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New innovations in physical

protection from Technocover

Technocover has

introduced a series of

innovations across its

UltraSecure range of

LPCB approved security

equipment, billed as

the next generation

of intelligent physical


The company has been

working with clients and

technology suppliers to

advance the functionality

of its high security doors,

enclosures, access covers

and associated products to

support strategic security

and operational efficiency

on the critical national

infrastructure (CNI) site.

New state-of-the-art access

control offers scope to

integrate UltraSecure

equipment with central

access management of

multiple sites. Options

include fob, keypad

and radio-frequency

identification (RFID)

activated locks, with

features such as personnel

ID and hierarchical access

control, failsafe or failsecure

functions, and timed access


Also new is an 8 point

wheel lock for UltraSecure

Sentinel doors, plus LCD

privacy glass viewing

panels, switching from

frosted to clear. An

innovative padlock

with solenoid control is

now available on new

UltraSecure doors or for

retrofitting to existing units.

Simplifying sitework and

project management

is a new generation

of UltraSecure kiosks,

delivered ready-assembled

and fitted out with M&E

services for fast installation

and easy connection to

mains power. They come

with factory-fitted access

control data exchanges,

vision panels, lighting,

heating and ventilation

services, plus an aesthetic

new lining made from

environmentally friendly,

premium recycled HDPE

plastic (also available

on other UltraSecure


Advances in horizontal

access include an

UltraSecure roof access

hatch with remote control

of opening/closing via

a motorised actuator.

The latest UltraSecure

flush fitting access cover

incorporates a

3-tier design

with inspection

hatch, fall

arrest system

and anticontamination

features for


tanks and


ADANI launches new integrated

door access full body scanner

ADANI has officially

launched the new Conpass

DA integrated double door

access full body scanner.

The Conpass DA (Door

Access) offers an integrated

access control solution

which has the capacity

to detect a wide range

of organic and inorganic

objects concealed under

clothing, in bags or hidden

in the anatomical cavities

of inspected individuals.

The product is one of

the latest and most

advanced versions of the

internationally successful

ADANI Conpass full body

scanner. The Conpass

DA has the following

unique features which

highlight its advantages

as a tool for enhancing

security: Discrete selective

scanning of visitors and

staff; Opportunity to

hold a suspect inside the

booth; Remote operation;

Bulletproof construction

option; Integrated 2

way communication and

internal CCTV option

The system can be

integrated into existing

entrance infrastructure

and access control system.

Therefore providing

maximum effectiveness

and improving efficiency

of operational procedures

of the security checkpoint.

This model of full body

scanner is designed to

be used at VIP facilities,

military bases, critical

infrastructure sites and any

other applications where

there is a need for the

highest level of security

and visitor inspection.

The advanced technology

used in Conpass

makes screening

safe for operators

and individuals

being scanned. All

Conpass systems

are compliant with

ANSI 43.17-2009

regulations and that

justifies its use for

general public.

Simon Lyster,

Managing Director, ADANI

Limited said ”The demand

for more complete

personnel screening

solutions is increasing in

a variety of markets as a

result of a mixture of events

and the realization by the

enforcement agencies

that the technology exists

to safely screen for a

wide range of banned

and dangerous items.

The ADANI Conpass DA

offers a unique capability

for discreetly scanning

individuals entering sites

where there is an issue of

contraband smuggling or

a constant security threat.

At ADANI, we have always

been proud of the fact

that we offer a flexible

approach to meeting the

customer’s needs.”

Axis announces full-featured fixed

network cameras with WDR in HDTV


Axis Communications

introduces new additions

to its successful AXIS Q16

Series. The latest cameras

offer a number of new

capabilities including

wide dynamic range (Axis’

WDR-Forensic Capture*),

Lightfinder, HDTV 1080p

resolution, electronic image

stabilization and shock


“Airport, train station,

government and perimeter

protection are some

examples of situations

where image quality

is critical to minimize

investigation times and

to protect assets – even

if the lighting situation is

extremely difficult,” says

Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director

of Product Management.

”The new AXIS Q1615

cameras not only offer full

HD resolution but also

automatically switch settings

between high dynamic

scenes and Lightfinder

mode, ensuring all details

are captured in dark and

bright areas at the same

time. The new cameras are

also our first fixed cameras

to provide 50/60 frames per

seconds in HDTV 1080p

resolution. This is twice the

normal frame rate, which

allows the cameras to even

better record smooth video

when people or vehicles are

moving fast.”

In addition to the ability

to seamlessly transition

between WDR, Forensic

Capture and Lightfinder

mode, the indoor AXIS

Q1615 and the outdoorready

AXIS Q1615-E

offer several image

processing features to

enhance image usability,

such as barrel distortion

correction, electronic image

stabilization for steady

images in an environment

with tough vibrations. In

addition, the fixed cameras

also support high profile in

H.264 and enhanced Max

Bit Rate controllers which

assure that the bandwidth

remains within the defined


International Procurement Services

announce the completion of contract

to an unspecified European Police

Force, with a total contract worth in

excess of 500,000 GBP

The contract to supply

a complete range

of countermeasure

equipment and training

includes OSCOR Green,

ORION 2.4 NLJD and



Spectrum Analyser can

detect illicit eavesdropping

signals, perform site

surveys for communication

systems, conduct radio

frequency emissions

analysis and investigate

misuse of the RF spectrum.

It can be connected to

remotely, enabling the

operator to monitor away

from the equipment and

data files collected can be

saved to external devices

offering the ability to

export data and produce

reports on activity.

The ORION 2.4 Non

Linear Junction Detector

is latest completely

new lightweight version

weighing just 1.4kg (3lbs)

will detect the presence of

electronics as small as SIM

cards or mobile phones,

regardless of whether

the electronics target is


hard wired,

or even

turned off.

The Talan



Analyser is

the most






Analyser. It

has been


to detect

illicit taps and bugs on

either analogue or digital

telephone lines. With new

enhancements built into

the software interface,

users can also now test

internet protocols (IP)

packet traffic on voice-over

Internet Protocol (VoIP)

phones and systems,

define advanced filtering

options, and data can now

be stored and exported to

USB or Flash as data files

for analysis or reporting


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