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neW ABCB hAnDBook For energY eFFiCienCY ProviSionS For

eleCTriCiAnS AnD PlUmBerS

The Building Code of Australia (BCA)

has, for some time, contained many

provisions that need to be complied

with by designers and installers

including electricians and plumbers.

Most of the earlier provisions have

been in place for many years and

so practitioners are aware of the

requirements. However, since 2003,

the BCA has contained new energy

efficiency provisions relating to

electrical and plumbing work. In

addition some of these provisions

changed in successive years with BCA

2010 introducing major changes.

The electrical and plumbing provisions

are for both residential and commercial

buildings and so are contained in both

Volume One and Volume Two of the


As the electrical and plumbing

industries are more directly regulated

by their own legislation, the ABCB

saw a need for a Handbook to inform

electricians and plumbers about the

energy efficiency provisions of the BCA

and how these provisions may affect


Aspects of particular concern to

electricians that the Handbook covers


• The amount of insulation on a ceiling,

usually over electrical wiring

• Implication for insulation when

installing downlights

• Switching and controls for lighting,

fans, garage exhaust systems, pumps,

space heaters, swimming pool

heaters, and boiling and chilling

water appliances

• The maximum power capacity of

lights, fans, pumps and other airconditioning


• Energy monitoring and metering


• Restrictions on the use of electric


• Specifications for a range of control


Depending upon the scope for

plumbers in the particular State or

Territory, aspects of particular concern

to plumbers that the Handbook covers


• The insulation and installation of


• The insulation and installation of

heating water and cooling piping

• The insulation and installation of

supply hot water piping (through AS/

NZS 3500)

• The maximum power capacity of fans

and pumps which has an impact on

duct and pipe sizes

• Restrictions on the use of electric

supply water heaters and pool


• The use of solar heaters for domestic


The Handbook is written in generic

terms rather than specific clauses and

so does not include all the requirements

that may affect electricians and

plumbers. It is also limited to those

requirements that only address energy

efficiency. The content of the Handbook

addresses the national provisions of the

BCA and does not include comments on

individual State or Territory variations or


Other BCA requirements that may affect

electricians and plumbers that are not

covered in this Handbook, include-

• Fire separation and construction

of substations, conductors,

switchboards and emergency


• Hearing augmentation systems and

the location of lighting switches for

people with disabilities

• Fire fighting equipment including

pumping systems, alarms, sprinkler

systems, fire-control centres, fireservice

controls, fire and smoke

detection and warning systems,

smoke exhaust systems, emergency

lighting, exit and direction lighting

and emergency warning and

intercommunication systems

• Lift installations

• Artificial lighting for safe movement

• Mechanical ventilation for health

including Legionella control

• Stormwater drainage

• Provision of floor wastes

• Construction of sanitary and other


• Water-proofing

The Handbook is not intended to

override or replace any legal rights,

responsibilities or requirements or

provide users with the specifics of the

BCA. This Handbook is only intended to

make users aware of provisions that may

affect them, not exactly what is required

by those provisions. If users determine

that a provision may apply to them, the

BCA should be read to determine the

specifics of the provision.

This Handbook, and another to assist

designers and modellers with Section

J Alternative Solutions, should be

available later this year.

Energy Efficiency


for Electricians

and Plumbers

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