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Dr Grace Mugabe: Now the sky is the limit!

the oracle


In his traditional interviews granted to

ZTV every February to mark his birthday,

President Mugabe this year said he was

sticking on to the leadership of his party and

therefore country because he was afraid his

party would disintegrate due to factional fissures

that have been growing deeper by the


He also confirmed that, even at the age of

90, he did not want anyone to discuss his retirement

or succession because it was not yet

due — that he was still around and not going


Mugabe said: “But why should it [succession]

be discussed when it’s not due? Is it

due? Well, the leadership still exists that

runs the country. In other words, I am still

there. The people can discuss it if they want,

but the moment they start discussing it, they

are going into factions and then you find the

party dividing itself, and so why dividing,

why discuss it when it’s not due?

“When the day comes and I retire, that’s

sure, the day will come. What I don’t want

is, I don’t want to leave my party in tatters; I

want to leave it intact.”

With these words coming from his mouth,

little doubt remains that Mugabe entertains

the idea of being Life President — of dying

in office. The message he sends is that he has

the desire and ambition to stay in power and

his excuse is that the situation in Zanu PF

and Zimbabwe has become so bad it is only

him that can save the country.

Watching and listening to him speak — relating

how Americans and Europeans fear

and hide away from him each time they see

him, “because of the power that you have invested

in me” — you cannot doubt the man’s

strength and determination.

It is evident the President is brimming

with ambition to take the throne to the grave.

Of course, the excuses advanced for the

permanent occupancy of the throne are just

the typical platefuls of bull that we eat up

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe

from our politicians day in and day out.

Just as almost all those eagle-eyed politicians

would have us believe that none of

them harbour Presidential ambitions — that

they are all there for nothing but to be the

people’s servants — we know all that is lies

and that virtually all of them have keen ambition

to one day become President!

While in other countries political power

(inter or intra party) is exchanged after a few

years, politicians in Zanu PF all pretend that

they actually do not want the apex seat in

the party and country yet, behind the scenes

vicious fights amongst this cowardly lot rage

night and day.

They are all simply too cowardly to stand

up and challenge for the top post which each

of them long for.

But then again, Mugabe’s intimidating utterances

about there being “no vacancy” for

his post and about “succession debates not

due” do not help matters. Those men and

women whom Zanu PF renegade, the diminutive

firebrand Margret Dongo once described

as Mugabe’s wives, are then thrown

into dark corners of silence or into a bootlicking


Nonetheless Zanu PF politicians must

know that it is absurd for them to deny they

want power — such denials are just red meat

on the platter.

In any case, it would also be absurd for us

to believe their denials. After all, there is

virtually nothing wrong or criminal or disrespectful

or immoral about being an ambitious


What is interesting however is that, while

they may publicly castigate those “accused”

of seeking to grab the throne from Mugabe,

there are certain politicians whose inadvertent

speeches and or actions have betrayed

their presidential ambitions.

So, surrounded by fearful comrades, most

of whom have in fact been scrambling to

idolise him and make him an infallible demigod,

Mugabe is tempted to make himself Life

President, or to create a Mugabe dynasty in


Already, the President has declared that

everyone, including the usually exempted

members of the presidium, is going to have

to fight for their positions at the coming December

congress. There are only two exceptions

— only two people that cannot be challenged

— Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Mugabe and his wife have conveniently

been endorsed in their positions of party

President and Women’s League Secretary.

But for the distant observer, it just does

not look exactly clean, innocent, moral, decent

or prissy that everybody but the leader

and his wife must face challenges for their

positions — that only the leader and his wife

must not be challenged!

In the circumstances, the possibility of the

creation of a Gu-Shung-Ho dynasty becomes

difficult to discount — given the overwhelming

authority of the President.

Now that the First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s

official title becomes: The First Lady, Comrade

Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Dr.

Grace Mugabe — the Sky is the Limit!


RESPONDING to the opinion piece;

Zanu PF secrets: Mutsvangwa must tell

it all (The Standard September 6 to 13

2014) Mapingu writes: While I do agree

with Mutizwa on almost all issues he

raised, I only want to say, may be just a

single drop of truth for whatever purpose

its revealed, makes the ocean better

than one filled with lies. True, [Chris]

Mutsvangwa, like all Zanu PF officials is

not honest and patriotic by any measure,

hence his highly selective pronouncement

of truth. Most of us who

were of age during the struggle have

always known that Joice [Mujuru] never

downed any plane. It has all been a

figment of Zanu PF elite’s imagination

calculated to propel individuals to positions

they don’t deserve under the

guise of such past heroic expeditions.

The beauty of it is, since it now comes

from another Zanu PF cadre, then our

most abused youth might start realising

that most of the rubbish sold to them as

“History of the Struggle” is worse than

James Bond fiction. Immediately after

Mutsvangwa revealed this well-known

element of truth one young man who I

believe has always doubted me when I

said most of Zanu PF heroes, including

Joice, are Zanu PF manufactured heroes,

immediately phoned me and said “now

bro I believe you; all along I thought you

were bluffing”. All I am saying is, may be

it’s the beginning of the writing of a truthful

Zimbabwe struggle history. All along

it has been lies, lies, lies, lies. Zanu PF lies.

Col Shadow writes: “Never in a thousand

years” was what Smith said during

the struggle .Think like a revolutionary.

We fought and won the struggle.

What’s so amazing about differences in

the house? Don’t try to make a mountain

out of an anthill, it’s us Zanla /Zipra

and the patriotic Zimbabweans who liberated

this country. Mutsvangwa is justified.

Patriotism comes with pride and

costs that cannot be measured .Waivepi

iwewe? [where were you?]

No Lies says: The whole truth will surface

one day. The question is, will it be

of any good? Every time some information

comes up about where we came

from as a country we start realising that

we’ve been fed with lies all along. This

makes us question everything about

our so-called heroes and doubt their

decision -making as leaders, that’s why

we find ourselves in this current situation

where we are led by people who

got to their positions through lies and

they appoint their friends not on merit

but as a way to buy their silence. The big

question is: Who are our true heroes?

Do they exist? Who are our enemies?

Are our so-called heroes our enemies,

just in a different skin colour ?

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