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• MAY 14, 1979<br />


Including All SectiontI N«wi Page;<br />

%\^<br />


Executive Producer SYDNEY ROSE Produced by TONY KLINGER and BILL CURBISHLEY Associate Producers JEFF STEIN and EO ROTHKOWITZ<br />

Written and Directed by JEFF STEIN Edited by ED ROTHKOWITZ A Roger Gorman Presentation of A NEW WORLD PICTURES RELEASE<br />


i<br />

bid<br />

'Superman' Grabs Top<br />

20th-Fox Reports Record Quarter,<br />

Gross Position at WB g^^ 5^,7/ Cautions Stocktiolders<br />

I.OS ANGHLHS — 'Superman" has<br />

soa<br />

cd so high that it is now the biggest<br />

grossing motion picture in Warner Bros.'<br />

history in terms of domestic film rentals<br />

posted on original release—with billings, as<br />

of April 21, of $68,102,354— it was announced<br />

by Barry Reardon, Warner's vice<br />

president in charge of domestic sales.<br />

At the same time, Reardon announced<br />

that Clint Eastwood's "Every Which Way<br />

But Loose" has taken over third place in<br />

Warner's list of all-time money-makers,<br />

with domestic rentals, as of April 21, of<br />

$41,806,438.<br />

The Man of Steel's muscle thus topples<br />

the previous Warner Bros, record-holder,<br />

"The Exorcist," which amassed domestic<br />

film rentals of $66,715,122 on its initial<br />

release. As of now, in its third re-release,<br />

"The Exorcist" has total film rentals of<br />

$82,832,645.<br />

Every Which Way But Loose," in taking<br />

over third place, replaces "The Goodbye<br />

Girl," which has posted domestic film<br />

rentals totaling $41,326,576.<br />

$107006 Granted to Fight<br />

11<br />

^' Blind Bidding Legislation<br />

^ I<br />

r<br />

I<br />

»j<br />

I<br />

Monterey, Calif. — In a surprise<br />

move bearing national significance,<br />

members of the Theatre Equipment<br />

Assn. (TEA) voted unanimously last<br />

week to contribute $10,000 to assist<br />

NATO members in their pending<br />

battle with the Motion Picture Assn. of<br />

America (MPAA) over blind bid legislation.<br />

The action came during the annual<br />

TEA convention attended by over 200<br />

equipment manufacturers and dealers<br />

and their wives May 6-9 at the Del<br />

Monte Hyatt House here.<br />

A beginning trial date of July 2 has<br />

been set in U.S. District Court in Columbus,<br />

Ohio, where the MPAA, the<br />

plaintiff in this action, will bring suit,<br />

seeking to overturn the state's anti-blind<br />

law on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.<br />

Informed sources report to BOX-<br />

OFFICE that since the Ohio anti-blind<br />

bid bill was signed into law last October<br />

by Gov. Rhodes, film rental rates on<br />

product distributed in the state ha^e<br />

gone down.<br />

A total of 13 states thu.s far have<br />

passed anti-blind bidding legislation.<br />

North Carolina became the latest state<br />

to pass a blind bid law, approved by the<br />

Senate on April 25. In Texas, Jack Valenti's<br />

home state, only the Senate has<br />

passed anti-blind bid legislation. A<br />

House vote is expected soon in Texas.<br />

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By<br />


West Coast Editor<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Although 2()lh Century-Fox<br />

reported a record first-quarter<br />

earnings and revenues, stockholders were<br />

cautioned at their annual meeting that 1979<br />

"probably may not achieve the record results<br />

of 1978,"<br />

Net earnings for the quarter ending<br />

March 31 were $19,090,000, compared to<br />

$17,486,000 fo-r the first quarter a year<br />

ago, stockholders were told by Dennis C.<br />

Stanfill, chairman of the board and chief<br />

executive officer.<br />

First-quarter revenues were $159,546,000,<br />

compared with $158,933,000 in the same<br />

period of 1978 which was "the best year for<br />

20th Century-Fox in its history," Stanfill<br />

said. Revenues and earnings were at record<br />

levels last year with net earnings hitting<br />

$58,000,000 from all-time high revenues of<br />

$626,000,000,<br />

'Music' Licensing Helps<br />

All first quarter operations were profitable<br />

except for 20th Century-Fox Records,<br />

Stanfill reported. Feature film operations<br />

leceived an added boost from revenues coming<br />

in from the licensing of "The Sound of<br />

Music" to NBC and from other films that<br />

went to CBS and NBC,<br />

The first quarter boost also got significant<br />

help from operations of the Aspen Skiing<br />

Corp., acquired by Fox in June 1978,<br />

v,'hich turned in record results in that period,<br />

he said.<br />

Stockholders re-elected five directors:<br />

Princess Grace of Monaco. F. Warren Hellman,<br />

John H. Johnson and William P. Rogers,<br />

all for three year terms, and Paul H.<br />

Nitze for a two year term.<br />

The company is in "excellent financial<br />

condition," with a $125,000,000 cash balance<br />

and "in every way is in a strong position<br />

to support and expand our business,"<br />

Stanfill said.<br />

Great things are expected from "Alien. "'<br />

the science fiction-horror feature to be leleased<br />

May 25 in key markets, he said. In<br />

addition, "Star Wars" will go out for three<br />

weeks on August 15 as part of the summer<br />

release package. This includes "Butch And<br />

Sundance: The Early 'Vears," the prequel to<br />

"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,"<br />

and "Breaking Away," the story about a<br />

young bike racer who aspires to reach<br />

championship status.<br />

"Moic promising films" are planned for<br />

release in the fall and winter seasons. Stanfill<br />

said, and contracts with CBS and NBC<br />

to license films will hit $61,500,000 in ihe<br />

1979-81 period for network exposure at<br />

theatrical playoff.<br />

The record company had "very poor results<br />

last year," Stanfill reported, but he expressed<br />

assurances that a new contract with<br />

RCA for record distribution will help the<br />

division "cut its losses tremendously."<br />

All other divisions are on the upbeat:<br />

International theatie operations "promise<br />

good results this year," in Australia and<br />

New Zealand, especially the .seven-theatre<br />

complex in Sidney. Television stations are<br />

doing well despite the loss of network association<br />

in Minneapolis, Magnetic Video<br />

Corp. shows "great promise for the future"<br />

in the growing market of video cassette entertainment<br />

for the home.<br />

Creditors of AA Meet;<br />

Future Still Up in Air<br />

NEW YORK—Creditors of Allied Artists<br />

Industries' film subsidiary. Allied Artists<br />

Pictures, met before Judge Stanley Lesser<br />

in N.Y. Federal Court here May 9 to elect<br />

a committee to oveisee the course of Allied's<br />

future as a film supplier.<br />

Those individuals nominated to<br />

the creditors'<br />

committee include Allen Benjamin, legal<br />

vice president of United Artists (owed over<br />

$1.8 million); Herbert Hauser, representing<br />

the N.Y. ad agency of Die:ier. Hauser &<br />

Bates (over $732,000); Thomas Broussard,<br />

vice president and general counsel for Technicolor,<br />

Inc. ($517,000); Carl Kaminsky.<br />

representing several creditors; Joseph<br />

Gruenberg (136,000), and William Marlowe<br />

of Glen, Bozel! & Jacobs ($35,000).<br />

Representing the slate of nominees as<br />

legal counsel is Attorney Martin F, Brecker<br />

of the firm of Phillips, Nizer. Benjamin,<br />

Krim & Ballon.<br />

This is the second creditors' committee<br />

formed in the Allied case, but the only one<br />

with legal standing. The first committee.<br />

organized March 23 prior to AA's filing for<br />

reorganization under Chapter XI of the<br />

Federal Bankruptcy Act, was not recognized<br />

as a legal body since Allied had not,<br />

at the time the creditors' committee was<br />

formed, sought Chapter XI protection.<br />

Houser, Broussard and Kaminsky were<br />

members of the first creditors' committee.<br />

Samuel Sherman, president of Independent-International<br />

Pictures, made a motion<br />

asking that his name be added to the<br />

new creditors' committee since he had been<br />

on a previous committee. Judge Lesser denied<br />

the motion, ruling that committee<br />

members had to be nominated by slates and<br />

individual cases could not be considered.<br />

Emanuel Wolf, piesident of Allied Artists<br />

Pictures, was present during the creditors'<br />

session and reportedly was ready to<br />

speak, but agreed to appear at a later<br />

hearing to make a statement.<br />

Judge Lesser set May 15, 17 and June 4<br />

as dates for si;bsequent hearings in<br />

If<br />

the case.<br />

the federal court and the newly elected<br />

creditors' committee feel that Allied is not<br />

capable of pulling itself out its current<br />

financial difficulty, the court could order<br />

the liquidation of AA film operations.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14, 1979


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ML<br />

Sales of Mexican Films<br />

Seen lo Triple in U.S.<br />

MEXICO CITY—The United States market<br />

lor Mexican films will more than double<br />

,ind triple in the next decade, with earnings<br />

soaring as high as $70 million 'annually from<br />

the gross today of $17 million, predicts<br />

\1PAA Jack Valenti.<br />

"Such a swift and high ratio of expansion."<br />

Valenti said, "seems unprecedented<br />

in the annals of the cinema trade."<br />

Valenti made the remarks forecasting a<br />

luight future for Mexican films in an address<br />

here May 3 before the First National<br />

Convention of the Mexican Motion Picture<br />

Industry.<br />

The MPAA president saw the rising good<br />

fortunes of Mexico resulting from two principal<br />

factors: the fast-rising growth of Spanish-speaking<br />

residents, especially Mexicans,<br />

in the U.S., and the increasing popularity of<br />

Mexican films and stars.<br />

By 1990. based on present demographic<br />

projections, persons of Hispanic origin,<br />

mostly Mexican, will likely climb from<br />

fourth place to outnumber all others ot<br />

foreign origin in the U.S.<br />

Valenti suggested a "formula for success"<br />

to Mexican filmmakers: "Build on the audience<br />

for Mexican films in Spanish by mixnig<br />

your casts with players from both countries,<br />

and making versions in Spanish and<br />

•ilso versions in English to aim at general<br />

release theatres."<br />

Underscoring what he termed the<br />

"precious<br />

value of freedom for the creative artists<br />

and in the marketplace." Valenti said. "The<br />

freer the exchange of ideas, of talent, of<br />

nnagination, the brighter the future for both<br />

our countries, not only in film but in the<br />

larger life of our nations."<br />

Trans-Lux Indicates<br />

30 Percent Increase<br />

NORWALK. CT.—Richard Brandt, pres<br />

ident of Trans-Lux Corporation, reported to<br />

stockholders that earnings from operations<br />

for the first quarter of 1979 were the<br />

largest in the company's history and more<br />

than 30 percent over the prior year period.<br />

Brandt stated that a net profit of 29c per<br />

share was earned during the first quarter of<br />

1979 as compared with a net profit of 17c<br />

a share for the 1978 period. The 1979 results<br />

included a gain of 4c per share.<br />

Brandt noted that on March 15, 1979, the<br />

company paid a cash dividend of 5c per<br />

share to stockholders of record at the close<br />

of business February 7,<br />

1979. He noted that<br />

the board of directors presently intends to<br />

consider payment of a<br />

dividend on a semiannual<br />

basis.<br />

During the quarter the company authorized<br />

a limited stock purchase program lo<br />

acquire up to 25.000 shares of its common<br />

stock in the open market prior to May 1 I.<br />

1979. As of April 23. 12,000 shares had<br />

been so acquired.<br />

<strong>Boxoffice</strong> results from the company's theaters,<br />

Brandt stated, were very close to the<br />

record-breaking first quarter of 1978. Pictures<br />

such as "California Suite." "Every<br />

Which Way But Loose," and "Bread and<br />

Chocolate" encouraged moviegoers to turn<br />

out at<br />

the company's 20 screens.<br />

In accordance with its planned realignment<br />

of theater operations, the company<br />

it sold the land and theater building owned<br />

in St. Louis, Mo.<br />

Brandt announced that the company had<br />

entered into a management agreement to<br />

install and supervise the operation of two<br />

multimedia presentations to be situated in<br />

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This agreement,<br />

he said, is indicative of the company's<br />

increased activity in the multimedia<br />

field. Development work continues, Brandt<br />

noted, on a new, company-produced "entertainment<br />

environment" called "The Space<br />

Works," planned by Joseph Striek. the<br />

.'\cademy Award winning filmmaker.<br />

'Dawn of Dead' Not Rated<br />

NEW YORK—Jack Valenti,<br />

president of<br />

the Motion Picture Association of America,<br />

recently released the following statement:<br />

"Some theaters that are playing "Dawn<br />

of the Dead" designate at the boxoffice that<br />

the film has been rated R. This is not true.<br />

They are using the R in an unwarranted<br />

fashion, as this film has not been rated at<br />

all, and we will commence legal action<br />

against anyone who persists in misusing the<br />

R. The G. PG. and R symbols are registered<br />

with the U.S. Patent Office as certification<br />

marks of the Motion Picture Association<br />

of American Inc. and their unauthorized<br />

use in any way will be subject to legal<br />

Zanuck/BrownTeam<br />

Returning to 20th-Fox<br />

HOLLYWOOD— Richard D. Zanuck and<br />

David Brown will return to 20th Century-<br />

Fox Pictures in 1980. moving from Universal<br />

Pictures with their Zanuck/ Brown Co.,<br />

according to Alan Ladd Jr., president of<br />

20th-Fox^.<br />

"My association and friendship with<br />

Richard and David," said Ladd, "has been<br />

a long relationship of respect for their talent<br />

as creative filmmakers, and one of close<br />

personal ties. We welcome them to 20th<br />

Century-Fox."<br />

The Zanuck/ Brown Co. produced ten<br />

motion pictures during its seven-year association<br />

with Universal, including "Jaws,"<br />

"The Sting." "Sugarland Express," "Mac-<br />

Arthur," "Jaws 2" and "The Eiger Sanction."<br />

Presently they are producing Peter Benchley's<br />

"The Island," which began production<br />

April 30. and National Lampoon's "Jaws 3,<br />

People O," scheduled to begin filming in<br />

September. A future long-term project will<br />

be "The Continuation of Gone With the<br />

Wind."<br />

Before joining Universal in 1972, when<br />

the Zanuck/ Brown Co. was formed, both<br />

men were production executives at Warner<br />

Bros. Prior to that Zanuck was president<br />

of 20th-Fox Film Corp. and Brown was<br />

executive vice president in charge of production.<br />


Republic Corporation, wishes to announce:<br />

The following companies, other than as a customer of CFI,<br />

have absolutely no affiliation, connection or relationship of any<br />

kind, with Republic Corporation, its divisions, or subsidiaries:<br />









This notice is intended to eliminate confusion among<br />

customers of CFI or any of the divisions or subsidiaries of<br />

Republic Corporation and potential investors of any of the<br />

above named companies.<br />


A Division of Republic Corporation<br />

By: Peter J.<br />

Morton<br />

Its: Director of Business Affairs<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14. 1979

Film Finance Group Planning Eight<br />

Major Films; $50 Million Invested<br />

Bv<br />


West Coast Editor<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Film Finance Group, a<br />

subsidiary of the Arthur Guiness Son and<br />

Company Ltd.. British multi-national conglomerate,<br />

has decided to "move toward<br />

visibility" with announcement that it and<br />

its three sister organizations are involved in<br />

eight major I'ilms representing $50 million<br />

in investments.<br />

Two features are in post-production and<br />

are scheduled for release this summer. One<br />

is in production and two are scheduled to<br />

start in May. Three others are in pre-production,<br />

with principal photography to start<br />

in<br />

the fall.<br />

Div. of Guiness Group<br />

Film Finance Group is one of four divisions<br />

in the Guiness group's film producing,<br />

financing and distribution activities.<br />

Heading the group is erstwhile independent<br />

filmmaker Richard St. Johns, president and<br />

chief executive officer. At his tight hand is<br />

producer John Hyde as vice president of<br />

production. Hyde has his own picture, "The<br />

Ravagers," scheduled for release in the Memorial<br />

Day weekend.<br />

"We're in a position to have accomplished<br />

what we set out to accomplish three years<br />

ago and we want people to know we exist,"<br />

St. Johns said in announcing the production<br />

schedule. "We're financially capable to deal<br />

with all entities in the industry. We'll be<br />

around for a long time."<br />

The Film Finance Group is the motion<br />

picture arm of the Guinness group, managing<br />

Aspen Productions which has the actual<br />

production responsibilities. Producers Sales<br />

Organization is the division in which Guinness<br />

owns a controlling interest. It handles<br />

overseas sales of Guinness films as well as<br />

films made by others, such as Dick Clark<br />

Organization and Casablanca Film Works.<br />

Film Finance Distributois is the division<br />

responsible for worldwide distribution of all<br />

Guinness grotip product. Its function is to<br />


«TGGER<br />

k and<br />

BETTER<br />


select distributors, companies which do the<br />

actual, physical releasing of the pictures.<br />

The General Rights Corp., the fourth division,<br />

handles all licensing of merchandising<br />

and music rights worldwide for all Guinness<br />

giinip product.<br />

Five Deals Set<br />

Five distribution deals alieady have been<br />

made, with Columbia involved in four pictures<br />

and Orion distributing one through its<br />

agreement with Warner Bros. Producers<br />

Sales is slated to handle foreign distribution<br />

of three pictures, with no domestic detils<br />

made for them as yet.<br />

Martin Ransohoff will be involved in si\<br />

of the productions either as an individual<br />

or through his production company which<br />

has a multi-purpose deal with Columbia. St.<br />

Johns will be executive producer on all the<br />

projects currently scheduled.<br />

Films to be financed or produced by the<br />

group will be picked on the basis of market-<br />

Tng and budgeting potential, with emphasis<br />

on the saleability of the product. "We'll pick<br />

successful filmmakers and stay with them."<br />

St. Johns said. "Autonomy" will be the key<br />

word, he stressed, explaining that the Guinness<br />

organization leaves the film divisions<br />

free to operate with little or no "interference."<br />

The same freedom will be txtended<br />

to the filmmakers: "I'd be foolish to tell<br />

Al Ruddy, who made The Godfather,' how<br />

to make a movie.<br />

'Tlie<br />

Marvelous Marketers'<br />

"The same will hold true in distribution.<br />

The major studios are the finest marketers<br />

in the world. They are the marvelous m;irketcrs<br />

and we'll always want them to handle<br />

our product," St. Johns asserted.<br />

"Nightwing." budgeted at more Ih.iii<br />

$6 million, will be released by Columbia<br />

Pictures June 28 and is set to go into 600<br />

theatres. The film stars Nick Mancuso,<br />

David Warner and Cathryn Herold. It was<br />

produced by Martin Ransohoff and directed<br />

by Arthur Hiller from a script by Steve<br />

Shagan. Bud Shi\aker and Martin Cruz<br />

Smith.<br />

"The Wanderers," co-financed with<br />

Orion, will be released in the United Slates<br />

by Warner Bros. July 20, going into 600<br />

theatres. Producers Sales Organization will<br />

handle worldwide distribution. The film,<br />

budgeted at more than $5 million was produced<br />

by Ransohoff and directed by Phil<br />

Kaufman, with a script by Phillip and Rose<br />

Kaufman. Starring are Ken Wahl. John<br />

Friedrick and Linda Mantz.<br />

Three films in production arc:<br />

"American Pop," a Martin Ransoholl<br />

pioduction with a budget of more than<br />

$5 million, with Ralph Bakshi producing<br />

tiiid directing a feature length animated hisloiy<br />

of popular American music from 1880<br />

to 19S0. Production sitirlcd Novemtx-r<br />

||>7S. A Columbia release.<br />

"Wind River," a Ransoholl pnHlticlii'ii in<br />

association with Columbia. Budgeted ut<br />

more than $7 million and starring Charlton<br />

Heston and Brian Keith in a story about<br />

two mountain trappers who must survive in ,<br />

the mountains of Wyoming in the 1880s.<br />

Producers Andrew Scheiman and Martin<br />

Shafcr will begin shooting May 7.<br />

"The Final Countdown," a Bryna Company<br />

production starring Kirk Douglas,<br />

Martin Sheen and James Farentino in a<br />

$7 million feature about a nuclear aircraft<br />

carrier that disappears in the South Pacific<br />

on December 7, 1979, and reappears near<br />

Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Peter<br />

Douglas, son of Kirk, will produce and Don<br />

Taylor will direct.<br />

In pre-production are:<br />

"Consenting Adults," budgeted at more<br />

than $6 million, this Ransohoff production<br />

is a contemporary comedy in which stars<br />

Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins are<br />

husband and wife for 20 years and decide<br />

to test the limits of their marriage by introducing<br />

each other to their respective lovers<br />

Ransohoff will produce and a director<br />

still has to be signed. Columbia will distribute.<br />

"Rough Mix," a Ransohoff production<br />

budgeted at more than $6 million, with a<br />

Sept^ember start scheduled on the mutder<br />

mystery set in the rock music world. Charlton<br />

Heston has been penciled in to star but<br />

the commitment is not firmed up. Columbia<br />

will distribute.<br />

"Arctic Rampage," an Albert S. Ruddy<br />

production budgeted at more than $8 million.<br />

An adventure story about a tough<br />

mountain man im the arctic and an equally<br />

tough mounty chasing him. Peter Falk and<br />

Charles Bronson are being sought for the<br />

leads but no deals have been made. Brian<br />

Hutton will direct and Al Ruddy will produce.<br />

No domestic distribution has been set.<br />

Producers Sales Organization and Film Finance<br />

Distributors will release overseas.<br />

Massive Ad Campaign Set<br />

For Compass' 'Nocturna'<br />

LOS ANGELES—Compass International<br />

Pictures has set a June 1 date in Philadelphia<br />

and Jacksonville for the first domestic<br />

release of its vampire spoofer, "Nocturna,<br />

it was announced by Irwin Yablans, president<br />

of CIP.<br />

Yablans also disclosed that the company<br />

will back "Nocturna" with a massive advertising-merchandising<br />

campaign on the<br />

same scale as for its blockbuster suspensethriller<br />

"Halloween," which has become the<br />

all-time independent boxoffice champion,<br />

erossina over $-^0 million worldwide.<br />

'Dalmations' Re-release<br />

Is Scheduled for June<br />

BURBANK, CALIF.—"101<br />

Dalmatians"<br />

will be re-released this June to kick off Walt<br />

Disney's summer program of film fare.<br />

The beguiling comedy adventure is the<br />

sloiy of two dogs, their human pets and the<br />

villainess of all time, the svelte, domineering<br />

Cruella De Ville, who is in the dognapping<br />

business.<br />


NATO Retains Braun<br />

For Wage Information<br />

NEW YORK—Thc National Assn. ol<br />

ThcaliL- Owners (NATO) has announced<br />

plans to retain Braun Communications Inc.<br />

10 represent motion picture exhibition with<br />

regard to the minimum wage legislation now<br />

hL'lore the Congress.<br />

Two bills presently before the House and<br />

OIK' before the Senate would freeze the<br />

Icdcral minimum rate of $2.90 per hour<br />

until Jan. 1, 1982. One of the bills in the<br />

House additionally provides for reduced<br />

rates for teenagers and students.<br />

NATO officials report the organization's<br />

awareness of the difficult problem that this<br />

type of legislation poses because of the<br />

priority given to strong minimum wage laws<br />

by organized labor.<br />

According to a related story in a recent<br />

NATO Flash Bulletin, "With the current<br />

inflationary pressures and high unemployment<br />

among young people and minorities,<br />

,1 strong case can and will be made (by<br />

NATO) for revision of the current statutes."<br />

MGM's 'Voices/ 'Champ'<br />

Honored in California<br />

NEW YORK — Two Metro-Goldwyn-<br />

Mayer films. "Voices" and "The Champ,"<br />

have been honored by the Southern California<br />

Motion Picture Council with the organization's<br />

Silver Halo Award. The awards<br />

were bestowed in recognition of the films'<br />

excellence as family motion picture entertainment<br />

and were presented on May 2.<br />

Amy Irving and Ricky Schioder have<br />

also been awarded Bronze Halos for their<br />

outstanding performances in "Voices" and<br />

The Champ," respectively.<br />

Robert L. Bostick, and Sunshine coach program<br />

by Michael Heerey.<br />

Sir James Carreras, Joseph Sinay and<br />

Morley will make convention reports on<br />

New Orleans, Los Angeles and London, and<br />

future convention sites will be discussed by<br />

Sam Shopsowitz and Frank Strean.<br />

Robert R. Hall will report on constitutional<br />

questions, Ralph Pries on new tents<br />

and memberships, Zollie M. Volchok on<br />

fundraising, Monty Hall on telethons, Eric<br />

Morley on presidential citations and awards.<br />

Ken Rive on the ladies committee and Sam<br />

Shopsowitz on the prosthetic limb program.<br />

'Look-Alike' Ad Angers<br />

TV 'Angel' Cheryl Ladd<br />

NEW YORK—The owner of a Times<br />

Square porn theatre here, threatened with<br />

legal action by Cheryl Ladd of television's<br />

"Charlie's Angels," agreed May 4 to mask<br />

part of an advertising poster describing the<br />

feature<br />

star of Superfilm<br />

"Taxi Girls," as<br />

Ltd.'s<br />

"The<br />

current<br />


Look-Alike."<br />

Howard Farbcr. owner of the Circus<br />

Cinema, altered the poster after being informed<br />

that Ms. Ladd's attorneys had<br />

threatened legal action if corrective measures<br />

were not taken immediately to remove<br />

the misleading ad message contained on the<br />

poster promoting the picture's engagement<br />

at the theatre. Ms. Ladd learned about the<br />

situation after being informed by friends<br />

here of the poster.<br />




The Ameiican Ciame ( )

. . "and<br />

Okla,,<br />

Film Industry Moves in to Protest LETTERS<br />

Barring of Critic<br />

TUCSON — The three-round scrap between<br />

Jacqi Iiilly. film crilic for the Arizona<br />

Daily Star, and TM Theatres here ended<br />

May 3 when Jeffrey Weiner, co-owner<br />

of the theatres along with his father, Merton,<br />

broke a week-long silence and lifted the ban<br />

on Tully at TM theatres.<br />

Tiilly had been turned away on three<br />

separate occasions since April 27 in attempts<br />

to gain admittance to one of the<br />

houses owned by TM Theatres.<br />

In an interview with rival film critic<br />

Michelene Keating of the Tucson Citizen,<br />

Jeffrey Weiner explained that TM's main<br />

reason for barring Tully from any of its theatres<br />

was an objection to her inference in<br />

print regarding TM's ticket and popcorn<br />

prices. Said Weiner: "I have no quarrel with<br />

a movie critic's right to review films at our<br />

theatres, but I question a critic's use of a<br />

review as a platform for maligning the theatre."<br />

Popcorn Compensates for Flop<br />

Defending his ticket-selling operation,<br />

Weiner explained that only 10 cents on<br />

every dollar is retained by the theatre. He<br />

conceded that theatre popcorn' is more expensive<br />

than in grocery stores, but emphasized<br />

that a lot of popcorn has to be sold<br />

to pay for the cash loss resulting from a<br />

flop at<br />

the boxoffice.<br />

Tully shrugged off the whole affair, apparently<br />

feeling her point, too, had been<br />

made. Referring to a story she co-authored<br />

a year ago on the price of popcorn, she<br />

mused, . I suppose, according to<br />

Jeff,<br />

his popcorn lost."<br />

'Refuse<br />

Her Admission''<br />

The Star had beeini warned earlier that<br />

Tully would not be tolerated at any TM<br />

theatre, and her photograph was posted in<br />

TM boxoffices along with a<br />

notation ordering<br />

employees to refuse her admission. During<br />

her first attempt at attending a screening<br />

at the TM Showcase, she was asked to<br />

leave by the manager, and on the next two<br />

tries .she was not allowed to even enter the<br />

theatre.<br />

Apparently an unprecedented incident in<br />

moviedom, TM's action forced comment<br />

Ironi Lawrence Mark, a Paramount spokesman:<br />

"I have never heard of a theatre chain<br />

barring a critic, and it's really slightly outrageous.<br />

We use theatre critics when they<br />

like our films and we should manage to<br />

tolerate their dislike of whatever films they<br />

happen to dislike."<br />

Other national film studios and distributors<br />

and two local chains have entered the<br />

fray with verbal comments and one explicit<br />

offer of action. The latter involved the setting<br />

up of special screenings at another<br />

theatre by 20th-Fox for Tully to review any<br />

20th-Fox film shown at a TM theatre. The<br />

offer, made by Nancy Willen of 20th-Fox's<br />

publicity department in Los Angeles, was<br />

From TM Houses<br />

appreciatively declined by Frank Johnson,<br />

managing editor of the Star.<br />

Johnson explained, "We appreciate their<br />

offer to help us bring reviews to our readers,<br />

but we feel that part of a movie review<br />

is the environment in which it is shown.<br />

We don't think we would get as professional<br />

a review as Tully is capable of under<br />

those circumstances."<br />

Herman Kass, vice president of publicity<br />

and promotion for Avco Embassy Films,<br />

distributor of "The Bell Jar," declared, "1<br />

don't have any background on this, but they<br />

have no right barring anyone from oui film<br />

. . , it's poor judgment on their part, and<br />

I'm going to look into this."<br />

Hi Smith, a publicity director with United<br />

Artists in New York City, commented,<br />

"TM's decision upsets me. If Tully is barred<br />

from a United Artists film at a TM theatre,<br />

our local agent will arrange an alternative<br />

viewing opportunity for her."<br />

"Ridiculous" was the word from Bob<br />

Artz, West Coast advertising director for<br />

Plitt Intermountain Theatres, adding, "I<br />

think the people in Tucson are being a<br />

little<br />

silly."<br />

And Ewert Edwards, president of NATO<br />

of Arizona and manager of DeAnza Drive-<br />

Ins, said, "... I hate to see things like this<br />

happen, both as a competitor and as president<br />

of NATO."<br />

Baren Tenders Resignation<br />

As NSS General Sales Mgr.<br />

NEW YORK—Harvey M. Baren has tendered<br />

his resignation as general sales manager<br />

of National Screen Service Corp.. it<br />

was announced by Norman Robbins, NSS<br />

president.<br />

"It is with extreme reluctance that we<br />

accept Harvey Baren's resignation," Robbins<br />

said. "We have great respect for his<br />

considerable abilities and wish him all the<br />

best in his next undertaking."<br />

Baren's resignation, which became effective<br />

immediately, was believed to be over<br />

fundamental differences with respect to<br />

company sales policies.<br />

Prior to joining NSS, Baren served as<br />

assistant general sales manager for Allied<br />

Artists Pictures for seven years, 1971-<br />

78. Previously he was national sales coordinator<br />

and road show manager for 20th<br />

Centuiy-Fox Film Corp. A veteran of 24<br />

in years the motion picture industry, he has<br />

also held positions with Magna Pictures and<br />

United Artists Corp.<br />

Clarification<br />

In the Show-A-Rama article that appeared<br />

in the May 7 issue of <strong>Boxoffice</strong>, Martin<br />

Stone was improperly identified as the head<br />

of Mid-America Cinema. In clarification,<br />

Lu Vaughn is the chairman of the board of<br />

the circuit; Stone serves as president.<br />

To the Editor:<br />

A bit needs to be said about the lack of<br />

materials, trailers and accessories needed<br />

properly to promote the motion picture fare<br />

we offer the public.<br />

It seems that lately we are expected to<br />

go right to opening day without materials<br />

with which to work. Then, if a picture flops,<br />

the blame is laid on the people in the field<br />

who don't know what they're doing.<br />

There are a hell of a lot of good theatre<br />

men in this country who know how to sell a<br />

picture to their audience, but must stand by<br />

with hands tied because of lack of support<br />

from the film companies.<br />

We need also to come to terms concerning<br />

the amount of material contained in a<br />

newspaper ad. At today's prices, we simply<br />

cannot afford to mention everyone from the<br />

leading man down to a key grip in a newspaper<br />

ad. While everyone is important on a<br />

motion picture crew, we must establish a<br />

firm guideline as to what is included in an<br />

ad and what is not. I do not believe selling<br />

paperback books and record albums is the<br />

ultimate goal of a newspaper movie ad, yet<br />

more and more space in ads is being allotted<br />

for these items.<br />

Educating each other is<br />

the key to working<br />

together when it comes to selling a picture.<br />

So. let's get together and work toward<br />

a common goal—a well-informed movie patron<br />

and a smash boxoffice gross!<br />

Eastwood Theatre<br />

Indianapolis, Ind.<br />

Sincerely,<br />





Day Screen Installation, screens resurlaced.<br />

(317) 642-3591. Drawer P. Rogers,<br />

Texas 76569.<br />


and repaired in Tex ,<br />

N, Mex , Ark.,<br />

and La. Gene Taylor, P.O. Box 3524, Shawnee,<br />

Ks. 66203. (913) 531-9695.<br />


quality of your picture. Renew old<br />

screen wilh our process. New screens also<br />

installed. Dazzling Construction, (516) 581-<br />

4653.<br />


ASCO Auditorium Services Company<br />

Theatre relurbishing—designing—acoustical<br />

wall covering—^seat relurbishing—custom<br />

seat covers— screens, frames, main act<br />


INDOOR THEATRE MUSIC programming<br />

lor today's audiences, today's movies cmd<br />

todays theatres. C & C Music Service,<br />

(815) 397-9295.<br />

More Classified Listing<br />

On Inside Back Cover

! company's<br />

I<br />

Cinema Shares Group<br />

Anticipates Good Qtr.<br />

NHW YORK.— In a preliminary report on<br />

the lirst 90 days following a reorganization<br />

ol its corporate structure, the Cinema<br />

Shares Group of Enteitainment Companies,<br />

wholly owned subsidiaries of Omni Capital<br />

Worldwide Ltd., is able to anticipate a first<br />

quarter statement reporting all of its divisions<br />

as independent profit centers. No long-<br />

.;r dependent either on each other or the<br />

parent company for support, each Cinema<br />

Sh.ires division reports an overall net profit<br />

ahead of the same period last year.<br />

Overseas theatrical and TV distribution<br />

by Cinema Shares International Distribution<br />

Corporation will expand. Larry Friedricks,<br />

ehicf of the overseas operation, is now preparing<br />

a package for the annual Cannes<br />

market that will include CSID's most formidable<br />

foreign lineup of product to date.<br />

Among the new titles the company will be<br />

selling overseas are "Boardwalk," "Thirst."<br />

Snapshot," "Patrick." "The Dark," "Bucksione<br />

County Jail" and "Racquet."<br />

Meanwhile, CSID's new policy of domestic<br />

theatrical distribution is returning significant<br />

revenues. Instead of mounting campaigns<br />

to release new titles in the first quarter<br />

of 1979, CSID/ Domestic opted to continue<br />

the relea.se of established moneymakeis<br />

and is moving prints of its best performing<br />

exploitation titles across the country.<br />

These include "Texas Detour," "Seniors." a<br />

marathon of three Godzilla epics and a<br />

flight of Kung Fu features.<br />

I<br />

The marketing technique supports the<br />

decision to pursue this strategy<br />

for at least another three months, working<br />

I through a metwork of 25 subdistributors<br />

across the country.<br />

'American Game' Gets PG<br />

NEW YORK—A PG rating has been<br />

to given the film "The American Game" by<br />

the Classification and Rating Appeals<br />

Board. The film had been previously rated<br />

R.<br />

In an appeal brought by World Norlhal<br />

Corporation, the Appeals Board heard a<br />

statement on behalf of the film from Judilh<br />

Crist, a motion picture film critic.<br />

'Animal House Producer Ivan Reitman<br />

Has Oy\fn 'Soft Spot' for Exhibitors<br />


West Coast Editor<br />

HOLLYWOOD— Ivan Reitman, one of<br />

the elite corps of filmmakers from Canada<br />

who has made it big<br />

Ivan Reitman<br />

in Hollywood, has a<br />

soft spot in his heart<br />

tor exhibitors. And<br />

well he might. After<br />

all. it was a group of<br />

exhibitors that gave<br />

Universal Pictures officials<br />

their first feeling<br />

that Reifman's<br />

"National Lampoon's<br />

Animal House" had<br />

boxoffice power.<br />

Their reaction was the forerunner of all<br />

that has happened since: Incredible grosses<br />

that have gone beyond the $52 million<br />

maik—and propelled Reitman into the<br />

ranks of millionaires.<br />

'An Overnight Millionaire'<br />

"It feels good," the<br />

.^1 -year-old producer-director<br />

admits when asked how it feels<br />

to be "an overnight millionaire." At Universal<br />

he has graduated to a plush office<br />

in the producers building—out of the temporary<br />

bungalows he occupied with co-producer<br />

Matty Simmons while the hit picture<br />

was being filmed.<br />

It was a 10-minute product reel, filled<br />

with some of the raunchiest parts of "Animal<br />

House" that drew raves from exhibitors<br />

and gave Universal a feeling of confidence<br />

in the picture's drawing power.<br />

His percentage of the picture's profits has<br />

given him a new lifestyle. At present he<br />

Tives in a rented house in Beverly Hills that<br />

once belonged to the late gossip columnist<br />

Hedda Hopper. But this is only until the<br />

house he is renovating in swank Bel Air is<br />

completed.<br />

His newest picture, "Meatballs," which<br />

he directed, has just been picked up by<br />

Paramount Pictures, a development which<br />

he likes.<br />

Reitman swears by the major studio<br />

d'.stributing firms when it comes to sending<br />

his brain child out into the cold world of<br />

exhibition.<br />

"You have to get one of the Big Six,"<br />

he declared. "They're the ones who can gel<br />

your picture into the A houses. And that's<br />

where the business is generated."<br />

Reitman is looking to "Meatballs" to generate<br />

some of the same kind of business that<br />

"Animal House" picked up. He moved out<br />

of his "Animal House" producer's role to<br />

direct the low-budget picture. "I figured 1<br />

had to try to direct while I had the shot at<br />

it." he said.<br />

Bill<br />

Murray Stars<br />

"Meatballs" stars Bill Murray, one of the<br />

stars of television's "Saturday Night Live"<br />

which produced John Belushi and others.<br />

Murray plays a head counselor who is training<br />

a group of junior counselors. The setting<br />

is summer camp — "Probably the<br />

worst camp in all of North America," Reitman<br />

declared.<br />

"Meatballs" was produced by Dan Goldberg<br />

and written by Lein' Blum, Dan Goldberg.<br />

Janis Allen and Harold Ramis. The<br />

latter was co-author of "Animal House."<br />

Reitman's journey into big-time Hollywood<br />

started with three small pictures for<br />

American International. "They Came from<br />

Within." "The House by the Lake" and<br />

"Cannibal Girls"; plus "Rabid." for New<br />

World Pictures.<br />

Paramount will release "Meatballs" m<br />

Toronto on June 29, and plans to go into<br />

widespread release in the U. S. in mid-July.<br />

Then, Universal is planning to re-release<br />

"Animal House" in September and November.<br />

"They have a whole new campaign<br />

planned, going into 1,600 theatres on the<br />

West Coa^st aind then into 1.600 theatres<br />

on the East Coasit," he said.<br />


BOXOmCE:<br />

825 Van Brunt Blvd.<br />

Kansas City, Mo. B4124<br />

Please enter my subscription to BOX-<br />

OFFICE.<br />

D 1 YEAR $15.00<br />

D 2 YEARS $28.00<br />

D Remittance Enclosed<br />

Send<br />

Invoice<br />

Outside U.S., Canado ond Pan American<br />

Union, $25.00 Per Year.<br />


STEREO<br />

Every Film, Every Show, Every Day!<br />

STREET<br />

TOWN<br />

ZIP CODE<br />

NAME<br />


STATE<br />

BOXOFFICE :; May 14, 1979

'<br />

j<br />

TOR THE<br />

RECORD<br />

fjarol.l M. Unas h,is hcui ,ippomic>l a vice<br />

prcMdc-iU ol MCA Inc. He icl.uns his<br />

title as treasurer and his position ol chief<br />

financial officer.<br />

Charles Green has been appointed Eastern<br />

advertising manager for United Artists.<br />

Gene Froelich, former assistant treasurer<br />

of MCA Inc., has been named a vice president<br />

of MCA.<br />

Saul Cooper has been appointed vice president<br />

of foreign advertising and publicity for<br />

United Artists.<br />

Melinda Mullen has left her position as<br />

director of West Coast publicity for United<br />

Artists to become vice president of marketing<br />

and promotion for the Guttman and<br />

Pam public relations firm. She will be involved<br />

in expanding the company's film<br />

projects division.<br />

Mark Canton has been named executive<br />

vice president of the JP Organization, Jon<br />

Peters' independent production company.<br />

Canton left his post as vice president of<br />

motion picture development at MGM to<br />

assume the new position, effective May 14.<br />

John Nunn has been named to head the<br />

Philadelphia branch office of Associated<br />

Film Distribution, and Dave Titleman has<br />

been chosen to head the Boston office. The<br />

appointments complete the staffing of the<br />

AFD sales arm. Nunn is a former branch<br />

manager for AI. and Titleman headed the<br />

New England office for Allied and MGM.<br />

Ross Merrin has been appwinted to manage<br />

the Los Angeles branch office of AVCO<br />

Embassy Pictures.<br />

Jim Johnson has been named executive<br />

vice president/ chief financial officer of Cas-<br />

COMING SOON...<br />

A<br />

«TGGER<br />

and<br />

>£TTER<br />


ablanca FilmWorks. He was the former vice<br />

president of administration at Columbia Pictures<br />

Corp.<br />

Joni Robbins has been named assistant<br />

treasurer of MCA Inc.<br />

Lonnie Halousk has joined the legal department<br />

of Warner Bros.<br />

Joseph W. Ross was appointed vice president<br />

of the Cinema 5<br />

theatre division.<br />

Charles H. Wheafley was recently<br />

added<br />

to the staff of the architectural and design<br />

division of the Filbert Co.. a theatre equipment<br />

firm.<br />

Wheatley<br />

Lynn Tirade has been named assistant<br />

director of merchandising for National<br />

Screen Service to work on the company's<br />

in-theatre merchandising program.<br />

Charles Morgan has been named a vice<br />

president of Universal Pictures and will be<br />

involved in film distribution, copyright and<br />

general litigation matters.<br />

Harvey M. Baren has tendered his<br />

resigation<br />

as general sales manager of National<br />

Screen Service 'Ooip.<br />

Barry Essenfeld has been appointed general<br />

Corp.<br />

sales manager of Allied Artists Pictures<br />

Didier Chatelain has been promoted to<br />

vice president of Herman Cohen Productions,<br />

Charles A. McFadden has been appointed<br />

Eastern division manager for Paramount<br />

TV distribution.<br />

Frank Bodo has been named director of<br />

production finance for the motion picture<br />

division of Paramount Pictures.<br />

Jim Goyjer, Kim Leisner and Nancy Latimer<br />

have been added to the staff of the<br />

Universal Studios' tours publicity and promotion<br />

department.<br />

A. R. (Biff) Gale has been named senior<br />

vice president of MCA DiscoVision Systems<br />

Tom Canipanella has been appointed vice<br />

prcsidenl of national advertising for Parannnint's<br />

motion picture division.<br />

John Olis, former Pacific Coast district<br />

jnanager for Allied Ai lists, has taken the<br />

same position with Buena Vista Distribution.<br />

His background includes film sales with<br />

Paramount and MGM.<br />

Titles<br />

& Takes<br />

Woody Allen's "Manhattan" set openingday<br />

lecords in New York and Los Angeles<br />

with a combined gross of $75,198 for 19<br />

theatres. In New York it grossed $48,277 at<br />

seven theatres for opening day, compared<br />

with the $30,108 registered by Allen's<br />

Academy Award-winning "Annie Hall" for!<br />

its first day also at seven theatres.<br />

In less than a month since winning three<br />

major Academy Awards, Hal Ashby's<br />

"Coming Home" grossed $7,000,802 with<br />

504 prints working nationwide.<br />

April Fools Productions' "Harper Valley<br />

PTA" passed $3 million in grosses in its<br />

first five weeks of re-release.<br />

Universal Pictures' "Battlestar Galactica"<br />

has grossed $13,571,160 up to April 21 in<br />

its theatrical release in Europe, South America<br />

and Japan.<br />

I<br />

Warner Bros, reports that "Superman"<br />

continues to set records in Brazil, racking up<br />

$192,887 in its second week in 14 theatres<br />

in Sao Paolo, just short of the $193,407'<br />

gross attained in the first week. In Rio de<br />

i<br />

Janeiro, also in 14 theatres. "Superman" had<br />

a second week gross of $161,791, after a<br />

first week of $187,477.<br />

"Summer Camp," slated for a May 30<br />

lelease in the U.S. by Seymour Borde &<br />

Associates, grossed $57,106 in six Canadian<br />

cities in its opening runs. The action included<br />

two weeks in St. Johns, $10,245; Moncton,<br />

$11,699 in two weeks; $10,666 in two<br />

weeks in Charlottetown; $5,928 in three<br />

days in Kingston; $10,846 in three days in<br />

Edmonton, and $7,722 in three days in Regina.<br />

Roman Polanski's "Forbidden Dreams"<br />

(MPM) opened to strong business in the<br />

Atlanta territory during the week of March<br />

23. The film picked up $15,527 at the Cinema<br />

North and Hickory Hollow theatres in<br />

Nashville. During its second week, "Forbidden<br />

Dreams" also played at the Cinema<br />

South.<br />

"Cemetery Girls" (MPM) grossed $31,428<br />

in its opening weekend, March 23-26, in<br />

Cleveland. The figure was the strongest<br />

opening weekend total for Cleveland driveins<br />

in four years.<br />

"Rivals" (World Entertainment Corp.)<br />

grossed $155,000 in its first-week limited<br />

run in Salt Lake City and h.is topped<br />

$325,000 in the exchange to date.<br />

Avco Embassy's "Phantasm" hit a total<br />

gross of $1,521,143 at the end of its second<br />

week in playdates in California and parts<br />

of Texas. The film grossed $786,742 in five<br />

days at 126 theatres. "Phantasm" hit a fiveday<br />

gross of $545,788 in 7S houses in Los<br />

Angeles.<br />

"Midnight Express" continues to play to<br />

record-breaking business in its second week<br />

in Rio de Janeiro, pulling in $98,631 from<br />

eight houses and establishing seven new<br />

house iccords.<br />

M;! 14. 1979


Send news of adyertislng campaigns and publicity to STU GOLDSTEIN, MERCHANDISING EDITOR<br />

Combination of Nostalgia^ Free Gifts<br />

and a 'Robot'<br />

Hype 'Buck Rogers at Plitt's St, Francis Theatre<br />

Thanks to Universal and star Gil Gerard,<br />

a lot of young moviegoers are now fully<br />

aware of Buck Rogers. Gerard is the new<br />

space hero of Universal's "Buck Rogers in<br />

the 25th Century." But unless they are old<br />

movie fans or have heard stories from their<br />

parents, many youthful customers are painfully<br />

unaware of the old Buck Rogers—the<br />

Buck of adventure books and movie serials.<br />

Using nostalgia as a primary tool, and<br />

it sprinkling with dash of modem-day<br />

a<br />

wizardry and free gifts. Gary Warrick,<br />

manager of Plitt's St. Francis Theatre in<br />

San Francisco, kicked off a "Buck Rogers"<br />

want-to-see promotion.<br />

One month prior to the release of Universal's<br />

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."<br />

12-page promotional packages were sent to<br />

every newspaper, radio and television station<br />

in the Bay Area, inviting the media to<br />

jump on the "Buck Rogers" rocket with the<br />

St. Francis Theatre. Three newspapers and<br />

several radio stations mentioned that the<br />

space hero of 50-year standing had returned<br />

in a new motion picture soon to<br />

be shown at the St. Francis Theatre in S^in<br />

Francisco. Two weeks before the release<br />

date, KTVU, television channel 2 in Oakland,<br />

aired film clips in a 5-minute segment<br />

on the 10 o'clock news and repeated these<br />

clips on their popular late-night show<br />

"Creature Features" the Saturday prior to<br />

opening.<br />

As a special bonus, drawings were held both<br />

Saturday and Sunday, with a total of fifty<br />

copies each of the new Buck Rogers adventure<br />

books volumes one and two given<br />

away as prizes to customers holding winning<br />

tickets. These books, collectively valued at<br />

$200 were also provided by Dell Publications<br />

at no charge to the theatre.<br />

'Shorty' Helps, Too<br />

St. Francis stagehand John Reilly added<br />

a special touch to the success of the promotion<br />

by creating a robot constructed from an<br />

old theatre lobby trash can. "Shorty" had<br />

blinking green eyes, antennas, long arms<br />

ending in tongs, a golden body, and a bright<br />

red light perched as a noble crown. Not<br />

limited to beauty alone, "Shorty" also possessed<br />

considerable golden charm. Equipped<br />

with an endless tape cassette loop, he would<br />

greet the customers to the theatre every<br />

sixty seconds, and invite them to try the<br />

theatre's "Buck Rogers style popcorn—so<br />

good it disintegrates in your mouth."<br />

With the ideas and imagination of the<br />

St. Francis Theatre Staff, a strong response<br />

from the media, and the support and generosity<br />

of Bill Blackbeard. in association with<br />

the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art.<br />

as well as Dell Publishing and the Mego<br />

Corp., "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"<br />

opened in San Francisco with a real "blastoff,"<br />

using the St. Francis as a launching<br />

pad.<br />

Show-A-Ramo MeeUng Select's<br />

Griffin 'Show-Woman of Year'<br />

Krista Griffin, general manager of Harkins<br />

Theatres in Scottsdale. Ariz., was honored<br />

as "Show Woman of the Year" at the<br />

22nd annual Show-A-Rama convention in<br />

Kansas City during April. At only 23, Griffin<br />

has already managed to receive the<br />

award twice. The United Motion Picture<br />

Assn. honored Griffin for her excellence in<br />

community service and dedication to entertaining<br />

movie patrons.<br />

Highlights of some of Griffin's campaigns<br />

iiicluded a "summer movie fun" program,<br />

which tied in with local PTAs.<br />

Collection<br />

of Treasures<br />

With the aid of the Oakland Tribune's<br />

newspaper library. Bill Blackbeard, director<br />

of the San Francisco Academy of<br />

Comic Arts, was contacted. Blackbeard<br />

is one of the foremost authorities on comic<br />

strips and is also a collector of Buck Rogers<br />

original books, which date back as far<br />

1929. After some conversation, he agreed<br />

as<br />

to display his collection of Buck Rogers<br />

nostalgic treasures, for which the theatre<br />

converted an in-lobby boxoffice to an attractive<br />

display case.<br />

On opening day, a 60-foot banner from<br />

Universal Studios was suspended from the<br />

roof to wave above the marquee, and to<br />

attract the attention of commuters and passers-by<br />

in<br />

the downtown Market Street area.<br />

WORLD PREVIEW OF -TILV^AU the major stars of Harner Bros.' -Tilt"<br />

were<br />

in attendance at the premiere held recently at the Woodlake Cinema 3 in Houston.<br />

The event was a Mack-tie invitation-only affair that included the mayor, astronaut<br />

Alan Shepherd and other VIPs participating. Pictured above enjoying; red carpet<br />

treatment, co-star Ken Marshall, producer Mel Simon, star Brooke Shields,<br />

Rudy Durand. and soundtrack vocalist Bill Wray.<br />

director<br />

BOXOFFICE Showmandiser ;: May 14, 1979

. . "flew"<br />


January<br />

Gary Warrick, nhiiuii^er oj Pliir Theatres' St. Fnwcis Jheaire in San Francisco, who<br />

kicked off the opening of Warnefs "Every Which Way But Loose" with a unique<br />

"all primate" beauty pageant. The event garnered feature story coverage on the<br />

10 o'clock evening news. Featured in Jan. 22 Showniandiser.<br />

February<br />

Morton Berger. manager oj the Tower Mull Cinema in Phoeni.x. for his audiencebuilding<br />

"Tonight They're Out to Get the Warriors" promotion. Berger's technique<br />

included dressing himself and fellow theatre employees in "Warriors" get-up. Featured<br />

in Feb. 26 Showmandiser.<br />

March<br />

Jerry Littenberg. manager of General Cinema's Morris Hills Theatre in Parsippany.<br />

N.J.. who commemorated the 50th birthday of Mickey Mouse with a special presentation<br />

of "Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Show." Littenberg's promotion included<br />

eye-catching displays and employees donned in "Mouse" costumes. Featured in<br />

March 26 Showmandiser.<br />

April<br />

Christine La Monte, director of publicity and promotion for Boston's Sack Theatres.<br />

who really dazzled the city of Boston with her "Brink's Job" exploitation. "Brink's<br />

Week" was declared by the Mayor, a "Brink's parade" toured the city and her<br />

"Crack a Pete" promotion called additional attention to "Brink's" and Sack. Featured<br />

in April 2 Showmandiser.<br />

Blood Bank Tie-in<br />

Helps Plug 'Bite'<br />

Dracula was "alive" and well in Abilene,<br />

Tex., recently for the opening of MP's<br />

"Love At First Bite" at Texas Cinema<br />

Corp's. Radford Hill Cinema 3. Manager<br />

Dave Vaughn got in touch with the wellknown<br />

Count and asked if he would put in<br />

an appearance to coincide with the recent<br />

film. Dracula, never one to shy away from<br />

a good dinner . at the chance.<br />

Texas Cinema Corp's "Love at Firs<br />

Bite" promo really had bite!<br />

In addition, a natural tie-im for the Count<br />

was the theatre's promotion at the Mcek's<br />

Blood Bank to "Beat Dracula to the Punch"<br />

by donating a pint of blood to the blood<br />

bank and receiving two passes to see "Love<br />

At First Bite."<br />

Radio giveaways of passes on suitions<br />

KFMW and KEAN helped round out the<br />

local promotion.<br />

Manager Dave Vaughn said that the audience<br />

enjoyed the Count's entrances and<br />

exits from his coffin nightly, but a few<br />

children were a bit alarmed when they<br />

opened what they thought was an empty<br />

coffin.<br />

$1000 in Free Radio Ads<br />

Result of Awards Contest<br />

To tie-in with the Academy Awards presentations,<br />

the Hillcrest 4 Theatres in St.<br />

Joseph, Mo. initiated an Academy Award<br />

Jackpot contest. Entrants were instructed<br />

to vote for their choice for Academy Award<br />

winners, with a chance to win a free gift.<br />

Prizes included a ladie's diamond watch, a<br />

CB radio, a record album a month for one<br />

year and a $50 cash prize. Other prizes,<br />

such as tires and wheels, a canned ham and<br />

bowling accessories together totaled over<br />

$800.<br />

were donated by mer-<br />

All prizes local<br />

chants. In addition, over 130 radio spots<br />

resulted trom the promotion. Hillcrest had<br />

allocated only .$100 for radio time, but<br />

KKJO Radio donated the entire radio campaign,<br />

valued at just under $1000. The radio<br />

station told the theatre to use the $100 for<br />

future advertising with the station. A local<br />

man won the jackpot, garnering plenty of<br />

publicity for the Hillcrest 4 at a total cost<br />

of only $102 to the theatre.<br />

Crown Cinema managers were all given<br />

the opporlunily \.o win a mini-vacation to<br />

Ills Vegas Ironi the promotion.<br />

Karate Professionals<br />

Tub-thump 'Good Guys'<br />

Tony Bruguiere of Ogden-Perry's Santa<br />

Rosa Cinema in Fort Walton Beach, Fla.,<br />

"kicked" off his promotion of "Good Guys<br />

Wear Black" in a big way.<br />

Bruguiere contacted Jimmy Rodreguez<br />

and arranged for the nationally famous Red<br />

Dragon Karate Team to give a martial arts<br />

demonstration in front of Santa Rosa Cinema.<br />

The Red Dragon karate team exploited<br />

'Good Guys Wear Black" with live<br />

demonstrations.<br />

A large crowd turned out as the Red<br />

Dragon Team demonstrated the techniques<br />

used by Chuck Norris in "Good Guys Wear<br />

Black."<br />

To round out the promotion, Bruguiere<br />

contacted WNUE, and arranged for a radio<br />

promotion. Each hour for 60 hours, a<br />

listener who called in at the sound of the<br />

"karate chop" won a pass to see "Good<br />

Guys Wear Black" at the Santa Rosa Cinema.<br />

Hourly winners qualified for the grand<br />

prize drawing of a six month karate course<br />

at the Jimmy Rodreguez Karate Academy.<br />

The martial arts demonstration and the<br />

radio promotion resulted in over $1350.00<br />

in<br />

free radio advertising.<br />

Teli Us About Your<br />

Best Ad Campaigns<br />

Bo.xoFFicE wants to know details about<br />

your best advertising campaigns to promote<br />

currently playing pictures. Tell us what<br />

film you promoted and how. including any<br />

media coverage you got as a result of the<br />

promotion. Plenty of copy and photos are<br />

essential to give other exhibitors the e.xact<br />

story on your promotion strategies. The best<br />

campaigns will be featured in Showmandiser<br />

and all features we run will be candidates<br />

for Showmandiser Citations.<br />

We are also interested in your audience's<br />

reactions to current engagements. Audience<br />

response is vital information to all exhibitors.<br />

What recent bookings have been successful<br />

and not-so-successful Send news of<br />

your campaigns and audience reactions to<br />

Stu Goldstein. Merchandising Editor. <strong>Boxoffice</strong>.<br />

825 Van Brunt. Kansas City, Mo.<br />

12 BOXOFFICE Showmandiser :: May 14, 1979<br />


. Tristan<br />

j<br />

executive<br />

!<br />

WALT<br />

! The<br />


Last Flight of Noah's Ark. Proi<br />

duction<br />

I Adrienne<br />

M ^-J^oituwood nCi<br />

^1 eporit ^<br />



The Border. Filming began April 16 in<br />

Durango, Mexico, on this story dealing with<br />

the plight of illegal aliens from Mexico.<br />

Starring are Telly Savalas, Eddie Albert,<br />

Danny de la Paz and Robin Clarke. Chris-<br />

' phy got under way on locations in Ireland<br />

f<br />

April 23 on this feature being made in association<br />

with Paul Avila Mayer. Topping<br />

the cast are Richard Burton and Kate Mulgrew.<br />

Others in key roles are Nicholas Clay,<br />

Cyril Cusack, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Niall<br />

Tobin, Diana van der Vlis and Kathryn<br />

Dowling. Tom Donovan is directing from<br />

the script by Claire Labine, who also is<br />

producer. Tom Hayes is producer.<br />

began April 30 at Disney Studios<br />

on this feature starring Elliott Gould and<br />

Genevieve Bujold, Story has Gould playing<br />

a high-living pilot hired by Bujold. a prim<br />

evangelist, to fly a rickety B-29 to her South<br />

Pacific mission. Also starring are Ricky<br />

Schroder, Vincent Gardenia and Tammy<br />

Laurene. Charles Jarrott is directing from<br />

the screenplay by Steven W. Carabatsos,<br />

Sandy Glass and George Arthur Bloom.<br />

Ron Miller is executive producer. He is coproducing<br />

with Jan Williams.<br />


A Nightingale Sang in Berkeiey<br />

Square. Richard Jordan and David Niven<br />

head the cast of this feature on which production<br />

began April 2 in London. Others<br />

in the cast are Oliver Tobias, George Baker,<br />

Gloria Grahame and Joss Ackland. Ralph<br />

Thomas is directing from Guy Elmes'<br />

screenplay. S. Benjamin Fisz is producer.<br />


Cattle Annie and Little Britches.<br />

This King-Hitzig production began filming<br />

April 2 on locations around Durango, Mexico.<br />

Burt Lancaster. John Savage and Rod<br />

Steiger are starring. Diane Lane and Amanda<br />

Plummer play two teenage girls who go<br />

West just before the turn of the century<br />

and join the notorious Doolin-Dalton gang<br />

of outlaws, Lamont Johnson is directing<br />

from the screenplay by David Eyre and<br />

Robert Ward. John Daly and Derek J, Dawson<br />

are executive producers. Alan King<br />

and Rupert Hitzig are producing.<br />


11 The Fog. Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis,<br />

Barbeau and Hal Holbrook star<br />

in this modern-day ghost story about a deadly<br />

and mysterious fog that shrouds a small<br />

California community. John Carpenter is<br />

directing on location in Inverness, Calif.<br />

Shooting began April 2 on the screenplay<br />

he wrote with Debra Hill. Others in the cast<br />


The White Lions. Michael York and<br />

Glynnis O'Connor star in this story about<br />

the McBride family in Africa and their involvement<br />

with two white lions who are<br />

born in captivity but are sent back into the<br />

jungle. Also in the cast are Donald Moffat<br />

and J. A. Preston. Mel Stuart is directing<br />

the feature which began filming April 18<br />

in Dallas. Corey Blechman wrote the<br />

screenplay. Alan Landsburg is executive producer.<br />

Howard Lipstone and Paul Freeman<br />

aie producing.<br />


Carny. Jodie Foster, Gary Busey and<br />

Meg Foster star in this story about the behind-the-scenes<br />

life in a carnival. Filming<br />

began April 27 on location in Savannah,<br />

Ga.. with Robert Kaylor directing Thomas<br />

Baum's screenplay. Others in the cast are<br />

Robbie Robinson (who also is producing),<br />

Bert Remsen, Elisha Cook Jr., Kenneth<br />

McMillan and Bill McKinney. Jonathan<br />

Taplin is executive producer.<br />


The .Adventures of the Nutcracker.<br />

Production began in Tokyo April 1 on this<br />

full-length puppet animation feature based<br />

on the famous Nutcracker Ballet, with Takeo<br />

Nakamura directing from the screenplay<br />

by Gene Fournier and Tom Joachim. Walt<br />

DeFarioa and Mark L. Rosen are producing<br />

and Shintaro Tsuji is the executive producer.<br />


Scavenger Hunt. Filming began April<br />

y in San Diego on this wild comedy growing<br />

out of the last will of an eccentric millionaire<br />

who sends his heirs on a fantastic<br />

scavenger hunt. In the cast are Richard<br />

Benjamin, James Coco, Scatman Crothers,<br />

Ruth Gordon, Cloris Leachman, Cleavon<br />

Little, Roddy McDowall, Robert Morley,<br />

Tony Randall, Willie Aames, and Dirk<br />

Benedict. Michael Schultz is directing from<br />

the screenplay by Henry Harper and Steven<br />

A. Vail, who also is producing. Mclvin Simon<br />

is executive producer.<br />



Cuba Crossing. Stuart Whitman and<br />

Robert Vaughn star in this story about an<br />

assasination attempt on Fidel Castro. Film-<br />

ing began April 10 in Key West. Others in<br />

the cast are Caren Kay. Mary-Lou Gassen,<br />

Michael Gazzo, Raymond St. Jacques,<br />

Woody Strode, and Albert Salmi. Chuck<br />

Workman is directing from his own script.<br />

Denno Bellenbaum and Peter Barton are<br />

producing. Jack While is executive produc-<br />


Brubaklr. Producers Ted Mann and<br />

Ron Silveiman began principal photography<br />

April 9 in Columbus, Ohio, on this prison<br />

drama based on the experiences of penolo-<br />

are John Houseman, Tom Atkins, Charles gist Thomas Murton. Robert Redford stars<br />

Cyphers, Nancy Loomis. George Buck<br />

topher Leitch is directing from a screenplay<br />

by Michael Allin. Donald Langdon and Flower. John Goff and Ty Mitchell. Debra<br />

producing and Bloch<br />

as a warden attempting reforms which are<br />

opposed by a group of hardened criminals.<br />

Gerald Green are producers.<br />

Others in the cast are Yaphet Kotto, M.<br />

Hill is Charles is executive<br />

producer.<br />

Emmet Walsh, Matt Clark, Harry Groener,<br />


and Iseult. Principal photogra-<br />

Everett McGill, William Newman. Barry<br />

Corbin and Tim Mclntire. Stuart Rosenberg<br />

is directing from A. J. Carothers"<br />

screenplay.<br />

Fatso. Anne Bancroft is starring and directing<br />

her own screenplay in which Dom<br />

DeLuise is inspired to lose weight when he<br />

falls in love. Others in the cast are Candy<br />

Azzara, Ron Carey, Richard Karron,<br />

Charles Knapp, Debra Duval and Estelle<br />

Reiner. Stuart Cornfield is the producer of<br />

this Crossbow Productions feature on which<br />

filming began April 2 in Los Angeles, with<br />

shooting also planned for New York.<br />


Heaven's Gate. Kris Kristofferson,<br />

Christopher Walken, John Hurt and Jeff<br />

Bridges star in this Partison Productions<br />

feature about a tough marshall who gets involved<br />

in a land war in the Old West. Principal<br />

photography began April 16 in Montana,<br />

with shooting also planned on locations<br />

in Idaho, Massachusetts and Rhode<br />

Island. Others in the cast are Isabelle Huppert,<br />

Sam Waterston and Brad Dourif.<br />

Michael Cimino is directing from his own<br />

script. Joann Carelli is producing.<br />

The Raging Bull. Robert DeNiro stars<br />

in this biography of boxer Jake LaMatta, a<br />

Chartoff-Winkler production on which filming<br />

began April 16 in Los Angeles. Others<br />

in the cast are Joe Pesci and Cathy Moriarty.<br />

Martin Scorcese is directing from<br />

the screenplay by Paul Schrader and Mardik<br />

Martin. Irwin Winkler and Robert<br />

Chartoff are producing.<br />


Esther. Ruth and Jennifer. Roger<br />

Moore. James Mason and Anthony Perkins<br />

star in this Cinema 7 feature about a daring<br />

billion-dollar caper being produced by<br />

Elliott Kastner. Filming is underway in Ireland,<br />

with lensing also set for London.<br />

Andrew McLaglen is directing from the<br />

screenplay by Jack Davies. Mo Rothman is<br />

executive producer.<br />

In God We Tru$t (or Gimme That<br />

Prime Time Religion). Marty Feldman is<br />

starring in this slapstick fable which he is<br />

directing from a screenplay he wrote with<br />

Chris Allen. Also starring are Louise Lasser.<br />

Peter Boyle and Andy Kaufman. Howard<br />

West and George Shapiro are producing.<br />

Norman Herman is executive producer.<br />

IBOXOFHCE :: May 14, 1979<br />



This chart records the performance of current attractions in the opening week of their first runs in<br />

the 20 key cities checked. Pictures with fewer than five engagements are not listed. As new runs<br />

are reported, ratings are added and averages revised. Computation is in terms of percentage in<br />

relation to average grosses as determined by the theatre managers. With 100 per cent as average,<br />

the figures show the gioss ratings above or below that mark. (Asterisk * denotes combination bills.)<br />

si = i i i s i i = i<br />

'-<br />

% i i i<br />

I i I<br />

'. i i I ' ' I<br />

5 "J = o<br />

'• u. p:<br />

i io <<br />

i Agatha (WB)

I<br />

;<br />

buckle.<br />

J^<br />

I<br />

NEW YORK I<br />

JOEY TRAVOLTA, brother of famous<br />

John, has his own bid for stardom in<br />

American International's "Sunnyside," which<br />

opens here Friday, June 1. Joey will be<br />

making personal appearances at theatres in<br />

all five boroughs that weekend.<br />

•<br />

Al's New York division manager Donald<br />

Schwartz and Albany branch manager Stan<br />

Lynn have set dates in the Buffalo territory<br />

for 'Sunnyside" and "The Amityville Hor-<br />

The old King's Theatre in Brooklyn, formerly<br />

a Loews house, is now under the<br />

ownership of the Flatbush Development<br />

Corp., which intends to turn the 4,000-seater<br />

into<br />

a multimedia center. Towards that end,<br />

a benefit was held at the theatre May 5.<br />

Highlight of the evening was a presentation<br />

by film historian and raconteur Herb<br />

Graff, who overcame the inadequate sound<br />

system with a series of outtakes from old<br />

films and a group of Vitaphone shorts which<br />

had been made in the vicinity, one being<br />

"Buzzin' Around" (1933) with Fatty Ar-<br />

Food from Nathan's was served in<br />

the lobby, where there was disco dancing<br />

after the stage and screen offerings.<br />

•<br />

New officers for Women of the Motion<br />

Picture Industry were elected at the April<br />

24 business meeting and will be installed at<br />

a cocktail-dinner parly to he held June 7<br />

at the Warwick Hotel. The new slate: president.<br />

Mary Vera of Columbia Pictures:<br />

first vice president, Christine Laney of<br />

United Arti.'its: second vice president. Maria<br />

Vandenberg of AEl Freight: recording secretary.<br />

Linda Cataldo of United Artists:<br />

corresponding .secretary, Gertrude Pierce of<br />

Paramount; and treasurer. Dolly Coinino<br />

of United Artists.<br />

•<br />

Brooklyn's Sutter's Bakery has been recreated<br />

on the 20th Century-Fo.x lot for<br />

scenes in "Fatso," being written and directed<br />

by Anne Bancroft, who also stars in the<br />

Icomedy with Dom DeLuise. The bakery<br />

iwas one of Bancroft's favorite places as a<br />

child but she never enters the recreation in<br />

the<br />

film.<br />

•<br />

Openings: "The Silent Partner," .selected<br />

as Best Picture at the 1978 Canadian Film<br />

Festival, began May I! in 60 area houses.<br />

An EMC release, directed by Daryl Duke<br />

entirely on location in Toronto, it stars Elliott<br />

Gould, Christopher Plummer, Susannah<br />

York and Celine Lome:..<br />

ATs comedy hit "Love at First Bile."<br />

starring George Hamilton as Dracula.<br />

branches out to 100 theatres May 25.<br />

Showcases include the reissue of "The<br />

Exorcist" with Dolby Stereo, "Dawn of the<br />

Dead," "Firepower" starring Sophia Loren<br />

and James Coburn. "The China Syndrome,"<br />

"Norma Rae," "The Deer Hunter" and<br />

"Last Embrace."<br />

Spotlighf<br />


Q.eneral Cinema Corp.'s Worcester Center<br />

Cinemas 3 played an Italian import.<br />

Quartet Films' "Wifemistress." with titles.<br />

Such product is rarely slotted into a mid-<br />

Masachusetts first-run house and, more<br />

often than not, has a dubbed soundtrack.<br />

Area Redstone theatres, the im-town<br />

Showcase Cinemas 4, the Cinema One and<br />

the White City Cinemas 2, are charging<br />

$2.50 admission all day, every day, with<br />

children admitted for $1.25. A similar plan<br />

is<br />

in effect at the GCC plex.<br />


fhe T.M.S. combine leased the Wareham<br />

Drive-In to Randy Ellis, former manager<br />

of the Sky-Vuc Drive-In, Biockton.<br />


£|mpha$izing "bargain" admissions for matinee<br />

trade, the General Cinema Corp.'s<br />

Bedford Mall 3, Bedford, is charging $1.50<br />

for first daily shows (with exception, presently,<br />

for long-run engagement of Universal's<br />

"The Deer Hunter"). The Movie Center,<br />

suburban Manchester, has been charging<br />

$1.75 at 1 p..m., on a daily basis.<br />

The Sky Ray Drive-In, Hookset, participating<br />

in regional saturation playoff of New<br />

World Pictures' "Star Crash," booked "Fantastic<br />

Planet" as companion feature and<br />

charged $5 per carload.<br />


Qentral Connecticut playdates for Warner<br />

Bros.' "Every Which Way But Loose"<br />

on a sub-run basis ran into extended bookings,<br />

a rare development for product that<br />

enjoyed long stays in initial openings. The<br />

DeSantis Kensington Cinema, normally on<br />

a 99-cents admission policy, upped the price<br />

to $1.50.<br />


Cylvia Stieber, Connecticut Assn. of Theatre<br />

Owners president, had an imusual<br />

schedule at her suburban Avon Twin Cine-<br />


CHOICE<br />

1st<br />

WITH<br />



on Nevi England<br />

mas. She slotted Bucna Vista reprise, "Bedknobs<br />

and Broomsticks," for matinees and<br />

early evenings, and Warner Bros.' "Every<br />

Which Way But Loose" for 9:15 p.m.<br />

WHCN-FM offered 50 pairs of guest<br />

tickets to showings of Universal's "Battlestar<br />

Galactica" in Redstone Showcase Cinemas<br />

6. East Hartford, among prizes in its<br />

rock music poll awards competition.<br />


Jyjew World Pictures slotted western Massachusetts<br />

for a premiere of "Star Crash"<br />

in a sizable number of drive-ins, backed by<br />

large-scale newspaper teaser advertising.<br />

While an increasing number of regional<br />

underskyers are charging a fixed price of<br />

$5 per carload, others are not emphasizing<br />

price at all in advertising.<br />


Jndependent exhibitor Bernie Diana, who<br />

came up with considerable losses in<br />

seeking to develop a live entertainment policy<br />

at his Strand in Hamden, consisting mostly<br />

of stage musicals, has resumed subsequent-run<br />

film policy.<br />

Interstate Theatres of New England reopened<br />

the Clinton Drive-In for the season.<br />

Sampson & Spodick Theatres dropped<br />

the tradition of a spring film festival at the<br />

Lincoln Theatre. Normally, the in-town<br />

cinema has booked double-feature programs<br />

of vintage product for two or three-day runs<br />

over a time span of six to ten weeks. Circuit<br />

spokesman Robert C. Spodick says: "It's<br />

the economics of the film industry. The<br />

number of prints is in short supply. The<br />

source of films has dried up. It's a hell of<br />

a job to get 100 films for a six-week festival."<br />

Paul Newman and Jacqueline Bissett head<br />

the cast of Irwin Allan's "The Day the<br />

World Ended."<br />










BOXOFFICE :: May 14, 1979 E-1

.<br />

.<br />

New York<br />

(Average weekly grosses follow llieatre)<br />

An Almost Perfect Affair (Para),<br />

Trans-Lux East (8,500). 2nd wk. 13.500<br />

Fedora (UA). Cinema Studio I (5.000).<br />

3rd wk 8.550<br />

The French Detective (QuarteO.<br />

68th Street Playhouse (5.000).<br />

8th wk 5.735<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs<br />

(New Line). Paris (9.000).<br />

20th wk 1 1.720<br />

A Little Romance (Orion-WB). Sutton<br />

(9.000). 2nd wk 27.500<br />

Love on the Run (New World), Coronet<br />

(9.650). 4th wk 9.650<br />

Manhattan (UA). 7 theatres.<br />

2nd wk 350.000<br />

Saint Jack (New World), Cinema I<br />

(10.400). 2nd wk 20.700<br />

Buffalo<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). 2 theatres. 4th wk 95<br />

The Champ (UA). 3 theatres. 2nd wk. 150<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), 3 theatres.<br />

6th wk 1 05<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). 1 theatre,<br />

9th wk 250<br />

Hair (UA), 3 theatres, 5th wk 100<br />

Hurricane (Para), 2 theatres, 2nd wk. . .100<br />

A Perfect Couple (20th-Fox), 1 theatre,<br />

1st wk 100<br />

The Promise (Univ), 2 theatres, 1st wk. 125<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE).<br />

1 theatre. 8th wk 90<br />

Superman (WB), 1 theatre. 19th wk. ..100<br />

The Warriors (Para), 1 theatre,<br />

nth wk 50<br />

Cleveland<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ),<br />

2 theatres, 5th wk<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). 6 theatres.<br />

8th wk<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), 5 theatres.<br />

10th wk<br />

Dreamer (20th-Fox), 6 theatres, 1st wk<br />

Firepower (SR), 2 theatres, 3rd wk. .<br />

Halloween (SR), 5 theatres, 8th wk. .<br />

Love at First Bite (AT), 5 theatres,<br />

1st wk<br />

Murder by Decree (Avco), 4 theatres.<br />

2nd wk<br />

The Promi.se (Univ). 4 theatres, 3rd wk.<br />

Superman (WB). 3 theatres, 20th wk. . .<br />

Hartford<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ),<br />

Cinema II, Westfarms II, 5th wk. ..135<br />

The Champ (MGM-UA). Showcase III,<br />

4th wk 115<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), 3 theatres,<br />

7th wk 200<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Showcase VI.<br />

8th wk 200<br />

Dreams (20th-Fox), 3 theatres, 1st wk. 100<br />

ILiir (UA), Showcase V, 5'th wk 1 65<br />

llallouetn (C'omp.iss Int'll. Sh.n<br />

7lh<br />

wk<br />

Little Blue Box (SR), Art Cinema,<br />

3rd wk<br />

Love at First Bite (AD, .Showcase IV,<br />

3rd wk<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), Cinema City II,<br />

Elm II, 4th wk<br />

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Atlantic),<br />

Atheneum, 4th wk<br />

The Promise (Univ). 3 theatres, 1st wk.<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE),<br />

Showcase I. 1st wk<br />

Star Crash (NWP). 5 theatres, 1st wk.<br />

New Haven<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ).<br />

Milford II. 5th wk<br />

The Champ (MGM-UA). Showcase IV.<br />

4th wk<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), Cinemart II,<br />

Milford I, 7th wk<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Showcase I,<br />

8th wk<br />

Dreamer (20th-Fox), Whitney. Milford<br />

Twin Drive-In II. 1st wk<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (NLC).<br />

Lincoln. 2nd wk<br />

Hair (UA). Showcase III. 5th wk<br />

Halloween (Compass Int'l). Showcase V,<br />

7th wk<br />

Love at First Bite (AD, Cinemart I,<br />

2nd wk<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox). York Square<br />

Cinema, 3rd wk<br />

The Promise (Univ). Showcase II.<br />

1st wk<br />

Star Crash (NWP). Milford Twin<br />

Drive-In I, 1st wk<br />

Balfimore<br />

The Champ (UA), Cinema II.<br />

4th wk<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). Westview II.<br />

7th wk<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). 10th wk.<br />

Towson<br />

Patterson II<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (SR),<br />

Playhouse. 6th wk<br />

Hair (UA). Cinema I. 5lh wk<br />

Hurricane (Para), Westview IV,<br />

3rd wk<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), 1st wk.<br />

Patterson I<br />

Westview I<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), Westview III.<br />

6th wk<br />

Old Boyfriends (Avco). Senator,<br />

Liberty II, 1st wk<br />

Columbus<br />

Buck Rogers in the 2Sth Century (Univ),<br />

Cinema North, 5th wk 125<br />

The Champ (UA), 2 theatres. 4th wk. . .240<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), 3 theatres.<br />

7th wk 125<br />

Dawn of the Dead (SR), Raintree,<br />

2nd wk 435<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). 2 theatres.<br />

10th wk 260<br />

The Great American Chase (WB),<br />

3 theatres. 3rd wk 95<br />

Hurricane (Para), Raintree, .225<br />

3rd wk. . .<br />

Hair (UA), 2 theatres, 5th wk 160<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), 3 theatres,<br />

1st wk 220<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), 3 theatres,<br />

3rd wk 130<br />

Old Boyfriends (Avco), Cinema North,<br />

1st wk 250<br />

The Promise (Univ), 2 theatres, 4th wk. 200<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE),<br />

Continent, 10th wk 300<br />

The Silent Partner (SR), Raintree,<br />

5th wk 375<br />

Superman (WB), 2 theatres, 20th wk. . .100<br />

Cincinnati<br />

Buck Rogers In the 25th Century<br />

(Univ), 3 theatres, 5th wk 300<br />

The Champ (UA), 3 theatres, 4th wk. . .400<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). 3 theatres.<br />

7th wk 350<br />

Dawn of the Dead (SR), Showcase,<br />

2nd wk 450<br />

Dreamer (20th-Fox), Showcase, 1st wk. 150<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), 3 theatres.<br />

10th wk 600<br />

Fast Break (Col), 3 theatres. 7th wk. . .200<br />

Hair (UA), Showcase. 5th wk 200<br />

Hurricane (Para). Showcase. 3rd wk. . .200<br />

The Innocent (SR). 2 theatres, 2nd wk. 100<br />

Love at First Bite (AI). Showcase.<br />

3rd wk 500<br />

Old Boyfriends (Avco), 2 theatres,<br />

1st wk 350<br />

The Promise (Univ), 4 theatres, 3rd wk. 375<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE),<br />

Studio. 11th wk. 175<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ).<br />

Showcase. 1 2th wk 1 50<br />

Superman (WB). 2 theatres. 20th wk. . .400<br />


^<br />

miniconvention at the Kings Court<br />

highlighted the first anniversary celebration<br />

of the Friday-Saturday midnight<br />

showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture<br />

Show." The wild and wooly affair featured<br />

audience participation, prizes and special<br />

events, including videotape highlights of<br />

former Kings Court theatre parties.<br />

Among the faithfuls attending the celebration<br />

was Tom Savini. who did makeup<br />

and stunts for the locally produced "Dawn<br />

of the Dead."<br />

On prominent display for everyone to<br />

view were merchandising outgrowths of the<br />

film, including T-shirts, bumper stickers and<br />

an initial issue of Lips, a local magazine<br />

devoted to the long-running film.<br />

Woody Allen's "Manhattan" is playing<br />

at currently the Squirrel Hill and Showcase<br />

East and West. Other marquee attractions<br />

around the area include "Halloween." "Last<br />

Embrace," "Love in Strange Places," "Every<br />

Which Way But Loose." "Super Cops."<br />

"California Suite" and "Hardcore."<br />

E-2<br />

BOXOFTICE ;: May 1979

A: JJ-2 70/35mm Projection System (shown with optional<br />

JTR-1100 Preamp System, lamphouse and pedestal.)<br />

B: SHOW-PAK 35mm Console (shown with optional reels<br />

and lamphouse.)<br />

C;SA&R3 35mm "All-ii<br />

Reproducer Combo.<br />

D: R-33 35mm 4-Track Magnetic Penthouse.<br />

E: SHOWMASTER Automation System.<br />

F: C-5 Deluxe 26" 35n<br />

G: C-10 Deluxe Reel Ar<br />

H: JTS-1900 Optical Sound System.<br />


SUPPLY CO.<br />

443 North Pearl St.<br />

Ibany, New York 12204<br />

Phone: (518) 465-8894<br />



28 Piedmont Street<br />

Boston, Moss. 02116<br />

'hone: (617) 542-6797<br />

OXOmCE :: May 14, 1979<br />

1<br />



630 9th Avenue<br />

New York, N.Y. 10036<br />

Phone: (212) 757-4510<br />

HADDEN<br />


3709 Hughes Road<br />

Louisville, Kentucky 40205<br />

Phone: (502) 896-9578<br />



341 West 44th Street<br />

New York, N.Y. 10036<br />

Phone: (212) 246-6285<br />



213 Delaware Ave. (Box 782)<br />

Charleston, W. Va. 25323<br />

Phone: (304) 344-4413<br />

100 Lighthill St.<br />

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15233<br />

Phone: (412) 322-4600<br />

OHIO<br />


7976 Broadview Rood<br />

Broadview Hgts, Oh. 44147<br />

Phone: (216) 526-5723<br />



107 Sudbrook Lone<br />

Baltimore, Md. 21208<br />

Phone: (301) 484-3155<br />



11695 Chesterdole Rood<br />

Cincinnoti, Ohio 45246<br />

Phone: (513) 772-0189<br />



952 Ottawa, N.W.<br />

Grand Rapids,<br />

Michigan 49503<br />

Phone: (616) 454-8852<br />

29525 Ford Road<br />

Garden City, Michigan 481 35<br />

Phone: (313) 522-4650<br />


1<br />

\<br />

]<br />

j<br />


Quilford C. (Dan) Kater, Modern Talking<br />

Picture Service's vice president ;md<br />

general manager, was elected president of<br />

the Washington-based Council on International<br />

Non-theatrical Events (CINE) for the<br />

year 1979-1980, moving up from the office<br />

of vice president. CINE coordinates U.S.<br />

selections for the international film festivals<br />

and awards filmmakers and sponsors of<br />

such selected motion pictures. The deadline<br />

for submitting entry forms for the fall film<br />

(Golden Eagle) competition is Aug. 1, 1979.<br />

Entrv forms may be obtained from CINE.<br />

120l' 16th St.. N.W.. Washington, D.C.<br />

200.^6.<br />

MCA Corporate Films' president William<br />

N. Burch has announced that Norman 1.<br />

Hatch, former Department of Defense audio-visual<br />

chief, has been named Washington-based<br />

government sales representative<br />

for MCA.<br />

Marty Zeldman, Columbia Pictures<br />

branch manager, screened "The Ravagers"<br />

for exhibitors and special guests at the Motion<br />

Picture Assn. of America May 10.<br />

Star-<br />

fears," according to Zeldman, "yet ultimately<br />

renews our fundamental hopes about<br />

man himself."<br />

Jim Pierce, Buena Vista branch chief,<br />

tradescreened Walt Disney's "The Apple<br />

Dumpling Gang Rides Again," with Ihe<br />

same comic duo of Tim Conway and Don<br />

Knot'ts at MPAA May 10. Pierce, in an ap<br />

parent tub-thumping mood, stated: "Ihis<br />

brand new and long-awaited sequel will<br />

have you aind your patrons howling with<br />

laughter. It's sure to rope them in at ilio<br />

boxoffice this summer."<br />

Cliarles T. Jordan, Warner Bros, branch<br />

boss, issued invitations to exhibitors to a<br />

second tradescreening of "Beyond the Poseidon<br />

Adventure," at the MPAA May 1<br />

This version had been edited by 10 to 12<br />

minutes.<br />

Playing at David Levy's Key Theatre in<br />

Georgetown is a series of Sir Alexander<br />

Korda pictures, which the Star's film critic<br />



DRIVE IN<br />


Kentucky's only dealer<br />

has the BEST service<br />

and engineering<br />

(502) 896-9578<br />

3709 HUGHES ROAD, LOUISVILLE, KY. 40207<br />

Tom Dowling considers "one of the worthier<br />

retrospectives to play Washington in recent<br />

memory."<br />


file CATV Service Co., which had been<br />

providing cable TV to Lambertville,<br />

is N.J.. for the past 14 years, headed toward<br />

a new 15-year franchise. There is no competition<br />

for the franchise and no complaints<br />

about service, but the new franchise ordinance<br />

increases the city's take to Ihe city<br />

by including installation charges with Ihe<br />

2 percent of the company's gross.<br />

Thirty-six entries by independent filmmakers,<br />

working on their own without commercial<br />

support, made up the Stocklon<br />

Spring Film Festival. According to John<br />

Columbus, festival coordinator, the purpose<br />

of the festival was to give recognition to the<br />

"explorers" who are "breaking new ground"<br />

in<br />

the motion picture arts.<br />

Edgar Cramer, retired theatre piojeclionist,<br />

died April 28 at his home in Stroudsburg.<br />

He was 77. Until his retirement he<br />

had been the projectionist at the Sherman<br />

Theatre in Stroudsburg for ^5 years. Sur-<br />

ring Richard Harris. Art Carney. Ann Turkel<br />

and Ernest Borgnine, "The Ravagers," vivors include his wife Mary, a son, a<br />

an adventure film, "touches our deepest daughter, a brother, three grandchildren and<br />

four great-grandchildren.<br />

Tlie American premiere of "Mr. No<br />

Legs," a film starring double-amputee Ted<br />

Vollrath. took place May 2 at the Elks<br />

Theatre in Middletown. Vollrath, who lost<br />

both his legs in the Korean war, said he<br />

rented the film from Cinema Artists Production<br />

for a Harrisburg, Pa., area premiere.<br />


"fjide in Plain SIglit," the MGM movie<br />

shot in Buffalo last spring, is going to<br />

be in hiding a bit longer than expected. In<br />

the Buffalo market it was booked into the<br />

Holiday Theatre complex for Aug. 1. While<br />

no more filming is planned at this time, the<br />

movie's release has been pushed back "at<br />

least until mid-fall," according to an MGM<br />

spokesman. It is being re-edited by Francis<br />

Coppola's American Zoetrope organization.<br />

" *Love at First Bite' is a cinch to become<br />

a cult film, and to drag in legions of pleased<br />

collegians and younger viewers as well as a<br />

fair contingent of oldsters," writes John<br />

Dwyer, critic for The News.<br />


fhc Cleveland Intcrnalional Film Festival<br />

highlights the entertainment offeiings<br />

here this week. The festival began with an<br />

opening night benefit showing of "Your<br />

Turn, My Turn." There was a prescreening<br />

reception at the theatre with .150 guests,<br />

followed by the film and a buffet supper<br />

and dancing later. Morry Zryl, Selected<br />

Pictures, a foreign film distributor, said.<br />

"Cleveland is building a very good name<br />

foi itself. The only thing we have to do is<br />

convince the general public that there is<br />

nothing wrong with seeing a film with subtitles."<br />

Thomas Mihok, United Artists branch<br />

manager, leaves here for the same post for<br />

AI in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He will<br />

reside in Philadelphia. Howard Lobeifeld<br />

will assume the position of branch manager<br />

for the present at UA.<br />

Clark Theatre Service of Oak Park, Mich.,<br />

has been appointed booking agent for Bucyrus<br />

Cinema in Bucyrus, West Side Cinema<br />

in Gallon and Gallon Triple Outdoor<br />

also in Gallon. The theatres are part of the<br />

chain of Our Theatres Inc.<br />


ferry Molkenthin has been appointed manager<br />

of UA's Colony in Livingston,<br />

succeeding May Boyd, who recently left the<br />

industry. Prior to his appointment to the<br />

Colony, Molkenthin had been an assistant<br />

manager at the circuit's Cinema 46 Triplex<br />

in Totowa for the past year and a half. Mrs.<br />

Boyd joined United Artists' Theatres in<br />

1967 and served as a relief manager in<br />

Bergen and Passaic counties. She was named<br />

manager of the Colony in 1969 and continued<br />

in that post for the next 10 years.<br />

The Ormont in East Orange, operated by<br />

William S. Hart, was recently reopened<br />

after having been closed for about a month.<br />

Lack of film product was the reason given<br />

for the abrupt shuttering of the 850-scat<br />

house.<br />

Two other area theatres, both independently<br />

owned and operated, have closed<br />

recently, but are hoping to reopen soon.<br />

The Plaza in Paterson, operated for more<br />

than the past 25 years by Harold Hecht,<br />

has been closed for several weeks, but is<br />

advertising that it will reopen soon "under<br />

new management. ' The house is reportedly<br />

undergoing several renovations during the<br />

closing, including new seating. Also closed,<br />

since early April, is the State in Boonton.<br />

which had been operated by Andy Sullivan<br />

since December 1977. In a recent Boonton<br />

Chamber of Commerce letter, the theatre<br />

building was listed as being for sale with an<br />

"asking price (of) $85,000." The State,<br />

which seats about 800, was originally opened<br />

in 1922 by Clare Darros.<br />

UA's Bellevue in Upper Montclaii installed<br />

the new Dolby Sound system for its<br />

current exclusive area engagement ot<br />

'<br />

"Hair," now in its fifth week at the Upper<br />

|<br />

Montclair showhouse.<br />

!<br />

i<br />

Tom Carr has reopened the Lavalctie<br />

Cinema in Lavalctte, along the South Jer-<br />

^ey shore, for Ihe new season. At present,<br />

the house is open weekends only, and ex- i<br />

peels to be open on a seven-days-a-week<br />

:<br />

basis beginning with the Memorial Day<br />

weekend. Carr reportedly plans to reopen<br />

Ihe Strand in Seaside Park, as well as the<br />

Bay Drive-In in Toms River, for the summer<br />

months.<br />

May 14, 1979

ML<br />

Commonwealth Adds Wolf<br />

And Grows to 370 Screens<br />

DENVER—Richard H. Orear. Commonwealth<br />

Theatres' chairman of the board.<br />

Dale N. Stewart, president of Commonwealth,<br />

and John Simms, president of Wollberg<br />

Theatres, have announced jointly that<br />

Commonwealth Theatres has assumed the<br />

operations of Wolfberg Theatres, effective<br />

May 2.<br />

Acquisition of the theatres has been<br />

agreed upon in principal and a closing date<br />

is expected in the immediate future.<br />

The indoor complexes acquired include<br />

the Arvada Plaza, North Glenn I&ll and<br />

Target Village I, II & HI. The outdoor<br />

complexes include the following Compass<br />

Drive-In theatres: The East. West, North.<br />

South, North Star. Wadsworth and Havana<br />

"Wolfberg Theatres has enjoyed a wonderful<br />

reputation in Denver with the business<br />

community," said Stewart, "as well as<br />

the filmgoing public of this thriving city. II<br />

is our full intention to carry on this tradition."<br />

With the addition of the Wolfberg theatres,<br />

Commonwealth will operate 370<br />

screens throughout 15 Midwestern and<br />

Southwestern states.<br />

Manager Trainees for TOI<br />

Undergo Seminar Sessions<br />

BOZEMAN, MONT.—A junior executive<br />

training seminar was recently held here<br />

for manager trainees with Theatre Operators<br />

Inc.<br />

The intensive two-day session covered all<br />

aspects of theatre management and acquainted<br />

participants with general office personnel<br />

and operating procedures.<br />

The seminar was under the direction of<br />

Dan Klusmann, marketing director, who was<br />

assisted by Stephen Moser, company comptroller<br />

and treasurer and Ron Reid. city<br />

manager for TOI in Bozeman. Also participating<br />

were Doug Williams, president, and<br />

Tim Warner of Warner Marketing Associates<br />

and a vice president in TOI.<br />

Those attending were Dave Simpson,<br />

John Carpenter and Cathy Hamilton from<br />

Billings, Mont. Simpson manages the Rimrock<br />

4 while Hamilton is at the Crossroads<br />

Twin. Carpenter is slated to manage the<br />

Big Sky Drive-In under city manager Lanny<br />

Wagner.<br />

Attending from Miles City was Jim Mc-<br />

Elhatton, presently managing the Park there.<br />

McElhatton will be in charge of the Sunset<br />

Drive-In in Miles City. Attending from Helena<br />

were Wayne Knudsvig, manager of the<br />

Gaslight Cinemas; Joel Overton of the Sky-<br />

High Drive-In and Steve McCauley, manager<br />

of the Sunset Drivc-In there.<br />

The current assistant manager at the<br />

Plaza Twin in Butte, Clay Brown, attended<br />

as did Sam Schmerbauch, manager of the<br />

World Theatre in Missoula, Mont.<br />

Attending from Bozeman were Larry<br />

Stones of the Campus Cinemas; Jerry Payne<br />

of the Rialto; and Tim Highfill of the Starligh'<br />

Drive-In. Also in attendance was a<br />

manager-trainee, Karen Hewitt.<br />

It is anticipated that the training seminar<br />

will become an annual event.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14, 1979<br />

Hollywood<br />

Toe Kapp, associate producer of "Over the<br />

Edge," left on a seven-city promotional<br />

tour for the Orion Pictures release set to<br />

open nationwide May 18. He met with the<br />

press in Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City,<br />

Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Antonio and Charlotte.<br />

•<br />

"Sea Dream." a 22-minute, three-dimensional<br />

film developed with the Spaccvision<br />

technical process for depth perception, will<br />

be shown as a special event at the Cannes<br />

Film Festival. Murray Lemer, director and<br />

editor of the film, and Spacevision president<br />

Alan Weber will attend the showings with<br />

Derek Leithad, director of film and theatre<br />

corporations for EMI.<br />

•<br />

Mahoney/Wasserman & Associates has<br />

expanded its operations by absorbing the<br />

David Golding & Associates firm, which<br />

had been based in London. Golding will<br />

return to the United States after 13 years in<br />

England, and will handle the motion picture<br />

division and financial section. He left his<br />

position as studio publicity director for Universal<br />

Pictures in 1965 to join Jay Kanter in<br />

launching Univcrsal's production arm in<br />

England.<br />

•<br />

Dolores Del Rio will be presented with<br />

the Golden Eagle award of the Nosotros<br />

organization at its annual dinner June 1 at<br />

the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Ricardo Montalban<br />

will make the presentation on behalf of<br />

the organization dedicated to furthering the<br />

cause of Hispanic-background actors,<br />

*<br />

Hilda Frishman, United Artists, has been<br />

elected the new president of the Hollywood/<br />

Los Angeles chapter of WOMPI. Other officers<br />

are Brenda Hewitt. 20th Century-Fox,<br />

first vice president; Julia Gtoss. Warner<br />

Bros., second vice president; Judy Barnes,<br />

WB, recording secretary; Evelyn Gordon,<br />

20th-Fox, treasurer, and Sandy Tubin,<br />

Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp. corresponding<br />

secretarv.<br />

•<br />

Happenings<br />

Judith Rheincr has been re-elected president<br />

for her second two-year term and Esme<br />

Chanlee has been named vice president of<br />

the Publicist,s Guild of America— the first<br />

time in the guild's history that two women<br />

have been placed in the top jobs.<br />

*<br />

Howard W. Koch, president of the Academy<br />

of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,<br />

will serve as chairman of the Student<br />

Film Awards Steering Committee composed<br />

of 22 Academy members who work to encourage<br />

excellence in college student filmmaking.<br />

Winners of the sixth annual Student<br />

Film Awards, co-sponsored by the Bell System,<br />

will be announced in ceremonies June<br />

3 at the Academy.<br />

*<br />

George Hamilton has returned from a<br />

week of personal appearances and interviews<br />

for Mel Simon's "Love at First Bite," which<br />

American International is distributing.<br />

*<br />

Warner Bros.' "Girlfriends" won the<br />

Opera Prize as best picture at the Cartagena<br />

Film Festival in Spain, Claudia Weill<br />

produced and directed the feature starring<br />

Melanie Mayron,<br />

•<br />

MGM's "The Champ" has been honored<br />

by two film-evaluating groups, receiving the<br />

Silver Halo Award from the Southern California<br />

Motion Picture Council and similar<br />

honors from the Film Advisory Board. The<br />

Motion Picture Council awarded Bronze<br />

Halos to Ricky Schroder and to Amy<br />

Irving, star of MGM's "Voices," for their<br />

"outstanding performances." The FAB voted<br />

young Schroder the "most promising<br />

young newcomer."<br />

*<br />

The 13th annual University of Southern<br />

California-Universal Studios Summer Cinema<br />

Program will run from June 25 to Aug.<br />

4. Participants will meet two days a week<br />

at Universal for seminars with studio executives<br />

and other production personnel, and<br />

three days each week at U.SC to study the<br />

history of motion pictures and participate<br />

in<br />

a film workshop.<br />


6th<br />

w/<br />

. .<br />

. 2,738<br />

. 50<br />

.<br />

^ r~> i t.- •<br />

i<br />

• •<br />

cc<br />


REPORT<br />


parallax Theatres will take over operation<br />

of the Harvard Exit Theatre, Seattle,<br />

I with a full-time repertory policy.<br />

June<br />

Plans call for maintaining the unique atmo-<br />

San Francisco sphere in the theatre and its operation. Gary<br />

(Average weekly grosses follow theatre) Meyer will be doing the buying and book-<br />

"<br />

^<br />

ing from the chain's San Francisco office.<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). UA Stonestown 1 (4,040).<br />

California Dreaming (AD. 1st wk, Ij C JVI |/ p I<br />

Coliseum (7.400) 4,189 ^^ - ' » ^ fc. 1^.<br />

Spruce Drive-ln (4.000) 1.801<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), Coronet "getter not bigger" is the objective of Peter<br />

(14.900). 7th wk 19.681 Warren, chairman of Denver's second<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Alexandria<br />

International Film Festival that opened Mav<br />

wk 16,432<br />

I (10,800). lOth 3 j^ Denver for two weeks.<br />

Dirt (SR), Geneva Drive-ln 2<br />

reported be second<br />

^j^^ jj,^^ f^^lj^^, to<br />

(5,400), 2nd wk.<br />

^-.U/«<br />

^^j^ ^^ ^^^ Angeles in terms of size, is slated<br />

Dreamer (20th-Fox), st wk.<br />

,^ j^^,^^^ p^^;^^^, appearances from such<br />

Alhambra 2 (5,250) 1,009<br />

^gi^brities as Lillian Gish, Henry Fonda and<br />

Empire - (1.850) .<br />

g^.^.^j^ director John Schlesinger. Approxi-<br />

Spruce Drive-ln 2 (4,000) 397<br />

^^^^^^^ ^^ j..,^^^ ^^^ scheduled to be shown<br />

,<br />

Firepower (SR). Istwk ^^^. ,^^ f^^^j^^, ^^^^y ^^^^.^ ^^^^^^(<br />

St. Fraiics 2 5,200 6,481<br />

Alexandna 2 (4,500) 7,400<br />

^^^ ^^ "Manhattan," opened the fes-<br />

Plaza 1 (6.200) 8,210 IV, , ,. , . ^ .<br />

, ^ ^ ^<br />

Spruce Drive-ln (4 000) 1.278 The festival is being funded by an under-<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs<br />

^"ting of<br />

(SR),<br />

$100,000 from the First Na-<br />

Ciay (4 100) I "-th wk 6 185 tional Bank of Denver, plus support by the<br />

Hair (UA). Regency<br />

^dolph Coors Foundation Pepsi Cola Bot-<br />

1 (9,600),<br />

5th wk 11 158 "'"g Co., Public Service Co., Davis Audio<br />

Hurricane (Para),' Royal (9',600), the Colorado Council on the<br />

Y''"^'' 1"^$<br />

Humanities.<br />

3|.j ^j. 5,412 '^''s ^"'^<br />

I^st Wave (SR). Bridge (4,200).<br />

6th wk. 8.472<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), 4th wk.<br />

|^\C A Kl^ C I C C<br />

Alexandria 3 (4,100) 5.279 LKJ^ M IM \J C L C O<br />

Metro 2 (2,700) 2,616<br />

Geneva Drive-ln 3 (5,400)<br />

.<br />

. ^ Angeles Variety Club Tent 25 is among<br />

Meetings 'With Remarkable Men SR), Li * ^<br />

c 1 . f ,k<br />

c- r,^ >r.r.^ , . 1 1 1 T! "'"£ tcnts naHicd as finalists tor Ihe<br />

'--"""al<br />

^m"« . } A .\aV'\ Great Heart award sponsored by<br />

nnnnT", ! ^<br />

t''"'' 1 ^43 Variety International, to be presented at the<br />

(1U,_U(JK 1st wK^. /.-'t-<br />

.^. ^^^^^^ ^^^ convention May 19-24 in New<br />

P.cmc at Hanging Rock (SR),<br />

^ ^^^^^ j.^^,.^,^ ^^^ ^^^^ , p^,,^^_<br />

Lumiere (3 8 0), 2nd wk<br />

. .<br />

6,1 13<br />

^^^^ Wisconsin; Tent 15, Iowa;<br />

M^rnTm^.^."'"l .457 Tent 26, Illinois; Tent 28. Ontario; Tent<br />

II (4^050). 4th wk. . . 3,457<br />

^^^^^ ^ p^^.^.^ ^^^,,^<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ), \ j t- . ^-r xi; . <br />

lug Anthony Quiun, Lupita Fcrrcr aud Do-<br />

,A r.^r., 1 -7<br />

(4,600 ,<br />

wk 7.750<br />

, ..u .<br />

lores Del Rio, is playiimg in 55 theatres in<br />

Mexico City, the largest release in the history<br />

of Mexican cinema, according to Cin-<br />

Denver ema Nationales, the government-based dis-<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century tribution system. The film also is playing<br />

(Univ), 4 theatres, 4th wk 50 in Venezuela under a similar release pat-<br />

The Champ (UA), 2 theatres, 4th wk. .270 tern.<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). Continental,<br />

7th wk 180 Orion Pictures' "A Little Romance" be-<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Colorado 4, gan its exclusive Los Angeles premiere cn-<br />

10th wk 300 gagemeint April 27 at the Plaza Theatre in<br />

Hair (UA), Colorado 4. 5th wk 260 Westwood. Laurence Olivier, Arthur Hill.<br />

Hurricane (Para), 3 theatres, 3rd wk. . Sally Kcllerman star in the film directed<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), 2 theatres, by George Roy Hill.<br />

6th wk 85<br />

The Promise (Univ), 4 theatres, 4th wk. 100 Luchino Vicsonti's "The Innocent" pre-<br />

Samc Time, Next Year (Univ), Cooper. miered May 4 at Laemmle's Music Hall<br />

12th wk 90 Theatre in Beverly Hills in an exclusive<br />

Superman (WB), Century 21, 19th wk. 130 Los Angeles area engagement. The turn-of-<br />

the-century drama stars Giancarlo Giannini,<br />

Laura Antonelli and Jennifer O'Neill.<br />

New World Pictures opened "Rock 'n<br />

Roll High School" in 20 theatres in Texas<br />

and Oklahoma April 20.<br />

Variety Smashes Records<br />

With Telethon's $618,664<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Variety Club Tent 25<br />

raised a record-breaking $618,664 in pledges<br />

during its 24-hour telethon April 28 and<br />

29. with an array of celebrities joining host<br />

Monty Hall in the program originating from<br />

the ABC Entertainment Center in Century<br />

City.<br />

The amount will be added to the more<br />

than $5.5 million raised during the past 34<br />

years in Variety Club's program to aid<br />

handicapped and underprivileged children<br />

in Southern California.<br />

'Breaking Away' Welcomed<br />

By Bloomington Audience<br />

From Midwest Edition<br />

BLOOMINGTON, IND. — "Breaking<br />

Away," a 20th Century-Fox film shot entirely<br />

in Bloomington, received enthusiastic<br />

praise from the audience of more than 3.000<br />

who attended the premiere April 21. Present<br />

at the premiere were Steve Tesich, who<br />

wrote the screenplay, and Peter Yates, the<br />

director.<br />

In gratitude for their perseverence in seeing<br />

the movie through from idea to feature<br />

film, the Indiana University Foundation<br />

honored both Tesich and Yates in pre-movie<br />

ceremonies. Yates is the third recipient of<br />

the foundation's distinguished service award.<br />

Tesich and Yates also received lU watches.<br />

Release of the film was set for Aug. 3,<br />

but has been moved up after audience reaction<br />

tests in New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver<br />

and Bloomington. Yates said the Hoosier<br />

audiences may be able to see the movie as<br />

early as July 11.<br />

Attacks in Theatre Areas<br />

Cause Film Cancellations<br />

From East Edition<br />

PHILADELPHIA—After watching an<br />

all-night<br />

movie marathon featuring four anti-establishment<br />

and martial arts films at the<br />

midtown Milgram Theatre, some of the<br />

movie patrons went on a crime spree resulting<br />

in<br />

the cancellation of a repeat of the allnight<br />

program on a second night. Not only<br />

were five persons injured early Saturday<br />

morning (April 21) in four beatings and robberies<br />

following the all-night film festival,<br />

but the Milgram Theatre itself was reportedly<br />

left in a shambles.<br />

Starting at midnight and continuing until<br />

6 a.m., four features were offered, including<br />

Richard Pryor's "Which Way Is Up", "Exit<br />

the Dragon, Enter the Dragon," "The<br />

Human Tornado" and Fred Williamson in<br />

"Boss Nigger."<br />

The next day a man standing in line to<br />

attend the screening of "Phantasm" at Budco's<br />

Golman Theatre, just a few blocks away<br />

in the center city, was attacked and robbed<br />

by four youths.<br />

W-2<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14, 1979

A: JJ-2 70/35mm Projection System (shown with optional


"gilent Partner" was sneak previewed at the<br />

Ren Ion Village, Bellevue Overlake and<br />

Seattle Aurora cinemas May 5 with "The<br />

Last Embrace."<br />

The Jewel Box on Filmrow shut its doors<br />

permanently as of April 27. The operator.<br />

Benny Hannah of Northwest Diversified<br />

Entertainment, is busy looking for a new<br />

location with plenty of parking.<br />

June Botz, who has an administrative<br />

position locally for United Theatres, was<br />

one of 28 University of Washington undergraduates<br />

elected recently to an elite scholastic<br />

honor known as the Mortar Board.<br />

Although it's a highly coveted award, it's not<br />

necessarily unusual until you consider that<br />

June Botz is not only a student, but also a<br />

housewife, a mother of five, and a 40-houra-week<br />

careerwoman.<br />



455 Bearcat Drive<br />

Times Square Park<br />

SUPPLY<br />

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115<br />

801-466-7642<br />

2 at the Ridgcmont; "Love on the Run"<br />

began the same date at the Broadway, and<br />

Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" was at the<br />

Crest 70 in 70mm on May 4.<br />

"Beyond the Door, Part 2" opened at the<br />

Everett Motor Movie Drive-In May 2. and<br />

at the Bel-Kirk, Duwamish and Aurora<br />

drive-ins May 4.<br />

"No Time for Breakfast" opened at the<br />

Varsity May 2, and "Dawn of the Dead"<br />

began in the UA Cinema 70 May 11.<br />

"Voices" was sneak previewed at the<br />

Renton Village, Bellevue Overlake and<br />

Aurora cinemas May 11 with "The<br />

Champ," and "A Little Romance" was<br />

tradescreened at the Guild 45th on the same<br />

day.<br />

LL Supply Co. Sold<br />

To Bayless, Toohey<br />

Woman Vents Anger on D-I<br />

From East Edition<br />

FALL RIVER, MASS.—A Somerset.<br />

Mass., woman who has been opposing the<br />

X-rated policy at the Family Drive-In Theatre<br />

was charged with attempted arson, malicious<br />

mischief and breaking and entering<br />

at the underskyer. She was due to appear<br />

in Fall River Disrtict Court. Police reported<br />

that an employee of the drive-in (whose license<br />

Frances Robidoux, 38, was petitioining<br />

the selectmen to revoke) found a door<br />

damaged and a flammable liquid splashed<br />

on a buildimg.<br />

Writer Alleges 'Abuse'<br />

Of Children at 'Dawn'<br />

From East Edition<br />


— Wood Simpson<br />

writing in the Lexington Herald discussed<br />

"Dawn of the Dead." a movie sans rating<br />

which is being enforced as an R. Critic<br />

Simpson's complaint with management of<br />

the Crossroads Cinema is that parents are<br />

being allowed to bring their children to see<br />

"Dawn of the Dead."<br />

at<br />

"Sitting in the audience the other night<br />

the Crossroads Cinema was a serious test<br />

of my faith in the First Amendment to the<br />

U.S. Constitution and the film rating code,<br />

which jointly confer the privilege of exhibiting<br />

a film like "Dawn of the Dead' in the<br />

presence of young children." Simpson said.<br />

" 'Dawn of the Dead' features gross,<br />

hardcore, repetitive acts of cannibalism. It<br />

is easily the sickest film I have ever seen.<br />

But hearing the horrified screams of small<br />

"California Dreaming" opened May 4 at<br />

children in the audience, mixed in with the<br />

the Lynn Four, SeaTac, Admiral Twin, and<br />

nervous laughter of their parents sent a chill<br />

in the Bel-Kirk, Midway and Sno-King<br />

up my spine. These parents, to put it blunt-<br />

drive-ins. "The Last Embrace" also began<br />

From East Edition<br />

May 4 at the Everett Mall. SeaTac. Bellevue<br />

KANSAS CITY—Bob Flemming, former<br />

Overlake, Renton Village and Seattle Aurora<br />

owner of L & L Supply and Equipment<br />

cinemas, as well as in the Valley Drivcowner<br />

Co., recently announced the sale of that "Well, I protest. I protest on behalf of<br />

In.<br />

firm to Alan (Skip) Bayless.<br />

these youngsters. And I call on the management<br />

of this theatre to—at the very least<br />

Bayless reportedly has moved the business<br />

Still doing great: "The China Syndrome" from its Southwest Boulevard location warn parents at the door of the unsuitabili-<br />

at the Everett Mall, Southcenter, Northgate<br />

and Belvuc theatres; "Love at First Bite" in here to 3160 Terrace in the Downtown ty of this film for children or—better still<br />

Industrial<br />

the Lewis & Clark, Lake City, John Danz,<br />

Park.<br />

voluntarily prohibit their attendance."<br />

Lynn Four and Everett Tri-Cinema, and Gregg Toohey, formerly of Omaha, Neb.. Concluding, Simpson asked for theatre<br />

"Same Time, Next Year" at the UA Cinema<br />

owners to "accept the responsibility for en-<br />

joined Bayless as a partner in the newly<br />

150.<br />

acquired firm last January. The two partsuring<br />

that children are not exposed to<br />

ners have a combined total of 20 years experience<br />

harmful films," adding that "parents should<br />

"The Deer Hunter" was continuing to<br />

in the concession supply business, be very careful about taking their children<br />

please crowds at both the King Cinema<br />

firm reports.<br />

the to R-rated films and should inquire of the<br />

downtown and the Everett Tri-Cinema in<br />

According to Bayless and Toohey, plans theatre management before doing so.<br />

downtown Everett.<br />

call for the expansion of concession supplies<br />

"The sad truth is that too may children<br />

"Boulevard Nights" had a April 27 start<br />

are being given the impression too soon that<br />

into a "one-stop shop concept," includ-<br />

at the Town Theatre: "Murder by Decree" ing an expansion of services to include food violence is the way to solve problems,"<br />

was at the Music Box May 2; "The Exorcist"<br />

and frozen products.<br />

Simpson said.<br />

went into Cinerama April 27 in 70mm The firm is an authorized distributor for<br />

and six-track Dolby stereo; "The Children<br />

of Sanchez" opened the same date in the<br />

Cretors and Gold Medal and offers equipment,<br />

parts and supplies for most concession<br />

Uptown Theatre; "Manhattan" opened May equipment.<br />

ly, are abusing their children, abusing their<br />

minds in ways that may, years from now,<br />

have awful consequences for them.<br />

Akron Vice Squad Starts<br />

Crackdown on Pom Films<br />

From East Edition<br />

AKRON, OHIO—Akron vice detectives<br />

have launched a new crackdown on allegedly<br />

pornographic films after a recent Ohio<br />

Supreme Court decision overturned an earlier<br />

one that held the city's pandering obscenity<br />

ordinance unconstitutional. Until the<br />

high court ruled on this measure, there had<br />

been no enforcement.<br />

On April 9. detectives confiscated a film,<br />

"Debbie Does Dallas," at the Art Theatre.<br />

Lee Kramer, manager, said the house closed<br />

down that evening after the film was seized.<br />

The next night six films were confiscated<br />

from two theatres, the Astor on 131 S. Main<br />

and the Main at 278 S. Main.<br />

Salt Lake • Boston • Oallm • New York<br />


- HOME OFFICE -<br />

264 Eoit 1st South, Solt Lake City, Utah 84)<br />

BOXOFHCE ;: May 14, 1979

1<br />


Psychic Uri Geller was in the city recently.<br />

An exciting development in Gellcr's<br />

life is his film autobiography which will begin<br />

shooting soon and will be produced by<br />

Robert Stigwood. producer of "Grease" and<br />

"Saturday Night Fever." Geller will play<br />

himself and it will be filmed in Hollywood,<br />

Germany and Israel. "There have been too<br />

many dreadful horror movies made showing<br />

death and destruction in regard to the occult."<br />

said Uri. "I hope this film will show<br />

people another, wonderful side to the psychic."<br />

mat, Milos Forman's approach is to flesh<br />

out a plotline," he said. "The largely unknown<br />

cast performs well and wins our<br />

immediate sympathy. 'Hair' retains its best<br />

songs. Forman has magically transformed it<br />

into a celebration of youth."<br />

"The Silent Partner," a film independentfinanced<br />

and distributed stateside by<br />

1\<br />

EMC. a Miami-based firm, opened April 27<br />

at Cinema 70 and Cross Country 8. A winner<br />

this year of six Canadian Film Awards,<br />

including Best Picture. Best Director and<br />

Best Original Music. "The Silent Partner"<br />

has received excellent local reviews.<br />

Academy Award-winning "The Deer<br />

Hunter" continues to play to sell-out houses<br />

at United Artists Theatres Mall Cinema and<br />

"The Champ" is showing good grosses at<br />

Cinema 70.<br />

Fred Elwell, United Artists Theatres district<br />

manager, announced that Pat Moore is<br />

now manager of UA's Plantation Movies<br />

and that Joseph Berger succeeds Ed Warner<br />

as manager of Village Green Movies.<br />

A flood on April 25 caused the temporary<br />

closing of three of the six auditoriums<br />

at the Village Green Movies. After a lot of<br />

teamwork they were back in working condition<br />

the following day.<br />

MIAMI<br />

little Romance." starring Laurence Olivier.<br />

About 150 braved the elements to attend.<br />

They also heard Wometco executives tell<br />

the good news that for the first quarter the<br />

company's profits were up 22 per cent to<br />

$.^.4 million and that revenues rose 14 per<br />

cent to .$64<br />

million.<br />

Jt was a sloppy stockholders meeting that<br />

Wometco Enterprises Inc. held the<br />

other day in Miami Beach. It was not that<br />

the agenda was in any way disorganized, but<br />

the streets were flooded and some persons<br />

attending had to wade in water to get to the<br />

meeting at the Byron-Carlyle Theatre. In<br />

addition to the meeting, guests attending<br />

had bountiful refreshments and saw a free<br />

pre-release showing of Warner Bros.' "A<br />



«r SUPPLY CO., INC.<br />


Tel: (305) 944-4470<br />

"Hair," which has an exclusive showing<br />

at the Village Green Movies, was reviewed Following the sudden and unexpected<br />

by movie critic Ralph Bluemke. "Rather death of NATO of Florida president<br />

than stick with the original stage review for-<br />

John Tomlinson on February 26th. members<br />

of the board of directors met and ap-<br />

pointed Jack Mitchell to serve in this capacity.<br />

Mitchell has lost no time in following<br />

through and is activating a number of projects<br />

to make NATO of Florida a healthy<br />

and viable organization.<br />

The first event is an advertising, concession,<br />

and information seminar for theatre<br />

owners and managers to be held May<br />

The EMC Film Corporation, nationwide 24 at the Hyatt House (Orlando area), located<br />

off Interstate 4 and 192 East, Kissimniec.<br />

distributor of "The Silent Partner." has<br />

moved its corporate offices to North Miami.<br />

Mitchell promises product reels of<br />

Fla. Harry Gurwitch. chief executive summer films, with lively newspaper, radio<br />

officer for the Miami-based film production and TV discussions to follow. New methods<br />

and distiibution company, said the move on concession sales will be presented, also.<br />

was necessary for expansion. The company's<br />

new address is 1125 N.E. 125th St.. Miami.<br />

Flyers have been sent out by NATO of<br />

Florida, but for those who may have been<br />

Fla. 33161.<br />

missed, they may call Jack Mitchell at (305)<br />

374-6262 for complete information. Cost<br />

per person is $10.00 and a special rate for<br />

NATO members has been arranged at the<br />

Hyatt House for those who plan to stay<br />

overnight.<br />

Specially Designed for Drive-ln Theatres<br />




1. Lowest cost—Highest profit margin.<br />

2. Only one with Aluminum Coil Holder.<br />

NOW WITH<br />

BIG NEW<br />


3. Only one with seporcrted, individual coils. This means no customer<br />

breakage.<br />

4. Small size available at a price so inexpensive that it can be used as<br />

a give away.<br />

5. Free Freight on orders over $200.<br />



MABEN, INC.<br />

1980 N.W. 139th St., Opa Locka, Ha. 33054<br />

Phone: (305) G8 1-2021<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14. 1979<br />


'<br />

"<br />

American Multi Cinema will act as the sole<br />

assent for the buying, booking and settling<br />

ilm for all Gulf States theatres.<br />


Wcldoii Liiiiniroth, 1979<br />

m%pt%/%nT NATO ol Geoi-<br />

KfrOfil ^ia Convention chairman, has announced<br />

Hi;it it will be a Southern style convention<br />

that's loaded with fun and information.<br />

New Orleans There will be product reels for summer fea-<br />

(Averaae is 100) tures, advertising seminars on how to sell<br />

The Champ (MGM) >laza. 3rd wk. . . .350 several coming pictures, concession seminars<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), Plaza, with Perry Lowe, president of the National<br />

^|.j ^^.1^ 175 Association of Concessionaires, as the speak-<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ) Robert E. Lee, er and a luncheon address by national<br />

Plaza, 9th wk 425 NATO president Alan Friedberg.<br />

Dragon's Executioner (SR),<br />

j^^^ „a,„ej on jhe marquees—"The Si-<br />

Loew's State. 1st wk /<br />

1<br />

^^^^^ Partner." "The Last Wave," "Love al<br />

The Fifth Musketeer (Col). Loews, ^ p^^.^^ gj^^ .. -Boulevard Nights." "Home-<br />

Plaza, 2nd wk<br />

;"Vo^n town U.S.A.," "The Evictors," "Wifemis-<br />

Halloween (Compass). Loews. 6th wk. ..M)<br />

„ ^^.^^^^ ..pj,.^^ ^^^,,." .,„() -Dreamer."<br />

The Real Bruce Lee (SR), Orpheum.<br />

^<br />

,S,h wk "''<br />

Same Time. Next Year (Univ),<br />

C" 14 A Q \ d T T F<br />

Lakeside, llth wk 100 \^ 11 M l\ L KJ I I L.<br />

Superman (WB), Lakeside, 13th wk. . . .225<br />

— Ceveral of our exhibitors returned after a<br />

AiriAt ^^^^y successful and instructive trip to<br />

^\DI C AKIQ.<br />

iVt Vr i^f\LC/lfVO Kansas City, where they attended Show-A-<br />

Rama 22.<br />

Private funeral services were held recently Those attending were Jack Durell and<br />

for C. Clare Woods, a retired theatre Danny Deaver (Eastern Federal Theatres)<br />

Jerry The.mer and Robert Schrader (Piedexecutive.<br />

Woods. 78, was president ol<br />

United Theatres Inc. from 1955 until his mont Theatres) and The Beard Frank<br />

retirement. He came out of retirement in Jones (Southern Booking & Advertising<br />

1974 to work for American Multi Cinema Co.).<br />

Corp. in Kansas City, Mo., until 1977, reprom<br />

the desk of Smilin" Jack Jordan<br />

turning to this area. Active in civic work,<br />

(Southern Booking & Adv. Co.): Remem-<br />

Woods had been a president of the Metaire<br />

^^^ ^j^^^ business and enthusiasm go hand<br />

Rotary Club and a past district governor ol<br />

-^^ ^^^^^ ^^^j enthusiasm is contagious. Here<br />

Rotary. He was also a past president ol Ihe<br />

^^^ ^ f^^ reminders: Keep underlining<br />

Louisiana-Mississippi Theatre Owners and<br />

y^^^. ^^^ ^^^ jj^g movies on the way.<br />

j^^^p a member of the Paul Harris Fellowship<br />

y^^^ lobbies alive and interesting<br />

He is survived by a son. Don Woods, and<br />

^|j)^ materials on coming attractions. Keep<br />

two grandchildren. plugging your next big attraction on your<br />

George Solomon. Gulf States Theatres, attraction board. Keep using piggy backs on<br />

has announced that, effective immediately, radio spots. Keep teasers and plugs on your<br />

704-333.965,<br />

CIS<br />

800 Lambert Drive N.E.<br />

Atlanta, Ga. 30324<br />

(404) 876-0347<br />

©<br />

^^^^^^ -Jj^^f^^<br />

CJ<br />

Full Line Theatre Supply House<br />

•<br />

229 S. Church Street P. O. Box 1973<br />

• Charlotte, N.C. 28201<br />

28201<br />

©<br />

"Everything for your theatre—except film"<br />



OUR 39ih YIAR<br />

_ ^ . „,^<br />

713 Sudekum Bldg.<br />

800 S. Graham St.<br />

Charlotte, N.C. 28202<br />

NastiTille, Tennessee 37219<br />

(615) 256-0347<br />

(704) 334-3616<br />

eo©<br />

screens. Keep your employees enthusiastic<br />

about coming attractions. Keep up your<br />

execution of away-from-theatre tie-up and<br />

exploitations.<br />

Don't overlook Mother's Day (May 13). A<br />

special admitting mothers free with son or<br />

daughter on that special day can bring extra<br />

dollars at the boxoffice. Check with local<br />

florists for a deal to give carnations to the<br />

first 100 mothers.<br />

New pictures on the marquees: "The Silent<br />

Partner" (Park Terrace II). "Dreamer"<br />

(Tryon Mall II). "Dawn of the Dead" (Tryon<br />

Mall 1). "Hometown U.S.A." (Capri 1 &<br />

Thunderbird") and the "The Evictors"<br />

(Charlottetown Mall HI).<br />

Screenings at Car-Mel: "Manhattan"<br />

(United Artists), "The Fifth Musketeer"<br />

(Columbia Pictures Corp.), "Breaking<br />

Away" (20th Century-Fox), "Sunnyside"<br />

(American International Pictures) and<br />

"Slave of the Cannibal God" (Charlotte<br />

Film Co.)<br />

Top grosses of the week: "The Deer<br />

Hunter" (Eastland Mall), "The Champ"<br />

(Charlottetown Mall II), "Dawn of the<br />

Dead" (Tryon Mall 1), "The Silent Partner"<br />

(South-Park II). "The China Syndrome"<br />

(Charlottetown Mall 1 and Eastland Mall 1).<br />

Bill Simpson reports that his<br />

picture "The<br />

Silent Partner" is doing a phenomenal business<br />

at the boxoffice and that he has holdovers<br />

in all his situations. He is also ordering<br />

more prints for sub runs and drive ins.<br />

Consolidated Theatres has moved from<br />

the Cameron Brown Building on South Mc-<br />

Dowell Street to new offices at 1130 East<br />

3rd St. Roy McElween is now associated<br />

with them as a booker and buyer.<br />


a new four-screen theatre complex will be<br />

built in Jacksonville. Scheduled to open<br />

in December, the $700,000 movie house will<br />

contain seating for 1.400 patrons. 350 per<br />

theatre. The complex is being built for General<br />

Cinema Inc. by The Douglas Group<br />

Inc. General Cinema has 700 screens nationwide.<br />


^tlanta actor Bob Hannah has been signed<br />

to play a lead role in the Universal motion<br />

picture "Coal Miner's Daughter."<br />

which is based on the life of country music<br />

queen Loretta Lynn. Hannah is cast as the<br />

husband of country singing star Patsy Cline.<br />

Mordecai Richler. author of "The Apprenticeship<br />

of Duddy Kravitz," has been<br />

signed to write an original screenplay for<br />

director Ted Kotcheff, who directed "Kravitz."<br />

This is the first film under a multifilm<br />

contract Kotcheff signed with Warner<br />

Bros. Richlcr's screenplay will be a contemporary<br />

comedy set in New York.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: Mav 14. 1979

A: JJ-2 70/35nnm Projection System (shown witti optional

I<br />

I I I I 1 I IjWff<br />


pon White is The Spectator in the Express-<br />

News and reviewed "Hurricane." He<br />

that the temptation for punnery<br />

said<br />

luns high in reviewing the fibi. To call the<br />

movie a "bag of hot air," "a blowhard."<br />

"puffery"—not to mention puns — we do not<br />

use in our family newspapers "would be<br />

acts of an unscrupulous critic trampling all<br />

over a movie for the sake of easy wittery.<br />

They would also be the acts of a conscientious<br />

critic trying to warn the public away<br />

from moviedom's leading runner in the contest<br />

for the year's worst movie. The only<br />

other thing to be said about bad movies is<br />

that they can be enjoyable. 'Hurricane' falls<br />

into the category of being so bad it's funny.<br />

It's a source book of cliches, from touristtrap<br />

images of idyllic (but passionate) island<br />

life to its Freudian se.xual overtones, all of<br />

ihem, of course, overblown."<br />

E. G. Olivarri Jr., owner of the Texas<br />

Theatre Supply, has purchased the seating<br />

of the closed Woodlawn II and is removing<br />

out on thit l«nt««tlc Bonus OHf]<br />

Pic's Fabulous Bonus Offer:<br />

You Buy 200 Packs* fm.ii vw $70.00<br />

*2 Large ccmIs per pack, retail 35c<br />

You get FREE - 16 Packs . . .im.ii *.iu. 5.60<br />

Tow n.t.iiv.i» $75.60<br />

Your Cost 200 Packs (21c each) $42.00<br />

Your Profit $33.60<br />

the seats, which will be shipped to Mexico<br />

for use in a theatre there.<br />

Marquee changes in local indoor and outdoor<br />

theatres include "Only Once in a Lifetime."<br />

is<br />

"Dominique Dead," "Manhattan,"<br />

the double bill of "The Seven Brothers Meet<br />

Dracula" and "The Devil Within Her,"<br />

"Love at First Bite." the double bill of "Que<br />

Te Vaya Bonito" and "Muerte a Sangre<br />

Fria," "Dawn of the Dead," "Last Embrace,"<br />

"Star Crash," "Old Boyfriends" and<br />

the double bill of "El Tren de la Muerte"<br />

and "La Mujer es un Buen Negocio."<br />

cast members were honored at a cocktail reception<br />

in the Fiesta Room at El Mercado<br />

sponsored by the Business and Professional<br />

Women's LULAC Council 4313 on May 2.<br />

Montesuma Esparza produced the movie,<br />

Alex Gratton directed it and Miguel Robelo<br />

and Estrallita Lopez are the stars.<br />

A movie theatre will be developed on a<br />

2' 2 -acre site adjoining the Forum 303 Shopping<br />

Mall in Arlington by Alpert Corp.,<br />

developer of Forum Mall, and American<br />

Multi-Cinema, the Kansas City-based mulli<br />

cinema operation. Stan Durwood, president<br />

of American Multi-Cinema, said the new<br />

movie theatre would contain six movie<br />

screens with the ability to seat 1,800 moviegoers.<br />

According to Durwood, construction<br />

of the theatre, which is estimated to cost<br />

approximately $1 million, should begin during<br />

the summer with a planned opening in<br />

the summer of 1980. Alpert will lease the<br />

land and building to American Multi Cinema,<br />

with Alpert Corp. acting as developer<br />

of the project. The new cinema is part of a<br />

120-acre planned development surrounding<br />

ihe shopping center.<br />

and distribution, and Fred Mound, vice<br />

president and general sales manager, (both<br />

from the Associated Film Dist. home office<br />

in Los Angeles) in Dallas on their first visit<br />

to the firm's new distribution center.<br />

Davis also reports they are looking forward<br />

to setting up their latest picture,<br />

"Arabian Adventures," for which they expect<br />

to have a territorial saturation date of<br />

Nov. 16.<br />

United Artists Theatre Circuit Inc. announced<br />

that, effective Feb. 1, 1980, they<br />

will open the UA Cinema 6 in Beaumont,<br />

Texas, with seating capacity of 400 for<br />

screens 1 and 2, 300 for screens 3 and 4,<br />

and 250 each for screens 5 and 6. The location<br />

of the new theatre will be near the in-<br />

DALLAS<br />

gob Davis, branch manager of Associated<br />

Film Dist. Co. and his crew were<br />

pleased to have Leo Greenfield, vice president<br />

in charge of motion picture marketing<br />

"Only Once in a Lifetime," the first movie<br />

ever to be financed, produced, directed and<br />

tersection<br />

Street.<br />

of Laurel Avenue and 24th<br />

acted in by Hispanic-Americans opened<br />

United Artists Corp. held their first and<br />

May 4 at Northwest Six and Century South<br />

only Dallas media screening of Woody Al-<br />

theatres. The producer, director and leading<br />

len's "Manhattan" on May 8 in the Plitt<br />

screening room.<br />

John T. Caldwell, a well known fixture at<br />

Modern Sales & Service in Dallas, has elected<br />

to retire as of June 1 after more than 40<br />

years in the theatre and theatre supply and<br />

equipment business.<br />

John is one of the many old-timers in the<br />

industry who began their career as theatre<br />


u.shers and rose through the years to positions<br />

of prominence.<br />

\A7'ayne Rogers was in Houston on a promotional<br />

visit in behalf of his latest<br />

film, "Once in Paris," which was written,<br />

produced and directed by Fiank D. Gilroy.<br />

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.<br />

William Albright wrote in the Houston<br />

Post that Bertrand Tavernier's 1974 film<br />

"Let Joy Reign Supreme," which launched<br />

the Greenway Ill's Spring Film Festival,<br />

"gives us a history lesson, but Tavernier<br />

manages to maintain a penetrating personal<br />

and giimly whimsical touch while rubbing<br />

our noses in royal wrongs."<br />

Among new film titles appearing on local<br />

marquees are: "Ashanti," "Dawn of the<br />

Dead," "Dreamer," "Last Embrace," "Manhattan,"<br />

"Old Boyfriends," "Picnic at Hanging<br />

Rock," "Star Crash," "The Best Way,"<br />

"The Innocent." "Phantasm" and "Wives."<br />

^m'S^a"<br />


^ "Co Maiierm . . . Efuipmrml, .Sufp/ia & StrntT<br />

2200 YOUNG STREET • DALLAS, TEXAS, 75201 • TELEPHONE 747-3191<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 14, 1979

J^<br />

.<br />

.<br />

^ wm^-m^^

Midwestern Film<br />

Company Seeking<br />

To Destroy Low-Budget Mythology<br />

ST. LOUIS— In the heartland of America down because he was known to movie audiences<br />

only as a second lead in "American<br />

exists a fihn company intent on destroying<br />

the myth that high quality low-budget features<br />

cannot be produced outside of Holly-<br />

magazine article about an upcoming film<br />

Graffiti." In May the investors read a Time<br />

wood.<br />

called "Star Wars." "They called me and<br />

Three years ago Peter Maris, a St. Louis demanded that I immediately sign him,"<br />

commercial director, teamed up with Sunny Maris recalls. "But in one week Harrison's<br />

Vest ito form Worldwide Productions. They price went from 15 grand to $150,000. End<br />

have had their share of heartbreaks and setbacks,<br />

but Maris and Ms. Vest have persevered<br />

and are completing post-production<br />

chores on "Delirium." The story of an urban<br />

guerrilla force run amok, ifs the third<br />

feature produced by the team of Maris and<br />

Vest.<br />

"We're proving," Maris stated, "that quality<br />

films can be made on a small budget<br />

with careful planning and the use of available<br />

talen't to the upmost of their ability.<br />

Sunny and I keep things simple. St. Louis<br />

investors give us money because they know<br />

we're gonna bust a gut to make films thai<br />

make money."<br />

In 1976 Maris and Ms. West gathered 18<br />

investors into a general partnership to make<br />

"Take Time to Smell the Flowers.' a softcore<br />

feature brought in for $50,000. Aftei<br />

initially offering "Flowers" to a number of<br />

distributors, the producers decided to market<br />

the film themselves.<br />

Vest explained: "We looked around the<br />

States and found 12 subdistributors who<br />

worked their territories very well and we're<br />

known for givimg the little guy an honest<br />

shake. So we formed another general partnership<br />

to cover the cost of striking 10<br />

prints, 20 trailers and press kits. The film<br />

is still bicycling around the coimtry, we've<br />

sold several foreign territories and have netted<br />

around $200,000 for ourselves."<br />

In '77 Maris and Vest found two St.<br />

Louis real estate developers in search of a<br />

tax shelter. For $1 million they made "Stimgray,"<br />

a chase film featuring stunts performed<br />

by Carey Loftin on the streets of<br />

St. Louis. But due to bad timing Maris refers<br />

to the film as "the one that got away."<br />

Maris came to Los Angeles in April<br />

'77 to cast the lead. Harrison Ford was<br />

available at $15,000 for four weeks. But<br />

Maris' real estate entrepreneurs turned Ford<br />

MADDEN Z^<br />


DRIVE IN<br />






(502) 896-9578<br />

3709 HUGHES ROAD, LOUISVILLE, KY. 40207<br />

of Harrison in "Stingray.' "<br />

While the film was rolling before the<br />

cameras it received reams of publicity because<br />

MGM was also making a film under<br />

the working title of "Stingray." Several major<br />

distributors approached the St. Louis<br />

group with offers of large sums of cash for<br />

a pick-up. MGM was among the bidders.<br />

"They wanted to change the name and<br />

disrtibute it themselves, after their "Stingray,"<br />

Vest said. "But our investors turned<br />

down a load of bucks because they thought<br />

our film would clean up once it was completed.<br />

But then MGM changes the title of<br />

their film to 'Corvette Summer,' opens it<br />

two months ahead of us, and we end up<br />

with Avco Embassy getting our 'Stingray"<br />

too late."<br />

But Vest and Maris have few qualms<br />

about the success of "Delirium." They've<br />

brought it in at a price of $400,000 on a<br />

three-week shooting schedule. Production<br />

values are good and the story moves at a<br />

break-neck pace as it follows the actions of<br />

a manic vigilante leader, played by mewcomer<br />

Barron Winchester. "He's truly the<br />

most evil-looking baldheaded bad guy to<br />

show up in a movie in ages." touted director<br />

Maris. "A cross between Truman Capote<br />

and Son of Sam.""<br />

ST.<br />

A<br />

LOUIS<br />

L't"* Romance," following a sneak<br />

preview April 29, opened at the Brentwood<br />

exclusively May 11.<br />

was attended by 20th-Fox prexy Alan Ladd<br />

Jr. and 33 executives in addition to representatives<br />

of major circuits, will open a<br />

regular engagement May 25 at the same<br />

theatre<br />

exclusively.<br />

The Kirkwood Theatre, formerly owned<br />

by Arthur Enterprises, has been added to<br />

the Mid-America Theaties circuit.<br />

Charles Champlin in his review of 'Manhattan.'"<br />

now showing at Ronnie's, Cypress<br />

Village and the Varsity, states that Woody<br />

Allen "from a sitting start as a teenage gag<br />

writer has become one of the finest, most<br />

thoughtful and individual filmmakers in<br />

America." He finds the lastest Allen opus<br />

"better than 'Annie Hall' " and calls it his<br />

masterwork "putting his directorial ability<br />

in a class with such European tradionalists<br />

as Truffaut, Renoir. Fellini and Bergman."<br />

Two Films Seized in Raid<br />

On Moplecroft Drive-In<br />

DANVILLE, IND.—Two films seized in<br />

a recent raid at the Maplecroft Adult Drivein<br />

— "Introduction"" and "Love Slaves"<br />

were to be viewed by a judge to determine<br />

whether the material is obscene.<br />

The theatre, on U.S. 40 between Plainfield<br />

and Stilesville, has been the target for<br />

numerous raids since last year after area<br />

residents complained to the prosecutor's<br />

office.<br />

Circuit Awarded Right<br />

To Exclude Revenue<br />

MILWAUKEE—In a ruling following a<br />

lawsuit, a Wisconsin theatre circuit has won<br />

the right to exclude student discount revenue<br />

from grosses reported to distributors.<br />

The circuit, Marcus Theatres in Milwaukee,<br />

was held free of accountability for income<br />

admissions from student discount<br />

cards. Paramount and other distributors<br />

failed to sustain the claim in the suit filed<br />

by them in Milwaukee County circuit court.<br />

No ruling was handed down on the right<br />

of distributors to includ; student discount<br />

card revenue in grosses. The decision rested<br />

on a finding that the contracts with Marcus<br />

The Academy Award winner for best foreign<br />

film, "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs,"<br />

is also in an exclusive showing at the Shady<br />

did not specifically provide for inclusion<br />

Oak. A typically French satire, with a husband<br />

seeking lovers for his bored young<br />

of student discouint admissions.<br />

The court held that Marcus never agreed<br />

wife, it is dubbed into English with a French<br />

to include student card discounts, and that<br />

version being shown on Thursdays with<br />

distributor contract forms weie ambiguous.<br />

English subtitles.<br />

The suit was predicated upon an audit of<br />

"Alien," which enjoyed a studio sneak 1965-70 grosses, resulting in a September<br />

preview at the Creve Coeur last month and 1971 charge that student discount receipts<br />

should have been subject to payment by<br />

Marcus.<br />

Marcus began charging a fee for student<br />

cards in 1970.<br />


rvrrvlhinf; ^" i>ir I hr.iir,"<br />


MW-2<br />

iy 14.

mtk<br />

: SHOW-PAK<br />

JJ-2 70/35mm Projection System (shown with optional<br />

JTR-1100 Preamp System, lamphouse and pedestal.)<br />

35mm Console (shown with optional reels<br />

and lamphouse.)<br />

C: SA & R3 35mm "All-in-One" Projector/<br />

Reproducer Combo.<br />

D: R-33 35mm 4-Track Magnetic Penthouse.<br />

E: SHOWMASTER Automation System.<br />

F; C-5 Deluxe 26" 35mm Magazii<br />

G: C-10 Deluxe Reel Arms.<br />

H: JTS-1900 Optical Sound System.<br />

ngold Cinema Equipment, Inc.<br />

8421 Gravois Avenue<br />

St. Louis, Missouri 63123<br />

(314) 352-2020<br />

Hadden Theatre Supply<br />

3709 Hughes Road<br />

Louisville, Kentucky 40205<br />

Phone: (502) 896-9578<br />

Mid-Continent Theatre Supply Corp<br />

1800 Wyandotte Street<br />

Kansas City, Missouri 64108<br />

Phone: (816) 221-0480<br />

!s Moines Theatre Supply Co.<br />

Minneapolis Theatre Supply Co.<br />

Harry Melcher Enterprises<br />

1100 High St.<br />

51 Glenwood Ave.<br />

3607-15 West Fond Du Loc Ave.<br />

Des Moines, Iowa 50309<br />

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403<br />

P.O. Box 16528<br />

I<br />

I Phone: (515) 243-6520<br />

Phone: (612) 335-1166<br />

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216<br />

Phone: (414) 422-5020<br />

XOFFICE May 14, 1979 MW-3


The Illinois State Senate i^ scheduled to vote<br />

very shortly on bimd bidding. A bill<br />

was passed two years ago in the House of<br />

Representatives, but it was defeated in Senate<br />

committee. Now, Jack Claric. president<br />

of the newly formed. Theatre Owners of<br />

Illinois, will be testifying on behalf of the<br />

bill. Because the bill has been entered for<br />

action in the current session of the legislature<br />

on May 9. Clark hopes to be in a position<br />

to report some concrete action during<br />

May.<br />

According to reports, director Michael<br />

Mann, a Chicagoan, will direct a movie<br />

based on Pete Hamill's book, "Dirty Laundry."<br />

Mann plans to be here this fall to<br />

do another movie. "Thief."<br />

Industry members in the Chicago area<br />

share a feeling of sincere regret about the<br />

closing of the Allied Aitists Pictures Corp.<br />

offices in Chicago. Nat Nathanson, a veteran<br />

in the film business, who has served<br />

as central divsion manager, had no comment<br />

on future plans.<br />

Welcome to<br />

Debbie Imler who has joined<br />

the 20th Century-Fox publicity department.<br />

She succeeds Lori Rude who has taken a<br />

post with the Marriott Hotel organization.<br />

Larry Dieckhaus and Robert Newcombe<br />

will be working with Peter Yates, producer/<br />

director lesponsible for "Breaking Away."<br />

The movie isn't due to break here until<br />

August. But. since a college theme is dominant<br />

in the mov'e, it is desired to start<br />

promotion with screenings while colleges are<br />

ftill in session. Students, according to many<br />

distributors and exhibitors al'ke, are good<br />

sounding boards and they have been instrumental<br />

in spreading the right words about<br />

movies.<br />

The Studio Theatre, long a Kohlberg Theatre<br />

circuit property in suburban Oak Lawn,<br />

is being closed. The Studio happened to be<br />

on a plot of land needed by a group constructing<br />

a new shopping center. The Starlite,<br />

an outdoor theatre also in Oak Lawn,<br />

will<br />

not be affected.<br />

Georgia Klein of Paramoimt Pictures will<br />

be serving as president of Chicago WOMPIs<br />

for a second year. Victoria Burns, also of<br />

Paramount, was elected first vice president.<br />

Other new officers are Carol Prescott of the<br />

Edward Wolk organization, second vice<br />

president; Mary Cegielski of United Artists,<br />

recording secretary; Eve Conklin, 20th<br />

Century-Fox, correspond'ng secretary; Linnea<br />

Johnson, treasurer. Theie will be detailed<br />

announcements shortly about<br />

THEATRE—<br />

the<br />



BOX 626 OMAHA, NC 68101 402 453 6160<br />

WOMPI installation to he held in June.<br />

The man of the year and WOMPI of<br />

the year events will be held when officers<br />

are installed.<br />

Special mention is being given to some<br />

films which are making the rounds on a<br />

return engagement basis. Included are "California<br />

Suite," "Heaven Can Wait," "An<br />

Unmarried Woman" and "Every Which<br />

Way But Loose." Oustanding business is reported<br />

by theatre managers for "Coming<br />

Home." which had three Academy Award<br />

credits.<br />

The 1979 LaRabida Theatre collections<br />

drive is scheduled to start June 15. Bernie<br />

Mack is chairman for the third consecutive<br />

year. Sportscasters Jeannie and Johnny<br />

Morris will make an appeal on theatre<br />

screens. The goal for this year is $100,000.<br />

Because there is a great need for volunteers,<br />

an early appeal is being made for people<br />

who can donate time to help with the collections.<br />

Please call Michele Townsend at<br />

LaRabida (363-6700) to offer assistance.<br />

Christopher Reeve is scheduled to arrive<br />

in Chicago May 21 for a week of filming<br />

on "Somewhere in Time."<br />

George Roy Hill's "A Little Romance,"<br />

starring Laurence Olivier, is the TV Academy<br />

Film Group's final preview of the season<br />

on May 7, at the Biograph Theatre,<br />

The new season starts June 4 with a screening<br />

of "Lost and Found," starring George<br />

Segal and Gleinda Jackson.<br />

Men on the move upward at Plitt Theatres:<br />

David Lange goes to Orland Square<br />

Theatres in suburban Orlcand Park, 111., as<br />

manager. He was formerly on the Fox Valley<br />

Theatres' staff . . . Marv Thurmer, a new<br />

member of the Plitt circuit, joined the Fox<br />

Valley Theatres, Aurora, 111. . . . Todd<br />

Rousculp now manages the Hillcrest, Crest<br />

Hill, III. He has been working for Plitt properties<br />

in South Bend, Ind. Rousculp succeeds<br />

Julius Connelly, who is retiring after<br />

50 years of service in the industry.<br />


n number of new films are on view here,<br />

'<br />

includrg Hair," "The Last Wave,"<br />

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," "The<br />

Passage," "The Champ" and "The Promise."<br />

The PG-rated version of "Saturday<br />

Night Fever" is also on screens at four indoor<br />

and four outdoor theatres.<br />

SECS3MEE<br />


Trailerettes- Daiers<br />



•<br />

P.O. BOX 541 DES MOINES, IOWA • 50302<br />

PHONE (515) 288-1122<br />

CHICAGO — Variety International<br />

ambassador Nat Nathanson (left) presents<br />

the Tent-Line Award to Variety<br />

Club board chairman Mel Weisberg<br />

during a special ceremony at last<br />

month's meeting. The plaque lists Weisberg's<br />

achievements during his term as<br />

president in 1978. The highlight is a<br />

recordbreaking $409,528 raised for<br />

Variety Club children's charities.<br />


pichard Orear, chairman of the board.<br />

Commonwealth Theatres, Dale Stewart,<br />

president. Commonwealth Theatres and<br />

John Simms, president, Wolfberg Theatres,<br />

made a joint statement in Denver, Colo.,<br />

May 2, 1979, that Commonwealth Theatres<br />

has assumed the operation of the Wolfberg<br />

Theatres effective that day.<br />

George Keiffer, film buyer for American<br />

Multi Cinema, resigned effective May 4 to<br />

take a new position with Dickinson Operating<br />

Company. His new assignment will be<br />

in advertising and public relations.<br />

"Manhattan," which opened May 4 at the<br />

Brywood, Ranchmart, and Seville, opened<br />

to good reviews. It is a must-see for Woody<br />

Allen fans.<br />

'•Old Boyfriends" with Tallia Shire,<br />

Richard Jordan, John Belushi and Keith<br />

Carradine also opened May 4. It is showing<br />

at the Blue Ridge, Plaza, Trail Ridge and<br />

Metro North.<br />

Members of the United Motion Picture<br />

Association re-elected the current slate of<br />

officers recently. The officers are: chairman<br />

of the board, Joel Resnick, vice president<br />

of American Multi Cinema; president. Lu<br />

Vaughan, chairman of Mid-America Cinema;<br />

vice president, George Kieffer, film<br />

buyer, midwest division, American Multi<br />

Cinema; vice president, Mrs. Roma Cooper<br />

Ridgeway, Dodge City, Kan., exhibitO'r;<br />

treasurer. Jack Pocsiger, director of public<br />

relations, Cotnimonwealth Theatres; .secretary,<br />

Chuc Barnes, executive director of<br />

Show-A-Rama.<br />

Also elected were the following new directors:<br />

Steven Bagby, Marshall, Mo., exhibitor;<br />

Richard Dudley, Ulysses, Kan., exhibitor;<br />

William Davis. Mid-Continent Theatre<br />

Supply, Kansas City. Mo.; Ron Harrison.<br />

Coca Cola Co., Kansas City. Mo.; Ed<br />

Ouiwood. film buyer. American Multi Cine-<br />

BOXOFFICE ;: May 14, 1979

A: JJ-2 70/35mm Projection System (shown with optional

Montreal<br />

Ashanti (WB). Loews. 2nd wk. Very Good<br />


The Champ (UA), Loews. 3rd wk. Excellent<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral). Atwater.<br />

.'<br />

.Mh wk. Good<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). Place du<br />

Canada. 6lh wk<br />

Very Good<br />

Hair (UA). York. 3rd wk<br />

Excellen't<br />

Halloween (Astral). Cinema de Paris,<br />

10th wk Good<br />

Norma Rae (BVFD). The Cinema.<br />

5th wk Good<br />

The Passage (UA). Palace. 2nd wk. .Good<br />

.<br />

The Perfect Couple (BVpD).<br />

Bonaventiire. 1st wk Fair<br />

Superman (WB), Loews,<br />

1 8th wk Very Good<br />

The Warriors (Para). Loews, 10th wk. Good<br />

French Language Films<br />

Le Bonheur Renait (Univ). Champlain.<br />

2nd wk Very Good<br />

La Cage Aux Folles (UA). Parisien.<br />

4th wk<br />

Very Good<br />

La Carapate (PR). Parisien.<br />

2nd wk Very Good<br />

Le Ciel Pent Attendre (Para). Parisien.<br />

10th wk<br />

Very Good<br />

Doux. Dur et Dingue (WB). Berri.<br />

2nd wk Very Good<br />

Moeurs Cachees de la Bourgeoisie<br />

(Para). Parisien. 3rd wk Good<br />

Preparez vos Mouchoirs (Para). Parisien.<br />

1st wk Good<br />

Va Voir Mamaii . . . Papa Travail (PR).<br />

Le Dauphin. 2nd wk Fair<br />

Ottawa<br />

A.shanti (WB). Capitol Square,<br />

2nd wk<br />

Good<br />

Bedknobs & Broom.sticks (BVFD),<br />

Rideau, 2nd wk.<br />

Good<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). 4th wk Good<br />

The Champ (UA). Elgin,<br />

3rd wk<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral),<br />

Fxcellcni<br />

St. Laurent, 5th wk Excellent<br />

Coming Home (UA), Little Elgin,<br />

2nd wk Excellent<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Elmdale,<br />

Excellent<br />

6th wk<br />

Fast Break (Astral),<br />

2nd wk<br />

Cinema,<br />

Very Good<br />


AND<br />


available from dnve-in converting to LOCRAD<br />

TUNE-A-MOVIE sound system. Prices vory from<br />

1.50 to 9.00 depending on age and condition.<br />


10552 106 Street<br />

Edmonton,<br />

Alberta<br />

(403) 426-2977<br />

LTD.<br />

A: JJ-2 70/35mm Projection System (shown with optional


(Continued from page K-2)<br />

grand prize winner of the event will receive<br />

the Norman McLaren award. Films<br />

will be judged in five categories— fiction,<br />

animation, experimental, documentary and<br />

is children's films. This an excellent opportunity<br />

for young Canadian filmmakers to<br />

compete and to have their work judged by<br />

a veiy knowledgeable jury.<br />

Famous Players and J. M. Schneider Inc.<br />

of Kitchener. Ontario, have joined forces<br />

in a promotion program for their companies.<br />

As most Canadians know. .Schneider<br />

is a meat-packing company but this promotion<br />

deals only with their smoked weiners<br />

and bacon—both in the one pound packages.<br />

Contained in some of specially marked<br />

packages of both products are a number of<br />

tickets to Famous Players theatres. There<br />

aie 400,000 tickets to be won and they will<br />

jpavid Perlmutter, president of the National<br />

Film Finance Corporation has announced<br />

that the recently completed feature<br />

film "Double Negative" will be the<br />

first 1979 market offering of this specialized<br />

investment house. Perlmutter also named<br />

Sydney Ross as vice-president of NFFC.<br />

Ross will represent the company in Montreal,<br />

the first of planned branches to be<br />

established across Canada.<br />

"Double Negative," the mystery thriller<br />

starring Michael Sarrazin, Susan Clark, Anthony<br />

Perkins and Howard Duff, was shot<br />

in Toronto and now is in post-production.<br />

Its producers were Jerome Simon and David<br />

Main, and it is the first prospectus filed in<br />

the 1979 fiscal year, and will be issued<br />

jointly by NFFC and Yorkton Securities<br />

Inc,<br />

Perlmutter says he sees National Film<br />

Finance's role as a specialized investment<br />

house offering issues on behalf of any film<br />

producer as a new level of sophistication<br />

reached in feature film financing. He is vice<br />

president of the Canadian Association of<br />

Motion Picture Producers and is its immediate<br />

past<br />

president.<br />

At the NAC luncheon Grant Miller said<br />

that the Plaza twin cinemas here are now<br />

past their third anniversary, and continue<br />

to do tremendously well. Located in the<br />

Bay building at the Yonge-Bloor uptown<br />

intersection, the Plaza has steadfastedly<br />

played the top product of the industry, and<br />

has had outstanding success with most of<br />

these engagements.<br />

Universal Productions Canada Inc. announced<br />

on April 24 the production of a<br />

major Canadian feature film. "The Silence<br />

of the North," which will star Academy<br />

Award-winner Ellen Burstyn, and will be<br />

directed by Allen King. The film will be<br />

shot on location in Alberta and Ontario,<br />

from September to December this year, with<br />

second unit shooting this month.<br />

The owners of Cineplex, Toronto's new<br />

18-theatre center, hope its recent opening<br />

will be the first of many across the coimtry.<br />

Movie producer Garth Drabinsky, one of<br />

three partners, said. "We expect a national<br />

group of theatres within a year or two." He<br />

said that the owners (the others are Nat A.<br />

Taylor and H.S. Mamdel) hope to open the<br />

second movie center is Kitchener, Ont., and<br />

later in Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.<br />

Concession Convention<br />

Focuses on Employer<br />

By J. W. AGNEW<br />

TORONTO—The theatre manager's important<br />

role as an employer was stressed by<br />

several of the speakers at "Interchange "79,"<br />

the annual National Association of Con-<br />

be honored in theatres across Canada. So if cessionaires Convention, held April 23 at<br />

bacon or weiners are on your menu you may the Royal York Hotel here. This role was<br />

be lucky and win some theatre tickets.<br />


almost completely dissected, in humorous<br />

terms and otherwise, enabling the large<br />

number of such managers in attendance to<br />

better undei stand and value their abilities<br />

individually, and to better assess these abilities<br />

in the successful operation of their<br />

refreshment counter and their theatre as a<br />

complete, smooth-running and— above all<br />

a profit turning unit.<br />

This keynote was struck early in the day,<br />

and resounded many times, and yet it was<br />

Angelo Louis Fortuna who was able to tie<br />

all loose ends together and hold his audience—as<br />

it appeared, in the palm of his<br />

hand—and to spell out the responsibilities<br />

of this role in terms both rough and smooth<br />

that they are not likely to forget quickly.<br />

This was a return engagement for Fortuna.<br />

Fortuna is director of personnel for<br />

Development A. R. A. Services in Philadelph'a.<br />

While speaking at the luncheon, Fortuna<br />

reminded his audience that we do not<br />

live in a fair world, or even a just world,<br />

and there will always be stress. It is not for<br />

us to explain it or reason with it. All we<br />

can do, is live with it, he said.<br />

During his longer mid-afternoon address,<br />

Fortuna used a blackboard extensively to<br />

illustrate his successful method of assessing<br />

the potentials of prospective employees. He<br />

said it was important for the employer to<br />

set their sights high, and to have a certain<br />

expectancy that the employees will reach<br />

these goals. "If you don't expect, you won't<br />

get." he said,' "and with expectancy, you<br />

perform better."<br />

Fortuna stressed that a large turnover<br />

in employees was the result of poor orientation,<br />

and that good orientation coupled<br />

with proper training and motivation leads<br />

towards the ultimate goal— productivity. He<br />

said that it was the employer's responsibility<br />

to regenerate his organization, and to do<br />

it every day.<br />

Immediately before Fortuna's address.<br />

Earl Fletcher struck much this same note<br />

when speaking on "Selection and Retention<br />

of Personnel." Fletcher is director of marketing<br />

of the "Profiles Canada" Division<br />

of<br />

Canadian Training and Development Group<br />

Inc.<br />

The day's program began with registration<br />

and a continental breakfast provided<br />

through the courtesy of William Neilson<br />

Limited. Jerry M. Lowe, piesident of NAC,<br />

gave the opening remarks, and later in the<br />

morning narrated "Partners in Profits," a<br />

unique NAC visual presentation.<br />

Another item in the morning's agenda<br />

was the screening of a training film prepared<br />

by Theatre Confection Limited. Much<br />

of this film's footage was taken at Famous<br />

Players' beautiful Bayview Village Cinemas<br />

in this city, and the film followed step by<br />

step a counter girl's daily preparation for<br />

refreshment sales before the theatre opens.<br />

Another morning feature was "Liability<br />

and the Law"; this talk by Anthony G.<br />

Marshall did suggest serious implications.<br />

Marshall is a professor of law. and associate<br />

dean of the School of Hotel, Food and<br />

Travel at the Florida International University.<br />

With assistance from a few in his audience,<br />

and with props and cartoon slides.<br />

Marshall suggested several incidents that<br />

could occui in a theatre, if proper precautions<br />

were not always taken.<br />

The last speaker at the morning session<br />

was Harold L. Hinchcliffe. BA. Sc. M.Ed.,<br />

P.Eng. Hinchcliffe is an instructor in management<br />

courses for industry, and spoke on<br />

"Don't Get Caught With Your Metrics<br />

Down." This country is now well on the<br />

road to complete conversion to the metric<br />

system, and Hinchcliffe outlined some of the<br />

near-future areas that will be undertaken for<br />

conversion— particularly how they will affect<br />

the measurement of food and liquids<br />

for retail sale. He reminded this audience<br />

that they had a brief acquaintance with<br />

metrics, as the width of film has always<br />

been measured in millimeters.<br />

Following cocktails, the NAC luncheon<br />

was co-sponsored by Coca Cola Ltd.. Pepsi-<br />

Cola Ltd. and Lily Cups Ltd. Appropriately<br />

enough, the day's closing address was given<br />

by Charles M. Wilans, executive director<br />

of the National Association of Concessionaires.<br />

Wilans spoke on "N. A. C. Comes<br />

To You."<br />


Come patrons of "National Lampoon's Animal<br />

House" at the Yukon Theatre,<br />

Whitehorse, Yukon Terr., dissatisfied with<br />

the picture, evidently sought their refunds<br />

the hard way. They broke in overnight and<br />

stole the safe and' the weekend's receipts.<br />

The pictLirc. however, had a very successful<br />

ten-day<br />

run.<br />

The ranks of the local distributors whose<br />

experience dated back to the silent days<br />

shrank to three when Harold C. (Jack) Jackson<br />

died April 1. Although he retired from<br />

the motion picture industry in' the 1960s,<br />

he kept up close relations with the industry<br />

Ihrough the Canadian Picture Pioneers for<br />

whom he served a term as president. He is<br />

survived by his wife Kay. son Pat and<br />

brotht-r Joe.<br />

K-4<br />

BOXOmCE :: May 14, 1979


JONNA JEFFERIS, Bookinguide Editor<br />

An interpretive analysis oi lay and tradepress reviews. Running time is in parentheses. The plus and<br />

minus signs indicate degree of merit. Listings cover current reviews regularly. Symbol O denotes<br />

BOXOFFICE Blue Ribbon Award. All lilms are in color except those indicated by (bSw) lor black &<br />

while or (Q and bcSw) lor color and black & white. Motion Picture Ass'n (MPAA) ratings: (g—general<br />

audiences; PG all ages admitted (parental guidance suggested); [Rj— restricted, with persons under<br />

17 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardion; l^)— persons under 17 not admitted.<br />

Reviews assigned "N" page numbers will be lound in the National (front) section of BOXOFFICE.<br />

H Very Good; + Good; ^ Fair; -<br />





+t Vcry Good, ^ Good, ± Foir; - Poor, = Very Poor, ary H is roted 2 pluses, — as 2 minuses.<br />

5085 u Ice Castles (113) Col 1- 8-79 PG<br />

5091 If It Fits (60)<br />

Doc<br />

Marshall/Erder 2- 5-79<br />

5091 In Praise of Older Women<br />

(108) D Avco 2- 5-79 H<br />

5090 Innocent. Tlie<br />

(119) D Analysis 1-29-79 H<br />

5083 Invasion of the Body Snatchers<br />

(U4) SF-Sus UA 1- 1-79 PG<br />

5079 I fs Not the Size That Counts<br />

(S6) Sex C Brenner 12-11-78 IS<br />

—K—<br />

the Gypsies (112)<br />

.Para 12-18-78<br />

5110 Little Romance, A<br />

WB (108) C 4-30-79 PG<br />

5103 Love at First Bite<br />

(93) R-F-C Al 4- 9-79 PG<br />

5104 Love on the Bun<br />

(95) R-C-D ...New World 4- 9-79 PG<br />

5075 Manic (106)<br />

.20th- Fox 11-20-78<br />

(165) Hi-D Atlantic 1-29-79<br />

5073 Message From Space (105)<br />

SF-Ac<br />

UA 11-13-78 PG<br />

5086 Moment by Moment (105)<br />

R-D Univ 1- 8-79 m<br />

NIO Murder by Decree<br />

(121) Ad-My Avco 2-19-79 PG<br />

—N—<br />

5108 Night the Prowler, The<br />

(90) D Chariot 4-23-79<br />

5107 Nocturna<br />

(83) Ho-CM Compass 4-23-79 m<br />

5096 U Norma Rae<br />

(113) D 20th-Fox 2-26-79 PG<br />

North Avenue The<br />

5099 Irregulars,<br />

(99) C-Ad BV 3-19-79 (§1<br />

5112 Old Boyfrien

'<br />

s|<br />

II<br />

I"!<br />

111<br />

^1<br />

a I i<br />

H<br />

ni<br />

l^ii<br />

ill<br />

I."<br />

sill<br />

J Jij II<br />

fee<br />

rsipj<br />

sis ==1<br />

"I<br />

£ -s<br />

•SK<br />

i"«i"°iw<br />

:|= :l :«!«<br />

•Z.3 g=''£s =<br />

llll<br />

I o i i oMi<br />

i§ 1| " Si"<br />

-Si<br />

|"||S|<br />

l^i^li<br />

=«ii^^<br />

:s g<br />

;l|<br />

Si a"<br />

— t E<br />

lis<br />

laip<br />

J.I<br />

llii<br />

u<br />

Ri<br />

m<br />

4^<br />

ijil<br />

I'll<br />

£ ill:<br />

3s" -^ .1"<br />

sll^ss lis<br />

llilli<br />

"5|l<br />

iiii<br />

s<br />

UhJ<br />

ill<br />

III<br />

HaaoiDO<br />

i3|lli<br />

ii3aw3D3a AavPNvr Aanvaa3d HDavw<br />

n oSzS cso:

s<br />

ill<br />

"11<br />

if<br />

III<br />

li<br />

3§l<br />

fl<br />

53|l<br />

o o o o<br />

si si II<br />

rss I'<br />

55<br />

.lis<br />

1r.»I<br />

Iill<br />


"'si<br />

£5a<br />

:3| mfcfi ci ^ .

. Feb<br />

Apr<br />

'<br />

Wilder,<br />

Date<br />

Rcl.<br />


Indian Summer Nov 78<br />

Charleston Dec 78<br />

The Innocent Jan 79<br />




Rel.<br />

Date<br />

The Little Mermaid (71) An.. Jan 79<br />

Legend of the Northwest<br />

(83) An.. Apr 79<br />

(96) ..An.. June 79<br />


Come Under My Spell<br />

(84) Sex D.. Dec 78<br />

Lusty Princess (82) ..Sex C. Jan 79<br />

The New Erotic Adventures of<br />

Casanova Part 2 ..Sex D.. Feb 79<br />

I'm Always Ready ... Sex C. Mar 79<br />

Rcl. bate<br />


Peppermint Soda May 79<br />

Newsfront (110) Hi-D..June79<br />

Bill Hunter, Gerard Kenneily<br />

The Tree of Wooden Clogs<br />

(175) Hi-D..June79<br />

Woyzeck July 79<br />

Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

(70) DM.. Aug 79<br />

Against the Grain Sept 79<br />

Don Giovanni Nov 79<br />


Naughty School Girls (S4) ...Mar 79<br />

Kcbi-ii-L Bn.nke. Saudi ;i lliuliin<br />

Lust Flight 200O<br />


The Carhops (88) Apr 79<br />

(78) Sex C-l<br />

When the Screaming Stops<br />

Vlckl llilck. I'at Manning<br />

(94) Ho-F..Noy78 The New Adventures of Snow<br />

The Black Six (90) . .Ac-D. . 79 White (76) May 79<br />

"Mean" Joe Greene, Carl EHler Marie Liljedahl. Ingrid Van Berijen<br />

How to Score With Girls<br />


(82) June 79<br />

Just Crazy Ron Osborne,<br />

About<br />

Lany<br />

Horses<br />

Jacobs<br />

Smokey and the<br />

(93)<br />

Hotwire Gang<br />

Ooc..Dec78<br />

The Black Goddess INT'L HARMONY, INC.<br />

(85) June 79<br />

J;<br />

Shame ol the Jungle<br />

James Keadi, Stanley Livingston<br />

(89) An-C..Sept78<br />

Voices: John Behishl. Johnny<br />

Weissmuller jr.<br />


The Night, the Prowler<br />


Carnal's Cutres<br />

(90) C-D..Mar79 Wolfman (101) . . . . Ho-Ac. Feb 79<br />

(76) Sex C .Apr79 Kerry Walker, Ruth Cracknel<br />

The Devil's Clone<br />

Pat Mannlnc, Janet Sands,<br />

J" Men Forever (90) ..C. May 79 (96) Ac-Sus .Mar79<br />

Frisco King, William Margold<br />

Phil Procter<br />

Curves Ahead!<br />

Rust<br />

(78) Sex C.Jui<br />

.M-Doc. .June 79<br />

The Udy Wants a<br />


Sex 0. July 79<br />

Wifemistrcss<br />

Dirty<br />

(101) D.. Jan<br />

Deadlines<br />

79<br />

Marcello Mastroiannl,<br />

(74)<br />

Laura<br />

Sex C. Oct 79<br />

AntonelU<br />

The French Detective<br />


(93)<br />

The Billion Dollar Hobo<br />

Ac-D Apr 79<br />

Lino Ventura, Patrick Dewaere,<br />

(96)<br />


C. Sept 78<br />

THREE, INC.<br />

Land of No Return<br />

Vampire Hookers<br />

Dracula and Son<br />

(85) Ad,.Sepl78<br />

(83) Sex C-D..July 78 Mel Torme,<br />

(88)<br />

William<br />

.Ho-C, .May<br />

Shatner<br />

79<br />

John rarradlne. Bruce Falrbalm<br />

Christopher<br />

Where Time Began<br />

Reed<br />

(90) SF.. Sept 78<br />

Kenneth More<br />

They Went That-a-Way and Thata-Way<br />

(100) C. Oct 78 ROCHELL' FILMS, INC.<br />


Gail Palmer's Candy Goes<br />

Tim Conway. Chuck McCann<br />

Thirsty Dead (96) Sept 78<br />

to<br />

Hollywood Sex<br />

The Magic of Lassia<br />

Rock Fever (98) Apr 79<br />

C..:<br />

("arnl fonnNrs. John (100) C-DM..0ct78 Wade Nichols. Jeanle Sanders<br />

Leslie<br />

James Stewart, Mickey Rooney,<br />

Dr. Jeckyll's Dungeon of Death<br />

I'crnell Roberts, Stephanie Zimballst (91) Apr 79<br />

(Dolhv)<br />

A Saint ... a Woman . . .<br />

a Devil (90) Apr CINEMA 79<br />

S<br />

The Driller Killer (90) ....Apr 79<br />

Viva Italia! (87) C..July78<br />

Vlltorlo Oassman. Ub'i Togjiazzl<br />


Disco Dolls in Hot Skin<br />


(95) Sex C. Sept 78 The Great Balloon Adventure<br />


Serena. Leslie Biivee<br />

(89) C-Ad..Feb79<br />

Jacob Two-Two Meets the<br />

Katharine Hepburn<br />

Hooded Fang<br />

The Glacier Fox<br />

(SO)<br />

F.C-D..Sept78<br />

(90) Doc-D..Feb79<br />

Alex Karras. Stephen liosenberg<br />

Winds of Change<br />

Point the Finger of<br />


(87) An-M-F..July79<br />

Death Ac .<br />

79 Sweet Creek County War<br />

Shaolin Death Squad !..Ac^Teb79 (98) WC..Feh79 Nutcracker (100) .An-H..NoY79<br />

Fists of Bruce Lee<br />

Richard Egm. Albert Salmi<br />

(99)<br />

Ac. Mar 79 Three Way Weekend<br />

Bruce LI<br />

(85) Sex C. Mar 79<br />

Don Diego, Joify OUiava<br />


Wall Street Walker ... Sex. .July 78<br />

rurned-On Girl Sex ..July 78<br />


Sweet Taste of Joy ... .Sex. .July 78<br />

'«,'•"''''" (93) Ad. Sept 78<br />

Secretaries Spread Sex .. July 78<br />

Ilrlan Keith, Rlrardo Montalban<br />

Sex Freedom in<br />

Legend of Sea Wolf<br />

Marriage Sex (90) ..July 78<br />

„ Ad.. Sept 78<br />

(Tiuck Conners, Barbara Bach MUSTANG-BEEHIVE<br />

*!,' J"^'"' '93) .... Sus .. Nov 78 Carnal Encounters of the Barest<br />

Bike Sommcr. Itiibert KoMnrth<br />

Kind (88) Sex-SF.Apr 79<br />

•"S""!'.' l*^' C. Dec 78<br />


Sophia Loren. M.ircelln Ma..rtrolannl<br />

The Alpha Incident (85) .... Mar 78<br />

Ralph Meeker, Stafford Morgan,<br />


.lohn Goff, Buck Flowers<br />

ig Attractions C. Sept 78 Johnny Mar 79<br />

Murray, Buddy Hackett,<br />

llorst Buchboli<br />


y Rowe, Howard Hesseman The Capture of BIgfoot<br />

S»"'« (102) B.D..Sept78<br />

(95) May 79<br />

l^enda Jackson. Mona Washboumt!<br />

Richard Kennedy, Katherlne Hopkins.<br />

Stafford Morgan, John Gofl<br />

The Maggots Aug 79<br />

NEW LINE<br />

nils Young, John Goff,<br />

! (79) Sept 78 K.ilherine Honklns<br />

FIRST Bronson<br />

INT'L Lee Champion<br />


(86) ..Sept 78<br />

Dracula<br />

Despair<br />

Sucks<br />

(120) Oct 78<br />

lllrk BoR.irde<br />

,"08) Sex-Ho.C.D..Feb79<br />

Like<br />

Jamie a Turtle on Its Back<br />

Clllls. .\nn.ttp Ilavrn<br />

(90) C-D..0ct78 71 St CENTURY<br />

Bernadette Lafont<br />

Three Fantastic<br />

Jive (81) Nov 78 The Obsessed One<br />

Male I'anday, Tracy Parrlsh<br />

nn in Germany (116) ... Nov 78 The<br />

G.G.<br />

Tof mented Aup COMMUNICATIONS<br />

78<br />

Revenge of the Streetfighter<br />

Stella I'.iriinelna. Chrl.-*<br />

The<br />

y\vram<br />

Adventures ol Pinotchio<br />

(90) Apr 79 Snuff Box Connection ..Ac, Sept 78<br />

'90)<br />

An..Dcl78 Sonny Oilbn<br />

Kung Fu Ac. Sept 78<br />



Meteor<br />

Sean Conney, Natalie Wood,<br />

Henry Fonda, Treior Howard<br />

Defiance<br />

D<br />

Jan-Mlchael Vincent, Joseph<br />

Campanella, Art Carney, Theresa<br />

Saldana<br />

The Humanoid<br />

Riclkird Kiel, Barbara Bach<br />

The Amityville Horror<br />

.lames I!rolin, Marmot Kidder,<br />

Itod Slt'iiiei, Murray Hamilton<br />

The Visitor<br />

Jolin Huston, Shelley Wii>ters,<br />

Glenn Ford<br />

Gorp C.<br />

Michael Lemlieck, riiiilip Casnoff,<br />

Dennis Quaid, Richard Beauchamp<br />

The Evictors<br />

Vic Morrow, Michael Parks,<br />

Jessica Harper, Sue Anc l,anedon<br />


A Man, a Woman and a Bank . ,<br />

Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adam<br />

The Fog<br />

Hal Holbrook. Adrieraie Barbeau,<br />

Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis<br />


The Black Hole Dec 79<br />

Ma,\imllian Schell. Anthony<br />

Perkins, Robert Forster<br />

The Last Flight of Noah's Ark .<br />

Elliott Gould. Genevieve Biijold.<br />

Ricky Schroder, Tammy Lauren<br />


Kramer vs. Kramer<br />

Dustln Hoffman, Meryl Streep<br />

, . . And Justice for All C<br />

AI Pacino, Jack Warden<br />

All That Jazz DM<br />

Roy Scheider, Ann Reinking<br />

Freestyle<br />

Susan Clark<br />

The Thief of Bagdad<br />

Terence Stamp, Peter Ustinov<br />

The Electric Horseman<br />

Robert Redford, Jane Fonda,<br />

Willie Nelson, Nicholas Coster<br />

Hot Stuff<br />

Dom DeLuise, Suzanne Pleshette,<br />

Jerry Reed<br />

Madonna Red<br />

Paul Newman<br />

The First Deadly Sin<br />

Marlon Brando<br />

Wind River OD-Ad<br />

Charlton Ilcslon. Stephen Jlarht.<br />

Brian Keith<br />


Double Negative<br />

Geraldlne Fitzgerald. Michael<br />

Sarrazln, Susan Clark, Anthony<br />

Perkins<br />


Coach. Part II<br />

The Majorettes<br />


Element 92 Sept 79<br />

F.ihio Tpvli. Janet Agren,<br />


The Lady in Red<br />

(lOO)<br />

Cr-D..July7<<br />

Pamela Sue Martin, niihert Conrad.<br />

I-oulse Fletcher<br />

Disco High CM.<br />

Car Wars Ac-C.<br />

Battle Beyond the Stars SF.<br />

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round<br />

the Old Oak Tree R-D.<br />


Rough Cut<br />

Burt Reynolds, Jacqueline BIsset<br />

North Dallas Forty<br />

Nick Nolle, Mac Darts,<br />

Bo Svenson, Charles Durnliic<br />

Full Moon in August<br />

Joseph Bottoms<br />

American Gigolo<br />

Lauren Button, Richard Gere<br />

Starting Over<br />

Burt Reynolds, JUl Clayburgh,<br />

Candice Bergen, Charles Durning<br />

Sunburn<br />

Farrali Fawcett-Majors, Charles<br />

Grodln<br />

The Hunter<br />

Steve McQueen<br />

Little Darlings<br />

Tatiim O'Neal, Kristy McNichol<br />

20TH-FOX<br />

Nosferatu<br />

SF-Ho..0ct79<br />

Isabelle Adjani, Klaus Kinskl,<br />

Bruno Ganz<br />

Health C. Dec 79<br />

Cleiida Jackson. Carol Burnett,<br />

James Garner, Lauren Bacall<br />

Nine to Five C.<br />

Jane Fonda<br />

St. Petersburj Cannes Express<br />

Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland<br />

The Rose DM..<br />

Bette Midler, Alan Bates<br />

(Dolby)<br />

Brubaker<br />

Robert Redford, Yaphet Kotto<br />

Breaking Away C.<br />

Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid<br />

Fatso<br />

Anne B.an«roft, Dom DeLuise,<br />

Candy Azzara, Ron Carey<br />


Hide in Plain Sight (MGM) June 79<br />

James Caan, Jill Eikenberry<br />

Apocalypse Now ....War D.. Dec 79<br />

Marlon Br.ondo, Robert Duvall,<br />

Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper<br />

(Dolby)<br />

James and Jane<br />

James Caan, Genevieve Bujold<br />

Heaven's Gate<br />

Kris KristofferaoD<br />

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh ....<br />

Stockard Cbanning<br />

Rich Kids<br />

Kathryn Walker, John LIthgow,<br />

David Selby, Terry Kiser<br />

Ladies of the Valley<br />

Foste<br />


The Lonely Lady D..<br />

Susan Blakely<br />

The Senator<br />

Alan Alda. Melv>'n Douglas,<br />

Barbara Harris<br />

Little Miss Marker<br />

Walter Matthau. Julie Andrews,<br />

Sara Stlmson, Bob Newhart<br />

Legacy<br />

Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott,<br />

Roger Daltrey<br />

(Dolby)<br />

Resurrection<br />

Kllen BurstJ-n, Sam Shepard<br />

Coal Miner's Daughter B-D .<br />

Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones<br />

The Concorde—Airport '79<br />

Robert Wagner, Alain Delon,<br />

Susan Blakely, George Kennedy<br />

1941 C.<br />


hn<br />

Miin<br />

BeliishI,<br />

Art Arabian Adventure July 79<br />

Christopher Lee<br />

Beyond the Poseidon<br />

Adventure Ad . . July 79<br />

Michael Caine. Sally Field,<br />

Telly Savalas. Peter Boyle<br />

No Knife C-W..Auo79<br />

Harrison Ford<br />

Captain Grovm Up<br />

Diane Keaton<br />

Stepping Out<br />

fJrnrge Bums, Art Carney<br />

The Squeeze Sus-C .<br />

Stacy Keach, Lino Ventura<br />

First Blood<br />

Al Pacino<br />

Heart Beat<br />

SIssv Spacek, Nick Nolte<br />

Just Tell Me Wliat You Want .,.C.,<br />

Ml MaeGraw, Alan King<br />

BOXOFFICE BookinGuide May

Diane<br />

Opinions on Current Productions ^EATUkE RiVllWS<br />

color, unless otherwise specified as black and white (b&w). For story synopsis on each picture, see reverse i<br />


United Artists (79087)<br />

m<br />

93 Minutes Rel. Apr. '79<br />

Once more. Woody Allen dissects himself with a comic<br />

purpose but this time with a sharp dramatic edge. Not as<br />

di-amatic as "Intenors" or as humorous as most of his<br />

other films, the new pictm-e is both a funny comedy and<br />

a very sad di'ama of changing relationships. Daring to<br />

film "Manhattan" in black and white, dii-ector and coscripter<br />

(with Marshall Brickmam Allen has made a<br />

combination of "Annie Hall"<br />

i Keaton in a similar<br />

rolei and "An Umnarried Woman" (Michael Mm-phy in<br />

the same part of husband having an affaii-, although<br />

done with a lighter touch). Making the difference is the<br />

love between Allen, a TV comedy writer, and Mariel<br />

Hemingway, a teenaged aspiring actress. The relationships<br />

and the language have earned a contested R rating.<br />

It has been said that tliis is the new. more serious Woody<br />

at work, although it may be that he was always this way.<br />

The New York-Jewish-show biz onented gags prove to<br />

be memorable, as before, and probably more perceptive.<br />

The Panavision and a lovely George Gershwin score are<br />

distinct assets, particularly the latter. Charles H. Joffe<br />

produced. Acted with a gi-eat deal of conviction, "Manhattan"<br />

could be one of Allen's most endui'ing accomplishments.<br />

Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel<br />

Hemingway, Anne Byrne, Meryl Streep.<br />

lust Like at Home<br />

""'""EnBiishTrnVs""""'<br />

New Yorker Fihns 108 Minutes Rel. May '79<br />

This charming and credible Marta Meszaros import<br />

may do nicely beyond what remains of the<br />

so-called "art theatre" circuits across the counti-y-<br />

One reason is that it is one of the few Hungarian<br />

attractions coming into the commercial market.<br />

Secondly, it contains what must be categorized as a<br />

woman's approach to family life, of a universal<br />

scope. Rlmmaker Meszaros has the unique ability<br />

to tell a story that goes beyond a national point of<br />

reference. Jan Nowicki, back in Budapest after an<br />

American stay, finds his native land a bit dull,<br />

career-wise and romantically. His wanting a shaggy<br />

sheepdog owned by a little girl (Zsuzsa Czinkoczyt<br />

leads to ultimate contentment in the person of liLs<br />

foi-mer Hungarian girlfriend (Anna Karina). The<br />

Ildiko Kordy screenplay is simple in structm-e and<br />

well paced. The little gii-1 has enormous promise.<br />

Anna Karina provides an emotive prowess refreshing<br />

to watch, Nowicki does a fii-st-rate job in a sensitive<br />

role. Humiia Studio, Budapest, was the production<br />

company.—^Allen Widem.<br />

Zsuzsa Czinkoczy, Jan Nowicki, Anna Karina.<br />


The AU-Around<br />

Reduced Personality<br />

Clara Burckner/<br />

Basis Film/ZDF<br />

*«'^|<br />

8 Minutes Rel. May '79<br />

Since the recent proliferation of films about<br />

women's lives seems to have captured the attention<br />

of the American audience, this import bearing the<br />

distinctive directorial drive of Helke Sander (she<br />

also stars I can be expected to generate interest as<br />

well. Her challenging script ( containing excerpts<br />

from works of Thomas Brasch, Elisabeth Lenk and<br />

Christa Woldi is concerned with the life—and lifestyle—of<br />

a still photographer in West Berlin. Katia<br />

Fobert's photographic effects are excellent. Leading<br />

lady-director-wi-iter Sander has demonstrated a<br />

compelling talent. The musical score is credited to<br />

Beethoven, Walter Kollo and Lothar Elias.—Allen<br />

Widem.<br />

Helke Sander, Joachim Baumann, Andrea<br />

Malkowsky, Ronny Tanner.<br />

Skin Deep<br />

Phrase Three Films 103 Minutes Rel. May '79<br />

Prom standpoint of status alone (after all, how<br />

many attractions from New Zealand have wended<br />

their way stateside) this newly arrived effort, a<br />

fii-st feature by Geoff Steven, should attract critical<br />

as well as filmgoer attention. The comedy is reflective<br />

of native mores, yet should hold appeal for<br />

American audiences. Steven, joined by Piers Davies<br />

and Roger Hon-ocks in development of the script<br />

(as based on a Steven idea*, is concerned with a<br />

small town's reaction to the arrival of a big-city<br />

masseuse. Some footage is predictable, while other<br />

segments demonstrate farce of a high order. Deryn<br />

Cooper, as the lady of the moment, does well in a<br />

demanding role. John Maynard produced.—Allen<br />

Widem,<br />

Deryn Cooper, Ken Blackburn, Grant Tilly, Alan<br />

Jervis, Glennis Levestam, Heather Lindsey.<br />

(Continued on following page)<br />


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FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Exploitips; Adiines for Newspapers and Programs<br />


i/ooder,<br />

The Idlers of the f'^L^^^<br />

Fertile Valley<br />

AUx Film Productions 115 Minutes Rel. May '79<br />

Nikos Panayotopoulos, listed as both director and<br />

writer (working from a novel by Albert Cosseryi.<br />

may well emerge as a distinctive filmmaker in the<br />

demanding sphere of screen satire, one calling for<br />

utmost care and calculation on both sides of the<br />

camera. Newly ensconced in bucolic surroundings<br />

by way of inheritance, a family of widower and<br />

tlii-ee sons attempt to adjust to backwoods life with<br />

the help of a young housekeeper. The "perhapswe'11-do-something-tomorrow"<br />

attitude is conveyed<br />

with high comedy by polished perfonners.—Allen<br />

Widem.<br />

Olga Karlatos, Yorgos Dialegmenos, Dimitris Poulikakos,<br />

Nikitas Tsakiiogilou.

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vlaho<br />

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t (303) 343-4200.<br />

EXPERIENCED MANAGER wanted for<br />

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irea Send resume and references to Box-<br />

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rea. Send resume to: Box 2101, Warliinster,<br />

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WANTED: FILM BOOKER. "Film Buff<br />

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discounts. Nurse & Co., Millbury Rd., Oxlord,<br />

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)0rtunity for advancement. Send resume Equipment Co , 6750 N,E. 4th Ct , Miami.<br />

md references to: Mr. Dale Pearce, Luxiry<br />

Theatres, 919 S.W. Taylor St., Suite<br />

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00 Portland, OR 97205. (503) 221-0213. 35MM PORTABLE SALE — Norel FP3,<br />

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'lusic Makers Theatres, Inc., 1650 Oak hfier, speaker, changeovers, lense<br />

treet, Lakewood, NJ 08701.<br />

buih for performance, _$1,095.<br />

Cineti (305) 756-1<br />

XENON BONANZA—Strong Lumex 2000<br />

watt factory rebuilt, like new, $2,995;<br />

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150 USED gold push-back seats, $11 00<br />

Excellent condition. Also use

GDEAT NEW OmCl&<br />





^<br />



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P.O. Drawer F<br />

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