Taylor to seek second term as sheriff - Matchbin


Taylor to seek second term as sheriff - Matchbin

SPORTS: Second half surge leads Red Devils to Homecoming win, Page 10

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Taylor to seek second term as sheriff

Cites promises kept, achievements of the past four years

Charles Warner


New technology to

modernize local law

enforcement, policies

to assist employees,

and greater visibility in

and cooperation with

the community and



• Berry C. Wix

GOOSE CREEK 1/28/2012

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other achievements of

his term in office were

cited by Sheriff David

Taylor in announcing

his intention to run for


In a statement

released Monday morning,

Taylor announced

that he will seek the

From today’s viewpoint

sweet tea: Greatest threat to s.C. since sherman

A recent visit to a local restaurant found me waiting behind three wide

bodies blocking the tea dispensers. Despite tilting the sweet tea canister at

45 degrees they found none to be had, so they waited for it to be filled. It

didn’t enter their minds to try unsweet tea just as it wouldn’t have entered

mine several years ago.

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Democratic Party’s

nomination for a second

term as sheriff of Union

County. Taylor, who was

elected in 2008 on a

platform of change in

the sheriff’s office, cited

the changes he’s implemented

since becoming

sheriff in 2009.

Democrats select precinct officials, county convention delegates

Derik Vanderford|Daily Times

The Union County Democratic Party gathered Saturday at Truluck Activity Center to elect delegates to their county convention and

precinct officials as well as support President Obama's reelection bid.

Charles Warner


The Union County

Democratic Party came

together Saturday to elect

more than 300 delegates

and alternates to its county

convention in March,

elect precinct officers,

and endorse the reelection

of President Obama.

Party Chair Ann

Stevens said Monday that

the precinct reorganization

meetings and presidential

primary, which

was held at Truluck

Activity Center, drew a

large turnout including

one very special participant.

“There was a lady who

came in from a nursing

home,” Stevens said. “Her

name is Betty Glenn, she’s

a double-amputee and her

son, Robert, brought her

there in her wheelchair.

The first thing she said

was ‘I came in to vote for

my president.’”

Stevens said Glenn did

just that, signing the signin

sheet which everyone

attending the meetings

did. By doing so, Stevens

said they cast their vote

for President Barack

Obama to be nominated

for a second term by the

Democratic Party.


And Alternates

In addition to voting

for a second Obama term,

those attending also met

to elect 177 delegates

and 177 alternates to the

party’s county convention

March 19 at the Union

County Courthouse.


Derik Vanderford|Daily Times

Union County Democratic

Party Chair Ann Stevens

speaks during Saturday's


Church raising funds for youth ministry retreat

Derik Vanderford

Staff Writer

Volunteers from Wyatt’s Chapel

Baptist Church raised $1,124 during

fundraiser held Saturday for

the church youth ministry.

The parking lot of Union County

Stadium was separated into three

areas Saturday morning, with each

area containing a different event.

One area displayed clothing,

appliances and various odds and

ends donated by church members

to be sold as part of a yard sale


See CHURCH | 3

Derik Vanderford/Daily Times

This group of volunteers took on the role of official Wyatt’s Chapel Baptist Church car

wash team during Saturday’s fundraiser.

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television 9

“A little over four

years ago we started

a mission together to

change the direction

of law enforcement in

Union County,” Taylor

said. “On Nov. 19, 2007

I stated to Charles

Warner of the Union

Daily Times that I felt

See Sen. Gene Gregory, Page 4

todAy in History 2

viewpoint 4

weAtHer 2

like people of Union

were ready for change.

I stated that they were

ready to see new ideas

and new technology

that was available to law

enforcement implemented

in Union County.”

See TAYLOR | 9

Charles Warner|Daily Times

Hope Hospital may soon be reopened as "Jacob's Well," a mission

center operated by Jubilee Fellowship Ministries

Hope Hospital

to become

‘Jacob’s Well’

Group seeks to turn former

hospital into missions center

Charles Warner


But ye shall receive

power after that the

Holy Ghost is come upon

you: and ye shall be witnesses

unto me both in

Jerusalem, and in all

Judea, and in Samaria,

and unto the uttermost

part of the earth.

— The Acts Of The

Apostles, Chapter 1,

Verse 8


been closed for nearly a

decade, but Hope Hospital

could soon have a new

name and a new mission

that continues its old one

of serving the Lockhart

community while expanding

that service to surrounding


Jubilee Fellowship

Ministries plans to lease

the hospital from the

Town of Lockhart and

renovate to it serve, initially,

as a missions center

to provide lodging

for mission groups that

come in to work with

area churches. One of

the group’s founders is

Spencer Ledford who said

the members of Jubilee

Fellowship Ministries see

renovating the hospital to

serve mission groups visiting

and working in the

area as a way of ministering

in Union County.

“We have a group of

individuals looking at

becoming more involved

with the ministry as seen

in the Bible,” Lefford said.

“In Acts Chapter 1, Verse

8, the scripture tells us

missions are in four areas

of the world. You have it

in Jerusalem which for us

our Jerusalem is Union

County. Judea is South

Carolina, Samaria is the

United States, and the

ends of the earth is the

rest of the world.

“This ministry is in

Jerusalem which is Union

County and we’re looking

at trying to enhance

the lives of the people of

Union County,” he said.

“The location in Union

County will be known as

‘Jacob’s Well.’ It is first

going to be a missions





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The Union Daily Times


Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Union, S.C. — Page 2


Read Psalm 1:1-6

[Those who trust in

the Lord] shall be like

a tree planted by water,

sending out its roots by

the stream. It shall not

fear when heat comes,

and its leaves shall stay

green; in the year of

drought it is not anxious,

and it does not cease to

bear fruit.

— Jeremiah 17:8



By The Associated Press

Today is Tuesday, Jan.

31, the 31st day of 2012.

There are 335 days left in

the year.

Today’s Highlight in


On Jan. 31, 1961,

NASA launched Ham the

Chimp aboard a Mercury-

Redstone rocket from

Cape Canaveral; Ham

was recovered safely

from the Atlantic Ocean

following his 16½-minute

suborbital flight.

On this date:

In 1606, Guy Fawkes,

convicted of treason

for his part in the

“Gunpowder Plot”

against the English

Parliament and King

James I, was executed.

In 1797, composer

Franz Schubert was born

in Vienna.

In 1865, Gen. Robert

E. Lee was named general-in-chief

of all the

Confederate armies.

In 1917, during World

War I, Germany served

notice it was beginning

a policy of unrestricted

submarine warfare.

In 1929, revolutionary

Leon Trotsky and

his family were expelled

from the Soviet Union.

In 1944, during World

War II, U.S. forces began

a successful invasion of

Kwajalein Atoll and other

parts of the Japaneseheld

Marshall Islands.

In 1945, Pvt. Eddie

Slovik, 24, became the

first U.S. soldier since

PRAYER: Dear God,

help us to trust you

throughout our lives.

May we be nourished

and enriched by you,

confident of your love

and care, and a blessing

to others. Amen.


DAY: When we send our

roots into God’s love,

we find lasting nourishment.

the Civil War to be executed

for desertion as he

was shot by an American

firing squad in France.

In 1950, President

Harry S. Truman

announced he had

ordered development of

the hydrogen bomb.

In 1958, the United

States entered the Space

Age with its first successful

launch of a satellite

into orbit, Explorer


In 1971, astronauts

Alan Shepard, Edgar

Mitchell and Stuart

Roosa blasted off aboard

Apollo 14 on a mission

to the moon.

In 1992, leaders of the

U.N. Security Council’s

member states held an

unprecedented summit,

after which they issued a

declaration on collective

security, arms control

and nuclear non-proliferation.

In 2000, an Alaska

Airlines jet spiraled into

the Pacific Ocean off Port

Hueneme, Calif., killing

all 88 people aboard.

Ten years ago: The

Bush administration

handed abortion opponents

a symbolic victory,

classifying a

developing fetus as an

“unborn child” as a way

of extending prenatal

care to low-income pregnant

women under the

State Children’s Health

Insurance Program.



Berry C. Wix

World War II Veteran


Berry Carol Wix, 96,

of Goose Creek, SC, a

retired ironworker for

Westvaco, died Saturday

morning in a local nursing


His funeral will be 2

p.m. Tuesday afternoon,

Jan. 31, 2012, in the

Chapel of Dial-Murray

Funeral Home, Moncks

Corner. Interment

will follow in Berkeley

Memorial Gardens. The

family will receive friends

at the funeral home from

6-8 p.m. this Monday

evening. Flowers will

be accepted or memorials

may be made to

Charles Warner


A Union woman ended

up in jail after she allegedly

stabbed her husband

eight times and then

threatened to injure herself

and claim he did it.

Carol Vante Kingsmore,

66, 177 Kingsmore Road,

Union, is charged by the

Union County Sheriff’s

Office with criminal

domestic violence and

aggravated assault.

The incident report

states deputies were

dispatched the night of

Jan. 25 to Kingsmore’s

residence in reference

to a domestic dispute

involving a knife. While

en route, deputies were

advised that the caller had

been stabbed. When they

arrived, the report states

deputies found Kingsmore

and the victim in the living

room. Kingsmore was

sitting on a couch while

the victim was sitting in a

recliner. The report states

there was blood on the

victim’s hands and there

was a cut on his left calf.

Deputies asked the victim

if he was cut anywhere

else and he lifted his shirt

and showed them several

stab wounds in the area of

his right shoulder blade.

The report states these

wounds were bleeding

heavily and had soaked

the right side of the victim’s


Deputies asked both

Kingsmore and the victim

what had happened

and the report states the

victim said his wife was

out of control. Kingsmore,

however, said she had

no idea who could have

stabbed her husband.

Deputies noted that both

Kingsmore and her husband

and had been drinking.

The report states

Kingsmore was highly

intoxicated and making

no sense as she continued

to scream at deputies.

Union County EMS was

called to treat the victim

while Kingsmore was

placed under arrest and

transported to jail.

The report states the

victim told deputies his

wife had attacked him

with a steak knife which

in the corner behind his

chair. He said Kingsmore

had told him that she was

the Moncks Corner

Pentecostal Holiness

Church, 209 Newell

St., Moncks Corner, SC


Mr. Wix was born Nov.

28, 1915, in Union, SC, a

son of Jack Cleveland Wix

and Corrie Darcus Brock

Wix. He was a Navy veteran

of World War II, and

a member of the ironworkers

union. He was

preceded in death by two

daughters, Mary Ann

McClannahan and Bette

Carolyn McLaughlin, and

a great-grandson, Austin

McLaughlin. Mr. Wix

was a devoted husband,

father, grandfather, and

great-grandfather. The

family wishes to extend

a special thanks to Mr.

going to hurt herself and

tell law enforcement that

he’d hurt her. Deputies

located the knife and

collected it as evidence.

The report states EMS

determined the victim

had a knife wound to his

left calf, right hand and

approximately six stab

wounds to his back and

shoulder area. Deputies

photographed the wounds

for evidence as well.

Criminal Domestic Violence

A Buffalo man was

arrested after he allegedly

attacked a woman over a

car key and then trapped

her in a bedroom.

Criminal Domestic Violence

William M. Cameron

III, 55, 139 Harley Drive,

Buffalo, is charged by the

sheriff’s office with criminal

domestic violence.

The incident report

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Call 427-1234

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Help find Union County’s Most Wanted

That’s the goal of this weekly feature in each Saturday’s

edition of The Union Daily Times. The photos, names

and crimes of the individuals sought by the Union County

Sheriff’s Office and/or the Union County Clerk of Court’s

Office will be carried each week to make their identities

known to the general public so they can be brought to justice.


(864) 427-0800


(864) 429-1612 OR 911


(864) 429-1632

Wix’s extended family

at the Life Care Center

of Charleston and to Dr.

Donald Hanna.

Mr. Wix was one of 15

children born to Jack and

Corrie Wix. He was preceded

in death by eight

of his brothers and three

of his sisters, Johnny

T. Wix, Willie N. Wix,

Lewis M. Wix, Herman

C. Wix, Veston R. Wix,

Lee R. Wix, Jack D. Wix,

Henry E. Wix, Mary Belle

Moates, Lelia T. Wilson,

and Laura E. Foster.

Surviving are his wife

of 72 years, Eva Liza

Clark Wix; three sisters,

Dorothy C. Eaves

of Union, Sara W.

Dempsey of Blackville,

and Lydia G. Campbell of






D.O.B. 1/12/89



states a deputy was dispatched

the night of Jan.

25 to Cameron’s residence

in reference to a domestic

disputed involving an

assault. While en route,

the deputy was advised the

complainant had locked

herself in a bedroom and

that Cameron was trying

to break through the door.

When the deputy arrived,

he found Cameron standing

in the garage smoking

a cigar. The deputy

asked Cameron what

had happened at his residence.

The report states

Cameron that nothing

had happened, that his

wife may have called but

he was unsure, and then

asked the deputy why he

came up the driveway so


The deputy then

entered the house with

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D.O.B. 7/5/75



Jonesville; a son-in-law,

Wayne McLaughlin of

Summerville; five grandchildren,

Donna Brant

(E.C. Cales) and Keith

Brant (Cindy), all of

Goose Creek, and Marty

McLaughlin (Janet),

Brian McLaughlin,

and Kevin McLaughlin

(Stacey), all of

Summerville; seven greatgrandchildren,


Lares, Kristen Brant,

Kadi Brant, Brandon

McLaughlin, Bradley

McLaughlin, Finn

McLaughlin, and Sawyer

McLaughlin; and many

nieces and nephews.

Online condolences

may be sent to the family

via www.dial-murrayfuneralhome.com.

Cameron and made contact

with the complainant

who the report states was

trapped inside the spare

bedroom. When another

deputy arrived to watch

and detain Cameron,

the responding deputy

attempted to free the

woman from the room

but was unable to do so

because the bolt of the

doorknob was bent as if a

large amount of force had

been applied to the door

from the outside. The deputy

then went in through a


The report states

the complainant told

the deputy she was in

the shower and heard

Cameron go into the


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D.O.B. 10/6/88




Woman charged with repeatedly stabbing husband

See CRIME | 7

“At this location we’re

going to develop the

rooms that were at one

point hospital rooms into

living quarters. The rooms

will be occupied by people

who are coming into this

area to do missions. A

mission team may come to

the area to help a church

but the church may not be

able to house all the people

coming. This is where

the missions center will be

able to help.”

In addition to rooms,

Ledford said the building

will be outfitted with

a kitchen, a dining hall,

shower facilities, and storage


“Everything a mission

team will need,” Ledford

said. “It is our hope that

teams that are coming to

this area will use Jacob’s

Well as a haven of rest.”

Ledford pointed out

that the building, which is

located on Hope Drive in

Lockhart, is within 30-45

minutes of Union, Chester,

Rock Hill, Spartanburg,

and York.

“These are the areas

we’re hoping to influence,”

Ledford said. “The

mission center is just the

first step of what we pray

will be many ministries.

With God’s direction and

His strength we can do all

things through Christ.”

In addition to a missions

center, Ledford and

fellow Jubilee Fellowship

member Mitchell Sinclair

said their group hopes to

eventually add a food pan-

try, a soup kitchen, and

clothes ministry.

“Most importantly, we

want to serve God, we

want to be servants of

God,” Sinclair said. “All

those other things are

what we do to serve God.”

According to Leford,

Jubilee Fellowship

Ministries was formed

shortly before the end

of 2011 with the goal, as

stated in its mission statement,

of being “a serviceoriented

ministry that has

a three-pronged approach

to its ministry application.”

Each prong begins

with the letter “S” including:

• Share: We will be

sharing our lives together

as we seek to follow Jesus.

We will also be sharing

Jesus’ message with everyone

we have the opportu-

nity to do so.

• Shape: We will be

improving our shape as we

study God’s word together

in a small group Bible


• Send: We will be

sending ourselves into the

mission field as described

in Acts 1:8. Our mission

field includes local, state,

national and international


Jubilee Fellowship

Ministries will hold a

prayer service at Hope

Hospital at 6 p.m.

Wednesday. Ledford invited

the people of Lockhart

and anyone else interested

in helping the group seek

God’s guidance to attend

the service.

“We’re just going to pray

over it and seek God’s

direction,” Ledford said.

Hope Hospital closed

The Union Daily Times/Union, S.C., Tuesday, January 31, 2012 3

Sis gives Hoyt an extreme makeover

Sis and Hoyt were vacationing

at Hilton Head

Island. One morning as

they were strolling along

the beach, Sis kicked up

an old bottle. She took

the cork

Pea Ridge


By Hoyt


out and out

popped this

Genie. The

Genie said,

“Whew, I’ve

been in that

bottle over

200 years and I thank

you and I will grant you

any two wishes that

you want.” Sis said, “I

want you to make me

the best looking woman

in the world.” Poof, she

turned into Vanna White.

She then told the Genie,

“Now I want you to make

Hoyt the sweetest thing

in the world.” Poof, he

turned Hoyt into a box of

Russell Stover chocolate



Did you know that

on Tuesday, Jan. 31,

1865, the Thirteenth

Amendment was passed?

Now, you know.


Our sympathy to

the family of Mr. Gene

Tollison. Gene was a fine


From page 1

Another area contained

deep fryers, crock

pots, dishes and coolers

as volunteers prepared

fried fish, hot dogs, sides

and homemade baked

goods to sell. The third

area consistently had

cars in line as volunteers

stood by with power

sprayers, brushes, soap

and water for washing

cars. The volunteers in

each of the three areas

had one common cause

— the youth of Wyatt’s


Saturday’s fundraiser

was held to defray costs

of a Christian youth

retreat for nearly 50 children

who are involved

with the church. Youth

from the church will

go to Orlando, FL for

the retreat, which was

described by volunteer

Cory Rice as a reward.

“Our youth bring in

report cards, and most

of them have been getting

on the honor roll,”

Rice said. “We wanted

to take them to Florida

during spring break to

show our appreciation

for their hard work.”

The youth of the


From page 1

Christian man who loved

helping his fellow man.

He will be missed.

Chicken Stew Sale

Mt. Joy Masonic Lodge

will be selling chicken

stew on Saturday,

Feb. 4 at 11 a.m. at the

Lodge Hall on Pea Ridge

Highway. Proceeds go to

the building fund.

On Our Prayer List

Donald Farr, Lewis

Clark, Mickey Crayne,

Johnny Black, Tony

Gault, Andrew Glenn,

Willie Scales, Anna

Harris, Joyce Bishop,

Sis Haney, Willie Alman,

Gene Gregory, Grady

Harris, Acie Blanton, Bo

Inman, and Mary Groves.


We wish a happy birthday

to Lena Scales, Jan.

22, Robin Shields, Jan.

23, and Allen Whitner on

Jan. 26. Many more to

you guys.


Guitar Thompson

called to ask this: “If I

laid an egg in my right

hand and if I laid an egg

in my left hand, how

many eggs would I have?”

None, because I can’t lay


Hey, I just write what

he calls in, don’t blame



J.D. Bright offers this

one: No matter how

hard you try to improve

Mother Nature, you are

not kidding Father Time.

What Mother Nature

giveth, FatherTime

taketh away.

Derik Vanderford/Daily Times

Fried fish, hot dogs and a variety of sides and homemade baked

goods were available for purchase Saturday.

church meet weekly

for Awana meetings in

which they enjoy fun

and fellowship while

learning lessons —

based on the Bible —

for everyday life.

Awana is a worldwide

organization which

includes fully integrated

evangelism and discipleship

programs for ages

2-18, actively involving

parents, church leaders

and mentors.

The founders of

Awana derived the

Awana name from

R.E. Gallman

Chief R.E. Gallman sees that the trucks are kept clean at Kelly-Kelton Fire Department.

the first letters of

“Approved workmen are

not ashamed” as taken

from 2 Timothy 2:15 of

the Bible.

Today, more than

12,000 U.S. churches

run Awana with programs

in all 50 states.

Awana can also be found

in over 10,000 churches

in 110 countries.

Wyatt’s Chapel

Baptist Church volunteers

say they plan to

hold another fundraiser

in the future at a date

yet to be determined.


Our sympathy to the

family of Mrs. Ruth

Knox. Ruth was a long

time neighbor of ours

and a good one at that.

She suffered a long time,

but she is where there

is no pain and suffering.

We will keep this family

in prayer.

shortly after the beginning

of the century after

decades of serving as the

community hospital and

doctor’s offices. It was

owned by Milliken &

Company and was originally

established to serve

the medical needs of the

employees of Lockhart

Mill and their families

which made up practically

the entire population

of Lockhart. After it

was closed, the hospital

was given to the Town

of Lockhart by Milliken

& Co. and since then the

town has sought a new

tenant and/or buyer for

the facility without success.

Sinclair presented the

Jubilee Fellowship’s proposal

to Lochhart Town

Council in December and

the council approved leas-

Hoyt Haney photo

More Insight

Mr. Ralph Harris called

to offer this: “It is one

thing to feel that you are

on the right path, but it

is another to think that

yours is the only path.”

Good Food

Have you tried the

lemon pie at Kirby’s Cake

Shop on South Duncan

ing the building to the

ministry. Mayor Ailene

Ashe said Monday the

town is the process of

developing a lease agreement

and she is looking

forward to Hope Hospital

once again serving the


“We think this will be

an opportunity for something

to help Lockhart

start growing more,” Ashe

said. “We hate to see a


by-Pass? It is delicious,

tell them I sent you.

Sad News

We are saddened to

learn of the death of Mrs.

Jamie Rector Gilliland,

the daughter of the late

Alla Mae Rector. Jamie

was a neighbor of ours

for many years. She will

be missed.

Overheard At


“An adult is a person

who has stopped growing

at both ends, but not in

the middle.”


Prudence Lodge #139

will meet on Thursday,

Feb. 2 at 7 p.m.

Good Ministry

We at Fosters Chapel

UMC enjoyed the message

brought by Rev.

Alma Brown. Rev. Brown

shared her ministry and

her work with Hospice.

Rev. Christopher Greene

is Pastor. This was on

Sunday, Jan. 29.


Ask not what your

country can do for you,

ask what you can do for

your country.

— John F. Kennedy

Till next time

— Hoyt

USC Union gets five exercise

bikes from main campus

Derik Vanderford

Staff Writer

The University of South Carolina’s

main campus in Columbia showed support

of USC Union’s fitness center with a

donation of five stationary exercise bikes.

Before Christmas break, the USC

Union Student Government Association

purchased enough workout equipment

to turn a portion of the Truluck Activity

Center into a full-body workout station.

Equipment included low-, mid- and highpully

stations to allow for lat pull downs,

tricep push downs, lat rows, upright

rows and arm curls; a pec contractor; a

leg developer station for leg extensions

and leg curls; a leg press station for leg

presses and calf raises; and a press bar

station for flat, incline and decline chest

presses as well as shoulder presses.

In addition to the weight machines, the

SGA also purchased two treadmills for

cardiovascular exercise.

USC Union Health & Safety/Security

Officer Tony Gregory personally donated

a free weight bench along with a straight

bar, curl bar, plates and dumbbells.

SGA President Brittany Moss said the

Truluck Activity Center had been open

during previous semesters for basketball,

ping pong and Nintendo Wii, but

those who participated were few. She

said the SGA began distributing surveys

over a year ago to find out what would

make university students spend more

time there, and workout equipment was

the clear answer. Moss said many of

the male students wanted weights and

female students were mostly interested

in treadmills.

Since the beginning of the current

semester, Moss said there has been a significant

increase in student participation.

“Students like having a place to work

out without having to pay for a monthly

gym membership,” she said.

In a show of support and assistance,

the USC main campus in Columbia donated

five stationary exercise bikes to USC

Union on Thursday. The new bikes will

give students a choice in cardio workout

equipment, as well as allow for more

students to utilize the equipment at the

same time.

The Truluck Activity Center is open

for students during the following hours:

Mondays 10 a.m.-1 p.m.; Tuesdays 11

a.m.-5 p.m.; Wednesdays 10 a.m.-5 p.m.;

Thursdays 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Fridays 10

a.m.-noon. Students who are enrolled at

any USC campus may utilize the Truluck

Activity Center and all equipment as long

as they can present their Carolina Cards.

Also in the Truluck Activity Center,

USC Union’s Continuing Education program

offers Zumba fitness classes —

which are open to the public — on

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30

p.m. Classes are taught by Melissa Ellis,

and those who are interested are invited

to come take their first class for free.

After the first class there’s a monthly fee

for Zumba.

good building abandoned

instead of going to a good

purpose. We are very

excited about it and looking

to a wonderful future.”

For more information

about Jubilee Fellowship

Ministries call Spencer

Ledford at 864-907-4857

or Mitch Sinclair at 864-

426-5914 or Jubilee

Fellowship Ministries,

PO Box 545, Union, SC,



A Home Is Burglarized Every 18 Seconds,

Don’t let yours be the next!



$ 850 Value!

Home Security System!

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Infrared Motion Detector Sensor

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$99.00 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $35.99 per month ($1,295.64). Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your

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93294, KY-City of Louisville: 483, LA-F1082, MA-1355C, MD-107-1375, Baltimore County: 1375, Calvert County: ABL00625, Caroline County: 1157, Cecil County: 541-L, Charles County:

804, Dorchester County: 764, Frederick County: F0424, Harford County: 3541, Montgomery County: 1276, Prince George’s County: 685, Queen Anne’s County: L156, St. Mary’s County:

LV2039R, Talbot County: L674, Wicomico County: 2017, Worcester County: L1013, MI-3601205773, MN-TS01807, MO-City of St. Louis: CC354, St. Louis County: 47738, MS-15007958,

MT-247, NC-25310-SP-LV, 1622-CSA, NE-14451, NJ-34BF00021800, NM-353366, NV-68518, City of Las Vegas: B14-00075-6-121756, C11-11262-L-121756, NY-Licensed by the N.Y.S.

Department of State UID#12000286451, OH-53891446, City of Cincinnati: AC86, OK-1048, OR-170997, Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number: PA22999,

RI-3428, SC-BAC5630, TN-C1164, C1520, TX-B13734, UT-6422596-6501, VA-115120, VT-ES-2382, WA-602588694/PROTEYH934RS, WI-City of Milwaukee: 0001697, WV-042433,

WY-LV-G-21499. For full list of licenses visit our website www.protectyourhome.com. Protect Your Home – 3750 Priority Way South Dr., Ste 200, Indianapolis, IN 46240. **Crime data taken

from http://ovc.ncjrs.gov/gallery/posters/pdfs/Crime_Clock.pdf


Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Union, S.C. — Page 4

A recent visit to a local restaurant

found me waiting behind

three wide bodies blocking the

tea dispensers.

Despite tilting the

sweet tea canister

at 45 degrees they

found none to be

had, so they waited

for it to be filled.

It didn’t enter their

minds to try unsweet tea just as

it wouldn’t have entered mine

several years ago.

All my life I derided unsweet

tea as “Yankee tea” and considered

most anyone who drank

it from the wrong side of the

Mason-Dixon Line. I felt strongly

there was something wrong with

people who didn’t drink sweet

tea. When the South Carolina

band Cravin’ Melon proclaimed

in song that “on the eighth day

God created sweet tea” I was in

complete agreement. Then one

day I observed the amount of

sugar that goes into making a gallon

of it. Soon thereafter my wife

had an easier time converting me

to unsweet.

That’s my story, but from looking

at the waistlines at Walmart

these days there appear to be few

other converts. Southerners are

getting fatter every year. In fact,

eight of the 10 states with the

greatest levels of obesity are in

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post office. USPS 648-200.

the South. Surely sweet tea is a

factor in our expansion.

Southerners are in the forefront

of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic.

A disease largely influenced by

one’s decisions, diabetes is killing

thousands prematurely and

leading to blindness and amputations

in many others. It is also

driving us into debt and sponging

already declining dollars away

from higher education, public

safety, and other necessary government

responsibilities. Taken

together, obesity’s cost in SC

lives and dollars likely exceeds

the damage General Sherman

inflicted here 145 years ago.

From observing the state of

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USC system makes vital contribution

to state economy, local community

The University of

South Carolina has been

educating the leaders of

the Palmetto State for

more than two centuries.

However, the benefits

USC brings to our com-


William J.





munity can

be felt well

beyond the


Our eight


and 155,000

alumni living

in South

Carolina have an annual

positive economic impact

of $4.1 billion on the

state’s economy.

These figures, from a

study recently released

by the Darla Moore

School of Business

Division of Research,

confirm USC’s role as

an engine of economic

growth. The Economic

Impact of the University

of South Carolina, prepared

by economist Dr.

Joseph C. Von Nessen,

demonstrates that USC

creates thousands of jobs

and supplies the state

with a well-educated

workforce, providing a

better standard of living

for all residents.

Nearly 53,000 jobs —

about 1 in every 37 — in

the state are connected

directly or indirectly to

the University’s eight


South Carolina residents

with bachelor’s

degrees earn about

$15,000 a year more than

people without degrees,

resulting in a $1.29 billion

economic impact

from USC alumni through

their higher wages and

the money they spend on

goods and services.

Moreover, as the number

of college graduates

in an area increases, the

wages of all workers rise,

creating an “economic

spillover” of $1.62 billion.

When USC contracts

with vendors, when

alumni, faculty, and staff

spend money, those dollars

float through the

local economy, creating

a ripple effect that leads

to a stream of increased

wages and hiring.

USC Union supports

jobs, increases household

income and boosts the

state’s overall economy.

The total economic

impact of the USC Union

campus and its alumni is

more than $19 million.

Included in that figure is

a more than $5 million

contribution to South

Carolinians’ household

income. Furthermore,

USC Union and its alumni

support 167 jobs in the

public and private sectors

directly and indirectly

through purchasing in

the community.

As a whole, the

University of South

Carolina system does

all of this while providing

the taxpayer with a

generous return on their

investment — returning

about $75 million more

to the state’s tax coffers

than we receive in appropriations.

In the current economic

environment, our

school’s relationship with

our community is more

important than ever.

And, as South Carolina

emerges from the worst

financial crisis since the

Great Depression, there

is much cause for optimism.

USC President Harris

Pastides recently

announced a proposal

that calls for the four

regional campuses at

Lancaster, Salkehatchie,

Sumter and Union to

become a Palmetto

College — a virtual college

that combines the

offerings at these campuses

with upper-level,

online courses so students

can get a bachelor’s

degree without leaving

their communities.

This initiative, coupled

with Pastides’ pledge to

improve student retention

and graduation rates,

not only will expand the

numbers of educated citizens

across the state, but

also enhance their impact

in communities throughout

South Carolina—in

education, research, the

arts, health care and business.

In the years ahead,

USC will work to ensure

Sweet tea: Greatest threat

to S.C. since Sherman

Sen. Gene




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ext. 11 Monday through Friday.

that it continues to have

a positive impact on the

lives of our citizens and

the welfare of our communities.

As a living

laboratory for innovation,

the University of South

Carolina is vital not only

to the progress of education,

but also to our economic


The University of South

Carolina and its alumni

have continued to drive

South Carolina’s economy

amidst the financial

turmoil of recent years.

Our $4.1 billion annual

economic impact is farreaching,

touching all

regions and every county

in the state. And, together

with intangible benefits

such as improved

community health, leadership

and lower crime

rates, all of which are

associated with an educated

populace, it will

assure brighter futures

for all who call South

Carolina home. That is

good news, indeed.

Col. William J. Whitener is dean emeritus

of USC Union.

physical fitness in our state, it’s

discernable that most people

don’t care about their health

from the standpoint of its cost

to society. Some would argue

that education regarding proper

eating habits is a factor. Really,

though, most everyone knows

which foods contribute to obesity,

and that a sedenary lifestyle

makes one fat.

What they may not know is that

Type 2 diabetes has an almost 90

percent less likely occurrence in

people of normal weight who

exercise, have a healthy diet, and

don’t smoke.


Submitted photos


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Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Union, S.C. — Page 5



a witch

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law,

“Mary,” is a

demanding, conceited,


n g ,



witch. She

has made

our lives




for the five

years I’ve

been married.

Mary used to work as

a nurse, owned her own

home and paid her own

bills. Shortly after we

married, she quit her

job, saying she was too

depressed, and let her

house go. She became

an appendage to our sofa

for two years. It affected

our marriage so much

that my husband finally

asked her to leave.

Not only did she call

me every name in the

book, but she proceeded

to post fliers around

town calling me a family

wrecker. She then moved

in with my parents for

another two years. She

still tells everyone that

we threw her to the

wolves and left her for


This woman is convinced

that her depression

started the year my

husband was born. Her

parents were extremely

wealthy, and even

though she left home at

age 16, she still thinks

the red carpet should

be rolled out every time

she shows up. She makes

plans with friends and

expects to borrow our

car and our cash.

Mom has doctors and

therapists provided to

her by the state, but

she is getting worse and

refuses to apply for disability.

Now she is staying

at our local rescue

mission so she won’t

“burden anyone,” but

as awful as it sounds,

knowing that she is still

living is a burden.

We want to start our

own family, but the

stress is overwhelming.

How do we deal with

her? — Ready To Throw

in the Towel

Dear Ready: We were

sympathetic until you

said that “knowing she

is still living is a burden.”

We realize she is

difficult, but Mary also

sounds mentally ill.

Healthy, well-adjusted

people do not behave

like this. Please contact

the National Alliance on

Mental Illness (nami.

org) at 1-800-950-NAMI

(1-800-950-6264) and

ask for help.

Dear Annie: I was

divorced 18 years ago.

I do not have a good

relationship with my exwife,

who left me for

another man. Over the

years, she has encouraged

our children to dislike

my current wife, to

whom I have been married

for 17 years and

who helped raise my


Here’s the problem.

For Christmas, my son

gave us an album with

photos of our new grandson.

The album also contains

many pictures of

my ex-wife, but only one

of my wife and me, and

it’s the size of a postage

stamp. Could they not

have created an album

without all the photos

of their mother? (I think

it’s even possible that my

ex-wife put the album


See ANNIE | 7

Many bank customers have

been feeling nickeled-and-dimed

by their banks for some

time. And as banks scramble

to make up for lost

revenue, some are demanding

even steeper fees. The

country’s largest banks

are charging consumers

as much as $50 a month

if they do not maintain

minimum balances or meet

other requirements for certain

high-end checking and

savings accounts. What

lunacy! Why should we pay a

cent to have access to our own


While free bank accounts are

disappearing, there are still a

few out there. You just have to

know where to look. Hint: credit

unions. While not all credit

unions offer free accounts, many

still do. In doing research for

this column, I have discovered

one that’s even better than free!

Firstmark Credit Union (www.

firstmarkcu.org) has one of the

You’ve seen them used

for dipping water, you’ve

seen them used as bird

houses; but you’ve never

seen gourds like these.

The Union County Arts

Council is featuring a display

of gourds by Pelzer,

S.C. artist Angie Craft.

The gourds are the product

of Craft’s fertile imagination

and are decorated

with everything from

twine to paint to antlers.

She began working with

gourds in 2004

“ We went to a gourding

festival at Table

Rock State Park on Lake

Keowee on an anniversary

trip the first year we were

married and I went in and

looked around and said

‘hmmm … I think I can do

this’. I had already tried

everything, except painting,”

she said. “I’d tried

cross stitch, embroidery,

all that stuff. So I thought

to myself that I’d try it.”

Craft is a member of

the South Carolina Gourd

Society, the Georgia

Gourd Society, the Florida

Gourd Society and the

American Gourd Society

best free checking accounts I

have ever seen. Firstmark is

located in Texas, but anyone

can join regardless of

where they live or work.

What makes a Firstmark

Credit Union checking

account even better than

free? Customers who use

their debit card (unlike

your humble columnist)

earn 10 cents for every

signature-based debitcard

transaction. You can

also earn $25 bonuses by

receiving statements online,

using their debit card, paying

one bill with online bill pay and

signing up for direct deposit.

Do all four (use promo code

GET100) and you can have

$100 added to your balance. But

there’s more: Firstmark’s free

checking account pays 0.10 percent

APY on your balance — not

much, but better than nothing.

Firstmark offers 11 local

branches in the San Antonio

area, but anyone can join online.

and is continually on the

lookout for new ideas to

incorporate in her work

with gourds.

“ Gourds kind of talk to

you,” she said when asked

how she decides what to

do with a gourd.

Have lifestyles news?

Call 427-1234

or e-mail jgarmon@heartlandpublications.com

Free checking accounts still out there



Mary Hunt









Go to www.FirstMarkCU.

org, and click on “Open a Free

Checking Account.” On the

next page, look for “Become

a Member.” In that list, select

“Other Eligible Groups.” Use

the pulldown menu and select

“None of the above.” Whew!

You’re almost there.

Ready for another bonus? You

can join Firstmark by becoming

a member of the Friends of

the Park Foundation, a charitable

group that supports the

San Antonio Parks Foundation.

Firstmark takes care of your first

year’s dues, and you’re under no

obligation to renew your membership

for a second year. This

means you qualify for membership

at Firstmark by being a

member of the Friends of the

Park Foundation.

And the best part? Once you

are a credit union member, you

will enjoy “Once a Member,

Always a Member.” You’ll be

able to enjoy the benefits of

Firstmark Credit Union for the

Opera House salutes The Eagles


blending their extraordinary

vocal and musical

talents, Hotel California

faithfully and accurately

re-creates the timeless

sound of the supergroup,

The Eagles.

Their songs transcend

the boundaries of Rock,

R&B, and Country, and

their music has a staying

power to which few

bands can lay claim.

This band, comprised

of five respected, multi-

talented top music

industry professionals,

presents an exciting

show saluting the

songs of the iconic

Eagles. Audiences can

once again experience

the energy and magic

of this timeless music.

Expect to hear megahits

such as “Heartache

Tonight,” “New Kid in

Town,” “Lyin’ Eyes,”

“Best Of My Love” and

“One Of These Nights”

plus selected titles from

Garmon’s Galley

Chicken and



4 boneless, skinless chicken breast


1 8-oz can sliced water chestnuts,


1 2-oz can pimento, diced

1 13-3/4 oz can artichoke hearts,

drained, quartered

1/3 cup minced onion

1 cup mayonnaise

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1/3 cup dry seasoned bread


Place chicken in medium saucepan

and cover with cold water. Place over

high heat and bring to a boil. Reduce

heat to low, cover and simmer about 7

minutes. Turn off heat, remove cover

and let chicken cool in water for 10

minutes. In large bowl, place water

Don Henley, Joe Walsh

and Glenn Frey’s solo

works - and of course,

Hotel California.

Experience the

Grammy Award winning


sounds as we check into

The Hotel California

at the Newberry Opera

House on Friday evening,

Feb. 3 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are going fast so

call today and join other

South Carolina fans as

they salute The Eagles.

chestnuts, pimento, artichoke hearts,

onion, mayonnaise and pepper; stir

gently to mix well. In small bowl, stir

together Parmesan cheese and bread

crumbs. Stir half of crumb mixture

into artichoke mixture. Chop chicken

and stir into artichoke mixture; spoon

into 1 1/2 quart casserole and sprinkle

with remaining bread crumbs. Place in

400°F. oven and bake about 35 minutes,

until brown and heated through.

Serves 4

Carrot Salad

2 11-oz cans mandarin oranges,


2 medium carrots, grated

1 medium apple, finely chopped

¼ cup thinly sliced celery

¼ cup golden raisins

2 TBS lemon yogurt

Combine first five ingredients in a

large bowl. Add yogurt and stir to coat.

Cover and refrigerate until chilled.

Serves 4

It is your chance to

“Take a trip down a

dark desert highway,

feel the cool wind in

your hair,” and experience

the Grammy

Award winning sounds

that defined a generation.

For tickets and information

please call the

Newberry Opera House

Box Office at 803-276-

6264 or visit online at


Lemon Graham


1 14-oz can sweetened condensed


½ cup lemon juice

1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs

¾ cup all-purpose flour

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

½ tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

½ cup butter, melted

In a small bowl combine milk and

lemon juice and set aside. In a large

bowl, combine next five ingredients.

Stir in butter until crumbly. Press

half the crumb mixture into an 9-inch

square greased baking pan. Pour lemon

juice mixture over crust; sprinkle with

remaining crumbs. Bake at 375 degrees

20-25 minutes or until lightly browned.

Cool on wire rack. Makes 3 dozen

Angie Craft takes gourding to another level

See ANNIE | 7

Angie Craft has her gourds

on display and on sale at the

Union County Arts Council’s

Gallery through March.

Wm. Harold Senn photo

rest of your life, including free

checks, too.

Firstmark is part of the

Allpoint network, which provides

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Mary Hunt is the founder

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com, or write to Everyday

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Creators Syndicate Web page at






DeAndre is described as

having a unique personality

for his age, and being

loving, affectionate, outspoken,

and courageous.

He enjoys the outdoors

especially when it is time

to run and ride bicycles.

DeAndre is energetic

and loves attention. He

enjoys watching television;

his favorite television

stations are Nickelodeon

and the Disney Channel.

DeAndre has a good

appetite; his favorite

foods are spaghetti, ice

cream and pizza. Playing

video games and board

games intrigue DeAndre

and keep his interest.

DeAndre is in the second

grade and is doing

well academically. He is

on grade level at school

and he enjoys his teachers.

DeAndre is in good

physical health. He will

need parents who are not

afraid to set boundaries

and stick with them. With

clear structure, DeAndre

is respectful and functions

quite well. He needs

a structured environment

that promotes making

positive choices.

DeAndre is legally

free for adoption. If you

have room in your heart

and home for DeAndre,

please call 1-888-227-

3487 or visit https://dss.


For more information

about becoming a foster

parent in Union County

call Amy Austin at (864)


Your school info goes here!


(864) 251-1219 • CLASSES FOR AGES 3 & UP


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BLONDIE Dean Young/Denis Lebrun




HI & LOIS Brian and Greg Walker

MUTTS Patrick McDonnell


Bil Keane


Hank Ketchum


zITS Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman


by Dave Green

Ad goes here


Jan. 31, 2012:

This year you opt for more private,

home time. A partner plays a

more important role than in the past.

Together you work as a team to make

your domestic and personal life everything

it can be. If you are single, you

are in the mood for a live-in relationship.

Though someone could be taken

by you, don’t move too quickly into

this type of arrangement. In a partnership,

you could make some very

good investments involving property.

Independently, you might even take a

class in investments or possibly learn

how to remodel homes. TAURUS

encourages spending!

The Stars Show the Kind of Day

You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive;

3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

HHHH Curb a tendency to do others’

work, especially if it means convincing

them to handle something your

way. Your efforts to restrain yourself

will pay off. Accept an offer in a tentative

tone, as you might want to do

something a little differently. Tonight:

Treat time.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

HHHHH You could be on top of a

project, yet someone’s insightful and

different opinion could give you reason

to pause. No matter how you look at

a situation, it is changeable. Detach

and know that you might not have

reached the complete conclusion just

yet. Tonight: All smiles.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

HHH Sometimes less is more. You

decide to pull back to help others air

out their ideas. You might even have to

revise an opinion or two as well. A discussion

about security or property could

get heated, or perhaps a relative could

get a bit hot under the collar. Tonight:

Get some R and R.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

HHHHH Know that once you focus,

you nearly can pull white rabbits out of

black hats. You are unusually direct

and know what you want. Your ability

to socialize and empathize quickly

becomes a strong suit in a meeting.

Tonight: Say what you feel.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

HHHH Others might be too aware

of your actions for your taste. You

would like to be able to do a little more

without wondering who is watching.

You are aware of your image, and others

know it. Give yourself some mental

space, and you could feel much better.

Tonight: Could go until the wee hours.

Today’s Answers


Jacquelene Bigar’s Horoscope

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

HHHH Break past what others say

and do. Clear out a certain amount of

frustration. Touch base with someone

you feel has a very different perspective

from your own. Consider a trip in the

near future or taking a workshop involving

a hobby. You need to refresh your

mind. Tonight: Follow the music.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

HHHH You might want to share

more with a key partner. You have

many differences as well as similarities.

Though this person could be taciturn,

he or she also can be very diplomatic.

Don’t worry so much about your feelings

getting hurt. Tonight: Get some


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

HHHH You have a hard time giving

up control. But you are discovering

you only have control over yourself.

Consider that you may have created a

veil of illusion upon yourself. Listen to

a male friend who can be pushy. He

might not be right, but his perspective

triggers an insight. Tonight: Let another

person choose.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

HHH Maintain a steady attitude

when dealing with your finances. You

might not like everything you hear,

but you can deal with it. You could

be pushed to the max to perform. A

boss is demanding. Tonight: Choose a


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

HHHHH Your innate ingenuity

could carry you, as well as others,

through a major conflict. You might not

know what to think at this point, but you

have a strong idea of what you want.

Follow that course. Worry less about

everyone else. Tonight: Detach if you

are irritated.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

HHHH You could be taken aback

by how demanding someone could

become. You understand a lot more

than you originally thought possible.

Your reaction to run from this person

comes from a grounded spot. Still,

handle the issue. Tonight: Where the

action is.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)

HHHHH You choose the right

words and naturally follow the correct

course of action. Touch base with a

relative, catch up on a neighbor’s news

and return emails. Some interesting

options tumble into your lap. Tonight:

Hang out.

Jacqueline Bigar is on the Internet

at www.jacquelinebigar.com.

Call Whitney Kennedy at 864-427-1234

for Advertising


DIXIE YOUTH will meet at

7 p.m. at the Union County

Recreation Department to

elect officers. The public is

invited to attend.



will hold their regular meeting

with a meal at 7 and meeting

at 7:30. Michael Tyler, WM;

Wayne Henderson, Sec.



MEETING will be held at

noon at the USC-Union

gazebo. Everyone is invited

to come for a brief time of

prayer for our community,

our state, and our nation. If

you cannot be there, try to

take time for special prayer

at noon or sometime during

the day.


ARTS COUNCIL’S reception

for the “4 photographers”

show tonight from 6-8 p.m. at

the UCAC gallery at 116 East

Main Street in Union. The

public is invited to attend.

Call UCAC at 864-429-2817

or email ucac@bellsouth.net

for more information.



will sell mops and brooms

at Food Lion and Jimmy’s

Fresh Air Galaxy 9 a.m.-5




From page 2

The woman said she felt

he’d gotten the spare key

she keeps in her car so

she got out of the shower

and went to check. She

discovered the key was

missing and began searching

the house looking for

it. The woman said she

found the key in a drawer

and when she picked it up

Cameron became enraged

and tried to take it from

her. In the process, she

said he pushed her down

and scratched her hand.

She said she was able to

get away from him and

locked herself in the spare

bedroom. Cameron then

began beating on the

door and trying to force


From page 5

“I see different things

in them when I look at

them. I like to work a

lot with antlers, pine

needles, sea grass … I

try to use a lot of natural


Craft also teaches others

to work with gourds

in workshops for adults

and children.

“For some reason, kids

love gourds,” she said.


From page 5

Should I ignore this?

Should I ask that they

consider our feelings

in the future? We don’t

want to display an album

with pictures of my ex.

— Insulted Parents

Dear Insulted: This

was insensitive of your

son, but probably not ill

intended, so try to forgive

him. You can choose

whether or not to display

any gift, but please don’t

complain about it. If

there is a way to remove

the photos of your exwife

or to have the pic-


DEPARTMENT will host the

14th annual Father/Daughter

Valentine Dance from 6-8

p.m. at the Union County

Recreation Department

Gymnasium. Tickets can be

purchased at the recreation

department from Jan. 16-27.

For more information call

the recreation department at



ARTS COUNCIL is sponsoring

an Oil Painting Workshop

with instructor Diarmuid Kelly

from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. today.

The workshop will feature

Kelly, an award-winning oil

artist, guiding students by

using examples of his work.

Lunch will be included in the

price of the workshop. For

a list of workshop materials,

questions or to sign up for

the workshop; call UCAC

at 864-429-2817 or email





will have a “be my Valentine”

fund raiser raffle with three

prizes: first prize, $100;

second, dinner for two, and

third, a dozen roses. Tickets

may be purchased from any

Youth of Urban Achievement

or Robert Dollar Hill, 466-

5988; Catrina Brown, 251-

8345 or Melissa Brown, 441-

1145. Drawing Feb. 10.


sponsor a red and white ban-

it open.

The deputy had no

more success trying to

get the door open from

the inside than he had

getting it open from the

outside. He and the complainant

were forced to

exit the room through the


The report states there

were small scratches on

the complainant’s hands

which deputies photographed

as evidence.

Next, deputies finally

managed to get the door

open and took the bolt

as evidence. Cameron

was then placed under

arrest and transported to

jail while the complain-

“They all come up at my

display at the Saturday

downtown market in

Greenville and they just

want to pick them up

and touch them. I keep

the raw ones there, too,

so they can see what it

looked like before. It’s like

it’s something different to

them; not like an Etch-A-

Sketch, Light Bright or

something like that.”

tures re-set to exclude

her, do so. Then ask your

son for a picture of his

family so you can display

it in a prominent place

in your home. If he mentions

that you already

have one in the album,

you can tell him why you

would prefer another.

Dear Annie: My sons

(now well into middle

age) would never commit

any of the cooking sins

“California” describes,

because I taught them

better. They were using

a microwave oven cor-

quet at 7 p.m. at the Pacolet

River Association Building.

Guest speaker will be Rev.

James Mason, pastor of New

Emanuel Chapel Baptist

Church. For information call

674-6304 or 674-5471.



will meet at 6 p.m. in the

Clemson Extension Meeting

Room. The speaker will be

Billy Ballard from Carolina

Beautiful in Clinton. He will

speak on landscape and

design. Please bring a covered




HOSPITAL will host its annual

Heart Day event 7-10 a.m.

in the main lobby of the hospital.

For more information

contact Quanisha Savage at



POST 87 will meet at 7 p.m.

at The Flats in Buffalo.




held at Mt.Lebanon Baptist

Church at 6:30 p.m. For

tickets email mtlebanonbc@

gmail.com; call 427-2964;

427-4419;585-5370;; 427-

9974; 582-7164 or 576-0368.



CLASS of 1968 will have

ant was issued a victim’s


More Criminal

Domestic Violence

Richard Edwin Helms

Jr., 19, 1208 Linersville

Road, #12, Buffalo,

is charged by the sheriff’s

office with criminal

domestic violence.

The incident report

states a deputy was dispatched

the night of Jan.

25 to Helms’ residence

in reference to a disturbance.

The victim told the

deputy that Helms had

stolen a quantity of medication

from her which led

to a physical altercation

in which he dragged her

through the house, pushed

Her workshops are held

in Florida, North Carolina

and Georgia and a couple

of stores in Greenville

show her gourds.

“I think it’s neat that

you can take an object that

the Indians used to dip

water and use for bowls

and plates and make art

out of it. They’re a lot of

fun to work with.”

Craft will be on hand

rectly by the time they

were 10 years old, and

a conventional oven and

cooktop as soon as they

were tall enough to safely

reach the back burner.

If “California” has children,

I hope she is teaching

them proper kitchen

procedures while they

still live with her. And

she should insist that her

husband sit in on the lessons.

— St. Maarten

Annie’s Mailbox

is written by Kathy

Mitchell and Marcy

The Union Daily Times/Union, S.C., Tuesday, January 31, 2012 7

her down and slapped her.

The woman said she and

two witnesses managed

to force Helms out of the

house. She said he then

began yelling and beating

on the doors and windows

and continued to do so

until about the time the

deputy arrived. He then

ran into the woods.

The deputy photographed

red marks on

the victim’s chest and a

scratch on her right knee.

He also spoke with the

two witnesses who said

they saw the altercation

and corroborated the victim’s


The report states the

deputy was unable to

at the “4 photographers”

reception February 4th

at UCAC to demonstrate

how she works with

gourds. The reception

runs from 6-8 p.m. and

the public is invited to


The Union County

Arts Council’s Gallery is

located at 116 East Main

Street in Union. For more

information about this

Sugar, longtime editors

of the Ann Landers column.

Please email your

questions to anniesmailbox@comcast.net,

or write to: Annie’s

Mailbox, c/o Creators

Syndicate, 737 3rd

Street, Hermosa Beach,

CA 90254. To find out

more about Annie’s

Mailbox and read features

by other Creators

Syndicate writers and

cartoonists, visit the

Creators Syndicate Web

page at www.creators.


The Community Calendar is printed daily. Prices

are not printed in the calendar. Send your events to

jgarmon@heartlandpublications, leave message at

427-1234, ext 30, at least two days in advance or

post for free at www.uniondailytimes.com

its quarterly meeting at 5

p.m. at the Union Municipal

Building. Business of importance.




Trevor Booker and the

Washington Wizard, March

9-11. Tour the nation’s

capitol and a visit to the

Martin Luther King National

Memorial. For information

call 803-940-2506.



will be in Union every third

Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at

the One Stop, 440 Duncan

Hwy., to discuss eligibility for

health care, pension, disability

and more.



MUSEUM at the Chapman

Cultural Center is pleased to

announce free admission for

the first weekend (Thursday,

Friday, and Saturday) of

each month through August.

The museum features local

history and is normally open

Tuesday through Saturday,

10 a.m.-5 p.m. For more

information, please call 864-




opened a free clothes closet

in the back of the Municipal

Building in Jonesville. Hours

of operation will be Tuesday

and Friday 9:30 am – noon.

locate Helms at that time

and left the scene but was

dispatched there again

a short time later after

being advised Helms had

returned and was again

beating on the doors and

windows. While en route,

the deputy was advised

EMS had been dispatched

because the victim said

Helms was claiming he

was bleeding and the

bleeding wouldn’t stop.

When the deputy arrived,

he found Helms standing

near the back of the residence

and observed that

he had what appeared to

be injuries to his left wrist

which were obscured by

dried blood.

and other programs at

UCAC call 864-429-2917

or email us at ucac@bellsouth.net.


COUNCIL sponsors “Painting

with Coffee” Tuesday mornings

form 10 a.m.-12:30

p.m. Local artist Betsy

Skipper leads the group in

an informal workshop. Artists

working in all mediums are

welcome. Call 429-2817 for


JAM WITH LUNCH continues

Thursdays 11 a.m.-

1 p.m. at the Union Arts

Council,116 E. Main Street.

Musicians are invited to drop

by and play a few tunes with

other musicians. This event

is also open to anyone who

would like to sit and listen.

Any instrument, any type of

music welcome. Call 429-

2817 or email ucac@bellouth.net

for information.




accepting more students

for our Yearly Tumbling/

Gymnastics Program which

is held every Friday afternoon

at the recreation

department. We are offering

Pre-School Classes, Level

1 & Level 2 Classes …

Cheerleaders are welcome.

Spots are available on a first

come first serve basis. The

instructor is Amy Ledford

from Star Makers Dance

Company from Inman, SC.

For more information please

call Heather Randall at 429-


After patting Helms

down for weapons and

allowing EMS to clean

away the dried blood,

the deputy observed two

small scratches on Helms’

wrist as well as several

marks in which the skin

was not broken. The

report states Helms said

he was not suicidal, that

he’d just been mad when

he injured himself. Helms

then refused to be transported

to the emergency

room and signed a waiver

with EMS.

Helms was then placed

under arrest and transported

to jail while the

victim was issued a victim’s

form by the deputy.

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Stevens said the delegates

and alternates

along with precinct officials

were elected for

most of the county’s 23


“The state party has

allotted us 177 delegates

to the county convention

and an equal number of

alternates,” Stevens said.

“We elected delegates and

alternates as well as precinct

officials for all the

county’s precincts except

Adamsburg, Buffalo Box

1, Bonham, Monarch Box

1, Ward 4 Box 2, and

West Springs. We hope


From page 1

Those changes and

new ideas and new technology

were included in

Taylor’s platform which

he announced in March

2008. They included an

Employee Assistance

Program, a Policy and

Procedures Manual, new

law enforcement techniques

and technology,

working with the community’s

youth and elderly

citizens, increased visibility

by law enforcement in

the community, and seeking

grants to help fund law

enforcement activities.

Employee Assistance


Meeting the needs of the

employees of the sheriff’s

office was among Taylor’s

top priorities as candidate,

promising to set up

an Employee Assistance

Program to help employees

deal with a wide range

of difficult situations

that often occur in law

enforcement. During his

first year in office, Taylor

implemented the program

which provides services

such as counseling for

deputies in a shooting and

their families.

Those services were

most recently used

in the aftermath of the

fatal shooting of Rick

Lee Eison by Sgt. Jared

Gilstrap of the Special

Response Team. The team

— which was established

by Taylor — was called

to Kelly One Stop on July

13 after Eison shot and

wounded a woman inside

the store and then shot

at several other people.

Eison then emerged from

the building and was shot

by Gilstrap after refusing

commands by deputies to

drop his gun.

In accordance with the

sheriff’s office policy, the

shooting was investigated

by SLED. In October,

SLED announced that it

found Gilstrap’s shooting

of Eison completely justified.

Even though the shooting

was found to be justified,

Taylor said Gilstrap

and all the other deputies

who were on the scene

when Eison was killed

underwent counseling

provided by the Employee

Assistance Program.

Taylor said this proved

beneficial to them and the

sheriff’s office as a whole

and will continue to be

offered along with the program’s

other services.

“I stated that the sheriff’s

to have the delegates,

alternates and precinct

officials elected in those

precincts very soon.”

The precincts’ allotments

of delegates and

alternates are based on

the voter turnout from

the 2008 election. The

2012 allotments are:

• Adamsburg — 7 delegates

and 7 alternates

• Black Rock — 3 delegates

and 3 alternates

• Bonham — 11 delegates

and 11 alternates

• Buffalo Box 1 — 8

delegates and 8 alternates

• Carlisle — 6 dele-

office needed an Employee

Assistance Program,”

Taylor said. “Working

with local churches and

the South Carolina Law

Enforcement Assistance

Program, we were able to

make this happen. In 2011,

we had an officer-involved

shooting where this type

of program was very beneficial

to our department.

Although other things

have happened in the

past, this incident was

probably the most serious

in nature. Fortunately, the

sheriff’s office was able

to get assistance from the

State Law Enforcement

Division (SLED) to assist

us with that situation.

Policy And Procedures


At the time of his election,

the sheriff’s office

did not have a manual

that spelled out in writing

what the office’s policies

and procedures were.

Taylor had one drafted

and implemented in 2011.

Deputies can now refer to

the manual for instruction

on how to deal with most

situations they encounter

while on duty.

“I also stated that we

needed a Policy and

Procedures Manual for

the safety of our deputies

as well as the safety of

the general public,” Taylor

said. “The Union County

Sheriff’s Office now operates

under that new Policy

and Procedures Manual.”

New Techniques, New


Since taking office,

Taylor has sought to

bring the sheriff’s office

and related agencies into

the 21s century with new

technology that makes

sharing information easier

between law enforcement,

emergency and jail personnel.

“I stated that we as a

sheriff’s department need

to stop living in the past

and move forward with

new law enforcement

techniques and technology,”

Taylor said. “We

have implemented new

technology software in

our department that is

simple and easy to use

for our employees. The

technology is used almost

statewide and it combines

law enforcement, jail divisions

and 911 into one

service. It also is compatible

to surrounding agencies

which includes Union

Public Safety. It will allow

us to share case infor-

gates and 6 alternates

• Cross Keys — 7 delegates

and 7 alternates

• East Buffalo — 3

delegates and 3 alternates

• Excelsior — 15 delegates

and 15 alternates

• Jonesville Box 1 — 6

delegates and 6 alternates

• Jonesville Box 2 — 7

delegates and 7 alternates

• Kelton — 10 delegates

and 10 alternates

• Lockhart — 6 delegates

and 6 alternates

• Monarch Box 1 — 12

delegates and 12 alternates

• Monarch Box 2 — 3

mation from both of our

agencies. We will soon be

able to view each other’s

files, so if a case occurs in

the city similar to one in

the county, we can share

that information easily.”

Educating Youth And

The Elderly

Since taking office,

Taylor has sent deputies

into the schools to talk to

students about the dangers

of gang activity and

peer pressure that can

lead to alcohol and drug

abuse. In the case of the

elderly, deputies have visited

church senior citizens

groups talking about identity

theft, fraud and scams

that target the elderly.

“I also made a commitment

to work with our

youth and elderly to better

educate them of the

dangers they may face

each day in our community,”

Taylor said. “We

have been able to do this

by going into schools and

senior citizens’ meetings

and discussing things that

were of concern to them.”

Increased Visibility

One of Taylor’s first

orders when he became

sheriff was for patrols to

be increased from two to

four, both during the day

and at night. As a result,

the response time of deputies

to a call has dropped

to just below 15 minutes.

“We have increased

our visibility by putting

each deputy in a vehicle

to increase patrols and

response time throughout

Union County,” Taylor

said. “We have also provided

them with Tasers

to add another level of

safety for our officers in

the event that a prisoner

becomes hostile or violent

during an arrest.”


During his campaign,

Taylor said he would

work to seek grants to

improve law enforcement

in the county. Since that

time, the sheriff’s has

used grants to purchase

bulletproof vests, a live-

The Union Daily Times/Union, S.C., Tuesday, January 31, 2012 9

delegates and 3 alternates

• Putnam — 4 delegates

and 4 alternates

• Santuc — 10 delegates

and 10 alternates

• Ward 1 Box 1 — 9

delegates and 9 alternates

• Ward 1 Box 2 — 12

delegates and 12 alternates

• Ward 2 — 14 delegates

and 14 alternates

• Ward 3 — 7 delegates

and 7 alternates

• Ward 4 Box 1 — 12

delegates and 12 alternates

• Ward 4 Box 2 — 3

delegates and 3 alternates

scan fingerprint system,

and security equipment

for the Union County


“We have actively

pursued federal, state

and local grants to help

fund law enforcement in

Union County,” Taylor

said. “In three years of

being in office, the Union

County Sheriff’s Office

has obtained more than

$250,000 in grant monies

that are non-matching

funds for Union County.

Turbulent Times

In addition to these

achievements, Taylor said

his three years in office

“has seen some turbulent

times in our county,” especially

where gang activity

and drugs are concerned.

Even in those areas, however,

Taylor said progress

has been made.

“During the last election

there was a lot of controversy

of whether or not

there was gang activity

in Union County,” Taylor

said. “Our office has identified

at least 10 operating

gangs in Union County.

We have indicted individuals

in federal court for

gang crimes in the past

three years. We have also

assigned a deputy to the

Federal Upstate Gang Unit

that will include working

Union County gang


As a candidate, Taylor

said he would make cracking

down on drug trafficking

a top priority if

elected sheriff. Since

taking office, Taylor

has launched several

major anti-drug sweeps,

the most recent being

the ongoing Operation

P.O.C. (Protecting Our

Community) which to

date has resulted in the

arrest of 31 individuals

for dealing drugs ranging

from marijuana to

cocaine and crack cocaine

to prescription medications.

Operation P.O.C.

was the result of a fivemonth

investigation that

began with information

• West Springs — 2

delegates and 2 alternates


Stevens also reminded

party members, the general

public, and potential

candidates that filing for

the Democratic primary

is March 16-30. Party primaries

for local, state and

congressional candidates

will be held June 12. If

needed, runoffs will be

held June 26.

The SC Democratic

Party will hold its state

convention, May 12 in

Columbia at the Columbia

Convention Center.

gathered by the sheriff’s

office in a previous antidrug

sweep in 2011.

While progress has

been made, Taylor cautioned

that the effort must

continue, not only against

drug activity but the related

crimes it spawns.

“Three years ago I stated

that drugs were rampant

in Union County,”

Taylor said. “Our drug

arrests are up 45.9 percent

from where it was

before I took office.

Illegal drugs and illegal

prescription drug sales

are both on the increase.


arrests went up 100 percent

the first year I was

in office.

“With drug arrests on

the rise, property crimes

will show an increase

because addicts steal to

support their daily drug

habit,” he said. “Our narcotics

unit works closely

with our investigators to

fight both crimes together

and solve more cases.

Union County’s commercial

drug arrest rate

of 56.6 per 10,000 was

the highest among South

Carolina counties in 2009.

While our county’s opiate

arrest rate of 17.9 per

10,000 was the highest

among South Carolina’s

counties in 2009.”


Taylor also pointed to

the increased cooperation

between his office and

other law enforcement


“We have a very close

working relationship with

surrounding agencies

as well as the Highway

Patrol in our district,”

Taylor said. “To be an

effective agency, you must

have a working relationship

with all agencies. If

you remember I stated

that there was not an ‘I’

in teamwork. We have

proved in this county that

we can work together and

accomplish goals.”

Hard Questions

The Democratic prima-

Delegates to the state

convention from will be

elected at the March

19 county convention.

Delegates to the national

convention in Charlotte,

NC, will be elected at the

state convention.

The Democratic national

convention will be held

Sept. 3-6. The general

election will be held Nov.


For more information

about local party activities

and being a delegate

to the national convention

contact Ann Stevens

at 427-6887.

ry will be held June 12 and

the general election Nov.

6 and Taylor asked the

people of Union County to

consider the choices they

make at the polls and the

impact they will have on

law enforcement during

the next four years.

“As election time draws

near, citizens need to ask

themselves some hard

questions,” Taylor said.

“Do you want law enforcement

to continue to move

forward as it has in the

past three years or do you

want it to go back where

it was before I took office

in 2009? We, as a county,

must continue to move

forward with new ideas

and new innovations for

law enforcement. Please

consider this question

when you go to the polls

to re-elect Sheriff David

Taylor as your sheriff for

the next four years. I made

campaign promises and I

delivered these promises

to the very best of my


Taylor pointed out that

the experience gained during

the past three years

has prepared him to continue

to lead his office into

the future.

“I attended the FBI

National Academy in Sept.

2010 and graduated in the

class number 243,” Taylor

said. “This experience

provided me with new

ideas and cost-effective

methods to stay abreast of

new developments in law

enforcement. It also supplied

me with a broader

network of contacts in law

enforcement in the United

States as well as all around

the world. I am asking

your support to re-elect

David Taylor, Democratic

candidate for sheriff of

Union County.”

Taylor and his wife

Betty Jo are the parents of

four children and grandparents

of five grandchildren.

They attend West

Springs Baptist Church

and Foster’s Chapel

United Methodist Church.

The Union Daily Times


Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Union, S.C. — Page 10

Tiffany Grady-Hudgins

Sports Editor

Lockart Middle School

hosted Campobello-

Gramling last Thursday

and the gymnasium was

at maximum capacity for

the Homecoming game.

Fans said it was like the

old days during a varsity

game with the outpouring

of community and

the excitement of a hard

fought win in the boys


The Red Devils’

32-29 win was truely a

cinderella story, with


the obvious favorite and

Lockhart the underdog.

Lockhart had not broken

the Wildcats’ 1-3-1 press

in three years previous to

Thursday night where the

boys settled in and picked

up their second win in a


At halftime, the Red

Devils found themselves

down 15-6 but there

was no quit in the team.

The Wildcats had kept

Lockhart’s leading scorer,

Ryan Vaughan quiet in

the first half, their six

points coming by way of

Dylan Sanders and Ethan

Bailey. Vaughan made it

to the free throw line late

in the second quarter to

collect one point.

However, Lockhart

coach Jay Voiselle worked

up a new strategy at intermission

that freed up his

sharp shooter and in the

second half Vaughan netted

20 points.

The second half surge

was enough to earn a

homecoming victory and

Tiffany Grady-Hudgins

Sports Editor

Lockhart Middle

School had it’s first

homecoming since the

consolidation of the high

schools last Thursday

night between the girls

and boys games.

Miss Kailyne Parker

was named 2011-12 LMS

Homecoming Queen and

Mr. Clint Smallwood was

named King.

The kindergarten

through fifth grade each

chose a prince and princesses

through a drawing

based on good behavior.

Sixth and seventh grade

princes and princesses

were voted on by classmates

in their grade. The

middle school student

body nominated a court

and then voted on a win-

satisfy a gym full of Red


“Borrowing a line

from Steve Spurrier,

‘God smiled on Lockhart

tonight,’” said Voiselle.

“We had our first homecoming

since the high

school closed, it was

Dylan Sanders’ birthday,

and we won our first

home game in quite a

while. The gym was jampacked.


to our boys on a come

from behind win.”

Vaughan led the way

for Lockhart with 21

points. Bailey and Hunter

Plemmons put up four

apiece. Dylan Sanders

had two points and Jordan

Mobley added one.

Girls Action

The Lockhart Middle

girls lost their last home

game of the season,


Too many second

chance points for


proved costly for the Red

Devils and the Wildcats

went on a 8-0 run late in

the second quarter.

The Devils rallied in

the third quarter, but the

Wildcats pulled away in

the fourth, taking the


Macy Scarborough was

the leading scorer for

Lockhart with 13 points.

Caitlyn Grant followed

with five points.

“Our girls played our

most aggressive game

this year. Unfortunately

it wasn’t enough to win,”

said Voiselle. “We’ve

got to regroup and get

ready for Jonesville on



“We always have excellent

community support,”

said LMS principal Besty

Trakas. “But this turnout

was extraordinary. It was

a big success and we plan

to continue and add more

activitis next year.”

This year’s activities

included Spirit Week

with a different theme

each day. The themes

were Nerd Day, Western

Day, Dress to Impress

Day, Fake an Injury Day,

and, finally, Team Day.


King Court: Hunter

Vanderford, Dylan

Sanders, Jonathan

Williams, Les Wentz

Homecoming Queen

Court: Mary Catherine

Scarbrough, Macy

Scarbrough, Caitlyn


Princes and princesses

of each grade:

Kindergarten: Andrew

Latham and Zoie Cromer

First Grade: Sam Parris

and Riley Shuhart

Second Grade: Peyton

Bieler and Alexis Lanier

Third Grade: Corbin

Eubanks and Cierra


Fourth Grade: Gavin

Vanderford and Gracie


Fifth Grade: Trey Parks

and Savannah Garcia

Sixth Grade: Justin

Brannon and Hannah Hill

Seventh Grade: Ethan

Bailey and Gabby Garcia

If It’s local sports, It’s In.

Call Tiffany at 427-1234 ext. 25 or

e-mail thudgins@heartlandpublications.com

Second half surge leads Red

Devils to Homecoming win

Have you been

experiencing cold or

flu-like symptoms for

up to 7 days?

You may be eligible for a

12 week research study if :

You are at least 40 years old and

You are having symptoms of an acute upper

respiratory infection for up to 7 days and

You have smoked 100 cigarettes or more

in your lifetime

Eligible persons will receive:

Study related medical exams and

investigational study medication at no cost

while participating in the study

Reimbursement for certain travel expenses

For more information contact:

Dr. Joseph Boscia, III

CU Pharmaceutical Research

(864) 427-1172

Above, Macy

Scarborogh on a

fast break. Left,

Elizabeth Parks

looks to take a


Tiffany Grady-



Parker, Smallwood named LMS 2011-12 Homecoming king and queen

Tiffany Grady-Hudgins

2011-12 LMS Homecoming Queen Kailyne Parker and King Clint


Tiffany Grady-Hudgins|Daily Times

2011-12 LMS Homecoming Queen Miss Kailyne Parker being

presented her crown and flowers by Principal Betsy Trakas.

Are you a


or an


Tiffany Grady-Hudgins|Daily Times

McKale Hardy, alone under the

basket in Friday's game versus


Yellow Jacket

of the Week

Tiffany Grady-Hudgins

Sports Editor

Union County guard

McKale Hardy had another

impressive week on the

court and was honored

with the Spartanburg


Girls Basketball

Player of the

Week award.

Hardy continued

to dominate

the boards last week,

grabbing 19 rebounds

against the Jackets’ tallest

competitors in the region,

the Clinton Red Devils.

Hardy also had 15 points

in the game.

“Although our team

lost to Clinton, McKale

gave a valiant effort and

has been providing us

with consistency in the

post.” said coach Yoneko


Hardy was honored at

the Spartanburg Tip-Off

Club meeting on Friday

along with the Herald-

Journal Boys Player of

the Week and Team of

the Week at the Golden

Corral in Spartanburg.

Guest speaker Mike

Wood who is the supervisor

of Southern

Conference referees talked

to the athletes about

life and basketball.

Hardy said she was

proud to have been recognized.

“It just shows me what

hard work can do,” Hardy

said, “You have to work

hard to get what you want

and this just motivates me

to keep it up and do even


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