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magazine - Bentley Drivers Club NSW

Visually the Red Label and Green Label Arnages are distinguished

literally by red or green flying B badges. These

models also had orange indicator lenses to the front and

16" wheels.

The next major change to the family came two years

later, when the

Green Label was

put out to pasture

and there was an

introduction of the

Series Two. The

Arnage Red Label

became just

the R and two

other brothers

were born. One

brother had more

length to it so was

titled the Arnage

RL and the other

had extra power

and torque and

was titled the Arnage


The Series Two

cars had quite a

number of styling

changes. Structually

it was stiffened

and with different

suspension, and

visually they had

different bumper

bars, side sills,

wing vents and

the wheels had

grown up to 19".

The front wing

vents were also

varied between

models as was

the interior.

The Bentley Arnage RL 450

It is not known

what the replacement

Arnage will

be called, but it

will definitely not have a

Rolls Royce 'Silver Some-

There is no standard

Bentley Arnage

RL as each

is sent to Bentley

Mulliner to be

customised to

The Bentley Arnage RL 450 'HR' - note the high roof reminiscent of the

the owners requirements.

Queen's Bentley. HR designation stands for High Roof

However, the lengthened

Arnage (the RL) also has a couple of cousins that are thing' as a quiet sister.

less well known.

They are referred to by the length of their extension compared

to the standard Bentley Arnage R. The Arnage RL

250, which is generally referred to as the Arnage RL, is

extended by 250mm. Then there is the Arnage RL 450,

extended by 450mm and finally the Arnage RL 728, you

guessed it, extended by 728mm. There is also a 'High Roof'

option available as seen in the photo below.

The Arnage RL

250 is extended

only in the rear

doors by 250mm,

and the Arnage

RL 728 is extended

in the rear

door as well as

an added centre

piece between

the doors as pictured

on the previous


The Bentley Arnage

RL 450

however is different.The


is extended in

the rear door by

250mm, but also

in the rear D pillar

by 200mm.

It certainly is

one impressive

limousine in an

unusually understated


The car is massive,

yet in complete


It provides enormous


space, yet manages

to avoid the

typical American

styled 'streched

on a rack' look

to it.

Jordan Devine


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