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2 JALANDHAR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION CONDITIONS OF PROPOSAL PROPOSAL FEE : Rs. 500/- E.M.D : 5% of the tendered amount 1) Sealed tender are hereby invited from manufacturer on prescribed form obtainable on any working day till 12:00 pm on cash payment or DD in favor of Corporation Engineer, Municipal Corporation Jalandhar payable at Jalandhar for the work prescribed above . 2. The sealed Tender should reach by registered AD/speed post/Hand delivery to the office of the Superintending Engineer (O&M), Municipal Corporation , Jallandhar (Pb) So as to reach him on or before 3:00 P.M.on 25-11-10. Technical bid will be open at 3:30 PM. on the same day in the office of the S.E. (O&M). 3) 5% of the tendered amount shall be deposited as earnest money By Demand Draft / pay order / in favor of Corporation Engineer, Municipal Corporation Jalandhar payable at Jalandhar without which no tender will be considered. The EMD will be released after completion of O & M Contract of 3 years. 4) Successful tenderer shall have to sign a contract with the Municipal Corporation as per rules before starting the work. 5) At the time of opening, only Technical Bids of all tenderers will be opened. After scrutinizing Technical Bids, the Price bid of those tenderers who satisfy the eligibility criteria will be opened. Price Bids of those bidders not satisfying criteria shall be returned to them un-opened. The opening date of price bid will be announced at the time of opening of technical bid. For Evaluation of offers both Supply Rates and O & M Rates would be clubbed to arrive at the Lowest price bid. The bids of bidder’s offering single supply or O & M rates will be out rightly rejected. 6) Technical Bid & Price Bid shall be sealed in separate envelopes clearly marked ( 1. Technical Bid and 2. Price Bid) & put in one common sealed cover (should be sent by Registered Post A.D. or Speed Post or Hand Delivery. i) Proposal sent by ordinary post will not be considered ii) Proposal received late will not be accepted. iii) The postal delay will not be considered for late receipt. 7) If the bid is found to have misled or made false representation in the form of any of the statements submitted in proof of the eligibility and qualification requirement, his bid shall be rejected.

3 8) Rights to rejects any or all tenders without assigning any reason there of is reserved by the Municipal Commissioner, Jallandhar and whose decision will be final and legally binding on all the bidder and no correspondence will be entertained on the subject matter. 9) Terms of the proposal issued by Municipal Corporation must be duly signed & attached with the proposal offer. 10) Bidder should give validity of the proposal for minimum 120 days. 11) The rates quoted by the bidder shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties, Octroi, service tax, VAT etc. and no claim in this context shall be entertained. 12) Tenderer shall have to submit latest back-up Guarantee letter from the original Eligible manufacturer of imported components like Jetting pump, Suction Pump, P.T.O., Jetting Hose, Hydraulic Motor, Nozzles & confirm their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) suppliers over five years and also confirm the spares supplied by manufacturer to the bidder minimum for the period of 10 years. The Backup Guarantee Letters will be verified from the proper authority by the officials of MC Jallandhar, before opening of the Price Bid. In case the documents are found to be non-genuine, the bidder will be immediately blacklisted. 13) At any time prior to the deadline for submission of the Bids, the MCJ may amend the Tender Document by issuing addendum. Any addendum issued shall be part of the Tender Document and shall be communicated in writing to all who have obtained the tender Document directly from the MCJ. To give prospective Bidder reasonable time in which to take an addendum into account in preparing their Bids, the MCJ may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of the Bids. Bidder’s Signature S.E.(O& M) Municipal Corp. Jalandhar Name:- Company’s seal

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