CVC December 2013

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The Central Valley Corvette Club was<br />

chartered in 1991 for the owners of the only<br />

real AMERICAN sports car, the awesome<br />

CORVETTE. It's a social organization with<br />

activities that provide enjoyment for the true<br />

Corvette lover.<br />


AT 6:30 P.M. ON THE 3 RD TUESDAY<br />








Club activities include monthly meetings,<br />

car shows, weekend Club activities,<br />

overnighters, picnics, road rallies, summer<br />

cruises, holiday get-to-gathers and more!<br />

Eligibility for membership in <strong>CVC</strong> is<br />

defined in Article III, section 1 of the<br />

bylaws in part as follows: "Membership in<br />

Central Valley Corvettes shall be open to all<br />

Corvette owners who are sponsored by a<br />

member in good standing. Additionally, a<br />

prospective member must, within a three<br />

month period , attend two consecutive<br />

meetings, participate in two club sanctioned<br />

social activities, pay current membership<br />

dues and initiation fees, and be approved by<br />

two- thirds vote of membership present at<br />

any general membership meeting by secret<br />

ballot<br />

Sponsors shall be responsible for advising<br />

prospective member of results. All<br />

members must submit proof of personal<br />

insurance in accordance with California<br />

State Law upon application for<br />

membership, and all members must be a<br />

member of the association providing club<br />

liability insurance for CENTRAL VALLEY<br />


A prospective member who does not have a<br />

sponsor will be provided one by the<br />

membership committee. Non-members may<br />

not participate in more than three meetings<br />

or two sanctioned activities.<br />

<strong>CVC</strong> membership dues are $67.00 plus an<br />

initiation fee of $35.00. Membership entitles<br />

two members at the same address voting<br />

privileges at meetings (provided they are in<br />

good standing) and membership rights.<br />

Please feel free to contact the membership<br />

chairperson, Diane Hayes (559)-559-591-<br />

0844 or any officer on the following page.


Craig Hansen (Pam)<br />

559-645-0513<br />

hansenrt66@att.net<br />


Pam Hansen (Craig)<br />

559-645-0513<br />

hansenrt66@att.net<br />


Jeff Levine (Sarah)<br />

559-222-8148<br />

lonewolf3@comcast.net<br />


Terri Parks (Fred)<br />

559-324-9760<br />

fredandterri@comcast.net<br />


Fred Parks (Terri)<br />

559-324-9760<br />

fredandterri@comcast.net<br />


Linda Laningham (Chuck)<br />

559-896-2637<br />

Laningham@hotmail.com<br />


Diane Hayes (Mike)<br />

559-591-0844<br />

dimi62@comcast.net<br />


Charlie Fosnaugh<br />

559-299-0547<br />

fosnaugh@comcast.net<br />

Raffle Tickets<br />

Ruth Danielsen<br />

559-298-5225<br />

redanielsen@aol.com<br />


Pat Garrahan (Patrick)<br />

559-275-9304<br />


With Kim and Skip joining incumbents Fred Parks,<br />

Pam Hansen and me, I see another great year ahead.<br />

However, one of our most pressing challenges is<br />

A<br />

s most of you know, we had our annual<br />

election at the November meeting to fill<br />

two positions vacated by outgoing<br />

Secretary Terri Parks and Vice-President of Public<br />

Relations Jeff Levine. Congratulations go out to<br />

Kim Fosnaugh who will be taking the reins from<br />

Terri and to Skip Severance who will be assuming<br />

Jeff’s role.<br />

On behalf of Central Valley Corvettes, I’d like to<br />

thank Terri Parks for her strong commitment and<br />

dedication to the club. She has served four years on<br />

the board, something only a handful of people have<br />

accomplished in the 23-year history of the club.<br />

Not only has Terri served as Treasurer in 2006 and<br />

2007, she has also spent the better part of the past<br />

two years as Secretary. Despite this extensive<br />

service, Terri has indicated she would entertain<br />

being President of <strong>CVC</strong> down the road.<br />

Jeff Levine has also been invaluable in his first year<br />

on the board keeping track of birthdays,<br />

anniversaries and making sure we have treats at all<br />

the meetings. I’d also like to thank him again for<br />

taking on the role as President last June when Pam<br />

and I were out of town. Hopefully after a break, Jeff<br />

might consider another term on the board.<br />

to have a volunteer step forward and do the<br />

newsletter. Patricia Garrahan plans to step<br />

down after next month’s issue and if no one<br />

raises their hand we will either have to<br />

discontinue the newsletter or pay someone to do<br />

it. We are not asking for a lifetime commitment.<br />

A year would be nice, but at this point we will<br />

take anything we can get.<br />

As to our membership, as of this writing only one<br />

member has decided not to renew. Mike Carli said<br />

his work schedule and his music are occupying<br />

much of his time. However with new members<br />

Susan and Del Walker and Mike and Mary Lebda<br />

returning after a hiatus, plus a few other folks on the<br />

verge of becoming eligible, <strong>CVC</strong> is likely to<br />

experience a net gain in membership this year<br />

reversing a steady diet of declining enrollment.<br />

<strong>December</strong> is pretty busy with the club hosting its<br />

annual Christmas Party on Thursday <strong>December</strong> 12,<br />

the hay ride on Sunday <strong>December</strong> 15, the monthly<br />

meeting on Tuesday <strong>December</strong> 17 and the<br />

Christmas Cambria run from Friday <strong>December</strong> 27<br />

thru Sunday <strong>December</strong> 29. However, please be<br />

thinking about next year as the run cupboard is all<br />

but bare.<br />

In closing, don’t forget your annual dues. We are at<br />

about 90% paid at this point. Enjoy the holidays!<br />


Our "In the News" reporter Jan Pflepsen reported on<br />

the news concerning our Corvette families.<br />

Frieda Null thanked all who came to her Thursday<br />

Ladies' Day. She will be suspending the ladies' day<br />

until after the holidays.<br />

Old Business:<br />

Central Valley Corvettes General Meeting Minutes<br />

November 19, <strong>2013</strong><br />

General meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by<br />

President Craig Hansen.<br />

Minutes from the October general meeting were<br />

read by Terri Parks. A motion to accept the minutes<br />

as read was made by Scott Parkin and seconded by<br />

Jo Anne Krebs.<br />

Craig had Linda pass out the ballots for the board<br />

election.<br />

Membership Chairman Diane Hays said we will be<br />

voting on admitting the Lebda's into the club.<br />

Treasurer Fred Parks gave the Treasurer's report.<br />

He thanked Charlotte for giving last month's report<br />

in his absence.<br />

Vice President of Public Relations Jeff Levine<br />

reported on the birthdays and anniversaries of the<br />

club members. He thanked Jo Anne for bringing<br />

homemade goodie in celebration of Greg's birthday.<br />

Vice President of Activities Pam Hansen asked<br />

members to think about hosting a run next year.<br />

She had members report on their past runs. She<br />

reported the future runs as the Poker and Pizza,<br />

Christmas party, Christmas Lights & Hayride, and<br />

Christmas at Hearst Castle/Cambria.<br />

Diane announced that the Lebda's were voted into<br />

the club unanimously. This brings the membership<br />

total to 79.<br />

In the absence of Sergeant at Arms Charlie<br />

Fosnaugh, Lupe Dawson collected $3.25 in badge<br />

fines.<br />

More details were given on the Cambria/Hearst<br />

Castle run.<br />

New Business:<br />

The club needs a new newsletter editor by January<br />

and a Membership chair.<br />

Parliamentarian Linda Laningham reported the<br />

election results:<br />

President - Craig Hansen<br />

Vice-President of Activities - Pam Hansen<br />

Treasurer - Fred Parks<br />

Vice-President of Public Relations - Skip<br />

Severance<br />

Secretary - Kim Fosnaugh<br />

The next Board meeting will be November 21st at<br />

the Laningham's.<br />

The next General meeting is <strong>December</strong> 17th at 6:30.<br />

Ruthie thanked Linda for doing the raffle during her<br />

absence.<br />

The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by<br />

John Bird and seconded by Greg Krebs.<br />

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 p.m.<br />

Raffle: Thank you to the following members for<br />

donating raffle prizes; Bird, Campos, Capurro,<br />

Comer, Condley, Cook, Danielsen, Dawson,<br />

Fosnaugh, Garrahan, Garrison, Hays, Krebs,<br />

Laningham, Null, Olson, Parks, Renna, Severance,<br />

and Whitson.<br />

Respectfully submitted by,<br />

Terri Parks, Secretary

Gotta Run?<br />

Time to start thinking about runs for 2014. Gotta run for President’s Day<br />

weekend, Valentine’s Day, or Spring in the valley. We need you to make<br />

our club successful.<br />

Plan a run and be blessed, Pam<br />

November <strong>2013</strong><br />

Thursday 11/21 <strong>CVC</strong> Board Meeting<br />

Friday 11/22 Poker & Pizza Party – Gary and Jan<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />

Thursday 12/12 <strong>CVC</strong> Christmas Party – Hosted by Andy and<br />

Connie<br />

Saturday 12/15 Christmas Lights and Hayride – Renna and<br />

Garrison<br />

Tuesday 12/17 <strong>CVC</strong> General Meeting<br />

Thursday 12/19 <strong>CVC</strong> Board Meeting<br />

Fri - Sun 12/27 – 29 Cambria Christmas - Comers, Hayes & Hansen<br />

March 2014<br />

Sat-Sun 3/29-4/13/14 Southwest Tour II - Hansens<br />

April 2014 Laughlin, Garrisons and Laninghams<br />

Merry Christmas

Let’s get on the Christmas wagon and tour<br />

the lights. Yummy finger food dinner and<br />

drinks. Enjoy the hay ride! Good food!<br />

Good friends! Fire pit and holiday cheer!




the lion king – whitsons<br />

afternoon at the movies-fosnaugh<br />

valentines run-alejandra’s-parks<br />

mystery dinner run to andiamo ristorantecapurro<br />

Chukchansi dinner run – Laningham and<br />

Danielsen<br />

corvettin’ in the foothills-Garrahans<br />

pub and smokehouse, kingsburg – nulls<br />

the fresno zoo – Condleys<br />

ed dena car show-hays<br />

gambler’s classic cob-k. garrisons<br />

clovis rodeo parade-Fosnaughs<br />

Schoolhouse lunch run-halls and birds<br />

cam twisters car show- cooks<br />

“paint your wagon”-capurros<br />

auburn-nevada city– Garrahans and S.<br />

garrisons<br />

word from home car show-Hansens<br />

Phoenician gardens-fams

Solvang- Capurros and Laninghams<br />

pot luck – Capurros and Laninghams<br />

el cid, Oakhurst- comers<br />

Alaska- Goodalls and garrahans<br />

end of summer fly-in-halls<br />

king’s diner – k. garrisons<br />

southwest potluck-hansens<br />

Laton queen haul – pflepsens<br />

shanghai- nulls<br />

president’s mystery run-hansens<br />

charlie’s movie date- fosnaugh<br />

sandals on the beach dinner runseverances<br />

Sanger queen haul-k. garrisons<br />

veterans’ day parade-fosnaugh<br />

Poker and Pizza Pot luck - Pflepsen<br />

Christmas party-fosnaughs<br />

Christmas hayride-renna<br />

cambria Christmas- comers and hansens


BULLETIN-DECEMBER <strong>2013</strong><br />




DECEMBER 12, 1981 32 YEARS<br />

DECEMBER 18, 1966 47 YEARS<br />

DECEMBER 23, 1974 39 YEARS<br />











Thank you to all for your contributions to<br />

Sunshine and Clouds. We all enjoy news<br />

relating to our friends and <strong>CVC</strong>!!!!!!<br />

1. From Debbie Garrison we learn that<br />

Debbie had hernia surgery on<br />

November 04. All went well and she is<br />

back to work. Debbie says she had a<br />

great doctor.<br />

2. Charlotte Renna says she left town<br />

with her daughter and son and family<br />

in the motor home headed for Las<br />

Vegas to celebrate the son-in-law’s<br />

birthday. What a wonderful time we<br />

had. Charlotte also says she paid her<br />

dues at the beautiful casinos. The<br />

group all went to see a fabulous show<br />

which was La Reve at the Wynn. More<br />

good news: Don is moving back to<br />

California in the near future. He has<br />

purchased property in Auberry.<br />

3. It has been a very busy month for<br />

Craig and Pam Hansen. Pam went to a<br />

Christian Women’s Retreat in Boulder<br />

Creek. She returned home to pack and<br />

go to Cambria and then on to Vegas<br />

for four days. When returning home<br />

Pam was called away to Reno where<br />

her sister Margene underwent<br />

emergency surgery. Pam returned<br />

home following the surgery and later<br />

received a phone call that her sister’s<br />

condition had worsened and she was<br />

critical. Pam spent a week in ICU with<br />

her sister and she has had a<br />

miraculous recovery. All the physicians<br />

and nurses could not believe that she<br />

made it through an invasive septic<br />

infection. Sister is now out of ICU and<br />

may be going home before<br />

Thanksgiving. Per Pam: We have so<br />

very much to be grateful for.<br />

4. And now for the Jan and Gary<br />

Pflepsen news. We made a trip to<br />

Washington D.C. for 10 days. What a<br />

wonderful adventure. We toured all<br />

political and historical buildings and<br />

managed to drive for miles to see the<br />

fall colors. Most memorable was the<br />

Flight 93 monument dedicated to<br />

September 2011. Upon returning to<br />

Fresno, we learned that Jan’s<br />

granddaughter was given a scholarship<br />

to U. C. Davis – she will be playing<br />

softball. Sadly to say our grandson,<br />

age 5, fell off a golf card while at<br />

school and broke the femur in 3 places<br />

in his left leg. One was actually<br />

shattered. He was taken to surgery<br />

and the bones were pinned; then a<br />

titanium rod was placed adjacent to his<br />

leg and attached externally to the<br />

bones in the femur. Surgery went well;<br />

though he will not be able to attend<br />

school for approximately 2 months. He<br />

has been in lots of pain. But he will one<br />

day look back on all this and realize it<br />

was just another adventure in growing<br />

up.<br />

Thank you again everyone for sharing<br />

all your <strong>CVC</strong> news…..<br />

Jan Pflepsen

Our returning President, Craig Hansen!<br />

Our returning Vice President, Activities, Pam Hansen!<br />

Our new Vice President of Public Relations, Skip Severance and<br />

wife Leigh Ann have been members of <strong>CVC</strong> since July 1997. He<br />

served two terms as Vice President of Activies and has led several<br />

runs in the past. He is also a member of the Miata club and the<br />

Harley club.<br />

Our new Secretary, Kim Fosnaugh, has been a member since<br />

September, 2011. She and husband Charlie have been very active<br />

in the club. They have chaired several runs and put together<br />

our Christmas party for 2012 and this year. This is Kim’s first<br />

time term on the board.<br />

Our returning Treasurer, Fred Parks.`

President Craig Hansen and wife Pam joined the club in February<br />

of 1997. He Served as Vice President of Activities in 2002 and 2003.<br />

He planned and led our awesome Southwest Tour in 2011 and is<br />

planning another Southwest Tour in 2014.<br />

Vice President Activities Pam Hansen has been a member of C.V.C.<br />

since February 1997. In the past she has been our sunshine lady<br />

and previously served 2 terms as our Secretary. She also is involved<br />

with “Word From Home” and does a yearly car show to raise funds<br />

and gather donations to send to our military personnel overseas.<br />

Jeff is a long time member of C.V.C. He has participated in may<br />

runs and has helped out on runs in the past. In the past he served as<br />

our Sergeant at Arms before serving as Vice President, Public<br />

Relations.<br />

Outgoing secretary, Terri Parks became a member of C.V.V. when<br />

she married her husband, Fred. She served as Treasurer in the past<br />

and has led a number of runs.<br />

Long time member, Fred Parks had participated in many runs in the<br />

Past and has led a number of runs. He originally joined the club<br />

with his sister, Carrie, before marrying wife Terri. He has<br />

volunteered to help in various capacities in the past before joining the<br />

board last year as our Treasurer.

the window Saint Nicholas saw<br />

that the family had gone to bed.<br />

He also noticed the daughters<br />

stockings. Inspiration struck<br />

Saint Nicholas and he took three<br />

small bags of gold from his pouch<br />

and threw them one by one down<br />

the chimney and they landed in<br />

the stockings.<br />

The stockings were hung by the<br />

chimney with care<br />

In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon<br />

would be there"<br />

There was a kindly nobleman<br />

whose wife had died of an illness<br />

leaving the nobleman and his<br />

three daughters in despair. After<br />

losing all his money in useless<br />

and bad inventions the family<br />

had to move into a peasant's<br />

cottage, where the daughters did<br />

their own cooking, sewing and<br />

cleaning.<br />

When it came time for the<br />

daughters to marry, the father<br />

became even more depressed as<br />

his daughters could not marry<br />

without dowries, money and<br />

property given to the new<br />

husband's family.<br />

One night after the daughters<br />

had washed out their clothing<br />

they hung their stockings over<br />

the fireplace to dry. That night<br />

Saint Nicholas, knowing the<br />

despair of the father, stopped by<br />

the nobleman's house. Looking in<br />

The next morning when the<br />

daughters awoke they found their<br />

stockings contained enough gold<br />

for them to get married. The<br />

nobleman was able to see his<br />

three daughters marry and he<br />

lived a long and happy life.<br />

Children all over the world<br />

continue the tradition of hanging<br />

Christmas stockings. In some<br />

countries children have similar<br />

customs, in France the children<br />

place their shoes by the fireplace,<br />

a tradition dating back to when<br />

children wore wooden peasant<br />

shoes.<br />

In Holland the children fill their<br />

shoes with hay and a carrot for<br />

the horse of Sintirklass. In<br />

Hungary children shine their<br />

shoes before putting them near<br />

the door or a window sill.<br />

Italian children leave their shoes<br />

out the night before Epiphany,<br />

January 5, for La Befana the<br />

good witch. And in Puerto Rico<br />

children put greens and flowers<br />

in small boxes and place them<br />

under their beds for the camels<br />

of the Three Kings.

If I were Santa, you know what I<br />

’d do;<br />

I’d dump silly gifts that are given<br />

to you,<br />

And deliver some things just<br />

inside your front door.<br />

Things you have lost but<br />

treasured before.<br />

I’d give you back all your<br />

maidenly vigor,<br />

And, to go with it, a neat tiny<br />

figure;<br />

Then restore the old color that<br />

once graced your hair,<br />

Before rinses and bleaches took<br />

residence there.<br />

I’d bring back the shape with<br />

which you were gifted<br />

So things now suspended need not<br />

be uplifted.<br />

I’d draw in your tummy and<br />

smooth down your back<br />

Till you’d be a dream in those<br />

tight fitting slacks.<br />

I’d remove all your wrinkles and<br />

leave only one chin<br />

So you wouldn’t spend hours<br />

rubbing grease on your<br />

skin.<br />

You’d never have flashes or queer<br />

dizzy spells<br />

And you wouldn’t hear noises<br />

like ringing of bells.<br />

No sore aching feet and no corns<br />

on your toes;<br />

No searching for spectacles when<br />

they’re right on your nose.<br />

Not a shot would you take in<br />

your arm, hip or fanny,<br />

From a doctor who thinks you’re<br />

a nervous old granny.<br />

You’d never have a headache, so<br />

no pills would you take.<br />

And no heating pads needed<br />

since your muscles won’t<br />

ache.<br />

Yes, if I were Santa, you’d never<br />

look stupid.<br />

You’d be a cute little chick with<br />

the romance of a cupid.<br />

I’d give a lift to your heart when<br />

those wolves start to<br />

whistle,<br />

And the joy of your heart would<br />

be light as a thistle.<br />

But, alas! I’m not Santa. I’m<br />

simply just me,<br />

The matronist of matrons you<br />

ever did see.<br />

I wish I could tell you all the<br />

symptoms I’ve got,<br />

But I’m due at the doctor’s for a<br />

bone building shot.<br />

Even though we’ve grown older,<br />

this wish is sincere,<br />

Merry Christmas to you and a<br />

Happy New Year!

Names/Nicknames: Mike and Mary Lebda<br />

Corvette: Red 65 roadster<br />

Ages: 69, 67 (Mike is the oldest)<br />

Marital Status: married 47 years as of<br />

June 18<br />

Children: 3 all married, 7 grandchildren<br />

Hobbies: Travel<br />

Pets: not any more since we are gone<br />

lot on trips<br />

a<br />

Occupations: Retired educators<br />

How did you discover <strong>CVC</strong>: We were<br />

members from 1994 to 1996 and enjoyed it some much that we said that if our life settled down a<br />

little and we got another corvette we would like to return.<br />

Favorite Food: Steak dinners<br />

Favorite Restaurant: Tahoe Joe's<br />

Favorite Place to Visit: Lake Tahoe<br />

Fantasy Run: A run to an auto race such as Nascar, Indy car or a Road race of some kind.

Sticky Toffee Brownies<br />

Preparation Directions<br />

<br />


HEAT oven to 350°F. Position a rack in the<br />

lower third of the oven. Spray the bottom<br />

only of an 8 x 8-inch baking pan with nostick<br />

cooking spray.<br />

<br />

MIX brownie mix, eggs, melted butter and<br />

water in a medium mixing bowl until well<br />

blended. Spread half of batter into prepared<br />

pan. Sprinkle with 1 cup toffee bits. Spoon<br />

remaining batter to cover toffee layer.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Prep Time: 20 min<br />

Cook Time: 40 min<br />

Ready Time: 180 min<br />

Yield: 16 brownies<br />

Ingredients<br />

Crisco® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray<br />


1 (19.5 oz) package Pillsbury® Family Size<br />

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix<br />

2 large eggs<br />

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted and<br />

cooled slightly<br />

1/4 cup water<br />

1 cup milk chocolate toffee bits<br />


1 cup firmly packed brown sugar<br />

1/4 cup heavy cream<br />

1 tablespoon unsalted butter<br />

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract<br />

1/2 cup sliced almonds, lightly toasted*<br />

1/4 cup milk chocolate toffee bits<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

BAKE 40 to 44 minutes or until toothpick<br />

inserted 2 inches from side of pan comes out<br />

clean or almost clean (do not overbake).<br />

Transfer to wire rack and cool completely.<br />

Using a toothpick, poke holes over top of<br />

brownies.<br />


WHISK brown sugar, cream and butter in<br />

heavy small saucepan over low heat until<br />

mixture is smooth and comes to a boil.<br />

Remove from heat. Mix in vanilla. Cool 10<br />

minutes. Whisk until thick enough to spread.<br />

Spread over brownies. Sprinkle with<br />

almonds and toffee bits. Let stand about 1<br />

hour, or until topping sets.<br />

CUT brownies into squares. Store in<br />

refrigerator. Serve cold or at room<br />

temperature.<br />

TIP *To toast almonds: Place almonds in<br />

dry nonstick skillet; cook over medium heat,<br />

shaking pan until nuts are lightly browned.<br />

Recipe Courtesy pillsburybaking.com

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8 9 10 11 12 13 14<br />

15 16 17<br />

General<br />

Meeting<br />

6:30 P.M.<br />

18 19<br />

Board<br />

Meeting<br />

7:00 P.M.<br />

20 21<br />

22 23 24 25 26 27 28<br />

29 30 31

1 2 3 4<br />

5 6 7 8 9 10 11<br />

12 13 14 15 16 17 18<br />

19 20 21<br />

General<br />

Meeting<br />

7:00 P.M.<br />

22 23<br />

Board<br />

Meeting<br />

7:00 P.M.<br />

24 25<br />

25 27 28 29 30 31

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