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127 FCM COVER - Fox Cities Magazine

127 FCM COVER - Fox Cities Magazine

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Business Profile | Security Luebke Roofing Security-Luebke Roofing is a forward-thinking, progressive company providing great service and innovative roofing solutions. 820 Hyland Ave, Kaukauna 920.766.7904 The year was 1956, and Ray Ribble, a WWII veteran and father of six boys, was happy just to have a job. He worked for a roofing company where he believed he had a promising future. “Work hard,” the owner said, “and someday you can be my partner.” A Security-Luebke Roofing residential project. By the time 1958 arrived, Ray saw that their customers were not being served well. His sense of honor and strong work ethic convinced him his best choice was to start his own roofing company – a company that would be founded on his deeply held principles of fairness and faith. Security Roofing was the name suggested and endorsed by some of his first customers, because Ray was a businessman they knew they could trust. Eventually, the community learned they could, “Be Secure with Security Roofing.” Many things changed as the years unfolded. In 1989, Security Roofing purchased the assets of Luebke Roofing and Siding, Inc., to expand from a predominately commercial focused roofing company, into the residential roofing market also. Today, Security-Luebke Roofing is a thirdgeneration family owned business, headed by Troy Ribble. Recently, they have renovated an old manufacturing facility at 820 Hyland Avenue in Kaukauna for their new offices, design center, warehouse, and sheet metal shop. Both business customers and homeowners can visit and see the variety of products available. Security-Luebke Roofing is a forward-thinking, progressive company providing greater service and innovative roofing solutions than Ray ever would have dreamed. The successive leadership firmly believes in Ray’s original values of trust and integrity. Security-Luebke crews are highly respected in A custom fit job. both residential and commercial arenas for their skill in all forms of roofing applications, as well as those r e q u i r i n g custom design and fabrication. They also have the area’s first 24/7/365 service department. Security-Luebke Roofing is NE Wisconsin’s first solar roofing and sustainable energy solutions provider. These green and renewable technologies include (BIPV) photovoltaic panels, light harvesting solutions and energy management control systems. June/July 2011 6 Advertisement

HIDDEN in plain sight Do you recognize this local architectural detail? Submit your answer along with your name and address by July 11, 2011. If you are correct, you will be entered in a drawing for $25 gift certificate to The largest selection of beads in Northeast Wisconsin! 1011 W. College Ave., Appleton 920.733.2853 MAY ANSWER First English Lutheran Church, Appleton WE STUMPED YOU! Submit entries to: P.O. Box 2496 Appleton, WI 54912 Summer months blow by with the help of storms sweeping across northeastern Wisconsin. While the rest of us are holed up in our basements, storm spotters like Bill Schulze are out weathering the elements to provide the particulars for those updates. Appleton resident Schulze says that many people don’t realize that there is a difference between the storm spotting he does for the National Weather Service and the job of people who chase those storms down. “With storm spotting, safety is the most important thing as opposed to chasing, where getting the shot or getting super close is the most important thing,” Schulze says. Schulze braves adverse driving conditions through heavy winds and rain to watch storms roll in and then provides the reports on conditions that are issued by the NWS and used by local media. He’s always been fascinated with weather and has had an interest in volunteering since high school. After obtaining his amateur radio license, Schulze began his volunteer position with the NWS in the spring of 2006. While he says that seeing the havoc that these storms wreak is the hardest part of the job, the best part is feeling that he is contributing to the public safety of Fox Citians. “It is very rewarding knowing that what you are reporting could be saving lives as that piece of information is what could generate a warning,” he says. — By Karilyn Robinson The Summer of Saturn In May 4 of the 5 visible planets danced in the sky just prior to sunrise: swift and dim Mercury entering the morning sky, brilliant Venus after spending most of 2011 as the “morning star” is now preparing to swing behind the Sun to become the “evening star” by the end of summer, Mars continues on its orbit biding its time until slightly faster Earth passes it yet again (as it does every 26 months) to herald its return into the evening sky; and finally, Jupiter, having just exited the evening sky will return again to the evening sky in the fall. The sole planet in the evening sky this summer is Get to Know… Name: Bill Schulze Residence: Appleton Occupation: Storm spotter for the National Weather Service Years on the Job: 5 Barlow Planetarium SkyWatch A methane/ethane sea on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, as compared to Lake Superior. Fox Cities at work By Alan J. Peche, Director of Barlow Planetarium Saturn – the magnificent ringed planet. As summer takes its hold on the residents of the Fox Valley, Wisconsin (and the northern hemisphere), activities begin to include swimming, boating, water and beaches it is interesting to think that the Earth isn’t unique in the solar system when it comes to beaches – there is another “world” that has beaches in our very own solar system: Saturn’s moon Titan. However, that is pretty much as far as the comparison can be taken since the liquid on Titan is not the refreshing, life-giving H2O that we know, like and need. Titan’s analogous liquid is CH4 with some C2H6 – commonly referred to methane and ethane – at a chilly 300 degrees below! During the warm summer evenings take a moment to gaze up at Saturn in the evening sky. However, if you have a chance to view Saturn through even a small telescope, usually there will be a bright “star” in the same view – a bright “star” that actually has BEACHES (next to hydrocarbon seas). For additional information regarding SkyWatch or Barlow Planetarium, please visit FOX CITIES Magazine 7

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