Colorado Division of Wildlife's Weekly Fishing Report Seasonal ...


Colorado Division of Wildlife's Weekly Fishing Report Seasonal ...

Seasonal Report

Off and Running

Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Weekly Fishing Report

May 11, 2010

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching mid‐May already!

The runoff has started to muddy up waters all across the state. This will likely be the case for

the rest of the spring. Early morning action is your best bet for fly fishing opportunities.

Not all hope is lost however. Plenty of good fly fishing opportunities remain. The Arkansas River

is still fishing very well, with good visibility. The caddis hatch is continuing to make its way down

towards Canon City.

Many of the state’s most popular waters are opening and boating is becoming a common

theme on them. Many of the waters in the southeast region of the state, which include Bonny

and Pueblo Reservoirs, are reporting good to excellent fishing.

Popular and productive mountain fisheries such as Grand Lake, Lake Granby & Shadow

Mountain Reservoir are still holding onto ice, but conditions are changing rapidly. Open water

can be found at the inlets, the Colorado River below the dam at Shadow Mountain and in the

channel between Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain. The fishing is always excellent this time of


Some warm water species are starting to perk up a bit as water temperatures warm and

conditions improve. It won’t be long before crappie, bass and wiper are commonly found on

stringers at the end of the day.

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The DOW is constantly looking to improve the fishing report. If you’re an angler or a business

owner (bait shop, marina, etc.) and would like to contribute to the fishing report, please

contact us at 303.297.1192 or by email:

Fishing Tip of the Week

Estimating the weight of fish

Have you ever forgotten or broken your scale, and wished you knew the weight of the fish that

you were about to release? There are simple mathematical formulas you can use in this

situation. The following formulas will give you a good idea (within 5‐8 % of the actual weight)

but cannot replace a good accurate scale. Scales can be purchased that are certified yearly and

accepted by both World Record Organizations; The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

and the International Game fish Association.

To calculate the weight of a fish you will need the following:

• Measuring tape – A tailor’s measuring tape that is made of cloth. This type of tape will

follow the contours of a fish much more accurately than a steel tape measure; especially

when measuring the girth.

• NOTE – lf you forgot your measuring tape, no problem. You can use a piece of fishing

line, or string. Cut one piece of the line or string for length and another for the girth. Be

sure to keep track of which one is the length and which is girth. These pieces of line or

string can be measured at a later time.

Formulas for Popular Colorado species

• Trout – Length x girth x girth ÷ 800

• Walleye – Length x length x length ÷ 2,700

• Bass – Length x length x girth ÷ 1,200

• Pike – Length x length x length ÷ 3,500

Attention: Measurements must be made following these guidelines.

• Measure the length of the fish from the tip of the lower jaw to the inner fork of the tail.

• Measure the girth of the fish at the widest point (usually next to the dorsal fin).

Quote of the Week

"No life is so happy and so pleasant as the life of the well‐governed angler." ‐ Izaak Walton

Fishing Forecast

As a service to anglers, Division of Wildlife biologists in the Southeast Region recently published

a fishing forecast for their areas.

The report is based on the best information available as of April 2010. Water levels and

streams flows, conditions that are not usually under DOW control, can change significantly and

can have some affects on access, stocking and angler fishing. Surface acreages listed are for full

lake volume unless otherwise noted.

For the most up‐to‐date information, readers are encouraged to visit weekly Statewide

Fishing Conditions and Stocking Reports. A valid Colorado fishing license is required to fish in


• Southeast Region Fishing Forecast (PDF)

*Please note that this forecast includes information on the upper Arkansas River which was

not included in the forecast sent through the DOW Insider.

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Don’t Get Ticked Off

Ticks become active in March, and throughout the summer months, into early fall. They are

generally most active in May, and go dormant as temperatures cool. Ticks are common at

higher elevations, where there is shade and undergrowth or overgrown grassy areas. The Rocky

Mountain Wood Tick is the most common. Check for ticks on yourself and your children.

Products containing DEET are effective deterrents, however some of these products are not

recommended for children, or adults, who may have allergic reactions.

Be Bear Aware

Fisherman and campers are reminded that many of their favorite waters are in bear country.

Taking simple precautions such as not leaving food out where bears can find it and keeping a

clean camping site can avoid potential problems for bears and people alike. The Colorado

Division of Wildlife offers brochures and other information for reducing the risk of bear

encounters. They are available At DOW offices statewide.

Recent Stocking May 11, 2010

Body of Water Location

Arvada Reservoir West Denver

Aurora Reservoir East Denver

Bittersweet Lake Greeley

Boxelder Reservoir #3 North West of Wellington

Casey Pond Steamboat Springs

Chartier Pond Brush

Cherry Creek Reservoir Denver

Doty Park Pond Brush

Echo Canyon Reservoir 5 miles South of Pagosa Springs

Evergreen Reservoir Evergreen

Fairplay Kids Pond Fairplay

Fetcher City Pond Steamboat Springs

Hale Ponds East of Bonny Reservoir, north of Burlington

Hasty Lake East of Las Animas

Haviland Lake 20 miles North of Durango

Highline Lake North of Loma

Home Lake Monte Vista

Horseshoe Reservoir Walsenburg

Jackson Gulch Reservoir 8 miles North of Mancos

Jackson Reservoir Fort Morgan

Ligon Reservoir Toponas

Lon Hagler Reservoir Loveland

Mallard Saint Vrain State Park

Mann‐Nyholt South Adams County

McCalls Lake Lyons

Mead Pond #2 Mead

Memorial Park Pond Woodland Park

Midwestern Farms Pond East of Lamar

Monument Lake Monument

Nichols Woodland Park

Ordway Reservoir North Ordway

Palmer Lake In Palmer Lake

Pericles Pond Ridgway

Poudre River Poudre Canyon

Pueblo City Park Lake Pueblo

Quail Lake Colorado Springs

Rampart Woodland Park

Ridgway Reservoir Ridgway

Ridgway Reservoir Ridgway

Riverside Ponds Salida

Sandpiper Saint Vrain State Park

Shalberg Pond Sheridan Lake

Sheldon Lake Fort Collins

South Platte River 3B Deckers

South Platte River South Fork #1 Hartsel

St Vrain State Park, Sandpiper Longmont

Standley Lake North West Denver

Thornton Gravel Lake #2 & #3 South East of Thornton

Trinidad Reservoir Trinidad

Union Reservoir Longmont

West Lake Red Feathers

Wetherill Pond South of Saguache

Denver Metro

Arvada Reservoir -- This lake is located off Hwy. 93 and 64th in Arvada. Fishing for trout was

great again last week. Trout have been caught on lures (silver), various spinners, earthworms,

and also rainbow and orange power bait. Very large smallmouth bass and walleye are being

caught now. The weather has been fair to mild. We still seem to be having a lot of wind this

year. To check if you can put your boat on because of high winds - please call 303-420-7773

first. It will save you the disappointment if you cannot. We have our new boat ramp in this year

and it is easily accessible for our anglers. The runoff has not started yet, so the water level is

still good and you can get down to the dock and fish off the handicap ramps.

Aurora Reservoir -- Open to boating and the water temperature is 49 degrees. All vessels

must be inspected prior to launch. A watercraft access permit is required for all vehicles

bringing in watercraft. Trout fishing is good using night crawlers, and powerbait off the Dam and

in marina and scuba coves. Boat action for trout is slow to fair trolling spoons and crawlers.

Walleye fishing is slow to fair from the dam using crawlers, jerkbaits and crankbaits from boats

on the flats. All other species are slow. We expect to see fishing improve over the next few

weeks with warmer temps setting in. The limit for trout is two fish. Boating is restricted to

electric motors. For more information, call 303-690-1286.

Barr Lake -- The water level is full. The water temperature is approximately 55 degrees. Trout

from the shore is very good with Power Bait. Boating is good for Trout with increasing Walleye

(very deep). Occasional perch from boats. Carp are just starting to spawn, with 13lb 13oz

tournament winner on Saturday. All boats must be inspected, or pre-inspected, for ANS prior to

launch. 10 Hp limit on motors. Be aware of afternoon storms, and high winds!

Bear Creek -- The stream between Evergreen Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir offers an

opportunity to enjoy fishing, great scenery, areas to have family picnics, and free access to a

giant stone Bar-B- Q.(on a first come basis). (All rainbows must be returned to the water

immediately), brown trout and occasional brookies are also on tap. Trout will take a variety of

dry flies and small spinners. Mepps Aglia # 0 or #00 and Mepps Black Fury with a black blade

and yellow spots in the same size are good choices. Bag and possession limit for trout is two.

(Artificial flies and lures only). Updated the week of 4/5/2010

Bear Creek Reservoir -- Fishing for all species has been slow but is expected to pick up as

the water warms. Stocking for Trout will begin in May and continue thru July. The minimum size

for walleyes and Saugeye is 15 inches, and only one exceeding 21 inches may be taken


Berkeley Lake -- Rainbow Trout will be stocked beginning in March and continuing thru May.

Berkeley has largemouth bass, bluegills, crappie and channel catfish. Channel Catfish 8 inches

in length are typically stocked late summer to early fall. Boats are not permitted. A recreation

center, playground, dog park and other amenities are available on the south side of the lake.

No current fishing report is available at this time. 4/8/2010

Centennial Park Lake -- Rainbow Trout have just been stocked as of 4/28/10. 600 Channel

Catfish 8 inches in length will be stocked in early September. The lake also has warm-water

fish including bass, crappie, and perch, which become more active later in the season. No

boats are allowed on the 15-acre lake, maximum depth 27 feet. A playground, restrooms and

handicapped-accessible fishing pier on the west and south sides are available. Park opens at

dawn until 11p.m.No current fishing report is available at this time 4/8/2010

Cherry Creek Reservoir -- Cherry Creek Reservoir has recently been stocked twice with

catchable rainbows. Catfish have been slow but should pick up as the water warms. Walleye

have been slow to fair near the tower.

Clear Creek -- The creek has been fishing well! Its proximity to Denver, the number of fish,

and their eagerness to take a fly, make it a good choice. Water temps mid to upper 40s. Recent

cool weather has kept flows low, with 51 cfs at Lawson and 111 at Golden. The water is cloudy

below Hwy 119 with 2-3 feet visibility. Fish are keyed in on golden stones, caddis, and BWOs.

Use a dry/dropper rig with a stimulator, size 16 adams or size 16 purple parawulff as the dry.

For the dropper use a size 12 golden stone (in the a.m.), green caddis larva, beadhead soft

hackle, chartreuse copper john (all size 16), RS II 18-22, pheasant tail 16-20, or WD-40 18-22.

Fish are actively feeding, so if the fly doesn’t draw a strike soon, switch to another. Watch for

BWO hatches on cloudy days.

Clear Lake -- Rainbow Trout will be stocked during June and July. There should be some nice

holdovers once the ice comes off. This lake lies south of Georgetown, off Guanella Pass road.

Parking may be a problem depending on how many vehicles there are. Car-top non-motorized

boats are permitted on the lake. No current fishing report is available at this time. 4/8/2010

Evergreen Lake -- Rainbow trout fishing has been good using a bobber and night crawlers and

the lake was stocked April 21st. Brown trout action has been fair at the inlet; fly anglers have

had the best luck. Tiger muskies have been biting near the dam; the best time for muskie

action is early morning, using large hardware. (All Tiger muskies fewer than 36 inches must be

returned to the water immediately). Fishing Boats, Canoes, Paddle Boats & Sailboats may be

rented on weekends weather permitting. No powerboats allowed and private boats must have a

park pass or pay a daily admission for the 2010 season. The Boat House has cold drinks &

snacks and now carries tackle supplies including worms and will be open mid April. You may

contact The Lake House @ 720-880-1300.

Georgetown Lake -- The lake is completely ice free on both sides of the bridge. Some very

nice Rainbows have been taken by the bridge and in the first cove on the South side of the

Lake. The East side of the lake is producing browns 8-13 inches on salmon eggs and worm

combinations, along with catchable sized Rainbows up to 12 inches. Keep an eye to the sky for

any signs of lightning, springtime weather can change quickly, be prepared. The Lake is

typically stocked with catchable-sized rainbow trout and is home for some brown, cutthroat and

brook trout. The south side of the lake offers good fishing along with natural windbreaks, which

can come in handy in this typically windy canyon.

Gross Reservoir -- Gross Reservoir is open to boating beginning Memorial Day thru

September 30. Only hand carried watercraft are permitted, no motors allowed (hand powered

only). Gross requirement: A wearable floatation device (PFD) a whistle or air horn, your name,

address, and phone number must be written inside the craft. Fishing is prohibited between 9

P.M. and 4 A.M. or as posted at the main entrance. Fishing is fair for Rainbows, but slow for

most species. The inlet has been the better area and should continue to improve as water

temperatures warm. Salmon egg and worm combinations fished off the bottom have been

working, along with blue and silver Kastmasters.

Jim Baker Reservoir -- Rainbow Trout will be stocked beginning in April and eight hundred

Channel Catfish, eight inches in length will be stocked in mid September. It also has

smallmouth bass, walleyes, panfish, and tiger muskies. A few bass have been caught using

spinnerbaits and Jig- and- Pig setups. Boats are not allowed. Fishing hours are sunrise to

sunset. No current fishing report is available at this time.4/8/2010

Ketring Park Lake -- No current information is available at this time. Boats are not allowed.

Main Lake -- Rainbow trout were recently stocked this past week. This urban reservoir has a

surface area of 45-acres.This is an ideal lake for "Close to Home" fishing located in the

Lakewood area. Bass fishing has started to pick up. Catchable size trout are hitting salmon

eggs, and Power Bait. Remember to use bright colors on bright days and dark colors on dark or

overcast days. Crappie, bluegills, channel catfish, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, suckers and

yellow perch are all on tap. No boats are allowed on the lake. Park opens at dawn and closes

at 10.30 p.m. No current fishing report is available at this time.

Quincy Reservoir -- Quincy is open to boating. The water temperature is 52 degrees. All

watercraft must be inspected before launching. All vehicles bringing in watercraft are required

to have a Watercraft Access Pass. Trout fishing is slow. Bass fishing has been improving; most

reports indicate using soft plastics and jigs are your best bet. Quincy is restricted to fishing with

artificial flies and lures. The limit for trout is two fish. Bass must be 18 inches or longer to

possess. All boats must be hand-launched. Only electric motors are permitted. For more

information, call 303-693-5463.

Rocky Mountain Lake -- The lake will be stocked again this year with rainbow trout beginning

in March and continuing thru May. This lake may hold some nice surprises for anglers. Channel

catfish and blue gill are typically stocked the middle of September (weather and water

conditions permitting). A variety of warm-water fish including largemouth bass, panfish and

catfish provide fairly good fishing throughout the summer, with improved fishing beginning in

early fall. Boats are not allowed. The minimum size for largemouth bass is 15 inches. A

playground and restrooms are on site. No current fishing report is available 4/8/2010

Sloans Lake -- Rainbow Trout will be stocked during March, April and May. Channel catfish

will be stocked in September. This urban lake has a good population of Rainbow trout and

channel catfish. The carp are big and strong, and have a growing following among anglers.

Dough balls flavored with anis or garlic fished off the bottom with a loose line should work well.

Corn flakes mixed with grape soda and molded onto a treble hook (with the bait holder spring)

is a good bet for carp and catfish. No current fishing report is available at this time. 4/8/2010

South Platte River (Waterton Canyon) -- Fishing has finally begun to pick up a bit. The ever

changing spring temperatures from 80 degrees to 40 degrees has affected this normally

productive fishery. Once the weather stabilizes fisherman should be enjoying success once

again. The section from Strontia Springs Dam downstream to 300 yards above the Marston

diversion structure is restricted to artificial flies and lures. There is a two-trout limit for this

section of river. Night crawlers and garden worms usually are the most effective bait for browns

in the unrestricted lower stretch, this section of river has somewhat larger trout.

Standley Lake -- Fishing times are sunrise to sunset and will be strictly enforced. Boat season

begins May 1, 2010 at 6:30am. Trout fishing from shore has been good using worms, Power

Bait and salmon eggs off the bottom. Water temp is approx. 49 degrees. Aquatic bait is no

longer allowed at Standley Lake; this includes salamanders, leeches, crayfish, frogs and

minnows. Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) regulations are in effect. All boats in 2010 must be

sprayed off and quarantined for 11-15 days to be allowed onto the lake. A $6 fee is charged for

all drive-in traffic. Drive in access is available from 7am to sunset. For more information,

contact the Standley Lake Nature Center at (303) 425-1097.


Barnes Meadow Reservoir -- Barnes Meadow still has ice and is covered with snow, but

spring should be coming soon. There has been a slush layer on top of the ice most of the

winter. This has been due to the reservoir getting filled through the winter. Some days it will

freeze, but other days it will be around 3 inches of slush. Fishing has been slower recently.

Carter Reservoir -- The water level is about 2 feet below maximum and should remain near

maximum levels into the summer. The current water temperature is 50 degrees. The bass are

starting to bite on the north end. A 19" bass was caught in the cove at the north end by the

North Pines campground. There have been several other reports of bass catches, but that's the

best one. No new reports on walleye this weekend. Rainbow's are still being caught on the

north and south end of the reservoir. You can find the ANS inspection days and times on the

following web site. Inspections are strictly enforced. To keep our waters open please follow the

regulations. Additional information is available online at


Flatiron Reservoir -- The fishing is starting to pick up with the warmer weather and a few

sunny days. The water is starting to warm up a little also. Most anglers contacted over the

weekend (5/07) have been catching rainbows and cuttbows on salmon eggs, and power bait.

The fishing has been very active. DOW stocked the reservoir during the week of April 5th with

2001 "catchable" rainbows. As usual, the water level has been fluctuating rapidly and currently

is 58% of capacity. No boats, belly boats, or wading are allowed in the reservoir.

Horsetooth Reservoir -- Fishing at Horsetooth Reservoir is slow. Trout have been active in

the Inlet bay area with fish hitting on worms. Some spinners have been successful. Walleye are

spawning. Try reaction type baits. Tube jigs have also worked well. In addition smallmouth,

crappie are spawning so don't be surprised if you hook in to them. The water temp is around

45-47 degrees and warming. Look for the smallmouth to become active around 50-55 degrees.

Inlet Channel is closed to fishing upstream from marked buoy from March 15 through May 31.

You must have a valid fishing license. All walleye must be at least 18 inches long, but only one

can exceed 21 inches. Smallmouth bass must be at least 12 inches.

Jackson Reservoir -- Fishing is fair for wipers and good for trout using oysters and worms

along the shoreline, dam, and at the inlet. There are no reports of other species. Jackson Lake

is open to boating. Boats must be inspected for zebra mussels prior to launch. Inspection hours

are 9A-5P Monday thru Friday, and 8A-6P Saturday and Sunday. Call the park office at

970.645.2551 or check the website for updates at

Joe Wright Reservoir -- Winter is still holding on and there is still ice a lot of ice. Reports have

come in that even with extensions on the augers, anglers are not able to get through the ice.

Ice off is usually in June, but will depend on the weather.

Jumbo Reservoir -- Water is at full capacity, fishing is slow, but a few have caught keeper

walleye. Trout and catfish, up to 5lbs, are starting to bite. All boats must be inspected & boat

ramp open and is on the East side.

Long Draw Reservoir -- The road is closed and usually opens around July 4th. There is still a

lot of snow, the reservoir is still iced over, and snow covered.

North Sterling Reservoir -- The lake is full with the inlet and outlet both running. The water

temperature is in the lower 50's. Due to construction, the dam and Ski Beach areas are closed

to the public. The Balanced Rock area is now open to the public. A few trout as well as a few

wiper are now being caught in the inlet area as well as the Elks Bay and Marina Point areas.

Big catfish are in the Cunningham Arm with some fish up to 30" being caught on cut shad.

Since the inlet is running, look to this area to start producing fish with its warmer water


Pine Valley Lake -- Pine Valley lake is now ice free with about 70% water capacity. The Platte

through this area is still running low and fishable. Follow the narrow gauge trail along the river

casting to deep pools. One of the best spots is at the entrance bridge that holds 10"-14" browns

and rainbows. Not much dry fly activity yet so stick with San Juan worms, copper johns and

pheasant tails. A Pink egg fooled a couple riffle run fish. Saw a nice brown cruising the

shallows in the lake during the evening. This water is easily accessible and easy to cast in most

places. Plenty of parking and nice facilities for a lunch break. Make sure your license is current

and obey park borders as regulations are strictly enforced here. Pine Valley Ranch park is one

of the best hiking areas in all of Jeffco.

Pinewood Reservoir -- Pinewood's water level is currently at 70% capacity. Reports coming in

for the weekend of 5/07 have been good. Rainbows have been biting on power bait and salmon

eggs. Other anglers are using worms with some success. Several brown trout have been

caught this weekend also. Please remember that all trailer-launched boats have to go through

a state ANS inspection before being launched. You must go thru the inspection station at

Carter Lake before launching. This is a Colorado state law and is strictly enforced. For

information on inspection station days and times go to our web site at:

Prewitt Reservoir -- Water level is full, a small amount of water is coming in at the inlet.

Fishing is poor to slow for all classes of fish. The boat dock is now in and the ramp is open.

St Vrain River (Town of Lyons) -- Water clarity is good and easy to access in all areas. The

fish are not large in this area, but an ample supply of Browns and Rainbows live in these cold

waters. Public access is available in the town of Lyons with the best areas being Meadow Park

and below the rock quarry. Fish pocket waters and deep pools for consistent strikes. Monday

yielded 15-18 fish with the most success on a dry/dropper rig of standard flies such as copper

johns, pheasant tails, and elk wing caddis. Several stoneflies have been spotted and the trout

are eating very small imitations of these. The dry fly fishing should really pick up prior to run off.

Below Button Rock, large browns were seen cruising the edges, but this area is closed to

fishing because of the powerful flow out of the dam.


Colorado River (near Granby) -- The spring runoff continues, which affects flows and water

clarity. However, fishing has still been good. The water flows below Windy gap and below

Parshall are 105cfs and 212cfs respectively. Copper Johns, RS-2s, Prince nymphs and other

emerger patterns, San Juan worms and egg patterns are doing well. Stone Fly nymphs have

been effective. In the immediate Granby area and downstream to the bridge at the lower end of

Byers Canyon, bait fishing is permitted and two fish may be kept. From the east side of the

bridge abutments (the west end of Byers Canyon) down to Troublesome Creek, including the

Williams Fork River from the reservoir, catch-and-release rules apply and fishing is by artificial

flies and lures only. Inquire in Granby for the latest conditions. 5/09/2010

Delanney Buttes -- There is some open water on the Delanneys. East Delanney is about 60%

open. Fisherman are having fair to good success in these areas of open water.

Dillon Reservoir -- The reservoir is almost completely ice-encased. 12" rainbows and a 13"

cuttbow were caught using a gold quarter-ounce kastmaster on the Ten Mile Creek inlet. Fly

fishermen have had similar success using a wooleybugger in the same area.

Elkhead Reservoir -- The reservoir is open to fishing and will open for boating the weekend of

May 22. The water is rising daily and the reservoir is full. The water will remain muddy for some

time so be patient. ANS inspections will continue again this summer and will be the driving

force for the lake opening. There should be some good pike activity along the shorelines with

big streamers or baits. Rain and snow continue to keep fishing slow so nice days should help

with activity.

Granby Reservoir -- Granby Reservoir is still mainly covered with ice. There is more open

water at the south end of Rainbow Bay, at the Stillwater and Arapaho Creek inlets, as well as

many new areas along the shore line. Conditions are changing rapidly; if it stays warm and

windy, it could fully open at any time. There is fishable open water from Shadow Mountain Dam

downstream into Columbine Bay. Fishing is excellent this time of year. 5/09/2010

Grand Lake -- Grand Lake still has some ice on it, but its melting fast. However, as usual,

there is open water in the channel between Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain reservoir and

areas are expanding at both ends. Some open water also exists at the West Portal. Fishing is

very good. Everything remains the same, except the open water areas are expanding.


Green Mountain Reservoir -- The lake is thawed and fishing is good. Red power bait or

nightcrawlers are working.

Lake John -- Lake John has some open water on the south end and west shoreline, and

should continue to shed its wintery grip as temperatures begin to rise. The boat ramps are

open but there is limited open water at this time. Fishing is fair, but will greatly improve as ice

gives way to more oxygen rich water.

Muddy Creek -- Currently the flow discharging into the muddy creek is 15 cfs. Fisherman are

doing well catching nice quality rainbows.

Pearl Lake -- 5/4/10 No information to update on Pearl. Use this link to view our Hahn's Peak

web cam that we turned so you can see the cove behind the Visitor Center

Shadow Mountain Reservoir -- Some of the reservoir is still ice covered, but open areas are

expanding. The pump canal is open water including the southern end of the reservoir out to

and past the islands. Also below the dam is open to fishing. Fishing the pump canal can be

highly rewarding using flies, slip bobber rigs, lures, and nightcrawlers on the bottom. Small jigs

tipped with wax worms, mealworms, power bait or eggs are commonly used. The south boat

ramp is open. 05/09/2010

Stagecoach Reservoir -- The reservoir is completely ice free and opened for boating May 1st.

A boat inspection for aquatic nuisance species is required prior to launching. Anglers at the

inlet have been catching several medium size fish (12-15") using worms or powerbait. Multiple

3-4 1/2 lb trout have been landed near the Keystone day use area. Tailwaters fishing is

excellent using egg pattern flies. The redds are down so please be aware of footing and stay

off the beds. A large section of river has been fenced off to protect the redds. Stagecoach State

Park asks anglers at the Tailwaters to be aware of overcrowding on the river this time of year.

Steamboat Lake -- 5/4/10 Willow Creek is open for about 50-75 yards where it comes out

below RCR 62. Ice fishing is still going on with about 2 1/2 feet of ice along with 1 foot of slush

also. The recent snow will add to the slush factor as temps get warmer! Use this link to view

our Hahn's Peak web cam that we turned so you can see the cove behind the Visitor Center

Vega Reservoir -- Vega is open for boating. Fishing is picking up and should continue to


Williams Fork Reservoir -- Rainbow and brown trout, lake trout, northern pike and Kokanee

are available. The reservoir is now ice free. Boat access and inspections are scheduled to start

on May 15, but conditions could allow an earlier opening. Bank fishing is very good. Inquire in

Granby for the latest conditions. From buoy line at Williams Fork River inlet upstream to first

CR bridge: Fishing and snagging prohibited Sept. 15-Nov. 30. 05/09/2010

Willow Creek Reservoir -- Rainbow, brown trout and Kokanee salmon are available. The

reservoir still has some ice patches, but has opened up enough to fish from shore. This is a

beautiful area with easy fishing access around the boat ramp area and the next bay. This

reservoir is a good place to take kids, and gets less fishing pressure than other area lakes.

Worms, Powerbait, salmon eggs and many different lures are commonly used. Trailered boats

are still not allowed on the reservoir. Inquire in Granby for updates. 05/09/2010

Wolford Reservoir -- The ice came off Wolford 4/22/10. The rainbows are spawning along the

shoreline at the Day Use parking lot. The boat ramp will open May 1st. Hours of operation will

be 7am to 7pm. Please bring your boat clean, drained, and dry. New this year will be a onetime

$10 charge to cover ANS inspections costs and decontaminations equipment. If you have

any questions, please feel free to call us at 866-472-4943 or visit us at Enjoy the 2010 open water season.

Yampa River (Hayden through Craig) -- Spring runoff has begun on the Yampa. The river

has muddied as flows increase, try moving up stream and fish early mornings. There are still

good fishing opportunities, but they will be limited as we move into full run off. Try using big

streamers along the banks or slow moving pools. Watch for bug activity, but it will be slow. A

cold spell is your friend right now, as it will slow the water and the fish will get a little more


Yampa River (Stagecoach through Steamboat) -- The rain and snow are adding to the high

level of the Yampa River. The Yampa River in downtown Steamboat Springs is murky and at a

high level from all the melting snow and runoff. This creates unfavorable fishing conditions.

However, if you are going to venture into the water, we recommend using: Large streamers in

black, Brown and yellow cone-head streamers, Large stone flys


Adobe Creek Res. (Blue Lake) -- Not a lot of fishing pressure right now. Some channel catfish

are being caught. The upper boat ramps are usable.

Antero Reservoir -- Shore fishing is possible right on the south side now but limited due to ice

still remaining on the lake. North side is closed at this point.

Arkansas River #3 (Through Pueblo) -- The river in town is running high and clear, and

fishing fairly well for rainbows. Flows this time of year can vary greatly and can go up at any

time, so anglers should check conditions before coming down.

Arkansas River (Buena Vista to Salida) -- Browns Canyon had a flow of 363 cfs on Monday

with excellent visibility. Blue wing olive mayflies have been very active in this reach most

afternoons. Cold water temperatures have kept a lid on the caddis emergence but we

anticipate the hatch reaching this section sometime next week. Until then, chartreuse and

green caddis larvae in the morning and baetis nymphs/emergers in the afternoon have been

the ticket.

Arkansas River (Leadville to Buena Vista) -- Monday's flows were 260 cfs at Granite and

clear. Wade fishing has been good on the upper river with chartreuse and green caddis larvae

and stonefly nymphs being effective in the mornings. Afternoons have generated some good

blue wing olive mayfly hatches, particularly when cloud cover darkens the sky.

Arkansas River (Salida to Canon City) -- After weeks of cool weather, the caddis hatch is

poised to erupt on the middle river. A flow of 440 cfs (Monday) and warm sunny weather

forecast for Monday-Wednesday should get this hatch underway from Texas Creek to Howard.

Thursday may cool off but then warm weather will resume through the weekend. This looks like

the week for caddis activity in Bighorn Sheep Canyon!

Arkansas River (Salida to Texas Creek) -- The Arkansas River from Salida to Texas Creek

has been fair to poor due to the large amount of sediment in the river.

Blue and Bear Lakes -- There is still way too much snow on the access road and the gate is

closed. Waters are iced over and will likely not open up until late May.

Bonny Reservoir -- The lake is open for boating for the summer. No night operation allowed

weekdays (Sunday night to Thursday night). Due to staffing reductions, there will be times that

boating will be at your own risk. Water level is currently very good at the boat ramp with 4 to 5

feet in depth and 4 foot depth at the sandbar. Lake is the highest it has been in the past 4

years. All boats under 25 ft in length should be able to launch. Still saying boat ramps will be

usable this summer, but check the State Parks website as conditions can change. Fishing is

picking up and a few white bass and catfish are being taken off the face of the dam. Water

temp is 56 degrees.

Brush Hollow Reservoir -- Brush Hollow- Water level is good Fishing for bass is slow. Trout

fishing is good. A few crappie reported being caught on the North end. Catfishing at night has

been good.

Cheesman Reservoir -- Cheesman Reservoir will be closed to visitors beginning Jan. 1, 2010,

as Denver Water makes essential upgrades to the dam, which was built in 1905. The reservoir

is scheduled to reopen May 1, 2011. Upper and lower Gill Trail will remain open to hikers who

want to access Cheesman Canyon throughout the closure period. During the closure, Denver

Water will be upgrading the dam's valve system, which was installed when the dam was built in

1905, and will be installing underwater trash racks to prevent debris from clogging the valves.

Cheesman is more than 100 years old, and the underwater valves that Denver Water is

replacing were installed in 1905 and the late 1920s.

Clear Creek Reservoir -- Clear Creek Reservoir is ice free, and fishing should be gearing up in

the coming weeks.

Cottonwood Lake -- Cottonwood lake in Chaffee County still has a 90% ice cover. The ice

should be losing its grip this week and be ice free by May 10th.

Daigre Reservoir -- Water is free of ice and open for fishing. Trout are cruising and will likely

be the first to warm up to angler activity. Remember, artificial flies and lures only please.

DeWeese Reservoir -- DeWeese is clear of ice. Trout fishing has been good from shore using

green powerbait as well as salmon eggs on bobbers. Boat fishing has also been good trolling

lures. Some Tiger Muskie have also been caught on bait. Remember that the Tiger Muskie limit

is one fish 36 inches or longer. Most trout are in the 12-inch class but we are seeing some

occasional 16-18 inch fish. The Grape Creek inlet has continued to be high and muddy. There

is a new access point to fish Grape Creek above the gage station at the west end of the wildlife

area. Anglers are asked to stay on the south side of the creek and pack out all trash since this

is private property that has been enrolled in an exchange of use program. See map at access

point for boundaries or call the Pueblo office for questions.

Eleven Mile Reservoir -- Eleven Mile Reservoir is open to boating as of May 5th. Trout: Action

found mostly on shoreline, concentrated at North Shore Bay, the Small Boat Cove, Cross

Creek, and Howbert Point. Expect more info once boating picks up. Night crawlers, tube jigs,

and various colors of PowerBait seem to be most popular. Kokanee Salmon: No New Report

Northern Pike: No New Report Limits are unique at Eleven Mile: 4 trout of which only 2 can be

16 inches or greater; 10 Kokanee salmon; no limit on Pike. Boat inspections are required for all

trailered vessels before launching at Eleven Mile.

Hayden Meadows Reservoir -- This small reservoir is ice free. The reservoir is stocked

heavily each summer and fish carry over to the next spring. This past week fishermen had fair

success with baits and flies.

Holbrook Lake -- Holbrook is currently slow for all species. 1000 catchable-sized trout were

stocked twice in March and twice in April. 30,000 sub-catchable black crappie are scheduled to

be stocked in mid-August, 16,000 sub-catchable channel catfish are scheduled for September,

50,000 sub-catchable saugeye for June and 10,000 sub-catchable wipers are scheduled for


Horseshoe Reservoir -- There were trout stocked in Horseshoe this week. Boating has picked

up over the past couple weeks and one boater caught a 42 inch tiger muskie on Friday. The

muskie was caught on a Rapala. Trout fishing has been decent and there have been a few

bass caught. Shore fishing has been very popular on the north side of the lake and along the


Huerfano River -- The wildlife area is accessible, but still a lot of snow in the upper end of the

drainage. Fishing conditions and accessibility are improving weekly with nice Spring weather.

John Martin Reservoir -- Fair to good for white bass and wiper, some channel catfish and

walleye being caught, in the main lake. Walleye, channel catfish, white bass/wiper, and a few

crappie are being caught below the dam in the river. Both boat ramps in the park are usable.

There are endangered species closures on both shores. All trailer launched boats are required

to be launched from the boat ramps.

Lake Henry -- Lake levels are high. The boat ramp and pier are in good condition. Water

temps are currently in the upper 50s. Fishing for crappies has been fair during morning hours.

Some nice wipers have been caught recently from the dam. Fishing for catfish has been slow.

Lake Meredith -- Meredith is open for fishing. Water levels are high. Water temps are in the

high 50s. Crappie fishing has been fair during morning and evening hours. Some small

bullheads have also been caught. Few anglers have fished Meredith so far this spring.

Manitou Lake -- The lake is nearly ice free with somewhat turbid water due to runoff. Anglers

fishing with lures will see more success as the water gains more clarity. Fishing just off the

bottom with Power Bait, Night Crawlers, and Salmon eggs on a #10 hook will yield good

results. Fishing action is expected to be good to excellent within the next couple of weeks as

water temperatures increase.

Martin Lake -- There have been reports of bass and catfish being caught on worms off the

shore. Popular fishing spots over the past week have been the west side of the lake and the

north side near the rocks. The lake was stocked with rainbow trout this week and people have

still been having some luck catching trout. The water level is still relatively low but should start

coming up the beginning of next week. Hopefully the boat ramp will be accessible by Memorial

Day weekend.

Monument Reservoir -- The reservoir is ice-free and fishing pretty well for catchable rainbows.

Mt. Elbert-Forebay -- Fishing for good-size rainbow trout has been good through Mother's

Day. The lake is stocked with catchable-sized rainbows from late May through August.

Holdover, orange meated trout averaging 14 inches have been providing some good action.

Try Woolly Worms or spinning lures along the south shore. As usual, worms and power bait

have been effective. Macks have moved into deeper water and the best fishing is from boats.

The Forebay has the best population of mackinaw in the Arkansas River basin. They average

17 inches but run up to 40-plus. The Mack limit is one fish, and all fish between 22 and 34

inches must be released. Carry-on boats and float tubes are permitted on the Forebay, but

boaters should be aware of possible dramatic fluctuations of the water level.

Nee Gronda Reservoir -- Lake levels have declined since fall 2009. The main boat ramp is

currently not in service. A small gravel ramp located about 100 yards to the south of the main

ramp can be used to launch small boats only. Nee Gronda was covered by ice for 3-1/2 months

last winter. The ice and snow cover, combined with low water levels and no fresh water coming

in, created low oxygen conditions that caused a substantial fish kill. Currently, the lake is

littered with dead fish on the shoreline. It appears that most fish perished during this event. A

few catfish and some carp remain.

Nee Noshe Reservoir -- Nee Noshe is very low. Currently, the south gravel ramp is in service.

This ramp may become inoperable as lake levels recede. Boaters should call the Lamar DOW

office for current conditions before towing a boat to Nee Noshe. Fishing in 2010 will target

primarily catfish and wiper, as these two species remain available to anglers in the current low

water condition of the reservoir.

North Lake -- The reservoir is ice-free and fishing pretty well for catchable rainbows.

OHaver Reservoir -- No current report. Stocking Schedule: 25, 19 inch rainbow trout 1st week

of April; 5,000 10 inch cutthroat trout 2nd week of May;

Pikeview Reservoir -- Fishing for recently stocked trout has been fair to good. Power Bait and

salmon eggs fished with a #10 size hook has been best, but silver or gold spoons have also

been taking some fish. The Colorado Springs lake is heavily stocked with catchable-sized trout

in spring and early summer. The lake also has some saugeye, catfish and tiger muskies. A

paved, designated parking area is available off Mark Dabling Road. Other amenities include a

wheelchair-accessible sidewalk to one of two fishing piers, and enclosed pit toilets.

Prospect Lake -- Fishing has been good to very good as of late for catchable rainbows with

many limits being caught. Some larger fish were recently planted and are giving anglers some

excitement. Successful anglers are generally using fly and bubble or power bait fished just off

the bottom in 6-8 feet of water. Anglers also have been getting some small crappie and

bluegills with the occasional catfish also being taken. The lake is stocked with catchable-sized

trout through the early spring and again in the fall. Some larger brood fish from the state

hatchery system usually also are stocked in the spring and fall. The lake also has saugeye that

should be approaching 17-20 inches, wipers to 15 inches. Numerous habitat structures to

attract crappie have been placed in the north and south ends of the lake.

Pueblo Reservoir -- Water temps are in the mid 50s. Some fair catches of wiper can be found

in the flats near the river. Walleye are being caught on Lindy rigs in 30-40 ft of water and are

scattered all over the lake. Most walleye are sub-catchable. Fishing for catfish and crappie has

been slow, but should improve as the water warms.

Quail Lake -- The Colorado Springs city lake is heavily stocked with catchable-sized rainbow

trout in the spring and fall. Fishing for rainbows has been good to very-good with Power Bait,

crawlers, salmon eggs, and small spinners. Larger fish were stocked this week and are

showing up on angler's stringers on a regular basis. Several limits were caught in less than two

hours by fisherman this week. Catfish become active when the water temperature reaches 60

degrees, and fishing for bluegills and yellow perch should be fair in the coming weeks as the

water begins to warm.

Rampart Reservoir -- As of 5/10 Rampart still has a great deal of ice except for the inlet where

anglers are having mixed results fishing for Lakers. 1/4 oz Mr. Twisters fished off the bottom

are yielding some success. Fishing should improve in the coming weeks as the ice begins to


San Isabel Lake -- The lake is still ice-over - no fishing reports at this time.

Skaguay Reservoir -- Skaguay reservoir 4/23/2010 - Small amount of open water at inlet and

around boat ramp. Ice conditions are unsafe.

South Platte River (btwn Spinney and Eleven Mile) -- Most Recent Flow Rate: 63.6 cfs

5/10/2010 Trout: No New Report SOUTH PLATTE RIVER REGULATIONS: Between Spinney

Mountain and Eleven Mile Reservoirs is catch and release, artificial flies and lures only.

South Platte River, Deckers area -- The flow out of Cheesman has been very slow (60-70

cfs). Throw in rain and snowstorms and we have some bad fishing days. Horse creek has

provided plenty of brown water and river is basically unfishable below Deckers bridge. A few

large caddis have been spotted in Deckers and as far down as the Old Hotel stretch. I am

betting just a couple weeks more before clear, high water and caddis hatches improve fishing.

With the murky water, try black leeches and wooly buggers stripped downstream and across.

South Platte River, Elevenmile Canyon -- Flows have been steadily decreasing for about ten

days and are currently hovering just below 100cfs. Blue-Winged-Olives are hatching and both

nymph fishing and dry fly fishing remain good, just be prepared to change back and forth as

necessary. Parachute Adams #20-22 for dries; size #20 Barr's BWO Emerger, CDC Loop-

Winged Emergers, and Anato-May nymphs are producing, as are many of the usual Canyon

nymphs like bead-head and flashback Pheasant Tails.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir -- Spinney is officially open as of May 1st, and gates are

opening around the time of 5:30 am. Trout: Shoreline on east/west side of the Dam, South Boat

Parking Lot, North/South Boat Ramp. Tub jigs (orange and black), Taz Devil (various colors),

Wooly Buggers (olive green). Northern Pike: No New Report. SPINNEY MOUNTAIN

RESERVOIR REGULATIONS: Artificial flies and lures only. Bag limit for all species of trout is

one fish 20 inches or larger. There is no limit on Northern Pike. Spinney is open ½ hour before

sunrise to 1 hour after sunset, with no boating or fishing ½ hour after sunset. Boat inspections

are required for all trailered vessels before entering the park at Spinney Mountain.

Trinidad Reservoir -- Trinidad Lake is currently 865 surface acres with the surface temp

approx. 50º F. Fishing picked up this past weekend even with the wind gusting. The quality of

fish, trout, bass, walleye, catfish and yellow perch, being caught was good, just low quantities.

The dock has been installed and ANS inspections are underway. Boaters beware of floating

debris and unmarked hazards as the water level continues to rise. Anglers are reminded to

check the regulations for bass and walleye at Trinidad Lake and to wear your PFD. All the

loops in the Carpios Ridge campground are now open and so are the new Camper Services

building and the South Shore campground. For more information call the Visitor’s Center at


Turks Pond -- Water levels have improved somewhat since last fall, as water has been

pumped in during the winter. Trout have been stocked. Fishing should be good for stocked

trout and improving for catfish, and wiper.

Turquoise Lake -- the lake is completely ice covered. Ice off usually will occur after mid-May

and before the Memorial Day weekend. The lake is stocked on a regular basis during the

summer with catchable size rainbows and cutthroat trout. These fish carry over to the next

spring usually making ice off a good time to fish. There is an excellent population of lake trout,

though most are less than 20 inches. The south and east shorelines usually offer good fishing

for Mackinaw. The limit for mackinaw is two, with no size restriction. Boat inspections began in

May at the Matchless ramp from 6 a.m. to dark daily. The Tabor ramp will be closed the entire


Twin Lakes -- The lakes are both ice free. Boat inspections are conducted at the Dexter Point

ramp from 6 a.m. to dark, 7 days a week during summer season. The Red Roster ramp will be

closed to trailered watercraft all of 2010. The Lake trout populations continue to improve. Most

fish taken are less than 20 inches, but larger fish are common. Ice-out is a good time for

Mackinaw near the power plant and the channel from the upper lake to the lower lake. Large

Rapalas and spoons are usually effective. Ice covers both lakes as of April 21, 2010 and is

unsafe. There is open water below the power plant and at the channel. Ice off might be the first

week of May.

Twin Lakes (Mt. Elbert) Forebay -- See Mt. Elbert Forebay

Two Buttes Reservoir -- Two Buttes Reservoir currently has very low water levels. As water

levels improve, fish stocking will resume. Anglers can still fish the Black Hole pond below the

dam for trout (seasonal), bass, bluegill, and catfish.

Wahatoya Reservoir -- Water is free of ice and open for fishing. Trout are cruising and will

likely be the first to warm up to angler activity. Remember, artificial flies and lures only please.

Willow Springs Ponds -- Fishing for catchable-sized trout has been good with success varied

among anglers. Anglers are using power bait and salmon eggs fished with a size 10 hook and

small lures to catch limits of fish. Fly anglers will also see success on cloudy days when Blue

Winged Olives are active. Sunny days might see a few caddis on the water's surface. The

ponds east of Interstate 25 near Fountain have been rehabilitated, refilled and stocked with a

variety of fish that includes trout, small and catchable-sized bass, wipers and panfish. A fishconsumption

advisory for some species of fish is in effect because of tetrachloroethylene

(PCE), and anglers are advised to read the informational signs at the lakes.


Animas River -- The river is too high and muddy for effective fishing at this time.

Beaver Creek Reservoir -- The reservoir is now ice free and appears to be experiencing the

spring turnover. Fishing for rainbow trout and some browns has been good. Salmon eggs and

Power Bait have been getting the best results.

Blue Mesa Reservoir -- Water temps throughout the lake are in the mid-40's. Lake trout fishing

is fair trolling or jigging from 30-50 feet of water. Brown trout fishing is good jigging with

marabou jigs tipped with mealworms along any of the rocky structures around the shorelines.

Currently, Iola, Lake Fork and Elk Creek boat ramps are open from 6:00am to 8:30pm.

Conejos County (high country lakes) -- Conejos County has a variety of high country lakes

that offer excellent trout fishing opportunities. Trout species include native cutthroats, brooks,

browns and rainbows. Currently, high lakes in Conejos County are snow covered and

inaccessible. Fishing is expected to be excellent throughout the summer as conditions improve.

Conejos County (small streams) -- Conejos County has a variety of small streams that offer

excellent trout fishing opportunities. Trout species include native cutthroats, brooks, browns

and rainbows. Currently, small streams in Conejos County are snow covered and inaccessible.

Fishing is expected to be excellent throughout the summer as conditions improve.

Conejos River -- The road to Platoro is open and accessible. Flows on the Conejos are around

450 cfs on the lower river and 97 cfs below Platoro. Fishing conditions are fair to good. Be

prepared for strong spring winds. Angling techniques include nymphing, spinners, and bait. The

Conejos has two sections of special fishing regulation waters. The first is from the upper

boundary of Aspen Glade campground to Menkhaven Resort: artificial flies only and a daily bag

and possession limit of two trout 16 inches or longer. The second is from the confluence of the

South Fork to the lower bridge at Platoro: artificial flies and lures only, with a daily bag and

possession limit of two trout 16 inches or longer.

Crawford Reservoir -- The boat ramp at the peninsula is open and ready for anglers. You

must have your boat inspected prior to launching at any time of the day. This past week,

anglers have been catching limits of trout. Some of them have been reported as being up to 16

inches long. Pike are also starting to heat up. We have had some anglers that have caught pike

up to almost 40 inches. We have had reports of a few crappie and perch, as well as some

smaller catfish. Come out and throw in your line to see what comes out on the other side!

Dolores River (lower) -- The river below McPhee Reservoir is showing some promise for flyfishing

while other area rivers are running too high. The fishery has made a modest comeback

over the last 3 years and there are some very nice rainbow and brown trout in this 12 mile

section of tailwater. Check with the Dolores Water Conservancy District for latest releases

below the dam at

Echo Canyon Reservoir -- Trout fishing is typically very good this time of year right after ice

off. The lake and boat ramp are open. Anglers are reporting good success for 14 inch catfish at

the inlet. About 75 large rainbow trout broodstock were also stocked into Echo Lake a couple of

weeks ago.

Gunnison River (below Crystal Dam) -- Flows are 632CFS and are on their way up, as the

BuRec Spring Ramp-up will begin May 12th, with a peak of 3800cfs on the 18th if all goes

according to plan. Color has been Gunnison Green, but that will change as well. BWOs on top,

BWO emerges, RS2s, San Juan worms, #6 Woolly Buggers, egg patterns, #14 orange and

green scuds, #10 GB Poxy Back Biot Stones, #12-16 GB Prince Nymphs, #16-20 Copper

Johns, Pheasant Tails and Flashback PTs, and #10 20-Inchers and Halfbacks.

Gunnison River (through the canyon) -- The flow in the Gunnison Gorge is now 618 cfs.

Fishing conditions are good and water is clear. Fishermen are using Caddis, San Juan Worms,

Streamers, Egg Patterns, and Red Copper John's. The North Fork is now running high, is off

color, and is NOT low enough to wade to get to the Gunnison. Call Gunnison River Pleasure

Park at 1-888-782-7542 for information on boat shuttle across the Gunnison.

Haviland Lake -- There has been some winterkill due to heavy snow and ice (see above). We

will restock with catchable trout as soon as we can get a truck in there! (Maybe a week or so)

Jackson Gulch Reservoir -- No reports this week. Jackson can be very good for spring yellow

perch and rainbow trout.

Joe Moore Reservoir -- The lake is probably ice free but no reports at this time. Joe Moore

has a mix of rainbow trout, yellow perch, black crappie, and largemouth bass. Trout are mostly

active this time of year.

La Jara Creek -- Fishing on La Jara Creek has been fair for brown trout. Fishing has been best

on worms and spinners. Flows are high at approximately 67 cfs and the water is off color. The

gate at La Jara Creek State Wildlife Area will remain closed until the Thursday before Memorial

Day. The creek on the State Wildlife Area is accessible by foot or horse.

La Jara Reservoir -- The reservoir is open and accessible, and water conditions are good.

Fishing pressure has been light. Fishing has been slow. Anglers should be prepared for strong

spring winds. Good fishing for brook trout and splake is expected throughout the summer.

Lemon Reservoir -- No fishing reports are available at this time. Ice should be off. The lake

level is very low and the boat ramp is probably going to be inaccessible for another week.

McPhee Reservoir -- Ice came off on April 12th. Main boat ramp is open and the lake is rising

about 1 ft per day. Anglers report good catches of recently stocked rainbow trout. Walleye are

also spawning against windswept rocky/rubbly shorelines. Walleye were illicitly stocked and

there is no bag limit on walleye in McPhee Reservoir.

Mountain Home Reservoir -- The lake recently was stocked with 3,700 catchable sized

rainbow trout. Fishing for rainbows is reported as fair to good with the typical baits and lures.

Narraguinnep Reservoir -- Lake is open and full. Anglers are starting to pick up walleye

against the rip-rap dam face. Walleye are in full spawning mode for the next couple of weeks.

Navajo Reservoir -- Start planning your fishing trip! Fishing improved dramatically this week

for Crappie and Small mouth Bass. As water continues to warm Crappie fishing is improving on

Minnows and Jigs. Pike fishing is very good at this time with spinner baits and kicking slab

plastics. A few catfish have been reported taken on cut baits and dough baits. Visit the Marina

for all your fishing needs. For current information call, (970)883-BOAT See you soon.

Pastorius Reservoir -- Winterkilled BUT we have restocked with catchable rainbows (10 inch)

and 93 large broodstock rainbows (15-20+ inches).

Piedra River -- The river is too high and muddy for effective fishing at this time.

Platoro Reservoir -- Platoro reservoir is frozen and inaccessible.

Puett Reservoir -- The Lake is open and full. There are no fishing Reports at this time.

Ridgway Fishing Ponds -- The Pa-Co-Chu-Puk ponds of Ridgway State Park are excellent for

children because they are the only water below the dam not restricted to artificial flies and lures

or catch-and-release fishing. A limit of four trout per person may be kept there, by children and

licensed adults, 16 years and older. Even though the ponds have not been stocked yet this

season, the fishing is still very good. The ponds were stocked last Fall and there are many

Rainbows still left over. Some of the larger, holdover rainbow trout from last season also are

being caught. Try worms and red salmon eggs.

Ridgway Reservoir -- The lake is rising with the run off. The boat ramp is open as well as the

Mussel Inspection Station. The water temperature is in the 40s and the fishing is still very good

to excellent. 3,500 catchable-sized Hoffer/Tasmanian Trout were stocked this last week. Bank

anglers have been doing well using night crawlers, red salmon eggs and silver or gold

Kastmasters. The Brown trout are moving out of the Mear's Bay area and into the main

reservoir. Try using a short set of cow bells followed by a nightcrawler for a chance at a large

Brown. Remember to have your boat clean, drained and dry when you come in to have it

inspected before launching. Good luck fishing!

San Juan River -- The river is too high and muddy for effective fishing at this time.

San Luis Lake -- The boat ramp to San Luis Lake will be closed through May 15th to prepare

for aquatic nuisance species boat inspections. The lake was recently stocked with 5,000

catchable-sized rainbow trout. Fishing is reported as fair for trout with the typical baits, and fair

for carp on nymphs and streamers.

Sanchez Reservoir -- The boat ramp will be closed from 8pm to 6am daily with aquatic

nuisance species boat inspections taking place when the ramp is open. Spring fishing at

Sanchez Reservoir is in gear. Fishing for walleyes and northern pike is reported as fair with

crankbaits and jigs.

Smith Reservoir (San Luis Valley) -- Smith Reservoir was drained last fall to repair the outlet

structure. The reservoir was stocked with 750 14"+ fish mid-April and 2900 catchable size fish

the last week of April.

Summit Reservoir -- We have reports of some dead fish along the shoreline. We had

unusually deep snow for lower elevation lakes and as a result, some smaller, shallower lakes

and pond may have winterkilled. A winterkill occurs not when the lake freezes solid but when

the dissolved oxygen in the water becomes too low to support fish. Sometimes you can have

pockets of water with better-dissolved oxygen conditions and some fish survive in these areas.

We will restock with trout in the next week or so.

Totten Reservoir -- The lake is open and full. No fishing Reports at this time.

Trujillo Meadows Reservoir -- Trujillo Meadows Reservoir is frozen and inaccessible.

Uncompahgre River in Ridgway Park -- Fishing on the river at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk is good to

excellent. Flows are steady at 300 cfs. The low winter flows that negatively impacted the

habitat for both fish and bugs are over. Many of the smaller rainbows that drifted down river this

winter are returning, along with the bugs. Fishermen are doing well using a San Juan worm

below a stimulator. Also, try a gold ribbed hare's ear size 14 - 16. We have seen quite a few

Rainbow as well as some larger Cutthroat Trout caught. The plan for the summer has the

reservoir spilling again. That will raise the water temperature, allow better bug production and

grow more fish. This should be another great year.

Vallecito Reservoir -- Ice is off as of last week. Look for spawning northern pike up in the

shallows on the north end of the reservoir. The trout fishing has been very good in the inlets of

the reservoir that are open.

Williams Creek -- Williams Creek below the Williams Creek Reservoir dam is high but fishable.

Williams Creek Reservoir -- The road is plowed to the lake (mud and snow still abound near

the lake). There is about 30 feet of open water to the ice. Best fishing is right after ice out so

grab your rods!

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