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RZ Digital High-Resolution

Video Endoscopy

with exeptional image quality

Perfect for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications without

compromising colour, quality or requirements!

311-500-300 RZ-VIPer

The compact and lightweight digital RZ VIPer –Video-Processor manages

all tasks relating to modern video endoscopy: combination of light, air

and water supply as well as processing the image signals of the video

chip. The digital colour processor is equipped with the latest

technical and electronic components, is innovative and at the same

time easy to handle. For optimal clarity during endoscopic examinations,

VIPer system provides crystal clear, full-screen colour images on the

monitor. In addition, the compact, lightweight design is the perfect

solution for users of endoscopic systems with limited space. The

processor is compatible with all RZ Gastroscopes and Colonoscopes.

➤ Exeptional image quality

➤ Memory for up to 12 images

➤ Menu-operated control of brightness and white balance

➤ The option to connect further input/output devices

(e.g. video recorder, PC, keyboard)

311-500-100 RZ Video Gastroscope

311-500-200 RZ Video Colonoscope

After a period of intensive development, RZ Medizintechnik is

now able to offer devices with the latest video technology.

Many years of experience, gained through varied and wide-ranging

repair work, have put into the development process.

Additionally, the requests of our customers have been taken

into account in the whole range of construction features.

The new RZ Video-Endoscopes offer:

➤ Very high image quality

➤ High performance lenses - optical system of highest precision

from German production

➤ Large wide angle with exceptional deep sharpness

➤ Perfect illumination of the investigation field

➤ Functional, easy to handle control part

➤ Balanced flexibility of the introduction hose with large

folding angle in the distal range

➤ Low-friction instrument channel which is insensitive

to mechanical forces

➤ Standardized device connection with safety device

against penetrating humidity

RZ Video endoscopes are equipped with the latest technical, optical and electronic components

and are characterized by their simple handling, exceptional image quality and the stability of their

technical and electronic parts.

Our devices offer the highest level of precision and create the ideal basis for safe diagnosis.


Holding device for Gastroscope/ Colonoscope


Sealing Cap for buttons


Sealing Cap


Connection Cable Gastroscope/Colonoscope

to the Videoprocessor


Bottle to connect on the Gastroscope/Colonoscope


RZ-TFT Flat Screen 19“

High-Brightness monitor-medical model,

1280x1024Px, 442x386x67mm, 6.9kg, 12V/DC,

illumination: 450cd/m 2 , DVI-I, VGA, FBAS,

Viewing angles 170°/170°

310-023-180 S 1800 mm working length

310-023-230 S 2300 mm working length


Biopsy Forceps without pike 2.3 mm Ø

310-123-180 S 1800 mm working length

310-123-230 S 2300 mm working length


Biopsy Forceps without pike 2.3 mm Ø

310-223-180 S 1800 mm working length

310-223-230 S 2300 mm working length


Biopsy Forceps with pike 2.3 mm Ø

Highest working comfort

Special: Up to 200° turnable for an incomparably large

navigation and range of vision. The ergonomical optimized

control body and optimal positioned remote controlling

keys ensure particularly sensitive and easy handling.

Easy instrument passage is ensured also when turning

the endoscope completely.

The RZ distal end has a spezial wide-angle lens with an image angle

of 140° and a focus range of 4 to 200 mm, connected to a video chip

with over 440 000 active pixels. Two light guides with 140° light

emission create an evenly illuminated image.

The high-perfomance lens, the video chip and the light guides

produce a high-resolution complete image with sharpness and

brightness that reaches into corners of the monitor.



311-500-100 311-500-200


Line of vision forwards forwards

Field of vision 140º 140º

Depth of focus 7-200 mm 7-200 mm

Illumination 2 light guides 2 light guides

Image mode full-screen-format full-screen-format

Ø Insertion tube 9.8 mm 12.9 mm

Ø Distal end 10.5 mm 13.2 mm

Ø Instrument channel 2.8 mm 3.7 mm

max. angulation up/down 200º/90º 180º/180º

max. angulation left/right 90º/90º 160º/160º

Length of insertions section 105 cm 150 cm



Type of lamp

Halogen lamps specifically. Xenophot 64634 HLX


15 volt/150 Watt

Lamp geometry

Integrated ellipsoid reflector

Colour temperature

Up to 2700º Kelvin

Heat protection filter

IR 3 ( Opt. KG/UV-filter

Lamp life

50 hours average at 30/15 min on/off

Power supply

230 VAC and 115 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

250 Watt

Pump: type/pressure

Conrod membrane/0,6 bar

dimensions (W x H x D) 26 x 11 x 29 cm


approx 9 kg


All metal, powder coated

Protection Class IPX 1/IEC 529

Operating temperature + 10°C to +40°C


-20°C to +45°C

Permissible relative humidity 85%

Noise suppression


Degree of prot./Device group Medical Devices Act (MPG) Group IIa


Type BF (card. floating)

Elektrical protection class 1/TÜV tested


93/42/EEC Kl. IIa

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