and Jean Slattery Charitable Foundation

The Spell Family Foundation


$50,000 +

M C.A.R.E.S.

American Bank

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Filmtec Corporation (Dow Chemical)

Ecolab Foundation



Lyman Lumber Company


Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

M Community Affairs

Andersen Corporation

C.I.D., Inc.

Northwest Airlines

RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc.

Twin Cities LISC

Valspar Corporation

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

$10,000 – $24,999

Bremer Bank Metro

CenterPoint Energy Minnegasco

Cummins Power Generation

Delta Industrial Services, Inc.

EBF & Associates, LP

General Mills Foundation

Northern Dakota County Chapter of

Thrivent Financial

Room & Board

Tetra Tech EM, Inc.

Thomson West

US Bancorp Foundation

Valspar Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota

Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

Western National Mutual Insurance Co.

Xcel Energy Foundation

Ziegler, Inc.

$5,000 – $9,999

ADC Foundation

AgriBank, FCB

Allianz Life Insurance Corporation of

North America

Anthony, Ostlund & Baer, PA


Barr Engineering Company

Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

Crescendo Ventures

Financial Recovery Services, Inc.

Great River Energy

Hansen, Dordell, Bradt, Odlaug & Bradt



Lakeland Construction Finance, LLC

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.


Marquette Financial Companies

Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP

MetLife Foundation Volunteer Project Fund

MoneyGram International Inc.

Opus Corporation

Opus Northwest, LLC

Pentair Foundation

Petters Group Worldwide, LLC

Reell Precision Manufacturing Corporation

Retail Construction Services, Inc.

Shared Ventures, Inc.

Symantec Corporation

Tiller Corporation

$1,000 – $4,999

Affinity Capital

AGIA, Inc.

American Cereal Corporation

American Family Insurance

Anchor Bank

Apropos Studio, Inc.

Avalon Fortress Security Company


Bassford Remele

Bituminous Roadways, Inc.

Bremer Bank

Caliber Development Corporation

Cargill, Inc.

Carver Moquist & O’Connor, LLC

Catalog Marketing Services

Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Cherry Tree Companies

The Collaborative New Venture Review, Inc.

Commercial Drywall, Inc.

Community Shares of Minnesota

Counselor Holding Inc.

Cramer Studio

Crown Holdings, Inc.

Cuningham Group Architecture, PA

International Dairy Queen

Data Listing Services, LLC

Dixie’s on Grand

Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

eMortgage Logic, LLC

ExxonMobil Foundation

Faegre & Benson Foundation

GAP Foundation Gift Giving Program

GE Capital

Guaranty Bank

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and

Insurance Company

Honeywell, Inc.

IBM Employee Services Center


InPursuit LLC

Instrumental, Inc.

JobDig, Inc.

Keller Williams Premier Realty

KKE Architects, Inc.


The Lacek Group

Land Title, Inc.

Lehman Brothers Inc.

Leonard Street and Deinard Foundation

Lockheed Martin

Marshall BankFirst

The Medtronic Foundation

Metzger Building Material Company

Nelson, Tietz and Hoye

Old Navy

Oppidan, Inc.

James B. Oswald, Co.

Ovations, Inc.

Park Nicollet Foundation

Peterson Air Systems

Pioneer Power, Inc.

Piper Jaffray & Company

Planit Solutions, Inc

Plowshares Development, Inc.

Premier Bank

Project Leadership Services

RSP Architects Ltd.

Rubble Tile

Saji-Ya Japanese Restaurant

SC Johnson

Schwegman, Lundberg, & Woessner, P.A.

Sit Investment Associates Foundation


Southview Design & Construction, Inc.


Star Tribune Foundation

Stuart Management Corporation

Superior Interiors, Inc.

SW Hennepin Co. Chapter of Thrivent

Financial for Lutherans

Tanglewood Capital Management, Inc.

TCF Foundation

TCF Mortgage Corporation

Tealwood Asset Management

Tennant Foundation

United Properties

W.W.S., Inc.

Webster Partners

Westwood Professional Services

$250 – $999

Action Marketing Research

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Anderson, Niebuhr & Associates, Inc.

Arizant Inc.

Ax-Man Surplus

Bank of America Matching Gifts

Best Vendors Company

Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota

Capital Business Solutions

Carlson Hardware Company

Cephalon, Inc.

CIMA Labs, Inc.

The Commons on Marice

Community Health Charities Minnesota

Craig-Hallum Capital Group, LLC

D. Fong’s Chinese Cuisine

Delta Technologies, Ltd.

Dendros Group, LLC

Dunham Associates, Inc.

Ericksen Roed & Associates, Inc.

Flannery Construction

Galliard Capital Management

The Hartfiel Company

Hewlett Packard

Illinois Tool Works Foundation Office

J A Investments, Inc.


Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed, LLC

Lawson Software

Master Mechanical, Inc.

Michael Foods, Inc.

Mikros Engineering

MPS Staffing

Myers Thompson, PA

New Spaces

Noonan Properties, LLC II

People in Business Care

Pope Associates, Inc.

Quazar Capital Corporation

Ryan Companies US, Inc.


SC Johnson Fund

Southern Land Company

Sullivan Computer and Consulting Corp

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Tecmark, Inc.

The Plumbing Express

The Toro Company

TranCentral, Inc.

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

United Healthcare

University Bank

Waterfield Young, LLC

WSB & Associates, Inc.


Schools & educational institutions

$10,000 – $24,999

Breck School

St. Thomas Academy

Twin Cities Campus Chapters

Hamline University

Highland Park Senior High School

Macalester College

Mounds Park Academy

St. Paul Central High School

University of Minnesota

Tribal nations

$5,000 – $9,999

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

$1,000 – $4,999

Capella University

Orono High School National Honor Society

$250 – $999

Cretin-Derham Hall High School

Eden Prairie High School Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

University of St. Thomas

The Stony Brook School

Civic, professional & fraternal organizations

$50,000 +

Habitat Helpers

Donor Designated Funds of Greater Twin Cities United Way

$25,000 – $49,999

From House to Home

New Prague Coalition

$10,000 – $24,999

Central Minneapolis Chapter of Thrivent Financial

Twin Cities Area Combined Federal Campaign

Dakota Washington County Chapter Thrivent Financial

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Payne Lake Community Partners

$5,000 – $9,999

City of St. Paul Employees

Greater Minnesota Combined Federal Campaign

Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors Foundation

Northwest Minneapolis Chapter — Thrivent Builds

Southern Dakota County Chapter of Thrivent Builds

Twin Cities Nights Rotary

$1,000 – $4,999

Dakota County Tuesday Group

East Side Neighborhood Development Corporation

Fairview University Medical Center

Lakeville Lions

Metro South Machining, Inc.

Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Foundation

Minneapolis Uptown Rotary Club

National Association of Women Business Owners — Minnesota

NE Minneapolis Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Northern Star Council BSA Eagle Scout Alumni

Rosetown Memorial Auxiliary # American Legion

United Way of King County New Jersey

Women of AT&T, Inc. — General Fund

$250 – $999

CHARITY Foundation, Inc.

Ardenview Kiwanis Club

Brooklyn Park Lions Club

Carver-Hennepin County Chapter of Thrivent Builds

Classic Corvettes of Minnesota

Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc.

Mertz Financial Services, Inc.

Network for Good

North Anoka County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

South Robert Street Business Association

United Way of Greater St. Croix County

Religious congregations & organizations

$25,000 – $49,999

Houses of Hope Fund

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

$10,000 – $24,999

All Saints Catholic Church

Calvary Lutheran Church

Christ The King Lutheran Church

Hosanna! Lutheran Church

St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church

Valley Community Presbyterian Church

$5,000 – $9,999

Annunciation Catholic Church

Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Minneapolis

Christ The King Catholic Church

Colonial Church of Edina

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Mary, Mother of the Church

Messiah United Methodist Church

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

St. Patrick Catholic Church

St. Richard’s Catholic Community

Westwood Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church

$1,000 – $4,999

Advent United Methodist Church

Calvin Presbyterian Church

Church of the Risen Savior

Como Park Lutheran Church

Cross View Lutheran Church

Crossroads Church

Crosstown Covenant Church

Diamond Lake Lutheran Church

First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater

Five Oaks Community Church

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church

Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church

Living Waters Church

Mennonite Foundation

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Peace Lutheran Church

Peace Reformed Church

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

River Hills United Methodist Church

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church

Church of St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Luke Presbyterian Church

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

St. Philip The Deacon Lutheran Church

United Methodist Church

$250 – $999

Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church

Beaver Lake Lutheran Church

Christ Church Lutheran

Christ Lutheran Church

Christ Lutheran Church

Church of St. Timothy Youth Group

City Hill Fellowship

Congregational Church of Excelsior

Church of the Epiphany

Faith Presbyterian Church of Minnetonka

First Presbyterian Church of Shakopee

First United Methodist Church

Grace Lutheran Church

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church

Holy Nativity Lutheran Church

Holy Trinity United Methodist Church

Hope Lutheran Church

House of Prayer Lutheran Church

Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church

Messiah Episcopal Church

Newport Lutheran Church

Parkview United Church of Christ

Peace Lutheran Church

Prairie Star District Metro UU Social

Justice Alliance

Presbyterian Church of The Apostles

Saint John’s Abbey

Shepherd of The Valley Lutheran Church

Sisters of St. Joseph Bethany

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Church of St. Joseph of Hopkins

St. Luke Catholic Church

St. Mark Lutheran Church

St. Paul Lutheran Church

St. Philip’s Lutheran Church

Faith & community coalitions

$50,000 +

Congregations Building Community

Augustana Lutheran Church

Basilica of St. Mary

Cathedral of St. Mark’s

Central Lutheran Church

Church of Gethsemane

Church of the Ascension

First Christian (Disciples of Christ)

First Covenant Church

First Unitarian Society

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

Plymouth Congregational Church

St. Olaf Catholic Church

Temple Israel

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Holy Hammers

Centennial United Methodist

Christ the King Lutheran, White Bear Lake

Corpus Christi Catholic

Falcon Heights United Church of Christ

Incarnation Lutheran

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

New Brighton United Church of Christ

North Como Presbyterian

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Presbyterian Church of the Way

Prince of Peace Lutheran, Roseville

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran

St. Michael’s Lutheran

$25,000 – $49,999

Northwest Metro Habitat For Humanity

Church Coalition

Advent Lutheran Church

Living Word Christian Center

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Maple Grove Lutheran Church

Pilgrim United Church of Christ

Plymouth Presbyterian Church

St. Alphonsus Church

Church of St. Gerard

St. Joseph the Worker Church

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

St. Vincent DePaul Church

Word of Peace Lutheran Church

$10,000 – $24,999

Christ the King - St. Thomas the Apostle


Eden Prairie Common Ground

Eden Prairie Presbyterian Church

Eden Prairie United Methodist Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Pax Christi Catholic Community

Prairie Lutheran Church

St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Interfaith Builders

Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Holy Spirit

Fairmount Avenue United Methodist


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Macalester-Plymouth United Church

Mount Zion Hebrew Congregation

Olivet Congregational Church

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

Temple of Aaron

St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA

Tres Iglesias

Church of St. Cecilia’s

Prospect Park United Methodist Church

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church


First Universalist

Judson Memorial Baptist Church

Lake Harriet United Methodist Church

Lake Nokomis Presbyterian

Linden Hills Congregational Church

Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Lynnhurst Congregational

Oakland Avenue United Methodist Church

St. John the Baptist Episcopal

St. John’s Lutheran

St. Leonard’s Catholic

St. Luke’s Episcopal

St. Thomas Episcopal

Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing


First Unitarian Society

First Universalist Church

Groveland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Lake Fellowship

Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist


Pilgrim House Unitarian Universalist


Unitarian Universalist Church of


White Bear Unitarian Church

$5,000 – $9,999

Bloomington Coalition of Churches

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Community of the Cross Lutheran

Grace Lutheran Church

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church

Peace Lutheran Church

St. Bonaventure Catholic Church

St. Edwards Catholic Church

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

St. Stephen Lutheran Church

Transfiguration Lutheran Church

Church of St. Timothy - Christ Lutheran

Church Coalition

Faith Builders

Roof Raisers

First Lutheran, White Bear Lake

First Presbyterian, White Bear Lake

St. Peter’s Catholic

St. Pius X Catholic

Transfiguration Catholic

White Bear Lake United Methodist

St. Thomas Becket - Mount Calvary - St.

Matthew Coalition

$1,000 – $4,999

Habitat Partnership of Northwest Anoka



Citizens of Northwest Anoka County

City of Ramsey

Constance Evangelical Free Church

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and

Insurance Company

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Ramsey Rotary Club

United Methodist Church of Anoka

Public sector grant & loan support

$200,000 +

City of St. Paul

Community Development Block Grant


Department of Planning and Economic


US Department of Housing and Urban


Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity


Washington County

Community Development Block Grant


HOME Investment Partnerships Program

$100,000 – $199,999

Hennepin County

Hennepin Homeownership Program

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

City of Minneapolis

Community Development Block Grant


Neighborhood Revitalization Program

$1 – $99,999

Anoka County

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

Ramsey County

Community Development Block Grant


*The above donations do not include land-sale writedowns contributed from public entities which are noted in the In-Kind Donations section.

St. Timothy Lutheran - St. Christopher

Episcopal Coalition

In-kind donations

$50,000 +

Andersen Corporation

Centex Homes — Minnesota

City of Plymouth HRA

Interfaith Outreach and Community


City of Minneapolis Community

Planning and Economic Development

Estate of Beverly J. Pawlik

Roof Depot

Valspar Corporation

$25,000 – $49,999

Adcom Express

Barr Engineering Company


Skoglund Services, Inc.

Thibodeau Carpet Laying Service

Waste Management

Whirlpool Corporation

$10,000 – $24,999

Buy Wise

Capra’s Utilities

Gary R. Carlson

Electrical Visions

Engineered Building Components Company

Ferche Millwork, Inc.

Gerdau Ameristeel Minnesota


Hunter Douglas

J.B. O’Meara Company

JL Schwieters Construction

K.A. Witt Construction

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.

Doug Peters

Rebarfab, Inc.

Ryland Homes

Scaffold Service, Inc.

Square D/Schneider Electric

St. Paul Properties, Inc.

SW Wold Construction

Wooster Brush Company

$5,000 – $9,999


Architectural Woodworking Institute

Avalon Fortress Security Company

Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

Binder Heating & Air Conditioning


Cemstone Contractor Supply

Joseph Claus

Creative Floor Gallery

Custom Plastic Laminates

Dow Chemical Foundation


Insulation Supplies

Manus Products, Inc.


Metzger Building Material Company

Northland Forest Products, Inc.

Owens Corning

Schoell Madson

Steve Lewis Electric

ThemeScapes, Inc.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

The Toro Company

Total Tool Supply, Inc.

Twin Cities LISC

Valley Plumbing Company, Inc.

Value Advisors, LLC

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems

$1,000 – $4,999

M Community Affairs

Air Tran Airways

Artisan Products and Services

Badger Excavating

Big Guy Gutters

Blue Sky Guide

Braun Intertec Corporation

Carpet One

Carr Electric

Cavanaugh Concrete

Citywide Insulation

Colonial Craft

Andrew Cragg


Deutsch Construction

DSP Lighting

Robert Dunn


Equipment Products Company



Flooring Concepts

David and Carol Forsberg

Herregan Distributors

I & S Architects and Engineering

Jason Kabes Construction

Jim Murr Plumbing, Inc.

Kemper & Associates, Inc.

Kubes Furniture

Lakes Erosion Services, Inc.

Lamperts of Apple Valley

Lindus Construction, Inc.

Lowe’s of Blaine

Mandragora Tango Orchestra

Midwave Corporation

Mike Slavik Painting

Nadeau Excavating

Northern Air Resort

Northern Tool and Equipment

Northwest Airlines

OSI Sealants, Inc.

Park Tavern

Paul Ambroz Plumbing

Prinsco, Inc.

Project Evergreen

Mark and Karen Rauenhorst

Red Lodge Vacation

Robert Turek Plumbing

Scherer Brothers Lumber

Schultz Drywall, Inc.

Select Comfort Corporation

Pete Sexe

Siemon Construction

Squeegee Squad

Stevens Drilling & Environmental

Target Corporation

Troy Burne Golf Club

Warner Manufacturing

Eric Weatherman

Yale Residential Security Products, Inc.

Ziegler, Inc.

$250 – $999

A Clean Look

ADO Products

Adolfson & Peterson, Inc.

Adrian’s Bar and Grill

Anaheim Marriott

Arnold Palmer Enterprises

Arthur Murray School of Dance

Aurora Building Contractors

Automatic Garage Door & Fireplaces, Inc.

Ben Bridges Jewelers


Birdwing Spa

Norlin and Carole Boyum

Carpets by Lindsey & Associates

Carter Avenue Frame Shop

Citi-Cargo & Storage Company, Inc.

Jim Clem

Countryside Heating

Crosstown Sweeping

Carol and George Daum

Jim Davis

Eden Roc Restort and Spa

Eide Saw and Tool Service

Fair Wind Inc.

Fullerton Marriot

General Electric Company

Gerry Stenson


Glynn Building Products

HAF Architects, LLC

Hartman Cabinets and Customs

Heartwood Conference Center and Resort

Heidi’s Lakeshore Gardens

Hiline Distributors


Home Depot # 0

Hunt Queens

JD Excavating

Ward and Charlotte Johnson

Julee Quarve-Peterson, Inc.


Lakeland Village Beach and Mountain


Laker’s New Prague Sanitary

Lights on Broadway

Links Print and Promotional Resources

Louisville Tech-Logistics, Inc.

Lowe’s of Blaine

Wallace Lunden

Main Street Appraisals

Marketing Focus

Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Minnesota Twins Community Fund

Minnesota Zoo

Mississippi Dunes Golf Links

Nelson Wood Shims

Mike and Kelly Nordstrom

NRG Processing Solutions, LLC

OfficEnvironment Brokers

OTB Enterprises

Robert C. Bollig Painting, LLC

RRT Processing Solutions, LLC

Rubble Tile

Jodi Sandberg

Janet Scott

Sears Imported Autos, Inc.

John Shinnick

Simon Brick and Stone

Southview Design Landscapers

St. Paul Hotel

Terra-Com Communications


Twin City Garage Door Company

Vinyl Smith

Jim Wagner

Walt Disney World Company

Warners’ Stellian Co., Inc.

Waterproofing, Inc.

Willie Willette Works

Xcel Energy

Gifts made in tribute


Guy and Catherine Jones

Harley and Lois Kukuk


Effie Keane

Glenn Peterson


June Acree

Jeff and Steffanie Anderson Family

John V. Bartels

Nita Beckman and Joe Militello

Glenn and Kathy Blomquist

David Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Foley

Paul and Jeanne Ginder

Mona Holm

Rita, Jamie, and Johnny Leader

De Leviah

Benjamin and Helen Liu

Barry and Sharon Mason

G.L. Michael

David Michael

Diane and Phillip Mitchell

Paul and Whitney Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell

Chelsey and Seth Payne

Becky Waters


Evelyn Albright

Robert W. Amis

Sarah J. Andersen

Kathleen Brekken

John N. Christakos

Jim Concidine

Customers of CenterPoint Energy


Ruth and David Delaney

Michael D. Doshan

Glenn W. Franke

R. Jean Gray

Warren Hanson

Douglas R. Linder

Whitney and Betty MacMillan

Nolan Family Foundation

Sgt. Jack Thatcher

Doris, Lynn, and Lou Tschudy

Sid and Carol Verdoorn

Robert P. White


Florence Amundsen

James H. Andrews

Laurie Austin

Mary Jane Bowen

Ruth Carlquist

Lynell Carlson

Mark G. Conn

Lewis Dwinnell

Richard Ericson

Jerry and Joan Finney

Winton H. Fleming

Asher Fox

Andrew S. Fraser

Audrey Guttersen

Rich Hecomovich

Russell L. Hoehn

Owen J. and Eileen D. Hyland

Darleen Hysen

Richard M. Johnson

Astrid E. Kottke

Joan Krych

John Majhor

John Mallander

Leslie M. McGray

William McLellan

John E. Miller

Edmund J. Monnens

Donald Nordstrom

Earl D. Olson

Ethel Payne

James E. Ricker

Rosemary Rockenbach

Ronald Schiller

R.J. Smith

Mary Jo Stasik

John Peter Stennes

Paul Sundberg

Ruth Swanson

Frances C. Thompson

Jon and Julie Kosbab

Daniel and Laura Robbins

Habitat 500 bike riders

Beth Alexander

Ryan Ash

Jamey Burden

Bret Busse

Chris Chell

Lee Daniels

Jake Daniels

Ken Ekvall

LeAllan Estrem

Hugh Gitlin

Roxanne Hagge

Susan Haugen

Shana Houlton

Sean Hunt

Joe Jeruzal

Kathy Kaufmann

Anne Kersten

Kathleen Lafferty

Ellen Law

Wally Lentz

Kim Lieberman

Richard Manny

Dave Mao

Charlie McJilton

Barb Mechtenberg

Jay Obenauer

Tom Olin

Dave Oltmans

Steve O’Malley

Randy Oppelt

Tonja Orr

Devon Pohlman

Dave Pohlman

Paul Reasoner

Rochelle Rubin

Robert Russell

Tina Russell

Steven Steuck

Seng Tchaa

Justin Thompson

Pao Yang

Board of directors

Board Officers

Mark Lee Chair

Mary Schumacher Vice Chair

Peter Torvik Treasurer

Marquitta Frost Secretary

Board Members

Tom Alexander

Mark Anema

Tanya Bell

Randy Boser

Tim Campbell

Dave Engh

Paul Fate

Jack Frangipane

Steve Fritze

Jacqueline King

Tom Naughtin

Steven Nelson

Mike Nordstrom

Darla O’Donnell

Gerry Stenson

Kou Vang

Susan Vento

Wesley Walker


Erin Ahlstrom

Terry Barnes

Andy Barnett

Karl Batalden

Tony Beckstrom

Lea Berg

Jonathan Birkholz

Lynda Bouley

Chad Bouley

Pete Brownlee

Grant Carlson

Christy Chase

Dennis Chick

Wanda Coss

Shelly Darnall

John Davis

Chad Dipman

Patrick Dunn

Mike Ellison


Joshua Anderson

Kristen Bothun

Beth Brodahl

Gaea Dill-D’Ascoli

Eric Fredell

Heather Erickson

Deqa Essa

Rachel Franco

John Hall

Floyd Hansen

Melissa Hansen

Irinel Herne

Wade Holmberg

Mary Jaeb

Heather Janiski

Erik Johnson

Brian Juntti

Peter Kennelly

Jill Kilibarda

Jake Kirchgessner

Marc Lamm

Mark Larson

Erin Leebens

Steve Lohmar

Thomas Gruis

Aaron Helt

Becca Herbert

Ben Kluckhorn

Anna Morrison

Terra Lumley

Pat Lund

Dave Madzo

Rob Maho

Michael McMahon

David Michaelson

Stacey Millett

Caitlin Mosman

Noah Mundahl

Mike Nelson

Craig Norton

Kwame Owusu-Acheampong

Cheryl Peterson

Mark Peterson

Jonathan Pinke

Kaela Reinardy

Betsy Reller

Sharon Rolenc

Doug Rudquist

Al Onkka

Christine Pederson

Abby Rouster

Nathan Savig

Elizabeth Snelling

La Saengdara

Chrissy Schoen

Jeffrey Smith

Cindy Solberg

Cathy Spader

Zach Spader

Tom Tarnow

Kelly Tennison

Rhonda Thorson

Kathy Tolo

Brent Tyler

Keri Veenendaal

Eric Weatherman

Anne Weber-Smith

Jamar Williams

Eric Wise

Jeffrey Yule

Evan Steinke

Katie Ulwelling

Joshua Waylander

Daniel Westlund

Matt Yank

Leadership team

Sue Haigh President

Alan Raymond Senior Vice President of Programs and Services

Robert White Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Q. Brady Vice President of Resource Development

and Community Relations


Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity would like to thank the volunteers, donors

and families whose stories appear in this report.

Written by Eric Wise

Photography by Jim Tittle, Nice Pictures

Graphic design by Erin Ahlstrom

Edited by Tom Tarnow

Printing services by Wallace Carlson Printing

Special thanks to Kaela Reinardy

Equal Opportunity Housing Agency and Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer

3001 4 th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

612-331-4090 · www.tchabitat.org

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