Porschenews 02/2009 Sportscar Technology for 4. The New ...


Porschenews 02/2009 Sportscar Technology for 4. The New ...

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Porsche News 02/2009

Sportscar Technology for 4.

The New Panamera.

Deep upholstery, dark shades, notchback design –

all familiar features in more conventionally tasteful

saloon cars. But what if your character is completely

different – more demanding, more daring? Then

consider exploring the option of sporty, dynamic

style. Of personality. In the new Panamera.

Room for individuality

The new Panamera

Standard feature in the new

Panamera Turbo

Adaptive air suspension

The seduction of function

The new Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3

Further themes:

Porsche Classic

The Panamericana Prototype.

Porsche Design Driver’s Selection

All you need for the golfing season.

The New Panamera at Auto Shanghai 2009

The exclusive preview of Porsche’s 4th model line.

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Off to a blazing start into the 2009 season.

Porsche News Singapore

Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news

and events in Vietnam.

Profiling your personality: the new Panamera.

Dear Friends of Porsche,

The new Panamera is on the way – and expectations

are high. In the last edition we presented an in-depth

look at sportscar technology for 4. This time, we show

you how to add a personal touch to your Panamera.

At the wheel of the new Panamera, you may be

struck by its compelling fusion of sportiness and

comfort. Our special Technology feature on the

Porsche Active Suspension Management and the

adaptive air suspension explains how this is achieved.

A further creation that packs amazing personality

is the Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3 –

the latest triumph of the collaboration between

Porsche’s design and engineering teams, in which

both sides held uncompromisingly to their ideals.

Look forward to this unique vehicle in a strictly

limited edition of 1,000 units worldwide.

A highly anticipated event in both the Asia Pacific

region and worldwide was the world debut of the

new Panamera at the motor show Auto Shanghai

2009. Read more about the star at the Porsche

booth, which was also the highlight of a very special

customer trip.

And we also report on the first four rounds of the

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2009 season, which took

place in China at the Shanghai International Circuit

in April and Beijing’s Goldenport International Circuit

in May. Lastly, catch up on the latest Porsche news

and happenings in Vietnam.

Enjoy reading!

Andreas Klingler

General Director

The New Panamera

The new Panamera: 4 doors, 4 seats –

and endless scope for individuality.

All set to make waves in the luxury class, the new

Panamera replaces staidness with dynamism to

redefine luxury. Our goal is to create the pure driving

pleasure of a sports car – in a four-seater saloon.

But the Panamera has far more to offer than a

unique interior concept. Like all Porsches, it also

provides the option of customising your car to

suit your personal taste. Choose from 16 exterior

shades and six interior shades plus four two-tone

finishes for the interior. And that’s only the


Once you fall in love with the road,

you’ll never settle for second best.

When we designed the new Panamera, we shunned

experimentation – and created reality. The lines of the

new Panamera models are so distinctively Porsche.

Communicating dynamism without dominance.

Elegance without extravagance. The total length of

under 5 metres is also an advantage. Front, shoulders

* Manual gearbox. ** PDK.

and tail – the Porsche style is instantly identifiable.

The side air intakes behind the front wheels are a

particularly striking feature, giving a nod to the

Carrera GT. And that sums up the overall impression.

Deep, broad, low – typical sportscar proportions.

The wheel design shouts “sports car” all the way.

18-inch Panamera S light alloy wheels are a standard

feature on the new Panamera S and 4S models, in

a design that focuses on creating a classic feel with

a sporty touch. Tyres are in sizes 245/50 ZR 18

at the front and 275/45 ZR 18 at the rear. The

Panamera Turbo is fitted with 19-inch Panamera

Turbo light alloy wheels as standard, with

slightly wider tyres to do justice to the enhanced

performance: 255/45 ZR 19 at the front, 285/40

ZR 19 at the rear. Other 19-inch or 20-inch wheel

designs from our custom range are available on

request. And all of them allow a fine view of the

brake system – another example of sporty style.

Panamera S

Fuel consumption/emissions with auto start/stop function

Panamera 4S Panamera Turbo


Extra urban in I/100 km (mpg) 7.9 (35.8)** 8.1 (34.9)** 8.9 (31.7)**

Urban in I/100 km (mpg) 16.0 (17.7)** 16.4 (17.2)** 18.0 (15.7)**

Combined in I/100 km (mpg) 10.8 (26.2)** 11.1 (25.4)** 12.2 (23.2)**

Emissions in g/km 253** 260** 286**

Fuel consumption/emissions without auto start/stop function1) Extra urban in I/100 km (mpg) 8.9 (31.7)*/7.9 (35.8)** 8.1 (34.9)** 8.9 (31.7)**

Urban in I/100 km (mpg) 18.8 (15.0)*/17.6 (16.1)** 18.0 (15.7)** 19.9 (14.2)**

Combined in I/100 km (mpg) 12.5 (22.6)*/11.4 (24.8)** 11.7 (24.1)** 12.9 (21.9)**

Emissions in g/km 293*/268** 275** 303**

1) The data presented here was recorded using the Euro 5 test procedure (715/2007/EC and 692/2008/EC) and the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) on standard

specification vehicles. This data was not recorded on one individual vehicle, does not constitute part of the offer and is provided solely for the purposes of comparison

between the respective models. For more information, please contact your Porsche Centre. Provisional data only. Official data unavailable at the time of publication.

Interior package Carbon with further customisation features

Interior package Aluminium brushed with further customisation features

Interior of Panamera Turbo in natural leather in shade Espresso, Walnut Burl

Interior of Panamera 4S in two-tone Yachting Blue/Cream, Anthracite Birch

Burmester ® High-End Surround Sound System

Painting things in dull colours

isn’t your style.

We’re well aware that every Porsche is as individual

as its driver’s personality. That’s why your car

interior is designed to give you so much scope

to express your personality and individual taste.

Choose from six interior shades and four two-tone

combinations plus six interior packages in Aluminium,

Carbon and a variety of wood finishes, including

sophisticated pairings such as Yachting Blue/Cream

or exclusive materials such as natural open-pored


And as other customisation options also show, the

new Panamera is fluent in the language of the luxury

class, both in its exterior and its interior. An optional

hybrid TV tuner receives unencrypted analogue and

digital TV stations. And if the sound of the engine

isn’t music enough to your ears, select a BOSE ®

Surround-Sound System or Burmester ® High-End

Surround-Sound System with a total of 16 speakers

and output of over 1,000 watts. A system of this

superiority is the result of honing countless details

and focusing on a single goal: sonic perfection.

Your Panamera – your personality.

The Porsche Car Configurator at www.porsche.com

enables you to test your personalisation preferences

– exterior and interior – in advance. Become the

designer of your own Panamera and look forward to

exploring your individuality – in the 4 th dimension. n

Sporty or comfortable? It’s up to you.

The new Panamera Turbo is equipped as standard with adaptive air suspension and PASM (Porsche Active

Suspension Management) – a dual system that enhances both the dynamics and comfort of your driving.

The Panamera S and 4S offer PASM as standard and adaptive air suspension as an option.

PASM is an electronic shock-absorber adjustment

system which actively and continuously aligns the

damping forces of the suspension system to your

road conditions and driving style.

Skyhook damping control maintains bodywork

stability, reducing body movement and thus

enhancing comfort for passengers in all four seats.

How PASM works.

A button on the centre console enables the driver

to select one of three modes: “Normal”, “Sport”

or “Sport Plus”. Sensors record the bodywork

movements that accompany powerful acceleration,

braking and rapid cornering or rough road surfaces,

while simultaneously analysing signals such as lateral

acceleration, steering angle, brake pressure and

engine torque. The PASM control unit evaluates

the current driving conditions and modifies damper

stiffness in accordance with the mode selected.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Just press one

button to feel the results: improved driving stability,

improved comfort, improved performance.

The road to success is rarely a

smooth one.

The new Panamera Turbo features adaptive air

suspension as standard (optional for Panamera S

and Panamera 4S). The system includes automatic

High level – 20 mm above normal level. For exceptionally rough road conditions. The chassis automatically returns to normal level at speeds of over 30 km/h.

Normal level – Max. ground clearance 144 mm as per DIN unladen weight. The system’s default setting.

Low level – 25 mm below normal level, max. ground clearance 119 mm. For sporty driving when road-holding conditions are ideal.

levelling plus ride height and spring rate adjustment


The levelling system is designed to maintain constant

vehicle level automatically, whatever the load

distribution. Manual ride height adjustment enables

the vehicle height to be raised by 20 mm to minimise

the danger of grounding.

When the “Sport Plus” chassis programme is

selected, the vehicle’s ride height is automatically

adjusted to its lowest level (–25 mm) while the

air suspension is set to a harder spring rate by

reducing the air volume. You could say it’s a onetouch

sports chassis. n

Find out more in our Web Special at:


The Panamericana Study

A Special Birthday Gift –

The Panamericana Prototype.

Ideas and innovation that look to the future have

always been among Porsche’s classic strengths. And

the year 1989 was no exception. When Professor

Ferry Porsche celebrated his 80th birthday, he

was presented with a prototype of stunning form,

colour and design: the Panamericana.

Inspired by the legendary Mexican open-road race

“Carrera Panamericana”, the prototype is a stunning

demonstration of the outstanding innovative might

of Porsche’s design and engineering teams. Under

the leadership of Porsche’s Head of Design Harm

Laagay, the two-seater roadster was given a

flamboyant exterior that passed into Porsche history

as a bold proposal pointing the way for sports cars

of the future.

Despite the unusual design, there was no doubt

about the prototype’s roadworthiness. Based on

a standard 964-series Porsche 911 Carrera 4, the

Panamericana was designed to combine features

of the 911 with its own highly individual style –

a mission that it fulfilled with flying colours. And

the Panamericana was also ahead of its time in

engineering terms, with bodywork that featured

state-of-the-art materials including plastic laminate,

fibreglass and carbon fibre.

A key consideration for the Panamericana’s designers

was safety, for which they developed spectacular

solutions. The roof line was formed by a roll bar

framing the windscreen and side windows and

reminiscent of a ship’s railing, which also served

as effective passenger protection in the event of a

rollover. The removable fabric roof was attached to

this structure by a full-length zipper and could be

rolled up and stowed in the luggage compartment

when not in use.

A special detail of the Panamericana was its tyres,

engraved with small Porsche crests.

Presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1989, the

Panamericana was a high point of the exhibition.

As expected, it polarised the opinions of journalists

and exhibition visitors and thus fulfilled its mission of

bringing Porsche, in the midst of a decline in 1989,

back to the headlines.

Today the Panamericana can be seen in the new

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. A high

point of the museum’s “Prototypes” exhibition, the

Panamericana proves that it has lost none of its

fascination over the years. The Porsche Museum

opened at the beginning of this year: featuring

spectacular architecture and a unique concept,

it is home to around 80 vehicles. n

The seduction of function: the new

Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3.

We generally want everyday objects to function

– nothing more. But shouldn’t they also touch our

emotions? In 1963, Professor Ferdinand Alexander

Porsche – son of company founder Ferry Porsche

– launched the 911 as a loud and clear affirmative:

Yes, they should. When he founded the Porsche

Design Studio in 1972, his aim was to transform

the everyday into the exceptional. And the new

Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3, in a strictly

limited edition of 1,000, does just that.

At Porsche Design, we also have our dreams. And

they may not be so different from yours. For example,

when they’re about a Cayenne with genuine rarity

value: the Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3.

In Lava Grey Metallic finish, to enhance the sporty

elegance of its design.

The front is dominated by the new Bi-Xenon

headlights in Black. In the standard SportDesign

package, every part of the vehicle is seamlessly

complementary down to the last detail: the lower

mouldings of the front apron and rear base and the

sill trims are matched to the exterior colour, as is

the extended roof spoiler with integral third brake

light, available as a no-cost option.

The standard Black exterior package takes this

colour concept, as consistent as it is elegant, to

the limit, continuing the black finish through the side

window surrounds (including B and C-pillar trim),

door handles (excluding inlays) and door-sill trim


In the language of the Porsche Design Edition,

design stripes are a recurring idiom: the name of the

edition appears on the sides of the Cayenne GTS

Porsche Design Edition 3, while the bonnet features

the Porsche Design name and the rear displays the

model logo in black with red “S”.

Also finished in Lava Grey Metallic, the standard

21-inch Cayenne SportPlus wheels with wheel arch

extensions seamlessly blend into the design concept.

The hubcaps are decorated with the full-colour

Porsche crest.

An interior’s most important feature

is the heart that beats there.

The interior of the Cayenne GTS Porsche Design

Edition 3 is as exclusive as its limited-edition

production run. And just as sporty.

A striking yet familiar feature is the use of red

contrasting seams on the cover of the instrument

cluster panel, dashboard and door trims, and

continuing along the floor mats and load-space mat.

The exclusive black leather upholstery finish is

extended on parts of the dashboard, door trim and

centre console. The padded multifunctional steeringwheel

brings sportiness within your grasp.

The electrically adjustable sports seats in the front

have the integrated Comfort Memory package and

higher side wings, delivering supreme comfort and

firm support. Their headrests feature the Porsche


The central panels of non-slip Alcantara on the front

seats and rear two-seater bench are echoed in the

middle panel of the centre console arm rest, parts

of the door trim, door handle inner facings and

the roof interior. Trim strips in Carbon are a further

familiar element from the world of motor sports.

The standard BOSE ® Surround-Sound System installed

as standard has 14 speakers and delivers 410

watts of sonic power. The ultimate in audio design.

The instrument cluster features Porsche Design-style

dials and the Porsche Design Edition 3 logo, as a

distinctive homage to motorsports and the Porsche

design heritage.

All in all, an interior which speaks for itself – simply

stated in the Porsche Design Edition 3 logo on the

door sill guards, and naturally the glove-compartment

plaque bearing the limited-edition number: Porsche

Design Edition 3.

Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3

Fuel consumption in l/100 km, Emissions in g/km

Extra urban: 10,2 Urban: 20.6 Combined: 13.9 Emission: 332

Character is intrinsic. How we shape it

is a matter of choice.

The heart of the Cayenne GTS Porsche Design

Edition 3 is a 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine

with Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) and VarioCam Plus.

In figures, this means 298 kW (405 PS) at 6,500 rpm

and maximum torque of 500 Nm at 3,500 rpm. The

Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3 accelerates

from 0 to 100 with standard Tiptronic S in only 6.5s.

The electromagnetically activated injection valves of

the DFI module inject the fuel into the combustion

chamber at high pressure and millisecond precision.

By mixing the fuel directly in the cylinder itself, the

system improves engine cooling but also enhances

cylinder filling and compression, resulting in high

efficiency plus low consumption. The standard

Data determined for standard specification in accordance with the 80/1268/EC measurement method in the current version at the time of

printing. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part of the offer, but are intended solely as a means of comparing

different types of vehicle. You can obtain further information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre.

Tiptronic S transmission smoothly converts the high

torque output into forceful thrust.

A further standard feature is Porsche Active

Suspension Management (PASM), an electronic

chassis control system combined with a steel-spring

sports chassis with ride height lowered by 24 mm.

Uncompromising performance, pure and simple.

Some more, perhaps? We won’t take

no for an answer.

Strictly limited in number, yet boundless in

individuality? That’s easy: accessories for the Cayenne

GTS Porsche Design Edition 3. Exclusively produced

for the Cayenne in the same limited edition as the car

itself. The tradition of the first Porsche Design Studio

is brought up to date in the premium P’6612 “Edition

3“ Automatic Chronograph. The titanium casing 42

mm in diameter is anti-magnetic, corrosion-free

and ultra-light. Both casing and strap feature a

DLC (“Diamond-Like Carbon”) finish exclusively

coordinated to the vehicle exterior. Usually used in

the manufacture of motor-racing engines, the coating

technique used for the chronograph produces a

diamond-hard, scratchproof finish with immense

visual and tactile appeal. Equally sophisticated styling

is the hallmark of the four travel cases (three of

which are suitable for use as air cabin luggage) in

Porsche Design’s Roadster range, featuring their

own “Porsche Design Edition 3“ label and with red

external seams and red piping on the front pockets

to echo the vehicle interior. Outstandingly easy to

manoeuvre, with hand-crafted closures and wellplanned

interior pockets. In fact, multifunctional

comfort in a supremely sophisticated form.

In short.

The Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3 is what

happens when the design team at Porsche Design

meet the engineers at Porsche. And both sides hold

fast to their ideals. n

Find out more in our Web special at:


Porsche Design Driver’s Selection

Perfectly outfitted for the golfing season –

thanks to Porsche Design Driver’s Selection.

Stamina, concentration and swing technique are

essential if golfing success is your goal. But the

right equipment is also critical to the player’s ability

to master sporting challenges. Porsche Design

Driver’s Selection presents the ideal companions

for fairway and green.

The lightweight golf bag with automatic stand

mechanism offers plenty of room for everything

you need on the course. It’s packed with convenient

features including two large and two small outside

pockets, a compartment for clothing, a bag for

accessories and an insulated compartment for


The carbon fibre golf trolley, also ultra-light and

compact, is the perfect complement. An innovative

adapter mechanism secures the golf bag easily

and firmly on the slim, streamlined trolley. Simple



to dismantle after use, the trolley is so compact that

two can be stowed in the Porsche’s load space. A

scorecard holder and umbrella holder are available

as optional extras.

The collection also presents the perfect outfits to

inspire top performance on the golf course. The

quality polo shirts feature a practical appliqué sleeve

tab to ensure that tees are always ready to hand.

The functional polo shirt for men and women can be

teamed with the golf vest in WINDSTOPPER ® laminate

with reflective Porsche logo. Sunshine is no handicap

with the sun visor for women and cap for men,

and even rain can be laughed off under the sports

umbrella – tested in Porsche’s own wind tunnel for

optimum protection. All in all, the perfect outfits for

the new golfing season – and we wish you fun and

success in improving your handicap.

Get in contact with your Porsche Centre for further

information or visit www.porsche.com/shop.


[1] Lightweight Golf Bag with Automatic Stand


Lightweight design with automatic stand mechanism.

Two large and two small outside pockets. Large

compartment for clothing, several pockets for

accessories and insulated compartment for drinks.

Comfortable double carry strap. Rugged nylon

fabric. In Charcoal-Black-Silver. External dimensions:

28 (L) x 33.5 (W) x 83.5 (H) cm.

WAP 060 041 17

[2] Women’s Golf Polo Shirt

Contrasting inserts at sides and slim neck zip.

Appliqué tab for golf tees* on sleeve. Functional

fabric. 95 % Meryl microfibre, 5 % elastane. Available

in cream and chili red. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

WAP 742 0XS-0XL 19 (cream)

WAP 743 0XS-0XL 19 (chili red)

[3] Golf Polo Shirt

Contrasting piping on front and back. Slim neck zip

and appliqué tab for golf tees* on sleeve. Functional

fabric. 95 % Meryl microfibre, 5 % elastane. Available

in cream and chili red. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

WAP 740 00S-XXL 19 (cream)

WAP 741 00S-XXL 19 (chili red)

*Tees not included.

[4]–[5] WINDSTOPPER ® Golf Vest

Windproof, water-repellent and breathable with

WINDSTOPPER ® triple-layer soft shell. Close-fitting

stand-up collar. Two zipped front pockets. Reflective

piping on the front and back. Two-way front zip with

chin protector. Reflective Porsche logo. 100%

polyester with WINDSTOPPER ® membrane.

Women’s in cream/dark brown.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

WAP 546 0XS-0XL 19

Men’s in dark brown/cream.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

WAP 545 00S-XXL 19

[6] Golf Sun Visor

Comfortable terry lining. Velcro fastener for easy

size adjustment. 100% cotton. Cream/dark brown.

One size.

WAP 080 043 19


Porsche Design Driver’s Selection online at: www.porsche.


Panamera at Auto Shanghai 2009

The world premiere of the Panamera

at Auto Shanghai 2009.

Porsche’s fourth model line – the new Panamera

made its highly anticipated world debut at the Auto

Shanghai 2009, a fitting testament to Porsche’s

longstanding commitment to the China market.

Held in the expansive halls of Shanghai’s new

International Exhibition Centre from April 20th –

28th, the brand new Panamera model line made up

four out of a record number of fifteen iconic cars on

display at the auto show.

Aptly themed ‘Art of Innovation’, this year’s Auto

Shanghai could not have been a better platform to

feature the debut of Porsche’s brand new model

line – the new Panamera. Boasting no less than five

unique innovations in the luxury performance class,

the Panamera features Porsche Doppelkupplung

(PDK), the world’s first double-clutch gearbox in the

premium segment, as well as the first start-stop

system in conjunction with automatic transmission.

The new Panamera Turbo – the star of the Porsche booth

Additional never-before seen features include the new

adaptive air suspension on demand in each wheel

spring, as well as active aerodynamics in the form

of an extendable rear spoiler seen exclusively on the

Panamera Turbo.

Much to the delight of the press and the auto

enthusiasts, Auto Shanghai featured all the new

Panamera models – the Panamera S, Panamera

4S and Panamera Turbo – together with the latest

Porsche model line on a state-of-the-art Porsche

exhibition stand. The Porsche stand covered two

floors and extended to over 1,500 square metres of

space – a suitably impressive setting for the world

debut of the Panamera.

In celebration of this historic event, Porsche Asia

Pacific, with the help of Porsche (China) Motors

Ltd., organised a unique VIP customer trip centered

The wait is over: Porsche customer Mr Fong explores the remarkable

interior of the new Panamera

around the highly anticipated unveiling of the new

Panamera. Warmly welcomed by Mr Christer Ekberg,

Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, and Mr

Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of Stuttgart Auto,

the official Porsche importer in Singapore, guests

were treated to an authentic Shanghainese dinner

held at Yongfoo Elite – a specially chosen venue,

before heading to the motor show the next morning.

Arriving at Auto Shanghai, invited guests from

Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines – who

were privileged to be invited by Mr Robert Coyuito,

Jr., Porsche Centre Philippines Principal – were

amongst the first in the world to get an up-close

look and feel of the Panameras on display. And

while the group was exclusively welcomed by both

Mr Helmut Broeker, CEO and Managing Director of

Porsche (China) Motors Ltd. and Mr Ekberg, it was

Mr Ekberg’s pleasure to present the Gran Turismo in

more detail to the VIP guests. And finally, the moment

The start of an exciting time for the VIP guests – welcome dinner at

Shanghai’s Yongfoo Elite restaurant

The Exclusive Room at the Porsche booth, featuring individualization

options for the Porsche range including the new Panamera

of truth – the new Panamera was unveiled, much to

the delight and anticipation of all attendees.

Loyal Porsche customers Mr and Mrs C.H Liauw were

honoured and excited to be part of this inaugural

experience. Said Mrs Linda Liauw, “It was my first

trip to Shanghai and my first time experiencing the

world launch of a Porsche. Both my husband and I

are grateful for the experience as we now know how

exciting it is to view the cars first-hand.”

Further treats in-store for the group during their visit

to the Porsche booth at Auto Shanghai included an

“Exclusive Room”, which featured selected Exclusive

and Tequipment accessories for all four Porsche

model lines, as well as the impressive Burmester ®

High-End Surround Sound System, which is available

as an option for all Panamera models. On the 2nd

floor, the Porsche hospitality area further allowed VIP

guests to mingle, exchange views and impressions

as well as to simply enjoy the view and refreshments.

Mr Eddy Quek from Singapore was also delighted

to be among the first to view the Panamera and is

considering this Grand Turismo as his next four door

car. “The Panamera is an outstanding four door

sedan, and I especially love the interior,” he added.

The end of the memorable trip left the guests excited

and eager for more. With the launch of the Panamera

in the Asian Pacific markets in the 4th quarter of

2009, their wishes are about to be answered. n

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Off to a Blazing Start:

The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2009.

The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2009 season started with two electrifying rounds at Shanghai International Circuit

GruppeM Racing’s Tim Sugden and Team

StarChase’s Christian Menzel proved to be the ones

to watch this season, in an electrifying opening to

this season’s Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) held

at Shanghai International Circuit, China in April. The

heat continued during Rounds 3 and 4 at Beijing’s

Goldenport International Circuit in May.

A field packed with talent, skill and determination

lined up for the start of the new Porsche Carrera Cup

Asia season, which took off in support of the 2009

Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

Competition was intense during the races for both

Rounds 1 and 2 which were held over the April

17 – 19 weekend. Indeed, the pressure was on

between Class A drivers Menzel and Sugden, as

well as newcomer Rodolfo Avila of Asia Racing Team

right from the start. In the closely fought battle,

Sugden ultimately clinched the top spot in Round

1 with Menzel coming in a close 2nd place, while

the Macanese racer Avila finished 3rd. Sugden was

delighted with his win, but also forecasted a seasonlong

battle ahead.

And the battle continued in Round 2 – a 12-lap race

which was affected by challenging, rainy conditions.

The contest between Menzel and Sugden continued,

but the German finally held firm to take the chequered


Series debutant Avila certainly made his mark,

scoring coveted podium finishes in both races. To

add to this impressive result, it was the first time in

his career that the 22-year old had raced a Porsche.

Avila said of his remarkable performance: “I took pole

position and two podiums this weekend, so I expect

to be on the pace for the rest of the season.”

A strong showing was also put on in Class B, where

Corum ThunderAsia Racing’s Melvin Choo blazed his

way to victory twice while Jacob & Co Racing’s Philip

Ma and OMAK Team’s Mak Hing Tak also proved their

mettle with a show of intense competition, resulting

in a 2nd and 3rd place finishing for each of them

after two rounds.

As the series moved on to Beijing’s Goldenport

International Circuit for Rounds 3 and 4, there was no

shortage of action over the May 8 – 10 weekend. For

defending champion Darryl O’Young, the miserable

start to the series in Rounds 1 and 2 was quickly

forgotten as he blazed through the ranks in Round

3, earning a pole-to-flag victory and also setting the

fastest lap of the race. “I’m very happy to be back

in Beijing. It’s the place where, in 2005, I took the

first win for Team Jebsen and we made our podium

debut,” said O’Young.

Round 4 saw Menzel claiming victory once again,

conquering Beijing’s notoriously mentally and

physically demanding track to edge out pole-man

Darryl. Only 0.371 of a second separated the

German and Hong Kong racer at the flag, with the

Celebrating the winner of Round 3 (L-R): Patrick Pesch, Director

Marketing with Helmut Broeker, CEO and MD, Porsche (Motors) China Ltd.

with runner-up Christian Menzel, winner Darryl O’Young, 2nd runner-up Tim

Sugden and Michael Peng, Director Sales Porsche (Motors) China Ltd

Briton Sugden coming in third for the second time

of the day.

In Class B, Corum ThunderAsia Racing’s Melvin

Choo is virtually unstoppable in his quest for the

championship, as he continued to dominate the track

with a perfect run of victory after victory. Jacob &

Co Racing’s Philip Ma finished second in both rounds.

Series newcomer Yuey Tan of Team PCS Racing also

performed well, earning his first podium by coming

in third in Round 3, and only narrowly missing out

on another podium finish in Round 4, where an epic

battle saw OMAK Team’s driver Mak inch past to

place 3rd.

The region’s premier sportscar series continues at

the Zhuhai International Circuit in Southern China

with Rounds 5 and 6, as part of the Pan Delta Super

Racing Festival in June. n

Standings Overall

Place Car No. Driver Team Points

1 99 Christian MENZEL Team StarChase 76

2 88 Tim SUGDEN GruppeM Racing 70

3 20 Rodolfo AVILA Asia Racing Team 47

Standings Class B

1 69 Melvin CHOO Kwok Ming Corum ThunderAsia Racing 82

2 98 Philip MA Jacob & Co Racing 70

3 68 MAK Hing Tak OMAK Team 64

Standings are based on total points earned up to Round 4.

Porsche Centre Saigon

Porsche Centre Saigon – One step closer

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A Porsche needs no introduction. The brand name

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Build your dream Porsche

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On arrival at Porsche Centre Saigon, a

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Choice of interior and exterior colours for Porsche sports cars Choice of interior and exterior colours for the Cayenne models

Customisation options from the Exclusive programme for the new Boxster and Cayman models

After delivery, should you wish to tweak the

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The new Golf Bag from Porsche Design Driver’s Selection

Porsche Design Driver’s Selection

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For further information please contact:

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E-mail: info@porsche-vietnam.com

Website: www.porsche-vietnam.com

The new Boxster and Cayman Launch

The new Boxster and Cayman Launch

in Vietnam.

Prestige Sports Cars Co. Ltd, the official importer of

Porsche in Vietnam, proudly presented the second

generation Boxster and Cayman for the first time on

27 April 2009. The event took place at the beautiful

restaurant situated right on the bank of Saigon River

in District 2, HCMC – The Boat House Restaurant.

Journalists were invited to an exclusive pre-event

Press Briefing, where they were introduced to the

highlights and unique features of the new Boxster

and Cayman.

At 7pm, the official launch party began, with a host

of exciting performances to entertain participants;

including an electronic violin performance, a magic

show and a premium fashion show named “Star of

the Night”. Undoubtedly, the most thrilling moment of

the evening was the unveiling of the new Boxster and

Cayman, much to the delight and awe of the media

and guests.

Eagerly awaited: the new Boxster

To help guests understand more about the new

features of the cars, Porsche representatives gave

a brief presentation on the two new models before

opening up to questions from the floor. Journalists

and guests were also invited to step up for a closer

look at the cars.

The atmosphere of the launch party was open,

relaxed and elegant. A little surprise was in store for

the guests as they eagerly participated in a lucky

draw session, where at the end, two lucky winners

walked home with a luxurious Porsche watch each.

Speaking at a press conference to the media of

Vietnam, Mr. Andreas Klingler, General Director of

Prestige Sports Cars, said: “The highlight of the new

generation Boxster and Cayman models are the new

flat-six boxer engines, providing not only more power,

but also significantly greater fuel efficiency. A further

improvement of both fuel economy and performance

Porsche Centre Saigon’s After Sales Director, Mr. Peer Marzahn presenting the new Cayman

is guaranteed by the new double-clutch gearbox

“Porsche Doppelkupplung” or PDK.” In addition, an

outstanding power-to-weight ratio offers the driver

maximum driving dynamics on minimum fuel. As a

result, the Cayman S with PDK and Launch Control

accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, setting the

benchmark in the range.

The basic 2.9-litre engine develops 255 horsepower

in the Boxster and 265 horsepower in the Cayman,

an increase of 10 and 20 horsepower respectively

over the preceding models. The 3.4-litre power unit in

the S-versions benefits from Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)

to now deliver 310 horsepower in the Boxster S and

320 horsepower in the Cayman S, up by 15 and 25

horsepower respectively.

Additional features of the 2 new models include the

new halogen headlights with their integrated direction

indicators and the new LED rear lights tapering out to

the outside, both integrated elegantly in the modified

rear end of the car.

The base price of the Boxster and Cayman starts

at US$139,000 and US$148,400 respectively

Lucky draw winners at the launch event

including Vietnam options and Import Tax, Special

Consumption Tax and VAT. n

For further information please contact:

Porsche Centre Saigon

802 Nguyen Van Linh,

Tan Phu Ward, District 7,

HCM City, Vietnam

Phone: (+84.8) 5.4141.911

E-mail: info@porsche-vietnam.com

Website: www.porsche-vietnam.com

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