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2022 Palm Beach Scopus Gala Tribute Journal

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<strong>2022</strong> <strong>Palm</strong> beach<br />

scopus award gala<br />


Florence Kaufman<br />

MONDAY, APRIL 4, <strong>2022</strong>





Diane Belfer, z”l<br />

Roberta and Stanley Bogen<br />

Sherry and Kenneth Endelson<br />

Lori and Bruce Gendelman<br />

Michelle and Joseph Jacobs<br />

Roberta and Paul Kozloff<br />

Lisa and Michael Rome<br />

Judy and Robert N. Snyder<br />

Robbi and Bruce Toll<br />


Marjorie and Robert Emden<br />

Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson<br />

Ann and Robert Fromer<br />

Barbara and Richard Rothschild<br />

*Benefactors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Listings as of 3/15/22.



Ali and Lewis A. Sanders*<br />


Anonymous<br />

Diane Belfer,* z”l<br />

Judy and Howard Bernick<br />

Roberta and Stanley Bogen*<br />

Sherry and Kenneth Endelson<br />

Lori and Bruce Gendelman<br />

Ahuva and Martin Gross<br />

Michelle and Joseph Jacobs*<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

Roberta and Paul Kozloff<br />

Lisa and Michael Rome<br />

Judy and Robert N. Snyder*<br />

Robbi and Bruce Toll<br />


Margaret and Jay Axelrod<br />

Jill and Jay Bernstein<br />

Arlene Blau<br />

Jan and Renee Burman<br />

Ronna DiPersia<br />

Marjorie and Robert Emden<br />

Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson<br />

Ann and Robert Fromer<br />

Cathy Kaufman and Mark M. Iger<br />

Simone and David Levinson<br />

Julie McAlpine and Gordon z”l McAlpine<br />

Barbara and Richard Rothschild<br />

Nancy and Ken Stein*<br />

Susan and Benjamin Winter


Ety and David Alcalay<br />

Ann-Britt and Christian Angle<br />

Brenda Axelrod<br />

Laurence Bauman<br />

Judy and Howard Berkowitz<br />

Mickey and Larry Beyer<br />

Rita and Ernest Bogen<br />

Sondra and Charles Fabrikant<br />

Elizabeth and Matthew Feuer<br />

Nancy Carter and Stephen Lapidus<br />

Bernice (Bonnie) Lieberman<br />

Ginger Feuer and Laurence Leeds<br />

Susan and Richard Friedman<br />

Sylvie and Donald Gales<br />

Joan Eigen and Dr. Philip Gassman<br />

Joan and David Genser<br />

Frances and Jerry Gilberg<br />

Ronnie F. Heyman<br />

Rochelle and David Hirsch<br />

Janie and Arthur Indursky<br />

Kathy and Mitchell Jacobson<br />

Mona Kalimian<br />

Paulette Koch<br />

Dorothy and Sidney Kohl<br />

Phyllis and Richard Krock<br />

Carol and Michael Kurtz<br />

Leslie and Bruce Lane<br />

Dorothy and Martin Bandier<br />

Wilma and Ambassador Stuart<br />

Bernstein<br />

Sandy and Richard Bornstein<br />

Barbara Deane<br />

Bonnie and Donald Dwares<br />

Elaine Sollar Eisen<br />

Rosalind and Eugene Glaser<br />

Marsha and Richard Goldberg<br />

Kitzia and Richard Goodman<br />

Merrill and Charles Gottesman<br />



Marcia G. Levine<br />

Harriet and Stuart Levine<br />

Ellen and H. Irwin Levy<br />

Sondra and David Mack<br />

Mitra and Michael Margolis<br />

J.C. and Martin Meyers<br />

Hilarie and Mitchell Morgan<br />

Aileen and Alvin Murstein<br />

Nancy Oelbaum<br />

Pamela and Edward Pantzer<br />

Myrna and Spencer Partrich<br />

Dr. Donna Kesselman Raggio<br />

and John J. Raggio<br />

Leslie and Thomas Rosin<br />

Susan and Darrell Ross<br />

Harriet and Eric Rothfeld<br />

Marsha and Jerry Seslowe<br />

Jane and John Shalam<br />

Dania and Dr. Richard Schwartz<br />

Denise and Dr. Stephen Squinto<br />

Andrea and John Stark<br />

Renée and Richard Steinberg<br />

Norma and William Tiefel<br />

Carol Wolowitz<br />

Lois Zelman*<br />

Jane and Ronald Zimmerman<br />

Nicki and J. Ira z”l Harris<br />

Marilyn and Stanley Katz<br />

Wendy and Larry Levy<br />

Joan and Ken Miller<br />

Sydell Miller<br />

Joan and Joel Picket<br />

Carol Roaman<br />

Sunny Sessa<br />

Jill and Sanford Sirulnick<br />

Marlene and Harold Strauss<br />

Roy Zuckerberg<br />

*Benefactors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Listings as of 3/15/22.


Florence Kaufman<br />

When Florence Buck Kaufman and<br />

Robert Kaufman, her husband of 65<br />

years, were a young couple, they looked<br />

around and pondered how they could<br />

give back to the community that had<br />

helped them to achieve so much.<br />

Florence and Robert built their tradition<br />

of philanthropy as they did most things—<br />

as a couple, united in values, interests,<br />

and dedication. Because they knew how<br />

valuable education was to achievement,<br />

well-being, and success, they made sure<br />

that their own children and grandchildren<br />

had opportunity, from pre-school<br />

through college.<br />

Then, they decided to devote much of their charitable giving to ensuring that<br />

many others would also benefit from education, by giving to scholarship<br />

funds and universities. Ask her, and Florence will likely tell you, as she told<br />

us, “It was our pleasure to give to young men and women who didn’t have<br />

the same advantages as our own children.”<br />

Florence has been an associate trustee at North Well University Hospital<br />

for over 50 years and headed the Interior Planning and Design Committee<br />

for 15 years at the hospital. She has been a trustee at Hofstra University<br />

for 26 years and was also elected to be a trustee emeritus at Hofstra. In<br />

addition, Florence participates on the film society and theatre committees<br />

at Lincoln Center as well as is on the board of directors of the <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Beach</strong><br />

Opera.<br />

The couple made their first visit to the Hebrew University in 2011. While<br />

there, they toured the Edmond and Lily Safra Campus, the Albert Einstein<br />

Archives, Mt. <strong>Scopus</strong>, and the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive—all of<br />

which left a deep impression on them. Since then, the Hebrew University<br />

has been beloved by Florence, who has chosen to provide scholarship<br />

assistance for deserving students.<br />

Florence is the proud mother of three daughters, Ronna, Cathy, and<br />

Julie, and a son-in-law, Mark, as well as the loving grandmother of eight<br />

grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

special<br />


Dear Florence,<br />

I am delighted to congratulate you upon the occasion of your receiving the American<br />

Friends of Hebrew University’s highest honor – the National <strong>Scopus</strong> Award.<br />

Tonight, we gather to celebrate you—and your many years of commitment to the<br />

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and the global Jewish community. Writing on<br />

behalf of our university community, its 1,300 researchers and its 26,000 students, we are<br />

glad to know that this award is going to a most deserving recipient.<br />

The National <strong>Scopus</strong> Award is conferred upon distinguished individuals known for their<br />

exemplary community leadership, and volunteer achievements, philanthropy, and<br />

humanitarianism. Your family’s dedication to important causes in New York, Florida, and<br />

Israel stands as evidence of your vision, determination, and love for humanity. The<br />

faculty, staff, and students of the Hebrew University are grateful for your family’s longstanding<br />

and unwavering support of the university, as well as your heartfelt dedication<br />

to the strength of Eretz Yisrael and the well-being of the Israeli people.<br />

From the time of its founding a century ago, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has<br />

been an essential part of Israel’s success, globally recognized for our groundbreaking<br />

research and innovation. Your unwavering commitment to this most important mission<br />

is inspirational<br />

Please accept our warm wishes upon your receiving this well-deserved award.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Asher Cohen<br />

President<br />

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dear Florence,<br />

Clive Kabatznik<br />

President<br />

Joshua W. Rednik<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Marc O. Mayer<br />

Chair of the Board<br />

Joshua M. Olshin<br />

Treasurer<br />

Pamela N. Emmerich<br />

Secretary<br />

Beth Asnien McCoy<br />

CEO Emerita<br />

Stanley Clive M. Bogen Kabatznik<br />

Michael President S. Kurtz<br />

Marc O. Mayer<br />

George A. Schieren<br />

Daniel<br />

Joshua<br />

I. Schlessinger<br />

W. Rednik<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Ira Lee Sorkin<br />

Honorary Presidents<br />

and Chairs Marc of O. the Mayer Board<br />

Chair of the Board<br />

Joshua M. Olshin<br />

Treasurer<br />

Pamela N. Emmerich<br />

Secretary<br />

Beth Asnien McCoy<br />

CEO Emerita<br />

Stanley M. Bogen<br />

Michael S. Kurtz<br />

Marc O. Mayer<br />

George A. Schieren<br />

Daniel I. Schlessinger<br />

Ira Lee Sorkin<br />

Honorary Presidents<br />

and Chairs of the Board<br />

American Friends of the Hebrew University is delighted to<br />

bestow upon you the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Scopus</strong> Award during this year’s <strong>Palm</strong><br />

<strong>Beach</strong> <strong>Gala</strong>. Your commitment to Israel and higher education<br />

extends well beyond your <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Beach</strong> home and is reflected<br />

in your support for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s<br />

premier university. The university’s world-class educational<br />

and research facilities make daily contributions to uplifting the<br />

lives of the people of Israel and the world.<br />

Florence, you and your family have a history of professional and<br />

community success driven by your vision and dedication. You<br />

bring those same qualities to the many worthy organizations<br />

that benefit from your leadership and support.<br />

Whether at home or in Israel, you have always shown a<br />

steadfast commitment to improving the lives of those in need.<br />

Through your generosity for the Hebrew University, especially<br />

your support of scholarships for promising students in financial<br />

difficulty, you have once again shown your concern for others.<br />

Your ongoing philanthropic leadership not only benefits the<br />

students receiving scholarships, but also provides the university<br />

the ability to educate new generations of leaders, who will build<br />

a prosperous and secure future for Israel and the world.<br />

Thank you for being a cherished member of our Hebrew<br />

University-AFHU family and for helping to build a brighter<br />

tomorrow for us all. This national <strong>Scopus</strong> Award signifies our<br />

admiration for your legacy of goodness.<br />

Congratulations and best wishes,<br />

199 Water Street, 11th Floor<br />

New York, NY 10038<br />

T: 212.607.8500<br />

F: 212.809.4430<br />

E: info@afhu.org<br />

W: www.afhu.org<br />

Clive Kabatznik<br />

President, AFHU<br />

Joshua Rednik<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Beth Asnien McCoy<br />

CEO Emerita<br />

199 Water Street, 11th Floor<br />

New York, NY 10038<br />

T: 212.607.8500<br />

F: 212.809.4430<br />

E: info@afhu.org<br />

W: www.afhu.org



We are grateful for your commitment to the<br />

Hebrew University. Proceeds from American<br />

Friends of the Hebrew University’s <strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Beach</strong><br />

<strong>Scopus</strong> Award <strong>Gala</strong> will support scholarships<br />

for deserving students. The Hebrew University<br />

continues to be a leader in undergraduate and<br />

graduate education, research and academic<br />

achievement, and service to the world thanks<br />

to your generous contributions.

Scholarships Nurture<br />

Leadership for Tomorrow<br />

As Israel’s leading university, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem educates the top<br />

students: those who will lead Israeli academia, society, industry, and beyond. Given<br />

this responsibility, we are committed to ensuring that all qualified students, no<br />

matter their background or financial capacity, can attain an undergraduate degree,<br />

and to encouraging and enabling the most promising graduate students to realize<br />

their potential for advancing knowledge.<br />

To this end, at the undergraduate level, we provide scholarships based upon<br />

demonstrated financial need as well as excellence. At the graduate level, we provide<br />

scholarships for our best students, ensuring that they can devote themselves fully to<br />

their research and become leaders in their fields.<br />

Need-based scholarships not only ensure that worthy students of all backgrounds<br />

can achieve a degree from a top institution and the social mobility it brings with<br />

it, but that the campus community will benefit from diverse perspectives. These<br />

students can also be a gateway to advancement for communities traditionally underrepresented<br />

in higher education.<br />

Merit scholarships help the University retain the best and brightest students at all<br />

degree levels. Students fuel research institutions. Their questions, curiosity, and new<br />

energy help move ideas forward. At the graduate level, students play a central role<br />

in pursuing cutting- edge research across the University, making progress possible.<br />

An investment in students is not only an investment in Leadership for Tomorrow, but<br />

an investment in Israel, innovation, and discovery.


Yakov Shapiro was born to immigrant parents from Minsk. His mother raised him on<br />

her own, all while caring for her own aging mother. To help make ends meet, Yakov<br />

began working at an early age.<br />

Yakov excelled at school and was placed in a class for gifted children. He also<br />

volunteered at his grandmother’s nursing home and was an assistant coach for<br />

children’s tennis. After his mandatory service, he volunteered for a Jewish Agency<br />

delegation to Cherkasy, Ukraine, where he recognized his sense of mission for<br />

strengthening ties between Diaspora Jewry, Judaism, and Israel.<br />

After graduating with a degree in Communications and International Relations,<br />

Yakov plans to enroll in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ diplomatic training course.<br />

I am very proud of overcoming so many challenges and<br />

know that I couldn’t have done it by myself. The fact that<br />

I, a second-generation immigrant, will soon graduate with<br />

a degree from Israel’s best university shouldn’t be taken<br />

for granted. I am thankful for the scholarship and support<br />

– and can’t wait to see where life will take me!


Aviad Harel grew up in an ultra-Orthodox family in Jerusalem. When he was 18<br />

years old, he decided to leave that lifestyle. The secular world was utterly foreign to<br />

him. As he floated between odd jobs, Aviad came to realize the importance of higher<br />

education — both in terms of personal growth and financial security. He graduated<br />

with honors from the university’s preparatory program and is currently studying at<br />

the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing — “to alleviate suffering and<br />

save lives.”<br />

Students like Aviad, graduates of ultra-Orthodox institutions, most still part of<br />

the ultra-Orthodox community, receive a comprehensive support package that<br />

includes academic tutoring, financial and emotional support, and social activities.<br />

In addition, these students rely heavily on scholarships, as their parents are unable<br />

to help with tuition.<br />

I am extremely thankful for the support I have received<br />

– a sign that the University believes in me and my ability<br />

to succeed. I’m the first person in my family to pursue a<br />

higher education. It’s a privilege to study at the Hebrew<br />

University, to gain knowledge, invest in myself, and realize<br />

my potential.



Shelly Engdau Vanda is an Ethiopianborn<br />

Ph.D. candidate in social work.<br />

She became the first in her family<br />

to study at university, earning her<br />

bachelor and master’s degrees in<br />

social work.<br />

Before beginning her doctorate,<br />

Shelly had been a social worker for<br />

15 years, holding managerial and<br />

leadership positions across Israel.<br />

Her experiences in the field led her<br />

to realize the extent to which social<br />

workers are blind to the Ethiopian-<br />

Israeli community’s resilience and<br />

strengths.<br />

Ethiopian-Israelis are largely underrepresented<br />

in Israeli universities,<br />

and even more so at the graduate<br />

level. The state provides generous<br />

support — but only for undergraduate<br />

degrees. Funding for advanced<br />

studies is all but non-existent, posing<br />

a particular challenge for the few<br />

Ethiopian-Israelis who pursue doctoral<br />

research. Post-doctoral positions<br />

abroad, the key to an academic career,<br />

are almost unattainable.<br />

After graduating, Shelly will assume a<br />

teaching position at the University of<br />

Haifa.<br />

I spend my days at the library, dividing my time between<br />

reading and writing. I’ve published a book based on<br />

my master’s thesis and am currently working on my<br />

dissertation and a volume of poetry. I love writing, the<br />

words just bubble up within me. Without the financial<br />

support I’ve received, I wouldn’t have been able to fully<br />

dedicate myself to my writing and research.



Nicole Hanania was born and raised in Tel Aviv-<br />

Jaffa. Her love of science led her to pursue a<br />

bachelor’s degree at the Hebrew University’s<br />

Institute of Chemistry, making her the first in<br />

her immediate family to enter academia. As an<br />

undergraduate, Nicole worked in a few different<br />

labs before finding her passion for organic<br />

chemistry.<br />

Her research has discovered synthetic methods<br />

for creating organic compounds based on boron.<br />

Because boron has a unique reactivity, it can be<br />

converted to other atoms and give rise to new<br />

molecules. When Nicole began studying boron,<br />

she couldn’t have foreseen her discovery of<br />

a unique polymer with great pharmaceutical<br />

and industrial potential, as well as simpler and<br />

cheaper ways to synthesize materials.<br />

Nicole’s immense satisfaction from her research<br />

has motivated her to switch to a direct Ph.D.<br />

track, where she can delve even deeper into her<br />

research.<br />

As a graduate<br />

student, I enjoy<br />

learning through<br />

doing – conducting<br />

research that<br />

interests me. I<br />

never know where<br />

my lab work will<br />

take me, and each<br />

discovery enables<br />

me to explore<br />

entirely new<br />




Renana Atia is a doctoral student of<br />

communications. Having attended schools<br />

across the religious spectrum, she became<br />

interested in questions of representation —<br />

specifically of women and how the media (mis)<br />

represents different sectors of society. While<br />

earning her bachelor’s degree in political science<br />

and communications, Renana discovered<br />

the importance and joy of methodologically<br />

researching social issues and decided to continue<br />

to an advanced degree.<br />

After earning a master’s in political<br />

communication with a minor in gender studies,<br />

Renana began her doctoral research. She<br />

examines the cognitive motivation necessary<br />

for changing perceptions of stereotypes, and the<br />

possibility that individuals who do not adhere<br />

to stereotypes may contribute to minimizing<br />

tension between groups.<br />

Renana enjoys the support provided to doctoral<br />

students in the Social Sciences, ranging from<br />

lectures on publishing, assistance with editing<br />

English texts, and information about postdoctoral<br />

opportunities.<br />

Looking forward, she hopes for a career that<br />

combines research and teaching.<br />

The Hebrew<br />

University, and<br />

in particular the<br />

Faculty of Social<br />

Sciences, have<br />

provided me with<br />

amazing support,<br />

while also granting<br />

me freedom<br />

to conduct my<br />

doctoral research.<br />

The Hebrew<br />

University has<br />

never ceased to<br />

challenge me, all



Josh Moss is an MD-Ph.D. candidate in the<br />

Faculty of Medicine. After immigrating to Israel<br />

from Canada, Josh earned his bachelor and<br />

master’s degrees from the university’s biomedical<br />

sciences program. Today, Josh bridges medicine<br />

with computer science and engineering, as he<br />

develops computational tools for detecting cell<br />

death in clinical settings, using DNA methylation<br />

markers.<br />

The MD-Ph.D. program exemplifies the Faculty<br />

of Medicine’s commitment to excellence in<br />

medical practice and research. After 2-3 years<br />

of medical school, students transition to the<br />

research track. After submitting their doctoral<br />

thesis, students return to their medical studies<br />

and internships. Graduates of the program are<br />

qualified to conduct medical research and teach<br />

medicine.<br />

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, Josh<br />

volunteered on the team that developed the joint<br />

Hebrew University-Hadassah virology lab, which<br />

used state-of-the-art technology to run tests.<br />

It’s so important<br />

to block the<br />

spread of the<br />

Coronavirus. Being<br />

able to inform an<br />

asymptomatic<br />

doctor that he<br />

tested positive<br />

meant that he<br />

was able to isolate<br />

himself before<br />

exposing himself to<br />

more patients.



Benzion Amoyav was always drawn to science,<br />

but also aspired to help society. He decided to<br />

study pharmacy, which perfectly blended his two<br />

passions.<br />

During his undergraduate and master’s studies,<br />

Benzion became involved in research developing<br />

a system that produces highly tunable microand<br />

nano-particles for treating tumors. These<br />

“smart” particles primarily attack the tumor and<br />

release drugs in a controlled manner, resulting in<br />

better patient outcomes and fewer negative side<br />

effects.<br />

As a doctoral student, Benzion is researching<br />

liver cancer and embolization (blocking solid<br />

tumors’ blood supply), a common, yet limited<br />

efficacy, clinical practice for treating various<br />

types of tumors. He is taking a radically different<br />

approach by countering the microenvironmental<br />

conditions that are favorable to tumors. His<br />

main effort is to develop a drug-delivery<br />

device for focused therapy in combination with<br />

embolization.<br />

Benzion’s research is elucidating the<br />

underlying mechanisms that regulate tumors’<br />

microenvironments and will lead to better cures<br />

and greater success in cancer eradication.<br />

I believe that<br />

research education<br />

is the key for<br />

innovation and<br />

improvement,<br />

because<br />

laboratory-based<br />

discoveries can<br />

help large numbers<br />

of people. I am<br />

grateful to have<br />

the opportunity<br />

to impact other<br />

people’s lives.

Revivim gives me<br />

the skills I need to<br />

be an inspirational<br />

educator and<br />

improve society.<br />

By instilling<br />

my students<br />

with a deep<br />

understanding<br />

of their Jewish<br />

heritage and<br />

identity, and by<br />

motivating them<br />

to enjoy learning,<br />

I really feel they<br />

can become full<br />

members of society<br />

and fulfill their<br />

own potential.<br />




Shlomit Hadas-Blonder is a student in the<br />

Revivim program, which trains teachers of Jewish<br />

Studies. She was inspired to become an educator<br />

by her high school teacher, himself a Revivim<br />

alumnus, who embodied the values of pluralism<br />

and excellence through the teaching of Jewish<br />

Studies and Bible. In choosing her military service,<br />

Shlomit decided upon the Education Corps,<br />

where she taught Hebrew to new immigrants<br />

and, as an officer, created educational materials<br />

for her unit.<br />

Shlomit greatly enjoys the Revivim program.<br />

Her favorite classes have been on early Israeli<br />

literature and Talmud-era history, and she loves<br />

preparing for classes and visiting schools. Over<br />

the course of her studies, Shlomit, along with<br />

all Revivim students, will complete bachelor<br />

and master’s degrees, along with a teaching<br />

certificate — all while gaining invaluable, handson<br />

experience in the classroom.


Shir Filo is a Ph.D. student in computational neuroscience at the Edmond and Lily<br />

Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC). She was born and raised in Tzurit, a small<br />

village in northern Israel, where she enjoyed belonging to a tight-knit, supportive<br />

community.<br />

After earning an undergraduate degree in physics and biology from the Hebrew<br />

University, Shir decided to pursue a Ph.D. that combines these fields, while<br />

exploring one of science’s greatest mysteries — the human brain. Each student<br />

in ELSC’s doctoral program receives a scholarship, enabling them to devote<br />

themselves fully to their studies.<br />

Today, Shir is developing new techniques for quantitative MRI. Combining several<br />

MRI scans, Shir’s biophysical models can provide quantitative information about<br />

brain tissue, including lipids and proteins. This will eliminate the need for invasive<br />

and painful biopsies.<br />

Not only is ELSC a<br />

world-famous research<br />

center, but it also<br />

has a great sense of<br />

community, where<br />

everyone knows each<br />

other and are willing<br />

to help. Sometimes<br />

ELSC feels like a small<br />

village with a unique<br />

language and culture. It<br />

immediately draws you<br />

in and makes you feel<br />

like you belong.

It was a huge<br />

privilege to<br />

spend the<br />

semester<br />

among some<br />

of the greatest<br />

scholars in the<br />

field, taking<br />

courses with<br />

them, and<br />

sharing my<br />

own work.<br />


Tali picked up her love of the English language as a young girl when her family relocated<br />

to the United States for three years. From there, her path led her to pursue bachelor<br />

and master’s degrees in English at the Hebrew University. Today she is Ph.D. student at<br />

the university’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the<br />

Humanities where her focus is on Modernist (early 20th-century) British literature.<br />

Thanks to exchange agreements between the Hebrew University and the Faculties<br />

of Humanities at eight prestigious universities worldwide, Tali was able to spend a<br />

semester in the University of California, Berkeley’s English Department, which is<br />

considered one of the most important Modernist hubs in the world.


In Numbers<br />

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11,000+<br />


3,050+<br />


1,100+<br />


TECHS<br />

200+<br />

SPIN-OFF<br />


58<br />

YEARS OF<br />








Yissum is the technology<br />

transfer company of the<br />

Hebrew University of<br />

Jerusalem. Founded in<br />

1964, it is the third<br />

company of its kind ever<br />

created, and has a rich<br />

tradition of innovation and<br />

commercialization. From<br />

HU scientific<br />

breakthroughs, Yissum<br />

advances commercial<br />

solutions to the most<br />

pressing global challenges<br />

facing humanity.<br />

Some of the best known<br />

spinoff companies include<br />

Mobileye, Orcam, Collplant,<br />

Qlight, and Briefcam.


Since its founding in 1918 and opening<br />

in 1925, the Hebrew University of<br />

Jerusalem’s mission has been to<br />

develop cutting-edge research, to<br />

educate leaders, and to nurture future<br />

generations of outstanding scientists<br />

and scholars in all fields of learning,<br />

A globally recognized research<br />

powerhouse, HU embodies excellence<br />

across the spectrum of academic<br />

disciplines: from the humanities, social<br />

sciences, and law, to natural sciences,<br />

agriculture, engineering,<br />

and medicine.<br />


6<br />


7<br />


14<br />


24,000+<br />


1,300<br />



• 100 Research centers<br />

• 4,000 Research projects<br />

•<br />

• 43% of Israel’s biotech<br />

research<br />

• 1/3 of Ph.D. students in Israel<br />

• #1 in Israel*<br />

• Top 0.5% of universities<br />

worldwide**<br />

• #25 in Mathematics**<br />

• #33 in Law**<br />

• #51-75 in Economics**<br />

* source: QS World University Rankings 2021<br />

** source: ARWU 2020 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University and supported by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy)<br />


AFHU<br />


NEW YORK, NY 10038<br />



facebook.com/AmFriendsHU<br />

twitter.com/AmFriendsHU<br />

youtube.com/AmFriendsHU<br />

instagram.com/AmFriendsHU<br />


Ignite Impact<br />

It’s ALL We Do At The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem<br />

<br />

The Legal Clinic for Representation of Marginalized Communities provides<br />

free legal services to vulnerable individuals, including refugees, ultra-Orthodox<br />

women, Arabs and others while offering law students real-world experience<br />

advocating for people in need.

When you support<br />

the Rimon Philanthropic Investment<br />

Initiative with a charitable gift, you’ll be seeding next-gen<br />

innovation and entrepreneurship in everything from alt-dairy to sustainable<br />

ag to lifesaving pharmaceuticals in the heart of Israel’s start-up nation.<br />

<br />

GLOCAL trains young professionals as community development workers.<br />

An integral part of the program is the internship where students gain the<br />

skills, knowledge, and experience needed to help improve the lives of people<br />

and communities in developing nations world-wide.<br />

<br />

The Ethiopian Farmers’ Project<br />

provides students with their first<br />

taste of fieldwork and Ethiopian-<br />

Israeli farmers with the help and<br />

social connections they need.<br />

Learn how you can Ignite Impact with<br />

American Friends of the Hebrew<br />

University. Contact Leslie Viselman at<br />

561.750.3665 and lviselman@afhu.org or<br />

visit www.afhu.org.

on a honor w<br />

Ali and Le<br />


ons Florence<br />

ell-deserved.<br />

w Sanders


Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts<br />

and dedication to the<br />

Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

Roberta and Paul Kozloff

Congratulations<br />

to our dear friend Florence<br />

who we have had the pleasure<br />

of knowing for over 50 years!!!<br />

Lori and Bruce Gendelman

To our dear Florence,<br />

Thank you for making tonight<br />

so unbelievably successful.<br />

Your impact and commitment to education<br />

has benefited so many.<br />

Please accept our heartfelt appreciation to<br />

you and Bob for the philanthropy you have<br />

bestowed on Hebrew University.<br />

Love,<br />

Roberta and Stanley Bogen

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts and dedication<br />

to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

Ahuva and Martin Gross

Dear Florence,<br />

Your generosity<br />

to the Hebrew University<br />

is only exceeded by<br />

your kindness to others.<br />

Love,<br />

Lisa and Michael Rome

Dear Florence,<br />

Congratulations on your accomplishments<br />

and tireless efforts on behalf of<br />

the Hebrew University.<br />

We congratulate you on this<br />

well-deserved honor.<br />

Judy & Bob Snyder

I congratulate you, Florence,<br />

on this well-deserved honor.<br />

Marty Weinberg

Congratulations and best wishes to all<br />

American Friends of the Hebrew University<br />

and Florence Kaufman.<br />

Judy and Howard Bernick

Congratulations to this year’s<br />

very special honoree<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

With love, respect, and admiration,<br />

Michelle and Joey Jacobs

Congratulations<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

On this well-deserved honor<br />

Thank you for your tireless dedication to<br />

American Friends of Hebrew University<br />

Kenneth & Cheryl Endelson

Congratulations Florence,<br />

a true visionary in your support of<br />

Hebrew University and the arts!<br />

Your leadership role is a<br />

wonderful example for all of us!<br />

Robbi & Bruce Toll

Dear Mom,<br />

What an example you set for us! Your<br />

generosity in supporting the arts, education,<br />

healthcare and so much more continues to<br />

benefit countless individuals and the greater<br />

community both locally and beyond. This<br />

has been an inspiration throughout our lives.<br />

Plus, you always do it in style! We promise<br />

to carry on your and dad’s altruistic legacy.<br />

With love and gratitude,<br />

Ronna, Julie and Gordon, Cathy and Mark,<br />

and our families

Congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

An inspiring role model for us all<br />

A well-deserved<br />

<strong>Scopus</strong> award honoree.<br />

With love,<br />

Barbara & Richard Rothschild

Mazal tov!<br />

With admiration<br />

and affection,<br />

Ken and NancY STEIN

So proud to honor Florence Kaufman<br />

for all her philanthropic efforts<br />

and her strong commitment to AFHU.<br />

Marjorie and Bobby Emden

We are honored to be part of the<br />

American Friends of the<br />

Hebrew University.<br />

Margaret & Jay Axelrod

Congratulations Florence<br />

on a well-deserved honor.<br />

We are proud to support<br />

and be a part of the American Friends<br />

of Hebrew University.<br />

Marjorie and Steven Fiverson

To our dear friend, Florence,<br />

A truly worthy recipient of<br />

the <strong>Scopus</strong> Award.<br />

Ann and Robert Fromer

To a beautiful woman<br />

inside and out –<br />

we congratulate you on<br />

a well-deserved honor!<br />

xxoo<br />

Jill and Jay Bernstein

We are proud and honored<br />

to support our good friend<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for this well-deserved honor.<br />

Renee & Jan Burman

Congratulations<br />

to Florence Kaufman.<br />

An exemplary woman<br />

and a role model for all.<br />

With love and admiration,<br />

Susan and Benjamin Winter

Congratulations to<br />

my dear friend and honoree<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

whom I greatly admire.<br />

Arlene Blau

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts and dedication<br />

to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

Simone and David Levinson

Congratulations to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman,<br />

on a well-deserved honor.<br />

Christian and Ann-Britt Angle

Congratulations to the Honoree<br />

Florence Kaufman an inspiring<br />

role model for us all.<br />

Love,<br />

Brenda Axelrod

Congratulations, Florence,<br />

on this great honor<br />

and your devotion<br />

to the Jewish people worldwide.<br />

Judy and Howard Berkowitz

To our dearest friend Florence<br />

Congratulations on this wonderful<br />

honor for your dedication<br />

and support of the<br />

Hebrew University.<br />

Love,<br />

Joan Eigen and Phil Gassman

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

We are proud to support<br />

and be a part of American<br />

Friends of the Hebrew<br />

University.<br />

The Feuers

Congratulations to a terrific lady<br />

that has been very philanthropic<br />

throughout her whole life.<br />

Love,<br />

Mickey Beyer

Congratulations to our dear friend,<br />

Florence, for receiving this<br />

wonderful honor.<br />

Sylvie and Donald Gales<br />

Leslie Gales

Congratulations to the honoree<br />


Susan and Richard A. Friedman

Congratulations<br />

to our dear friend Florence.<br />

You are an inspiring role model<br />

for us all.<br />

Joan and David Genser

Congratulations to Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts and dedication.<br />

Frances and Jerry Gilberg

Dear Florence,<br />

You are a unique PERSONAGE,<br />

today, a deserving honoree,<br />

but ALWAYS a grande dame<br />

who has made a difference!<br />

May you go from strength<br />

to strength.<br />

With affection,<br />

Ronnie Heyman

We congratulate<br />

Florence Kaufman on her<br />

well-deserved honor<br />

and her tireless<br />

efforts in support of AFHU.<br />

Her strength, energy,<br />

and dedication serve as<br />

an inspiration to all of us.<br />

Janie and Artie Indursky

Congratulations Florence,<br />

Thank you for your tireless<br />

and vital work in promoting<br />

and supporting<br />

The American Friends of<br />

the Hebrew University.<br />

Sondra and David Mack

To Florence:<br />

A dear, dear friend,<br />

An innovator,<br />

entrepreneur,<br />

philanthropist,<br />

leader,<br />

motivator,<br />

trailblazer,<br />

and inspiration!<br />

We are proud of her<br />

myriad accomplishments.<br />

Love always,<br />

Aileen & Alvin Murstein

My heartfelt congratulations<br />

to my dear friend, Florence Kaufman,<br />

for her devotion and dedication to<br />

the Hebrew University.<br />

Love,<br />

Nancy Oelbaum

Congratulations to our<br />

dear and wonderful friend<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Your dedication to<br />

The American Friends of<br />

the Hebrew University is exemplary!<br />

You are an inspiration to us all!!<br />

Love,<br />

Pam and Ed Pantzer

Congratulations and best wishes<br />

Florence, a friend for many years.<br />

Marsha and Jerry Seslowe

Congratulations to<br />

our dear friend Florence.<br />

Your generosity and enthusiasm for<br />

Hebrew University have no limits!<br />

Hebrew University will continue to<br />

thrive and flourish with supporters<br />

like you. We are proud to have<br />

you as our friend.<br />

Love, Andy and John Stark

A pleasure to honor such a treasure<br />

as dear Florence.<br />

Fondly,<br />

Renée and Richard Steinberg

Not only is Florence a great friend<br />

of Hebrew University but also a<br />

“black belt” philanthropist!<br />

Carol Wolowitz

Congratulations Florence<br />

on this wonderful honor.<br />

Happy to be here with you to<br />

celebrate your accomplishments.<br />

Lois Mazer Zelman

Congratulations<br />

To Our Dear Friend<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Hebrew University<br />

Could Not Have Chosen<br />

A More Deserving Honoree.<br />

Mona Kalimian<br />

Linda Berley Robert Fagenson

Congratulations<br />

to our longtime dear friend,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Dorothy and Sidney Kohl

Congratulations to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman,<br />

an inspiring role model for all of us.<br />

Phyllis and Richard Krock

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts and dedication<br />

to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

Carol and Michael Kurtz

Congratulations to our dear friend,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Always, an inspiration for us all.<br />

Ginger Feuer and Larry Leeds

To an outstanding<br />

and beautiful woman<br />

inside and out.<br />

With Love,<br />

H. Irwin and Ellen Levy

Congratulations and best wishes<br />

to all American Friends<br />

of the Hebrew University.<br />

Rita and Ernie Bogen

Congratulations to our dear friend Florence<br />

on this special honor,<br />

and to The American Friends of the<br />

Hebrew University for recognizing<br />

brilliance and for transforming science<br />

in ways that could be only imagined.<br />

Nancy Carter and Stephen Lapidus

Our best wishes and congratulations<br />

to Florence Kaufman.<br />

John J. Raggio and<br />

Dr. Donna Kesselman Raggio

Congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

on this well-deserved honor –<br />

and to our family,<br />

Nancy and Kenneth Stein,<br />

and dear friends,<br />

Roberta and Stanley Bogen,<br />

for their endless devotion to<br />

the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

We are happy to continue to support<br />

AFHU in memory of our parents,<br />

Pearl and Ralph Kier.<br />

Dania Kier Schwartz, Ike Kier,<br />

Nelson Kier, and Ruben Kier

My heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman on this<br />

well-deserved honor<br />

and<br />

Best wishes to all the American Friends<br />

of the Hebrew University.<br />

Paulette Koch

A wonderful honor for a<br />

wonderful person.<br />

JC and Marty Meyers

Warm congratulations<br />

to a remarkable woman<br />

working on behalf of<br />

an incredible university!<br />

Leslie and Thomas Rosin

Happy<br />

to support<br />

AFHU<br />

Harriet and Eric Rothfeld

We congratulate Florence Kaufman<br />

on receiving the <strong>Scopus</strong> Award<br />

and applaud her leadership and<br />

commitment to the Hebrew University.<br />

Norma and Bill Tiefel

We are proud to support<br />

and be a part of the American<br />

Friends of the Hebrew University.<br />

Denise and Stephen Squinto

Dear Florence,<br />

We have known you for so many years<br />

and admire and respect you.<br />

Our thanks to you, an elegant person,<br />

for your support of the Hebrew University.<br />

Jane and Ron Zimmerman

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

We are proud to support and be a<br />

part of American Friends of<br />

the Hebrew University.<br />

Ety & David Alcalay and<br />

Tova Leidesdorf

Congratulations and best wishes to all<br />

American Friends of the Hebrew University.<br />

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Leslie and Bruce Lane

Florence,<br />

You are a SHINING STAR!<br />

Your Generosity, Light & Love<br />

for Everything you Do<br />

SHINES through!<br />

Janie & John Shalam<br />


Congratulations<br />

to our dearest friend and honoree<br />

Florence,<br />

you are an inspiring role model<br />

for us all!<br />

With all our love,<br />

Harriet and Stuart Levine

We are proud to support<br />

and be a part of the American Friends<br />

of Hebrew University.<br />

Rochelle & David A. Hirsch

Congratulations to Florence<br />

on a well-deserved honor!<br />

We are proud to support<br />

American Friends of the<br />

Hebrew University.<br />

Susan and Darrell Ross

Honoring Florence Kaufman<br />

for her lifetime of dedication<br />

and generosity to the<br />

Hebrew University<br />

and so much more.<br />

Hilarie and Mitchell Morgan

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Laurence Bauman

Dear Florence,<br />

With admiration on your accomplishments<br />

on behalf of the Hebrew University<br />

we congratulate you on this well-deserved honor.<br />

Sara and Charles Fabrikant

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Mitra and Michael Margolis

Florence,<br />

Congratulations<br />

on this<br />

well-deserved honor.<br />

Myrna and Spencer Partrich

Congratulations<br />

to Florence Kaufman<br />

on this well-deserved honor.<br />

In recognition of your<br />

devoted efforts on behalf of<br />

American Friends of the<br />

Hebrew University.<br />

With love,<br />

Kathy & Mitchell Jacobson

Congratulation Florence on a<br />

well-deserved honor.<br />

Bernice (Bonnie) and<br />

Zabrina Lieberman

Our warmest congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

on receiving the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>Scopus</strong> Award from American<br />

Friends of the Hebrew University!<br />

Marilyn and Stanley Katz

We salute our friends,<br />

Roberta and Stanley Bogen,<br />

for their tireless efforts<br />

in favor of AFHU.<br />

Rosalind and Gene Glaser

Congratulations Florence,<br />

and all the best to the<br />

Friends of the Hebrew University.<br />

Jill and Sandy Sirulnick

We are delighted to help honor<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

and celebrate American Friends<br />

of the Hebrew University!<br />

Marsha and Richard Goldberg

Congratulations<br />

to our dear friend and honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Nicki & Ira Harris, z”l

Mazel tov and congratulations to<br />

Florence for this recognition of her years<br />

of service and philanthropy!<br />

With much warmth,<br />

Sandy and Richard Bornstein

Congratulations<br />

to our friend and honoree<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

Love,<br />

Merrill and Charles Gottesman

Congratulations to our longtime<br />

and dear friend, Florence,<br />

on this well-deserved honor.<br />

Love,<br />

Joan and Ken Miller

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

our darling friend Florence!<br />

Love,<br />

Marlene and Hal Strauss

Our best wishes<br />

to a great lady<br />

and to a great cause.<br />

Bonnie and Donald Dwares

Congratulations to a great lady.<br />

Lots of love,<br />

Wilma and Stuart Bernstein

Our heartfelt congratulations to<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

for her tireless efforts and dedication<br />

to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.<br />

Joan and Joel Picket

Dearest Florence,<br />

Best wishes on this happy occasion.<br />

Love,<br />

Carol Roaman

Congratulations Florence<br />

on a well-deserved honor.<br />

Sydell Miller

Dear Florence,<br />

With admiration on your<br />

accomplishments<br />

on behalf of the<br />

Hebrew University.<br />

Congratulations you on this<br />

well-deserved honor.<br />

Roy Zuckerberg

Dear Florence,<br />

With admiration on your<br />

accomplishments<br />

on behalf of the Hebrew University<br />

we congratulate you on<br />

this well-deserved honor.<br />

Dorothy and Martin Bandier

Dear Florence,<br />

You have worked tirelessly<br />

on behalf of the Hebrew University<br />

of Jerusalem,<br />

and we take the<br />

greatest pleasure in<br />

wishing you and<br />

AFHU continued success.<br />

Barbara Deane

Florence,<br />

You have worked tirelessly<br />

on behalf of the<br />

Hebrew University of Jerusalem,<br />

and we take the greatest pleasure<br />

in wishing you and AFHU<br />

continued success.<br />

Wendy and Larry Levy

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Elaine Sollar Eisen

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Elaine Sollar Eisen

In honor of<br />

Florence Kaufman<br />

and her work with AFHU.<br />

Marc and Cindy Solomon<br />

and<br />

The Solomon Family<br />

Foundation Trust

Florence, congratulations on this<br />

well-deserved recognition.<br />

Your philanthropy and spirit<br />

are an inspiration to us all.<br />

We are proud to support your great work.<br />

Your friends,<br />

Adam and Lauren Schwartz

Congratulations to our dear friend<br />

and honoree, Florence Kaufman.<br />

We take great pleasure in wishing you<br />

and AFHU continued success. You are a<br />

role model for all of us to follow.<br />

Leslie and Bernard Ettinger

We are happy to join the AFHU in<br />

honoring a great woman –<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

We wish her love and joy<br />

in the years to come.<br />

Adrienne and Alan Henick

Florence,<br />

Congratulations to a dear friend.<br />

You are a wonderful inspiration<br />

to all of us.<br />

Love,<br />

Ellen and Bob Jaffe

Dear Florence,<br />

Congratulations on this wonderful honor.<br />

Love,<br />

Sue and Norman Muller

Congratulations, Florence,<br />

on a well-deserved honor.<br />

Best wishes,<br />

Suzy Mendik and Ron Casty

Florence,<br />

You are a wonderful person and<br />

friend. Congratulations.<br />

Marilyn Davimos

To my dear friend Florence,<br />

Congratulations on your honor!<br />

Best wishes,<br />

Gloria Cohen

We are proud<br />

to be supporters of AFHU<br />

for 15 years.<br />

Ellen and David Gendal

Congratulations to Florence Kaufman.<br />

We applaud your dedication to<br />

the Hebrew University,<br />

and to all who work tirelessly<br />

on behalf of this wonderful institution.<br />

Beth and Ron Ostrow

Dear Florence,<br />

Congratulations on this<br />

well-deserved honor.<br />

.<br />

Your generosity knows no bounds.<br />

With love,<br />

Mary Cirillo-Goldberg

Florence Kaufman,<br />

An Honor Well-Deserved,<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Bernice Adell

Congratulations, Florence,<br />

on a well-deserved award!<br />

Bernard Gewirz

Congratulations to our friend<br />

Florence<br />

on this well-deserved accolade!<br />

Gwen Fisher

Congratulation to the honoree,<br />

Florence Kaufman.<br />

An inspiring role model for us all.<br />

Carol Lederman



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