Skagen Havn - det maritime bindeled Port of Skagen - the maritime ...

Skagen Havn - det maritime bindeled Port of Skagen - the maritime ...

Strategy and development

Port of Skagen wishes to meet future challenges and opportunities

head on. Our vision is to generate results which put the

harbour in a financial position to continue to develop existing

services as well as attracting new commercial ventures.

In order to support the harbour’s strategy a number of development

projects have been initiated in recent years, including long

term investments. These initiatives have developed in parallel

with a number of measures taken by harbour stakeholders,

providing an excellent synergy between the harbour’s general

development and that of individual harbour companies.

Port of Skagen has seen greater developments in the fishing

area than any other Danish port, and its position as Denmark’s

largest open water fishing harbour has been strengthened.

We will continue to focus our attention on the potential for

developments in this area and it will form the basis of the port’s

continued growth.

The freight and transport segment is a further growth area.

International nautical freight volume projections make this a

particularly attractive development area for Port of Skagen.

Port of Skagen will prioritise efforts in the following four areas:

/ Maintain independent authority to take quick decisions and

further develop our customer base.

/ Maintain an administrative and operational level sufficient

to allow the harbour to meet its strategic goals.

/ Maintain a balanced development of the harbour area

and its infrastructure in order to meet customer needs and

develop the harbour’s full potential.

/ Further develop our relation to harbour customers and their

companies’ such that they are serviced in the best possible


In the central section of Port of Skagen we will be focusing on

the market for leisure and recreational services, which continues

to be a growth industry in the developed world.

Furthermore, it is our intention to encourage innovative new

business areas, based on the unique geographical position and

cultural significance of Skagen and Port of Skagen.


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