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December 2012/January 2013 - Watlington Parish Council

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A note about our Cover Page - Our grateful thanks to Emily Cooling for

allowing us to use a photo of one of her extraordinary and enchanting

Lanterns featured in the Local schools and community groups’ magical

Oxford Lantern Parade. We look forward to writing more about Emily, a

professional Shirburn artist; her creative children’s workshops and much

more – Her website is:



Date for copy- Feb/March 2013 edition is 8th January 2013

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The Minister Writes

“It’s the lights that get me in the end. The candlelight bouncing off

the oh-so-carefully polished glasses on the table; the dim amber

glow from the oven that silhouettes the golden skin of the roasting

bird; the shimmering string of lanterns I weave through the branches

of the tree. That, and the carols that float from the radio or those I

catch as I pass by the open doors of St Saviours.”

So begins Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diary entry for Dec 1st. In which

he paints an evocative picture about the forthcoming season, about what’s to unfold and the

delights ahead.

Food is a hugely important part of our Christmas festivities, whether you’re a Goose or Turkey

fan, even down to the smallest details of the stuffing – we want it to be perfect. That is only

Human. But I know we have all had those Christmas’ that have been anything but perfect for

one reason or another – please spare a thought for those that will struggle this Christmas and

please support local food banks.

This year I am staying at home, and my parents are coming down for a few days. Being a

Minister means the traditions long held simply have to change to fit around services etc. And

that is no bad thing – but it is different. And I have noticed that there is a whole group of my

friends whose traditions are changing too. No longer are they continuing to do the Christmas

things that they did as a child. Instead they are creating new traditions, new patterns, and new

ways of being – as family circumstances change.

At the Methodist Church in this year, we too have seen some change, amid the celebrations

of our 200 years of worshipping history. But as we have looked back and celebrated what has

been, we have been careful also to look forward, and to celebrate what God is unfolding now

as well. And I would like to thank everyone, for being a part of our celebrations, and especially

to the Congregation who have worked immensely hard at making it all happen.

So I want to leave you with a question as you prepare for Christmas – what traditions

are changing in your life? And what does that say about where you are in your walk with God?

For in the midst of change the message of a small child who crept into the world

begins to unfold, but in that birth, came the constancy of the love of God, that is our past, our

present, and our future hope. May God bless you this Christmas. Adam

Financial or health problems ? We may be able to help.

We offer support to residents of the Parish of Watlington

suffering from financial hardship, sickness or disability.

Contact us on 01491 613366, or via the Community

Office at 1 Old School Place, Watlington OX49 5QH,

or email

Registered Charity No. 241730

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If you wish to be married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson

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please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson

Services in St Leonard’s Watlington, St Mary’s Pyrton, The Methodist

December 2nd (Advent Sunday)

10.0am Eucharist with Hymns

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

10.0am Sung Eucharist

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

11.00am Morning Worship

The Methodist Church, Watlington

4.00pm “A Service for The Beginning of Advent” St Leonard’s Church, Watlington

December 9th (Advent 2)

8.30am Said Eucharist

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

10.0am Eucharist with Baptism

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

10.0am Village Service

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton

10.00am Sung Eucharist

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

11.00am Morning Worship

The Methodist Church, Watlington

7.0pm Evening Praise St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

December 16th (Advent 3)

10.0am Eucharist with Baptism

10.0am Sung Eucharist

11.00am Morning Worship

4.00pm Carol Service

6.00pm Carol Service

6.00pm Carol Service

December 20th (Thursday)

7.00pm TOWN Carol Service

December 23rd (Advent 4)

10.0am Mattins

10.0am Crib Service

11.0am “4 ALL” - CHRISTINGLE Service

11.00am Morning Worship

4.00pm Pub Carol Service

December 24th (Christmas Eve)

5.00pm Children’s Carol Service

11.30pm Midnight Mass

11.30pm Midnight Mass

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

The Methodist Church, Watlington

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe

St Nicholas` Church, Britwell Salome

The Methodist Church, Watlington

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

The Methodist Church, Watlington

The Chequers, Watlington

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe

St Leonard’s Church, Watlington


Church, St Botolph’s Swyncombe & St Nicholas’ Britwell Salome

December 25th (Christmas Day)

8.30am Said Eucharist

9.30am Eucharist with Carols

10.00am Eucharist with Carols

10.00am Eucharist with Carols

10.30am Eucharist with Carols

11.00am Morning Worship

December 30th (Christmas 1)

10.00am BENEFICE Sung Eucharist

11.00am Morning Worship

January 6th (The Epiphany)

10.0am Eucharist with Hymns

10.0am Sung Eucharist

11.0am Covenant Service JOINT Anglican

and Methodist Congregations

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe

St Nicholas Church, Britwell Salome

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe

St Leonard’s Church, Watlington

The Methodist Church, Watlington

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

The Methodist Church, Watlington

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

The Methodist Church, Watlington

January 13th (Baptism of Christ)

8.30am Said Eucharist

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

10.0am Sung Eucharist

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

10.0am Village Service

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

10.0am Sung Eucharist

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

11.00am Morning Worship

The Methodist Church, Watlington

7.0pm Evening Praise St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

January 20th (Epiphany 3)

8.30am Said Eucharist

10.0am Sung Eucharist

10.0am Village Service

10.0am Sung Eucharist

11.00am Morning Worship

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

St Nicholas` Church, Britwell Salome

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

The Methodist Church, Watlington

January 27th (Epiphany 4)

10.0am Mattins

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton

10.0am Sung Eucharist

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe

11.0am “4 ALL” - The NEW All Age Service St Leonard`s Church, Watlington

11.00am Morning Worship

The Methodist Church, Watlington

7.00pm Evening Praise

St Leonard`s Church, Watlington




On 9th Dec 1952 Stanley Farr and Sarah Buckland were married at St.Leonard’s Church

and some 60 years later they are still living a mere stones throw from that same church!

After their marriage they lived in aptly named Love Lane with their next move to Webb’s

Yard (now situated along the Cuxham Road) where they live comfortably and happily today.

They have a Son (also named Stanley) and daughter Anita, four Grandchildren and a Great

Grandson and although not quite sure what celebrations have been planned to mark this

landmark occasion, I am positive they will enjoy every minute of their special Day.

We wish Stanley and Sarah many more happy years together.

Jane Ordish

Progress of Water Feature

in Memory of Anna Thomas

Pete Hemmins responsible for the wonderful gardens at Watlington’s Sanctuary Care Home

together with his colleague Doug (electrics) first of all constructed the foundations for the

water feature. This then enabled our good friend and neighbour Paul Mercott to form the

stone structure which brings us nearing completion of this lovely memorial to Anna Thomas.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection to make this feature possible and

especially to Pete, Doug and Paul for all your hardwork in its construction. The Thomas

family are so grateful to everyone and come Spring they hope to let you all know when the

official opening will take place.

Pauline Verbe on behalf of the Thomas family




WATLINGTON is amongst the least deprived communities in the country ranking 612th out

of 12,706 parishes surveyed by the Church Urban Fund.

According to the report “Pensioner poverty and lone parenthood in Watlington are lower

than average compared with other parishes in the country. Male life expectancy and

qualification levels in this parish are higher than average compared with other parishes

nationally. Child poverty and working age poverty in this parish are among the lowest in the

country. Female life expectancy in this parish is among the highest nationally”.

I don’t imagine many of us will be surprised by these findings. Most of us know how

fortunate we are to live in Watlington.

However within this encouraging assessment there are statistics that at the very least

should start us thinking in more depth about the community that we live in.

For instance the percentage of working age adults (aged 16-74) with no academic,

vocational or professional qualifications came out at 21%, which is a much higher figure

than I would have expected.

Child poverty in Watlington while very small compared with some parishes in the country

comes out at 6% which reminds us that within our community there are children and

families that are finding life very tough.

Watlington is very fortunate in having some excellent organisations and charities that work

very hard to assist those who are going through difficult times. The Church Urban Fund

report gives us an opportunity to think again about the needs of Watlington and to give

thought to whether there are people who are slipping through the net and who are suffering

in silence behind closed doors.

The report can also help us to look at other communities in Oxfordshire and throughout the

country where the problems are substantially greater than they are in Watlington. Child

poverty rises to a maximum of 65% in the country and people are literally dying a decade

earlier in some areas than they are in Watlington.

When our own lives are comfortable, it is easy to forget those whose lives are hard beyond

our imagination. But are there things that we could be doing to lessen the hardship both

in Watlington and elsewhere? Are there things that we can do to fulfil the Church Urban

Fund’s aim of Tackling Poverty Together?

The Church Urban Fund website:

Information about Watlington can be found at:

Christopher Idris Evans




Watlington’s thirty strong Filipino community and friends celebrated a recent sporting

triumph with a victory party at the Town Hall.

In their second anniversary year, Watlington’s basketball team “Top Gun” won the 2012

Filcom Oxford Basketball Tournament.

Top Gun team members include: Marco Lapuz, Richard Reyes, Resty Ciria,

Rodel Deocera, Roger Deocadez, Reggie Ramos, Patric Castro.

The Rector, The Revd Christopher Evans, went to the party to congratulate the team

players and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and delicious food of the Filipinos.

Some Friday’s are a special day for Neil

and Rita McLaughlan

Many of you may know Neil and Rita as regulars at the Methodist Church. Rita is one of

their church’s Friday Lunch Club team who once a month provide a delicious lunch for

approx. 30 people- which is then followed by an epilogue.

Rita has also written some delightful devotional booklets for older people. They offer a

month’s supply of daily readings at a time. The front covers are inviting and the addition

of large print most helpful. There is a Bible passage in full and then some thoughts by

Rita for contemplation.

Neil, around 11.00pm on Friday evenings, you’ll find him in Oxford city center. You might

ask what is an 83 year old doing out at that time of night? Well, he is a Street Pastor. He

started as a Street Angel in Watford some years ago and when he moved to Watlington

he made enquiries and found the Oxford Street Pastors.

He attended a 12-week evening course and then a Saturday course on ‘Conflict

Management’ excellently presented by a retired police officer. For 2 years now, he has

worked in a team of four helping young people often drunk or into drugs, revellers,

as well as down and outs. He feels concern for 17/18 year olds who go to clubs and

become very merry. Working in pairs, the Pastors stay with these people until they are

sober enough to go back into a club, onto a bus or into a taxi or in the case of the young

girls wait with them until their parents pick them up. With down and outs the shelters are

full by 11.30pm so they offer aluminium blankets and conversation, if requested.

The Street Pastors have a professional camaraderie with the police, ambulance service

and Shelter and their team leader knows all the contacts. Often the police officer


TRAIDCRAFT - Fighting poverty through Trade

A Traidcraft stall selling Christmas Cards and Delightful small

handmade Christmas Gifts will be in the High Street on

Saturday 1st December

the day of the Watlington Traders Christmas Celebrations

All Traidcraft good s are available at the Drop In Centre 26B High

Street Watlington on Monday -Friday mornings.


present, known as a Bronze Sergeant, will call on them to go and stand with someone.

Neil comments, ‘Frequently we are seen picking up glass from broken bottles – to avoid

temptation for use as a weapon’.

‘People do query what the church is doing our there?’ says Neil. ‘and ask why we are

doing this? I reply it is the work of Christ on the streets. Sometimes people want more

of an answer so I invite them to take a seat’. Neil says that with a little drink inside them,

some of them are able to talk more freely about their worries or perplexities and get into

a deep conversation but will only do this is they ask and offer any prayers if asked for

that too. However one passer-by, a Catholic, fell to his knees and insisted on giving a

confession to the group leader. It takes all sorts!

Because these Pastors are from all walks of life and across the breadth of Christian belief,

they enjoy meeting others and get to know them without preaching at each other. Neil

claims that one girl walked out of a nightclub some years ago and disappeared. This was

the catalyst for his interest. ‘We do get our hands dirty; we are not just sitting in pews! We

are the practical side of Christianity as well as carrying water bottles, lollipops and flip flops

as girls can’t walk in high heels and the threat of broken glass.’

On one night two chaps were in conversation with Neil and his partner on theological

arguments near a car. An immaculately, well-dressed, but drunk woman, came out of the

shadows of a door. The chaps and this lady walked with them back to her club. At some

point there was a change in attitude from the young men as they became aggressive and

abusive. He says ‘my partner and I were concerned she didn’t know what she was doing

and that they might take advantage of her. We stayed with her to protect her until she got

back to the club’. Unfortunately, she was not allowed back into the club so they continued

to stay with her until she was sober enough to get home.

Asked how he’d like to see the Street Pastor service enhanced, he commented an

opportunity to extend to a Saturday as well, and some cover for Christmas and New Year.

But it needs enough people to help. There are plenty of opportunities for younger people to

join in but he thinks they need the qualities of patience, endurance, and ability to be out in

all weathers, understanding, and commitment as well as the ability to work in mixed aged

teams. Just a breeze then!

He does get a break in the middle, but at the end of the night the team meet up, discuss

any issues and the team leader writes up a report to include their comments. At about 4am

Neil heads home.

His last comment is that ‘Sometimes everything happens at once, ‘God’s in charge and

these people go on to the next link. We are not dealing with people who are the finished

article, so we don’t want to be the weak link’.

Ozanna Duffy


News from Pyrton

As the first frosts of winter are approaching, we are relieved

and pleased that the Stage 1 repairs on St Mary’s church

have been completed. All of the external flintwork on the West

wall has been reset and repointed and the internal wall replastered and painted. Whilst the

scaffolding has been in place, close examination of the condition of the leaded West window

showed that it too was in need of restoration, which is taking place as I write. Our thanks go to

our architect, John Radice, and the contractors, Owlsworth IJP, for their excellent work. Plans

are now being made for Stage 2 – restoration of the other walls during 2013.

We are now looking forward to Advent and Christmas. The Carol service takes place on

Sunday December 16th at the earlier time of 4pm and will be followed by refreshments. The

ever popular Children’s Candlelit Carols on Christmas Eve will take place at 5pm and Christmas

Day Eucharist at 10am.

Improvements at the Village Hall are continuing. New sound insulation panels have been fitted

to improve the acoustics – the wooden floor had increased the amount of reverberation making

it difficult for some people to hear clearly. Plans are being made to replace the curtains to

reduce the reverberation even further. Hope fully this will allow everyone to enjoy functions in

the Hall.

After the extremely successful social events this summer and autumn – BBQ, Aunt Sally

evening, Bingo Night and Harvest supper – plans have been drawn up for the next 12 months.

There is a Quiz Night on November 2nd, Pub Nights with food on December 7th and February

1st. We are delighted that the Watlington Band will once again be playing carols in the Village

Hall on Monday December 17th at 7pm. Mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls provided.

In January, following the success of last year’s Annual Dinner, this year’s will take place on

Saturday 11th. Tickets cost £15 for a 2 course meal with drinks. Invitations will be sent out

before Christmas. Places are limited to 54 so please book early – payment with reservation


Pyrton PCC and the Village Hall committee wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy

New Year and look forward to seeing you at some of the events.

Jenny Lockwood


September was

a busy month for

us. First there

were the Heritage

Open days, and

the Ride & Stride

to raise money for

historic churches in Oxfordshire. Since

it was our 200th Anniversary we thought

it would be appropriate if John Wesley

could greet people when they visited

the church, so we produced a full-size

model of him preaching. We enquired

as to how tall he was but nobody knew!

In the end his height was decided by

the size of the piece of plywood we had

available! The first group he welcomed

were from St.Leonard’ s Church, Chrissie

and Jeremy Bell with friends Hazel & Flis.

Later our Minister, Rev.Adam Stevenson,

arrived having cycled from Wesley

Memorial Church, Oxford visiting a dozen

churches on the way.

As a historical note John Wesley preached

at least twice in Watlington in 1766 and

1775, well before the present church was

built in 1812.

A fortnight later a past minister, Rev.

Andy Bryer, and his wife Janet came to

celebrate Harvest Festival with us. Andy

is now very much in a rural area and

farming and harvest and the problems of

rural communities are very real to him.

Many friends from the other churches in

his old circuit joined us for the service

and for the harvest lunch afterwards. As

usual the centre of our harvest display

was a cake made and decorated by Pat

Bird. The cake, our gifts and the gifts from

News from the Methodists

Watlington Pre-school go to the Porch

Steppin’ Stones Centre in Oxford. The

Centre helps those in need by providing

meals, advice, training and support and

these are even more necessary at the

present time.

On the last Sunday of November our

Bicentenary guest preacher will be Mrs.

Ruby Beech, past Vice-President of the

Methodist Conference and previously

Assistant Serjeant at Arms in the House

of Commons. We start on the run-up to

Christmas with our Advent Studies on

4,11 & 18 December. Then we shall be

welcoming the churches in Watlington

when they join us for the Watlington Town

Carol Service at 7.30pm on 20 December.

Meanwhile we shall be preparing our entry

for the Christmas Tree Festival, this year’s

theme “Celebrations & Jubilations” is very

appropriate for our Bicentenary.

To finish off our Bicentenary Year we

shall be welcoming Rev. Peter Hancock,

Chair of the Northampton District. as our

guest preacher on 23 December. We

then look forward to 2013 and welcoming

St.Leonard’s to our Covenant Service on

6 January when we renew our covenant

with God for the coming year.

Our Lunch Clubs continue at 12.30 on the

first Friday of each month to which all are

welcome. As of Sunday 13 January we

shall hold our services in our Community

Room while we insulate the ceiling of the

church and redecorate it: a challenging

start for 2013 and the third century of our


Phil Crockett


Forthcoming Methodist Services

2 Dec 11am Mrs. Jennifer Thompson

9 Dec 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson incl. Holy Communion

16 Dec 11am Mr. Peter Honeyball

23 Dec 11am Rev. Peter Hancock, Bicentenary Service

25 Dec 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson, Christmas Day Family Service

30 Dec 11am Dr. Neville Shepherd

6 Jan 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson, Covenant Service incl. Holy


13 Jan 11am Mr. Paul Spray

20 Jan 11am Dr. Julie Todd

27 Jan 11am Dr. Alan Turner-Smith


Venue: The Sports Pavilion, Watlington Recreation Ground

Date: the 3rd Tuesday of every month

Time: 2.30pm.

Tea & biscuits served.

We welcome all retired and semi-retired visitors who come to our monthly talks and

encourage you to join us. Membership is £18.50 p.a. which also allows you to participate

in our Group activities that include Walking, Reading, Outings, Antiques & collectibles,

Heritage, Patchwork & quilting and our Lunch group

Non-members can come to our monthly talks by paying £4.00 entrance..

For more details contact Jacky Wagstaff

Email or phone 01491 613175


18th December at 2.30 pm

Tony Brown will give

A Victorian Magic Lantern Show to be followed by Christmas drinks and snacks.

15th January 2013

Tim Horton will give an illustrated talk about Victorian Watlington its growth and decline,

a subject close to all our hearts.

19th February 2013

Francine Blake will be talking about Crop Circles. How do they get here? Is it aliens or

tractors? Or something completely different.


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is

progress: working together is success”. Henry Ford

Once in a while, there is a photo that stops you in your tracks. This picture shows four people who have

influenced many lives. From left to right:

Henry Ford (1863-1947) was an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit experimented

on internal combustion engines By 1908, Henry Ford realised his dream with the production of the

Model T: reasonably price, reliable and efficient. By 1918, half of all cars in America were Model T’s.

Ford’s continuous moving conveyor belt and mass production scheme reduced his costs undercutting

his competitors. Ford’s became the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. By 1925, Ford was

producing 10,000 every 24 hours and by 1927 he had sold over 15 million Model T’s.

Thomas Edison His first invention was the ‘tin foil phonograph’ that recorded and reproduced a telephone

message using a stylus on a tinfoil cylinder, and brought Edison to international fame. In 1913 he

introduced the Kinetophone. It attempted to synchronize motion pictures with the phonograph cylinder


But Thomas Edison’s greatest challenge was the incandescant electric light. He didn’t invent it, but he

improved a 50 year-old idea. In 1879, he was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light. He

made it safe, practical and economic. His vision brought us: light bulbs, fuses, insulating materials, on-off

switches and once tested, Edison created the electric industry and made his millions. Street lighting and

power stations followed and by l890 power demand was worldwide. His company Edison General Electric,

later dropped his name and in1892 became General Electric.

Warren G Harding was born in Ohio in 1865. As a young man, he brought a nearly bankrupt newspaper,

the ‘Marion Star’ back to life. His even-handed reporting made him popular with Ohio politicians, important

businesses and charitable enterprises. Harding went from a seat in the Ohio State Senate, to a US

Republican senator and then in 1920, he became the 29th President and the first President to ride in a car

to his inauguration (a Ford of course!).

Once in office, Harding admitted to his close friends that the job was beyond him. But during his time,

homes were built, car and radio ownership escalated, businesses offered antiunion drives e.g. paid

holidays, cheap lunch, pensions - if they left, or did not join, ‘Labor’; and oil markets were secured in Iraq

and Iran. Ignoring prohibition, Harding’s lifestyle came into question although he was never linked to any

crooked deals.


In 1923 while touring America, suffered ptomaine poisoning and died from a heart attack. His wife was

rumoured to have poisoned him to save him from any charges of corruption. Historians regard Harding as

the worst president.

Harvey Samuel Firestone born in 1868, in Ohio, started work in a buggy company. It folded, so he set

up his own business selling rubber tyres. In 1896 he gave a set of rubber tyres to Henry Ford who was

experimenting with horseless carriages. By 1900, Firestone realised cars were the future and his tyre

business must grow with it.

At 31, he founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. He pioneered the manufacture of pneumatic

tyres for the Ford Model T. and by 1906 his sales reached $1million propelling Firestone to the top of

the American tyre industry. He developed new treads, promoted the use of trucks for hauling freight and

lobbied for the construction of vast highway systems.

In 1926, in protest over the British-held monopoly over production of raw rubber held by Far East rubber

growers, Firestone started his own rubber plantations in Liberia, West Africa. He was president of the

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company until 1932, with sales of over $100 million at the time of his death in


Without all four of these men’s visions we might not have had paid holidays, driven to collect the turkey

hopefully without a puncture or lit up the Christmas tree.

Seasonal Greetings Ozanna


The Watlington & Chalgrove

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Watlington Town Christmas Fair

1st December

A great way to kick off the Christmas season festivities

The Watlington Business Association is pleased to announce that once again we will be

running the highly popular Watlington Town Christmas Fair. There will be something for

all the family with stalls along the High Street, sleigh rides, craft fair, music from local

groups, Calnan’s famous BBQ, community group stalls, and of course, Father Christmas

will be arriving on his sleigh! New for this year is a fabulous food fair, chuck the turkey

and pupils from Watlington Primary School and Ickneild College will be performing.

As in previous years we will be running a Grand prize Draw with some fabulous prizes

that are worth winning. Look out for tickets that will be posted through your door at the

beginning of November. Stubs and money can be dropped off at the Post Office.

Final arrangements are still being made so watch out for further announcements and put

the date in your diary for what promises to be a great day out, and a chance to get the

Christmas shopping off to a flying start. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook: www.

Anyone wishing to take a stall either on the High Street or in the Craft Fair please contact

Linda Morriss on 01491 613396 or email:


Barbara Williamson’s sterling contribution to St Leonard’s Church, Watlington and to

Watlington itself was recognized at a service at Dorchester Abbey on September 30th.

The Bishop of Dorchester, The Rt Revd. Colin Fletcher OBE, admitted Barbara into the

Fellowship of St Birinus.

Bishop Colin founded the Fellowship in 2009 as a way of acknowledging exceptional

service at a parochial or benefice or deanery level including outstanding service as a

church member in the wider community.

The ceremony took place in the abbey after a wonderful tea reception and a beautiful

service of Evensong. Barbara and other recipients were then welcomed into the

Fellowship and presented with certificates by the Bishop.

Barbara was accompanied at the ceremony by her husband Tony and also by her guests,

Doreen Hobbs, Janice Measures and myself. We all watched with pleasure as Bishop

Colin presented Barbara with her certificate.

Christopher Idris Evans - Rector



Have you thought about joining the 21st century WI and if

not, why not?

2013 is Watlington’s 80th Anniversary Year

And we would love to welcome more New Members on Board

• What do we do?

• What are our Ideas for getting women’s voices heard?

• How can we make this Your kind of WI ?

Why not come along and see what we have to offer?

Allow us to evolve around your ideas and input

The WI is made up of young working girls, mothers, professional women, and

retired ladies from all walks of life, which makes for diversity and covers a broad

spectrum of interests. Meanwhile, as we come to the end of our varied and

interesting 2012 programme we are looking forward to our party and would like to

wish a Happy Christmas to one and all.

Next Meetings:

Dec 12th Christmas meeting with carols, finger food and glass of wine

Jan 9th 2013 Speaker: Joanna Cary

Work & History of The ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) -Water

Project in 3rd world countries

Venue : Watlington Town Hall

Date : second Wednesday of the month

Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Contact Ronnie Roper: 01491 612675

Please leave your details on her answaphone so she can return your call.

What is special about the

4th Sunday of the month?

The morning service at st.Leonard’s on the

4th Sunday of each month is rather different

from other Sundays.

How different?

Why don’t you come and find out?

11.00am at St. Leonard’s Church on

Dec 23rd – Christingle

Jan 27th The NEW ALL AGE service


Adam Clayton in Shropshire

The bells pealed, the congregation gathered from surrounding parishes and the clergy

flocked, headed by the Bishop of Lichfield, to celebrate the new Ministry and the

Licensing and Installation of The Reverend Adam Clayton as Priest-in-Charge of the

parishes of Myddle, Broughton, Newton and Loppington with Burlton.

As will be known, Adam has recently left our local Benefice of Icknield to take up his first

stipendiary post in Shropshire, about a dozen miles from Shrewsbury. The parishes

within his benefice are about as close as you can get to Wales without actually leaving

England. A move from one beautiful part of the English countryside to another, albeit, a

good deal wetter!


The service was held at St Michael and All Angels Church,

Loppington, a building which pre-dates our St Botolph’s by about 50 years. Amongst

those gathered were our Rector, Christopher, and three others from Watlington and

three more from Swyncombe - all there to wish Adam and Jo well in their new domain.

The Bible Reading was the story of Jesus showing to his disciples how they could

become “fishers of men” and it was upon this theme that the Bishop of Lichfield based

his sermon in a straightforward and amusing way. Nobody fluffed their lines and the

service was a great success. Afterwards, we all trooped to the nearby village hall to

attack the spread of home-made sandwiches, biscuits and cakes.

Oxfordshire’s loss is Shropshire’s gain. We wish Adam and his

family success in their new challenge.

John Bayford


The Picnic Hamper’s New Cafe

Christmas Menu

10th -14th December 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Homemade Carrot & Coriander Soup

Homemade Chicken liver pate served with side salad & Melba toast.


Traditional Roast Turkey served with the trimmings.

Sliced Roasted Rib of Beef served Yorkshire pudding.

Cranberry & chestnut Stuffed Mushroom wellington.

Brussel Spouts Sliced Carrots peas & Roast potatoes & gravy.


Traditional Christmas pudding with custard

Homemade lemon Cheesecake with cream.

£15.95 per person




The death of Phillip Bowden from Watlington on September

30th 2012 at the age of only 29 has brought it home forcibly that

cancer is no respecter of age. Cancer is the major cause of

death in the UK and most people will know someone – perhaps a

close relative or friend -who is suffering or has suffered from the


Friends and relatives of Phillip

have been fundraising for Cancer

Research UK whose vision statement

is for “leading pioneering, life-saving

research to bring forward the day

when all cancers are cured”

Just a few days after Phillip died.

Michael Spicer, from Watlington, a

very good friend of Phillip, raised

£1000 for Cancer Research UK by doing a sponsored parachute

jump at Chiltern Park Aerodrome.

Michael and Dawn, like all of us, have

other relatives and friends who have

died or are suffering from cancer. They

want their fund-raising to be dedicated

to them as well as to Phillip. They would

also like to thank the very kind people

of Watlington and beyond for their


Then on October 20th Dawn Marriott, Phillip’s sister, together with

other friends stood outside Watlington Town Hall in fancy dress as

part of Cancer Research’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign. They

raised £1400.


Message from PCSO

Diane Greenwood C9840

Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, including criminals. A large portion of

crime is opportunist, so this Christmas we are seeking your help to stop thieves in their


Reduce the risk of your home being burgled by making sure you take some simple and

inexpensive precautions. Take action now and don’t become a victim of burglary over

the coming days.

Anything on view in your car or in your house is a target for thieves and I would like to

offer the following advice to residents:

• Keep your car locked whenever it is unoccupied, even when paying for petrol.

• Don’t leave any valuables including Christmas presents in your vehicle.

• Make the house looks occupied after dark by leaving a lamp on a timer.

• Don’t leave Christmas presents where they can be seen though the ground floor

windows of your house.

• Ensure that front and back doors and windows are locked when you are out and at


• Lock valuable or sentimental jewellery away in a large lockable cabinet or in a safe

bolted to the wall or floor.

• When putting out your rubbish, break up and dispose of packaging with care so

thieves don’t target your house for your new purchases.

Home security advice leaflets, property marking pens and security labels to go onto

bicycles are available from your local police station or contact me via email on diane. or through the parish council

If you have see any suspicious activity call us on the emergency number 999 or have

any information to help the police with their inquiries contact the police non emergency

number 101, if you do not want to talk to the police you can call the Crimestoppers

charity on 0800 555 111 and remain anonymous.





Pop in Cafe

Watlington Sports Pavilion

Shirburn Road, Watlington, OX49 5BZ

2nd Tuesday every Month.

13th November & 11th December

2pm – 4pm

Shirley Brown, Doreen Hobbs & Beryl Parkinson


Next meeting:


Contact details:

Telephone: 07977 605443


Did you know that the Pop-in Cafe has been running for just over a year? We are a

group of local volunteers who give a few hours of their time to seniors in our community

irrespective of their ability, to meet and have fun once per month in an afternoon. The

focus is on fun, laughter and the Feel Good Factor!

Why not come and join us for tea and cakes and a chat and have some fun and see what

you think. You can help us to make it what you want.

You can be a Friend of the Pop-in as we need people to help us fundraise or be a helper.

There is no charge except for donations.

Everyone is welcome. Thank You. See you There.

Watlington Gardening Club 2012/13


Venue :

Time :

Gardening Club

Watlington Sports Pavillion


Our Christmas Social will be on 5 December:

Christmas Social

Time to chat and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and nibbles and a quiz.

There will be a charge for guests.

Wednesday 2 January : Weather Lore – Fact or Fiction. Speaker: Ian Currie

As always, we look forward to seeing members, new members and guests. Please get in

touch with any member of the committee if you need a lift and for more information, please

contact Cheryl Barnes, 01491 614928.


Churchwarden’s bit

2013! Where do we fit in?

Where are we headed?

Its a funny old world isn’t it, one bunch of folk tell me we are being too new and

revolutionary......and another will accuse us of being part of the Traditional Church set up!

Well what to answer? Where is St. Leonards going.

Our fervent prayer is that wherever we are headed, we are going there together. I

remember a couple of years ago rather grumpily removing myself from a Matins Service,

childishly complaining that it wasn’t at all my type of Service!

A Humbling moment came later during prayer when I strongly felt told that God had

wanted to send me a special word during the Service. The very one from which I had

so arrogantly removed myself! Not only that, but that I had hurt folk God loved, who had

practised hard to give our Lord a special Service of worship. Who was I to judge it?

Did I ever finally receive that special message? I don’t know. But I do know that I then

realised that our Lord wants us to enjoy any expression of love and worship for Him. He

does: so why shouldn’t we. I felt Him tell me that he wanted me to enjoy Heaven and the

many rooms in His house. That in our future, with Him its much more fulfilling to be able

to wander around at home, in his home, rather than constrained to just one part of His

wonderful creation.

Since then I have shared this with other Christians who have admitted to having a similar

experience when grumpily removing themselves from a ‘Happy Clappy’ Service. I think

sometimes our Father feels he can best approach us when we have humbled ourselves to

a form of worship that spiritually stretches us. When we are stretched....we actually find

we grow!

How does this reflect in St. Leonards? Well this year we have started up a Mustard Seeds

Group, combining practical and spiritual enrichment for Mums and their little ones ( and

the bouncy castle goes down well). And we also have a monthly 4ALL Service which is a

fresh expression of our Sunday afternoons Messy Church.

We are having more bring and share lunches than ever and our coffee and delicious

cakes (thanks Heather!) after every Service are drawing all together in a true Church

fellowship. We have found these Services are influencing us all. We are learning as


much from our younger generation, as we hope they are learning from us.

We are learning that we don’t need a Messy Church Service. Our congregation is full of

us messy folk. “There but for the Grace of God” is muttered between us all regularly.

St. Leonards isn’t a place to come to see Christians who have all the answers and are

smugly living our lives. Most of us aren’t sure how we fit in or where we are headed. But,

we are learning to trust in God, to lead us there, to lay our hopes, fears and prayers at His

feet, and love and support each other.

When we say all are welcome, we mean it. The more the messier....oops, I meant merrier,

either which way we know that Church isn’t a place where you are judged, just a place

where you are loved.

Merry Christmas and do come to see us.

Val Kearney


Being a good neighbour comes naturally in a community such as Watlington – but

remember this is not restricted to the older generation -

Are you over 18yrs old?

Young people can equally be a great asset to the community!

‘Getting to know’ next door is common ground to a lot of us - a friendly gesture of help

now and again is not regarded as a task but a genuine act of kindness. However not all

are so fortunate, which is why we are Setting up a “Good Neighbour Scheme” to benefit

people who need help with simple tasks but don’t know anyone to ask. Things we take for

granted, which can be a daily challenge for others.

• Changing a light bulb

• Doing a weekly supermarket shop

• Bringing Fruit/veg back from the Undercroft

• Pruning a rose

• Taking the dog for a walk when the owner is unwell

• Collecting a prescription

• Helping with simple computer problems etc.

Good Neighbours allow everyone to be independent and not suffer in silence, but it is not

an every week commitment and there are no driving jobs. What we are trying to do is

compile a register of volunteers – so anyone in need can ring a central operator who in

turn contacts a volunteer.

If you are interested in sharing your kindness and expertise in please ring 01491 614187.




The much loved Crib Service

Sunday 23rd December 10.00am

St. Botolph’s Church Swyncombe

St. Leonard’s Christingle Service

11.00am Sunday 23rd December

You and your family are warmly invited to

St. Leonard’s Christingle Service with

refreshments afterwards

Children’s Candlelit Carol Service

5.00pm December 24th Christmas


St. Mary’s Church Pyrton

Family Eucharist with Carols

Christmass Day 10.30am

St. Leonard’s Church


Christmas Carol Services

Throughout the Benefice

Sunday 16th Dec 6.00pm


St Nicholas Church Britwell Salome

Thursday 20th Dec 7.00pm


The Methodist Church Watlington

Sunday 16th Dec 6.00pm


St. Botolph’s Church Swyncombe

Sunday 16th Dec 4.00pm


St. Mary’s Church Pyrton

Sunday 23rd Dec 4.00pm


The Chequers Watlington



Paula and Nick say:

Nick and I have recently taken part in two

half Marathons to raise funds for Valley of

Hope (UK) Charity

Our first was in May when we ran in

Helsinki, Finland, my home city. Followed

by the October run in Henley-on-Thames

near Watlington (Nick’s hometown).

Valley of Hope is chaired by Nick’s Dad

and local Rector, Christopher. We’re really

excited to be running both for the people of

Mothibistad, to whose lives your donations

will be of such direct benefit, and, on a

personal level, for Nick’s Dad, whose tireless

efforts in leading Valley of Hope continue to

bring real hope to people whose lives are

afflicted by HIV/AIDS. Your donation will make a

really valuable difference.

Thank you all for your fantastic level of support!

Paula Ahvonen & Nick Evans

Jeremy & Chrissie say:

We live in Watlington, and our way of helping

the Valley of Hope Charity to fundraise for

monthly Grocery parcels has been by running

the Henley Half Marathon in 2011 and more

recently the Dublin Marathon on 29th October

2012, to raise sponsorship money.

We can at least run, albeit slowly, but some

of those who benefit from the Valley of Hope

parcels are too ill to run. It seemed when we


moved outside our comfort zone, and had to just keep going for 5 hours, we would have to

rely on God, just like many in Mothibistad. Amazingly, we just kept going, and it was God

who kept us going. We are in our 60’s and we have not run a marathon before. However

we did it, and it was fun. There were 14,300 runners in all, and there were over 4000

behind us! The whole route was lined with people cheering us on, reading our names on

our running tops and shouting “Come on, Jeremy, Come on Chrissie.” There were five

from Watlington, and one from Cholsey.



Many of those who benefit from the Valley of

Hope have far bigger challenges than running

a marathon. They have crises every day, and

not only do they need God, but they know they

need God. Many in the richer nations like the

UK have not had the experience of being poor

and having to rely on their faith. Faith is having

an active and living relationship with God.

Jeremy & Chrissie Bell

Support local people with dementia and their carers and volunteer at our new friendly

Memory Café.

Memory Cafes provide an opportunity for people with dementia and their carers to meet

informally and receive information & support.

Volunteers are needed to welcome guests, help plan activities and make & serve


The Memory Café is held on the last Tuesday of each month from 10.30 to 12.30 at

Watlington Sports Pavilion, Shirburn Road, Watlington, OX49 5BZ

If you are interested or would like to find out more please contact Volunteer Officer, Sara

Uren on 07713390713 or Dementia Support Worker Gilly Fishleigh on 07889604599.

Alzheimer’s Society. Registered charity no 296645 A company limited by guarantee and

registered in England no 2115499.

Registered office: Devon House, 58 St Katharine’s Way, London E1W 1LB


Do you Need a new direction in your life??

Inspirational stories of Watlington People and how their lives took on a different

direction from the year of their 80th Birthdays!!

Neil and Rita McLaughlan

Read about their wonderful work (Pages 10-12)

Below - ‘excerpts’ from Not one but TWO

remarkable ‘Gutsy’ Ladies who in their different

ways embarked on a whole new approach to

their lives following their 80th Birthdays.

Eve Diett

At her book signing on Nov 10th 2012 in

Watlington Library – DIARY OF A NAAFI GIRL.

Now 86 this is Eve’s second book – the first ‘Here

Come the Land Girls’ was published in the year

of her 80th birthday. Meanwhile, she is well into

writing her third!! Many congratulations Eve!

Dorothy Ackerman

A hands-on former Dinner Lady – has helped

transform the lives of people in a small village

5,000 miles away. In her 80th year she made her

first visit to our Link Parish of Mothibistad on the

edge of the Kalahari. At 86 embarking on her 9th

trip with me - this will see the Official Opening

of the installation of a Wind powered irrigation system for the Garden Project she and I

helped initiate 5 years ago. Young film-maker Michael Demetriou will be there to record

this momentous occasion!

Pauline Verbe



Holy Baptism

We extend all good wishes to the following who were baptised at

St. Leonard’s Church Watlington

Archie Patrick Smith and Jenson James Hookey who were baptised on September 16th


Joseph William Wood; Paige Nicole Wood and William Robert Wood who were baptised

on October 18th 2012

Sophie Maureen Newman who was baptised on October 21st 2012

St. Mary’s Pyrton

Emma Tara Sophia Brittain who was baptised on September 16th 2012

Arthur Francis Holdship who was baptised on October 14th 2012


Our congratulations to Elizabeth (Zee) Gilmore and Nameer Kanderian who were married

at St.Mary’s Church, Pyrton on September 22nd 2012


If you wish to arrange a baptism or get married in either St Leonard’s, Watlington or St

Mary’s, Pyrton please contact The Revd Christopher Evans: 01491 612494


If you wish to be baptised or married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd.

Adam Stevenson: 01865 714163 e-mail:

Rest in Peace

We offer our sympathy and the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to the families and

friends of the following people who died recently:

Christopher Gee who died on August 31st 2012

Margaret Mitchell who died on September 1st 2012

Phillip Bowden who died on September 30th 2012

David Wyndham Smith who died on October 7th 2012

June Knowles who died on 14th October 2012

Doreen Vincent who died on October 19th 2012



Fabrics by: Colefax and Fowler, Osborne

& Little, Jane Churchill, Designers Guild,

Arthur Sanderson, Zoffany, Malabar,

Andrew Martin, and Nina Campbell.

Plus: Greengate Upholstery and

Vaughan Lighting.

Colefax and Fowler






Please call in or phone for more information:

40 Couching St, Watlington, Oxon ox49 5qq

Phone: 01491 612273


12042_ham_wat_91x122.indd 1 16/10/12 12:43


Teresa Jayne Catering

Local Catering for your

Special Events

Weddings & Christenings


Lunches & Teas

Pig Roasts & BBQ’s

t: 07770 828339


Mums and Toddlers Coffee Morning

with toddlers snacks

1st & 3rd Monday of the Month

St.Leonard’s Church – starts at 9.45am

Next dates are:

3rd and the 17th Dec.

and for January 2013 the 7th and the


Mums/dads/grandparents/friends –

all are welcome!!

Contact Val on: 614543


Untitled-6 1 5/12/11 10:15:45







Contemporary & Traditional Kitchens

We are an independent family run home, kitchen living design studio

& retailer. We tailor our projects to any budget range to get the best

complete package we can offer you.

• Complimentary CAD Design Service

• Replacement Kitchen Doors

• Worktop & Granite Replacement

• Electrical / Plumbing / Installation

• Kitchen Appliances

• Steam Oven Cooking Demos

• Over 30 Years Experience

• Trade & Contract Kitchens

Ladies and Gents


Hair and skincare

New hair colour range

All La Biosthetique


t. 01491 612644

9 Shirburn Street, Watlington, Oxon OX49 5BU

hampden house

business centre

serviced offices | virtual offices | meeting rooms

How was your journey

into work this morning?


...or easy

Come and see our great range of

Serviced Offices and Meeting

Rooms, away from the City and yet

so easy to reach.

To book a viewing:

E-mail to us: Talk to us: Visit us online: 01865 893 200


a home for your business


Multiple Sclerosis Society

Henley MS

Support Group

The Henley Support Group in association

with the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

has now been running for 2 years. It is

based at the Brunner Hall, Greys Road,

Henley, RG9 1QR and is open every

Thursday from 10.00am until 1.00pm.

Various services are provided which

include group therapy sessions, individual

physiotherapy sessions, footcare and

informal lunches with the MS Specialist

Nurse. We are also very pleased to see

people who just ‘drop in’ for a cup of

coffee to to find out what it is all about.




Which is delivered free – 1,280 houses in

Watlington, Pyrton & Shirburn areas

Please contact our Advertising Manager

for details

Helen Wiedemann

01491 614989

Examples of SIZES & rates

⅛ £10 (£6.50 for 3+issues)

¼ £17 (£13 for 3+ issues)

½ £30 (£26 for 3+ issues)

Full £56 (£52 for 3+ issues)



So – if you have Multiple Sclerosis or are

a carer for someone with MS, do come

and see us. You will be very welcome.

tel: 01628 825773


Chairman Maddie Ames

Contact during office hours

Community office

01491 613867


John Howell MP writes...

A look back at recent key issues from Westminster and in the constituency


Over the summer months although parliament does not sit much goes on behind the scenes

and the work of different Government departments hits the news from time to time. Between

the summer recess and the break for the conferences of the main political parties Parliament

sat for a short time. Now that everything is back in full swing we have seen a number of

Ministerial Statement to the House. Among these perhaps the most notable have been:

A Statement by the Secretary of State for Local Government on Housing and Planning which

set out how the Government is planning to tackle the problem of affordable housing, the

difficulties over delays in the planning system and the Green Belt. With regard to the latter,

the protections contained in the National Planning Policy Framework remain firmly in place.

The Statement merely brought forward the possibility of using previously developed land

within the Green Belt.

A statement by the Home Secretary on European justice and home affairs powers which set

out how the Government is withdrawing from the powers in the EU agreement on European


There were also Statements from the Secretary of State for Transport on the West Coast

Main Line; the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland on the Referendum on

independence for Scotland and the Home Secretary on Extradition.


During the Conference Recess I used the time to undertake another Village Tour around the

constituency. During the course of the two weeks over we travelled some 350 miles and met

just over 200 people. There were a number of consistent themes which came up. By far the

biggest of these was Broadband. Another area which came up frequently was the economy.

This is particularly relevant in a week which has seen the latest unemployment figures

issued. Nationally the number of people out of work fell by 50,000 in the three months to

August. The number of people in employment has not been higher since records began

in 1971. Whilst not under-estimating the difficulties faced for those who are unemployed,

overall this is good news.

For more information, my website is regularly updated and offers information on my work

both in Westminster and in the constituency. Its address is In

addition, if you would like to subscribe to my free e-newsletter please e mail me at:















Local References

01491 826925 or 07977 237798

2 Mays Cottages, Ewelme

Aerobics & Pilates

Watlington Town Hall

Drop-in classes:


Monday 8-9pm

Tuesday 9.30am – 10.30am


Thursday 8-9 pm

Pre-booked Pilates classes

(spaces available) :

Monday 6.30-7.30pm

Thursday 9.15-10.15am, 6.30-7.30pm

Friday 9.15-10.15am

For further information please email Katy Riddell or call 0770 999 1623




Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 - 1730

Saturday 0900 - 1230

Use your local Post Office for:

• Bureau de Change • Car Tax

• Banking / Moneygram • Mobile Top-Ups

• Insurance

• Bill Payments

And for sending your post!

Watlington Post Office

8 High Street, Watlington, OX49 5PS

01491 614424



Amber’s Barber Shop -

07929 337015

Thursday -

9 – 5.30 visit

Hair by James

9 Shirburn Street



Our own free- range Pork and properly hung

beef. Lots more local foods including bread,

milk, cheese and beer.

01491 612070

just off the B4009 behind The Goose at Britwell Salome



Tuesday our own free-range - Friday pork

8.30 and properly a.m. - 6 p.m hung beef

lots more local foods including

bread, milk, interesting jars

Saturday and sweet things

9 a.m. Tuesday—Friday,

- 5 p.m.

8.30 Sunday a.m.—6 p.m.



a.m. - 12

9 a.m.—5



01491 612070

plenty plenty of parking of parking

just off the B4009 behind

The Goose at Britwell Salome









Hyacinth Baskets






Tel: 01491 612479


(Thame based)

Your Local Landscaping Company

Established 1989


• Grass Cutting

• Turfing/Seeding

• Hedge Cutting

• Fencing – All Types

• Tree work


• Patios

• Drives/Paths

• Gates – Wood/Metal

• Groundwork

Tel: 01844 279519

Freephone: 0800 783 7194


01844 354744




Large hall with ample


Available to hire for

classes, parties,etc

For details and bookings


Judy Keen 01491 612422

Circle Dancing /

World Dancing

in Watlington

7-9 pm every Tuesday

No partners necessary -

Beginners most welcome.

Enjoy the gentle exercise & the

fun of learning a dance together.

Relaxing & therapeutic.

Tel: Margot Peters

or phone 0118-984 1559



Watlington & District Nursing Home

Afraid to talk about care?

Let us help you

We know from experience considering

care options can be overwhelming. This is

why we get to know you and your family

and make sure your experience is tailored

especially to your specific needs.

With our dedicated teams on hand 24

hours a day, Watlington & District Nursing

Home offers the highest standards of care

for all its residents including those

needing re-ablement care following a

hospital stay, nursing, respite, dementia

and palliative care.

To discuss your plans for now and the

future, please call 01491 613400

Watlington & District Nursing Home

Hill Road, Watlington, Oxfordshire OX49 5AE


Sanctuary Care Limited is a subsidiary of Sanctuary Housing Association, an exempt charity

Dedicated to care


Microsoft textbox, size 8.89cm x 5.83cm (same ALL PLUMBING

ALL size PLUMBING as previous & HEATING

HEATING advert.)


Place your Christmas Orders Now

Repairs & Installations

Bottle picture inserted into text box.

Peter Osborne

Fine Wines

Your local family

run wine merchant,

established for

over 30 years

Worldwide selection

of exclusive quality











Is the man to call for

Is the man to call for

No call out

No charge call out


Watcombe Manor Farm, Ingham

Lane, Watlington OX49 5EB.

TEL: 01491 612311



Opening hours:

Mon/Fri: 9.30am-6pm-Sat: 9.30am-5pm


Samantha Swanson

07712 052860

01628 675535


Mail Handling

Telephone Answering and Call Forwarding

Meeting Room

Full Reception Service

Offices on Flexible Terms

41, Couching Street, Watlington, Oxfordshire

01491 613311

“You take care of your business

We look after your office”


Altom Tree Care Ltd

For a reliable, professional service

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Tel. 01844 281042 Mob. 07505 772110

Mobile Caravan & Motorhome servicing and repair in Oxfordshire &Buckinghamshire

JP Caravancare is pleased to offer the following Services

Full Annual Service Habitation Service Chassis Safety Service Damp Testing

Preventative Damp Oversealing Floor Delamination Repairs General Repairs

Emergency Call Out Pre Purchase Checks Motor Movers supplied & Fitted Accessories Fitted

Full Service, Repair and Damp reports are supplied

We can tailor our services to suit You and remember “We Come To You”

Devey Tree Care

Tree Surgery & Garden

Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of services for your trees and

gardens, from hedge cutting to tree removal.

Fully insured with £5M public liability cover

All jobs considered and all quotations are free of charge.


Call Owain Devey NCH Arb on

07922736451 01844281101 or


L B Plumbing

Toilets, taps, showers,

immersions, leaks, all

general repairs.

Free estimates, insured.

Watlington Youth Club

Meets at the Sports Pavilion in Shirburn Road every

Tuesday 7pm to 9pm

If you are 13 to 18 years old please come and join us to

play pool; table tennis; darts and table games. Also have

coffee on us!

Enquiries Welcome - Call Roger On 613687 for a


No callout charge

Call Lee Brook on

01491 834484






01491 612874

Traditional Home-cooked Bar Meals

Lunches: 7 days a week

Evening Meals: Tuesday – Saturday

Sunday Roast Lunches

Monthly Charity Quizzes

Christmas Menu Available

Christmas Carol Service 4pm, Sunday 23 rd Dec.

Boxing Day Lunch 12 noon-3pm Book Now



Friends of

St Leonard’s Church

Christmas Tree Festival 2012

Celebrations and Jubilations

Saturday December 8th to Sunday December 23rd

2.00 - 5.00 daily

Grand Opening Saturday December 8th

Come and see Father Christmas switch on the lights at

3.00pm and enjoy mulled wine. seasonal refreshments

and informal carol singing

Bring your friends and family to see the 36 beautifully

decorated and highly imaginative Christmas Trees with

titles ranging from the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics,

Mardi Gras , the Chinese New Year, Bonfire Night and

many, many more joyful celebrations both at home

and worldwide.

An uplifting start to Christmas for everyone


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