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September 14 to 20 2014

What was

Noah thinking?

Dylan Wilson Max

The story of Noah and the Ark is one of my

favourites; the dove at the end with the olive

branch is a true testament to faith. However

with hindsight, there are some little crawlings

for which gardeners blame Noah. He gave

them a free ride!

Maybe what Noah needed was a couple

of “touts” calling the shots – maybe we need

another flood so that this time we can get it

right! I touched on aphids and thunder flies

last week, this week we want to touch on the

other general pests and diseases that made it

onto the ark “without paying their 5 Rand.”

Plants are resilient wise more advanced than

humans. You can chop their head, dry them

out and abuse them in ways that would drive

any human being to the grave, but you find

they still revive and in some cases come back

much stronger than before.

Fungi is to plants what kryptonite is to

Superman. Fungi is definitely the “uber”

bad guy in a Superhero flick. They have the

ability to actually over time form a protective

shield around themselves thus ensuring

that the job of destroying your garden is done

in a peaceful environment. They also spread

themselves around quite efficiently producing

large numbers of spores by using mediums

like wind, rainwater and animals to further

ensure that their life is replicated efficiently.

One of the signs of fungi is powdery mildew,

this can form on roses, lilacs, zinnias, grapes

etc... When you see a white powdery substance

on your plants without explanation, know that

the enemy is at work.

There are remedies for fungi. There are

“salad dressing” options I mentioned, however

it would be best to consult your favourite

agrochemical supplier and look for fungicidal

chemicals. A fungus can turn a lush palm tree

into a sick looking mess in a matter of months

and they do their most work during our windy

months. Fungi, not really Noah’s fault ….but

the jury is still out on this one!

Army worms and other caterpillars are getting

ready for the summer. Be on the look-out

for these, especially wedding venue owners

near farms. Remember what happens around

you will start happening to you when we speak

of pests and diseases.

Snails and slugs can also prove to be a

problem, especially with your more succulent

stemmed plants. The pests love the good stuff,

mainly all the nutrients located at the base of

the plant upwards from the roots.

In all the above cases prevention is always better

than cure. This cold spell might be useful

in delaying attacks; however it will get warmer,

be on the look-out for black pots, powdery

mildew and caterpillars. Treat them early and

save yourself the hassle in the future.

Till Next Week …Go with God…As they say

Papua New Guinea

Come and join us for a

wonderful day out at The

Annual Garden Show on

13th-14th September.

Come and get some ideas for your own garden by looking at the

exciting garden designsthat our nurseries and landscapers are

putting together.

Bring a piece of a plant you’d like identified or come and ask

questions about your garden at our experts Q&A Panel and listen

to a variety of other interesting talks and demonstrations

(all free).

The tea garden will be serving delicious teas and lunches,

with gluten and dairy-free options available.

For the kids there will be a fantastic Kid’s Zone (enclosed, shaded,

bottled water available, no water slides) and African Themes

Pottery will be there with a “Kiddies Corner” where your children

can paint and decorate their own piece of pottery.

Get Inspired! Get Gardening!

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