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THE VIKING WAY Onshore experiences with an included excursion in every port, plus The Viking Way of exploration Our included shore excursions provide an overview of must-see cultural and historic highlights, with some delightful surprises. These expertly guided tours bring you closer to the art, architecture, history and people that define your destination. Should you want to explore more, our wide selection of carefully curated optional tours helps you delve more deeply into local culture and view your destination from a new perspective. The Viking Way of exploration offers behind-the-scenes insights and opportunities that set us apart from other travel companies. While we feature the expected and iconic—such as visits to renowned museums and notable landmarks—we also work hard to offer our guests Local Life, Working World and optional Privileged Access experiences, opening doors to places otherwise difficult to visit. Karine has traveled the globe to develop these Viking Way experiences, and has captured some of them in a series of inspiring Destination Insights videos. We invite you to visit us online to view our video library here: 96 VIKING.COM EXPLORE MORE 2020

DESTINATION INSIGHTS VIDEOS Bringing life to The Viking Way of exploration THE VIKING WAY PRIVILEGED ACCESS WORKING WORLD LOCAL LIFE Göttweig Abbey Baroque Benedictine monastery Göttweig Abbey has enjoyed a hilltop position overlooking Austria’s vine-covered Wachau Valley for 900 years. Join Karine as she meets the monks who work and worship there. Dubrovnik Oysters Pero Sare’s family-run oyster farm lies in the pristine waters off the coast of Croatia. Master how these delicacies are farmed as Pero shares each step of the three-year production process. A Taste of Cognac Go behind the scenes of the famous brandy brand to meet the head of the house of Camus. You will learn about the company‘s logo and the family philosophy that has guided the company for five generations. Hermitage Museum Discover what you can experience on an exclusive excursion, Hermitage Behind Closed Doors. Led by an expert curator, the after-hours tour provides a unique insight into one of the world’s greatest art collections. Cooking Steak Bordelaise Chef Georges Gotrand demonstrates how to prepare Steak Bordelaise, Bordeaux’s celebrated dish. Find out how using a bed of weathered vine branches can imbue the steak with subtle grape flavors. Uglich Home Visit See what everyday life is like in rural Russia when babushka Nadya welcomes Karine into her home on the banks of the Volga River and serves up some delicious homemade Russian recipes. Karine Hagen is Executive Vice President of Viking.At home in Norway, Russia, America and England, Karine loves sharing her worlds and insights with Viking guests. She is responsible for infusing our itineraries with The Viking Way, giving us all the opportunity to have these extraordinary experiences. EXPLORE MORE 2020 VIKING.COM 97