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>> in tandem.

The aerial platform is

secured to the base unit

via a cable which serves as

a power supply and data

link. A silenced generator

powers the system

enabling continuous 24/7

operation. The machine

itself is relatively quiet

and passive; emitting

no electronic signals. It

should be emphasized

again that as the

HoverMast is tethered, it

is not bound by any of the

air control regulations that

bind standard unmanned


The system can host a

wide range of payloads.

It can host any payload

weighing up to 6 kg,

including CCD/IR cameras,

radars, laser designators,

4th-5th March 2015

The Hague, Netherlands

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relays, cellular antennas,

and hyperspectral

sensors. Additionally, it

can receive COMINT and

ELINT. With the ability

to operate on land and

at sea, even while the

vehicle is in motion, the

HoverMast-100 enables

target detection, location,

and identification as well

as autonomous tracking.

Target coordinates

and video images

are transmitted within

seconds and without the

need of an experienced

operator via its wide

band communication link,

relaying critical data to

selected recipients in real


The HoverMast is already

in operation with the Israeli

Defense Force.


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Media Partners:

Police in Chennai have implemented

‘Face Recognition’ in a Crowd


The Police in Chennai have

positioned themselves

at the forefront of Smart

City Surveillance having

implemented iOmniscient’s

Face Recognition in a

Crowd system in a part of

this city, the sixth largest in


The system installed in the

T. Nagar Market enables

the police to recognize

people of interest outdoors

in a totally uncontrolled

environment and to track

them as they show up on

different cameras.

Mr. Senthil

Manickavasagam, M.D.

Supporting Organisations:

of Mars Electronics

who implemented the

system said, “The main

requirement from the

electronic surveillance

used for public safety

was that it must function

in a difficult outdoor

environment. We faced

a big problem with this.

The many technologies

we tried from Russia, USA

and Europe worked well

when used in a controlled

setting indoors, but in the

practical crowded scene

of an Indian marketplace,

nothing worked. Then we

implemented iOmniscient’s


Defendec releases HD Camera for situational awareness platform Smartdec

Defendec have released a

new high capability camera

module for situational

awareness platform

Smartdec at Eurosatory

2014, bringing significant

improvements to its system

for users in the field.

Smartdec, the defense

and security company’s

flagship product, uses a

network of small wireless

cameras linked to motion

sensors that send visual

confirmation to end users

in a matter of seconds.

The system upgrades

provide a HD picture

with a HDR capability,

increase the speed of

image transmission and

alarm arrival time and

increase the distance of

the detectors from the

main bridge enhancing

the system’s overall


The Smartdec system

consists of a series of small,

lightweight, and easily

camouflaged detectors

that are equipped with a

camera and long-lasting

batteries, a communication

base unit, and the control

center. When movement is

sensed, the detector sends

a visual confirmation to the

control center. There the

image can be analyzed,

and border patrols can

determine whether or not

to send patrols to inspect

the area.

Smartdec can be up and

running in just two minutes

without any additional

training needed. The

cameras are designed to

be deployed in remote

and rugged terrain where

it is difficult to conduct foot

patrols. The cameras are

programmed to

only recognize


and vehicle


False alarms

for wild animals

have been


This feature

prevents from

wasting time on

nuisance calls. The system

can be operational for

years with only one battery

charge cycle making it

almost maintenance free.

Smartdec’s equipment

is completely wireless so

additional infrastructure

investments are


The detectors are

connected to the GSM

phone network, which

means that most major

towns and cities are

covered. In countries where

GSM coverage is spotty, a

local radio network bridge

can be set up to connect

the cameras to the control


“Smartdec offers border

guard and critical




with limited


and budget


an effective




solution to put an end

to vandalism, human

trafficking, narcotics

smuggling, and other

nefarious activities,” said

Jaanus Tamm, CEO of

Defendec Ltd. “Smartdec

is truly a unique product

that is operational around

the world, and it is

improving remote areas

security every day.”

Since the initial rollout

of the system in 2010,

Smartdec has been

securing borders along

the European Union’s

eastern front, Asia and the

Caribbean. The system has

been proven to help stop

international smuggling,

illegal trafficking, and

acts of sabotage making

it the technology of

choice among border

guards around the

world. Smartdec is also

operational in the critical

infrastructure sector

making the protection

of assets in remote areas

much easier.

Morpho Upgrades Dutch ID

Documents for Greater Security

Working closely with

the Dutch government,

Morpho (Safran)

leveraged its experience

and expertise to develop

highly secure biometric

travel documents and

identity cards integrating

cutting-edge technology.

With new, innovative

security features and

a validity of 10 years,

the latest generation

identification documents

will provide greater

protection against

document fraud.

The ID card and travel

document datapage

now feature Morpho’s

patented Stereo Laser

Image (SLI® technology,

a three-dimensional

image reproducing

the document holder’s

portrait). Designed to

check the authenticity

of the primary image,

this innovative security

feature helps prevent

photo falsification. For

additional security, a laser

perforated number (TLN

- Tilted Laser Number),

visible when tilted against

the light, will be located

on the primary image of

each document.

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