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TITEL Koh Young

TITEL Koh Young Technology’s Ksmart Solution is an integrated, comprehensive productivity and process control center. The success of the implementation results from the convergence of new company software technologies working in concert with 3D AOI and SPI capabilities. These technologies include the Ksmart Remote Monitoring System (RMS), Ksmart Link, and others. Ksmart Solution incorporates a software module ‘Intelligent Platform’ that ensures the highest level of connectivity for all the inspection stations, enhancing overall automation capability. This unique Intelligent Platform is a software module using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine algorithm. The Intelligent Platform supports a high level of flexibility since it can connect all the inspection machines (AOI, SPI, peripheral) in a given SMT line or lines. It also has the capacity to collect and analyze a great amount of measurement data from the SMT process. Ksmart Solution is the child of Koh Young Technology’s long-term vision to help customers realize maximum production efficiency and control for today‘s advanced electronics manufacturing. Today‘s production environment confronts the manufacturer with various challenges; new (smaller) components being introduced for reduced product size, greater flexibility requirements for high-end/high-mix productions, and much higher standards for equipment that must communicate in real time. Ksmart Solution comprises an easy-touse, but powerful integrated toolbox designed to meet these challenges. It enables real-time analysis of defects, beginning with simply providing true 3D inspection data obtained from Koh Young‘s 3D inspection systems. This data is essential for finding root causes of defects, and achieving process optimization. Further, it achieves ‚Copy Exact‘ for multiple production lines and even different sites, as it provides the ability to control multiple inspection systems with standardized conditions and recipes. Intelligent platform of Koh Young. Source: Koh Young Advancing to Industry 4.0 on local, global levels In addition to carrying out real-time analysis of defects with SPC@Ksmart, some other functions of the Ksmart Solution include the following: • RMS (Remote Monitoring System)@Ksmart: RMS is the first software product to encompass the total Ksmart Solution, which enables tracking defects in real time; • LM(Library Manager)@Ksmart: Stores and distributes Job files and inspection conditions from a centralized Database to Koh Young’s 3D Inspection; • Link@Ksmart: Review, diagnosis and optimize Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) lines by storing and communication inspection results from Koh Young’s 3D Inspection; • OLD (Off-Line Debugging) @Ksmart: On-time fine-tuning without stopping the production line. Ksmart Remote Monitoring System (RMS@Ksmart) is the first software product to encompass the total Ksmart solution. With RMS@Ksmart , Koh Young inspection machines‘ status, production line yield information, and real time defect information from all Koh Young SPI and AOI machines in multiple production lines can be di- Ksmart Solution. Source:Koh Young 42 EPP EUROPE May 2017

ectly communicated with and operated efficiently. Factory managers can track root causes of defect issues and apply changes to inspection programs in real time. Real Time defect information is also shared with remote operators who can confirm the information. Koh Young‘s trusted 3D measurement-based inspection dataset is the underlying enabling technology that allows users to optimize processes based on such data, provided by Koh Young systems. RMS@Ksmart is followed by Link@Ksmart, which allows customers to analyze all 3D inspection results from Koh Young 3D SPI and 3D AOI systems. RMS@Ksmart shares crucial Information such as yield data, machine condition, and defect data from different SPI and AOI systems to one location. Fewer engineers and operators are required for real-time multi-line management, which is now easier and centralized for higher productivity. Process status and analysis from individual production lines can also be managed from a remote location. LM@Ksmart. Source: Koh Young Ksmart Library Manager (LM@Ksmart) provides process risk management by recovery and automatic process condition backup. Library Manager is the best risk management solution for AOI; For SPI, it provides easy management of JOB files, including inspection Souce: Koh Young Source: Koh Young Source: Koh Young RMS@Ksmart. SPC@Ksmart. conditions. Additionally, a Real-time SPC Chart feature provides realtime management of multiple lines, enabling Process Engineers to check data such as status, model, yield, availability, alarm, etc., selectively; it also provides analysis and comparison data visualization by specific need, e.g., yield, availability, production count, and more. About Koh Young Technology Koh Young Technology provides customized 3D measuring inspection solutions suitable to diversified manufacturing environments including smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, aviation, and the health care and medical device industries. Direct sales and support centers are located in Germany, the United States, Japan, Singapore, China and Korea. For more information about the company, visit Benefits of the Ksmart Solution Ksmart is an easy-to-use, powerful integrated toolbox that helps factories to control and optimize their manufacturing process to ensure the lowest possible defect rates, based largely on reliable 3D measurement data. With unique Ksmart functions including SPC@Ksmart and Link@Ksmart, manufacturers can trace the root cause of defects and process deviation by carrying out essential analyses of reliable full 3D board data. Additionally, monitoring and analysis can be ongoing even when fine-tuning is carried out with OLD@Ksmart. This ultimately results in achieving process optimization; the net result will be zero escapes. ‘Zero Escape’ performance capability prevents hard-to-catch defects from slipping by. Since no defects pass through undetected, the process is optimized and robust, manufacturing is efficient and products reliable. Process optimization Ksmart Process Optimizer connects all process-related information gathered from all production lines for analysis and comparison, enabling process optimization. Ksmart Process Optimizer connects all process-related information gathered from Koh Young Inspection EPP EUROPE May 2017 43