1901-10-18b - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


1901-10-18b - Northern New York Historical Newspapers



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It read by nlne-tenfhaof tfaefamlHee

la Ihe townihtp of tti inibUoatioB and

I b«it remlta to adnrtlMn.

PunMiM hlch grada Job Priatiiic


km. J. B. xmurr.


B. W. ABDIB. Proph


pMotietl, MnOflo ua BtiUMe.

ud WedaMOar. St^nmS^^oMar,

lu tttd setoraur. BMooed* Dr. MiUcr at

water. OffloelnPoatOOoe BiUdlaff-


roana BLOCK, DumnT* onm.


Medical and Surgical

INaeaiM of Sye, Xar, Moaa aadTbroat


Graduate Nurse,

Benene Boapiui, iH Letuigton Ave., n. Y.


Telqtbone lM5-«tii BC

niltoliMi,R9iiMii, Paper Huiiii

AU woik pertalaiar to Uw abon pnavoy

•Wiimato. Hew wwliMate telfrder. BbaON

aaaaaad kug. OHpeta laid. Bealdeiioe aad

MeyoB RailroadaneaeiBrawaterM. T.



«C aukiadi vnmrttr ntmata to at

MOea Bcaldeaoea&dP.O.AddreM,


Lttoxney A Counseloi

At urn aad Rotary PabUa

At newBter, Vondajn, Taoadaya, Wedneadan

and nrandigra,




and Donntte-FBDITC, OOMPinnm-

VQitcraBlook, BrewMcr.

OaHomlaaDdoUker OrapM, nortda oruM

fMpLOataa,F«a&ata,Ooooannta, Baaaaaa, MA

mMiv*lnBliaDdotUiet>M» A akan of

'^S aSoi Uaa ot dgara.


Mndertaking Co.,

Brewiter. N. T*

JAim KBIT siun, lUaacer.

Bodtea Bmbilmed OTloed. TeleploMdUtrotn

eiatral to bia UOBU day or aigiit. carriadca


J«.W.M.B01|5IT01I, .

^Physician A Surgeon^


OMoebowivyu 9 a.m., and Irani t« I ud

Tt*lp.a. '* '.abUo.


TAB. B. OBOBB, ProrailTOB.

Southeast Market,



Cboloe Beel, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Poultry< Btc.,

•enatatitly OD baud. The IMMI CUU at tli« moat

maionimr nrlrra Orders dtdlvtsred pruinpUy.



Tke balldlng la a reoeoUy erected Ulck atno-

• oentraUy looatotL ereiy room belur well

led aad jMBaaaiit. Tlie/urnlture and nlUiica

^nuewandtbekoaseu equipped wltk ateun

fcaati. eleotrlo IM*)!" aud all *•"mmf>^''""li

•ate 12.00 per day.

Onliiuil Fan Mtry



Choice fertile eggti for hatchingfrem

prize wi Doing poultry, CkKsbins, Brahuae.

Plymouth uouka, Lefchorue.

Wyaudottae, Minorca^, egfu 91-25 and

91.50 per 18. Euibdeu and Toulouite

Geeae eggs &5o each. Mammoth.

iBronze, Buff aud White Turkeys, eggs

m pw Ih Buff aud Black Ooohin

Bantams C^EKS tl.&O per Itt.

Kvery hatch guaranteed or dopll-

Write for illostrated catalogue.



^\CAN t^^

\\i rt lOKHCtNlKALLthtb -


\ PL' MP Of-F A"' _^

^0. . ...V-

^.A MA-^




BantyBoulsalaotaaaed. Offloe.BydtrBBlldlBf

Ma n street BrevMcr, if. T.


•Take Your CholciB.

All in MQnday.


DR. KNOX—Can be oonanlted when

otbers faiL Offlee boara frona 19 to S,

andrrom 5 to 8 p. m. 84 White Street,



118 XAnCBnar, BRX irSTBR, M. T.

Physician A Surgeon,

special attention gtren to dlaeasaa and treatment

of cbndren. Pai&lMi eitracUon of teetb

tv most modem metkoda.

OfDoe houta t r to 9 a. m, u to i and 7 to B p. m.

pAian B. TOWNBB, Jk,

Real Estate and Insurance,

. Vain Btreet, Brewtter, H, T.

*HniIy tke veiy beat oompaniea repreaented."

A Tery dealrmoie bonse and lot iw uie cbMV^

Alio Boue eboioe rooms to rent.


Physician ft Surgeon,

(Boooenor loT. W. Salmon, M. D.)

Hows Bt09a.m.lto8 and 7 to 6 p. m.

Corner Haln and Park Streeta, Bremter, H. T.


Monufliental Works

i. B. rAOAM * MIB..

MakBtactnrera oC and OBilen tk

Cmitiirr fnt gf iU Kiili.

Pram any ol tke rwftgn or Akwloaa Gfaatte cf


Tailti, Inueiti, hUeti; HaMiiB

BnolonmB, Ete.

Lettoriar Daae la CkHetoriei*

A 0M>d Btoek of fliUibed work always

onnand. DeatsiuaadprloesfamlBlMd

on appUeatloiL


Allen's Studio.

When looUiig for n Rood

portrait - aall at AUen'a

and lo^ orer the aaaplSB.

W« make any kind,

site and style, ai

priMS to salt all



Dsnbury, Cona

Spring and Summer Goods

A backward season has lessened the

demand (or these goods. To reduce

stock Bargains may be found in our

line of

Wash Fabrics

and Dress Goods.



In Shirt Waists, Ladie's Wrappers

and Summer Underwear.


New arrival of CarpetB^

Matting, Furniture, Etc.

A large and well selected line to select from.

We bare put in

and are receiving dally new goods and are open to your inspection.

Several new styles in Iron Beds. They are worth your attention.

White I«ead, Oil, Turpeutiue, Olass, Putty, Etc

The famous Andes Bauges aud Ckwk Btores always in stock.

Plows aud Cultivators of tlie best make.

We do PJuwhing aud Ueating by Hxet-elass men. Eetiinates

cheerfully given.

A. Vail Smith & Co.,

Brewster, N. Y,


t OaaikHaaa,

A story Is toM of a brask fonndar

wiko wks oDs day visited by a friend

aettti as ageot for one of the dtlM of

Osatial America. Tbs agsnt asked

whkt It would ess* to ckkt a statue of

fAfMophcr Oatambos for tbe pobtlo

sqnan of tbs dty. Tbs amount wss

fkr In excess of the sum wbleb tbe man

had at his dlspoaaL B« was about

leavhig In deiQaIr of bslni able to sscnrs

tbe statos vtasn tbe brtss fooDdst


*H>uDs back in tbs Junk yud tad M

US see what can be fMnd thsrs.**

Be went back, and the brass fbwMlsr

showed bim • culosskl ktatne of OanbrlauB,

rseso^ lemoroA fRm tbs

front of a larfo bsewlnff sstabUabmsnt

Under bta fert rsated a bev ke«, In Us

hand was a large and orerflowlnc

schooner, bis beard was lone and sbaggy,

and about bis brows #as wfsatbed

a garland of barley and bops.

*'Wby, this wlU nsTsr do^** said tbs

oommlssloa mefshant, *1 want a statns

of Oolnmboa**

*^alt ontn I baT« toaebsd this oos

and rocka and oiatcrlals of this kind

op. Oonw bat* In about a wsA and

MS what yos think of It. U H salts

yoBf yov can baTe H fttr tbs aasoHnt

yon baTs at yon dlsposaL** .

As soon as tbo vtaltor bad fons tbs

brass founder act two men at work on

the flgors of Gambrlnns. Tbey rs*

moveia tbe beer keg from ondsr bis

light foot and piaeed tber* an anchor

and a ooU of rope, from his band they

nmoTod the goblet and snbotttiitsd a

glob^ with tbe eontlnenis traced on

It; from bis brow tbey tocA tbe wreath

of bariay and bops and snbatltnted a

wreatti of lavrd and then proeeeded to

trim op bis whiskers. Tbe flnlahing

touch consisted In putting at tbe base

of the statue 'XMetoforo Colomba"

When tbe eonuntaslon merchant came^

ks was drtlgbted with the flguN and.

purchasing It, shipped It to the Oantial

American dty, where It adtwns tbe

ynblle saoare and In looked upon with

veoeiatloa by the dtlsens of that'town.

»Kew Toifc Tlmeo.

Do yon suffer from pllesf Ifso^o

not turn to surgery for- relief. De-

Wltt's Witch Uaxel Balve will act

more qulekly, sorely and safely, saving

you tbe expense and danger of an

operation, ll. %. DeForest.

Anaroblsts are **ebtrkingup" a little

and are holding meetings' again. AI

ready publlo Indifference Is snlBoIent

to make them; feel safe. Can't something

be done to dtseonrage them

permanently f

O. IL Phelps, Forestdale. Vt. says

hU child was completely cured of a

bad case sA eoiema by the use of De-

Witt's Wltoh Haiel Salve. Beware of

all counterfeits. It Instantly relieves

piles. M. K. DeForeet

Lord Kitohener must be sarcastic

when he begs the officers in command

of bis columns to dispense with furniture,

kitchen ranges and pianos In

their baggag& It was an Iqtimatlon

that he thought they were slow In

catching the swift moving Boers.

W. T.. Wesson, Oholsonvllle, Va-,

druggist, writes; "Your One Minute

Cough Cure gives perfect satisfaotlou.

Hy customers say it Is the best remedy

for coughs, colds, throat and lung

troubles." U. E. DeForest

It has been the general custom for

jewelers who have watch signs in front

of their business places, to have tbe

hands point to the time when President

Lincoln was shot, 6:24. This Is

now being changed somewhat, aud

undoubtedly the hour of McKlnley's

death will be the tlipe used.

Mothers everywhere praise One

Minute Cough Cure for the sufferlugs

It has relieved and the lives of their

little ones It hassaved. Strikes at the

root of the trouble and draws out the

inflammation. Tbe children's favorite

Cougb Cure. M. £. DeForeet

A year ago President MoKinley visited

tbe Institute of Teohuology in

Boston. On leaving he said to President

Prltohett: "I hope some way will

be found to teach the young men In

our schools a better esUmat« of the

dignity and honor of serving one's

country well and that in some way

they may come to understand that

men in high places In the government

are honestly strivln|r for good ends,

and that unworthy purposes are

stumbling blocks, not helps, In a political

career. I wish." said he, "that

boys of the oonntry might understand

that tbey are factors In the

country's upbuUding and must learn

to take upon themselves Us responsibiUties."

"1 had long suffered from Indigestion,"

writeas 6. A. XicDtfis. Cedar

City, Ma. "Like others I tried many

preparations but never found anythiog

that did me good uutU I took

K.odol Dyspepsia Cure. One bottle

cured me. A friend who had suffered

sivaliarly I put on the useof Kodol

Dyspepsia Cure. He Is galolng fast

and will soon be able to work. Before

be used Kudol Dyspepsia Cure indl-

Kttstiou had made liun a total wreck.

M. £. JUeForest


MwHcalaHr OaavCed Aaalaet fer

WUmit That BaaJle Oettea.

**8peaklng of Insaravce matteni,'*

•aid a llfltener, "I suppose tbe plain,

old fashioned nail has caused more

•res In the big estabUshments where

BiachlBery Is used In many and complicated

ways than any other little

thing In existence. Tbe only thing

needed Is for It to come In contact with

some other iiatd material wKh anlBdent

force tq eanse a spark and beat

goieratlon. Malts bsTo really produced

a heavy per cent of tbs cotton flica vlt

the country. During recent years, on

account of steps taken by tbe owners

and conductors of tbe largw cotton and

byproduct plants at tbe Instance of Insniance

men, the nail has not been

such a psoUflc producer of Arcs.

** A way baa been found, for Instance^

In cotton gins, cotton mtUs and In

plants where cottonseed are put

through manufacturing processes, of

extracting nails and otbcr weighty and

flinty substances that may find lodg*

ment In these inflammable [wodncts.

Gravity Is tbe nf tural force used. Nails

are beavl'cr than cotton and Its by*

products, and tbey have a tendency to

fores their way to the bottom of the

heap. By allowing .these prodticts to

pass over a rolUng bdt arrangement

tbcae heavier materials fllter toward

tbe bottom and are Anally extracted,

eo that when the cotton or the cottonseed

passes thnrngh tbe grind In the

vaitous manufacturing processes there

Is but little dsnger from fire so far as

these things are concerned."—New Orleans


Kodol DyiqMpsIa Cure Is not a mere

stimulant to tfred nature. It affords

the Btomaeh complete and absolute

rest by. digesting the food you eat

Yon don't navft to diet but can enjoy

all tbe good food yon want Kodol

Dyspepria Cure instantly relieves that

distressed feeling after eatJng. giving

nitt new life and vigor. M. B. De-


Mr. Bryan keeps giving President

BoMeniJtflOOd advloe. That's every*

ttoayTprlTtlege, if he has good advlee

In stock, esp^lally an ^editor's. Mr.

Bryan talks now as an editor, not as a

presidential candidate. That gives

him a Iloenae which In his other oapa^

city would border on Indelicacy.

Lewis Aekerman, Qosben, lod.,

"DeWltt's Little Early Blsers never

t>end me double llke,other pills, but

do their work thoroughly and make

me feel like a boy." Certain,

thorough, gentle. M. B. DeForest

In a recent address Senator Dolliver

of Iowa extended the deflnltlpn of anarchy

to oover lynching mobs, leglstors

who betray their states, judges

who poison the fonts of justice, and

city governments that make terms

with crime. That seems pretty broad

but it is not too broad.

Governor Odell, referring to the

communication from the students and

chancellor of a Western c liege SU|Egestlng

that the remains of Czolgosz's

body be buried at sea. states that If

the relatives of the murderer demand

the body it must be delivered to them

under the law. While it Is not probable

the father or brother of CiolgoBz

will have anything to do with the

remains, yet State officials cannot act

upon the presumption that they will

not and for that reason It Is impolitic

to discuss what is at best a very disagreeable


Fur tbe Lsst Six Honths

Mr. Jobn H. Schwab, of Albany. N.

Y., has worked every day. Previously

he spent weeks in hospitals and under

the careofphyslolana Kidney trouble

it was. and be got no relief. Then he

was cured by the new medicine, Calcura

Solvent, discovered by Dr. David

Kennedy, of Keuuedy Kow, Kiogbtou,

N. Y. Write to Dr. K for free trial


Tbe recent visit of the heir apparent

to Quebec has evidently made an

impression on Sir Alexander Las Costs

C. J., who, since tbe departure of the

duke of Cornwall aud York, announces

that hereafter any lawyer addressing

any member of the court of appeals

should say "My Lord," and "Your

lordship." instead of "Your honor,"

as heretofore. "Tbe next thing in

order," says a sneering Montreal

paper, "should be a chart showing

tbe French members ol the profession

how to say 'M'lud' properly,"

Tke Uri|) Xsj Come

or it may not When It does it commonly

attacks those who are already

low witU^ Indlgt^tlou, liver trouble

Skud Impure btood. Fortify against It

by getting rid of these disorders

through tlie cure ot hiti oew medloii»e,

Caloura Solvent It puts the stomach

rigbt and gives strength to resist

these roving epidemics. Dlsoovered

by Dr. David Kennedy, of Kennedy

fiow, KiOKstoo, N. Y.


Tke Storr eC a Ma.

^ WSS once a little pleeo of steel In a

mine, where I lived wHh my numerous

brotbera and alsters. One morn lit.

number of nicn brought a huge ma^

cblne to the: nine and faateosd It as

well that our bAms'waa btown t*

pleoea. Tbe next thing that I remember

was when I was' put Into a smelting

oven, from which I emerged a Uttte

piece of unshap«S metal. I waa ttien

sent to a pin factory, wbsvs I was put

Into a form' and ckms out ot the form a

small piece of wlr«^ whidi waa ahaped

Into a ptn. I felt very prood Indeed

when, my brotbets and mysM wars

placed hi pkpers. Just like rows of or*

detly soldiers, we were then packed

In a box and aht^iped to a Dotton.atorji.

wbm we were unpacked and placed In -^

a gtaas ease. We felt very proud Indeed

when we flnt arrived, but when

we aaw tbe glgiintle, statdy batpbia

and beautiful; proud, gtass beaded pins

and the herculean safety pins all gastng

at ua with scornful contempt wa

felt very humble Indeed, and, thoo^

we tried to aisulMie the anger of ttiess

royal daasei of pins, they never would

condescend to knswer our vain apolo*

gles. I was at length tak«i out of this

embarrassing position by tbe caivliias

hand of tlie.clerii who handed me to a

lady who bad bought me. She took mo

to her home.an^ stock my brothers snd

myself In k-Phicusblbn. Next morning

the honsenjald. threw me Into tbe ashbarrel,

wbers I now Us unnoticed and

uncared for-**

Tke >Vlstakes at kalsaals.

It Is Just aa easy to deceive an 'atOmal

ao Itls to take In human tidngs.

Thousands of birds leave a fleld or a

garden alone ni««ly becanae a scarecrow

hsB beMi>^studi up In tbe mlddla

of It ,/

Flsbca, are constantly awallowing

hooks that are hidden In make belleva

(Ilea. A'dog that worried a pasteboard

cat looked a truly pitiable object when

be foiujil out bis error.

Bboifr a toy snake to a monkey, andM;

will-probably- scream from terrors

TherSils-no word strong enough to

express tbe feellngs-of a dog that fondled

an India robber pup and then dlaooverpd

Its error. When the grampua

char^ a berringlxiat painted whita

Its folly can only be accotmted for oc

the'supposition that' It beUevea It to bo

a white whale.

On the other hand, deer that come ts

the river bank to drink often do not

live to be sorry that tbey mistook the

crocodile floating on the surface for a

log of wood.

A» MeeilTO B«H*4r*

A little boy and girl were at opposite

ends of a long room, pretending to talk

over a "make believe" telephone.'

"Is this tbe doetorr* coUed the Uttla


"It is, madam; It Is," answered the

DeWftt's I^Ittle Early Blsers never tittle boy.

disappoint Tbey are safe, prompt, "Yon bad better come over at once

gentle, effective In removing all Imgaritles

from the liver and bowels,

and see a very sick lady I am nursing,"

mall and easy to take. Kever gripe

or distress. M. E. DeForest

said the mUe glrL

"AhemI What Is tbe trouble?" he

asked. Aud she replied, "She swallowed

a whole bottle of Ink."

"Very eerious case," said the Uttla

doctor. "What have you done for her?*

"I gave her two sheets of blotting paper,"

replied the Ingenious little glri.

"Was It red or black Inkr' InQulred

the young physician. "Ued," replied

tbe nurse.

"Then," repUed tbe doctor, "a plaster

of white blotting paper on tbe soles of

her feet wlU cure ber completdy."

The ralrtee' Tea. ' \

Flrt llttlt lalilM wMt «mt to Uk» tea

Under tb« •bad* of • juniper tna; ,

Each had • cup tron ao aoom biU out '

And « pUU from UM rind of • bkkorr nut

Aatt tbe ttbli wu qnad witb • doth all o< Ian

WUob Uka ifMcn kad woven tba banquat t*


Oh, neb food tbi^i M tbtr all bad to «a^

SlloM of su»wb«rr—av, wliat a tnatl

UcuK/ tba svMtlMt tba wild boc ooold bin

And a bummlngUrd'a egg for aadi oat of tba


Tben tbe/ pledgad tbelr boat'a b«aUi in tbcU ^

Turlt* drink,

Whicb waa—weli what wu Itt Can aajr 9m


Vb/, tba dewdrop tbat oonaa (nun tba beart «f

tbe roao

li tba drink o< tba fairlaa, aa cverr vw ksowd

~A1acUla Laonacd In Friouj EduoaUoa-

Am* »t Aalmafi.

A dove once Ured twenty-flve years

hx a cage.

Fish ars such adflsb creatures that

tbey ought to Hve long. They never get


Carp are aald to live hundreds ot

years, and pike are also very bard/

old fellowa

There are some Insects that Uve but

a few hours. Bome Uve but a day« aud

aU of tbeiD are short lived.

The wUd U«ata do uot Uve long, but

elephants are sometimes very old, auA

tben they grow helpless Just Uke old

people and cannot do anything for

A Proverk.

"Papa, I've got some mending for

you to do, please: my roller skates aes


"Well, put theio away tUl morning.

If s too late to mend anythtug now."

"Why. papa, you aald tbls momlBf

mx It Is Asvar too lats to oeadPf _ j







IV»r AMBnWf,


fbr Oottnty Jadice,




Camel Bcto All.

4ll« DoMoemUe tlakat haa baen

ftlaa oat and Garael gcU bothpteoM.

niUpitowii was Dot eraD DOMOIftpd.

ioa Dcvillnar, or wbateTer hit name

K of Oold BprlDffi wai theoaljrDeno*

amt who'^iprcfMd a wtlllncoflM to

ttaeapt In advaiio& It wa« he who

Aowled for a Demoer^t ta the oonven

tloD, and bronftbt 19o»t^ of Putnam

Taltoy, and LodlngtQp, of Pattvreon,

t» ibelr feet shoatlpR "Olve oi a

BeBoorat." But t|ioNe Demoorata

•re not of the Ran^ill kind, eo the

Bomfnatlon was flni|lly tendered to

and tenderly nmbraoed |iy Qeorffe R

Bonderlln, hitherto a Bepublioan and

tbli year repreientlnv - the Carinel

^las* dittriot. In a Bepnblloan con

.Tentkm. Ha bolted th(f oonventlon

beoanw be dhln't likf the oandldatee

yropOMd by delecatee repreeentlnir

other towna

Ju«t how nach Mr. pat|derlin repreaente

!• hie new depar|arf )t li dtfllenU

to eettiaate, Ii he r^prHeotlDC the

BepoUtoMM of the Mqpoi diatriot ot

OufMfct Certainly hf I4 not aetlnc

«• tbaa4vkw of Aaemblytij^ Everett

ar CesBty Clerk Wefk^or Bberiff

•Huttfr or Bebool C^mlarioner

Bsaaer, beeanee they are •fuelled with

andtwtll vote for John R fata

li he repreeentlng aqybfiljr In the

•own of Pattereon t W«ll. At neareit

infonaatlon we oan get !• %^t ottt €>t

oisbt delefntee repre^f|M that

towa wbo followed Boad^rllffWleadln

Mie convention* two are po| (jiipportiBff

Yale, one wiehee he ||a(^ Pot been

•amed as a delegate, and flvv ^U vote

lor Tale. That'i all right fof fatter-

Bat th^ eay Mr. 8aa(|er^tll t* •

feroiher-ln-Uw of W. Andrew l^lerrli,

aTBoatheast That U true. Ulpalao

tme that Mr. Ferris i* a noet ^^nalaetfc

inpporter of Mr. Tale, mifA bee

•trongly nrged Mr. Baodarilp tf ^Hfa-

4niw. Bo,lfMr.SaaderUa^*'Q||litlng

IM" aaywhere ta partto«laf ^le

*eattlnc" b Dotapparaot

Bm tbe tli«a fbr fun and frollf %nd

•peaolailon li over, tbe vo(eii| are

bvfnr registered and the oontaat |^ at

baad. Tbe Bepublleani of Pnti^w

bave started In this race with ji^

mad Southard, just as thoy stared

last year with Everett and Wells «Bd

Weeks and Uazeo. Oppoaents In Uie

•arty appeared then. but. after all, tiie

miajorlties rolled up handsomly and

erenly, and tbe "ohronles" were silent



halt the



Naadttoa of

lUac over oae-

NvlitMHon of

Dot ooamltad. PatnaM

Valler deelarod loadly and

naanlmoDBly for a Deaoerat oalyi to

did Henry Lodlngtoo, o( Pattenott.

Bnt tbe candidate chocsii, hitberto,

has pretended to be a BapaUlean and

a Mttor asiatlant of tfaa Icadlnc

planks In all Demoerattc platfMtia

"Better to get beaten with Toeker,

wbo waswllllnfftoaooepCtlwiKHBlna>

tloa. rather than admit the elateaaat

tliatttol>eiao«at eoold be found wtth

eonrage enoagh lo ran agalail Tata,"

Bald a leading Phlllpetown DeoHMrat.

All of which Is good talk. Bat the

fact Is the present policy of the Pat<

nam Democracy Is to take their ad viee

and their eandldates from the list of

Bepublican aore^beads. When that

list Is eztaansted straight Democrats

will be considered.

We wonder If all those jvbo profera

the Democratic faith will lie down

quietly and offer no protest agalntt

Uie manner In which the steriltig

Democrats of the west side have been

tricked Into the substltntlon ot a

Bepubllean for a Democrat

We understood Mr. ZIokler to say,

when he named the oommlttee'to fill

vacancies, that be desired toglveevery

town a volee In tbe matter, tt Is

proper, therefore, to Inquire i**What

does the *'voloe" from



Aanrers to Beaoeratla Possles*

Q. Will Judge WrlghedMde bfa


A. No, thank yoa. Divided 18 yearn

aga The |41e will not split again.

Q. Is Bonderlln really faankerln*

for tbe nomination ?

A. **Thls is tbe way I long have

sought, eta.'*


• • • • ~ ^'

Mr. James A. Zlckler,

**I wUl follow the good


editor and proprietor has already

twice pablldied a doable eolumn

picture of J~. Bennett Boathard and

described him as the able lawyer and

perfect type of man reqnlred to preside

as County 'Judge mai to attend

to the duties of tbeBamgate's Court,

ta which be has enjoyed eitenalve

practice, eommandlng In ttie dlaebarge

of tbe troata ooramltted to hitt

t|ie favorable and boooraUe mention

of $U associates as well as tbe compspdatlon

of tbe predding Jadge.

Tbf aame Slckler baa only once publlsbed

Mr. Audaraon's picture and

at no tlo^ IMM be ekboratad on his

attatamenta wltlr anytblng like the

fervor abowD In tbe eaaa nT Mr.

Boiitbaid. While Klekler knows that

Bootbard Is going to win and naturally

dealrss the first cliaoee at tbe

Democrailo end of the patronage, be

ought to be fair and give Mr. Anderaon

another sitting in his lecture

gallery. Tlw BTANDABD knows that

Anderson will not send | a line of

patronage to Brewster, but we think

a dyed-in-the wool Democrat ought

aaly to reappear affain, and at

to have, in tbe semi>offiaial organ of

tbe' first opportunity talk loud

his party, an even ohanoe with a

•B the oars aiid in other public places.

Republican. Now give us another

And tble year the majorities will be

picture of Mr. Andereon. It will be a

more handsome than ever and tbe

long time before he will be up for defeat


note will be tbe largest eter cast In

Patoam County.

With more than nine-tenths of the We have seen only one bit of dirt

RepobUoans and over oae-half of the floatluK around in this campaign, and

Bewoerats opeoly in favor of Mr. Yale that's so low and mean we are inclined

«ar gpod oeigbbor Mr. Buuderlfn, to think Editor Zickler didn't look at

ef Caruel, ooald oot reoist tbeballnol- bis Towner's Station items last week,

•atl^o that it is his duty to enter the or perhape didn't know that several

rave as tbe leading candidate and I Brewster friends invited to attend tbe

to earry bis opposition to the I Baptist olam bake at Ludingtonville,

polla Will tbe Bepublican voters ;recently, were'unable to do so, but

•f ibat district endorae such apropos!- sent to tbe feast liberal contributions.

tioD. We supposed that kind of Tbe person intrusted wkb tbe delivery

dreaming was eidusively the noddle of tbe money to tbe ticket agent at

ivoduct of and died with Horace the bake, did so stating tbe names of


contributors and added bis mite for

tlokela. That's thfaoontributioo which

Snaderila Bad Ike "Bee.*' Ur. Zifittier's Jealous correspondent

He is the last man you would tbink

vf to lead the discredited Bryan forces,

toot tbe STANDARD was right last week

m stating that be liad a haukerin' for

shamefully endeavors to twist into

tbe Job. Now that blit desire for glory

is fully eattiified by a nomination on

ttw Nichols-Rundall ticket, bla reason

tor "boltiug" tlie Bepublican oonveutioo

eix weeks a^o is perieoUy i^ln.

He wanted to stand out against the

BepoOUcan ticket in the most prowl*

aeot and aggretwlve way, be bas been

•ewarded wltb a nomination to a high

office, and bis cup Is full to overflow­

an act of bribery on the part of good

people, and an insult to tbe enteiprising

congregation and their friends wbo

Were twttt on having a merry time.

Perhaps some item of like Import will

creep into tbe Courier concernfog the

chicken-pie-supper given by Brewster

Baptists at tbe Bepublioan headqua •

tors Wednesday evening- Democrats

are desperato In clutching for argc*


Bis Democratic associates tried very

tiard to persuade ei-0ov. Jones of

Alabama to refuse tlie offer of tbe

federal Judgedilp, made by President

Boosevalt To their protestations.

Gov. Jones replied: "Tbe president is

ing. To \M sure be was tbe eleventh

ikiwrajui fiflb-eighth choice of Boss

Bfebola But eleventh hourseiectlous

tuaui tbe ranks of a party hitherto

Ai opposition are popular this year. a soldier and a gentleman. He luu)

BossCrofcersets the example by tak- teuder«d mean importaatoaoei,overjng

Sbepard. Putnam bas mor* or ^looking all partisan oooslderatlaua

less weakness for tbe ways of tbe It would IM indesent onder all tbe

'-tiger" and we have no doubt Buoder- circumstances for a Democratic appointee

of tbe president to turn out

BD is already figuring on bis pull wltb

Bbepard in dispenitinK Putnam oouoty Repobllcans and substltuto Democrats


In their places. Nogentlemaa

Tlie New York politloal sharps have

already begun tbe old Kamu of bluff*

kig in their cluJms for the respective

would tbink of sueb a thing."

We should like to have a snap sbek nor (iibbs knows anything

about it Tbe oiily gtutuiue pointer, { It hi said that Theodore Roosevelt is

m/^ that is uot worth wry uuob, Is tbe only man boro lu a oity wbo bas

f^ff tJu* betting favors ituw. I become president of tbe United States.


e BeM ta •eetaa la »

Sen irraaetece^ Oct 1&-Tbe triennial

ceaveaUon of tiie Bplaocpol'Ohvreb el

Anarica baa adjovtaed atee die. Tbi

next conventloa la to be held In Boatoe

la IMM.

The day was a busy one la both

beoaee, meat ot the time, b«««var, being

taken ap In tbe dlseoaaloa or«aeations

which wet* act decided ddallely.

It waa agreed to make Rcaeiale

and Oaba mlaalonary dlatrieta and ts

cteate tbe mleakmary diatrict of SaUaa

cat of tbe dlocaae of Kanaaa.

Tbe bonace tailed to conevr, bewever,

la tbe propoeed eettlng apart of a part

ot the dioceae of Bpringfleld. IIL, aa a

mlaaionary district. The election of tba

Rev. Cameron Mann aa mlaakmari

bishop ef North Dakota was coacarred

in by the house of bishops.

Both bouses agreed to the report ot

tbe committee

menta. bnt will leave the eecretaHea

to speak for thematfvee. It la aafe te

aay tbe mssaaga wlU be aopbatto 00

tba queatlon ot a atrong navy. ,

l»elm*Blea*a WIN.

New York, Oct 18.-Tbe wlU of tbi

late Chariee C. Delmonlco. tbe favoiH

reetaurateur, wbo died* la Ooletado*

haa been filed. It ta dated Marob 10,

Ifififi, and beqneatha all tbe piopeity

to Roaa Delmoalc^ an aoat) Jnesphlns

a Ddmonlco, tila alatar. and LoMnae

O. DelBwatea hIa brother. Tba wtdov,

Mra. Jaaane B. DelBwotca. la not sen*

ttooed to tbe wtU or in \nj oedieU.

Ibey weee otarried abont a year age,

long alter tbe will was iiawn.

Veaak aaO Jeweler *«• iioes.

Boeteo, Oct 18.-It le believed thi

trunk containing about fUkOOD wcetb

of jewehry- whtdi was abtpped traai

Providence for Boston Beyt M bf

Martin, Oopetand A Co. and which

eince tiaa been misatng la MMawbaie

in thla dty. ttcteotlvea at work m

tbe caae aay they are eatlafled that a

trank anawcHM the dsecripttoa ef tbi

mleslng one resched Boeteo froo)

ProvId«ice. tnd here all trace ot tl

haa been lost

•larl Baesell Iteleaeca. ^

London. Oct. 18.—Esrt Russell, wbc

In July last waa sentenced by a court

of tbe bouse of lords to three montbr

Imprisonment for bigamy, bas been released

from nollowny jail. Tbe application

of Countess Russell to make ab

solute her decree of divorce will be

beard Oct iS. In tbe event of tbe ap

plicatlou being granted. It Is anuouoced,

tbe earl and Mrs. Somcrville wlU U

married a few days later.

Kew Heaa ol HormoH Ckarsh.

Bait I^ke City. Oct. 18.-At tbe tegular

meeting of tbe apostles beld In tbs

tcraple here Joseph i**. Biaitb was chosen

president of tbe Cburcb of Jesus

Christ of letter Day Baiuts lu succes-

BIOU to tbe late I^reuEo Snow, wltb

John R. Winder and Authouy H. Lund

as bU flrst and secoud councilors.

Apostle Brigbam Youug was set apart

as tbe president of tbe quorum ol

twelve apostles.

The M»«ni aaa Their Morals.

In appearance tbe Uoors are a very

fine race. For many generstlons tbelr

mothers have been chosen tor tbelr

beauty. Au active life In tbe saddle

bas developed tbem physically and a

splendid appearance la tbe result. In

addition, tbcy bave manners of unequaled

suavity and pollsb, tbe result

of esriy years spent In the barem.

Tbey are so habituated to tbink well

of tbeniaelves as followers of tbe true

pi-opbet that an uneasy conscience

never troubles tbem.

A man may be an utter scoundrel

crtiel and licentious, and yet be regarded

as s saint if be is descended from

tbe prophet and caolorms to tbe outward

ceremonial of Islam. Bis brow

is frank and unclouded, bis smile is

even benevolent and yet it would be

impuaalble to deecribe tbe details of bis

life. Aucb are tlw Mooie—an biteresttog

tableau rivant of many a chapter

la tlw book of Judges, or Samuel or

the Kings.—Atrican Review.


The captain of an ocean stesmer Is

often warned of tbe proximity of Icebergs

by tbe n^eo In ttw engine room.

When a stUp eaters water considerably

colder than that through which It bas

been going its |>ropeUer runs faster,

and as sucb water surrounds tbe vicinity

of icut>urgs for many miles tbe

engluiH'rs know wbeu tbe propeller's

action is greatly uccelvrated without

any iucri^aiw! of tbe steam power icebergs

may l>e expected. Of cuurse tbe

tbi-rmometer Is tbe most useful indicator

of icebergs.

tlo to B« Keoelre« at White Uomw.

Wttsblugtou. Oct. 18.—Tbe sei-retary

of tbe Jax^aueiu; legation called at tbs

White Uouse to arrauge for tbe reception

by tbe pxesldeut of Uarquls Ito,

wbo will arrive to Washington Satui^


PioHiMui tUikeU Gets Lctttr

Prom lUn Stont'a Captort.


Tkeaat ta Kill raartir If OMMeata

Ava DIsalaaea ta OaleMeta-Traepe,

aaain Aattva* Mar reeaa Patal Ita*


Mew Torfe, Oct la—Thla moratBg*a

issne of The Joaraal prints tlie following

from Profeaeor Mary Haakell.

daughter of Dr. Henry C. Haakell ot

tbe Samakov mlaalon, dated Oct 17,

wbo Is devoting himeelf to efforts to

obtain the release ot Miaa Bllen Stone:

"Into my tremNlng hands at the

dsad of night a brigand 'delivered tbe

only communication received from Uies

Stone since ber deathlike captlrity.

**Uy father and tbe whde family had

long been alumliering when a bandit

bearing a letter knocked gently, decidedly,

repeatedly at my bedroom window.

Replying to tbe question, 'What

do you wantr the brigand handed a

letter through the half open window,

concealing his face and figure.

"I urged him tor Information. He

ehowed me an enormona revolver, aay-


" 'It yon look in my face or make any

trouble. I will blow your t»rains upon

the opposite wall.'

**He then directed me to give the letter

immediately to Dr. Haskell, aaylag

It tbe contents shpuld be dlacloeed Co

any eicept those mentioned my father

aad his family woaM be put to death.

Again warning me not to look upon ttls

face under penalty of being shot the

well dressed bri^md cavalierly bade

*'The letter was addressed to my father.

Dpon tbe envetope were Oe

words, *To be delivered at once,'

Tear aiataaa le moiMted

during tbe uegotlatlous Miss

Stone's life aill be seriously endangered.

Dr. TalMaca OScrs #1.000.

WasblngtOD, Oct. m.-Tbe Rev. T.

De Witt Talmage, wbo bas offered to

be one of fifty men to contribute $1,000

each to tbe Stone rausum fund, says:

"1 read tbe statement from tbe Rev.

Charles Creegau, sei-retary of tbe

board of mlssloits, tbst $50,000 waa

necessary to complete tbe fund to ransom

tbst brave woman In a foreign

land. I ImmedlHtely telegraphed, to

Dr. Creegan that I desired to be one

of fifty meu to contribute $1,000 to

make up tbe sum necessary to obtain

her rescue. I feel that we should

uialte every effort to save ber from tlie

hands of ber captors, snd. although

Mrs. Talmage and I last week contributed

to tbe general ransom fund

through Tbe Christian lierald, I cheerfully

contribute an additional $1,000."

»rltl«h aavr Jack Tar« Hatlsr-

Berehsven. Ireland. Oct. 18.—Tbe gtm

•IgbU and other fittings of the British

first class bsttlMhlp Magnificent flag-

•ttlp of Reer Admiral 81r WUUam Acland,

tiave lieen cast into tbe sea by

members of the crew In order to bring

about the rigbtlug of grievances wUch

tbe crew complalo of.

Kecara Krakea at He* eyrlass.

WusblugtoD, Oct. 18.—TUe annual report

of Suiterluteudeut Klsele of tbs

Hot liprlugs rusi-rvstlou lu Arkansas

wnuouuces tbut tbe patrouage during

the past fiscal year exce«Kled all previous

records, the total nuuiU'r of visitors

being estbiuttttd at &5,U00.

WoodruflT's Mailborough and

Boston-Yoke Overcoats

have eanght tbe pablle feney tor fair. Tbey arosptendldlr fltMng aad

hanging gamenta and oome In a variety of fashionable flabriea-plala

and berringtmne frieses, olive neltons. nncas taeket weavast VenetbUMy

Manoheeter ehevtote, Homespnna and Badersfleld beavy-wetgbt worateda,

ete. etc., •» to tai

WoodralTa 'Hoblle Overooata

are looss-fittlar, stjllsh overooats.

^utacuiketo UM wtsrsr snd be-

Woodrntre Wamboa

in grsosftit nnasots, tfens-qaanera

lew^iuut-tlMI^ sA, polatea livrts

Rsfuiai Ion eat ooata as low ss tt.

AS asoal our lUM oC overooats la emueitly


Btandard-Made Baits,

tas tpst in tbe wocliL Orow idsoit

tibtflrtau, Mn-stftpe wofSteds, sootob

twesdi, ttmr camtnrres, Veeeuus,

ihiseta, wMe-waiB sems, nallDKbed

- wonteds, and Oxfom nttxcnrM. Boim

colon, BHMlrBt nurhtnaa, reHned

msdn. HUitsrr, eeim-v^ltaiT sad

settled stylea-n to as.

Neit to Post Ofllee Brewster.

• • • » B B B

Agent for




••• Kata flttaal, Dnnbarr.

Boetonetta Bain Ooata

biwUitM-welabta Water praet eat

ta no wan dtiereat ta SBoemaee

tnsn aa oramary overaoat. For M -

crai aii-rsend wesr tbiT nwet sirreqnireBMBts-CM

to K.


new antvalB ta Isacr dress •fairts.

MtaUy tas .••v^lMempM Heated

btaora, MnA sad dnsay effeot, tt.

•Town Tair* the oetebwM flity seat

boson skirts saf tbe tan Rsntisttans,




Oppb Olty Hall, Danboir.

Agent for



Ladies' Underwear.

at ase^^"** """^ ""*** "*** ""^ **"**'' ****** '"*"' qnallty, trimmed nieety,

.« AP **^^ AD" qaalltf veets and pants, Aeeee Hoed, ribbed, made well, at


Ladlee' anion mlta, ribbed, fleece lined, all stses, at 60c, 75c, •!, l.M, 1.TX

Misses and Children's


^. several dlirerentatylea at We eaeb. Good heavy garmenta.

Infont's Underwear.

Bbirta, hntton all way down tbe front and half way ribbed, flaaee Uned:

aUea 1.«, 8, at Wc, 8*0, BOe and 75e.

Gents' Underwear.

One oaee of regular 60e gooda, fleece lined and extra heavy, all slua ii

sale price, 88c each.

Oar SOo sblris and drawers are extra tlpa

ItppriRODed and otberwlse perseonto

tbie relatives of Douceycd Catertna HoneyBefnnded


on all Unaatltfaetory



••• Kabs Btaaat. Dnabnsy.


of Bxehange willingly


We are all ready for eustomera in


Men's Boys'. Ladies' and Children's Fall and

Winter Garments,

Cut from 50c. to 25c.

Also a fine line of



We ai'ealso making a specialty of best quality

FRUIT JARS. AU up to date articles

in the gi*ocery line.


FoBter Block, BREWSTER, N. Y.



Olree noUoe to bis friends and patrona that be bas

Reduced the Price of his Coal,

Commencing on June 3d»

UU prices will be as follows, at bis Coal Bins, wltb asaal ohargsa added for

Pittston and all Fi-ee Burning

Coal, all sizes, except Pea,

Old Company's Lehigh and

Hai'd White Ash, all sizes^

Columbui. O., Oct 18.—Cresceus

wuut u£alu(ii time at the lucul driving

purk j'ftft^rcUiy afternoou to beat his

»wn record of 2M£^ aud failud. The

best he could do was tbe tniW la 2:00)^ oertai&ly be advaiwed in a verf short tune,

delivery, vis: \



And be advisee all to take advantage of tiie low prioeS| as prioee wiU


BBVlirnniB. OOTOBBR 18, 1901.


Reglitar «o>«Mrfow.

"School t«we are oe«ln» ID elowlf.

t Thepra«mtpopalatkteof Blaiiillnii

firleoB la 1,90.

Hnu Qeorve F. Bloat la'Mrlooely

111 at her ho«e In thli TlHaw^

The Borden*! Company k bnlMlnff

een mysterious throughout even the place

unsatisfied appetite. A. Vail Smith

he has not—sent money In the mail each district

so plentiful in this section. Bare sport of the event being unknown to tbe


surprised the fellow trying to force an

which was lost—will take the paper

A. Stanley Hetcalf. the trans-continental

wallier, was in Ogden, Ut^, tornlng on of the electric lights at an

entrance into bis resldenoe. The

is promised wtien the season opens oompany until their arrival. Among MoUoe la hereby given ibat tbe warrant nw

tbe ooUMtlou of Uxea la Sobool DlsUlot Ha 8.

•and not pay for It on tbe ground that

Nov. 1.

those present were some from Pawling,

Sherman and Patterson, about taxes will be reoelved during tbe next tamt

tova of BoiUbeaat. iua bees issued and ttat tbe

he never subscribed for It—or move

on October 7tli. Hetcalf psttH Inopportune moment scared the Ward Vores, of this place, has gone

weefca Cram tbe dale of tbls noUoe. by itia

off and leave it coming to tbe effloe

forty in numtwr.

ooUaotor, at ber resldenoe on tlw Onwby tamplke.

Has. caTESBUis A. HxAS, Coliecmr.

through Brewster, lost February, Intruder away. At tbe home of to New Yoric, wbene he has secured a

he left Thousands of alleged Chris-

Thomas Carroll be was l>alked by a poaltlon with the Metropolitan Street

Dated Brewstei. October S, UOL

tioDS are dishonest In this particular

at least, and the printer's book tells

fearful tales at the final Judgment"

Nelson Brothers' striogof good ones

ky have been broken by the^e of

**Carm«oeita" to a Uount Vemoo

fancier at the White Plains fair, bat

her stable mate, "John D.," can be

depended apoo to take eore een reuiorkable, ospturlog

first moxiey or place in nearly

race In which be started. A 8:10

lot in training shows that be

is yet far from bis limit at 8:19}. made

BMmthly meeting

next Toeeday evantng, tba tM.

Bev. H. M. Fogle«mg«r, of Mnoaton,

will preaeh in tha Mllltown

ebaiMl Banday aroBhig, Oetober lOtb.

A regular tkm of OrotoB

Chapter, Na fiOl, % A. U.. wilt be

b*ld at MaMmta Ball next Monday



Mbomlng drapery may now be

properiy taken down, tha thirty day

period foltowlng tha death of Prerideat

MeKlnler haitng expired.

Ber. Mr. Fogleaongtr. will preaeh In

the old Sontbeaet Preabytarlan Aar^

atDoaneabnrg Band%y momtag^ and

at Mllltown Chapel In tha evening.

Servloes at 11 a. m and V p^ m.

Bdna Maripiret Lewk, two-months

old daughter of Mr. and Mm. Charles

Lewis, died at tbe home of Ite parents

TbaOMUaa BooMf wffiMoalwIth

IIIN Tala, ttoBdar. OMobar fiUlglt

o dock* ' • •

Tbe Lent famlty art InrtalM tai

tbatr New Tovfc iMMia for tha Winter,

takan tlito waak.

The Fairview Honfe, nearKatooah,

lias been leased by James O. VanBooy

of this viliaKe. Immediate possemlon In Sootheast on Friday last Interment

was at Carmel Saturday after­

The reguUr monthly meeting of the

•lias been taken.


J Womans Christian Tamperanee Union

The third degree, or Degree of

will be held at the house of Mra

Troth, will be exemplified at a regnlar Petition has been drawb and signed

•meeting of Brewster Lodge, Na 457, for tbe establishment of a new rural

^ 1. O. O. F., next Honttay evenliig. free delivery route, starting from the

Brewster ottee. Tbe propoaed roate

will service the Dlngla Bidge and

North Balem distrieto.

James Barrett, manager of tbe

Drew farm, was mn Into by a milk

team, last Batnrday evening, oqtbe

old tamplke. ISarrett, who was on

his way to the vilkMCa^ was thrown

from bis wagon ud eostatned a

f raetnre of two rifaa.

Mtae Btta May Bkmt, of Donbary,

daagfater of Leonard B. Bloat, of this

vUlage, and WUliam A. Jooei, of Danbury,

were married by the Bar. B. F.

White, D. D., at tbe M. B. parsonage

in this village, on Wedbeaday evening

of last week, Oetober Mb.

The weather man Is kindly dleposed

toward tbe Danbnry Agrienlturol

Boeletyf Tbe gates bad hardly

closed on the aihlMtten of 1901 after

a,week of perfect weather when a

heavy asid long eontlnaed rainstorm

swept over this aeetlon. Tba delage

lasted nearly fwty-flght hoars.

en route from Boston, Mass., to Son

Francisco. The trip Is being mode

on a wager, and he is to be In San

Franoisoo on TbonkiMCiving day. Metoalf

has found • that living off tbe

eountry Is a hard gome. By the terms

of the agreement tbe Journey was to

be made on foot, without the expenditure

ctf money for provisioas or other

parpoeea When be left Boston be

tipped tbe scales at 810 pounds. His

weight at tbte stage of the trip is 148

poonds, the decrease in avolrdnpois

being not so much due to the exeroite

of walking as to tbe uncertainty in

B. H. Barry, loeal onpetlateBdent of

tbe^PradenMal Innranee Company,

has moved Into the Lent eottege on

Bast Btaneh Aavenae.

Barber, near Tilly Fonter, Oetober

Md. All eoidlally invited.

Aserleaof foor entertelbments and

leetares has been arranged to be

given In Union Hall, North Balem,

the first of which will be a eonoert by

tbe quartet and organist cif the Seeond

Collegiate ehnreh, to take plaee Tuesday

evening, Oetober Wtb.

Wilson Crane, Friday afternoon,

October 95th, at tdIO o'clock. Subject:

••Bnnday School Work.'* A eordlal

Invltetion Is extended.

Twelve tboasand people were

handled by tbe HIgbhwd Division at

MM Danbory Fairgrounds on Tbnrtday

of last week without a sigle mishaps

A clean record for the week,

noreaemblane^of an aeeldent. Is a tritMts

to thtf exeellenee ot the railroad

management In handling tbe heavHjrj

loaded exenrslon tr^na.

Over two hundred peopte visited tbe

BepnbHoan beadqnartera In tbe

Fowler Block Wednaeday evening and

oame away satisfied, having been

served with ehleken pie, wAd meats,

caUds, pork and beans, pie, eake,

coffee and other aeccasoriea of feast

prepared by the ladles of tbe Baptist

Church. It was a harvest

It •-•;•,; -jjwK a •• i>

t^-^jfTHMW or TNI dmm


4^ Vi.lMkVft fiOaUD TMt •OIKIfTim

•• fW'Oljlf n« otkw


••••••t Mvm


than a

Ihecs hn9 beta valnlr tryttw

oritht and cmnaa :ri«dg«r MoatUty.

T* We«e la tk* Kftefeoa.

Too many bonsawlvea neglect to provide

tbemsdves wltb aleeres which

can be quickly slipped over tbe' dress

sleerea when ao emergency calls tbem

to tbe kitchen. White cambric Is tbe

beat for these, and tbe fuU kind, gathered

at the top and bottom over a rubber

cord. Is generally moat satisfactory.'

The best mpfopfcr oecaslmial use,to

the kitchen Is made of straigbt lengtba

of gfngham sewed together to. a plecto

wide cnon^ to eaaify envrtop the flgore.

The bottom and 'sides are bemned.

Openings are cot at the top for tbe

arms, the'two aides being conoeipted

over: the shoulder by a double blak

band. Tbe neck.'both back and front.

Is straight and la gathered toto a fading.

Tbe dlstenof between tbe openlaigs

for the arms sboidd be determined by

ibe width required at tbe foot of the

skirt Three or.'four buttons and buttonholes

«doae the back. The b«iuty of

these apnms Is that while tbey are

quickly made they protect the gown at

tbe back as well as at the front and

prevent tbe waist from being spattered

while beattog eggs, batter, cream and

the like.

PbctMreaab Wwmmmu,

The latest photograph frame Is novel

as well as pretty. It hi In the form of

a tiny screen In two sections.


specimens now oa view are but three

or four inches high. They are mounted

In tbe regulation screen fashion,

and the frames are of mahogany or'

forest green oak.

Only a small portrait

can be Inserted, but these screen

frames are a pleastog contraat to the

glittering gilt and sUver pboto holders

that we have always with us.

Th« Po«»lblUtlM of north


Pew people appreciate the possibilities

of sunless northern windows where

"flowers will not bloom." When given

"claBslcol" treatment with such beautiful

leaved planU as palms, ferns,

dragon trees, crotons. ivies and arancarias,

which require no direct sunlight,

they may be made as attractive

as any windows to tbe bouse.—Ladles'

Home JournaL

As f


It Is practically assured that aa English

cricket team wiU vlalt tha Cmted

States next season.

That lb a game to which we Joyously

concede supremacy to tbe British. We

cannot play the conttouous game of

cricket with our English cousins, and

we rejoice that aoch Is the casr.


For IndigeBiiou, Cozmiipation. Impure


Aea BoblDBon, otiiot clerk

Jobn Donovan.Jr. ballutclerk..

AngnstUB Cole, Bpeclal omoer....

lieed F. BavUano, pbyalolan....

AUn aod MolioerauppUea.

. _

Jita. K Smith, undertaker 15 00

J. L.irisbaBon;BtorebiU u i7

0. W. Stoat, supplies 197W

Wm. Cmlben, watcfalna quaraniloe


OUbcrt W. Jobn, bigway commtsaloDer




18 00







98 79



6 00*

6 00



8 66


16 17'

197 87



J. F. Hyatt, ina of election 69100

Isalab iim.i]ley, ofll«-r elwUoo..

Bdward Belyea, ballot clerk ....

U. C. WUatui. poU clerk

Hoiyan Head, luapeotor election

B.U.Beni)ttu poll clerk

J. B. Oatxander, map of eleouon

Geo. B. Corowiill. bou clerk....

W. A. Head, poU aerk

Colman B Barnttt, l&ap election

Bernard Ualone, ballot clerk....

C. a wtzon,Inap of elecUuQ ....

W- F Jewell, Inap of elecUon....

Geo. B. Oaoony, hup ot tdecUoo

Wm J. Blabup. btOlut clerk

CyruB a Toupklca, poll clerk....

hboa Hotobkua. inap of eleotlou

W. J. Oorbln, Com'r of Blcbwaj-e

aai'dloB.S Palmer

Bdward Beuuetl, Ocm ol Hbcb'ys

Fred WUllama. constable........

albert JUoat^ aaaeaaor 81 00

J.B.Bh)bola,oom. of appraJaal.



6 00


86 00

6 00

16 00



81 00


80 00

81 00

16 00




99 UO



66 57


60 OO


85 00

88 00


Walaon BoUnaon. oom appralial

Cluton Byder, lf«al aerviota..,.

WtulaKaon Law Book Co., burial

permlta, S 65

B. a Watson, oom of burbwaya. 19I oo

H. H. Baxen, deputy aberUf 75 85

J. W, Haabu. acGnff BberUr 80195

B. a Palmer, Juatloe 866 75

laaiab bmalley, otBoer 490

i. D. Byati. oom'r of blgbwaya.. 104 00

W. H: B. Bloat, aaaeaaur

6.0. coriuab. prvp tor election..

Petu- B. Burrel, overaeer ut poor

Mlobael Nolan, {Kdl clerk

18 uo

Dr. J. Hunty, room rent so 00

u. P. Bojt. ntiiiautibUca

N. T. VaiiBurauu, viuiJ autltnlcs

H^il Whnvn. vltiilsuaiauui....

B. B. Brady, depuiy aborUf

6 85

16 00


80 00


16 00

64 50




U. B. Briidy. dbputy uUttflff 6 00

28 00

64 00


64 00


85 57


50 00


184 00

n B5

604 95

860 75

4 10

101 00


95 00

at 00

19 00



17 00


4 03

80 60

e w


16 00

6 00

80 DO

D 00

16 00

64 50

46 00

19 00

198 00

71 W

66 00

46 00

90 00






400 460

60 00 60 00

e o.B^n«4d.aaBessoa 44 00 44 00

kvtd Baldwin, aaaeasor 50 81 50 81

"B. BUpbena, aoppiiea 9 as s ss

O. B. Judd.BUppllea. 8 00 9 00

David Kent, Board of Beallb.... 14 00 14 00.

Guati. Larson, watcblng quamnihie

80 00 80 00

ClauaA.Hollne, towa ctartt..... JOB 40 108 40

Dr. W N- Boyoion, pbyfiolan... 77 SO 95 00-

Dr. T. P. BlAsalL iKysUan... 197 6B 167 66

WUUamaoD Lawflo^oo., books 6 SO 8 eo

Jobn"nitbers,rent....; 54 50 54 50

c%aa.W.Ptfnni, truant (daoer.. 5000


Wm H Peck, juatioe 900 900"

Berttf-rt Wmabip, bigbwaaroommlaaloner

40D 40a

FlattB. Parker, Justice 96 00 98 00

Obaa B. Peck, blgbway 00mmlaatoner

400 4 00

AklnBroa^suppUea 1661 18 81

TtaomasCrutberB,oonBtabte 9 40 9 40

nuima8Crutbaia,oon8Ubie 8 40 940

Frank Wbiiebead, Inspector 18 00 1600

Lewis T.BBynea,]naaoe 80 96 66 85

Jacob fMabl, rent 8000 8OOO

Geo. B Jenninga, supplies 6 60 8 69-

JumesB Towner, jusUoe. 10 00 10 00

J. B. Bclmeck, pocr bin 8B« 80 06

» « - ..« 61.801 96 1,948 78.

For Boada aod firidgea 9,500 oo

68,748 78.

We do hereby certify Uiattbe above 1B oorrect.

BsMBv Maats. Supervlaor,

C. A. H0UNB,TownCl«1[,

Lswia T. BavMSS, JuaOoe.

I do bereby oeruiy tbat tbe f oresolnff 18 a^

true copy ol Uie onstnal and tbe wboTe tbereof.

C. A. HoUMk,

Tcwn Clerk.

4 Per Cent,

Not Enough,

The New York Bulldlng-Loan Banklog

Company ofers ss a permaneot

investment, iu Fully Paid Ca&b Oivldcni

Sbarea, lo oeaonlnations of

Stoa, >5oo and tt,ooo, witb dividend

coupona piyabla semi-annually, at


Protected by trust deeds and mortgatesooNew

York City real eaute,

the safest security hi the world.

Coupons collected tnrougb any bank.

„ Certiflcatas convertible Utto cash

alter one year, on reasonable notice.

Send (or particulars.


111 Flfth^va., Naw York.


Dyspepsia Cure

Diaesto wh&t you eat*

ItartificiallydlgesU the food aod aidt*

Natuia in aiieogbbeoicig aod rocoa*

BtruoUog tba exoaiutaadlgeBUva or*

gaoB. ItlBthglat«Btdisoovered


Ko other prapaiatloo



cu asnioach It In Bffidaacy. '.

Biaotv reUavcBaod penaaneatJir

68.198 64 a£j76 64

BaaOLvan, Tbat tiiere be levied and nasi Minil

upon tbe taxable property uf tbe Town of

cwmul, Ute HUtn ul ti,in

54 tbe amount of tbe

Towx> Abatraut, also Ute aum of 68,000.60 fur

working tbe bl^cbways of tbe town under tbe

money ayaum.

BaaaiMui CLAUM^ Bupervibor.

Jijasa A. y"^"!m,

iWuxiaVO. MlBAB,


i. T. jHraaafiw

Justioes (tf the Peaoe.

Dated thli sist oai of MOT . isoo.

a. 0. OQAMUB. Tovit Clerk.

aU otiiar leBUlu of imperfect dlgestlOD.

amall slae. j55ofcauffS5MGn553aa3!i6dfrw

PrsaorBtfayC COsliriTTaco..Chi6e0»'

The 1 hingjn Lady's Qloves.

Sadd • aewo, tbe muuUab iclove lor ladluo.

Tbeyuie it I U you baven't bad a pair, you aie

alow: uid u you fall to order one now. you ai«

not In It

Piiue prepaid 61 50. W« make aU

styles and abadea u lady's, men's and cblldrec'a

glofea to order and at piloes within the reaob

ol all. Write us for tbe aiEency lor your c4ly.

town or oouotjr. Good pay tntaranteod by Tax

Out BaiJijra tiLorawtriuji Gutra Wu

(iaovt»vuie.». y.

grf^gy^wwTi^ ttx&w;

' *V« Mia hit blrtbHgbt anto Jacob.

Tben Jacob tare Eaan bread and pottafe

ot IcntilB.**

It waa bav« ttwn U t^ (luiy


Wblflti DO linhilBBM IxQpaiub


Vttb lU f«t vxl lor luravcr,

Attw «MB4W HP Vitf* iUlo.



A gfclabniidlav tskaal*

"Aeeordtog to advices from Kid, tba

ne* high school them (Or tha tmditog

o( Bhipbnlldtog and coastractloD of

machtosry wlU ba opansd to IMS,"

writes tha Berlto eorraopoodcnl o( tbe

LondsB Bxpreoi.

**Tha school wUt be

wholly to tha handa o( tha state, but

the eoal will only to part ba bomo by

tbe Btota, tha town o( KM contribottog


Them wlU be one dspartmsat

0sr tha Uamtng o( shipbuilding,

each eooma tasting osa year, and aaotbsr

dspartmsnt (or machtiiary, tha

eonrm o( toatniettoo being divided Into

(our quartern at tha year, dasam batog

bdd to tba avenlnga and on Bnadaya

(or shlpwiighta, locksmiths and


Ths Krapp Oarmanto wharf

haa already promised aa much as £250

annually (or the next ten yearn toward

the expense."

8och Is the name of tbe new diseaae

which The Free Lance dedarea haa

been added to the medical repertory

thnnj^ the "hurry acurry" of the age

and the boundtog propensity of the

yotug and active woman. The canoe

la this: A bus appean to sight The

modem glri makes a leap on to the

lower atep.

When to midair, the conductor

gripa her hard midway between

the abonlder blade and the bleeps. The

grip or clasp Is foUowed by braises

and contusions. Ths arm, affected by

anoeesdm grips, geto tender and sometimes


Medical aid Is called

In. with mom or less effect

This Is

ths new dlaorder known as eondnctor's

cla8p.--LondoD Globe.

rslvat* SakMldl's fhMUa* iMra.

A letter to ths Bostcm Tranaeript says

that Private Bchmldt of Company D.

Fonrtaenth United Stotes Infantry,

now camped at the rifle range near

Mount Clemens, Mich., made a scorn

at shooting at fiOO yards that broke tbe

record of the whole army. Ths torget

was a dummy man.

Nineteen out of

20 of his ahoto took effect any of which

ould have caused toatant death to a

living man, while the twentieto shot

would have inflicted a serious or fatal


Bchmldf s achievement to said

to be not only unpamllalsd to Cnlled

Btotes army rlfls shooting records, but

also without preoedent to slmUar practka

anywbem to tha world.

Wolfe's MMSUiMt H««toet««.

It Is sad." writes a Quebec correapondent

of ths London Post *^o see

the stote ot Wolfe's monument today.

Bank graas grows high toslde the

rusty and worn Iron milinga. The column

to cmdted and If nothing he done

must soon perish. The monument a

simple column,

with a helmst and

sword on ths top, and Ito Insctiptton,

'WoUs Died Bsn. Victorious, IS Sept.

17S0,' to aobUms to Ito dmplidty. Ths

prsasDt aordld autreondlngs of the

aooDS ot tba hssa^s death cannot be

balpod. but auraly tha mntinment Itaalf

OB tha apot on whl^ ha dlad abould

net ba toft nncamd for."

•Vlag 91 tkm lAsa.**


North Dafcoto fanner to the

Iclog of the land, the happlsst man on

earth today,** aaid Budd Bivca.

"Bam to hto dtoatloa to a notshdl:

State filling op with peopto ao that he

to no longer lonesome; value of bti land

doubltog every two years; big crops;

good prices for all bis products; mort^

gages betog paid off rapidly;


loans have to t>e made, be can get all

the money he wants at 6 per cent; he

has the flneat cUmate to the world, the

best ktod of people to live with—to

tact everytbtog to coming the way of

tbe North Dakoto farmer."—MtoneapaUsTrtouns.



The Kind You Have

Always Bought

Bears the






For Over

tlhirtjt Years




OrawB* Jic.

Tha OmatiftSwmMrWi Ca,t



Uam Wooo, SoiTonte of tne County of Put.

tuun. Booos li berebyglvsB to all persoDs bavuur

cUUns wftUiBt tM estate of Wllltun O. Fo^luS

Ute of to0 towD of PhUtpstowo, in ssld county,

deoessed, topresent tbe same wltii tlte voDoben

theroocto the DOdendgDMl, tbe easoartkiai of

the last WlU SKI tflstameat of tbe uld deoesaed

St thair reaMeaoe m tbe vnius 01 cold

! u tbe ooonty aforesaid onorGetore tbe


Ann a. Pocum, 1 wnmitttmi.

t J. PasMBW BoofaAaa,

Attoraey lor gasea'iloai,


ArAmorNarretft. ..

OmoB or vaa aioa>r*BY c^/nn,.. ,

•T6|Mai«o* «* county «?Su.'i5? "".^tiir:

^6iat--NcATOR » BaaasT Oivni, tbau at tba

Qeneral Bieouon to be held in tbis state oa lb*

TtKsSu sucoeeding tbe flm aouday ofjlwearber

Mxt (NoreMtfer SUi). thf following olDcers

may be uwnuiyvot wlir

ooDnrv AND msmor orvicaaB iu6 m m..

. „ . SLScim ntasAiD OOOMTT i

AHembetpi Anembiy.

7\i T&

A ooofity^aitoe, IB tbe piioeorwnilral Wflbd.'^

A,pormt«-«niUMiAaoeotBdsoocua. -—•

.jyi*^2flS_"" « « **" €Epu«oa«a _

list our oCDwember next fr,-!T-. .

At tbe BAid^Oeseni EiecuoD there U'toba -

sabDtitMd To tbe nopie tor tbe purpose of vot- .

lofftbereoB, tbe faflowtng uneodmenVto sAitIM

MAieBn ot Mttoi« tnree ot tbe ooasUtotioa, relOtBRto

exeaipUons ot ml sad pnra6aal

propMty from uuutton t


I la,. Tbe legiiUtura shall not pus a prlvato

or local blU Id say ot tbs followiDfoiMsr

Cbanglsff tne osmes of petMna

Lavlr g oat, opeilbr, altering, working or BBGULiTIONS OF THB

Board Of Bealtooi Che Town vi Soatbeaat.

la tne County of Pntoam and state ot New Torfc.

The Board of Bealtb ot tbe Town of Soutoeast

E orsnanttotheprovlaionBofCbMiter sn> ot the

iws of U8B, does berebr make (be loUowlns

Orders and Begnlatlons lor the preeervaUona

life and health, and the auooeeatm operation ol

OhapterSTOofUieLawaol 1666, in the Townof



L AU waste materua and aiops, from bouses,

aball be cooTrared to oees-pools and deodorlied,

or oonveyed at least stictr leet from any dwelUna

hODoe to toeTown of Soutoeast.


U. AU privy sinks In tbe Town of souttaeaM

and within nicir feet of any dwelUog bouae, abaU

be deodortied and dimn wwted, and kept free from


Ul. AU pilTy Blofca wltliln late limits of tbe

Brewster Fira District in ibe Town of Soulbeast,

and within fifty feet of any dwelling bouse, Bball

be dearad out and disinfected at uaat oooe in

each year.


IV< AU refuse aoauer ana decompoalng sub*

Btaooe within one hundred feet of any dwelling

house in the town of BouLbeaBt stuJl tw effectually

dlslnleoted or removed.

V. No deoompoHlng material, bouse alope

garttage, or putreacrttue aubstaaoe, detrimental

to puoUo bealtb, sbaU be dumped or plaoed In

ao/of tbe streets or blgbways m tbe Town of

Soutbeast,'or la any vaicant lot wltbto tbe Umlti

or Ukc Brewater Fire Dlstrlot Is said town.

ooHTAOiona ousissa

VI. TbereshaU be no publlo or oburcb funeral

servloeB for any person who abaU have died ol

amaU-poz, dli^lbala, acarlet fever, or Asiatic

cholera, held in UM Town of Boutbeaat. And U

sbaU'be toe duty of bouaeboldtrs and aU personi

oonoeraed wbeie deatii BbaU baveooouiredtnun

a oootagiouBOTpeMlleotal disease, and they arc

hereby reauljcediu prevent anaaaembllngUtbe

anartmetus or housea where auob dlioMoe are

or BbaU have been, of su peraons liable tobecome

Inleotod Uiereby.

V|L Any boua^utlder in wboae dwelling Is

tbe Town or Bo Dtheaat there aball ooour a caae ol

cholera, yeUow fevrr, ivpbua fever, or tvphoU

terer, aoatlet fever, dlphiberia, or amaU-poz,

^udL and la berebv reqiured to immediately inform

the Board of Bealto of the aald Town ol

tbe same, and until InatruoUoos are reoelved

from tbe board. sbaU not permli any '^'"M^ing

or outer property tiiat may have been exposM

to lofeouon to be removed hrom the aald bouae.

MorabaUanyoooupantot such dwelling change

blaresldeaoe elsewhere without iheoonssntof

said Board oif HoaW* during the prevatenoe of

any pubUe danger from saudisease- Any parson

Sok wub amaU-pos. oboifra, typhus. (hibaU

or scarlet lever, ^^huitthb, « otoer tieeass

dangerous to pouie bealto sbaU Cortowicb reptrtlbe

aame to fhe Board of BeaUhofsald

(owiuaadltsbaUbethedatyof pfayalidaBB and

aMMHiants to avoid espomre to lbs pubUo of

any garmeat or oim^rlffr about tbslr own per>

aons chat may have tieeoiateotad by esposars to


William wood, surrogate of tbe oouoty of

Putnam, notloe la hereby given to aU peraoDB

having lualma agalnat Sarau A. Barrett, late ot

the town of BoutbeaaU Putnam Uounty. New

Torfc. deoeaaed. to present tbe same with tbe

vouobera tberaot totoe undersigned Administrator,

at hla pUoe of tranaacting buBlneaa at tbe

office of F. a Bamum, Brewat^, N. T.. on or

before tbe ad day or November, lOOi.

Bated. Apiliao, uoi

Lswu Bsan, Administrator.


Attorney for admlolatrator,

Brewater, N. T.

any socb disease-


BwraoBorartlole UaUe topnpogatt

1 inr mna (ffanaif shall Irr lrr~nr1'T wlihla tbe

U iUis of the Tows of Bootbeaat Mtboot a apeolil

penau sad dliaoaons of ths aaW Board «f

Healto therefor: and whenever It SbaU ooaia to

tbe knowledge tf any peraoB that snob peiaoB or

4j^{i}^ !!•• bten trougnt w**Alp trhrCm'ts for Uit

next OeuertU ElooUon to be bwd uu Tuuaduy,

VovemUir 6, UU:

to Dlstrlot No. 1, at tiie TUWQ Uall, Urtiwiaer.

Zs DUtrjot No. S, at Oie Eturliie Uuubc, hrew-

OsBsus Bwa. sunarviKw


''^'"»" "*•


WUUam Wood, Surrogate of the County oC

Putnam, notice la hereby given "wyiung toiav

to aU persons having "i^itw afiinal ths hsvt

Wakwaan. late of tbelown of Peterson, Pataaaa

County. New Torfc. deoeasWI. to present tha

same, with the vouchers thereof to the uirfsr^

signed Administrator of the gooda, chattels aa*

credits of said deoeaaed. at bu place of iraosaeiing

bualiieea at tbe office of Abram J. Miller to

tbe vlUage oi Brewater. Putoam county. New

Torfc, on or before the utUi day of October. UBI.


WuxuM A. WAKBHAII, Admlplstratar

Aaaaa J' Minaa,

Attorney for Admintstrator,

Brewster, N. T.


. I hereby order and swotot a__

_ of ths County court of the «0BBtjr tt

PtttaaanaadStateciKew Torfc lor tbe titol ct

iBBiMisnilBWiiiilfsri aiirtlwsnTifandrtrtsisMi


J. wuilaui Wood, surrogttle ol the County ol

Puuuun. uuU(^ lb htralu- ifivea to lOl tiersaas

buvuig claims uguluat Ouanua E. Carrier, late el

the town or SouUiuwit, Putnam County, New

Tork deouaaud. to prtstmi tbe same idui ths

vuuabam Uieioof totoe imdurslgued AduUnlWratrtx.

at her place of traiiaaotUur bualneaa at tha

.(TJ - - -• -



offioeof F

before tbe axh da

Bamum. Brewster. N. T.. on

r m Movfanbtr, luta.

KiTsaaiws M. Cijuuaa. AdmiBiauaBtt

F. S. BAMiDa.

AMoraaylor AdmUUsirauU

. ••'.•.: •T,.-'./-.


Ths Navy pcpartmcot O -dtrtd

Schley to Be Cartful.


*••!»« HallimM tlvUlvti • y

went on the Ktund that llie' uiliiilial

sent these uu-RHaues of enruuriig(>uieiit

to tbe Wen.

"Can .vou Biieak of tbe conduct, Iteur-

Ing and manner of Coinmoilore ftcliley

the eut^ireuicnt In which you


liupretwed lue as belnR reuiarka-

'cool couiiidcrliiK wbul liad JUKI occurred.

He w'UH iHTfuctly iiuturul In

u^atiuer and bcuriiie-"

By (be Court—WOiat dlfflcuUIes did

the Bnooklyn hurc In coaling off San-

ItHga prior to June 1?

**! dou't iblufc tlicre waa any difficulty

during ibtiue datfe."

Saw the Kiwnallair.

Ueutenant Cowmander (Jrlffln wa«

cxruKed, and EuKlgo C. A. Abele, who

a« a uavul i-adt'i Nerved as a juuloi

watch MSTeUiUiW

iitHNiR^ ^nini^ittik tii«>nisiMMidsyarilOTeak

Ul. bCxi (jtovMaM Sdi). tastaDo#ii« eaoeia'

siay he lawnoiy vowa ler, to wit t

unjati am sisiaMV ovrtoaas aiaa io aa>

staoiaa rnasaiB ooimrrt.

AVenberoiAHeably. __„ _

A Oonaty Jndfle, ta tbe pisc«onmi*tt wood.

A ooroBcr, IBIM pisoe ot MsoB cari,

AU wbose terns or onoe wui capue on the

last aw of Deoeniier aext

At tM ssM oeserai neettoa there is to fee

soMBitieit to thejnople for tae purpose or vot*

tag UMreoa. the lonowiBg uaendnesi to SMtioa

MAteea oi article taree ot tM (XMksutattoB, reimw^to

exemptloBa ot real and persoaal

propeny itota tuattoa:

1% Tiie iscuutoreshaumit peas sprint*

or h>oal MU Ui say ot the loUowing oasest

Ohaaguig toe nsnea M persons.

LaylBg oat, openiw* aloniag, woriciDB or dMooitoialBir

rosda blabwan cc sUeys, or tor

dtmlslag swamps or other low lands.

liOcatiDg orobRBging oooaty aeaia.

ProTldiag for tiEsntes of venue ta dru or

crtnuasi esses.

nortSingior iMoilBg, drawing, eioMl^ot summoDlng members or ot empaneling

iraad and peUt jurors,

boards or

^egauang toe nte ot Interfst oa moaey.

Ttib opeBisg aod oondncung of elecuotuior

dfslnwBBg Nioes of votlDg.

CrMtlng, UKTUslng or decresslDgiees.pfr

contsce OF allowaaoraot paDUcoffloen dwlag

tbe term for which satd omcers are elected or


uraativ to any oorporatiou, stsociaUoa or

indlvidauuie rigbi to lay down railroad trsofca,

oraatingto any private euiwirauon. sssociaturn

or ladlvMiul say eieltuive prtvinse, Immnnity

or frsacbtse whatever,

ursnungtoaoy persoii, aesooUtJon, Arm or

oorpGrstion,aa txamiaanob from taaauoa oa



ProvMlDglorbunaiag brldffea, aud cbartertng

companies tor sacb pnrpooes, except oa tbe

Bndson Uver below Watertord, and on tbe Isst

Btver, or over tbe wsten tormiDg a part o( tbe

booadulesot tbe slate.

Tbe LeMautare aaU psss general laws

providing tor tbe esses enomeraUd la tbls

iacUon; and tar su otber cases wblcta la ira

iwlginent may be provided tor by Bnmal laws.

But oo law sbaU autborUe tbe ooottrueUon or

opnitlon of a street rauroad except upoa tbe

oonditloD tbat tbe oonsent ot toeowneia ot onebairin

value or the property bounded uu sad

tbe consent also ot tbe local antbohtles bavUig

tbe control ottoat portion of a stnM or blgbwayopsnwblebitUpnvoaed

to ooosboet or

operate such rallroaa be ntst obtained, or la

oaao the consent ot such property owners osaaok

be obtaUied,tbrappeUatedlvMpn

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