Introduc)on to 3D Prin)ng and

Computer-­‐Aided Design

Sebas)an Peck

September 1, 2011

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What is 3D prin)ng?

• Create or “print” REAL 3D objects from a computer file using fused

deposi)on modeling (FDM)

CAD File from Inventor,

Solidworks or other 3D

Design soVware

exported into a .stl

Real 3D object

• Materials: Acrylic Plas)cs, ABS Plas)cs, Glass, Flexible Plas)cs, Ceramics

Objet’s Prin)ng Process

• 2 materials: part and support

• 3 axis of movement – build part layer by layer


Why 3D print?

• Fast – Turnaround )me can be Days or even

hours (vs. weeks for a machine shop)

• Easy and quick re-­‐design/development of


• Parts can be used for anything:

– Examples: lung suc)on windows, sample holders,

pipe[e holders, objec)ve holders

• Perfected designs can be machined out of

more durable materials

Process for Prin)ng:

(using the BIDC Objet)

1. Design a part/assembly in a CAD program

2. Export into .stl format

3. Talk to Jessica or Sebas)an (in BIDC)

4. Load and Print on a Printer

5. Wash part with the Water Jet

Computer-­‐Aided Design


• AutoDesk Inventor

– Free 3 year license with a .edu email address

• Solidworks


• Google Sketch up


• And More…

AutoDesk Inventor

Tray Layout on Objet Computer

3 Op)ons for Prin)ng:

1. At the BIDC on the Objet Alaris 30

– Advantages: highest resolu)on and detail

– Disadvantages: material is not as strong

2. At the CAT on the Dimension uPrint

– Advantages: prints ABS Plas)c

– Disadvantages: lower resolu)on and not as



– Advantages: Many different types of material/

printers to choose from

– Disadvantages: longer turnaround for parts

The BIDC Printer – Alaris 30

Layer Thickness


Printer Stats:

Build Size


Material Cost

Layer Thickness

Build Size

Material Cost

– 28 um

– 0.1 mm

– 11.57 x 7.58 x 5.85 in

– 600 x 600 x 800 dpi

– 30 cents/gram

The CAT (Center for Advanced Technology) Printer –

Dimension uPrint

– 254 um

– 8 x 8 x 6 in

– 4.5 dollars/cubic inch

3 rd Op)on –

Stainless Steel, Alumide, Glass, UV Curable Plas)c, Transparent, Sterling Silver, Grey ABS

Thanks for your Time!

Any Further Ques)ons?

Email: Sebas)


Stop by room S-­‐1126

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