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Untitled - CDA Guwahati


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sh,<br />

No. Bl0l247 lQlPolicy(Works Procedur el?37 ID (Works-I)<br />

The Chief of Army Staff<br />

The Chief of Naval Staff<br />

The Chief of Air Staff<br />

Government of India,<br />

Ministry of Defence,<br />

Sena Bhavan, New Delhi<br />

Dated 21st June, 2007<br />


The Jafa Committee had recommended the revision of Defence<br />

Works Procedure, 1986 to streamline the existing procedure so that<br />

delay in planning and execution of works may be minimized and cost<br />

over runs in Defence Works could be reduced.<br />

2. The recommendations of Jafa Committee were considered in<br />

the Ministry of Defence and accordingly, the Defence Works Procedure,<br />

1986 revised with the approval of the competent authority. The revised<br />

procedure will henceforth be known as Defence Works Procedure, 2(X)7<br />

abbreviated as DWP 2007.<br />

3. A copy of the Defence Works Procedure 2007 is enclosed. This<br />

will supersede the earlier Defence Works Procedure, 1986 issued vide<br />

letter No. 955338OL/CSS/E2 WPC/687 IDO-II/D (W-I) dated 17th June,<br />

1986 and as amended from time to time and will be effective from the<br />

date of issue of this letter.<br />

4. This issues with the concurrence of the Defence Finance Divisicn<br />

vide their U.O. No. 53W/F (W-D dated 2Lst May ?-Cf7.<br />

Yours faithfully,<br />

Rosy Sharma<br />

Director (Works;

1<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4,<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9,<br />

10.<br />

11<br />

12,<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

19.<br />

Amendment<br />

number<br />


Date ol<br />

amendment<br />

Para referred<br />

to in<br />

amendment<br />

Dated initiats<br />

ol person by<br />

whom<br />

amendment<br />

inserted<br />

Delence Works procedure, 2OO7 Isl<br />

INDEX<br />

Sl. No.<br />

I Obiective<br />

Contents Page No.<br />

7<br />

TI<br />

III<br />

ry<br />

V<br />

VI<br />

VII<br />

VIII<br />

X<br />

X<br />

XI<br />

KII<br />

X[I<br />

XIV<br />

XV<br />

Basic Principles<br />

Classification of Works<br />

Orisinjrl Works<br />

Repairs<br />

Scales and Specificatjons<br />

Annual Works Programme and Budsetinp<br />

Processinq of Maior Capital Works<br />

Dem.and for Planning of New Works<br />

Acceptance of Necessity<br />

Approximate Estimates<br />

Administrative Approval<br />

Revised Administrative Approval<br />

Urgqnt Works<br />

Special Powers for Engineers<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

1l<br />

13<br />

t4<br />

l8<br />

l8<br />

2t<br />

22<br />

24<br />

25<br />

27<br />

30<br />

XVI<br />

XVU<br />

XVNI Technical Control over Orieinal Works 32<br />

Procqssing of Low Budgeted Works 3t<br />

Revenue and Minor Works 3l<br />

XIX Technical Control of Repairs and<br />

Purchase and Maintenance of'Tools and<br />

Plants<br />

35<br />

XX<br />

XXI<br />

XXN<br />

XXIII<br />

Powers of Technical Sanction<br />

Appropriation of Fundb<br />

Tender Action<br />

Acceptance of Contracts<br />

35<br />

36<br />

37<br />

39<br />

XXIV<br />

Reduction of Scope of a proiect<br />

XXV Execution of Works 40<br />

XXVI I\{onitoring and Review 42<br />


XXVII Procedure for Snecial Proiects 43<br />

XXVIII Comnletion Reoorts 48<br />

XXIX lmnrest and Assisnments 49<br />

XXX Dernolition of Buildinps 50<br />

XXXI Reappropriation of Buildinss 51<br />

XXXII Works Entrusted to Other Asencies 53<br />

XXXIU General 53<br />


'A' Budgetary Svstem for Defence Works 55<br />

'B' Roush Cost Estimate 63<br />

'c' Format for Ensineer Annreciation 64<br />

'D' Powers of Acceptance of Necessity and<br />

66<br />

'E'<br />

'F'<br />

Adm Approval<br />

Approximate Estimate<br />

Time frame for pre-Administrative<br />

Approval plannins<br />

68<br />

70<br />

'G'<br />

'H'<br />

Revised Approximate Estimate<br />

Composition of Project Management<br />

Committee and Terms of Reference<br />

7l<br />

72<br />

'I' Completion Report for Orisinal Works 74<br />

tJ'<br />

Powers for Demolition of Buildinss 76<br />

Addenda-I Responsibility for Preparation and<br />

Scrutinv of Ensineer Documents<br />

Addenda-II Raising Objections in Formation<br />

Headquarters on Works Matters<br />

80<br />

Addenda-III Manasement of Ooerational Works 82<br />

Addenda-IV Powers of Technical Sanction etc. [Table<br />

'B' of RMESI<br />

125<br />

Addenda-V Maintenance and Upkeep of<br />

Government Buildinss<br />

Addenda-VI Relevant Important Orders/Decisions/<br />

Circulars<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007 Dolonce Works Procedure, 2007 l7l<br />

79<br />

133<br />

L42<br />



'the E objective is to ensure that all defence works<br />

rrrrtl<br />

-scrvices - capital, revenue and maintenance-are<br />

t'onrplctcd with the minimum of delay and in a cost-effective<br />

,,r,,"ire, compatible with the efficient functioning of the<br />

l)cl'cnce Services. This revised Defence works Procedure<br />

cnr.rmerates the mechanisms of and conditions for planning,<br />

l)rogramming, budgeting, approval and execution of such<br />

works and services.<br />


The basic principles of undertaking Defence<br />

wrlrks are<br />

(a) No new works should be sanctioned without<br />

careful attention to the assets or facilities already<br />

available and the time and cost required to<br />

complete the new works.<br />

(b) As budgetary resources are limited and granted<br />

on an annual basis, adequate provisions should<br />

be ensured for works and services already in<br />

progress before new works and services are<br />

undertaken.<br />

(c) If an approved work is not commenced within<br />

one year of the date of Administrative Approval,<br />

fresh Administrative Approval of the Competent<br />

Financial Authority (CFA) should be taken.<br />

(d) Since time is of the essence, the completion<br />

period stipulated in the Adrninistrative Approval<br />

will not be exceeded as far as possible.<br />

(e) No works services will be executed without<br />

administrative approval, formal Ellocation of<br />

funds and technical sanction having first been<br />

obtained from the Competent Authority in each

t8l Defence Works procedure, 2007<br />

case. However, the procedure to be followed in<br />

case of works initiated for urgent military reasons<br />

are laid down in paras 34 lo 36 below.<br />

(D No officer will, in the course of the financial<br />

year, exc€ed the aggregate budget allotment made<br />

to him for any works or under any sub_head of<br />

maintenance.<br />

(g) No officer wiil exceed any specific budget<br />

allotment made to him under -any minor or<br />

detailed head except in so far as he may within<br />

his powers of transfer of funds, be able io -".t<br />

excess expenditure on one item by equivalent<br />

savings on another.<br />

(h) The final cost of any service wilr not exceed the<br />

amount of Administrative Approval by more than<br />

L0Vo. An officer will take no action which will<br />

commit Government to expenditure beyond lTVo<br />

of Administrative Approval u-o.rni without<br />

obtaining prior sanction of the Competent<br />

Financial Authority in the form of a Financial<br />

Concurrence (FC), a Corrigendum or a Revised<br />

Administrative Approval.<br />

(D The CFA - according Administrative Approval<br />

should be kept informed of the progr"r, bt tn,<br />

works till their completion tlirough regular<br />

periodical reports.<br />

C) No project or work services will be split up to<br />

bring it within the powers of a CFA at a lower<br />

level.<br />


E For purposes of budgeting and control the<br />

operations of Defence Works are divided into two broad<br />

categories, namely :<br />

(a) Original Works (b) Repairs<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007 I9I<br />


E (a) Original Works comprise works services like<br />

construction of buildings, workshops, storage depots, etc.<br />

including their internal fittings and fixtures as well as roads,<br />

runways, blast pens, marine works, E/M services, water<br />

supply, drainage, other utility services, arboriculture, ranges,<br />

furniture etc. as well as purchases and additions.<br />

Reconstruction of buildings and roads, widening of roads,<br />

additions and alterations necessitated by administrative/<br />

technical reasons, workq necessary to bring into use<br />

buildings and services newly purchased/acquired or those<br />

previously abandoned or rendered unusable by<br />

extraordinary causes such as storm, fire or earthquake also<br />

fall in the category of original works.<br />

(b) Original works of petty nature costing upto 1Rs.<br />

10,000/- Doy, at the discretion of the CWE/GE<br />

(Independent) be treated as "Repairs". The CWE/GE<br />

(Independent) may delegale all or a portion of his powers<br />

under this paragraph to GEs or outstation AGEs by name.<br />

(c) The purchase and installation of static plant and<br />

machinery and equipment and the provision of furniture<br />

are treated as original works.<br />

(d) Provision of furniture which does not form part<br />

of any works project will be treated as Original Works.<br />

E (a) For aclministrative purposes Original Works<br />

are divided into the following categories :<br />

(i) Major Capital Works i.e., original works costing<br />

Rs. 15 lakhs or more.<br />

(ii) Low-Budgeted Capital Works i.e., original works<br />

costing more than Rs. 2 lakhs but less than Rs.<br />

15 lakhs.<br />

Approval of com@ent authority required.

[10] Defence Works Procedure, 2007 Detence Works Procedure, 2007 [ 11 I<br />

(iii) Revenue Works i.e., original works costing more<br />

than Rs. 1 lakh and not exceeding Rs. Z lakhs.<br />

(iv) Minor Works i.e., original works costing not<br />

more than Rs. 1 lakh.<br />

(b) Major Capital Works and Low-Budgeted Capital<br />

Works will be budgeted under Capital Heads.<br />

(c) Revenue Works and Minor Works as defined above<br />

will be budgeted under Revenue heads.<br />

l-t<br />

New Original Works are further sub-divided as<br />

l6.J<br />

follows :<br />

(a) Authorised Works : Works Services for which<br />

scales are authorised in regulations or by separate<br />

orders of a general or specific nature issued by<br />

the Government of India are referred to broadly<br />

as Authorised Works.<br />

(b) Special Works : Items of works services not<br />

falling within sub-para (a) above are referred<br />

to as "Special Works". These may be approved<br />

only when exceptional local conditions justifu<br />

the necessity, or as an important experimental<br />

measure. Special Works should not be approved<br />

if the effect would be to introduce a new practice<br />

or change of scales.<br />

(c) Engineer authorities will not be asked to<br />

undertake preparation of estimates of a project<br />

which includes special items of work unless the<br />

Competent Financial Authority has accorded<br />

formal approval in principle of such items.<br />

, Note : (i) Were no scales have so far been laid down and<br />

there are no orders prohibiting the unrteniking of those works, the<br />

Competent Financial Authoity for ,Special Woiks,, may sanction<br />

such works if it is customary or technicaily essential to provide the<br />

same.<br />

.. (ii) If a buildtng or seruice required is caregorised as ,'Special,',<br />

ail connected items thereto wii be termef, as ,,Speciil,, and<br />

,tttttt,tirmcrl us such uruler lhe powers ot' the Competenl Firutnciul<br />

/uthrrily.<br />

(iii) Superior specifications to those on which approvedl<br />

,rttttt'lirmr:rl nintn Arias rates are based will be termed "Special"'<br />

'l'ltrir inrtrytoratktn in worlcs at any stage during planning or<br />

ctrt'tttien without pri.or approval of the Competent Financial<br />

,4utfutity is not Permitted.<br />

V. REPAIRS<br />

E (a) Repairs comprise all maintenance and<br />

periomal services, renewals and replacements as well as<br />

alterations and improvements necessitated by technical or<br />

engineering reasons.<br />

(b) Works required to make good damages caused to<br />

existing buildings, roads, installations and services due to<br />

e*traoidittary causes, but which are still usable, are also<br />

classified as 'Repairs'. The question whether a building etc.<br />

is still "usable" or not will be decided by a Board of<br />

Officers convened to investigate the matter.<br />

(c) A property when taken off from care and<br />

maintenance ls deemed to be abandoned and will not be<br />

entitled to maintenance funds.<br />

E<br />

into E the<br />

Repairs are classified into two broad categories :<br />

(a) Ordinary RePairs; and<br />

(b) Special RePairs<br />

(a) Ordinary Repairs are further sub-divided<br />

following categories :<br />

(i) Petty Repairs<br />

(ii) Periodical Sen'ices as Per<br />

Regulations Table 'G'.<br />

MES<br />

(iii) Replacements and renewals costing upto<br />

'Rs. 1,50,000/- for each item.<br />

Subject to formal approval on file by Competent Authority.

lt2 I Defence Works Procedure, 2OO7<br />

(iv) Repairs, renewals and replacements of E/M<br />

installations and other external utilities<br />

costing upto lRs. 2,00,0001- in each case.<br />

(u) l,?i 1T*JJ:, :1,*#1fi":L:?lh;x::<br />

of furniture on station basis subject to a<br />

ceiling of Rs. 4.00 lakh per annum to be<br />

allowed only in respect of furniture<br />

declared as condemned&eyond economic<br />

repairs by the appropriate authority.<br />

(b) Ordinary Repairs will be carried out in<br />

accordance with MES Standing Orders.<br />

(c) No administrative approval is necessary for<br />

ordinary repairs including purchase ancl<br />

maintenance of ordinary tools and plants for<br />

this purpose. Allotment of funds for the purpose<br />

implies administrative approval to that extent.<br />

No work will be carried out without the technical<br />

sanction of the competent engineer authority<br />

and no expenditure will be incurred in excess<br />

of allotment under the relevant budgetary head,<br />

except in so far as such excess can be met by<br />

re-appropriation from another head within the<br />

competence of the authority concerned.<br />

llll| (a) Special Repairs consist of renewals and<br />

replacements as well as alterations and improvements<br />

costing beyond the monetary ceiling for ordinary repairs<br />

in each case and replacement of furniture beyond'the iimit<br />

laid down in Para 9 (a) (v) above. These will be carried<br />

out in accordance with MES Regulations.<br />

(b) The Garrison Engineer will be the competent<br />

authority for grouping of buildings for the purpose of<br />

Special Repairs.<br />

Subject to formal approval on file by Competent Authority<br />

Dolonce Workg Procedure, 2007 [13 I<br />

(c) Spccial llepairs will be treated as Original Works,<br />

hrrt irrespective of the cost, all Special Repairs will be<br />

hrrtlgetcd for under Revenue Head.<br />

(d) In case where special repairs and additions and<br />

rrlterirtions to a building become necessary at the same<br />

tirrrc, the work will be sanctioned as one project and treated<br />

n$ nn Original Work for all purposes.<br />

[| (a) Amendment to the capital value of existing<br />

structures due to repairs will be made in accordance with<br />

MIiS Regulations (Para 228). ln calculating the addition<br />

to be made to the capital value., credit will be taken for<br />

the value at current rates of any portion of the original<br />

structure which has been demolished or replaced.<br />

(b) Notwithstanding sub-para (a) above, changes in<br />

capital cost upto Rs. 15,000/- in respect of all buildings<br />

and those due to renewals and replacements costing Rs.<br />

60,000/- or less to temporary buildings will be disregarded.<br />

(c) Amendments to capital values on account of E/M<br />

renewals will be carried out in accordance with MES<br />

Regulations (Paras 259 and 260).<br />


@| Scales of Accommodation : The scales of<br />

accommodation approved and issued by the Government<br />

of India from time to time are intended as a close guide.<br />

Petty variations in individual cases can be made at the<br />

discretion of the Competent Financial Authority at the<br />

time of according Administrative Approval with reasons<br />

recorded in each case, provided such variations are not of<br />

general application and do not create any precedent in the<br />

matter of scales of accommodation.<br />

@] Specifications<br />

(a) All works catering to short term requirement, i.e.,<br />

accommodation not expected to be required for a period

[14 I Delence Works procedure, 2OO7 Delence Works Procedure, 2007 [lsI<br />

of over five years from the anticipated date of completion<br />

of the worlq will be in temporary construction and built<br />

to specifications of the lowest possible type having regard<br />

to availability of marerial and the pu.pbi" of tnJ fac"ility<br />

or service<br />

O) eU works catering to long-term requirement, i.e.,<br />

accommodation expected to be required for a period of<br />

qo1" than five yeaf from the anticipited date of completion<br />

of the work, will be built to perrnanent specifications.<br />

(c) The above-mentioned period of five years will be<br />

taken as a close guide. competent Financial Authority will<br />

use theirjudgement to decide about the choice of permanent<br />

or temporary specifications in special cases and iecord the<br />

reasons thereof while according Administrative Approval.<br />

(d) Building will be identified as prestigious at the<br />

!lug" of approval of the Annual Works prograrime (AWp).<br />

However, for such projects, a separate detai-led justifrcation<br />

will be submitted by the service Hes to Mob. After the<br />

approval of MoD_ declaring the building as prestigious, it<br />

will be permissible to add in the epproximate Eitimates<br />

a specific percentage subject to a maximum of rTvo of the<br />

total cost of the buildings towards providing special<br />

architectural features and superior speciiicationsl I<br />

^. . !.)_T"mporary specifications will be laid down by Zonal<br />

chief Engineers on individual basis in accordance with<br />

general guidelines issued in this regard by E-in-c's Branch.<br />


^ lEl Un{9r the existing system of budgetary control,<br />

so fq as it applies to works, expenditure durlng a financiar<br />

year is _generally restricted to the amount proiid"d in the<br />

3nn1al budget estimate for the purpose. Details of budgetary<br />

hgajs and- the system of appropriation and re_appropfration<br />

of funds for this purpose ire-explained in Appendix A'.<br />

[ir| Weil before the commencement of next financial<br />

year, assessment of funds required in that year for making<br />

satisfactory progress of works already sanctioned ancl<br />

commenced in and upto the current year should be made,<br />

before fresh budgetary provisions are proposed for New<br />

Works in the next financial year. Thus, Carry Over works<br />

will have higher priority than New Works in regard to<br />

lludgetary estimates for any financial year.<br />

[E| No New Works should be sanctioned and/or<br />

commenced in any financial year unless :<br />

(a) In case of Major Capital Works each costing Rs.<br />

15 lakhs or more, such a new work has been<br />

included in the Annual Major Works programme<br />

(AMWP) for the relevent financial year of the<br />

concerned Service or organisation as approved<br />

by Government of India;<br />

(b) In case of I-ow-Budgeted Capital Works, such a<br />

new work has been included in the Annual<br />

Iow-Budgeted Capital Works programme of the<br />

concerned Command or formation of equivalent<br />

level and duly approved by the GOC-in-C or<br />

officer of equivalent level; and<br />

(c) [n case of Revenue Works and Minor Works,<br />

these are planned and approved at appropriate<br />

CFAs' level against bulk funds placed at their<br />

disposal for this purpose by Command Hers in<br />

each financial year.<br />

|l7| The Service HQrs may direct the Command<br />

IIQrs and other lower formations to plan new works<br />

programmes for two years at a time, including holdirrg<br />

Board Proceedings and preparation of Indications of Costs,<br />

after careful assessment of the liabilities of Carry Over<br />

Wrlrks and of anticipated budgetary ceilings on new works<br />

as well as the physical capacity of the engineers. The Annual<br />

Major Capital Works Programme for a financial year can

[ 16] Delence Workg Procedure, 2007<br />

be prepared out of such two years' works plans. Those<br />

works proposals excluded from the finalised AWP of the<br />

new financial year can be rolled over for inclusion in the<br />

next year. Their Indications of Costs should, however, be<br />

updated before inclusion in the next year's AWP.<br />

lll]| (a) The Annual Works Programme for Major<br />

Capital Works costing Rs. 15 lakhs or more for the relevant<br />

financial year should be prepared and submitted by 31st<br />

October and qlproved by the Government before 31st<br />

December of the previous financial year. While preparing<br />

such a programme, the physical progress and financial<br />

commitments to Carry Over Works whether approved by<br />

CCS, MoD, Service HQrs, Command HQrs or lower<br />

formations and the time and effort as well as funds required<br />

for planning and executing New Works should be carefully<br />

projected. To achieve this objective before the works are<br />

included in the AMWP adequate ground(work), i.e., holding<br />

of preliminary Board of Officers proceedings as well as<br />

preparation of rough estimates of the cost involved for new<br />

works will be required to be done. There will be no<br />

embargo on the number of works to be included in the<br />

AMWP but the total value of works to be cleared will<br />

have to be within the AMWP ceilinqs. In order to provide<br />

flexibility within AMWP ceilings, the number of works to<br />

be projected for inclusion within AMWP ceilings of the<br />

year, could exceed by 20%o, but actual sanction for Major<br />

works will be restricted within the approved financial<br />

ceilings. Such items which were included in the projections<br />

made for the AMWP ceilings of a particular year but could<br />

not be sanctioned for one reason or the other, will<br />

automatically be included in the next year AMWP ceiling<br />

unless any of these cases are required to be deleted. This<br />

should provide flexibility and ensure achievement of target<br />

of sanctioning works up to AMWP ceiling even if some<br />

Dlhnco Workr Procedurs, 2oo7<br />

117 I<br />

wttrks ltHd to bc carricd filrward due ttl reasolls treytlnd<br />

c(liltrol.<br />

(b) Approval of this Annual Major Workl l-t1gj1T-u<br />

f ,y t;,*.r"tent *iil be considered ai aPProval lil:::tlt"<br />

i,t tt," irrrplementation of the works programm.e in respect<br />

of lltosc wrlrks *ftot" gpt and rough estimates have already<br />

lroerr scrutinized uv c".p"tent Eigineer Authority (cEA)<br />

s'rl ndrninistrative' t utti.iuted fiiancial authorities' This<br />

appl'ovrtl will however be subject to adequate allocation of<br />

lirrtrls.,l.his will "nuui" the engineers to obtain a'Go-Ahead'<br />

;i;;;ii.,;t from CFAs wherever considered essential not<br />

cxcccding 57o oftt'e appto"imate cost estimate in a specific<br />

cuse as per the p,ouitiott in Para j'7 belo*' In such of the<br />

.,,r., *t Bis<br />

"t" -<br />

and rough estimates have not been<br />

rcrtrtinized as mentioned above, inclusion of these cases<br />

ln MWP/AWp *iiiittl frovisional subject to these being<br />

scru Linized subsequentlY'<br />

(c) If during ih, t""""t financiat y.ear<br />

^any<br />

new works<br />

1,r.,i..i not irictuOeO in that yeai's Annual Works<br />

ilriiEu*-., has to be subsequently approved andlor<br />

(:orrlmenced for extraordinary reasons' separate approval<br />

ol the Gouernme"i it o"ro be taken for revision of the<br />

Annual Works Programme'<br />

@| The Anmral Low Budgeted Capital Works<br />

l'rogli-m'me ttto"lo f" prepared ind approved at the<br />

GOC-in_c o, "quiuuient'levei before 31st March of the<br />

;t;;; nnur,.ili- year(after) careful assessment of the<br />

ii.liiury of ongoing iuo.ti. Ati such works as well as Major<br />

Revenue works ,fi""10 be completed within twelve months<br />

of their colnmencement'<br />

lil| Minor works should not be carriecl over' Hence<br />

these works stroutO Le planned and sanctioned well in time<br />

in consultation with the concerned Garrison Engineer for

lt8 I Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

feasibility of execution so as to ensure their completion<br />

during the same financial year.<br />


@| There are nine main stages in the planning,<br />

sanctioning and execution of new Major Capital Works,<br />

vtz.<br />

(i) Demand for and Planning of New Works<br />

(ii) Acceptance of Necessity<br />

(iii) Preparation of Approximate Estimates<br />

(iv) Administrative Approval<br />

(v) Appropriation of Funds<br />

(vi) Technical Sanction<br />

(vii) Tender Action<br />

(viii)Contract Action<br />

(ix) Execution of Works<br />

The details of procedural requirements at each of<br />

these stages are explained below.<br />


@<br />

Demands for new Major Capital works services<br />

will be submitted in the form of a Statement of Case to<br />

the Competent Financial Authority for consideration and<br />

approval. The Statement of Case will inter alia explain.:<br />

(a) The need for and scope of the works proposed.<br />

O) Whether, besides construction works, the proposed<br />

project includes procurement/manufaiture/<br />

installation/storage of new/special equipment or<br />

armaments, or setting up new operation related<br />

facility including special repairs and maintenance<br />

of capital assets with which the civil works have<br />

, to be integrated.<br />

(c) .The type of construction-authorized or special,<br />

permanent or temporary-required.<br />

Drlcnce Works Proceduro, 2007 [le]<br />

(d) The target date by which the completion of the<br />

proposed works are desired.<br />

(e) The desired location and availability of land, if<br />

any.<br />

(f) If land is not available, the time likely to be<br />

taken for obtaining the same and for site<br />

development, environment clearance etc.<br />

(g) Extent of enabling works and external scrvices<br />

or utilities of preparatory nature required.<br />

(h) Need for engaging an outside consultancy agency,<br />

if any, for the total project or any part thereof,<br />

viz., pre-and post-administrative approval<br />

planning, design, detailed engineering, project<br />

management, etc.<br />

(D A rough cost estimate in the format at Appendix'B'.<br />

0) An Engineer appreciation in the format at<br />

Appendix'C'.<br />

(a) After examination and approval of the<br />

Statement of Case, the Competent Financial Authority will<br />

convene a Recee-cum-Siting and Costing Board. Such Board<br />

Proceedings (BPs), while examining the various features of<br />

the new works proposal, will also deliberate on the need,<br />

if any, for compressing the normal time-frame of carrying<br />

out the works, issue of a 'go-ahead' sanction for preliminary<br />

works in case of works proposals costing more than Rs. 1<br />

Crore and delegation of special powers to the Chief<br />

Engineer for planning and execution of the works and<br />

make necessary recommendations.<br />

(b) The completed Board proceedings, as ordered by<br />

Comd. HQ, alongwith detailed engineer appreciation and<br />

rough cost estimates, will be required to be submitted<br />

within three months from the approval of Annual Works<br />

Programme in the following manner :

120 I<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

(t) Works to be Sanctioned by MoD & Service HQ.<br />

The Board Proceedings shall be checked at<br />

Comd. HQ and approved at Service HQ level"<br />

(ii) Works to be Sanctioned at Comd HQ level. The<br />

Board(Proceedings) to be submitted to Area<br />

HQ/Corps HQ/equivalent HQ of Navy & Air<br />

Force and approved by GOC-in-C and equivalent<br />

ranks in other services.<br />

(c) The approval of these Boards(Proceedings) is<br />

required to be communicated to engineer authorities within<br />

a period of 45 days of its subrnission after settling any<br />

observations thereof. Respective engineer authorities<br />

namely CE Zones will, accordingly, submit the AEs wrthin<br />

four weeks of receipt of approved Board Proceedings from<br />

respective CFAs.<br />

(d) The requisite directions/guidelines to various lower<br />

HQs will be issued by Service HQs/Comd HQs in<br />

consonance with time frame and procedures laid down in<br />

this para.<br />

@ In case of new works projects, the cost of which<br />

may require approval of the Government, the Service HQs<br />

will convene and approve such Board Proceedings. In case<br />

of works requiring Cabinet approval, after approval of the<br />

Government on the basis of a Statement of Case as per<br />

parc 22 above, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be<br />

prepared and submitted to the Government for<br />

consideration and approval. If it is proposed to engage an<br />

outside consultanry agency for preparation of such DPRs,<br />

then prior approval of the Governrnent is to be taken in<br />

this regard. Whenever any such outside consultancy agency<br />

is engaged for this pu{pose, the broad parameters of scales<br />

of accommodation and specifications (vide Paras 12 and<br />

13 above) as applicable to Defence works should be clarified<br />

to them as guidelines in advance. Should there be any<br />

serious departure from the approved scales and/or<br />

Drlrnce Workr Procedure, 2007<br />

specifications in the DPR finallY<br />

bc specifically brought to the<br />

Flnancial Authority for approving the ne<br />

proposed as Special Works as per provisions of Para 6 (b)<br />

& (c) above and Notes there under.<br />


@| Acceptance of necessity at the lower level is<br />

basedii rough estimates, however, at the Ministry level,<br />

it must be based on a detailed AE. Il after careful<br />

consideration of the new wgrks proposal as explained in<br />

the Statement of Case and the Board Proceedings, it is<br />

decided to carry out the proposed works services, then<br />

formal orders will be issued by the Competent Financial<br />

Authority accepting the necessity of the proposed works<br />

and ordiring the preparation of Approximate Estimates'<br />

The cFAwili also ascertain that funds will be made available<br />

at the appropriate time for carrying out the works before<br />

passing such orders.<br />

@ Powers of the CFA at various levels for accepting<br />

the ffissity and according Administrative Approval for<br />

various types of works with or without financial concurrence<br />

are indicated in APPendix 'D'.<br />

W If it is proposed to engage any outside<br />

cons,fficy agency for carrying out any part of the proposed<br />

works services at the planning and/or execution stages'<br />

either for technical reasons or for compressing the<br />

time-frame of the works then the cost estimate for such<br />

consultancy should be indicated by the engineers and<br />

accepted by the CEA while according Administrative<br />

Appioval to the proposal. Further, in a specific case where<br />

in ihe opinion of the Chief Engineer concerned' a proper<br />

technicai or cost appreciation of a works project or its<br />

timely implementation requires certain preliminary<br />

activities lik-e site surveys, soil investigations, enabling works,

I 221 Defence Works procedure, 2007<br />

preparation of basic designs or estimates etc. and/or<br />

Ddence Works procedure, 2007<br />

engaging an outside consultancy agenq, then a .Go_Ahead, then a- specific approval of the Government should be<br />

sanction of an amount not exceeding i% of tne ,*gf, .or,<br />

estimate will be taken for such aciivities r.o- ur, ?fficer<br />

of the level of Goc-in-c or equivalent or above with<br />

concurrence of the Integrated Fina:cial Adviser concerned.<br />

sugh- lloposals for'Go-Ahead' sanction should be submitted<br />

to Ministry of Defence/Defence (Finance) in case oi *ort,<br />

proposals for which administrative approval would have to<br />

be accordg.d by GovernmentiCabinei. A copy of such a<br />

'Go-Ahead' sanction wil be sent to the cDA concerned.<br />

, .@ In case of new works proposals requiring<br />

administrative.epproval of a cEA of the'level of i'ervice<br />

tteaoquarters/Government, such proposals may be<br />

submitted to the crA. along with both Board rro."Loing,<br />

and Approximate Estimatei for obtaining Acceptur,." or<br />

Necessity and Administrative Approvar at the same time.<br />


^ _ l2E (a) Ihg engineer aurhoriries will prepare the<br />

Approximate Estimates in the prescribed' proior-u<br />

(Appendix 'E) as per the lines indicateo in tt " ffiou"o<br />

statement of case and/or Board proceedingsorR.bmice<br />

and domestic accommodation requirementr for the MES<br />

constructional staff,. consultancy .-hurg.r, if any, n.r"rrury<br />

external services and other rrquir.*.nts of technical nature<br />

will be included in the Approximate Estimates, even-ir no<br />

specific recommendation of the Board of officers is e*1sting.<br />

.Q) Nr provision will be made in the estimates for<br />

special tools and plants since a central provision is made<br />

f:l tl,jr pu{pose under Sub Head p (u) of Minor UeaO<br />

111-works to cater for- special toors 'uno prunir for alr<br />

projects. Nevertheless, if fbr special technical reasons any<br />

special.tool or prant is require'd for any works project and<br />

cannot be met out of the above mentionid budgei piouirion,<br />

t23 I<br />

taken for inclusion of the estimated cost thereof with due<br />

rccommendation of the Director General of Works.<br />

. (c) contingencies wilr be provided at 3vo of the<br />

ostimates. Establishment charges will not be included for<br />

MoD establishment works buiwill be included for deposit<br />

wrlrks. Establishment charges, if any, may be included in<br />

the estimates after tecotding reasons therefore in each<br />

cuse, but will not exceed 2 vo-of the estimates. In addition,<br />

consultancy charges, not exceeding 3Vo may be included<br />

ln the estimates. Any additionar expenditure on consurtancy<br />

wlll require the approval of concirned CFA.<br />

... .(d)<br />

No special items of works or superior specifications<br />

will be included without specific upptouul of the competent<br />

Itinancial Authority. variitions in'specifications from those<br />

lncluded in approved plinth area rates, but considered<br />

cssential t.o_ suit peculiar local conditions due to technical<br />

rcasons will be highlighted.<br />

(e) Permissible rolerance limit of ITVo beyond<br />

Administrative Approval amount as per para z (h) above<br />

und s.avings achieved on conclusion of contracts *ilt ,rot<br />

bc utilized either to enhance the scope of the work or to<br />

enrich the specifications afterwards.<br />

(f) Approximate Estimates (as also rough cost at the<br />

lcg,eptance of necessiry stage) wili be pr.pur"i by Engineer<br />

officers competent to oo-so as per guidelines"laid"down<br />

hy the Director General of works. checks of such<br />

fpproximate Estimates will be made by the ,r""i-high".<br />

lingineer Authority as per directives laid down from time<br />

to time.<br />

(g) In case of worrc scheduled to be completed within<br />

two years, no escalation, except statutory increases, will be<br />

ulkrwed in the contracts foi execution of such works.<br />

Approximate Estimates for such works will ue frefareo<br />


1241<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

(h) While submitting Approximate Estimates,<br />

application will be made for allotment of funds required<br />

for execution of the works in the relevant financial year(s)"<br />

m<br />

The above stages of processing a new works<br />

proposal, namely, Initiation of Demand, Board Proceedings,<br />

Acceptance of Necessity and Preparation of Approximate<br />

Estimates can be undertaken, if urgency so requires, even<br />

before finalization and approval of the Annual Works<br />

Programme for the reievant financial year. However, in<br />

order to avoid infructuous expenditure of time and effort<br />

on such matters, by 31st October of the previous year, the<br />

Service HQ/Command FIQ will prioritise the new works<br />

out of their two years' work plans cited in Para !7 above<br />

and also indicate the ceilings of funds expected to be made<br />

in respect of new worlcs services in the next financial year<br />

at Connmand/formation levels.<br />


m (a) Administrative Approval will be accordeci<br />

by the Cornpetent Financial Authority (CFA) to the<br />

execution of the works after due examination of the<br />

Approximate Estimates. [t will state clearly whether the<br />

works being approved are authorized or special. Special<br />

items of works will be specified and reasons for approving<br />

the sarne will be stated.<br />

(b) At the stage of according Administrative Approval,<br />

it will be ensured that Approximate Estimates are updated<br />

to conform to prevailing percentage of market variation<br />

and difference in cost of stores. As far as possible these<br />

administrative approvals are to be accorded before the<br />

comnnencement of the financial year in which the works<br />

are to commence. Detailed guidelines regarding<br />

rnethodolory for computing market variation and difference<br />

in stores will be issued by the E-in-C with the concurrence<br />

of Defence Finance.<br />

Delence Works Procedure' 2007 [25tr<br />

(c) 'l'ime for completion of the works will be clearly<br />

indicated in the Administrative Approval. Any extension<br />

()f time for completion will be notified to the cD,A.<br />

concerned. Delay it *o**"ncement of the works beyond<br />

12 months would necessitate a Revised Administrative<br />

Approval.<br />

(d) Whenever any tirne bound projects are entnustcd<br />

to the mgs with the stipulation by the Govt. on cornpletiorn<br />

of facilities by stated dates, chief Engineers to exercise<br />

thespecialpowersasunderPara38inconnectionwith<br />

the pianning and execution of such projects. This will eome<br />

", Jr*pu"ati para in the Administrative Approval accorded<br />

by the Govt.<br />

(e) While issuing Aciministrative Approval' the<br />

,.q,rii"rnunt of formal illocation of funds as per Para 2(e)<br />

above and Para a5(a) below will be cornplied with.<br />

Administrative Approval will be considered as release of<br />

the works and conveyed by a letter specifying the budgetary<br />

io,rrr. from which funds-will be provided in the year the<br />

work is sanctioned. A copy of this letter together with a<br />

copy of the Approximate Estirnates will be sent to the<br />

cDA corrc*rned- and to the engineer adviser concerned<br />

who will issue such technical instructions as rnay be required'<br />

The Time frame for pre-Adrninistrative Approval planning<br />

is indicated at APPendix 'Fo'<br />


m (a) In case it tlecomes necessary to obtain a<br />

revisEdTdministrative approval as per para 2(h) above' a<br />

revised estimate will be prepared in the Proforma at<br />

Appendix 'G', the original and revised figures being shown<br />

in iarallel columns of a comparative statement. The ca*ses<br />

of the excesses should be set out clearly and concisely in<br />

the remarks colurnn of zuch a comparative statement.<br />

(b)Thereisnolimitastothenunehroftimesthat<br />

an esiimate rnay be r*vrsex$. Immediate actioil in fact should

[26 I Defence lMorks procedure, 2oO7<br />

be taken to<br />

demands, the<br />

in each case.<br />

revise estinrates as and when the occasion<br />

procedure explained above being followed<br />

(c) When an administrative approval involves<br />

conclusion of a number of contracts and^ i' the event of<br />

the tender cost for the item or items of work exceeding<br />

their corresponding administrative approval amount by<br />

more than 10vo (i.e., the toierance timii) and also ii there<br />

be no prospect of. savings on other items of the work, the<br />

case will be submitted to the cFA along with a statement<br />

of financial analysis for the grant of finincial concurrence<br />

to enable the Engineer authority to concrude the contract.<br />

The statement of case will also incrude a revised estimate<br />

f.or partlparts of the work covered in the tender in the<br />

form at Appendix 'G'. Following the financial concurrence,<br />

Revised Administrative Approu:ul *ill be accorded by the<br />

cEA covering the part affeited by the tender i,' it " ,r,up,<br />

of a Corrigendum.<br />

(d) Revised Administrative Approvar wilr be essential<br />

before tender action if there is any change in scope of<br />

yotf -due to any reason, irrespective of wf,ether the cost<br />

is within the tolerance limit oi ,rot.<br />

(e) No change in site is permissible. However, in<br />

exceptional circumstances, approval of cFA one level higher<br />

will be obtained.<br />

. (t) If upward revision of cost estimates beyond the<br />

tolerance limit is anticipated without any change in scope<br />

of work, then the prepiration and submission of Revised<br />

Approximate Estimates will be initiated. However,<br />

tendering and contract planning may continue; but<br />

acceptance of tender/conclusion of contract will be made<br />

only after obtaining Financial concurrence of the cEA.<br />

G) It is mandatory to obtain a Revised Administrative<br />

Approval from the cEA in the form of a corrig"nou- u,<br />

the earliest after the issue of the FC. As such a co?oig"nou-<br />

Dolence Worke Procedure' 2007 127 I<br />

or llcvised Admin Approval is not based on actual<br />

crlrnpletion cost, the tolerance limit of 10% as per para<br />

2(h) above will be applicable to the revised administrative<br />

upproval.<br />

(h) No revised administrative approval will be essential<br />

if increase in cost beyond the tolerance limit is solely due<br />

to payment of statutory escalations scheduled as part of<br />

the contract agreemeni for the originally stipulated time<br />

[28] Detence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

clearance, external services, construction of<br />

essential temporary accommodation for the staff<br />

and stores, residentiai accommodation for the<br />

construction staff and preliminary works<br />

necessary for the execution of the project. Work<br />

related to piling and reclamation may be also<br />

covered by the "Go-Ahead" sanction, provicled<br />

it is duly supported by an approximate estimate<br />

for such piiing and reclamation.<br />

(h) The 'Co-Ahead" sanction will not exceed ZA Vo<br />

of the rough cost estimate for the entire project<br />

made by the Engineer authorities. The<br />

percentage will not include the cost of acquisition<br />

of land required for the project.<br />

{c) Provisions under Para 38 below will be applicable<br />

to wclrk sanctioned under this Para at the<br />

discretion of the Competent Financial Authority.<br />

tgl-J<br />

(a) Further, notwithstanding the procedures laid<br />

down in Paras 22 ta 31 above, unexpected circumstances<br />

may arise which make it imperative to short-circuit normal<br />

procedure. Such circumstances may arise from unforeseen<br />

operationai necessity or urgent medical grounds or out of<br />

natural disasters when reference to the appropriate CFA<br />

would entail dangerous delay. In such circurnstances, any<br />

Commander may order the commencement of required<br />

work by furnishing an order in writing to the engineer<br />

officer concerned. The following principles will guide the<br />

Commander concerned in taking such an action :<br />

(i) Can the appropriate CFA be referred to and his<br />

approval received without causing dangerous<br />

delay in commencement of work ?<br />

(ii) The facts of the case satisff the Commander<br />

that, if the appropriate CFA could be referred<br />

to in time, the latter would have given the same<br />

Drlonco Worko Procedure, 2007 [2eI<br />

ortlcr tor contmettcement tlt wtlrks utlder the<br />

Prevalent circumstances'<br />

(ili) ;l.he commander is satisfied that he will be held<br />

responsrble for any failure or disaster that may<br />

if he neglects to order commencement<br />

"nrut", of necessary works.<br />


130 I Ootgncs Works procedure, 2007<br />

th".<br />

.F:ul Engineer or'r'ccr. I,urrher, skilred/semi-rHr"al<br />

itrTi"i #Tpi:::i:ll ll:'"i'r;Il.vctr "' J;ir;;;;;; p'v<br />

lut p:: Para-_35(c) above) rry it--"rgr"."t, ';fi:# exceeding 15 ffil<br />

days overall in ferms of time and 1000<br />

days<br />

man<br />

in effort.<br />

r_ lTl..*. procedures outlined in paras 34 to 36above<br />

9o. lol dispense with the necessity for the issue of<br />

Administrative Approv{by ttre Cne.Uased on subsequently<br />

prepared Approximate Esiimate at the .urri"ri ofp-J.iunity<br />

not exceeding six months after commencement of works.<br />

Further such works can t. rtuii.o *ith;;;-;iii"g ro.<br />

specific allotment of funds for the project rru;"li- t3 tne<br />

condition that necessary allotm"rrt of funO, f;;;i,;;uipo*<br />

is applied for and obtiined u, ,h" ,urliest opportunity as<br />

per provisions in para 45 below.<br />


-, -F When an urgent w,ork (under paras 3l(d),<br />

34-36) is entrusted to th-e engineu", io" .o-prutio' oi trru<br />

works in a compressed time frame, the Ctrief errgirr.u"<br />

can exercise the fouowing speciar powers in connection<br />

with planning and executi"on of such works :<br />

(i) Detailing officers anywhere in the country.<br />

(1i) Resorting ro consultancy for any irem of work.<br />

(iii) Purchasing of stationery, reprographic<br />

equipments, typewriters or any other office<br />

equipment required.<br />

(iv) Installation . of Telex, Fix, Internet or other<br />

communication equipmenr in CBICWE/CE<br />

office.<br />

(r) Payment of charges for telephone connections<br />

including STD fa-itity on priority Uuri" ----"''<br />

(vi) Hiring of civil transport for project work.<br />

(vii) fliring of office and temporary accommodation<br />

for construction staff.<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007 31 I<br />

(viii)Procurement of cement and Steel frorn open<br />

market, if necessary.<br />

(ix)1 Selective tendering.<br />

(x)2 Dispensing with adverlisement for tendering and<br />

contracting.<br />

Note : The expenditure to be incurred fttr items cited in<br />

sub-Paras (iii) to (vii) above will be met out b7 conttngencies of<br />

the p_roject. The cost of consurtancy wilr be" arso m"et i"t ,iy<br />

Contingencies if not separately providbd fcr.<br />


. ld| In case of Low Budgeted Works, i.e., original<br />

capital works costing more than Rs. 2 Lakh,.nut iess Ilan<br />

Rs. 15 Lakh, these works will be sanctioned by the cEAs<br />

after the Annual Low Budgeted works programme has<br />

been approved as per para 19 above and bulf ailotments<br />

of funds for this purpose in the relevant financial year have<br />

been made to the respective cEAs. Board proceedings can<br />

be dispensed with in case of Low Budgeted works c"osting<br />

upto Rs. 10 Lakh, if so decided by tne ene. Administrativl<br />

Approval in such cases will be based on consideration and<br />

approval of a Statement of case as per para 22 above by<br />

the cEA and Approximate Estimates as per para 30 above.<br />

lhl| In case of Low Budgeted Works carried out for<br />

urgent reasons as cited in paras 34 to 36 above, the<br />

procedures laid down therein can be adopted.<br />


|Zil| (a) In case of Revenue Works and Minor Works<br />

as defined in para 5 (a) (iii) & (iv) above, these works<br />

The dispensation.mentioned in para OB (ix) & (x) woutd be<br />

clearly sp9t- out in the administrative ipirrbvat b6coroei Ei<br />

ths coWCFA not betow the tevel ot cod_in_b;"d ili;;i<br />

The_re_a_cons tor dispensing wirh compirition *au il;illi;<br />

on record ln writing.<br />

Chief .Englneer coud exercise these po{rers ln connection<br />

wlth the urgent work, after taklng ne lppronf of-iFA.--- -

t32 l<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

will be sanctioned by the CFA after consideration of a<br />

Statement of Case as per Yara 22 above and Approximate<br />

Estimates as per Para 30 above against bulk allotrnents fnr<br />

this purpose rnacle in the relevant financial year. No Board<br />

Froceedings will tre necessary in these cases. In case of<br />

Minor works eosting less than Rs. 50000i-, no Approximate<br />

Estirnates will be necessary.<br />

(b) In case of Barrack Darnages, subject to the<br />

condition that barracl< damages have been recovered frcrn<br />

the individual/ unit concerned at the rates comrnensurate<br />

with the cost of repair or replacement as(per) Paras 634<br />

and 635 of MES Regulafions, the engineer officer concerned<br />

may carry out repairs without waiting for any specific<br />

sanction of the CFA. "lhe expenditure incurred for this<br />

purpose will be charged to allotments fclr rnaintenance.<br />


WJ<br />

(a) Technical sanction, which is issued b,v the<br />

competent engineer authority, amounts to no ffiore than a<br />

guarantee that the works proposals are structurally sound<br />

and that the estinnates are accurately calculated and based<br />

on adequate data. Ordinarily such technical sanctions are<br />

accorded only after ,Administrative Approval. But in case<br />

of atrthorizeci iterns of work based on approved scales of<br />

accommodation and specificaticlns, necessary documents<br />

inciuding designs and drawings aan be prepared in advance<br />

so that the stages of Technical Sanction and Tender Action<br />

can be covered expeditiously after Administrative Approval<br />

is accorded.<br />

(b) The Government may also issue special instructiclns<br />

specifying the categories of works cases r,vhere technicai<br />

sanctions can be issued to facilitate lbnder Action even<br />

before Adroinistrative Approval. In such cases, if necessary,<br />

revision of Technical sanction will be made on the basis<br />

of finalized scope of work, scale and specifications as per<br />

Dtbncc Works Procedure' 2007<br />

[33 I<br />

tha ArJnrinistrative Approval bef

[34 I Delence Workg Procedure, 2007 Dllrncr Workr Ptoc{utc:-2od<br />

(g) In order to ensure that sub-projects are kept within<br />

the scope of the whole project as defined in the<br />

Administrative Approval, Technical Sanction to all<br />

sub-projects of a project must be accorded within as short<br />

a time as possible after issue of administrative approval.<br />

(h) The competent engineer authority befr,rre according<br />

technical sanction to a sub-project must be satisfied that<br />

the amount of technical sanction for the whole project is<br />

not likely to exceed the amount of administrative approval<br />

including the tolerance limit of 10 per cent.<br />

(i) In case the technical sanction amount for the whole<br />

project is likely to exceed the amount available in the<br />

Administrative Approval amount including the tolerance<br />

limit of L0 percent, but without any change of scope of<br />

the project, then the Technical sanction can be issued to<br />

enable taking Tender action, subject to the stipulation, to<br />

be recorded in rwiting, that revised administrative approval<br />

is being obtained and that no financial commitrnent will<br />

be made until the revised administrative approval or<br />

financial concurrence is received.<br />

0) In the case of purchase of buildings, the valuation<br />

statement will be taken as technical sanction. The valuation<br />

statement will be prepared/approved by the competent<br />

engineer authority as in the case of technical sanction for<br />

construction work. In cases where there is a time lag of<br />

one year or more between the preparation of valuation<br />

statement and final purchase, a certificate that the property<br />

has not deteriorated/ depreciated during the interval will<br />

be taken by the Engineers before the purchase is made.<br />

A fresh valuation statement will be prepared in case of<br />

deterioration. A copy of the valuation statement will be<br />

endorsed to the <strong>CDA</strong> concerned.<br />

(k) The Competent Engineer Authorily must also<br />

satisfy himself that the amount of Technical Sanction he is<br />

135 I<br />

llvinq does not exceed the power under MES Regulations'<br />

iffii:i ,ii;. n""rr-i"", or puiu 44 belorP also refer.<br />

irx. TEcHNtcAL coNTRoL REPAIRS AND<br />

-oF<br />


PLANT<br />

rfuJ (a) Estimates or requisitions will be prepared,<br />

tl".ttni.ut<br />

.or,rb=uttd<br />

sanction by th9 competent<br />

-accorded<br />

;li;;-;"irtoiitv before work is commenced'<br />

(b) The competeni englneer authority' before<br />

...orJing iu.t rri.ut sanction, must be satisfied that the<br />

iii""ri fu technical sanction-tqr the repair-estimate is not<br />

lfi;tl"-rxceed itl-ro;6, placed at liis disposal for the<br />

Purpose.<br />

(c) The engineer executives are responsible for the<br />

construction tit""tt, -uttututy and economy for repair<br />

estimates and requisitions'<br />

il;":wens oi rEcHNlcAL sANcrloN<br />

E4l (a) Powers of technical sanction are laid down<br />

in VtFn'egulations,<br />

Table 'B"<br />

(b) The engineer officer- competent to" the<br />

:1ltli:n<br />

projeJ'us. *nor? iiiechnically responsible for the project<br />

and for ensuring that the amount oi the project.as a 'whole<br />

ir'noi.*eedeo-except in the circumstances and subject to<br />

iil .""Jitio"t r"io ou:*n in para 42 above' He may delegate<br />

ililfit" rrt orscretior to local engineer. officers to<br />

;;;;;-i;.n*cat "i ,unctiol to sub-proiects, os defined in para<br />

;;-;til; *nirrt ttj otottt ttre-qjf plan locallv within the<br />

riirirr-ni'rt.i, po*.ii ,rrrout MES Regutations Table 'B'.<br />

Wh;; a-"r;g",rtie t*n *tt'oti'y.he will lav down in each<br />

case .the total ,i*-"pto which technical sanction will be<br />

ai."ra?,t;Ji,iti; ,u,'r"'*itt not be exceeded without the<br />

prior .on*rr"rr.J oi-lttt delegating authority' Copies of<br />

Iu.ti'O"rtgation of powers witl be lorwarded in all cases<br />

to the <strong>CDA</strong> concerned'

[3el Defence Works Procedure, 2007 Ddrnor Workl Proccdure' 2oo7 [37 I<br />

(c) Chief Engineers are authorized in exceptional<br />

circumstances to increase the powers of any officer<br />

subordinate to them by name to the extent they consider<br />

necessary within their own limits for technical sanction of<br />

designs and acceptance of contracts. It will be ensured that<br />

while delegating such powers the following requirements<br />

are complied with :<br />

(i) Enhanced powers are granted in exceptional<br />

circumstances and in respect of individual<br />

projects.<br />

(ii) Sanctions are given by name to officers.<br />

(iii) The period for which the delegated power is to<br />

be exercised is specified.<br />

(d) In the case of works carried out by agencies other<br />

than the MES, the normal procedure in force in the agency<br />

concerned for according technical sanction will be followed.<br />

In the case of projects costing more than Rs. 50 Lakh,<br />

however, it should be ensured that detailed plans and<br />

specifications conform to the scales and specifications<br />

approved by Ministry of Defence, before technical sanction<br />

is accorded.<br />


Eil (a) Appropriation of funds means the allotment<br />

of a particular sum of money to meet expenditure on a<br />

specified work through the annual allocation of funds under<br />

the budgetary heads indicated at Appendix A immediately<br />

after passing of the Defence Service Estimates by<br />

Parliament. No new Major Capital Work will commence<br />

i.e., no Contract Action as per para 48 below will be taken<br />

in respect of that work, unless and until such specified<br />

aliotment of fund is made for that work or project.<br />

(b) In case of Low Budgeted,Works, Revenue Works<br />

and Minor .Works, a certificate will be given by the<br />

concerned CEA in case of each of these works that it has<br />

;il"il;";;'j;li'; ';levant financial vear' It will' be the<br />

ljlp,i"iiirility by every cFA to ascertain that such allotment<br />


[38 I<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

Journal, giving notices inviting applications for issue of<br />

tenders, will be dispensed with and tenders will be<br />

distributed to selected eligible contractors who are already<br />

on the approved list of MES and have got the capacity<br />

and experience to undertake the proposed work.<br />

(i) All works costing upto Rs. 5 Lakh.<br />

(ii) All works approved under Paras 34, 35<br />

and 36 above.<br />

(d) However, the notice shall be got displayed on the<br />

notice boards of the following offices :<br />

(i) SE/EE of CPWD & State PWD in station.<br />

(ii) l,ocal Municipalities and Cantonment<br />

boards.<br />

(iii) State Bank of India, l,ocal &. nearest<br />

branches to places of work.<br />

(iv) Railway and post offices nearest to places<br />

of work.<br />

(") MES formations in station.<br />

(vi) Head offices of Builders Association of<br />

India.<br />

(vii) Internet Publication of tenders should be<br />

on the website of concerned Deptt/MoD.<br />

(e) Scrutiny of tender documents by Audit prior to<br />

acceptance of tender is not necessary. Chief Engineers are<br />

empowered to alter standard contract documents at<br />

pre-tender stage to suit urgent requirements particularly<br />

with reference to security deposits, percentage paynlents,<br />

speed of payments, issue of stores, deviation limits and<br />

similar matters. They will, however, consult the <strong>CDA</strong>/IFA<br />

concerned wherever possible. Where the decision of Chief<br />

Engineer on such alterations involves a major departure<br />

from the existing procedure, he shall send a copy thereof<br />

to the E-in-C/DGW and <strong>CDA</strong>/IFA for information.<br />

l3eI<br />

Drhnco Workr Procedure' 2oo7 '<br />

----,----<br />

(l) ln .o,* offi resultant single, tl"^t:i::*::ti:<br />

tl, ln u'lru vrrrJ<br />

rctslvetl, the same ca" ottly be accepted after pe1m.l-sslon<br />

of nrxt higher engi;"i Authority and a report to the<br />

rnnrt wlll be furnis"hed to the concerned <strong>CDA</strong>/P<strong>CDA</strong>'<br />

[d| Mobilization Advance : In case of works to<br />

'be<br />

cnrrlcd out ln remote/difficult location and/or requlnng<br />

rrr,hirizatio' ot rpe.iut equipment, tools or plants, or works<br />

trt bc completed ;;ffi;"'; uod.to*ptesse,!<br />

-ti11";lt:t"'<br />

tlro Chief Errgi""t; t""V "i"titde. in the tender notice the<br />

;;il.t ,,f ;offl"uti* advance to the prospective contractors<br />

to us to prevent-.uuolOuUte delay'in iommencement of<br />

works after acceptance of contract' E-in-C's Branch will<br />

lrsue necer.u.y g"i;"li"tt *itf'. the approv{ of' Defence<br />

rlnsnce from timJ';; 1il" on the amount ot mobilization<br />

ndvance subject ;; ;;;t-"- of L}vo of the value of the<br />

contract that can-b"-!iu"1"O' the interest to be charged<br />

rund the method u"Jitfi"O"le of recovery and/or adjustment<br />

trl.suchadvanceindifferentcategoriesofcases.<br />


.,,* H'gL -f;ffi ,ij":'fii[1F ?:.TTitr1;:: gt<br />

und 440 ibid.<br />

(b) It is emphasized that no officer is empowered to<br />

uccept a contract *t'itt' is likely to cause excess over the<br />

ffi ffi ;;ilt"ili;uri"" approvalafter taking into account<br />

the toleran." uno*J'"iOJ pt" above' tn the<br />

-2(h) 111econtract<br />

i, .ou",i"g p"tt of tire work covered in the<br />

"tfy-"<br />

administratiue app?wai ttte procedure indicated in para<br />

32 above wilt be followed'<br />

@ When an excess over the tolerance limit of 107a<br />

-nppt"""i'<br />

which cannot be met by<br />

over Admlrrirtrutiit<br />

-r"itgt on other items, occurs or appeart t:,<br />

l1f"'ly -.ottut<br />

on account of technical reason" u t"pott will be at<br />

11de<br />

once to tfre comietent engineer authority who granted the

[40] Defence Works procedure,<br />

200? Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

technical sanction for the work. If there is still<br />

curtail timil<br />

the work or-modiff it, the orders of the<br />

be<br />

cEA<br />

taken, If<br />

will<br />

no modification is ordeled, a revised estimatJ<br />

will, be prepared and revised adminiitruiiu" uppiouui<br />

CFA<br />

oi<br />

obtained<br />

rr,"<br />

as per para 32 abovi.<br />

In the.case<br />

,^,_. @<br />

of projects estimated to<br />

raKn<br />

cost Rs. 3<br />

or more, when the amount of accepted contracts<br />

reduces rhe cost of the project below ttt. ui-inistlatively<br />

approved amount by more than 15 p.r.rni,-ih"'upprou.o<br />

amount for thar project will be reduced Uy if,"'ulount<br />

exceeding 15 percent by the CE/CWE/GE within<br />

powers<br />

whose<br />

of technical sanction the work falls. The oetam<br />

reduction<br />

or<br />

will be sent to the cDA and all others concerned.<br />

The amount of sayng_up to 5 percent (of the oriliid .q/A<br />

amount) thus retained wil be used to cove*u"i?tiin,<br />

cost for i,<br />

technical reasons.<br />


" E! .When the scope of a work service is reducecl<br />

for administrative or other reasons, the Administrative<br />

Approval need not be revised; but the upprou"J-un,tun,,<br />

for the abandoned or recJuced it"n,u of the service and the<br />

total approval amount w'r be reduced accordingrv<br />

concerned<br />

uv trr"<br />

engineer authority within whose<br />

technical i"'*";, of<br />

sanction the work falis. Details of ,u.rr'r"ou.tion,<br />

of scope will be sent to the cEA, the cDA uno urr *r,"r,<br />

concerned.<br />


" @ ($ After acceptance of contract, the execution<br />

of works and their rrpr*irion wilr be carried out by the<br />

;ngineers-in-charge as per MES negutations r""o *rtr,'Lags<br />

standing orders. Deviations on" and amendments<br />

contracts,<br />

of<br />

if necessary, will be carried ou, ur-p.r'VfeS<br />

Regulations and Standing Orders.<br />

(b) while constructing a building, new specifications<br />

[41 I<br />

or materials can be introduced if technical or aesthetic<br />

rja.sonl so justiff, with the prior approval of the Zonal<br />

chief Engineer concerned, subject to the condition that<br />

this must be within the existing tolerance limit as applicable<br />

and not exceeding 5vo of the original Admiiistrative<br />

Approval amount.<br />

lE| The technical sanctions accorded to costed<br />

schedule as per para 42 above will be revised only for the<br />

following reasons :<br />

(a) Engineering/technical reasons such as changes in<br />

designs, specifications, drawings etc. Revision will<br />

not, however, be necessary if such variations are<br />

sanctioned by the authority competent to revise<br />

the technical sanction, before deviation orders<br />

or amendments to contracts are issued under<br />

provisions of the contract. However, such<br />

competent authority Doy, on his own<br />

responsibility, delegate the powers of revision of<br />

technical sanction to the authority issuing<br />

deviation orders for the specific purpose.<br />

(b) On account of revision of administrative approval,<br />

if the variations are not already coverecl by<br />

sanction to deviation order or amendments to<br />

the contract vide clause (a) above. Revision will<br />

not, however, be necessary where the variation<br />

is due to non-technical reasons, such as difference<br />

in cost of stores or where the percentage in the<br />

accepted contract differs from the anticipated<br />

percentage provided in the costed schedules.<br />

(c) The original technical sanction is found to have<br />

been based on inaccurate estimates initially. In<br />

cases, however, where scope of work is changed<br />

due to administrative reasons, the technical<br />

sanction will be revised and issued before such<br />

items of work are actually executed.

I 421<br />


It] (a) To enable effective monitoring 1nq timely<br />

.orrrrForrection of works in progress, Quarterly Progress<br />

ir"p.itt indicating physical und finuttcial progress of all<br />

*ujor capital *oiti will be prepared and submitted to<br />

,"ii,*,f"6 CFAs for information ind direction. Avoidable<br />

delays or stoppages in progrest 9{ *9ik1 whiclt lq*<br />

occurred or are ior.r*"r1. witt be identified' reasons for<br />

shortfalls examined and necessary remedial steps taken<br />

promptty through onJine communications systems to<br />

prevent cost and tiPe-overruns'<br />

(b) Works Review Committees will be set up for each<br />

Servics by the Ministry of Defence at the level of Joint<br />

S".r.ruty'includingDefence(Finance)representativefor<br />

,uttyi"g' o"t Qulrterly Review of the rplanning and<br />

i-pi"tti""tation of works projects costing mole than Rs' 15<br />

."o".. The review procedut" -ay be revised as and when<br />

t"q"it"O so that ih" Minittry's.attention is focused on<br />

Cuiriruf works projects sanctioned at Government level'<br />

(c) In case of all projects/works costing more^than Rs'<br />

1 crore, a representative bt ttt" User will be nominated as<br />

project' officer to coordinate functional aspects of the<br />

User's requirement with the engineers -from the<br />

commencement to the completion of such works'<br />

'(d) In addition, depending on the relative importance<br />

and vaiue of various wbrks projects, project management<br />

auihorities may be set up at the level of Ministry of Defence'<br />

Service HQrs, Command HQrs and other formations and<br />

entrusted with suitable responsibilities and powers to review<br />

itr" ptogt"ss of works, ,"roiu" bottlenecks and take suitable<br />

decisions to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of<br />

suchworks.Theljsers'representative,theZonalChief<br />

n"lin."t and Defence (Finance)/IFA representative will<br />

be -associated with such project management authorities.<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007 Dolence Works Procodure' 2007 [43]<br />


@| Notwithstanding the provisions made above, in<br />

.u*. [Iiorks projects requiring the acceptance of necessity<br />

rund administrativi approval at ahe level of MoD, the special<br />

pr'cedures outlinedln Paras 56 to 60 below may be adopted<br />

il' such works are of the following categories :<br />

(a) Strategic imPortance<br />

(b) High Tech ComPlexitY<br />

(c) Urgent necessitY<br />

Note : Such worl

[44]<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

of the works project, viz., preparation of<br />

feasibility/project reports, programming<br />

schedules of works, external services and<br />

utilities, structural/architectural drawings/<br />

designs, cost estimates, preparation of bills<br />

of quantities and/or tender packages,<br />

appraisal of tender documents, project/<br />

construction management etc. for the<br />

whole or for part(s) of the project.<br />

(vi) Details of rough cost estimates.<br />

(vii) Phasing of fund requirements.<br />

Note : It would be the primary responsibility of the User<br />

establishment and the Command HqrslService Hqrs trt complete<br />

this preparatory stage systematically and expeditiously.<br />

m Steps upto Go-Ahead Sanction<br />

(a) After examination of the recommendations of the<br />

Board of Officers, the Command HQrs will take the<br />

following steps through the Service Hqrs :<br />

(i) Propose inclusion of the works proposal<br />

in the Annual Works Programme, if not<br />

already done.<br />

(ii) Propose specific phasing and allocation of<br />

funds to ensure adequate fund availability<br />

for the entire duration of the project.<br />

(iii) Initiate preparation of Detailed Project<br />

Report (DPR) for works projects of high<br />

value requiring MoD/ Cabinet approval<br />

under departmental or outside consultancy<br />

arrangements.<br />

(iu) Approval of CFA will have to be obtained<br />

from the MoD for aPPointment of<br />

Consultants for any purpose related to the<br />

project, including preparation of the DPR,<br />

subject to the stipulations made in Para<br />

Oalanco Worka Procedure, 2007 I45 l<br />

24 atrove based on Estimates produced<br />

lry Engineer Auth

[46 I<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

@| Steps upto Administrative Approval<br />

(a) After the "Go-Ahead" sanction the engineer<br />

authorities will start preparation of basic designs<br />

and Approximate Estimates. However, in cases<br />

where a Detailed Project Report has to be<br />

prepared as per Para 57 (a) (iii) above, the<br />

preparation of the Approximate Estimates may<br />

be undertaken on the basis of the approved<br />

DPR.<br />

(b) The AEs for works which are to be completed<br />

in two years shall be so framed that it caters<br />

for escalation for two years. However, the contract<br />

shall not include any escalation clause except<br />

statutory increases.<br />

(c) On the basis of the Approximate Estimates, the<br />

Technical sanction for the works will be given<br />

by the competent engineer authorities to enable<br />

taking of Tender Action. In case of works of<br />

high technical complexity tendering for Item Rate<br />

Contracts may be resorted to.<br />

(d) (i) In case of selective tendering, when<br />

approved by the CFA the time to submit<br />

tenders will be normally restricted to 4<br />

weeks from the date of issue of tender<br />

notice.<br />

(ii) The Offer of Mobilization Advance as<br />

indicated in Para 47 above will be made<br />

to ensure prompt mobilization of resources<br />

and commencement of works.<br />

(e) Simuitaneously with the issue of tenders, the<br />

Engineer authorities will submit the Approximate<br />

Estimates to the CFA for issue of Administrative<br />

' Approval. The Administrative, approval' will<br />

indicate thc detailed scope' 'of the works<br />

Drlonce Workl Procedure, 2007 147 I<br />

sanctionecl, the date by which the works will be<br />

completed and the budgetary sources from which<br />


[48 I<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

every six months. Such PMGs will invariably be constituted<br />

for Projects costing Rs. I Crore and above'<br />

(b) user establishment will nominate a representative<br />

to ttre Project N{anagement croup to coordinate the<br />

functilnal rlquirements of the users with the Engineers.<br />

(c) The Zonal Chief Engineer/Project Chief Engineer<br />

cclncerned may approve cleviations/amendments to the<br />

Contracts Lrpt; l0% of the Contracted Amount (CA)'<br />

Deviation beyond this limit but gpto 20Vo of CA value will<br />

be referrecl to the Project Management Authority, so long<br />

as Overall cost remains within 10%o of Administrative<br />

Approval amount.<br />

(d) During the execution of the works, as far as<br />

possible, utty demand for change in scope of wo.rk or<br />

ietr,rfitting 'of designs an{/or specifications. be ,will<br />

discouragJd as it leads to interference with works<br />

progru-L.t and delay in completion of the projects'<br />

iln*.u.t, if considerecJ necessary, the Project Management<br />

Group may engage Engineers/Architects and other<br />

speciilists to review any part of the works project including<br />

designs in order to expedite/improve the implementation<br />

and/-or quatity of the works in progress or to detail other<br />

technicai req-uirements of the total project of which the<br />

works may be a part, subject to the condition that the cost<br />

of such consultanry and resultant additional works do not<br />

lead to exceed the tolerance limit.<br />

Note : The Project Management Group will obtain regular<br />

reports from the Chief Engineer on the phy,sical and financial aspects<br />

of the "constructions-in piogress and report the same to the CFA at<br />

rlgular intervals and alio eisure that rivised administralive approval<br />

expenditure beyond tolerance limit well in<br />

oi tne CFA is taken for<br />

time.<br />


@|<br />

(a) On completion of a work, completion reports<br />

Drllnce Works Procedure, 2007 [4e]<br />

wlll [c rcnclered in accorclance with the following procedure<br />

Itt thc filrm set out in Appendix 'I'.<br />

(b) Part A of the form will be completed as soon as<br />

lhe proJect is physically completed, and will be forwarded<br />

thrgugh engineer channels to the Engineer Adviser of the<br />

('l'A. After being noted, they will be returned direct to<br />

tlro CE concerned for completion of Part 'B' and<br />

r€1tl)mission of the form in accordance with the existing<br />

proccdure in para 379 MES Regulations.<br />

(c) For the purpose of rendition of Part A of the<br />

egmptetion report, each administrative approval, whether<br />

It r.lot"t to a phase of a project or to an item of<br />

rupplementary work, will be treated separately. These<br />

rcji,tts will be replaced by a consolidated completion report<br />

'A ut the final stage.<br />

(d) However, the various phases and the supplementary<br />

works, if any, will be treated as one project for purpose<br />

of savings and excesses.<br />

(e) Once Part A of the final completion report has<br />

hcen completed, the work will be regarded as completed<br />

for all purposes of the MES Regulations although the<br />

tccounts may not have been settled. No further<br />

nupplementary estimates may be accepted.<br />

(t) The financial closure of the project i.e., patl 'B'<br />

wlll be rendered as soon as possible but not later than l'2<br />

months from the date of physical completion of the project.<br />


@ (a) The procedures for making payments to<br />

contriErs, labour etc. are prescribed in the MES<br />

Regulations. Cash assignments will be placed by CsDA at<br />

thJdisposal of CsWE, GEs and the AGE (if an AEE/AE).<br />

ln the case of each CWE or GE the amount of the<br />

ussignment will be fixed by the Chief Engineer in<br />

conJultation with the <strong>CDA</strong>. Within the amount so fixed

[50]<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

the assignment will be recouped on application to the <strong>CDA</strong><br />

us tteed arises. Generally each CWE, GH and AGE (if an<br />

AEEiAE) will be placed in account with one Tieasury or<br />

authoi'ized bank; but, where necessary, the assignment may<br />

be apportioned between two or more treasuries or<br />

authorized banks.<br />

(b) However, to enable petty payments being made,<br />

CsWE, GEs and AEEs/AEs holding cash assignments may<br />

be also allowed an imprest upto a limit of Rs. 10,000' In<br />

case of works carried out in remote locations or under<br />

Para 55 above, this limit of imprest amount to be provided<br />

with a CWE/GE may be further enhanced. The imprest<br />

will be authorised in consultation with the CsDA concerned<br />

by CsWE in the case of GEs and Rpp5/AEs and by CEs<br />

in respect of cswE. The amount of imprest will be drawn<br />

from iash assignment and accounted for initially under the<br />

Suspense Head "Departmental Account Military Cash<br />

Balince,'which should be cleared at the end of the financial<br />

year, the balance being deposited into the Tieasury or<br />

authorized bank as the case may be. The amounts drawn<br />

from the imprest for payment will, however, be recouped<br />

as and when necessary and charged to the Service Head<br />

till the end of the financial Year.<br />

(c) Outstation Junior Engineer B/R or E/M will be<br />

allowed imprest by cswE/GEs/AGEs (if AEEs/AEs) vrithin<br />

the limits specified in para 537 of the MES Regulations<br />

upto a limif of Rs. 1500/-. These imprests will be_advanced<br />

und t.tonped by CsWEiGEs/AGEs (if an AEE/AE), as<br />

the case maY be.<br />


@ (a) The demolition or sale of any building etc',<br />

for dernolition may be approved on a demolition statement<br />

(IAFW 1819) by the authorities indicated in Appendix 'J',<br />

provided the book value of the building does not exceed<br />

ih. ti-it shown against each of the authorities cited therein.<br />

Oelonce Workr Procedurs, 2007 lsl I<br />

(b) ln ordcr to dctcrmine the authorities competent<br />

Io sirncti

[52]<br />

Delence Workg Procedure, 2007<br />

mentioned in Appendix 'D' irrespective of the<br />

Capital value of the building involved. Atl<br />

sanctions accorded by an authority lower than<br />

the Commander of an Area/Corps will be<br />

reported to him. Each sanction will specif, the<br />

period for which the approval will remain in<br />

force and will be communicated to the Controller<br />

of Defence Accounts and Garrison Engineer<br />

concerned. It will be renewed as required. No<br />

IAFW 1831 is necessary, nor will the particulars<br />

be recorded in the Register of Buildings.<br />

(b) A re-appropriation entailing alterations and<br />

expense : This will be initiated by the unit<br />

concerned on IAFW 1831, who may obtain the<br />

assistance of the local MES authorities to advise<br />

on the best method of adaptation, and sent to<br />

the local Commander who, if he accepts the<br />

proposal in principle, will ask the local MES<br />

authorities for the approximate cost. The powers<br />

of sanction in respect of re-appropriation<br />

involving expenditure will be the same as laid<br />

down in Appendix D, but no expenditure will<br />

be incurred unless funds are available. All<br />

sanctions accorded by an authority lower than<br />

the Commander of an Area/Corps will be<br />

reported to him, Each sanction will state whether<br />

the re-appropriation is permanent or temporary<br />

and the period for which it remains in force and<br />

will be communicated to the <strong>CDA</strong> and Garrison<br />

Engineer concerned. It must be renewed as<br />

required and the particulars including expenditure<br />

will be recorded in the Register of Buildings.<br />

(c) Re-appropriation involving minor increases in<br />

scales upto 5 percent of the authorized area<br />

necessitated by constructional reasons can be<br />

Drhnce Workr Procedure' 2oo7 [63 I<br />

pcrmitted by the authority competent to sanctlon<br />

Lxpencliture- for re-appropriation'^ Any<br />

re-appropriation involving change of scales<br />

UeyonO 5 percent or introducing a new p-ractice<br />

wiil requiri the sanction of Government of India'<br />

(d)Re-appropriationincludedinanadministrative<br />

approval will not be approved separately on<br />

fnfW 1831. The particulars including expe.nditure<br />

will, however, bL recorded in the Register of<br />

Buildings.<br />


The procedures for various works services<br />

@|<br />

outlii6-cfabove are designed principally for use in MES'<br />

but it is intended thit they should apply upto- the<br />

Aclministrative Approval stage also to works carried out<br />

on behalf of the Mi.rirtry of Defence by outside agencies<br />

like State Governments, Central PWD, P&T Railways'<br />

state PWD, Port Tiust and such other Departments as may<br />

tre notified from time to time. In the case of works projects<br />

..rrtittg Rs. 5 lakh and above, however, detailed plans and<br />

ipecifi".ations will be shown to the Users with a view to<br />

ensuring compliance with the scales and specifications as<br />

,ppr""Jo by tvtinistry of Defence, before technical sanction<br />

is accorded.<br />


[G6l| The MES formations may resort -1o direct<br />

pur.fidof stationery and office equipment for. all engineer<br />

activities such as pre-Administrative approval planning, post<br />

administrative approval planning and maintenance services'<br />

ihe office equipment includes typewriters, intercom equipment,<br />

calculitors, electronic stencil cutters, dictaphones,<br />

tape'recorders, photocopiers, copying machines' franking<br />

machines, addreisographs, filing ind indexing systems and<br />

lor.rpur"i, includin! peripherals/software. The list of items

[54 I Delence Works Procedure, 2007 Dllrncs Works Procedure' 2007 [55 I<br />

to be procured out of contingency establishment shall be<br />

updated/revised by E-in-C's Branch periodically.<br />

Expenditure incurred on initial purchase will be charged<br />

to project contingencies (upto 3Vo at present). Repair and<br />

maintenance expenses will be chargeable to repairs to<br />

T&P-Sub head E-Minor Head 111-Works. No refeience to<br />

DMR & F is necessary for purchase of the items mentioned<br />

a!oy9_1nd c-hargeable to project contingencies. The powers<br />

of MES officers for procurement of this item wif be as<br />

laid down in item 4 and 5 of Thble ,B' of MES Regulations.<br />

APPENDIX 'A' (Para 14 Refersl<br />


All works expenditure for Defence Services will be<br />

budgcted and accounted for as under :<br />

l. Works Expenditure under Revenue Head<br />

(a) Expenditure on Revenue Works, Minor Works'<br />

Ordinary an

Is6 I<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

(i*) National Cadet Corps-Major Head 2076-Minor<br />

' Head 113(E)<br />

(b) Details of sub-head wise budgetary classification<br />

and account code Nos. are explained in Defence Services<br />

Estimates and MES Regulations. The details of the<br />

procedure for budgeting and booking expenditure on various<br />

items of Revenue works and maintenance services are<br />

explained in Section 13 of the MES Regulations.<br />

(c) Revenue Works and Minor Works chargeable t

Is8 I<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />


(i) Minor Head 0l-Army<br />

Sub Head 050 Land<br />

Sub Head 105 Military Farms<br />

Sub Head 112 Rashtriya Rifles<br />

Sub Head 113 National Cadet Corps<br />

Sub Head 202 Army Construction Works<br />

(ii) Minor Head O2-Navy<br />

Sub Head 050-Land<br />

Sub Head 202-Construction Works<br />

Sub Head 205-Naval Dockyards/Projects<br />

(See Defence Services Estimates for further Subdivision<br />

of Sub Head 2051<br />

(iii) Minor Head 03-Air Force<br />

Sub Head 050-Land<br />

Sub Head 202-Construction Works<br />

Sub Head 206-Special Projects<br />

(iv) Minor Head 04-Ordnance Factories<br />

Sub Head 111-Works<br />

(v) Minor Head 05-R&D Organization<br />

Sub Head 111-Works<br />

(vi) Minor Head 06-Inspection Organization<br />

Sub Head 111-Works<br />

Note : Details of budgetary classification and account code<br />

nos. are indicated in Appendix 'C' to MES Regulations<br />

(b) Carry Over Works : Falling in this category are<br />

capital works which were commenced (including those in<br />

respect of which liabilities were incurred) during the<br />

previous year(s) and the accounts of which are not finally<br />

closed. As stated in para 15 of this DWP, Carry Over Works<br />

will have higher priority than New W

[60 I<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

also subsequent allotments from the balance in the<br />

sanctioned Capital and Revenue Budget grants held by<br />

Service HQrs/E-in-C's Branch will be made with the<br />

concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance). Copies of<br />

all allotment letters will be endorsed to the CGDA, CsDA<br />

and DGADS who are responsible for conducting the audit<br />

of Appropriation.<br />

4.1 Transler of Funds<br />

4-2<br />

Tiansfer of funds may be carried out as under :<br />

(a) By the QMG/Equivalent Appt in other Services<br />

(i) Between one major work in progress to<br />

another major work in progress.<br />

(ii) Between one major work (whether in<br />

progress or new) to a new major work if<br />

the latter is administratively approved and<br />

is included in the year's works programme.<br />

(iii) No other transfer of funds is permissible.<br />

(b) By the GOC-in-C/Equivalent Appt in other Services<br />

(i) Between one major work in progress and<br />

another major work in progress.<br />

(ii) Between one new major work to another<br />

new major work so long as the latter has<br />

been administratively approved and<br />

released for execution by CFA.<br />

(iii) Between a major work in progress and a<br />

new major work provided the latter is<br />

administratively approved and its cost does<br />

not exceed Rs. 15,00,000.<br />

Sub-para (ii) and (iii) above are subject to the condition<br />

that the new work is included in the annual works<br />

programme and is administratively approved.<br />

Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

[61 I<br />

Nrtte : Trtrnsfer of funtls in the above categoltes lf,york is<br />

1,,,^ i' iiii r i 9" t y. i i * ;i;:, "t :: :9^.?[ :!' ::,::,,:a t e +ory i'e'' fro m<br />

't'i,fna ut capitat ond from Revenue to Revenue'<br />

4.3 Matntenance Services<br />

(a) By HQ Command/AOC-in-C/ Commands Chief<br />

tingineers 'between the Heads of Accounts relating to<br />

ili;?l,t.g; and Installations but not between the two<br />

.ut.gotl"t-Normal to Special and vice versa'<br />

inl gV Chief Engineers and.CsWE within the funds<br />

,,lucei at ;heir oisposa't between the detailed Heads under<br />

ffi;;'ii iN"ril"r Repairs), c (Normat Maintenance),<br />

iiic"rr"rat Ciarges) uld brtween the detailed heads L' 3<br />

& 4 of Sub HeJJ b (u) Tools and Plants under Minor<br />

I'Iead 1l1-Works. Similaily, the Chief Engineers and the<br />

CsWE will also have, fuii powers of Tiansfer of Funds<br />

between sub oetaileo Heuoi under the relevant detailed<br />

Heads for normal repairs, normal maintenance and<br />

g"""t.f .t urg", i" i.tpoi of Air Force and Naval Works'<br />

iff tn" abovJ Tiansfer of Funds are subject to the provision<br />

that :<br />

(i) Authorized percentages for maintenance etc"<br />

where laid down are in no case exceeded'<br />

(ii) All Transfer of Funds made UV C!11t Engineers<br />

anO CrWi are reported to Service HQ concerned<br />

before tJ Mutttt at the latest' No Transfer of<br />

Funds will be permissible after t-his date'<br />

(c) No other transfer/re-appropriation will be allowed'<br />

5. General<br />

It is of great importance that expenditure is., spread<br />

.u.r,ly over tf,e ;;titA-t during which work is possible and<br />

every effort must be made to avoid a rush of expenditure<br />

at the end of the Year'

162 I Defence Works procedure, 2007 Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

6. Acquisition ol Land<br />

(a) Funds on this account will be provided for by<br />

respective Service HQ<br />

.unde1 Major ge'aO 4076_Capitat<br />

outlay on Defence Services, Sub Major Head ,0i, Ar*y,<br />

Minor Head 050-Land,- Sub iVlajor Head 02_ Navy, Mino,<br />

Head 050-Land and Sub Major Head 03-Air eoi.!, Minor<br />

Head 050-Land.<br />

(b),Budgeting and accounting of funds under this Head<br />

... .<br />

will be d_o-ne by DGDE as per insiructions of the concerned<br />

Service HQ.<br />

[63]<br />

APPENDIX 'B' (Para 22 Refers)<br />




s.<br />

No,<br />

liem of Work Basls ol<br />

Calculation Cosl<br />

{Rs.l<br />

Remarks<br />

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)<br />

1<br />

(a) Cost of land<br />

(b) Surveys and Soil lnvestigation<br />

(c) Site Clearance and development<br />

includino demolition<br />

2. (a) Building (including internal services<br />

like water and electric supply<br />

etc.)<br />

(b) Air-conditionino & Refriqeration<br />

3. Special items including cost of installation<br />

of equipment, plants, iJ anv.<br />

4. Furniture At 57o of<br />

item 2 {a)<br />

5. External Services (rough cost of<br />

roads, water and electrical supply,<br />

sewaoe disoosal and area drainaqe)<br />

6. Arboriculture. if anv<br />

7. Consultancv, if anv<br />

8. Continqencies (3"/" on items 1 to 6)<br />

9. iEstablishment (limited to 2"/o on items<br />

1to6)<br />

10. Add for works involving other agencies<br />

Al 25"/" ol<br />

item 2 (a)<br />

TOTAL<br />

Basis will be<br />

Plinth Area Rate<br />

approved by<br />

MOD plus Add for<br />

market variation<br />

and difference in<br />

cost of stores<br />

'eNote : For AEs for MoD Establishment works, establishment<br />

cost will not be included, howeve4 for deposit works it will be<br />


[64 I Defence worKs proceoure, zOOz<br />

APPENDIX 'C' (para 22 Refersl<br />


l. Broad categories of works proposed-Married and/<br />

or OTM accommodation, workshop/storage<br />

facilities, roads, runways, utilities or any othir<br />

construction faciliW.<br />

2. Details of each caiegory of works including size<br />

and nature of accommodation and scales and<br />

qpecifications proposed.<br />

3. Typ" of constiuctions proposed-permanent/<br />

temporary, authorized/soecial.<br />

4. Brief ddbils of prepaiatory works or services<br />

required-site surveys and development, roads and<br />

communications, external services etc. and the<br />

rough cost thereof.<br />

5. Time required for preparatory works before<br />

commencement of the main works.<br />

6. In case of married accommodation :<br />

(i) total number to be provided (rank-wise separately for single<br />

for- and manied)'<br />

(ii) number to be accommodated<br />

by additions and atterations with -do_<br />

purpose for which originally<br />

constructed -<br />

(iii) number to be accommodated<br />

in new construction or in tent<br />

plinths or a combination of<br />

both (each indicated separa- -dotely)<br />

with briet description i.e.,<br />

permanent semi_permanent,<br />

prefabricated or temporary_<br />

7.(a) Type of construction for which A/As are to be<br />

done.<br />

(b) Brief description of original accommodationpermanent,<br />

semi-permanent or temporary.<br />

(c) Approximate area of buildings involved.<br />

(d) Brief description of A/A involved.<br />

8. Are any specjal items of works involved including<br />

Dllrnce Works Procedure, 2007 I6sI<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

L4.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

t7.<br />

18.<br />

19.<br />

24.<br />

21.<br />

those which depart from approved scales of<br />

accommodation ? If so, reasons for deviation,<br />


[66] Defence Works Procedure, 2007 Drlcnce Works Proceduro' 2007 [67 I<br />

(Rs. in Lakh)<br />



Competent Flnanclal<br />

Authority<br />

(1) Govt. of lndia<br />

(2) coAs/cNs/cAs<br />

To be<br />

exerclsed<br />

Wllhoul IFA'g<br />

Concurrence<br />

Authorlged<br />

Works<br />

Speclal<br />

Works<br />

To be<br />

oxercised wlth<br />

IFA'e<br />

concurrctnce<br />

Aulhorloed<br />

Works<br />

Speclal<br />

Worke<br />

Remark3<br />

(1) el (3) (4) {5) (6)<br />

(3) GOCjn-C/AOC-|n-C/FOC-|n-C<br />

(4) Corps Commander<br />

(5) Cdr ot an Area/lndependent<br />

Sub-Area/GOsC ol a Div/lndep.<br />

Bde/Gp/Flag Otfr Comd Area/<br />

Fortress Cdr Andaman and<br />

Nicobar lsland<br />

(6) Cdr ol a Sub-Area<br />

(7) Stn Cdr ol the rank of Col<br />

& above<br />

(8) Stn Cdr below tho rank of<br />

Gol & above<br />

(e) oMG<br />

coAs<br />

GOC-in-C<br />

APPENDIX 'D' (Para 26 Refers)<br />

Full<br />

120<br />

75<br />

37<br />

22<br />

15<br />

5<br />

5<br />

Full<br />

20<br />

7<br />

3.75<br />

0.75<br />

0.5<br />

0.5<br />

0.5<br />

Full<br />

1500<br />

500<br />

300<br />

200<br />

100<br />

50<br />

Full<br />

75<br />

30<br />

15<br />

8<br />

2<br />

2 ln r/o Army<br />

HQ olfices.<br />

Responsibili<br />

ty placed on<br />

Adm &<br />

Coord vide<br />

MoD lettor<br />

No. A/21634/<br />

CAO/Coord<br />

dt 24 Mar 06.<br />


50<br />

25<br />

Notec<br />

I. Powers clelegated to GOC-in-C will be also exercised by<br />

GOC-in-C ARTRAC far HQslEsts of ART& C, Shimla'<br />

2. The financial powers vested in offtcerc c6n also be mercised<br />

hy their locum tenens wken the incumbents are on leave'<br />

3. In determining the cFA in a case where the proieet iycludes<br />

hoth authorized and special items of worlq the criteian shall not<br />

he the financial powers for the authorized items alone.<br />

"f ry"* In<br />

tttlch a case, theiefore if the estimated cost af the total af the special<br />

Items of worl

[68 I<br />

STATION.<br />


Defence Works Procedure, 2007 Oelence Works Procedure' 2007<br />

APPENDIX 'E' (Parp 29 Refersl<br />


PART-I : Abstract of Cost<br />


Srl.<br />

Na-<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3,<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9,<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

Iteme of Work Cosl Remarkr<br />

Cost of Land<br />

(a) Surveys and Soil lnvestigation<br />

(b) Site Clearance and Development<br />

(a) Buildings (including internal water supply and<br />

electrical work)<br />

(b) lnternal Sanltation<br />

(c) Air-conditioning & Retrigeration<br />

Furniture<br />

Special items ol work<br />

{to be detailed in Part ll)<br />

External Services<br />

(a) Roads<br />

(i) lnternal<br />

(ii) Access<br />

(b) Water Supply<br />

(c) Electric Supply<br />

(d) Sewage disposal<br />

(e) Area Drainage<br />

Arboriculture, if any<br />

Gonsultancy, il any<br />

Contingencies (3% on item.s 1 to 7 above)<br />

Establishment Charges<br />

(limited lo 2'/" on items 1 to 7 above)<br />

Railway Works<br />

(a) Time required for physical completion ot works<br />

under normal circumstances from date of<br />

administrativa approval.<br />

(b) Time required lor physical completion of works<br />

ll carried out as o€r Para 55 of DWP.<br />

Grand Total<br />

[6e]<br />

N.B. : The items of work in this form are appropriate<br />

lor a building Project. The items may bevaried as necessary<br />

lor other projects.<br />

Basis of Cost of<br />

lternFln-Ihe Abstract o1 999!<br />

N.B. : (a) lnstructions for preparing this Memorandum<br />

will be issued by Engineer-in-Chief.<br />

(b) ln Part I of the approximate estimate a ;;ote<br />

*1ll bb given against the provision for each item of work<br />

lndicating the percentage added in part ll for variation<br />

of rates.<br />

Note : For AEs for MoD Establishment worlcs, establishment<br />

cost will not be inciucled, howeve4 for deposit worlcs it will be<br />


[70 I<br />

Defence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

Dclence Works Procedure, 2007 [71 I<br />

"APPENDIX 'F' (Para 31 'e' Refers)<br />

APPENDI4 'G' (Para 32 Relersl<br />



(in weeks)<br />


PART-I : bstract of Cost<br />

8TATION.. NAME OF PROJECT............'..<br />

lnitiation of Demand for new works with Statement of Case, RIC<br />

& Engineer Appreciation<br />

Approval of case by Comd. & convening of BOO 3-5<br />

Board Proceedings I<br />

Scrutiny of BPs & Acceptance of Necessity 3<br />

Preparation of AEs 6<br />

Scrutiny of AEs by E in-C Branch b<br />

Processing ol BPs & AEs by Service He 2<br />

Scrutiny of AEs & Mministrative Approval by Service He 9<br />

Receipt of Administrative Approval 2<br />

6<br />

46-48 Weeks<br />


Cost of Land<br />

(a) Surveys and Soil lnvestigation<br />

Site Clearance and DeveloPment<br />

(a) Buildings (including internal water supply and<br />

electrical work)<br />

(b) lnternal Sanitation<br />

(c) Air-conditioning & Relrigeration<br />

Furniture<br />

Special items of work<br />

(to be detailed in Part ll)<br />

External Services<br />

(a) Roads<br />

(i) lnternal<br />

(ii) Access<br />

(b) Water SuPPIY<br />

(c) Electric SuPPly<br />

(d) Sewage disPosal<br />

(e) Area Dtainage<br />

7. Arboriculture, il any<br />

8. Consultancy, if anY<br />

9. Contingencies (3% on items 1 to 7 abovo)<br />

10. Establishment Charges<br />

(limited to 2% on items 1 to 7 above)<br />

11.<br />

Railway Works<br />

Grand Total<br />

(a) Time required for physical completion of works<br />

under normal circumstancss lrom date of<br />

administrative aPProval.<br />

(b) Time required for physical completion.ol works<br />

N.B.:Theitemsofworkinthisformareappropriatelor<br />

a building Project. The items may bevaried as necessaryforother<br />


DeJence Works procedure, 200?<br />



coMPOStT!ON<br />

(i) Senior Engineer Officer DGWADG Chairman<br />

(To be nominated by E-in_C)<br />

(ii) Rep. of Users/Service Hqrs<br />

Menrber<br />

(iii) Rep. of Def. (Finance)/IFA<br />

Member<br />

Or<br />

R.ep. of Def. (FinanceAil'orks)<br />

(In case of works projects<br />

approved by Government)<br />

(iv) Z,onal/Project Chief Engineer<br />

(v) Project Officer<br />


Member<br />

Member<br />

ACE (Plg) of<br />

Zonal CE<br />

1' To steer, monitor and review the physical and financiar<br />

progress of the project until its completion.<br />

2. To take suitable management decisions for herping the<br />

engineers to expedite initiation and completion of various oiort.,<br />

programme schedules viz.<br />

(a) f9 approve mobilizarion advance upto LTVo<br />

wherever considered necessary.<br />

(b) f-o apRrove recommendations of ZonaVproject<br />

Chief Engineer for issue of deviatirons/<br />

amendments to the Contract beyond 1,0Vo and<br />

upto the limit stipulated in the Contract<br />

Agreement including change in specifications,<br />

material Td technolory, but subject to the<br />

condition that the ceiling of sanctioned cost of<br />

the project including tolerance is not exceeded.<br />

Defence Works Procedure' 2007<br />

I :f"i tr<br />

{ ,v J<br />

(c) To review and issue directions on extension of<br />

time granted to Contractors as per recornmen"<br />

dations of the ZonallProiect Chief Engineer for<br />

a period of 'over and above three months'<br />

(d) To engage Engineer/Architects and other<br />

specialists 1o review any part of the works pr*ject<br />

including designs for thd purposes indicated in<br />

Para 60 (d) of the DWP, 2A07"<br />

341 6<br />


l74l<br />


Head of Account.<br />

Name of Area.......<br />

Division<br />

Part A<br />

1.. Name of work....<br />

2. Authority according administrative approval and<br />

amount.....<br />

3. Total amount of Technical Sanction<br />

4. Date physically completed<br />

5. Recorded expenditure upto (4).............<br />

6. Estimated amount of liabilities outstanding on<br />

(4) ......<br />

7. Certified that the necessary entries have been<br />

made in the Register of Buitdings/plant Record<br />

Bogk (in the case of furniture, certified that the<br />

articles have been brought on ledger).<br />

Station<br />

No............. ..............Dare............... .. AGE<br />

Forwarded to CWE through U.A GE<br />

Forwardefl to CE CWE<br />

Fonvarded to E-in-C CE<br />

Noted and returned to GE E_in_C<br />

CE<br />

CWE<br />

Defence Works procedure, 2007 Delence Works Procedure, 2007<br />

Part B<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

t75 I<br />

Completion cost Rs""""""'<br />

Percentage of excess over administrative approval""'<br />

AuthoritY Passing the excess<br />

Certifiedthatthefollowinghavebeencompleted<br />

in resPect of this Project :<br />

(a) Record Drawings of buildings'<br />

(b) Periodical Sewices Measurements'<br />

i.j rut"tution of Cbntt' Plan where necessary'<br />

(d) Completion cost recorded in the Register of<br />

Buildings.<br />

Date.......-....'..AGE<br />

Date...............GE<br />

Date...............UA<br />


[76] Defence Works procedu re, ZOOT<br />


Government of lndia<br />

coAs/qNs/CAS<br />

su o a'""<br />

&-#;g"6inde' t*fiEtfifi"iffi<br />

,?:i**":i^1"8"fl#"?llood;;;;;;;;<br />

StationCommanderof anarn^.^-r*-lll]]lll-l-_<br />

3;ils-t},ilp.pqill;i}::ffi ;[Tlti$*i*?ff<br />

;":lri, %fr'fl ; #:ru'l-i'rF:i: "ilF T ;5,'j?l;<br />

I hotrtinn rh6 ,^-r- Chief Hydrographer<br />

-, ^lbous,<br />

frff;*#?;h{fr.t#?'ffi d/..fr i'd;ji':"<br />

sus 0r the r;k oi-dr";<br />

SJation Commandors betow the rank of Lt Col/NOlC.;;;<br />

ri "?#fi :ffitft<br />

';t'#<br />

m: r* ;srlj"nn:;s ::<br />

hfriii,fi:-.+e:t"##"".'f :tr ?:,,"J<br />

3i,l'#;*l'nl 6;* ::1,1 3ifi:T<br />

di d;"ff fi:<br />

(b) The demorition or sare of any buding etu. for demorition<br />

;:jlX:,:',ni:*,ry"::' oi'iii'ii'7'iii o, 1,i to rJii ii',i *i,n<br />

(c) For items a!. (vii)_and (viii) at Mumbai Vishakhapamam<br />

TESf|,:rfe powers on t{auy iaiiti i, exercisert by the Foc-tr_<br />

(d) The financiul .powers delegated to station commancler<br />

tlide (vii) (viiii above *iflot *riiti'u:y ort station commanrttrs<br />

tnespective of whether,rn y ,ry giir,ir( under Rute 20 (a ) rtr<br />

under Rute 20 (U of ,n, rtrgrioi["ni'',,j'tnu Army.<br />

&.{Au<br />


F dd""d"i<br />


(RuPees in takhs)<br />

st.<br />

l{o.<br />

Comp3font Flnanc-ial AulhoritY<br />

Rouch Goq!-<br />

Prepara- ScrutlnY<br />

tion<br />

ADDrox Estimgtee<br />

Prepara. Scruliny<br />

tlil<br />

Engineer<br />

App(ecit-<br />

Uort<br />

2<br />

3.<br />

Gort. ol lndia<br />


GOGIN-C/Equival€nt in Naw 6 Aq rorc€<br />

Commander of an Area/ rnill s'o nt""lG'OsC of a Divison/CIFRR/lndep<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Zonal GE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

DGW<br />

DGW<br />

Comd CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

DGW<br />

DGW<br />

Comd CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Zonal CE<br />

Bde<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

Gp/ EQuivalent in Naw a Ar rors{t<br />

ffiR sectors/ Equivalent in Naw &Air Forc-e<br />

C\,VE<br />

GAAGE (l)<br />

AGE<br />

GtrIAGF {I}<br />

Zonal CE<br />

c'wE<br />

GE<br />

r:WF<br />

O/vE<br />

GSAGE (|)<br />

AGE<br />

Gtr/AGF III<br />

Zonal CE<br />

cwE<br />

GE<br />

..Wtr<br />

Zonal CE<br />

ct/vE<br />

GE<br />

al/rrF<br />

7. Station Commanders ol all ranks in Amy/Navy/Ar Foroe<br />

SuPdt,<br />

Gde l{<br />

AGE<br />

AGE 0<br />

GE<br />

Supdt<br />

Gde I<br />

AGE<br />

AGE (l)<br />

GE<br />

AGE (l)<br />

GE<br />

Notes : t.<br />

2.<br />

Technical scrutiny of E/lv1 Projects will be carried out as per Section 10 of MES STANDING<br />

ll3il,:-?fr"pu,",ion of Rough.cosvApproxi.{g..Frri-l.yl"e'""". Appreciation for work<br />

belonging to Navy & ;; itr*-fru a"uo'u!'upon cwE and these"docu.eoir will be ssrulinised<br />

by Zonal CE.<br />

t Annexure 'E' ot MES Standing Orders' 1995'<br />




l" The asnecr ,oi detining the division of responsibility<br />

betw,een staff and. th. E;d;;&r"(ffi3i";'#;;fiTit objections<br />

on works has beeriunder consideration at this He for<br />

some time" Whereas the powers to sanction works ui" u"rt.O<br />

in various formation. comminders, the iesponsibility For execution<br />

of works and submission of rechnical ddcumenti'ii irrui or trr"<br />

fy8ineers_ (MFD. The issue was examin.O in ""nr"flaiion wittr<br />

Air and Naval FIQs .and it has consequently been O""it",f tf,ot<br />

the areas of responsibility would be al give'n i" irr. i""""eding<br />

paragraphs.<br />

. 2: s11fl Responsibirity. sraff authorities wiil be responsibre<br />

r.o dear wrth and repry ro objections pertaining to the fbnowing<br />

works matters :<br />

(a) Irregularities in according the sanctions.<br />

(b) Sa-nctioning of works under paras 342 & 3Sz of DWp,<br />

2007.<br />

(c) changes in scope of work due to administrative reasons.<br />

(d) 4r"o$ing of sanction without prior possession of lancl.<br />

.(e) Non-finalisation of cases pertaining tb ,""ou"ry of .*n,,<br />

allied.charges, barrack {rT1g"l once the T"O"io""ii''oglnri"r,<br />

units have been decrared defiulters despite ,ii ilil iiii" uy<br />

MES authorities- Administrative actions to recover such revenues<br />

due to the state should thereafter be taken uy ,turr u"irro.iri"r.<br />

These actions are ro be raken by rhe staff 3'monthi uit"i tn"<br />

rhe<br />

:r:::_:.lj"tj:",bJ MES auihorities una ili.ii'."nrlqu"n,<br />

Oeclaratton as det-aulters.<br />

' 3. Engineers (MES) responsibility. objections on ail other<br />

aspects of works matters not couereo in puru 2 at ooe--u't*r*<br />

otherwise specified wourd be crealt with by tfi" r"ei";.* lnrEs;.<br />

. 4' To ensure that the areas of respo_nsibilit! ur. generafiy<br />

wcll dcfined, the derineation of responsibirity iir ctcafins *ith<br />

and answering rhc audir objections his u"en gru"n<br />

attached.<br />

"i'effi."a"<br />

5" A reference. is being. mage to the CsDA accordingly to<br />

issue suitabre directions to ihe cswE ." trr" ,"ur";'"i;"; ,r"<br />

1<br />

a<br />

Addenda-Ii<br />

t80 I<br />

OMG ietter..No BtOlZ4TlAple3W {poticy) dared 16 Mar 89<br />

A,'rgneo wtth corresponding paras ol DWp, 2007.<br />

t8t1<br />

rcquested to disseminate this information to all fbrmations units<br />

under your commands.<br />

Appendix to Para 4 of letter No. B/0124TlAple3W (poticy)<br />

dt 16 Mar 89<br />

1. The delineation of responsibility to reply to audit objcctions<br />

pertaining to works matters between'Siaff and MES<br />

are given in the succeeding paragraphs.<br />

. 2. StalT Responsibility-.Staff authorities wil be responsible<br />

to deal with and reply to objections pertaining to :-<br />

(a) Irregularities in according the sanctions.<br />

(b) Sanctioning of works under Paras 34 and 35 of DWp,<br />

2007.<br />

(c) Changes in scope of work due to administrative reasons.<br />

(d) According of sanction without prior possession of land.<br />

.(e) Non-finalisation of cases pertaining to recovery of rent,<br />

nllied.charges, barrack {ama-ges once the lndividuals, agencies,<br />

units have been declared defaulters despite all actioni tiken by<br />

MES authorities. Administrative actions io recover such revenues<br />

due to the state should thereafter be taken by staff authorities.<br />

'lhese actions are to be taken by the staff 3 months after the<br />

lmue of. notice. by the MES aufhorities and their consequent<br />

tlcclaration as defaulters.<br />

. . 3.. Fngineers (MBS) responsibility-To be responsible to<br />

dcal with objections pertaining to :-<br />

, (u) Irregularities in scales, authorisation, rates and specificalklns<br />

adopted in the sanctions and administrative approvals and<br />

latcr, in adopting the irregular specifications, rate, iuthorisation<br />

lnd so on during execution of lvorks.<br />

, (b) Delay in raising of bills against individuals, agenceies,<br />

private persons, contractors, units, for licence fees," barrack<br />

dmages, rent and allied charges and so on. To take adequate<br />

lqtly up acticn to effect r6coveries is the responsibilidy of<br />

MES. After all the actions have been taken by MES, and three<br />

months after the respective individuals, agencies or units are<br />

daclared defa_ulters, further actions are io 5e taken by the staff<br />

tt per para 2 (e) above.<br />

(c) All aspects associated with conclusion and administration<br />

rtf contracts.<br />

(d) All other aspects not included in the Staff responsibility<br />

wlth regard.lo_.wor\s matters unless otherwise specified, will bi:<br />

lhc rcsponsibility of the Engineers (MES).

Addenda-III<br />

t 82 I<br />



Detinitions<br />

C)perational Works<br />

L. Operational works are generaliy of a temporary nature<br />

actuallv nteded fbr the condult of operations for formations<br />

;i.;;tli "on..tn"d with such' operations' Works will not bc<br />

;;;;A as operational works if ihey can be dealt with under<br />

normal worki procedure, without risk to thc progress of operations.<br />

Operational Works Area<br />

2. Operational works are undertaken in areas which according<br />

to'g"ogruphic location and military. situation are specifi-<br />

.rif, O?"fui"d is rgperational Works Arca' by thc Government<br />

ilil ,i*; lo tim..'such areas will conform ro rhc areas of<br />

iurisdiction of operational formdtions and static line of com-<br />

';;;ili;; of f,rr'nutions having an operational role. Operational<br />

worts Areas have been *peiified ,ride Gouernment of India<br />

Mil"try of D"f"n"" letter Nb. 05633/Q3W liii234lQ.D.8/48 dated<br />

23 Jan" 1948 as amended vide their letter No. A/00955/Q3W<br />

(rolicy)/375lus/D (w-1) dated 09 Mar 1981'<br />

Scope and Type of Operational Works<br />

3. Opeiational works are restricted to the following types :<br />

(a) Field defences.<br />

fUl Construction and improvement of airfields' roads and<br />

bridges.<br />

(c) Field rvater suPPlY<br />

td<br />

Ancillary buildingi- to tented camqs and hospitals'<br />

("i Shelteri (but noi hurs) as a substitute for tentage.<br />

(n Constructions of advancc landing grounds' helipads'<br />

\ / roads (other than class 9 and above), bridges, ropeways'<br />

opout)onul and technical accommodation "provided<br />

tliat the sanction is accorded by a formation. commander<br />

aot lower than a division commander or<br />

equivalent in cases when the operational work in<br />

Para wise reproduclion of M'E'S' Precis No' 1601<br />

lntl<br />

tlut:stion is cxllc:ctcd to lust morc than thrcc yeitrs<br />

l'rorn thc datc of complction.<br />

(g) Elcctrification to thc minimum extent considered<br />

ncccssary tcl meet requirements of field def'ences,<br />

opcrational and technicai accommodation and hospitals<br />

(cxcluding residential accommodations), if this is considcrcd<br />

essential for operational reasons. In cases,<br />

where electricity is not available from existing resolrrces,<br />

new generating piant may be installed. If the<br />

buildings are Lreing maintained by troops, payment of<br />

electricity biils can be made from the grant for opcra"<br />

tional tasks. [Authority : Army Headquarters letter No.<br />

05633lElect/Q.1W (Policy) of 12 Aug 19751.<br />

(h) Lightening protcction.<br />

Note : All works ether than th.ose. listcrJ in Paragraph 3 above qre<br />

nrrntal works and cre govemed by the provisions of Govemment of<br />

lndia, Mitr of Defence Department (Army Branch) letter No. 6238211Q<br />

ll/-w iii dated 09 Jan 1947 and Govemnnent of India, War Department<br />

1,.lir Branch) letter No. 010641019/4 dated 25 May 194V.<br />



Ordering of Operational Works<br />

4. Commanders in Operational Works Areas may orcler<br />

thc execution, within their respective areas o1 rcsponsibility, o1'<br />

nny opeqational work provided the necessary st()res are cither<br />

nt their disposal or are obtainable locally. Otherwise application<br />

must be made to higher authorities.<br />

5. Orders sanctioning works and requisitioning or hiring<br />

ol'buildings and land will be recorded in writing and communie:ltcd<br />

to the rcsponsible engineer authority and to the Controller<br />

rtl' Def'e.nce Accounts unless the tactical situation renders this<br />

('()urse impossible.<br />

Executing Agency<br />

6, Operational works may bc ordered on any of the<br />

lilllowing executing agencies--<br />

(u) Formation engineers.<br />

(b) Military Engineers Services.<br />

(c) Other Construction agencies like Public Works Department,<br />

Central Public Works Department, Border<br />

Roads Organisation and the Railways.<br />

7. Formation engineers may not always be in a position

t84 l<br />

to execute all the operational works planned. In such cases<br />

work orders rnay be placed on the Military Engineer Services,<br />

Border Roads Organi-sation and other construction agencies if<br />

permitted by theii own department- procedures. However, no<br />

work will b6 ordered on civil agencies in areas where Military<br />

Engineer Services exist, withouf prior concurrence from Command<br />

Headquarters.<br />

Execution bY Formation Engineers<br />

8. Formation engineers will execute operational works<br />

ordered on them depaitmentally. They will not execute works<br />

through contract.<br />

i. Formation engineers who are ordered to execute olerational<br />

works will be piovided with Supplies and Services (S and<br />

S) lmprest under the sanction of the Chief Engineer, Corps<br />

Tire sinction issued by the chief engineer for this purpose will<br />

specifu the monetary -<br />

limit. The imprest account number will<br />

b^e allctted by Contioller of Det'ence Accounts on application,<br />

after issue of sanction by the Chief Engineer. Units will operate<br />

the S and S Imprest aCcounts in accordance with the relevant<br />

orders.<br />

1.0. Engineer stores specifically issued for use in^operational<br />

works and incorporated in them will be struck off charge on<br />

completion of the works on the basis of proper. incorporation<br />

certificate rendered by the executing units or sub units.<br />

L1. The commander competent to sanction the operational<br />

works may authorise formation engineers to purchase stores<br />

required (being not available wi.th dependent ordnance or engineer<br />

defots) from anywhere within the area of his responsibility.<br />

tlo-"n"., the Corps Commander may' if he so considers fit,<br />

give the commander competent .to sanction the operational<br />

iorks general or specific permission_to_-make purchases from<br />

ureas el*tending upio the whole of India or only a specified<br />

part thereof.<br />

L2, No separate sanction is necessary for using troops,<br />

war Equipment Table (wET) lquipment and transport available<br />

with th'e unit for execution of operational works. No charges<br />

are to be levied for these.<br />

13. No civilian tradesmen will be employed on operational<br />

works in sensitive areas. However, in security cleared areas<br />

civilian tradesmen can be employed to an extent Of five percent<br />

i;f the estimated cost of each lob, provided it is included in<br />

ihe Technical Sanction issued by the Chief Engineer, Corps'<br />

lssl<br />

No civilian tradesmen and labour will be employed on mainl(:nllrcc<br />

of operational works assets.<br />

14. It local labour is hired, the nerrick rates should be<br />

published in the formation routine orders and a copy of the<br />

r;nmc should be appended to the muster rolls while forwarding<br />

Irr thc Controller of Defence Accounts. [Paragraphs 1l of<br />

Iingineer-in-Chief's Depanmental Instructions issued vide their<br />

l.attcr No. 66449/F2 (WPC) dated 19 May 1977 refersl.<br />

Execution by Other Agencies<br />

15. When operational works are ordered on agencies other<br />

lhnn the formation engineers the procedure of the respective<br />

dcpartments will be followed in executing these works.<br />

L6. In case of operational works executed by the Military<br />

lingineer Services, monthly expenditure return will be submitted<br />

by the Military Engineer Services unit concerned to the Chief<br />

lingineer, Corps and the Controller of Defence Accounts through<br />

thc AAOGE. For other executing agencies, the Chief Engineer,<br />

(-'ommand, will coordinate the procedure to be followed for<br />

lncurring expenditure and for submission of returns to the<br />

Controller of Defence Accounts and the agency concerned.<br />

Pnyments by cheque, instead of book debit, may be made to<br />

thc executing agency, if so required by them.<br />

Technical and Financial Control<br />

17. Prior to the execution of operational works, technical<br />

*nnction will be issued by the competent engineer authority<br />

trrncd on a detailed technical project and a draft technical<br />

runction initiated by the formation engineers or the concerned<br />

cxecuting agency.<br />

18. Chief Engineer of the formations will assess the aproximate<br />

cost on the basis of draft technical sanction submitted<br />

y the formation engineers soon after the work has been<br />

*rnctioned and intimate it to the Controller of Defence Accounts<br />

eoncerned. The Controller of Defence Accounts will thereafter<br />

maintain the construction account and will inform the sanctioning<br />

and technical authority as and when the ceiling is exceeded.<br />

lf, however, at any stage during the execution of work, the<br />

npproximate cost assessed earlier is expected to be exceeded<br />

due to change in scope of work or design, the Chief Engineer,<br />

will intimate the Controller of Defence Accounts the revised<br />

ceiling, giving reasons for the variation, under intimation to all<br />


t86 l<br />

Handing over of assets, their<br />

accounting and maintenance<br />

Handing Over and Accounting of Assets<br />

19. (a) The formation engineers will intimate the date of<br />

completion of the operational task to the formation headquarters<br />

who will order a board of officers to check that the assets have<br />

been constructed according to the specifications approved by<br />

the Chief Engineer of the formation.<br />

(b) The board will also attach the list of surplus stores<br />

alongwith the cost. This should be supported by the closure<br />

letter by the formation engineers while sending the copy of<br />

closure letter to the Chief Engineer, who will issue disposal<br />

instructions for the surplus stores.<br />

(c) On receipt of board proceedings duly approved by the<br />

formation headquarters the formation engineers will enter the<br />

details in the Numerical Assets Register and also in the Barrack<br />

Inventory of the concerned unit area. For each unit area the<br />

barrack inventories will be prepared in quadruplicate. The assets<br />

will then be handed over to the user units based on the board<br />

proceedings. One copy of the barrack inventory will be retained<br />

with the formation engineers, one copy each will be given to<br />

user unit, bridge headquarters and the division headquarters.<br />

(d) The formation engineers will also mark on the assets<br />

the serial number as per the numerical assets register, job<br />

number and date of completion and the executing agency prior<br />

to handing over of these to the user.<br />

Maintenance of Operational Works<br />

(a) Divisions will convene a board of officers to assess<br />

the maintenance grant for the following year. The board proceedings<br />

will be submitted to Corps Headquarters, Engineers branch<br />

by the end of November each year. On the basis of actual<br />

requirement, the Chief Engineer will demand funds through the<br />

Quarter Master General Staff Branch for maintenance.<br />

(b) On receipt of board proceedings from divisions, Chief<br />

Engineer will scrutinise the proceedings and reflect the changes,<br />

if any, required in the "First Changes in Grant" report sent to<br />

command headquarters in December.<br />

(c) An yearly allotment of funds for maintenance of operational<br />

works assets will be made by 30 June for the current<br />

year to the Chief Engineer, who will sub-allot these funds to<br />

the formation engineers on the basis of board proceedings<br />

received from the divisions.<br />

(d) In areas wheie the Military Engineer Services has been<br />

ryh<br />

,lnducted, operational works assets will be handed over to them<br />

for accouniing and maintenance. Assets for which complete<br />

ruction accounts are not available, Chief Engineer will<br />

the cost of assets in consultation with the Military Engineer<br />

,$e entered in the record. The cost<br />

or alteration or special repairs will aisil be entered in the<br />

tccords and the overall enlranced value of the asset, used for<br />

the calculation of grants for maintenance. dssets handed over<br />

ito the Military Engineer Services will then be governed by<br />

normal works procedure.<br />

''i<br />

t87 l<br />

Disposal ol Operational Works Assets<br />

20. Disposal of operational wbrks assets that have outlived<br />

their life oi have deteriorated beyond economical repairs or<br />

lre no longer required, will be carried out under the orders of<br />

lhe Divisional Commander, who had ordered the execution of<br />

works. However, concurrence of Corps Headquarters will<br />

obtained prior to dismantling and disposal of such assets'<br />

21. The division commander will order a board of officers<br />

assess the serviceability of stores being dismantled and to<br />

lccommend disposal of stores.<br />

22. On the basis of recommendations of the board, the<br />

commander will issue orders fbr dismantling of assets.<br />

: 23, The formation engineers will strike off the assets from<br />

the numerical registers and intimate the same to the fbrmation<br />

[eadquarters. Unit barrack inventories will also be duly amended.<br />

24, T\e retrieved serviceable stores will be used only for<br />

nance of operational works assets or in the new operaworks<br />

within the defined operational works area.<br />

;djustment carried out.<br />

' 26, All unserviceable surplus stores should be returned to<br />

pngineer Park or Field Ordnance Depot for disposal.<br />



By Army Headquarters<br />

27, (a) No operational work will be ordered unless it has<br />

bcen appioved by- Army Headquarters, Directorate of Military<br />

Operations and funds are allotted for it.

l88 l<br />

(b) No operational work will be sanctioned by.a formation<br />

commander bdlow the level of a division commander.<br />

(c) The above restrictions will not be operative during<br />

actuai hostilities or when hostilities are imminent, when full<br />

powers may be exercised by all commanders vested with powers<br />

io sanction operational woiks. On termination of hostilities, the<br />

procedure laii down in Section 7 of Works Manual (War) India<br />

iggs *ilt be adopted lAuthority : Army Headq,uarters No'<br />

A100965/Q3W (Policy) dated 09 June 1977 and Army_Headquarters<br />

Ietter N;A100955/Q3W (Policy) dated 15 Jan 19751.<br />

Purchase of StationerY.<br />

28. There is no provision under the operational works<br />

procedure for purchase 9{ s14i-qnery - lAuth ority ^: . Army -!ead'<br />

quorttrt lener No. B\S7SS1\QEW (Policy) dated 04 lan 19771<br />

Time for ComPletion.<br />

29. No operational works should extend peyond two working<br />

seasons. If a major or immediate delay' is envisaged, corps<br />

headquarters should be informeg eivi^ng the reasols .for the<br />

delayindicating revised pro_posed^ qlrte of comple-lio.. lAuthority :<br />

Army Headquirten letteV No. Al109syQ3w (Policy) dated 15 Jan<br />

1e7sl.<br />


Planning PersPective<br />

30. A three year plan for operational works should be<br />

drawn up for the corps sector on a roll-on concept. This plan<br />

should de made at iorps headquarters by the General .Staff<br />

lOoerations) Branch in ionsultatinn with headquarters divisions<br />

)nd tt " Chief Engineer and should be approved by.the Corps<br />

Commander. Thisllan should be reviewed periodically to cater<br />

for changes due to financial constraints.<br />

f f. iVtrite planning operational works, the following will<br />

be kept in view :<br />

(a) Type of work should be restricted to those mentioned<br />

in ParagraPh 3, Section 1''<br />

(b) Only thise works to be-planned and executed under<br />

\ / opeiational works procedure-which cannot be executed<br />

under the Defence Works Procedure'<br />

(c) The quantum of operational works sanctioned and<br />

\ / planned to be execuied should be within the- capability<br />

bf tne engineer troops. As a rough yardstick one<br />

engineer rEgiment can execute operational and main-<br />

t8eI<br />

tenance works to the extent.of aDorox' 12 of 15 lakhs<br />

in a year. Tifi;;;Jn"fuO"t tdsi

te0 l<br />


Allotnnent of Funds<br />

37. Depending upon the funds allotted, Command Headquarters<br />

will sub-allot the funds to corps for all carry over<br />

and nerv operational works. The sub-ailotment of funds i"itt t<br />

made to Divisions by Corps, euarter Master General Branch"<br />

(\\krrks), in consultation with the General Staff (Operations)<br />

branch and on the basis of operational tasks apprbuio by the<br />

Corps Commander.<br />

Actions by Division Staff<br />

Issue of Adrninistrative Approval<br />

_38. (q) Immediately on receipt of funds, Division Com_<br />

manders will sanction .the. operational works on their respective<br />

engineer regiment by issuing Administrative Approval specifl,ing<br />

the following-<br />

(i) Operationai work number.<br />

(ii) Catcgory of work.<br />

(iii) Sccpe of work.<br />

(b) The letter ordering the rperational work should include<br />

delegation of authority to ihe executing agency for purchase of<br />

stores. The general. or special powers deiegate-d by the Division<br />

commander ordering the cperational w"orks to the officer<br />

commanding of the engineer r-egiment (or the Garrison Engineer<br />

or the head of other executing agency of operational worfs are<br />

ordered on them) will not be t'urther delegated to any other<br />

o{fic.e1 The budget will also be indicated. l, specimen'.f the<br />

adrninistrative approval is given at Appendix ,8,.<br />

- (c) While stating the category oiwork and the details of<br />

work in thc administrative approval, care shoulcl be taken to<br />

gyar.d against . any breach of iecurity of in{brmation, as copies<br />

of the administrative _approval are -endorsed to civil agen^cies<br />

including the controller and Deputy controiler of D"efence<br />

Accounts anrl Assistant Director clf Audit. The exact location<br />

ol' works and specifications of works shourd not be includecl.<br />

Co1ps. Chief Engineer ivill include rhese details only in the<br />

technical sanction whosc distribution is restricted only to the<br />

engineer regiment. The approximate estimated cost of 'each job<br />

r:nly is intimated to audit authorities.<br />

39. Pru;vide troolts lairttur and transport to assist the<br />

formation engineers to complete the task.<br />

lell<br />

40. Publisb aPProved ratcs fclr civil iabtlur rcquirccl 'by thc:<br />

cnuinccrs. '"""';;:"ioonitor the progress and ensure proper utilisation o['<br />

lunds.<br />

'""""'42. changes in location, scope, cicsisn nccessitated due to<br />

.ocrational reasons ;;il;;;'plcmcnted oily aftcr.prior appr.val<br />

:f:e;il" *i;;;"q;il;-c:;9;;1 . stari (operations),, a1d thc<br />

Engineers branch. ii'li' *ifi involve amendmcnt both to the<br />

administrative approval and the technical sanction'<br />

43. Arrang" ,u'pii'" checks to ensure quality control and<br />

execution of *orkr'according to thc approu"d design and<br />

specifications-<br />

44. Ensure that formation enginees maintain "Shadow<br />

Construction e""ouiit';- on the hn6 similar to Construction<br />

accounts maintainJ';y ;'il;uty Controller of Defence Accounts.<br />

45. Convcne a Board of Officers on completion of operational<br />

task to ensure the following : , .-:^^r ..^*<br />

"""-i"i<br />

^sets h;;; been creared ur p"r rhe technical sanctton.<br />

(b) Storcs h;;;;;;; correctlv incorported in the job and<br />

accounted for'<br />

(c) Stores t "tO ,u'ptus. altcr,complction oi jokr. arc properly<br />

\-) ,,iJ"ir",r .gu"inti oir'tt jobs oi rcl'crred to thc Engineers<br />

branch ui--o'pt Heabquarters tor disposal"<br />

(d) d;;t ttuu" U'""n taken ovcr by the formation engtneers<br />

in the numerical assets rcgister'<br />

46. Instruc, i'ftt^tt"i "nit or formation tcl take over the<br />

assets, based "n ;;; u't"io-pitt"edings 'Jutl aq91^o:"^1-9v 'h"<br />

Formatio n cn,n* uni"t ""<br />

" J tJ "" te r th E. ass c ti i n. itrg 3 n^it:l1?:t<br />

*"i1, u**ack inventories. check that thc inventones are rnalntaineci<br />

......-rz..er,erallfinancialacljustmentshavebeencarnt<br />

upto^ date-,<br />

r. -^:^r ^.ri..-*'-cr<br />

':d out<br />

hv the Deputy a;;i;;ll; oi'D"f"rr"* Accounts' ensure the<br />

;ir_;;; or-it"'opoational rask by the exacuting agency.<br />

Actions by the Formation Engineers -<br />

48. On i,,,," of administrative approval by the Division<br />

commander, tn*"urilh" ;..f, technicai sanction io corps chiel<br />

Engineer. In the drafi-iechnical sanction the tollowing wiil bc<br />

included :<br />

(a) Loca:ion'<br />

if,j S"op" and type of construction"<br />

i"i o"tuit"d spelifications and drawings'<br />

(oj t-itt o[ stores and the cost'

Iezl<br />

(e) Requirement of civil labour.<br />

49. Commence procurement of stores, tools and plant as<br />

advise.d by Chief Engineer of the Corps.<br />

50. Maintain active liaison with ihe user unit regarding<br />

timely and proper location of stores n"ui trr" ^rir"'ln ^Jio",<br />

to<br />

ensure that actual siting and execution can commence during<br />

the w_orking season witfiout any loss of time.---<br />

51. Technical supervision and quarity control to ensure<br />

workmanshlp or high brder. Ensure titut tiortr-ur" *r"-ir"o<br />

by<br />

_qualified trade Non-Commissioned oi lunloi CornrnTrlri"n"O<br />

Officer of the same rrade as the *ort Ueing;";;;;'*<br />

52. Forward monthry progress report of"operational works<br />

to the division he-adquaiters ind chief figd;;-boipr. no,<br />

details see Appendix C.<br />

.53. Ensure proper booking of expenditure and forward<br />

monthty and quarterly expenditure statement to Division headquarters,<br />

Dgp.uty<br />

^Controller of Defence Accounts unJ Chi"f<br />

tsngrneer of the Corps.<br />

54. Maintenance of "shadow construction Accounts" t'or<br />

all operational works on the lines similar to trr.-"onriiu"ti"n<br />

accounts maintained by the Deputy controller of oetence<br />

Accounts. It should be reconciteit witrr tne auoiiluthorities<br />

once in I quarter and produced to the Board or oriiceis<br />

by the Division.<br />

"ioer"o<br />

55. Take action to revise the technical sanction if it becomes<br />

evident that the cost is likely to exceed the sancti,rnlo-rimit.<br />

56' on completion of the task, intimate Formation treaaquarters<br />

to convene a Board of Offic_ers. Keep the following<br />

for rhe Board<br />

l:^"rS..:1::_."lg1<br />

of Officers *nJn ,oo""""0 U!<br />

rne ljlvlslon Headquarters.<br />

(a) Details ol stores consumed with cost.<br />

(b) Details of civil labour employed, and expenditure on<br />

that account.<br />

(c) Expenditure incurred on any other account.<br />

(d) Details of assets created.<br />

(:) Numbering and marking of assets.<br />

(0 List of surplus stores, flant and machinery alongwith<br />

cost.<br />

(g) Tolll expenditure incurred and booked by controiler<br />

of Defence Accounts, list of liabilities if any, ,ho*ing<br />

the present position of their adjustment. '<br />

57. Enter the assets in the numericir assets resister and<br />

hand over these to the user unit alongwith bariack-in?"nt"ri"r.<br />

193 1<br />

58. Ensure that the surplus stoJes arc-disptxcd.

Le4)<br />

(i) Soundness of all design features.<br />

(ii) Economy.<br />

(iii) Works included are according ro scales laid down by<br />

the General Staff (Operations), Corps Headquarters.<br />

(iv) Specifications are commensurate with the estimated<br />

life and purpose of works.<br />

(b) Technical sanctions will be issued to the enginecr<br />

regiments with a copy to Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts<br />

to appraise them about the approximate cost of works and<br />

enable them to maintain construction accounts for each job.<br />

Details of technical designs and specifications, howevcr, wiil not<br />

be sent to the Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts.<br />

(c) Initiate timely action to procure centraliy controiled items<br />

of store, plant and machinery and release to the fbrmation engineers.<br />

(d) Provide additional tradesmen from Corps Engineer<br />

regiments, if required in consultation with General Staff (Operations)<br />

branch.<br />

(e) Carry out technical checlcs to ensure proper quality control.<br />

(f) Advise the Corps Commander and General Staff (Operations)<br />

_on all technical aspects of operational works inctruding<br />

type of works which can be undertaken, scope ol'r,r,ork, specif'ications<br />

permissible under operational works procedure, siluations<br />

necessitating changes in administrative approvals and technical<br />

sanctions and all matters of financial and technical control.<br />

Ensure that administrative approvals confbrm to the poiicy laid<br />

down by the Corps Commander and obtain his approval prior<br />

to authorising any changes necessitated by local circumstances.<br />

(g) Watch the physical progress of works and the connected<br />

expenditure incurred by the engineer regiments ancl appraise<br />

the Corps Commandcr about the remedial measurc.s taken by the<br />

division staff and engineers in case the progress is not satis{aitory.<br />

(h) Ensure that all surplus stores are correctly accounted<br />

for and utilised by various formations in the corps sector.<br />

fi) Ensure that all operational works are closed by the<br />

division headquarten after completion of works.<br />

(k) Same as Paragraph 59 (h).<br />



General<br />

62, Financial control<br />

involves the following main<br />


WORKS<br />

to be exercised at various levels<br />

responsibilites-<br />

lesI<br />

(a) Expenditure is incurred only after the lunds havc bccn<br />

allotted. Ho'wever, d";itg the first quarter of the financial yoar<br />

..""tJii"* upto ttie iito*ing extbnt can be incurred in antic'ipation<br />

of allotmcnt of funds :-<br />

"" '-i;t For Carry- Over lVorks :. 25 qercel] talance<br />

3t<br />

,.qu,r"tn.nt of luncls projected against the 'the JoDs'<br />

(ii) For Maintenance of Aiseis : 25 percent of,the-allot-<br />

-for<br />

the maintenancc bf assets' during the<br />

ment made<br />

previous financial ye?-l' . . ,i u-- rL^ ^-ai<br />

(bl Finan"iut liuLifti"s will be incurred .!y tl"^.":gineer<br />

,"si*!;tr'on$ ultertG Supplies antl S,crvices (S and S) Imprcst<br />

xfil;;;. 6""n ,"".ii."ii ro rhem by chief Engineer, corps<br />

and a proper S unO^- S ucco"nt number has becn allotted by<br />

ttre Coirtr

te6 l<br />

and- possibre readjustmenl reappropriation and surrender<br />

f.unds in order to<br />

of<br />

dpprise ftilil;-ireuOq*rie.,<br />

Booking of Expenditure by <strong>CDA</strong><br />

Monthly Statement of S and S Imprest Account (IAFA-S2l)<br />

63. Monthlv statement of Imprest Account pertaining<br />

cash_expenctiture<br />

to<br />

wiil b; I;;;;$';i ;,d# the ilgiilLr" Deputy controrer<br />

,"<br />

of Defence Accounts and corps<br />

quarters,Head-<br />

branch.<br />

^E_ngineer The statement of accounts<br />

month of fbr the<br />

March, i-e. the rast statemr"i u"r"* "ti" ".ior"<br />

financial or<br />

yeal wil ue r"r*aiJeo"io Jrt" conrroiler of Defence<br />

Accounts bv 31 March and it wil bsensurea tnaiJt!<br />

reflected throushout the year ta, u""n correctry "*ploit,rr"<br />

adjusted by<br />

r h e co n t ro I I e r Jr De fe ;;; h; ;;, ;;f;;";l ir"#, #,J"""., u n,,.<br />

Monthly Expenditure Return<br />

64, These will be forwarded as pe,r Appendix D attached,<br />

so as to reach corps Headquarters by' ttr" idtn oi-*u"i-montt<br />

showing ,<br />

the position upto.last date oi the<br />

following_points tr;;, *onrfr. m"<br />

must ^Ue highlighteJ^:<br />

(a) Figures in column (e) -'cash Expenditure' should<br />

with talry<br />

the to^t{ figyrgr, u, giJ"n in--the' ilJ;nlt statement of s and-s ImprJst Account gera-sirf ""iJnoi,ur.<br />

-6r*aroeo<br />

to the Controller of Def6nce Accounts.<br />

. . (b)^Figure under column (m) ,Total Expenditure, booked<br />

by the controlrer of Defence e.dountr shouid ue outaineo uy<br />

eggineel regiments by- sending a representative to the<br />

of the Office<br />

Deputy controiler or derencJ accounts-ouiing ih" ri.r,<br />

we_ek of. every monrh. A" figures in column 1ry ,iio.ufO be as<br />

reflected in the construction iccounts maintained by<br />

of<br />

controiler<br />

Derence Accounts and should ;r.;it -r"u;"rii,]i,iJ'i'ig.,r",<br />

gr_':l in column (e). {v aifference Letw6en ii,l jgy<br />

be .t.rfO<br />

reconciled in the ""i ,Remarks' column.<br />

(c) All liabilities shourd be reflected under column<br />

These<br />

(n).<br />

should be viqorously progressed by G;il;;"-."iffi"nrr,<br />

with a view to liq;iaating it"ii-"i-tt! earrrest.<br />

^ ^ (d) Expenditure booked and shown by controlrer<br />

Defence<br />

of<br />

Accounts under corumn (m) pius ii"uiiiri"J,ilJrii<br />

exceed the<br />

r t<br />

total budget allotment. ".,<br />

Quarterly Expenditure Return<br />

65. These should be forwarded to reach Corps Head_<br />

quarters by 10th of .July, October, January .and April showing<br />

the position as on the iast day oi ,h"'pr.i"io"; ;;;ih. "-<br />

, . 66:,Book adjl{tment of piiced uouih"r, f;; J;;;;"ceived<br />

ouflng rne tlnancrar year are carried out by the controiler o[<br />

teTl<br />

Defence Accounts upto July or August eif the following financial<br />

year- It _is imporl.ant that all priced issue vcluchers lorwardcrj<br />

to the controller of nefence Accounts for adjustrnent during<br />

the rnonth.of Aprilare enfaced with red ink on tlie top indicatin!'<br />

th,e financial year in which those vouchers are to b^e adjusted<br />

AII priced issue vouchers should bc tbrwarded to the controller<br />

of Defence Accounts well in time and it will be ensurecl bri<br />

the engineer regiments that all these have been adjusted before<br />

closure of the aL:counts ol' thc year.<br />

67. For the rnonfhs April to August, two appenclices rviil<br />

be forwarded .akrngwith the-monthly alnd quarterly expenditure<br />

roturns; one fbr the current financal yeai and iher bther ftrr<br />

the . previous financial year, ret-er Appendix E atrached. Thr:<br />

linal. figures of. expenditure during the previous financiai ycar<br />

will be shown in mcnthly expendit-ure ret,rrn fbr August to bc<br />

lorwarded to Corps Headquarters by 10th of Septeriber.<br />


Numerical Records<br />

68. All assets created out of operational works will be<br />

entered in "Numerical dssets Registir" to be rnaintaineci ar.<br />

thc formation headquarters for the'works oreierccr by thcm or<br />

cxecuted in their geographical ju::isiliction. Thc following detaiis<br />

will be entered in the numerical"records based on thc proiecding:.,<br />

ol' Board of otficers orderccl by trrc crivisicn heaclquartcrr<br />

uoncerned :<br />

(a) Serial Number of rhe asset (Numcrical Number).<br />

(b) Operational task number unrler which crcated"<br />

(c) Description of the structure.<br />

(d) Specifications in brief.<br />

(e) Executed by.<br />

(t) Date of completion.<br />

(g) Capital cost.<br />

(h) Cost of addition or alteratir:n carricrJ out subsequently.<br />

fi) Unit to which hanric.i rlver on u:mplction.<br />

. .69. It is emphasiscd thar cverrv operati.nal task o*lcrccl<br />

Iry thc division iriespective of thc exeiuting agency and sub-<br />

\('(lrrcnt lr final status oi the opcrational task su,;ti lts cancell,rtions,<br />

closure and so on nbou!61-f,igure in tlie Nrrr;lcrir,,1 Assels<br />

Itr:qistcr- All assets incl rg irlant and milJirincli,!. w: : dctail:,<br />

.l thcir makc, serilrl nui"rihi'r. f,i.rst ar1,.l piir,.,.* ,r,iler,.: rnstalled<br />

.'lrotrkl bc rclk:ctr-'rl in lh , , , ,. i.r

tesl<br />

70. Copies of such Numerical Assets Register will be kept<br />

at the Division Headquarters and in the engineer regiments. lt<br />

will be updated by thi: Division Headquarters concerned- by 3l<br />

Dec every year and a certificate furnished to this effect tO<br />

General -Stdm 1Op*rations) and Engineers branch at Corps<br />

Headquarters.<br />

Zt. e.rOit objections or observations on the financial aspec-'ts,<br />

whenever raised "by the controller of Def'ence Accounts will<br />

be dealt with by the division headquarters and the fcrrmation<br />

engineers depending on whethcr they pertain to operational<br />

works or to the maintenance grant.<br />

Handing Over of Assets to lvlES<br />

12, A Board of Ofl'icers will be convened by the fbrmation<br />

who had orclered the works for the purpose o[ handing ovcr<br />

aFsets to Military Engineer Services. The suggested composition<br />

of the board is as under :<br />

(a) Brlgadier<br />

(b) Lieutenant Colonel<br />

(c) Major<br />

(d) Garrison Engineer or his<br />

representative<br />

Presiding Officer.<br />

Member (u:rer unit).<br />

Member (Engineer regiment).<br />

Member in attendance from the<br />

concerned area (the certificate<br />

given by Garrison Engineer/<br />

representative will be counter'<br />

signed by the Commander Works<br />

Engineers).<br />

73. 'Ihe boar.l will cnsure the following :<br />

(a) ,{ssets rc,-ommcnded to be taken over by thc Military<br />

!lrruincer Sen'ice. are not substandard structurcs and ar('<br />

r.,.,ionably suitabi,- tor the purpose for which these are to ht'<br />

-a<br />

r-:.sci: Au; .quidc the lbllowing will be taken over :<br />

(i) Buildings with residual life o[ two years and above'<br />

iiil<br />

Metaliecl roads in use which are required for a min<br />

imum Period of thrce Years.<br />

(iii) All power srrpply installations in lhe area'<br />

i;uj rut sr'rrc water supply installations excluding ['ic1l<br />

watcr P0lnts'<br />

(b) Asse:ssed untus r-rf these will be carefully worked" otrt<br />

(rj ,l,tt"t* will be cntered in the draft board proceedirrq'<br />

Tlire following adclitional information will also be giv-en :.<br />

(i) plinth irea anrJ other relevant dimensions of builcli'ts<br />

or other assets in titt' column 'l)escripticln

lr00l<br />

quarters by 01 December each year. The following clarifications<br />

are glven :<br />

(a)Partl.Totalmaintenanceloadwillnotexceed25<br />

1r"r"*)1i ut t5" allotment made for maintenance during the<br />

iurr"nt financial year. After due approval of the maintenanc':'<br />

nian bv Corps Headquartcrs thess maintenance tasks will t'r<br />

in.flrrit.n and amount spent in anticipation of actual alloimcnt<br />

J;;g lhe first quarter'of the financial year for which the<br />

maintcnance -- Plan has been made.<br />

rrrl Part II. This part will include other maintenance tasks<br />

to bd irndertaken on'receipt of firm allocation of funds for<br />

,nuini"nunte, from Corps. Total amount of Part I and Part II<br />

;hould be as per the 'nottt laid down' For the purpose of<br />

pi;;irt in" -lui.tt"nance tasks, the allotment made during the_<br />

lrecedifrs three vears can be taken as a guide' On approval of<br />

b;i.t'-ffigin""r bt the corps, planning of maintenance<br />

1v.'rk.<br />

and advanie action for procurement of stores (actual expendlture<br />

will not be incurred tiil funds are allotted) can be initiated hv<br />

the formations.<br />

Demand of Maintenance Funds<br />

77. The demand for maintenance Grant wiil be projecteti<br />

as per Appendix G attached.<br />

Execution<br />

Ts.Themaintenanceofoperationalworksassetswillbr:<br />

carried out throughout the year" However, maintenance t-rt<br />

;;f;;r" works will"perforce be restricted to the actual wgrkln*<br />

;;;i.d available. The maintenance tasks will be undertnkc'rr<br />

l-tii*tfy as per thc maintenancc plan lor thc ycar' duly.appruvt:'l<br />

;t ;;il lieadquarters. A,s the iormati6n enqincers '*'ill h'"<br />

_rrlsc<br />

committed on cxecution .f carry over work,q. lh;r<br />

"in.uir"ntly trut[ oL the maintenance tasks will have to be carried r:rit b',<br />

it * ut*t units themselves under supervision of cngineer .traric:'<br />

rnen. Il,taintenance stores will noi tre used fcrr unauthoriseti<br />

*cirt s in operati.nal works areas or in ar*as outside thc clperational<br />

works jurisdiction.<br />

Cornpletion RePort<br />

79. A, Boird of officers convened lbr the asssssmcnt i.;1<br />

maintcnance grant should also inspect the maintenance vrorkr"<br />

carricd out diiring the working season" A consolidar"cd rc{:':ti,<br />

a$ per the format"attached at Appendix H u'ill !e prcpari:i.l ll<br />

tne'nivision headquarters and torwardecl tc the Quarier |vu,tnl":<br />

Cc*irul (Works) ind Engineer..branch$s at C'rps headquiir lci,<br />

t'y: tti Airil, i.e., at the end of the financial year'<br />

sEcTloN-9<br />

AND<br />

lr0ll<br />



80. Settlement of audit objections and observations raised<br />

hv the Controller of D"f.n"" Accounts on operational works<br />

ir' ,iil, .I+ilri,iifriiry ile unit, maintaining ihe. construction<br />

;"";;; h;pon*iuitiii"s "t of various agencies including variors<br />

formation head-quarters are as under :<br />

(a) Division fleadquarters'.<br />

iii To keep a waich on the audit objections and-otservations<br />

raised by the Controller of Defence Accounts<br />

and also to wdtch thb progress of their settlement'<br />

A Quarterfv t"poit on ihe"subject-will.be obtained<br />

from the Jngin'"o regiments in the first week of<br />

March, June, September and December'<br />

fii') Forward a consolidated quarterly report to- Quarter<br />

\"'/<br />

rururt", ccneral branch at the corps Headquarters,<br />

iurnishing-itt* O"tuitt of all audit.objections a1d observationi<br />

*ittt it't. latest progress by ihe-second week<br />

of March, June, September and December'<br />

(iii) Proeress statements of cases through' Quarter Master<br />

'.''' b-;;;;ut strri channels, fbr those cases requiring sanction<br />

of Higlot Competent Financial Authority (CFA)<br />

or Government of India'<br />

(i") At the tim'e of relief of engineer regiments.obtain a<br />

list of r:nsettled objectioris and observations and<br />

progress -their settlement directly with the relieving<br />

unit.<br />

(v) Furnish rnnlies to cbjections or observations raised<br />

\'/<br />

hy thc c+ntroller of -Defence Accounts on matters<br />

plrtaining i i uO*i"i'trative approvals and closure of<br />

oPerational works'<br />

(b) Corps Ftreadquarters, Quarter Master General Branch<br />

(Works). ' (ii scrutinise the quarterly reports and pursue settlement<br />

with the formation headquarters'<br />

rii) Prosress statement

tl02l<br />

(iv) Reply objections or obsen'ations of general naturc<br />

raised by the Controller of f)efence Accounts, involving<br />

sanctioning of works in the Corps sector, financial<br />

closure of works and disposal of assets created under<br />

operational works.<br />

(c) Corps Headquarters (Engineers Branch).<br />

(i) Advise'Quarter Master General'branch on settlement<br />

of audit objections or observaticns related with the<br />

subjects mentioned in Paragraph (b) above.<br />

(ii) Furnish reply to the Controller ol' Det'ence Accclunts<br />

on objections or observations raised by him on technical<br />

aspects involving design or speciticaticrns of the<br />

works, expenditure connected with stores, tools, plant<br />

and any other matter connected with technical sanctions.<br />

(iii) Progress cases through departmental channels requiring<br />

sanction of Command Chief Engineers or the<br />

Engineer-in-Chiet.<br />

Procedural and Financial lrregularity Involving Admlnistrative<br />

Action, Civll $uits and Litigation, Special<br />

Pollce Enquiry Central Bureau of lnvestigations Etc.<br />

81. All such cases will be deait with try the fbrmation<br />

headquarters concerned and progressed through Adjutant<br />

General Staff channels.<br />

82, At the time of turnover of engineer regiments, fuli<br />

details of all pending cases will be obtained by the Adjutant<br />

General Staff branch of the division headquarters" Division<br />

headquarters will instruct the relieving engineer regiment to<br />

deal with certain cases after handing and taking over and instruct<br />

the relieved engineer regiment to hand over records/elocuments<br />

pertaining to such cases.<br />

83. In case of doubt, divisi

t1041<br />

(ii) List of liabilities on account of which the costruction<br />

account has not been closed by the Controller of<br />

Defence Accounts with their latest position.<br />

(iii) Expenditure incurred and booked by Controller of'<br />

Defence Accounts till date (duly reconciled).<br />

(iv) Surplus_ sto-res, plant and machinery held, if any, on<br />

the order from Chief Engineer, C6rps or Commancl<br />

should be disposed off by the relieved engineer regiment<br />

and not handed over to relieving engineer re[iment.<br />

(d). Surplus Stores, Plant and Machinery. All surplus<br />

stores, plant and machinery will be listed job-wise (this does<br />

not include those stores mentioned in Paiagraph (b) to (c)<br />

above, which will be listed separately for each job).-Thci foilowiirg<br />

details pertaining to all surplus stores will be furnished to the<br />

relieving unit :<br />

(i) Operational task number against which they were<br />

procured or released.<br />

(ii) Source and date of release/receipt order number an

11061<br />

(c) Bitumen and Explosives : The engineer regiments<br />

should intimate the approximate requirement of bitumen anci<br />

explosives for the following year based on projected works and<br />

the boards convened for maintenance grant. This requiremenl<br />

should be forwarded to the Engineers branch (corps) by 10<br />

January each year. Chief Engineer will scrutinise the demands<br />

and forward the consolidated requiremcnt to command to take<br />

provisioning action. Stores will actually be procured or released<br />

by the zonal Chief Engineer on order of Chief Engineer<br />

command.<br />

(d) Generating sets, Pumping Sets, PBS Rolls : These<br />

stores fall under the category of controlled stores and are<br />

generally centrally purchased by the Army Headquarters, Engineer-in-Chiefs<br />

branch or the Ordnance Branch. Demand of<br />

these items will be prepared by the Chief Engineer on DER<br />

(P) Form 1 clearly stating the time by which these are required<br />

and five copies of these forwarded to E-3 section Engineers<br />

branch (command). Based on their availability in stock, these<br />

will be released. Alternatively, 'NA' certificates, will be issued<br />

by the agencies concerned. Chief Engineer corps will then<br />

arrange for the local purchase of these stores.<br />

(e) Paints and Alkathene Pipes : Engineer regiments will<br />

forward the demands of these stores to Engineers branch of<br />

the corps headquarters by 15 April each yeai. Chief Engineer<br />

corps will finalise and approve the rates, specifications and the<br />

quality of these items and intimate to the engineer regiments<br />

and Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts. The unit will then<br />

place the supply order on the approved firm.<br />

Stores to be Procured Locally by Engineer Regiments<br />

92. The formation engineers will work out the requirement<br />

for items other than those mentioned in Paragraph 90 above,<br />

on the basis of sanctioned operational works, Ihe'maintenance<br />

programme and arrange to procure them as per the standard<br />

procedure.<br />

Local Purchase of Stores under Maintenance Grant<br />

93. No local purchase of stores, required under the<br />

maintenancg grqry, wili be done withoui the prior per-<br />

mission of Chief Engineer colps. The formation-engineers<br />

will forward to the Chief Ehgineer Engineer co corps their formal<br />

requisition, i.e., application for sanction of local purchase, purchale,<br />

supported by the quotations of the firms, corirparative<br />

statement and the NA certificates. The Chief Ehsineer Engineer<br />

will accord his approval after necessary scrutiny.<br />

.A<br />

o o<br />

G,<br />

N cl)<br />

.!<br />

l!<br />

o.<br />

.!<br />

E ott<br />

T'<br />

o<br />

F xt,<br />

:l<br />

ol<br />

NI<br />

I<br />

:<br />

C)<br />

N<br />

G<br />

troCL uJ<br />

CL<br />

lu<br />

F GoTL<br />

clt<br />

zl<br />

Fg;iFE$E3F"iBi3.,<br />

I I or:<br />

f$t +: €=.-Fe,SE #;ST<br />

E3g[r[i$;$;}FFiE<br />

;;:r;l;gqE; r,:s<br />

fg Fi$Fff5#iiii$F<br />

3; $sH +Fx;sF:'r[55<br />

F g I I€ I ;is rE; 'd3 :=33?AoxDF lF5g<br />

o<br />

tt os*o<br />

=I<br />

o<br />

ao<br />

F<br />

o<br />

D<br />

o<br />

o<br />

T€ ;''. 9, e<br />

UHJ<br />

f --rCHir. O iD v<br />

;5x<br />

iEaas g ga<br />

i .=$; F<br />

=6<br />

rlEFH gF F<br />

s ti<br />

33FH<br />

iFS-3 EF<br />

I o {= r io'<br />

99-Al O o<br />

i:r; E<br />

X=id.= I<br />

X Ai o.r o<br />

+s. '6' "ed<br />

8.5 N€ A<br />

. Appendix "C" to Addenda lll (Para 52 Refers)<br />


Sl. No. Job Number Brief des- Amount<br />

cription of allotled<br />

work and<br />

probable<br />

dale of comolelftrn<br />

{PDCI<br />

Work<br />

Commenced<br />

lrom<br />

Specific<br />

conslruclion<br />

carried out<br />

during lhe<br />

month under<br />

review<br />

Progress<br />

since work<br />

starled<br />

Amount<br />

expended<br />

Tasks planned<br />

lor lhe<br />

ensuing<br />

month<br />

6<br />

Remarks<br />

arl tbt (c) (d) {e} {o (q) ft) fi) &t<br />

(a) Any problem of stores supply?<br />

(b) Any problem of unskilled hands?<br />

(c) Any other bottleneck?<br />


Appendix ..D" to Addenda lll (para 64 Refers)<br />


Expenditure on<br />

purchase of stores<br />

against book debit<br />

Total<br />

expe n -<br />

dilure<br />

Appendix "E" to Addenda lll (Para 67 Reters)<br />


New Operational<br />

During the I UPto the end ol

t<br />

Formation :<br />

Allotment ;<br />

For the year<br />

Sl. ?{o. Descriplion<br />

ol<br />

Asset<br />

*_ld"_<br />

(b)<br />

NOTES:<br />

1. Total cosl of repairs<br />

2. Format for Part ll is<br />

3. Abbreviations used :<br />

{{) ilM-Electricat and<br />

rlArNrENANcE PLAN oF AssEr:.-c.ryEA#3"3# ;' ;?#i;,T^:^rrr (Para 76 Rerers)<br />

wonKs pART r FoR THE veanzo 20 .....<br />

Numerical<br />

Records<br />

Serial<br />

Number<br />

Sl. No. Type of work<br />

(Detaals including<br />

exacl area,<br />

necessity with<br />

reasonsl-<br />

I<br />

1. !. rildings.<br />

;i ',eld Defences.<br />

't ,-loads and tracks.<br />

Capital Cost Operati-<br />

BIR ElM Total<br />

onal Task<br />

Number<br />

under<br />

rlhich construcled<br />

D€tails ot<br />

repairs<br />

required<br />

Stores Required Priority of<br />

llem Quantity Cosl repair<br />

__(d) {e} m (s) {h} 0) ft) (t)<br />

n Part I should not exceed ZS% of the allotment during the current year<br />

irnilar io that of part l.<br />

(a; BrR-Building and Roads.<br />

lVlechanical.<br />

Existing<br />

arrangements<br />

i4 Hetipads.<br />

!e Water Suppty.<br />

li Electrical lnstailations.<br />

! .'. Miscellaneous (Ughtning cr,nductors etc.)<br />

Capital Value Ap proximate<br />

cosl of mainle.<br />

nanoe<br />


Priority given by<br />

formation<br />

Any other<br />

information<br />

{m}<br />

Remakrs.<br />

(b) (c) (d) G} (0 (s) (h)<br />

L)<br />


6 oo<br />

E<br />

ot<br />

t\<br />

e* 6UJ<br />

o.<br />

J<br />

=<br />

oz 66<br />

EE I<br />

!, lt -<br />

ut<br />

9F<br />

to<br />

2z<br />

xEE<br />

o<br />

CLF<br />

CL=<br />

o<br />

g<br />

g,<br />

G<br />

o<br />

o<br />

Y<br />

E<br />

o<br />

=UJ<br />

()<br />

=<br />

=lrl<br />

F<br />

=<br />

=lt<br />

o n<br />

J<br />

a<br />

o<br />

F<br />

UJ<br />

o<br />

!<br />

6<br />

E<br />

o<br />

tr<br />

bor !(,<br />

EE<br />

Er HE<br />

l!.=<br />

'i6 =o<br />

EE<br />

p oo<br />

EO<br />

s-E<br />

gs<br />

SE<br />

sg<br />

,B g=<br />

oo<br />

69c tt o<br />

E.F<br />

siE<br />

Fi Ag<br />

:E<br />

g$<br />

IE<br />

d<br />

2<br />

6<br />

o<br />

o<br />

E<br />

ll<br />

€<br />

a<br />

lrr4l<br />

il<br />

EI<br />

f,l<br />

EI<br />

-.t 6l<br />

JI<br />

adl<br />

EI<br />

el<br />

fl<br />

:I<br />

EI<br />

6l<br />

gl<br />

EI<br />

EI<br />

3l<br />

$l<br />

HI<br />

tllsI<br />

Departmental lnstructlons on Operational Works<br />

Authority<br />

l. Authority for operational works is derived from Government<br />

of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 0633/e3WlIllzO4lQtDS/48<br />

Dt. 23 Jan. 1948.<br />

2. Government of India issues periodic letters defining the<br />

areas constituting Operational Worki Areas. They also stip"ulate<br />

the period upto which the sanction will be opeiative. -<br />

Types ol Operailonal Works<br />

3.. Operational works are. restricted to the following<br />

categories :<br />

(a) Field defence.<br />

(b) Improvement of airfields, advance landing<br />

grounds, helipads-, roads, bridges and ropeways,<br />

(c) Field water supply,<br />

(o) 4ncittary.buildirigi'to tented camps and hospitals,<br />

(e) Shelters (but nofhuts) as a substftute for teirtage,<br />

and<br />

(0 Construction of advance landing grounds, helipads,<br />

roads (other than class 9 and above) bridges,<br />

ropeways and operational and technical accommodation<br />

provided that the sanction is accorded<br />

by a Formation Commander not lower than a<br />

divisional commander or equivalent in cases when<br />

the operational works in question is expected to<br />

last for more than three years f;;om th-e date of<br />

completion.<br />

4. Shelters are structures which are designed to withstand<br />

enemy small arms and/or artillery fire. Provision of works othbr<br />

than- those giv-en in para 3 above wi[ be governed by Defence<br />

Works Procedure.<br />

Ordering ot Operational Works<br />

5. ftmmanders in operational Work areas may order<br />

execution of specific operational tasks on their formaiion engineers,<br />

The letter ordering operational tasks will speciff the<br />

following : '<br />

(a) Operational task nunber.<br />

(u; Citegory of work<br />

(c) Details including the scope of work.

[116]<br />

6. The letter ordering operational tasks should include<br />

delegation of authority to the executing agency for purchase of<br />

stores. The general or special powers delegated by the Commander<br />

ordering the operational works to an Engineer Bde<br />

Commander or OC Regiment shall not be further delegated by<br />

the latter to any other authority. The budget head under which<br />

the expenditure is to be booked will also be indicated. Copies<br />

of the operational task order will be endorsed to the <strong>CDA</strong> and<br />

others concerned. A specimen of the operational task order is<br />

given in Appendix 'A' attached. [Not printed]<br />

7. Operational work orders are issued only when the work<br />

in question, if executed under Defence Works Procedure, do<br />

not meet the desired operational constraints. Formation engineers<br />

may not always be in a position to execute all the<br />

operational tasks planned. In such cases operational work orders<br />

may also be placed on MES or other departmental construction<br />

agencies.<br />

Technical Control<br />

8. Chief Engineer Corps will in all cases of operational<br />

tasks issue a technical sanction for the same. Where Chief<br />

Engineer Corps does not exist, the technical sanction will be<br />

issued by Chief Engineer Command. The technical sanction will<br />

speci$r the scope and type of construction, broad specifications<br />

and approximate cost. Specifications adopted will be consistent<br />

with the purpose of the operational work and also the period<br />

for which the same is required to last. The executing agencies<br />

are forbidden to enlarge the scope or use more sophisticated<br />

specifications for an operational task withclut specific sanction<br />

of the engineer authority issuing the technical sanction.<br />

Execution<br />

9. Formation staff are required to obtain necessary clearance<br />

from civil administrative authority controlling the use of land<br />

prior to construction of operational works.<br />

10. Formation engineers will not execute operational works<br />

through contracts. In the case of MES and other Government<br />

agencies executing operational works, own departmental procedures<br />

will be adopted.<br />

11. No separate sanction is necessary for use of troop<br />

labour, WET equipment and transport available with the units<br />

in the formations for execution of operational tasks. No charges<br />

are levied for the same. If local labour is hired the labour, rates<br />

t1171<br />

be published in the formations routine orders the copy of the<br />

sam-e should be appended to the muster roll.<br />

Stores and Plant<br />

12. Stores and tools and plant which are required for<br />

operational tasks should be procured from Ordnance/Engineer/ASC<br />

sources on which the executing Unit _is dependent.<br />

In the case of Engineer stores, the demands should be pro-cessed<br />

at HQ Chief Engineer command, who will issue non-availability<br />

Certificates as necessary. Stores may be procured locally when<br />

these are not available in the Engineer/ordnance stores holding<br />

depots. Where such stores are to, be procured from outside the<br />

ar6a of responsibility of the comriander orderin! the_operational<br />

, work, a general or Jpecial sanction for the same will be obtained<br />

from Coips Commander or GOC-in-C. In the case of electrifica-<br />

tion the -provision of Govt. of India letter No. 06033/QW-<br />

iiill}934lD. 7 Dt.29 Sept. 50 will apply.<br />

' 13. Local purchase of .non-expendible'tools and plant<br />

should normally not be resoited to. only in exceptional circumstances<br />

where these stores are not available in the Engineer/Ordnance<br />

stores holding depots, local purchase may be<br />

' resorted to.<br />

1,4. Before resorting to local purchase, information about<br />

suppliers and the likely rates as far as possible- slrould be<br />

obtiineO by the OC Regiment from the present MES, CPWD<br />

or the Railway Engineer Offices.<br />

15. Representatives of Corps/Command CE should check<br />

consumption of stores and labour with the technical sanction<br />

agcorded. Some spot checks may also be instituted.<br />

16. No advance payment should be made to any supplier<br />

and payment made shouiO be linked with CRV. Random checks<br />

about ihe quantity and quality of supplies should also be made<br />

by the representative of the CEs.<br />

17. Normal procedures will be adopted for procurement<br />

of stores locally. *hereuer any deviation is necessary, <strong>CDA</strong> will<br />

be informed iegarding the circumstances under which such<br />

deniation is being resorted to.<br />

18. Tools and Plant rnay be hired from other agencies and<br />

repairs may also be incurred from operational work funds where<br />

sulh repairs are necessitated by their having been used on<br />

operational tasks.

t1181<br />

19. On terminatiol, executing unit wilr decrare through -op"ru-<br />

departmental channers. the su.rprur rior", herd against- tt "<br />

tional task. These wil be_ disposed or uria", tt<br />

orders of corps/command chief Engineer "*p"oiii""*ry and the cost credited"<br />

to the relevant operational task.<br />

Financial Management<br />

. 2!.<br />

-Engineer authority issuing technical sanction wil inform<br />

the cDA concerned the.total aiproximate cost of the work<br />

ytltir a period of three monrhs of its sanction. Break-down of<br />

detailed expe]Tliture by rabour, plant and stores is not to be<br />

intimated to <strong>CDA</strong>." Changes t-o approximate cost due to changes,<br />

in-scope. or specificationi will uiro u" intimated to Co,* rni,<br />

information is necessary for cDA to maintain th" conriruction<br />

accounts for all operational tasks.<br />

21. Formation engineers who are ordered to execute operational<br />

works will be provided with suppries and s"-i""r trnpr"rt<br />

under the sanction of command chLi nngineer. Th"-*nrtion<br />

ipued by command chief Engineer for this"purjor" *ili rp""iq,<br />

the monetary limit of the imp-rest. Imprest account number wilr<br />

H.,::"::1-:_o by SqA on uppli"ution Lfter issue of ,un"iion uy<br />

unlet Engineer. units operating_ the imprest will open an imprest<br />

account with the nearest Bank. Imprest holders ruy u" p"rritt"d<br />

by the c.D.A to recoup their Imprest from riio cistriers, ir<br />

necessary.<br />

._ . _?2.__Imprest holder will maintain a simple Imprest account<br />

821)<br />

$AFA which will be closed on the lasr day of"urt *ontr,.<br />

A statement of account supported by original uo""tters *in u"<br />

fonvarded to cDA by 12th-of the foirowiig month, *itt .opi",<br />

(excluding the supporting documents) to c6n,n,unoicorpu ciri"r<br />

Engineers. construction account for each operational iurt *itt<br />

be maintain"d. by the cDA concerned rtor tL" n,ontnry irnpr"r,<br />

account submitted by the units.<br />

23. All expenditure on operational works will be debited<br />

to revenue head viz, yujgr head-2076 Defence services-Army,<br />

Minor Head-l11, sub geio-a-worksl<br />

1a; Major worrc n"tuit"o<br />

I Ilf wifl incrude expenditure on- construction, maintenance etc. of buildings<br />

and other revenue expenditure oj Army by th; MES, otneiin"n in-orJietating<br />

to ordnance Factoribs, R&o organiSaii',rn,'-rr,lirit"rv r"rr"-i"o-iisprecrion<br />

orsanisation for which separate-Mlnoi ribici.',i;;; b";;"ftuii"i.'ii5 "or,.<br />

9! .n"q.Major Works uncr'ertaken on oi "Gi r-4-48 wit be booked to the<br />

Major Head 4076<br />

lrrel<br />

l-Works executed under Operational Works Procedure<br />

Head U45U0l).1<br />

24. <strong>CDA</strong> concerned will forward to the Command Chief<br />

ineer, a statement of actual expenditure incurred in respect<br />

each work. Chief Engineer Command will scrutinise the<br />

ture statement of <strong>CDA</strong> with the statement forwarded<br />

unit and reconcile difference if any.<br />

25. In the case of operational tasks executed by MES<br />

expenditure return will be submitted by the MES unit<br />

to Chief Engineer and <strong>CDA</strong> through their AAOGE.<br />

26. For operational tasks executed by agencies other than<br />

ion engineers and MES, Chief Engineer Command will<br />

inate the procedure to be followed for incurring expenditure<br />

for submission of returns to the <strong>CDA</strong> and the agency<br />

ned. Cash payment (by cheques) instead of book debit<br />

be made to the executing agency if so required by them.<br />

Closure ol Operational Task.<br />

27. Opentional tasks should be completed in the minimum<br />

period. In case of exorbitant delay in completion due<br />

unforeseen circumstances, affecting the nature and scope of<br />

work, formation commanders may be advised to close such<br />

ional works. Separate operational tasks may subsequently<br />

ordered as necessary.<br />

28. Due to relief of Engineer units certain incomplete<br />

ional tasks may have to be handed over to the relieving<br />

by the relieved units. Such cases, as far as possible must<br />

foreseen and kept to the minimum, Where unavoidable,<br />

lete operational tasks should be handed/taken over on<br />

orders of the formation commander concerned and the<br />

proceedings will be duly countersigned by the formation staff.<br />

29. On completion of an operational task the executing<br />

liency will forward a completion report to the authority who<br />

mnctioned the work as also to the CommandiCorps CE, along<br />

with a list of surplus stores. The formation headquarters should<br />

then issue orders for taking over of assets by user units/formatlons.<br />

Concurrently, they will also convene a board of officers<br />

to take over the assets created on the maintenance charge. In<br />

case the asset created by operational work is no longer required,<br />

I Caters lor the sxpsnditure on Operational Works inespective of the cosi<br />

lncludlng malntenance ot assets not taken over by MES

[120]<br />

the board may recommend dismantling and disposal of assets.<br />

The formation headquarters who originally sanctioned the operir<br />

tional task will also intimate the <strong>CDA</strong> of the completion ol<br />

work and disposal of the assets.<br />

Maintenance<br />

30. A numerical record of all assets created under operational<br />

works procedure will be maintained by the formation<br />

concerned. This record will be updated annually at the closurc<br />

of each financial year.<br />

31. All assets created by means of operational works will<br />

be maintained till they are no longer required for the conducr<br />

of operations. However, some sort of check shall be introducecl<br />

by the CE, Command/Corps on the maintenance task. Wherc<br />

adequate MES cover is available for maintenance, operational<br />

tasks assets may be taken over by thern on the basis ol'<br />

proceedings of Board of Officers convened by Headquarters<br />

Commands. Assets which generally meet the specifications<br />

adopted by MES for such constructions will be taken over by<br />

them. Command Chief Engineers will be the authority to decidc<br />

whether the assets are suitable for maintenance by MES.<br />

32. Maintenance of assets taken over MES will be out ol'<br />

departmental maintenance grant obtained in the normal manner.<br />

Operational task assets not handed over to MES will be maintained<br />

from Operational Task Maintenance funds specifically<br />

allotted each year, expenditure on maintenance of operational<br />

task assets other than those on MES charge will also be debitetl<br />

to the same budget head as given in para 23. No scales arc<br />

laid down for the provision of maintenance programme. A<br />

technical sanction for the same will be issued by the units<br />

concerned speciffing the approximate expenditure. Chief Engineers<br />

while sub-allotting funds for maintenance of assets may<br />

specifically delegate the authority for local purchase of storcs<br />

from maintenance grant.<br />

33. When assets created by operational tasks are no longer<br />

required, a Board convened by the fbrmation who ordered the<br />

original operational work or the Command Headquarters may<br />

recommend re-appropriation or dismantling of the same. Command<br />

Headquarters will order their final disposal.<br />

34. A system of budgetary control on the expenditure on<br />

operational works has been introduced since 7973-74. Statl'<br />

instructions covering the following aspects have been issued<br />

l12rl<br />

vide this heaclquarters letter No. d00955/Q3W (Policy) dated<br />

24 Feb. 7975 : - -<br />

i;i -Projection of demands for funds for maintenance'<br />

new and carry over works.<br />

Cul npprovi of iecessity by and allocation of funds<br />

bv A.HQs.<br />

(c) F'inancial control.<br />

ioi rime schedule.<br />

(.t Review of works in Progress.<br />

i5. Restriction imposed 5y Army Headquarters letter<br />

referred to in para 34 abbve will not be operative during actual<br />

hostilities or *h"n hostilities are imminent, when full powers<br />

can be exercised by all commanders'<br />

36.Thesedepartmentalinstructionsupersede-thetec}rnical<br />

instruction issued vide this H.Q. letter No' 66449/E2 (WPC)<br />

dt. 26 Apr/4th MaY 76.<br />

[Auihority : A.H. Qrs. Branch New Delhi No'<br />

!;tlyCrs<br />

6644d1E2 (rwc) dt. 19 Mav 1977).',<br />

lNote'orReade'3:-TheabovedepartmentalinstructionsincorPoratethe<br />

'<br />

iirri*i;l aaaitionar controt measures to avoid financial mismanagement<br />

ta) Differentiation ot lssits as tangible and non tangible has been tound to<br />

b? ;,ffir#';il;;bF;il;. ineriro-re such a dirferentiation is dis.pensed with.<br />

iff ir""teO OJ oi'eiational works will be treated as tangible'<br />

.henceforth<br />

di ".l"ii il" scales adoitedifor maintenance of operational task assets have not<br />

lL;';"tiJ;. M;i"i;;;^; iuno. rirr hencefdrth be allotted on the basis ol<br />

planned maintenanca tasks.<br />

lc) procedure tor cfos-rr" oi;peiational Task and disposal ol surplus/dismantled<br />

itbres has now been incluced'<br />

(d) Submission of mont'fii, i"tutnt on labour, stores and plant hours to <strong>CDA</strong><br />

nds oeen dispensed with,

1122j<br />


L.l. The Govt. of India issues letters periodically defining<br />

the areas constituting the 'Operational Works'.<br />

Within the areas so specified as 'Operational' the Commanders<br />

of field formations/sectors are empowered to order the<br />

execution of operational works which are of temporary nature,<br />

actually required for the execution of operations or for formations<br />

directly assisting in such operations. Only works that cannot be<br />

undertaken under the normal procedure i.e. under the provisions<br />

of DWP 2007, without risk to the progress of the operation<br />

can be ordered as 'Operational Work'.<br />

1.2 The powers of Commanders to order operational works<br />

are unlimited, the sanctioning of which does not require preparation<br />

of any estimates.<br />

The letter odering the OP task is required to contain-<br />

(i) The OP Task Number.<br />

(ii) Category or works i.e. field defences, field water<br />

supply, shelters etc.<br />

(iii) Details including inter-alia the scope of works.<br />

(iv) Authority/delegation of powers to the executing agency<br />

for purchase of stores required for the execution of<br />

the works.<br />

(u) The P.D.C.<br />

(vi) The head of account.<br />

After the work is sanctioned, the CE Corps/Comd issues<br />

a technical sanction for he work.<br />

1.3 The zuNDS required for the execution of OP works<br />

are provided under :<br />

Major Head<br />

Minor Head<br />

Sub Head<br />

Detailed Head<br />

2076<br />

111<br />

(A) (u)<br />

1,1451,101,<br />

The distribution of funds is made by AHQs to the various<br />

Comds, which is further sub allocated to the various formation<br />

Commanders.<br />

1 Note lor the Readers-Operational Works Procedure is far more expeditious<br />

than the Defence Works Proceoure for obvious reasons. ln operational Works<br />

'time' gets precedence over the 'procedure'. Otherwise the prescribed procedure<br />

(DWP) is the basic thumb rule for works.<br />

However, the scope and limitations of Operational Works Procedure are to<br />

be understood before hand to avoid wrong application. Tangible assests<br />

created out of it must be properly accounted for and maintained.<br />

tl23l<br />

1.4 During the execution of OP Works' the only.account<br />

,.q,rir^J.;"';; *"i.t"i"LJ is the Imprest Account where all<br />

cash payments, are intered' A monthly statement of-.1:::"n"<br />

il4iTEtJl;$;l'itti*Tfi ilJ-''i':x"#'s"fi'::F::::<br />

lliili. ii,!?I, il;.-r.;;i;,;ii;; ihe utilisation or srores procured<br />

ili"1n;fi;tuti"n i"-op"iutional.works.. Thus, it is in.the inherent<br />

natureofoPWorksthatexpendltureNincurredwithoutdetailed<br />

ffiffiu and withoui'ircGprt"red parameters of technical and<br />

i'inancial control'<br />

1.5 Para 12 of the OP Works procedure stipulates that<br />

stores and T & P ;;q;i;"J iot oP ta;ks be procured fr91 the<br />

6;:;;;"lE;g/ASC-s-;*r--"n which the cxecuring unit is<br />

dependent.<br />

In the case o[ Eng stores, the demands are to<br />

-required<br />

b" p;;;;;J nb-CE Cotnd, who will issue the NAC as<br />

"i necessary. '--i;<br />

tase of stores and T & P, local purchase non-ex- ![<br />

p"nOuut*"*it!n..; ir;;;;ity proniUited buf in exceptional circumstances,<br />

wnere it ui" not available with Eng/ord sources<br />

"r"<br />

on which tt. .*.cuiing r"gi'"ttt is dependent LP thereof may<br />

be resorted to :<br />

within the area of the responsibility of the Commander<br />

ordering the OP task<br />

and<br />

ifnotavailableasindicatedabove,fromoutsidethe<br />

area of t"tp.*iUifily, aft"r obtaining the sanction of<br />

the CorPs/ArmY Commander'<br />

Efforts utto,riO'-hoJeuer, be made to hire T & P from<br />

other agencies also.<br />

1.6 Also *hene',er any deviation is necessary from<br />

.(i'e'<br />

the procedur" of oUiuining st'ores and T & P from Eny'Ord/Sour-<br />

;::)"ffi6;^i- ,"q"'#d io,ry informed regarding the circumstances<br />

*ur.uniing this, and the copies of the supply. orders<br />

irr""o uv- cE C";;;-;" *"tt as. the p{er are to be scnt<br />

\gs^ts<br />

il;g*trit irt" Ne^c to the oftice of the <strong>CDA</strong>'<br />

Further, pu.u f7 OPW procedure stipulates--th^at^normal<br />

pro""iui"- *ill^ be alopt"o p:o:temenf o[ stores locally'<br />

-[oi<br />

1..7 Govt. of -t.riiu Min of Def lerters No. 06633/03iw<br />

IIIi10934lD7 dated ig-g-SO and even No' of 17'8'75 outline the<br />

nrocedure to be followed in respect of electrification works,<br />

fiil"; ;;"i.""t" ttt i i pera tio n a t Cb m ma nde ts rise/ac -<br />

T-uy- -u-lt'lo<br />

"<br />

cord Adm. uppto*i fii electrification to the MJNJMUM extent

lF,giiii'Eii[liTi€F*''sirr*g*<br />

The powers of Engtneer authorities for according Technical Sanctiog entering into contracts, purchase of stores etc.'<br />

are given in table below :<br />

Item<br />

No.<br />

Ilescription of Work<br />

etc.<br />

E-in-C C.E. c.w.E. G.E. AEE Vc<br />

Inde sub<br />

div.<br />

s.D.o.<br />

AE/AEE<br />

Remarks Reference<br />

to Paras<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 t 9 10<br />

1 Technical sanction ln<br />

resnect of:-<br />

*(a) Major works (including<br />

Sub-projects and Minor<br />

Works\<br />

(b) Maintenance of buildings<br />

communications,<br />

etc., and maintenance<br />

and operation of insfrllqfinn<<br />

(c) Purchase, manufacture<br />

and repair of tools and<br />

nlenr excent (d) below<br />

F.P. F.P. 50 lakhs 15 lakhs 2'5 lakhs Rs 50,0fi)<br />

F.P. F.P. F.P. i5 lakbs 2'5 lakhs Rs 50,000<br />

F.P. 7'5 lakhs 2 lakhs 0'75 lakh 40,000 Rs 7,5fi)<br />

'(d)<br />

Purchase of camp<br />

equipment or furniture<br />

and equipment for MES<br />

offices and Inspection<br />

Houses.<br />

F.P. 2 lakhs 40,000 7,500 4,000 Rs 2,000<br />

tpo*,ers<br />

enhanced vide case No 95533/PoL.tE2w (PPC)ll39fD (woRKS-n) MoD (F) Uo No' 28&WII of 199'<br />

mt<br />

N<br />


(e) Manufacturing<br />

iopcratlons<br />

2 Enteriqg iilo<br />

ffies, indrrtqg<br />

ortracsfabcalmatshe<br />

ad oettv $m[€s-<br />

'(a) Through compgtitive<br />

tenders<br />

F.P. F.P. F.P. These apply to<br />

manufacturing<br />

operations carried<br />

out under the rules<br />

for *'orkshops. (see<br />

nlsn Annx K\<br />

F.P. F.P. 50 lakhs 15 lakhs 2.5<br />

lqLhc<br />

F<br />

Rs<br />

v)(m<br />

'(b)<br />

4.<br />

fhrough single tender 60,1125'<br />

lakhs<br />

'For oroorietarv items only.<br />

Elccttion on the basis F.P.<br />

251t25*<br />

lakhs<br />

3 lakhs<br />

6:0<br />

lakhs<br />

75,000<br />

0-25<br />

lakh<br />

30,000<br />

432<br />

9v<br />

of' trade quotations, of<br />

retreadi4g of tyres zas<br />

are beyond the capacity<br />

of local MES facilities<br />

or are urgently required<br />

dd $/herc dday is<br />

detirctalopltbser-vftr<br />

955<br />

L and of such repairs to plant and machinery (including vehicles) of MES repair<br />

responsibility<br />

lro*.rs enhanced vide case No 95533/POIJEZW (PPC)/139/D (WORKS-II) MOD (F) UO No. 288AMII of 199.<br />

zPowers for items 3, 4(a) (D (ii) & (b), 5 (a) (i) (iD G) & (c) and 6 (a) & (b) enhanced vide MOD No. 4/03108/<br />

ESP-1 (P & C\t?S7tDO IVD (w-D dateA n43-99.<br />

*4(a) Purchase of stores on<br />

any one indent on DGS<br />

I (i)<br />

hD<br />

Items on Rate<br />

RUnning Contracts.<br />

(ii) Items not on Rate<br />

fl,nnning Contrads.<br />

(b) Purchase of stores on<br />

ilnY one indent on anY<br />

otier SupPlYing DePtt.<br />

r5 I<br />

(i) I<br />

Dircci purchase of-<br />

Storeq tools, Plant and<br />

machinery . (including<br />

spare parts) etc. tor<br />

which there are no rate<br />

running contracts.<br />

(i) against normal<br />

requirements<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

886<br />

4?3,746<br />

934<br />

F.P. 60,000 15,000 743<br />

F.P. F.P. 30,000 7,500<br />

F.P. F.'P. F.P. 30,000 7,500 7,4'1,78<br />

F.P. 3,00,000 1.,50,000<br />

747,74<br />

75,000 40,000 747<br />

'Po*"r. for items at 4(a) (r) (ii), (b), 5 (a) (r) (ii), O) & (c) enhanced vidE GOI' MOD ,n17f,tftt16/EsP-1 (P & Cy<br />

zrltDc.-ll D(wJ) dilea n43-9-<br />

N<br />

ot<br />


(ii) i" emergent cases<br />

when delay is<br />

detrimental to Public<br />

Qcroice<br />

(b) Stores for which DGS<br />

& D rate or running<br />

contracts exist when<br />

these are urgentlY<br />

required or can be<br />

more convenientlY<br />

obtained locally or from<br />

F.P. 3,00,000 2,25rffi L,00,000 60,000 7N<br />

20,000 20,000 z),000 12,5ffi Not exceding<br />

Rs.1,fi),000/- in<br />

aggregate in a year.<br />

neiuer station.<br />

(c) Cash Purchase Powers 4,000 2.000 5'%.747<br />

6. Disnosals of- N o<br />

(a) Surplus buildings sanctioned<br />

for demolition<br />

(b) Surplus or unserviceable<br />

stores, tools,<br />

plant and furniture, or<br />

materials obtained<br />

from dismantled<br />

buildings.<br />

bl Write ofr of stortx,<br />

furniture, tools & Plant<br />

etc., rendersd rrnserviceable<br />

due to fair wear<br />

and tear.<br />

8(a) Write-off of losses, includins<br />

those in transit,<br />

of stoies etc., not due<br />

to theft. fraud or gross<br />

neglect-in resPect of E<br />

in- C's stock.<br />

.b) Write off of actuall<br />

losses not due to theft,l<br />

fraud or gross neglectl<br />

as laid down in Sectionl<br />

3 but excluding transit<br />

losses in resPect of<br />

MES Stocks (i.e', those<br />

onerated under Major<br />

tiead ?n76, Minor<br />

lHead 111, Sub Head<br />

l'r') held as Divisional<br />

lst6cts. or in Engr.<br />

lP.k ,'Sub Parks, etc.<br />

las Command Stocks-<br />

F.P. 30 lakhs L5 lakhs 6 lakhs Amount represent the<br />

total book value of<br />

assets in any one<br />

camp, sot of lines or<br />

installation put up for<br />

disnrxel<br />

F.P. F.P. 75,000 Amount represents<br />

the total book value<br />

in case of surplus<br />

storeE etc. and the<br />

total assessed value in<br />

case of sahage etc. on<br />

a station wise basis.<br />

F.P.<br />

F.P.<br />

1,50,000 30,000 4m<br />

1,m,m m,m a,m am<br />

1,2ffi<br />

30,000 6,000 3,000<br />

'In resoect of E-in-l<br />

c's St6ck held inl<br />

Engr. Parks and Subl<br />

Park etc. I<br />

"In resoect of E-in-l<br />

C's Stdk located inl<br />

Ithe Park I<br />

lrn"r"<br />

po$,ers can bel<br />

lexercised under thel<br />

os andl<br />

applicable<br />

as atel<br />

to storel<br />

due to<br />

fraud or gro6s<br />

neglect deaft with<br />

under FR Part I Vol.<br />

I 1983.<br />

743<br />

160, 163,<br />

tffi<br />

l powers in seriar numbers T, 8 (a) (b) (c) and 9 enhanced vide case GoI MoD No 95533/PolJE2w (P*c\lgffll,lD<br />

(w-II) dated 513199.<br />

672<br />

673<br />

820<br />

929<br />


(c) Write off of losses of<br />

stores including losses<br />

in transit not due to<br />

theft, fraud or gross<br />

neglect other than<br />

actual losses as laid<br />

down in Section. 34<br />

9. Terminal ComPensation<br />

payable on release<br />

of hired lands or<br />

hrrildinos<br />

1to. Execution of agreements<br />

or memoranda of<br />

terms for taking bulk<br />

supplies of electric<br />

energy or water from<br />

outside sources.<br />

11 i.. Execution of agreements<br />

or memoranda of<br />

terms for giving bulk<br />

supplies of electric<br />

energJ or water to nonmilitarv<br />

consumers.<br />

Nots-<br />

\uLhoriti<br />

.3. 4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

I<br />

2<br />

F.P. F.P. 1-,50,000 3,000 \2m 600<br />

3,00,000 L,50,000 72,000 30,000 ln respect of each<br />

property.<br />

F--inO[)GW.<br />

F.P. l<br />

crore<br />

Bin{/DGW<br />

F.P. 1<br />

crore<br />

30<br />

lakhs<br />

30<br />

lakhs<br />

5<br />

lakhs<br />

6t9<br />

Amount represents<br />

annsnl palment in<br />

each case (see also<br />

Appendix M). 841<br />

5 lakhs Amount represents<br />

annual recovery in<br />

each case (see also<br />

Appendix M).<br />

1. The powers of the holder of an appointment may be incrgasgd by name upto that the- ne>d.higher grade by<br />

9f.<br />

the cwE in the u GE and an sDO, by ine cE in the case of a ewe and by the E-in-c in the case<br />

of a CE. "u."-oi<br />

The normal powers of an officer may be r-estricted- by his i{Tediate {ES superiol but in such cases a report<br />

1<br />

o'uit U" made to the CE io ttre case of GE's, and tb the- E-in-C in the case of Cs. W'E'<br />

8.<br />

An officer officiating i" - "pp"i"t-"nt *ill ei'erclqe th9 q! powers of the appointment 'as<br />

given in this table'<br />

ll-Ce -"y-afi;d;f hir Jliretion powers in full to DCEs-wothg l_od:,1 his jurisdiction'<br />

The E-in-t may"delegate his powers in full to the officers codcerned on 5's stafi by name.<br />

powers under cotum""i;J;;;;fuii."bl" ulro to military officers of eq}ivalent.rank holding the appoinrments.<br />

il-oi["|. uutLorir"a "d"; ;; upiri"uui" in all cases on whosoever behalf the works, etc., are carried out<br />

by the MES.<br />

The E-in-C and CEs have full powers in respect of purchase of books, newspa-pers al-d -periodicals; -C-1'^$' E'and<br />

GEs may purchase books,' n"*r_pup"rr-'"1 pe.iodicals to the extent of tRs. :O0O].,.. and [Rs 1500']" per -<br />

annum respectively. i;y-;;i for publicitio".-out.il"a direct from firms outsidl India will 6s armn8ed by the I<br />

cDA. This rule does?;;illy 6;;h'ii;;r ui et"u, Sub-Area or Station orders which may be purchased-<br />

as required.<br />

orrt""1r c"--anding ESDs u'ill exercise the following powers under this Table: -<br />

Powcrs enhanced vide (5 No. 80/TV/89<br />

Pwers enhanced vidc CS No. 80/TVl89

10.<br />

11.<br />

The powers_ sf Engineer authorites to sanction expenditure for grant of rewards for information leading to the<br />

discovery of prevention of theft from their respective Engineer establishments are as follows: -<br />

(i) OC Engineer Stores Depot............Rs.200<br />

(iD cE Engineer Park...........................Rs.200<br />

(iii) cE MES Division...........................Rs.100<br />

(iv) CASO.. ....Rs. 20<br />

The powers delegated to Cs. W. E. and G.Es. vide item 1(a), (b) and item 2(a) are not applicable to: -<br />

(a) Cs WE posted/attached to CE in charge of large projects, if they are ierving in th6 same station and<br />

employed on the same project as the Chief Engineer.<br />

(b) GEs posted/attached to Cs WE/CEs in charge of large projects, if they are serving in the same station and<br />

employed on the same project as the CWE/CE.<br />

These officers will exercise the powers as laid down below.<br />

Item 1 (a)<br />

Item 1 (b)<br />

Irem 2 (a)<br />

1-5 lakhs 5 lakhs Powers under irem 1(a) will be delesated bv T<br />

the authority competeii'to t""[oi*ffy"r-aioi $<br />

the project as a whole.<br />

F.P. 5 lakhs<br />

15 lakhs 5 lakhs<br />

12. The p_ower for emelgent cas-es_ for the direct purchpe 9f stores vide item 5(a) (ii) will be exercised only when<br />

immediate non-acquisition of the stores concerned is likely to hold up a work or when delay is detrimental to<br />

the public services. These powers will not be exercised to replenish stocks of items of Divisional stock.<br />

Direct Purchase also includes job works like "Repair work Orders/Fabrication Work Orders" but excludes B/R<br />

and E/IVI works which are required to be got executed as Minor Work through the Term Contracts.<br />

Powers.enhanced vide case No 95533/POL1F,ZW (PPC)ll34glD (WORKS-II) MOD (F) UO No. 288/IWI of 1999.<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

z<br />

9<br />

TD<br />

G)<br />

N<br />

@ 5<br />

$<br />

o(r'<br />

€<br />

t<br />

9.<br />

o<br />

o.<br />

D<br />

o<br />

CL<br />

o<br />

(o,<br />

5<br />

@<br />

ct)<br />

F<br />


t1341<br />

in each station. Preferably, a Board of Officers should<br />

be convened for the purposc" A conferencc should<br />

then be held by the Station Commander with the GE<br />

or AGE, the unit Commanders and their QMs to<br />

discuss and finalise maintenance programme for the<br />

station as a whole on the form attached. Priorities<br />

will be allccated based on consideration given in the<br />

subsequent sub paras.<br />

(b) Priority - 1. Works required for ensuring structural<br />

scundness, enhanced life and utility of Government<br />

assets as well as safety of these assets against damage<br />

due to natural or unnatural causes.<br />

(c) Priority - 2. Maintenance and repairs necessitated for<br />

ensuring a high standard of hygiene, sanitation as also<br />

providing hazard-free and secure occupancy to users.<br />

(d) Priority - 3. Periodical services.<br />

(e) Priority - 4. Items which might have been left from<br />

the previous years maintenance programmes.<br />

(f) Priority - 5. Other general repairs and maintenance.<br />

6. Similar action will be taken for the formulation of<br />

maintenance and repair programme in respect of furniture.<br />

7. In preparing -maintenance programme and alloting<br />

priorities in a station, adequate attention will be paid to the<br />

genuine equitable needs of all units.<br />

8. The programme should clearly, lay down the priorities<br />

of work, the allotment of funds, the time by which the buildings<br />

or furniture will be handed over to the MES, and the time of<br />

commencement and completion of works. It would be apt to<br />

earmark some funds and MES effort as reserve to cater for<br />

any unforeseen requirements.<br />

9. The maintenance programme for the entire station,<br />

unitrvise for the ensuing year, will be drawn up and published<br />

in station orders by end of January. Based on this MES will<br />

prepare a work programme specifuing for each work, the agency<br />

and resources including time allotted. Maintenance programme<br />

once issued will be adhered to strictly unless there are compelling<br />

reasons for change.<br />

10. Inspecting officers should also check the maintenance<br />

programme, their execution and record their findings in their<br />

reports or tour notes.<br />

11. As regards the role of the users, the following points<br />

need emphasis :<br />

(a) The users are generally not fully aware of the<br />

tl3sl<br />

c:roabilities. limitations and constraints of the MES' Quite o[tcn<br />

;;[;r"'i;;'i" n,"t" calls beyond the resources of MES and<br />

rh;;;"i; decry the tvtgs rlvtren these are not met' In an<br />

cnuironment where mutual confidence between the users and<br />

tft" riuti"n authorities on one hand and the MES on the other<br />

il l;kt*; neither can the MES personnel give. of their best<br />

nor thos1 among them who are -<br />

negligent, rude insofell<br />

,or .<br />

brought to book-simply because there are glaring shortcomtngs<br />

on the part of users also.<br />

pf ft is perhaps not.known to a large. number of<br />

,users<br />

that maintenance wbrks bills are not passed Uy llt auditors<br />

tunless these are accompanied by the users certificates with<br />

rcgard to lhe completion of the work'<br />

(c) Most users are neither conscious of their own<br />

,"rpoittibilities towards maintenance and up keep of Government<br />

,,rritt no. have any qualms about misusing/ne.glecting government<br />

niit"ttu. To bring' about awareness in ttiig regard,*E-in-Cs<br />

il;il' i"*pt f"i N".. 14-Hints on Care and Domestic<br />

_Upkeep.<br />

Accominodation was issued vide E-in-Cs Branch letter Nollj++/Oom<br />

AccnlE2-A dated 17-9-73. The following are some<br />

lvpi"ui examples of disregard towards upkeep of Government<br />

twsets by the users :<br />

'- 1i)' Undue damage to sanitary fittings gl *utf. hand basins<br />

\ / and WCs duE to rough use or mishandling'<br />

(ii) Theft of stop cocks,- man-hole covers, float- valves<br />

\",<br />

rro* wittrin unit premises. This besides reflection<br />

"rln onlackofsecurityconsciousnessintheunit,results<br />

in wast^age of. waier, careless accumulation of water<br />

on roofs*causing seepage in walls and dampness'<br />

(iii) Forcins sarbage" down *the kitchen and toilet drains<br />

'---' o, theieiageiystem resulting in choking of the same'<br />

(iv) Indiscrimina"te driving of naiis in walls thus spoiling<br />

the Plaster<br />

and colour wash'<br />

(v) Chopping wood or hammering things directly on floors<br />

therebY breaking the same-<br />

(vi) Non-cieaning of-roofs or terraces before start of rainy<br />

seasonordu*ringtherainyseasontokeepwater.spouts<br />

and drain dowi pipes ciear of refuse and diit'<br />

(vii) Unauthorised electiic.connection thus causing extent<br />

' sive damage to wires, switches and plugs and very<br />

often, resulting in fires.<br />

(viii)Misuseoffur"nitureforpurposesotherthanwhatit<br />

is meant.

g RqP*et 5q{g-izP<br />

;utat3tg,*aF5FE;,<br />

i # ?;cs Ft+fE:E s$ ri f<br />

; *;rgscg gAlas is<br />

*;3r'>313 og-Y:$AT<br />

: P E = s eE T tsrA$B E<br />

EHFEH6;: s*hF$os<br />

i.iflEiE [i il:ili 5<br />

i E$lrE 3 slii;;r<br />

H zo*#,f; f,*EIiaf<br />

a r1;s*b eEse$i;<br />

; +gig$f a{iniIt<br />

5 +lEaEI aE3-3€FH<br />

.-l c =c-= =',' =<br />


1138 1<br />

Normal Periodical Services [Table 'G' of RMESI I<br />

lnternal and External Lime washing (white or tinted)<br />

Haltyearly Pantries, cookhouses and other buildings or rooms<br />

where food is dealt with, bakeries, grain stores, foullinen<br />

stores, mortuaries, latrines and urinals.<br />

Yearly All other buildings except store houses in general bu<br />

including Medical and QM stores of hospitals.<br />

Every two<br />

vears<br />

Store houses excluding Medical and QM stores of<br />

hospitals.<br />

Distempering (including whitenlng of ceilings)<br />

Yearly One coat of oil bound distemper for hospital wards,<br />

operation theatres, Specialist consulting rooms, Ml<br />

waiting rooms, Admn officers rooms in hospitals, Labour<br />

rooms, Dental Surgery and X-Ray rooms.<br />

Every two<br />

years<br />

Every four<br />

years<br />

One coat of size distemper for Offices, Schools etc<br />

or Wvo coats of distemper where one coat ls authorised<br />

every year.<br />

Two coats of distemper where one coat is authorised<br />

every two years.<br />

Tarring and treating with wood preservative<br />

Yearly Dadoes of stable (to be tarred)<br />

Every four<br />

years<br />

Huts, fencing and other external work (to be tarred<br />

or treated with wood preservative as the case may<br />

be).<br />

Yearly One coat on all wood work, iron work, etc hot<br />

otherwise treated for following in the hospitals :-<br />

Wards, Operation theatres, Specialist consulting roorns,<br />

Ml Waiting room$, Admn officers rooms, Labour rooms,<br />

Dental Surgery, X-Ray room, Pantry, Sanitary, foullinen<br />

stores, cook houses, and other bldgs/rooms where<br />

food is served.<br />

Every two<br />

ysars<br />

One coat on allwood work, iron work etc not othenrvise<br />

treated for following in the hospitals :-<br />

Admn Bldgs except Admn Officers rooms, bath rooms,<br />

dispensary, laboratory, mortuary, Medical and QM<br />

stores.<br />

Every<br />

three Years<br />

Every two<br />

years<br />

Every two<br />

lnternal<br />

Il]el<br />

Two coats on all wood work, iron work' etc' not<br />

"iit""*i""--tt"ut"J for all buildings/ portions except<br />

inting and oili<br />

Onb coat on all wood work, iron work' wall sur{aces'<br />

;;iru;;"* ^ot otrre*ise treated for followins in<br />

hospitals :-<br />

W?fi'., Op"ration theatres, Specialist consulting rooms'<br />

l\il ;;iti"6-rooms, Admn offrs rooms' Labour rooms'<br />

One coat on allwood work, iron work etc not otherwise<br />

tieateO for following in hospitals :-<br />

Fiiiiiit, -.""it'arv, i'c,ui-rinen' stores, cook,houses and<br />

.<br />

g./'ijo' J *hele lgggjg i eglt lrylh'<br />

Liii"i'l,<br />

ir o i<br />

"<br />

One coat on all wood work, iron.work etc not otherwise<br />

tieateO for following in hospitals^:-- L-!L<br />

Affi;- Buildings eicJpt Ad'mn -officers rooms' bath<br />

;;;;, oi.pd""tiw, uboratory, Mortuary' Medical and<br />

One coat on allwood work, iron work etc not otherwise<br />

iij"t6o 'toi -irt nuiroings/portions except those<br />

Unit cookhouses.<br />


Variations of the intervals laid down above may be<br />

made as follows : -<br />

(a) Hospitals wards may be distemperecl half-yearly if<br />

\-, t-quitition"d by the OC hospital'<br />

(b) Rooms in trospitats in which inlectious diseases have<br />

occurred rn"li-i"ft"i disinfection .by thc Medical<br />

authoritiesj bL iedistempercd' repainted .etc<br />

on the<br />

certiticates- .i t- offi""t lhat the work is<br />

'"*Oi"il<br />

necessary'<br />

(c) lnt"rnut painting of schools may be executed every<br />

three Years.<br />

(d\ Lime wash in mortuary may be- done earlier on the<br />

\u''<br />

J.iiffi""i"^ti'" ."air"f'officLr tiLat the work is neces-<br />

sary.<br />

(e) The external wood work and iron work of new build-

t1401<br />

ings, except those to be treated yearly should be<br />

repainted within two years of the completion and<br />

thereafter at the normal intenvals. The dadoes ol'<br />

stables should be treated twice in the first year after<br />

erection and thereafter at the normal yearly interval.<br />

(0 Steel palisading etc in exposed situations and steel<br />

shutters etc of works of defence may be treated to<br />

prevent rusting when considered necessary by the<br />

cwE.<br />

(g) The following may, at the discretion of GE, be carried<br />

out in officers quarters at every change of occupancy<br />

provided not less than one year lras passed since the<br />

service in question was last carried out :-<br />

(i) Internal painting to the extent of one-fourth the<br />

normal periodical expenditure on internal painting.<br />

(ii) External painting to the extent of one-third the<br />

normal periodical expenditure on external painting.<br />

(iii) One coat of distemper.<br />

(h) In the case of FactoriesAnstallations falling under the<br />

Factories Act, the intervals of periodical service may<br />

be reduced to conform to the requirements of the<br />

Act or Rules framed thereunder.<br />

0) Proposed periodicity may be suitably altered by the<br />

CWE if there is a reduction in the allotment of<br />

maintenance of funds, so as to avoid diversion of<br />

funds authorised for other buildings.<br />

2. Tlrc execution of periodical services in a building should,<br />

whenever possible, be synchronised so that all such services in<br />

the buildings may be carried out at the same time. It may,<br />

therefore, be expedient to advance or postpone the tirne vrhen<br />

certain portions of the work would normally fall due.<br />

lt4rl<br />

Procedure for preparing requisitions' ordering on T'C''<br />

t"*utiig unO fi"utiting, *ould be as.under :-<br />

(a) Items of *iti't"pairs are entered on IAFW-1833 (in<br />

\ / duPlicate in ink)'<br />

(b) Items u'" oliu#o on IAFW-215P !11 tlip-tl:1;).; c*'<br />

isenteredinpencilontheduplicatec.opyonly'<br />

(c) Approxima* iott arrived at is entered against each<br />

item on lffin:ibtuno tt" total of all iterns recorded.<br />

(d) cEA sanciio;t;;J "[g{ryot' AAOGE verifies and<br />

En gineer-in-Ch arge -en-ters . in construction accounts'<br />

(e) rriplicatg of ieffi-zrS's-with order slip IAFW-1!23-A<br />

is sent Uy Engineer-in-Charge to contractor tor execution<br />

of work'<br />

(n Compt"t"O *tiii-it measured on IAFW-2158 (original)<br />

\''l "r,"t["0 ;i-;;;"J-(where necessary). bv Enginee-rin-Charge<br />

in pt"t"nt"- of contractor who may reuse<br />

(e)<br />

(h)<br />

0)<br />

(k)<br />

0)<br />

and comileie'tris copy for his own use and future<br />

refererice.<br />

ii;;t"d;"d completed IAFW-2158. (oriuinal) is attached<br />

to original f,qfW-l$3 and ultimat"iy to 6riginal<br />

IAFW -2262 (Final Bill)'<br />

6uoii"u," IAFW-ZISS is revised and .completed ac-<br />

".,rdinslv uno uttu"i,-"i i; il;Eti" ranw:t833 and<br />

riti*"i"1v to duplicat e lA.F:\t'l -2262'<br />

6rts;;T'";i b,ipil*," rtrwz262 are sent to GE'<br />

AAOGE makes tt""tttury corrections in duplicate'<br />

;;il-;ti"d *tti.tt *il 6" u "ott"ct replica t! 'I:<br />

oriiinur, and returned it to Engineer-in-charge tor<br />

rec"ord for 5 Years<br />

Work carried out by DEL will be detailed on last<br />

page of IAFW-1833'<br />

Necessary entnes would be made in Register of Requistioini<br />

(IAFW-1787).<br />

I Para 121 , Ein-C Standing Orders' 1995

Addenda VI<br />

[142]<br />


CULARS<br />

1. construction of roads with specification of class 9 and<br />

above- is not permissible under operitional works p.o""au.*.<br />

. .^^^/$fqg4F_: po1,1, oI India,- Ministry of Defence tetter No.<br />

At009ss/Q3w (poticy)lg4[Stso_rilD 1W_j cit, zi.z:.aa.1<br />

2 The term 'road' includes tracks of all descriptions.<br />

. ^/4"-t^tgrity<br />

: AHe E-in-C Branch No. S95It/il/Q2Wl Esu<br />

dt.<br />

3. shelters have beeh defined to be constructions whose<br />

design should be on the lines of local village practiie using<br />

materials procurable locally. They should pioviie reasonablc<br />

protection against the elements fdr atleast d hot whether or a<br />

monsoon.<br />

The actual floor area per person to be accommodated in<br />

shelters should be decided by. tli.e Goc concerned. The target<br />

is the least possible accommodation compatible with ieasonable<br />

comfort and protection from the elemeirts. In no case should<br />

the accommodation provided exceed the scales laid dtwn for<br />

hutted accommodation.<br />

. lAuthor.ity : _!_haptel II Scales General page l0 Scales of<br />

Accommodation (War) 1944.1<br />

4. The term "operational and rechnical" accommodation<br />

cov.erl any construction o{ qoye, for carrying out repairs to<br />

technical<br />

.equipments required - for the ronhuJt of op6iations.<br />

Such works include :<br />

(i) Constructions of bunker.<br />

(ii) Construction of Command posts.<br />

(iii) Construction of Communicdtion centres.<br />

(iv) Construction of advance main dressing- stations.<br />

(u) Construction of shelters for ammunitiots, ,"ppii.,<br />

and stores.<br />

/Authority : He, EC No: 2562971e3W1(poticy) dt.27_t_621.<br />

^___ 5. _Operational works ordered on other- agencies viz,<br />

. CP\4/D/State PWD.<br />

places. y!9t" no MES organization exists, the execution<br />

, of operational Military works bE aho may entrusted to other<br />

a'gencies i.e., central plutic works Department, the State public<br />

Works Department. '<br />

These^agencies will undertake works where orOer.d by<br />

t'brmation commanders in operational works areas. The worki<br />

t r43 li . , 3qq;<br />

,.r\ \<br />

will then be carried out in accordance.,with.ttre normal pro.-c€dulc<br />

obtaining in the CPWD/State PWD:iThe expenditure will'.be<br />

incurredl by these agencies and audito4,;.bJ ltheir, -ig$pective<br />

Accountanis General who will act as Sub4.udit.'Officers of<br />

GDA concerned. No payments will be made in cash by the<br />

Defence Officers in such cases.<br />

/Authority : Govt. of India. Ministry of Defence No-<br />

Al00g55lQ3I4t (Policy)lLg72lslD (Worl

tL44l<br />

them the normal procedure will be followed but separate. construction<br />

accounts folios for each operational work will be<br />

maintained and a Monthly Expenditure Return (M.E.R.) showing<br />

expenditure incurred on each work will be rendered by_the GE.<br />

- Statistics in regard to expenditure and receipts (Cash and<br />


11461<br />

President is pleased to sanction the following procedure for<br />

taking over, accounting and maintenance of assets created under<br />

the Operational Works Procedure.<br />

2. Taking over of assets ln areas where MES is inducted.<br />

(a) On orders of the GOC-in-C, AOC-in-C, Chief Engineer<br />

Command will take over on the attached form<br />

at Appendix 'A' to this letter assets which are technically<br />

suitable for maintenance and have a reasonablc<br />

life expectation. Based on the available data/information,<br />

Chief Engineer will assess the cost of construction<br />

as no complete Construction Accounts were maintained<br />

for individual assets constructed under the<br />

operational works procedure. The cost will be approved<br />

by the Chief Engineer Command and entered in the<br />

appropriate column in the form. The cost of any<br />

subsequent addition alteration/special repairs be<br />

entered in the form as in the case of normal work.<br />

(b) Since works of temporary nature can alone be constructed<br />

under the Operational Works Procedure,<br />

maintenance, allotment as for temporary buildings will<br />

be admissible based on the assessed value of the<br />

assets. MES will carry out the maintenance under<br />

normal rules.<br />

3. Taking over of assets in areas where MES is not<br />

inducted.<br />

(a) In such areas only numerical account of assets will<br />

be kept. The accounting will show the brief description<br />

of the structure and the location where it is<br />

constructed. The record by numbers will be maintained<br />

by the Engineer Tr6ops, under the direction<br />

. of Chief Engineer Corps, who will be responsible to<br />

the local audit for proper accountC. A copy of the<br />

record will also be maintained by the Chief Engineer<br />

in C-ommand.<br />

(b) Malntenance : An ad hoc yearly grairt for the maintenance<br />

of these structures will be given to the Chief<br />

Engineer Corps who will be resporisible to carry out<br />

the necessary rnaintenance through troops at his disposal.<br />

4. Disposal.<br />

(a) Assets taken over under para 2 ivill be dispose-d<br />

of under normal rules,<br />

It47l<br />

(b) In respect of assets taken over under para 3 separate<br />

orders will issue.<br />

5. This letter issues with the concurrence of Ministry of<br />

Finance (Defence) vide their u. o. No. SW1 of 1966.<br />


6644e1E2N1 6sis/so-lll/D/(w-l) DATED 1 6-4-66<br />


Register of Military Buildings/Assets<br />

s.<br />

No<br />

No. of<br />

Bldgs/<br />

AesEts<br />

Descrlption<br />

of<br />

Assgts<br />

Specification<br />

Water (W)<br />

Sewage<br />

(s)<br />

Electrification<br />

(E)<br />

Assessed<br />

cost<br />

Remarks<br />

15. Clarification<br />

With reference to para 2 (b) of the above letter, it is not<br />

known whether, in actual practice works of temporary nature<br />

alone have been/are beinf constructed under the operational<br />

works procedure. For instfnce it would ?Pp.eal from para.4 of<br />

oase 23 of Scales of Accommodation (War) that it would not<br />

bc-appropriate to view prefabricated sheds as temporary..structurei<br />

*h6n they are raiied on dwarf walls or given additional<br />

ventilation, lighiing, special floor or other alterations and additions.<br />

In view of this case of construction of works of other<br />

than temporary nature if any executed under- the.operational<br />

worls procedure coming to your notice may be placed under<br />

objection and regularistion watched-<br />

' f,Authority z C. C. D. A. No- 18009 AT-S dated 2S-4-661<br />

16 Onrnsonrl Works-Suppty & Senices Imprest'<br />

Advarie against Sup.ply and Senrices imprest provided to<br />

rorks and fielil units Uy ttre Chief Engineers- from which<br />

disbunements are made aie monthly drawn from the Controller<br />

Of Defence Accounts concerned. This is however, not practicable<br />

in case of units deployed in remote areas where no banking<br />

facilities exist. In such cases, the President is pleased to sanction<br />

that the Chief Engineers in Consultation with <strong>CDA</strong> concerned<br />

may authorise drawal of advances from the Field Cashier concerned.<br />

2. Past cases will be regularised accordingly.<br />

3. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance<br />

'<br />

(Defence) vide their u.o. No. 121lSW1 of 1966.<br />

/Auihority : Govemment of lfrdig, Mi1t, of D-ef.,le-tter No.<br />

3S%5-EU\348/S-D (lV'orlcs-Il) dated 26th March 19661

tr48l<br />

17. Review and modification of procedure for recoyery<br />

of Departmental charges from Navy and Air Force for MES<br />

works and services.<br />

^ _ !la:r existing provisions in paras 214 read with paras 310<br />

of MES Regulations all works and services carried out for the<br />

\avy and Air Force are subject to the levy of departmental<br />

ghargeJ in accordance with the rates prescribed in -Table ,H'<br />

ibid. These charges are adjusted cenirally as per procedure<br />

prescribed in para 559 ibid.<br />

2. Consequent on the reorganisation of MES and the<br />

setting up of dedicated Zonal Chief Engineer formations for<br />

Navy and Air Force for works and ServiCes rendered by MES<br />

has been reviewed. It has been decided that with effeit from<br />

the finan-cial year commencing on Ist April 1993, the existing<br />

system of recovery of departmental charges on MES works ancl<br />

services should be modified as follows :<br />

(i) lay and Allowances of Army Officers and personnel<br />

deployed in dedicated MES formations of Navy and<br />

Air force will be booked against minor Head 102 of<br />

the two seryices Navy (Major Head 2077) Code Head<br />

11600102 and Code Head 1/601/01 and Air force (Major<br />

Head 2078) Code Head |fiAU\Z and Code Heiad<br />

1,1708.l0l through contra-debit/contra-credit after initial<br />

disbursemelt from Atmy Budger through <strong>CDA</strong>(O)<br />

and <strong>CDA</strong>(ORs).<br />

(iD Pay and Allowances of civilian officers and personnel<br />

of dedicated MES formations of Navy and Air Force<br />

will be provided for and booked against Minor Head<br />

104 of the respective services. Nary (Major Head<br />

2077) and Arr force (Major Head Z07g). For rhis<br />

purpose suitable budgetary heads/Code Heads will be<br />

opened.<br />

(iii) For TA and outstation allowances and all other conveyance<br />

charges of MES civilian officers arrd personnel<br />

of such dedicated MES formations in Navy ancl Air<br />

force, suitable and separate budgetary Hbads/Code<br />

Heads will be opened under Minor Head 105 of the<br />

two sen'ices. The same expenses in respect oi Arnry<br />

personnel can be adjusted through contra-debiticrc.lit<br />

under separate code heads.<br />

(iv) In view of the direct booking of various elements ol'<br />

expenditure incurred on establishment of cleclicatecl<br />

MES formations of Navy and Air Force as indicatecl<br />

above, the percentages of departmental charges to be:<br />

Ar<br />

tl4el<br />

recovered from these two services for works and<br />

services rendered by MES be restricted to |Vo'<br />

(u) As regards tools and plants charging of LrVo of the<br />

value of works as T & P Charges will continue' The<br />

amount so collected will be credited in a centralised<br />

manner under the existing deduct Head (Code No'<br />

495106) under Sub Head -'E' of Minor Head 111-<br />

Works' under Major Head 2076 (Army):- For this<br />

purpose, category prefixes 08 and 09 will be used<br />

i"ftii" op"tatirig ihd concerned Codg llead (495/06)<br />

to ident'ifu the-T & P chargqs booked to Navy and<br />

Air force resPectivelY.<br />

(vi) Expenditure incu.red by- dedicated MES formation of<br />

' -' Nuly and Air Force on-Miscellaneous expenses' printing<br />

lnd stationery, Telephone-and payment to other<br />

Departments for work done for Defence which are<br />

now booked under Minor Head 800- other expenditure<br />

of Major Head 2A76 (Army) will be.debited<br />

to respective"Minor Head 800-Other-Expenditure of<br />

Major^Head 2077 (Nu"y) and Major Head 2078 (Air<br />

for6e) respectively. For this purpose separate budgetary<br />

heads/cod-e heads will be oPened.<br />

(vii) The recovery of pensionary.ctrgges at l/2lo as,Part<br />

' ' of departmehtal iharges leviable at -present on Navy<br />

and liir Force will be dispensed with, as expenditure<br />

on pensions do not form plrt of Army Demand No- 18'<br />

3. Action is being taken separately for opening new<br />

budgetary/code heads foi implementing the above measures.<br />

" 4. Action is being also taken separately for amendment<br />

of relevant provisions of MES Regulations'<br />

5. The^ revised procedure as explained above comes into<br />

force with effect from Ist April, t99i i.e. with effect from the<br />

beginning of the financial yeat 7993-94-<br />

" O. it is clarified that notwithstanding the direct booking<br />

of expenditure of dedicated MES formations of Navy and Air<br />

For""' as indicated above, the periodical reviews of norms and<br />

itiengttr of establishment of such dedicated MES formations<br />

wil Jontinue to be carried out in an integrated manner along<br />

with reviews of norms of MES establishment as whole. conseouentlv<br />

the deplovment of the overall sanctioned establishment<br />

6i MdS will be'alio considered in an integrated manner keeping

llsol<br />

in view the nature and quantum of rvorkload of individual<br />

units/formations of various categories.<br />

7. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defencc<br />

(Fin/IVorks) vide their De,No. 7748lAddl FA(c)/g: dt. Z:.S.9:.<br />

, _ _ lAuthority ; Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence No.<br />

12(1)/931D(Works-II) Dt. 23rd Aug 19931<br />

18. Construction of Civil Works for Ordnance Factories<br />

through Agencies other than MES<br />

I am directed to refer to FB proposal NO. 6891P&MM/datecl<br />

19-19-1986 forwarded vide their UO No. SPL/COM/BS, rhat<br />

Government have approved that the Civil Works o[ orclnancc<br />

where necessary. Subject to rates of construction bcing comparable<br />

the overhead charges also being reasonable in comparison<br />

to what in which the works are required to be got completecl.<br />

2. As and when required, the Ministry will get the quality<br />

of the works checked by an agency other than the consultani<br />

or the contractor of the OFB for the Civil Works.<br />

3. This issues with the concurrence of lntegrated Financc<br />

Branch vide their Uo No. 785-SAF (DP-Iy87 dated 29th September,<br />

1987.<br />

19. Delegation of Powers to officers of MES for executlon<br />

of electricity and water supply agreement and agreement firr<br />

disposal of sewage.<br />

(a) Agreemenl or memoranda of terms for laklng a bulk supply ol electrlc<br />

enorgy or walor fiom an oulslde aource lor milltary bulldings.<br />

(i) Garrison Engineer Agreemsnts involving annual payment nol<br />

exceeding Rs. 30,00,000/- in each case.<br />

(ii) Commandar Works Engineer Agreements involving annual paymont nol<br />

exceeding Rs. 100 lakhs in each case.<br />

(iii) CE Zone Agreements involving annual payment not<br />

exceding Rs. 300 lakhs in each case.<br />

(v) CE Command Agro6m6nts involving annual payment not<br />

exceding Rs. 500 lakhs in each case.<br />

(v) E-in-C/DGW Full Powers<br />

(b) Agreement or memoranda of lerms tor glvlng e bulk supply of electric<br />

onergy or waler to non-military consumer and for glvlng sewage tor lrealmeni<br />

and dleposal to outsldc bodles.<br />

(i) Garrison Engineer Agreoments irrvolving annual payment not<br />

exceeding Rs. 30 lakhs in each case.<br />

(ii) Commander Works Engineer Agreements involving annual payment not<br />

exceeding Rs. 100 lakhs in each cas6.<br />

(iii) vE LOF.A Agreements involving annual payment not<br />

exceeding Rs. 300 lakhs in each case.<br />

(iv)<br />

(v)<br />

CE Command<br />

E-in-C/DGW<br />

tlsrl<br />

Aor€ements involving annual payment not<br />

eiceeding Rs. 500 lakhs in eTX-case:--<br />

Full Powers<br />

/ Authority t C*t of India , Ministry Lettcr<br />

^o[ ^2*:",u<br />

N,,. qqASOln2ePql24g2lDlWorks-ll duted 20-10-2009 I<br />

20. Norms of Expenditure for Malntenance of Military<br />

Itouds - :-1.<br />

The existing norms lbr maintc,lance clt roads werc laid<br />

tlown unde. C,ru"r-nt"nt ol India, Ministry of Defe nce-<br />

-lcttcr<br />

i'.i,,.'sze-66ru82 (wPa)t;t-ivls+:ipo-lvD" ( w-I) da t ed 23 J ulv<br />

t986.<br />

2.The roacls maintenance norms as approved earlicr under<br />

-quoted<br />

i,boue letter are for three categories namcll plains'<br />

;;;ti Jnd hilly ur"ut. The norms have bccome much bekrw<br />

;;-;;q;i;;o i""*r onJ ne",t rationalisation bv *",!iig in<br />

,t-!.:*<br />

iin" *i|n the road classification ancl the noims laid d.wn by<br />

Ministry of Surface Transport in March 1993'<br />

' - -- i-'Accordingly, I am directed to convey the sanction ot'<br />

the piesident to ihe u,fopiion of the undermintioned ntlrms 'l<br />

*uirrt"non"e for military roads in ancl ex-cantonmcnt by the<br />

MES in plains :<br />

4 For hilly areas, heavy rainfbll areas above 3000 mm pcr<br />

.nnum ancl foi deseit areis&lack cotton soil, the following<br />

pi"tittlincrease over the scales at para 3 above shall bc<br />

annlicable :<br />

I I (a) Hilly areas and heavy rainfall areas above<br />

3000 mm Por annum<br />

(b) Desert areas/Black cotton soil areas<br />

34% of normal rePairs<br />

11To ol normal rePairs<br />

5. These norms will be effective tiom 01-04-99 and thc<br />

maintenance grant based on the above norms will comc into<br />

ii,rc,e for the "financial year 1999-2000 and onwards. Howcver,<br />

Itrt actual maintenancd wiil be restricted within thc allotted<br />

I'unds"<br />

6. This issues rvith the concurrence of tho Ministry rlf<br />

l)ct'ence Finance vicle their UO No' 2061W-Ill99 of 1999'<br />

Notes_l. The road classification is based on instructiot]s<br />

irru"i'Uy-E-in-C'. Branch vicle letter Nos. 84008/Pol/CP datcd<br />

22 Nov. 91 and 05 Mar 92 :

'Ilpe of Roads<br />

RD1<br />

RD2<br />

RD3<br />

RD4<br />

^_^.J4r!ltority-M.O.D.<br />

Itsz1<br />

278/DO-rr/D (w-r) Dt. 15_03_99J<br />

Carrlage way<br />

Double carriage way each 7.5 m widc<br />

Two large carriage way 10.5 m wide<br />

Two lane carriage way 7 m wide<br />

Single lane carriage way 3.5 m wide<br />

No. 8z96611tE2W (ppc) vot_rv<br />

21. Norms of Expenditure for Maintenance of Govt Buildings<br />

by ME$<br />

PART I<br />



s.<br />

No,<br />

Caiegory Servicecharges<br />

Rs per<br />

sqm<br />

Annual<br />

Repair<br />

Fb per<br />

sqm<br />

fue<br />

0-20<br />

Rs per<br />

sqm<br />

Special repairs<br />

Age 21 -<br />

40<br />

Rs per<br />

sqm<br />

Age<br />

Above<br />

40 yrs<br />

Rs per<br />

Sqm<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

(e) Rcrldentlal Btdg<br />

(i) Single/Md ORs/JCOs<br />

Qtrs and anciliaries<br />

29.24 19.02 12. 10 20 .08 (ii) Single/Md oftrs etrs<br />

other lhan residences of<br />

GOC.<br />

29.24 19.02 12.10 20.08<br />

27.20<br />

27.20<br />

(iii) OFVJCOs Messes<br />

(iv) Of f rs Messes,<br />

lnspection Bungalows,<br />

lnstitutes & resldence ol<br />

GOC (Div Area, Corps and<br />

Command) & Eqriivatent<br />

otfrs of services.<br />

(b) Non R€ldenrtd Bldge<br />

38.00<br />

45.48<br />

24.74<br />

30.00<br />

12.10<br />

12.57<br />

20.08<br />

20.95<br />

27.20<br />

28.53<br />

(i) Otfice Bldgs (any type<br />

except in sub para (ii)<br />

below) storage a6cn (Airy<br />

type) wksps/garages and<br />

tsch accn excopt in sub<br />

para (ii) below etc.<br />

33.32 2't'8'l 20.9s 34.71 48.61<br />

0i) Oflice accn (Adm block<br />

onty) ot Fmn HQrs down<br />

to Sub Area and equivalent<br />

in other services trg accn<br />

ot cat 'A' Est of Army and<br />

conesponding institutions ol<br />

Navy/AF/R&D and Tech<br />

accn of R & D laboratories.<br />

(iii) Ml Rooms and<br />

Hosoitals.<br />

tls3l<br />

45 .48 30.00 13'23 20.95 29.53<br />

83.30 54.66 32.19 s3.60 74.95<br />

Nores-(a) The above plinth area rates do not cover expenditure<br />

on conservancy charges.<br />

(b) In respect of accn of Andaman & Nicobar group of islands<br />

and for hilly area, the plinth area rates prescribed above will be<br />

increased by 509b for residential and 25vo f.or non-residential buildings.<br />

(c) These modified plinth area rates for normal repairs and<br />

special repairs will be in supersession of the Min of Def letter No.<br />

algao/Ez (WPC)/1103/DO-II/D (W-I) dated 30 July 98 and letter<br />

No. 87966/E2W (PPCy1500/D (W-I) dt 5lIIl98. Scales prescribed<br />

for items other than normal repairs to internal electrical installations<br />

in buildings, in Govt letter of No. 13(37)/72lD(Works-I) dated 10 April<br />

1975 will continue to be operative.<br />

(d) The plinth area rates of Annual repairs of Civil Engineering<br />

maintenance for high rise buildings located in Coastal areas in respect<br />

of following categc ',s of buildings will be enhanced as under-<br />

Residentlal bulldlngs<br />

(i) Single/Married OFVJCOs Qrs and ancillaries From Rs' To Rs<br />

3;;fo o"' 33;lo o"'<br />

(ii) Single/married officers other than residences From Bs' To Rs<br />

ii eoe ilfo o"' 31.'].0 o.'<br />

PART II<br />



8.No. Catogory ol bullding Ratos in Rs per Sqm for<br />

day to day services,<br />

Repairs and maint<br />

Concentra<br />

ted GrouD<br />

Scattered<br />

Group<br />

I 2 3 4<br />


1 SinqlelMd ORs/JCOs Qtrs and anciliaries' 15.43 19'02

t1s4I<br />

2. Single/Md offrs Qtrs other than the residence<br />

ol GOC<br />

3. OFI/JCOs Messes 25.14<br />

4. Offrs Messes, lnsp Bungalows, lnstitutes and<br />

Residence of GOC (Div, Area, Corps &<br />

Command) and equivalent oftrs of other soryices.<br />


(i) Office buildings (Any type except in sub para<br />

(ii) below) storags accn (Any type), Wksps,<br />

garages and Tech accn except in sub para (ii)<br />

below etc,<br />

(ii) Otfice accn (Adm block only) of Fmn HQs<br />

down to Sub Area, and equivalent in other<br />

services, trg accn ol Cat 'A' Estt of Army and<br />

corresponding instiiutions ot the Navy/AF/R &<br />

D and Tech accn of R & D Labs.<br />

19.02 21 .95<br />

25.',t4<br />

21 .95 25.14<br />

25.14<br />

(i ii) Ml Room and Hospitals 50.27<br />

Notes ! (a) These plinth area rates do not cwer expenditure<br />

on maint and running of air-conditioners installations, lifts, pumps and<br />

sub stations. Funds will be provided for these services on actual<br />

requirements.<br />

(b) In respect of accn situated at altitudes more than 5,000 ft<br />

and accn at Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands the Plinth area<br />

rates prescribed above will be increased by l0%.<br />

(c) These modified plinth area rates for normal repairs and<br />

special repairs will be in supersession of the Ministry of Defence letter<br />

No. 87966/E2W (WPCy1103/DO-II/D (W-I) dt 3O luly 98 and letter<br />

No. 879661E2W (PPC/1500/D (W-D dt 5/11/98. Scales prescribed<br />

for items other than normal repairs to internal electrical installation<br />

in buildings, in Govt letter No. L3 (39>lLZtDl(Works-I) dt t0 Apr<br />

1"975 will continue to be operative. Maintenance giant for perimeter<br />

and eKernal lighting shall be demanded as on required basis as<br />

included in M & O estimates.<br />

(d) The above norms do not include the replacement cost of<br />

bulbs and tubes, funds for which will be demanded separately at 2<br />

replacement per annum.<br />

(e) T'he plinth area rates of electrical Engineering maintenance<br />

for high rise buildings located in coastal areas in respect of following<br />

Categories of buildings will be enhanced as under-<br />

Rcrldcntltl bulldlngr<br />

trssl<br />

(i) Single/Marrled OR/JCOs Qrs and ancillaries From Rs' To Rs<br />

13'20 Por 17'56 P6i<br />

sqm. sqm.<br />

(ii) Single/marriad offlcers other than residencss From Rs' To Rs<br />

if cob ' 16'30 Per 21'68 Per<br />

2. It has been decided that no norms should be prescribed for<br />

special repairs (Electrical) and that estimates shall be prepared for<br />

elch set of building invidually and sanction obtained after a survey<br />

has been conducted on annual basis.<br />

3. The actual maintenance expenditure will be restricted to<br />

allotment made bY Govt.<br />

4. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence<br />

(Finance) vide their U' O. No. 783/F/W-U of 23 June 2004'<br />

'<br />

blthority: GOI, MOD No.87966lE2W (PPC)ll056lDOIIlD<br />

(w-I) dt 02-07-20041<br />

22. Check List on Prrparation of AEs For Utility services<br />

1. General discrepancies in E/M estimates.<br />

(a) The layout plan of the existing Electric. Supply, Water<br />

Sunnlv ind Sewise svstem of the stationbr adjoining to proposed<br />

acJcini*oOution For integration of the system is required. This<br />

is found lacking.<br />

(b) Wherever plans are submitted, they are not clearly<br />

and tiisiinctly marked with different colours for existing and<br />

piopot"O tyit"ms. These should be drawn to scale and be<br />

legible.<br />

" (c) The existing and proposed intake points and location<br />

of suL stations, GJneratirig Stations, Pump houses, Booster<br />

Pumps etc are not properly and adequately marked. Existing<br />

sewei lines be also marked-<br />

(d) The layout plans submitted are generally not to scale'<br />

As a )dsult, it ii not possible to clear the estimates technically<br />

as well as quantitatively.<br />

(e) Some times AEs ar:-pliggd on market rates, though<br />

the itbms are available on ED/SSR. Market rates should be<br />

aootied onlv for those items which are not available in ED<br />

ahb/or SSd and be fully supported with market analysis/sanc-<br />

tioned jobs'<br />

(f; Market variation to be ed over ED and sSR is<br />

_aPPli<br />

circulited every year by this H0 - and communicated to all<br />

concerned. Thej sime should be applied. In special cases only,

t1s6l<br />

higher percentages can be allowed by the regions but the same<br />

should be clearly justified.<br />

(g) The power and water supply requirements should be<br />

clearly given in BPs and AB with the basis of calculations.<br />

This will help in justiffing capacities<br />

^the of storage tanks,<br />

pumping arrangements, transformers, generating sets and other<br />

connected items.<br />

(h) In case the E/I\l[ services are to be augmented, the<br />

details of existing assets with sources of supply, layout, capacities<br />

and sizes must accompany the estimate.<br />

(i) Sometimes, amounts are shown for payment to civil<br />

authorities for power connectionsAvater connections without<br />

supporting estimates for the concerned departments. This is not<br />

acceptable. The details with supporting documeqts must accompany<br />

AEs.<br />

0<br />

Schedule of quantities of major items like cables,<br />

HT/OCB, OH lines, LT Switch Gears, water supply mains,<br />

specials for water supply lines, etc should invariably be submitted<br />

with AEs.<br />

(k) To carry out the technical check and justifu the sizes,<br />

the voltage drop calculations for OH lines, cables and friction<br />

head loss calculations for water mains must accompany the<br />

estimates.<br />

_(l) Chief Engineer must impress upon the CFAs to coopt<br />

the services of Fire Adviser at the Board stage itself for giving<br />

the complete arrangement of fire detection, alarms and fighting<br />

system. In case the fire adviser has not been associated at the<br />

Board Stage, the entire scheme for the same must be got<br />

approved from the fire adviser of Ministry of Defence before<br />

submission of the AEs.<br />

_(m) While preparing the AEs, if the deviation from<br />

provisions in Board Proceedings is apprehended, the Board<br />

Proceedings must be got amended before submission of AEs<br />

to this HQ. Amendments must have the approval of the competent<br />

authority.<br />

_(n) Any item other than those covered in Scales ol'<br />

Accommodation must be marked as special and should be<br />

scheduled and periced on a separate sheet.<br />

_(o) While preparing AEs. Pt II, the tech questionnaire<br />

for each service as per annex G-1 to G-5 of MES Standing<br />

Order 1995 be kept in mind to ensure proper estimating.<br />

2. Electrical Fire Alarm System, EOT Cranes, Lifts and Lightening<br />

Protection<br />

trsTl<br />

(a) Capacity of sub stations, transformers, DG set is not<br />

suppoited with load details and at times standard capacities are<br />

not considered.<br />

(b) Provision for improvement of-power factor is not being<br />

made' ih ttre Estimates. Provision of capacitors of adequate<br />

capacity for predominantly inductive load should be made in<br />

AEs to avoid penal charges by supplying agencies.<br />

(c) The specifications for EOT Cranes are not being given<br />

correctiy, even the pricing is given on adhoc basis. As far as<br />

possiblg the specific-ationsn span and rates should be based on<br />

bp. tn of deuiation, proper justification of the requirement<br />

and price "ure should be given with market analysis.<br />

-(d)<br />

Provision of lifts is explicity clear in the Scales of<br />

Accorirrirodation. It should be accordingly recorded in the BPs<br />

and AEs prepared. In case of luggage lifts, the wgight, to be<br />

carried at -on6 time should be specified in BP so that there is<br />

no over/under provisioning at the time of preparation of AEs.<br />

(e) Sizesiquantity of the UG cables are n-ot supported with<br />

workiirg details'i.e. v6ltage drop calculations for LT cables and<br />

short ckt current level and voltage drop fbr HT cables'<br />

(f) There are number of firms marketing/manufacturing<br />

fire difectors and smoke detectors. There is a big price variation<br />

of various makes. While preparing estimates, the make of the<br />

fire detector and smoke detector must be mentioned and price<br />

list attached for justification.<br />

(g) Provision of lightening protection is invariabley made<br />

on adh*oc basis. It must -be worked out on the basis .lf provision<br />

made in BIS marked on Blue Print and quantities scheduled<br />

building wise, as supporting doeument to AE Part II.<br />

3. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and Mechanical laundty<br />

Plants etc.<br />

(a) The BPs invariably do not have the filp requirements<br />

fron\ ihe users resulting in faulty preparation of estimates. The<br />

following points, if noi covered in the BPs, n'.ay be obtained<br />

from th6 users through the covening authority and submitted<br />

alongwith the AEs for technical scrutiny.<br />

-(uu)<br />

Inside conditions required for the functioning of<br />

eouipment and personncl.<br />

' '(bb) fire AC questionnaire giving other requirement like<br />

dust ievel, clccupancy, hours, noiCe level etc as per E-in-C's<br />

i rtanding orders. -This must be signed by the user and form a<br />

part of the BPs. - (b) AEs are not accompained with survey sheets and heat

trssl<br />

load calculations, the requirement is essential to work out the<br />

capacity of the plant.<br />

'<br />

fO The layout plan giving the orientation of the buildings<br />

is also iequired-to hive the realistic estimation of the A'/C load.<br />

(d) Accn fcrr plant room and AHUs is .required to be<br />

under the air conditioning estimates whish is normally<br />

"ou".id<br />

missing.<br />

(-e) Ventilation schemes are not properly designed viz a<br />

viz flow rates are not given. As a result, the capacity of the<br />

mechanical plant is not realistic.<br />

(f) Energy conservation methods 919 qroposg{ to be<br />

adoptlO but wfiile designing and planning A/C plants, this aspect<br />

is not taken into consideration.<br />

(g) Building estimates for air conditioned sPac9 do not<br />

cover'Insulation -to roof/ceiling and double glazed windows to<br />

cut down A/C load. It should be considered while working out<br />

the cost of Bldg.<br />

(h) While- preparing the AEs for. rePlacement of A'/C<br />

olants. ihe system of aiiconditioning should not be changed<br />

irntil ihere ii reduction/increase of air conditioning load.<br />

(i) ED rates for centralized A/C plants are inclusive of<br />

ductirig/piping involved. However cost of standby unit should<br />

be tak?ir'as-50%o of rate given in ED for each ton'<br />

O Authorisation of water coolers and refrigerators are<br />

.<br />

not w6rked out as per scales of accommodation'<br />

(k) Many a timb, the air-conditioning requirements as given<br />

in texi'"f tnei BPs, and A/C questionnaire/Appendices/drgs ere<br />

at variance with each other. these must be reconciled'<br />

4. Ext Water SuPPIY SYstem<br />

Following details should be forwarded alongwith AEs'<br />

(a) Frictional Head Loss calculation.<br />

(U) Stotage capacity and staging of proposed<br />

-res-ervoirs<br />

based on lettei No. -84397/GenlPol/E4 (U3) dated 05 May 93'<br />

(c) Details of existing watgl-leJglvoirs should be furnished<br />

a* pei App* 'A' to letter\o. 84397lGenlPoVEa (U3) dated 05<br />

May 93. ' (d) Design calculations of pumps based on the proposed<br />

number of pumPing hours.<br />

(e) If ^BP'reiommends a borewell, a report ot CGWB<br />

must be accomPained with AEs.<br />

(f) For Fire Fighting Schemes the requirement of water<br />

I lse I<br />

lirr I'illing should be workcd out as per scale o[ accn 1983 Tablcr<br />

A.ll Sl No. 12 and pumping capacity be decided accordingly'<br />

5. Sewage System<br />

Foilowing details/info should accompany with AEs'<br />

(a) Layo"ut plan showing existing and proposed system of<br />

sewer'tfnes sno*ing both the GL and ILs of the existing lines<br />

and of the new sewer lines.<br />

(b) Capacity of septic tanks should be restricted to 300<br />

users as per manual on sewerage and sewage Treatment'<br />

(c) in case pr

11601<br />

7. Rain water Harvesting<br />

This is now an authorized item of works and should be<br />

included in all stations notified by Central Ground Water<br />

r-r,uthority (CGWA). This should be integrated with "Area<br />

Drainage" and a layout plan indicating paved area, collection<br />

open drains/pipes, recharged pit/tank/borewell be also forwarded.<br />

The design details of "Rainwater Harvesting Schemes" be forwarded<br />

as per TI 2 of 2002.<br />

[Authority : Appendix 'A' to E-in C's Br. Letter No.<br />

617481PL/84(U) dared 05 lune 031<br />

t 161 l<br />



L Board Proceedings.<br />

2. Statement of Case.<br />

3. Accornmodation Statement Part I and II.<br />

4. Engineering Appreciation.<br />

5. Approximate Estimates Part I and II.<br />

6. Quarterly return for Market Variation (MV) and<br />

Difference in Cost of Stores (DCS).<br />

7. Market analysis in respect of items based on assessed<br />

rates/market rates.<br />

8. Policy letter if any, involved in the proposal"<br />

9. Administrative Approval in respect of rates taken from<br />

previous released works.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

t2.<br />

13.<br />

Land availability certificate.<br />

Area furniture rate list.<br />

Water and Electricity availability certificate.<br />

Plinth area rates for married and Other Than Married<br />

(OTM) accommodiation.<br />

I As stipulated vide Annexure to Instruction Order No. 6-2008.

lt62l<br />


break-up details of the work head-wise, viz., "site clearun"",<br />

Building, Special work (if any), External Services such as<br />

Electrification, Water Supply, Sewage Disposal, Road, Furniture<br />

etc' It furnishes the printh Area calcurations, scar.s, Rates,<br />

Elements on account of Market variation/Difference in cost of<br />

stores, Allowance for Restricted Area/tlilly Area/Disturbed<br />

Area, Item-wise cost, Authority for the scales as well as rates.<br />

Head-wise totals are carried over to AE pt-I, Grand totar of<br />

such head-wise totals and contingency @ 3vo of.the cost will be<br />

the estimated cost to be refle"t"o io the Admin approuui. e'<br />

AEs are scrutinized by E-in-c's Branch before tt"'froporur i,<br />

sent to IFA for concurrence.<br />


A. GENERAL<br />

(i) Estimated cost of the work (incruding all phases) is<br />

within the powers of the CFA, under-whose powers<br />

the work has been proposed.<br />

(ii) The AEs have been scrutinized and cleared by<br />

E-in-C's Branch.<br />

(iii) The proposal (other than corrigendum/?ara ll works)<br />

is included in the MWp of the year.<br />

(iv) The AEs are complete with description of each item<br />

of work, authority for the scales and rates adopted<br />

and supporting details.<br />

(v) The relevant Board proceedings, Layout plan and ail<br />

connected documents are placed on the file.<br />

("i) All items incruded in the AEs are covered by the Bp<br />

and the Bp clearly lap down the scope of ihe work<br />

to be done.<br />

I As stipulated vide<br />

t1631<br />

("ii) Special items of work conform to the conditions<br />

prescribed in Para 14(b) DWP-1986.<br />


(i) In the first instance it should be checked that the<br />

Board Proceedings outlining the detailed justification<br />

in terms of necessity/requirement of the proposed<br />

worts le., building work (OTMMarried) and external<br />

services etc., are placed on the file.<br />

(ii) That the Board Proceeding has considered the<br />

following points/aspects :<br />

(a) Justification for eiternal services like external<br />

electrification, external water supply, roads &<br />

paths, sewage disposal, compound wall/security<br />

wall and furniture, etc. with reference to (i)<br />

existing scales and specifications and (ii) existing<br />

availability of these services at the station.<br />

(b) Justification for special items, if any.<br />

(") Particulars of building etc. to be demolished, if<br />

any, with detailed reasons.<br />

(d) Accommodation statement part-I & part-Il<br />

accompanying the Board Proceedings.<br />

(iii) Points to be seen in this Scrutiny of Board proceedings<br />

are given at Annexure'I'.<br />


0.1 A.E.I-BUILDINGS<br />

1. The detailed break-up of the total requirement has been<br />

Slvcn item-wise separately for Married/orM/External Services<br />

Worlcs.<br />

2. That the married accommodation for all categories<br />

(lncluding civilians) has been planned on station basis.<br />

3. That the necessity of the proposed work is accepted in<br />

prlnciple at appropriate level.<br />

4. That the land required for the purpose is available. If<br />

not, what is the status of land acquisition ?

[164]<br />

5. That the satisfaction level has been kept in mind while<br />

initiating the proposal of married accommodation.<br />

6. That the scales adopted are correct and latest and<br />

supported by authority.<br />

7. That the work stands included in the MWP for the year<br />

concerned.<br />

8. That in case of projects invclving both married and OTM<br />

Works, OTM Works and external services are being providecl<br />

to match the progress of married accommodation works ancl vice<br />

versa.<br />

9. (a) That special items, if any, have heen cleared by the<br />

Users Directorate and the Associated Finance at appropriate<br />

level from the necessity angle.<br />

(b) Details of special items and basis of their cost estimate<br />

have been given adequately.<br />

10. That the specifications have been correctly applied.<br />

Wherever superior specifications have been proposed in the<br />

work, necessary justification with authority has oeen given"<br />

Where a project is to be taken up in phases, the total cost of<br />

the entire project (based on AEs/rough estimates) is the criteria<br />

for determining the CFA for sanctioning the workllproject.<br />

11. That the plinth area norms are correctly applied as per<br />

instructions issued under Ministry of Defence ID No.<br />

PC/1 1 (3 y89 lDO-IllP (W-I) dated 1,4.5.t991 and further amendments,<br />

if any and the calculation, and Conversion factors are<br />

correct.<br />

'12. That the expected credits on account of retrieved<br />

material from demolition of buildings etc., if any, are properly<br />

"*'il:Tr,fu:'ilt5,ff1, nu.," been scrutinized by the E-in<br />

C's Branch and updated to the last quarter.<br />

14. lf accommodation for MES Key personnel is included<br />

in the works estirnates, then station-wise deficiency position<br />

should be indicated.<br />

C.2 RATES<br />

tr6sl<br />

1. That the rates for OTM works are based on latest SSR.<br />

2. That wherever non-standard rates are used (in the case<br />

of OTM accommodation generally), basis and break up is given<br />

to as to justiff the rates. Basis should be clear and specific.<br />

3. Wherever SSR rates are not available, the basis and details<br />

of market analysis is fully given.<br />

4. That the plinth area rates for married accommodation<br />

tre as per E-in-C's Branch letter No. 83975/E2 Design-3 dated<br />

27,6.9A and further amendments, if any.<br />

5. That the market variation and difference in cost of stores<br />

rpplied in the A.Es are based on latest quarterly return.<br />

6. In case rvhere certain rates have been adopted from a<br />

Job already approved, the same is in agreement with extract of<br />

CA (Contract Agreement) (to be placed on file).<br />

7. DCS (Difference in Cost of Stores/Schedules) is<br />

considered only for item for which status are issued to the<br />

Contractor on payment e.g. Road work.<br />

8. Allowances on account of Restricted AreaAlilly Area/<br />

Disturbed Area are correct and correctly. worked out.<br />

9. Arithmetical calculation and totals are correct.<br />


1. That the existing assets at the station have been taken<br />

lnto account while planning external services like roads, external<br />

llcctricity, ext. water supply, sewage disposal, area drainage, etc.<br />

2. That the requirement of electricity and water has been<br />

worked out oh the basis of strength of thb Military station and<br />

the net deficiency has been worked out after taking into account<br />

the existing availability.<br />

3. That the rates adopted for the E/lvI items like sewage<br />

dirposal, external electrification and water supply, etc. are based<br />

on current Estimated Data (ED) and item no. ED is indicated<br />

tgainst each item in the A.Es.<br />

4. Wherever ED rates are not available detailed justification<br />

for the assessed and market rates is given in the AE.

11661<br />

5. That the rates of B/R items like Roads, Area Drainage,<br />

security/fencing wall etc. are based on latest SSR. If not, detailed<br />

justification for market assessed rates is given.<br />


1. That the furniture provided is as per the latest scales and<br />

buildings is given.<br />

2. That the break-up of' furniture based on different<br />

categories of buildings is given.<br />

3. That the rates of furniture items are based on the latest<br />

area furniture rate list issued by the CWE concerned and reference<br />

of furniture rate list is given in the A.E.s in the remarks column.<br />

4. That while assessing the requirement of furniture, surplus<br />

furniture available at the station, if any, has been duly taken<br />

into account.<br />


1. In addition to the above check points the RAEs which<br />

are prepared in accordance with the provisions of Para-22 (b)<br />

read with pdra-9 (d) DWP 1986 are further checked to see that :<br />

(a) the causes of excess have been set out clearly and<br />

concisely in the remarks column of RAE Part-II<br />

(b) If the RAEs are based on completion cost, the same<br />

are duly countersigned by the concerned AAO GE.<br />


1. Is this civil work proposal a part of the approved major<br />

works programme of the year concerned ? If so, state specifically.<br />

2. What is the proposed completion date of the work ?<br />

3. What is proposeC phasing of expenditure ?<br />

4. What is the fund requirement in the current financialyear ?<br />

5. Is the fund availability in the current year confirmed ?<br />

6. What will be the carry forward liability for subsequent<br />

years ?<br />

c-7 F c cAsEs<br />

If the tendered cost of a work exceeds the estimated cost<br />

stated in the administrative approval by more than lOVo and the<br />

t167I<br />

cxcess cannot be met out of savings, if any, prior approval of<br />

the CFA is obtained in the form of financial conculrence'<br />

Important points to be seen in IFAs office are as under.<br />

(i) Validity period of the tender has not expired.<br />

(ii) Tendering action is not delayed- Abnormal delay<br />

resulting in cost over run cases will be critically<br />

examined.<br />

(iii) Scope of the work and specifications has not been<br />

altered. Cases involving change in scope of work,<br />

adoption of higher specifications or PA rates, large<br />

variations in quantities of external services etc. are<br />

normally not entertained.<br />

(i") Rates quoted are reasonable. Comparison between<br />

the SSR/ED rates and the tendered rates is available<br />

and reasons for variations are given.<br />

(") Extent of savings available, which can be adjusted with<br />

the excess.<br />

("i) In case of proposals for accepting other than the<br />

lowest tender, reasons are explained.<br />

("ii) Re-tendering is not likely to lead to any reduction in<br />

rates/total cost.<br />

D. AE Pt.I<br />

(i) Item-wise totals are carried over correctly from AE<br />

Pt-[.<br />

, (ii) Credit on account of retrieved materials has been<br />

reduced.<br />

(iii) Contingency does not exceed 3Vo of- the total cost<br />

and the calculation is correct.<br />

(iv) In cases of deposit work carried out by other agencies<br />

(like State Electricity Boards etc.), contingency is not<br />

allowed over and above the contingency already<br />

included by the agency in their estimate.<br />

(") Grand total is correct.

[168]<br />


gPslrclgglqlo be exercised by rhe Exe. Authorfties<br />

It should be seen that the board proceedings outline the<br />

detailed justification in terms of necessity/requirement of the<br />

proposed work and that the Bps has considered foilowing<br />

points/aspects :<br />

1. Accn Statement Part I & II : These statements are the<br />

most important documents for arriving at the requirement of<br />

proposed accommodation. Therefore, adequate emphasis is<br />

required in preparation of these documents. standard format<br />

should be followed and all the columns filled correctly.<br />

(a) Accn Statement Part I : This should be prepared by the<br />

user unit/formation with the authority of pE and should be<br />

forwarded duly signed by a ,"rponribl" officer of the unit<br />

concerned and Station Cdr/Adm Comdt.<br />

(b) Accn Ststement Part II : Based on Accn Statement part<br />

I, Accn authorised, available, deficient etc. needs to be clearly<br />

indicated in Accn statement part II and this should be signed<br />

by GE concerned.<br />

2. zonal Plan : siting of Accn should be in accordance with<br />

the approved zonal Plan. However in exceptional cases, if it is<br />

not in accordance with the zonal plan, the justification to this<br />

effect should be covered in the Bps and a certificate from the<br />

stn cdr be made as a part of the Bps stating that the proposed<br />

siting is being catered in the revision of Zonal plan.<br />

3. Disposal of Old Bldgs : If new Accn is being proposed<br />

against the existing Accn, the justification of the samt should<br />

be given in the BPs as also the final disposal of such Accn whether<br />

by demolition or subsequent re-appropriation for some other<br />

purpose needs to be clearly indicated in the Bp itself. In case<br />

the existing Accn is to be utilized against the deficiency of some<br />

1 As stipulated vide Annexure toffi<br />

t16el<br />

other unit at the station, a certificate to this effect is also required<br />

from the Stn Cdr.<br />

4. TFee Cutting : All the trees falling with in the proposed<br />

siting of building should be identified in the BOO and a<br />

certificate duly signed by the Stn Cdr shall be made part of the<br />

BPs stating that the clear site will be handed over to the MES<br />

before commencement of the work.<br />

5. Special Iterns : As far as possible, special items should<br />

be avoided and if at all considered necessary, be kept at minimum<br />

level. Inclusion of special items needs to be justified in the BPs<br />

and the cost effect is to be considered separately in the Rough<br />

Indication Cost (RIC). All items of external services related to<br />

a special Accn should be treated as special items. While giving<br />

the recommendations, the BOO must highlight the cost of special<br />

items and the same should also be covered in the<br />

recommendations of the Cdrs in chain.<br />

6. Air Conditioning : Air Conditioning shall be provided as<br />

per the chapter 53 of SOA Whenever Air Conditioning is<br />

recommended, which is not covered under SOA" adequate<br />

justification should be given in the BFs. The requirement of<br />

temperature, humidity and other parameters should be specified<br />

in the BPs correctly based on user requirement.<br />

7. Cooling Appliances : These shall be provided as per the<br />

huthorized scales. The existing cooling appliances should be<br />

considered in BPs to work out the deficiency and details of the<br />

same must be included in the BFs giving location of each item.<br />

8. Standby Gen Sets : DG Set is authorised for certain<br />

locations as per the chapter 57 of SOA. For all other standby<br />

requirements, prior Government sanction is necessary. Hence<br />

any work in the latter category where DG set(s) is included,<br />

even as special item, needs to be sanctioned by the Government<br />

of India.<br />

9. Prestigious Bldgs : An extra percentage subject to a<br />

ma:rimum of. l}Vo of the total cost can be added for special<br />

architectural features etc., for the buildings which have been

tl7ol<br />

declared prestigious by the Governmelt of India. Therefore, for<br />

the work other than the Government of India power work, this<br />

provision is not to be considered unless the bldg has been<br />

declared prestigious by Government of India. For the declaration<br />

of a prestigious bldg, a statement of case in support be enclosed<br />

to justifu the requirement.<br />

10. Furniture : It has been authorised for various Accn in<br />

the scale of furniture. While finalizing the BPs, the existing<br />

furniture has to be accounted for to work out deficient items.<br />

In case complete new furniture is recommended for any work,<br />

the existing furniture needs to be adjusted against station<br />

deficiency of furniture and certificate to this effect duly signed<br />

by the Stn Cdr and GE should be attached with the BPs apart<br />

from covering justification in the body of BPs for the same.<br />

11. Adherence to Ceiling Specified in MWP : Ceiling for<br />

each work is specified in the MWP. The same should be followed<br />

scrupulously. If the ceiling is being exceeded, the same shall be<br />

immediately brought to the notice of the Comd Hqrs along with<br />

the reasons for the same. It is, therefore, essential that rough<br />

cbst is assessed at the time of projection of work as accurately<br />

as feasible through user and engineers interaction. Wherever<br />

phasing is considered for a work in the MWB the excess over<br />

ceiling for the current year should be adjusted in subsequent<br />

phases.<br />

L2. Certificate From Engineers : Following documents are<br />

to be signed by Engineer Auth only :<br />

(a) Accn statement Part II<br />

(b) Engineer appreciation<br />

(c) RIC<br />

(d) Water & electricity availability certificate<br />

By GE<br />

By GE<br />

By GE<br />

By GE<br />

13. Water Supply/Electric Supply : Wherever augmentaticln<br />

of water supply/electric supply is required, such as new<br />

transformer, sub station, OHR, tube well, additional load<br />

sanction from the state electricity boardAvater supply<br />

organization etc., the requirement should be justified in the BPs<br />

t171I<br />

and the cost be considered accordingly in RIC and not as<br />

percentage of the cost of bldg'<br />

14. Land : The Accn is to be planned on A-I Defence land<br />

only. A certificate to this effect duly signed by the DEO and<br />

ttre Stn Cdr should be included in the BPs'<br />

15. Line Plan : The line plan of the oTM Accn, specially<br />

technical and special Accn should be prepared at the stage of<br />

the BOO and should be included in the BPs duly signed by an<br />

authorized officer of the user unit'

tL72l<br />


lN AEs/RAEsl<br />

1. Items catered for in AEs are not as per recommendation<br />

of BP and quantities in BFs & AEs are at large variance.<br />

2. Credit for cost of demolishedldismantled materials are<br />

not being accounted for in the AEs (both B/R & E/IVI) portion).<br />

3. Wrong adoption of plinth area authorized as per Scale<br />

of Accommodation for Defence Services 1983.<br />

4. Wrong adoption of rates as per SSR/ED Rates etc. ancl<br />

non quoting of correct items of SSRiED Rates in AE part II.<br />

Plinth area rates are not being quoted as per rates published<br />

by E-in-C's Branch from time to tirne.<br />

5. Rate Analysis for assessed rates not prepared/placed on<br />

the file for verification.<br />

6. Copy of jobs from where rates being adopted are not<br />

placed on file for verification of rates.<br />

7. Price list/Quotations etc. for market rates are not being<br />

placed on the file for verification of rates.<br />

8. Non-updation of AEs on current MV/DCS percentages<br />

and non placement of copies of MV/DCS percentage Return.<br />

9. Separate provision is made for soil investigations where<br />

as the same should be met out of contingency.<br />

10. MV/DCS applied on assessed/market/c

lL74l<br />

(*) There was casting error in the total draft corrigendum<br />

resulting in gross difference of Rs. 95,3781- (including<br />

3Vo contingency charges). This was brought to the<br />

notice of Dir (Planning) of CE who in turn corrected<br />

the same.<br />

(xi) While processing a proposal it was found that<br />

establishment charges @ 2Vo was included in the AE<br />

Pt II where as in other similar cases, Estt. charges<br />

were not included. As such the matter was discussed<br />

with Dir (Planning) of CE who stated that as per policy<br />

in vogue Estt. Charges are not being claimed and<br />

accordingly AE Pt II was corrected by them,<br />

(xiD Nomenclature as mentioned in MWP was Sewage<br />

treatment plant for "Allahabad Fort Area" where as<br />

the SOC stated that the work is for 508 ABW Area.<br />

The Executive Authority have been asked to confirm<br />

that entire Fort Area has been included in the<br />

proposal.<br />

(xiii) The Board Proceedings are incomplete where no<br />

recommendation/financial effect has been brought out<br />

therein. The recommendalion should include apart<br />

from other points, provision of generating set,<br />

transformer, street light fittings, hard standing and UG<br />

Cables etc. if required in the project otherwise AEs<br />

to be modified accordingly.<br />

(xiv) Quantity of CI/GI pipes required to be replaced and<br />

new pipe required to be laid, has neither been<br />

mentioned in BP nor in SOC.<br />

(*) Building No. & nirmber of doorsApindows where<br />

mosquito proofing is to be provided has not been<br />

brought out in the B.P. Further replacement of 20<br />

Nos. of chowkhats and 100 Nos., of windows have<br />

been included in AE Pt II which were not<br />

recommended in B.P.<br />

lr75l<br />


1. Title of the project is as per that provided in the approved<br />

list of the MWP.<br />

2. AE Part II contains details of the work required for<br />

following items of work (as applicable) separately in consonance<br />

with the details indicated in BPs.<br />

(a) Site clearance (demolition of old buildings)<br />

(b) Building work-(construction of new building)<br />

(c) External electrification<br />

(d) External water supply<br />

(e) Sewage disposal and drainage<br />

(f) Roads, culverts and retaining walls<br />

(g) Fencing and gate<br />

(h) Air conditioning<br />

(i) Gen sets<br />

(j) Garage and servant quarters<br />

3. Scales<br />

(i) the scale of accommodation applied is as authorized,<br />

correct and latest as per the scale of accommodation<br />

as amended from time to time.<br />

(ii) Correct conversion factor for plinth area has been<br />

applied.<br />

4. Rates<br />

Rates applied are based on (as applicable)<br />

(D Standard Schedule of Rates 1996 (SSR %).<br />

(ii) Plinth area rates at par with SSR !)6 published by the<br />

E-in-Cs Branch.<br />

(iii) Nedold sanctioned work by the Government, if<br />

required.<br />

(iu) Recently concluded contracts, if required.<br />

I Ar etipulated vide Annorurc to Instruction Order No. 6-200&

tL761<br />

(") Market/Assessed rates.<br />

(ui) ED rat "s published by the E-in-C's Branch for E/IvI<br />

items.<br />

(vii) MV/DCS applied are as per latest returns.<br />

(viii) MV/DCS not applied on market/assessed/contract<br />

rates and furniture rates.<br />

(ir) Correct allowances for the following have been<br />

catered for (as applicable)<br />

(a) Seismic element zone wise.<br />

(b) Anti-termite treatment.<br />

(c) Framed structure.<br />

(d) Multi storied construction.<br />

(e) Extra foundation.<br />

(Q Mosquito proofing.<br />

(g) Additional height.<br />

(*) Items of furniture are provided as per latest scale and<br />

rates based on latest furniture rate list.<br />

(xi) The necessity of the proposed work is accepted in<br />

principle at appropriate level.<br />

.<br />

_. - _. . f.,:,.t1ll:Ir\..,^<br />

,..'';\.. " ,,,. ,,,,,<br />

\<br />

,. '\<br />

\\<br />

: it<br />

34q6 '*$<br />

\. . i<br />

\ ., ,J<br />

\'<br />

,\- l,<br />

"L*.. : .r;'.<br />

-" -:l:;t: .,- .::.;..;;' "<br />

- ? jr'<br />

-. r"

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