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Edition Special PAGE 4

Edition Special PAGE 4 When I first came into this organization, known as ‘SASI-BUSA’ to the outside world two years back, I had two objectives in mind: a.) Get the organization in shape, b.) Give it a new identity. Looking at the first challenge, there were three questions that we had to ask ourselves, First, what is the nature of work that we do and is that something well known about around the company? Second, who are the people that come into this organization and where do they aspire to go, what is the pull-push factor for these people? and third, how do we shirk off the tag ‘Unsung Heroes’ from ourselves? how do we make sure that people think about us well before things go bad and we are applauded for the things that go great? Thinking about the second challenge, giving a new identity to ‘SASI-BUSA’ was not only about creating a logo, rebranding, roadshows and stuff. It was more about customers and vendors being able to relate to us in terms of what we do as well as our own team being able to feel proud about our daily work. The name ‘SASI-BUSA’ stood for Systems Assurance, Systems Integration and Business Unit Security Administration, which meant, if someone is fundamentally not aware of what these functions did, it would become difficult to reach out and work with them. There was no mention of the word Testing and therefore no relation with Test Collapse, the word remediation was missing, which was one of the most critical aspects of System Integration and while BUSA had moved over from just creating IDs to providing a complete consulting and Access Management experience, it was still being thought of as System Administration team. “It’s important to grow yourself personally, try leaving on a high!”

Edition Special PAGE 5 So I sat down with all the Managers and Directors in the organization to explore some combinations and went to Tom Taris and Vikram Nangia with a few names. Fortunately, in hindsight, Vikram wasn’t quite impressed with any of the options that we suggested and Tom had one question for us, ‘What are we actually doing?’ We Test, We remediate and we manage accesses, so, voila! Testing, Remediation and Access Management –TRAM. Today, if we look back and wonder whether it shook up things a bit? It did! The System Assurance got a name which was primarily their task, day in and day out, the Remediation team got a new identity for themselves and BUSA now referred to themselves as those who manage and not just create or administer accesses. The way this addressed the second challenge was, it started becoming a known acronym across GSN, some people liked it, some laughed at it, but overall it was a great visibility booster for us. That was, however, half the job done. It was now imperative for people inside the organization to encourage the usage of this name ‘TRAM’. The Directors were advised to use the word ‘TRAM’ every once in a while in their staff meetings, BURs and even informal interactions. Gradually, once we start referring ourselves as TRAM, rather than the patriarchal names SA or BUSA, the relevance and the popularity of this acronym will increase, which will in turn have far reaching benefits for us as a unit