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HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

Clue #4 - Shipping

Clue #4 - Shipping Papers and Facility Documents MODE NAME LOCATION NOTES Highway Rail Water Bill of Lading or Freight Bill Consist List or Waybill Dangerous Cargo Manifest Cab of vehicle With conductor or engineer Wheelhouse or vessel or document tube or box on barge Air Airbill Cockpit and outside of packages Pipeline Pipeline Markers Where pipeline crosses another mode of transportation 2008 Haz-Mat Review In arms reach of driver Itemized listing of each car in train In possession of the pilot Indicates owners name and 24 hour contact information 38

Facility Documents • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – Required for hazardous substances which are stored, manufactured, or used in the work place – Provides a variety of information such as product identification, physical/chemical properties, fire data, health data, reactivity data, etc. • Other facility documents – Emergency Response Plans (ERP) – Emergency Action Plans (EAP) 2008 Haz-Mat Review 39

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