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NEW CONSULTANT - PartyLite Consultant Business Center

NEW CONSULTANT - PartyLite Consultant Business Center

NEW CONSULTANT - PartyLite Consultant Business

New Consultant Basic Information Let’s get started… YOUR CONSULTANT ID AND PIN ■ You will receive an email from the Home Offi ce with your Consultant ID number. ■ Your Personal Identifi cation Number (PIN) will be the last four digits of your Social Security number. We recommend you change your PIN. See below. ■ Keep your Consultant ID and PIN confi dential. Do not share it with anybody! WHERE TO GO NEXT… The Consultant Business Center Go to: 1 2 3 This guide presents an introduction to some of the key features and benefi ts you will fi nd on the PartyLite Consultant Business Center (CBC) plus tools to help build your PartyLite business. We suggest taking some time to explore on your own and ask your Leader for support. Choose either the English or Español link under the American fl ag. Your Consultant ID will not be recognized in any other country site. Enter your seven-digit Consultant ID number including leading zeroes. Enter your PIN Update Your Personal Information ■ Go to > My Information (left bar) > My Profi le ■ Update personal information, address and contact information ■ Enter banking information so that you may participate in electronic check processing and/or direct deposit. (This is required to enroll in an e-business package.) ■ Enroll in Stash Your Cash, the easy way to save throughout the year for National Conference ■ Opt-in to the Consultant Locator so Customers can fi nd you online Customize Your PIN ■ Go to > My Information > Change PIN. ■ Your PIN is confi dential and should not be shared. ■ If you forget your PIN or are locked out of the system, call Customer Support at 1-888-999-5706 ■ After three attempts of logging into the system unsuccessfully, you will be automatically locked out for 10 minutes. Further attempts could lock you out permanently from the system. Contact Customer Support. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Sa Sale les Sp Sponsoring rin i ing Recognition Reports Once your business is in full swing, you’ll want to know how you’re doing. Here’s where you can get the pulse of your PartyLite business. Go to > Ordering (top bar). Then select the “Information Center” icon View: ■ Sponsoring activity ■ Personal sales ■ Party information ■ Recognition earned TIP! When navigating back to another page on, only use the Back button provided on the screen. Using your browser’s Back, Forward and Refresh buttons may result in duplicate orders.

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