Exhibitor ProsPEctus - Helicopter Association International


Exhibitor ProsPEctus - Helicopter Association International

Anaheim, CA February 24–27

Exhibits Open February 25–27

Engage in the

Future of Vertical Flight

Exhibitor Prospectus

Gain Exposure in the Industry by Exhibiting at HELI-EXPO 2014

HELI-EXPO ® is the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to the international

helicopter community. Whether you are new to the industry or an

established part of the community, HELI-EXPO is the must-attend event to —

• Reach key decision makers from the international helicopter community

• Network with industry professionals looking for the latest product


• Connect with existing customers through face-to-face interactions

• Build relationships with prospective buyers looking for new products

• Gain competitive edge within the industry

• Generate sales and leads at half the cost of field sales

• Promote new product offerings through hands-on demonstrations

• Position your company as an industry leader

• Profit from exposure within the industry before, during and after the


HELI‐EXPO Fact Sheet

XXMore than 1 million square


XXInternational press exposure

XXUnlimited sponsorship


XX20,000 potential buyers

XX700+ competitive exhibitors

XX60+ helicopters on display

XX50+ education

opportunities including

education courses, seminars,

workshops, and forums

XX14 committee meetings

Except as noted, all photos courtesy of Lagniappe Studio, Inc.

HELI-EXPO ® , ROTOR ® magazine, and RotorNews ® are registered trademarks of Helicopter Association International.


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

Exhibit Hall Location

and Hours

Anaheim Convention Center

Tuesday, February 25

10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday, February 26

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday, February 27

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Who should exhibit?

Helicopter manufacturers

Helicopter owners and operators

• Distributors of products and

services for the helicopter


• Training schools and

educational institutions

• Regulatory and

government agencies

• Companies who offer related

products or services

• YOU!

HELI-EXPO allows

us to meet the

suppliers we talk to every

day, which provides them

with an additional level

of trust and security. In

addition, HAI’s Professional

Education courses give us the

opportunity to learn from the

best, in a cost-effective way.

– Jerry Holton, Air Dallas Instruments,

VP/Quality Manager

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



HELI-EXPO: The Future of Vertical Flight

Serious buyers worldwide come to —

• Engage with industry professionals through HELI-EXPO networking events

• Investigate new products and product developments that will meet the needs of their companies

• Meet with new vendors offering solutions to their challenges

• Cultivate relationships with existing vendors on the extensive exhibit floor

• Keep up to date with changes within the industry through meetings and forums

• Advance their careers through professional education courses

• Improve their bottom lines.

HELI-EXPO attendees ARE purchasing decision makers.






75% are directly

involved in

purchasing decisions



C-Level / management


Sales / marketing / consultant

Operations Sales/Marketing

/ maintenance /


Industry Professionals

Job Classifications of HELI‐EXPO Attendees

Authorize purchase / give final approval

Identify need and evaluate alternatives

Make recommendations

Explore and familiarize

Responsibilities of HELI‐EXPO Attendees


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

HELI-EXPO draws a global audience.

U.S. Attendees





Europe 31%

Middle East 3%

Canada 34%

Asia 8%


America 15%


New Zealand/

Oceania 6%

Africa 3%

Nineteen percent of attendees come from outside the United States.

HELI-EXPO gives us the opportunity to meet with customers we do not normally interact

with in person. We can put a face to the name and engage with our customers on a personal

level, enhancing the overall customer experience. New customer contacts are made as well,

who bring new ideas or requirements. HELI-EXPO also allows us to explore new opportunities

with other exhibitors who offer a product or service that might be helpful to our company. The

helicopter industry is small. HELI-EXPO provides a venue where old friends are reacquainted and

new friends are made.

– Todd Blackstock, AEM, R&D Manager

HELI-EXPO attendees mean business.

Met with current suppliers

Found at least one new supplier Compared similar products

Requested contact from sales Asked representative

for literature to be sent

Asked for literature to be Requested sent contact from sales representative

Compared similar Found products at least one new supplier

Met with current suppliers

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

90 100

Actions Taken at HELI‐EXPO by Attendees

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



Maximize Your Investment


Increase your company’s visibility and attract new customers on and off the

floor by participating in any of the following opportunities:

• Show materials: tote bags, lanyards, hotel key cards

• HELI‐EXPO Events: HAI Welcome Reception, Salute to

Excellence Awards dinner, HFI Silent Auction, HAI Professional

Education courses, HAI Membership Breakfast

• HELI‐EXPO Hotspots: HELI-EXPO Energy Bar (where attendees

can refresh their bodies and their smartphones), HAI Newsroom,

Registration, HFI Heritage of Helicopters display

• Signage, columns wraps, banners, shuttle buses

• HELI‐EXPO Show App

• And more!

In addition to sponsorship exposure, you will be —

• Recognized in the HELI‐EXPO 2014 Program & Exhibit Guide, distributed

to every show attendee

• Acclaimed in HAI’s online media, rotor.com, and RotorNews ®

• Acknowledged on prominent signage and at

various functions throughout the show

• Acknowledged in the Spring issue of ROTOR ® magazine,

which recaps the show and is mailed to all show attendees,

HAI members, and industry professionals.

Promotional Benefits

of Exhibiting

HAI promotes HELI-EXPO to

members, prior attendees,

the helicopter industry, and

government agencies …

worldwide, throughout the


XXThousands of ad

impressions via dedicated

aviation publications, both

domestic and international

XXHAI exhibit presence at

more than 30 helicopter

and aviation air shows,

trade shows, forums, and


XXSocial media, web, print,

direct mail, and email

messaging to current and

prospective markets.


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014


Get your message out to HELI-EXPO 2014 attendees by advertising in the

following publications:

• The HELI-EXPO 2014 Program & Exhibit Guide: This comprehensive show

schedule and exhibitor listing is distributed to and referenced repeatedly

by HELI-EXPO attendees.

• ROTOR Magazine: Whether you place advertising in the show issue

or year-round, your message will reach more than 30,000 HELI-EXPO

attendees, HAI members, and industry professionals worldwide.

• RotorNews: HAI’s daily electronic newsletter, sent to more

than 19,000 subscribers, produces special show issues

• HAI Mobile App: HAI’s app for smartphones and tablets

puts aviation resources — and your message — in front

of the international helicopter community.

For more information on sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact:

HAI Advertising and HELI-EXPO Sales

Lisa Henderson

Sales Manager


T 703-683-4646 || F 703-683-0341

News Conferences and Special Announcements

Each year, HAI invites members of the aviation trade and local news media to

HELI‐EXPO and provides you the opportunity to speak directly to them in a

news conference setting. Exhibitors are also encouraged to display literature

in the news room throughout the convention.

In addition, HAI’s Communications Department will help coordinate special

announcements on the exhibit hall floor in order to minimize conflicts with

other events and announcements.

Please note: You are welcome to request a specific time slot; however,

a request does not guarantee that slot. Specific slots will be confirmed

approximately 45 days prior to HELI-EXPO.

For more information, or to request a news conference time slot, contact:

Chris Dancy

Director of Communications and Public Relations


T 703-683-4646 || F 703-683-4745

HELI-EXPO is the vehicle that brings all components

of the helicopter industry together and facilitates the

opportunity to promote and generate business. HELI-EXPO

provides me the opportunity to network with current customers

and suppliers and reminisce with past business associates.

I always see new people, businesses, and products when

attending HELI-EXPO.

– Daniel von Bernuth, CAE, Marketing Manager

© Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau

Photo by Steve Francis

HELI-EXPO 2014 Location

Anaheim Convention Center,

Anaheim, California

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



Booth Types and Guidelines

Standard Booths. Size is 10′ × 10′

(approximately 3.05m × 3.05m) or

multiples thereof, unless otherwise

indicated. Standard booths include

standard framing materials; fabric

backdrop, 8′ in height; draped

divider rails, 3′ in height; and a

standard booth identification sign

bearing the exhibitor’s name.

Carpet will be set on all main

(numbered) aisles. The diagram

below shows the height restrictions

for standard booths.

Back-to-Back 20′ × 20′ Booths. Some

exhibitors need more depth than

10′, but their displays (pop-up

booths and other configurations)

do not work within the regulations

of an island display. To help these

exhibitors and the overall look of

the show, we have created back-toback

20′ × 20′ exhibit spaces. These

spaces better allow for a back wall

design, which will extend the full

20′ width, but are restricted to 16′

in height without prior written

approval from HAI show


Back-to Back

20′ × 20′ Booth

Double Deck and Covered

Booths. Please contact HAI show

management for special regulations

pertaining to these exhibits and

suitable locations.

Peninsula Booths. Also known as

end-cap configurations, peninsula

booths, which are contiguous

with 10′ × 10′ in-line displays but

span the end of an aisle, are not

available unless a space suited only

to that configuration becomes


Static Booths. Static displays will

be located inside the convention

center. Assignments are subject

to space availability. Static area is

for the display of aircraft or the

display or demonstration of other

products. Examples include water

buckets, tug/tow equipment,

vehicles, and flight simulators.

10′ × 10′

Standard Booth

Island Booths. Size is 20′ × 20′ or

larger. Island booths are open on all

four sides. The height restriction for

island booths is 20′. Booth designs

can use the entire cubic space up to

the 20′ height restriction.

Island Booth


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

Three-foot (3′) draped divider

rails will be provided for static

display booths. Tables are allowed

for the display of promotional

materials only and may not exceed

3′ in height within 5′ of an aisle.

Standard chairs are allowed.

Absolutely no other furniture,

office units, back or sidewalls, popup

exhibits, or audiovisual will be

allowed. Carpet, floor covering,

overhead/hanging signage, and

specialty lighting will not be

permitted in static booths. There

will be no exceptions.

The above guidelines will be strictly

enforced. Show management

has the right to request that any

nonstandard or excessive display

items be removed immediately.

Noncompliance by an exhibitor will

result in complete removal of the

exhibit or an increase in booth cost

to standard booth pricing.


HELI‐EXPO 2014 will have pavilions

on the show floor dedicated to

geographic regions or product/

service categories. These areas

will be marked with an overhead

banner and matching aisle carpet

to distinguish them from the rest

of the floor. We hope this will

make it easier for attendees to find

particular countries or products/

services they are interested in.

First-Time HELI‐EXPO Exhibitor

Pavilion. New to HELI‐EXPO? We

will have a pavilion area designated

for first-time exhibitors. Show

management will provide standard

carpet in a predetermined color for

this area.

International Pavilions. These

pavilions are for companies

interested in forming a pavilion of

exhibitors from a particular region.

Product/Services Pavilions. These

pavilions are for companies with

similar products/services that would

like to be located in a specific area

on the show floor.

If you are interested in being a

part of any of these pavilions,

email heliexpo@rotor.com with

the subject line: HELI‐EXPO 2014


HELI-EXPO provided us with the optimum environment

to demonstrate our latest innovations in technical


– Melissa Hicks, Aviall, Marketing Coordinator

HELI-EXPO offers great

exposure to the public,

prospects, clients, suppliers,

and competitors — all

motivated over one aviation

product, the helicopter. This

makes HELI-EXPO one of the

unique marketplaces in the


– Dan Sweet, Columbia Helicopters,

Public Relations Manager

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



Engage in the Future of Vertical Flight. Apply Now!

Assignment of Space

An exhibit hall must be laid out so

as to facilitate the flow of traffic

of attendees and to provide an

overall balance to the hall, while

addressing the locations of utility

ports, columns, fire marshal

regulations, facility move-in/

out door sizes and locations, and

other restrictions. HAI reserves the

right to assign space subject to

these parameters and to relocate

a booth, should unforeseen

circumstances arise.

HAI has identified four HELI-EXPO

anchor exhibitors: AgustaWestland,

Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, and

Sikorsky. Each of these companies’

exhibits has continuously exceeded

10,000 sq. ft. on an annual basis

for many years. Therefore, these

four companies will be placed first

within the exhibit hall assignments,

on a yearly rotation schedule.

To qualify for future anchor

designation, a company’s exhibit

space must exceed 10,000 sq. ft.

for a minimum of two consecutive


The remainder of HELI‐EXPO booth

assignments are determined by two

separate lotteries: Lottery 1 and

Lottery 2. HAI uses these lotteries

to ensure that booths are equitably

assigned among exhibitors. Outside

of the lottery guidelines stated

below, the date on which your

application is received by HAI

holds no bearing on your booth

placement. Once you are ranked by

the lottery, your booth preference

requests and other details of

location preference are given full

consideration, subject to your

position in the lottery.

Along with your application for

space, HAI must receive your

payment for you to be eligible to

participate in either lottery, as well

as the after-lottery assignments.

Confirmation of space assignments

for Lottery 1 will be sent to the

exhibitor contact by August 30,

2013. Confirmation of space

assignments for Lottery 2 will

be sent to the exhibitor contact

by October 11, 2013. All other

confirmations will be forwarded as

quickly as possible following booth


Lottery 1. Consists of four stages

and is open only to HELI-EXPO

2013 exhibitors. To be considered

for Lottery 1, applications with

payment must be submitted

by June 28, 2013. In all stages,

exhibiting companies are treated

equally, and the placement

sequence is determined randomly:

• Stage 1 is for exhibits with a

minimum of 2,500 square feet

and/or companies who have

secured a minimum of $40,000 in

sponsorships and/or advertising

(electronic or printed) from July

2, 2012, to June 28, 2013

• Stage 2 is for exhibits with a

minimum of 1,200 square feet

and/or companies who have

secured a minimum of $10,000 in

sponsorships and/or advertising

(electronic or printed) from

July 2, 2012, to June 28, 2013

• Stage 3 places exhibits smaller

than 1,200 square feet

• Stage 4 is for static displays only.

Lottery 2. Is open to any exhibiting

company (including those that

have not previously exhibited)

that returns the application with

payment by August 16, 2013. This

lottery consists of three stages:

• Stage 1 places exhibits larger

than 1,200 square feet

• Stage 2 places exhibits smaller

than 1,200 square feet

• Stage 3 is for static displays only.

All drawings are completely

random, with no exhibitor given

priority for any reason.

After-Lottery. Applications for

space received after August 16,

2013, will be considered for

placement on the floor after all

Lottery 2 exhibitors have been

placed. Such applications will be

assigned space in the order they

are received. Applications for space

must be received by December 27,

2013, for companies to be included

in the Program & Exhibit Guide.

Since EVERYBODY is there, it is simply the best time of the year to make contact with clients

and vendors. We also look for new employees and our recently promoted employees to

build their skills through HAI’s Professional Education courses. HELI-EXPO has EVERYTHING!

– Bob Cockell, Air Rescue Systems, VP Director of Operations


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

Apply at www.rotor.com/exhibit

Exhibit Fees: Member Rates

Standard Display $2,350.00 for each 10′ x 10′ unit

Static Display $2,950.00 for each 20′ x 40′ unit

$1,950.00 if standard display is also reserved

Exhibit Fees: Nonmember Rates

Standard Display $3,550.00 for each 10′ x 10′ unit

Static Display $4,150.00 for each 20′ x 40′ unit

To exhibit at the member rate, your membership dues for HAI fiscal year

2013–14, equal to the annual dues level appropriate for your organization,

must be received before or at the time space applications are confirmed.

To become a member of HAI, visit www.rotor.com/join for an online

application form. If you have questions, please contact the Membership

Department at 703-683-4646 or mbr@rotor.com.

The deadline to cancel or reduce space and receive a partial refund is Dec.

6, 2013. For details, see the “Important Dates” section at the end of this

prospectus or Item 12 of the Rules and Regulations, which can be found at

www.rotor.com/heliexpo. Cancellations or reductions of space may result in

booth relocations.

Secure your space today! Complete your online application for space at



The HELI-EXPO website at


contains important

information for exhibitors:

XXApplication for space

XXRules and regulations

XXBooth guidelines


XXVirtual trade show: the

most current floor plan

XXExhibitor portal: register

for badges, download

complimentary guest

passes, and more

XXExhibitor services kit

XXExhibitor news

XXAnd much more …

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



HELI-EXPO 2013 Exhibitor List

(as of January 15, 2013)

3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance



– A –

AAR Airlift Group

Able Engineering and Component Services

Absolute Trac

Accord Technology LLC

Accurate Accessories, LLC

Aces Dynamic Instruments

ACF-50 / Lear Chemical

Acme Aerospace


AD-S & Co b.v.


Advanced Composite Structures, Inc.

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc

Advanced Helicopter Services

Advanced Technologies Inc.

Advanced Torque Products

Advantage Aviation Technologies, Inc.

AEM Corp

Aerial Machine and Tool

AERO Design Ltd.

Aero Dynamix, Inc.

Aero Precision

Aero Products Component Services

Aero Seats & Systems, Inc.

Aero Sekur Inc.

AERO Specialties, Inc.


aerokurier/Flug Revue

Aerolite Max Bucher AG

Aeromaritime America Inc.


Aeronav Avionics Inc.

Aeronet Software

Aerosafe Risk Management


Aerosonic Corporation

Aerospace Design Facilities Ltd.

Aerospace Optics Inc.

Aerospace Vendor Solutions Inc.

Aerotek Inc.

AeroVan Industries

Aeroweld, Inc.

Ag-Nav Inc.


Ahlers Aerospace, Inc.

AIC Title Service, LLC

Air BP Lubricants

Air Comm Corporation

Air Covers

Air Dallas Instruments, Inc.

Air Parts & Supply Company (APSCO)


Air Rescue Systems (ARS)

Air Shunt Instruments, Inc.

Air Technology Engines, Inc.

Airborne Displays –

Frederick Aero Development

Airborne Engines Ltd.

Airborne Law Enforcement Assn. (ALEA)

Aircraft Belts, Inc. (ABI)

Aircraft Component Design

Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc.

Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Aircraft Marketing, Ltd.

Aircraft Technical Publishers


Airglas, Inc.

AirMaintenance Update

Airmark International


Airwolf Aerospace LLC

AIS, Inc.

AKV, Inc.

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings

Albuquerque Economic Development

All Metal MS

All Weather Inc.

All-System Aerospace Intl, Inc.

ALPHA Global Exchange

Alpine Aerotech Ltd.

American Helicopter Society Intl

American Huey 369 Org.

Amphenol PCD



Andrea Systems LLC

Appareo Systems

Applied Composites Engineering

Arc-tronics, Inc.

Archangel Systems, Inc.

ARGUS International, Inc.

Armoloy of CT, Inc.

Armour of America, Inc.

Arrow Aviation Co. LLC

Astronics Corporation

Atec, Inc.



AV-BASE Systems Inc.


Avalex Technologies Corporation

Avcon Industries, Inc.

Aventech Research Inc.

AvGround Systems Corp.

Avia Press Associates

Aviall, a Boeing Company

Aviation Battery Systems LLC

Aviation Controls, Inc.

Aviation Instrument Services, Inc.

Aviation Personnel

Aviation Plus, Inc.

Aviation Services Unlimited, Inc.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc.


Avicopter Co., Ltd.

AvidAir International

Avidyne Corporation




Avionic Instruments LLC

Avlite Systems

AvQuest Insurance Service Division

of Shaw Aviation Insurance

AvStar Media, LLC

– B –

BAE Systems

Baldwin Aviation, Inc. Safety and Compliance

The Barden Corporation FAG/Schaffler KG

Barfield Inc.

Barnes Aerospace

Barry Cordage Ltd.

Bayards Aluminum Constructions

Becker Avionics, Inc.

Belfort Instrument Company

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Company /

Aeronautical Accessories, Inc. /

McTurbine Inc. / SKYBooks Inc.

Bemsco Inc.

Berkley Aviation LLC

BLR Aerospace

Blue Sky Network, LLC


Bose Corporation

Boxell Aerospace Company

Brady Worldwide, Inc.

Breeze-Eastern Corporation

BrightLine Bags

Bristow Academy, Inc.

Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.

Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co.

Bruce’s Custom Covers

Burgi Engineers

Byron Products

– C –

Cadorath Group


Caledonian Insurance Group, Inc.

California PopTop

Canadian Heli Structures Ltd.

Cannon Aviation Group, Inc.

Chartis Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc.

Cheap Helicopter Time Building

Cherokee Nation Industries

Chopper Spotter Company (J.B. Knowles, Inc.)

Churchill Navigation Inc.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures


Cobham Commercial Systems

Cobra Systems, Inc.


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

Cocoon Inc.

Columbia Helicopters, Inc.

Combat Helicopter Pilots Assn

CommInnovations, Inc.

Commission on Accreditation of

Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)

Component Control

Computer Training Systems

Concorde Battery Corp.

Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc

Consolidated Aircraft Supply Company, Inc.

Control Products Corporation

Cool City Avionics

Corporate Aviation Insurance Group

Corporate Service Supply & Mfg

CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software

Corrosion Technologies Corp.

Creative Tent International, Inc

Crestwood Technology Group

CS Communication & Systems Canada

Curtiss-Wright Controls

– D –

DAC International, Inc.


Dakota Air Parts International Inc.

Dallas Airmotive, Inc.

Dallas Avionics Inc.

Daniels Manufacturing Corp.

Dart Helicopter Services

David Clark Company Inc.

Dayton-Granger, Inc

DeVore Aviation Corporation of America

DFW Instrument Corporation

Diagnostic Solutions International

Diamond J, Inc.

Digital Airware

Digitran A Unit of Electro Switch Corp

The Domus Group Single Business Tower

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense

aka Aerospace Filtration Systems

Douglass Interior Products

DTC DUAT Service

Dynamic Solutions Systems, Inc.

Dynatech International

Dynomax Inc

Dytran Instruments, Inc.

– E –



Eagle Picher Technologies, LLC

EAM Worldwide

East/West Industries, Inc.


ecms Aviation Systems GmbH

Edge Aerodynamix, Inc.

EDMO Distributors, Inc.

EDN Aviation, Inc.

Elbit Systems of America

Electro Enterprises, Inc.

Electroswitch Electronic Products

ELITE Simulation Solutions

eMan Solution

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.

Emhart Teknologies – Spiralock

ENSCO Avionics, Inc.

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation

EQ-1 Wireless Communications

Era Training Center LLC

ErectaStep, LLC

Erickson Air-Crane

Essex Industries

Esterline CMC Electronics Inc.

Esterline Control Systems

Esterline Power Systems



EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions

Executive Instruments, Inc. –

Executive Technical Services


– F –

FAA / AeroNav Products

FAA Safety Team

FAA – Surveillance & Broadcast Services

FAA Wildlife Strike Database

Falcon Crest Aviation Supply Inc.

Falcon Insurance Agency

Fastening Systems International Inc


FEC Heliports

Federal-Mogul Systems Protection

Ferno Aviation, Inc.

Firan Technology Group

Fireside Partners LLC

Fischer + Entwicklungen

Flame Enterprises, Inc.

Flexible Lifeline Systems

Flight Display Systems

Flight Light, Inc.

Flight Suits dba Gibson & Barnes

Flightcell International Ltd

FlightSafety International

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Floats & Fuel Cells Inc.

Flying Musicians Association, Inc.

FLYIT Simulators Inc. Mfg.

Fort Lauderdale Downtown Helistop –

City of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Wayne Metals

Frasca International, Inc.

Freedom Aero Service Inc

FreeFlight Systems


– G –

Gables Engineering, Inc.

Gallagher Aviation – Insurance

Garmin International

GE Aviation

GENA Systems

Geneva Aviation

Gentz Aero

GKN Aerospace

Glenair, Inc.

Global Aerospace, Inc.

Global Filtration, Inc.

Global Finishing Solutions

Global Turbine Parts

Gold Coast Helicopters

Graco Supply and Integrated Service

Greenwich AeroGroup

Griffin Aerospace Models

Groenemann & Summit Aircraft Sales

Guardian Electric Manufacturing Co.

Guidance Aviation

Gulfstream Aerospace

Gyron Systems

– H –

Hammonds Technical Services, Inc.

Hangar One Avionics Inc.


Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair

Hawke Aerospace Group

Hazebuster Optics


HEATCON Composite Systems

Heaven’s Landing, LLC

Heli Asset

Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services Inc.


Heli-Parts Nevada


Heli-Mart, Inc.

HeliBasket, LLC

HeliBuyer Europe

Helicomb International, Inc.

Div of Synchronous Aerospace Group

Helicopter Accessory Service Inc.

Helicopter Association International

Helicopter Association of Canada

Helicopter Engine Repair Overhaul

Services, Inc.

Helicopter Foundation International

Helicopter Helmet.com

Helicopter Magazine Europe

The Helicopter Newspaper

Helicopter Services of Nevada, LLC

Helicopter Specialties, Inc.

Helicopter Technology Company

Helicopters International Shipping Services, LLC

Helicopters Magazine

Helimission International

HeliMods Pty Ltd

HeliMx & D.O.M. magazines

Helinet Technologies

Helinetwork International

HeliOps Magazine



Helispecs Helicopter Maintenance Lt


Helitools, Inc.

Helitowcart (Vanair Inc.)

Helitrades, Inc.

HeliValue$, Inc.


Heliwelders an HNZ Company

Heliworks, LLC.

Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.

HFI Heritage of Helicopters Display

Hickok & Associates, Inc.

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



Hillaero Modification Center

Hillsboro Aviation, Inc.

HiRel Connectors, Inc.

HNZ Topflight

Hoffman Engineering Corporation

Honeywell Aerospace

Hope Aero

Howell Instruments, Inc.

HQ Aero Management Inc

HRD Aero Systems, Inc.



Hupp Aerospace / Defense

Hutchinson Aerospace

H.W. Farren Co., Inc. Aircraft Transportation

HYE-Tech Manufacturing, LLC

– I –

IAC Ltd.

ILA Berlin Air Show 2014

Immaculate Flight

IMS New Zealand Ltd

Infinite Therapeutics

Instrument Specialties Co., Inc

Instrument Technology, Inc.

Integrated Microwave Technologies

Interactive Safety Products, Inc. /

Alpha Eagle Helmets


IntermountainTurbine Services, Inc.

Iternational Governor Services LLC

International Helicopter Safety Team

International Turbine Service

International Vibration Technology

Inventory Locator Service, LLC

Isolair Inc.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

ITT Enidine

– J –


Jet-Care International, Inc.

Jet Support Services, Inc.(JSSI)



Jupiter Avionics Corporation

– K –

Kallman Worldwide

Kaman Aerospace Group

Kamatics Corporation

Kannad Aviation

Kansas Aviation of Independence LLC

Kansas State University – Salina

Kawak Aviation Technologies

Kell-Strom Tool Company, Inc.

Kelly Manufacturing Company

Keystone Med-Flight Services LLC

Keystone Turbines Services

KGS Electronics

Kimball Electronic Laboratory, Inc.

Kinetic Defense Mfg. Inc.

Kutlug Inc.

Kwality Products

– L –


L.J. Walch Co., Inc.

Langara Island Lodge


Latitude Technologies Corporation

Laversab, Inc.

LCX Systems

Leading Edge Composites, Inc.

Leading Edge Insurance Agency, Inc.

Lexavia Integrated Systems

Life Support International, Inc.


LifePort Inc. – a Sikorsky Aerospace Company

Lifesaving Systems Corporation

Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lightspeed Aviation, Inc.

Limco Airepair, Inc

Lloyd Helicopters Asia Pte. Ltd.



Lockheed Martin Thermal Protection Products


LORD Corporation


Lumitron Aerospace Lighting Components

– M –

Machida, Inc.

Maeda USA, LLC

Magellan Aerospace

Main Line Corporation

MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.

Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd

Marvel Manufacturing Company (The)

MASCO Service Corporation

Max-Viz (Astronics)

MD Helicopters, Inc.

Mecaer Aviation Group S.p.A.

Mechanical Specialties LLC


Meeker Aviation Services Ltd.


Merit Apparel Co., Inc.

MetaMAP, Inc.

Metro Aviation, Inc.


Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc.

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics

Middle Georgia State

Milestone Aviation Group

Mint Turbines LLC

Miraj Corporation


MRX Systems S.A.


– N –

NAASCO (North American Aviation Supply)

Nampa Valley Helicopters an HNZ Company

NASA AviationSafetyReporting System

NationAir Insurance Agencies, Inc.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

National EMS Pilots Association

National Transportation Safety Board

Nav-Aids Ltd.

NC Carpet Binding & Upholstery

New Hampshire Ball Bearings (NHBB)

New Hampshire Helicopters

Newcastle Aviation Partners

Newport Aeronautical Sales

Night Flight Concepts

North Alabama Industrial Dev Assn.

North Flight Data Systems LLC

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northwest Helicopters, LLC

NSE Industries

– O –

Oceania Aviation Limited

Onboard Systems


Optical Air Data Systems

Oregon Aero, Inc.

Overseas Aircraft Support Inc.

– P –

PAC International

Pacific Coast Avionics Corp


Pacific Southwest Instruments

Packaging Systems, Inc.

Pall Aeropower

Pan American Tool Corporation

Panalpina Inc. Heliship Div.

Paramount Panels Inc.

Paravion Technology, Inc.

Parker Aerospace

Parvus Corporation

Patriot Taxiway Industries

Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc.

Pergam Technical Services

Peters Software GmbH

Phoenix Heliparts


Physical Optics Corporation


Point Lighting Corporation


Potomac Aviation Technology Corp.

Power Sonix, Inc.

PowerSouth Energy

Powervamp Ltd

PPG Aerospace

Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Pratt & Whitney Tool Support

Precise Flight, Inc.

Precision Fuel Components LLC

Precision Heliparts Inc.

Precision Metalsmiths, Inc.

Premier Turbines A Division of Dallas Airmotive

Priceless Aviation Products

Priority 1 Air Rescue Services Inc.

Professional Aircraft Accessories, Inc.

Professional Aviation Associates

Professional Pilot Magazine

Projects Unlimited, Inc.

Purolator Facet, Inc.

Pynco, Inc.


Exhibitor Prospectus hELI-EXPO 2014

– Q –

QAI – Quality Aviation Instruments, Inc.

QRP, Incorporated, a PEM Company

Quallion LLC

– R –

RAM Company

Ramco Systems Corporation



REBTECH – REB Technologies Inc.

Red Barn Machine, Inc.

Red Hen Systems

RedViking Engineering

Reliance Aerotech Services Inc.


RF System Lab


Robinson Helicopter Company

Rogerson Kratos


Romax Technology, Inc.

Rosen Aviation

Rosen Sunvisor Systems, LLC

Rotair Industries, Inc.

Rotor & Wing

Rotor-Tech International


Rotorcraft Pro Media Network

Rotorcraft Services Group

Rotorcraft Support, Inc.

Russian Helicopters, JSC

RVG/Unique 4 U

– S –

Sabreliner Corporation

SACS Boysen Aerospace U.S. Inc.

Safe Flight Instrument Corporation

SafeComm Products, LLC

Saft America Inc

Sage-Popovich, Inc.

Sagem Avionics, Inc. (Safran Group)

Sandel Avionics

Satair, Inc.

Satcom Direct

Satellite Technology International,Inc.

Saudi Aramco

Sawyer International Airport

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc.

Segers Aero Corporation

SEI Industries Ltd.

Seitz Scientific Industries Inc.

Semco Instruments, Inc.


Sennheiser Aviation

Sensor Technology Ltd


Shadin Avionics


Shephard Media

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace


SHOTOVER Camera Systems

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts

SIFCO Minneapolis

Sigma Aerospace Metals, LLC

Sikorsky Aerospace Services

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Sikorsky Global Helicopters

Sikorsky Military Systems

Silicon Forest Electronics

Simplex Aerospace


Skurka Aerospace Inc.

SkyIMD, Inc.

SkyTrac Systems Ltd.

Société Générale Equipment Finance

Soloy Aviation Solutions

Southeast Aerospace

Southern Rotorcraft USA Inc.

Southwest Fuel Systems, LLC

Spartech Polycast

Specmat Technologies Inc.

Spectrolab Inc.

Spectrum Aeromed

Spider Tracks Limited

SPX Precision Components


The Squadron Inc.

SRT Helicopters, LLC

Staco Systems



StarterGenerator.com Division of Aeroval, Inc.

Staubli Corporation

Sterling Helicopter


Strom Aviation/Strom Direct

STS Aviation Group

Summit Aviation

Sun Aviation, Inc.

SureFlight Aircraft Completions

Survival Systems Training Limited

Sutton James, Inc.


Switlik Parachute Co., Inc.

– T –

Takata Protection Systems

Tanis Preheat

TE Connectivity

Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc.

Technisonic Industries Limited


Teledyne Battery Products

(GILL Aircraft Batteries)

Tesla Industries, Inc.

Test Logic, Inc.

TGH Aviation

THALES Aerospace – Helicopter Solutions

Tiger Performance Products, Inc.

Tiger Tugs



Towcart.com (Web Equipment LLC)

TRACE Worldwide Corporation

TracMap Aviation Ltd

TracPlus USA, Inc.

Trade-A-Plane (TAP Publishing Company)

Trakka Corp Pty Ltd.

Transaero, Inc.

Transupport, Inc.


Tri-County Instruments, Inc.

Tri-Star Technologies


Troll Systems

True-Course Aviation Insurance

Turbo Power, LLC


Turtle-Pac Pty. Ltd.

– U –

U.S. Department of Interior

Office of Aviation Services

U.S. Manufacturing & Design, Inc.

UND Aerospace – University of North Dakota

Uniflight LLC

United Rotorcraft

United Turbine Corp.

Universal Avionics Systems Corp.

Universal Helicopters

US General Services Administration Property

Management Division

U.S. Specialty Insurance Company

Aviation Division


UTair-Engineering JSC

UTC Aerospace Systems – Goodrich

– V –

Van Horn Aviation LLC

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services

North America

Vertical Magazine

VIH Aerospace Inc

VIH Aviation Group

Vislink Surveillance

Volga Dnepr Unique Air Cargo, Inc.

– W –

WBParts Inc.

Westmor Fluid Solutions

Westone Laboratories, Inc.


Whirly-Girls International

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Williams & Williams Inc.

WireMasters, Inc

Women in Aviation, International


World Fuel Services Inc.

Wysong Enterprises, Inc

– X –

XMWX Satellite Weather

– Z –

ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH

Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Services Americas

Anaheim, CA • February 24–27



Important Dates

HELI-EXPO 2014 important deadlines and notices will be sent via email to the exhibitor contact on file. To

prevent spam blockers from filtering out HELI-EXPO 2014 communications, add heliexpo@rotor.com to your

email address book. Also, monitor rotor.com/heliexpo for up-to-date information.


June 28

August 16

August 30

October 11

November 1


Late November

December 6

December 6

December 27


January 10

January 17

January 24

January 24

January 24

February 7

February 25–27

Lottery 1 (Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4) application for space and payment due

Lottery 2 (Stages 1, 2, and 3) application for space and payment due

Lottery 1 booth assignment confirmations sent

Lottery 2 booth assignment confirmations sent

Last day to cancel or reduce space and receive partial refund minus 25 percent

administrative fee (see Item 12 of the Rules and Regulations at www.rotor.com/heliexpo)

Exhibitor services kit available online

HAI Pilot Safety and Flight Operations Guidelines sent to exhibitors bringing aircraft

Booth variance request deadline

Last day to cancel or reduce space and receive partial refund minus 50 percent

administrative fee (see Item 12 of the Rules and Regulations at www.rotor.com/heliexpo)

Last day to apply for space and be included in the Program & Exhibit Guide

Hotel reservation deadline – group

Hotel reservation deadline – individual

Deadline to submit HAI forms from the exhibitor services kit

HAI official vendor discount deadline

Aircraft display and insurance documents due to HAI Operations

Deadline to purchase additional exhibit hall guest passes

Exhibit hall open

Helicopter Association International

1920 Ballenger Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314-2898

T 703-683-4646 | F 703-683-0341 | heliexpo@rotor.com


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