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EPP Europe P2.2017

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PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Professional soldering systems for productivity and flexibility 14-17 November 2017 booth A4-460 CUBE Batch Our system for automation in the manual soldering area CUBE Inline+ The soldering system for highest flexibility and efficiency Component counting machine with micro-focus X-ray technology Accurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. Currently, this is a time consuming, labor intensive process. Most machines require an operator load, and a run through of each individual reel to count the components, to then record it manually. Counting using X-ray technology and intelligent algorithms can take as little as 7 seconds for an entire reel, and can interface directly with inventory management software to transfer the count instantly. Loading a reel on a manual counter can take up more time. The Scienscope AXI 5100c is an automated, fast, accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity. Not only does it take less time and labor to have a proper component count, but the recording of results is more reliable, since it is more error proof. This counting machine uses micro-focus x‐ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or THT components. A wide range of components, including 01005s and tall components, are supported without having to change hardware thanks to an industrial motion control system that can set the X-ray tube and image detector to various heights and magnifications automatically. Components are counted in the reels and a large database of common component types is included. New types of components are easy to add through a graphic, intuitive interface. Simple interface/operation Operation couldn’t be easier – insert the reel and close the door. The machine starts counting automatically. No need to position the reel or set parameters. A built in mapping camera locates the reel and moves the tube and detector to the correct location. Configuration for batch The standard machine is an offline system with a table to place the reels, which is accessible through the front door. Once you close the door, the machine will automatically start. Configuration for inline If complete automation is the requirement, it can be configured with a wide flat belt conveyor or a rail conveyor to move the reels in and out of the machine automatically. Special carrying trays are supported and the company can also develop the entire handling system to get the reels into the storage tower, or can be directly communicated with various handling systems via industry standard SMEMA interface, or other special protocols. The inline system can also be used in batch mode by accessing the front door. Accuracy and repeatability An inaccurate count is dangerous because other operations rely on the count being correct, which can then results in machine downtime and inaccurate inventory management. The machine count accuracy is >99 % for all supported component types. Whether the components are tightly wound or loose on the reel, you can always be sure the count will be correct. The smaller footprint inline AXC 800 is also available, that is just as reliable, accurate, and also with an easy interface. productronica, Booth A1.402 Special solutions We are a reliable partner when it comes to technical production challenges. INERTEC realises individual customer projects. INERTEC has been building selective soldering machines for more than twenty years and is one of the leading companies in this market sector. Source: Scienscope International Inc. The inline AXC 800 count accuracy is >99 % for all supported component types. Inertec Löttechnik GmbH 26 EPP EUROPE November 2017

Reflow soldering system with special air flow concept Under the motto „SMT – innovation creates future“, SMT Thermal Discoveries will present its newly developed reflow soldering system, SMT Quattro Peak R360, at productronica in Munich. With its air flow concept, this system has the lowest energy consumption worldwide. The reduced distance from the operator to the transport system is also particularly important as a standard and ensures a high machine availability. Additional advantages are effective process cooling and precise nitrogen control. In addition, temperature-resistant clamping seals are now installed, which can be exchanged in the complete system, with minimum time requirements and without the need of tools. The system is controlled by the new intuitive user interface. With the 2 level in this system. Operators have easy access to the process room and the transport modules. Another highlight is the entire separation of the transport mechanics from the process gas stream, which means that there is no contamination on the transport mechanics. The topic of maintenance and its simplification plays an important role. Each zone is equipped with CATalysis process gas cleaning Reflow soldering system SMT Quattro Peak R360. structure, you can directly get to the correct page with only 2 clicks. With these new software options, SMT knows the way towards a Smart Factory from the aspects of Industry 4.0. productronica, Booth A4.155 Source: SMT Thermal Discoveries Turn Vision into Reality. Strong performance with large components Best performance in every production environment with the CondensoX series! CondensoX is perfect for handling large or high-mass boards in a stable process atmosphere. In order to improve control of the condensation phase, Rehm has developed a patented injection principle that allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. Our CondensoX series Visit us at productronica Munich 14 – 17/11/17 hall A4, booth 335 EPP EUROPE November 2017 27