December 2012/January 2013 - Watlington Parish Council

December 2012/January 2013 - Watlington Parish Council

December 2012/January 2013 - Watlington Parish Council


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<strong>Watlington</strong> • Pyrton • Shirburn<br />

<strong>December</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />





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Contents<br />

St.Leonards<br />

p.26-27<br />

Pyrton p.13<br />

Methodists<br />

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Church services<br />

p.6-7<br />

News from Registers p.33<br />

Ministry Team p.5<br />

Editorial Team<br />

Editor…Pauline Verbe<br />

Sub Editor...Ozanna Duffy<br />

St.Leonard’s Church News<br />

Val Kearney<br />

Advertising Manager<br />

Helen Wiedemann<br />

Front Cover Designer<br />

Benji Wiedemann<br />

Printer Simon Williams<br />

From the Editor<br />

Dates for<br />

your diary<br />

Advent Service of readings and<br />

music 4pm Sunday 2nd <strong>December</strong><br />

Christmas childrens services p.28<br />

Christmas Carol Services p.29<br />

4 All Services p.19<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Christmas Fair 1st Dec p.18<br />

Christmas Tree Festival<br />

8th-23rd <strong>December</strong> p.56<br />

A note about our Cover Page - Our grateful thanks to Emily Cooling for<br />

allowing us to use a photo of one of her extraordinary and enchanting<br />

Lanterns featured in the Local schools and community groups’ magical<br />

Oxford Lantern Parade. We look forward to writing more about Emily, a<br />

professional Shirburn artist; her creative children’s workshops and much<br />

more – Her website is: www.kidsarts.co.uk<br />



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The Minister Writes<br />

“It’s the lights that get me in the end. The candlelight bouncing off<br />

the oh-so-carefully polished glasses on the table; the dim amber<br />

glow from the oven that silhouettes the golden skin of the roasting<br />

bird; the shimmering string of lanterns I weave through the branches<br />

of the tree. That, and the carols that float from the radio or those I<br />

catch as I pass by the open doors of St Saviours.”<br />

So begins Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diary entry for Dec 1st. In which<br />

he paints an evocative picture about the forthcoming season, about what’s to unfold and the<br />

delights ahead.<br />

Food is a hugely important part of our Christmas festivities, whether you’re a Goose or Turkey<br />

fan, even down to the smallest details of the stuffing – we want it to be perfect. That is only<br />

Human. But I know we have all had those Christmas’ that have been anything but perfect for<br />

one reason or another – please spare a thought for those that will struggle this Christmas and<br />

please support local food banks.<br />

This year I am staying at home, and my parents are coming down for a few days. Being a<br />

Minister means the traditions long held simply have to change to fit around services etc. And<br />

that is no bad thing – but it is different. And I have noticed that there is a whole group of my<br />

friends whose traditions are changing too. No longer are they continuing to do the Christmas<br />

things that they did as a child. Instead they are creating new traditions, new patterns, and new<br />

ways of being – as family circumstances change.<br />

At the Methodist Church in this year, we too have seen some change, amid the celebrations<br />

of our 200 years of worshipping history. But as we have looked back and celebrated what has<br />

been, we have been careful also to look forward, and to celebrate what God is unfolding now<br />

as well. And I would like to thank everyone, for being a part of our celebrations, and especially<br />

to the Congregation who have worked immensely hard at making it all happen.<br />

So I want to leave you with a question as you prepare for Christmas – what traditions<br />

are changing in your life? And what does that say about where you are in your walk with God?<br />

For in the midst of change the message of a small child who crept into the world<br />

begins to unfold, but in that birth, came the constancy of the love of God, that is our past, our<br />

present, and our future hope. May God bless you this Christmas. Adam<br />

Financial or health problems ? We may be able to help.<br />

We offer support to residents of the <strong>Parish</strong> of <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

suffering from financial hardship, sickness or disability.<br />

Contact us on 01491 613366, or via the Community<br />

Office at 1 Old School Place, <strong>Watlington</strong> OX49 5QH,<br />

or email trustees@watlingtonsupportfund.org.uk<br />

Registered Charity No. 241730<br />

www.watlingtonsupportfund.org.uk<br />

parish_news_36x125_PRESS.indd 1 4<br />

5/3/12 15:26

England<br />

Church of<br />

England<br />

The Church<br />

Rector<br />

of<br />

England<br />



The Rector<br />


Associate Priest<br />

The Rector<br />

Associate Priest<br />

Assistant Associate Priest<br />

Assistant Associate Priest<br />

Church Wardens<br />

Assistant St. Leonard’s<br />

Priest<br />

Church Wardens<br />

Assistant St. Leonard’s<br />

Priest<br />

Church Wardens<br />

St. St. Mary’s<br />

Leonard’s<br />

St Mary’s Pyrton<br />

All St Leonards Saints Shirburn<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Mary’s Pyrton<br />

The All St Leonards<br />

Saints Rev Christopher<br />

Shirburn<br />

Idris <strong>Watlington</strong> Evans. The Rectory,<br />

Hill St Mary’s Road, Pyrton <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

OX49 The All Saints Rev 5AF<br />

Christopher<br />

Shirburn<br />

Idris Evans. The Rectory,<br />

The Hill Road, Rev Angie <strong>Watlington</strong> Paterson<br />

OX49 The Rev 5AF<br />

Christopher<br />

Idris Evans. The Rectory,<br />

The Hill Road, Rev Adam Angie <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

Clayton Paterson<br />

OX49 5AF<br />

Canon The Rev Tony Adam Angie Williamson<br />

Clayton Paterson<br />

Revd Canon The Rev Lucy Tony Adam Austin<br />

Williamson<br />

Clayton<br />

Mike Revd Canon Gardner<br />

Lucy Tony Austin<br />

Williamson<br />

Val Mike Revd Kearney<br />

Gardner<br />

Lucy Austin<br />

Jenny Val Mike Kearney<br />

Gardner Lockwood<br />

How to Contact<br />

(Day off Monday)<br />

01491 612494<br />

c.idris.evans@gmail.com<br />

(Day off Monday)<br />

01491 612494<br />

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(Day off Monday)<br />

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How to Contact<br />

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Leonard’s<br />

Jenny Val Kearney<br />

Lockwood<br />

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Jennifer.lockwood@btinternet.com<br />

Methodist Church<br />

valkearney@aol.com<br />

St. Mary’s<br />

Jenny Lockwood<br />

01491 613240<br />

Rev’d Adam J Stevenson (Day off Friday)<br />

Methodist Church<br />

Jennifer.lockwood@btinternet.com<br />

01865 714163<br />

adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk<br />

Rev’d Adam J Stevenson<br />

(Day off Friday)<br />

Methodist Church Mr Phil Crockett<br />

01491 01865 612801 714163<br />

Littlefield, Christmas<br />

adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk<br />

Common, Rev’d Adam OX49 J Stevenson 4HR<br />

(Day off Friday)<br />

Mr Phil Crockett<br />

01491 01865 612801 714163<br />

Mrs Littlefield, Ann Caffari<br />

Christmas<br />

adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk<br />

01844 353732<br />

16Ashridge, Common, OX49 Chinnor,<br />

4HR<br />

OX39 Mr Phil 4JU<br />

Crockett<br />

01491 612801<br />

Mrs Littlefield, Ann Caffari<br />

Christmas<br />

01844 353732<br />


OX49 Chinnor,<br />

4HR<br />

If you wish to be married in OX39 the Methodist 4JU Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson<br />

Mrs Ann Caffari<br />

01844 353732<br />


Chinnor,<br />

If you wish to be married in OX39 the Methodist 4JU<br />

Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson<br />


If you wish to be married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson<br />

If you wish to be married in the Methodist Church, 5<br />

please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson

Services in St Leonard’s <strong>Watlington</strong>, St Mary’s Pyrton, The Methodist<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2nd (Advent Sunday)<br />

10.0am Eucharist with Hymns<br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

4.00pm “A Service for The Beginning of Advent” St Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

<strong>December</strong> 9th (Advent 2)<br />

8.30am Said Eucharist<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

10.0am Eucharist with Baptism<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

10.0am Village Service<br />

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton<br />

10.00am Sung Eucharist<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

7.0pm Evening Praise St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

<strong>December</strong> 16th (Advent 3)<br />

10.0am Eucharist with Baptism<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

4.00pm Carol Service<br />

6.00pm Carol Service<br />

6.00pm Carol Service<br />

<strong>December</strong> 20th (Thursday)<br />

7.00pm TOWN Carol Service<br />

<strong>December</strong> 23rd (Advent 4)<br />

10.0am Mattins<br />

10.0am Crib Service<br />

11.0am “4 ALL” - CHRISTINGLE Service<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

4.00pm Pub Carol Service<br />

<strong>December</strong> 24th (Christmas Eve)<br />

5.00pm Children’s Carol Service<br />

11.30pm Midnight Mass<br />

11.30pm Midnight Mass<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe<br />

St Nicholas` Church, Britwell Salome<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

The Chequers, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe<br />

St Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />


Church, St Botolph’s Swyncombe & St Nicholas’ Britwell Salome<br />

<strong>December</strong> 25th (Christmas Day)<br />

8.30am Said Eucharist<br />

9.30am Eucharist with Carols<br />

10.00am Eucharist with Carols<br />

10.00am Eucharist with Carols<br />

10.30am Eucharist with Carols<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

<strong>December</strong> 30th (Christmas 1)<br />

10.00am BENEFICE Sung Eucharist<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

<strong>January</strong> 6th (The Epiphany)<br />

10.0am Eucharist with Hymns<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

11.0am Covenant Service JOINT Anglican<br />

and Methodist Congregations<br />

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe<br />

St Nicholas Church, Britwell Salome<br />

St Mary’s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Botolph’s Church, Swyncombe<br />

St Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

<strong>January</strong> 13th (Baptism of Christ)<br />

8.30am Said Eucharist<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

10.0am Village Service<br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

7.0pm Evening Praise St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

<strong>January</strong> 20th (Epiphany 3)<br />

8.30am Said Eucharist<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

10.0am Village Service<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

St Nicholas` Church, Britwell Salome<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

<strong>January</strong> 27th (Epiphany 4)<br />

10.0am Mattins<br />

St Mary`s Church, Pyrton<br />

10.0am Sung Eucharist<br />

St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<br />

11.0am “4 ALL” - The NEW All Age Service St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

11.00am Morning Worship<br />

The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

7.00pm Evening Praise<br />

St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><br />




On 9th Dec 1952 Stanley Farr and Sarah Buckland were married at St.Leonard’s Church<br />

and some 60 years later they are still living a mere stones throw from that same church!<br />

After their marriage they lived in aptly named Love Lane with their next move to Webb’s<br />

Yard (now situated along the Cuxham Road) where they live comfortably and happily today.<br />

They have a Son (also named Stanley) and daughter Anita, four Grandchildren and a Great<br />

Grandson and although not quite sure what celebrations have been planned to mark this<br />

landmark occasion, I am positive they will enjoy every minute of their special Day.<br />

We wish Stanley and Sarah many more happy years together.<br />

Jane Ordish<br />

Progress of Water Feature<br />

in Memory of Anna Thomas<br />

Pete Hemmins responsible for the wonderful gardens at <strong>Watlington</strong>’s Sanctuary Care Home<br />

together with his colleague Doug (electrics) first of all constructed the foundations for the<br />

water feature. This then enabled our good friend and neighbour Paul Mercott to form the<br />

stone structure which brings us nearing completion of this lovely memorial to Anna Thomas.<br />

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection to make this feature possible and<br />

especially to Pete, Doug and Paul for all your hardwork in its construction. The Thomas<br />

family are so grateful to everyone and come Spring they hope to let you all know when the<br />

official opening will take place.<br />

Pauline Verbe on behalf of the Thomas family<br />




WATLINGTON is amongst the least deprived communities in the country ranking 612th out<br />

of 12,706 parishes surveyed by the Church Urban Fund.<br />

According to the report “Pensioner poverty and lone parenthood in <strong>Watlington</strong> are lower<br />

than average compared with other parishes in the country. Male life expectancy and<br />

qualification levels in this parish are higher than average compared with other parishes<br />

nationally. Child poverty and working age poverty in this parish are among the lowest in the<br />

country. Female life expectancy in this parish is among the highest nationally”.<br />

I don’t imagine many of us will be surprised by these findings. Most of us know how<br />

fortunate we are to live in <strong>Watlington</strong>.<br />

However within this encouraging assessment there are statistics that at the very least<br />

should start us thinking in more depth about the community that we live in.<br />

For instance the percentage of working age adults (aged 16-74) with no academic,<br />

vocational or professional qualifications came out at 21%, which is a much higher figure<br />

than I would have expected.<br />

Child poverty in <strong>Watlington</strong> while very small compared with some parishes in the country<br />

comes out at 6% which reminds us that within our community there are children and<br />

families that are finding life very tough.<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> is very fortunate in having some excellent organisations and charities that work<br />

very hard to assist those who are going through difficult times. The Church Urban Fund<br />

report gives us an opportunity to think again about the needs of <strong>Watlington</strong> and to give<br />

thought to whether there are people who are slipping through the net and who are suffering<br />

in silence behind closed doors.<br />

The report can also help us to look at other communities in Oxfordshire and throughout the<br />

country where the problems are substantially greater than they are in <strong>Watlington</strong>. Child<br />

poverty rises to a maximum of 65% in the country and people are literally dying a decade<br />

earlier in some areas than they are in <strong>Watlington</strong>.<br />

When our own lives are comfortable, it is easy to forget those whose lives are hard beyond<br />

our imagination. But are there things that we could be doing to lessen the hardship both<br />

in <strong>Watlington</strong> and elsewhere? Are there things that we can do to fulfil the Church Urban<br />

Fund’s aim of Tackling Poverty Together?<br />

The Church Urban Fund website: www.cuf.org.uk<br />

Information about <strong>Watlington</strong> can be found at: www.cuf.org.uk/270025-0<br />

Christopher Idris Evans<br />




<strong>Watlington</strong>’s thirty strong Filipino community and friends celebrated a recent sporting<br />

triumph with a victory party at the Town Hall.<br />

In their second anniversary year, <strong>Watlington</strong>’s basketball team “Top Gun” won the <strong>2012</strong><br />

Filcom Oxford Basketball Tournament.<br />

Top Gun team members include: Marco Lapuz, Richard Reyes, Resty Ciria,<br />

Rodel Deocera, Roger Deocadez, Reggie Ramos, Patric Castro.<br />

The Rector, The Revd Christopher Evans, went to the party to congratulate the team<br />

players and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and delicious food of the Filipinos.<br />

Some Friday’s are a special day for Neil<br />

and Rita McLaughlan<br />

Many of you may know Neil and Rita as regulars at the Methodist Church. Rita is one of<br />

their church’s Friday Lunch Club team who once a month provide a delicious lunch for<br />

approx. 30 people- which is then followed by an epilogue.<br />

Rita has also written some delightful devotional booklets for older people. They offer a<br />

month’s supply of daily readings at a time. The front covers are inviting and the addition<br />

of large print most helpful. There is a Bible passage in full and then some thoughts by<br />

Rita for contemplation.<br />

Neil, around 11.00pm on Friday evenings, you’ll find him in Oxford city center. You might<br />

ask what is an 83 year old doing out at that time of night? Well, he is a Street Pastor. He<br />

started as a Street Angel in Watford some years ago and when he moved to <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

he made enquiries and found the Oxford Street Pastors.<br />

He attended a 12-week evening course and then a Saturday course on ‘Conflict<br />

Management’ excellently presented by a retired police officer. For 2 years now, he has<br />

worked in a team of four helping young people often drunk or into drugs, revellers,<br />

as well as down and outs. He feels concern for 17/18 year olds who go to clubs and<br />

become very merry. Working in pairs, the Pastors stay with these people until they are<br />

sober enough to go back into a club, onto a bus or into a taxi or in the case of the young<br />

girls wait with them until their parents pick them up. With down and outs the shelters are<br />

full by 11.30pm so they offer aluminium blankets and conversation, if requested.<br />

The Street Pastors have a professional camaraderie with the police, ambulance service<br />

and Shelter and their team leader knows all the contacts. Often the police officer<br />


TRAIDCRAFT - Fighting poverty through Trade<br />

A Traidcraft stall selling Christmas Cards and Delightful small<br />

handmade Christmas Gifts will be in the High Street on<br />

Saturday 1st <strong>December</strong><br />

the day of the <strong>Watlington</strong> Traders Christmas Celebrations<br />

All Traidcraft good s are available at the Drop In Centre 26B High<br />

Street <strong>Watlington</strong> on Monday -Friday mornings.<br />


present, known as a Bronze Sergeant, will call on them to go and stand with someone.<br />

Neil comments, ‘Frequently we are seen picking up glass from broken bottles – to avoid<br />

temptation for use as a weapon’.<br />

‘People do query what the church is doing our there?’ says Neil. ‘and ask why we are<br />

doing this? I reply it is the work of Christ on the streets. Sometimes people want more<br />

of an answer so I invite them to take a seat’. Neil says that with a little drink inside them,<br />

some of them are able to talk more freely about their worries or perplexities and get into<br />

a deep conversation but will only do this is they ask and offer any prayers if asked for<br />

that too. However one passer-by, a Catholic, fell to his knees and insisted on giving a<br />

confession to the group leader. It takes all sorts!<br />

Because these Pastors are from all walks of life and across the breadth of Christian belief,<br />

they enjoy meeting others and get to know them without preaching at each other. Neil<br />

claims that one girl walked out of a nightclub some years ago and disappeared. This was<br />

the catalyst for his interest. ‘We do get our hands dirty; we are not just sitting in pews! We<br />

are the practical side of Christianity as well as carrying water bottles, lollipops and flip flops<br />

as girls can’t walk in high heels and the threat of broken glass.’<br />

On one night two chaps were in conversation with Neil and his partner on theological<br />

arguments near a car. An immaculately, well-dressed, but drunk woman, came out of the<br />

shadows of a door. The chaps and this lady walked with them back to her club. At some<br />

point there was a change in attitude from the young men as they became aggressive and<br />

abusive. He says ‘my partner and I were concerned she didn’t know what she was doing<br />

and that they might take advantage of her. We stayed with her to protect her until she got<br />

back to the club’. Unfortunately, she was not allowed back into the club so they continued<br />

to stay with her until she was sober enough to get home.<br />

Asked how he’d like to see the Street Pastor service enhanced, he commented an<br />

opportunity to extend to a Saturday as well, and some cover for Christmas and New Year.<br />

But it needs enough people to help. There are plenty of opportunities for younger people to<br />

join in but he thinks they need the qualities of patience, endurance, and ability to be out in<br />

all weathers, understanding, and commitment as well as the ability to work in mixed aged<br />

teams. Just a breeze then!<br />

He does get a break in the middle, but at the end of the night the team meet up, discuss<br />

any issues and the team leader writes up a report to include their comments. At about 4am<br />

Neil heads home.<br />

His last comment is that ‘Sometimes everything happens at once, ‘God’s in charge and<br />

these people go on to the next link. We are not dealing with people who are the finished<br />

article, so we don’t want to be the weak link’.<br />

Ozanna Duffy<br />


News from Pyrton<br />

As the first frosts of winter are approaching, we are relieved<br />

and pleased that the Stage 1 repairs on St Mary’s church<br />

have been completed. All of the external flintwork on the West<br />

wall has been reset and repointed and the internal wall replastered and painted. Whilst the<br />

scaffolding has been in place, close examination of the condition of the leaded West window<br />

showed that it too was in need of restoration, which is taking place as I write. Our thanks go to<br />

our architect, John Radice, and the contractors, Owlsworth IJP, for their excellent work. Plans<br />

are now being made for Stage 2 – restoration of the other walls during <strong>2013</strong>.<br />

We are now looking forward to Advent and Christmas. The Carol service takes place on<br />

Sunday <strong>December</strong> 16th at the earlier time of 4pm and will be followed by refreshments. The<br />

ever popular Children’s Candlelit Carols on Christmas Eve will take place at 5pm and Christmas<br />

Day Eucharist at 10am.<br />

Improvements at the Village Hall are continuing. New sound insulation panels have been fitted<br />

to improve the acoustics – the wooden floor had increased the amount of reverberation making<br />

it difficult for some people to hear clearly. Plans are being made to replace the curtains to<br />

reduce the reverberation even further. Hope fully this will allow everyone to enjoy functions in<br />

the Hall.<br />

After the extremely successful social events this summer and autumn – BBQ, Aunt Sally<br />

evening, Bingo Night and Harvest supper – plans have been drawn up for the next 12 months.<br />

There is a Quiz Night on November 2nd, Pub Nights with food on <strong>December</strong> 7th and February<br />

1st. We are delighted that the <strong>Watlington</strong> Band will once again be playing carols in the Village<br />

Hall on Monday <strong>December</strong> 17th at 7pm. Mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls provided.<br />

In <strong>January</strong>, following the success of last year’s Annual Dinner, this year’s will take place on<br />

Saturday 11th. Tickets cost £15 for a 2 course meal with drinks. Invitations will be sent out<br />

before Christmas. Places are limited to 54 so please book early – payment with reservation<br />

please.<br />

Pyrton PCC and the Village Hall committee wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy<br />

New Year and look forward to seeing you at some of the events.<br />

Jenny Lockwood<br />


September was<br />

a busy month for<br />

us. First there<br />

were the Heritage<br />

Open days, and<br />

the Ride & Stride<br />

to raise money for<br />

historic churches in Oxfordshire. Since<br />

it was our 200th Anniversary we thought<br />

it would be appropriate if John Wesley<br />

could greet people when they visited<br />

the church, so we produced a full-size<br />

model of him preaching. We enquired<br />

as to how tall he was but nobody knew!<br />

In the end his height was decided by<br />

the size of the piece of plywood we had<br />

available! The first group he welcomed<br />

were from St.Leonard’ s Church, Chrissie<br />

and Jeremy Bell with friends Hazel & Flis.<br />

Later our Minister, Rev.Adam Stevenson,<br />

arrived having cycled from Wesley<br />

Memorial Church, Oxford visiting a dozen<br />

churches on the way.<br />

As a historical note John Wesley preached<br />

at least twice in <strong>Watlington</strong> in 1766 and<br />

1775, well before the present church was<br />

built in 1812.<br />

A fortnight later a past minister, Rev.<br />

Andy Bryer, and his wife Janet came to<br />

celebrate Harvest Festival with us. Andy<br />

is now very much in a rural area and<br />

farming and harvest and the problems of<br />

rural communities are very real to him.<br />

Many friends from the other churches in<br />

his old circuit joined us for the service<br />

and for the harvest lunch afterwards. As<br />

usual the centre of our harvest display<br />

was a cake made and decorated by Pat<br />

Bird. The cake, our gifts and the gifts from<br />

News from the Methodists<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Pre-school go to the Porch<br />

Steppin’ Stones Centre in Oxford. The<br />

Centre helps those in need by providing<br />

meals, advice, training and support and<br />

these are even more necessary at the<br />

present time.<br />

On the last Sunday of November our<br />

Bicentenary guest preacher will be Mrs.<br />

Ruby Beech, past Vice-President of the<br />

Methodist Conference and previously<br />

Assistant Serjeant at Arms in the House<br />

of Commons. We start on the run-up to<br />

Christmas with our Advent Studies on<br />

4,11 & 18 <strong>December</strong>. Then we shall be<br />

welcoming the churches in <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

when they join us for the <strong>Watlington</strong> Town<br />

Carol Service at 7.30pm on 20 <strong>December</strong>.<br />

Meanwhile we shall be preparing our entry<br />

for the Christmas Tree Festival, this year’s<br />

theme “Celebrations & Jubilations” is very<br />

appropriate for our Bicentenary.<br />

To finish off our Bicentenary Year we<br />

shall be welcoming Rev. Peter Hancock,<br />

Chair of the Northampton District. as our<br />

guest preacher on 23 <strong>December</strong>. We<br />

then look forward to <strong>2013</strong> and welcoming<br />

St.Leonard’s to our Covenant Service on<br />

6 <strong>January</strong> when we renew our covenant<br />

with God for the coming year.<br />

Our Lunch Clubs continue at 12.30 on the<br />

first Friday of each month to which all are<br />

welcome. As of Sunday 13 <strong>January</strong> we<br />

shall hold our services in our Community<br />

Room while we insulate the ceiling of the<br />

church and redecorate it: a challenging<br />

start for <strong>2013</strong> and the third century of our<br />

church!<br />

Phil Crockett<br />


Forthcoming Methodist Services<br />

2 Dec 11am Mrs. Jennifer Thompson<br />

9 Dec 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson incl. Holy Communion<br />

16 Dec 11am Mr. Peter Honeyball<br />

23 Dec 11am Rev. Peter Hancock, Bicentenary Service<br />

25 Dec 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson, Christmas Day Family Service<br />

30 Dec 11am Dr. Neville Shepherd<br />

6 Jan 11am Rev. Adam Stevenson, Covenant Service incl. Holy<br />

Communion<br />

13 Jan 11am Mr. Paul Spray<br />

20 Jan 11am Dr. Julie Todd<br />

27 Jan 11am Dr. Alan Turner-Smith<br />


Venue: The Sports Pavilion, <strong>Watlington</strong> Recreation Ground<br />

Date: the 3rd Tuesday of every month<br />

Time: 2.30pm.<br />

Tea & biscuits served.<br />

We welcome all retired and semi-retired visitors who come to our monthly talks and<br />

encourage you to join us. Membership is £18.50 p.a. which also allows you to participate<br />

in our Group activities that include Walking, Reading, Outings, Antiques & collectibles,<br />

Heritage, Patchwork & quilting and our Lunch group<br />

Non-members can come to our monthly talks by paying £4.00 entrance..<br />

For more details contact Jacky Wagstaff<br />

Email jacky.wagstaff@yahoo.co.uk or phone 01491 613175<br />

PROGRAMME – <strong>2013</strong><br />

18th <strong>December</strong> at 2.30 pm<br />

Tony Brown will give<br />

A Victorian Magic Lantern Show to be followed by Christmas drinks and snacks.<br />

15th <strong>January</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />

Tim Horton will give an illustrated talk about Victorian <strong>Watlington</strong> its growth and decline,<br />

a subject close to all our hearts.<br />

19th February <strong>2013</strong><br />

Francine Blake will be talking about Crop Circles. How do they get here? Is it aliens or<br />

tractors? Or something completely different.<br />


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is<br />

progress: working together is success”. Henry Ford<br />

Once in a while, there is a photo that stops you in your tracks. This picture shows four people who have<br />

influenced many lives. From left to right:<br />

Henry Ford (1863-1947) was an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit experimented<br />

on internal combustion engines By 1908, Henry Ford realised his dream with the production of the<br />

Model T: reasonably price, reliable and efficient. By 1918, half of all cars in America were Model T’s.<br />

Ford’s continuous moving conveyor belt and mass production scheme reduced his costs undercutting<br />

his competitors. Ford’s became the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. By 1925, Ford was<br />

producing 10,000 every 24 hours and by 1927 he had sold over 15 million Model T’s.<br />

Thomas Edison His first invention was the ‘tin foil phonograph’ that recorded and reproduced a telephone<br />

message using a stylus on a tinfoil cylinder, and brought Edison to international fame. In 1913 he<br />

introduced the Kinetophone. It attempted to synchronize motion pictures with the phonograph cylinder<br />

sound.<br />

But Thomas Edison’s greatest challenge was the incandescant electric light. He didn’t invent it, but he<br />

improved a 50 year-old idea. In 1879, he was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light. He<br />

made it safe, practical and economic. His vision brought us: light bulbs, fuses, insulating materials, on-off<br />

switches and once tested, Edison created the electric industry and made his millions. Street lighting and<br />

power stations followed and by l890 power demand was worldwide. His company Edison General Electric,<br />

later dropped his name and in1892 became General Electric.<br />

Warren G Harding was born in Ohio in 1865. As a young man, he brought a nearly bankrupt newspaper,<br />

the ‘Marion Star’ back to life. His even-handed reporting made him popular with Ohio politicians, important<br />

businesses and charitable enterprises. Harding went from a seat in the Ohio State Senate, to a US<br />

Republican senator and then in 1920, he became the 29th President and the first President to ride in a car<br />

to his inauguration (a Ford of course!).<br />

Once in office, Harding admitted to his close friends that the job was beyond him. But during his time,<br />

homes were built, car and radio ownership escalated, businesses offered antiunion drives e.g. paid<br />

holidays, cheap lunch, pensions - if they left, or did not join, ‘Labor’; and oil markets were secured in Iraq<br />

and Iran. Ignoring prohibition, Harding’s lifestyle came into question although he was never linked to any<br />

crooked deals.<br />


In 1923 while touring America, suffered ptomaine poisoning and died from a heart attack. His wife was<br />

rumoured to have poisoned him to save him from any charges of corruption. Historians regard Harding as<br />

the worst president.<br />

Harvey Samuel Firestone born in 1868, in Ohio, started work in a buggy company. It folded, so he set<br />

up his own business selling rubber tyres. In 1896 he gave a set of rubber tyres to Henry Ford who was<br />

experimenting with horseless carriages. By 1900, Firestone realised cars were the future and his tyre<br />

business must grow with it.<br />

At 31, he founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. He pioneered the manufacture of pneumatic<br />

tyres for the Ford Model T. and by 1906 his sales reached $1million propelling Firestone to the top of<br />

the American tyre industry. He developed new treads, promoted the use of trucks for hauling freight and<br />

lobbied for the construction of vast highway systems.<br />

In 1926, in protest over the British-held monopoly over production of raw rubber held by Far East rubber<br />

growers, Firestone started his own rubber plantations in Liberia, West Africa. He was president of the<br />

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company until 1932, with sales of over $100 million at the time of his death in<br />

1938.<br />

Without all four of these men’s visions we might not have had paid holidays, driven to collect the turkey<br />

hopefully without a puncture or lit up the Christmas tree.<br />

Seasonal Greetings Ozanna<br />

NewsWATCH<br />

The <strong>Watlington</strong> & Chalgrove<br />

GP Practice Newsletter<br />

News from Your Surgeries!<br />

Email us at: wat.chal@nhs.net Oct <strong>2012</strong><br />

In the latest full version of our Newsletter the following topics are covered.<br />

The Patient Survey <strong>2012</strong>, Flu Jab Campaign <strong>2012</strong>, On-line appointment booking,<br />

Missed doctors appointments!, The new 111 telephone number, Gluten free products<br />

prescribing.<br />

If you would like to find out more about any or all of the above,<br />

the full version of the newsletter is available on our website at<br />

www.watlington-surgeries.nhs.uk/patient-group/newsletters<br />

Alternatively, hard copies are available at the two surgeries and in many local outlets.<br />


<strong>Watlington</strong> Town Christmas Fair<br />

1st <strong>December</strong><br />

A great way to kick off the Christmas season festivities<br />

The <strong>Watlington</strong> Business Association is pleased to announce that once again we will be<br />

running the highly popular <strong>Watlington</strong> Town Christmas Fair. There will be something for<br />

all the family with stalls along the High Street, sleigh rides, craft fair, music from local<br />

groups, Calnan’s famous BBQ, community group stalls, and of course, Father Christmas<br />

will be arriving on his sleigh! New for this year is a fabulous food fair, chuck the turkey<br />

and pupils from <strong>Watlington</strong> Primary School and Ickneild College will be performing.<br />

As in previous years we will be running a Grand prize Draw with some fabulous prizes<br />

that are worth winning. Look out for tickets that will be posted through your door at the<br />

beginning of November. Stubs and money can be dropped off at the Post Office.<br />

Final arrangements are still being made so watch out for further announcements and put<br />

the date in your diary for what promises to be a great day out, and a chance to get the<br />

Christmas shopping off to a flying start. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook: www.<br />

facebook.com/<strong>Watlington</strong>TownChristmasFair<br />

Anyone wishing to take a stall either on the High Street or in the Craft Fair please contact<br />

Linda Morriss on 01491 613396 or email: Linda.morriss1@btinternet.com<br />


Barbara Williamson’s sterling contribution to St Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong> and to<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> itself was recognized at a service at Dorchester Abbey on September 30th.<br />

The Bishop of Dorchester, The Rt Revd. Colin Fletcher OBE, admitted Barbara into the<br />

Fellowship of St Birinus.<br />

Bishop Colin founded the Fellowship in 2009 as a way of acknowledging exceptional<br />

service at a parochial or benefice or deanery level including outstanding service as a<br />

church member in the wider community.<br />

The ceremony took place in the abbey after a wonderful tea reception and a beautiful<br />

service of Evensong. Barbara and other recipients were then welcomed into the<br />

Fellowship and presented with certificates by the Bishop.<br />

Barbara was accompanied at the ceremony by her husband Tony and also by her guests,<br />

Doreen Hobbs, Janice Measures and myself. We all watched with pleasure as Bishop<br />

Colin presented Barbara with her certificate.<br />

Christopher Idris Evans - Rector<br />



Have you thought about joining the 21st century WI and if<br />

not, why not?<br />

<strong>2013</strong> is <strong>Watlington</strong>’s 80th Anniversary Year<br />

And we would love to welcome more New Members on Board<br />

• What do we do?<br />

• What are our Ideas for getting women’s voices heard?<br />

• How can we make this Your kind of WI ?<br />

Why not come along and see what we have to offer?<br />

Allow us to evolve around your ideas and input<br />

The WI is made up of young working girls, mothers, professional women, and<br />

retired ladies from all walks of life, which makes for diversity and covers a broad<br />

spectrum of interests. Meanwhile, as we come to the end of our varied and<br />

interesting <strong>2012</strong> programme we are looking forward to our party and would like to<br />

wish a Happy Christmas to one and all.<br />

Next Meetings:<br />

Dec 12th Christmas meeting with carols, finger food and glass of wine<br />

Jan 9th <strong>2013</strong> Speaker: Joanna Cary<br />

Work & History of The ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) -Water<br />

Project in 3rd world countries<br />

Venue : <strong>Watlington</strong> Town Hall<br />

Date : second Wednesday of the month<br />

Time: 7.30-9.30pm<br />

Contact Ronnie Roper: 01491 612675<br />

Please leave your details on her answaphone so she can return your call.<br />

What is special about the<br />

4th Sunday of the month?<br />

The morning service at st.Leonard’s on the<br />

4th Sunday of each month is rather different<br />

from other Sundays.<br />

How different?<br />

Why don’t you come and find out?<br />

11.00am at St. Leonard’s Church on<br />

Dec 23rd – Christingle<br />

Jan 27th The NEW ALL AGE service<br />


Adam Clayton in Shropshire<br />

The bells pealed, the congregation gathered from surrounding parishes and the clergy<br />

flocked, headed by the Bishop of Lichfield, to celebrate the new Ministry and the<br />

Licensing and Installation of The Reverend Adam Clayton as Priest-in-Charge of the<br />

parishes of Myddle, Broughton, Newton and Loppington with Burlton.<br />

As will be known, Adam has recently left our local Benefice of Icknield to take up his first<br />

stipendiary post in Shropshire, about a dozen miles from Shrewsbury. The parishes<br />

within his benefice are about as close as you can get to Wales without actually leaving<br />

England. A move from one beautiful part of the English countryside to another, albeit, a<br />

good deal wetter!<br />


The service was held at St Michael and All Angels Church,<br />

Loppington, a building which pre-dates our St Botolph’s by about 50 years. Amongst<br />

those gathered were our Rector, Christopher, and three others from <strong>Watlington</strong> and<br />

three more from Swyncombe - all there to wish Adam and Jo well in their new domain.<br />

The Bible Reading was the story of Jesus showing to his disciples how they could<br />

become “fishers of men” and it was upon this theme that the Bishop of Lichfield based<br />

his sermon in a straightforward and amusing way. Nobody fluffed their lines and the<br />

service was a great success. Afterwards, we all trooped to the nearby village hall to<br />

attack the spread of home-made sandwiches, biscuits and cakes.<br />

Oxfordshire’s loss is Shropshire’s gain. We wish Adam and his<br />

family success in their new challenge.<br />

John Bayford<br />


The Picnic Hamper’s New Cafe<br />

Christmas Menu<br />

10th -14th <strong>December</strong> 12.00pm - 1.30pm<br />

Homemade Carrot & Coriander Soup<br />

Homemade Chicken liver pate served with side salad & Melba toast.<br />

xxxx<br />

Traditional Roast Turkey served with the trimmings.<br />

Sliced Roasted Rib of Beef served Yorkshire pudding.<br />

Cranberry & chestnut Stuffed Mushroom wellington.<br />

Brussel Spouts Sliced Carrots peas & Roast potatoes & gravy.<br />

xxxx<br />

Traditional Christmas pudding with custard<br />

Homemade lemon Cheesecake with cream.<br />

£15.95 per person<br />




The death of Phillip Bowden from <strong>Watlington</strong> on September<br />

30th <strong>2012</strong> at the age of only 29 has brought it home forcibly that<br />

cancer is no respecter of age. Cancer is the major cause of<br />

death in the UK and most people will know someone – perhaps a<br />

close relative or friend -who is suffering or has suffered from the<br />

illness.<br />

Friends and relatives of Phillip<br />

have been fundraising for Cancer<br />

Research UK whose vision statement<br />

is for “leading pioneering, life-saving<br />

research to bring forward the day<br />

when all cancers are cured”<br />

Just a few days after Phillip died.<br />

Michael Spicer, from <strong>Watlington</strong>, a<br />

very good friend of Phillip, raised<br />

£1000 for Cancer Research UK by doing a sponsored parachute<br />

jump at Chiltern Park Aerodrome.<br />

Michael and Dawn, like all of us, have<br />

other relatives and friends who have<br />

died or are suffering from cancer. They<br />

want their fund-raising to be dedicated<br />

to them as well as to Phillip. They would<br />

also like to thank the very kind people<br />

of <strong>Watlington</strong> and beyond for their<br />

generosity.<br />

Then on October 20th Dawn Marriott, Phillip’s sister, together with<br />

other friends stood outside <strong>Watlington</strong> Town Hall in fancy dress as<br />

part of Cancer Research’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign. They<br />

raised £1400.<br />


Message from PCSO<br />

Diane Greenwood C9840<br />

Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, including criminals. A large portion of<br />

crime is opportunist, so this Christmas we are seeking your help to stop thieves in their<br />

tracks.<br />

Reduce the risk of your home being burgled by making sure you take some simple and<br />

inexpensive precautions. Take action now and don’t become a victim of burglary over<br />

the coming days.<br />

Anything on view in your car or in your house is a target for thieves and I would like to<br />

offer the following advice to residents:<br />

• Keep your car locked whenever it is unoccupied, even when paying for petrol.<br />

• Don’t leave any valuables including Christmas presents in your vehicle.<br />

• Make the house looks occupied after dark by leaving a lamp on a timer.<br />

• Don’t leave Christmas presents where they can be seen though the ground floor<br />

windows of your house.<br />

• Ensure that front and back doors and windows are locked when you are out and at<br />

night.<br />

• Lock valuable or sentimental jewellery away in a large lockable cabinet or in a safe<br />

bolted to the wall or floor.<br />

• When putting out your rubbish, break up and dispose of packaging with care so<br />

thieves don’t target your house for your new purchases.<br />

Home security advice leaflets, property marking pens and security labels to go onto<br />

bicycles are available from your local police station or contact me via email on diane.<br />

greenwood@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk or through the parish council<br />

If you have see any suspicious activity call us on the emergency number 999 or have<br />

any information to help the police with their inquiries contact the police non emergency<br />

number 101, if you do not want to talk to the police you can call the Crimestoppers<br />

charity on 0800 555 111 and remain anonymous.<br />



Name:<br />

Venue:<br />

Pop in Cafe<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Sports Pavilion<br />

Shirburn Road, <strong>Watlington</strong>, OX49 5BZ<br />

2nd Tuesday every Month.<br />

13th November & 11th <strong>December</strong><br />

2pm – 4pm<br />

Shirley Brown, Doreen Hobbs & Beryl Parkinson<br />

Meet:<br />

Next meeting:<br />

Time:<br />

Contact details:<br />

Telephone: 07977 605443<br />

Email:<br />

popincafe@gmail.com<br />

Did you know that the Pop-in Cafe has been running for just over a year? We are a<br />

group of local volunteers who give a few hours of their time to seniors in our community<br />

irrespective of their ability, to meet and have fun once per month in an afternoon. The<br />

focus is on fun, laughter and the Feel Good Factor!<br />

Why not come and join us for tea and cakes and a chat and have some fun and see what<br />

you think. You can help us to make it what you want.<br />

You can be a Friend of the Pop-in as we need people to help us fundraise or be a helper.<br />

There is no charge except for donations.<br />

Everyone is welcome. Thank You. See you There.<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Gardening Club <strong>2012</strong>/13<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong><br />

Venue :<br />

Time :<br />

Gardening Club<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Sports Pavillion<br />

7.45pm<br />

Our Christmas Social will be on 5 <strong>December</strong>:<br />

Christmas Social<br />

Time to chat and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and nibbles and a quiz.<br />

There will be a charge for guests.<br />

Wednesday 2 <strong>January</strong> : Weather Lore – Fact or Fiction. Speaker: Ian Currie<br />

As always, we look forward to seeing members, new members and guests. Please get in<br />

touch with any member of the committee if you need a lift and for more information, please<br />

contact Cheryl Barnes, 01491 614928.<br />


Churchwarden’s bit<br />

<strong>2013</strong>! Where do we fit in?<br />

Where are we headed?<br />

Its a funny old world isn’t it, one bunch of folk tell me we are being too new and<br />

revolutionary......and another will accuse us of being part of the Traditional Church set up!<br />

Well what to answer? Where is St. Leonards going.<br />

Our fervent prayer is that wherever we are headed, we are going there together. I<br />

remember a couple of years ago rather grumpily removing myself from a Matins Service,<br />

childishly complaining that it wasn’t at all my type of Service!<br />

A Humbling moment came later during prayer when I strongly felt told that God had<br />

wanted to send me a special word during the Service. The very one from which I had<br />

so arrogantly removed myself! Not only that, but that I had hurt folk God loved, who had<br />

practised hard to give our Lord a special Service of worship. Who was I to judge it?<br />

Did I ever finally receive that special message? I don’t know. But I do know that I then<br />

realised that our Lord wants us to enjoy any expression of love and worship for Him. He<br />

does: so why shouldn’t we. I felt Him tell me that he wanted me to enjoy Heaven and the<br />

many rooms in His house. That in our future, with Him its much more fulfilling to be able<br />

to wander around at home, in his home, rather than constrained to just one part of His<br />

wonderful creation.<br />

Since then I have shared this with other Christians who have admitted to having a similar<br />

experience when grumpily removing themselves from a ‘Happy Clappy’ Service. I think<br />

sometimes our Father feels he can best approach us when we have humbled ourselves to<br />

a form of worship that spiritually stretches us. When we are stretched....we actually find<br />

we grow!<br />

How does this reflect in St. Leonards? Well this year we have started up a Mustard Seeds<br />

Group, combining practical and spiritual enrichment for Mums and their little ones ( and<br />

the bouncy castle goes down well). And we also have a monthly 4ALL Service which is a<br />

fresh expression of our Sunday afternoons Messy Church.<br />

We are having more bring and share lunches than ever and our coffee and delicious<br />

cakes (thanks Heather!) after every Service are drawing all together in a true Church<br />

fellowship. We have found these Services are influencing us all. We are learning as<br />


much from our younger generation, as we hope they are learning from us.<br />

We are learning that we don’t need a Messy Church Service. Our congregation is full of<br />

us messy folk. “There but for the Grace of God” is muttered between us all regularly.<br />

St. Leonards isn’t a place to come to see Christians who have all the answers and are<br />

smugly living our lives. Most of us aren’t sure how we fit in or where we are headed. But,<br />

we are learning to trust in God, to lead us there, to lay our hopes, fears and prayers at His<br />

feet, and love and support each other.<br />

When we say all are welcome, we mean it. The more the messier....oops, I meant merrier,<br />

either which way we know that Church isn’t a place where you are judged, just a place<br />

where you are loved.<br />

Merry Christmas and do come to see us.<br />

Val Kearney<br />


Being a good neighbour comes naturally in a community such as <strong>Watlington</strong> – but<br />

remember this is not restricted to the older generation -<br />

Are you over 18yrs old?<br />

Young people can equally be a great asset to the community!<br />

‘Getting to know’ next door is common ground to a lot of us - a friendly gesture of help<br />

now and again is not regarded as a task but a genuine act of kindness. However not all<br />

are so fortunate, which is why we are Setting up a “Good Neighbour Scheme” to benefit<br />

people who need help with simple tasks but don’t know anyone to ask. Things we take for<br />

granted, which can be a daily challenge for others.<br />

• Changing a light bulb<br />

• Doing a weekly supermarket shop<br />

• Bringing Fruit/veg back from the Undercroft<br />

• Pruning a rose<br />

• Taking the dog for a walk when the owner is unwell<br />

• Collecting a prescription<br />

• Helping with simple computer problems etc.<br />

Good Neighbours allow everyone to be independent and not suffer in silence, but it is not<br />

an every week commitment and there are no driving jobs. What we are trying to do is<br />

compile a register of volunteers – so anyone in need can ring a central operator who in<br />

turn contacts a volunteer.<br />

If you are interested in sharing your kindness and expertise in please ring 01491 614187.<br />




The much loved Crib Service<br />

Sunday 23rd <strong>December</strong> 10.00am<br />

St. Botolph’s Church Swyncombe<br />

St. Leonard’s Christingle Service<br />

11.00am Sunday 23rd <strong>December</strong><br />

You and your family are warmly invited to<br />

St. Leonard’s Christingle Service with<br />

refreshments afterwards<br />

Children’s Candlelit Carol Service<br />

5.00pm <strong>December</strong> 24th Christmas<br />

Eve<br />

St. Mary’s Church Pyrton<br />

Family Eucharist with Carols<br />

Christmass Day 10.30am<br />

St. Leonard’s Church<br />


Christmas Carol Services<br />

Throughout the Benefice<br />

Sunday 16th Dec 6.00pm<br />


St Nicholas Church Britwell Salome<br />

Thursday 20th Dec 7.00pm<br />


The Methodist Church <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

Sunday 16th Dec 6.00pm<br />


St. Botolph’s Church Swyncombe<br />

Sunday 16th Dec 4.00pm<br />


St. Mary’s Church Pyrton<br />

Sunday 23rd Dec 4.00pm<br />


The Chequers <strong>Watlington</strong><br />



Paula and Nick say:<br />

Nick and I have recently taken part in two<br />

half Marathons to raise funds for Valley of<br />

Hope (UK) Charity<br />

www.valleyofhopecharity.org<br />

Our first was in May when we ran in<br />

Helsinki, Finland, my home city. Followed<br />

by the October run in Henley-on-Thames<br />

near <strong>Watlington</strong> (Nick’s hometown).<br />

Valley of Hope is chaired by Nick’s Dad<br />

and local Rector, Christopher. We’re really<br />

excited to be running both for the people of<br />

Mothibistad, to whose lives your donations<br />

will be of such direct benefit, and, on a<br />

personal level, for Nick’s Dad, whose tireless<br />

efforts in leading Valley of Hope continue to<br />

bring real hope to people whose lives are<br />

afflicted by HIV/AIDS. Your donation will make a<br />

really valuable difference.<br />

Thank you all for your fantastic level of support!<br />

Paula Ahvonen & Nick Evans<br />

www.charitygiving.co.uk/valleyofhope<strong>2012</strong>b<br />

Jeremy & Chrissie say:<br />

We live in <strong>Watlington</strong>, and our way of helping<br />

the Valley of Hope Charity to fundraise for<br />

monthly Grocery parcels has been by running<br />

the Henley Half Marathon in 2011 and more<br />

recently the Dublin Marathon on 29th October<br />

<strong>2012</strong>, to raise sponsorship money.<br />

We can at least run, albeit slowly, but some<br />

of those who benefit from the Valley of Hope<br />

parcels are too ill to run. It seemed when we<br />


moved outside our comfort zone, and had to just keep going for 5 hours, we would have to<br />

rely on God, just like many in Mothibistad. Amazingly, we just kept going, and it was God<br />

who kept us going. We are in our 60’s and we have not run a marathon before. However<br />

we did it, and it was fun. There were 14,300 runners in all, and there were over 4000<br />

behind us! The whole route was lined with people cheering us on, reading our names on<br />

our running tops and shouting “Come on, Jeremy, Come on Chrissie.” There were five<br />

from <strong>Watlington</strong>, and one from Cholsey.<br />



Many of those who benefit from the Valley of<br />

Hope have far bigger challenges than running<br />

a marathon. They have crises every day, and<br />

not only do they need God, but they know they<br />

need God. Many in the richer nations like the<br />

UK have not had the experience of being poor<br />

and having to rely on their faith. Faith is having<br />

an active and living relationship with God.<br />

Jeremy & Chrissie Bell<br />

www.charitygiving.co.uk/valleyofhopedublin<br />

Support local people with dementia and their carers and volunteer at our new friendly<br />

Memory Café.<br />

Memory Cafes provide an opportunity for people with dementia and their carers to meet<br />

informally and receive information & support.<br />

Volunteers are needed to welcome guests, help plan activities and make & serve<br />

refreshments.<br />

The Memory Café is held on the last Tuesday of each month from 10.30 to 12.30 at<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Sports Pavilion, Shirburn Road, <strong>Watlington</strong>, OX49 5BZ<br />

If you are interested or would like to find out more please contact Volunteer Officer, Sara<br />

Uren on 07713390713 or Dementia Support Worker Gilly Fishleigh on 07889604599.<br />

Alzheimer’s Society. Registered charity no 296645 A company limited by guarantee and<br />

registered in England no 2115499.<br />

Registered office: Devon House, 58 St Katharine’s Way, London E1W 1LB<br />


Do you Need a new direction in your life??<br />

Inspirational stories of <strong>Watlington</strong> People and how their lives took on a different<br />

direction from the year of their 80th Birthdays!!<br />

Neil and Rita McLaughlan<br />

Read about their wonderful work (Pages 10-12)<br />

Below - ‘excerpts’ from Not one but TWO<br />

remarkable ‘Gutsy’ Ladies who in their different<br />

ways embarked on a whole new approach to<br />

their lives following their 80th Birthdays.<br />

Eve Diett<br />

At her book signing on Nov 10th <strong>2012</strong> in<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Library – DIARY OF A NAAFI GIRL.<br />

Now 86 this is Eve’s second book – the first ‘Here<br />

Come the Land Girls’ was published in the year<br />

of her 80th birthday. Meanwhile, she is well into<br />

writing her third!! Many congratulations Eve!<br />

Dorothy Ackerman<br />

A hands-on former Dinner Lady – has helped<br />

transform the lives of people in a small village<br />

5,000 miles away. In her 80th year she made her<br />

first visit to our Link <strong>Parish</strong> of Mothibistad on the<br />

edge of the Kalahari. At 86 embarking on her 9th<br />

trip with me - this will see the Official Opening<br />

of the installation of a Wind powered irrigation system for the Garden Project she and I<br />

helped initiate 5 years ago. Young film-maker Michael Demetriou will be there to record<br />

this momentous occasion!<br />

Pauline Verbe<br />



Holy Baptism<br />

We extend all good wishes to the following who were baptised at<br />

St. Leonard’s Church <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

Archie Patrick Smith and Jenson James Hookey who were baptised on September 16th<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

Joseph William Wood; Paige Nicole Wood and William Robert Wood who were baptised<br />

on October 18th <strong>2012</strong><br />

Sophie Maureen Newman who was baptised on October 21st <strong>2012</strong><br />

St. Mary’s Pyrton<br />

Emma Tara Sophia Brittain who was baptised on September 16th <strong>2012</strong><br />

Arthur Francis Holdship who was baptised on October 14th <strong>2012</strong><br />


Our congratulations to Elizabeth (Zee) Gilmore and Nameer Kanderian who were married<br />

at St.Mary’s Church, Pyrton on September 22nd <strong>2012</strong><br />


If you wish to arrange a baptism or get married in either St Leonard’s, <strong>Watlington</strong> or St<br />

Mary’s, Pyrton please contact The Revd Christopher Evans: 01491 612494<br />


If you wish to be baptised or married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd.<br />

Adam Stevenson: 01865 714163 e-mail: adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk<br />

Rest in Peace<br />

We offer our sympathy and the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to the families and<br />

friends of the following people who died recently:<br />

Christopher Gee who died on August 31st <strong>2012</strong><br />

Margaret Mitchell who died on September 1st <strong>2012</strong><br />

Phillip Bowden who died on September 30th <strong>2012</strong><br />

David Wyndham Smith who died on October 7th <strong>2012</strong><br />

June Knowles who died on 14th October <strong>2012</strong><br />

Doreen Vincent who died on October 19th <strong>2012</strong><br />



Fabrics by: Colefax and Fowler, Osborne<br />

& Little, Jane Churchill, Designers Guild,<br />

Arthur Sanderson, Zoffany, Malabar,<br />

Andrew Martin, and Nina Campbell.<br />

Plus: Greengate Upholstery and<br />

Vaughan Lighting.<br />

Colefax and Fowler<br />






Please call in or phone for more information:<br />

40 Couching St, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxon ox49 5qq<br />

Phone: 01491 612273<br />

Email: designers@drapes.co.uk<br />

12042_ham_wat_91x122.indd 1 16/10/12 12:43<br />


Teresa Jayne Catering<br />

Local Catering for your<br />

Special Events<br />

Weddings & Christenings<br />

Parties<br />

Lunches & Teas<br />

Pig Roasts & BBQ’s<br />

t: 07770 828339<br />

e: teresa.mcteague@btinternet.com<br />

Mums and Toddlers Coffee Morning<br />

with toddlers snacks<br />

1st & 3rd Monday of the Month<br />

St.Leonard’s Church – starts at 9.45am<br />

Next dates are:<br />

3rd and the 17th Dec.<br />

and for <strong>January</strong> <strong>2013</strong> the 7th and the<br />

21st.<br />

Mums/dads/grandparents/friends –<br />

all are welcome!!<br />

Contact Val on: 614543<br />

e-mail: valkearney@aol.com<br />

Untitled-6 1 5/12/11 10:15:45<br />





YEARS<br />


Contemporary & Traditional Kitchens<br />

We are an independent family run home, kitchen living design studio<br />

& retailer. We tailor our projects to any budget range to get the best<br />

complete package we can offer you.<br />

• Complimentary CAD Design Service<br />

• Replacement Kitchen Doors<br />

• Worktop & Granite Replacement<br />

• Electrical / Plumbing / Installation<br />

• Kitchen Appliances<br />

• Steam Oven Cooking Demos<br />

• Over 30 Years Experience<br />

• Trade & Contract Kitchens<br />

Ladies and Gents<br />

Personalised<br />

Hair and skincare<br />

New hair colour range<br />

All La Biosthetique<br />

products<br />

t. 01491 612644 www.hairbyjames.com<br />

9 Shirburn Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxon OX49 5BU<br />

hampden house<br />

business centre<br />

serviced offices | virtual offices | meeting rooms<br />

How was your journey<br />

into work this morning?<br />

Jammy...<br />

...or easy<br />

Come and see our great range of<br />

Serviced Offices and Meeting<br />

Rooms, away from the City and yet<br />

so easy to reach.<br />

To book a viewing:<br />

E-mail to us: Talk to us: Visit us online:<br />

chris@jennings.co.uk 01865 893 200 www.hampden-house.co.uk<br />

Jennings<br />

a home for your business<br />


Multiple Sclerosis Society<br />

Henley MS<br />

Support Group<br />

The Henley Support Group in association<br />

with the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre<br />

has now been running for 2 years. It is<br />

based at the Brunner Hall, Greys Road,<br />

Henley, RG9 1QR and is open every<br />

Thursday from 10.00am until 1.00pm.<br />

Various services are provided which<br />

include group therapy sessions, individual<br />

physiotherapy sessions, footcare and<br />

informal lunches with the MS Specialist<br />

Nurse. We are also very pleased to see<br />

people who just ‘drop in’ for a cup of<br />

coffee to to find out what it is all about.<br />




Which is delivered free – 1,280 houses in<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong>, Pyrton & Shirburn areas<br />

Please contact our Advertising Manager<br />

for details<br />

Helen Wiedemann<br />

01491 614989<br />

helen.wiedemann@gmail.com<br />

Examples of SIZES & rates<br />

⅛ £10 (£6.50 for 3+issues)<br />

¼ £17 (£13 for 3+ issues)<br />

½ £30 (£26 for 3+ issues)<br />

Full £56 (£52 for 3+ issues)<br />



So – if you have Multiple Sclerosis or are<br />

a carer for someone with MS, do come<br />

and see us. You will be very welcome.<br />

tel: 01628 825773<br />

e-mail madeline@starames.co.uk<br />

Chairman Maddie Ames<br />

www.chinnorwebdesign.co.uk<br />

Contact during office hours<br />

Community office<br />

01491 613867<br />


John Howell MP writes...<br />

A look back at recent key issues from Westminster and in the constituency<br />


Over the summer months although parliament does not sit much goes on behind the scenes<br />

and the work of different Government departments hits the news from time to time. Between<br />

the summer recess and the break for the conferences of the main political parties Parliament<br />

sat for a short time. Now that everything is back in full swing we have seen a number of<br />

Ministerial Statement to the House. Among these perhaps the most notable have been:<br />

A Statement by the Secretary of State for Local Government on Housing and Planning which<br />

set out how the Government is planning to tackle the problem of affordable housing, the<br />

difficulties over delays in the planning system and the Green Belt. With regard to the latter,<br />

the protections contained in the National Planning Policy Framework remain firmly in place.<br />

The Statement merely brought forward the possibility of using previously developed land<br />

within the Green Belt.<br />

A statement by the Home Secretary on European justice and home affairs powers which set<br />

out how the Government is withdrawing from the powers in the EU agreement on European<br />

Justice.<br />

There were also Statements from the Secretary of State for Transport on the West Coast<br />

Main Line; the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland on the Referendum on<br />

independence for Scotland and the Home Secretary on Extradition.<br />


During the Conference Recess I used the time to undertake another Village Tour around the<br />

constituency. During the course of the two weeks over we travelled some 350 miles and met<br />

just over 200 people. There were a number of consistent themes which came up. By far the<br />

biggest of these was Broadband. Another area which came up frequently was the economy.<br />

This is particularly relevant in a week which has seen the latest unemployment figures<br />

issued. Nationally the number of people out of work fell by 50,000 in the three months to<br />

August. The number of people in employment has not been higher since records began<br />

in 1971. Whilst not under-estimating the difficulties faced for those who are unemployed,<br />

overall this is good news.<br />

For more information, my website is regularly updated and offers information on my work<br />

both in Westminster and in the constituency. Its address is www.johnhowellmp.com In<br />

addition, if you would like to subscribe to my free e-newsletter please e mail me at:<br />

john.howell@oxfordshireconservatives.com<br />









HEDGE<br />






Local References<br />

01491 826925 or 07977 237798<br />

www.groundworx.org.uk<br />

2 Mays Cottages, Ewelme<br />

Aerobics & Pilates<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Town Hall<br />

Drop-in classes:<br />

Aerobics<br />

Monday 8-9pm<br />

Tuesday 9.30am – 10.30am<br />

Pilates<br />

Thursday 8-9 pm<br />

Pre-booked Pilates classes<br />

(spaces available) :<br />

Monday 6.30-7.30pm<br />

Thursday 9.15-10.15am, 6.30-7.30pm<br />

Friday 9.15-10.15am<br />

For further information please email Katy Riddell<br />

katyriddell@btinternet.com or call 0770 999 1623<br />




Opening Hours<br />

Monday - Friday 0900 - 1730<br />

Saturday 0900 - 1230<br />

Use your local Post Office for:<br />

• Bureau de Change • Car Tax<br />

• Banking / Moneygram • Mobile Top-Ups<br />

• Insurance<br />

• Bill Payments<br />

And for sending your post!<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Post Office<br />

8 High Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, OX49 5PS<br />

01491 614424 watlington-post@btconnect.com<br />

NEED A<br />

BARBER?<br />

Amber’s Barber Shop -<br />

07929 337015<br />

Thursday -<br />

9 – 5.30 visit<br />

Hair by James<br />

9 Shirburn Street<br />



Our own free- range Pork and properly hung<br />

beef. Lots more local foods including bread,<br />

milk, cheese and beer.<br />

01491 612070<br />

just off the B4009 behind The Goose at Britwell Salome<br />

BRITWELL Opening hours SALOME<br />


Tuesday our own free-range - Friday pork<br />

8.30 and properly a.m. - 6 p.m hung beef<br />

lots more local foods including<br />

bread, milk, interesting jars<br />

Saturday and sweet things<br />

9 a.m. Tuesday—Friday,<br />

- 5 p.m.<br />

8.30 Sunday a.m.—6 p.m.<br />

9<br />

Saturday,<br />

a.m. - 12<br />

9 a.m.—5<br />

noon.<br />

p.m.<br />

01491 612070<br />

plenty plenty of parking of parking<br />

just off the B4009 behind<br />

The Goose at Britwell Salome<br />

M. J. GEE<br />








Hyacinth Baskets<br />


CYCLAMENS & WALL Cyclamen<br />




Tel: 01491 612479<br />


(Thame based)<br />

Your Local Landscaping Company<br />

Established 1989<br />

Landscaping<br />

• Grass Cutting<br />

• Turfing/Seeding<br />

• Hedge Cutting<br />

• Fencing – All Types<br />

• Tree work<br />

Construction<br />

• Patios<br />

• Drives/Paths<br />

• Gates – Wood/Metal<br />

• Groundwork<br />

Tel: 01844 279519<br />

Freephone: 0800 783 7194<br />

www.windmill-landscapes.com<br />


01844 354744<br />

www.chinnorwebdesign.co.uk<br />




Large hall with ample<br />

parking<br />

Available to hire for<br />

classes, parties,etc<br />

For details and bookings<br />

contact<br />

Judy Keen 01491 612422<br />

Circle Dancing /<br />

World Dancing<br />

in <strong>Watlington</strong><br />

7-9 pm every Tuesday<br />

No partners necessary -<br />

Beginners most welcome.<br />

Enjoy the gentle exercise & the<br />

fun of learning a dance together.<br />

Relaxing & therapeutic.<br />

Tel: Margot Peters<br />

or phone 0118-984 1559<br />

e-mail:<br />

lesmargotdancing@btinternet.com<br />


<strong>Watlington</strong> & District Nursing Home<br />

Afraid to talk about care?<br />

Let us help you<br />

We know from experience considering<br />

care options can be overwhelming. This is<br />

why we get to know you and your family<br />

and make sure your experience is tailored<br />

especially to your specific needs.<br />

With our dedicated teams on hand 24<br />

hours a day, <strong>Watlington</strong> & District Nursing<br />

Home offers the highest standards of care<br />

for all its residents including those<br />

needing re-ablement care following a<br />

hospital stay, nursing, respite, dementia<br />

and palliative care.<br />

To discuss your plans for now and the<br />

future, please call 01491 613400<br />

www.sanctuary-care.co.uk<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> & District Nursing Home<br />

Hill Road, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxfordshire OX49 5AE<br />

Email: care@sanctuary-housing.co.uk<br />

Sanctuary Care Limited is a subsidiary of Sanctuary Housing Association, an exempt charity<br />

Dedicated to care<br />


Microsoft textbox, size 8.89cm x 5.83cm (same ALL PLUMBING<br />

ALL size PLUMBING as previous & HEATING<br />

HEATING advert.)<br />


Place your Christmas Orders Now<br />

Repairs & Installations<br />

Bottle picture inserted into text box.<br />

Peter Osborne<br />

Fine Wines<br />

Your local family<br />

run wine merchant,<br />

established for<br />

over 30 years<br />

Worldwide selection<br />

of exclusive quality<br />

wines<br />


01491<br />

01491<br />

614233<br />

614233<br />

07773<br />

07773<br />

168120<br />

168120<br />

Is the man to call for<br />

Is the man to call for<br />

No call out<br />

No charge call out<br />

charge<br />

Watcombe Manor Farm, Ingham<br />

Lane, <strong>Watlington</strong> OX49 5EB.<br />

TEL: 01491 612311<br />

E-mail: info@peterosbornewine.co.uk<br />

Website: www.peterosbornewine.co.uk<br />

Opening hours:<br />

Mon/Fri: 9.30am-6pm-Sat: 9.30am-5pm<br />

ronnieroper@onetel.com<br />


Samantha Swanson<br />

07712 052860<br />

www.arborea.co.uk<br />

01628 675535<br />


Mail Handling<br />

Telephone Answering and Call Forwarding<br />

Meeting Room<br />

Full Reception Service<br />

Offices on Flexible Terms<br />

41, Couching Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxfordshire<br />

01491 613311<br />

info@chilternbusinesscentre.co.uk<br />

www.chilternbusinesscentre.co.uk<br />

“You take care of your business<br />

We look after your office”<br />


Altom Tree Care Ltd<br />

For a reliable, professional service<br />

01844 339833<br />

07958 759747 altomtree@fsmail.net<br />













Tel. 01844 281042 Mob. 07505 772110 jpcaravancare@live.co.uk<br />

Mobile Caravan & Motorhome servicing and repair in Oxfordshire &Buckinghamshire<br />

JP Caravancare is pleased to offer the following Services<br />

Full Annual Service Habitation Service Chassis Safety Service Damp Testing<br />

Preventative Damp Oversealing Floor Delamination Repairs General Repairs<br />

Emergency Call Out Pre Purchase Checks Motor Movers supplied & Fitted Accessories Fitted<br />

Full Service, Repair and Damp reports are supplied<br />

We can tailor our services to suit You and remember “We Come To You”<br />

Devey Tree Care<br />

Tree Surgery & Garden<br />

Maintenance Services<br />

We offer a variety of services for your trees and<br />

gardens, from hedge cutting to tree removal.<br />

Fully insured with £5M public liability cover<br />

All jobs considered and all quotations are free of charge.<br />

Telephone:<br />

Call Owain Devey NCH Arb on<br />

07922736451 01844281101 or<br />

owain.devey@hotmail.co.uk www.deveytreecare.co.uk<br />


L B Plumbing<br />

Toilets, taps, showers,<br />

immersions, leaks, all<br />

general repairs.<br />

Free estimates, insured.<br />

<strong>Watlington</strong> Youth Club<br />

Meets at the Sports Pavilion in Shirburn Road every<br />

Tuesday 7pm to 9pm<br />

If you are 13 to 18 years old please come and join us to<br />

play pool; table tennis; darts and table games. Also have<br />

coffee on us!<br />

Enquiries Welcome - Call Roger On 613687 for a<br />

programme<br />

No callout charge<br />

Call Lee Brook on<br />

01491 834484<br />

07981642688<br />





01491 612874<br />

Traditional Home-cooked Bar Meals<br />

Lunches: 7 days a week<br />

Evening Meals: Tuesday – Saturday<br />

Sunday Roast Lunches<br />

Monthly Charity Quizzes<br />

Christmas Menu Available<br />

Christmas Carol Service 4pm, Sunday 23 rd Dec.<br />

Boxing Day Lunch 12 noon-3pm Book Now<br />

www.thechequerswatlington,co,uk<br />


Friends of<br />

St Leonard’s Church<br />

Christmas Tree Festival <strong>2012</strong><br />

Celebrations and Jubilations<br />

Saturday <strong>December</strong> 8th to Sunday <strong>December</strong> 23rd<br />

2.00 - 5.00 daily<br />

Grand Opening Saturday <strong>December</strong> 8th<br />

Come and see Father Christmas switch on the lights at<br />

3.00pm and enjoy mulled wine. seasonal refreshments<br />

and informal carol singing<br />

Bring your friends and family to see the 36 beautifully<br />

decorated and highly imaginative Christmas Trees with<br />

titles ranging from the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics,<br />

Mardi Gras , the Chinese New Year, Bonfire Night and<br />

many, many more joyful celebrations both at home<br />

and worldwide.<br />

An uplifting start to Christmas for everyone<br />


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