Medlemsblad - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Medlemsblad - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

For those of you who missed it …


The Moose Shoot was a great day for those intrepid ‘hunters’ who turned out to have a morning of

competitive target shooting. Specially made ‘moose’ targets and some clay target shotgun shooting

were the order of the day. The group split into two sections and alternated on the shotgun and rifle

ranges. The competitors ranged from 11-years-old young folk to ‘senior’ members. Team colours were

easy to spot, with an assortment of Danish and Swedish shirts, caps and other hunting apparel. Alan

impressed everyone with Dannebrog flying proudly on his sections’ rotation.

Last year proved that there were some shooters who were either naturally adept, or had remembered

their previous shooting experiences in National Service training. This year the rifle shooting allowed a

sitting position, but no rifle rest like last year. This had the desired effect of spreading scores a bit

more than last year while still allowing safe and enjoyable participation by everyone. Top score of 97

tied between male and female Swedish shooters was followed by a score of 93 and 90 from two of the

Danish team. However, in the shotgun, the women reigned supreme. A Swedish female also won the

prize for the lowest score of the day. It was a fair match, with the top shooters identified and

rewarded. A scaled team score that accounted for differing team sizes might have been possible and

may be a suggestion for next year so all shooters’ scores can count.

Regardless of gender, age or score, the shooting was reported by all as an enjoyable event. This was

followed by most of us (some having other demands on their time – Amanda and her boys sure have a

busy schedule) enjoying the hospitality of the Swedes-Down-Under with a traditional hunters’ meal of

pea and ham soup. This was nicely prepared with a mix of spices and stock that had some of us asking

for the recipe. The main meal was accompanied by a range of fruit, cheeses and drinks. The specially

prepared sweet ‘punsch’, which could be called ‘punch’, given its vodka base, and a range of other

drinks were also enjoyed. This was accompanied by some convivial story-telling and good-natured

socialising while scores were tallied and medals presented. Once we had eaten, everyone was too full

of food to consider a friendly football match on the grassy parkland. Just as well, too, as a ball or two

might have floated off in the very full creek. Nonetheless, there were sufficient people to ensure

responsible driving home (or to work, in Kurt’s case) after the event.

A few of us have decided we definitely need to get a bit more practice in for the 2011 shooting season

event so that we can give the Swedes a harder run for their prizes, and otherwise just enjoy the

exercise. The SSAA Tuesday and Thursday evening metallic silhouette evenings may see a few more

participants at times. This event aims to drop a series of surprisingly difficult to hit metal targets.

Shotgunners may be enjoying Friday practice and monthly Saturday Farm shotgun sessions. The skill

of hitting clay plates flying at around 50km/hr with some small pellets that never seem to spread quite

far enough for a near miss to actually still hit the target does take some practice.

See you for next year’s ‘hunt’. We will see if we can coordinate a practice session or two for team folk,

since some folk seem keen to try a bit more of this sport.

Photo and report by Kim Tvede

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