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The Benjamin -Victoria Manlulu - Calantas Young Dreamers ...

The Benjamin -Victoria Manlulu - Calantas Young Dreamers ...

(2) Scholars will be

(2) Scholars will be placed for one year probation if they violate any two (2) of the last four (4) sections of Article 3, ss2.1c, ss2.1d, ss2.1e and ss2.1f of the CYDFI Handbook. 7) Executive Committee On Appeals (ECOA) and Procedures on Hearing of the Scholarship Probation a) The CEO shall convene the members of the ECOA to conduct a pre-Hearing with the Scholar together with parent/guardian to determine an initial plan of action: “to have the scholar on Probation or Termination,” and if given probation, assist the scholar to meet the expectation of the Foundation per Art. 3, s2. b) A post-Hearing will be convened again after one year by the CEO to assess and make a final determination per Art. 3, s2, whether the scholar will be terminated from the CYDFSIP or NOT and will make a written recommendation to the CYDFI Founders as noted by the Chairman of the Board for final action. III. Application Process for the Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu High School Scholarship Grant of the CYDFI-Benedicto Scholarship Program Model in Barrio Benedicto The following parameters shall be used to guide the Implementation Procedures of “WHO” will be awarded the Phase1: Benjamin & Victoria Manlulu High School Scholarship Grant and selected applicant-scholars shall be directed to enroll at a Public High School in Paguiruan, one of the barrio public high schools closest to Barrio Benedicto, in the same town of Floridablanca, Pampanga. 1. The Scholarship Grant is open ONLY to indigent but deserving talented (Academically Excellent Students) 6th grade graduating students enrolled (90%) at a nearby public elementary school in Del Carmen, Floridablanca. There shall only be one initially selected as recipient of the scholarship beginning SY: 2007-2008 until such time, some financial resources are available to cover three Bo. Benedicto students per Art. 3 of the CYDFI Handbook on Qualifications of Scholarship. 2. The Scholarship Grant shall be annually awarded and the award shall commence upon determination and availability of funds coming from the main benefactor, i.e. Vicky Manlulu-Hilario and Family (NJ). 3. Qualifying Process for the Scholarship Grant Selection Process from among the indigent but Academically Excellent Students (AES) of Barrio Benedicto Students enrolled in Del Carmen Elementary School shall be based upon on: 6

a) Who is Qualified? (1) A resident of Barrio Benedicto, (2) an indigent 6th Grade Graduating Student (3) enrolled at Del Carmen Elementary School with (4) Excellent Academic Records and Good Standing in Class. b) Being able to submit the Scholarship Application Packet (6 required items) BEFORE THE LAST GRADING PERIOD BEGINS for REVIEW and RECOMMENDATION by the CYDFI Committee on Scholarship and final decision shall be made known before graduation to receive Scholarship Award during Commencement Exercises in the School: 1) CYDFI-Benedicto Scholarship Application Form 5 (Available at the School’s Principal’s Office during the first three months of the current schoolyear). 2) A Copy of TOR (Transcript of Records), From 1st to 6th Grade EXCEPT the last grading period (on the 6 th grade) 3) One-Page Essay, Title: Ang Pangarap Ko Sa Buhay, include in the Essay the first three choices of Profession you would like to become in the future. 4) Evidence of extra-curricular activities (i.e., sports, school and/or community service). The following are acceptable as evidences: (a) pictures of activities (b) letters of recommendation (one from School; another from the Community) (c) award and/or certificate of recognition 5) A Letter from parents on why their child should be accepted as a Scholar of the CYDFI-Bo. Benedicto Scholarship Program 6) A current copy of parents (1) cedula or voter’s ID and (2) BIR Annual Income Tax Return, with Barrio Benedicto, as the home address. IV. Funding and Financial Management of Scholarship Program The main sponsor of the Benjamin-Victoria Manlulu HS & College Scholarship Grant of the CYDFI-Benedicto Scholarship Program is Vicky Manlulu-Hilario and Family. The fund shall be deposited in the Rural Bank of Floridablanca as a Benedicto Saving Sub-Account of the Calantas Young Dreamers Foundation, Inc. of which, the following are assigned signatories: Jenz Bero (Coordinator) Ryan David (Treasurer) and Chrisanta Mangalindan (CEO) and shall ONLY be used for the financial needs of the Benedicto Scholars. 5 Please, see attached copy of the Scholarship Application Form on pages 11 – 14. 7

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