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EPP Europe P2.2020

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YXLON FF65 CL: World’s

YXLON FF65 CL: World’s Best Resolution 3D X-Ray Inspection System for Fully Automated Verification of IC Packaging Defects - High-speed 3D AXI - Most precise measurements of defect dimensions - Reliable check of process conditions - Fully automated inspection solution with measurement results 2 EPP EUROPE November 2020

EDITORIAL The Smart Factory of the future The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is for machines to use machine learning effectively, in order for them to become smarter and more intelligent. The cover story depicts how far this field of science has come and the benefits it has on the electronics industry, which include increasing efficiency and flexibility, while achieving self-optimization processes. Although it still has a way to go, Artificial Intelligence can be adopted in today’s factory by enabling the Smart Factory of the future and generating “knowledge” from “experience.” Dedicating AI to inspection. GLOBAL. AHEAD. SUSTAINABLE. Choosing the right cleaning fluid As the electronics industry continues to evolve, manufacturers need to adapt to changes by finding alternatives to their cleaning solutions. It can be a challenge to find better choices that are more efficient, easy to implement, still reliable and economical, all while being less hazardous for employees and the environment. It is also imperative that cleaning performance is maintained with minimal impact on productivity. Fortunately, there are a number of solvent alternatives in today’s market that can be even more beneficial. Making the switch easier. Power of renewable energy The electronics industry plays a great part in the renewable energy market, due to its heavy reliance on the solutions that make it possible to harvest energy from natural resources. The world depends greatly on water based, solar based, and wind based renewable energy. Which is why, using the correct thermal management material, conformal coating or encapsulation resin is vital for the protection, reliability, and lifetime of energy generation and harvesting technologies. Reducing carbon footprint. HYBRID REWORK. DRIVEN BY KURTZ ERSA. Trust the No.1 Ersa’s award-winning and patented systems for your challenging rework applications. HR 500 – Budget oriented: flexible desoldering, placement and soldering of SMT components HR 550 XL – Large and flexible: guided rework for large boards up to 530 x 530 mm HR 600/3 P – Precise: automatic rework for extremely fine and small components up to 01005 Source: Carina Zarfelder Charlene Hesse Online Editor EPP E HR 600 XL – Big and precise: automatic rework of complex large boards up to 625 x 625 mm EPP EUROPE November 2020 3 Ersa GmbH | Wertheim |