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September 14 to 20 2014


Simple kitchen

with elegant

floors and

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Noma Ndlovu

Kitchens are the soul of the home. Gone are

the days where kitchens were the domain

of maids and mothers, where you only went

to get your food refill. Things have changed,

kitchens have become the crowning glory of a

home. The old formula to create a triangular

flow - fridge, sink and stove has been replaced

by a functionality that is user-friendly and interactive.

Kitchens have evolved to showcase personality

and style. I have often pointed out that

each room of the house is important but detail

and state of a room is what sets your property

apart from the rest should you decide to sell.

A kitchen is a good selling point, the classier

and modern the kitchen is the more value it

adds to your home.

Before you decide on the theme of your

kitchen, you need to be clear on whether you

are remodelling or renovating. Remodelling

is a completely new kitchen where you are

changing not only the fixtures but the floor

plan , space , appliances and all else. Renovating

is simply updating fixtures and fittings

and without changing the floor plan or removing

walls. Your wall colour will set the tone for

your kitchen.

Kitchen Must Haves

Sinks and Faucets. Kitchens have become

trendy in the last decade. Stainless steel kitchen

sinks have a new look. New material is

now being used in the design of sinks that can

match the colour of your floors, counter tops

or appliances. Sinks can now be under mount,

top mount or apron style, just depends on your


Countertops. There are many options

when it comes to counter tops. You can use

granite, quartz, marble, concrete, wood, stainless

steel, laminate, solid surface, recycled

glass and tiles. I love granite countertops especially

the ones that glow in the dark. If budget

is not an issue I definitely recommend granite

for your countertops. It really does add value

to your home and it wears well. It holds heat

well and has the second hardness rating after

diamonds. Choose a countertop that is durable

and easy to maintain. Local kitchen designers

have a wide range of these counters to

help make your kitchen dream come true.

Cabinets and Back Wash. You can’t go

wrong with wood. Wood can be stained to suit

your colour choices to a certain extent. Wood

gives your kitchen a more rustic feel and ages

well. Wood laminate is a cheaper alternative

but does not age well. You can get creative

with your space. It does not mean that a small

space can’t have a stunning kitchen. In fact

small kitchens are the best to design as you

are working with fewer elements. Use sliding

drawers for lower cabinets and grooved sling

drawers for spices. Work with colour tones

and accents as these will help give an illusion

of space. Dark woods on white walls or white

woods against dark walls or light walls the

end result is always a stunning kitchen. Back

wash or back splash that’s the area between

your top cabinets and the counter tops. This

area needs to stand out and flow with the design.

Sitting Area. The kitchen being the soul

of the home, a sitting area is a must. Depending

on the size of your family you might need

to remodel your kitchen if space is an issue.

However sitting area does not necessarily

have to be in the kitchen per se as these days

open plan is the in thing and the kitchen spills

into the dining area. You can choose to have

a sliding glass door to separate the two areas

just to add a bit of mystery and pizazz to your

area. Choose light sitting which is durable and

blends well with your space.

Pantry and Scullery

In larger kitchens, these are generally over

flow rooms. These need not be dreary rooms

or spaces. If you are remodelling you can add

them to your floor plan as overflow rooms or

as part of the kitchen cabinetry. The scullery

can house your dishwashing machine, washer

and dryer.

Appliances, Lighting and Flooring

There is a plethora of appliance manufacturers

who provide a range of appliances that suit

any budget. You can select your appliances to

go with your colour scheme. If yellow is your

theme go with the flow and ensure cohesiveness

in your design that wows and welcomes

people into your space. Lighting in the kitchen

should not be limited to the one bright florescent

light that we all know. Have three sources

of lighting – the bright one for you to see what

you are cooking, the dim one for dining and

the general one for normal lighting. Flooring

should be practical as well; I love Caesarstone

tiles which can also be adapted to countertops.

High gloss wood, ceramic and stone tiles

should be your options. Stick to one colour for

your flooring, not only does this add flow to

your theme; it adds value and simple elegance

to your home.

Kitchens are now classified as contemporary,

eclectic, traditional, luxury, classic,

modern, bespoke, funky, coastal, the list goes

on. However what is most important is how

you define your kitchen space. These dream

kitchens are attainable, all you need is to decide

what you what, stablish your budget,

shop around and choose a reputable Interior

designer or a Specialist Kitchen Designer who

can match your ideas to form and functionality.

The good thing is we have talented Kitchen

Designers in Zimbabwe that you can work

with to create a beautiful bespoke kitchen that

suits your needs. Till then Keep Calm and

Love your Home.

Credits – SA home Owner – August 2014.

Noma Ndlovu is an Interior Designer & Property

Stylist. Feedback on unaminkosi@yahoo. or

Sliding drawers for lower cabinets to minimize clutter an excellent way to maintain an elegant


A double under mount sink with a high pressure shower faucet.

A built in storage area for your washing machines

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