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Welcome to NADO 1

How to get started 2

Sign up with NADO 3

How much does it cost? 4

Code of Conduct 5

Our services 7

Services for kids and teenagers 10

Social groups for adults 11


Services and Contacts 13

Welcome to NADO

NADO helps people with disability

• Make new friends

• Reach your goals

• Be independent

• Manage your NDIS plan


How to get started

First you need an NDIS plan.

To get an NDIS plan, contact the National Disability

Insurance Agency or NDIA.

They decide if you will get the NDIS.

Call them on 1800 800 110

Or go to the website

You need to fill in an access form.


Sign up with NADO

When you have an NDIS plan call NADO

on 1300 738 229

We will meet with you to talk about your goals

and support.

Together we will make your Personal Plan.

You will get a Service Agreement.

A Community Engagement Coordinator

from NADO will help you.


How much does it cost?

We will tell you what your support cost.

The costs are written in your Service Agreement.

We will get the money for your support from NDIS.

There will be some extra costs that you need to

pay like transport or entry fees.

We will tell you what you need to pay.


Code of Conduct

The NDIS Code of Conduct is the rules NADO

and our staff must follow.

We must

• Respect you

• Let you make your own choices

• Support you safely

• Make sure you are not treated badly


Code of Conduct

We must

• Respect your privacy

• Speak up if something is not right

• Make sure no one is being abused sexually

NADO staff are trained to make sure you get

professional and safe service.

If NADO or our staff do not follow the rules

• Tell one of our Managers or the CEO

• Call the NDIS Commission on 1800 035 544


Our Services

We have lots of services at NADO.

Drop in support

We can help you at home with shopping,

cleaning and money.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

You can live in a house with other people

and get support from our staff.

Short term accommodation

You can stay in one of our houses overnight

or for a short time like a few weeks.


Our Services


Counselling can help you with

• Anger

• Depression

• Relationships

Individual Support

We can support you with

• Personal care

• Cooking and cleaning

• Going to the gym or art classes

• Your money

• Learning to travel by yourself


Our Services

Day Programs

We have small group activities and big social events.

We have centres in Katoomba, Lawson, Penrith and

St Marys.

Up, Up and Away Program

A 6 week program to learn skills including

• Cooking and cleaning

• Money skills

• Setting goals

• Talking to other people

Sexuality and My Life Program

A 7 week program about

• Your body

• Good and bad relationships

• Sex


Services for kids and teenagers


For children from 5 to 17 years.

Learn independence, build friendships and reach

personal goals.

Weekend activities are held every Saturday

(school term only).

School Holidays programs with lots of fun activities.

NADO Basketball

For kids from 7 to 17 years.

Learn to play basketball and be part of a team.


Social Groups for Adults

NADO Social Club (NSC)

You can meet new friends and do fun activities.

Have Fun Get Fit

A weekly evening fitness group.

Weekend Group

People who like doing the same things.


We can support you on holidays.

NADO Touch Football

We play in the Penrith social comp.


NDIS Plan Management

NADO can help you manage your NDIS plan.

We can

• Pay your provider for the support you receive

• Help you manage your funding

Plan Management is good if you use services that

are not registered with the NDIS.

NDIS Support Coordination

NADO can help you understand your NDIS plan.

We can help you find the support you need.

We can help you with your contracts with

other services.


Services and Contacts

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

1800 800 110

People with Disability Australia

PWD is an information and advocacy service. They speak up for all people with

a disability.

1800 422 015

Intellectual Disability Rights Services Inc (IDRS)

Free legal service for people with intellectual disability.

1300 665 908


Emergency Contacts

For Police, Ambulance or Fire, call 000.

Counselling & Helpline Services

• Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800

• Life Line - 131 114

• Mental Health Line - 1800 011 511

Aboriginal Contacts

• Aboriginal Legal Service - 1800 733 233

• Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre - NCNS - (02) 4729 3907

For more information about NADO call us on 1300 738 229


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