Troop Cookie Coordinator Guide 2013 - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Troop Cookie Coordinator Guide 2013 - Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Troop cookie

Coordinator Guide

Troop Coordinator Guide

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GSCI Website

This book belongs to:

Name ___________________________Troop ____________

My Service Area Coordinator is:

Name __________________________Service Area ________

Address ___________________________________________

City/State/Zip _______________________________________

Email Address ______________________________________

Phone (_____) ______-______ Best Time to Call ____________

Cell Phone (_____) ______-_______

Username ____________________

Password _____________________

Orders are placed at User name is citroop

followed by your troop example: The password is admin2.

Cookie Order Website

Cookie Program Resources, Goal Setting, and

Online Marketing Tools

GSUSA Website

Dear Troop Cookie Coordinator,

The Girl Scout Cookie Program has grown into a leading business and economic literacy program that is run by and for girls.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five key skills: Goal

Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

Your most important function in preparing for the Girl Scout Cookie Program will be the time you spend with the girls in the troop.

Through the Cookie Program, even the youngest Girl Scouts gain self-confidence and poise by learning how to greet customers

and offer cookies for purchase.

The Troop Leader and Troop Cookie Coordinator should work closely throughout the sale and communicate the progress of

the sale on a continuing basis. This resource is written to help you organize and conduct the most successful cookie campaign

possible and has been designed to help you make the most of your time and energy.

We are excited to announce many big changes to this year’s sale, including using a Direct Sale format to sell cookies. Please take

the time to thoroughly review the new updates to the program, general facts, important dates, guidelines, procedures, and forms

provided. This guide should answer most of your questions.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great responsibility - it could not happen without you. We are confident you will find the

experience to be both enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for your support and dedication to the success of the program.

In Girl Scouting,

Kelly A. Day

Chief Operating Officer

Please feel free to contact us or your Service Area Cookie Coordinator for support and guidance.

Clark (CJ) Hinrichsen

Danielle Bourell

Director of Product Sales

Product Sales Specialist

888-623-1237 extension 1108 888-623-1237 extension 1703

217-720-2092 (cell) 217-622-6081 (cell)

Kelly Day

Chief Operating Officer

888-623-1237 extension 1305

217-620-7791 (cell)

to announce many positive changes this year, including using a Direct Sale format.

Please take some time to thoroughly review the new updates to the program and use your troop coordinator guide as a handy

reference. This manual should answer most of your questions.

A Direct Sale format will provide your troop more opportunity in sales and troop profit. Girls will earn Cookie Dough and recognitions

throughout the entire program, including during Cookie Booths. This means that girls will earn more Cookie Dough and recognitions

and parents/guardians will save lots of time because cookies in hand means just one transaction. Returning to customers’

homes after an order has been placed is now a thing of the past!

To help your troop manage your cookie inventory, and also to provide cookies for additional sales, your troop will be provided six

opportunities to place a troop order. You will have one Initial Order and five additional Planned Orders. As in previous years, your

initial order will arrive at your local delivery site. (After your Initial Order you will have five opportunities to place additional planned

out troop orders.) The Planned Orders will arrive at strategic locations called cupboards. You will have an opportunity to choose

your cupboard location if your area has multiple cupboards to choose from.

Cookie inventory management will be very important to you. Inventory management requires communicating with girls and

parents. With good communication between the troop cookie coordinator and parents, your troop will be able to have cookies

when and where you need them and your troop will not end up with more than you need. Be sure to look at the resources on the

Troop Cookie Resource CD. You will find several tools that will help you determine troop orders as well as tools that will help you

keep track and manage your troop inventory.

If you have questions we are here to help! Our Program Specialists, Membership Specialists, and Product Sales team will be happy

to assist. Have a safe and fun cookie season!

What’s Inside

What’s New Page 5 Troop Proceeds and Troop Bonus Page 16

Calendar Checklist Page 6 Cookie Dough and Recognitions Page 17

What Is A Direct Sale Page 7 Council Recognition Levels Page 19

The 5 Skills for Girls Page 7 How the Cookie Crumbles Page 20

Planning Your Sale Page 8 Cookie-Related Awards Page 20

Selling tips Page 9 Cookie Cupboards Page 21

Goal Setting Page 10 Cookie Booths Page 22

Virtual Cookie Program Page 11 Snap Instructions Page 24

Estimating Your Initial Order Page 13 Money, Deposits, and Collections Page 28

Delivery Page 15 Frequestly Asked Questions Page 30

Operation Cookie Share Page 16


What’s New?

Direct Cookie Sale!

Girls will have cookies in-hand to sell to customers starting February 1, 2013. A Direct Sale is one stop shopping!

Troop Bonus

This year your troop will have the opportunity to earn $100 in troop bonus. Learn more in the Troop Proceeds and

Troop Bonus section.

Double per box earning potential!

This year your troop will have the opportunity to earn $1.00 per box via Operation Cookie Share! Learn more in the

Operation Cookie Share section.

New Cookie

We have a new cookie to offer our customers this year: Mango Crèmes. These tangy, refreshing tropical treats are

packed with great taste AND vitamins! Crunchy vanilla and coconut cookies feature a mango-flavored crème filling

with all the nutrient benefits of eating cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, and strawberries!

Cookie Ordering Procedures Have Been Updated

Our ordering procedures have changed to accommodate the Direct Sale format. You will have many opportunities

to keep up with your customers’ cookie demands with ABC Snap’s new ordering procedures. Learn more and all the

how-to’s in the Cookie Ordering section.

Virtual Cookie Sale

Beginning January 15, 2013 girls will have the opportunity to get an early start on the sale by logging onto and send out e-cards to family and friends to notify them of the sale.


Calendar Checklist



o January 2 (Wednesday) Troop leaders may begin to enter initial cookie order in Snap.

o January 5-11 Cookie rallies.

o January 11 (Friday) Initial troop cookie order due. Order is by the case.

o January 11 (Friday) Last day to be ACH ready.

o January 15 (Tuesday) Virtual Cookie Program begins (

o Jan. 25-31 (Friday-Thursday) Delivery of product to delivery sites.

o February 1 (Friday) Direct Sale begins. Please no early selling. Girl Scout Honor.

o February 1 -March 3 Troops may place Operation Cookie Share orders anytime during the sale.

Use the reorder function in Snap.

o February 3, 10, and 17 Troops place planned orders (by packages) in Snap by 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

o February 15 (Friday) Troops may begin to have booth sales.

o February 19 (Tuesday) First ACH sweep (50% of initial order less troop profit).

o February 24 and March 3 Troops place planned orders (by packages) in Snap by 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

o March 10 (Sunday) Last day for recognition orders to be placed, end of Booth Sales.

o March 12 (Tuesday) All cookie money to troop leader.

o March 14 (Thursday) Outstanding Balance forms due to service centers.

o March 15 (Friday) Final money deposited into troop accounts.

o March 20 (Wednesday) Second ACH sweep.

o April 15 (Wednesday) Recognitions will be available for pick up.

o May 1 (Wednesday) Last day to turn in bad checks.

o May 3 (Friday) Last day to sell cookies in GSCI Trefoil Boutiques.


What is a Direct Sale and

Why the Change?

What is a Direct Sale?

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois will be using a Direct Sale format to sell cookies for the 2013 Cookie Program. Girls will have

packages of cookies IN HAND to sell door-to-door to family, friends, and neighbors. Girl Scouts exchange cookies and payment

in one easy step! No more taking orders, waiting weeks, and then returning for the delivery and money collection. A Direct Sale

program condenses all that work into one simple step.

Why a Direct Sale?

Volunteers, parents and customers have asked us to simplify the Cookie Program for years. The Direct Sale will:

• Be less time consuming for customers, girls, parents, and volunteers.

• Reduce order and delivery to one easy step.

• Give girls opportunities to sell more cookies and earn more money for troop activities.

• Give girls cookies in hand for customers’ immediate gratification and more sales!

The Five Skills for Girls

Everything girls do in Girl Scouting is designed to help them grow into leaders of courage, confidence, and character. The five

skills girls learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program are an important ingredient in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Here are a few examples of how participating in the Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts skills that will help them grow into leaders

in their own lives, leaders in business, and leaders in the world:

Goal Setting: Girl Scouts set cookie goals individually and, with a team, create a plan to reach them. They develop

Cooperation and Team Building skills along the way.

Decision Making: Girl Scouts help decide how the team will spend their cookie money, furthering Critical Thinking and

Problem Solving Skills that will help in many aspects of life.

Money management: Girl Scouts take cookie orders, handle customers’ money, and gain valuable and practical Life Skills

around financial literacy.

People Skills: Girl Scouts learn how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These

experiences help them to develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills they can use throughout their lives.

Business Ethics: Girl Scouts are honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Their business ethics reinforce

the Positive Values they are developing as Girl Scouts.


Planning Your Sale

Cookie Training for Girls and Parents

When parents attend cookie training, the cookie experience is more enjoyable for everyone! This is a great way to motivate

parents and their Girl Scouts to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

I. Welcome and Introductions

• Give out names, addresses, phone numbers, and hours of availability for yourself, Troop Leader (if applicable), and the

Service Area Coordinator.

II. Cookie Highlights

• Introduce the 2013 theme: “What Can a Girl Do?”

Cookie Supplier – ABC Bakers, selling price - $4.00 per package.

• Discuss the new Direct Sale format and the dates of the sale.

• Introduce shop recognitions, earned recognitions and cookie dough (girls earn $.23 per box) – explain that all

recognitions will be held until girl balances are paid in full. Remind girls that there is a 50 box minimum to qualify for Cookie


• Explain that girls will earn Cookie Dough and earned recognitions from the initial order period AND also for cookies sold

during booth sales.

• The Five Skills of the Cookie Program – goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business

ethics. It also provides needed funds for troops and council.

• Explain the $.50 troop profit your troop will receive for each package sold.

• Discuss the Operation Cookie Share Program and that the troop will earn $1 troop profit for each box of Operation Cookie

Share cookies ordered. Remind everyone to ask each customer it they would like to share a box of cookies with our

military heroes.

III. Program Activities

• Visit for grade-level appropriate games and ideas. Discuss the Virtual Cookie Sale Program and

online marketing tools. Demonstrate (if possible) how to set goals online and how to send e-cards.

• Goal Setting

> Review the goals already set through girl/leader planning.

> Explain how each girl can do her part to reach the goal.

> Use a goal chart and update it at each meeting.

• Discuss safety tips, including internet marketing. Announce that the council goal is 150 packages per girl.

IV. Marketing and Sales Techniques

• Discuss sales tips, do role playing, and practice sales techniques.

• Explain cookie booths and stress cookie booth etiquette.

V. Girl Materials

• Show a copy of the cookie card and brainstorm ways they can use the cookie card since they will not be taking orders

ahead of time. Make sure to tell them that the cookie cards will be distributed with the cookies.

• Have parents sign parent permission forms.

> Discuss important dates – including the date(s) you want them to turn in cookie money.

You will want them to turn money in periodically in order to ensure you have funds in the troop account to cover the

automatic debits. Remind them to choose the recognitions on the back.

• Ask for volunteers to help with the program. Possible ideas would be helping with initial order pick-up, cookie storage, help

with cookie booths or visiting a cookie cupboard.

VI. Introduce the Cookies

• Mango Crèmes

VIII. Closing

• End the meeting by thanking the parents/guardians for attending.


Here are some tips to help girls during the program:

Selling Tips

1. Identify yourself, your troop, and the reason you are trying to raise money. Explain your troop goals, where you are

going, what service project you are planning, etc.

2. Be proud. Wear your Girl Scout uniform or pin.

3. Use last year’s order card to ask repeat customers.

4. Be cheerful and courteous. Thank people whether they buy or not.

5. Collect money as you give the cookies to your customer.

6. Don’t forget to record Operation Cookie Share packages on your order card. Take an Operation Cookie Share

container along for donations that are under $4.

7. Do not give cookies to customers without receiving payment.

8. Girls should practice selling to their families first. Getting those first cookie sales builds their self-esteem and helps

them feel more comfortable when selling to other people.

9. Make sure that girls know the products.

10. Remind girls to tell customers that Girl Scout cookies are not available in stores and that the cookies freeze well and

make excellent gifts!


Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most valuable life skills you can pass on to girls. Research has shown that girls who set goals will increase

their sales by approximately 35%. We have the perfect online tool for the girls to set goals AND have fun!

Encourage girls to:

1. Visit the website

2. Click on the left side banner COCO Cookie Command/Girl log-in.

3. Set-up a user information

4. Once the account is set up, girls can enter individual goals, update sales orders, track progress, as well as utilize online

marketing resources.

Girls who sell 150 packages of cookies will earn this Goal Getter Patch!

Other Goal Setting Suggestions:

1. Talk to your troop about what they would like to do with their cookie proceeds, estimate the projected cost,

and decide how many packages of cookies the troop will need to sell to be able to be able to cover the expenses of

the activities.

2. Visit the website

3. Click on the left side banner COCO Cookie Command/Volunteer log-in.

4. Set-up a troop user information

5. Enter a troop goal and track the progress

Help girls make our council goal!


This year, our council’s goal is packages per girl!


January 15


Cookie Program

Girls will be able to get a head start on their cookie sale by participating in the Virtual Cookie Sale Program! Starting on January 15,

girls will be able to log on to to create and send e-mail cards to family, friends, and customers to

notify them of the upcoming sale. NOTE: Girls must still collect money from customers in person and will still deliver cookie

orders to customers. No money will be collected online and no cookies will be sent to customers from GSCI.

Online Marketing with

Log on to the website and click on the “Girls” tab, and then click on the “COCO Cookie Command” tab. Next, set goals and make


If you have an account from last year, you can use the same account. If you can’t remember your account ID, click on the “Forgot

ID” link and follow the instructions. If you currently don’t have an account, create a new account.

1. Select Age Level.

2. Register for a COCO Command ID.

3. When you are signed-in, you will see tabs on your personal home screen. Select the “Online Marketing” tab.

4. This will take you to the e-cards.

• Once the e-Cards are sent, click “View e-Cards Sent.” A table will appear showing the number of Invitations Sent,

Completed Orders, and a Response Percentage.

• When a customer places an order, you and the customer will receive a confirmation email. Once the order is confirmed, the

order will show up on the reports.

• During the sale, you can check your sales by clicking “View Orders.” A table will be displayed showing packages ordered,

amount confirmed, and amount pending.

• Weekly, or as set by troops, click “View Orders.” There will be a link that says “Run Order Card Report.” Print this report and

communicate with the troop to receive the cookies needed and to receive credit for recognitions.


Troops will sell more

with a Direct Sale!

GSCI 2012 Direct Sale Pilot Troops

Last season GSCI piloted 21 troops (3 from each region) using the Direct Sale format. Pilot troops reported that leaders, parents,

and Girl Scouts loved this simplified approach and they found that customers liked the process as well. Sales for the pilot troops

were up over 30% from the previous year! Troops earned more troop profit and girls earned more recognitions and Cookie Dough

than previously. The per-girl average for girls in the Pilot troops was 189 versus 134 for girls that did not participate in the Direct

Sale format.

• Nine of our sixteen 1500 Club members took part in the Direct Sale Pilot Program.

• Councils who have gone to a Direct Sale format have had big sales increases. The increase in volume ranged from

5-42% with the average being 11%.

With this in mind, to make the sale easier for the leaders and more beneficial to the troop, we encourage you to order at least

as much as you did last year. For new troops, we encourage you to order at least as much as our council average last year (134

packages per girl). Troops that have an initial order of 150 per girl (minimum of 750 packages) will earn a $100.00 troop bonus.

This will eliminate running back and forth to the cupboards to get more cookies when parents and girls are asking for them.

troops participated in a Direct Sale pilot program last year.


Here is what they had to say!

“All customers loved that the cookies were on hand.

They would also keep ordering more since they knew we had the cookies.”

“The response in general was overwhelming!”

“A huge success!”

“I also believe they spent more. When they saw we would need to make change,

they often told us to give them another box and donate it for Operation Cookie Share.”


Estimating Your

Initial Order

Experienced Direct Sale councils know that troops who order at least 100% of last year’s initial cookie order will make fewer trips

to the Cookie Cupboard! This saves valuable time because girls will not have to wait for more cookies to sell!

How to estimate your Troop Initial Case Order (EXISTING TROOPS)

Troops who participate in the Cookie Program will use the Troop initial Order Estimate located on your Cookie Program Resource

CD and on > Program > Cookie Sale > Forms > Troop Initial Order Estimate (existing troops). This

form will help you ESTIMATE your order. Troops are not limited by this estimate and may order the quantity that will work best for


Enter the requested information:

• SA, Troop Number, Level

• Number of girls selling

• Contact name, phone, and email

• Enter the number of cases from the 2012 Initial Order Report. Log on to > Reports > Snap Archive

Reports > select 2011-2012 > Next > Summary Reports > Total Sales Summary > Go to Report > Unit of Measure > cases

> view report.

• We are recommending that troops order 105% of their previous year’s order.

• This form will calculate 105% of last year’s initial order. You have the ability to adjust these numbers to increase or decrease

your order amount by changing your percentage in the gray box.

• When placing your Troop Initial Case Order consider the troop’s goals for the year, the number of Cookie Booths being

planned, and changes in the number of girls in the troop.

• Do a “File Save As” and print a copy for later reference after you have completed the form.

• See Snap Instructions on page 24 for directions on how to place your order.

The Troop Initial Order Estimate will show you how many packages the troop would need to sell to reach Council Goal of 150

packages per girl selling. You will also see what the current per-girl average (in packages) is for your troop based on the 2013 Initial

Case Order.

Initial Order: Cookies will be ORDERED IN FULL CASES.

Enter your Troop Initial Order in Snap by January 11, 2013, at 11:00 p.m. CST. This initial order is placed at the troop level (not

by individual girls).

If you miss this deadline you must contact your Service Area Coordinator and you will have to place a Planned Order in

Snap by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 3, 2013.


How to estimate your Troop Initial Case Order (NEW TROOPS)

At a troop/family cookie meeting, discuss the troop goals for the cookie program. Each girl (with her family) should set sales and

personal goals. The troop can use the girl sales goals to help finalize the troop package goal.

Things to consider when setting your troop goal:

• What activities are the girls planning for the year?

• Are they working on an award or bridging this spring?

• Do they have a special community service project?

If you have a brand new troop that has not previously participated in the Cookie Program, we have a form that will help you with

your initial order estimate. It is located on your Cookie Program Resource CD and on > Program > Cookie

Sale > Forms > Initial Order Estimate (new troops). Find the form that matches the program level for the girls in your troop by

choosing the correct tab at the bottom of the page. The averages are different at each level. This form will help you ESTIMATE

your order. You may order any amount that you are comfortable with.

Enter the requested information:

• SA, Troop Number, Level

• Number of girls selling

• Contact name, phone, and email

• The form will calculate 105% of what the average sale was for your age level in 2011. You may increase or decrease your estimate

by changing the percentage in the gray box.

• Do a “File – Save As” and print a copy for later reference after you have completed the form.

• See Snap instructions on pages 24 for directions on how to place your order.

Initial Order Cookies will be ORDERED IN FULL CASES.

Enter your Troop Initial Order in Snap by January 11, 2013. This initial order is placed at the troop level (not by individual girls).

If you miss this deadline you must contact your Service Area Manager and you will have to place a planned order in Snap

by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 3, 2013.


January 25-31, 2013

Service Area Delivery Information


Location: ____________________________ Date: ________________ Time________________

• When picking up your order, count out the cases of each variety before you sign for your cookies. You will receive a copy

of the signed receipt. The amount you sign for is your responsibility.

• Once you have the cookies, separate each girl’s order and make arrangements for each girl to pick up her cookies.

• Each girl should count her order before leaving and have the parent/guardian sign for the cookies on a receipt. The

amount they sign for is their responsibility.

How Many Cases will fit?

Following are vehicle loading suggestions. The approximate amounts stated are figured with the vehicle empty, using all space

available except the driver’s seat.

Compact Auto: 23 cases

Mini Van: 60-100 cases

Standard Auto: 40 cases Standard Pickup Truck: 100

Sport Utility Vehicle: 60 cases

Standard Van: 200 cases

How do I distribute cookies to the girls?

Each troop will distribute cookies differently to girls depending on how the troop operates. Below are suggestions for you to see

what best suits the needs of your troop.

1. Existing troops can look on past cookie sale records and distribute different amounts to girls depending on their past


2. New troops can have girls tell the leader their goals and cookies can be distributed according to their goals.

3. Cookies can be divided up and distributed evenly.

4. A lower amount of cookies can be distributed to everyone and those that sell all and turn in their money can pick up

more from the leader.


February 1, 2013 - Direct Sale Begins

Operation Cookie Share

Operation Cookie Share has been a huge success. Girl Scouts of Central Illinois has provided almost $750,000 worth of

Girl Scout cookies to the women and men of our armed forces at home and abroad. In fact, our Girl Scouts were so successful

that this achievement is entered in the Illinois Congressional Records.

With Operation Cookie Share orders (only) troops will receive $1.00 per box plus credit toward a troop bonus! Each Girl Scout will

receive credit toward Cookie Dough and recognitions.

Operation Cookie Share is a program that allows customers to let military troops know that we appreciate their service by

purchasing cookies for them. Operation Cookie Share is simple and fun and is a great way for communities to show support for

military troops through the purchase of Girl Scout cookies.

How Operation Cookie Share Works

Even though we are using a Direct Sale format this year, girls should still take along their order cards. On each girl’s order card

there is a column listing each variety of cookie plus one additional column labeled “Cookie Share.” When the girls go out with

cookies in hand (and during cookie booths!) please encourage them to not only ask the customer to purchase Girl Scout cookies

for themselves but also ask the customers to purchase cookies for our military troops. Girls will enter the number of boxes each

customer donates on the cookie share column. Customers do not have a choice of the variety of cookies to be sent to troops.

Operation Cookie Share cookies are held in a “virtual warehouse” so troops do not take possession of the Operation Cookie

Share cookies.

At the end of the Cookie Program, all Operation Cookie Share orders are accounted for and then shipped to our military soldiers

at home and abroad.

Troops place their Operation Cookie Share order separately in Snap between February 1 and March 3. Please see

Reorder=Operation Cookie Share on page 25 for ordering instructions.

How are the Cookies Delivered to Military Troops?

A special thanks to our Good Neighbor, State Farm! State Farm will deliver many of the Cookie Share cookies through their

Adopt-a-Soldier program. GSCI will deliver Cookie Share cookies to the State Farm corporate office in Bloomington and State

Farm will distribute Cookie Share cookies at home and abroad. Operation Cookie share has reached military troops in Iraq,

Afghanistan, and Haiti.

Troop Proceeds and

Troop Bonus

Each troop will receive .50 per box of cookies sold . In addition troops will earn and $ 1 per box for each Operation

Cookie Share box sold!

A troop bonus of $ 100 will be given to troops that place an initial order of an average of 150 boxes per girl

selling (with a minimum of 750 boxes ordered). The initial order is the first order placed by the troop.


Cookie Dough

and Recognitions

The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois offers an empowering recognition program that affords Girl Scouts the opportunity to make

a variety of choices. Through this recognition program, the girls will follow a decision making process that includes goal setting,

product choice evaluation, and making purchasing decisions based on what they have earned. Our recognition program not only

rewards and encourages girls to set goals and work as a team to achieve them, but they will have a hands on experience with purchasing

and financial decision making.

New this year!

Cookie Dough and recognitions will be earned throughout the entire cookie program including booth sales!

Girls will receive $0.23 in Cookie Dough for every box they sell. A girl who sells 100 boxes of cookies will receive $23 in Cookie

Dough. To encourage goal setting girls must sell 50 boxes of cookies to qualify for Cookie Dough. Once a girl qualifies by

selling 50 boxes of cookies she will earn Cookie Dough from box one.

Cookie Dough will be distributed on a Girl Scout Cookie Dough card. Every girl who sells 50 boxes of cookies or more will

receive a Girl Scout Cookie Dough card.

Cookie Dough may be used to pay for 2013 activities and events (resident camp, day camp, one-day events, and bus trips),

membership registration, cookie recognitions, and merchandise in council Trefoil Boutiques.

Cookie Dough expires September 21, 2013.




Pewter Dolphin


Cookie Dough









Crazy Straw





$9 Beach Towel




$16 $5

Available for purchase with Cookie Dough in Trefoil Boutiques April 15, 2013


January 11-March 10, 2013 - Recognition Period

Council Recognition




12 boxes Theme patch

100 boxes Turtle and Whale pencil sharpener

150 boxes Free membership

150 boxes Goal Getter patch

250 boxes $25 Wal-Mart gift card or $25 Cookie Dough

500 boxes $75 Visa gift card or $75 Cookie Dough

1000 boxes $150 Visa gift card or $150 Cookie Dough

1500 boxes iPad or $350 Visa gift card or $350 Cookie Dough

Free 2014





How the Cookie Crumbles

$0.56 per package-Troop Profit and Bonus

Program supplies; awards, patches and pins;

Troop activities such as service projects,

field trips and camping.

$0.29 per package-Girl Recognitions

Includes Council recognition and Cookie Dough.

(Accepted as Payment for council –sponsored events,

Day camp or resident camp and purchases

made at Girl Scout Trefoil Boutiques and

Trading Posts).

$0.92 per package-Cost of Sale

Payment to Cookie Company: payment to delivery

Company; cookie program material, forms and

Printed resources

Girl Recognitions,

Cookie Dough, and

Troop Profit


$2.23 per package-Girl and

Volunteer Services

Council Service Centers, shops, and camps:

Council-sponsored programs and events, financial

Assistance; outreach to girls in underserved

neighborhoods; volunteer training and materials

Girl and Volunteer



Cost of cookies


Cookie-Related Awards

Girl Scout Cookie Program Pin

Girls of all ages are eligible to earn the Girl Scout Cookie Program pin. Instructions are available online at

and go to Product Sales > Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting contains two sets of skill-building badges related to the Girl Scout Cookie Program at each of the

six levels.

• Financial Literacy badges teach girls how to use money wisely.

Cookie Business badges put girls’ financial literacy skills into practice during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

• Each badge has 5 steps. Girls will complete all 5 steps to earn the badge.


Cookie Cupboards

Cookie Cupboards will be available February 3 – March 10. Each cupboard manager operates on his/her own schedule. A Planned

Order must be placed through Snap to pick up cupboard cookies. Please make an appointment and respect their cupboard

hours and procedures. Please note that a number of the cupboards will not be open for the entire sale. Cookies will also be

available at your local service center to serve your immediate needs. Please call ahead for product availability.

SA Cupboard Information:

Cupboard Manager: _________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________________

Hours of operation: ___________________________________________

Cookie Cupboards provide cookies for: (Planned orders only)

• Purchases made by troops.

Cookie Booth cookies (this is not consignment, sorry no returns).

Service centers provide cookies for: (Planned orders preferred but not mandatory. Please call ahead).

• Purchases made by troops.

Cookie Booth product (this is not consignment, sorry no returns).

• Purchases made by customers.

• Service Center cupboards will exchange cookie varieties and sell individual packages.

• Exchanges for damaged and sealed empty packages can be made at NO CHARGE.

• Even exchanges of varieties at NO CHARGE.

Planned Orders: How to Get More Cookies

Once your troop sells the initial cookie order, you may find that you need more! How do you get what you

need in a timely manner? Snap will allow troops to place Planned Orders. This feature will allow troops to order cookies

for Cookie Booths and/or additional girl needs.



• Scheduled dates for Planned Orders are February 3, 10, 17, 24, and March 3, 2013.

• Deadline for Planned Orders is 8:00 p.m. Sunday night. Orders MUST be in by that time to guarantee your cookie order.

• Directions on how to place a planned order in Snap are on page 25.

Troop Cookie Coordinators will choose the pick-up date in Snap, but will still need to set a pick-up time with the Cupboard

Manager by phone or email.

• If a parent volunteer will be stopping to pick up cookies for your troop, please notify the Cupboard Manager immediately in

order for the cookies to be released to that person.


February 15 – March 10, 2013

Cookie Booths

Cookie Booth sales will take place February 15 – March 10, 2013. Cookies are not on consignment and may not be returned.

Please use the planned order dates to order your cookie booth needs. When you place a Planned Order you will be placing

you troop order in BOXES and not cases.




Girls continue to earn credit toward council recognitions and Cookie Dough for packages sold at booth sales through March 10.

You will need to track and transfer each girl’s additional order in Snap before you submit your recognition order on March 10, 2013.

How Many Cookies Should You Order for Your Cookie Booths?

Before you place a Cookie Booth order determine your current troop inventory by talking to your parents and Girl Scouts. You

might have enough on hand for your first Cookie Booth.

The amount of cookies you sell will vary based on:

• The customer count or “traffic” at you Cookie Booth location (Wal-Mart vs. a small bank).

• The week of your Cookie Booth (Week 1 will sell more than week 6).

• The weather.

• How you market your Cookie Booth (Goal setting and visibility counts!).

• The number of hours you hold your Cookie Booth.

• See tips for a successful Cookie Booth Page 23.

• In general you should sell between 2-4 cases per hour based on the above factors.

Which Varieties Should You Order for your Cookie Booths?

Before you place a cookie order remember that your local service center will exchange cookies for you. This is intended to help

balance your inventory and provide for your troop’s needs. One strategy is to limit the variety of cookies your troop carries. So

instead of providing all 8 varieties you may choose to have just the top 6 or 7 varieties.

Below are some suggested quantities you may consider for your booth sale.

Variety 5 cases 7 cases 10 cases 13 cases 16 cases 20 cases 25 cases

Thanks-a-Lot 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 1

Mango Crèmes 0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1

Lemonades 0.5 1 1 1 1 2 2

Shortbread 0 0.5 0.5 1 1 1 1.5

Thin Mints 2 2 3 4 5 6 8

P. Butter Patties 1 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4

Caramel deLites 1 1 2 2 3 4 4.5

P. Butter Sandwich 0.5 0.5 1 2 2 2 3


Tips for a Successful Cookie Booth:

• Identify a well-trafficked site; ask the owner/manager for permission to hold a Cookie Booth.

• Advertise all Cookie Booth dates and locations. Contact your local Service Center to have your booth listed on our

Cookie Booth Locator.

• Stock the Cookie Booth with a sufficient supply of cookies.

• Decorate the Cookie Booth with posters and goal charts. Let the customer know what buying a package of cookies will

help girls accomplish. Tell them where the money goes. Fill in the goal chart as packages are sold so customers will

also see how close girls are to their goal.

• Decorate a container for Operation Cookie Share. Customer may not want to purchase an entire box but they may give a

dollar or two. Let it add up! Remember your troop earns $1 per box for each box of Operation Cookie Share ordered.

• Encourage girls to wear their Girl Scout uniforms or other Girl Scout apparel.

• Thank the owner/manager of the location for allowing you to have your Cookie Booth.

• Congratulate girls and order Cookie Booth patches for all girls who participated.

Cookie Booth patches will be available at GSCI Trefoil Boutiques.


Snap Instructions

Snapshot Home Page

Your landing page is the Snapshot home page. Here you can watch for messages and tasks and even have quick access to your

favorite reports. There are charts and graphs that will change as the program progresses. Just click on a message to open or place

the cursor over a task or date on the calendar to view more information.

Before you start please be aware that to maintain security, your session will time out after 30 minutes. The clock you will see is

your time out clock. Save your work often. Do not use the BACK button on your browser. If you do you will be logged off of Snap

and your changes will not be saved.

Update Your Troop Information

1. Go to

2. Your e-mail is citroop followed by your troop number (

Your password is admin2.

3. Scroll over “My Troop” and choose “Edit Troop Information”.

4. Please fill out all the information.

5. Any red asterisk * must be filled in.

6. Main Recognition Plan is “GSCI 2013 Recognition Plan”.

7. Enter an e-mail that you use. If you forget your password your password will be sent to you at the e-mail you enter.

8. Click “Save” when completed.

Enter the Girls in Your Troop

1. Scroll over “My Troop”.

2. Click “Add Edit Delete Troop Girls”.

3. Click “Add New Girl”.

4. Ignore GSUSAID (our council does not use this).

5. Enter girl’s first and last name.

6. Click “Add Girl”.

7. Continue for each girl.

Initial Cookie Order

Troop Coordinators may begin to enter initial cookie orders on January 3, 2013. Initial cookie orders are due online by 11:00 p.m.

CST on January 11, 2013.

1. Click “Cookies”.

2. Select “Initial Order”.

3. Enter the quantities in CASES per variety.

4. Snap will total everything for you.

6. Cookie Share Column – you will not enter any cases in this column. Cookie Share packages cannot be ordered until

after the initial order is completed – see the Cookie Share Order section on page 24.

7. Save the order. You will be able to make changes up to the day of committing.

8. Once you click “Commit” the order is complete, you cannot make any changes. If you need to make a change after

your order has been committed please contact your Service Area Coordinator.


Planned Orders

Planned orders allow troops to order cookies for Cookie Booths and/or additional girl needs. Planned Orders are placed after the

initial order. The scheduled dates of Planned Orders are: February 3, 10, 17, 24, and March 3.

The deadline for Planned Orders to enter in Snap is Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

1. Select “cookies”.

2. Select “planned order”.

3. Select a cupboard from the drop down box. This is where your cookies will be delivered.

4. Select a pickup date, the screen will update with the troop number, cupboard and requested date. You will need to

contact the Cupboard Manager by phone or e-mail to schedule a pick-up time.

5. Enter the number of packages for each variety you want to pick up from the cupboard.

6. Click “Submit and Save”.

You will be asked to confirm your order. You will be able to see your planned order on the Manage Orders page.

After your planned order has been picked up from the cupboard, the Cupboard Manager will confirm the number of packages of

each variety picked up and the Planned Order will become a Cupboard to Troop transfer which you will be able to view on your

Manage Order page. Once transfer is complete, the packages you ordered will be available for you to transfer to girls for additional

sales or for booth sale credit to girls.

Reorder = Operation Cookie Share Orders

When you enter your Operation Cookie Share orders they will be entered as a reorder. Remember with OCS you troop will earn $1

per box. When enter your OCS as a reorder we know to credit your troop with$1 per box. Cookie Share orders must be entered by

March 3, 2013, in order to count toward recognitions.

You must enter your Troop Cookie Share order BEFORE you create your troop recognition order. If you have to enter your Cookie

Share order (or need to edit it) after your recognition order is created, you will have to update your recognition order. Please see

Snap Instructions for updating a recognition order on page 26.

1. Click on “Cookies”.

2. Select “Re-Order”.

3. Enter the quantities in packages for each girl in first column “CShare.” DO NOT enter varieties.

4. Review the order and make sure that the Total Column matches each girl’s Cookie Share tracking form.

5. Click “Save.”

6. Click “OK” to confirm the save.

7. Click “OK” to save order.

Transfer Orders

When a troop places an order, the quantity that the troop ordered becomes available to be transferred from the troop to the

girl. The leader must transfer the quantities that each girl sold from the troop to each girl in order for the girls to receive cookie

recognitions and Cookie Dough. (If you are transferring cookies that were sold through a cookie booth please enter the quantity

in the box labeled “Booth.” Since Cookie Booths have been paid for you will use this box to prevent the girl from being charged for

the cookies.)

Troop to Girl - When a girl sells additional cookies beyond her initial order you will complete a Troop to Girl transfer. This

includes Booth Sales.

1. Select Troop to Girl from the “Type” box.

2. Click on your troop number in the “From” box. You will be prompted to enter the quantity of packages being


3. If you are giving her credit for packages sold at a Booth Sale, enter the number in the Booth box. Select the girl from the

“To” box. Click “Save”.


Girl to Girl - You may transfer cookies between girls in your troop.

1. Select Girl to Girl in the “Type” box.

2. Select the name in the “From” box. You will be prompted to enter the number of packages you are transferring.

3. Select the name in the “To” box. Click Save.

Girl to Troop – You may transfer cookies from a girl to the troop extras.

1. Select Girl to Troop in the “Type” box.

2. Select the name in the “From” box. You will be prompted to enter the number of packages you are transferring.

Entering Recognition Orders

If a girl sells 249 or fewer boxes of cookies, her recognitions will automatically be added to the recognition grid. You must still

follow the process below to add her recognition order to the system.

1. Scroll over “Recognitions”.

2. Scroll over “Create Recognition Order” and choose “Main”.

3. If a girl sells more than 250 boxes she will have one or more choices to make. Highlight the appropriate choice(s)

from the dropdown box(s).

4. Click “Save”.

Changing Cookie Orders

(When a cookie order is changed you must also update the recognition order)

1. Scroll over “Cookies” and choose “Initial Order”.

2. Choose the girl’s order you want to change and make the necessary changes.

3. Click “Save”.

Update Recognition Order

1. Scroll over “Recognitions” and choose “View all Recognition Orders”.

2. Click the green drop down arrow under “Recognition Orders” and click the order number.

3. Click “Update” and “OK” at the prompt.

Changing a Girl’s Recognition Choice (If a girl changes her mind on her choice of recognitions)

1. Scroll over “Recognitions” and choose “View all Recognition Orders”.

2. Click the green drop-down arrow under “Recognition Orders” and click the order number.

3. Make the necessary changes.

4. Click “Save” and OK at the prompt.

Manage Orders Once an order has been placed in Snap you may use the Manage Order function.

1. Hover over the Cookies tab and choose Manage Orders.

2. Click on green arrow to view orders, click on order number and do your editing.



The following are reports that you will use the most; you can also save these as your favorite reports.

Girl Balance Summary – Displays by individual girl. Shows initial order, transfers in/out, booth, amount she owes, total


• Recognition Order Summary by Girl – recognition order for each girl.

Troop Balance Summary – this is your bill, shows initial order, transfers in/out, payments made, troop profit, what you

owe council, total amount of money to collect.

Troop Initial Order – shows the number of cases you ordered. Print this off before you pick up your initial order. Your

order will come in full cases.

• Planned Order Summary – shows the planned orders you have placed.

Other reports that may be helpful:

Girl Cookie Order Detail Summary – shows initial order, each transfer done, and overall total for girl.

Girl Cookie Total Summary – total packages sold.

• Recognition Order Summary by Troop- troop total only, print this off before you pick up your recognitions.

• Help Menu – To contact ABC, choose the “Contact us” option on the Help Menu. ABC offers technical support 24 hours

a day.

Accessing Archive Reports

Troop Coordinators/leaders may need to access last year’s reports to determine how many cases to order in their initial cookie


1. Click “Reports”.

2. Snap Archive Reports.

3. Select 2011-2012.

4. Click “Next”.

5. Order Reports.

6. Troop Initial Order.

7. Go to Report.

8. Unit of Measure – cases.

9. View Report.

Calculating Your Troop Balance

Please note that SNAP is unable to calculate the additional $.50 your troop will earn through Operation Cookie Share. The amount

your troop owes the council is the total of the Troop Balance Summary minus the additional Troop Profit you earned through

Operation Cookie Share.

1. Log onto Snap and run the report, Troop Balance Summary. Reports>Summary>Reports>Troop Balance Summary.

2. Determine the number of Operation Cookie Share Cookies your troop sold by running the Reorder Report.

Reports>Order Report>Troop Reorder>Unit of Measure is Boxes.

3. Multiply the total number of Operation Cookie Share boxes sold from the Troop Reorder Report by $.50.

4. Subtract this amount from your Troop Balance Summary.

For example: Your troop sold 100 Operation Cookie Share cookie boxes and your Troop Balance Summary is $1,000. You will

multiply 100 x $.50 = $50. Then subtract $50 from your troop balance of $1,000. Your troop owes $950. The GSCI finance department

will make this calculation for each troop prior to the second ACH.


February 19 - March 20, 2013

Money, Deposits, and


If your troop does not have a troop checking account please establish one. Follow the procedures for opening a troop bank

account as outlined in the Leader’s Resource Guide. Be sure to have a copy of the troop account on file with the council, along

with a voided check or deposit slip attached to the authorization to ACH/EFT the account. Troops should have an active bank

account with two current signers, along with the designated GSCI staff member.

• Encourage girls to frequently turn in money they have collected. This will help eliminate problems of lost funds or girls

carrying large sums of money. Also, it is in the best interest of the troop if you deposit checks frequently. Please have checks

made payable to Girl Scouts of Central Illinois or GSCI.

• When a girl turns in money, count it before she leaves to make sure she has turned in the correct amount. Be sure to sign a

receipt for the money turned in. Give the girl or parent the yellow copy and retain the white copy.

February 19: 50% of initial order (less troop profit) DUE TO COUNCIL – ACH Debit

The council will take an ACH debit from your troop account on February 19. You must have enough money deposited before then

to ensure there are enough funds in the account to cover the debit.

March 20: Remainder of balance DUE TO COUNCIL – ACH Debit

The council will take an ACH debit from your troop account on March 20 for the remainder of the balance due. You must have

ALL cookie money deposited before then to ensure there are enough funds in the account to cover the debit. If money problems

arise, describe the problems in detail on an Outstanding Balance Form. The Outstanding Balance Form(s) must be turned in to

the service center by March 14. The Outstanding Balance Form tells our finance department to reduce the troop withdrawal by

the amount on the form. Failure to turn in the Outstanding Balance Form(s) by March 14 may result in a troop overdraft and

associated bank fees.

• Any late payments should immediately be forwarded to the service center.

• May 1, 2013, is the final day for troops to submit insufficient funds (NSF) checks from the troop bank account for

reimbursement by the council. Bring the NSF check, along with bank notification and any fees associated, to your service

center for repayment. Checks over $200 will be forwarded to our finance department. A reimbursement check will then be

forwarded. Checks for less than $200 will be reimbursed at the service center.

To determine the amount your troop owes the council, please follow the “Calculating Your Troop Balance” procedure on page

27 of the Snap Instructions.

Trouble Collecting Money/Outstanding Balance Form

If you are having trouble collecting money from a girl/parent/guardian, please follow these procedures.

• Deposit all money received into your troop bank account by March 15, 2013.

• Complete an Outstanding Balance Form (one for each girl/parent/guardian) for any uncollected money even if there is

a promise to pay. The Outstanding Balance Form documents the individual or individuals who owe money to your troop.

Your troop owes for the product that has been ordered. Without the Outstanding Balance Form accurately complete

and submitted on time, our finance department will have no way of knowing someone owes your troop money. Should

you have a parent/guardian(s) who owes your troop money and you fail to turn in the Outstanding Balance Form by

March 14, 2013, your troop will be responsible for the amount owed by that parent or guardian until the Outstanding

Balance Form is accurately completed and submitted to the service center. Your troop may incur overdraft charges


as a result of a missing Outstanding Balance Form(s). If the cookie coordinator is not the troop leader, it is in the troop

leader’s best interest to make sure that all Outstanding Balance Forms are turned in by March 14, 2013.

• Please do not loan anyone money to pay for a bad debt. GSCI will not reimburse a troop or individual for any unpaid


• Attach the signed parent permission form and delivery pick-up receipt to the Outstanding Balance Form. Turn these in

to the service center by March 14, 2013.

• The total amount owed to the council will be adjusted by the finance department prior to the ACH/EFT (electronic funds

transfer) so it is important that the forms are turned in on time.

• The council will take over the collections process.

• If you receive checks that do not clear, you will be reimbursed by the service center. The last day to turn in bad checks

is May 1, 2013. After that date GSCI will send the checks to collections. If a collection is made the troop will receive a portion

of the amount that is recovered (minus any collection fee). Please do not delay in turning over NSF checks.


Frequently Asked


Q. Now that I will have cookies in hand will I need an order card?

A. Yes, please take your order card. You will need the order card to document your Operation Cookie Share donations

and the customer will appreciate seeing their name being written down. The order card will remind you to ask your

customers to donate to Operation Cookie Share – remember, your troop will earn $1.00 for each box of cookies donated to

Operation Cookie Share! You will also need your order card in case you run out of a variety of cookie your customer wants.

Your cookies will sell fast so be ready!

Q. Cookie booth cookies are not on consignment (cannot be returned) this year. Why not?

A. GSCI had two choices. Either have cookie booths on consignment and girls do not earn recognitions or Cookie Dough OR

provide recognitions and Cookie Dough for girls that sold through booth sales with no returns. Now that we have gone to a

direct sale and we have a system that can now track each girl’s Cookie Booth sales we have decided to allow girls to earn

Cookie Dough and recognitions during cookie booths. This decision was based on past troop and girl input on the cookie

program evaluations.

Q. Why are there so many dates to order cookies?

A. You will sell more cookies this year and we want to give you plenty of opportunity to fill your cookie orders. Also by

providing you with more order opportunities your troop will have better inventory control as you move from the initial order

phase to cookie booth sales. GSCI wants to minimize your chances of having leftover cookies!

Q. Are Girl Scout cookies tax-deductible?

A. If Girl Scout cookies are purchased and consumed for personal or group enjoyment the cookies are not tax-deductible.

In these cases, the IRS considers that the consumer has purchased a product at fair market value. However, if a customer

purchases cookies to be donated to Operation Cookie Share, those individuals may treat the purchase price of those

cookies as a charitable contribution. Individuals with specific questions should seek advice from a tax consultant.

Q. Who chooses the recognitions and recognition levels?

A. Each year we have a Cookie Focus Group that reviews the cookie recognition program so we can understand what girls

and parents really want in the recognition program. This year there was a mix of parents, Girl Scouts, service area

coordinators, and troop leaders. The focus group chose each recognition and its associated levels. The recognitions that

will be available in GSCI Trefoil Boutiques for purchase with Cookie Dough were determined by online voting

by Girl Scouts throughout the council.

Q Who bakes our cookies and do they supply all the cookies in the U.S.?

A. ABC Bakers bakes cookies for just under half of the Girl Scout councils in the U.S. Councils may choose from two

licensed bakers. Mandated by GSUSA, each company bakes their cookies that are “standard”- Thin Mints, Shortbread, and

Peanut Butter Sandwich. Bakers may choose different cookies to fill the rest of their product line.



councils who switched

to a Direct Sale

averaged an

11% increase in sales.

If GSCI reaches its goal

of 150 packages per girl

we will sell over

2,000,000 packages of cookies!

This will provide over

$1,000,000 in troop profit and

also $600,000 in

Cookie Dough

and Girl Recognitions!

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