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42. [GRENADA.] [Indenture

recording the sale of a half

share of a sugar plantation

in Grenada by William Snell

Chauncey of Thames

Ditton, Surrey and his wife

Sarah to William Pearce of

St. Swithin’s Lane, London,


[London, 23 March 1789.]

Indenture on vellum (64 x 52cm) 37

lines, signed and sealed by William

& Sarah Snell Chauncey, with

attached witness statement, verso

with contemporary endorsements and

tax stamps, some dusting to verso

along old folds, overall very good,

offered together with a related indenture

of reconveyance of similar format

dated 24 March 1789.


This indenture records the sale of a half share of a sugar plantation on the Carribean island of Grenada in 1789:

“half part of all that plantation or sugar work formerly called … the Mount alias Mount Martha but now Cape-

Sale … being in the parish of Saint Davids formerly called Megrine in the island of Grenada in the West Indies

… being two hundred and forty three acres of land stores mills outhouses and negroe houses … and all other

buildings edifices and erections … together with one hundred and thirty negroe or other slaves to the said plantation

land and premises belonging … and all other the negroe or other slaves horses …”



43. HAGUE, James. James Hague, chymist and druggist,

(no. 15) Catherine – Street, Strand: prepares and

sells the following articles, of the very best quality …

[London, c.1780.] Handbill. Small folio (15.5 x 27cm) printed in

four columns divided by ornaments, printed border cropped on each

side, old folds.

This handbill advertises more than one hundred and sixty medicines,

pills, salts, elixirs, tinctures, herbs and spices prepared

and sold c.1780 by the chemist and druggist James Hague of 15

Catherine Street, Strand: “powder of jalap … flower of brimstone

… tincture of myrrh … Goulard’s extract of lead …

liver of antimony … pungent smelling bottle … elixir of vitriol

… valerian root …” A note at the foot of the sheet advises

that “the following prepared by him alone, and to be had

nowhere else, genuine tincture of Peruvian bark, tincture for

the teeth, lozenges for the piles, and fever powder, as originally

prepared by Dr. James”.

Not traced in ESTC. £250

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