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The Benjamin -Victoria Manlulu - Calantas Young Dreamers ...

The Benjamin -Victoria Manlulu - Calantas Young Dreamers ...

Foundation, that is, the

Foundation, that is, the full implementation of the SWREM Theory In Action which can be viewed at II. Procedural Protocol Implementation of Benjamin -Victoria Manlulu High School Scholarship Grant 1) Management Flow of Scholarship Grant Implementation: (a) Jenz Perez-Bero, CYDFI-Bo. Benedicto Scholarship Program Coordinator, is (1) responsible for distributing and collecting Scholarship Application Packets, re: Barrio Benedicto students enrolled at Del Carmen Elementary School in Floridablanca, Pampanga and (2) submit Scholarship Application Packets to the CEO/President of the Foundation in Calantas. (b) Chrisanta Mangalindan, CEO/President, to instruct the CYDFI Committee on Scholarship to convene, review and recommend the RECIPIENT of Scholarship to CEO/President for final approval by the CYDFI Founder. (c) CYDFI Committee on Scholarship: The Committee is composed of Faculty Members from Calantas Elementary School, namely: (1) Chair: Purisima M. de Ausen (2) Members: Carmelita Pingul & Myrna Mendoza 2) Orientation Meeting and Signing of Scholarship Contract of Selected Applicant-Scholar (a) When a decision has been reached as to “WHO” is going to be the RECIPIENT of the Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu Phase 1 High School Scholarship Grant, there will be an Orientation Meeting with the youth, together with a parent or guardian to be conducted by the CEO in Calantas. (b) Signing of Scholarship Contract. After the Orientation Meeting, a Scholarship Program Contract 3 between the CYDFISP Recipient and the Foundation (CYDFI) shall be signed by the youth-scholar, the parents/guardian, the CEO/President, to be noted by Chairman of the Board with final signature of the CYDFI Founders. It has to be made clear to the youth, parents, guardian that the mission of the Foundation is “to empower indigent but deserving talented (Academically Excellent Students) youth living in abject poverty in Philippine rural areas 3 Please, see attached copy of the Scholarship Program Contract on page 10. 2

through a Scholarship Program Model with a methodology called SWREM Theory In Action that is designed to help them help themselves so they can help incoming scholars leading to breaking their cycle of poverty as they learn to become socially responsible”. The CYDFI Scholars don’t payback, they only pay forward. Meaning, once the scholars become gainful and productive members of society, they will honor their Contract to help, at least, one or two new incoming scholars in the same Barrio where they come from. If this is done on a continuous loop basis, the SWREM Theory In Action finds the meaning of its existence as a methodology to effect positive change towards community growth and development in Barrio Benedicto. 3) Timetable of the Scholarship Grant and Cycle of Implementation The following is a description of the FIRST CYCLE of Implementation of the CYDFI-Barrio Benedicto Scholarship Program in Barrio Benedicto through the Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu Scholarship Grant. (a) The Phase 1: Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu High School Scholarship Grant with the main sponsorship of Vicky Manlulu-Hilario and Family (NJ) will be implemented beginning SY: 2007-2008 and the Grant shall be annually awarded to the same target population. (b) Schedule of Initial Implementation of the Scholarship Grant for SY: 2007-2008 to 2011 (4yrs of secondary education) DATE ACTIVITY RECIPIENT December 2006 Certificate of CYDFISP Award (Recipient-Holder) Del Carmen Elem School Attn: The Principal January 2007 (Jan. 2-14) Scholarship Application Form Available at the Principal’s Office 6 th Grade Bo. Benedicto Students, Academically Excellent Students With Good Standing In Class March 10, 2007 March 11-24, 2007 March 28, 2007 Deadline for Submission of Required Papers (Scholarship Application Packets) To: Review, Evaluation, Deliberation of the Scholarship Application Packets by the CYDFI Committee (CES Faculty) on Scholarship in Calantas Official Announcement of Scholarship Grant Recipient for the SY: 2007-2008 to 2011 (4yrs) Jenz Perez-Bero, Coordinator, CYDFI-Barrio Benedicto Scholarship Program Scholarship-Applicants 1 st Awardee, 1 st Cycle of Phase1: Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu HS Scholarship Grant 3

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