here - 2011 - Perth International Arts Festival

here - 2011 - Perth International Arts Festival

Involvement in a private sector arts relationship could take your

organisation … to a place you never would have dreamed possible.

James Strong

Former CEO, Qantas



The innovative

role the arts can

play in business

is something no

contemporary CEO

should overlook.

David Clarke

Executive Chairman,

Macquarie Bank

Vision and Aspiration:

High Impact, High


For three amazing weeks in summer, life

in Perth is interrupted by the opportunity

to participate in one of the world’s great

international arts festivals.

» Over 200 events across all art forms

» Over 700 international, national and local


» An audience of more than 300,000,

including free events for our community

» $1,000,000 plus marketing and

advertising campaign

» A publicity campaign generating more

than 1000 print media articles and

eight television stories

» Free artist talks and forums

Your Brand on the

International Stage at

The Perth International

Arts Festival

An investment in the arts directly benefits

your business:

» Builds brand profile and promotes

brand values

» Enhances corporate reputation

» Engages employees

» Fosters innovation in your business

» Nurtures relationships with key stakeholders

» Contributes to the community and the life

of the city in which your business operates

History: Australia’s Premier

International Arts Festival

Founded in 1953 by The University of Western Australia,

the Perth International Arts Festival is the oldest

international arts festival in Australia, and Western

Australia’s premier cultural event.

Over the past 50 years the Festival has welcomed some

of the world’s greatest artists to Perth and delivered

a performing arts program (theatre, opera, music and

dance) of the highest international quality. The Festival

has grown to reflect the eclectic tastes and distinct

identity of the people of Western Australia and now

encompasses performing arts, literature, film, visual arts

and contemporary music programs.

For two generations of locals, summer in Perth without

the Festival is simply unimaginable.

Our Mission

We exist to stimulate our culture and inspire our

communities by conducting a contemporary annual arts

festival of the highest international quality.


Our Foundation – Integrity

Our Life Force – Creativity

Our Process – Collaboration

Our Drive – Passion

Our Challenge – Innovation

The international program of the Festival

embodies the pursuit of excellence in

the arts and the Festival will continue

to bring the world’s leading arts

practitioners to Perth. The breadth,

diversity and challenge that this offers

our audiences are the most exciting

characteristics of the Festival. Alongside

these world artists, the Festival remains

committed to the development and

presentation of excellence in the art

forms within our own community,

reflecting our unique place in the world.

This is also a festival for, and about,

people. It is a time to animate our

city, our wonderful environment and to

explore the cultures of those who make

up our community. Through a range

of programming experiences, we aim

to make the Festival accessible to as

broad a range of people as possible. Our

annual event gives us an opportunity to

celebrate not only the arts, but also to

celebrate ourselves.

Shelagh Magadza

Artistic Director


The Festival has undertaken substantial audience

segmentation research, giving insight into who

our supporters are and why they value the Festival

experience. Our audience is a high value market

segment that is not easily reached through traditional

marketing communications channels. We are happy to

share this audience information with you to ensure that

your partnership-marketing program reaches its full





The Festival’s business development team will work

with you to tailor a partnership that meets your

objectives, delivers tangible outcomes

and optimises return on investment.

For your brand

» Brand alignment with a high profile event

» Exposure to an educated and discriminating audience

in an uncluttered, non-commercial environment

» Acknowledgement of your support for the

development of the arts, culture and community

in Western Australia

For your business

» Involvement in an extensive event program that offers

opportunities to partner/sponsor events that suit your

business objectives

» Visible recognition at your sponsored event and in the

Festival’s extensive marketing campaign

» Creative and targeted cross-promotion, leveraging and

experiential marketing opportunities

» Exclusive networking opportunities with leading

business, government and community decision makers

» Tangible reporting mechanisms and sophisticated

research and evaluation tools

» Access to a sponsorship leveraging workshop

















with the Festival

Work with

the business


team to

plan your

involvement in

the Festival

Creativity and


workshop for your


Exclusive invitation

to the Festival’s

partner networking


Invitation to view

program prior to the

public launch

Boardroom lunch

with Artistic


Festival Major Marketing and Publicity Campaign

Lotterywest Fe

We regard our support for the arts as a real contribution

towards healthy, diverse and sustainable communities.

Graeme John

Managing Director, Australia Post

For your stakeholders

» Exceptional corporate hospitality and moneycan’t-buy

experiences tailored to cater for specific

stakeholder groups

» Discounted tickets for staff

» Exclusive invitations to Festival events

» Introduction to Festival artists and staff

» Opportunities for Festival staff involvement in

your staff development through inter-organisational

programs such as mentoring and creative

thinking workshops

For our community

» Assist the arts sector to directly stimulate economic

development and the health and wellbeing of the

Western Australian community

» Contribute to the development of a vibrant community

that will attract business leaders to live, work and visit

» Foster creativity, innovation and development in

Western Australia that will underpin the state’s ability

to sustain economic growth in the long term

» Accessibility to the arts through extensive free events

» Alignment with The University of Western Australia

provides opportunities to access the university’s

expertise in teaching and research and its broad

network of alumni members, students, staff

and supporters













The Festival

Program Launch

Festival leveraging

workshop with all


Plan your Festival

experience with

your complimentary

ticket allocation

Exclusive invitation

to sponsor and

media garden party

Festival program

presentation to

your staff

Attend Festival


Corporate signage

opportunities at


Festival hospitality

for your


Business networking


Attend Festival

productions with

your complimentary

ticket allocation

Debrief on

your Festival

experience with

the business



Exclusive Festival

party invitations

stival Film Season

Perth International Arts Festival

Cities have one crucial

resource – their people.

Human cleverness,

desires, motivations,

imagination and

creativity are replacing

location, natural

resources and market

access as urban

resources. The creativity

of those who live in and

run cities will determine

future success.

The Creative City

Charles Landry

The creative

imagination knows no

divide between science

and art … It seeks

the unknown and it

invents the future …

This imagination is a

human resource whose

creative potential has

yet to be fully tapped

and transferred into

economic and social

value for Australia.

Prime Minister’s Science Engineering

and Innovation Council (2005)



Message from Julian Donaldson – General Manager

The business opportunities that a partnership with the

Perth International Arts Festival presents are limited only

by our imagination.

At the heart of what we do is a drive to stimulate our

community’s imagination to open up the possibilities

of what may be. We do this through commissioning and

presenting work of the highest artistic merit from around

the world. The impact this has on our society is profound.

Festival time is a time for reflection, consideration,

interaction, debate and celebration. A time like no other:

a time your business can take centre stage by declaring

its support for the vital contribution the arts makes to a

healthy society.

We recognise that Western Australia is a unique place. Its

economy is driven by a world-class resources sector and

opportunities abound. To capitalise on our good fortune

requires new thinking, innovation and the development

of clever ideas across all the economy’s sectors. Support

for creativity and creative thinking is one means of

capitalising on these opportunities. The return on

investment will be a community that is richer for its

deeper understanding of its own identity and its place in

the world.

More and more business leaders now recognise that their

success depends not only on economic performance but on

how sustainable their businesses are and how effectively

they interact with their workforce.

By partnering with the Festival, businesses contribute to

the quality of life of their employees, their families, the

local community and society at large.

We warmly invite you to join us in bringing this amazing

Festival to Perth.



Wesfarmers is a diversified

industrial corporation built

on the ability to recognise

strategic opportunity and

invest in growing a business.

From 2004 to 2007 Wesfarmers

supported the Festival

through the Wesfarmers Arts

Commission Series by investing

in the creative development of

major new Western Australian

work for a national and

international artistic platform.

From 2008 to 2011, Wesfarmers

Arts continues to support

the Festival through the

Art City program.

Lion Nathan

Lion Nathan and the Festival

have the common goal of

creating a space where people

can mix, mingle, talk and

debate while experiencing

international and Australian

contemporary culture. Lion

Nathan supports Beck’s

Music Box and leverages an

experiential marketing story

to build the Beck’s brand and

customer loyalty to the brand.


Deloitte is a global company

providing expert business

strategy and financial advice

within the local, national

and international business

environment. Deloitte supports

the Festival to bring works of

international excellence to the

stage in Perth.

Alcoa of Australia

Alcoa is Australia’s largest

aluminium producer with

a community investment

program that aims to develop

partnerships leading to more

vibrant, inclusive communities

in which to live and work. As

part of its ‘arts for everyone’

philosophy, Alcoa supports the

Festival theatre program in

connecting the people of Perth

with innovative, exciting and

world-class arts experiences.

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is one of the

world’s leading mining and

exploration companies. Rio

Tinto’s community investment

program aims to identify

and support initiatives that

can contribute to the future

development of the state and

the welfare of its people. For

the 2008 Festival, Rio Tinto

and Perth Festival joined forces

for the first time to present a

theatrical re-imagining of the

novel The Turning, written by

one of Western Australia’s most

beloved authors, Tim Winton.

Rio Tinto supports the telling

of Western Australian stories.

Support your business environment.

Support your international arts festival.

Business Development Manager

Perth International Arts Festival

M418 . The University of Western Australia

3 Crawley Avenue . Crawley WA 6009

t +61 8 6488 8677 . f +61 8 6488 8555


Partnership Case StuDIES

Wesfarmers Arts

In 2003 the Festival and Wesfarmers developed a

programming strategy to enable the Festival to commission

new artistic work – the Wesfarmers Arts Commission Series.

As a diversified company Wesfarmers has built an

impressive record of identifying potential in under –

performing companies, investing in those companies

and making strategic changes that release value for

shareholders and pay dividends long into the future.

Wesfarmers applied these same business principles to

the Wesfarmers Arts Commission Series. It demonstrated

strong vision and strategy to implement a capacity

building objective in the local arts sector, which will pay

creative dividends for all of Western Australia.

The Series established a significant pool of money to be

invested in the creative development of new work. Like

all research and development the creation of new work

attracts significant risk. Wesfarmers’ investment meant

the Festival, in partnership with the Western Australian

flagship arts companies, could absorb this risk and give

leading local, national and international artists the

freedom to create new work:

» The Festival & West Australian Ballet, 2005, Kalmuk

» The Festival & West Australian Symphony Orchestra,

2006, Vexations and Devotions

» The Festival & Black Swan Theatre Company, 2006,

The Odyssey

» The Festival & West Australian Opera, 2007, The Love of

the Nightingale

In 2007 the partnership won the State and National

Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Marsh

Partnering Award for partnerships with businesses

employing 200 or more people. The Partnership went on

to win the Partnership of the Year Award.

A leading example of what the Australia Business Arts

Foundation Partnership Awards are about, in the sense

that you have a great corporation providing significant

funding and producing quality outcomes that is also doing a

significant amount of work to underscore the importance of

the arts both to patrons and the community.

AbaF Partnership Award Judge


In 2006 the Festival and Deloitte had a number of open

and honest discussions about both companies core

business objectives in order to develop a mutually

beneficial and unique partnership.

Deloitte’s Partnership Objectives:

» To develop an innovative community investment

strategy that builds the Deloitte brand profile in the

local community

» To engage staff and clients by building a connection

with the arts community

The Festival’s Partnership Objectives:

» To seek a financial commitment for the international

program in order to keep ticket prices low thereby

increasing accessibility across a broad spectrum of our


» To engage consultants to enhance long term strategic

business planning

Deloitte partnered the 2007 Festival, providing financial

support for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

production of Wild Cursive at His Majesty’s Theatre.

Deloitte hosted a number of cocktail events for clients and

key stakeholders throughout the Festival. Deloitte staff

were given a behind the scenes tour of the 2007 program

to enable a deeper understanding of the Festival program

and promote the partnership internally.

Deloitte provided management consultancy in order to

apply some business strategy analysis and rigour to the

Festival business model.

In 2007 the partnership won a Western Australian Business

Arts Partnership Award for Best First Time Partnership.

The Love of the Nightingale, 2007

Photo by James Rogers

Wesfarmers Arts continues to support the Festival with the

Art City program which will transform our city spaces from

2008 to 2011.

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