Online Catalogue and CAD Export with DAKO E


Online Catalogue and CAD Export with DAKO E

The Meusburger Online Catalogue and CAD Export with WorldCAT-CIF

Choose a product, put it in the shopping basket (by clicking on the price), set the check mark and start the

CAD transfer”.

With the online catalogue you can either download neutral file formats (STEP, SAT, IGES) or native file

formats (WID).

Download instructions:

» Select the file format.

- WID: WorldCAT-CIF-format for importing native data directly into the CAD system

→ make sure that the software components WorldCAT-CIF and the CAD interface are


- STEP, SAT or IGES: neutral data formats

» Select the type of download.

- Download directly:

with WID the interface „WorldCAT-CIF“ will be started for importing data directly into the

CAD system

- By eMail: the chosen data will be emailed to the email address entered

with STEP, SAT or IGES the file can be stored at a specified storage location and then

imported into the CAD system

Instructions for the installation of WorldCAT-CIF and the CAD interface

» Installation of WorldCAT-CIF (DAKO Interface)

- Please follow the link.

- First of all register (necessary to be able to download the components later).

- Enter your address data. This data will only be used for the purpose of statistics.

- Please enter the DAKO-login data emailed to you and press „Login“.

- Press „Install“ (password for opening the downloaded ZIP-file is always: DAKO).

- Pay attention to possible pop-up blockers and allow the download by pressing „Download


- In the file download window displayed either choose:

• „Run” to start the automatic installation of WorldCAT-CIF or

• „Save as“ to save the WorldCAT-CIFSetup.exe file locally and start it manually then

In case you have not installed Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 yet, the

installation is performed now. Please follow the respective instructions.

- Press the „Finish“- button to complete the installation of WorldCAT-CIF.

» Installation of the CAD interface (if provided by DAKO)

- Please follow the link.

- Select the 3D CAD system used by you and press „Install“.

- Select „Run” or „Save as” to download the file.

Specify, if a 32bit or 64bit CAD software is

installed → if you are not sure, please ask your

IT administrator or refer to the CAD installationsoftware.

- A message window relating to the activation/setup of the interface in the CAD system is

displayed, e.g.:

- Complete the installation of the CAD interface by pressing the „Finish” button.

- Now please activate the interface in the started CAD system according to instructions.

• For further information, please refer to the end of this document.

» Instructions for direct data import via WorldCAT-CIF

- Start the CAD transfer in the online catalogue.

- Press the „Download” button.

- Please click on “Generate“ and “Download”.

- The DAKO interface WorldCAT-CIF will be opened.

- Please switch languages, if necessary.

- Choose your respective CAD system, if you are doing the export for the first time

- Press „Export of the CAD geometry” to save the data in the temporary memory for subsequent

import into your CAD system.

- For detailed information on the data import, please refer to the WorldCAT-CIF help pages.

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