2010 Annual Report - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


2010 Annual Report - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Annual Report 2010

and Annual Meeting

Girl Scout


On my honor, I will try:

To serve God * and my country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be

honest and fair,

friendly and helpful, considerate and caring,

courageous and strong, and

responsible for what I say and do,

and to

respect myself and others, respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place,

and be a sister to

every Girl Scout.

*The word “God” can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on one’s spiritual beliefs. When reciting the

Girl Scout Promise, it is acceptable to replace the word “God” with whatever word your spiritual beliefs dictate.

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


4th Annual Meeting

Opening Flag Ceremony

Troop 3055

Call to Order

Elaine Young, Board Chair

Quorum Report

Lauren Bowman, Director of Membership Services

Stewardship Report

Ruby Brase, Board Treasurer

Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer Reports

Elaine Young, Board Chair

Pam Kovacevich, CEO

100th Anniversary Update

Pam Kovacevich, CEO

National Convention and Delegates

Elaine Young, Board Chair

Board Development Report

Melinda Figge, Board Development Committee Member

Installation of New Board of Directors

Elaine Young, Board Chair

Table of


Letter from CEO and Board Chair 2

Financial Statement 3

Board of Directors 4

Slate of Delegates 6

Awards 7

Girl Scout Leadership Experience 10

Membership 1 1

Activities 12

Promise Society 14

Adult Recognitions

Donna Haire, Awards Committee Co-Chair

Girl Awards

Pam Kovacevich, CEO

Retiring of the Colors

Troop 3055

Parliamentarian - We are honored to have Johnetta Jordan serve as

our parliamentarian.


Dear Girl Scout members and friends,

2010 was a year of challenge and opportunity for Girl Scouts of Central Illinois. Like most non-profits, we

felt the effects of a struggling economy, but this challenge only reinforced our commitment to bringing the

Girl Scout program to girls throughout our council’s jurisdiction, as evidenced by the fact that we served

more than 20,000 girls in 2010, nearly half of whom required financial assistance in order to participate. We

anticipate serving even more girls this year as we currently sit at approximately 18,150 members with another

five months to go in the membership year.

Over 10,000 girls attended council-sponsored programs that delivered the Girl Scout Leadership

Experience. One hundred sixteen girls in our council achieved the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award as part of

their path to leadership and giving back to their communities while another seventy-three are expected to

achieve the award as they wrap up their 2010-11 membership year. Over 2,300 girls attended GSCI

summer camps, and this included nearly $30,000 in campership assistance. We expect more than 2500 at

our camps this summer as we continue to assist those who could not otherwise attend these life-changing

opportunities. Of course, we could not offer this far-reaching impact without your support, and we look

forward to a continued partnership with our community friends and supporters in the coming years.

Other accomplishments from the past year include the development of online shopping and

eRegistration for membership, program, and camp, as we seek to make e-commerce more available as a

convenience to our customers and members. GSUSA launched a brand revitalization campaign in July of

2010 and GSCI has embraced the look and the message of the revitalized brand as we seek to reach even

more girls with the empowering programming that Girl Scouting provides for any girl who decides to join us.

One of the greatest testaments to the support from our communities was seen in the tremendous success

of Operation Cookie Share, a new addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Activity in 2010 that allowed cookie

customers to support Girl Scouts and U.S. soldiers by contributing Girl Scout cookies to women and men

serving in our country’s military. Thanks to a partnership with State Farm as well as the generous

contributions of our communities, a total of 84,000 boxes of cookies made their way to soldiers serving in

Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S in 2010 while another 58,476 boxes will be on their way following our most

recent cookie sale – far surpassing our hope for the success of this program. In response, we were gifted with

U.S. flags that had flown across the world, and we received numerous letters of gratitude from the recipients

of your generosity.

Moving forward, we expect to continue to meet challenges with unflagging commitment to bringing the Girl

Scout Leadership Experience to girls in central Illinois. With your continued support we are enthusiastic about

giving girls the opportunity to do great things – on their own behalf and on behalf of their communities. As we

continue our preparations for celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting in 2012, we cannot thank you enough for

your commitment of time, talent, and resources on behalf of the girls we serve and we look forward to your

continued partnership as we draw near the conclusion of the first one hundred years of Girl Scouting and

move into Girl Scouting’s second century of building girls of courage, confidence, and character.






























Pam Kovacevich, CEO

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Elaine Young, Board Chair

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois




Girl Scouts of Central Illinois




Cash and cash equivalents $2,687,929

Investments 2,815,539

Accounts receivable 20,742

Other receivables 316,701

Inventory 170,979

Prepaid expenses 120,781

Total current assets $6,132,671


Unconditional promises to give 10,910

Debt issuance cost, (net) 7,175

Property and equipment, (net) 11,908,696

Total noncurrent assets $11,926,781

Total assets $18,059,452


Accounts payable 175,862

Accrued expenses 191,515

Amounts held for others 44,578

Deferred income 60,205

Amounts due to GSUSA 37,680

Obligation under capital lease - current portion 20,353

Bonds payable - current portion 28,132

Total current liabilities 558,325


Obligation under capital lease, less current portion above 29,103

Bonds payable, less current portion above 230,284

Total long-term liabilities $259,387

Total liabilities $817,712


United Way $369,277

Contributions 438,640

In-kind contributions 58,766

Program service fees 601,422

Product sales, (net) 4,302,713

Sales of supplies and services, (net) 194,116

Investment income 60,559

Unrealized and realized gain on investments 144,020

Loss on disposal of property and equipment (15,475)

Other income 76,868

Total revenues and other support $6,230,906


Salaries and benefits 3,945,801

Supplies 283,143

Occupancy 315,092

Travel 192,440

Insurance 148,681

Special Assistance - individual and troop 79,866

Professional fees 239,581

Equipment rental and maintenance 73,304

Marketing and advertising 53,653

Printing and publications 64,724

Postage and shipping 52,974

Telephone and internet 115,732

Conventions and meetings 18,415

Membership and dues 11,196

Interest 13,334

Miscellaneous expenses 53,219

Depreciation and amortization 312,478

Total expenses $5,973,633

Change in net assets $257,273


Unrestricted: General 15,263,385

Board designated 797,680

Temporarily restricted 580,110

Permanently restricted 600,565

Total net assets $17,241,740

Total liabilities and net assets $18,059,452


Girl Scouts of Central Illinois BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Geri Lynn Arrindell, Springfield, IL

Hinshaw & Bulbertson, LLP

Emily Alwood, Mapleton, IL

PNC Bank

Debbie Cimarossa, Springfield, IL

Horace Mann Insurance

Melinda Figge, Green Valley, IL

YWCA Pekin

Emmie Fisher, Champaign, IL

Community Advocate

Chris Funk, Decatur, IL

Hickory Point Bank & Trust, FSB

Cynthia Furling, Springfield, IL

Bill Furling Realtors

Suzanne Gehrig, Peoria, IL

Saint Francis Medical Center


Elaine Young, Board Chair

Memorial Health System, Springfield, IL

Patricia Webber, 1st Vice Chair

Ryan Pharmacy, Bloomington, IL

Ann Kenney Lynch, Secretary

Caterpillar, Inc. - Retired, Edwards, IL

Ruby Brase, Treasurer

Millikin University, Moweaqua, IL


Donna Haire, Quincy, IL

Community Volunteer

Dr. Susan Kruml, Decatur, IL

Millikin University

Diane Newell, Springfield, IL

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation

Marla Robinson, Decatur, IL

Decatur Public School District #61

Timothy Ryon, Peoria, IL

Peoria Public Schools - Retired

Dr. Lily Siu, Danville, IL

Richland Community College

Virginia Waddell, Macomb, IL

Waddell Farms, Inc.

Alissa Williams, Morton, IL

Pekin Public Library



Jacqueline Harris, Chapin, IL

Kimberly Rosecrans, Peoria, IL


nominated for her first two-year term

Colleen Kannaday, Bloomington, IL

Colleen Kannaday is the president of Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in

Bloomington, IL. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Santa

Clara University in CA and a Master’s in Health Administration from St. Louis

University. Colleen brings previous board experience, along with experience in

marketing, strategic planning, finance, and fundraising to her position on the

GSCI Board.





to the 52nd National Convention

Girl Delegates

Ashton Collins, Marseilles, IL

Chantel Fifer, Washington, IL

Jacqueline Harris, Chapin, IL

Peyton Tosh, Jacksonville, IL

Adult Delegates

Amanda Atchley, Canton, IL

Kelly Day, Lovington, IL

Denise Embree, Quincy, IL

Jeannie Harris, Chapin, IL

Ann Kenney Lynch, Edwards, IL

Pam Kovacevich, Sherman, IL

Pamela Streitmatter, Peoria, IL

Colleen Stuart, Pawnee, IL

Girl Alternates

Rachel Baker, Morton, IL

Faith Streitmatter, Peoria, IL

Adult Alternates

Holly Crotty, Decatur, IL

Millie Golemo, Quincy, IL

Jennifer Holhubner, Champaign, IL

Carla Houser, Bloomington, IL

Tracy Wiltgren, Monticello, IL



















recognizes leaders who go above

and beyond the role of leader to

deliver the Girl Scout program.

Terry Baker

SA 15

Darla Buss

SA 15

Carol Salo

SA 4

Cindy Turner

SA 32


a board-approved award for

candidates who go above and

beyond the expectations of the

position and actively give

outstanding service in more than

two geographical areas of the


Lynn Evans

SA 17

Every year, over 5,000 adult volunteers

assist us in carrying out our mission to

inspire courage, confidence, and

character in the 20,000+ girls we serve.

Through their dedication, leadership, and

example, volunteers facilitate girls’ healthy

development, helping them to become

empowered and to feel connected to one

another and their communities. At this

time we would like to recognize volunteers

who earned awards during the 2010-2011

membership year.



a board-approved award for

candidates who go above and

beyond in at least one area of

the council and contribute to the

council’s goals and objectives.

Cathy Sanders

SA 15

Sue Nolan

SA 23

Anne Meyer

SA 24

Kathy Pracht

SA 25

Destinee Crosier

SA 25


Lifesaving Award

The Bronze Cross is a very special

award that has been part of the Girl

Scout program since the start of the

movement. Girl Scout councils

document specific actions that have

led to a person saving a life or attempting

to save a life, with national awards

determined by GSUSA. Girl Scout Lifesaving

awards, as part of the Girl Scout

program, are given to registered Girl

Scouts (not adults) who have saved

a human life or attempted to save it

under circumstances that

indicate heroism or risk to their own

lives and who have performed heroic

acts beyond the degree of maturity

and training to be expected at their


Kaylee Rogers

Six year-old Kaylee Rogers was awakened

in the middle of a December night by the

smell of smoke. Kaylee immediately yelled

“Fire!” and woke her parents. She also

rescued her sleeping baby brother.

Abigail Vannoy

In February, seven year-old Abigail Vannoy

was awakened in the middle of the night by

the sound of a smoke alarm and fire in her

home. She woke her parents and younger

sister, and the family was able to escape the

fire unharmed.

Thanks to Kaylee’s and Abigial’s quick

thinking and courage, these families were

able to escape these fires safely.







The Girl Scout Silver Award is the second highest award in Girl

Scouting and the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette may earn.

Michaela Baumgardner

Abigail Bohannan

Laura Briney

Taylor Buley

Jazmin Butzin

Amber Campen

Mary Corkery

Victoria Coulter

Carissa Daly

Victoria Davis

Amantha Dickman

Lydia Eman

Virginia Girsch

Sarah Haschemeyer

Katelyn Kiser

Cheyanne Lambert

Susan Leimbach

Catherine McCarthy

Anna McNay

Tori Petrillo

Kayla Robison

Sabrina Ruelas

Aspen Schopp

Colleen Sheehy

Megan Shukers

Amy Streitmatter

Rachel Strickler

Ellen Walker


The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting.

Only Girl Scout Seniors or Ambassadors may earn this award.

Kayla Bess

Holly Black

Katarina Bowles

Kelsey Brown

Leigh Bundy

Amy Carls

Alexanderia Cox

Jenny Crull

Kaitlin Davis

Nicole Duesdieker

Claire Hammer

Katy Hunt

Zabrina Johnson

Veronica Taylor

Laura Lehmkuhl

Jeanie May

Mia McNay

Kaleigh Niccum

Audrey O’Dear

Valya Panos

Roza Panos

Shanna Smith

Victoria Waddell

Ashley Ward

Rachel Weishar



Denise Embree, Quincy

Roxanne Johnston, Champaign

Lisa Heap, Champaign

Barb Juers, Peoria

Tammie Roesler, Peoria

Marcia Albert, Bloomington

Pat Bolda, Bloomington

Rhonda Coyle, Bloomington

Mary Beth Binder, Decatur

Sandy Lutz, Decatur

Ana Johnson, Springfield

Amanda Gleason, Champaign



Troop 1042

Paige Marchesano

McKenzie Dieken

Troop 2065

Jessica Devine

Callie Miller

Isabella Ritz

Nayjiana Lacy

Claire Dickerson

Troop 2083

Anastasia Condos

Troop 2087

Maya Browning

Carson Kemper

Maisie Kern

Madeleine Atkinson

Sophie Wathen

Sophia Rynen

Olivia Dodds

Azaria Davis

Adrienne Squier

Ginger Tufte

Sydney Drollinger

Mallory Wentworth

Teklii Deykoontz

Troop 2089

Elizabeth Cerillon

Caitlyn Camp

Rachael Mowrer

Brianna Bishop

Aleeka Gentzler

Ariana Gentzler

Kaitlin Harms


Caleigh Adams

Alexandra Ash

Cassie Atwood

Rachel Baker

Alicia Benning

Morgan Blackmore

Morgan Brennan

Laura Briney

Melissa Brittin

Brittany Brown

Natasha Caudle

Megan Childers

Morganne Criswell

Amantha Dickman

Angela Dobill

Taylor Endress

Abigail Furman

Jessica Kavajecz

Kelsey Blackburn

Emily Kavajecz

Anna Blackburn

Cora Geiken

Troop 2219

Ali Voss

Daisy Kurtenbach

Claire Schwartentraub

Troop 2639-B

Hannah Tomashek

Ashley Burge

Ariel Rawley

Troop 3055

Rebekah Baughman

Troop 3274

Sierra Barnette

Sara Boedecker

Kaitlin Dickey

Cassandra Dixson

Karson Drake

Athena Mata

Bella Mittleman

Athena Pajer

Katie Simpson

Troop 4027

Hannah Toniny

Troop 4150

Alyssa Irwin

Kaylee Irwin

Savhannah Haslett

Angela Headley

Alyssa Headley

Angel Howard

Dylan Howell

Kelsie Hughes

Zabrina Johnson

Kassandra King

Lauren Klindworth

Darrian Es Logan

Jenna Loudenburg

Gabrielle Maguire

Kendra Malone

Nora Ann Marino

Sara McPike

Mahkalay Myers

Kaleigh Niccum

Jena Pasley

Gina Pasley

Kayla Curless

Tierra Arendt

Troop 4222

Cassandra Karn

Alannah Chaney

Gabrielle Haskell

Troop 4234

Kira Griffin

Alice Gordon

Emma Payne

Lomia Doueihi

Troop 4251

Caroline Dobbs

Troop 4279

Kirstin Stroud

Cathriene Carey

Brooke Vielhak

Kelly Finch

Kylie Monroe

Jessa Marie Casey

Kaylin Lane

Erin Ridgely

Emma Whitehead

Bethany Hougland

Garirelle Woods

Savannah Jackson

Cidney Binegar

Samantha Schoedel

Hannah Wright

Jenna Musgrove

Hailey Stephens

Lauren Nichols

Abbigail Penk

Samantha Perry

Isabella Quistgaard

Ashley Ragle

Samantha Schultz

Dakota Shaw

Taylor Sronce

Lindsay Tipsword

Linsey Torchia

Ciera Vecellio

Kasha Weast

Makena Webb

Rachel Weishar

Anne Weitekamp

Sierra Wilson

Ellen Young

Troop 4388

Teresa Barden

Grace Campbell

Christina De Young

Romi Gardner

Anna Gentry

Veronica Lee

Ellie Linchan

Grace Tony

Megan Tucker


Rebecca Spurgeon

Emily Snyder

Serena Schaefer

Troop 5474

Haley Degroot

Olivia Gass

Lydia Mellor

Kirsten Pierson

Kenleigh Megginson

Morgan Miller

Ryley Savage

Rachel Edwards

Jasmine Chaplain

Troop 5500

Abigail Blanford

Camille Blanford

Abigail Evans

Claire Spears

Lauren Stidham

Alyssa Sutheard

Sarah Dawdy

Emily Evans

Mary Rose Prewitt

Troop 6044

Abbey Floyd

Madison Biswell

Morgan Kath

Ellie Cashman

Rylan Jacobs

Hayley Ross

Grace Nolting

Erin Lenhart

Olivia Hartel

Jillian Clifton

Troop 6434

Audie Bell

Natalie Beard

Kaytlyn Crain

Madison Kuehl

Pandora Lynn

Kaleigh Pillsbury

Megan Price

Victoria Toyne

Breanna Vickers

Troop 6561

Amanda Lopetrone

Keely Logsdon

Katherine Conklin

Tiffany Fry





Katie Baird

Rachel Barter

Amanda Bingheim

Holly Black

Samantha Bright

Kelsey Brown

Katherine Burke

Ashley Burns

Stephanie Burns

Amy Carls

Meagn Coady

Carletta Cobb

Winfrey Cobb

Katelynn Cook

Morganne Criswell

Jennifer Crull

Rebekkah Daily

Brianne Daly

Jennifer Darrow

Kaitlin Davis

Elizabeth Dix

Amanda Dodd

Jazmine Dooley

Jessica Downes

Nicole Duedieker

Rachel Duiker

Kaylan Ellerman

Lacy Emrick

Ana Flores

Jessica Fraase

Ta’Shika Fuller

Rayah Goodwin

Lindsay Hall

Rebecca Hart

Savhannah Haslett

Angela Headley

Rhea Hobson

Kelsie Hughes

Paige Johnson

Quentessa Keating

Brianna Keffeler

Chabra Kelley

Clareece Kendall

Morgan Kennedy

Casey Kennett

Shruti Kulkarni

Sara Langellier

Kendra Leedy

Carlee Lieser

Kaitlin Maierhofer

Paige Marchini

Paige Martin

Rebecca Mathenia

Kirsti McDonnell

Morgan McPherson

Mary Merdian

Kensey Mesey

Makenzie Meyer

Tiffany Mikalauski

Corinna Minor

Alexandra Moore

Samantha Neff

Stephanie Newbrough

Kaleigh Niccum

Brigitte Pardieck

Alexandra Pelmore

Cortenay Pulliam

Cassandra Roe

Lydia Ryder

Kathryn Salogga

Cheyenne Saltsgaver

Stephanie Sanderlin

Holley Schuman

Maggie Shride

Ashley Simpson

Donna Stambaugh

Logan Stanzione

Brandi Story

Chantenay Terrell

Cievna Thaton

Tania Thompson

Lindsay Tipsword

Elise Tomlin

Olivia Turner

Mareva Vaughan

Victoria Waddell

Angelica Walker

Ashley Ward

Jennifer Warren

Kasha Weast

Rachel Weishar

Marissa Weybright

Emily Whitlock

Megan Wileman

Haylee Williams

Kaytlyn Worner


1126 Laurie Graham

1099 Cathie Marx

4629 Angie Barrick

4641 Trish McGinty

4091 Linda Mendl-Kalb

5476 Gail Schutz

Great care has been taken to insure proper recognitions. If an error or omission

does occur, we apologize and hope you will bring it to our attention. Please

address any corrections to lbowman@girlscouts-gsci.org.


One girl can change a life; a group of girls can change the world.


The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Girl leaders have been at the heart of Girl Scouting since its founding in 1912,

when Juliette Gordon Low recognized that developing girls’ leadership

abilities was critical for ensuring they would be the change-makers of the

future. Today’s complex and rapidly changing world requires a new kind of

leader – one who values diversity, inclusion, and collaboration and is

committed to improving neighborhoods, communities, and the world – and

Girl Scouting remains, as it always has been, the organization best positioned

to offer girls the tools they need to be successful leaders now and throughout

their lives.

As Girl Scouting approaches its 100th anniversary, it is more important than

ever that the Girl Scout program

Is girl-led – girls determine what they want to do and how they will do it

Promotes cooperative learning – girls work together to establish their

goals and how they will accomplish them

Fosters learning by doing – girls figure out what works, what doesn’t

work, and the best way to actualize their vision

In Girl Scouting, girls steer the ship of their own adventure, with caring adult

guidance and mentoring available. The result is courageous, confident young

women with strong convictions and the power to achieve their goals and

dreams while making a difference in the lives of others.

Accomplishing our mission requires a great deal of assistance beyond our

own dedicated staff. GSCI currently boasts an adult membership of over

5,000 committed and caring volunteers who help us deliver the Girl Scout

program throughout central Illinois. By their leadership example and

encouragement of teamwork, our volunteers show girls what is possible.

We are also grateful to the individual and corporate donors who help us to

grow our programs and make sure they are available to any girl who wishes

to participate. Our community partners allow us to reach out to girls who

do not have the means to reach out to us first. In these ways the mission of

Girl Scouting extends beyond schools, family homes, and Girl Scout service

centers to enrich and be enriched by all facets of our communities.


The Girl Scout program is available to any girl age 5 – 17 through six

pathways which include camp, special events, themed activities in

series, travel, virtual participation (coming in 2012), and the

traditional troop.

Membership Highlights:

• GSCI’s membership was comprised of 20,381 girl members and

5, 178 adult volunteers, of which 676 are lifetime members

• We hold a 14.68% market share, well above the 10% national

average for market share, and boast a 1:3.9 adult to girl ratio

• In 2010 we launched eRegistration, a fast, easy, convenient way

for established troops to re-register their membership and for

members to register for council-sponsored programs.

Membership by age/grade level

cadettes - 2426 girls

6th-8th grade

seniors - 437 girls

9th-10th grade

ambassadors - 237 girls

11th-12th grade

not reported - 839 girls

daisies- 5,379 girls

K- 1st grade

juniors - 4494 girls

4th-5th grade

brownies - 6,571 girls

2nd-3rd grade





10,338 girls were served with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in


A new program initiative, the Monthly Patch Program, was introduced

as a way to help girls learn more about their communities and the

world and discover new ways to make a difference. Monthly Patch

Program modules included topics such as Women and the Arts,

Environmental Education, Self-esteem, and learning more about

Illinois and the world beyond our borders. In all, 4,674 girls earned

patches signifying their increased knowledge and understanding of

themselves and the world around them.

More than 1,600 girls participated in council-sponsored service

projects – nearly twice as many as the previous year – in addition to

the many service projects that individual girls and troops plan and

execute on their own.

Thanks to collaborations with Millikin University, ADM, and Lockheed

Martin, Girl Scout Cadettes participated in STEM programming that

included activities such as DNA extraction, 3-D computer

programming, digital music composition, Claymation movie making,

and an introduction to the world of commercial art.

Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors made a 17-day

European excursion that included stops in London, Paris, Versailles,

Lucerne, Adelboden, Florence, and Rome. Trip participants enjoyed

visiting two of the four World Girl Scout Centers, Pax Lodge and

Our Chalet.


Outdoor Education

GSCI Outdoor Education provides unique opportunities for girls to develop

strength and confidence through their connection with the natural world.

Through outdoor education girls experience activities ranging from boating

to horseback riding to taking care of the environment.

Over 2,300 girls attended camp and outdoor education sessions at

one of four ACA-accredited GSCI camps or partnering locations.

634 girls attended resident camp.

154 girls attended mini resident camp.

913 girls attended day camp.

616 girls attended weekend outdoor education activities.

In total, 11.4% of our girl membership took advantage of camp

opportunities in 2010.

Product Sales

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity is the largest all-girl business and financial

literacy program in the country. Girls who participate in council-sponsored

product sales activities develop skills of entrepreneurship, goal-setting,

teamwork, and more, all while having fun. Proceeds from product sale

activities remain in our communities to support the Girl Scout program


5,724 girls in 737 troops participated in the Fall Product Activity.

14,195 girls participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Activity – 89% of girl

membership at the time of the activity.

In partnership with State Farm and the generous support of our

communities, those 14,000+ girls sent 84,000 boxes of cookies to

military troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. through

Operation Cookie Share.

More than 2,500 girls participated in council-sponsored Cookie

Rallies to develop marketing skills, financial literacy, and goal setting



We appreciate

each of our generous

donors. You have made a

difference in the lives of

thousands of girls in

central Illinois!

Thank You

Pearl Society


Adams Outdoor Advertising

Archer Daniels Midland


Girl Scouts of the USA

Heart of Illinois United Way

Becky and Lee Hofmann

Illinois American Water

Illinois Mutual Insurance

Menghini Trust

Lee Morgan Estate

Ronald McDonald House Charities

of Central Illinois

United Way of Adams County

United Way of Central Illinois

United Way of Champaign County

United Way of Danville Area

United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois

United Way of McLean County

United Way of Pekin

Gold Circle

$5,000.00 - $9,999.00

Dame, Hurdle, and Company

Debra Braker

Champaign Rotary Club

Christian County United Way

Denney Jewelers

Prairieland United Way

Thanks to the


Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Donors and Supporters (October 1, 2009 - September 30, 2010)

State Farm Foundation-

Military Affinity Group

Streator Area United Way

State Farm Insurance Companies

United Way of Christian County

United Way of Greater St. Louis

United Way of Illinois Valley

The Woods Foundation

Silver Circle

$2,500.00 - $4,999.00

Beardstown United Way

Community Foundation of

Central Illinois

Jack Lewis Fine Jewelry

Ann Kenney Lynch

The News-Gazette

Bill and Nancy Simpson

Cargill Meat Solutions

Udry Jewelers

United Way of Logan County

United Way of Pontiac

United Way of Spoon River Country

Elaine L. Young

Bronze Circle

$1,000.00 - $2,499.00

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation

Community Foundation of

East Central Illinois

Community Foundation of

Quincy Area

Jon and Kelly Day

Enchanted Florist & Boutique

Family Video

Flora Gems

Kelly’s Accounting Service

Robert E. Gilmore

Wendell Hahn

David and Karen Hoelzer

Illinois Piping Corp.

Immanuel Lutheran Church

The Kemp Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Champaign Urbana

Kiwanis Club of Quincy

Harold and Ann Knapheide

Kohl’s Cares for Kids

Shirley and Bernie Kraft

Bobby B. Krausz

Ann Lippincott

Norma Maddio

Memorial Medical Center

Menard County United Fund

Mercantile Bank

Sybil Mervis

Pekin Insurance

Prairie Production Group

JoAnne Richardson

Tracy Richardson Memorial

Phyllis Robeson

Karen L. Rolofson

Rotary Club of Peoria North

Rotary Club of Springfield South

Rudicil Agency

Nancy Snowden

Springfield Electric Supply Company


Target Corporation

Jim and Carolyn Timberlake

UI Employee Credit Union

United Community Fund of Paxton

and Vicinity

United Way of Brown County

United Way of Bureau County

United Way of Chillicothe

United Way of Christian County


Honor Circle

$500.00 -$ 999.00


The Atkins Group

Nora Baldner

Kristen Berchtold

Mrs. W.F. Brissenden

Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP

Busey Bank Urbana

Champaign Urbana Junior League

Chillicothe Township United Way

Alan and Sue Clark

Holly Crotty

Decatur Rotary Club #180

Susan Dew

First Mid-Illinois Bank Champaign

Franklin Youth Fund

Fultz Law Office

Martha Giebelhausen

Peggy Hundley

Ameren IP

Kerber, Eck & Braeckel

Vel and Pam Kovacevich

Cam Lahart

William and Karen McConnell

F. Lynn McPheeters

Virginia Miller

Cathy and Scott Moe

Dale Montanelli

Diane J. Newell

Dr. Ann Pearson

Nancy Peterson

Rushville Community Chest

Michelle and Ed Salfelder

Kent and Nora Schnack

William and Mary Schnirring

Elinore Sinnott Memorial

Paul Sommer

State Street Bank

United Community Fund

of Grant Township

United Way of Schuyler County

Wells Fargo Community Support

Walnut Foundation

William and Paula Walsh

Margaret Withus Estate

D. Lynn and Patricia Webber

Keystone Steel and Wire

Debra Wozniak

Ronald Zimmer

John Ullrich Foundation

Virginia Waddell

Barb Wilcox Memorial

Johnie and Lela Wilson Fund

Louise Wollan Estate

Friendship Circle

$100.00 - $499.00

American Legion Auxliary, Unit 1015


Adams Electric

Jo Ann Alessandrini

Robin Allen

Larry and Dee Altenbaumer

Kris Andrews

Linda and Erv Arends

Assumption Women’s Club

Athens State Bank

AT&T Employee Giving

Dr. Marcia Auld

Avanti’s Italian Restaurant

Donald Axt

Michael and Ruth Ann Ayers

Ferne E. Bachman

Janice Bahr

Paul and Sharon Baker

Helen Baldwin

Bank of Pontiac

Barb Hoffman

Mike and Sandy Barker

William and Mary Jo Barker

Kathleen Barry

Abby Bastert

Vicki Baumgarten

Elsie and Donald Becker

Thank You


Sandra Bellatti

Tom Berns

Sarah Beuning

Tom and Mary Beth Binder

Erik Blanc

Blessing Health Systems

Bob Evans Decatur

Margaret Bohner Townsend

Marion Bohner

Stacy Borho

Lauren Bowman

Mary Jean Bowman

Brad Barker Honda

Ruby Brase

Breakfast Optimist Club

Susan and Kevin Breheny

Kim Brittin

Brown County State Bank

Doug Brown

Rex and Marilyn Brown

Willie Brown

Mary Louise Brozena

Patrick Busch

Busey Bank Decatur

Larry and Connie Bussard

Charlotte Bye

Patricia and Patrick Cain

Cakes on Walnut

F. Richard and Virginia Lea Carlson

Kim Caster

Century Car and Van Rentals

Ross Centanni

Champaign Surplus

Champaign Urbana Sunrise Rotary

Pat Chapel

Pam Chay-Turley

Debbie Cimarossa

Cinema Galleries

Citizens First National Bank

LPGA State Farm Classic-

Birdies for Charity

Roslyn Coleman

Commerce Bank

Thank You


Community Foundation

of Decatur/Macon County

Thembi A. Conner-Garcia

John and Helen Cornell

Laura Cossey

Connie Costigan

Country Financial

John and Barbara Cowden

Jerry Crayton

John E. Crew

Robert and Louise Crockett

Pattie Curry

Danville Area Community College

Dallas City Township Fund

Dan Dugan

Danville Altrusa

Danville Golden K Kiwanis

Danville Noon Kiwanis

Mary Alice Davis

Michael Davis

Paula Davis

Mayor Tim Davlin

Dean’s Superior Blueprint

Developmental Service Center

Susan and Tom Dickes

Robert and Julie Dobski

Peter Donis

Gary and Linda Donovan

Chad and Erica Douglas

Franklin Dove

Jean L. Driscoll

Denise Druhot

Dan Dugan

Jim and Pat Dunn

John Dystrup

Eastland Chiropractic

and Wellness Center

Dan Ebbing

Patricia Edmonds

Rohan-Strack Enterprises

Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth

Mary Etrick

Eureka Savings Bank

Exchange Club of Quincy


Joan Fernandez

Kay Fischer

Melinda Figge

First Bank

First Mid-Illinois Bank Decatur

Bob Fleming

Cathy Fleming

John Flora

Karen F. Folk

Diana Franklin

Edith Franklin

George and Bernice Freeman

Freestar Bank

Ann Freiburg

Alan F. And Elizabeth Frigy

Carol Fritz

Chris S. Funk

FWAI Architects Inc.

Gail Williamson

Gardner Denver

Rita Garman

Joyce Gilfillan

Vicky Gilpin

Girl Scout Service Area 6

Girl Scout Service Area 13

Golden K Kiwanis Club

of Decatur

Goodman Agency, Inc.

Cynthia A. Gordon

Kelly and Karen Grant

Bianca Green

Barbara Greening

Charlotte and Thomas Grim

H. D. Smith Wholesale Drug Co.

Amy K. Hagen

Angela Hall

Diana J. Hall

Hansen-Spear Funeral Directors

Victor and Thelma Harber

Vicki Harber-Wheeler

Hardees of Quincy

Harris Corp

Art Harrison

Hawthorn Suites

Rick and Deb Heavner

Judie Heck

Henry Safford Peacock Foundation

Herald and Review

Heritage Bank of Central IL

Robert and Shaun Hermes

Beverly Herzog

Susan and Gordon Hoff

Corinne Holder

Robert Holtzman

Jerry and Virginia Holzgrafe

Michelle Hopkins

Anne Hostetler

Barbara and Thomas Hostetler

Carla and Phil Houser

Fred Howard

Jeff and Robin Howard

Timothy Howard

Claudia Huey

Craig Hullinger

Amy Hutcherson

Iroquois Federal

Steve Ivaska

J.L. Hubbard Insurance & Bonds

Kerry Izzo

Jacksonville Lions Club

Alice M. Jacobs

Carolyn Jakopin

Brad Jameson

Dalie and Vytautas Januskis

Patricia Januszki

Maria Ines Jara

Mary Jane Johnson

Leroy and Johnetta Jordan

Doris J. Kaiser

Kevin and Paula M. Kaplan

Paul Kaplan

Raj Karinattu

Buffi Jo Kaufman

Robert and Kathleen Kaufman

Robert Kay

Jerome Kenney

Joan and Jack Kenny

Debbie Kibler

Jan Kiley

Michele King

Michelle Klein

Klingele Veterinary Clinic

Diana Knaebe

Marian Kneer

Margery Knierim-Wilcoxen

Knights of Columbus - ISC

Dale and Donna Koontz

Letha Kramer

Elizabeth Krchak

Len Kuchan

Michael and Janet Langford

Joann Lansbarkis

Thomas Larke

Amy Lefringhouse

Cindy Liese

Dorothy Lippencott

Lisa Sons

Mariam Lowry

Meghan Lundeen

Sharon Maas

Macomb Lions Club

Margaret Madden

Harriet Maddock

Pauline Mak

Marine Bank

Kathy Maslouski

Jane Mason

George and Nancy Chadbourne Maze

Bob McCandless

Michael and Diana McConnell

Gary McCormick

Cheri McCoy

Thomas and Sharon McSwiggin

James Meek

Meijer Champaign

Meijer Urbana

Melida Heien

Thank You


Thank You


Mary Louise Mercier

Patty Merrell

Anna Merritt

Patrick Milburn

Sallie H. Miller

Vicki Miller

Mobile Entertainer

Melvin Moehle

Debra Moore

Shirley and Mike Moore

Moreland and Devitt, Inc.

Dorothy and Walter Morey

Dale Morrissey

Nancy Morse

Diane and Paul Mortensen

Michele Moul

Mt. Sterling Implement

Mary Muehlenfeld

Robin Musson

Gay Myers

Sylvia Nath

Traci Nally

Ana Nasser

Marjorie Neff

Lynette E. Nelson

Dorothy Newell

Niemann Foods, Inc.

Rich and Connie Niemann

Sue Noland

Open Road Paving

Optimist Club Of Peoria

Jamie Osborne

Kathy Ostrander

Pat and Sarah Phalen

W. Bradley Park

Eileen Higgs Parn

Kit and Pete Paulin

Mary Pearlstein

Pekin Hospital

Rebecca Pentecost

Performance Pattern

Pittsfield Lions Club

Karen H. Pletsch

Judith Jepsen Popel

Alice Post

Gretchen Potter

Vicki Potter

George and Lynda Preckwinkle

Quincy Newspapers Inc.

Quincy Society of Fine Arts

Margaret Randolph

Lynn and Marilyn Raney

Ransburg Foundation

Terry and Timie Sue Rasmussen

Donna and John Rebert

Mimi Reitemeier

Jon Rhodes

Judy and John Rice

Kevin and Teri Richards

Clyde and Vicki Sue Richardson

Patty Merrell

St. Joseph-Ogden High School

Activity fund

Kevin and Sharon Riechers

Marlene Rinehart

William Rinehart

Deborah Ringer

Jerry and Carole Ringer

Sam Rinella

Rochester State Bank

Billie Rocke

James and Gloria Roesch

Patrick Roesler

Phyllis Rogers

Earl and Ruth Robert Roland

Tom Romanowski

Scott and Cheryl Roney

Mary Vita Rosmarino

Glenn R. Ross

Rotary Club of East Peoria

Charles Roth

Stephen Royer

Ronald and Rita Rudd

Michael and Carla Rudicil

Patricia K. Rudolph

Muriel M. Runyen

Rushville Community Chest

Scott and Lynn Rutherford

Ryan Pharmacy

Timothy Ryon

S. G. and B. Land Trust

Michael and Barb Sallee

LaVonna Sams

Brad Sauder

Kathy Schaeffer

Ed and Carol Scharlau

Fredrick Scheel

Charles Schmidt

Heather and Charles Schultz

Michael and Susan Shaw

Jerome and Margaret Sickley

Mildred Sims

Dr. Lily Siu

William and Ethel Mae Sly

Chris and Debbie Smith

Shirley Janet Smith

Kay Smoot

Donald and Dona Snider

Cheryl Snyder

Jean Somers

Katrina Sotomayor

Southside Church of Christ

Spring Valley City Bank

Springfield Rotary Foundation

Christy Staley

State Bank of Toulon


Darlene Stevenson

Doug Stewart

Sue Stewart

Carol Kay Stocker

Steve and Linda Stockton

Colleen Stuart

Deb Stumph

Harvey and Brooksie Styron

Howard and Linda Sumbler

Gene Swager

Eric Swartz

Tarter Construction

Thank You


Roger and Sherrilyn Taylor

Tazewell County Jaycees

Arthur Tenhouse

Terry White

Evelyn Brandt Thomas

Greg and Joyce Topping

Tracy Family Foundation

Joyce Trager

Trinity Episcopal Church

Leslie Trimble

Teola Trowbridge

Twin City Tent and Awning

Angela Udry

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

and 44BC

Unland Companies


Elaine Urekar

Jim and Melanie Vales

Varsity Striping

Laura Ann Vavrin

Ronald Vecchie

Rick and Teena Veihl

Charles Verbeke

Alice Vernon

Linda Volker

Billie Waddell

Susan and James Wade

Russell L. Waldschmidt

Ramona Walker

Walnut Township

Community Fund

Kimberly Watson

P. S. and Patricia Weber

Kimberly Weeks

Wells Fargo Community Support

West Central IL Building

and Construction

Robert Westerdale

Don and Karen Wettstein

Brett Wheeler

Jacqueline L. White

B. Joseph and Mary White


Thank You

Judge Lisa Holder White

Diana Widicus-Davis

David Wilcox

Molly Wilson

Alice Winget

Mary Winters

David and Joan Wochner

Susan Woodard

Carl Woodward

Jeanne Wroan

Youth Service America

Zara’s Collision Center, Inc.

Betty E. Zeaman

Michael Zichterman

Great care has been taken to ensure the proper

recognition of our donors. If an error or omission

does occur, we apologize and hope you will bring it

to our attention. Please address any corrections to



Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


GSCI operates service centers in the following locations, proudly serving 38 counties across central Illinois.

For service center hours of operation, please visit our website at www.girlscouts-gsci.org.

Springfield Service Center

and Headquarters

3020 Baker Drive

Springfield, IL 62703


Bloomington Service Center Champaign Service Center Decatur Service Center

3 Westport Court 701 Devonshire, Suite B16 462 W. William St.

Bloomington, IL 61704 Champaign, IL 61820 Decatur, IL 62522

800.777.1912 800.328.5112 800.791.9319

Peoria Service Center Peru Service Center Quincy Service Center

1103 W. Lake Ave. 2220 Marquette Rd., Suite 103 3837 Eastlake Centre Dr.

Peoria, IL 61614 Peru, IL 61354 Quincy, IL 62305

800.640.8671 815.223.3613 877.477.4757



Trefoil Boutiques are located at each service center.

Our boutiques carry a variety of Girl Scout merchandise

for purchase, or you may order online at


For Trefoil Boutique hours,

visit our website at www.girlscouts-gsci.org

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