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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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THE HANGAR SLIPWAY THE HANGAR & LABORATORY A unique in-ship marina and working scientific laboratory AN INDUSTRY FIRST, THE HANGAR BRINGS TRUE COMFORT TO EXPEDITION CRUISING.This enclosed, in-ship marina permits the launch of small excursion craft through the ship’s multiple shell doors. The Hangar’s most innovative feature is the slipway that allows guests to embark on RIBs shielded from wind and waves from a flat, stable surface inside the ship, and once on board the RIB, to glide into the water. On return, guests again enter via The Hangar in their RIB before disembarking. Guests can observe The Hangar from the panoramic lift and windows above, witnessing small boat launches, maintenance and biosecurity protocols. There is also a FerryBox, a set of instruments continuously collecting and displaying data on water quality, oxygen content, plankton composition and more. A RESEARCH LAB STAFFED BY VIKING RESIDENT SCIENTISTS.We designed The Hangar not only to optimize small craft launch capabilities, but also as a learning opportunity: its glassenclosed mezzanine houses our well-appointed laboratory. Developed in consultation with Cambridge University and other academic partners, it supports a range of research activities, and is equipped with wet and dry laboratory facilities, a sample-processing area, fume cupboard, freezer/cool storage, comprehensive microscope optics and space for analysis-specific instruments. Guests receive supervised laboratory access to learn from and participate with scientists undertaking primary research, an experience unique to Viking. Field samples collected during excursion craft operations, submarine dives and landings will be analyzed, interpreted and discussed with guests, providing stimulating engagement and unique insight into how data are collected in remote locations to inform global conservation decisions. 20 VIKING.COM THE HANGAR