August 2010 Edition - Radish Magazine

August 2010 Edition - Radish Magazine

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Bug bites begone: Iowa Naturals

product keeps insects at bay

By Sarah Ford

The search for an insect repellent that is chemical free and yet effective can be a

challenging one, now made easier thanks to a local company with your health

in mind: Iowa Naturals, maker of Bug-Away.

Bug-Away was developed about five years ago by Jill Sydney, founder and

soap maker for Iowa Naturals. It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of research,

formulation, experimentation and concern driven by acetone-based bug sprays that

currently dominate the market. “The cool thing about Bug-Away is that the ingredients

come directly from plants. You can’t get more natural than that,” she states.

Jill’s 800-square foot basement serves as the laboratory, assembly line and

packaging headquarters for her business. She considers Bug-Away to be “one step

further” in creating a natural line of products good for the body and the environment.

“Making soap is such a passion, but I realized, what else can I create?”

She believes that the herbal blends of Bug-Away offer adults and children a safe

alternative to the traditional insect repellents.

Bug Away is currently available in three different forms: a deodorant-like

stick, a roller applicator, and new this year, a water-based “more traditional” spray.

All are available through the website,, as well as various shops

around the region. The Soap Box in the Village of East Davenport, Dried N’ True

in LeClaire, and the Soap Opera in Iowa City should all have Bug-Away in stock.

All three forms of Bug-Away contain a blend of the same ingredients:

safflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, cedarwood oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus

citriodora oil, lemongrass oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract. The essential

oils were specifically chosen for their ability to deter and repel biting bugs.

If used as directed, Bug-Away promises to be an effective repellent for those

pesky outdoor intruders for up to two hours. By

applying it to your pulse points, you create a

force field of aromas that bugs will want to

avoid. The most notable scent of Bug-Away is

citronella, with subtle hints of lemon.

So how effective is Bug-Away?

I applied the stick as directed, sat

in my backyard on a calm, humid

evening and attuned my senses to

any bloodthirsty mosquitoes nearby.

Sure enough, the annoying buzz of

the outdoor enemy was soon audible.

What I found is that they looked,

but didn’t touch. And after an hour

of patiently offering myself as a

meal, I walked away bite free. It’s

safe to say that Bug-Away can be a

worthy addition to your all-natural

product arsenal.


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