2009 nspra award programs - National School Public Relations ...

2009 nspra award programs - National School Public Relations ...

2009 nspra award programs - National School Public Relations ...


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<strong>2009</strong> NSPRA<br />


Three Outstanding Ways to Earn<br />

<strong>National</strong> Recognition for You and<br />

Your <strong>School</strong> Communication Efforts<br />

Golden Achievement Award<br />

Entry Deadline: March 6, <strong>2009</strong><br />

For exemplary public relations activities, <strong>programs</strong>, and projects<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media Awards<br />

Entry Deadline: March 13, <strong>2009</strong><br />

For outstanding work in all types and all forms of educational communications:<br />

print, digital, video, audio, web sites, and more<br />

Gold Medallion Award<br />

Entry Deadline: April 8, <strong>2009</strong><br />

For superior educational public relations <strong>programs</strong>

<strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media Awards<br />

NSPRA’s <strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media<br />

Awards recognize outstanding education<br />

publications, e-newsletters, electronic media<br />

<strong>programs</strong>, radio/TV/cable, CD/DVD <strong>programs</strong>, and<br />

Internet web sites.<br />

The contest is open to all public or private schools<br />

or districts, including special schools such as<br />

vocational-technical institutes; regional or county<br />

education service agencies; education agencies; and<br />

private businesses serving as partners with those<br />

organizations.<br />

Awards<br />

Prizes are <strong>award</strong>ed according to type of publication and type<br />

and size of organization, which means that your entries are<br />

judged only against those from organizations similar to yours.<br />

The top <strong>award</strong> in each category is the Award of Excellence.<br />

Winners of this <strong>award</strong> receive a handsome plaque.<br />

Winners of Merit and Honorable Mention <strong>award</strong>s receive<br />

certificates. (Award winners may request and pay for additional<br />

plaques or copies of certificates. Information about this will be<br />

included in a notification letter.) Winning contest entrants receive<br />

a letter notifying them of their <strong>award</strong>. Winners should expect<br />

to receive their letter(s) of notification on or around June 15,<br />

<strong>2009</strong>. Award of Excellence winners are notified by letter and will<br />

receive plaques by July 31, <strong>2009</strong>. Award of Excellence winners<br />

will be displayed at the <strong>2009</strong> NSPRA Seminar in San Francisco,<br />

California. A list of all winners will be posted on the NSPRA web<br />

site, www.<strong>nspra</strong>.org.<br />

Categories<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

Annual Report — Published once a year to summarize<br />

activities.<br />

Calendar — Containing general information and specific<br />

dates for school (and community) activities; issued to<br />

parents, students, and others.<br />

Finance publication and presentation — Informing the<br />

community about tax levies, bond issues, budgets, and<br />

other financial topics.<br />

Handbook — Containing general information about policies<br />

and regulations, issued to students, teachers, or parents.<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

Print newsletter/newspaper — External or internal,<br />

published periodically. Two different issues of a newsletter<br />

(i.e., two different months, quarters, etc.) must be<br />

submitted to qualify.<br />

Electronic newsletter, e-zine, or other electronic<br />

communication, including audio, video, or text<br />

podcasts — External or internal, published periodically.<br />

Two different issues/samples must be submitted to qualify.<br />

Please submit paper copies or complete files on a single<br />

CD.*<br />

Magazine — Containing feature articles and issued<br />

periodically. Submit one issue per entry.<br />

Special purpose publication — External or internal<br />

booklet, brochure, poster, cultural diversity, accountability,<br />

team-building publication or material not included in other<br />

categories. One item per entry.<br />

Branding/image package — Logos, stationery, and<br />

other graphic treatments for a package of materials;<br />

judged for creativity, consistency, unity, graphic design,<br />

clarity, and overall image. Submissions must include three<br />

or more printed pieces to qualify. Send only printed pieces<br />

or photos of other collateral.<br />

Marketing material — Items to communicate a school<br />

or district’s special qualities that make it appealing to<br />

potential customers or employees; material to make a<br />

school the “school of choice” in a community; and staff<br />

recruitment materials. Submit up to three items: printed<br />

material, video, CD/DVD.*<br />

Excellence in writing — One article from a newsletter,<br />

newspaper op-ed piece, editorial, or speech, 500 to 5,000<br />

words. Entries judged for clear, concise, and vibrant writing<br />



Video/audio program<br />

F Presentation or episode — Each entry limited to a<br />

single program, presentation, or episode per tape,<br />

DVD, or CD.*<br />

F <strong>Public</strong> service announcements — Promotional<br />

announcements for use on television, radio, or the<br />

Internet. Each entry limited to one PSA or PSA series<br />

from a single campaign.<br />

Internet/intranet web site — Please include your<br />

web site’s Internet address on your entry form. Entries<br />

are judged on clarity of writing, appropriateness and<br />

freshness of content, graphic presentation, ease of use,<br />

and download time. Special purpose or short-term project<br />

web sites are also accepted. Intranet entries must include<br />

password or other log-in information so judges can access<br />

your site. One web site per entry.<br />

For Outstanding Educational <strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media Programs

Criteria<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations entries (includes e-newsletters) will be judged on<br />

excellence of graphic layout and design, writing, and content.<br />

(Exceptions: entries for Excellence in Writing and Branding/<br />

Image categories.)<br />

Electronic media entries will be judged for professional quality.<br />

Programs for radio and television must be of broadcast quality<br />

to communicate effectively. Sound should be emphasized for<br />

radio, and color and motion for television. Criteria for web site<br />

judging are listed in the category description.<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media<br />

Awards Rules<br />

v<br />

v<br />

DO NOT send summary sheets for the <strong>Public</strong>ations and<br />

Electronic Media Awards. They are only required for the<br />

Gold Medallion and Golden Achievement Awards.<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations compete only against others in the same<br />

category and organizational classification.<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

Submit as many entries in as many categories as you<br />

wish. Television productions must be on VHS cassettes<br />

or DVD and radio entries on audio cassettes or CD.* Only<br />

one VHS, audio CD, or DVD* may be submitted per entry<br />

fee paid.<br />

Newsletter/newspaper/electronic newsletter entries must<br />

include two different issues (i.e., two different months,<br />

quarters, etc.) to qualify as an entry.<br />

Branding/image packages must include three or more<br />

separate printed pieces to qualify as an entry.<br />

Student written and/or produced newsletters or other<br />

publications and audio/visual media are not eligible.<br />

Enter only materials produced since March 2008. Previous<br />

entries may not be re-entered.<br />

Enter an item only in one category (exception: Excellence<br />

in Writing entries).<br />

All material submitted becomes the property of NSPRA<br />

and may be reproduced, displayed, referenced, or<br />

summarized in an NSPRA publication or other resource.<br />

Entries cannot be returned.<br />

Submission of any entry shall constitute entrant’s<br />

representation that all material is original and/or free from<br />

unauthorized use of copy, design, art, and/or photographs<br />

from other sources.<br />

Fee: $68 for each entry [NSPRA members], and $90 for<br />

each entry [non-members]. Payment must accompany<br />

all entries. Please send ONLY one check or money order<br />

payable to NSPRA with your entry or entries; purchase<br />

orders or vouchers cannot be accepted. Due to the large<br />

number of contest participants, NSPRA cannot provide a<br />

receipt for entry payment. Please make copies of all entry<br />

forms for your records and use your canceled check or<br />

credit card statement as your receipt.<br />

Attach a form to each entry. The form is on the back of<br />

this booklet. Mail it with entry and payment, postmarked<br />

by March 13, <strong>2009</strong>, to NSPRA, 15948 Derwood Road,<br />

Rockville, MD 20855.<br />

How Entries Are Judged<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

NSPRA uses independent outside judges to evaluate<br />

entries in the Golden Achievement Award, <strong>Public</strong>ations<br />

and Electronic Media Awards; and Gold Medallion Award.<br />

Each Golden Achievement Award entry is judged on its<br />

own merit in terms of on how it meets the <strong>award</strong> criteria<br />

and follows entry rules.<br />

Each <strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media Awards entry<br />

and each Gold Medallion Award entry is evaluated by<br />

judges on the overall excellence of the entry as well as<br />

its performance against other entries received in the<br />

category. Judges have no pre-set limit on the number or<br />

types of <strong>award</strong> that may be given in each entry category.<br />

v<br />

v<br />

v<br />

They may also opt to issue no <strong>award</strong>s if no entries are<br />

deemed worthy of recognition.<br />

Individual judging assessments are confidential and will<br />

not be released.<br />

Winners will be notified by mail of <strong>award</strong>s earned in mid-<br />

June. A list of winners also will be posted on the NSPRA<br />

web site once winners have been notified.<br />

Due to the volume of entries received, NSPRA cannot<br />

confirm receipt of your entry. If you wish confirmation<br />

that your entry was received, please include a selfaddressed,<br />

postage-paid postcard for each entry<br />

submitted.<br />

* IMPORTANT ENTRY NOTE: Submissions on CD or DVD must be accessible on multiple platforms.<br />

Submissions that are not accessible will be disqualified by the judges.

Entry Forms<br />

Golden Achievement Award Entry Form<br />

Name (only one please)___________________________________________________<br />

Title_ _______________________________________________________________<br />

District/agency/organization_______________________________________________<br />

Address_____________________________________________________________<br />

Telephone number______________________________________________________<br />

E-mail_______________________________________________________________<br />

Title of Entry_ _________________________________________________________<br />

You may submit more than one entry in each <strong>award</strong> program. Attach a form to each entry. Duplicate<br />

forms as necessary. Mail all entries to NSPRA, 15948 Derwood Road, Rockville, MD 20855.<br />

Deadline<br />

Mail entries with payment, postmarked by March 6, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />


The fee is $68 for each entry for NSPRA members; $90 for non-members. SEND ONLY<br />

ONE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, payable to NSPRA, for all entries, or complete the<br />

information below to pay by credit card. PURCHASE ORDERS OR VOUCHERS CANNOT<br />


Member Number: (Required for member price)_ _____________________________<br />

Credit card: q VISA q MasterCard q American Express<br />

Name on the card_ _________________________________________________<br />

Number________________________________________ Exp. date_ _________<br />

Signature ________________________________________________________<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic Media Awards Entry Form<br />

Name (only one please)_ _________________________________________________<br />

Title_ _______________________________________________________________<br />

District/school/organization_______________________________________________<br />

Address_____________________________________________________________<br />

Telephone number______________________________________________________<br />

E-mail_______________________________________________________________<br />

Title of entry_ _________________________________________________________<br />

Purpose of entry_ ______________________________________________________<br />

Entry’s targeted audience_________________________________________________<br />

Member Number: (Required for member price)_ _________________________________<br />

Credit card: q VISA q MasterCard q American Express<br />

Name on the card_ _____________________________________________________<br />

Number________________________________________ Exp. date_ _____________<br />

Signature ____________________________________________________________<br />

Please complete each line. Send ONLY payment and entry with form. ATTACH NO OTHER<br />


Gold Medallion Award Entry Form<br />

Name and title_________________________________________________________<br />

District/agency/institution_________________________________________________<br />

Address_____________________________________________________________<br />

Telephone number______________________________ Size of PR staff ____________<br />

E-mail_______________________________________________________________<br />

Member Number: (Required for member price)_ _________________________________<br />

Credit card: q VISA q MasterCard q American Express<br />

Name on the card_ _____________________________________________________<br />

Number________________________________________ Exp. date_ _____________<br />

Signature ____________________________________________________________<br />

The fee is $140 for each entry for members; $200 for non-members. SEND ONLY ONE<br />

CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, payable to NSPRA, or complete the information above to pay by<br />


Deadline<br />

Mail entries with payment, postmarked by March 13, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />

Type of Agency Submitting Entry (Check ONE)<br />

q <strong>School</strong> district: Under 3,000 students q Individual school<br />

q <strong>School</strong> district: 3,001-10,000 students q State/Intermediate agency<br />

q <strong>School</strong> district: 10,001 - 25,000 students q Education association<br />

q <strong>School</strong> district: 25,001 students & over q Business partner<br />

Type of Entry (Check ONE)<br />

q Annual Report<br />

q Calendar<br />

q Finance publication/presentation<br />

q Handbook<br />

q Print Newsletter<br />

q Internal audience<br />

q External audience<br />

q Magazine<br />

q Audio/visual <strong>programs</strong> & presentations<br />


The fee is $68 for each entry for NSPRA members;<br />

$90 for non-members. SEND ONLY ONE CHECK<br />

OR MONEY ORDER, payable to NSPRA, to cover all<br />

entries or complete the information at left to pay<br />

by credit card. PURCHASE ORDERS OR VOUCHERS<br />


Deadline<br />

Mail entries with payment, postmarked by April 8, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />

q Special purpose publication<br />

q Branding/image package<br />

q Marketing material<br />

q Excellence in writing<br />

q Electronic Newsletter/Podcasts<br />

q Internal audience<br />

q External audience<br />

q Internet/intranet web site<br />


Check #_______________<br />

Amount _ ______________<br />

Date paid______________<br />

Type of <strong>School</strong>/Agency Submitting Entry<br />

q <strong>Public</strong> and non-public schools, school systems, and regional education agencies<br />

serving grades K-12 or any segment of those grades<br />

q State and national education groups (including NSPRA chapters) and state<br />

departments of education<br />

q Community or vocational/technical colleges<br />

q Agency, consultant, or business in partnership with any of the above education<br />

agencies<br />

Entry Category<br />

q Comprehensive, Strategic, Year-Round Communication Programs<br />

q <strong>Public</strong> Engagement/Parental Involvement<br />

q Bond/Finance Campaign<br />

q Crisis Communication<br />

q Special Communication Projects/Campaigns<br />

Specify topic____________________________________________________<br />

NOTE: Submissions that are not <strong>award</strong>ed the Gold Medallion will automatically be<br />

considered for Golden Achievement Awards.

...The leader in school communications<br />

<strong>National</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Relations</strong> Association<br />

15948 Derwood Road, Rockville, MD 20855<br />

Nonprofit<br />

Organization<br />

US Postage<br />

PAID<br />

Permit No 968<br />

Southern MD<br />

<strong>2009</strong> NSPRA Award Programs<br />

You know the hard facts of life in schools today.<br />

Performance demands are increasing. Competition<br />

for resources is getting tougher. Earning outside<br />

endorsement for the great work you’ve done for your<br />

schools goes a long way toward building recognition for your<br />

<strong>programs</strong>. Now, more than ever, you should enter your<br />

work in NSPRA’s national <strong>award</strong> <strong>programs</strong>.<br />

Three different contests offer excellent opportunities for building<br />

credibility, earning national recognition, and showcasing your<br />

communications achievements.<br />

1. Golden Achievement Award<br />

Deadline: March 6, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Recognizes exemplary public relations activities, <strong>programs</strong>,<br />

and projects. Each entry is judged only against an established<br />

set of criteria, which means that you can earn the <strong>award</strong><br />

without competing with other entries. The contest is designed<br />

as a major recognition program for great activities, regardless<br />

of the number of entries, district size, or budget.<br />

2. <strong>Public</strong>ations and Electronic<br />

Media Awards<br />

Deadline: March 13, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Recognizes outstanding work in all types and all forms of<br />

educational communications: print, digital, video, audio,<br />

web sites, and more. Entries are judged according to type of<br />

publication, as well as type and size of organization, so your<br />

publication will only compete against others in the same category<br />

that are produced by organizations similar to yours.<br />

3. Gold Medallion Award<br />

Deadline: April 8, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Recognizes superior educational public relations <strong>programs</strong>. As<br />

NSPRA’s top <strong>award</strong>, entries in this contest are judged against a<br />

set of criteria as well as against all other entries.<br />

Winning entries are used as examples for other educational<br />

organizations around the country. NOTE: Submissions that<br />

are not <strong>award</strong>ed the Gold Medallion will automatically be<br />

considered for Golden Achievement Awards.<br />

Want More Proof? Just consider what previous entrants say about NSPRA’s <strong>award</strong> <strong>programs</strong>:<br />

“Any type of recognition <strong>award</strong>, whether it’s an individual recognition<br />

or recognition for your district, enhances your credibility.”<br />

—Chris Tennill, director of communications,<br />

<strong>School</strong> District of Clayton, Mo.<br />

“I see two benefits to entering the NSPRA <strong>Public</strong>ations and<br />

Electronic Media contest each year. First, I get the opportunity<br />

to be critiqued by my colleagues from around the country.<br />

Second, <strong>award</strong>s validate our public relations program with the<br />

superintendent and Governing Board.”<br />

—Judi Willis, APR, public relations officer,<br />

Paradise Valley Unified <strong>School</strong> District, Phoenix, Ariz.<br />

“It’s always nice to have someone compliment your work. But<br />

it’s truly meaningful — and incredibly motivating — when your<br />

work is recognized by peers.”<br />

—Gary Kubat, director of communications,<br />

Orono <strong>Public</strong> <strong>School</strong>s, Long Lake, Minn.<br />

“NSPRA is really the gold standard association for communicators<br />

in the education field. Winning an NSPRA <strong>award</strong> is not just about<br />

recognizing the submission as an example of best communications<br />

practice, it also says that the submission has helped move<br />

education communication forward. Ultimately, this means you’ve<br />

helped students succeed. And isn’t that why we’re here?”<br />

—Lisa Austin, director of communications,<br />

Edmonton <strong>Public</strong> <strong>School</strong>s, Alberta, Canada<br />

Imagine the local pride and excitement that your schools will enjoy when their good work —<br />

and yours — is put in the national spotlight. Don’t pass up this opportunity. Enter today!

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