Curriculum Vitae Personal Details Academic Studies Professional ...

Curriculum Vitae Personal Details Academic Studies Professional ...

Curriculum Vitae

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Date of birth 21/12/1973

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Academic Studies

Agrinio, Greece


1996-1997 MSc in Advanced Information Systems

Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow,

Glasgow, Scotland

Grade A


Combining Information Extraction with Information Retrieval

1991-1995 BSc in Informatics

Department of Informatics, University of Athens, Athens

Grade 8.02/10

Final year project Implementation of a Database Management System on the Parsytec

massively parallel system GCel 3/512 running PARIX

(Unix like operating system).

Professional Experience

Jan 1996-now

- Freelance programmer (Web, Databases and Multimedia applications)

- Programmer at the computer centre of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence (Ingres

DBMS, C, Embedded SQL)

- Web Programmer in Atypon Systems (HTML, Lex, Yacc, C, Java, ASP, SQL

Server, Access, Oracle, Perl, IIS, Apache Web Server)

- Multimedia and Database Programmer in 01 Pliroforiki

Educational Experience in Higher Institutes


Part time lecturer in the Technological and Educational Institute of Mesolonghi,

Greece, teaching:

1. Data Structures and File Organisations


2. Operating Systems

3. Multimedia

4. Security of Information Systems

5. Information Retrieval

6. Programming I & II


Pascal lab assistant in the Department of Computing Science, Univ. of Glasgow.

Educational Experience in Secondary Schools/Vocational centres

Sep 2000-now

Computing Science Teacher at 5 th High School of Agrinion, Hellas

Sep 2000-now

Trainer at Vocational training centres teaching:

1. Sound Processing

2. Multimedia Programming

3. Word Processing

4. Operating Systems Windows NT & 2000, Unix/Linux

5. C and C++ Programming

6. Java

7. Computer Networks

8. Computer Graphics Principles

Published Books

14 books about Algorithms, Networks, Multimedia, Internet and ICT skills. All books

concern secondary educational institutes or vocational training centres.

Publications in International Conferences/Journals

Information retrieval

1. Lazarinis F., Forming an instructional approach for teaching web searching to non-

English users, Program: electronic libraries (accepted)

2. Lazarinis F., Search engines and the Greek language: Do they have an understanding,

Journal of Information Science, (accepted)

3. Lazarinis F., Engineering and utilizing a stopword list in Greek Web retrieval, Journal of

the American Society for Information Science and Technology (accepted)

4. Lazarinis F., Lemmatization and stopword elimination in Greek Web searching, (submitted)

5. Lazarinis F., How do Greek searchers form their Web queries 3 rd WEBIST conference


6. Lazarinis F., (2006), Evaluating the searching capabilities of Greek e-commerce

sites, Online Information Review Journal (accepted)

7. Lazarinis, F., (2006), Searching the Greek web space: an instructional approach

for effective utilization of search engines, Journal of Science Education, 7, 28-30.


8. Lazarinis, F., Automatic Extraction of Knowledge from Greek Web Documents,

DIR’06 Information Retrieval Workshop, 2005, 33-37.

9. Lazarinis F., Do search engines understand Greek or user requests “sound Greek”

to them, Open Source Web Information Retrieval Workshop in conjunction with

IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence & Intelligent

Agent Technology, 2005 43-46

10. Lazarinis F., A Rule Based Tool for Mining Textual Data from Greek Calls for

Papers, 2 nd Balkan Conference in Informatics, 2005, 126-133

11. Lazarinis F., Evaluating User Effort in Greek Web Searching, 10 th Pan-Hellenic

Conference in Informatics, 2005 99-109

12. Lazarinis F., Combining Information Retrieval with Information Extraction for

Efficient Retrieval of Calls for Papers”, BCS-IRSG’98, Grenoble, France, 1998,

pp. 162-174.

13. Lazarinis F., An analysis of the technological features of Greek Cultural and Tourism

web sites, Conference International Critical Issues in Leisure & Tourism

Education, 2006 (on print)

14. Lazarinis F., Evaluating the technologies and services of tourism and cultural web

sites, International Conference of Trends, Impacts and Policies on Tourism Development,


Educational technology

15. Lazarinis F., A hypermedia environment for managing online courseware based on

adaptable templates, International Conference on Virtual Learning, 2006 (accepted)

16. Lazarinis F., Designing an enhanced e-assessment tool for end user ICT certifications,

International Conference on Virtual Learning, 2006 (accepted)

17. Lazarinis F., Evaluation of ICT adult training programs by learners, The Future of

E: Advanced Educational Technologies for a Future e-Europe 2006 (accepted)

18. Lazarinis F., A Template Based System for Automatic Construction of Online

Courseware for Secondary Educational Schools, Educational Technology & Society,

2004, 7 (3), 112-123.

19. Lazarinis F., Retalis S., Engineering an interoperable adaptive hypermedia testing

tool supporting user adaptable strategies, 3rd IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Applications & Innovations, special session Adaptive Learning Systems

Engineering, LNCS 2006, vol 204, pp 393-400.

20. Lazarinis F., The role of ICT Certification in Tourism and Cultural Professions,

Critical Issues in Leisure & Tourism Education, 2006 (on print)

21. Lazarinis F., Proposing a Discrete Role Architectural Model for Categorised

Online Learning Sites, ICICTE, 2002, pp. 611-618.


22. Lazarinis F., Retalis S., Analyze Me: Open Learner’s Model in an Adaptive Web

Testing System, International Journal Artificial Intelligence in Education, 2006,



23. Lazarinis F., Stefanidis S, Kougiourouki O., e-travelling: A Generic Paradigm for

Developing Tourism Web Sites, Scientific : Rethinking of Education and Training

for Tourism, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2002 pp. 369-379.

24. Lazarinis F., The importance of ICT Certification in Tourism and Cultural Professions,

International Conference of Trends, Impacts and Policies on Tourism Development,

2006 (on print)

25. Lazarinis F., Kougiourouki O., A Database Framework for Agencies Offering Diverse

Tourism Services via the WWW”, Tourism Today Journal, 2003, 3, 202-211

26. Stefanidis S, Lazarinis F., et al., e-travelling: A System of Promoting and Administering

Tourist Services on the Internet”, International Conference: Tourism on

Islands and Specific Destinations, University of the Aegean, Chios, 2000.

National Conferences or Journals

17 papers related to educational technology and adult education

References to my work

Educational technology

1. Hadjerrouit, S., Creating Web-Based Learning Systems: An Evolutionary Development

Methodology, Proceedings of the 2006 Informing Science and IT Education

Joint Conference, 2006, 119-144

Information retrieval

2. Matsuo et al., Mining Messages in an Electronic Message Board by Repetition of

Words, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2002

3. Shepherd et al., The Role of User Profiles for News Filtering, Journal of the

American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2001


4. Kanellopoulos, D., Intelligent wireless web services for tourism: a review of the

enabling technologies, International Conference of Trends, Impacts and Policies

on Tourism Development, 2006 (on print)


1. Oct 2005: 10 hour seminar “Teleteatching”, Technological Educational Institute of

Mesolonghi, Greece


2. 14-16.02.2003: 2-day seminar “Pedagogy and New Technologies”, Brussels, Belgium.

3. 09-13.09.2002: 30-hour Comenius 2.2 seminar “Application of Informatics in the

Education Activity”, University of Roma, Italy.

4. Sep 2000: 40-hour Pedagogical Seminar, University of Patras, Greece.

5. Jan-Mar 1994: 250-hour EU financed seminar “Utilization of Case Tools in Industry”,

University of Athens, Greece.

Foreign Languages

English (fluent)

Italian (fluent)


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