British Land Retail case studies - Open site which contains PDF

British Land Retail case studies - Open site which contains PDF

British Land Retail case studies - Open site which contains PDF


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etail<br />

CaSe<br />

StUDieS<br />


CONteNtS<br />


this booklet features a collection of property management<br />

and corporate responsibility <strong>case</strong> <strong>studies</strong> from across our<br />

managed retail portfolio. all initiatives took place from 1 april<br />

2009 to 31 March 2010, unless otherwise stated.<br />

Our 26 million sq ft of retail space includes 93 retail warehouse<br />

properties, 102 superstores and 10 shopping centres, as at<br />

31 March 2010. Our portfolio is made up of both wholly-owned<br />

assets and properties we hold through our interest in funds and<br />

joint ventures. in this booklet we focus on a selection of the retail<br />

parks and shopping centres we manage directly.<br />

Find out more about what’s been happening at:<br />

– Birstall Shopping Park<br />

– Broughton Shopping Park<br />

– Eastgate Shopping Centre<br />

– Fort Kinnaird Shopping Park<br />

– Glasgow Fort Shopping Park<br />

– Meadowhall Shopping Centre<br />

– Nassica <strong>Retail</strong> and Leisure Centre<br />

– Parkgate Shopping<br />

– Puerto Venecia <strong>Retail</strong> Park<br />

– St Stephen’s Shopping Centre<br />

– Teesside Shopping Park<br />

– The Source at Meadowhall<br />

britishland.com/crreport2010<br />

We tHaNK OUr StaFF, SUPPlierS,<br />

OCCUPierS aND lOCal PeOPle FOr<br />

WOrKiNG WitH US tO DeliVer ValUe,<br />

SaVe NatUral reSOUrCeS aND MaKe<br />

a POSitiVe DiFFereNCe.<br />

Charles Maudsley<br />

Head of retail

BirStall<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK,<br />

leeDS<br />

BirStall iS SitUateD Near leeDS aND HaS BeeN iN tHe<br />

BritiSH laND POrtFOliO SiNCe 1999. tHe ParK iS HOMe tO<br />

14 SHOPS, attraCtiNG 3.5 MilliON ViSitOrS a year aND<br />

BriNGiNG 800 jOBS tO tHe area at PeaK tiMeS.<br />

Footfall went up by 7% this year, outperforming the national<br />

average. it is managed by an on-<strong>site</strong> team, with Savills acting as<br />

managing agents.<br />

BirStall SHOPPiNG ParK 01<br />

6%<br />


the team at Birstall reduced<br />

energy use by 6%, saving<br />

8,700 kWh of energy and an<br />

estimated £800 for retailers,<br />

as well as cutting carbon<br />

emissions by five tonnes.

BirStall<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


lOCal StUDeNtS FrOM MirFielD Free GraMMar aND SixtH<br />

FOrM DONNeD HarD HatS tO See BeHiND tHe SCeNeS at tHe Fit-<br />

OUt OF tHe NeW M&S SiMPly FOOD StOre at BirStall.<br />

this was a unique opportunity for students<br />

to see an area of retail that would normally<br />

be behind closed doors. One of the students<br />

has even decided to pursue a career in shop<br />

fitting. the new M&S Simply Food store<br />

officially opened in july 2009.<br />

“The project has had a big<br />

impact on my knowledge and<br />

understanding as we are able<br />

to find out information we can’t<br />

get from web<strong>site</strong>s and see how<br />

the retail sector really works. It<br />

also allows us to talk to a wider<br />

range of people.”<br />

Student feedback<br />

Head of Business Studies, allison Simpson,<br />

commented: “We were amazed at how<br />

<strong>Retail</strong> and business <strong>studies</strong> students welcomed the opportunity to<br />

see behind the scenes in a new store fit-out.<br />

much work goes into making a shop,<br />

something that as a customer you don’t<br />

often think about. thank you to Denis, M&S<br />

and Wates for making this insight possible.”<br />

the team at Birstall has also provided<br />

the school with input into projects across<br />

the curriculum, helping to develop lesson<br />

materials and <strong>case</strong> study content for a<br />

large number of students, as well as<br />

visiting the school and allowing students to<br />

visit behind the scenes at the Park.<br />

Mamas & Papas has also supported a<br />

business <strong>studies</strong> assignment in <strong>which</strong><br />

students researched recruitment and<br />

selection methodologies and designed an<br />

interview process for potential employees<br />

at Mamas & Papas.<br />

this link between the Park and the school<br />

helps to give students an insight into<br />

the world of work, develop their subject<br />

BirStall SHOPPiNG ParK 02<br />

knowledge in a real-life context and meet<br />

employers, allowing them to see at first<br />

hand the skills used in business. in july<br />

2010, the Birstall team will be presenting a<br />

student with the Business and enterprise<br />

award at the school’s annual prize<br />

ceremony.<br />

“Students really enjoy and<br />

benefit from the projects, as<br />

do the teachers, who learn<br />

more about the business<br />

world and are able to develop<br />

ideas to enhance teaching<br />

and learning.”<br />

Lorraine Barker<br />

Principal at Mirfield Free Grammar<br />

and Sixth Form<br />

The store opening in July was well attended.<br />


BirStall<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


iN SePteMBer, tHe ParK HOSteD aN eVeNt tO GiVe lOCal<br />

PeOPle a CHaNCe tO SPeaK WitH lOCal POliCe OFFiCerS.<br />

“The day proved to be a great<br />

success for us; it was really<br />

satisfying for my team to be<br />

able to spend time with the<br />

public, offering advice and<br />

reassurance where needed,<br />

as well as information about<br />

the different roles present on<br />

the day. We received some<br />

really positive comments from<br />

people, who were happy to<br />

have a chat with us all, gaining<br />

an insight into the varied types<br />

of work we all undertake.”<br />

Gary Calvert<br />

acting Police Sergeant<br />


lOCal SHOPPer, MarGaret<br />

GierUla, PiCKeD UP PrizeS<br />

FrOM retailerS at BirStall.<br />

the competition, to celebrate the opening<br />

of the new M&S Simply Food store, gave<br />

shoppers the chance to win £140 of prizes<br />

donated by Boots, Gap, HMV and Next.<br />

Margaret was presented with her prizes<br />

by Boots Chief executive, andy Hornby,<br />

and Director of Sales, Simon roberts. She<br />

commented: “i am really pleased with my<br />

prize; i haven’t won anything for years.”<br />

www.birstallshoppingpark.co.uk<br />

!<br />


FuNd A GuIdE dOG<br />

tHe teaM at BirStall<br />

HelPeD tHeir COlleaGUeS<br />

at ParKGate SHOPPiNG iN<br />

rOtHerHaM tO FUND a<br />

GUiDe DOG FOr tHe BliND.<br />

thanks to the efforts and generosity of<br />

staff, retailers and shoppers, they raised<br />

£2,250. this will help to transform the life<br />

of somebody affected by the loss of their<br />

sight, by providing them with a trained<br />

canine companion.<br />

left: Sameena Majid (Boots), Simon roberts,<br />

Margaret Gierula, angela Gott (Boots Store<br />

Manager), andy Hornby and Denis Copeland<br />

(regional Centre Manager at Birstall).<br />

BirStall SHOPPiNG ParK 03<br />

the Birstall and Parkgate teams<br />

worked together to fund a guide dog.

BrOUGHtON<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK,<br />

CHeSter<br />

BrOUGHtON, Near CHeSter, HaS BeeN iN tHe BritiSH laND<br />

POrtFOliO SiNCe 2005.<br />

the Park is home to 31 shops, attracting 9.2 million visitors a year and<br />

bringing 450 jobs to the area at peak times. it is managed by an on-<strong>site</strong><br />

team, with Savills acting as managing agents.<br />

BrOUGHtON SHOPPiNG ParK 01<br />


the team at Broughton<br />

achieved the UK’s first<br />

Platinum Service Charge award<br />

following an independent audit<br />

by the Property Managers<br />

association. this demonstrates<br />

the quality of service<br />

charge management and<br />

communication with retailers.<br />

the team has also successfully<br />

cut service charge costs for<br />

retailers, without affecting the<br />

quality of service. Forecast<br />

service charge expenditure for<br />

2010 is 8% lower than last year,<br />

saving retailers an estimated<br />

£47,700.<br />


BrOUGHtON<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


SHOPPerS aND retailerS<br />

at BrOUGHtON reCyCleD<br />

Six tONNeS OF WaSte.<br />

the team also reduced energy use by 3%,<br />

saving 6,500kWh of power and three tonnes<br />

of carbon. they achieved this largely by<br />

replacing lightbulbs with energy efficient<br />

alternatives. Water use reduced by an<br />

impressive 12%, saving 230,000 litres of<br />

water.<br />

regional Centre Manager at Broughton, Colin<br />

Gilligan, is a Governor at nearby St David’s High<br />

School.<br />

in February, five teams from asda living and tesco<br />

took part in a three-legged race, flipping pancakes<br />

as they ran. tesco was the clear winner.<br />


GeNerOUS SHOPPerS aND StaFF at BrOUGHtON<br />

raiSeD £5,750 FOr CHarity.<br />

With thousands of shoppers visiting the<br />

Park each day, Broughton is a great venue<br />

for charities and community groups to<br />

raise both funds and awareness.<br />

the Clwyd army Cadet Force held a<br />

fundraising event in aid of the army<br />

Benevolent Fund <strong>which</strong> looks after <strong>British</strong><br />

troops injured in combat. the cadets also<br />

used the event as an opportunity to show<br />

would-be recruits what life can be like in<br />

the Force. in October, the local Hawarden<br />

!<br />

BrOUGHtON SHOPPiNG ParK 02<br />

air Cadets demonstrated their drill routine<br />

in aid of Children in Need. Other charities<br />

<strong>which</strong> used the Park for fundraising<br />

included the <strong>British</strong> red Cross, the rNli<br />

and St john’s ambulance.<br />

<strong>British</strong> land also contributed £1,000 to<br />

Crimebeat Clwyd, a local charity <strong>which</strong><br />

encourages young people to pursue<br />

projects within their community to prevent<br />

crime and anti-social behaviour.<br />

Father Christmas vi<strong>site</strong>d the Park to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Foundation and the rotary Club.<br />

Children from abermorddu Primary School also entertained shoppers with carol singing, collecting<br />

donations for a school trip. Chester Operatic Society also performed on <strong>site</strong>.

BrOUGHtON<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


tHe teaM CONtiNUeS tO WOrK WitH FliNtSHire COUNty COUNCil tO HOSt eVeNtS<br />

PrOMOtiNG lOCal SerViCeS aND raiSiNG aWareNeSS OF iMPOrtaNt iSSUeS.<br />

Some 2,000 visitors attended an<br />

information road show during the summer,<br />

and a further 500 vi<strong>site</strong>d the youth outreach<br />

bus in November.<br />

Other events to raise awareness of local<br />

services and issues included visits by Blood<br />

transfusion Service, encouraging people<br />

to give blood to help to save a life, and the<br />

Foster Care Service, raising the profile of<br />

fostering.<br />

Broughton offers a comprehensive Visitor<br />

information Point, through the Chester Services<br />

Partnership. an estimated 2,600 shoppers collected<br />

literature on local leisure facilities and tourist<br />

attractions, or watched a DVD on the local area.<br />


iN MarCH, Fire OFFiCerS<br />

ViSiteD tHe ParK tO<br />

eNCOUraGe SHOPPerS<br />

tO taKe UP tHe OFFer OF<br />

a Free HOMe Fire SaFety<br />

CHeCK aND tO teaCH<br />

yOUNGSterS aBOUt tHe<br />

DaNGerS OF Fire.<br />

www.broughtonshoppingpark.com<br />

!<br />

“The Foster Care <strong>Open</strong> Day at Broughton was an<br />

outstanding success, generating ten enquiries from couples<br />

who wished to become foster carers. Four of these couples<br />

hope to complete the Skills to Foster course.”<br />

Colin Gilligan<br />

regional Centre Manager at Broughton<br />

Children also had the opportunity to play<br />

on interactive games in the Fire Service’s<br />

educational bus, whilst parents registered<br />

for a free home fire safety check. a<br />

member of the Service then vi<strong>site</strong>d their<br />

property at a convenient time, carrying out<br />

a fire safety check and installing smoke<br />

alarms for free.<br />

BrOUGHtON SHOPPiNG ParK 03<br />

“This was a great opportunity<br />

for us to promote fire safety,<br />

targeting people who are<br />

out shopping with their<br />

youngsters.”<br />

Kevin Roberts<br />

County Safety Manager<br />


eaStGate SHOPPiNG<br />

CeNtre, BaSilDON<br />

eaStGate iN BaSilDON HaS BeeN iN tHe BritiSH laND<br />

POrtFOliO SiNCe 1993. tHe CeNtre iS HOMe tO MOre tHaN 100<br />

SHOPS, iNClUDiNG aSDa, DeBeNHaMS, erNeSt jONeS, H&M, HMV,<br />

jaNe NOrMaN, MONSOON, NeW lOOK, Next, PriMarK,<br />

riVer iSlaND aND SUPerDry.<br />

it attracts almost 15 million visitors a year and brings up to 2,500<br />

jobs to the area at peak times. a comprehensive refurbishment of the<br />

Centre was completed in 2008, with a new food terrace, as well as<br />

more retail units and improved customer facilities. it is managed by our<br />

agent, Munroe K, with the on-<strong>site</strong> team led by Hans Wustefeld.<br />

eaStGate SHOPPiNG CeNtre 01<br />



achieving Customer<br />

excellence award 2009.<br />

GREEN APPLE AWARd 2009<br />


AWARd<br />

for Community relations<br />

2010, for the second year.<br />


AWARd 2009<br />

for environmental awareness.<br />


BuSINESS AWARdS 2010<br />

for Staff training and<br />

Development.<br />


BuSINESS AWARdS 2009<br />

for education and lifelong<br />

learning.<br />



(east of england) 2009.<br />


MAN OF THE YEAR 2009<br />

Hans Wustefeld.<br />


YEAR (ENGLANd) 2009<br />


AWARd 2009

eaStGate<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


tHe teaM SeNt zerO WaSte tO laNDFill, WitH<br />

79% OF WaSte reCyCleD aND tHe reMaiNiNG 21%<br />

iNCiNerateD WitH eNerGy reCOVery.<br />

this was a further improvement on 68%<br />

recycling last year, largely thanks to<br />

extensive on-<strong>site</strong> segregation of retailers’<br />

waste, as well as recycling bins on the<br />

malls. recycling facilities are also provided<br />

for shoppers in the car parks, with reversevending<br />

machines for aluminium cans in<br />

the malls. Over 800 tonnes of waste were<br />

diverted from landfill, equivalent to over<br />

£30,000 in landfill taxes. eastgate won<br />

<strong>British</strong> land’s Waste Management award<br />

2010.<br />

the team also reduced energy use by 25%<br />

compared to last year, saving 1.4 million<br />

kWh of power and nearly 450 tonnes of<br />

carbon, as well as cutting costs for retailers<br />

by an estimated £65,000.<br />

“the eastgate team is driven<br />

by the need to improve<br />

environmental performance<br />

in the workplace and is<br />

prepared to raise the bar<br />

higher still in the future. last<br />

year, we successfully improved<br />

energy efficiency by reducing<br />

the operating hours of lifts,<br />

escalators and back-of-house<br />

lights. We also increased our<br />

recycling rates by working more<br />

closely with our retail partners.”<br />

Ian Clark<br />

Deputy Centre Manager at eastgate<br />

9%<br />

WE CAN FIx IT<br />

WHeN WeSt BaSilDON CHilDreN’S CeNtre’S PlaN tO HOlD aN eVeNt<br />

iN tHe tOWN SqUare Fell iNtO trOUBle, jUSt NiNe DayS BeFOre it<br />

WaS DUe tO Be HelD, eaStGate CaMe tO tHe reSCUe.<br />

What was initially a major challenge for<br />

eastgate ultimately became a massive<br />

success. During the two-day event, over<br />

400 people registered to use the Children’s<br />

Centre. entertainment included costumed<br />

characters Bob the Builder, as well as Fifi,<br />

roary the racing car and Big Chris.<br />

eastgate produced most of the<br />

promotional materials as part of its<br />

contribution towards an excellent event<br />

and a good cause. eastgate works in<br />

partnership with a range of community<br />

groups and charities including action<br />

Medical research, little Havens Children’s<br />

Hospice, the royal <strong>British</strong> legion and West<br />

Basildon Children’s Centre, as well as local<br />

schools and colleges.<br />

eaStGate SHOPPiNG CeNtre 02<br />


the team at eastgate cut forecast<br />

service charge costs by 9%, saving<br />

retailers £219,000.<br />

Fifi, roary the racing car and Big Chris entertaining local artist, Keith Chapman, who gave the world<br />

children at eastgate. Bob the Builder, was !<br />

guest of honour at this wellattended<br />

event in aid of the local Children’s Centre.<br />


eaStGate<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />

ON YOuR BIKE<br />

teaM-eaStGate CyCleD FrOM lONDON tO PariS, raiSiNG £54,100 FOr aCtiON<br />

MeDiCal reSearCH, a CHarity WHiCH HelPS PreMatUre aND SiCK BaBieS.<br />

15 members of the team at eastgate each<br />

cycled a staggering 343 miles, arriving at<br />

the Champs elysees in Paris exactly 24<br />

hours before the tour de France. While<br />

the team was on its four-day mission, 83<br />

mall and shop staff peddled another 963<br />

miles on exercise bikes in the Centre,<br />

whilst watching the tour de France live on<br />

video screens. eastgate won <strong>British</strong> land’s<br />

Fundraising award 2010.<br />

team-eastgate began training last year,<br />

collectively losing an impressive 28 stone of<br />

weight by cycling over 24 miles a day. Most<br />

of the team had never cycled any distance<br />

before, and many had not participated in<br />

sporting events since their schooldays. this<br />

is the third year the Centre has taken part<br />

in the fundraising cycle ride. they already<br />

have plans to get back on their saddles for<br />

the 2010 london to Paris bike ride in july.<br />

Hans, 66, was born in Holland, where<br />

he says ‘everybody cycles’. He has plans<br />

to boost its popularity in essex, working<br />

closely with Basildon and District Council,<br />

local schools and the NHS to promote<br />

cycling. in recent years, the Centre<br />

has bought a pool of bikes for staff to<br />

borrow whenever they want. the results<br />

are impressive, with more than a third<br />

of eastgate employees now cycling to<br />

work. eastgate has also funded bikes for<br />

local police community support officers<br />

so they can get around town faster, as<br />

!<br />

well as donating bikes to schools and to<br />

Basildon Council for its bike hire scheme<br />

for residents at Gloucester Park. Club<br />

Kingswood supported the team with free<br />

gym membership and fitness training.<br />

<strong>British</strong> land agreed to match the £27,050<br />

raised by the eastgate team pound for<br />

pound, bringing the grand total to £54,100.<br />

in january, Fiona Bruce, BBC newscaster<br />

and action Medical research ambassador,<br />

vi<strong>site</strong>d <strong>British</strong> land’s Head Office in london<br />

to collect the cheque, on behalf of action<br />

Medical research.<br />

“I am really proud of the team<br />

here at Eastgate who dedicated<br />

a considerable amount of time<br />

and effort to this wonderful<br />

cause. The bike ride itself was<br />

just spectacular, hill after hill,<br />

with people cheering us on all<br />

the way. Something we will<br />

never forget. Start training now.<br />

It’s fun and rewarding!”<br />

Hans Wustefeld<br />

General Manager at eastgate<br />

eaStGate SHOPPiNG CeNtre 03<br />

Fiona Bruce accepts the cheque on behalf of<br />

action Medical research from Chris Grigg,<br />

<strong>British</strong> land’s Chief executive, and members<br />

of the eastgate team.<br />

“On behalf of Action Medical<br />

Research, I am thrilled to<br />

accept this cheque for an<br />

amount <strong>which</strong> could help<br />

change the lives of many<br />

children across the UK. I would<br />

like to congratulate all those<br />

who dedicated their time and<br />

efforts to such a great cause,<br />

and thank <strong>British</strong> <strong>Land</strong> for<br />

matching the amount raised<br />

by the cyclists.”<br />

Fiona Bruce<br />

action Partners President<br />


eaStGate<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


GeNerOUS StaFF aND SHOPPerS at eaStGate DONateD a reCOrD £46,000 tO<br />

tHe POPPy aPPeal FOr tHe rOyal BritiSH leGiON.<br />

at precisely 11am on the 11th day of the<br />

11th month, a hushed atmosphere filled<br />

eastgate, as war veterans and hundreds of<br />

shoppers thought of those serving abroad<br />

in conflicts today, remembering those who<br />

gave the ultimate sacrifice.<br />

this followed a two-week Poppy appeal<br />

during <strong>which</strong> members of the eastgate<br />

team joined veterans to sell poppies and<br />

raise awareness of the need to help the<br />

armed Forces and their families – today<br />

and for the rest of their lives. the appeal<br />

was held in partnership with the Basildon<br />

and laindon branch of the royal <strong>British</strong><br />

legion, as well as the South essex<br />

Normandy Veterans association.<br />

!<br />

!<br />

the eastgate team is now raising funds to<br />

take 40 World War two veterans and their<br />

carers to arnhem in Holland in 2010 for<br />

the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the<br />

country. <strong>British</strong> land contributed £3,770 to<br />

help to make this possible. Previous visits<br />

of remembrance organised by the eastgate<br />

team have included trips to Passchendaele<br />

in Belgium, arnhem in Holland, the<br />

National Memorial arboretum and the<br />

imperial War Museum.<br />

eaStGate SHOPPiNG CeNtre 04<br />

“We thank our staff and<br />

shoppers for helping the local<br />

Royal <strong>British</strong> Legion to raise<br />

a record £46,000. This is a<br />

tribute to all those who have<br />

given their lives for freedom,<br />

and we thank all of our visitors<br />

for making this fantastic<br />

achievement possible.”<br />

Hans Wustefeld<br />

General Manager at eastgate, who is Patron of<br />

the local branches of the royal <strong>British</strong> legion and<br />

Normandy Veterans association.<br />


eaStGate<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


arOUND 300 CHilDreN PartiCiPateD iN eaStGate eCO-art 2009, DeVelOPiNG aN<br />

iNtereSt iN CreatiVely PrOteCtiNG tHeir lOCal eNVirONMeNt.<br />

eastgate eco-art 2009 was a school-based<br />

challenge for pupils to identify and record<br />

ecological successes in the communities<br />

in <strong>which</strong> they live, and using creativity to<br />

bring these to the attention of others. the<br />

competition was open to local children<br />

aged seven to 15-years old, and was<br />

delivered in partnership with Basildon<br />

Council, Basildon echo and Creative<br />

Partnerships.<br />

Children photographed their chosen<br />

environmental achievement, explaining<br />

it with a short description. in September,<br />

the entries were exhibited at eastgate,<br />

with the winning entries receiving up to<br />

£250 towards school-based environmental<br />

projects. this followed the success of the<br />

Basildon Green Business Forum’s art<br />

Challenge hosted at eastgate in june 2008.<br />

in September, artists, shop owners and<br />

business people met at eastgate to launch<br />

Basildon’s first-ever art trail. local visual<br />


SHOPPerS aND StaFF at eaStGate DONateD MOre<br />

tHaN £15,000 tO tHe Haiti aPPeal.<br />

On 12 january 2010, a devastating<br />

earthquake struck Haiti. thousands of<br />

people were killed and injured. the next<br />

day, the eastgate team launched into<br />

action, working with Basildon Concord<br />

rotary to collect donations from local<br />

people. all eastgate staff generously<br />

gave their free time to make the appeal a<br />

success.<br />

Within just two weeks, the first<br />

ShelterBoxes funded by the eastgate<br />

appeal arrived at Port au Prince, each<br />

box supplying an extended family of up<br />

to ten people with a tent and essential<br />

equipment to use while they are displaced<br />

or homeless.<br />

www.eastgateshoppingcentre.com<br />

artist, Dean Smith, was inspired to<br />

organise the event after last year’s essex<br />

Summer of art, <strong>which</strong> brought together<br />

similar trails around the county. He added:<br />

“We have a lot of talent in this district<br />

when it comes to all forms of art, not just<br />

traditional painting. just look at Keith<br />

Chapman, who created Bob the Builder,<br />

as well as the artists behind the Old<br />

Man Stan puppets and Dave Chapple,<br />

the Woodsman sculptor. Many people<br />

in Basildon will see works of art every<br />

day, inspiring them at places across the<br />

district, but may not even realise they<br />

have been created by local people.”<br />

in May 2010, another art exhibition will<br />

show<strong>case</strong> the talents of some of the<br />

young people who have been helped by<br />

little Havens Children’s Hospice since<br />

it opened more than ten years ago. the<br />

paintings will be part of a silent auction,<br />

with shoppers able to bid for the works in<br />

aid of this good cause.<br />

By the end of january, the eastgate appeal<br />

had funded 30 shelterBoxes, providing<br />

300 Haitians with shelter and emergency<br />

survival equipment.<br />

eaStGate SHOPPiNG CeNtre 05<br />

Pupils and teachers from Beauchamps High School<br />

in Wickford, winner of eco-art 2009, together with<br />

members of the Basildon Green Business Forum.<br />



33 MeMBerS OF tHe eaStGate<br />

teaM SUCCeSSFUlly<br />

COMPleteD tHeir NVq leVel<br />

2 iN CUStOMer SerViCe.<br />

the course was held in the Centre’s<br />

School of learning, in conjunction with<br />

Basildon and thurrock College. eastgate<br />

has held investors in People status since<br />

2003, successfully re-accrediting in 2009.<br />

the School of learning also offers a range<br />

of courses to retail staff at eastgate.<br />

in july, the Centre received the Basildon<br />

District award for education and lifelong<br />

learning, in recognition of its commitment<br />

to continuous learning in the workplace.<br />

in 2010, the team also won an essex<br />

Countywide Business award for Staff<br />

training and Development.

FOrt KiNNairD<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK,<br />

eDiNBUrGH<br />

FOrt KiNNairD iS SitUateD Near eDiNBUrGH aND HaS<br />

BeeN iN tHe BritiSH laND POrtFOliO SiNCe 2005.<br />

the Park is home to 48 shops, attracting 12 million visitors a<br />

year and bringing up to 2,300 jobs to the area at peak times.<br />

the Park is managed by Montagu evans, with an on-<strong>site</strong> team<br />

led by liam Smith.<br />

FOrt KiNNairD SHOPPiNG ParK 01<br />

2%<br />


Footfall increased by 2%<br />

this year, outperforming the<br />

national trend.<br />


FOrt KiNNairD<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


tHe teaM at FOrt KiNNairD SUCCeSSFUlly SaVeD retailerS<br />

£40,000 ON FOreCaSt SerViCe CHarGeS tHiS year.<br />

they achieved 5% savings, without<br />

compromising standards. For instance,<br />

reducing the number of security officers<br />

on <strong>site</strong> during the quietest part of the<br />

overnight shift saved 1,825 hours of staff<br />

costs each year.<br />

By retendering the cleaning contract the<br />

team achieved more favourable rates,<br />

making the most of the current competitive<br />

environment. they also saved 1,400 staff<br />

hours each year, for instance by reducing<br />

cleaning demand for the management<br />

suite.<br />

regional Centre Manager, liam Smith,<br />

comments: “We are monitoring our new<br />

security arrangements closely and liaising<br />

with retailers, to make sure that security<br />

and safety are not affected. it can be a<br />


FOrt KiNNairD WON tHe<br />

BritiSH laND eNerGy<br />

reDUCtiON aWarD 2010.<br />

the team successfully reduced energy use<br />

by 28% by reviewing use of lighting, for<br />

instance, installing timers on the lighting<br />

system so that lighting reflects trading<br />

hours and daylight. this saved retailers<br />

an estimated £13,300 on their energy<br />

bills this year, at a time when savings are<br />

particularly important for many businesses.<br />

the team also cut water use by an<br />

impressive 30%, saving 14 million litres<br />

of water and an estimated £18,000 on<br />

retailers’ water bills.<br />

they are now working with local schools<br />

on a project to encourage biodiversity and<br />

enhance the appearance of the Park by<br />

planting native species.<br />

process of trial and error, but one that is<br />

worth the effort if it helps retailers in today’s<br />

challenging climate. We thank our security<br />

team for rising to the challenge and<br />

working to maintain the level of service.”<br />

retailers have generally responded<br />

extremely positively. in a recent survey<br />

carried out by the management team,<br />

98% of retailers stated that cleanliness<br />

and security on <strong>site</strong> exceeded or met<br />

expectations. the team continues to liaise<br />

closely with retailers to monitor levels of<br />

satisfaction, as well as opportunities for<br />

improvement.<br />

FOrt KiNNairD SHOPPiNG ParK 02<br />

“Having worked in six retail<br />

parks over my career, never<br />

has one been so well managed<br />

and run by such a dedicated,<br />

pleasant team as at Fort<br />

Kinnaird.”<br />

<strong>Retail</strong>er feedback

FOrt KiNNairD<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


BritiSH laND iS FUNDiNG a PrOjeCt tO HelP UNeMPlOyeD yOUNG PeOPle iN<br />

tHe CraiGMillar area OF eDiNBUrGH eNHaNCe tHeir eMPlOyaBility SKillS.<br />

the project, <strong>which</strong> is being delivered by<br />

community-based employment access<br />

project, Worktrack, has already part-funded<br />

three jobs and a volunteer position with<br />

local employers.<br />

Sandi McGeoch of Worktrack stresses how<br />

important it is to support young people into<br />

employment, particularly at the moment<br />

when so many are struggling to get a foot<br />

on the career ladder. She adds: “Worktrack<br />

has been involved with Fort Kinnaird for<br />

years, doing all sorts of projects, but<br />

this one is particularly nice because it<br />

is actually aimed at young people, and<br />

specifically young people within the greater<br />

Craigmillar area. We have really focused on<br />

tapping into local employers so there is a<br />

double benefit for the community.”<br />

through the scheme, 16-year-old<br />

Patrick McGee gained employment with<br />

Witherspoon Gardening Services, starting<br />

a two-year landscaping course at the same<br />

time. He commented: “it’s great going to<br />

college as i have time to learn the different<br />

skills in gardening and then use these<br />

at work.” two other young people, john<br />

Buchan and tom Brown, were taken on<br />

by social landlord, Castle rock edinvar.<br />

after completing their nine-month<br />

placement, they began apprenticeships<br />

and are now studying plumbing and joinery<br />

at college, as well as learning key skills as<br />

members of Castle rock edinvar’s home<br />

repairs team.<br />

laura lupton secured a position in<br />

the financial sector after training with<br />

Craigmillar Credit Union. Her manager,<br />

Margaret evans, explained that laura’s<br />

ambition was to run her own business, and<br />

that the skills, experience and confidence<br />

she gained through this project would help<br />

her towards this. Margaret added: “the<br />

Credit Union also gained, as laura quickly<br />

became a team member, assisting with the<br />

day-to-day running of the Credit Union.”<br />

During October, the Park also hosted a<br />

five-week recruitment event in partnership<br />

with jobcentre Plus and Worktrack. 2,150<br />

jobseekers attended, filling 380 vacancies<br />

with retailers such as argos, asda, Marks<br />

& Spencer, Next and toys r Us. advice<br />

and information was available to support<br />

people at various stages of their careers,<br />

as well as help with form filling, training<br />

opportunities, benefits and childcare<br />

advice.<br />

FOrt KiNNairD SHOPPiNG ParK 03<br />

“The job fair at Fort Kinnaird<br />

started six years ago because<br />

retailers were having difficulty<br />

recruiting in one of the most<br />

deprived areas of Edinburgh.<br />

Local people also needed to<br />

feel that the Park was part<br />

of their community, that it<br />

wasn’t just a place where<br />

they spent money, but one<br />

where they could find work<br />

and opportunities. This year<br />

numbers were higher than<br />

ever, a reflection of the current<br />

economic climate.”<br />

Sandi McGeoch<br />

Business link at Worktrack<br />

380 jobs<br />

2,150 jobseekers attended our annual job<br />

fair, helping retailers to fill 380 vacancies.<br />

britishland.com/crreport2010<br />


FOrt KiNNairD<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


SHOPPerS aND StaFF at FOrt KiNNairD SHOWeD tHeir SUPPOrt FOr lOCal<br />

aND NatiONal CHaritieS, raiSiNG OVer £17,000.<br />

Shoppers and staff donated over 170<br />

bags of goods for the <strong>British</strong> Heart<br />

Foundation, raising more than £5,000 for<br />

this worthwhile cause. there is now a<br />

permanent collection point on <strong>site</strong>, where<br />

shoppers and staff can donate books and<br />

clothing.<br />

in November, members of the on-<strong>site</strong> team<br />

and retail staff were proud to ‘Wear it Pink’,<br />

raising £500 for Breast Cancer research.<br />

in august 2010, regional Centre Manager<br />

at Fort Kinnaird, liam Smith, will take part<br />

in a 700 ft mine charity slide in aid of the<br />

anthony Nolan leukaemia trust. He will<br />

climb to the top of the lady Victoria Mine<br />

at Newtongrange, and then fly down a zip<br />

slide. it’s a 15-second adrenaline rush for<br />

the brave, and liam was among the first<br />

volunteers.<br />

www.fortkinnaird.co.uk<br />

“Heights aren’t really my thing,<br />

but it’s such a great cause. The<br />

Anthony Nolan Trust has given<br />

over 8,000 children and adults<br />

the gift of life since the charity<br />

was founded over 35 years ago.<br />

It’s grown from the personal<br />

crusade of one mother to<br />

become a world leader in the<br />

field of tissue type analysis<br />

and transplant technology.<br />

At the moment it feels like I’ll<br />

be attaching myself to a piece<br />

of chicken wire and throwing<br />

myself off the Grand Canyon.”<br />

Liam Smith<br />

regional Centre Manager at Fort Kinnaird<br />

FOrt KiNNairD SHOPPiNG ParK 04

GlaSGOW FOrt<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />

GlaSGOW FOrt iS lOCateD at jUNCtiON 10 OF tHe M8 MOtOrWay.<br />

tHe ParK OPeNeD iN OCtOBer 2004, iNCOrPOratiNG a tWO-SiDeD<br />

Mall DeSiGN reCreatiNG tHe HiGH Street, WHiCH WaS a NeW<br />

CONCePt FOr SHOPPiNG ParKS iN tHe UK.<br />

it is now home to 85 shops and attracts 13 million visitors a year. Occupiers<br />

include argos, Boots, HMV, H Samuel, Mamas & Papas, New look, Next,<br />

Oasis, river island, Starbucks, tK Maxx, topshop and zara. it is managed<br />

by our agents, Montagu evans, with an on-<strong>site</strong> team led by Phil Goodman.<br />

GlaSGOW FOrt SHOPPiNG ParK 01<br />

314<br />


27% of all managed waste<br />

was recycled, with some 314<br />

tonnes diverted from landfill,<br />

equivalent to over £12,000 in<br />

landfill taxes. the recycling<br />

service was expanded to cover<br />

retailers’ waste paper, plastic<br />

and aluminium, as well as<br />

cardboard.<br />


GlaSGOW FOrt<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


1,250 lOCal PeOPle reGiStereD FOr jOBS at GlaSGOW<br />

FOrt’S aNNUal jOB Fair, DeliVereD iN PartNerSHiP WitH<br />

GlaSGOW eaSt reGeNeratiON aGeNCy (Gera).<br />

this helped retailers to satisfy their<br />

seasonal recruitment needs, and made it<br />

easier for local people to find employment.<br />

around 200 vacancies were filled by<br />

retailers including argos, Game, H Samuel,<br />

Hobbycraft, New look, Next and tK Maxx.<br />

Gera promoted the event extensively to<br />

local people and provided staff on <strong>site</strong> for<br />

the day. they offered additional support to<br />

jobseekers, something that was particularly<br />

important for those who did not manage<br />

to find a job. regional Centre Manager at<br />

Glasgow Fort, Phil Goodman, is actively<br />

involved with the Gera, as part of our<br />

efforts to encourage local regeneration.<br />


200 CHilDreN aND VOlUNteerS PlaNteD 3,000 POt-GrOWN<br />

WilDFlOWerS iN 4,000M 2 OF MeaDOW at GlaSGOW FOrt.<br />

local schoolchildren learnt about<br />

wildflower meadows and their wildlife,<br />

before creating their own wildflower<br />

meadow.<br />

Plants were chosen for their biodiversity<br />

value and sheer attractiveness, with betany,<br />

cowslips and ox-eye daisies gracing the<br />

meadow. Climbers that have been planted<br />

will also provide screening for 260 metres<br />

of security fencing.<br />

<strong>British</strong> land, Kelvin Clyde Greenspace and<br />

the Scottish Naturalists’ Society provided<br />

funding. Children from local primary and<br />

special educational needs schools were<br />

“On Tuesday we were back at Glasgow Fort for the final time<br />

planting wildflowers. The meadow is looking fantastic and we<br />

have already seen some of the flowers blooming. Very pretty! The<br />

wildflower meadow has started to attract loads of wildlife now,<br />

such as bees and butterflies.”<br />

<strong>British</strong> Trust for Conservation Volunteers<br />

helped by volunteers from Kelvin Clyde<br />

Greenspace and the <strong>British</strong> trust for<br />

Conservation Volunteers. the project also<br />

involved action for Children youthbuild, an<br />

initiative that helps vulnerable children to<br />

achieve their full potential.<br />

!<br />

GlaSGOW FOrt SHOPPiNG ParK 02<br />


tHe teaM at GlaSGOW FOrt<br />

CUt FOreCaSt SerViCe<br />

CHarGe COStS By 9%,<br />

SaViNG retailerS £92,000.<br />

7%<br />

!<br />


will save retailers an estimated<br />

£4,000, with further savings achieved<br />

on security, cleaning and landscaping<br />

contracts.<br />

to achieve the energy savings, the team<br />

worked through the night to identify the<br />

best balance of lighting levels. they fine<br />

tuned the time switches and introduced<br />

additional circuit controls to strike the<br />

optimum balance between safety and<br />

economy. this saved nearly 50,000 kWh<br />

of electricity, cutting carbon emissions<br />

by 25 tonnes.<br />

they also reduced water use by an<br />

impressive 31%, saving 1.2 million litres of<br />

water and an estimated £1,600 on retailers’<br />

water bills. they achieved this by installing<br />

water-saving ‘Hippos’ in all of the toilet<br />


GlaSGOW FOrt<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


SHOPPerS aND StaFF at GlaSGOW FOrt raiSeD MOre tHaN £22,500<br />

FOr lOCal aND NatiONal CHaritieS.<br />

the Park hosted an adventure weekend run<br />

by the Scottish Outward Bound association,<br />

(SOBa) a charity <strong>which</strong> helps young people<br />

to achieve their potential through outdoor<br />

adventure. it was held with the support of<br />

the Glasgow east regeneration agency.<br />

young people were challenged to climb<br />

a massive 23 ft climbing tower, and their<br />

families also had the chance to win prizes<br />

such as a family mini-adventure holiday<br />

at the prestigious Crieff Hydro and a<br />

powerboat trip. Some £4,000 was raised for<br />

SOBa, as well as raising its profile.<br />

regional Centre Manager, Phil Goodman,<br />

commented: “Many kids within the local<br />

catchment of Glasgow Fort have never<br />

actually spent time outside of the east end<br />

of Glasgow. last year, the Scottish Outward<br />

Bound association helped more than 900<br />

young people, with many attending a threeweek<br />

life changing adventure course.”<br />

the local army Cadet Force and Girls’<br />

Brigade also raised more than £1,500 for<br />

the Poppy appeal in just one weekend.<br />

this collection was organised by the<br />

Glasgow and lanarkshire Battalion army<br />

Cadet Force C Platoon, easterhouse royal<br />

Highland Fusiliers.<br />

“It was a brilliant feeling<br />

getting to the top of the<br />

climbing tower, especially as<br />

my daddy couldn’t do it. One<br />

of the climbs was a little scary<br />

and I didn’t make it to the top,<br />

but the first and last climbs<br />

were great. I think everybody<br />

should have a go. It is a real<br />

challenge.”<br />

Eight-year old Olivia,<br />

from Hamilton<br />


iN jUNe 2009, a GrOUP OF real eState MaNaGeMeNt MaSterS StUDeNtS<br />

FrOM GlaSGOW CaleDONiaN UNiVerSity Were taKeN ON a tOUr OF<br />

BrOaDGate iN tHe Heart OF tHe City OF lONDON.<br />

Head of london leasing at <strong>British</strong> land,<br />

Paul Burgess, provided the graduates<br />

with an overview of <strong>British</strong> land, its<br />

origin, portfolio and business operations,<br />

as well as development prospects. He<br />

then took them on a tour of two of our<br />

recent developments, 201 Bishopsgate<br />

and the Broadgate tower. He particularly<br />

highlighted the role of property<br />

management teams, and valuation and<br />

development surveyors.<br />

www.glasgowfort.co.uk<br />

MSc Programme Organiser at Glasgow<br />

Caledonian University, alistair Hendry,<br />

commented that this was a great<br />

opportunity for the students, who went on<br />

to graduate in September, to learn about<br />

how a major development is managed,<br />

at the same time as getting a senior level<br />

assessment of trends and changes in the<br />

UK and international development markets.<br />

He added: “it was also a chance for them<br />

to get exposure to property markets and<br />

developments beyond Scotland, and to the<br />

work of a world class property company.”<br />

GlaSGOW FOrt SHOPPiNG ParK 03<br />

the team at Glasgow Fort also vi<strong>site</strong>d<br />

Bishopbriggs academy in Glasgow, giving<br />

a presentation on the development of the<br />

Park to 60 students.<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre,<br />

SHeFFielD<br />

lOCateD iN SHeFFielD, MeaDOWHall iS ONe OF ONly Six<br />

SUPer-reGiONal SHOPPiNG CeNtreS iN tHe UK aND HaS BeeN<br />

iN BritiSH laND’S POrtFOliO SiNCe 1999.<br />

in February 2009, we formed a new 50:50 joint venture partnership for<br />

Meadowhall with london and Stamford Property limited and its joint<br />

venture partner. the Centre is home to 250 shops and 30 restaurants,<br />

attracting 25 million visitors a year. it brings up to 7,000 jobs to the area<br />

at peak times and provides popular shopping facilities. the Centre is<br />

managed by an on-<strong>site</strong> team, with the support of managing agents, the<br />

Smith young Partnership.<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 01<br />



for Workplace Mobility Plans.

MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


MeaDOWHall CUt<br />

FOreCaSt SerViCe CHarGe<br />

COStS By 18%, SaViNG<br />

retailerS £2.3 MilliON.<br />

these savings are the result of three<br />

months of collaborative work between<br />

<strong>British</strong> land, managing agent, Smith<br />

young, the on-<strong>site</strong> management team<br />

and major retailers.<br />

Successful initiatives included more<br />

efficient delivery of security, cleaning<br />

and customer services, energy saving<br />

measures, and revised preventative<br />

maintenance plans, as well as better<br />

integrated reporting structures across the<br />

on-<strong>site</strong> management team and managing<br />

agent.<br />

WINNER<br />

of the <strong>British</strong> land Cost reduction<br />

award 2010.<br />


tHe teaM at MeaDOWHall reDUCeD eNerGy USe By<br />

22% tHiS year, SaViNG 2.9 MilliON KWH OF POWer aND<br />

aN eStiMateD £242,000 ON retailerS’ eNerGy BillS,<br />

aS Well aS 1,500 tONNeS OF CarBON.<br />

they also reduced water use by 11%, saving<br />

2.8 million litres of mains water and an<br />

estimated £3,500 on retailers’ water bills.<br />

in 2006, Meadowhall invested in a rainwater<br />

harvesting system <strong>which</strong> now supplies<br />

non-drinking water to the Centre and its<br />

landscape.<br />

Meadowhall is a responsible business<br />

and was the first UK Shopping Centre to<br />

develop an on-<strong>site</strong> resource and recovery<br />

Centre (rrC), <strong>which</strong> sorts, separates and<br />

sends material for recycling. the team<br />

also sent zero waste to landfill, recycling<br />

1,500 tonnes and incinerating 2,800 tonnes,<br />

saving £175,000 ! in landfill taxes at the<br />

same time.<br />


MeaDOWHall HOStS a raNGe OF CHilD-FrieNDly<br />

eVeNtS tHrOUGHOUt tHe year.<br />

in june 2009, the Big Friendly Giant, one<br />

of roald Dahl’s most popular characters,<br />

stomped his way to Meadowhall. together<br />

with his trusted companion Sophie, he<br />

recreated aspects of the much-loved story<br />

before giving children the chance to ask<br />

imaginative, dream-catching questions.<br />

later in the summer, Nickelodeon and<br />

Meadowhall teamed up to offer two days<br />

of fun with SpongeBob SquarePants and<br />

Dora the explorer. there were meet-andgreet<br />

photo opportunities with Dora and<br />

SpongeBob, as well as lots of activities<br />

and daily prize giveaways. in September,<br />

the teletubbies kicked off their UK dance<br />

tour in front of hundreds of young fans at<br />

Meadowhall. tinky Winky, Dipsy, laa laa<br />

and Po, superstars in the eyes of millions<br />

of children worldwide, show<strong>case</strong>d their<br />

best moves and encouraged children to get<br />

active and get dancing.<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 02<br />

in june, Meadowhall teamed up with the<br />

energy Saving trust to promote World<br />

environment Day, empowering shoppers<br />

to make a difference in their own homes.<br />

Meadowhall gave 3,000 shoppers a free<br />

bag for life containing energy efficient<br />

lightbulbs and literature on how to make<br />

these changes. a team of experts was on<br />

hand to help and advise shoppers on the<br />

small steps they can take to make a big<br />

difference on the overall impact we have on<br />

the environment.<br />

in March, the iconic Meadowhall dome<br />

went dark for earth Hour, as the Centre<br />

joined thousands of companies and<br />

millions of people around the world in<br />

switching off non-essential lighting.<br />

in january, much loved tV characters<br />

Peppa Pig and her little brother George<br />

made a guest appearance in the Centre.<br />

britishland.com/crreport2010<br />

!<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


iN aUGUSt, a U2 triBUte BaND BrOUGHt iN tHe CrOWDS tO MeaDOWHall,<br />

iN tHe BUilD UP tO tHe leGeNDary BaND’S SHOW at DON Valley StaDiUM.<br />

in February, yorkshire’s very own elvis,<br />

Christoff Hawkins, came to Meadowhall<br />

for a pre-show party before the Ultimate<br />

elvis tour performed at the Sheffield<br />

arena. the event included a competition to<br />

find yorkshire’s Biggest elvis Fan, won by<br />

lifelong fanatic alison thorpe.<br />

On a more sedate note, weekly tea dances<br />

are held at the Centre, with complimentary<br />

tea and coffee, as well as the chance to win<br />

a meal at a Meadowhall café.<br />

“We served 25% more<br />

customers yesterday as U2<br />

pre-concert goers and fans<br />

vi<strong>site</strong>d Meadowhall to enjoy a<br />

bite to eat, while enjoying the<br />

music and listening to the next<br />

best thing!”<br />

Kate Allatt<br />

Business Development Manager at<br />

Out of town leisure Group<br />

“It was really great that<br />

Meadowhall hosted this event<br />

to get us all in the mood for<br />

the concert at the Arena. I<br />

am absolutely delighted to be<br />

named Yorkshire’s Biggest<br />

Fan. I was confident that there<br />

was not a lot about Elvis I did<br />

not know but to have that<br />

confirmed was an honour.<br />

I was particularly pleased<br />

about winning as the prize<br />

was a guitar - something my<br />

daughter has been asking me<br />

for, for the past year, so to be<br />

able to give that to her was<br />

fantastic.”<br />

Alison Thorpe<br />

yorkshire’s Biggest elvis Fan<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 03<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


aDjaCeNt tO MeaDOWHall iS tHe SOUrCe, a traiNiNG aND DeVelOPMeNt<br />

CeNtre SPeCialiSiNG iN retail aND CUStOMer SerViCe.<br />

the Source was set up in 2003 by<br />

Meadowhall’s joint venture owner, <strong>British</strong><br />

land, in partnership with Sheffield City<br />

Council. it has held the prestigious Centre<br />

of Vocational excellence in retail status<br />

since 2005. in 2009, it launched as a<br />

National Skills academy for retail for<br />

South yorkshire.<br />

the Source offers recruitment and<br />

training support to all 250 retail stores<br />

at Meadowhall, sourcing £425,000 of<br />

funding <strong>which</strong> is going directly to training<br />

for Meadowhall retailers. it also provides<br />

a range of facilities including conference<br />

facilities, a gym, an it learning centre, a<br />

crèche, a library and a coffee bar.<br />

in February, Meadowhall hosted an event<br />

in partnership with the Source to promote<br />

the Government’s Backing young Britain<br />

campaign. the event was led by BBC1’s<br />

the apprentice winner, tim Campbell, with<br />

“I am delighted to be ‘Backing<br />

Young Britain’ and supporting<br />

young people. Together, even<br />

in these tough economic times,<br />

we can help this generation<br />

fulfil its potential.”<br />

Rosie Winterton<br />

Minister for yorkshire and the Humber (2009)<br />

SHOP FOR A jOB<br />

tHe SOUrCe, MeaDOWHall aND jOBCeNtre PlUS WOrKeD iN PartNerSHiP tO rUN<br />

a FOUr-Day jOB SHOP iN a VaCaNt retail UNit iN tHe SHOPPiNG CeNtre.<br />

this helped retailers to fill seasonal<br />

vacancies at their busiest time, as well<br />

as making it easier for local people to<br />

find work at Christmas. Over 30 retailers<br />

filled 300 vacancies, with 729 individuals<br />

registering their details and 1,941<br />

applications completed.<br />

in april 2010, Meadowhall also hosted a<br />

free enterprise Show, giving local people<br />

an opportunity to get professional advice<br />

on starting and developing their own<br />

businesses. a range of organisations<br />

were on hand to give business advice,<br />

including HMrC and the Business and<br />

the support of local MP, rosie Winterton.<br />

the campaign aims to bring national and<br />

local Government, businesses, and the<br />

public and voluntary sectors together to<br />

create new opportunities for young people<br />

aged 16-24. tim Campbell and rosie<br />

Winterton met with young people and<br />

business people from across the region.<br />

Patent information Services, as well as<br />

accountants and bankers. there were also<br />

seminars covering essential topics such<br />

as marketing and how to start your own<br />

business.<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 04<br />

For more information read our<br />

<strong>case</strong> <strong>studies</strong> on The Source<br />

“We are working with The<br />

Source to advertise our<br />

vacancies and the recruitment<br />

team are sifting through CVs<br />

and shortlisting our applicants.<br />

It’s a great way to support<br />

businesses, but also of helping<br />

people into employment.”<br />

Lisa Edwards<br />

Store Manager at USC Meadowhall<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


iN NOVeMBer, NiNe MeaDOWHall SeCUrity GUarDS tOOK<br />

Part iN a 24-HOUr CyCle relay arOUND tHe CeNtre, raiSiNG<br />

£2,285 FOr CHilDreN iN NeeD.<br />

the cycle team pedalled through the night,<br />

cycling some 400 miles. Meanwhile, their<br />

colleagues supported them with a range<br />

of fundraising events from a cake sale to<br />

online bingo. this followed the success<br />

of their fundraising efforts for the ‘Wear<br />

it Pink’ campaign in aid of Breast Cancer<br />

research in October.<br />

the security team at Meadowhall patrols external<br />

areas by bicycle, cutting carbon emissions,<br />

speeding up rounds by 20% compared to using a<br />

fuel-powered vehicle, and helping them to train for<br />

their sponsored cycle relay.<br />


iN DeCeMBer, lOCal<br />

ParalyMPiCS HOPeFUl, DOM<br />

HUrley, HOSteD a BiKe-atHON<br />

at MeaDOWHall.<br />

the weekend-long event raised money for<br />

rotherham charity, Headway, and boosted<br />

awareness of Dom’s own Paralympics<br />

bid. Dom, who aims to cycle in the 16mile<br />

time trial or 40-mile road race in<br />

2012 is currently in the second tier of the<br />

Paralympic squad, and has been boosting<br />

his training regime by staging bike-a-thons<br />

across the region.<br />

Headway promotes understanding of brain<br />

and head injuries, providing information,<br />

support and services to help local people<br />

with injuries, as well as helping their<br />

families and their carers.<br />

“I was told I would never walk<br />

or talk again after sustaining a<br />

severe brain injury in a moped<br />

accident three years ago,<br />

so my fundraising activities<br />

are a natural way to say<br />

thank you to charities like<br />

Headway, <strong>which</strong> supported<br />

me during my rehabilitation.<br />

I have worked closely with<br />

Meadowhall over the past<br />

six months and they have<br />

been very supportive of my<br />

charity activities and my own<br />

Paralympics aspirations.”<br />

dom Hurley<br />

local Paralympics hopeful<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 05<br />


iN MarCH 2010, CaNCer<br />

reSearCH UK laUNCHeD<br />

‘SHOP FOr liFe’.<br />

this fun initiative combines some gentle<br />

training with an opportunity for retail<br />

therapy, before the five-kilometre race for<br />

life takes place in Sheffield during june.<br />

the Shop for life map provides shoppers<br />

with a training route around popular<br />

Meadowhall retail stores. the twokilometre<br />

route is typical of many good<br />

shopping sessions, including a wander<br />

around the stores, a few visits to the fitting<br />

room, and a stop for a bite to eat.<br />

Shop for life is part of the ‘if i can do<br />

it…’ campaign, <strong>which</strong> is about inspiring<br />

women everywhere to take part in race<br />

for life whatever their age, shape, size or<br />

fitness level.<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


iN FeBrUary, DaNCiNG ON iCe Star Hayley taMaDDON aND<br />

Her SKatiNG PartNer DaNiel WHiStON CaMe tO MeaDOWHall.<br />

Hayley and Daniel went on to skate to<br />

victory in the finale of the itV show in<br />

May 2010. local girl Hayley is a former<br />

emmerdale actress and Daniel is a <strong>British</strong><br />

Gold Medallist. together they wowed<br />

television viewers with their skating skills,<br />

and thousands of shoppers were delighted<br />

to see them in the Centre.<br />

Meadowhall worked with specialist sports<br />

store Sweatshop, located in the Centre, to<br />

provide Hayley with a personal training pack<br />

to help aid her progress. Hayley comments:<br />

“the regional support that we have received<br />

since the start of the series has been<br />

seriously overwhelming. Daniel and i are<br />

so grateful for this and just hope that the<br />

public will keep us in! Meadowhall has been<br />

particularly great and i am really thankful to<br />

them for organising the training pack and<br />

their ongoing campaign.”<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 06<br />


iN aUGUSt, MeaDOWHall<br />

laUNCHeD a NeW CaMPaiGN<br />

tO SUPPOrt CHilDreN’S<br />

CHarity BarNarDO’S.<br />

Generous mums, dads and grandparents<br />

were encouraged to support disadvantaged<br />

local families by buying an extra ‘Back to<br />

School’ item to help children less fortunate<br />

than their own. the campaign was backed<br />

by Barnardo’s ambassador and actor on the<br />

Channel 4 teachers series, andrew lincoln.<br />

He asked shoppers: “When you’re having<br />

a family day out shopping this summer,<br />

taking your children round the shops to get<br />

their new school uniform and pencil <strong>case</strong>s,<br />

spare a thought for children who are less<br />

fortunate and buy an extra jumper or, if you<br />

can’t afford that, an extra packet of pencils.<br />

as an ambassador for Barnardo’s, i have<br />

seen firsthand how your support really<br />

helps our children.”<br />

at Christmas time, Meadowhall also<br />

teamed up with Barnardo’s to encourage<br />

shoppers to buy one extra gift. Generous<br />

shoppers donated toys for vulnerable<br />

children across yorkshire.<br />

“We have linked up with<br />

Meadowhall on this campaign<br />

for the past two years and<br />

never fail to be surprised by the<br />

generosity of their customers.<br />

Christmas is a time when<br />

we all think back to our fun<br />

!<br />

childhood memories, but<br />

unfortunately not every child<br />

has the opportunity to enjoy<br />

this time of year. These gifts<br />

really help us to make a child’s<br />

Christmas.”<br />

Peter Allinson<br />

Director of Barnardo’s yorkshire<br />


MeaDOWHall<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


iN OCtOBer, tHOUSaNDS<br />

OF SHOPPerS ViSiteD tHe<br />

MeaDOWHall FaSHiON SHOW.<br />

the three-day fashion show was hosted<br />

by celebrity stylist and fashionista, Bradley<br />

taylor, who has worked with designers<br />

Vivienne Westwood and the late alexander<br />

Mcqueen. Stylists were on hand to offer<br />

personal advice. Finalist of the BBC<br />

apprentice 2008, Claire young, also made<br />

an appearance.<br />

in May, the Gillette Venus embrace team<br />

gave female shoppers the chance to win<br />

an exclusive photo shoot with national<br />

magazines, Heat and More! Five women<br />

from Sheffield were shortlisted to represent<br />

the area in the final, with a top style<br />

consultation and glossy magazine photo<br />

shoot for the overall winner.<br />

www.meadowhall.co.uk<br />


iN May 2009, SHOPMOBility at MeaDOWHall<br />

HaD a MaKeOVer aND relaUNCH.<br />


SaNta’S WONDerlaND at MeaDOWHall SaW a MaSSiVe 53%<br />

iNCreaSe iN ViSitOr NUMBerS COMPareD tO laSt year.<br />

the experience starts with the children<br />

walking through Santa’s workshop, where<br />

the elves are busy finishing the toys in<br />

time for Christmas eve. the children are<br />

then treated to a magical 3D feature show,<br />

starring rocket the reindeer ® and the<br />

Naughty Snowman, lasting 15 minutes.<br />

the children’s journey then continues<br />

through the elves’ workshop, where they<br />

can hop onto Santa’s sleigh for a chat<br />

and a photograph with the man himself.<br />

the children then leave the Wonderland<br />

with their own rocket the reindeer ® as a<br />

memento of their experience.<br />

With nearly 24,000 people on incapacity<br />

benefits in the yorkshire region, there<br />

is a large demand for mobility aids at<br />

Meadowhall. to address this need,<br />

Meadowhall has formed a partnership with<br />

the Parkgate Group to improve and support<br />

the mobility facilities already in the Centre.<br />

the team offers accompanied shopping<br />

services, as well as wheelchairs and selfdrive<br />

scooters for shoppers to borrow.<br />

Meadowhall prides itself on being a<br />

wheelchair-friendly centre, with accessible<br />

facilities including the cinema, the<br />

children’s entertainment area, an area in<br />

the Oasis Food Court and 350 disabled<br />

parking spaces.<br />

“We are extremely proud of Santa’s Wonderland this year<br />

and have worked very hard to make sure we provide the best<br />

Christmas experience in Yorkshire. The visitor figures certainly<br />

speak for themselves and are proof to us that all of the hard work<br />

has been worth it – the faces of the children when they come out<br />

of the Wonderland are truly magical.”<br />

Richard Pinfold<br />

Head of Marketing at Meadowhall<br />

!<br />

MeaDOWHall SHOPPiNG CeNtre 07<br />

“Shopmobility and the Parkgate<br />

Group are committed to making<br />

Meadowhall an enjoyable and<br />

stress-free environment for all<br />

disabled customers and their<br />

families.”<br />

dawn Osborne<br />

Head of Operations at Meadowhall<br />


tHe MeaDOWHall PaSSeNGer<br />

traNSPOrt iNterCHaNGe iS<br />

SerVeD By UP tO 400 traiNS<br />

Per Day, 120 BUSeS Per HOUr<br />

aND a traM eVery 10 MiNUteS.<br />

the Centre continues to work with staff,<br />

retailers and local transport providers to<br />

encourage people to travel to Meadowhall<br />

by public transport, cycling or walking.<br />

transport and environment Manager at<br />

Meadowhall, alice truswell, presented<br />

Meadowhall’s innovative approach to green<br />

travel to 500 delegates at a european<br />

conference on mobility management.<br />


NaSSiCa retail<br />

aND leiSUre ParK,<br />

MaDriD GREEN AWARd<br />

Nassica won the <strong>British</strong> <strong>Land</strong><br />

Award 2010 for resource<br />

management in Continental<br />

Europe.<br />

NaSSiCa iS ONe OF SPaiN’S FirSt HyBriD retail, eNtertaiNMeNt<br />

aND FaCtOry OUtlet CeNtreS, HOUSiNG 23 reStaUraNtS,<br />

aNCHOreD By a 20-SCreeN UGC CiNeMa COMPlex aND a<br />

CarreFOUr HyPerMarKet.<br />

it is managed by CB richard ellis and has been part of our Continental<br />

european property fund, PreF, since March 2004. an estimated 1.8 million<br />

people live or work within a 20-minute drive. the scheme was extended<br />

in 2008 to include a major retail store for leroy Merlin, a Diy retailer, and<br />

an el Corte ingles outlet. a larger proportion of the overall scheme now<br />

comprises retail space, reducing leisure exposure.<br />

NaSSiCa retail aND leiSUre ParK 01<br />

20%<br />


the Park continues to perform<br />

strongly, with a 20% increase<br />

on last year. it is 98% let and<br />

has a strong catchment area<br />

<strong>which</strong> is experiencing rapid<br />

population growth.<br />


NaSSiCa retail<br />

aND leiSUre ParK<br />


We reDUCeD eNerGy USe COMPareD tO laSt year, SaViNG<br />

OVer 40,000 KWH OF eNerGy, aN eStiMateD €6,000 ON<br />

eNerGy BillS aND 277 tONNeS OF CarBON.<br />

the savings were largely due to the<br />

successful implementation of our<br />

environmental Management System, <strong>which</strong><br />

achieved iSO:14001 certification in 2009.<br />

We have introduced a series of procedures<br />

and practices that have dramatically<br />

changed how the Centre is managed.<br />

Our on-<strong>site</strong> team monitors electrical<br />

controls on a daily basis to optimise<br />

settings, and adjusts the timings for<br />

lighting to make the most of natural<br />

daylight at different times of year. they also<br />

zoned car parks, so that at off-peak times<br />

some areas can be temporarily closed<br />

without affecting shoppers.<br />

Over the last few years, we have introduced<br />

a range of measures to improve energy<br />

efficiency. these include upgrading the<br />

control system for heating and cooling,<br />

installing energy efficient lightbulbs,<br />

and fitting motion sensors so that<br />

lighting is only on when needed. We have<br />

also installed energy saving frequency<br />

controllers in lifts and escalators, as well<br />

as weight systems so that energy use is<br />

optimised according to the load.<br />

initiatives to raise environmental awareness<br />

include publishing an environmental Good<br />

Practice Guide, complemented by a readerfriendly<br />

sustainability leaflet. these have<br />

been communicated to employees, retailers<br />

and suppliers, with the leaflet also available<br />

to shoppers via the information desk.<br />

environmental messages are announced<br />

on advertising screens in the Centre.<br />

a ‘green clause’ is now included in all<br />

suppliers’ contracts and the team recently<br />

set up an environmental suggestions box.<br />

Nassica was designed by reid Fenwick<br />

architecture and comprises a range of<br />

structures inspired by the rubik’s Cube ® .<br />

One of the most dramatic features is a<br />

distinctive lighting system, <strong>which</strong> applies<br />

the latest technology to create light<br />

shows, synchronizing images and sound,<br />

undoubtedly one-of-a-kind in Spain.<br />

!<br />

NaSSiCa retail aND leiSUre ParK 02<br />

“We share our sustainability<br />

vision and policies with our<br />

suppliers on <strong>site</strong> and with our<br />

retailers. In a way, they are our<br />

‘eyes and ears’ on the ground.<br />

Nobody is more aware than<br />

they are of any excesses that<br />

may occur, whether these<br />

comprise lighting left on<br />

unnecessarily, heating and<br />

cooling systems turned on<br />

without need or faulty pipes<br />

left to leak water. Being open<br />

to their suggestions and ideas<br />

also helps us to improve<br />

environmental performance<br />

further.”<br />

Iñigo Taboada<br />

european asset Manager at <strong>British</strong> land<br />

! ! !

ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG,<br />

rOtHerHaM<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG iN rOtHerHaM HaS BeeN iN tHe<br />

BritiSH laND POrtFOliO SiNCe 2005.<br />

the Park is home to 42 shops, attracting 7 million visitors a year<br />

and bringing 2,000 jobs to the area at peak times. it is managed by an<br />

on-<strong>site</strong> team, with Savills acting as managing agents.<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 01<br />

5.5%<br />


Footfall went up by 5.5%<br />

at Parkgate this year,<br />

outperforming the national<br />

average.<br />


ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG<br />

£20,000 SAVINGS<br />

tHe teaM at ParKGate CUt FOreCaSt SerViCe CHarGe<br />

COStS By 4%, WitHOUt aFFeCtiNG SerViCe, SaViNG<br />

retailerS £20,000.<br />

they cut water use by 42%, the highest<br />

reduction across our retail portfolio,<br />

saving 2.1 million litres of water and an<br />

estimated £2,640 on retailers’ water bills.<br />

We recognised their achievement with the<br />

<strong>British</strong> land Water reduction award 2010.<br />

the team also cut energy use by 23%<br />

compared to last year, saving 48,000 kWh of<br />

power and an estimated £4,230 on retailers’<br />

energy bills, as well as 26 tonnes of carbon.<br />


leSS tHaN a year aFter raiSiNG £5,000 tO FUND a GUiDe<br />

DOG FOr tHe BliND, tHe DeterMiNeD teaM at ParKGate<br />

HaS raiSeD eNOUGH FOr a SeCOND PUPPy tO Be traiNeD.<br />

earlier this year the first puppy, named Billy<br />

after the Operations Manager at Parkgate<br />

who led the fundraising efforts, entered his<br />

training programme. Guide dog volunteers<br />

are now delighted that the same team will<br />

sponsor another dog, transforming the life<br />

of another person affected by the loss of<br />

their sight.<br />

to raise an initial cash amount, the<br />

Parkgate team walked 40 miles from<br />

Birstall to Parkgate. they are already<br />

talking about raising enough for a third dog.<br />

“Billy and his team have pulled<br />

out all the stops for us over the<br />

past couple of years, and their<br />

support and interest have been<br />

invaluable.”<br />

Glynnis julian<br />

local volunteer<br />

The team at Parkgate achieved savings of some<br />

£8,000 by bringing canopy cleaning in-house.<br />

42%<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 02<br />


saving 2.1 million litres of water and an<br />

estimated £2,640 on retailers’ water bills.<br />

“We realised savings both by<br />

installing water saving devices<br />

and by making sure that<br />

processes such as cleaning<br />

encourage efficient use of<br />

water, whilst still maintaining<br />

high standards.”<br />

denis Copeland<br />

regional Centre Manager at Parkgate<br />

Above: Billy the dog joined members of the<br />

Parkgate team, together with guide dog volunteers.<br />

Left: Billy the dog with his namesake Billy Smith,<br />

Operations Manager at Parkgate and champion<br />

fundraiser, and Geoff Helliwell, guide dog<br />


ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG<br />


lOCal POliCe NOW HaVe a DireCt liNK-UP tO tHe<br />

CaMeraS ON tHe SHOPPiNG ParK.<br />

Police Superintendent, andrew Parker, Operations Manager at Parkgate,<br />

Billy Smith, and Denis Copeland.<br />


iN OCtOBer, a NeW Free BUS SerViCe StarteD BetWeeN<br />

ParKGate aND rOtHerHaM tOWN CeNtre.<br />

Over 100,000 people have already boarded<br />

the FreeBee bus service. the service<br />

runs every 12 minutes from 8am to 6pm,<br />

Monday to Saturday, connecting the two<br />

main shopping destinations in rotherham.<br />

it takes cars off the road and gives<br />

thousands of local people the flexibility<br />

to plan their shopping around their<br />

needs and free time. it is operated by<br />

Powells, introducing the first fleet of<br />

environmentally-friendly euro V buses to<br />

rotherham.<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 03<br />

this is thanks to a new agreement<br />

between South yorkshire Police and<br />

Parkgate Shopping. it means that the<br />

police can then summon vehicles and<br />

officers, if necessary, to support Parkgate<br />

security staff, and apprehend vehicles on<br />

the main routes out of the Park.<br />

“Together with our policeapproved<br />

Park Mark<br />

accreditation for safer car<br />

parking, this consolidates our<br />

reputation as one of the safest<br />

shopping destinations in the<br />

region.”<br />

denis Copeland<br />

regional Centre Manager at Parkgate and senior<br />

member of rotherham Business against Crime<br />

“This is great news for Rotherham as it will give a wide range<br />

of people the chance to travel easily and for free around the<br />

town centre. FreeBee will transform the town centre offering,<br />

improving accessibility and connections for all transport users.”<br />

david Young<br />

Director of Customer experience at South yorkshire Passenger transport executive (SyPte) -<br />

part of the travel South yorkshire partnership<br />


ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG<br />


iN tHe rUN UP tO BONFire NiGHt, lOCal Fire FiGHterS CaMe tO ParKGate<br />

tO Get FireWOrK SaFety MeSSaGeS OUt tO lOCal PeOPle.<br />

South yorkshire Fire and rescue answered<br />

questions on fire safety issues and handed<br />

out bonfire safety information. rotherham<br />

United footballers, ian Sharps and Kevin<br />

ellison, were also on hand to promote<br />

the safety message, at the same time as<br />

chatting with fans and signing autographs.<br />

this event was part of Operation Fawkes,<br />

an initiative organised and funded by<br />

rotherham Borough Council, South<br />

yorkshire Fire and rescue, and South<br />

yorkshire Police. Parkgate sponsors<br />

rotherham United, thanks to funding from<br />

<strong>British</strong> land.<br />

“Once again we are very<br />

pleased to team up with<br />

Parkgate Shopping and South<br />

Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.<br />

This is an important event so<br />

we are very happy to be able<br />

to show our support for the<br />

Rotherham community.”<br />

Steve Coakley<br />

Commercial Director at rotherham United<br />


CHarity WalKerS raiSeD OVer £50,000 FOr rOtHerHaM HOSPiCe.<br />

Over 600 sponsored walkers gathered at<br />

Parkgate Shopping just before midnight on<br />

Saturday june 20 and set off for a ten-mile<br />

walk.<br />

Many were walking in memory of loved<br />

ones – wives, husbands, mothers, fathers<br />

and friends. For assistant Manager at<br />

rotherham United, john Breckin, who<br />

started the event last year, the night was<br />

particularly poignant. in common with<br />

many fellow walkers, he has the Hospice to<br />

thank for the love and dignity they showed<br />

to his wife during her last weeks.<br />

“Although our walkers had<br />

plenty of time for some calm<br />

reflection, the night was<br />

also full of joy and purpose,<br />

thanks to the dedication of our<br />

helpers and the support from<br />

Parkgate Shopping, as well as<br />

the efforts of all our walkers.”<br />

Gill Shaw<br />

Chief Officer at rotherham Hospice<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 04<br />

Local fire fighters and professional<br />

footballers vi<strong>site</strong>d Parkgate to encourage<br />

people to be fire-safe.<br />

£80,000 FOR CHARITY<br />

GeNerOUS StaFF, retailerS<br />

aND SHOPPerS at ParKGate<br />

raiSeD aN iMPreSSiVe £80,000<br />

FOr CHarity tHiS year.<br />

Good causes <strong>which</strong> benefited included<br />

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Guide<br />

Dogs for the Blind, rotherham Hospice<br />

and SaFe@laSt for the homeless.

ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG<br />


ParKGate SPONSOreD tHe rOtHerHaM yOUNG<br />

aCHieVerS aWarDS 2009.<br />

these awards, organised by the rotherham<br />

advertiser, highlighted the depth of real<br />

young talent in the area, with stories of<br />

skill, valour, enterprise and sheer guts.<br />

Nine-year old Dane Fox received the<br />

Sportsperson award from regional Centre<br />

Manager at Parkgate, Denis Copeland.<br />

Dane holds a black belt in karate and<br />

is the english, <strong>British</strong> and international<br />

Champion in his age group. to get to this<br />

level and stay at the top he trains seven<br />

days a week. We are also sponsoring the<br />

rotherham young achievers awards 2009.<br />


iN OCtOBer, CHilDreN’S<br />

CHarity SaFe@laSt HelD<br />

itS tHirD BiG SleeP OUt at<br />

ParKGate.<br />

261 people braved the cold and wet to raise<br />

£18,900 for the 4,000 children and young<br />

people in South yorkshire who run away<br />

from home each year. they got a taste of<br />

what the experience might be like for a<br />

young runaway who has no choice but to<br />

sleep rough.<br />

“I was lucky. I had warm<br />

clothes and family with me.<br />

A runaway child may have<br />

neither. They have constant<br />

fear, loneliness and boredom<br />

instead. And it’s easy to stay<br />

out for a night when the<br />

morning brings a warm house,<br />

dry clothes, and a meal. It’s<br />

harder when daybreak brings<br />

more rain and nothing else.”<br />

Med Hughes<br />

SaFe@laSt patron and South yorkshire<br />

Police Chief Constable<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 05<br />

Dane is only too ready to<br />

demonstrate the karate<br />

skills that led to him being<br />

named Rotherham’s Young<br />

Sportsperson of the Year.<br />


GeNerOUS SHOPPerS at<br />

ParKGate DONateD tOyS tO<br />

SUPPOrt leSS PriVileGeD<br />

lOCal CHilDreN.<br />

Parkgate joined with rotherham lions,<br />

Magna and rotherFed, as part of the<br />

annual appeal organised by rotherham<br />

Children and young People’s Services and<br />

rotherham FM.<br />

three Give a Gift Christmas trees were<br />

positioned around the Park. Dozens<br />

of shoppers chose a tag specifying a<br />

particular children’s age group, and bought<br />

a present that would appeal to a child<br />

of that age, handing the gift to retail or<br />

security staff.<br />


ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG<br />


iN FeBrUary, ParKGate<br />

SHOPPiNG jOiNeD OtHer<br />

lOCal OrGaNiSatiONS<br />

tO SUPPOrt tHe ‘i lOVe<br />

rOtHerHaM’ CaMPaiGN.<br />

the campaign, created and run by the<br />

South yorkshire Community Foundation,<br />

is set up as a charity to support small<br />

community groups and local people.<br />

Parkgate also staged a special ‘i love<br />

rotherham’ fundraising day on the last<br />

Friday before Valentine’s Day.<br />

right: rotherham United Manager, ronnie Moore,<br />

popped into Parkgate Shopping to lend his support<br />

to the ‘i love rotherham’ day celebrations.<br />

www.parkgateshopping.co.uk<br />

ParKGate SHOPPiNG 06<br />



tHree lOCal CyCliStS<br />

CHOSe ParKGate SHOPPiNG<br />

aS tHe FiNal DeStiNatiON<br />

FOr tHeir MaratHON<br />

jOUrNey FrOM laND’S eND<br />

tO rOtHerHaM.<br />

By the time they reached Parkgate on<br />

2 May 2009, Graham, Mick and Paul had<br />

already covered hundreds of miles from<br />

land’s end, raising valuable funds for the<br />

rotherham Cancer Care Centre and the<br />

aurora Centre.<br />

Known locally as the ‘South yorkshire end<br />

to enders’, the three cyclists were joined<br />

by local cyclists and members of the Great<br />

Britain Goldwing Club, showing their<br />

support for this impressive feat.<br />

you can read about the exploits of Graham,<br />

Mick and Paul at<br />

www.thesouthyorkshireendtoenders.org.uk<br />


PUertO VeNeCia,<br />

zaraGOza<br />

PUertO VeNeCia iN zaraGOza, SPaiN, iS a jOiNt VeNtUre<br />

DeVelOPMeNt PrOjeCt. tHiS 2.2 MilliON Sq Ft SCHeMe iS<br />

ONe OF eUrOPe’S larGeSt retail aND leiSUre DeStiNatiONS.<br />

the first phase of the scheme opened in 2007/08, comprising a<br />

900,000 sq ft premium retail park. this is now 90% let or sold,<br />

attracting leading operators in furniture, home decoration, electrical<br />

goods and sports equipment. it is anchored by ikea, leroy Merlin,<br />

Media Markt and Conforama, with Decathlon and Kiabi also due to<br />

open during 2010.<br />

the second phase consists of a major shopping and leisure centre<br />

focused around a lake. the shopping mall is anchored by the leading<br />

department store operator, el Corte inglés, together with Primark,<br />

Desigual, H&M, Mango and toys r’ Us. the leisure element is<br />

anchored by Cinesa, the leading cinema operator in Spain, and<br />

Wavehouse, the lifestyle surfing operator. Since july 2009, the Park has<br />

been managed by CBre Gestión inmobiliaria.<br />

97%<br />

PUertO VeNeCia 01<br />


97% of shoppers surveyed in<br />

2009 would recommend the<br />

Park to others.<br />


PUertO VeNeCia<br />


tHe teaM reNeGOtiateD MaiN SerViCe CONtraCtS,<br />

CUttiNG SerViCe CHarGe COStS FOr retailerS, WHilSt<br />

MaiNtaiNiNG tHe SaMe HiGH leVel OF SerViCe.<br />


tHe ParK FeatUreS exteNSiVe GreeN areaS, PlaNteD<br />

WitH SPeCieS CareFUlly CHOSeN FOr tHeir aeStHetiC<br />

aPPeal, DrOUGHt-tOleraNCe aND BiODiVerSity ValUe.<br />

PUertO VeNeCia 02<br />

17.2% cost savings on cleaning contracts. 9.8% cost savings on security contracts. 9.5% cost savings on maintenance contracts.<br />

Species planted at Puerto Venecia include<br />

banana, laurel and pine trees, as well as<br />

native plants such as euphorbias. the green<br />

spaces are watered using water taken from<br />

the nearby canal, with an automatic drip<br />

watering system avoiding unnecessary<br />

usage. there are also 140,000 sq ft of<br />

grassland, encouraging a range of wildlife,<br />

including birds, bees and butterflies.<br />

Over 12,000 trees have been planted<br />

at Puerto Venecia.<br />

! !<br />

140,000 sq ft<br />


encouraging a range of wildlife, including<br />

birds, bees and butterflies.<br />

! !

PUertO VeNeCia<br />


tO CeleBrate tHe FirSt year OF traDiNG, tHe<br />

MaNaGeMeNt teaM OrGaNiSeD a raCe FOr lOCal<br />

atHleteS, WitH OVer 1,500 PeOPle PartiCiPatiNG.<br />

the race began at Puerto Venecia, and<br />

then continued through Pinares de Venecia,<br />

a natural pine forest along one of the<br />

main access routes to the Park. this was<br />

followed in 2010 by a race for local children<br />

and young people, watched by family and<br />

friends.<br />

at Christmas time, the Park hosted the first<br />

Feria de artesanía alimentaria aragonesa,<br />

a fair showcasing locally produced foods<br />

from small businesses. the month-long<br />

fair was organised in partnership with<br />

aragon’s regional Government and local<br />

authorities, as well as some 25 small food<br />

producers from the region.<br />

! !<br />

!<br />

15,000<br />

PUertO VeNeCia 03<br />


there were more than 15,000 visitors to<br />

the food fair during the first ten days.<br />

top left and centre: the regional food fair at<br />

Puerto Venecia.<br />

top right: racers setting off from Puerto<br />

Venecia in October 2009.<br />

Bottom left and right: local children and<br />

young people participating in a race at Puerto<br />

Venecia.<br />

!<br />


PUertO VeNeCia<br />


We WaNt tO MaKe it aS eaSy aS POSSiBle FOr PeOPle tO Get tO tHe ParK,<br />

eNCOUraGiNG GreeN MODeS OF traNSPOrt, SUCH aS CyCliNG aND BUS SerViCeS.<br />

according to our shopper survey, 9% of visitors<br />

travel to the Park by bus.<br />


SiNCe CBre tOOK ON reSPONSiBility FOr tHe Day-tO-Day MaNaGeMeNt<br />

OF tHe ParK iN jUly 2009, tHey HaVe iNtrODUCeD a raNGe OF iNitiatiVeS<br />

tO iMPrOVe eNerGy eFFiCieNCy.<br />

these include adjusting the timings for<br />

lighting to make the most of natural<br />

daylight and trading hours, replacing<br />

fluorescent lightbulbs with energy efficient<br />

leD alternatives and installing motion<br />

sensors so that lights are only switched on<br />

when necessary.<br />

the team is also investigating opportunities<br />

to install photovoltaic panels on some<br />

of the extensive roof space at Puerto<br />

Venecia. Naturally, we are considering the<br />

implications of this carefully, including<br />

any effects on maintenance, warranties,<br />

insurance and leases.<br />

!<br />

PUertO VeNeCia 04<br />

the Park features a ten-kilometre cycle route,<br />

with cycle spaces available on <strong>site</strong>.<br />

Below left: as part of the next phase of<br />

development, a new 125,000 sq ft lake will provide<br />

an attractive feature for shoppers, at the same time<br />

as providing a valuable water reserve (computer<br />

generated image).<br />

Below: Our on-<strong>site</strong> team.<br />

!<br />


St StePHeN’S<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre,<br />

KiNGStON-UPON-HUll<br />

St StePHeN’S iN KiNGStON-UPON-HUll OPeNeD ON<br />

SCHeDUle iN SePteMBer 2007. tHe £200 MilliON SCHeMe HaS<br />

traNSFOrMeD tHe City CeNtre aND iS NOW HOMe tO 50 SHOPS,<br />

attraCtiNG 9 MilliON ViSitOrS eaCH year aND BriNGiNG 1,300<br />

jOBS tO tHe area at PeaK tiMeS.<br />

it features a dramatic, glazed canopy roof, spanning the 250 metre curved<br />

street, <strong>which</strong> is as wide as london’s Oxford Street. the street is open<br />

all day, every day, creating a vibrant 24-hour area for local people. it is<br />

managed by an on-<strong>site</strong> team, with Munroe K acting as managing agents.<br />

St StePHeN’S SHOPPiNG CeNtre 01<br />



SCHEME AWARd 2009<br />

61%<br />


61% of all managed waste<br />

was recycled, up from 56%<br />

last year. Some 345 tonnes<br />

were diverted from landfill,<br />

equivalent to £13,800 in<br />

landfill taxes.<br />


St StePHeN’S<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


WitH tHOUSaNDS OF SHOPPerS ViSitiNG tHe CeNtre eVery WeeKeND, St StePHeN’S<br />

iS a Great PlaCe FOr CHaritieS tO raiSe aWareNeSS – aND FUNDS.<br />

a family fitness day encouraged shoppers<br />

to get active, at the same time as<br />

raising funds for the teenage Cancer<br />

Unit at nearby Castle Hill Hospital. there<br />

were celebrity keep-fit tips by players<br />

from local football clubs, Hull Kingston<br />

rovers and Hull City, as well as martial<br />

arts demonstrations and a chance to learn<br />

some dance steps.<br />

in October, St Stephen’s encouraged<br />

shoppers to ‘think Pink’. Volunteers<br />

offered shoppers the chance to enjoy pink<br />

smoothies and cup cakes, with donations<br />

going to Breast Cancer research and local<br />

charity, Her Breast Friends. Volunteers<br />

from Her Breast Friends and the NHS<br />

Breast Screening Service were on hand<br />

throughout the weekend, providing support<br />

and information to shoppers.<br />

Members of the St Stephen’s team joined<br />

volunteers from the Nuffield Health Centre<br />

and some of Hull’s finest sports stars to do<br />

their bit for Children in Need. they cycled<br />

the 250 miles from Hull to Holland, without<br />

leaving St Stephen’s, by pedalling on<br />

stationary exercise bikes in the Centre.<br />

Pudsey Bear opened the fundraising event,<br />

with children enjoying face painting and<br />

balloon modelling.<br />

9%<br />


18 COMPUterS DONateD tO lOCal CHilDreN aND CHilDreN’S CHaritieS.<br />

Finance and administration Manager at<br />

St Stephen’s, ruth truelove, comments:<br />

“12-year old jamie from Driffield suffers<br />

from chronic renal failure, as well as<br />

methylmalonic acidemia, a rare metabolic<br />

disorder. Due to his condition he spends an<br />

awful lot of time at home and, as you can<br />

imagine, finds himself getting bored. His new<br />

computer helps him to keep on top of his<br />

school work, at the same time as providing<br />

a welcome distraction from his condition.”<br />

Charity Manager with Viking FM’s Cash For<br />

Kids appeal, rebecca Poppleton, asked for<br />

a computer for 12-year old Damien from<br />

Bridlington. Damien had meningitis when<br />

he was younger, leaving him with physical<br />

and learning disabilities. His father passed<br />

away two years ago, and so his mother<br />

cares for Damien and six other young<br />

children on her own.<br />

at Christmas time, members of the St<br />

Stephen’s team participated in a charity<br />

fun run in aid of Cash for Kids. Santas of all<br />

ages took to the streets of Hull, running the<br />

three kilometres from St Stephen’s to the<br />

KC Stadium.<br />

St StePHeN’S SHOPPiNG CeNtre 02<br />


Footfall increased by 9% compared<br />

to 2008, outperforming the national<br />

average.<br />

the Centre also welcomed nine new<br />

retail stores, including an 8,000 sq ft<br />

CUlt store.<br />

One of the children collecting his<br />

new computer with his mum.

St StePHeN’S<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


St StePHeN’S raN itS Get iNtO retail COUrSe FOr tHe<br />

tHirD CONSeCUtiVe year, iN PartNerSHiP WitH tHe<br />

PriNCe’S trUSt aND retailerS.<br />

Over 20 unemployed young people<br />

completed two weeks of training, with a<br />

week of work experience in the middle.<br />

retailers at St Stephen’s provided<br />

work experience placements for all the<br />

candidates.<br />

Some 60 people have benefited from this<br />

programme since 2007, with 65% going on<br />

to positive outcomes, such as employment,<br />

education or volunteering, with two of the<br />

trainees working in H&M and Peacocks at<br />

St Stephen’s.<br />

in june 2010, the Get into retail<br />

programme will launch in Sheffield,<br />

in partnership with the Source at<br />


St StePHeN’S SPONSOrS tHe GérarD SCHOOl OF<br />

FOOtBall, HelPiNG lOCal CHilDreN tO DeVelOP tHeir<br />

FOOtBall aND atHletiC SKillS.<br />

Nigel Barmby, Gérard jones and jim Harris with the four young players.<br />

Meadowhall, based on the successful<br />

St Stephen’s model.<br />

<strong>British</strong> land and the Prince’s trust fund<br />

these courses jointly, with funding for<br />

further courses agreed for the next three<br />

years.<br />

St StePHeN’S SHOPPiNG CeNtre 03<br />

“Not only is this a great<br />

community project for Hull,<br />

but it is fantastic the way local<br />

businesses come together to<br />

provide support. For instance,<br />

East Yorkshire Motor Services<br />

gave the candidates free bus<br />

passes for the three weeks,<br />

Holiday Inn provided meeting<br />

rooms free of charge, and Tesco<br />

provided complimentary lunch<br />

trays for the classroom days.”<br />

jim Harris<br />

Centre Manager at St Stephen’s<br />

Set up by local student Gerard jones, the<br />

School of Football focuses on teaching the<br />

skills of the game, rather than rushing<br />

children into competitive matches. located<br />

at Hull University, it offers sports nutrition,<br />

rehabilitation and psychology, as well as<br />

a wide range of coaching services. <strong>British</strong><br />

land’s funding is providing additional<br />

training materials, as well as supporting<br />

free soccer talent Days for local schools<br />

and providing financial assistance to less<br />

well-off parents.<br />

in February, four talented young players<br />

received the first St Stephen’s Skills level<br />

One awards. england international and<br />

Hull City FC player, Nick Barmby, was on<br />

hand to congratulate the players before<br />

presenting them with their awards. Players<br />

who achieve this level have shown they<br />

can manipulate the ball by dribbling and<br />

two-footed juggling, intelligently move into<br />

and create space, and perform a driven and<br />

inside pass with both feet.<br />


St StePHeN’S<br />

SHOPPiNG CeNtre<br />


St StePHeN’S CONtiNUeD tO SUPPOrt tHe aWarD WiNNiNG<br />

‘MaKe £5 BlOSSOM’ SCHeMe.<br />

this innovative project, run by Hull City<br />

Council’s Hull ready team, involves primary<br />

schoolchildren receiving £5 each, <strong>which</strong><br />

they then work with business mentors to<br />

turn into a profit. the team at St Stephen’s,<br />

together with retailers, is happy to invest<br />

time and money to develop children’s<br />

entrepreneurship skills and help to change<br />

attitudes towards enterprise.<br />

all 77 children in year 6 at St Stephen’s<br />

partner school, St andrew’s Church of<br />

england Primary School, are taking part.<br />

they have already turned their original £385<br />

into over £600 - whilst having lots of fun.<br />

they created Christmas cards, gift bags,<br />

festive cakes and jewellery, selling them<br />

at school and at St Stephen’s.<br />

in February, St Stephen’s and Hull truck<br />

theatre welcomed children from nine<br />

local primary schools as they presented<br />

their entrepreneurial achievements. the<br />

audience included the lord Mayor of Hull,<br />

who congratulated the successful young<br />

entrepreneurs who have learned enduring<br />

skills to take them into the new decade.<br />

this followed an event held earlier in the<br />

year at the reel Cinema in St Stephen’s<br />

to celebrate the first success stories.<br />

St Stephen’s is sponsoring Hull’s Global<br />

entrepreneurship Week 2010, thanks to<br />

funding from <strong>British</strong> land.<br />

www.ststephens-hull.com<br />

St StePHeN’S SHOPPiNG CeNtre 04<br />

“One of the most rewarding elements of the programme for me<br />

is seeing how the young people have developed their ideas with<br />

the help of their Business and Enterprise champions, and are<br />

looking to invest their profits back into the business or to help the<br />

school or local charities. We at the Council would like to thank<br />

St Stephen’s and Reel Cinemas, as without their support this<br />

programme would not have been as successful.”<br />

Christine Randall<br />

Deputy leader of Hull City Council, Councillor<br />

young entrepreneurs receiving an award from the lord Mayor,<br />

Karen Woods, together with their teacher, rebecca, and mentor<br />

from St Stephen’s, ruth.

teeSSiDe<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK,<br />

StOCKtON-ON-teeS<br />

teeSSiDe iN StOCKtON-ON-teeS HaS BeeN iN tHe BritiSH<br />

laND POrtFOliO SiNCe 1992.<br />

the Park is home to 45 shops and restaurants, attracting<br />

11 million visitors a year and bringing 2,300 jobs to the area<br />

at peak times. Visitor numbers increased by 2% this year,<br />

outperforming the national average. the Park is managed by<br />

Colliers Cre, with an on-<strong>site</strong> team led by Mike Clarke.<br />

teeSSiDe SHOPPiNG ParK 01<br />

131,000<br />


Following the introduction of a<br />

rainwater harvesting system,<br />

teesside reduced water use<br />

by 5%, saving 131,000 litres of<br />

water. they also introduced a<br />

recycling scheme, diverting 25<br />

tonnes of waste from landfill.<br />


teeSSiDe<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


tHe teaM at teeSSiDe CUt FOreCaSt SerViCe CHarGe<br />

COStS By 3%, SaViNG retailerS £20,000.<br />

they achieved this by negotiating lower<br />

contract rates and fewer weekly hours, with<br />

the best possible cover still provided during<br />

busy periods. this followed an in-depth<br />

review of their whole security operation in<br />

partnership with their security provider, St<br />

james Security.<br />

they also cut energy use by 21%, saving<br />

retailers an estimated £9,500, as well as<br />

saving over 100,000 kWh of power and<br />

nearly 60 tonnes of carbon. these savings<br />

were made possible thanks to a new energy<br />

switch system <strong>which</strong> enables all external<br />

!<br />

!<br />

lighting to be managed from the control<br />

room. each area of the car park and section<br />

of canopy lighting can now be turned on or<br />

off at the touch of a button.<br />

“The payback period for the energy switch system at Teesside is<br />

a matter of months, meaning that retailers will quickly see the<br />

financial benefits. The system will be simple to operate and will<br />

be expandable in the future if required.”<br />

Mike Clarke<br />

regional Centre Manager at teesside<br />

the Shoppa Hoppa service will link<br />

teesside Shopping Park to Stockton High<br />

Street and Middlesbrough. local bus<br />

operator, Compass royston, will run the<br />

service, thanks to £458,000 of funding<br />

through the Government’s Kickstart<br />

transport scheme.<br />

this follows the success of the current<br />

weekday bus service to the Park, partfunded<br />

by <strong>British</strong> land, <strong>which</strong> has been<br />

used by an estimated 52,000 people each<br />

year. the revamped service is due to launch<br />

“This is excellent news for everyone. A lot of the congestion in<br />

our retail centres is caused by cars moving between them and<br />

the search for parking spaces. The new service will help tackle<br />

this and offer a high quality service for the 40% of shoppers who<br />

already make their shopping trips on the bus.”<br />

Bob Cook<br />

Stockton Councillor<br />

teeSSiDe SHOPPiNG ParK 02<br />


SHOPPerS at teeSSiDe are Set tO eNjOy iMPrOVeD<br />

traNSPOrt liNKS tHaNKS tO FreSH FUNDiNG FOr BUS<br />

SerViCeS aND BUS SHelterS.<br />

in june 2010, offering a half-hourly<br />

service during the week and introducing a<br />

new hourly service on Sundays.<br />

regional Centre Manager, Mike Clarke,<br />

noted how flagship retailers on the Park<br />

signed up to support the bid when it was<br />

submitted last year, adding: “We have<br />

always seen the need for teesside Park<br />

to have a good bus service for our<br />

customers and staff, <strong>which</strong> is why we all<br />

got behind the bid.”

teeSSiDe<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


StaFF aND SHOPPerS at teeSSiDe raiSeD OVer £10,000 FOr GOOD CaUSeS,<br />

eVeN WiNNiNG aN aWarD FOr tHeir FUNDraiSiNG eFFOrtS.<br />

the Park was one of 50 local businesses<br />

to support the Vantis Challenge to raise<br />

money for local charities. each challenge<br />

team received £50 to kick-start their<br />

fundraising, on the understanding that they<br />

would at least double their money. teesside<br />

hosted a cake bake, tombola, sponsored<br />

walk and bungee jump event in aid of zoe’s<br />

Place Children’s Hospice and Hartlepool<br />

District Hospice. these events, together<br />

with £600 of match funding by <strong>British</strong> land,<br />

led the team to win the Vantis award for the<br />

Most Money raised.<br />

regional Centre Manager, Mike Clarke,<br />

commented: “all our staff were involved in<br />

the events, helping to prepare stalls, sell<br />

merchandise and set up the bungee event.<br />

everybody was right behind the initiative<br />

and can feel justifiably proud at the amount<br />

of money raised and the excellent feel good<br />

factor created around the Park.”<br />

“Challengers have not only<br />

demonstrated a great attitude<br />

and team spirit, but also helped<br />

to raise a significant sum of<br />

money to support those in<br />

need. We are very grateful to<br />

you all.”<br />

Rachel Bareham<br />

zoe’s Place event Coordinator<br />

!<br />

teeSSiDe SHOPPiNG ParK 03<br />

at Christmas time, choirs from the<br />

Salvation army and nearby Priory Woods<br />

Primary School entertained shoppers with<br />

seasonal carols, collecting donations at the<br />

same time. Generous shoppers also placed<br />

gifts on the Christmas tree at the Park, for<br />

children at zoe’s Place Children’s Hospice.<br />

a further donation by <strong>British</strong> land funded<br />

a trip to Santa for the children from the<br />

Hospice, together with their families.<br />


teeSSiDe<br />

SHOPPiNG ParK<br />


500 lOCal PeOPle reGiStereD FOr 170 jOBS at teeSSiDe’S aNNUal jOB Fair,<br />

rUN iN PartNerSHiP WitH tHe lOCal jOBCeNtre PlUS teaM.<br />

the fair was extended to include local high<br />

street retailers, helping other businesses<br />

at the same time as supporting local<br />

people in accessing local job opportunities.<br />

a range of employers advertised job<br />

vacancies, including argos, asda living,<br />

Birthdays, Comet, Dunelm, Game,<br />

HMV, iceland, KFC, Marks & Spencer,<br />

McDonald’s, PC World, Peacocks,<br />

Poundland, tK Maxx, toys r Us and<br />

Warren james.<br />

all advertised vacancies were filled,<br />

helping retailers to satisfy their seasonal<br />

recruitment needs, and making it easier<br />

for local people to find employment at<br />

teesside. By working in partnership with<br />

local agencies and training providers we<br />

were also able to offer additional support<br />

to job seekers, something that was<br />

particularly important for those who did<br />

not find a job.<br />

www.teessideshoppingpark.co.uk<br />

teeSSiDe SHOPPiNG ParK 04

tHe SOUrCe<br />

at MeaDOWHall,<br />

SHeFFielD<br />

tHe SOUrCe iS aN iNNOVatiVe aND UNiqUe £5.5 MilliON<br />

traiNiNG aND DeVelOPMeNt CeNtre Set UP By BritiSH laND<br />

aND SHeFFielD City COUNCil iN 2003.<br />

established as a charity, the Source provides a range of facilities<br />

including conference rooms, a gym, an it learning centre, a crèche,<br />

a library and a coffee bar. located adjacent to Meadowhall Shopping<br />

Centre, it has held the prestigious Centre of Vocational excellence<br />

in retail status since 2005. in 2009, it launched as a National Skills<br />

academy for retail for South yorkshire.<br />

tHe SOUrCe at MeaDOWHall 01<br />


AWARdS 2010<br />

albert Sussman international<br />

Community Support award<br />



employee of the year and<br />

employer of the year.<br />

RATEd NuMBER 17<br />

in the times Best Small<br />

Companies to Work For 2009.<br />



Small Venue of the year 2009.<br />


european Community Support<br />

award 2009.<br />


AWARdS 2009<br />

Sheffield Smile and Unsung<br />

Hero.<br />


tHe SOUrCe<br />

at MeaDOWHall<br />


553 BUSiNeSSeS BeNeFiteD FrOM reCrUitMeNt<br />

aND traiNiNG SUPPOrt PrOViDeD By tHe SOUrCe.<br />

tHeSe iNClUDeD 250 MeaDOWHall retailerS.<br />

the Source attracted £1.7 million of<br />

funding, of <strong>which</strong> £425,000 is going directly<br />

to training for Meadowhall retailers.<br />

the Source and leeds City College are<br />

now delivering a wider range of retail<br />

training programmes to employers across<br />

the region. these include management,<br />

stock control, health and safety, budgeting,<br />

sales, customer service, marketing and<br />

employment law.<br />

the team has been able to reduce the<br />

cost of bespoke training courses by 60%<br />

for local businesses, covering topics such<br />

as security, first aid, risk assessment,<br />

manual handling and safety.<br />

“I have really enjoyed my<br />

qualification as I am able to<br />

learn whilst working. It has<br />

opened so many doors in my<br />

future. I have gained practical<br />

experience in addition to a<br />

nationally recognised retail<br />

qualification and it has been<br />

brilliant – this really is my time<br />

to shine!”<br />

Emma Ollivant<br />

Work-based learning student<br />

“Emma has made excellent<br />

progress on her qualification.<br />

She has grown in confidence<br />

and now applies the fantastic<br />

retail skills she has learnt to<br />

her role in Pumpkin Patch. She<br />

is an asset to our organisation<br />

and we are so impressed<br />

with the retail qualifications<br />

delivered by The Source.”<br />

Stephanie Wilman<br />

assistant Manager at Pumpkin Patch, Meadowhall<br />

£1.7m<br />

OF FuNdING<br />

of <strong>which</strong> £425,000 is going directly to<br />

training for Meadowhall retailers.<br />


2,000 lOCal PeOPle BeNeFiteD FrOM traiNiNG<br />

at tHe SOUrCe iN 2009. tHe teaM alSO HelPeD<br />

360 jOBSeeKerS tO FiND eMPlOyMeNt.<br />

573 learners combined work-based<br />

learning with lectures at the Source.<br />

an impressive 1,846 people aged from<br />

16 to 71 years old have participated since<br />

2004, with 529 adults with no previous<br />

qualifications gaining a nationally<br />

recognised level 2 award.<br />

161 long-term unemployed people<br />

enrolled on Skills for jobs courses with<br />

all participants who completed the training<br />

attending interviews with Meadowhall<br />

retailers. 480 people have benefited<br />

from Skills for jobs training and retail<br />

Preparation courses since 2005. More than<br />

50% have successfully gained employment<br />

within six weeks of completion, with over<br />

half coming from ethnic minorities.<br />

100 young people enrolled on Short<br />

employability courses lasting up to<br />

tHe SOUrCe at MeaDOWHall 02<br />

seven weeks, covering topics such as<br />

customer service, employability and money<br />

management. 369 young learners have<br />

benefited from these courses since 2006.<br />

27 learners with autism participated in<br />

the Supported employment Programme,<br />

with 130 people gaining life-changing work<br />

experience since the Programme began<br />

in 2003.<br />

the Source Centre Manager, Dianne<br />

Wainwright, is delighted that the Source, in<br />

partnership with Sheffield and rotherham<br />

Councils, was successful in its recent bid<br />

for £585,000 of Future jobs funding. She<br />

explains: “this will help us to support<br />

unemployed 18 to 24 year olds in gaining<br />

employment, subsidising the salary costs<br />

of these young people over a six-month<br />


tHe SOUrCe<br />

at MeaDOWHall<br />


tHe SOUrCe Will Be DeliVeriNG tHe NeW aND exClUSiVe retail MaSterClaSS<br />

PrOGraMMe, DeSiGNeD By Mary POrtaS iN PartNerSHiP WitH SKillSMart retail.<br />

renowned for her BBC2 show ‘Mary,<br />

queen of Shops’, retail icon Mary Portas<br />

has helped to revive many flagging retail<br />

businesses.<br />

‘the Mary Portas guide to successful<br />

retailing – an inspirational programme for<br />

shop owners/managers’ offers insights<br />

into improving retail businesses. it includes<br />

Mary’s advice on essential elements such<br />

as visual merchandising, marketing,<br />

buying, finance and the all-important<br />

vision. each module also has an invaluable<br />

set of ‘Mary’s top tips’ designed to improve<br />

the performance of any retail business.<br />

the Source will be hosting the official<br />

launch of the Mary Portas retail<br />

Masterclass in july 2010.<br />


StUDeNtS FrOM tHe SOUrCe are traNSFOrMiNG VaCaNt SHOP WiNDOWS iN tHe<br />

City CeNtre, WitH tHe SUPPOrt OF exPerieNCeD PrOFeSSiONalS.<br />

Students in front of one of their window displays,<br />

together with Sheffield City Council leader, Paul<br />

Scriven, and representatives from the Source.<br />

Mary Portas<br />

young students on a Visual Merchandising<br />

course at the Source are working with<br />

professional artists and designers to<br />

makeover shop windows left vacant in the<br />

city centre, until a multi-million pound<br />

redevelopment gets underway. they are<br />

learning firsthand how to create eyecatching<br />

images that appeal to the public,<br />

with new displays going up each month.<br />

More than 80 businesses have already<br />

benefited from free advertising. Over<br />

the next two years, up to 60 students<br />

will participate in this project, <strong>which</strong> is<br />

coordinated and funded by Sheffield City<br />

Council, and delivered in partnership with<br />

the Source and Creative Sheffield.<br />

at Christmas time, the Sheffield Show<strong>case</strong><br />

students designed a festive display for<br />

a good cause, encouraging people to fill<br />

Santa’s sleigh with food for the homeless.<br />

“The innovative Masterclasses,<br />

created with the input from Mary<br />

Portas and delivered exclusively<br />

through the National Skills<br />

Academy for <strong>Retail</strong> skills shops,<br />

give management essential<br />

knowledge to run a successful<br />

business. The Source is proud<br />

to deliver these innovative<br />

Masterclasses in South Yorkshire<br />

and support businesses to<br />

achieve their aspirations.”<br />

George Elliott<br />

Business Communication executive at the Source<br />

80<br />

tHe SOUrCe at MeaDOWHall 03<br />


have already benefited from<br />

free advertising.<br />

“It’s a brilliant idea that gives<br />

artists and small companies<br />

the chance to display new<br />

projects and products in the<br />

public eye in a subtle and<br />

exciting way.”<br />

joe Scarborough<br />

artist<br />


tHe SOUrCe<br />

at MeaDOWHall<br />


aS a NatiONal SKillS aCaDeMy FOr retail, tHe SOUrCe iS<br />

HelPiNG tO eNSUre tHat yOUNG PeOPle HaVe tHe SKillS<br />

tHat tHe retail SeCtOr Will NeeD tO Meet tHe MajOr<br />

CHalleNGeS it FaCeS.<br />

63 young people enrolled on courses<br />

to gain nationally recognised retail and<br />

customer service qualifications in 2009.<br />

they came out of school for one day a<br />

week, combining lectures at the Source<br />

with shopping centre work placements –<br />

a first taste of the working world for many<br />

of them. 289 students from 30 schools<br />

have participated since 2003, gaining<br />

qualifications equivalent to over 1,000<br />

GCSes grades a to C.<br />

“Each apprentice has gone above and beyond to meet our<br />

expectations and the scheme has been such a success, we are<br />

encouraging other areas of Insight to follow suit. We have a great<br />

partnership with The Source and this is reflected in how much<br />

the apprentices enjoy their work.”<br />

Hayley Buxton<br />

recruitment resourcer at insight<br />

in February 2010, the Source held a<br />

two-week apprenticeship exhibition in<br />

Sheffield city centre, in partnership with<br />

the National apprenticeship Service.<br />

this offered employers and young people<br />

the opportunity to find out more about<br />

apprenticeships. One of the Source’s key<br />

priorities is supporting local businesses<br />

and their training needs, particularly with<br />

apprenticeships, meaning that they are<br />

well placed to give advice to any local<br />

employers thinking of hiring an apprentice.<br />

289<br />

tHe SOUrCe at MeaDOWHall 04<br />

STudENTS<br />

from 30 schools have participated<br />

since 2003.<br />

“The <strong>Retail</strong> Skills Shop is a<br />

great opportunity for young<br />

people and employers to call<br />

in for an informal chat and<br />

find out the opportunities that<br />

Apprenticeships can offer. A<br />

recent survey also revealed that<br />

74% of consumers in the region<br />

prefer to use a business <strong>which</strong><br />

employs apprentices.”<br />

Nick Wilson<br />

regional Director at the National<br />

apprenticeship Service<br />


tHe SOUrCe<br />

at MeaDOWHall<br />


tHe teaM at tHe SOUrCe raiSeD ValUaBle FUNDS FOr<br />

CHilDreN iN NeeD, tHe jaNe tOMliNSON rUN FOr all<br />

aPPeal aND WeStON ParK HOSPital.<br />

Five members of the Source team trained<br />

for six months to get fighting fit for the jane<br />

tomlinson run for all challenge in june.<br />

after injuring her leg before the race Clare<br />

Smith was worried that she was going<br />

to have to pull out, but colleagues ann<br />

jones and Franca Kelly stepped in to help,<br />

pushing her round the 10 kilometre course<br />

in a wheelchair.<br />

www.thesource.meadowhall.co.uk<br />

two of the chattiest gym members at the<br />

Source raised money for Children in Need<br />

by participating in a sponsored silence on<br />

23 November 2009, during their 60-minute<br />

workout. Fitness instructor, Clare Cole,<br />

commented: “We can always count on our<br />

gym members for support when it comes<br />

to charity. it was a difficult challenge for<br />

Mike and javid as they are never quiet<br />

whilst they are in the gym, but they did it<br />

and we are all really proud of them. thanks<br />

to all our gym members for supporting<br />

Mike and javid by donating to Children in<br />

Need.”<br />

tHe SOUrCe at MeaDOWHall 05<br />

the Source also donated 4,000 one-month<br />

gym memberships, worth £70 each, to the<br />

Charity Unleashed gift book scheme. these<br />

gift books brought together over £1,000<br />

worth of experiences for only £50, giving<br />

people the chance to benefit from savings<br />

with local retailers and service providers,<br />

such as spas, restaurants and gyms. they<br />

quickly sold out, raising £60,000 for Weston<br />

Park Hospital Cancer Charity.<br />

the Source is now raising money for<br />

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice,<br />

through the Master Cutler Challenge.<br />

all departments are getting involved,<br />

with fundraising events including a ‘rags<br />

r us’ collection, a race night, a sponsored<br />

bungee jump and a bring-and-buy sale.<br />

“The Source was proud to<br />

support the innovative Charity<br />

Unleashed scheme. As a charity<br />

ourselves, we understand how<br />

imperative it is to have the<br />

support of local businesses and<br />

the community and we are<br />

always impressed by the neverending<br />

encouragement Sheffield<br />

offers. This was our opportunity<br />

to give back to a fellow charity<br />

and support a fantastic cause.”<br />

Mike denby<br />

Business Communication Manager at the Source<br />


FiND OUt MOre<br />

FiND OUt MOre aBOUt HOW We are aCHieViNG MOre By WOrKiNG<br />

WitH OUr StaFF, SUPPlierS, OCCUPierS aND lOCal PeOPle.<br />

britishland.com/crreport2010<br />

– 12% less energy use across our like-for-like portfolio, saving 11.1 million kWh and<br />

£700,000 for occupiers, as well as cutting carbon emissions by 4,675 tonnes.<br />

– £3.5 million savings for occupiers on service charges compared to last year, with<br />

average savings of 7% per m².<br />

– BREEAM Excellent ratings for all new office developments, with ropemaker<br />

Place becoming one of the first buildings in europe to achieve pre-certification for<br />

leeD Platinum.<br />

– 13% less water use across our like-for-like portfolio, saving 54.7 million litres of water<br />

and £70,000 for occupiers.<br />

– 86% of all development waste recycled or re-used, with 83% of managed waste at our<br />

properties diverted from landfill.<br />

– £717,000 invested in good causes through cash, time and gifts in-kind, with a further<br />

£11.2 million contributed to local infrastructure and initiatives through the planning<br />

process.<br />

– 32% less <strong>British</strong> <strong>Land</strong> controlled energy use at our Head Office, saving nearly 1 million<br />

kWh and £50,000 on energy bills.<br />

<strong>British</strong> land was recognised as real estate sector leader in the Oekom Corporate<br />

responsibility review 2010, and one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations 2009<br />

by Corporate Knights. We were also voted landlord of the year 2009 by UK retailers and<br />

Property Company of the year 2009 by readers of estates Gazette.<br />

We achieved new levels of transparency, with Gri index B+, additional performance data<br />

and eight new medium-term targets.<br />

Performance data was independently reviewed by Bureau Veritas.


If you would like to know more about<br />

our approach to corporate responsibility<br />

or let us know your views, please email<br />

us at cr@britishland.com<br />

Or write to:<br />

Justin Snoxall<br />

Head of the Business Group<br />

<strong>British</strong> <strong>Land</strong><br />

York House<br />

45 Seymour Street<br />

London W1H 7LX<br />

t. +44 (0) 20 7486 4466<br />

f. +44 (0) 20 7467 2869<br />

britishland.com/crReport2010<br />

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