Philanthropic Opportunities at HU Faculty of Law

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January 2024<br />


One <strong>of</strong> the nine clinics in Hebrew University’s Clinical Legal Educ<strong>at</strong>ion Center (CLEC), a student-led center<br />

providing pro bono legal assistance to society’s most vulnerable groups and individuals. This clinic provides legal<br />

assistance in the field <strong>of</strong> human rights and is currently working to assist those impacted by the October 7 th <strong>at</strong>tack.<br />

All students work under the guidance and supervision <strong>of</strong> clinical <strong>at</strong>torneys.<br />

• Working closely with the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, the Clinic has<br />

submitted six appeals to agencies including the UN and Intern<strong>at</strong>ional Red Cross. In<br />

addition, the clinic is consulting on the option <strong>of</strong> submitting appeals for the release <strong>of</strong><br />

some 21 <strong>of</strong> the abductees.<br />

• Hebrew University’s Chair in Child & Youth Rights, Pr<strong>of</strong>. Tali Gal, alongside ten child<br />

advoc<strong>at</strong>es, experts in child welfare and child rights, and child psychologists from Israeli<br />

universities, submitted a joint appeal to Amnesty Intern<strong>at</strong>ional, the UN Committee on<br />

the Rights <strong>of</strong> the Child, and UNICEF.<br />


The Online Legal Hotline provides support and guidance on social welfare and legal issues for the general<br />

community. CLEC students provide immedi<strong>at</strong>e advice, inform<strong>at</strong>ion, and useful links on subjects such as<br />

compens<strong>at</strong>ion, entitlements for bereaved families and those injured; and the rights <strong>of</strong> people unable to work<br />

since they are on active service, have a disability th<strong>at</strong> prevents them from reaching a safe room or bomb shelter<br />

quickly, or because schools or childcare facilities are closed. The hotline is under the supervision <strong>of</strong> clinical<br />

<strong>at</strong>torneys.<br />

• As <strong>of</strong> December 31, 2023, the Hotline has handled over 90 inquiries, published 63 posts<br />

on Facebook and social media, and run eight helpdesk sessions <strong>at</strong> hotels. This work<br />

has been staffed by 26 volunteers.<br />

• Additionally, volunteers set up helpdesks <strong>at</strong> some <strong>of</strong> the Jerusalem hotels, and <strong>at</strong> a hotel<br />

in Arad, where evacuees from Israel’s Gaza envelope and Northern border are living.<br />


Academic support (tuition assistance, small group sessions, individual tutoring) and psychological counseling<br />

are needed for law students who are in the IDF Military Reserve.<br />

• Scholarships help to defray tuition and living expenses and serve to even the playing<br />

field, ensuring th<strong>at</strong> qualified women and men from every socioeconomic and cultural<br />

background have the means to pursue a degree in the field <strong>of</strong> law. Scholarship awards<br />

are based on multiple criteria: academic promise, acute financial need, demonstr<strong>at</strong>ed<br />

academic and research achievements, or a combin<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>of</strong> these factors.<br />

To make a don<strong>at</strong>ion please click afhu.org/don<strong>at</strong>e. For more inform<strong>at</strong>ion, please contact:<br />

Robin Milich, Senior Philanthropy Officer; (212) 607 – 8504 / rmilich@afhu.org

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