Cement for Life IRD Swiss

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<strong>Cement</strong> <strong>for</strong><br />

<strong>Life</strong><br />

Greenfield Plant Project<br />

4000 TPD – HFO Fired<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Plot Size<br />

900 x 450 m<br />

<strong>Cement</strong> <strong>for</strong><br />

<strong>Life</strong><br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Limestone will be transported into the plant by a<br />

covered belt from the quarry site into a circular preblending<br />

storage yard of a diameter of 90m which<br />

can contain 8-day storage. The pile will be<br />

permanent layered by the new incoming raw<br />

material to provide low chemical differences.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The most needed additives, Clay and Gypsum will<br />

be stocked in open yards to be crushed and moved<br />

by hydraulic windlasses into a huge roofed yard.<br />

Accordingly the prevailing local weather conditions<br />

all walls of the yard can be closed.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The roofed yard will be fed with other additives like<br />

Ore, Sand and special process amendments which<br />

can be stocked directly by dump trucks also from<br />

back side;<br />

...and comes out automatically by belts to be fed<br />

into the clinker and cement process.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants<br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The pre-mill section contains a vertical mill with a<br />

capacity of 460 to/h of the latest generation<br />

inclusive an effective dedusting and a<br />

homogenisation silo <strong>for</strong> 3-day storage.<br />

All devices and aggregates are in-housed.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Lifted by feeder the pre-blended raw mix will be<br />

moved in the pre-heater tower and pass a 5-stage<br />

cyclone heater to be warmed up in a high graded<br />

calciner at the end of the pre-heating process on<br />

650°C.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

A state of the art rotary kiln with a length of 56m<br />

plus tertiary air duct guarantees an optimized<br />

energy and fuel need. The clinker will be cooled<br />

down after passing kiln by a high efficiency grate<br />

cooler.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

If NG or Oil available we offer a sufficient Oil / Gas<br />

firing unit as part of turn-key price, includes either<br />

HFO oil dust blower or Gas nozzle system;<br />

inclusive entirely auxiliary equipment. For coal<br />

firing need please call <strong>for</strong> an optionally and suitable<br />

coal treatment and milling plant.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

A central situated process control building contains<br />

all control options and a fully equipped cement Lab.<br />

A water treatment system including a re-circulation<br />

sewerage dispose unit let drop the daily fresh<br />

water need to a minimum amount.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

After clinker cooling the crushed clinker will be<br />

lifted up by belt into the top of the clinker silo,<br />

Ø50x45m with 8-day storage capacity be<strong>for</strong>e<br />

entering the grinding department where two lines<br />

of roller presses plus 13m long ball mills grind the<br />

clinker material with Gypsum to Portland-<strong>Cement</strong>.<br />

.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

4 cement silos can store <strong>for</strong> 8 days cement,<br />

Ø18x40m each with separate dedusting filter and<br />

automatic belt conveyor feeding the loading<br />

department to fill bags, big-bags and bulk truck<br />

cement. The silos are connected to each other due<br />

to level the cement amount similarly.<br />

Execution of the cement silos as well as all other silos can be done<br />

in steel or concrete. Between the two possibilities there are<br />

considerable pricing differences, so we will advise the right solution<br />

<strong>for</strong> your circumstances. All silos belong except from the inside<br />

technical equipment like lifts, in and outlets, to the civil work (CW).<br />

We hand over at start of construction all necessary drawings and<br />

statement of works there<strong>for</strong>e, so the CW-company must not do any<br />

design work. Executing the silos in concrete and steel re-in<strong>for</strong>ceded<br />

construction needs to have an experienced team of concrete<br />

workers to setup a sufficient slip<strong>for</strong>m by a well known shuttering<br />

<strong>for</strong>mwork manufacturer. Use our lots of experiences in this field!<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The loading department provides a bag loading<br />

zone, a big-bag zone and a bulk loading zone.<br />

4 bag trucks, 2 big-bag trucks and 2 bulk trucks<br />

can be loaded simultaneously. In addition are 3<br />

hand-loading truck places available, 2 at outer wall<br />

and 1 in the rear loading department yard.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Bulk loading zone provide 2 self-filling stations with<br />

easy connecting flanges to load up the silo trucks<br />

through the truck drivers themselves. Bags and big<br />

bags will be loaded up by <strong>for</strong>klifters which requires<br />

piling the bags on pallets according the European<br />

pallet system EURO-PALLET.<br />

All vehicles, trucks, dump loaders and <strong>for</strong>klifters don’t belong to<br />

our equipment delivery but are in responsibility of each client<br />

himself. If wished we will assist to buy a sufficient motor pool.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The pallet system needs to hand back all used<br />

pallets be<strong>for</strong>e loading new. There<strong>for</strong>e the plant<br />

provide a pallet revoking place where all unused<br />

pallets will be returned to the filling department<br />

above the loading zones in order to be reused.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Well structured plant traffic guarantees a clean and<br />

safe vehicle management within the factory.<br />

Arriving trucks have to be parked on a separate<br />

truck waiting zone be<strong>for</strong>e entering the loading<br />

department. All ways are obviously denoted on the<br />

ground as well as by special traffic signs.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

Incoming and leaving pick-up trucks are complete<br />

controlled by SAP® management software system<br />

SAP-ALL which guarantees a secure sale of<br />

cement amounts and customer clearness while<br />

staying in the plant area to every point in time.<br />

After passing the loading<br />

department all trucks have to be<br />

weighed on a truck weigh bridge to<br />

specify the loaded data which will<br />

be instant submit to the sales<br />

department, where a SAP software<br />

system recognize the difference<br />

between the tare weight and the<br />

loaded weight to compute the<br />

cement amount which leaves the<br />

plant by each truck. Every incoming<br />

truck gets a special transponder<br />

sticker on each vehicle <strong>for</strong><br />

determining of customer’s purchase<br />

record, readable in the sale, so each<br />

client becomes invoiced<br />

instantaneously. Cash payers have<br />

to pay be<strong>for</strong>e loading, but can just<br />

leave the plant if the amount hasn’t<br />

overstepped the payment in<br />

advance. On the same weigh bridge<br />

will be weighed the incoming traffic<br />

after a truck will be prompted to<br />

enter the loading department by an<br />

electronic pager on the opposite site<br />

of weigh bridge. In addition to the<br />

electronic bill of loading paper will<br />

be submitted all vehicle data on the<br />

mentioned transponder as well.<br />

Hence are thefts impossible<br />

because mismatching data between<br />

the weights or driving past at the<br />

weigh bridge keep the exit gate<br />

closed because the transponder<br />

transmits a wrong rapport. This<br />

system is new and very efficient to<br />

manage a cement plant under<br />

avoiding losses.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

The plant has 2 Gates which can be entered. First<br />

is the main gate, controls the incoming and leaving<br />

traffic. All vehicles get stick a flexible one-way<br />

transponder to submit the position, customer data,<br />

plate number and times while staying in the plant.<br />

Finally the transponder gives way out if all is done.<br />

Second gate let only supplier<br />

traffic in. All deliveries <strong>for</strong><br />

additives come by dump<br />

trucks from outside and will<br />

be controlled by plate<br />

numbers and materials<br />

delivered. It is independent if<br />

the incoming trucks belong<br />

to the plant owner or are<br />

sent from sub contractors<br />

from other companies<br />

….each vehicle has to pass a<br />

registration while entering<br />

and leaving. The traffic ways<br />

<strong>for</strong> such deliverers do not<br />

disturb the customer truck<br />

ways inside the plant.<br />

Anyway, truck accidents<br />

happen a lot within cement<br />

companies worldwide a year.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

In some regions of the world customers have either<br />

Natural Gas or Oil available, so we can offer several<br />

solutions <strong>for</strong> nearly all energy problems, either<br />

using different Oils or other waste gas; that is also<br />

valid <strong>for</strong> creating own electrical energy within the<br />

plant area.<br />

Optionally we offer a wide range of<br />

additional equipment to run a cement<br />

plant. Either you have a special need of<br />

pyro-sourcing, neither oil nor gas available,<br />

or you face a lack of internal electricity, we<br />

find the right way out. You can choose<br />

between several facilities to produce a<br />

needed electrical power supply by a<br />

sufficient own power plant or you have<br />

Brown Coal availably only and need a coal<br />

firing system <strong>for</strong> the kiln. Anyway we find<br />

and install the right solution <strong>for</strong> you.<br />

There<strong>for</strong>e please get a separate quotation<br />

under filling a questionnaire. Please<br />

consider a sizable additional more price we<br />

have perhaps to setup. Fueling the plant by<br />

Gas or Oil is included in our standard offer.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

An integrated social area imply a main office <strong>for</strong><br />

managing personnel, worker homes, a dining hall<br />

inclusive a drinking water plant, a relaxing green<br />

zone, prayer facilities and a medical care point.<br />

All buildings belong to the responsibilities of the<br />

CW contractor, but can be chosen by drawings.<br />

We provide a<br />

various range of<br />

sufficient building<br />

design drawings <strong>for</strong><br />

customer’s choice<br />

according his<br />

requirements.<br />

Because of lots of<br />

experiences from<br />

different parts of<br />

worldwide cement<br />

plant configurations<br />

we like to introduce<br />

our client suitable<br />

offers regarding the<br />

local need of his<br />

region and there<br />

people behaviours.<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

We are permanent endeavoured to reach the<br />

figures in quality and quantity promised to our<br />

clients when closing the contract. Our highest aim<br />

is to satisfy our customers completely <strong>for</strong> their<br />

confidence in our work and the high investment the<br />

clients have to transact during a long period of time<br />

Trust us!<br />

<strong>IRD</strong> <strong>IRD</strong> <strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Swiss</strong><br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants<br />

<strong>Cement</strong> Plants

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